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Spring/Summer 2017

Annual Report 2016-2017



The Library as integrated learning space

The Blakeslee Library Campaign


oin us as we re-purpose a portion of the Blakeslee Library and create our Learning Commons to compliment the recently completed I.D. Lab and Makerspace that is now part of the STEAM program in the expanded Blakeslee Library. We are already well on our way toward our $300,000 goal, but we need your valued support. Library design should “incorporate a deeper understanding of the independent, active learning behaviors of students and the teaching strategies

of faculty meant to support those behaviors.� Learning Commons are learning spaces, that share space for information technology, remote or online education, tutoring, collaboration, content creation, meetings, reading or study. Students have natural abilities to use emerging technology and when used in conjunction with our adjoining Makerspace, students immerse themselves in research, critical thinking, innovation and authentic learning.

Gifts online can be made at Our campaign concludes June 30, 2018



Lancer Magazine is published three times a year by the Office of Institutional Advancement at La Salle High School of Pasadena, Inc. for alumni, parents and friends. Inquiries and/or correspondence should be directed to: John C. Blackstock ’67 Director of Communications La Salle High School 3880 East Sierra Madre Boulevard Pasadena, California 91107-1996 626.696.4316 All pages are displayed on the La Salle website. OFFICERS & ADMINISTRATIONS Board of Trustees: Ms. Tamara Flowers, Chair Mr. Andrew Hubert P’13 Mr. Robert Nuccio ’71, P’00, Mr. Robert Kohorst, ’71, ’02, ’04, Vice Chair P ’03, ’07 Mr. Brad Berger P’03, ’04, ’07 Dr. Stephanie Paggi Sister Marilyn Binder, CSJ Mr. Ray Pearl, Jr. ’99 Mr. James Canny ’65 Ms. Victoria Richards P’08 Mr. Michael Harper P’93, ’95 Brother Kevin Slate, FSC Mr. David Holquin Board of Regents: Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq., Chair Mr. Doug Campbell Colleen Deziel, Esq., P’17 Mr. Raymond Ealy, P’13 Peter Godfrey, Esq., P’07,’08 Mr. Peter S. Griffith, P’00,’03 Scott Hancock, Esq., P’11, ’11,’11 Mr. Bret Hardy, P’16,’19 Mr. Bill Kinney, P’19 Mr. David Lam, P’08,’09 Mrs. Linda Lui, P’17 Mr. Joe Lumarda, P’14 Mr. Edward Malicdem ’88, P’16,’19

Mrs. Leigh Olivar, P ’12 Mr. Tom Radle, P’17 Mrs. Lisa Rico, P’17, ’18 Mr. Brent Schoenbaum, P’16, ’19 Mrs. Karen Sisson, P’16 Mrs. Chelisa Vagim, P’16 Mrs. Sheri Wedeen, P’17,’17 Mrs. Julie Williams, P’04 Mr. Matt Wright, P’15 Mrs. Irina Xue, P’17 Joseph M. Zanetta, Esq., P’12

Alumni Board: Mrs. Robin (Quintanilla) Aksu ’03 Mr. Joe Alvarez ’83, P’20 Ms. Tina Bonacci ’94 Ms. Chanel Buccola ’07 Mr. Gabriel Castillo ’96 Mr. Paul Lees ’75 Mr. Chris Kealey ’85 Mr. Tony Messineo ’80 Mr. Rafael Mirasol ’80, P’17,’18

Ms. Kristine Nonato ’06 Mr. Armando Ramirez ’93, P’14.’20 Mr. Chris Rettig ’84, P’19 Mrs. Amanda (Gonzalez) Richardson ’01 Mr. Manny Soriano ’12 Mr. Mike Sullivan ’70, P’08,’13 Mr. Jesse Toribio ’93, P’15 Mr. Tyler Varing ’09 Mr. Phil Velasco ’07

Administration: Dr. Richard Gray, President Mrs. Courney Kassakhian, Principal Mr. Patrick Bonacci, AFSC, Vice President for Mission Ms. Tina Bonacci ’94, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instructions Mr. Jon Keates, Director of Institutional Advancement Mr. Robert Packard, Chief Financial Officer Ms. Jane Osick, Dean of Students

2016-17 Annual Report

Financial Data, Honor Roll of Donors and Donor Societies


58 Commencement Exercises th

157 Seniors Receive Diplomas and Awards


50 Year Reunion Class of 1967 Celebrates in Style & Receives their Golden Diploma


The 1980s are Clear as Crystal

Hundreds Enjoy Stepping Back in Time at the Crystal Ball


St. Brother Solomon has a La Salle Connection The Amazing Alumni Connection with the CB’s Newest Saint


Lancers Today and Yesterday How the World has Changed in the Past 60 Years


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spring/summer 2017


from the president


La Salle N

ot long ago, we received a wonderful email from Duke Banks ’64, which was triggered by his receipt of the School’s annual Christmas card. The card featured a portrait of Brother Solomon, our newest Lasallian saint, with an explanation of how his canonization was approved by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints because of a miraculous cure of a young girl in Caracas, Venezuela. It seemed altogether a bizarre connection between an obscure 18th Century Christian Brother who was martyred in the French Revolution and the Catholic community in Caracas who had been venerating a statue of Brother Solomon over the course of the last fifty years. It turns out Duke’s extended Venezuelan family (he was born in Caracas with Venezuelan heritage on both sides) was intimately connected to educational institutions sponsored by the Christian Brothers in Central America. Somewhere, along the way, a statue of Brother Solomon ended up in a chapel serving residents living on the outskirts of Caracas. The Chaplain, who was educated by the Christian Brothers, gave the statue pride of place in the Sanctuary and, upon its installation, declared:

“We receive Blessed Solomon, and we will yet make him a Saint.” It only took a mere 15 years for that to happen. Please turn to page 40 for a more detailed description of this amazing connection between La Salle High School, Pasadena and the creation of our newest Lasallian saint. Also note that, through Duke Banks ’64, La Salle also enjoys a remote connection to the Febres Cordero family – from which emerged Brother Miguel Febres Cordero, the first Lasallian saint of the Americas and the first saint of Ecuador, his home country. I dwell on this wonderful story of the little-known La Salle connection to Brother Solomon because, it seems to me that as the English Romantic Poet, William Wordsworth, penned at the time of the Industrial Revolution:

The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers His critique, back then (and, perhaps, applicable to this modern-day moment) was described by one critic as: “the decadent material cynicism of the time.” The current news cycle is rife with cynical and apocalyptic stories of political intrigue, charges of cronyism and a never-ending (and exhausting) Washington battle over how to provide health care for 22 million people who would not, ordinarily, have a reasonable opportunity to access it. It is at times like this that I conclude that “the world is too much with us.” I suppose it was ever thus. After all Saint Solomon was confronted by the awful choice of denying his vowed commitment to the Church and losing his life – and that was over two hundred years ago! I think we can learn something from Brother Solomon’s steadfast commitment to his vows. We may be fortunate not to have to consider the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our life’s commitments, but we aren’t excused – any more than Saint Solomon was – from living our lives with dignity and integrity. Here is what Brother Robert Schieler, the Superior General of the Christian Brothers had to say about Brother Solomon at the time of his canonization:



“Brother Solomon gives us a lesson of great integrity and loyalty with the options taken, even at the sacrifice of his life. And God only knows how necessary it is today to live with integrity and loyalty in a world where it has become normal to trample rights unscrupulously against our conscience, against others and against God, for mere interest and profit ... Secondly, there is another message that Brother Solomon proposes to Christian teachers and consecrated persons in general: to be witnesses of Christ, whatever the cost. The world today needs more than ever loyalty, consistency, justice, generosity, altruism even at the cost of your own life. “ This last sentence captures, for me, the essential challenge this Lasallian school in Pasadena must face every day if we are to be faithful to the principles of our founding Brothers as well as those in a long line of Brothers who preceded and followed Saint Solomon: to exercise loyalty, consistency, justice, generosity and altruism even when the world around us appears to have abandoned them. It seems to me that we need more heroes. The turbulent present moment admits of little by way of seeing past the intense conflict between political factions. Even within the Catholic Church, we encounter those who celebrate the leadership of Pope Francis as ground breaking and necessary and those who fear his innovative style will erode cherished traditions and beliefs. I’m not clear on why our American culture insists on a divisive either/or rather than an embracive both/and; but here we are, passively co-dependent on a Hobson’s Choice which, more often than not, forces us into no choice. Elsewhere , I’ve observed that Pope Francis is not only the first Jesuit pontiff, but quite possibly, given his preferential option for the poor and marginalized, the first Lasallian pontiff. Our Lasallian world calls us to pay attention to heroes – saints – in order to inspire us to be the better people we want to be. Pope Francis is, for me, one of those heroes; but a cursory glance at the table of contents of this issue of Lancer Magazine will not only reveal heroes like Duke Banks ’64 and Jim Quandt ’67 but also the wonderful young people we are sending off to college and a life of purpose and fulfillment. This is where I find strength in knowing that the Lasallian educational mission is not only alive and well, but able to nurture in those who encounter it a commitment to lifelong learning, service and leadership. As we begin a new year at La Salle (my nineteenth!), let’s pray that the courage and integrity that inspired Saint Solomon will enable all of us who are responsible for the students entrusted to our care to demonstrate a similar, quiet heroism in the midst of a world that sometimes seems to have lost its bearings. After 60 years of fidelity to the principles of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Founder of the Christian Brothers, I think this Lasallian community is up to the challenge.

Dr. Richard Gray President


Cf. my February, 2015 Blog entry ( WHAT MAKES POPE FRANCIS DIFFERENT?

spring/summer 2017


from the principal

Principal W

elcome to the latest issue of Lancer Magazine. In this issue you will learn about the many highlights of our 2016-2017 school year. The past year was one of change. Some new people joined our Lancer community, and we also lost a beloved La Salle family member. I was blessed to begin my tenure here as principal, and we also had some new coaches join our staff, including our incredible new Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Freedom McCullough. You can read more about him in the article outlining the exciting season of basketball our girls team had under his leadership, including his being named Pasadena Sports Now Girls Basketball Coach of the Year. Along with the change of adding some new faces to campus, during the 2016-2017 school year we also felt the great loss of long time teacher and coach Fred Riley. You can read more about Fred, his life, and his commitment to La Salle in this issue. To say he made a lasting impression on the many students whom he taught in the classroom or coached on the field is a great understatement. La Salle is known for many things: its outstanding academics, exceptional arts program, and successful athletic teams are some of the first things that come to mind. These are all a reflection of our mission, which includes, “Nurturing the talents of each student.” We take our mission seriously here at La Salle and I believe you will see evidence of that as you peruse this issue. Athletics found incredible success in every seaso. Highlights that you will read more about here include junior Julia Macabuhay being named the Girls Basketball Most Valuable Player for the Santa Fe League, as well as earning all CIF and All Area First Team honors and being named Pasadena Sports Now Player of the Year. Additionally, La Salle had an impressive number of student athletes (16!) signing to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level. Our students also had great achievements in academic co-curriculars. One program that is continuing to grow in size and success is our Speech and Debate Program. Another element of our mission is to “Motivate our students to respond compassionately to the needs of others.” One of the ways is through our Alumni Career Day, demonstrating that even after graduation our students are willing to give of themselves to help others. I hope that through reading this issue of Lancer Magazine you will become not only proud of all the things going on here at La Salle, but also excited about the current school year and all we can achieve in the future. Thank you for being part of our La Salle community. Go Lancers! Courtney Kassakhian Principal



Annual Report 2 0 1 6 - 2 0 1 7

spring/summer 2017


contribution summary 2% Golf Tournament (Net Proceeds)

13% Crystal Ball (Net Proceeds)

7% Alumni

7% Faculty / Staff, Friends, Other

jULY 1, 2016 to JUNE 30, 2017

4% Corporations

48% Current Parents

1% Matching Gifts

Total Raised By Source:


11% Foundations 3% Grandparents

4% Parents of Alumni

La Salle Family of Funds Annie Johnston Memorial Endowed Faculty Professional Development Fund Annie Johnston Memorial Endowed Student Scholarship Fund Bob Thomas Scholarship Fund for Math & Science Brother Celestine, FSC Endowed Scholarship Fund Brother T. Mel Anderson, FSC Endowed Scholarship Fund Class of 1960 Endowed Scholarship Fund Class of 1961 Financial Aid Fund Class of 1997 Financial Aid Fund Corene L. Pindroh Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund David Contreras ’98 Memorial Fund

4% Restricted

19% Capital

Phillip J. “Duffy” Lewis Interscholastic Athletic Fund Excellence in Coaching Fund Francis Bacon Foundation Endowed Scholarship for the Arts Fred Riley Memorial Fund for Track & Cross Country Gloria Delaney Memorial Scholarship Fund Grant Glausser ’75 Memorial Scholarship Fund Honor A Lasallian Educator Fund Ian Blakeslee ’85 Memorial Scholarship Fund John Matheus Honorary Alumnus Fund Joseph Antonisamy Memorial Music Scholarship Fund Jules Ruggles Memorial Scholarship Fund

Linda M. Grinstead Fine & Performing Arts Fund Mareina Chapel Fund Margaret Roman Memorial Scholarship Fund Michael Rossini ’81 Memorial Scholarship Fund Pat Bonacci, AFSC Endowed Scholarship Fund Robert Alcorn Scholarship Fund for the Humanities Robinson Professional Development Endowment Fund San Miguel Scholarship Fund Sylvia Bernstein Memorial Golf Fund Tim Gripp Memorial Theatre Scholarship Fund Women’s Athletic Scholarship Fund

10% San Miguel / Restricted Scholarships

2% Unrestricted Scholarships

jULY 1, 2016 to JUNE 30, 2017

Total Raised By use:

$1,851,601 1% Endowed Scholarships 64% Unrestricted



financial data

spring/summer 2017


the platinum circle The Platinum Circle is composed of the Bene Merenti Society and the Buttimer Society. It honors those donors who have exercised great leadership in the advancement of the Mission and Philosophy of La Salle, which enables the School to carry out the vision of its founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

The Bene Merenti Society

“Bene Merenti” is Latin for “Well-deserving.” Donors whose lifetime cumulative contributions have exceeded $100,000 are truly well-deserving of our gratitude for their commitment to the School’s Lasallian Mission.

Anonymous (2) Ahmanson Foundation Kohorst Allen Family Foundation Archdiocese Of Los Angeles Francis Bacon Foundation, Inc. Tom and Jeri Beck Mr. Shawn Blakeslee ’80 The Brenninkmeijer Family Fritz B. Burns Foundation The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Dino Clarizio ’75 Andrew and Keri Crowell

De La Salle Institute (Christian Brothers) Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Mr. Peter S. Griffith Ms. Erica Hahn Bill Hannon Foundation William H. Hannon Foundation Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kasper Bob Kohorst ’71 and Shelley Allen Mr. and Mrs. David Lam Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Mr. Zili “Eric” Li and Ms. Yang “Angela” Liu

The Lumarda Family Don and Mareina John F. Marshall ’85 Marshall Charitable Trust George H. Mayr Foundation Mediverse International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mitchell The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 The Pankow Family

Pasadena Community Foundation The Robert L. Pindroh Family Mr. Joel Robinson and Dr. Ricki Robinson Rose Hills Foundation Dr. Ed Rounds and Dr. Callae Walcott-Rounds Mark and Daina Shuster The Twomey Family Webb Foundation Walt and Julie Williams

The Buttimer Society

Donors whose lifetime cumulative contributions are between $50,000 and $99,999 join the Buttimer Society; named after the first American Superior General of the Christian Brothers – Brother Charles Henry Buttimer, FSC. Like Brother Charles Henry, who governed the Institute during the turbulent decade of the Sixties, these donors ensure the financial stability of La Salle.

Mr. Roland Aldridge Bank of America Foundation MG Program Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66 Peter K. Barker Foundation Brad and Nancy Berger California Wellness Foundation Mr. Douglas Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John Delaney Gregory Dickson, Ph.D. Blaine and Lynda Fetter The Georgina-Fredrick Children Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Godfrey Richard Gray, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Bret Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Healy Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holland Mr. Fred Hughes ’61 Jerold Ingrao ’64 Ms. Nancy Iredale Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Jameson Mrs. Kathryn Keele Mr. Larry Keele Mr. and Mrs. Adam Konrad ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lo Guercio Mrs. Linda Lui Mr. Steve Madison

Monique and Edward Malicdem ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Shyam S. Manwani Jane and Jerry Marks Mr. and Mrs. John McAlister Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Olender ’70 Mr. Russell J. Osterman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palffy Dr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Porath Mr. and Mrs. Tom Radle Mark and Victoria Richards Mr. Marshall Rose Mr. and Mrs. Steve Seidner Mr. and Mrs. Craig Silvers Craig and D’Arcy Sloane

Southern California Edison Company Ms. Jie Zhen Su Valley Processing Mr. and Mrs. Greg Vanni The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Dr. and Mrs. John K. Waken Weingart Foundation Wells Fargo Educational Foundation MG Center Western Asset Management Company Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Whitehead E.L. Wiegand Foundation Heather and Jason Young

trustees From left: Sister Marilyn Binder, CSJ, Brother Kevin Slate, FSC, Andrew Hubert P’13, Tamara Flowers, Chair, Dr. Stephanie Paggi, Ray Pearl, Jr., ‘99, Victoria Richards P’08, Bob Nuccio ‘71 P’00, ‘02, ‘04, Vice-Chair, Michael Harper P’93, ‘95, Robert Kohorst ‘71, P’03, ‘07, Robert Packard, CFO. Not Pictured: Brad Berger P'03, '04, '07, James Canny '65, David Holquin.




saint benilde society La Salle recognizes those donors who have restricted their contributions of $1,000.00+ to the School’s Endowment Funds or included La Salle in their estate planning through one of a number of Planned Giving instruments including gift annuities, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts and bequests. These donors are honored as members of the Saint Benilde Society. Similar to the visionary actions of Brother Celestine, the founding principal of La Salle High School, the support of these individuals will help secure the perpetuity of the Mission and Philosophy of La Salle High School for generations. Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Kamran Aghili ’88 Ahmanson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James R. Alden The Harrison R. Baker, Jr. Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66 Dr. and Mrs. Peter Barry ’62 David and Patricia Barulich Mr. and Mrs. Zoran K. Basich Tom and Jeri Beck Mr. and Mrs. Ned R. Bennett ’65 Brad and Nancy Berger Mr. Monty Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Robin Bieker Mr. and Mrs. James Blackstock ’65 Mr. and Mrs. David Bolstad ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bonacci, AFSC Ms. Tina D. Bonacci ’94 Mr. H. Thomas Boyle and Ms. Wendy Lees The Brenninkmeijer Family Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Brown ’62 Dr. and Mrs. Steven T. Buccola ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Burke ’60 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burke ’60 The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Carey Family Charles Pankow Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H.Cheney ’61 Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford Mrs. Mary Danenhauer Mr. and Mrs. Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60

De La Salle Institute (Christian Brothers) Mr. and Mrs. John Delaney Mr. Michael P. Delaney ’60 Jim Dirmann ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doda Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dooling ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Drasco ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Elam III Blaine and Lynda Fetter Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fetters ’60 Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program Francis Bacon Foundation, Inc. Dr. Robert G. Frank, Jr. ’61 and Ms. Jeanne Adams George H. Mayr Foundation Mrs. Alice Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Peter Godfrey Mark and Bettina Graf Richard Gray, Ph.D. Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Mr. Peter S. Griffith The Gripp Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harper The Hastings Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Ms. Carolyn L. Imrie Ms. Nancy Iredale Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Mr. Michael R. Johnson ’62 Mr. Tim Q. Johnson ’60 Mr. Louis Johnston K.B. Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Mark Karahadian Mr. David L. Kennelly ’65

Bob Kohorst ’71 and Shelley Allen Mrs. Julie Bonacci Kolb ’97 Mr. Gregory M. Kunert and Ms. Carol A. Watson La Salle High School Academic Boosters Mr. and Mrs. David Lam Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Lucas, Horsfall, Murphy & Pindroh, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Lumas ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence O. Mackel Don and Georgetta Mareina Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Mediverse International, Inc. Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80 Mr. Michael Molino Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mueller The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation Mrs. Kathleen Murray Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Nino ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 Nursing Home Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stan D. Oliai ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Chip Ossman III Mr. Russell J. Osterman Pasadena Community Foundation Peter K. Barker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pike ’71 The Robert L. Pindroh Family Dr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Porath Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Quandt, Jr. ’64 Dr. and Mrs. John T. Quigley The Estate of Steve F. Ready ’65 Mark and Victoria Richards

Mr. Joel Robinson and Dr. Ricki Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Roman, Jr. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Roosevelt, Jr. ’63 Mr. Robert M. Rossini Mr. Thomas Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Saraf ’60 The Schow Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. Barry J. Schweiger ’60 and Ms. Donna Jorgensen Mr. and Mrs. Steve Seidner Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Shortell ’62 Mr. David J. Skibinski, MBA Mr. Louis P. Smaldino ’60 The Estate of Marge Smith Mr. and Mrs. David C. Soltis ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Perry C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Thompson ’71 Ms. Dolores Tukich The Twomey Family Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Vert ’62 The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Wellpoint Foundation WFB Ohio-Foundation (MN) Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Wiegand ’60 Peter and Serena Williams Walt and Julie Williams Mr. Donald Wood Kristen Schultz Wray ’98 Carol and Bradford Wright ’73

regents Bottom Row L to R: Pete Griffith P’00 ‘03 ; Linda Lui P’17; Julie Williams P’04; Edward L. Malicdem ‘88 P’16, ’19; Brent Schoenbaum P’16, ‘19 Middle Row L to R: Joe Lumarda P’14; Bill Kinney P’19; Lisa Rico P’17, ’18; Leigh Olivar P’12, ’21; Matt Wright P’16; Peter Godfrey, Esq. P’07, ‘08; Top Row L to R: Raymond Ealy P’13; Tom Radle P’17; Dennis A. Jebbia; Joseph M. Zanetta, J.D. P’12; Camilo Becerra P’18; Doug Campbell Not pictured: Colleen Deziel P’17; Scott A. Hancock P’11, ‘11, ‘11; Bret Hardy P’16, ’19; David Lam P’08, ‘09; John Moe II, Esq. ’68; Karen Sisson P’16; Chelisa Vagim P’16 ; Sheri Wedeen P’17, ’17; Irina Xue P’17, ’21; 9 fall 2014 spring/summer 2017


honor roll of donors Each year La Salle High School recognizes the generosity of individuals and organizations whose tax-deductible cash contributions and new pledges during the year total $1,000 or more. These donors play a critical role in strengthening the current programs for our students and helping La Salle plan for the future. Founded in 1989, there were 11 individuals, couples, and organizations as members in its initial year. For 2016-2017, 326 individuals, couples and organizations comprise the membership of its most prestigious order of donors. Anonymous Donor (2) Dr. Pierre Abboud and Ms. Grace Soueidan Ms. Bertha Aguirre Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Allen ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alvarez ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Neal Anderson Ms. Hue Ary Mr. Wayne G. Avjian ’77 Mr. and Mrs. William Ayala The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66 Mr. Gary P. Barrera ’91 Ms. Priscilla Barrio Mr. Marcos Barron and Ms. Ashleigh Heisley Mr. and Mrs. John Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Becerra Mr. and Mrs. Marc Beddawi Mrs. Monika Bent Brad and Nancy Berger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berger-Davis Mr. David Beringer ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Bigley ’77 Mr. Shawn Blakeslee ’80 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Bock Boeing Gift Matching Program Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bonacci, AFSC Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bottala Mr. Enrique Boull’t and Mrs. Gloria Bravo-Boull’t Tom and Julie Brady Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brennan Ms. Kathleen Brennan de Jesus Mr. and Mrs. Derek Broussard Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Brown ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bubalo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burgh Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Burke ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Burkhart Mr. James Caan California Community Foundation California Wellness Foundation Mr. Douglas Campbell Mr. Robert D. Campbell Campbell Family Foundation Mr. Bruno Campo and Ms. Carolyn Grijlava Michele and Kenneth Canzoneri ’72 The Capital Group Companies



Charitable Foundation Mr. Enrique Casas and Ms. Apurva Uniyal Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Chavez Mr. Yan Chen and Ms. Lisa Jiao Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chen Mr. Steve Chen and Ms. Jennifer Zhao Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Chen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cheney ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chiara Mr. and Mrs. Steven Chin Mr. and Mrs. Thane Christopher Dr. and Mrs. Dino Clarizio ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Clarizio, Jr. ’81 Mr. Rob Clarke ’66 and Ms. Jeanne Labozetta Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cortes Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Costello Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Cotter ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Daughters De La Salle Institute (Christian Brothers) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dean Mr. and Mrs. John Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Deziel Gregory Dickson, Ph.D. Mr. James Ding and Mrs. Janet Xu Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dooling ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Scott DoVale Mr. Raymond Ealy and Mrs. L. Charmayne Ealy Estate International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Estes Mr. and Mrs. Randy Fall Mr. Philip Feghali and Ms. Michelle LeBrane Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Dr. Kathy Fogarty Mr. and Mrs. Mark Forbush Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fosselman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Foster Dr. Robert G. Frank, Jr. ’61 and Ms. Jeanne Adams Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fraser The Fuller Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Marc Futernick

Mr. Robert Gabriel Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gelinas Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Genton The Georgina-Fredrick Children Foundation The Gillespie Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Godfrey Mrs. Alice Godfrey Ms. Cathy Goyette Mr. J. Brady Graham ’67 Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program Richard Gray, Ph.D. Mr. Peter S. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grigg Mr. Qing Guo and Mrs. Yanli Wang William H. Hannon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Hansen ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Bret Hardy Dr. William Harrity II Mr. Michael Hartfield, C.P.A. ’67 Mr. James Heiberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Helbing Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Helgeson Ms. Cristina Hernandez Mr. George Ho and Ms. Maisie Cheung Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Mr. Ernest Hollady Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holland Mr. Stephen Horvath Mr. ZuoYin Huang and Ms. YaRong Zhou Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hubert HVAC Performance Products Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ibbotson Ms. Nancy Iredale Dr. Irina Jasper and Mr. Dimitry Barkovsky Mr. Peter Javryd and Ms. Sharon Palmer Dennis A. Jebbia, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jeffery Brad and Debbie Jenkins Mr. Frank Jiang and Mrs. Lan Luo

Mr. Indika Jinadasa and Dr. Priyanthi Jinadasa Mr. Daniel A Jose, Sr K.B. Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kachigian Mr. and Mrs. Esper Kanaan Mr. Mark Kara and Ms. Paula Giraldo Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kasper Mr. Jon Keates and Ms. Thanh Hoang Kemp Brothers Construction Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kennedy Kinney and Company Mr. John Kitson Kohorst Allen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Adam Konrad ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Koskovich, C.P.A. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Kreeble ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krings Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Krouse ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Krystad Mr. Andrew Kuo and Mrs. Yau Fen Hou Mr. and Mrs. David Lam Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation Mr. Kenneth Lau and Ms. Alicia Choi Ronnie and Patcharin Law Mr. and Mrs. Garry Law Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Lee Mrs. Jessica Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ali LeRoi Mr. Michael D. Lewis Ms. Kelly Lewis Mr. Zili “Eric” Li and Ms. Yang “Angela” Liu Mr. Min Lin and Ms. Jian Qing Xu Ms. Ely Lin Mr. Hank Lo and Mrs. Jennifer Su Mr. Chen Lu and Ms. Sharon Liang Mrs. Linda Lui The Lumarda Family Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Lumas ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mace Mr. Jarrett Mahoney Monique and Edward Malicdem ’88 Don and Mareina Mrs. Maria Aurora Mariano Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Mr. Filiberto Martinez and Mrs. Regina Marquez-Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Ms. Jacquie Mayo Mr. Ken McFall and Mrs. Emily Vaughn Henry Mr. John Medearis and Ms. Jessica Goodheart Mediverse International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlo Mejia ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mena Mr. and Mrs. Mourad Milad Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Mirasol ’80 Miscellaneous Gifts John A. Moe II ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morales Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morioka Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullin The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation Mrs. Kathleen Murray Ms. Pacita Nabua Mr. and Mrs. John Nahas Mrs. Kris Nameth and Mrs. Stacy-Colleen Nameth Mr. and Mrs. Cedric Navarro Mr. and Mrs. John Newell Mr. and Mrs. Toan Nguyen Northrop Grumman Corp. Charity Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 Mr. Andy Ogden and Mrs. Shelley Short Ogden Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Olender ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Stan D. Oliai ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Olivar Mr. and Mrs. James “Skip” Paige Mr. and Mrs. Oskar Painter Mr. Changqing Pan and Mrs. Lili Ma Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Pando The Pankow Family Mr. and Mrs. Steve Paradis

