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Antonio Rosales

Elena Farreras

SUMMER IN THE CITY We’re staying right here. Again. It seems as though it’s the same story every year: the days of amazing light, comforting heat, brightly coloured vegetation and the wonderful smell of the ocean arrive and we are reminded once more of just how good it is to stay where we are! It’s a perfect time to unwind, and also a time when all our senses are heightened, and we’re much more aware of everything around us than at any other time of year. Summer brings with it an endless source of luminous energy, which, somehow, means we never feel tired. We’ve been saying for a long time now that

volcanoes…the list goes on and on. What have I missed? Ah, yes, the climate – the mildest in Spain, along with the

on offer. It’s true that I have to stay here, but I promise you that even if I had the choice, I’d still prefer to stay right where I am. What about you? And don’t forget to keep following us on our social media pages. We’re preparing an event guaranteed to make this year’s summer even more special. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it…

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Davinia Suárez Armas

The designers who took part this year were Nieves Barroso, Virtudes Langa, Ondademar, Aurelia Gil, Banana Moon, Red Point, María Mía, Carmen González (Gonzales Underwear), Dolores Cortés, Nuria González Swimwear, Arcadio Domínguez, Como un pez en el agua, Phobos Bodywear, Elena Rubio, Miss Bikini, Antonio Sangoó, Gottex, Alida Domínguez y Lenita y XTG.

GCMC SWIMWEAR FASHION WEEK things are hotting up... Madrid, Paris, New York, Milan... if these cities all have their fashion weeks, Gran Canaria, with its Swimwear Fashion Week – Moda Cálida – wasn’t going to be left behind ... A new instalment of the swimwear fashion show, proudly showing of the best from the Canaries, and, let’s say it, the best in Spain, introduced us to the very latest models over the course of four days. This year’s event, more professional than ever, was celebrated in La Plaza de la Música in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the capital city) for two days and then, as on previous occasions, two days in ExpoMeloneras in the south of the island. Obviously you can’t please everyone, and this year, just like every other, during and after the catwalk shows you hear all sorts of comments (good and bad). Everyone has

their own particular set of expectations and objectives, from bloggers and members of the press to designers and models and, of course, the general public. Everybody wants to get as much as they possibly can from the event, which is hard work. What people should really focus on though is the projection – that’s what GCMC is about: showcasing the talent of the designers from the islands and the island itself, through an event where the designs take centre stage. GCMC is basically this and more, it’s also about tourist promotion, given that thanks to fashion, Gran Canaria itself has become fashionable. The catwalk has served two purposes – to showcase the island as a whole, and to present swimwear designs. And following a marvellous week, the results have been very successful indeed. The decision to

change locations brought the event to a new audience, while the children’s fashion show, after three years of development, has become very popular – 11 brands took part this year. Several events take place throughout the year to promote the fashion industry in our islands’, although it’s true that the catwalk show at SFW puts the icing on the cake. This year, for the eight emerging designers – both local and international – from International Talents made the display of talent on show even greater, if that was possible. The fashion shows of established designers that took place in ExpoMeloneras showed us once again what makes each of them stand out, although this year we missed the presence of some of those who decided only to showcase their children’s collections.


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Robot smashes Rubik RecoRd

typing in thin aiR

Eighteen-year-old Mats Valk from Holland is the current human holder of the World Record for solving the famous Rubik’s Cube puzzle. He took the title last year at the Zonhoven Open in Belgium, when he took just 5.55 seconds to solve the classic 3x3x3 cube. But if you thought that was quick, think again. Earlier this year, the Cubestormer 3 robot solved pRinted food the puzzle in an incredible 3.253 seconds with the help of a Samsung Galaxy S4 during the German company Biozoon aims Big Bang Fair in the Birmingham, making it to provide a solution to creating the fastest time ever taken by a robot nutritious meals for elderly people, to solve the world-famous cube of through the use of a 3D printer, making endless possibilities but only lives considerably easier, especially those one solution. living alone or who have problems swallowing. Investigators at Biozoon are using molecular gastronomy to create food that can be “printed”. The printer works the same way as a conventional

Up to now, we’ve had the laptop keyboard, the computer keyboard and the small tactile screens on our on). But now we have another option, and, by the looks of it, a good one. AirType is a gesture recognition system that, through the use of special hand-held bracelets, allows us to write on an invisible keyboard. Providing we know the position of the keys on a standard keyboard, nothing else is needed. The air is the keyboard! AirType comprises two hand and have the ability to adapt to our way of typing. It seems to be the perfect alternative for those who use a tablet in the workplace.

edible but when it’s eaten it quickly dissolves in the mouth, avoiding any risk of choking. Strange but true. How long will it be before every household has one?

an emotional Robot

Japanese company SoftBank hopes to make the home a key area for the use of robotic applications, and with that in mind have introduced Pepper; a small, human-like robot that they aim will become a part of everyday life, to help with daily chores and also to show emotions. Yes, seriously. The company has not revealed exact details regarding the artificial intable oR fish bowl? telligence used, but has said that it uses an “emotional engine” and a cloud-based artiUp in the air is a striking new offerficial intelligence system that allows it ing by Spanish contemporary home to analyse gestures, expressions and furnishings company Viccarbe. The devoice tones. People could, says sign for this series of original and quirky SoftBank, communicate with it side tables by Ramón Úbeda is a delicate cylinjust like friends and family. drical white lacquered table with small handmade surface of the table top is a patented ecological resin - an invisible, UV-resistant material with advanced technical characteristics that creates the visual tables are available in different versions depending on the type and number eyes or telescope).