Pasadena Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Raju Patil Mr. and Mrs. Corey Pekerol Mr. Joseph Pelayo Mr. and Mrs. Brian Petersen Ms. Mary Grace Phipps Mrs. Jonelle Pickett The Robert L. Pindroh Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter Popoff Mr. Gonzalo Posada and Mrs. Zoraida Davila-Posada Mr. and Mrs. Dante Puccinelli Mr. and Mrs. James R. Quandt ’67 Ms. Sheila Quintana Mr. and Mrs. Tom Radle Mr. Rafael Ramirez and Mrs. Denise Miyashiro-Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Armando Ramirez ’93 Dr. and Mrs. James Recabaren Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rettig ’84 Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds Mark and Victoria Richards Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Rico Mr. and Mrs. Joel Riegsecker Mr. and Mrs. Larry Risdon Mr. Lee Roesner and Mrs. Cindy Shimomaye Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romano ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rosales Rose Hills Foundation Rotary Club of Pasadena Foundation Dr. Ed Rounds and Dr. Callae Walcott-Rounds Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. George Sakellariou Mr. and Mrs. James Sale Mr. and Mrs. John Salvatierra Mr. Peter Sandford and Dr. Raquel Sandford Mr. Sean R. Sansone ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Brent Schoenbaum Schwab Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kahn Scolnick Ms. Tricia Searcy Mr. Jose Serrano and Mrs. Mayra Arias-Serrano Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sgherzi Mark and Daina Shuster

Sierra Autocars, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Smith Mr. and Mrs. James D. Smith ’77 Snyder, Hancock & Ashworth Mr. Ray Sosa and Ms. Leticia Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Sam Southard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Stenzel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stern Stewart & Stewart, AMC Robert Stone Ms. Ling Sun Mr. and Mrs. James Surtees Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Sweeney ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Sweeney ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sweetland Dr. Benjamin Tam and Dr. Irene Ho Mr. and Mrs. Elias Tango Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tapert ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Celso Templo Mrs. Jayne Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thoresen Mr. and Ms. Michael Tian Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tippie Dr. Norlan Torres ’97 Town & Country Moving and Storage Inc. Mr. Jung Trac and Ms. Erica P. Nieto The Twomey Family Mr. and Mrs. Brando Valencia Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Van Blerkom Mr. Elliot Van Nest ’08 Dr. Juan Carlos Velosa and Ms. Patricia Gil Morris and Esther Victor The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Mr. and Mrs. Adam Waggoner Dr. and Mrs. John K. Waken Dr. Guangsheng Wan Mr. Charlie Wang and Mrs. Jessica Zhang Mr. Yujun Wang and Ms. Junhong Ma Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wasson

Mrs. Diana M. Sankikian Watkins ’96 Webb Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Wedeen Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel and Ms. Pauli Morin Wells Fargo Capital Finance Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign (DoTopia) Wells Fargo Educational Foundation MG Center Mr. Van Wen and Mrs. Ellen Xu Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Werden Cathy A. Wetzell Ms. Jeanie Whited Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Ken Whittingham Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Wiegand ’60 Walt and Julie Williams Mr. Steven Williams and Ms. Rose Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wong Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Woodman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wright Carol and Bradford Wright ’73 Mr. Terry Xia and Ms. Jing Liu Mr. and Mrs. Frank Xue Ms. Yvette Ybarra Heather and Jason Young Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yu Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vadim Yuzefpolsky Mrs. Lori Zanteson Mrs. Yinghao “Gina” Zhang Mr. Xueming Zhao and Mrs. Yifei Tian Mr. Keith Zubchevich Dr. and Mrs. John Zweizig

spring/summer 2017


indivisa manent In the spirit of the School’s motto,“Indivisa Manent”(We Stand Undivided), the following listing of donors includes individuals and organizations that support the everyday operations of La Salle High School. The following giving programs are included in this generous and supportive group: Parent Giving Program, Lancer Golf Tournament, Crystal Ball, Alumni, Scholarship and Financial Aid, Endowment, Capital, Technology and all General Donations. Thank you for supporting the students at La Salle High School. Organizations / Foundations

Altadena Town & Country Club The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation Benevity Community Impact Fund Bicos Hospitality Blaze “Fast Fired” Pizza Boeing Gift Matching Program Bradford Renaissance Portraits Breeders Cup, LLC. The Buccaneer Lounge, Inc. California Community Foundation California Wellness Foundation Campbell Family Foundation The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Casa del Rey Mexican Restaurant Chaquita Bonita Citizens Business Bank CKW Uniforms de Croupet’s Cake Sisters De La Salle Institute (Christian Brothers) Diane Tarantino Accountacy Corporation Dolores Mission School Ed’s Auto Clinic El Portal Estate International, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co. The Fuller Foundation G3 Academy The Georgina-Fredrick Children Foundation The Gillespie Foundation, Inc. The Gooden School Goody Bags Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program Great Expectations College Prep Green Street Restaurant Holy Family Parish Bookstore Holy Family School - Glendale Hornblower Cuises & Events The Huntington Library HVAC Performance Products In-N-Out Burger Julienne Fine Foods & Celebrations K.B. Construction Company Kemp Brothers Construction Kenneth J. Canzoneri, D.D.S. Kinney and Company Kohorst Allen Family Foundation Krikorian’s Premier Theatres La Salle High School Athletic Boosters La Vencedora Products, Inc. Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation Little Kuts Lucky Car Wash Matt Chlor, Inc Mayfield Junior School Mediverse International, Inc. Mijares Mexican Restaurant Miller Financial Services The Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation The New York Community Trust Northrop Grumman Corp. Charity Trust Northwestern Mutual Foundation P.E.O. Chapter BS Palm Springs Air Museum The Pampered Chef Pasadena Community Foundation Pasadena Community Orchestra The Pasadena Playhouse Pasadena Tennis Association Pasadena Tournament of Roses Peridot Nails & Spa Pie ’N Burger Presenti Foundation Real Food Marketing Robusto Cigars Rose Bowl Aquatics Center Rose Hills Foundation Rotary Club of Pasadena Foundation Rowley Portraiture



Salas Draperies Salutations Home Santa Anita Park Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center Savor the Flavor Schwab Charitable Fund Sena Sharp Seating Co. Sierra Autocars, Inc. Sierra Fusion Snyder, Hancock & Ashworth Southern California Edison Company Spirit Cruises SS Felicitas & Perpetua Church St. Philip The Apostle School St. Rita School State Farm Companies Foundation Stewart & Stewart, AMC Suo Boutique Talianko Design Group, LLC The Only Place In Town Universal Studios USC Trojan Affiliates Vulcan Materials Company Matching Gifts Waba Grill The Walt Disney Company Foundation Webb Foundation Webster’s Liquor Wells Fargo Capital Finance Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign (DoTopia) Wells Fargo Educational Foundation MG Center Western Asset Management Co. William H. Hannon Foundation Yoga Madre YourCause


Anonymous (2) Ms. Joni Regina Ablay ’03 Gregory Achatz Ms. Marly Acosta Mr. and Mrs. Randy Adams Ms. Sarah E. Adams ’17 Ms. Lisa Agajanian Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Agapito Mr. and Mrs. Ali Aghili Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ajamian Mr. Alan J. Akobian ’17 Mrs. Robin Quintanilla Aksu ’03 Mr. Jaime Albino and Mrs. Elva Vieyra Dr. Lawrence Albinski ’80 Mr. Luke Alchin-Scolnick ’17 Ms. Heather A. Alexander ’94 Dr. Stan Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Bill Alexander II ’96 Ms. Mariel Alipio and Ms. Shirley Saenz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Allen ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Alvarado ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alvarez ’83 Mr. Ryan J. Alvarez ’17 Ms. Hannah Alviso ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Laurenti Alviso Mr. Joseph R. Amar ’00 Cyndy Amerio Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio Anaya Deborah Anaya Mr. and Mrs. Leo Anaya ’89 Melinda Anaya The Honorable Clifford R. Anderson III ’70 and Mrs. Karen Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ken Anderson Mrs. Virginia Anderson Mr. Steven G. Andres ’94 Ms. DrewAnn K. Andrews ’11 Mrs. Christyann M. Stanislawski Andrianopoulos ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Angarita ’96 Mr. Gentry G. B. Angsanto and Ms. Leslie Mapua

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Anicich ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Anthony ’67 Mr. Curtis Antonides ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Antonides Mr. and Mrs. Rhonel Aquino ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Lito Aralar Ms. Jolanta Aritz Mr. George Arkfeld Ms. Angela Arunarsirakul ’09 Ms. Caroline Ashkar ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ashkinos Ms. Winna A. Asuming ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Augustine Mr. Tomas Auruskevicius ’17 Mr. Wayne G. Avjian ’77 Ms. Elizabeth M. Ayala ’17 Ms. Irene Ayala Mr. Humberto Baca Ms. Mia G. Baca ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Badzey, M.A. ’90 Mr. Myles D. Bailey ’17 Mr. Rod Bailey Mrs. Toya Bailey Mr. J. Brian Baird and Mrs. Deborah Sinnette-Baird Mr. Kaspar Balaian and Ms. Anny Matossian Mr. Kristopher G. Balaian ’17 Mr. and Mrs. David C. Balak ’62 The Reverend and Mrs. Michael Bamberger Mr. and Mrs. Duke Banks III ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Barbaro III ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Barker ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Barnard Mr. Gary P. Barrera ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie Barrero Ms. Malulani P. Batin ’95 Ms. Patricia Batista-Marshall Mrs. Shari Baugh Mr. Christopher E. Baumer ’94 Mr. Richard E. Baumer ’63 Mr. and Mrs. John Baxter Ms. Megan Baxter ’17 Mr. Federico Baylon and Dr. Elizabeth Baylon Mr. Toby R. Baylon ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Camilo Becerra Mr. and Mrs. Bert Becker ’65 Dr. and Mrs. Abdallah Beddawi Mr. David Bekoff ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Belcher ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bell ’70 Ms. Ines Bello Ms. Jacqueline Beltran Mr. Noel A. Beltran-Lopez ’17 Mr. John J. Benane Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bencosme Mr. and Mrs. Ned R. Bennett ’65 Mr. Todd G. Bennett ’98 Mr. Bary Bennison and Ms. June Matsuoka Ms. Jamie Bennison ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Benson Ms. Christina M. Bentley ’01 Mr. Alec J. Berberian ’17 Mr. and Mrs. John Berberian Mr. David Beringer ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Andres D. Bermejo ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Berry ’70 Mrs. Julie Best-Ickes Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Bevan ’70 Mr. Jacob T. Bigley ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Bigley ’77 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bigley ’80 Ms. Laura Biosca ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Birr ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Bisharat ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Dominic P. Bitonti ’95 Mr. and Mrs. James Blackstock ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Jay J. Blackstock ’70 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Blackstock ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Justin W. Blackstock ’71 Ms. Michelle I. Blair ’95 Mr. Shawn Blakeslee ’80 Mr. Richard A. Bleuze ’95 Dr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Bock Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Boggs ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bogue ’88 Ms. Angela Bohanec Mr. Vincent Bohanec Mr. and Mrs. David Bolstad ’60 Ms. Tina D. Bonacci ’94 Mr. John L. Bottala ’08 Mr. Michael J. Bottala ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bouton Ms. Kamelyn F. Bovinette ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowen ’95 Mr. Steve Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Bozart Ms. Kathleen R. Brady ’17 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bragg Ms. Andrea C. Braun ’17 Ms. Maria Brenes James and Barbara Brennan Mr. Taylor B. Brennan ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Briegel Mr. Jeffrey T. Briegel ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Brink ’86 Mr. Jimmy Brooks ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Derek Broussard Ms. Michelle K. Broussard ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown ’67 Ms. Linda Brown Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Brown ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown Ms. Chanel M. Buccola ’07 Mr. Gino Buccola ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Gino Buccola Mr. and Mrs. David Buennagel ’04 Mr. John Burch and Ms. Carla Buigues Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Burch Ms. Madi Burgh ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Burke ’60 Mr. John Burke ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Busbee Larry R. Byrd, Ph.D. ’63 Mr. Christopher Cadd and Ms. Rosario Sabillo Ms. Lizabeth Cadwalader Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cahill ’76 Ms. Jacqueline Cai Mr. Isaac E. Caldas ’17 Mr. John Caldas and Mrs. Marissa Pantastico-Caldas Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Calderon Mr. Robert D. Campbell Mrs. Vittoria Campo Mr. Hector A. Campos, Jr. ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Phil T. Cannon ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cantos Michele and Kenneth Canzoneri ’72 Ms. Nicole M. Carlos ’12 Mr. Gabriel J. Castillo ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Rudy J. Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Castor Mr. Marcus J. Castor ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Javier Castro Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Castro, Jr. ’93 Mr. and Mrs. John Caulfield ’03 Mr. Myles B. A. Cecil ’17 Ms. Michelle A. Cervantes ’17 Dr. Alexander Chan ’06 Mr. Cory W. Charles ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Charvat ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Charvat ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Justin Cheadle Mr. Eugene Chen Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cheney ’61 Ms. Gabrielle H. Cheung ’17 Ms. Josephine Chuong

Mr. Craig M. Ciebiera Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cimino Mr. Wyatt J. Cimino ’17 Mrs. Barbara Cina Mr. Michael F. Cisternino ’95 Mr. Christopher Clarizio ’06 Dr. and Mrs. Dino Clarizio ’75 Mr. Jonathan A. Clarizio ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Clarizio, Jr. ’81 Mr. Rob Clarke ’66 and Ms. Jeanne Labozetta Dr. and Mrs. Leonardo Clavijo Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cloer Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cockroft Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Collins ’67 Mr. Gabriel Compton and Mrs. Cristina Claisse Mrs. Marianne Compton Ms. Joni Conlon Ms. Eileen Connolly Mr. Neil F. Conroy ’67 Mr. Ray Contino ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Coolidge Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Corsetti ’67 Ms. Trish Costa Mr. and Mrs. Paul Costa Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Cotter ’65 Mrs. Stephanie Smith Courain ’06 Ms. Siobain M. Courtney-Cruz ’00 Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford Mr. Richard K. Crawford ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Norberto Cresta Mr. and Mrs. Jay Crews ’86 Mr. Jeffrey R. Cross ’11 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Crowley ’61 Ms. Nicole C. Cruz ’95 Anthony and Catherine Cuellar Mr. James Dalgarn and Ms. Catherine Chadwell Mrs. Joan Dalrymple Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Dalrymple Mrs. Irene Daly Mr. Gregory E. Danenhauer ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60 Ms. Alexandra C. Daugherty ’11 Ms. Eleni H. Daughters ’17 Ms. Lara M. Davini ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis Mr. Scott P. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William E. Daws ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Day Mr. and Mrs. Luke de Kansky Mr. and Ms. Vergel B. De La Cruz Mr. Christopher G. De La Mora ’17 Ms. R-Lene De Lang Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dean Mr. Philip A. Del Rio ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Dela Rosa ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Delaney ’89 Ms. Ana R. Delgado ’93 Ms. Rosemarie DeMarco Mr. and Mrs. Dustin DeMesa ’96 Mr. Justin DeMesa ’17 Ms. Judy d’Entremont Mr. and Mrs. James DeRose Ms. Catherine L. Dewar ’17 Ms. Kolby B. Deziel ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Armando Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Duffy Dignam ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dilluvio Ms. Cara M. Dimkich ’98 Mr. Jason Dineros ’05 Mr. Jason Ding ’17 Mr. Christopher F. Dinkel ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Dionisio Jim Dirmann ’60 Mr. and Ms. Howard Doan Mrs. Nancy Doede Dr. Brian J. Doerning ’81 and Mrs. Maryann Messina-Doerning Mrs. Maria Dominguez Mr. Randall P. Dominguez ’12 Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Dong Ms. Sheila Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dooling ’63 Mr. Jordan G. Dorenfeld ’05 Mr. Max O. DoVale ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Drasco ’60 Mr. Brendon d’Souza ’97 Dr. Mosey Nuccio Dunn ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Pierre A. Dupuy ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Gus Duran Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Duran

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Durandette ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dyer Ms. Annette Dyson Mike Edminston Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edmundson Ms. Susan E. Ehring ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Eiben ’63 Ms. Gloria Elio Ms. Eden M. Elizalde ’17 Mr. James F. Elko ’67 Mrs. Teresa M. Ring Elmslie-Britt ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Encinas Ms. Michelle T. Encinas ’17 Ms. Karla Enrequez Mr. Frank Enterante Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Escamilla ’81 Ms. Rebecca C. Escandon ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Espino Mr. and Mrs. James Espinosa Mrs. Mary Helen Esquibel Ms. Katerina Q. Esquivel ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Max R. Esquivel ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Esquivel ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Estes Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Estrada Ms. Katrina C. Estrella ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Etter ’77 Ms. Amanda C. Evans ’05 Jonathan W. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Evans Mr. and Mrs. Everett M. Evleth ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Faherty ’65 Mr. Anthony G. Fajardo ’17 Ms. Kathleen G. Fallar ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Fallar Mr. Francisco Farias and Mrs. Maria Dzul Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Ferguson ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fernandes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fernandez Mrs. Rochelle L. Rodriguez Ferrari ’97 Ms. Giselle Figueroa ’07 Mrs. Vanessa Del Rio Figueroa ’96 Mr. and Mrs. William Filice Mr. Barry Finnerty Janet Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Al Flores Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Flores Ms. Erin T. Flores ’17 Mr. Jocelyn D. Flores ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Raudel Flores Ms. Arielle L. Fong ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Fong Mr. and Mrs. Mark Forbush Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Forrest Vincent Fortanasce, M.D. Mrs. Erin M. Sumner Foschetti ’96 Mr. Grant R. Fosselman ’17 Mr. John W. Foster ’17 Mr. Mark Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. Fox ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Franco Ms. Meryl Pearl D. Franco ’17 Dr. Robert G. Frank, Jr. ’61 and Ms. Jeanne Adams Mr. Todd Frankel and Mrs. Roberta Tinajero-Frankel Ms. Gerri Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fraser Ms. LaToya Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Edmund French, Jr. ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Friedlander Ms. Julia M. Frisina ’11 Ms. Sonya Froio Mr. Steven V. Froio ’17 Frank Fronseca Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fryer Mr. and Mrs. Adrian C. M. Fulay ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fulps Mrs. Shelley Griffith Fulton ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Futernick Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone R. Gaffney ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gaggioli, Jr. Mr. Matthew Gaggioli ’05 Mrs. Helen Gaines Mr. Ted Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Gianni Galati ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Galindo ’71 Ms. Celia Gallegos Ms. Lizette Gallegos ’17 Ms. Carmen Galvez Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ganguin Mr. and Mrs. James Garber Ms. Esperanza Garcia Mr. Julius Garcia ’07

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Garcia ’87 Ms. Paloma Garcia ’09 Mr. Raul Garcia and Mrs. Sonia Lomeli Garcia Mr. Ruben Garcia and Mrs. Sonia Barajas-Garcia Mr. Victor Garcia and Mrs. Marina Vergara Mr. and Mrs. Werner Garciano ’87 Mr. Jaice A. Gardner ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Garibay ’96 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Gately Mr. and Mrs. Thanos Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gee Mr. Miles J. Gelinas ’17 Ms. Catherine G. Gemora ’11 Dr. Robert P. Gendron ’68 Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Genovese ’68 Ms. Annabel M. Genton ’17 Mr. Yvan Gerolaga ’17 Mr. and Mrs. David Gersh Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gersh Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gezalyan Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbs Mr. James Gibbs ’03 Mr. Michael A. Gibbs ’17 Ms. Kaitlyn N. Gibson ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gillespie Ms. Chelsey Ginder Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ginoza Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gioia ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gioia Dr. Frank R. Gioia ’69 Ms. Gianna A. Gioia ’05 Ms. Stephanie R. Gioia ’08 Mr. Mike Glenn Mrs. Alice Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gohrick Mrs. Catherine Gold Mr. Steven Goldstein Ms. Alexandria J. Gomez ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gomez Ms. Alessandra A. Gonzales ’13 Gonzalo Gonzales Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Gonzales Mr. Dennis Gonzalez Mr. Donovan M. Gonzalez ’17 Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Gonzalez ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Shanon J. Gonzalez ’96 Mrs. Rose Marie Good Mr. Dick Goodspeed Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gordon Mr. Paul J. Gormican, Jr. ’79 Mr. Jackson R. Goyette ’14 Mr. J. Brady Graham ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Silvera Grant Mrs. Judith Graven Mr. Kevin M. Graves ’11 Richard Gray, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greenstreet Mr. Bill Gregory Ms. Jennifer Gregory Mrs. Nancy Culjak Gresik ’01 Mr. Elijah J. Griffin ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Griffith ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Griffith Ms. Hayley E. Gripp ’11 Mr. Cesar Gudino Mrs. Mia A. Mazadiego Guenther ’98 Mr. Carlos D. Guillen ’94 Mr. Dan Gury Ms. Annalis A. Guzman ’17 Ms. Jesstine Guzman ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Guzman Mr. Ryan Hagen ’94 and Ms. Dyana Stewart ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hakanen Ms. Julia M. Hakanen ’15 Ms. Taylor J. Hakanen ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Herag Haleblian Mr. William R. Hall ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamm Ms. Yona Han Mr. Graham S. Hancock ’11 Mr. Michael Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Casey A. Hannum ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Dion Hannum Mr. Evan J. Hansen ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Hansen ’65 Ms. Lauren Harding ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hardy ’84 Mr. James T. Harmon ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harmon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harold, Jr. ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Harper ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Harris Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Harris ’67 Mr. Owen B. Hart ’17 Mr. Michael Hartfield, C.P.A. ’67 Ms. Erica Hartley ’03 Ms. Alyson T. Hartman ’17 Mr. Tim A. Haskell ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haslett Mr. and Mrs. Mario Haug Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Haupt ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hazlett Mr. and Mrs. Chria Hazlitt ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Healy Mr. Sean C. Helbing ’17 Ms. Lauren E. Helgeson ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Helgeson Ms. Colbee Henderson ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Henderson Mr. Tyler E. Henderson ’17 Mr. Philip Hendrie ’70 Ms. Madeline N. Herlache ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Herman ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hernandez ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hernandez Mr. Joseph J. Hernandez ’17 Mrs. Margaret Pett Herrera ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hesson Mrs. April Hicks Ellie Hidalgo Mr. and Mrs. Don Hilsendager Ms. India M. Hines ’15 Mr. Chun Yin Howard Ho ’17 Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffman ’77 Drs. Kurt and Melissa Hoffman Mr. Mitchell J. Hoffman ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hoffman ’68 Ms. Taryn Hoffman ’06 SGT Timothy P. Hoffman ’09 Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Holland Mr. Ellis I. Holland ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hollis ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hou ’90 Mr. Joseph Hovsepian Mr. and Mrs. Edward Howard Ms. Julee Hu ’17 Dr. and Mrs. John Hubanks Father Timothy Hunter ’62 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Huntley ’67 Mr. Darey L. Huo and Mrs. Penny Low-Huo Tom Hurrell Mr. Philip A. Ibarra ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ibbotson Mr. Gregory Imhoff and Ms. Shelley Seckel Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Inboden Mr. and Mrs. Travis J. Ingrao ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Inman Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Ioele ’96 Ms. Nancy Iredale Dr. and Mrs. Eloy A. Ituarte ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Jacobsen, Jr. ’61 Mrs. Gioia Pedrini-Talebi Jacobson ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jahnke Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jandegian Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Jardenil Mr. and Mrs. James Jarvis, Jr. ’64 Mr. Peter Javryd and Ms. Sharon Palmer Mrs. Gayle Jenkins Daley Mr. and Mrs. Elven Jensen Mr. Sean Jernigan and Ms. Martha Marquez Mr. and Mrs. James Jimenez Mrs. Monique Silva Jimenez ’03 Mr. Shane R. Jinadasa ’17 Mrs. Carolyn Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson Mr. Scott Johnson Mr. Stephen P. Johnson ’63 Mr. Tim Johnson ’67 Mrs. Angela Jones Mr. Greg Jones Ms. Julia A. Jones ’17 Mr. Matthew S. Jones ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Rich Jones Mr. Richard Jones and Dr. Lisa Butler Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Joseph, Jr. ’80 Mr. John A. Joseph ’84 Mr. Ray Judson Mr. Will Kaliel ’00 Mr. Cameron Kanda

spring/summer 2017


indivisa manent Mr. and Mrs. Tony F. Kane ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kaprielian Mr. Mark Kara and Ms. Paula Giraldo Mr. Douglas J. Karnowski ’68 Ms. Courtney Kassakhian Mr. Jon Keates and Ms. Thanh Hoang Ms. Lisa M. Keeler ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keese ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kejmar Mr. Brian Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Clive Kelly Mrs. Laura Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kempton Rock Kendall Mrs. Vanessa Strouse Kenney ’97 Katie Kevorkian Mr. and Mrs. Richard Khaw Mr. and Mrs. Sunder Khemani Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Kiertzner Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy F. “Buzz” Kiley ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Kenney Kimble Mr. William Kinney and Ms. Lily Chen Mrs. Jennifer Kiser Ms. Lauren E. Kisich ’11 Ms. Laura Kistler ’06 Mr. Tom Kitchens ’68 Ms. Elyse Klein Mrs. Melissa T. Garcia Klose ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knapp Mr. Larry Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Kneier ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kohorst ’03 Mr. Matthew Kohorst ’07 Bob Kohorst ’71 and Shelley Allen Mrs. Julie Bonacci Kolb ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Konrad ’87 Mrs. Allison M. Hannegan Kooiman ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Koskovich, C.P.A. ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kouladjian Ms. Nathalie Kouladjian ’17 Mr. Henry Koyamatsu Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Kreeble ’60 Mr. Phillip M. Krings ’17 Mr. Frank R. Kromka III ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Krouse ’70 Mr. Lars S. Krystad ’17 Mrs. Walter Kummetz Mr. Martin A. Kunz ’82 and Ms. Maria McCord Ms. Skylar I. Kusama ’17 Ms. Tasha Kusama Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kuttruff Mr. Riley K. Kuttruff ’17 Mr. Chris Kyriakakis Mr. and Mrs. Guy Labbe ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ladesich Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lamberti ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lanyi Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lanyi Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lanza Mrs. Gina M. Bottala LaPorte ’99 Ms. Sarah L. Holl LaReau ’98 Mr. and Mrs. William R. LaRue ’69 Ms. Daniella C. Laset ’10 Dr. and Mrs. C. Patrick Lauder ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Laun Mr. Ryan C. H. Law ’17 Mr. Rafael Lazcano, Jr. ’96 Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Le Berthon ’78 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Le Berthon ’75 Mrs. Jessica Lee Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lee Mr. Paul Lee and Ms. Benita Chen Mr. Tyrese A. Lee ’17 Mr. Samuel A. Leek ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lees ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Bernardino Leis Mr. Dominic G. Leis ’17 Ms. Megan M. LeNoue ’09 Mr. Angelo S. LeRoi ’17 Ms. Nancy Lesky Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lewis ’89 Mr. Robert Z. Li ’16 Mr. Mark Libucha and Ms. Jasmine Liao Mr. and Mrs. William Lieberg Ms. Kimberly C. Muljono Liem ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lilavois ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Lima ’85




Mr. Leslie Lindeman and Ms. Karyn McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lingenfelser Amy Liu Mr. Kevin Liu ’17 Ms. Yan Liu Ms. Laura L. Lockie ’95 Dr. Albert Lojko Mr. and Mrs. George Lomeli Mr. and Mrs. Clark Longhurst The Reverend Richard A. Loomis Mr. and Mrs. Hector Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lowery Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Luiten ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Lumas ’60 Ms. Dalila Luna Mr. Giovanni F. Luna ’11 Mr. Luke Lundin ’17 Dr. and Mrs. Joe Luthey Mr. and Ms. Michael Luu Mr. Mike Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lynn Mr. Hunter Lynne Mr. Harrison T. MacDonald ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Kirk MacDonald ’85 Mr. Travis R. MacDonald ’11 Ms. Jeanine Macias Ms. Allison Madden ’08 Ms. Dani Magluyan ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Magluyan ’94 Mr. and Mrs. John Magluyan Mr. Samuel Magluyan Mrs. Carol Mahoney Ms. Marta Mahoney Mr. Patrick Mahoney, P.E. ’90 Mr. Julian D. Malaby ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Maldonado ’73 Monique and Edward Malicdem ’88 Ms. Alexandra E. Mandigo ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manger Ms. Riza Manginsay Ms. Lorie Marderosian Ms. Ellen Mareina Mr. and Mrs. William Marich Mr. and Mrs. Marcelino Mariscal Ms. Melissa N. Mariscal ’17 Jane and Jerry Marks Mr. Jordan N. Marks ’12 Ms. Taylor C. Marks ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Json D. Marruffo ’95 Ms. Ursula S. Marshall ’17 Mr. Dennis Martin Mr. Alyssa L. Martinez ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Brad Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Martinez Mr. Filiberto Martinez and Mrs. Regina Marquez-Martinez Mrs. Marissa Lluch Martinez ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Martinez ’92 Ms. Samuel A. Martinez ’17 Ms. Silvia Martinez Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Martinez Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Maskin Mrs. Jennifer Tien Massey ’95 Mr. and Mrs. John Maucher Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Mr. Jason E. Maust ’01 Ms. Tracey McCabe Pollack Mr. and Mrs. Sean R. McCarthy ’83 Linda McClain Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. McCormick ’72 Mr. Patrick McCormick ’69 Mr. William A. McCormick ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McDermott Mr. Sean McDermott ’77 and Ms. Anne Hartfield Mr. Brian McDonnell Mr. Ryan P. McEvoy ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGovern Mr. Mark McInerney ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McInerney ’71 Mr. John S. McLoughlin ’64 Mr. and Mrs. James M. McManus ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McNamara ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Mark McPhillips Ms. Elizabeth McSweeny ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Keith McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Mead ’64 Ms. Brittney Medrano ’03

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mehren ’61 Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlo Mejia ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Mendoza Mindy Meserve Byers Mr. Tony G. Messina-Doerning ’11 Mr. Joseph B. Messina-Doerning ’15 Mr. Anthony Messineo ’80 Ms. Jessica L. Messineo ’14 Mr. Sal Messineo Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Miller ’79 Ms. Colleen M. Miller ’06 Mrs. Jessica Gordon Miller ’05 Ms. Melissa A. Miller ’09 Mr. Michael J. Miller ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller Mr. and Mrs. David Milton Ms. Connie Mimura Dr. and Mrs. Alan P. Mirasol ’79 Mr. Arnaldo P. Mirasol ’83 Mr. Nicholas Mirasol ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Mirasol ’80 Mr. Chuck D. Mispagel ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mispagel ’66 Ms. Inga Mkhitanyan Mr. Gary Mkrtichyan ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Syrus Mobayen Mr. Daniel Moberg II ’06 John A. Moe II ’68 Mr. Gregory A. Moeller ’84 Mr. Sebastian A. Moeller ’17 Dr. Kris Mohandie ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Montesa Mr. and Mrs. Juan R. Montoya ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morales Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Morales Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Morales Mr. Douglas Morales ’11 Mr. Carlos Morales ’10 Mr. Jeffrey D. Moscaret ’77 and Ms. Valerie Tesauro Mrs. Natalie Calderon Moultrie ’03 Mr. Stephen A. Mudnich ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Mueller ’70 Mr. Bob Mulick Mrs. Virginia Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Joel Munoz Mr. Joel M. Munoz ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Juan Munoz Ms. Nicole L. Murph ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy I. Murphy ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Murray Mr. Jon C. Murray ’11 Mrs. Kathleen Murray Mr. Jay G. Myers ’96 Mrs. Kris Nameth and Mrs. Stacy-Colleen Nameth Mr. Bryce Napier Mr. and Mrs. David Nardoni Ms. Gabi Navarro ’17 Ms. Ruth Neadeau Mr. David P. Needles Dr. Gregory Nelson and Dr. Denise Veich Mrs. Kristen K. Savant Nelson ’01 Mr. and Mrs. John Newell Mr. and Mrs. Coby Nice Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nice Reverend William C. Nicholas, Jr. ’88 Ms. Diane Nicol Ms. Lauren E. Nightingale ’17 Mr. Alexander C. Nino ’16 Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Nino ’62 Mr. Timothy R. Nolan ’62 Ms. Kristine Nonato ’06 Mrs. Jessica Nouskajian Mr. and Mrs. John R. Nuccio ’69 Mrs. Marion Nuccio Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nuccio ’71 Mr. Daniel Nugent and Ms. Sabina Zenkich Ms. Monique L. O’Conner ’11 Mr. Colin M. O’Connor ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O’Connor Dr. Schubert Ogden Monica Ohlin-Burness Mr. and Mrs. John R. Oldham ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Olender ’70 Mr. Joseph M. Olender ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Stan D. Oliai ’88

Mr. James Olkeriil Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore M. Orefice III ’95 Ms. Regina P. Orona ’03 Captain and Mrs. Wayne J. Osborne USN (RET) ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Chip Ossman III Mr. Stuart Otroshkin ’87 Mr. Jamin Pablo ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Paddock, Jr. Dr. Stephanie Paggi Ms. Amy Austin and Mr. Francisco Paiz Dr. Severino Palaganas Ms. Dayna Palazzolo ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Palffy ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palffy Mr. and Mrs. Val Palle Ms. Laura A. Palmer ’00 Mr. Blake Palomino ’06 Mr. Evan J. Paniagua ’06 Mr. and Mrs. John Paniagua Mr. Andrew S. Pankow ’10 The Pankow Family Ms. Nicole Paradis ’03 Mr. Howard Parkins Mr. and Mrs. Mark Passarini ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Bhavesh Patel ’87 Mrs. Marion Patrick Mr. Dustin K. Pavon ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Pavon Mr. and Mrs. Cecilio Payne Ms. Jennifer N. Payne ’17 Mrs. Danielle R. Martinez Peabody ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Ray V. Pearl, Jr. ’99 Mr. James Pearman and Ms. Julia Peacock Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Pedraza ’92 Ms. Meghan Pelayo ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peralta Ms. Katelyn A. Perez ’17 Mr. Lawrence Perez and Mrs. Nancy Warter-Perez Mr. John Perrotta Ms. Antoinette Perry Mr. Sean Perry ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Peters ’76 Mr. Jacques Peysson and Mrs. Corinne Boyer Mr. Paul R. Pfau ’67 Mr. Nam N. Phan ’05 Mr. Gerald E. Phillips II ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pick Ms. Jewelyn Pickett ’17 Mrs. Jonelle Pickett Mr. and Mrs. Michael Piesik Mr. Benjamin D. Pirih ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pizante Mr. and Mrs. Victor V. Polek ’74 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pollara ’66 Mr. James D. Pollerana ’00 Ms. Ashley C. Pond ’96 Frank and Dawn Ponnet Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Poon Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Pope Ms. Tori C. Pope ’12 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Popoff The Porges Family Mr. Noah Porges ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Kedric Powe Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richard Prins Mrs. Mary Jo Alexander Pruitt ’00 Ms. Gina C. Puccinelli ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Puga Ms. Nina P. Punaro The Pyle Family Mr. Bryan Quach ’17 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Quandt ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Quandt, Jr. ’64 Mr. William Quijano and Mrs. Xiomara Lafaurie Mr. Ian S. Quinn ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Quinones Mr. and Mrs. Pedro R. Quintanilla ’96 Ms. Kayla N. Quintero ’17 Mr. Martin Quintero and Ms. Claudia Melendez Dr. and Mrs. Bill J. Quirk ’63 Mr. Ramzi A. Rabadi ’92 Mr. Michael J. Rademacher ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Radle Mr. Thomas W. Radle ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Armando Ramirez ’93

Ms. Yahaira Ramirez ’14 Mr. Dolf V. Ramos, Jr. ’95 Mr. Tim Rasmussen Ms. Sophia C. Ratkovich ’11 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Ray ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Brad G. Reaume ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Reaume ’08 Mrs. Alice Recendez Yvonne Recendez Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reed Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reed, Jr. Mr. James Reedy ’67 Ms. Cassandra Regalado ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Reid ’00 Dr. and Mrs. Louis Rentz Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rettig ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rettig ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rewers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rey Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Reyes Mr. Jacob Reynolds ’17 Ms. Ravin S. Rhodes ’17 Mr. Christopher M. Richards ’08 Ms. Colette Richards Mark and Victoria Richards Colonel and Mrs. Michael Richards ’63 Mrs. Amanda Gonzalez Richardson ’01 Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Rico Mr. Carlos S. Rico ’17 Ms. Marcia Ridley Ms. Sarah R. Riegsecker ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Riley Mr. Kenneth M. Rimpau ’65 Mr. Christopher Ring ’01 Mr. John Ring Mrs. Kathy Ring Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Rios ’96 Mr. Izcalli A. Rios-Aguirre ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Risdon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ritholz Ms. Lissette Rivas Mr. and Mrs. Job Rivera Mr. and Mrs. Jose E. “Eddie” Rivera Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Rivero Mr. John Rizzi and Mrs. Maria F. Maldonado-Rizzi Ms. Tara N. Roberson ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Robles Ms. Sofia R. Robles ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Rodriguez ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rodriguez Mrs. Emily S. Cairns Roffe-Silvester ’05 Mr. Mike Rogers Ms. Summer E. Rogers ’96 Mr. Francois Rogez Ms. Lauren E. A. Rogez ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romano ’68 Mr. J. Michael Roney ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roosevelt ’65 Mr. Martin Jose G. Rosales ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rose Mr. Jacob Y. Rose ’17 Mrs. Chloe Ross Mrs. Melissa Barrero Ross ’06 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Rouse ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rufrano Ms. Raquel A. Ruiz ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ruiz ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Clark Russell Ms. Daniella T. Russell ’00 Ms. Lisa M. Russo ’03 Mr. Bryce Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ryan ’86 Ms. Vicky Ryan Mr. Peter Sabido and Mrs. Mary J. Aquino Mr. and Mrs. Simon Sadorian Mr. Aaron M. Saenz ’95 Mr. and Mrs. George Sakellariou Mr. Albert Salas Mr. Daniel Salas ’07 Mr. Michael Salas ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Salas, Jr. ’75 Mrs. Sonia Salas Ms. Shaney Salcido Ms. Victoria A. Saldivar ’17 Mr. and Mrs. James Sale Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Salem ’66 Mr. and Mrs. John Salvatierra Mr. and Mrs. Juan Samartin Mr. and Ms. Stephen Samerjan Mr. and Mrs. Henry Samples

Mr. Thomas G. Samples ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Sanchez Mrs. Kathryn A. Sanchez Ms. Kelly M. Sanchez ’13 Mrs. Elaine Sanderl Ms. Isabel B. Sandford ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Sansone Mr. Sean R. Sansone ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Santoro Mr. Mark Sarkis ’11 Mrs. Amie E. Petersen Satchu ’96 Ms. Audrey M. Sayer ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sayer Mr. and Mrs. Philip Scalzo Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scandore Mr. Jeffrey L. Schauer ’85 Mr. Jon Scheffing ’67 Mr. Spencer T. Schoenbaum ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schoenbaum Mr. Stephen Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scott Mr. Marshall Searcy Ms. Miriam V. Searcy ’17 Mr. Stephen E. Seastrom ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Seeker ’97 Ms. Kristin A. Seeker ’00 Skylar B. Segura Mr. and Mrs. Joe Selbak Mr. Michael Y. Senechal ’98 Ms. Elizabeth N. Sepetjian ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Serhan Mr. Jose Serrano and Mrs. Mayra Arias-Serrano Mr. and Mrs. Jack Seymour ’62 Dr. Paul J. Seymour ’67 Mrs. Michelle N. Mouton Shackelford ’95 Mr. Jared P. Shambrey ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shambrey Mr. Brian Shanaghan Mr. Daniel T. Sheridan ’98 and Mrs. Andrea Nelson Mark and Daina Shuster Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Sielen ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John Sigoloff Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Simon ’74 Mr. and Mrs. James Simone Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Simonian ’67 Ms. Anne-Marie Singer ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Singer ’70 Ms. Abigail V. Siracusa ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Tony Siracusa Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sirois Mr. and Mrs. Sam Situ Mrs. Ellen Slatkin Mr. and Mrs. John B. Slavin ’65 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Smith ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. Henry C. Smither V ’11 Mr. and Mrs. George So Mr. Lakin W. Soldate ’98 Mr. Francisco Somarriba ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sonnenburg Mr. Noah A. Sonnenburg ’17 Mr. Manny S. Soriano ’12 Byron Sotomayor, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sparks Mr. Ryan Sparks ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spear Mr. and Mrs. Trevor R. Spicer ’94 Mr. Thomas Stafford ’99 Mr. and Mrs. William Stafford Mr. Joseph Stanek III and Mrs. Kavita Anand Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steben Mr. and Mrs. James Stein Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Steinmeier ’67 Ms. Cynthia Sterling Ms. Fiona Stewart Dr. and Mrs. James R. Stewart ’68 Dr. John T. Stewart ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Stiver Paul Stonehouse Richard Stonehouse Mr. BJ Stoney Mr. Dylan J. Stover ’17 Mrs. Kellie Strubinski Mr. Waldemar Strubinski Sophia Su Mrs. Anita Suazo Mrs. Erin E. Scanlon Suess ’95 Mr. Daniel Sullivan ’77 Ms. Megan L. Sullivan ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sullivan ’70

Mr. Patrick C. Sullivan ’13 Ms. Sharon Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Sumner ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sumner Mr. Nicholas Surowiec ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Surowiec Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Sweeney ’67 Mr. Michael J. Sweeney ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Sweeney ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sympson ’77 Ms. Jessica M. Synold ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Takizawa Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Talbot ’95 Dr. Benjamin Tam and Dr. Irene Ho Mr. and Mrs. Man Hip Tan Dr. and Mrs. Armand R. Tanguay, Jr. ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tapert ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tapert Mrs. Kelly Harper Tapert ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Tekippe ’95 Mr. Luis Tello-Cerda and Mrs. Yolanda Vallejo-Jimenez Ms. Jennifer Terrazas Mr. Dylan P. Thai ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Virat Thantrakul ’68 Mr. Harry Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Thomas ’64 Mrs. Grace Thompson Mr. Paul Thompson ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Thorsen Mrs. Lacey Staff Tichenor ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tillery Mr. and Mrs. John Todd Mr. Bill Tollett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Ms. Taylor N. Tomko ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tomko Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tomko Mr. and Mrs. Joel Tooley Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Toribio, Jr. ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Torres Ms. Julia A. Torres ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Mario Torres Dr. Norlan Torres ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tortell Mrs. Elizabeth M. Davis Toth ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Towner ’96 Mary Jo Townsend and Family Ms. Michelle Toyoshima ’03 Mrs. Erin Davini Trachy ’99 Mr. Willie Tuitama The Twomey Family Mr. and Mrs. Gary Urbina Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Urteaga Mr. and Mrs. Valentin H. Usle Mr. Francis Uyemura Ms. Maria Michelle Uzeta Ms. Lauren M. Valdes ’12 Ms. Brianda J. Valdez ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Van Van Gott Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Van Leeuwen ’01 Mr. Elliot Van Nest ’08 Dr. and Mrs. Andre van Rooyen Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vanni Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Vargas Ms. Hayli M. Varing ’15 Ms. Samantha L. Varing ’11 Mr. Tyler R. Varing ’09 Mr. Ruben Vasquez, Jr. ’96 Mr. Devlin Vaughan ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Homer Vazira Catheirne Vazquez Mr. Ruben Vazquez and Mrs. Maria Flores Mr. Phil Velasco ’07 Dr. Juan Carlos Velosa and Ms. Patricia Gil Ms. Lauren M. Veneri ’17 Mr. Mark Veneri Mr. Ron Veronese ’67 Ms. Teri Vessella Mr. Christopher S. Victor ’05 Morris and Esther Victor Mr. and Mrs. Richard Victor Mrs. Francisca M. Gonzalez Virtue ’94 Mr. Carter Voges The Honorable Janet M. Frangie and Dennis P. Voltattorni Ms. Samantha Voorhees ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Waggoner Mr. Jake A. Waggoner ’17 Mr. Rodney Wagner Jr. ’17 Ms. Pam Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wagner, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Erik Wahl Ms. Lesley N. P. Wake ’03 Mr. John Waken ’78 Mr. and Mrs. William Walkup Mrs. Nancy Walters Anna Wang Mr. and Mrs. Brandon D. Ward ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Ward Ms. Kinsley N. Washington ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wasson Ms. Emily A. Wasson ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Hiroyoshi Watanabe Mr. and Mrs. Kip Waterhouse Mrs. Diana M. Sankikian Watkins ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Webster Mr. Alexander H. Wedeen ’17 Mr. Benjamin S. Wedeen ’17 Mr. August F. Weideman ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Weigand ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Weigel ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Weiss Ms. Jill Werden Mrs. Sharon Westmoreland Mr. Brett T. Wheat ’15 Mr. Jeffrey D. White ’04 Mr. Kenneth F. White, M.P.A. ’82 and Dr. Carla White Ms. Rebecca L. Whitehead ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Wickhem Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wiebe Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wiedenfeld ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Wiegand ’60 Mrs. Brianne Pierce Wiese ’99 Mr. Roger Wilcox ’69 Mr. Stan M. Wilcox, Jr. ’80 Ms. Erin T. Wiley ’03 Mr. Randy Wilkins and Mrs. Gabrielle Gliniak Mr. Andrew Williams ’04 Mr. Billy S. Williams Ms. Eleana Williams Ms. Erika N. Williams ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Williams Peter and Serena Williams Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Willumson ’67 Ms. Ashley Wilson Carol Wilson Mr. Ian Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson Jennifer Winham Ms. Latricia Winston Mrs. Tamara Wann Wolf ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wooler Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Worley Mr. Troy D. Worley ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wratten Kristen Schultz Wray ’98 Carol and Bradford Wright ’73 Ms. Emily R. Wright ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wright Mr. Scott Wright ’82 Mr. Alex Xu ’17 Mr. Hunter Xue ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yamarone Anita Yang Ms. Clarissa Yang ’17 Anthony I. Yanko Mr. Jason R. Ybarra ’94 Mr. and Mrs. William Ybarra Mr. and Mrs. Jack Yerevanian Ms. Keanuenue Yim-Herrera Mr. and Mrs. Roderick C. Yoo ’95 Mr. Jonathan T. Young ’17 Mrs. Julie A. Rubly Young ’96 Ms. Robyn Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Young ’62 Ms. Karen Yuen Mr. and Mrs. Leeland Zanteson Mr. and Mrs. Antonio B. Zate, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Zeeman ’69 Ms. Courtney A. Zimmerman ’08 Mr. Keith Zubchevich Mr. Justin Thomas V. Zumel ’15 Mr. Sean Zumel ’13 Mr. and Mrs. Alex Zuniga Mr. and Mrs. David Zuniga Mr. Justin D. Zuniga ’17 Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Zwart III ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zwart ’71

spring/summer 2017


alumni giving La Salle High School would like to give special recognition and thanks to all the alumni donors who supported the School community throughout the 2016-2017 fiscal year. All donations benefited the numerous programs for our students, faculty, staff, and coaches. The percentages listed indicate the giving participation rate per class. CLASS OF 1960


Mr. David Bolstad ’60 Mr. Dennis P. Burke ’60, P’85 Mr. Sid D. Danenhauer, Jr. ’60 Mr. William E. Daws ’60 Mr. James R. Dirmann ’60 Mr. Mitchell Drasco, J.D. ’60 Mr. Anthony F. Kane ’60, P’82,’84 Mr. Kenneth T. Kreeble ’60 Mr. Albert J. Lumas ’60 Dr. Stephen P. Ray ’60 Mr. James G. Rouse ’60 Mr. Jack P. Wiegand ’60



Mr. Phil T. Cannon ’61 Mr. James H. Cheney ’61 Mr. James M. Crowley ’61 Mr. Edmund B. Ferguson ’61 Dr. Robert G. Frank, Jr. ’61 Mr. Richard W. Jacobsen, Jr. ’61 Dr. C. Patrick Lauder ’61 Mr. Edward J. Mehren ’61



Mr. David C. Balak ’62 Mr. R. Keith Brown ’62 Mr. William R. Hall ’62 Father Timothy Hunter ’62 Mr. Kennedy F. Kiley ’62 Mr. Timothy I. Murphy ’62 Dr. Henry E. Nino ’62 Mr. Timothy R. Nolan ’62 Captain Wayne J. Osborne USN (RET) ’62 Mr. John R. Seymour ’62 Thomas L. Young, J.D. ’62



Mr. Richard E. Baumer ’62, P’94 Larry R. Byrd, Ph.D. ’63 Mr. Michael Dooling ’63 Mr. Joseph P. Eiben ’63 Mr. Stephen P. Johnson ’63 Dr. Bill J. Quirk ’53 Colonel Michael Richards ’63, P’89,’90,’97,’99



Mr. Duke Banks III ’64 Mr. James Jarvis, Jr. ’64 Mr. John S. McLoughlin ’64 Mr. Terry M. Mead ’64 Mr. Robert R. Quandt, Jr. ’64 Mr. Peter R. Thomas, M.D. ’64


Mr. Bert Becker ’65




Mr. Edward R. Bennett ’65 Mr. Gerald P. Cotter ’65 Mr. Thomas P. Faherty ’65 Mr. Tyrone R. Gaffney ’65 Mr. Ronald P. Hansen ’65 Mr. Robert Harold, Jr. ’65 Mr. Paul F. Maurin ’65 Mr. Kenneth M. Rimpau ’65 Michael A. Roosevelt, Esq. ’65 Mr. John B. Slavin ’65 Mr. Paul Thompson ’65 Mr. Mark C. Weigel ’65



Mr. Peter K. Barker ’66 Mr. Stephen E. Boggs ’66 Mr. Robert A. Clarke ’66 Mr. Richard J. Mispagel ’66 Mr. John B. Pollara ’66 Mr. Michael J. Rademacher ’66 Dr. Steven L. Salem, Ph.D. ’66



Mr. Thomas R. Anthony ’67 Mr. Jack W. Belcher ’67 Mr. John C. Blackstock ’67 Mr. Larry Brown ’67 Mr. Edward W. Collins ’67 Mr. Neil F. Conroy ’67 Mr. Richard A. Corsetti ’67 Mr. James F. Elko ’67 Mr. Warren F. Fox ’67 Mr. J. Brady Graham ’67 Mr. Mark G. Harris ’67 Mr. Michael Hartfield, C.P.A. ’67 Mr. John Huntley ’67 Dr. Eloy A. Ituarte ’67 Mr. Tim Johnson ’67 Mr. Brian E. Kneier ’67 Mr. Frank R. Kromka III ’67 Mr. Peter A. Luiten ’67 Mr. William A. McCormick ’67 Mr. Charles D. Mispagel ’67, P’86 Mr. Paul R. Pfau ’67 Mr. James R. Quandt ’67 Mr. James Reedy ’67 Mr. Jon Scheffing ’67 Dr. Paul J. Seymour ’67 Mr. Alan B. Sielen ’67 Mr. Kenneth C. Simonian ’67 Mr. Timothy R. Steinmeier ’67 Mr. Dennis A. Sweeney ’67 Mr. Armand R. Tanguay, Jr. ’67 Mr. Ron Veronese ’67 Mr. Jeffrey P. Weigand ’67, P’02,’05,’08 Dr. Robert P. Wiedenfeld ’67 Mr. Glenn G. Willumson ’67 Mr. Frank M. Zwart III ’67



Mr. Charles Dignam ’68 Dr. Robert P. Gendron ’68 Dr. Michael A. Genovese ’68 Mr. Robert G. Harper ’68 Mr. Peter C. Hoffman ’68, P’02,’04 Mr. Douglas J. Karnowski ’68 Mr. Tom Kitchens ’68 Mr. Mark McInerney ’68 Mr. James M. McManus ’68 Mr. John A. Moe II ’68 Mr. Thomas Romano ’68 Dr. James R. Stewart ’68 Mr. Virat Thantrakul ’68







Mr. Daniel Koskovich, C.P.A. ’73 Mr. Jeffrey A. Maldondao ’73 Mr. Bradford W. Wright ’73, P’07,’12

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Gregory S. Anicich ’74 John R. Oldham ’74, P’08 Victor V. Polek ’74 Bernard Simon ’74


Dr. Frank R. Gioia ’69 Mr. Dennis M. Haupt ’69, P’20 Mr. William R. LaRue ’69 Mr. Patrick McCormick ’69 Mr. John R. Nuccio ’69 Dr. John T. Stewart ’69 Mr. Roger Wilcox ’69 Mr. Stephan Zeeman, Ph.D. ’69


Mr. David Beringer ’75, P’11,’14,’18 Dr. Dino Clarizio ’75, P’06 Mr. Richard K. Crawford ’75 Mr. Edmund French, Jr. ’75, P’20 Mr. James L. Le Berthon ’75 Mr. Paul J. Lees ’75 Mr. Miguel Salas, Jr. ’75, P’06,’07











The Honorable Clifford R. Anderson III ’70 Mr. Ray Bell ’70 Mr. Ronald Berry ’70, P’00,’04 Mr. Mark H. Bevan ’70 Mr. Jay J. Blackstock ’67 Mr. Gregory E. Danenhauer ’70 Mr. Michael Keese ’60 Mr. Mark R. Krouse ’70 Mr. Stephen G. Mueller ’70 Mr. Don J. Olender ’70, P’08,’09 Mr. Brad G. Reaume ’70, P’05,’06,’08,’10 Mr. Stephen E. Seastrom ’70 Mr. Stephen M. Singer ’70 Mr. Michael Sullivan ’70, P’08,’13



Mr. Justin W. Blackstock ’71, P’02,’10 Mr. Thomas Galindo ’71 Mr. Bob Kohorst ’71, P’03,’07 Mr. Matthew McInerney ’71 Mr. Robert M. Nuccio ’71, P’00, ’02, ’04 Mr. Paul Zwart ’71



Dr. Kenneth J. Canzoneri ’72, P’01,’02,’04 Mr. Mark A. McCormick ’72 Mr. Mark Passarini ’72

Kevin A. Cahill, Esq. ’76 Mr. Michael J. Lamberti ’76 Mr. Joseph D. Peters ’76

Mr. Wayne G. Avjian ’77 Mr. Paul A. Bigley ’77, P’05,’07 Mr. John Burke ’77 Mr. Pierre A. Dupuy ’77 Lawrence D. Durandette, Esq. ’77 Mr. Charles Etter ’77 Mr. Daniel J. Hernandez ’77 Mr. John Hoffman ’77, P’06,’08,’12 Mr. Sean McDermott ’77 Mr. Jeffrey D. Moscaret ’77 Mr. Mark Rettig ’77, P’07 Mr. William Ruiz ’77 Mr. James D. Smith ’77 Mr. Daniel Sullivan ’77 Mr. Stephen R. Sweeney ’77 Mr. Robert A. Sympson ’77

Dr. Brian J. Le Berthon ’78 Mr. John Waken ’78

Mr. Paul J. Gormican, Jr. ’79 Mr. Brian S. Miller ’79, P’03 Dr. Alan P. Mirasol ’79

Mr. Juan R. Montoya ’79 Mr. Francisco Somarriba ’79 Mr. Charles W. Tapert ’79, P’16,’20



Dr. Lawrence Albinski ’80 Dr. Thomas Bigley ’80, P’09 Mr. Shawn Blakeslee ’80 Mr. Benjamin J. Joseph, Jr. ’80 Mr. Anthony Messineo ’80 Mr. Rafael Mirasol ’80, P’17,’18 Dr. Krishnan R. Mohandie ’80, P’21 Mr. Stan M. Wilcox, Jr. ’80





Mr. Orlando Clarizio, Jr. ’81, P’13,’17,’20 Dr. Brian J. Doerning ’81, P’11,’15 Mr. Ronald Escamilla ’81, P’20

Mr. Martin A. Kunz ’82 Mr. Kenneth F. White, M.P.A. ’82 Mr. Scott Wright ’82, P’10,’13,’19