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Changing Colour for a good Cause

a new pink bottle as a symbol of its solidarity with an initiative to support the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). The company has released two million of these new bottles and all proceeds will go to providing psychological support to cancer patients and their families. Alongside the launch, the headphones company has also launched its “Drops for football fans of Solidarity” campaign throughout Taking advantage of the 2014 World social media sites, encouraging Cup and the huge importance of footusers to send messages of ball around the globe, Bang & Olufsen has support to those affected. released limited editions of their Form 2i and BeoPlay H6 headphones.Teaming up with Pepsi, they have created a capsule collection called Live for Now Limited Edition, a special line of headphones that combines the sport of football, the inspiration the most original Camera of art and the creativity of fashion. Four of the You know what a pinhole camhottest street artists in the world right now era is, right? It’s the simplest camcollaborated on the collection, creating era possible, and consists of a small, timeless yet edgy editions of Form 2i. lightproof and airproof box, some sort An exclusive limited edition of the luxurious BeoPlay H6 has also acts as the lens. In world now dominated by digibeen released. tal photography, there are still a few companies not wanting to follow the crowd, such as Lomography or Leyca, who want to give their products an original edible water touch by reverting back to the pinhole camera. Nopo is a good example of this - a beautiful, Three environmentally s handmade device that not only takes pinconscious Londoners have come hole photographs but is also made out up with a solution to plastic water of wood, with a retro design that is bottles. It goes by the name of Ooho sure to delight many. and is an edible container, a capsule of water as it were, which you eat whole. The gelatinous membrane is made from marine algae and is perfectly harmless, and, even better, causes no harm whatsoever to the environment. The students behind the idea took the membrane bye-bye, jet-lag! of an egg yolk for their inspiration. An A new mobile application called excellent –or should we say eggEntrain promises to help comcellent idea, don’t you think? bat sleep-related problems caused by travelling across time zones. The anti-jet lag app has been designed to help frequent travellers who suffer from sleep problems associated with changing time zones and to adjust their body clocks to the new, different times. The app has been developed by the University of Michigan and is based on synchronising circadian rhythms with the correct time of day, depending on the itinerary we have. It is currently available for iPhone only.

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Violeta Balducci

Five or so years ago, no one really rated him at all. Back then, Matthew McConaughey was a handsome guy with enviable pecs, attractive Californian highlights and a captivating smile, and the star of a string of romantic comedies to cry over on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the sofa, including Failure to Launch or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But then something happened. Just as the directors and actors working closely with McConaughey come to realise, Matthew has a trait that is not all that common in the world of entertainment...

...he is seriously clever

MATTHEW M c CONAUGHEY That being the case, it was only a matter of time before things would begin falling into place. There’s no doubt that Matthew McConaughey had a clear goal in sight. Around the time he reached 40 (he’s 44 now), he realised that he was in a position where he was able to choose, so he decided to take his time and carefully select scripts that really interested him. He didn’t pay much attention to what he saw as minor within the romantic, cushy sector that he had received steady strings of offers for in previous years. At this turning point, McConaughey put his maturity as both an actor and a human being to the test, throwing himself into roles that really moved him, or that delved into really complex characters.

The definiTive acTor A perfect example of this – although it means working backwards from his latest work is his role in the HBO TV series True Detective playing Detective Rusty Cohle. This performance truly marks a milestone in his career. McConaughey managed to understand and portray all of the character’s darkness and philosophical outbursts to perfection. Initially seen by the director of the series as ideal to play the (nicer) role of Detective Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson’s character), McConaughey became obsessed with Rusty Cohle and kept on insisting until he got the part. In fact, his stubbornness and tenacity are starting to become quite well known in Hollywood. The film that earned him an Oscar for Best Actor this year, Dallas Buyers

Club, had been in the pipeline for over 20 years, and it was McConaughey himself who pursued the role of homophobic, drug addict and AIDS sufferer Ron Woodroof until he got it. To play the part, Matthew didn’t hesitate to undergo a gruelling starvation diet that saw him lose 20 kilos in just four months, however according to McConaughey the weight loss cleared his mind and made him see things much clearer. Still visibly thin, his frame is one of the acting medals he wears with pride, something he has earned for being a true actor in every sense of the word. The change But the question is: why? What made Matthew McConaughey, an actor who could have stayed perfectly comfortable in his roles as a charming lothario, decide to devote himself to the more complicated and tortuous job of playing dark, disturbed characters? The answer comes from several directions. His marriage to the Brazilian model Camila Alves in 2007 and the subsequent arrival of their three children changed him dramatically. The new responsibilities of parenthood stirred up many emotions within him. It placed his feet firmly on the ground, as he himself said, and at the same time it opened up his heart and mind to contemplate other things. Suddenly, the different human personalities that he’s witnessing as his children grow and the many different possibilities that open up when choosing one life path or another, have made him reflect on his need to understand and conquer new acting challenges.