Mr. Jose Alaverz ’83, P’20 Mr. Max R. Esquivel ’83, P’17,’20 Mr. Sean R. McCarthy ’83 Mr. J.C. Mejia ’83, P’10,’20 Mr. Arnaldo P. Mirasol ’83



Mr. Sean R. Sansone ’87, P’18,’19

Mr. Ben F. Alvarado ’88 Mr. Patrick Bogue ’88 Mr. Richard Esquivel ’88, P’19 Mr. Edward L. Malicdem ’88, P’16,’19 Reverend William C. Nicholas, Jr. ’88 Mr. Stan D. Oliai ’88, P’14,’18





Mr. Leo Anaya ’89, P’20 Mr. Kevin J. Delaney ’89 Mr. David S. Lewis ’89

Mrs. Christyann M. Stanislawski Andrianopoulos ’95 Ms. Winna A. Asuming ’95 Ms. Malulani P. Batin ’95 Mr. Andres D. Bermejo ’95 Mr. Dominic P. Bitonti ’95 Ms. Michelle I. Blair ’95


by Participation 2016-2017 2017 94.90%

1960 17.39%

1967 38.89%

1961 16.33%

1996 21.23%

1970 14.14%

1977 20.83%

1962 13.75%

1995 18.62%

1965 13.59%

Help get your class in the Top Ten! Make your donation today









Mr. Gary P. Barrera ’91

Mr. Ruben Martinez ’92, P’15,’18,’19 Mr. Marcelo Pedraza ’92 Mr. Ramzi A. Rabadi ’92


Rhonel Aquino, Esq. ’86 Mr. Patrick M. Brink ’86 Mr. Joseph Crews ’86 Mr. Gianni Galati ’86 Mr. Guy Labbe ’86, P’18,’20 James B. Ryan, Esq. ’86

CLASS OF 1987 3.8% Mr. Everett M. Evleth ’87 Mr. Adam Konrad ’87, P’15,’15



Mr. Thomas A. Badzey, M.A. ’90 Mr. Adrian C. M. Fulay ’90 Mr. Owen Hou ’90, P’21 Mr. Patrick Mahoney, P.E. ’90



Ms. Heather A. Alexander ’94 Mr. Steven G. Andres ’94 Mr. Christopher E. Baumer ’94 Ms. Tina D. Bonacci ’94 Mr. Philip A. Del Rio ’94 Mr. Brian A. Dela Rosa ’94 Mr. Carlos D. Guillen ’94 Mr. P. Ryan Hagen ’94 Mr. Edward I. Magluyan ’94 Mr. Trevor R. Spicer ’94 Mrs. Francisca M. Gonzalez Virtue ’94

Mr. Jeffrey J. Allen ’84, P’20 Mr. William D. Hardy ’84 Mr. John A. Joseph ’84, P’13,’16 Mr. Gregory A. Moeller ’84, P’17 Mr. Stephen A. Mudnich ’84 Mr. Christopher Rettig ’84, P’19

Mr. Kirk MacDonald ’85, P’15,’17,’20 Mr. Jeffrey L. Schauer ’85




Mr. Jorge Castro, Jr. ’93 Ms. Ana R. Delgado ’93 Mr. Christopher C. Hazlitt ’93 Mr. Armando Ramirez ’93, P’14,’20 Mr. Kenneth J. Sumner ’93 Mr. Jesse M. Toribio, Jr. ’93, P’15

Mr. Richard A. Bleuze ’95 Mr. Richard Bowen ’95 Mr. Cory W. Chalres ’95 Mr. Michael F. Cisternino ’95 Ms. Nicole C. Cruz ’95 Ms. Lara M. Davini ’95 Mrs. Allison M. Hannegan Kooiman ’95 Ms. Laura L. Lockie ’95 Mr. Json D. Marruffo ’95 Mrs. Marissa A. Lluch Martinez ’95 Mrs. Jennifer Tien Massey ’95 Mrs. Jennifer N. Sangkum Orefice ’95 Mr. Salvatore M. Orefice III ’95 Mr. Dolf V. Ramos, Jr. ’95 Mr. Aaron M. Saenz ’95 Mrs. Michelle N. Mouton Shackelford ’95 Mrs. Erin E. Scanlon Suess ’95 Mr. Steven L. Talbot ’95 Mr. Ted J.Tekippe ’95 Mr. Roderick C. Yoo ’95 Mrs. Desiree V. Yoro Yoo ’95



Mr. William W. Alexander II ’96 Mr. Robert Angarita ’96

Mrs. Adrienne Dalzell Badzey ’96 Mr. Gabriel J. Castillo ’96 Mrs. Krista M. Lindsay Charvat ’96 Mr. Raymond V. Contino ’96 Mr. Dustin DeMesa ’96, P’17 Ms. Rebecca C. Escandon ’96 Mrs. Vanessa Del Rio Figueroa ’96 Mrs. Erin A. Sumner Foschetti ’96 Mr. Michael L. Garibay ’96 Mr. Jorge A. Gonzalez ’96 Mr. Shannon J. Gonzalez ’96 Mr. Travis Ingrao ’96 Mr. Mark P. Ioele ’96 Mr. Erik Kachmarsky ’96 Mr. Rafael Lazcano, Jr. ’96 Mr. Ryan P. McEvoy ’96 Mr. Michael A. McNamara ’96 Mr. Jay G. Myers ’96 Mr. Jamin Pablo ’96 Mr. Benjamin D. Pirih ’96 Ms. Ashley C. Pond ’96 Mr. Pedro R. Quintanilla ’96 Mr. Philip E. Rios ’96 Ms. Summer E. Rogers ’96 Mrs. Amie E. Petersen Satchu ’96 Ms. Dyana M. Stewart ’96 Mr. Kevin C. Towner ’96 Mr. Ruben Vasquez, Jr. ’96 Mrs. Diana M. Sankikian Watkins ’96, P’20 Mrs. Julie A. Rubly Young ’96





Mrs. Michelle Medeiros Alexander ’97 Mrs. Maria Romero Bitonti ’97 Mr. Jason Charvat ’97 Mr. Brendan d’Souza ’97 Ms. Susan E. Ehring ’97 Mrs. Rochelle L. Rodriguez Ferrari ’97 Mr. Tim A. Haskell ’97 Mr. Matthew W. Herman ’97 Mrs. Vanessa Strouse Kenney ’97 Mrs. Julie Bonacci Kolb ’97 Mr. Eric Lilavois ’97 Mr. Jeffrey P. Seeker ’97 Mrs. Kathleen E. Polenzani Talbot ’97 Mrs. Lacey Staff Tichenor ’97 Dr. Norlan Torres ’97 Mrs. Tamara Wann Wolf ’97

Mr. Todd G. Bennett ’98 Mrs. Suzanne Saenz Bogue ’98 Ms. Cara M. Dimkich ’98 Mrs. Mia A. Mazadiego Guenther ’98 Ms. Jesstine Guzman ’98 Mrs. Margaret Pett Herrera ’98 Ms. Sarah Holl LaReau ’98 Mrs. Kimberly C. Muljono Liem ’98 Mr. Michael Y. Senechal ’98 Mr. Daniel T. Sheridan ’98 Mr. Lakin W. Soldate ’98 Mrs. Elizabeth M. Davis Toth ’98 spring/summer 2017


alumni giving Mr. August F. Weideman ’98 Ms. Erika N. Williams ’98 Mrs. Kristen M. Schultz Wray ’98



Mrs. Janel Moncada Gonzalez ’99 Mrs. Melissa T. Garcia Klose ’99 Mrs. Gina M. Bottala LaPorte ’99 Mrs. Nikkell Chiapette Lilavois ’99 Mrs. Mary Magluyan Pearl ’99 Mr. Ray V. Pearl, Jr. ’99 Mr. Gerald E. Phillips II ’99 Mr. Thomas Stafford ’99 Mrs. Erin Davini Trachy ’99 Brandon D. Ward, Esq. ’99 Mrs. Brianna Pierce Wiese ’99



Mr. Joseph R. Amar ’00 Mr. Hector A. Campos, Jr. ’00 Ms. Siobain M. Courtney-Cruz ’00 Mr. Dean C. Griffith ’00 Mr. Will Kaliel ’00 Ms. Lisa M. Keeler ’00 Ms. Nicole L. Murph ’00 Ms. Laura A. Palmer ’00 Mrs. Danielle R. Martinez Peabody ’00 Mr. James D. Pollerana ’00 Mrs. Mary Jo Alexander Pruitt ’00 Mr. Joseph A. Reid ’00 Mr. Jeffrey R. Rodriguez ’00 Ms. Daniella T. Russell ’00 Ms. Kristin A. Seeker ’00



Ms. Christina M. Bentley ’01 Mrs. Nancy Culjack Gresik ’01 Mr. Jason E. Maust ’01 Mrs. Kristen Savant Nelson ’01 Mrs. Amanda Gonzalez Richardson ’01 Mr. Christopher Ring ’01 Mr. Steven A. Van Leeuwen ’01



Mr. Philip Barbaro III ’02 Mr. Nabil Bisharat ’02 Mrs. Vanessa L. Casillas Caulfield ’02 Dr. Mosey Nuccio Dunn ’02 Mrs. Kathryn Canzoneri Griffith ’02 Mrs. Sarah F. Hansen McNamara ’02



Ms. Joni Regina Ablay ’03 Mrs. Robin Quintanilla Aksu ’03 Mr. Brandon Birr ’03 Mr. John Caulfield ’03 Mrs. Teresa Ring Elmslie-Britt ’03 18


(continued) Mrs. Shelley Griffith Fulton ’03 Mr. James Gibbs ’03 Mrs. Monique Silva Jimenez ’03 Mr. Kevin Kohorst ’03 Ms. Brittney Medrano ’03 Ms. Regina P. Orona ’03 Mr. Adam Palffy ’03 Ms. Nicole Paradis ’03 Ms. Lisa M. Russo ’03 Ms. Marion M. Toyoshima ’03 Ms. Lesley P. Wake ’03 Ms. Erin T. Wiley ’03



Mrs. Lynn Nuccio Buennagel ’04 Mr. David Buennagel ’04 Mr. Anthony Gioia ’04 Ms. Elizabeth McSweeny ’04 Mrs. Kirsten Umland Palffy ’04 Mr. Jeffrey D. White ’04



Mr. Jason Dineros ’05 Mr. Jordan G. Dorenfeld ’05 Ms. Amanda C. Evans ’05 Mr. Matthew Gaggioli ’05 Ms. Gianna A. Gioia ’05 Mrs. Gioia Pedrini-Talebi Jacobson ’05 Mr. Michael J. Miller ’05 Mr. Nam N. Phan ’05 Mrs. Emily S. Roffe-Silvester ’05 Mr. Christopher S. Victor ’05

Ms. Anne-Marie Singer '07 Mr. Phillip R. Velasco '07




Ms. Caroline Ashkar ’06 Mr. David Bekoff ’06 Ms. Jamie Bennison ’06 Dr. Alexander Chan ’06 Mr. Christopher Clarizio ’06 Mrs. Stephanie Smith Courain ’06 Ms. Alexandria J. Gomez ’06 Ms. Lauren Harding ’06 Ms. Taryn Hoffman ’06 Ms. Laura Kistler ’06 Ms. Colleen M. Miller ’06 Mr. Daniel Moberg II ’06 Ms. Kristine Nonato ’06 Mr. Blake Palomino ’06 Mr. Evan J. Paniagua ’06 Ms. Cassandra Regelado ’06 Mrs. Melissa Barrero Ross ’06 Mr. Michael Salas ’06 Ms. Samantha Voorhees ’06



Ms. Chanel M. Buccola '07 Ms. Giselle Figueroa '07 Mr. Julius Garcia ’07 Mrs. Brianne Baird Hannum ’07 Mr. Matthew Kohorst '07 Mr. Sean Perry ’07 Mr. Daniel Salas ’07


Ms. Angela Arunarsirakul ’09 Mr. Jacob T. Bigley ’09 Ms. Paloma Garcia ’09 Ms. Madeline N. Herlache ’09 SGT Timothy P. Hoffman ’09 Ms. Megan M. LeNoue ’09 Ms. Melissa A. Miller ’09 Mr. Tyler R. Varing ’09



Mr. Michael J. Bottala ’10 Mr. James T. Harmon ’10 Ms. Daniella C. Laset ’10 Mr. Carlos Morales ’10 Mr. Andrew S. Pankow ’10



Mr. John L. Bottala ’08 Ms. Stephanie R. Gioia ’08 Mr. Casey A. Hannum ’08 Ms. Allison T. Madden ’08 Mr. Joseph M. Olender ’08 Mr. Joseph J. Reaume ’08 Mr. Christopher M. Richards ’08 Ms. Megan L. Sullivan ’08 Mr. Elliot Van Nest ’08 Ms. Courtney A. Zimmerman ’08


Ms. DrewAnn K. Andrews ’11 Ms. Kamelyn F. Bovinette ’11 Mr. Jeffrey R. Cross ’11 Ms. Alexandra C. Daugherty ’11 Ms. Julia M. Frisina ’11 Ms. Catherine G. Gemora ’11 Mr. Kevin M. Graves ’11 Mr. Graham S. Hancock ’11 Ms. Lauren E. Kisich ’11 Mr. Giovanni F. Luma ’11 Mr. Travis MacDonald ’11 Mr. Anthony G. Messina Doerning ’11 Mr. Gary Mkrtichyan ’11 Mr. Douglas Morales ’11 Mr. Jon C. Murray ’11 Ms. Monique L. O’Connor ’11 Ms. Sophia C. Ratkovich ’11 Ms. Tara N. Roberson ’11 Ms. Sofia R. Robles ’11 Mr. Mark Sarkis ’11 Ms. Elizabeth N. Sepetjian ’11 Mr. Hernry C. Smither V ’12 Ms. Samantha L. Varing ’11



Mr. Jeffrey T. Briegel ’12 Ms. Nicole M. Carlos ’12 Mr. Randall P. Dominguez ’12 Mr. Jordan N. Marks ’12

Ms. Victoria C. Pope ’12 Mr. Manuel Martin S. Soriano ’12 Ms. Lauren M. Valdes ’12











Ms. Alessandra A. Gonzales ’13 Mr. Mitchell J. Hoffman ’13 Mr. Ian S. Quinn ’13 Ms. Kelly M. Sanchez ’13 Mr. Patrick C. Sullivan ’13 Mr. Sean Zumel ’13

Mr. Marcus J. Castor ’14 Mr. Jackson R. Goyette ’14 Ms. Jessica L. Messineo ’14 Ms. Yahaira Ramirez ’14

Mr. Taylor B. Brennan ’15 Ms. Julia M. Hakanen ’15 Ms. Taylor J. Hakanen ’15 Ms. India M. Hines ’15 Ms. Taylor C. Marks ’15 Mr. Joseph B. Messina Doerning ’15 Ms. Hayli M. Varing ’15 Mr. Brett T. Wheat ’15 Mr. Justin Thomas V. Zumel ’15

Mr. Robert Z. Li ’16 Mr. Alexander C. Nino ’16 Mr. Spencer T. Schoenbaum ’16 Ms. Emily R. Wright ’16

Ms. Sarah E. Adams ’17 Mr. Alan J. Akobian ’17 Mr. Luke Alchin-Scolnick ’17 Mr. Ryan J. Alvarez ’17 Ms. Hannah Alviso ’17 Mr. Curtis Antonides ’17 Mr. Tomas Auruskevicius ’17 Ms. Elizabeth M. Ayala ’17 Ms. Mia G. Baca ’17 Mr. Myles D. Bailey ’17 Mr. Kristopher G. Balaian ’17 Ms. Megan Baxter ’17 Mr. Toby R. Baylon ’17 Mr. Noel A. Beltran-Lopez ’17 Mr. Alec J. Berberian ’17 Ms. Laura Biosca ’17 Ms. Kathleen R. Brady ’17 Ms. Andrea C. Braun ’17 Mr. James Brooks ’17 Ms. Michelle K. Broussard ’17 Ms. Madi E. Burgh ’17 Mr. Isaac E. Caldas ’17 Mr. Myles B. A. Cecil ’17 Ms. Michelle A. Cervantes ’17 Ms. Gabrielle H. Cheung ’17 Mr. Wyatt J. Cimino ’17

ONCE A LANCER, ALWAYS A LANCER Mr. Jonathan A. Clarizio ’17 Ms. Eleni H. Daughters ’17 Mr. Christopher G. De La Mora ’17 Mr. Justin DeMesa ’17 Ms. Catherine L. Dewar ’17 Ms. Kolby B. Deziel ’17 Mr. Jason Ding ’17 Mr. Christopher F. Dinkel ’17 Mr. Max O. DoVale ’17 Ms. Eden M. Elizalde ’17 Ms. Michelle T. Encinas ’17 Ms. Katerina Q. Esquivel ’17 Ms. Katrina C. Estrella ’17 Mr. Anthony G. Fajardo ’17 Ms. Kathleen G. Fallar ’17 Ms. Erin T. Flores ’17 Mr. Jocelyn D. Flores ’17 Ms. Arielle L. Fong ’17 Mr. Grant R. Fosselman ’17 Mr. John W. Foster ’17 Ms. Meryl Pearl D. Franco ’17 Mr. Steven V. Froio ’17 Ms. Lizette Gallegos ’17 Mr. Jaice A. Gardner ’17 Mr. Miles J. Gelinas ’17 Ms. Annabel M. Genton ’17 Mr. Yvan Gerolaga ’17 Mr. Michael A. Gibbs ’17 Ms. Kaitlyn N. Gibson ’17 Mr. Donovan M. Gonzalez ’17 Mr. Elijah J. Griffin ’17 Ms. Annalis A. Guzman ’17 Mr. Evan J. Hansen ’17 Mr. Owen B. Hart ’17 Ms. Alyson T. Hartman ’17 Mr. Sean C. Helbing ’17 Ms. Lauren E. Helgeson ’17 Ms. Colbee Henderson ’17 Mr. Tyler E. Henderson ’17 Mr. Joseph J. Hernandez ’17 Mr. Chun Yin Howard Ho ’17 Mr. Ellis I. Holland ’17 Ms. Julee Hu ’17 Mr. Philip A. Ibarra ’17 Mr. Shane R. Jinadasa ’17 Ms. Julia A. Jones ’17 Ms. Nathalie Kouladjian ’17 Mr. Phillip M. Krings ’17 Mr. Lars S. Krystad ’17 Ms. Skylar I. Kusama ’17 Mr. Riley K. Kuttruff ’17 Mr. Ryan C. H. Law ’17 Mr. Tyrese A. Lee ’17 Mr. Samuel A. Leek ’17 Mr. Dominic G. Leis ’17 Mr. Angelo S. LeRoi ’17 Mr. Kevin Liu ’17 Mr. Luke Lundin ’17 Mr. Harrison T. MacDonald ’17 Ms. Danielle M. Magluyan ’17 Mr. Julian D. Malaby ’17 Ms. Alexandra E. Mandigo ’17 Ms. Melissa N. Mariscal ’17 Ms. Ursula S. Marshall ’17 Ms. Samuel A. Martinez ’17 Mr. Alyssa L. Martinez ’17

Mr. Nicholas Mirasol ’17 Mr. Sebastian A. Moeller ’17 Mr. Joel M. Munoz ’17 Ms. Gabriella M. Navarro ’17 Ms. Lauren E. Nightingale ’17 Mr. Colin M. O’Connor ’17 Mr. Dustin K. Pavon ’17 Ms. Jennifer N. Payne ’17 Ms. Meghan Pelayo ’17 Ms. Katelyn A. Perez ’17 Ms. Jewelyn Pickett ’17 Mr. Noah Porges ’17 Ms. Gina C. Puccinelli ’17 Mr. Bryan Quach ’17 Ms. Kayla N. Quintero ’17 Mr. Thomas W. Radle ’17 Mr. Jacob Reynolds ’17 Ms. Ravin S. Rhodes ’17 Mr. Carlos S. Rico ’17 Ms. Sarah R. Riegsecker ’17 Mr. Izcalli A. Rios-Aguirre ’17 Ms. Lauren E. A. Rogez ’17 Mr. Martin Jose G. Rosales ’17 Mr. Jacob Y. Rose ’17 Ms. Raquel A. Ruiz ’17 Ms. Victoria A. Saldivar ’17 Mr. Thomas G. Samples ’17 Ms. Isabel B. Sandford ’17 Ms. Audrey M. Sayer ’17 Ms. Miriam V. Searcy ’17 Mr. Jared P. Shambrey ’17 Ms. Abigail V. Siracusa ’17 Mr. Noah A. Sonnenburg ’17 Mr. Ryan Sparks ’17 Mr. Dylan J. Stover ’17 Mr. Nicholas Surowiec ’17 Mr. Michael J. Sweeney ’17 Ms. Jessica M. Synold ’17 Mr. Dylan P. Thai ’17 Ms. Taylor N. Tomko ’17 Ms. Julia A. Torres ’17 Ms. Brianda J. Valdez ’17 Mr. Devlin Vaughan ’17 Ms. Lauren M. Veneri ’17 Mr. Jake A. Waggoner ’17 Mr. Rodney Wagner Jr. ’17 Ms. Kinsley N. Washington ’17 Ms. Emily A. Wasson ’17 Mr. Alexander H. Wedeen ’17 Mr. Benjamin S. Wedeen ’17 Ms. Rebecca L. Whitehead ’17 Mr. Troy D. Worley ’17 Mr. Alex Xu ’17 Mr. Hunter Xue ’17 Ms. Clarissa Yang ’17 Mr. Jonathan T. Young ’17 Mr. Justin D. Zuniga ’17

La Salle ended fiscal year 2017 with an alumni giving participation rate of 10% - the highest rate ever in School history! But each year we start back at zero. Our goal is to surpass 10% by June 30, 2018 and to see which graduating class comes out on top. Amount doesn’t matter, just that you give and give annually.

What is the Lancer Challenge? A giving competition that challenges each class to increase the number of donors who contribute to La Salle over the fiscal year (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018).

How does it work? Every gift matters. No gift is too small to count for your class. The competition is based on the number of alums from each class who give, not the dollar amount. *All tax-deductible gifts made to La Salle will impact your class participation score.

Is there a prize? The Class with the highest number of donors at fiscal year-end (June 30th) will receive: • Placement on the “Lancer for Life” Championship Banner in the Gym

• Recognition in Lancer Magazine

• Bragging rights (and they are priceless!)

How do you make a gift? There are several ways to make a gift and boost your class’ standing:

1. Give online at

2. Mail your gift in the envelope provided. Checks made payable to “La Salle High School.”

3. Call 626.696.4362 to make your gift over the phone.

Class standings are updated regularly online at spring/summer 2017


in memoriam Please pray for the these members of the La Salle Community who have passed away during the last 12 months. Live Jesus in our hearts... forever. Larry Aguilar ’61 Mark Alcantra ’74 Brother of Jaime ’73 and Steven ’76 Tom Barbosa Father of Tracy ’02 Jim Barry ’66 Brother of Peter ’62 Rahim Besharaty Grandfather to Jakob Forbes ’16 Ken Brown ’73 Bill Bryson ’64 Elvira Certoma Grandmother to Amanda ’05 and Kimberly Evans ’07 William Christopher Father of John ’84 Vincent Chow Father of Dillon ’15 Barbara Cina Grandmother to John ’12, Matt ’14 and Daniel ’18 Richard Coombes Brother to Phil ’75, Thomas ’79 and John ’82 Jean Corpe Mother-in-Law to Paul Bigley ’77; Grandmother to Chris ’05 and Michael Bigley ’07 James Crowley Father of Jim ’61 and Bob ’64 Eric Cruz ’11 Brother of Vanessa ’09; Cousin to Matt Adame ’10 George De Leo ’76 Brother of James ’78 Charles Doran ’72 Haydee Escalante Wife of Sergio ’75 Eduardo Espiritu Father of Jackie ’04 and Krystle ’08 Linda Evans Mother of Amir ’13 Vincenza Gargano Mother of Steve ’76 Johh Giambastian ’67 Brother of George ’72 Alice Gonzales Mother of Larry ’62 Charles Gordon Father of Russell Gordon (employee); Father-in-Law to Veronica Gordon (employee); Grandfather to Allissa ’19 Ed Hewko ’65 Brother of Don ’64 Chris Kanter ’68 Kraig Keeler Mother of Lisa ’00, Ken ’02 and Nancy ’10 Paul Korn Father of Eric ’99 and Evan ’00 Ken Kreeble ’60 Juan Luna Father of JJ ’94; Father-in-Law to Brian Miller ’79; Grandfather to Christina (Miller) Cousart ’03 Mimi MacCaul, AFSC Mother of Robert ’84 and Former Faculty Georgette Mareina Grandmother to Amanda ’02 Bill “Bink” McCormick ’67 Brother of Patrick ’69, John ’71 and Jim ’74 Gene Moscaret Father of Ken ’73, Jeff ’77 and Steven ’80 Michael Murray Father of Kate ’16 and William ’19 Fred Riley Father of Westley ’07, Faculty Member and Coach Gregorio Santillan Father of Lisa (Santillan) Martinez ’02 Jackie Stevenson Mother of Greg Campbell ’00 Gerald Trottier ’60 Dennis Trudeau ’60 Brother of Joel ’63 and Mark ’67 Peggy Weigand Mother of Jeff ’67; Mother-in-Law to Jim Blackstock ’65; Grandmother to Ryan ’02, Brett ’05 and Alexa Weigand ’08 Eugene Weisenberg Father of Jim ’69; Father-in-Law to Justin Blackstock ’71; Grandfather to Chris ’02 and Elizabeth Blackstock ’10 Jarvis Wheeler Father of Lynn (Wheeler) Hoffer ’00 Marty Wood ’87 James Woodhead Father of Jimmy ’03 20


Alumni Career Day

Twenty alums returned to La Salle to speak at Career Day on March 14th and 16th. Alumni speakers addressed sophomores who were interested in their line of work and gave them some insights and advice. Alumni who are interested in participating in future Career Days should contact Kristen Schultz in the Alumni Office at 626.696.4362 or

Speakers on Tuesday, March 14th included, Back Row standing, left to right: Brianne (Baird) Hannum ’07 (Graphic Design), Melissa Miller ’09 (Social Media and Marketing for Crown Media Family Networks), John Blackstock ’67 (Graphic DesignDirector of Communications at La Salle High School), Erika Williams ’98 (Sports Management- Principal at The Landmark Sports Agency), Joe Shivers ’95 (Entertainment- World Wide Creative Operations Manager for NBC Universal), Evan Loomis ’01 (Finance- Senior Advisor with First Financial Consulting). Seated in front, left to right: Christina Mesesan ’99 (GovernmentSupervisory Intelligence Analyst for the FBI), Catherine Griffith GP’16,’18 (Retired Nurse), Sherry Kalra ’96 (PharmacyClinical Pharmacist at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital), Erin (Fullinwider) Alex ’00 (Mechanical Engineering- Associate Principal at AMA Consulting Engineers), Michael McNamara ’96 (Photography- Owner of Shooting LA).

Speakers on Thursday, March 16th included, left to right: Antoinette (Kathol) Brunasso ’04 (Psychology- Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice & a professor at USC in the Psychology department), Amanda Evans ’05 (Engineering- Manufacturing Engineer for Haskel International, LLC), Nam Phan ’05 (Business- Owner/Founder of Vital Climbing Gyms), Tom Roach ’80 (Technology- Vice President & General Manager of Production & Technology for Warner Brothers), David Beringer ’75 (Accounting- CPA with his own public accounting firm), Eric Medina ’90 (Non-Profit- Program Officer for the Weingart Foundation), Julie (Bonacci) Kolb ’97 (Medicine- Physical Therapist), Teresa Santilena ’97 (Government- City Planner for the City of Monrovia), Laurence Lopez ’83 (Medicine- Pediatrician). Not Pictured: Nic Louie ’04 (Entertainment- Manager of Production & Development for Tomorrow Studios).

spring/summer 2017


alumni profile

Jim Quandt ’67 b r e ak s th e f i n a n c i al m ol d

By: John Blackstock ’67

Marleen and Jim Quandt ’67


im and I had a few conversations about our future at St. Mary’s College as we edited the 1967 Centurion yearbook. I wanted to play football and Jim wanted to take business classes. I played ball for a few years and Jim became a nationally recognized business leader, entrepreneur, generous benefactor and a man deeply dedicated to the Christian Brothers and Lasallian values. “La Salle is where I was transformed from a boy to a man. I’m a 4x4 ‘Brothers Boy’ now, he says proudly. “Four years at La Salle and four at St. Mary’s. I made some of my best friends for life at those schools and I can’t tell you how valuable and rewarding those friendships have been.” “I really enjoyed my days at La Salle,” recalls Jim. “The Fine Arts Forum and their cleverly marketed dances in the gym were really fun. The swim and water polo teams were great too. We all got a pretty good education for college, but I didn’t get the big financial picture until I was at St. Mary’s and took a four-week course in January at the Financial Institution in San Francisco. After that course, I was sold!” After receiving his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s, he earned his MPI Degree at the Managerial Policy Institute at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.



Jim’s senior management experience includes executive leadership in several major corporations. He previously served as President of Standard and Poor’s Corporation, as chairman of Bridge Financial Information and President of Security Pacific Brokerage, Inc. Jim likes to tell the story of his interview to become the President of Standard and Poors, a division of McGraw Hill that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks, bonds and commodities. The interview was on Christmas Eve, and he was up against candidates with MBAs from Harvard, Stanford and Yale. During the interview he was surprisingly asked about his undergraduate schooling from “this little Christian Brothers College in Moraga.” After a pause, he tells them that that is where he learned to think, learned to care, and learned to be responsible. It was the day before Christmas and Jim left the interview in a rush to get back to California, never thinking he would ultimately be the candidate chosen. But before he left the building, Terry McGraw, President of McGraw Hill, intercepts him and asks why the President of Standard and Poors would have to leave New York so soon? “That certainly was a wonderful Christmas, and one that I will never forget,” he says.


Jim Quandt ’67, fourth from left, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange in February, 2017 as Leaf Group (LFGR) was listed on the exchange.

LA SALLE jim quandt ’67 Drama, Varsity Swimming and Water Polo, Fine Arts Forum, Centurion Editor

PERSONAL Resides in Coto de Caza, CA with his wife of 44 years Marleen. Two sons, Jeff and Kevin.

UNIVERSITY BS Business Administration, Saint Mary’s College of California, 1971 MPI Managerial Policy Institute, USC Marshall School of Business

CAREER CEO Security Pacific Brokers Chairman Bridge Financial Information CEO Standard and Poors Corporation Director Rightside Group, Ltd. Co-Founder, Partner, Thomas James Capital Chairman Well and Company Chairman FRS Company Chairman Demand Media Chairman Nutravail Corporation Chairman Intermix Media/MySpace Chairman Leaf Group, Ltd. Chairman Board of Trustees, St. Mary’s College

“James Quandt is not only a dynamic individual whose business leadership is recognized across the nation, he is a true gentleman and a longtime supporter of the College,” said Saint Mary’s President James Donahue. “He understands the concerns of students in our graduate and professional programs and the realities and potential opportunities that await them in our interconnected global world. I look forward to the sage advice he’ll provide to our students.” Jim’s Lasallian ties run deep. He graduated from La Salle High School in 1967 and Saint Mary’s College in Moraga in 1971 Jim has served on the College’s Board of Regents and Trustees for 16 years, including serving as the trustee board chair for two years. He recently has re-joined the Trustees as its chair after a two-year hiatus. “I strongly believe in the College’s mission and its commitment to improving our society through impactful educational offerings, especially at the graduate level,” said Jim. “Students in graduate programs are motivated, are grounded in the real world and want to advance their education and careers, while also making a difference in their communities. Those aspirations resonate with me and I look forward to addressing the College’s graduate and professional program students.” Jim holds more than three decades of senior management experience, and fits no traditional financial management mold. In his capacity at Thomas James Capital, he has directed the entrepreneurial growth of the firm since its inception and continues to lead its current strategic direction. Additionally, Jim has directed more than $1 billion of investment capital in Internet marketing and social media concerns and high-growth residential redevelopment opportunities; which have resulted in the firm’s emergence as a leader in Southern California real estate investing. Additionally, Jim has served on a number of public and private company boards. Currently he serves as chairman of the Board for The Leaf Group, Nutravail Corporation, and has served on boards for The Brain Corporation, Intermix Media/ MySpace and Rightside Group. He is a former member of the New York Stock Exchange and is President Emeriti of the Pacific Club of Newport Beach.

spring/summer 2017


Like the ’80s Crystal Ball was Totally Tubular

By: Jade Rogers ’01

Lasallian Volunteer of the Year, Dennis Jebbia, Esq. center with award, is with his mother Mrs. Gloria Jebbia, his daughter Mallory, La Salle’s President, Dr. Richard Gray, his wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary Ellen.


he 1980s was in full effect with neon colors, fanny packs, feathered bangs, and slogan tees, at the 18th Annual Crystal Ball, “I Love the ’80s,” that was held on May 5 at The Noor in Pasadena. The “totally turbulent” night, which was Co-Chaired by Suzy Rettig P’19 and Cheryl Allen P’20, brought guests “Back to the Future” to a decade that had everyone doing the Moonwalk, wanting to be a member of The Breakfast Club, and wishing to drive the DeLorean car. Guests arrived at the Crystal Ball dressed head to toe in genie style pants, padded shoulders, permed hair, big hooped earrings and bracelets, and brightly colored clothes and make-



up. A few guests even arrived dressed as big hit ’80s performers that included Madonna and Michael Jackson. “Most of the guests dressed as Madonna or from the movie Flashdance. We really outdid ourselves with big hair and neon colors. One of my favorite costumes was worn by Clive Kelly, our Bidpal Committee Chair, who came dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business, with the white dress shirt, white socks, and black sunglasses. The other most common costume was Maverick from Top Gun in the aviator suit. It was a lot of fun to see all the creativity in the room,” says Suzy. Over 300 guests in attendance also enjoyed an atmosphere that clearly made everyone feel they were transported

Crystal Ball auction items are displayed around the Paseo Pacifica fountain.

to enjoy a night back to the ’80s, and to congratulate this year’s Lasallian of the Year honoree: Dennis Jebbia, Esq., the Chair of the Board of Regents. “Dennis is a great guy and one of our biggest supporters for La Salle. He attends every La Salle event, participates in countless meetings and constantly asks: “How can I help?” He has never missed an Open House or Registration Day. He also established, along with Doug Campbell, the well known Speech and Debate Tournament. So when it came time to pick an honoree Dennis’ name immediately came up,” says Suzy. Guests also felt “gnarly” during the Live and Silent Auctions, as they followed their bids on their smartphones using the custom Crystal Ball Bid Pal app that cataloged and showcased hundreds of items during the Silent Auction, which was held for the first time on Noor’s Terrace. Live Auction items included a 10-day vacation to Hawai’i, Staples Center luxury suite watching your favorite team, VIP seats at the taping of the Big Bang Theory, a six-night stay in Catalina, and a gourmet dinner with President, Dr. Richard Gray and La Salle’s new Principal, Mrs. Courtney Kassakhian.

Following the Crystal Ball dinner and auctions, music from the ’80s began and the guests were surprised by a dance performed by the Crystal Ball Committee. “The Crystal Ball was a ‘totally awesome’ experience. Suzy Rettig and Ellen Radle, our Event Coordinator, did a fabulous job putting ‘I Love the ’80s together. The entire Crystal Ball committee was a wonderful group of volunteers and I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of them. The music from the ’80s really set the scene and provided great entertainment for all to dance to and celebrate,” says Cheryl. This year’s Crystal Ball brought in a total of $300,000. “This was a record breaking year and we made the most out of any Crystal Ball thanks to our sponsors, parents, and our hard working committee,” says Suzy. The Crystal Ball is La Salle’s biggest fundraiser of the year, with proceeds from the evening going to help support the School’s academic, athletic, arts, and financial aid programs. The generosity and support that La Salle receives helps foster each student’s unique talents and gifts through its many programs and services.

Guests emulate ’80s rock stars.

Top Gun was a recurring theme throughout the gala.

spring/summer 2017


Dr. Dino Clarizio ’75, in tie, with friends and family.


True fans of the ’80s.

Guests enjoy dancing to the electric ’80s music including Yvonne Waggoner, right.

Crystal Ball honoree, Dennis Jebbia pulls the winning ticket for the trip to Hawaii.

David and Angelina Lam with Dr. Gray.


Chris Rettig ’84, Tom and Ellen Radle and Clive Kelly.

Colorful guests at the gala.

From left, La Salle Principal, Courtney Kassakhian with 2017 Crystal Ball co-chair, Cheryl Allen, Ellen Radle, Crystal Ball Event Coordinator, Suzy Rettig, Crystal Ball Chair.

Crystal Ball fans support Def Leppard.

Clive Kelly mimics Tom Cruse in Risky Business.

Mallory Jebbia, Mary Ellen Jebbia and Pete Griffith.

John Blackstock ’67 with Michele “Madonna” Hardy.

spring/summer 2017


157 Lancers

Graduate at La Salle’s 58th Commencement


a Salle High School graduated 157 seniors at its 58th Commencement on Friday evening, May 26, 2017. Justin DeMesa, gave the Welcome Address and Max DoVale, had the honor of delivering the Commencement Address. Grant Fosselman, summa cum laude received the General Excellence Award for the highest cumulative grade point average in the class. Chun Yin Howard Ho also received the Scholar Award for Math and Science and Grant Fosselman received the

Scholar Award for Liberal Arts, while Alyson Hartman, received the Scholar Award for Visual and Performing Arts. Samuel Martinez and Michelle Encinas, received the Excellence in Athletics and Sportsmanship Award. Isaac Caldas received the De La Salle Service Award for academics, leadership and service. Audrey Sayer received the Pro Deo et Patria Award for service to God, and her community.

Max DoVale, delivered the Commencement address

Audrey Sayer gave the Invocation



Justin DeMesa gave the Welcome Address

Kinsley Washington with her mother and Jaice Gardner

Jocelyn Flores and Skylar Kusama

Jewelyn Pickett, The Christian Brothers Provincial’s Lasallian Award with Noah Sonnenburg

Alyson T. Hartman, Visual & Performing Arts Scholar with Chris Dinkle

Michelle T. Encinas and Samuel A. Martinez, Brother Celestine All Around Athlete Award

Colbee Henderson

Grant R. Fosselmann, La Salle General Excellence Award

James Brooks, Tyler Anastasia ’16, Tommy Radle, and Jacob Caan

Tom and Ellen Radle received the De La Salle Award from Principal, Courtney Kassakhian spring/summer 2017


Dash Award


he Dash Award is a scholarship that was instated last year in honor of Arion Tavakoli ’09 who passed away in 2014. The Tavakoli family instituted this $1,500 scholarship to honor a graduating senior who lives each day with passion to make a difference and has a love and appreciation of life, which are the same values that Arion showed during his short time on this earth. This award is being made possible by private donations from Arion’s friends and family who have a desire to keep Arion’s memory alive at La Salle. The 2017 recipient of the Arion Tavakoli ’09 Dash Award is Jared Shambrey ’17. Jared was presented with his award at Senior Presentation in front of the student body. Jared is pictured left with Talia Ireland ’09, who presented the award on behalf of the Tavakoli family at Senior Presentation.

2017 Alumni Association Co ll eg e S c holar ship R ec ipients

Alyson Hartman, Gabriella Navarro and Vice Principal, Tina Bonacci ’94.


very other year, the La Salle Alumni Association hosts the “Taste of La Salle”. This is a food and beverage tasting event that benefits the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund to support the Alumni Association’s mission to provide resources and opportunities for alumni and current students. This past school year, the Class of 2017 had the opportunity to apply for a $1,500 College Scholarship and members of the Alumni Association Executive Board narrowed it down to the top two candidates - Alyson Hartman ’17 and Gabriella Navarro ’17.



Aly & Gabby were selected from a pool of highly qualified and well-deserving applicants to be the recipients of the 2017 Alumni Association College Scholarship. They were selected for their dedication to service, leadership abilities and their commitment to La Salle. Aly is attending Santa Clara University and Gabby is at UCLA. Aly and Gabby were presented with their Scholarships at Senior Presentation on May 25th in front of the student body. Mark your calendars for the return of the Taste of La Salle coming back to campus on March 24, 2018!

We thought you should know... There are 157 students in the graduating class. Of those, 155 (99%) will attend colleges, universities or two-year colleges. One student will be taking a gap year and one will be attending a prep school. The 145 students attending four-year colleges (92% of the class) will be in 24 states and one foreign country. Students applied to an average of 8.6 schools. Of four-year colleges in California, 85 students (54% of the class) are attending 33 schools: 18 public and 15 private. Public California Colleges (50 students)

University of California System (15%) University University University University University University University University

of of of of of of of of


at at at at at at at at

Berkeley (4) Davis (2) Los Angeles (6) Merced Riverside (2) San Diego (3) Santa Barbara Santa Cruz (4)

California State University System (17%) CA Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (5) CA Polytechnic State University, Pomona (7) CA State University, Channel Islands CA State University, Chico CA State University, Fullerton CA State University, Long Beach CA State University, Los Angeles (2) CA State University, Northridge (4) San Francisco State University (4) San Jose State University

Private California Colleges (22%) California College of the Arts California Lutheran University Chapman University (4) Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Loyola Marymount University (2) Mount St. Mary’s University (Chalon) Pepperdine University (3) Saint Mary’s College of California (2) Santa Clara University (3) University of La Verne (4) University of Redlands (5) University of San Diego (4) University of San Francisco (2) University of the Pacific Westmont College

OUT OF STATE COLLEGES Of four-year, out-of-state colleges, 61 students are attending 48 colleges (20 public and 28 private) in 24 states and one foreign country, for a total of 38% of the class.

State Colleges Alabama University of Alabama Arizona Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott Northern Arizona University University of Arizona (2) Arkansas University of Arkansas, Fayetteville University of Central Arkansas Colorado Regis University (2) Colorado State University University of Colorado at Boulder (5) Florida University of Miami Hawaii University of Hawaii at Hilo Illinois Columbia College Chicago DePaul University (2) University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Iowa Grinnell College Louisiana Loyola University New Orleans Massachusetts Berklee College of Music Boston College Emerson College Northeastern University Wentworth Institute of Technology Minnesota St. Olaf College Mississippi University of Mississippi

Missouri Washington University in St. Louis Nebraska Creighton University Nevada University of Nevada, Reno New York Cornell University Fordham University Marist College (2) New York University (2) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute City University of New York: Hunter College N. Carolina Davidson College Methodist University Oklahoma Oklahoma Baptist University Oklahoma State University Oregon University of Portland (3) Oregon State University Portland State University University of Oregon (2) Pennsylvania Drexel University Rhode Island Bryant University Texas Baylor University Utah Southern Utah University Washington University of Puget Sound University of Washington Washington State University Japan Waseda University

9 students (6%) are attending two-year colleges. American Academy of Dramatic Arts College of the Canyons Mt. San Antonio College Pasadena City College (6)

spring/summer 2017


Gabriella Navarro: La Salle High School has taught Gabriella all about the importance of community and family. It was the people within the four walls of La Salle that helped her grow and better herself. “Ms. Slatkin helped me grow the most. During my senior year in AP Art we worked on our ‘AP Concentration’. My concentration was an exploration of the actions of teenage girls influenced by societal expectations. I painted the reactions of those girls that ranged from the darkness of self-harm, such as cutting and bulimia, to the brightness of finding love in unexpected people,” says Gabriella. By working on her ‘AP Concentration’ she learned that people will either accept you or won’t accept you, but it’s up to you on how you choose to handle your reactions. In fact, Gabriella is most proud of her participation and work that she created in the Arts Program during her four years at La Salle. “The Arts Program is an amazing program that has helped shape me into the woman that I am becoming. Art has always been more than just a class for me rather it has been a way of coping and a way of expression. Mrs. Williams and Ms. Slatkin have made

my experiences these past four years unforgettable. The Arts Program is a family and a community of individuals who want you to succeed and voice your opinions. Ms. Slatkin, under her guidance these past three years, has helped me to learn more about the world around me. I have been able to find my own voice and I am proud of the art work that I have produced and displayed.” Gabriella, who has maintained over a 4.0 GPA and inducted into La Salle’s Visual and Performing Arts Hall of Fame, uses her passion for art in a way to express what is important to her and to others. Art has allowed Gabriella to voice her opinions on social issues, especially those that pertain to young women. Taking all of that into consideration, Gabriella understands the importance of ‘Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.’ “I hope to make a difference in society by continuing to place others before myself. It’s important for me to make a difference in the lives of those that I come across. I want to help in any way possible,” Gabriella is studying Nursing at UCLA.

Isaac Caldas: Isaac see’s himself continuously moving forward and this fall he’ll further his education at UCLA where he will be studying Music Education. “Without a doubt the faculty, being in Band at La Salle, and my experiences in leading Drumline are what made me want to study Music Education at UCLA,” says Isaac. During his four years at La Salle, Isaac is most proud of filling the position of Drumline Captain in his junior and senior years. “Becoming the Drumline Captain meant the beginning of a path rather than the end. Working as Captain would pose more responsibility and more work than anything I have ever done before. By the end, the pride and happiness I felt in seeing the Drumline improve made it my favorite experience.” Isaac has a passion to perform, play, and make music with those who share his passion. “My ambition is to perform in way that shares my music with everyone I can. This has brought me a lot of happiness so far in my life, but also in a way that lit a fire under me in knowing just how much work it takes to go far.” It is important to

say that though music is a huge part of Isaac’s life, he does not aim to fill his life with only one singular focus. “I have maintained over a 4.0 GPA, but I also find that balance is really important and with time and sometimes compromises, reaching a healthy mix of time spent is possible. I want to develop my own focus, discipline, and vision as a musician to go as far as I can, by sharing what I learned, currently learning, and will learn in the future with as many people as possible. The key to being successful in whatever it is that you’re doing is to put in both the necessary time and work in your plans and personal relationships you

make.” The faculty and staff at La Salle is absolutely the largest asset to Isaac. “I would encourage any incoming freshman and current students to seek out a member of the faculty and staff and ask for help in whatever you may need, whether it is academics, life issues, or just to have someone to talk to. There is no doubt that you will find someone who will go above and beyond for you at La Salle.”

Sarah Adams: Sarah is extremely excited to tackle her next adventure in college, but she will always remember how the faculty and staff at La Salle were more like older brothers and sisters. “Every member of the faculty and staff takes this to heart as they arrive at La Salle everyday to develop our minds and our entire selves into who we wish to become. They are the ones that make La Salle into an amazing and welcoming environment,” says Sarah. One of the most important lessons that La Salle has taught Sarah is the importance of giving back and serving. “In December of 2016, I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award where I worked with the Pasadena Humane Society to teach children about dog care and safety. I taught classes at St. Rita’s School about dog care, safety, body language, and the responsibility of having a dog. I would meet with first, second, and third graders for an hour twice a week, where I would read to them and have the kids perform skits on what they learned. My project took a total of 96 service hours. It was an amazing and extremely rewarding



experience to see how I could make an impact on my community and keep both dogs and children safe.” Sarah feels that she has been extremely blessed to learn such a compassionate lesson of giving back to others while at La Salle. “La Salle has taught me how to be confident in myself all while staying humble.” Sarah’s ultimate goal is to become a strong leader in society and to be in a position where she can be out in the world helping any person that she can. “La Salle most definitely showed me this path. They have developed my leadership skills, but most importantly, my passion for service.” Sarah is attending UC Riverside and plans on a double major in Math and Sociology, with a focus in Criminology. “I chose math because I’ve always been good at that subject, but I chose Sociology because I have always enjoyed studying the criminal justice system and I believe it could help lead me into a career where I could help people.”

Max DoVale ’17

Mad Max: Jazzy Road By: Jade Rogers ’01


egendary Jazz musician Herbie Hancock once said, “Jazz is about being in the moment,” a moment that Max DoVale ’17 experienced when he was in the 7th grade. “I picked up my mom’s keyboard and began teaching myself songs off of tutorials from YouTube. Ever since then I have taken formal lessons, first in Piano Theory and most recently in Jazz Piano,” says Max, who listens to all types of music, but it’s Jazz that truly inspires him. “Jazz musicians such as Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, and Bud Powell, each have a ‘sound’ that I love to try to imitate. My teacher, Gary Fukushima, has been instrumental in my growth as a Jazz musician. Also, Ms. Glenda Smith and Ms. Megan Foley, whom I learned music from at La Salle, were helpful in my growth as well, and have lead me to improve my overall musicality and taught me how to play as part of an ensemble,” says Max. While Max’s primary instrument is the piano, he is also skilled in playing the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, bells, chimes, and bass drums. As a music student, Max really appreciates that he is able to see himself grow with every performance. “The process of learning certain musical ideas or techniques can be very challenging, and so I appreciate my music teachers and fellow student musicians for their support during the process. It inspires me to never give up on any task because I know I’ll be able to accomplish the challenge,” says Max, who also views himself as a music advocate. “I really try hard to get people excited about music. It’s more than just an auditory experience. With a genre such as Jazz, it becomes a cultural and spiritual experience as well. I encourage mistakes and promote a sense of community. Every musician, no matter the level of experience they have, is in a constant state of learning, and breaking out of your comfort zone is essential to learning,” says Max.

Music has allowed Max to express himself in ways that words could not. “When I play the piano, it’s very easy for me to channel my emotions. Performing music, especially Jazz, is very therapeutic for me. In Jazz you’re constantly creating music and improvising notes and phrases on the fly. When you’re improvising in music it’s basically a conversation between the different musicians. I do believe that music can help enhance a person’s performance because it relaxes the mind. When I’m feeling lost or confused, performing

has helped me find my way back again. I want my music to inspire others to follow their passions, stimulate emotion, and touch lives,” says Max. Max has managed to balance his long hours of practicing and performing, both in the Orchestra and on the stage, alongside the many hours he puts into maintaining over a 4.0 GPA and serving as La Salle’s Student Life President. “Balancing theatre with my role as Student Life President, and being a member of the Jazz ensemble, Drumline, and many other extracurricular activities, was time consuming, but I was determined to do all of those things,” says Max. Over the past four years, Max has gained the confidence to try new things and push himself out of his comfort zone. “I started La Salle very shy, but by my senior year I was Student Life President, selected as part of the Homecoming Court, the lead in the spring musical, and performing in the Jazz Band and Drumline. La Salle has taught me the importance of community and not to be afraid to try new things. Mr. Ed O’Connor inspired me as I worked with him directly through Student Life. He cares about promoting school spirit and a Lasallian identity. Dr. Jude Lucas was also a big influence because she helped cultivate my growth not just as an actor, but also as an artist. ‘Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve’ means that I must take what La Salle has taught me into the world by promoting that same sense of community wherever I go,” says Max. Max is studying Jazz Music at Loyola University in New Orleans. “I fell in love with the city of New Orleans and it’s the birthplace of Jazz music. Loyola University has a great music program, and I hope in the next four years to make enough connections in the music industry so that I can play and make music for a living. I want to continue my pursuit in performing Jazz music, but I would also love to write and teach music as well,” says Max.

spring/summer 2017


Myles Cecil: Myles is a self-motivated and goal orientated individual, who holds this Michelle Obama quote close to heart: “You have to stay in school. You have to go to college. You have to get your degree. Because that’s the one thing people can’t take away from you is your education. And it is worth the investment.” Myles has maintained over a 4.0 GPA and if anyone thinks athletes catch breaks because they play sports then they’re mistaken. “In order to maintain my above average grades I had to be dedicated and determined because it’s only going to get harder. There will be nights where you just want to stop and you question why you’re doing this to yourself, but it is in those moments that you truly find out what you’re made of as an individual,” says Myles. Balancing both sports, being Team Captain for the Varsity football team, and school at such a high level is Myles’ greatest accomplishment. “All the athletic awards and the education I have obtained from La Salle were my greatest rewards, but it was also waking up everyday and walking into an environment of love, faith, and vibrant life that was a true blessing. Signing to play football at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was a no brainer because it’ll give me the perfect balance of high level academics as well as playing in Division

I football.” While at La Salle, Myles has learned to not be timid and afraid of the “what if’s” and just go out and take a chance to achieve something he believes in, both academically and in regards to sports too, with the knowledge that the La Salle community is backing him and wants to support him in all facets in life. “As a transfer student and a Catholic school student for the majority of my life, I can confidently say there is no place like La Salle. The bonds you build and friends you will make will undoubtedly last a life time.” Myles will always remember playing football for the Blue-Grey All-American selection and playing in all of the Lancer football games, while hearing the crowds scream and shout, but now it’s time to hear the screams and shouts of Cal Poly SLO fans this fall. “My goal is to be successful. My two career path options are Professional Football or Dentistry. When I want something, I put my mind to it and give it my all, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do when I get to SLO. I’ll receive a great education towards Dentistry and an opportunity to make the NFL roster as I continue to work hard and remain dedicated.”

Eleni Daughters: When Eleni came into La Salle, she had no idea what she wanted to do. All she knew was that she felt that La Salle was an amazing place to be at. “La Salle provided me with the freedom to do and be anything that I’d like to be. When I started my freshman year, I had no idea what subjects I enjoyed, but all of that changed my junior year when I took AP Language and Composition and absolutely love it. That was the first time I thoroughly enjoyed a subject, and during my senior year I decided to take AP Literature. These two classes inspired me to think about going into English,” says Eleni. Eleni developed a love for English and in the end, La Salle academics and athletics allowed her to achieve more than she ever thought she could. “I would say that one of my proudest and greatest moments at La Salle was when I broke the freshman record for the 400m in track. I remember throwing my body over the line. I’ll always remember when the late Coach Fred Riley looked at me with such joy in his eyes and said, ‘Eleni, you didn’t just beat the freshman record, you destroyed it.’ The next few years of my time at La Salle were not only spent in the classroom but also on the track.” Eleni has

maintained over a 4.0 GPA, achieved academic and athletic excellence in track and basketball, awarded the Robert Alcorn Memorial Scholarship, and a member of the Senior Senate, just to name a few of her accolades. Eleni has become a person that she loves and is confident in her abilities in the classroom and on the track. “I owe it all to the La Salle coaches and teachers who took the time to sit down and be a friend to me. I am going to miss everything about La Salle, but it has prepared me to be ready to become more. La Salle has prepared me for the road ahead, and I will never forget that.” Upon graduating from La Salle, Eleni’s focus is to help others. “I will be attending Davidson College and I will be majoring in English. I chose this area of study after taking the classes AP Literature and AP Language and Composition. Those classes challenged me but they also allowed me to discover that I enjoy analyzing texts. After earning my degree in English, I want to go on to Law School, and eventually find a job where I can work with criminal law. I would love to work for the FBI or Homeland Security.”

Elijah Griffin: Elijah has four basic guidelines for La Salle students: 1) Don’t be afraid to branch out and leave your comfort zone, 2) Be proactive and practice self advocacy, 3) Never be afraid to ask for help, and 4) Do not procrastinate on college applications. “I belonged to CSF, NHS, Black Student Association, football, Class Council, Academic Decathlon, Pi Alpha Chi, Theatre, and was a Student Ambassador. I also maintained over a 4.0 GPA. It is important to remember that it is all about time management. Whenever I had a free moment, I made sure that I was doing as much as possible to ensure that I was keeping up with my academic responsibilities. I also never hesitated to make arrangements with teachers to get help or make up work when I would miss class because of an extracurricular activity. I made sure that I could adequately handle the workload and responsibilities given to me,” says Elijah. Out of all his extracurricular activities, it was Elijah’s involvement in the Black Student Association that he considers to be most proud of. “We made a profound impact in the La Salle community. I was extremely proud of the BSA’s work that has created so much positive



dialogue and so many well attended activities that brought awareness to the plight of Black people and other people of color. I was involved in the BSA for two years, and proudly served as the Treasurer my junior year and as an Executive Board Member my senior year.” La Salle has helped Elijah grow as an individual by encouraging him to become more independent and show more leadership. “From academic support to countless leadership opportunities, La Salle never fails to give students opportunities to grow as people. The School has taught me that we have a Christian responsibility to help those less fortunate than we are. I will apply this to my life by continuing to be involved in service.” Elijah would like to focus on positioning himself to become successful professionally, and that starts with being professional in college. Elijah is attending Grinnell College where he plans on studying Economics and International Relations. “I would like to be an entrepreneur, and also find a way to marry my interests of performing arts into my entrepreneurial ambitions. Ultimately, the goal is to make life better for the less fortunate and to make a positive impact on others.”

Elizabeth Ayala ’17

editor, fashion designer & pop shop guru By: Jade Rogers ’01

Fashion is a way of life. It is the way an individual converses, the way they treat other people, and most importantly, the way they present themselves to the world. I want all young girls and women to look in the mirror and truly love themselves and be happy with the life that they are living,” says Elizabeth Ayala ’17, who took the flare and passion for fashion she had and decided to collect donated prom dresses and accessories and open up a free Prom Pop-Up Shop. “I was inspired by wanting to do more in the fashion world while helping my community. So I decided to put all my energy into a pop-up shop geared towards helping girls achieve their dream prom look without having to worry about their financial situation,” says Elizabeth, who is also the creator and publisher of an online magazine called Eléonore, which publishes articles on fashion, health, and empowerment. In May 2017, Elizabeth’s Prom Pop-Up Shop gained the recognition of ABC7 News where she received the honor of being selected as their “ABC7 Cool Kid” of the week. “Being a ‘Cool Kid’ was pretty amazing. I owe it all to my Grandma Irene because she was the one who surprised me with the news that she nominated me. But I must say that the real cool kids are the beautiful girls from Arroyo High School who came to the pop-up shop and shared their personal stories with me. I’ll never forget how thankful the girls were and the lasting impact it had on them,” says Elizabeth. She told ABC7 that the pop-up shop experience changed her life and she hopes to blend both her love for fashion with the motivation to do more for her community. “La Salle’s mantra, ‘Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve,’ tells me that we should believe in putting the good in to get good out. It is important to serve, not just for your own

fulfillment, but to also see how others are impacted and grateful for the simplest of deeds. Through service you learn about people’s lives and how they are touched by a simple act of kindness. You enter to learn so that when you leave you can lead by example and make the world a more loving place,” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s focus is to further her career in fashion and to continue creating positive experiences for people when they wear her clothes and enter her future stores. “During my four years at La Salle I learned a great deal about myself and other people. The teachers inspired me to be the best individual that I could possibly be. They made me want to reach higher and achieve more for myself mentally, academically, and spiritually. I definitely have plans to open up another pop-up shop. The day I opened up my Prom Pop-Up Shop I saw gratitude, love, happiness, and pure light in other’s eyes. I am currently planning for next prom season and my goal is to make the next Prom Pop-Up Shop bigger and better. I am also considering doing a Back to School Pop-Up Shop in the future.” Elizabeth, who was also actively involved in CSF, Academic Decathlon, Cross Country, Pi Alpha Chi and was Editor-in-Chief, of the Centurion yearbook and Eléonore magazine, is attending the Fashion Institute of Merchandising in San Francisco, where she is studying Fashion Design. “I chose this area of study to help make a difference in the world and help women view themselves in a more positive manner,” says Elizabeth. If you would like to donate or know of anyone that would like to donate new or used clothes, shoes, and accessories for a future Pop-Up Shop, please email Elizabeth at

spring/summer 2017


Carlos Rico: Carlos has gained a lot of personal growth and strengthening of his passions during his years at La Salle. “Football played a major role in this growth. Before my freshman year I never played football. I went into it ‘blind,’ but the time I spent working on plays, enduring practice, and most of all being a part of something bigger than myself is an experience that I still feel to this day. The lessons learned and the memories made are major building blocks for who I am today and what I pursue in the future,” says Carlos. As a member of CSF, NHS, and Hispanic Honors Society, Carlos will miss just how welcoming the environment is at La Salle. “I always felt I could be myself and go to any teacher or coach for help. They cared about me and my goals.” During his junior year, Carlos had the privilege to represent La Salle at the American Legion’s Boys State, a well respected and very selective educational program of government instruction for U.S.

high school juniors. “A number of notable people have been a part of Boys State, including Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton and I was fortunate enough to be nominated to participate in an intense interview process and was blessed to be chosen to represent La Salle. I prepared for my trip to Sacramento State with high ambitions of becoming the Governor of Boys State, the highest leadership position at the camp. Although I never became the Governor, my mock city of Mills wrote numerous bills that passed into law and engaged in different court cases, one of which was held in the Superior Court of Sacramento. Carlos is attending Fordham University and plans on studying Political Science. “That whole experience at the American Legion’s Boys State really cemented my passion for politics, and was a turning point in my decision to study Political Science in college.”

Jewelyn Pickett: La Salle inspired Jewelyn to commit to herself just as much as she commits to others. “Through service I was able to learn how to care for others, and when I would become overwhelmed, the La Salle community returned that same commitment of care in ways that I cannot begin to describe. La Salle has taught me to be there for others in times of need. People rely on me to be there for stability,” says Jewelyn. “I believe that it is important to provide service to others because it helps create relationships that could be beneficial to many people down the road, whether or not it is directly connected to you.” Jewelyn will always remember how supportive the faculty and staff were at La Salle, and would encourage current students to take advantage of

the support the Lancer community provides from the very beginning. Jewelyn believes she is an approachable, reliable, and loyal person who has spent much of her life trying to understand other people and find ways to help them in a manner that will truly benefit them. She would like to continue to focus on bettering her understanding of other people, and eventually assist them through difficulties in their lives. She is attending the University of Puget Sound and plans on majoring in Psychology. “I chose this area of study because of my fascination of people and how they make decisions and why.”

Phillip Krings: Phillip Krings is a member of the Senior Senate, President of the Science National Honors Society, and has maintained over a 4.0 GPA for four years. He recieved Excellence Awards in Mathematics, Computer Science, English and Science, and was awarded the Bob Thomas Memorial Scholarship for Math and Science as a junior. This is only a handful of the long list of accolades and achievements that Phillip has earned. But in his eyes Phillip is just getting started. “My ultimate goal is to be responsible for the functioning of effective technology across the world. I want to ensure there are minimal barriers to bringing the necessities of the modern age to every person,” says Phillip, who believes that La Salle made the importance of achieving this possibility very clear. “The combination of learning and mission makes such a goal both an ethical necessity and an actuality.”

Out of all of Phillip’s accomplishments, he is most proud of being a part of the Robotics Team in the VEX State Championship in 2016. “The tournament hosts the best VEX robotics teams in California. We had a great group of seniors and we all worked hard to qualify. The robot I drove, along with Izcalli Aguirre, recieved an Excellence Award, which is the highest honor issued at VEX events.” Phillip has gained a wider and deeper sense of the world, and sees the La Salle faculty and staff as more than simply teachers. “it’s a community that feels like family,” he says. Phillip is attending UCLA where he plans to study Mechanical Engineering. “I always imagined myself as an inventor. With growing experience in the robotics lab and with applicable materials, I can venturecloser to engineering and inventing something great.”

Angelo Leroi: Angelo’s passion is music and can’t imagine his life without it. “It is something I think about all day and it engulfs every part of my life. I love it more than anything else,” says Angelo. Having received Excellence Awards in Jazz Band and Music Theory, Angelo will always remember his proudest accomplishment at La Salle, and that was putting together his own band. “We would perform shows at lunch in the amphitheatre and Dining Hall. The first show I did was sophomore year and I was the first one during the time that I was at La Salle to do it. Later on, other bands would perform during lunch, but it was cool for me to see that I had opened up the door for those other students.” Angelo realized he wanted to pursue a career in music in 2015 when he attended the Berklee Five Week Summer Program



at the Berklee College of Music. “At the end of the five weeks, I played a concert with the ensemble I worked with during the summer program. I love being around other young musicians. My focus is to learn more about myself and to translate my thoughts and feelings into music that feels the most honest to me.” Angelo is attending the Berklee College of Music where he is studying Professional Music, but he will never forget the staff and faculty at La Salle. “They cared for the students. Almost every teacher I had, I felt safe in their presence and I felt I could come to them with any academic or personal issue. My ultimate career goal is to be a Grammy winning recording artist and producer. La Salle helped me realize this goal by allowing me to perform at shows and encourage me to pursue my passion.”

Howard Ho ’17

Mathematician, Scientist & Scholar By: Jade Rogers ’01


s a young man passionate in learning, Howard Ho ’17 challenged himself by taking a total of nine Advanced Placement (AP) classes during his academic career at La Salle; four his junior year (Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Language and Composition and U.S. History) and five his senior year (AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics). As a junior, he was even honored with an AP Scholar with Honor award by the College Board. “The courses that I chose to take were not limited to science and mathematics, but also in the areas of business and English, helping me to further develop my interest in other areas that will make me a wellbalanced young man,” says Howard. In October 2015, as a 14 year-old junior, Howard earned the highest possible ACT Composite score of 36. His achievement on the ACT is significant and rare. On average, less than one-tenth of 1% of all test takers earn the top score. For this accomplishment, Howard was recognized in January 2017 as a candidate for the 2017 United States Presidential Scholar Program by the White House Commission and the U.S. Department of Education. “As one of only 4,000 students nationwide that receive this Presidential Scholar recognition out of the nearly 3.5 million high school seniors graduating this year, it is a great honor to me,” says Howard. Howard’s passion in learning continues to drive him to do the best and he took four SAT subject tests and in only one sitting of each subject, achieved scores of 800 in Mathematics II, 770 in Chemistry, 770 in Biology and 750 in Physics. Note that a perfect score for an SAT subject test is 800. Howard’s interest in science and mathematics started to ignite in the 4th grade, using his newly acquired laptop to do research and homework at his elementary school in Australia. “This boosted my academic strength in the areas of science, mathematics and computer technology,

so I started to challenge myself by competing in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) organized by the University of New South Wales. Through these competitions I won five gold medals in Mathematics, Science, English, Spelling, and Digital Technologies, and was ranked as a top scholar in the state of Queensland, Australia,” recalls Howard. At La Salle, Howard’s interest in science has further evolved with him serving as President of Science Outreach, a student-led organization focused on making science fun and engaging for middle school students. “My major duties included helping to devise science experiments, writing up lab manuals, gathering experiment materials and demonstrating experiments to members for their understanding of how the experiments work, and inviting middle school students in the community to participate in the Science Outreach Nights,” says Howard. The most exciting part of the whole process for Howard was the Outreach Nights where the work that he and his fellow club members put into making the lessons both educational and enjoyable came to fruition. “It was a rewarding experience when the middle school students were able to perform the experiments that we taught them and successfully complete the lab manuals all while having fun and hopefully gaining more interest in the field of science.” Howard’s ability in science and mathematics culminated with him earning the Bob Thomas Memorial Scholarship for Math and Science. He was also recognized as a Commended Student by the National Merit Scholarship Program, was appointed a Senior Senator and was accepted as a member of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and California Scholarship Federation. Outside of the classroom, Howard serves his local community as the Secretary of the Teen Advisory Board of Los Angeles County. Howard is majoring in chemistry at UC Berkeley and is planning on a career in the medical field in the future.

spring/summer 2017



54 22 16 4 80

Student-athletes achieved a 4.0 or higher GPA during their season of sport

16 NCAA Signings & Commitments

of 22 Varsity teams achieved a 3.0 or higher team GPA (100% first time in 6 years)

Amon Milliner - Portland State University (Football)

of 21 Varsity teams made the playoffs

League championship teams

All League Players 14 All CIF Players 13 All Area Players 3 CIF Individual Champions – Torrez (2) Chen Swimming

1 2 1 1

CIF Team Champion – Boys Swim 200 Medley Relay State Championship Athletes – Torrez (2) Chen Swimming Coach of the Year - Freedom McCullough - GBB

AJ Akobian - Cal Lutheran (Football) Wyatt Cimino - University of Redlands (Football) Jake Rose - University of Redlands (Football) Tommy Radle - Chapman University (Football) Elijah Griffith - Grinnell (Football) Tomas Auruskevicius - Regis University (Basketball) Tommy Samples - DePauw University (Basketball) Ravin Rhodes - Central Arkansas (Volleyball) Emily Wasson - Hunter College (Volleyball) Lauren Veneri - Cal State Los Angeles (Soccer) Eleni Daughters - Davidson University (Track) Abby Siracusa - Methodist University (Tennis) Kolby Deziel - Bryant University (Softball) Kinsley Washington - UCLA (Softball)

Player of the Year – Julia Macabuhay - GBB 16 NCAA Signings/Commitments (Most Ever!) 15 Student-athletes awarded varsity letters in 3 sports

Milestones • Girls basketball won the most games in school history with 22 wins

8 Lancers

• Girls basketball advanced to the CIF Semi-Finals

Amon Milliner: Football - Offensive MVP - Angleus

2016 – 2017 Athletic Awards

Myles Cecil: Football - Lineman of the year - Angleus

Brother DeSales Athletic Achievement Award: Male: Ryan Sparks Female: Lauren Veneri

Lauren Veneri: Soccer - Goalie of the year - Del Rey

Named League MVP

Julia Macabuhay: Basketball - MVP - Santa Fe Sophia Anderson: Volleyball - MVP - Del Rey William Kinney: Golf - MVP - Del Rey Sam Leek & Sam Poon: Tennis Doubles Champions - Del Rey Will Dalgarn: Volleyball - MVP - Camino Real


Myles Cecil - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Football)


Lancer Scholar Athlete: Grant Fosselman and Eleni Daughters Phillip Clarke Athlete of the Year: Co-Male: AJ Akobian and James Torrez Female: Julia Macabuhay

Athletic Underclassmen of the Year: Male: Chris Wilson Female: Emerson Gohrick

Lower Level Coach of the Year: Thomas Clauss

Most Inspirational Athlete of the Year: Giliene So

amazing lancers

julia macabuhay By: Brian Reed-Baiotto, Pasadena Now Sports Editor


t can always be argued that one player is better than another. It doesn’t matter the sport or gender. The same is true with the Pasadena area’s best girls basketball player in the 2016-17 season. But it would be hard to argue that any player carried more weight on her shoulders to lead a program to their eventual deep CIF playoff run like La Salle junior Julia Macabuhay. The 5-foot-5 point guard was nothing short of sensational in leading La Salle to 22 wins in a year their coach was hired just 35 days before the season began. The Lancers, behind their incredible junior, also finished second in the Santa Fe League and made it to the CIF-SS Division 3-A semifinals, before losing to Lancaster, 53-47. Macabuhay led La Salle in scoring in 31 of their 32 games and averaged 24 points per game.Macabuhay also dished out seven assists per game, grabbed five rebounds and three steals each night, all while running the offense and leading the defensive charge. Her high-score of the season was 39 points and she had 25 games in which she scored at least 20 points or more. If all of her other numbers weren’t impressive enough, Macabuhay had a higher free-throw percentage (95%) than any boy or girl in the area or section. “She is one of the best players I have ever coached, boy or girl,” La Salle coach Freedom McCullough said. “Her skill set is ridiculous, and I personally think she’s one of the best players in Southern California. Once she gets a little stronger and develops her pull-out jump shot, it’s a wrap. No one will be able to guard her. She also makes her entire team better around her.” Macabuhay started playing basketball at five years old in a park league. “I never thought about playing basketball at the next level, but there was something about the sport that kept me there,” she said. “I always had a ball in my hand, I dribbled the ball

inside, and people started to tell my parents they should bring me to a club team and how much better that would make me.” Macabuhay credits her parents Carlo and Jasmin Macabuhay and brother Jon Carlo for inspiring her to be the best basketball player, but more importantly the best student and person she can be. “I see my parents work hard every day for me and my brother,” she said. “Working hard in the classroom and on the court is the very least I can do for them.” But Macabuhay’s praise doesn’t stop at home. She’s also very thankful to her coach. “Coach Freedom McCullough and his staff took over late and yet expected the very best from each of us. They took us out of our comfort zone daily and made us better. All our coaches did something in a small amount of time that we didn’t think was possible.” Macabuhay is the star of the team and the ‘quarterback’ of the La Salle offense, but both she and McCullough deflected praise for their individual awards and said none of it could have been done without all of the other players and coaches that made this such a remarkable season. Macabuhay returns next season with fellow juniors Alyssa Arroyo and Nicole Ortiz, who were also All-Area First team. Macabuhay continued, “Going into the season, the only goal I had in mind was to go as far in the playoffs as possible. I wanted to do anything I could to make myself and my teammates better and do everything I could to help us win games. Knowing that my teammates and I made school history for the basketball program was amazing, and earning (individual accolades) is just the cherry on top. My junior season is one I’ll always remember.”

Freedom McCullough F

Player of the Year

reedom McCullough has been named Pasadena Sports Now Girls Basketball Coach of the Year. McCullough arguably made the most dramatic changes in a program that was struggling when he took over. McCullough led the Lancers through exciting victories and ultimately to the CIF-SS semifinals game. La Salle athletic director Anthony Harris said “Coach McCullough did a masterful job this season with a very fragile group of young ladies. His ability to get the girls in top shape while teaching them numerous sets and situational plays in a short period of time was most impressive. His demeanor and coaching skill set is a perfect fit for our community. His sheer presence and immediate success with the girls’ program this season has set high

Girls Basketball Coach of the Year expectations for the programs’ future. We are proud to have such a seasoned and professional coach join our team!” La Salle junior Alyssa Arroyo on McCullough:“Coach McCullough came to a broken team and glued us back together. He could feel the flow of the game and knew when we were struggling in the last couple minutes of a game. He knew when to call a timeout and it gave a much-needed mental and physical break, and during that time, he’d reassure us what we needed to do to close out a game. He expected us to grow and improve at every practice and game and was always encouraging.” La Salle sophomore Nicole Ortiz on McCullough:“At the beginning of the season, I wasn’t even considering playing basketball until I met Coach Freedom. His enthusiasm and excitement for the new team and upcoming season made me change my mind. He conditioned us all season and taught us how to work as a team. He gave me my confidence about playing my position and helped me with my understanding of the game. He made me believe I could contribute to the team and most importantly, he showed me how to enjoy the game again.”

spring/summer 2017


Saint Brother Solomon LA SALLE CONNECTION


a Salle’s Christmas card commemorating the Sainthood of Brother Solomon Le Clercq triggered a journey down memory lane, and made me step back to acknowledge the impact of my five years exposure to the Christian Brothers during my formative years, not to mention in Latin America. Five years you say, but La Salle is only a four year program. Where did the fifth year come from? Many of my classmates may not know it, but not withstanding my very Anglo-Saxon name of Duke Banks III, I’m actually 75% Hispanic and was born in Caracas, Venezuela acquiring both Venezuelan and American citizenship at birth. The 75% figure comes from the fact that my Father, Duke Cusicanqui Banks was born in Chile of a Bolivian mother (my Grandmother Elena Cusicanqui Banks) and my American Indiana born Grandfather, Duke Nicholsen Banks. Yes it gets complicated not only because of my ancestry, but because I have two names. In Venezuela I’m know as Duke Banks Romero where the second part of the last name is my mother’s maiden name. Around 1956 my Venezuelan Mother Alicia was very worried because her son did not know much Spanish, notwithstanding the fact that Spanish was the lingua franca



in the Banks household in Pasadena. So in an exchange of letters with her sisters and brothers in Caracas, the extended family came up with a plan to have a private cousin exchange program to help us develop our foreign language skills. I was tapped to first go to Caracas for a year, which would be followed by a cousin of mine coming to Pasadena to spend a year with us so he could learn English. So in June 1958, just before I turned 12, I bid farewell to my family at LAX and was placed on a Pan American DC7 propeller aircraft for an 18 hour flight with various stops in Central America before finally landing in Caracas where I was met by a mob of cousins, uncles and aunts. My uncles and aunts decided I would be based at the home of my Tía Maria Josefina and Tío Eliazar Cordova, and live with their two children (my cousins), Leopoldo Jose, and his sister Maria Isabel. Their home was a Spanish style house where all rooms opened to an outdoor courtyard. It also had a room with an altar dedicated to our Lady of Coromoto, the Venezuelan equivalent to Mexico’s Lady of Guadeloupe. Concerning schooling I accompanied my cousin

Chapel at Sabaneta

How a French Saint made me appreciate my Venezuelan roots and exposure to the Christian Brothers in my youth. The connection between La Salle - La Colina, in Caracas, Venezuela, and La Salle - Pasadena. Leopoldo Jose and went to La Salle – La Colina, where we were joined by Leopoldo Antonio Romero, another cousin. So the academic year of 1958-59 was my introduction to the lasallian educational system as a 7th grader which is why I was exposed to the Christian Brothers for five years – one in Caracas, and an additional four in Pasadena Notwithstanding the challenges of not knowing the language, the Brothers in Caracas did everything to make me feel included. Yes my Spanish improved as I learned to conjugate verbs, and received decent grades in class. And as occurred at La Salle – Pasadena, the day began with a prayer that included mentioning “Blessed Solomon, pray for us.” I had no idea who he was until the arrival of La Salle’s Christmas card almost 60 years later. My year in Caracas had a profound impact on my life. Not only was I introduced to a very extended family of numerous cousins, uncles and aunts, but I was absorbed into the culture and food, not to mention joining my extended family at political rallies for the first democratic elections after the fall of the dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez. This was very exciting experience because it was like a nonstop carnival for weeks at a time, with folks throwing colored confetti (representing their party’s colors) as they caravanned around the city In May 1959, when I was scheduled to return to Pasadena, I told my parents I wanted to stay in Caracas, because Pasadena “was too boring.” Yes, I was smitten with Caracas. Reluctantly I came home and entered the 8th grade at St. Phillips on Hill Street where in the fall of 1959, the big question was where would one go to high school. Likewise the same year my cousin Paco Fernandez came up from Venezuela and joined me for 8th grade at St. Philips.

My parents gave me two options for high school – St. Francis, or La Salle. Without even visiting the campuses of either school I told my parents given my experience at La Salle-La Colina my choice was easy. It would be La Salle – Pasadena. By:Salle Duke –Banks ’64 Without dwelling on my four years at La Pasadena, after attending UCLA and obtaining a BA Degree in International Relations specializing in Latin America (which was heavily influenced by my year as a pre-adolescent in Venezuela), I thought of going back to Caracas, but I just kept putting it on the back burner. In the mid ‘70’s after landing my first job in Ft Worth, Texas making real money, I planned my first vacation by returning to Caracas and getting reacquainted with my cousins. This including Leopoldo Jose with whom I had gone to La Salle – La Colina in our youth. He was recently married, and just completed his studies to be a pediatrician. I also saw the new house that my uncles had moved to after loosing their original home by eminent domain to the government so they could build a highway that was needed to service the expanding population of the city. However, room was found in the new house for the family altar to our Lady of Coromoto. My cousins insisted that I should come to Venezuela to work. So after a few years, I quit my job as the Assistant Budget Director for the City of Ft. Worth, and went to Venezuela on a wing and a prayer. What was supposed to be a one year experience turned into a five year adventure, where I met my wife Elvira, and where our daughter Cecilia was born (she became a third generation of an American born abroad following in the footsteps of her grandfather and father). In the mid 1980’s we left Venezuela because

The Fall 2016 issue of Lancer Magazine contained an article about the martyrdom and eventual canonization of Brother Solomon Le Clercq. In this issue we discover that there is a close La Salle connection with the actual miracle that lead to his sainthood and our alum, Duke Banks ’64.

spring/summer 2017


(near the site of the miracle), was able to provide more information, not only to why there was veneration to Brother Solomon, but to more family connections to the miracle site. The principal character in the story is a priest named Mon. Rafael María Fabres Cordero, a graduate of La Salle – Barquisimeto (a city in the interior of Venezuela) who valued the education he received from the Christian Brothers. He also started venerating Blessed Brother Solomon at this time. What struck me was the last name – Febres Cordero - since in my consulting practice in the 1980’s I had been involved in projects in Ecuador where I worked with members of the government of President León Febres Cordero, then president of Ecuador. It turns out that there is a family connection between the Venezuelan branch of the Febres Cordero family and the family of the former president of Ecuador, not to mention Saint Brother Miguel Febres Cordero Muñoz, an Ecuadorian Christian Brother saint who is known as Brother Miguel, and is recognized as Ecuador’s first saint. Coincidently when he was 12 years old, Rafael María on a visit to Quito, Ecuador, made the decision that he wanted to become a priest, and was influenced by the life and deeds of Brother Miguel to whom he was related. Brother Miguel was handicapped with a foot aliment, but not withstanding this impediment, he continued on his mission which is one of the aspects of his life that was a major influence on Rafael María. In a subsequent trip to Ecuador, President Leon Febres Cordero, requested Mon. Rafael María to pray for him as he assumed the Presidency. In 1968 the Christian Brothers in Venezuela were closing their Novitiate in the Dos Caminos area of Caracas, and as a result of this closure a statue of Brother Solomon Chapel at Sabaneta with the Cordova family was transferred to the Chapel of La altar and statue of Brother Solomon. Salle – La Colina. Over the years, on several occasions Monsignor Rafael María tried to convince the authorities of the school to What was the essence of the miracle? I asked. donate the statue to him, but to no avail. Leopoldo replied that in 2007 a young girl named In the meantime, as part of his pastoral initiatives, María Alejandra Hernández, age 5, had been bitten by a while a Navel Chaplin (who could not swim!) Rafael María poisonous snake and was not expected to live. Yet a few established the Venezuelan chapter of the Athletae Christi years after the bite, he was asked to examine the girl, and in 1993. In 2002 he established the headquarters of the found no abnormalities. She was a healthy girl who showed Athletae Christi on the outskirts of Caracas in a rural zone no signs of trauma for the experience, which he provided of El Hatillo known as Sabaneta. in testimony to the Vatican Tribunal as a professional Adjoining the Athletae Christi he established an pediatrician. orphanage and built a chapel for the community. But he Even after several exchanges of emails and WhatApps needed to furnish the chapel properly. calls to Caracas, it was not clear why a rural community Remembering that the statue of Blessed Solomon had was praying for the intercession of a French Christian been transferred to the Chapel of La Salle – La Colina in Brother who died a martyr during the French Revolution. So 1968, he again petitioned the authorities to donate the Leopoldo and I broaden our net to try and piece together statue to his chapel. To his surprise, they said yes. On the puzzle of why folks were praying to Blessed Solomon. transferring the statue to Sabeneta, he proclaimed, “We Another cousin, Oscar Enrique Romero (also a receive Blessed Solomon, and we will yet make him a lasallian), who lives in the El Hatillo area of Caracas opportunities were not what they were as the country started to slide into political and economic uncertainty. But we stayed in close touch with our extended Venezuelan families (including my wife’s large family) with periodic trips back to Venezuela so that our three children could also experience their Latin roots. Fast forward to last December when La Salle’s Christmas Card arrived featuring the newly canonized Saint Brother Solomon Le Clercq. The back of the card provided a short explanation of who was Brother Solomon was, but what caught my eye was that his sainthood was the result of a miracle that occurred in Caracas, Venezuela in 2007. So I sent out a few emails to Venezuelan family and friends asking if anyone know about the new Saint and the Venezuelan miracle that made it possible. Less than ten minutes after hitting the send button, I received a call from my cousin Leopoldo Jose who now lives in Miami. He not only was aware of the miracle, but was part of a panel of doctors that examined the child in question and gave testimony to the Vatican Tribunal that was examining the possible canonization of Brother Solomon.



María Alejandra, who miraculously survived the bite of a poisonous snake thanks to the intersession of Brother Solomon.

cle rti ra pe pa ws ne 52 19

Saint.” The statue was placed in a prime location on the right side of the altar. But it was the second acquisition that drew my attention – the family altar from the Cordova family that I remembered as a kid. After my Tía Maria Josefina and Tío Eliazar passed away, my cousins sold the house, but had to remove the family altar. For a few years my cousin Oscar Enrique kept the altar in storage when he heard of the need for an altar for Mon. Rafael María’s chapel. Inquires were made, and the altar was donated to Mon. Rafael María to which several of my cousins were invited to attended a celebratory Mass at the chapel. Today, the altar of the Cordova family graces the chapel, accompanied by the statue of Brother Solomon. On September 6, 2007, after Maria Alejandra was bitten by the snake, doctors though she would not survive, and were contemplating amputating her leg in a last ditch effort to save the girl. On hearing the news, Mon Rafael Maria, ask the community to begin praying to Brother Solomon in the chapel asking his intersession on behalf of the girl. A few hours later, the doctors noticed an improvement in the girl’s health, and there was no need to amputate her leg. There was no medical explanation for her rapid cure. This was the miracle that made Brother Solomon a saint. In collecting information to write this article, Oscar Enrique provide me with family history where he noted that all my Mother’s brothers (my uncles Leopoldo, Miguel and Oscar), had graduated from La Salle – Tienda Honda in the center of Caracas. I also recall that my father-in-law Antonio Vincentelli also graduated from La Salle – Tienda Honda. Even though I was aware of it at the time, I never truly connected the dots on how the lasallian tradition had affected my life since all uncles of my Mother’s Venezuelan family had gone to Christian Brother schools. My father always commented that what impressed him the most of my mother’s family was the degree of love and willingness ily am af ov rd Co he gt tin gh hli hig

ar. alt

to help exhibited by her brothers, which is not very much common in a macho society. Likewise, it made me realize that through all my travels, La Salle schools kept popping up in my life. When we lived in Panama in 1984, there was a La Salle school a few blocks away from our apartment in the El Cangreo area of the city. When I was consulting in northern Guatemala I was surprised to see a La Salle school in the Mayan town of Huehuetenago. It is only now that I realize why La Salle was so important in the City of Cuenca, Ecuador which I visited on occasion – it was the birthplace of Brother Miguel. My regret was not stopping by and inquiring how they were doing. Not only at these schools but others as well. Even here in Arlington, Virginia I cannot escape the La Salle influence. We sent our three children to Bishop O’Connell High School, which was established in 1957 as a joint boys and girls high school, with the boys section run by the Christian Brothers, and the girls section run by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM). Today it is a coed school following the lasallesta tradition, even though there are no more Brothers on campus. And across the Potomac in Washington DC St. John’s College High School is the second oldest Christian Brothers school in the nation. The experience of having to give testimony to the Vatican Tribunal, plus the exchange of emails and phone calls in helping me gather information, very much moved my cousin Leopoldo Jose. He has come to better appreciate the Catholic formation he received at home and at his “dear La Salle school,” plus the realization that he participated in the canonization process of Brother Solomon. Last year he received a call from his colleague and friend Dr. Manuel Guzman, who had recruited Leopoldo Jose to be part of the medical team that examined María Alejandra, inviting him to come to Rome for the canonization ceremony. Unfortunately, because Leopoldo Jose is in the mist of processing his Residency Visa in the US, he was not able to go. Maria Alejandra, now a vivacious teenager who wants to be a veterinarian, was invited to the canonization ceremony, and was given the honor at the canonization Mass of taking the offerings to the altar and handing them to the Holy Father. Acknowledgments (with names written in Latin style to include mother’s maiden name as second last name): This article would not have been possible without the assistance of my dear cousins, Leopoldo Jose Cordova Romero, Leopoldo Antonio Romero Cardenas) Oscar Enrique Romero Duarte, and María Isabel Cordova Stratthaus (Leopoldo Jose’s sister).

spring/summer 2017


amazing lancers

Alcorn & Thomas S c h o l a r s h i p s Awa r d e d


he Spring 2016 Academic Awards and Scholarship Assembly took place in the La Salle Dining Hall the morning of January 24, 2017. Dr. Richard Gray, President, delivered the following remarks: “It is my pleasure to present the Bob Alcorn Scholarship in Humanities (which includes English, Social Studies and World Language) and the Bob Thomas Scholarship in Math and Science. “Bob Alcorn and Bob Thomas were highly regarded members of the La Salle faculty during the decade of the nineteen sixties. They had an enormous impact on the intellectual development of their students in the early years of La Salle. “To honor the remarkable achievements of Bob Alcorn, the Class of 1962 established a permanent scholarship to be awarded to a La Salle Junior at the time of the Spring Academic Awards Ceremony. They established as the criteria academic excellence in the fields in which Mr. Alcorn exercised such a profound influence: languages and

seniors score showdown win


n Friday, May 12, La Salle students gathered for Showdown IV and battled in various class competitions to claim the Showdown Cup for 2017. Students met on the “baseball” outfield for a free BBQ dinner, (prepared by the Alumni Association Executive Board), inflatable games, face painting and class pump-up as they prepared to compete in the gym. By 7:00pm, the students in each class invaded the gym to compete in events such as Hungry, Hungry Hippo, Last Person Standing, Towel Tug and, of course, the Balloon Pop and more.



language arts. The faculties of social studies, English, and world languages were asked to nominate candidates from each of their disciplines to be considered for this award. The $1,000 scholarship is to be applied to the student’s senior year tuition. “It is a great honor for La Salle to acknowledge the tradition of excellence established by Robert Alcorn and acknowledged by the Class of 1962 by presenting Sam Christopher for recognition as the 2017 Robert Alcorn Scholar.” “In addition to earning a better than 4.0 GPA in each of the last five semesters, Sam is a three-year member of the Advanced Band and has been enrolled in honors-level classes throughout his time here at La Salle. As a Sophomore, Sam not only earned an “A” in AP European History, but also passed the exam. Currently, Sam is enrolled in four AP courses: Biology, Calculus, Language and Composition and US History.” “To honor the contributions of her late husband, Bob Thomas, Jayne Thomas established a math and science scholarship. It is my pleasure to present the Bob Thomas Award in math and science to Raphael Navarro.” “In addition to participating in Cross Country, Men’s Volleyball and Academic Decathlon, Raphael has also been enrolled in honors-level classes each of the last five semesters. As a Sophomore, Raphael earned an “A” in AP Calculus A/B as well as a perfect score of “5” on the AP exam. He is currently enrolled in AP Calculus B/C and AP Chemistry.”

faculty update

Irene Santucci p’95 Retires After 26 Years


rene Santucci P’95 vividly remembers the first time she walked into the front doors of La Salle High School. It was in the spring of 1990 and she had just accepted the position of Assistant to the Director of Development. “This was a brand new position and I didn’t have an office yet. I remember sitting at someone else’s desk and looking through all of the La Salle Parent Newsletters and any other publications I could get my hands on. I wanted to absorb as much information about La Salle High School as I could,” says Irene. It didn’t take long for Irene to quickly fall into the routine of things – learning the ins and outs of the Development Office, knowing the names of many of the students, helping faculty and staff, and assisting in the coordination of and attending La Salle events that included the Crystal Ball and Gifts from the Heart. “My first task at La Salle was to identify major foundations and generate solicitation letters. At the time my first boss was John Plante ’79, the Director of Development and the Principal was Phillip Clarke. They were both wonderful to work for and taught me all about the fundraising world. I remember my greatest boost of confidence came from Phillip who told me that he credited me for our major foundation gift. Getting positive responses from our appeals was definitely a highlight. Our students were and still are our main focus of our work at La Salle and seeing them benefit from our efforts was very rewarding,” says Irene. Irene has made sure that the Institutional Advancement Office (formerly known as the Development Office), gets it right. “Her ability to remember past practices has been monumentally significant for no less than four Directors of Institutional Advancement and a President. It is her

By: Jade Rogers ’01

‘can-do’ attitude and commitment that makes Irene a visible angel,” says President Dr. Richard Gray. And after 26 years of hard work, loyalty, and dedication to La Salle High School, Irene retired on December 16, 2016. For many, it’s hard to imagine Irene in retirement, especially for Jon Keates, the Director of Institutional Advancement, who had the pleasure of working with Irene for the past five years. “Irene is easily among the most industrious people I’ve ever worked with, and among the most attentive too. She was the tribal memory of the Advancement Office. Irene not only remembered which volunteer chaired which event or which committee over the past 20 years, she would also recall the names of their children and their grandchildren. She had a keen nose for detail and the diligence of an accountant.” says Jon. Since retiring, Irene says she misses the relationships that she has formed with everyone, especially those she worked the closest with. “Their friendships and warm hearts are something that I will always cherish. We were always there for each other in the Lasallian community and willing to lend a hand when needed,” says Irene. As she walked through the halls of La Salle one last time Irene reflected on all the memories and moments she has experienced during the past 26 years. “The memories will stay with me forever. It was very touching to have everyone come out of their offices to say goodbye and give me hugs as I walked out.” Irene is looking forward to the next chapter in her life, she says she plans on taking a breather for now and let things just happen as each day comes. “If and when I get a little antsy then I’ll come up with something. But no matter what happens the horizon looks bright and I’m looking forward to basking in the warmth.”

Jenné Hakanen

For 25 years Jenné has been the unfailing foundation of the Mathematics Department. She has served as Department Chair numerous times and for many years, she taught not just the standard five classes but six. She also made time to be a volleyball coach and for decades, the senior class moderator and senior graduation event director. All this being said, it is her classroom instruction that her students best love her for – they know she is always in her classroom during each break and lunch and that she will not turn them away. Jenné has attended many Lasallian retreats and leadership programs over the years and she certainly lives the Lasallian mission. She is also the proud mother of two recent La Salle graduates Taylor and Julia from the class of 2015.

spring/summer 2017


faculty tribute

Fred Riley

Coach, Teacher, Mentor By: John Blackstock ’67


he La Salle community lost a great man and coach February 12, 2017. Coach Fred Riley’s passing from an abdominal aneurysm came as a shock to the La Salle community. Mr. Riley, Computer Science Department Chair, taught at La Salle for over 20 years and worked in Catholic education for more than 30 years. He touched many lives through his roles at La Salle as computer teacher and cross country and track and field coach. Coach Riley led the Lancers to numerous league, CIF and State titles in his 20 plus years at La Salle. He made a major impact on the lives of hundreds of student-athletes (including his son, Westley who graduated in 2007) who have gone on to do phenomenal things. Our traditional Lenten support campaign for our Twinning School in Nigeria has been re-named Riley’s Race 4 Change and a plaque for the Showdown winners commemorating Fred’s passionate support for this Christian Brother’s school in Africa has been created. In addition, La Salle has established the Fred Riley Memorial Fund for Track & Cross Country to provide

La Salle colleagues at Fred Riley’s Memorial Service were, from left, Mr. Pat Bonacci, former Principal, Mr. Westley Riley ‘07, Mrs. Tamara Flowers, Chair Board of Trustees, Mrs. Joyce Riley and Mrs. Courtney Kassakhian, Principal.



Fred Riley coached over 200 varsity league champions, earned 22 league titles and saw 219 CIF event finalists capture 24 CIF titles. Fred shown with state champion Daniel De La Torre ’13, who is currently running for UCLA.

professional development for Track and Cross Country coaches now and in the future. Coach Riley’s former athletes and assistant coaches Chris Ring ’01 and Kjersti (Housman) Holyfield ’04 have been named the new Head Coaches of Track and Cross Country respectively. Coach Riley will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. We have received hundreds of messages through the Alumni Office regarding the passing of Coach Riley. They have all been touching, but one seemed perfect to pass along as we grieve the loss of our colleague, friend and teacher. “Mr. Riley always advised us to not try and run a sub-second half split. He said to just go out strong and you’ll be able to achieve more. Fred always went out strong and achieved oh so much. Taken too soon, but he used every moment that he had to the fullest. I will miss his humor, his laugh, his even keel, his smile and his passion for the success of those under his care. Rest in peace Mr. Riley, yours was a race well run.”

To make a donation to the Fred Riley Memorial Fund for Track & Cross Country go to

faculty update

lasallian educator of the year By: Courtney Kassakhian, Principal


ackie Robinson said, “A life is not important except for the impact it has on the lives of others.” At Founder’s Day Mass we celebrated St. John Baptist De La Salle whose life had a tremendous and positive impact on so many throughout the world and over the centuries. At La Salle, we are always trying to follow in his footsteps and serve our students as best we can. To celebrate that, the Lasallian Educator of the Year Award is given annually to a faculty member or administrator, chosen by the faculty, who exemplifies the qualities of St. La Salle… specifically meeting the following criteria: A dedicated and committed individual who is a qualified educator; An educator who understands their own dignity as a child

of God so that he or she can pass this on to their students; A person who cherishes and cares for their students like an older brother or sister, and, above all, someone who is committed to a life of faith and prayer so that they can teach their students in the spiritual life, instilling living values. Without a doubt, our recipient this year exemplifies these criterion. Those who nominated this year’s recipient described our honoree this way: He’s at everything! Sports, plays, and more. His door is always open, and I can see that he cares so much about the lives of our students here at La Salle. This teacher is always available to his students and is positive and loving to everyone. He is willing to offer his time to either tutor, help a student who is having a tough day, or just show interest in his students’ lives. I think he represents everything this award stands for. He helps students develop intellectually, spiritually, and as humans. Our honoree has been associated with La Salle High School for many years, as both a parent and a teacher. Although teaching is not his first career, it is the perfect career, as he clearly loves teaching and being around young people. Additionally he is a wonderful colleague. I know St. La Salle would have been proud of this educator. We are proud to honor this teacher who has been serving this community of students and who now becomes our newest Lasallian Educator of the Year. The entire La Salle community congratulates Mr. Scott DoVale, our 2017 Lasallian Educator of the Year.

St. Joseph the Worker Award


he St. Joseph the Worker award was created last year to honor a staff member (non-teacher or administrator) who has been a member of the school community for at least five years. The following criterion were used in selecting this year’s recipient • Manifests daily actions that support the Mission of the school; • Demonstrates a steady commit ment to fellow workers and students by exhibiting patience, understanding and humor; • Is flexible with one’s time and is willing to assist others; • Participates in the co-curricular life of the school • Is selfless in not expecting any recognition. Faculty and staff members nominated a deserving individual who meets the established benchmarks, and I can’t agree more with the person they chose this year. Here is how different members of this school communi-

ty described this year’s recipient of the St. Joseph the Worker Award: Very compassionate, understanding, helpful, caring, hardworking, and just awesome! This person is one of the most adaptable, approachable, and inclusive staff members. Supportive to both the faculty and the students. This person supports retreat programs, athletics, and more. She is someone I rely on. This person does so much for the school and our students. She never stops working and giving. And she does all this with a smile on her face. Who else would deal with the two most unenviable jobs on campus, subs and copy machines, all while doing everything else she is asked to do. For literally her whole life, this person has been a part of the La Salle community: She first came to La Salle as a child hanging out on campus while her dad worked, then as a student, and now as a staff member. She truly embodies the words Learn, Serve, Lead, and we are very grateful to have her at La Salle. I am pleased to present the St. Joseph the Worker award to, Mrs. Teresa (Ring) Elmslie-Britt ‘03.

spring/summer 2017


alumni reunion

Class of 1967 T

50 Year

he Class of 1967 celebrated their 50 Year Reunion on May 24-25, 2017. The festivities kicked off with a Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening at Matt Denny’s Ale House in Arcadia. Thursday morning the class gathered at their Alma Mater for their Golden Diploma Presentation which took place during Senior Presentation in front of the student body, a poignant event for Lancers 50


years apart to share the same stage. That night the Class had a private Reunion party at a private venue in Pasadena. In total, 30 members of the Class were in attendancemany of whom had not been back to La Salle since the day they graduated. To make it even more special, two faculty members from 1967 were also in attendance at the Reunion events: Mr. Jim Brown and Brother Raphael Patton, FSC.

Alumni in attendance at the Reunion Party the night of May 25th included, standing, left to right: John Blackstock, Peter Luiten, Bob Wiedenfeld, Paul Pfau, Warren Fox, Tim Steinmeier, Alan Sielen, Jim Reedy, Mark Harris, Glenn Willumson, Brian Kneier, Chuck Mispagel, Jeff Weigand, Ron Veronese, Larry Brown, Frank Zwart, Mike Hartfield, Brother Raphael Patton, FSC, Joe Feeney, Frank Kromka. Seated, left to right: Ken Simonian, Jim Brown, Tom Anthony, Dennis Sweeney, John Huntley, Eloy Ituarte, Jack Belcher, Jim Elko, Paul Seymour.

Golden Diploma p r e s e n tat i o n

Alumni in attendance at the Golden Diploma Presentation on May 25th included back row, left to right: Jim Brown, Ken Simonian ’67, Frank Kromka ’67, Alan Sielen ’67, Paul Seymour ’67, Ron Veronese ’67, Eloy Ituarte ’67, Frank Zwart ’67, Peter Luiten ’67, Mark Harris ’67, Warren Fox ’67, John Blackstock ’67, Brother Raphael Patton, FSC. Seated, left to right: Jim Reedy ’67, Brian Kneier ’67, John Huntley ’67, Jeff Weigand ’67, Bob Wiedenfeld ’67, Chuck Mispagel ’67, Jim Quandt ’67, Jack Belcher ’67.



Lancer Legacies Class of 2017 Legacies included, left to right: Katerina Esquivel ’17 (daughter of Max ’83), Sebastian Beltran-Moeller ’17 (son of Greg ’84), Jonathan Clarizio (son of Orlando ’81), Nicholas Mirasol ’17 (son of Rafael ’80), Harrison MacDonald (son of Kirk ’85), and Justin DeMesa ’17 (son of Dustin ’96).

Athletes for Kids Continues to Score BIG

By: Jade Rogers ’01

“Athletes for Kids,” a nonprofit organization founded by Ken Moscaret ’73 and his wife Liz, continues to grow and score major points, and in 2013 received the public endorsement of the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks. Mike Flood, the Vice President of Community Relations for the Seattle Seahawks has watched “Athletes for Kids” grow. “It brings so much joy,” said Flood to the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter in 2015. Flood, who has been a strong supporter of “Athletes for Kids” since the beginning, stood next to the Moscaret family on the Seahawks field when Ken and Liz accepted the Spirit Award for “Athletes for Kids” in 2005 and 2013. Back in 2008 Ken Moscaret was featured in Lancer Magazine’s “Making a Difference.” The article, titled “Ken Moscaret ’73 Makes a Difference One Child At A Time,” talked about how he and his wife Liz created “Athletes for Kids,” which helps children with disabilities, and their families, by providing those children with high school athletes as mentors. Established in 2002, “Athletes for Kids” started with eight high school athletes as mentors and by 2015 that number jumped to over 600 high school sophomore, junior, and senior athletes who have been trained to mentor and help those children with disabilities, half of whom have autism, with life-skills, selfconfidence, and selfesteem. “I believe that young children benefit from having an older friend as a mentor. The mentors have a unique impact on the children because of their athletic status in the community. These mentors are like ‘angels’ who are ‘changing lives, one child at a time,’” said Ken back in 2008. Since 2002, “Athletes for Kids” has served over 1,200 kids in the Seattle, Washington metro area and has received contributions and support from The Steven E. Kurtz

Liz and Ken Moscaret co-founder of Athletes for Kids

Foundation and named an Expert Partner by Mentoring Works Washington. “The program helps isolated children learn confidence; it also instills patience and acceptance in high school athletes. If you’re going to bring one friend into their life, you want it to be the one kid their peers will notice,” said Ken to the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter in 2015, who has now since retired from “Athletes for Kids” after 15 years as its Board President. “I felt it was time to turn over management of the organization to people who were on the Board with me. But I’ll always be associated with ‘Athletes for Kids,’” says Ken who has perfectly demonstrated La Salle’s mantra Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve. Ken learned the importance of leaving a legacy and the spirit of giving after leaving La Salle, which taught him to not just talk about making a difference, but to actually do something about it. Ken and Liz Moscaret did just that with “Athletes for Kids.” If you currently live in the Seattle, Washington area and know a high school student athlete who would be interested in becoming an “Athletes for Kids” mentor or if you would like to find different ways to volunteer or donate, please visit the “Athletes for Kids” website

spring/summer 2017


who knew?

L ancers

Yesterday & Today By: David Soltis ’90 with John Blackstock ‘67


hen La Salle High School, Pasadena, opened its doors in 1956, one hundred freshmen, all from the area’s Catholic elementary schools, began a great tradition of educational excellence that continues today. Life was quite different then with a gallon of gasoline selling at 25 cents, a dozen eggs 28 cents, and a pair of kid’s shoes was about six bucks. While the freshmen class of 1956 might not have had direct interest in these items, they may have been attracted to some of the fast food outlets that had been exploding throughout California. Bob’s Big Boy (1949) was a popular hangout, and today’s Lancers can still enjoy a burger at Top’s (1952) or a pizza at Domenico’s (1960). Other restaurants that still pull interest are Sandwiches

by Connal (1958), Fox’s (1955) and Pie & Burger (1963). Color televisions were a new thing in the late 50’s and competing for viewers were shows like I Love Lucy, Dragnet, Alfred Hithcock Presents, Candid Camera, and The $64,000 Question, among others. The Ed Sullivan Show, The Steve Allen Show, and The Jack Benny Show gave audiences a chance to see pianist Nat King Cole sing and show off his “beautifully sculpted work of art” (referring to his hair – as Henry Louis Gates, Jr. put it) or Elvis Presley shake himself into the consciousness of America. The lowest cost of



one of the then new color television sets was close to $500, a rather large sum comparatively. A few lucky Lancers were able to see the 1959 Dodgers beat the White Sox in the baseball World Series on color TV! A record player went for about $80 and a 78 record to play on it went for 78 cents but increased to 98 cents in the later ’50s. Vinyl albums can still be purchased at Canterbury Records on Colorado Boulevard that opened its doors in 1956 not far from La Salle. Another interesting comparison is this: in the late 50s the average (median) house cost about $12,000 and the average (median) income was around $4,000. This is a three to one ratio compared to a few years ago where the average (median) price for a house was around $250,000 and the average (median) income was around $50, 000, a ratio of five to one. Homes near La Salle today typically sell for close to one million dollars. Some other interesting trivia of the mid-to-late fifties that might pique a reader’s interest is as follows: Disneyland opened in 1955 and in 1960, OPEC was created. Also in 1960 was the first televised presidential debate. President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower called on Congress to open America’s doors to 220,000 immigrants a year and welcomed some 7000 refugees to the United States and said that this nation is proud they came here in their time of need. Things that have come and gone: the

Berlin Wall (the construction of which began in 1961) and Fidel Castro, who came to power in Cuba in 1959. While many teenagers (and adults) in the country mourned the deaths of Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper in 1959, the country’s outward focus was, among other things, on the Suez Canal and on the Soviet Union. The Kruschev/Nixon “Kitchen Debates”, as they were called, were less about the pros and cons of capitalism and communism, however, even though they were described as such, but more like two children trying to out-impress each other. Like Elvis, kids and adults alike could shake their hips with the hula hoop, which was made available for consumers by 1957. Before that in 1956, the Frisbee, another product made by Wham-O, was brought to the market.7 If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing a Frisbee (imagine one of the heavier, denser types) hurled across a long field – let’s say in a game of ultimate Frisbee upon a soccer field – then perhaps we can see that Frisbee as a metaphor, the illusion of time stopping, the aesthetic of promise, a gracefully hovering promise hurled through space, from one secure human hand to another. The image of the hovering Frisbee, however, might bring to mind the image of the Sputniks of the late 50s loitering in outer space or the United States’ U2 surveillance plane bombed by the Soviet Union or something more abstract like the looming cold war. Inwardly, the country struggled with segregation laws. For African Americans, promises hovered in legislation, but the

actualization of these promises required a fight. Perhaps Muhammad Ali, who won the boxing title in the 1960 Olympics in Rome, is an apt representation. One could see such promises in the courage of the Little Rock Nine, who with military protection were able to attend a white school in Arkansas in 1956, and Authurine Lucy, who under federal direction was able to attend a white school in Alabama. Eisenhower himself would release his politic response: “I am for moderation, but I am for progress. Let’s don’t try to think of this as a

tremendous fight that is going to separate Americans and get us in a nasty mess. Let’s try to think of how we can make progress.” These battles followed the noble actions of Rosa Parks, who in 1955 on a bus, insisted upon her simple, inalienable right, catalyzing a civil rights movement that had been building for decades. Legislative segregation was on its way out but not without turmoil. The aforementioned Nat King Cole was actually attacked in Birmingham, while at his piano (100 white people had premeditated an attack on him), and a white librarian, Faith Bissell, was arrested in Virginia during a debate when she sat down in a section of the Jefferson Junior High School Auditorium, which had been reserved for black people. The demographics of La Salle’s inaugural freshmen class seem to reflect the segregation of the

spring/summer 2017


Direct Distance Dialing (DDD), wherein people could use their (landline) phones to dial directly without going through an operator. Finally, Henry Dreyfuss, a leading industrial designer predicted that it would be possible someday “to talk a letter into a typewriter or dictating machine and get a neatly typed letter out the other end.” Signaling this turn in technological innovation was the 305 RAMAC, the first “Super” computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5 MB of data, launched in 1956 by IBM. It is safe to say we’ve long surpassed these predictions in technology, and today’s Lancers can enjoy an array of diversity and opportunity unlike anything before. La Salle has certainly changed since 1956 with country at the time [85% white, 10% Hispanic, 5% other (Black and Asian)] as did the Pasadena public schools. It would be about 15 years or so before Pasadena’s White Flight spread its wings. La Salle’s current demographics shows a significant change in diversity: Asian & Pacific Islander 17.4% Latino 21.3% AfricanAmerican 4.8% Caucasian 36.2% Other/ Multi-Racial/Decline to State 22.2%. Other promises floated across the country in the ’50s. Eisenhower’s successful presidential campaign in 1956 ran on the slogan of “Peace, Prosperity, Progress”. The World’s First Female Prime Minister was elected – Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, and a safe polio vaccine was made available. The late fifties saw a boom of predictive optimism too, especially in the field of technology. At the institute of Radio Engineers Convention in New York 1956, an engineer described a tape head that would be able to record the frequencies of video, making it possible to record TV programs on tape. There was also talk of



the addition of numerous buildings and academic wings coeducation and football and iPads, but our Lasallian values remain the same. Today’s Lancers will still have foreign and domestic affairs to think about and to wage opinions on; there will be time to fight the good fight. Perhaps they can squeeze in a few friendly games of Frisbee.

Alumni News, Weddings & Births




Joseph Siefke is a retired senior geologist and has been working as a mine reclamation consultant. He and his wife Sandy live in Apple Valley.


Michael Johnson is semi-retired and resides in San Luis Obispo. He recently published a book, entitled “Inmate 651, One of the Lucky Ones” about his birth in a mother/ baby home in Ireland and how he got to America in 1949. The book is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback. Last October, Michael was invited by the Irish Government to present evidence and speak before The Irish Investigation Commission on mother/baby homes covering the period from 1922 thru 1965. He is planning on doing a 2nd edition in the near future.


Bob Wiedenfeld worked in agricultural research for Texas A&M University and retired in 2009. He is currently an adjunct Chemistry Instructor at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio. He and his wife Gengie have four grown children and seven grandchildren. Charles Mispagel is in his 8th year with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. He lives in Las Vegas and enjoys visiting his two adult children and five granddaughters. William Morehart is the owner of California Blending Company and is a real estate investor. He is still involved in drag racing and boat racing in the Pacific Northwest. He has three grown children, eight grandchildren and lives in Bodfish, CA.

Michael Chezik retired in 2011 after 40 years working for the military and federal government as a fish and wildlife biologist and environmental protection specialist. He and his wife Mary Ann have been married for 38 years and live in Sicklerville, NJ. They have three children and two grandchildren.

Class of 1968 50 year

reunion celebration

Save the Date May 23-24, 2018 More information coming soon! Make sure your contact information is up to date with the Alumni Office at

Peter Luiten moved to Kauai in 2004 where he is an active realtor and does the occasional custom woodworking and remodeling project. He and his wife have been married for over 35 years. Jim Elko is retired after 35 years in the banking industry, 30 of which were with Union Bank. He now devotes most of his energy to community service and is actively involved in smart growth, sustainability and urban planning issues. Jim resides in San Diego. John Huntley worked as a broadcast engineer and is now an ordained permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. He is currently assigned to St. Rita Parish in Rockford. Ron Veronese retired in 2011 but continues to do consulting work. Between he and his wife Denise they have seven children and seven grandchildren. Ron and his wife reside in Meadville, Pennsylvania.


Michael Genovese has been awarded the American Political Science Association’s Distinguished Teaching Award for 2017. This marks only the 5th time in its history that the APSA has given out this award. Michael

is currently President of the Global Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University, a professor of political science and Director of the Institute for Leadership Studies on campus.


Curt Rybaczyk has retired after working in the tv news business for nearly 40 years, 32 of those years spent with ABC/Disney. He has a young grandson and is looking forward to finding a new direction for his life.


Rodney Nishikubo has moved back to California from Florida and is working as a human resources analyst for Molina Healthcare, Inc. He resides in Gardena.


Sean Sansone is the managing director for Hopkins Global Advisors, a commercial real estate company in Irvine. He has two children, Riley ’18 and Sophia ’19, and lives in San Gabriel.

north-south reunion The third annual North-South Showcase Alumni Reunion took place on the vista above Bill Martin’s ’68 ranch and Duffy Dignam’s ’68 abode. Showcase folk from the west coast enjoyed stories, films and, of course, excellent country fare. The next gathering is slated for March 2018. Top, left to right, Randy Paquette ’68, Patti Fender Paquette, Greg Ladesich ’66, Jack Belcher ’67, Bill Martin ’68, John Blackstock ’67, Dennis Haupt ’69, Rhonda (McGrath) Hull, Karen Sexton, Jane Dignam, below Duffy Dignam ’68, Mike Hartfield ’67, Tim Manning ’68, Athena Charis Manning.

spring/summer 2017


Class of 1977 Reunion The Class of 1977 celebrated their 40 Year Reunion on the patio at Matt Denny’s Ale House in Arcadia. Those in attendance included Back Row, left to right: James Schaft, Doug MacCourt, Mark Rettig, Dan Hernandez, John Hoffman, Mike Helin, Wayne Avjian, Ulrich Dreyer, Mike Hornbuckle, Howard Kent, Dan Sullivan, Mark Brennan, Robert Sympson. Seated, left to right: Bill Ruiz, John Burke, Sean McDermott, Paul Bigley, Pierre Dupuy.


Kaycee Fortanasce graduated with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2015 from Azusa Pacific University. She finished her post-doctoral fellowship in trauma recovery services at the Loma Linda VA Hospital serving veterans with PTSD and teaching spiritual practices and mediation techniques to help resolve occurring trauma and invasive trauma memories. She is currently working as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychology assistant and lives in San Diego.

Nathan have two children and reside in Scottsdale, AZ.


Natalie (Koester) Mosley is a physician with Parkview Medical Center in Colorado.

Camille Clark works as a product manager for Robert Half, a staffing and recruiting company.


Laura Kistler started working for Heartland Alliance in June 2016. The organization seeks to end poverty by working with marginalized communities. Laura is a residential instructor in a program that works with unaccompanied minors that have a mental health component to their case. The program’s goal is to reunify the participant with family or sponsors in the United States, while she teaches English and core subjects. The participants also are provided with clinical support during their stay in the program.

Eric Carlos is a property and casualty risk engineer for Chubb Insurance and lives in Dallas, TX.


Colleen Miller works as a recruiter for Facebook and lives in San Francisco.


Julian Schoen graduated with honors from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in Modern Literature and Portuguese. He now owns his own business as a music manager and music publicist.

Cory Charles is the co-owner of Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC in Ventura.

Phil Rios is the owner and managing attorney at Professional Lawyers Group, a civil litigation, exclusive personal injury law firm. He has a step-daughter Mya (10) and he and his wife Nayeli have a son Philip, Jr. (2) and live in San Bernardino.


Melissa (Fong) Bouma works in advertising as the vice president of performance marketing for Manifest. She and her husband

Gabriel Lara earned his Master of Science in Health Care Administration from Cal State Long Beach.

Lauren Harding received her Master’s in Communicative Disorders from the University of Redlands in 2012 and is working as a medical speech-language pathologist. Kyle Wylie has a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Biology from UC Berkeley and is currently attending medical school at Indiana University.

David Bekoff works in film marketing as a post-production supervisor for the Trailer Park company. Erin Gripp earned her Master of Science in Engineering Management and Information Systems from Southern Methodist University and works for Deloitte Consulting.

abel jimenez ’91 A sergeant with the LA County Sheriff’s Department, Abel Jimenez ’91, was awarded the Medal of Valor on October 24, 2016 at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. This award is the highest honor a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department can receive. It is awarded to persons who distinguish themselves by displaying great courage, above and beyond the call of duty, in the face of immediate, life-threatening peril and with full knowledge of the risk involved. Abel joined the Department in 1997. After graduating from the Academy, he was assigned to Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Inmate Reception Center, Century Regional Detention Facility, Industry Station, Parole Compliance Team and Transit Policing Division. In 2015, he promoted to Sergeant and was assigned to East Los Angeles Station, where he is still currently assigned.



2017-2018 Alumni Association Events We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events. For more info visit or follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

december 2017

november 2017 11/22 - Class of 2012 Five Year Reunion @ 7:30pm (Café Santorini) 11/24 - Alumni Flag Football Tournament @ 10am (Kohorst Field) 11/24 - Alumni Volleyball Game @ 10am (Duffy Lewis Gymnasium) 11/24 - Alumni Basketball Game @ 5:30pm/7pm (Duffy Lewis Gymnasium) 11/24 - Class of 2007 Ten Year Reunion @ 7pm (El Cholo) 11/25 - Alumni Water Polo Game @ 11am (Arcadia County Park)

Amelia Weinstock earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University and is working as a 5th and 6th grade advisor at Aveson Charter School. Cassandra Regelado graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Economics and is working for the non-profit Arizona’s Children Association. Alex Chan

graduated from Auburn University with a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies. He is in a tenure-track position at the University of Maryland’s 4-H Youth Development Program, overseeing Prince George’s County youth development activities for which he was recently featured on NPR. The program helps local teens understand and cultivate healthy romantic relationships, avoid abusive relationships, and build communication skills. Matthew Hill is working as a program manager for a parole reentry program.

12/9 - Alumni Adopt-A-Family Gift Wrapping Party & Santa Visit @ 10am (Grinstead Theatre)

january 2018

1/6 - Alumni Soccer Game @ 10am (Kohorst Field) 1/6 - Alumni Baseball Game @ 10am (Arcadia County Park)

MARCH 2018

3/4- Alumni Drama Production @ 4pm (Porticos Art Space) 3/24 - Taste of La Salle @ 6:30pm (La Salle Dining Pavilion & Atrium)

Erika Privett works as a toddler teacher at Discovery Days Early Learning Center in Pasadena. After receiving her BA in Fine Arts, she went back to school to take courses in child development at PCC and realized that working with children is what she was meant to do. Dexter Bryant

studied at the University of Missouri Science and Technology where he played football and received a degree in Technical Communications with a minor in English. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. Dexter worked for MasterCard World Wide for six years before he left to establish his own clothing company called DapperGodz. Designed in Los Angeles with inspiration from New York City, DapperGodz products are handcrafted with the finest materials giving each piece a unique look and a one of a kind custom feel.

in June 2017.


Angela Arunarsirakul participated in Nusantarun, Indonesia’s largest


Nicole Winters received her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UC Irvine

steven andrÉs, ph.d. ’94 At the end of February, Steven Andrés, Ph.D., ’94, gave a presentation at La Salle on staying safe online with an emphasis on social media myths and mistakes. In conjunction with his information security colleague, Jeff Zingler, the duo held the attention of the entire student body and dozens of students stayed after the presentation to ask questions and seek advice about a career in cyber security. Dr. Andrés is the founder of Special Ops Security an information security professional services firm based in Newport Beach with Fortune 500 clients around the globe. An inventor of U.S. Patent 8,201,257, he is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and earned the distinctions of Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). In addition to his for-profit endeavors, Dr. Andrés is a professor of Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism within the Homeland Security Masters Degree Program at San Diego State University. His published works include his dissertation on Disposable Social Media Profiles and their impact for anonymous and un-attributable speech within Arab Spring countries, his Master’s thesis on Fourth & Fifth Generation Warfare, as well as three commerciallysuccessful published books on information security. As a freelance writer for PC World Magazine, his articles on security best practices reached 4.5 million print subscribers and were syndicated worldwide by IDG and its online affiliates to over 15 million.

spring/summer 2017


Alumni Adopt-A-Family Wrapping Party & Photos with Santa Don’t miss this alumni holiday tradition! 10am-12pm

Saturday, December 9, 2017 Linda M. Grinstead Theatre Get in the Christmas spirit wrapping gifts for needy families and foster children (no previous wrapping experience required) and bring your family, kids and pets to meet Santa! Hot Cocoa, Donuts, Holiday Music, Santa and Presents- what more could you ask for?

More info online at

charity ultra-marathon, that took 200 runners on a 145km course from Cirebon to Purwokerto. The race raised over $150,000 to build a much-needed school in the latter city. Angela is currently an assistant language teacher at a public high school in Nagasaki, Japan. received her Bachelor’s Rita Kazarian degree in Biology from UC Irvine and is now accumulating work hours to start her Master in Medical Sciences as a physician’s assistant. Melissa Miller was named one of the 2017 honorees for Cynopsis Media’s Top Women in Digital as a Rising Star. The third annual Top Women in Digital event took place on March 21st at NYC’s Yale Club. Julia Barrero has a new job in the financial technology industry as a product marketing manager for Fundbox in San Francisco.


Gabby Paredes graduated from the University of Oregon in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Kim Rolan graduated from UC Riverside in 2015 with a BA in Sociology.

Roque Valiente graduated from USC with degrees in Economics and International Relations. He is working for American Express as a portfolio analyst.

Charlie Powers received his degree in Design Media Arts from UCLA and is working as a performance art assistant at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Sterling Shuster graduated from LMU with a degree in Film and Television Production and recently earned her MBA in Marketing as well.

Lauren Kisich graduated from LMU in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Animation and a Minor in Studio Arts and now works as an illustrator at Margaritaville Apparel. Lauren continues to work with a local Beatles tribute band producing promotional art and designing merchandise, with bigger projects currently underway. She works with other independent musicians and bands, such as LA rock group King Washington, which has led to more promotional artwork, merchandise opportunities and animated music video partnerships.

Elizbaeth Sepetjian graduated from LMU and is working as an audit assistant for Deloitte & Touche. Julia Frisina graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Religious Studies and is currently teaching at La Salle High School. Teddy Dondanville earned his BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2015 and is currently working on his Master’s in Sociology at Illinois State University. Henry Smither earned degrees in both civil engineering and finance from Lehigh University and is now working as a leveraged finance analyst for RBC Capital Markets, a global investment bank, in New York City.

Johnny Hyche received BA’s in History and Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz in 2015 and is currently a Master's of Applied Anthropology student at the University of Maryland College Park. Andrew Sandoval graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Economics in 2015 and is working as a life insurance agent for the Knights of Columbus.

danielle lao ’09 A former USC Trojan and two-time NCAA All-American in tennis who is currently playing on the women’s professional circuit, Danielle Lao ’09, was presented with the 10th Battalion Alumni Athletic Award at the 2016 Homecoming Football Game. Her senior year, Danielle was ranked 3rd in California and 8th most valuable recruit in the country. She signed to play for the USC Trojans on a full athletic scholarship but before she enrolled in USC, she played a year on the International Pro Circuit as an amateur. When she officially became a Trojan in 2010, she took her freshman year by storm being named the ITA Southwest Region Rookie of the Year and was selected to the 2010



Leanne Bishara graduated from UC Riverside in 2015 with a degree in Psychology and is now working on her PhD in psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Travis MacDonald graduated from USC with a BS in Business Administration and is currently working as a Publicity Coordinator at CW3PR. Luke Piscitello graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Public Relations in 2015. Hayden Hancock graduated from Oregon State with a BS in Applied Economics, emphasis in environmental economics and policy, in 2016. Nick Crow graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BS in Cognitive Science. Austin Acres earned a Bachelor’s in International Business from St. Joseph’s University and is working as an account manager for Burdge Cooper, a commercial printing company. Kevin Graves graduated from Fort Lewis College with a BS in General Physics. He is now attending San Diego State where he is working on his Master’s in Nuclear Physics. He is also a laboratory instructor on campus in the Electrostatics/Magnetostatics and Circuits Lab. Sophie Ratkovich graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and is now working as a project engineer for the Western Allied Corporation. Jackson Delany-McCudden graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor’s in Music Education and is currently working on his Master of Music at Loyola. Jackson freelances as a trumpet player and music teacher. Nichole Fitch graduated from Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths, University of London with a BFA and is self-employed as an artist. Kamelyn Bovinette graduated from Oregon State with degrees in Digital Communication

Arts and Spanish. She is now working as the communications director for a tech startup called Hooked. Courtney Cucchissi is currently studying urban and regional planning at Cal Poly Pomona.

groups to help the students prepare for their exams. Keira (Rachel) Wight had the opportunity to meet and photograph United States Senator Elizabeth Warren in April during her book signing

Tara Roberson graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Accounting and is working as an account manager in client services for Houzz. Jeffrey Cross is a teaching assistant at UC Santa Barbara while working on his PhD in Economics. Peter Gibbs graduated with a BA in English from Santa Clara University and is a technology teacher at Delta Vista Middle School. Darryl Oliver earned his BA in English from Oregon State University and is working as a 6th grade teaching assistant at Los Encinos School.

of This Fight is Our Fight at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. In addition to her freelance work, Keira is currently the webmaster at La Salle.

Garry Goebel is working as an account executive for Balboa Capital. Natalie Vega graduated from USF in 2015 with a BS in Kinesiology and began working as a physical therapy aide at Select Physical Therapy in Los Angeles. Natalie is currently attending Western University of Health Sciences to earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Josette Maskin and her band MUNA selfreleased their debut EP, More Perfect, on Bandcamp and Soundcloud in 2014. Its success led to their signing by RCA Records in the United States and Columbia Records in the UK. RCA released their self-produced debut major label EP, Loudspeaker, in May 2016. Their debut full length album, About U, was released on February 3, 2017.



Amelia Garrison has moved to England to pursue a MPhil (Master’s of Philosophy) in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Amelia had previously been working for the French Ministry of Education as an assistant high school English teacher in the south of France. The French Ministry of Education hires recent graduates from other countries through Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF), a highly competitive program to supplement their foreign language program. Amelia was a resource for the English teachers, making presentations on current events and topics, and working one-on-one and with small

Cassidy Rey has been accepted to the University of San Diego where she plans on getting her Master’s of Arts in Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She graduated from the University of Denver in June with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Communications after four successful years on the varsity soccer team. Shane Tierney will graduate from Arizona State University in December with a double major in Business and Criminology. He is already working in Prague at The Prague Visitor, the only printed arts, entertainment and events magazine in English in Prague, as the head of their sales

10th batallion honoree USTA summer collegiate team. As a junior, Danielle ended the season ranked No. 18 in the nation in singles and No. 76 in doubles. She earned ITA All-American honors for singles and was selected to the All-Pac 12 Second Team for the second time. Danielle entered her last season at USC as Captain of the team ranked No. 14 in the nation in singles and No. 40 in the nation in doubles. She helped the Trojans bring home another Pac 12 Team Championship and was named Senior of the Year. Danielle graduated from USC in 2013 with a BA in Communications and embarked on her professional tennis

career where she has continued to bring home championships in both singles and doubles. She has had a WTA career high singles ranking of 193. In 2015, she and her partner (Jacqueline Cako) earned a bid into the US Open Doubles Main Draw by winning the US Open Playoffs. In 2016, she played her way through qualifying to earn herself a spot in her first US Open Singles Main Draw. Danielle has also authored a book, “The Invaluable Experience” which depicts her journey as a NCAA athlete. The book reached the best sellers list for three weeks on the Amazon tennis section.

spring/summer 2017



department. Shane is pictures third from left, standing, with his fellow co-workers in Prague. Alexandra Astorga graduated from Jackson State University where she played Division I soccer for the Tigers. Alexandra earned a BS in Biology and is currently studying for the MCAT with plans on attending medical school. Liam Buchanan graduated from UC Irvine with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Katrina Palffy graduated from the University of Oregon on June 19th with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in marketing and a minor in economics. Kara Donahue graduated in May from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a minor in Elementary Mathematics. She is now teaching fourth grade at Paradise Elementary school in Las Vegas.

Jackie Torrez, a swimmer at George Washington University, was named Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Week for the third time. She earned the honor after guiding the Colonials to a 166-132 victory over George Mason, capturing solo victories in the 200-yard butterfly (2:05.61), 200yard breaststroke (2:22.45) and 400-yard individual medley (4:30.60), as well as two second-place finishes. Jackie is the second women’s swimmer in program history to earn Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Week honors three times in one season. Samantha Hardy was hired as one of 39 tour guides out of 450 applicants at USC last year and to make the cut as a freshman is an even bigger deal! Sam was also the photographer for USC’s Victoria’s Secret PINK team and is a proud member of the POP Pilates club. Maddy Malicdem has joined the ASUC at UC Berkeley which prides itself as the most autonomous student government in the nation. She also works as a staff member in one of the ASUC Senator’s offices. Emily Wright is a sophomore at the University of Redlands where she is majoring in Theater. Her hard work in acting class and her involvement in department activities brought her to the attention of one of the senior professors who needed a Guildenstern for his adaptation of “Hamlet.” Emily got the part and they had a very successful run in Redlands, and revived the show in August at the Endinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the Intercollegiate Theater Competition.


Elijah Griffin was selected as one of four California Legislative Black Caucus

$2,500 Scholarship and laptop recipients. The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) Scholarship Program was established to assist deserving students by offering financial assistance to help meet educational expenses. Elijah was recognized during Assemblymen Chris Holden’s annual block party for the 41st Assembly District on August 5th. Elijah is currently attending Grinnell College.

Weddings Marianne Reifer ’01 and Kirill Kulikov were married on March 11, 2017 in Newport Beach. Lasallians in attendance included Veronica Blum ’96, Christine Reifer ’97, Jill (Trousdale) Barr ’01 and Pat Bonacci, Vice-President for Mission. Marianne is the development director for the St. Francis Center in downtown Los Angeles. She and Kirill reside in Long Beach. married Michael Casey on Alyssa Stefek ’05 May 28, 2016 at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles after getting engaged on Catalina Island in 2015. Their wedding party included Patrice (Cardamone) Veyna ’05, Amy (Neff) Holst ’05 and Anthony Napolitano ’02. Alyssa works as a freelance photographer and the happy couple resides in Duarte. Katja Nelson ’08 married Peter Winsky on August 28, 2016 at Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles. Alexandra McLennan ’08 served as Maid of Honor. Katja earned her Master of Public Policy from UCLA’s Luskin

2016-2017 alumni service award Marisa Sanchez ’08 was presented with the Young Alumni Service Award in front of La Salle’s student body during the Catholic Schools Week Liturgy on February 3, 2017. Marisa is currently working on her PhD in biomedical sciences, focusing on intensive cancer research. Marisa’s sister Alessandra passed away in 2012 from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and since then Marisa has dedicated herself and her studies to cancer research, striving to find a cure. While working on her Ph.D. Marissa mentors high school minority students interested in science and teaches third grade science once a week to deaf and hard of hearing students. In the last two years she has raised $5,500 for cancer research by running full marathons, half marathons and participating in charity bike rides. For her embodiment of the La Sallian mission of “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” we are proud to honor Marisa with the Young Alumni Service Award. Marisa is pictured at right with Ed O’Connor, P’16, ’17 Director of Student Life. 58


School of Public Affairs in June 2015 and works as a policy specialist in the Government Affairs Division at APLA Health in Los Angeles. Peter is completing a doctorate program in the Department of Slavic, East European & Eurasian Languages and Cultures at UCLA.

Births & Adoptions Frank Herrera ’86 welcomed twin boys on December 2, 2016, Lucas (left) and Alexander

(right). Lucas was 18 inches, 5lbs., 11oz. and Alexander was 18 inches, 6lbs., 11oz. Frank and his family reside in Doral, Florida. Johnny Vallejo ’91 and his wife Veronica welcomed their newest addition, baby Chase, on July 16, 2016. Johnny and Veronica live in Seal Beach and have four other children; Elena, Curren, Emma, and Cooper. Brian Robertson ’97 and his wife Meghan welcomed their daughter, Lelia James Robertson, on December 25, 2015. Brian is currently running his own company with a partner doing technology and cloud consulting

for businesses. The company is called Atlas IP with offices in Eagle Rock and Newport. Brian and his family reside in South Pasadena. Siobain (Courtney) Cruz ’00 and her husband Jonathan welcomed their baby girl on Christmas Eve. Camila Jane Cruz was born on December 24, 2016. Siobain and her family reside in Sierra Madre. Rick Reed ’00 and Jessica (Berry) Reed ’00 welcomed their daughter, Olivia Marie Reed, on January 3, 2017 at 7:45am weighing 8lbs., 13oz and 22 inches long. Big brothers Mason (4) and Parker (2) are very excited. Jessica also recently accepted a new position as manager of the General Surgery Residency Program at Huntington Hospital. Lauren (Gibbs) Isola ’00 and her husband Chris are excited to announce the birth of their son, Jack Gibson Isola, who was born on August 2, 2016, weighing 8lbs., 11oz. and measuring 21 inches long. Fellow La Salle alum Auntie Mandy (Gibbs) Branam ’03 has been happy to offer her babysitting services. Michelle Jeffries ’00 and her fiancé Justin Spring welcomed their son, Caswell Jennings Spring, on January 28, 2017 weighing 6lbs., 2oz. and 18 inches long. Nicholas Martinez ’02 and Amber (Aloi) Martinez ’02 welcomed a baby girl, Dylan Nicole Martinez, on August 17, 2016.

Thomas Mendez ’04 and his wife Wendy welcomed their daughter, Kennedy Scarlett Mendez, on February 10, 2017 weighing 7lbs., 8oz. and 18 inches long. Jessica (Gordon) Miller ’05 and her husband Dan introduced a new baby to their family on December 26, 2016. Liam James Miller was 6lbs., 9oz. when he was born. Big sister Kailey is enjoying her new brother! Emily (Cairns) Roffe-Silvester ’05 and her husband Henry welcomed their first child on May 28, 2016. Daisy Mae was born in Australia and although she hasn’t quite picked up the Aussie slang she has gorgeous red hair to match Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru). Daisy was christened twice, with the first ceremony taking place in the UK and the second celebration in San Marino. Nam Pahn ’05 was named Godfather and also in attendance to celebrate the christening was Whitney Westphal ’05. Chelsea Henley ’09 welcomed her first daughter, Eleanor Aline Henley, on November 16, 2015 at 4:51pm at Huntington Hospital. Weighing 7lbs. and measuring 21.5 inches in length, she’s already grown into a curious and excited toddler.

class note correction:


Matt Velasco completed his Ph.D. in Anthropology at Vanderbilt University in 2016. His dissertation focused on the archaeology of mortuary ritual in the ancient Andes prior to the rise of the Inca Empire. He is currently a Mellon Post-doctoral Associate at Cornell University and began an appointment as Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the same university this academic year.

Lancer Alumni & family gathered At the 2017 Rose Bowl Game Left to right: Ryan Rettig ’94, Wayne Avjian ’77, Mike Marlatt ’75, Ed Larson, Mark Rettig ’77, P’07, Mike Hornbuckle ’77, Emileigh Rettig, Robert Strasser ’75, Tim Kane ’84, Scott Rettig ’74, Jay Cali ’86, guest, CJ Rettig ’19, Tom Radle P’17, Scott Rettig Jr., Blake Proudfit ’86, Nicholas Strasser, Chris Rettig ’84, P’19, Sergio Escalante ’75, Jay Crews ’86. Bottom Kneeling: Robert Strasser Jr.

spring/summer 2017


The Last Word John '67 and James Blackstock '65 in the Vatican Museum.

St. La Salle in Vatican A

Founders Statue by Cesare Aureli, 1904 in upper niche of the nave, near the main alter, St. Peter’s Basilica.


t the end of the Jubilee year of Mercy in 2016, three Lasallian “Brothers’ Boys,” myself ’67, James ’65 and Jay ’70, along with our wives, made a pilgrimage to the Holy Doors of Mercy at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. During our visit we toured the Vatican Museum and ran across the painting of St. John Baptist de La Salle titled, “The founder teaching class” by Cesare Mariani. We discovered that it was presented to Pope Leo XIII in 1888 at the beatification of St. La Salle. It was truly a thrill to see it after viewing it in so many Christian Brothers’ publications. My 16 years at La Salle and eight years of study in Christian Brothers schools, has led to a deep understanding of the philosophy and Catholic dedication of this saint. It has influenced my life more than I would have imagined. I can only hope that you, as a member of the vast Lasallian family, may have an opportunity to see this wonderful paintings and experience the absolute beauty and wonder that the Vatican holds. “The Brothers” also traveled to Pope Francis opens the Door of Mercy at Assisi to see the Papal Basilica of Saint The Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican. Francis of Assisi as tribute to the Holy Father. The basilica in Assisi also was celebrating the Jubilee and we passed through the Doors of Mercy there as well. We visited three other Jubilee basicallas while on pilgrimage in Italy.

he Jubilee was declared in the papal bull of induction, Misericordiae Vultus (Latin: “The Face of Mercy”). It was the 27th holy year in history, following the ordinary 2000 Jubilee during John Paul II’s papacy. After Pope Francis opened the Holy Door of Mercy in the Basilica of St. Peter, marking the official start of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Holy Doors were designated in every diocese throughout the world, and were located at the diocesan Cathedral or at other popular church shrines. Pope Francis broke with tradition allowing local Holy Doors during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, so that Catholics could gain the plenary indulgences granted during the Jubilee year without having to travel to Rome. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels in Los Angeles and Mission San Gabriel Arcángel in San Gabriel were designated with Holy Doors of Mercy.



By: John Blackstock ‘67, Editor

Why We Are Proud To Be Lasallian W

hen Saint John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719) opened his first school in Reims, France in 1679 he was convinced that without Christian schools the children of France would be lost both to the Church and to society. At that time, most children had little hope for the future. Moved by the plight of the poor who seemed so “far from salvation” either in this world or the next, he was determined to put his own talents and advanced education to work for the poor children of France. To be more effective, he abandoned his family home, renounced his wealth and his position as canon, and formed a new community of lay religious teachers, The Brothers of the Christian Schools. We are proud to follow in the footsteps of Saint La Salle because he was an innovator in the development of teacher training programs and in curricular and pedagogical practices. Teachers ranked with servants in seventeenth century France. De La Salle, however, recognized that teachers stand in a providential and grace-filled relationship to children. He designed curriculum and wrote practical and effective textbooks infused with gospel values. He also was one of the early Catholic proponents of universal education. Although de La Salle’s schools were primarily for the poor, they attracted children from families of differing economic backgrounds. However, he tolerated nothing of the social segregation which was the practice of the day. He prescribed uniform management procedures for classroom instruction for students from all social, economic and academic backgrounds. At La Salle High School, our Lasallian teachings are

rooted in Catholic values to nurture talents so that each student reaches their maximum personal potential, to inspire in students a sense of responsibility for others in a real world environment, to challenge our students to embrace diversity and to motivate our students to respond compassionately to the needs of others, especially the poor. We are proud to be Lasallian as the term comes from the name of John Baptist de La Salle. The Brothers honor him as their founder and the Catholic Church honors him as a saint. Even more, in 1950, Pope Pius XII declared him “Patron of All Christian Teachers.” We are proud to be associated with the Patron Saint of teachers and the largest religious order in the world dedicated exclusively to teaching. The De La Salle Christian Brothers are part of a worldwide educational movement with over 1,000 schools within which 3,835 Brothers and 92,000 Lasallian Partners teach over 1,000,000 students in 77 countries. It is an education without borders. These schools serve nearly every ethnic group and religion around the world. To quote Brother John Johnston, FSC, (1933-2007), former Superior General of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, “No institution... can justifiably use the label ‘Lasallian’ unless the students are learning to be brothers and sisters, not only among themselves, but also to and for others, particularly those in need.” Yes, we are proud to be Lasallian.

For more information go to

La Salle High School

3880 East Sierra Madre Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91107-1996 Address Service Requested Parents of Alumni: If your son or daughter no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Alumni Office of their new mailing address. You can call 626.696.4362 or email

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