But according to McConaughey the important thing is that it’s not a case of him being on a roll, not at all. The last two years of spot-on career moves are down to a conscious decision to accept only those roles that really shook him up, roles that, in many cases, he had no idea how to interpret. And they all happen to be anti-hero roles; real human beings, full of contradictions, capable of being both the best and the worst kind of people, depending on the circumstances. But they all shared a noticable lack of morals.

Family liFe While it’s clear that it only served to develop a seed that

pay checks for his work.

before and after in his personal life and his career. At the same time that he was happily caught up having and raising his children, he had also decided to give his acting career the shake-up he believed it needed. For a long time it was hard-

But there are two factors that he places even more importance on: sincerity and motivation. At 44 years of age, the actor admits that he has never felt as alive as he does now. His Interstellar, in which he aims to achieve both factors mentioned, leaves the fans wondering one thing: Will he manage it again? Seeing him act and listening to what he says, it is clear that the challenges of raising a family or losing 20 kilos to get into a role are two sides of the same coin: both encourage him to challenge himself to his limits – if, that is, he has them.

looked very bleak indeed for McConaughey. He says that his children gave him the strength and motivation to focus on the present moment and since he had no time to look back, all he could do was have faith in the future. According to Matthew, children are an excellent education in learning to live day to day, solving any problems that may crop up at the time, without really thinking of anything else. Ultimately, his family has made him see what’s truly important in life.

The roles oF change: Killer Joe (2011) Mud (2011) Magic Mike (2012) The Paperboy (2012) Dallas Buyers Club (2012) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) And the television series True Detective (2013)

A very close-knit gang, the McConaughey-Alves family

These have all been decisive in producing the dramatic shake-up in Matthew’s career. His part in Interstellar (upcoming release) has sparked speculation among fans, although all evidence points to it being yet another example of the incredible change in this unpredictable actor.

change in McConaughey has been his family. He has freely admitted that the arrival of his son Levi, 5, daughter Vida,

With three trailers of his own spread out across the United States, McConaughey and his entire family move around location living like gypsies, and, according to the actor, very happily, too.


mcconaissance Yes, that seems to be the latest term used to describe McConaughey, referring to his dramatic acting rebirth as it were. The change in him has been so remarkable (especially when you remember that he was previously known as McBeef) that the term actually suits him perfectly, and it certainly makes McConaughey smile. He is, nevertheless, quick to reject the idea of being pigeonholed as a martyr to quality roles at the expense of mammoth fees. Not at all. He bursts into laughter as he assures that the idea of making money really doesn’t offend

we recommend HARD ROCK CAFE TENERIFE Barely three months have passed since the official opening of Europe’s largest Hard Rock, and it has already become one of the most visited places in the south of Tenerife places. Located in the Arona Pyramid, right in the heart of Tenerife’s golden mile, the Avenue of the Americas, Hard Rock Café Tenerife offers not only authentic American cuisine, but a rock experience from start to finish that is guaranteed to move you.



THE CONCERTS We are never without music. Every week you can enjoy performances by successful local bands in the main hall, and, to pay homage to the greatest musicians of all time, Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife frequently organises tributes to The Beatles, Queen, Elton John and Barry White, among many others. You’ll find all the information on our social networking pages.

QUALITY AMERICAN CUISINE Goodbye to the myth that the restaurant is only for tourists - who doesn’t enjoy an authentic burger, a delicious salad or tasty BBQ ribs accompanied by good music? And that’s just for starters. At Hard Rock Café Tenerife, every dish on the extensive menu is carefully prepared using the finest quality ingredients. And with servings that are much more generous than you usually find in Tenerife, even the largest appetites will be satisfied. And a quick word of warning: it’s impossible to resist the dessert menu.

THE TOP TERRACE: WHERE THE NIGHT BEGINS Located on the first floor of Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife is The Top - one of the coolest terrace bars on the island. While it’s also the perfect place to enjoy a daytime cocktail, The Top has become the nightlife venue of choice in the south of Tenerife. Exclusive and unique, with live DJ sessions, performances, an impressive cocktail list, a gin tonic cart and spectacular views, it’s the perfect place to start your night. Open until late. THE TOP TERRACE BAR



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Violeta Balducci

America’s newest sweetheart Or perhaps we should say latest fling? Because we all know that in the land where dreams come true, stars are born and fade at the same rate as big blockbuster movies are released. For some, Emma’s luck is simply incomprehensible: a woman with nothing all that striking or remarkable about her – she’s neither excessively pretty or a sex symbol, nor is her talent overwhelming. In fact there’s nothing that really stands out about her at all, and yet when her image pops up on the big screen, the box offices explode...

Born in 1988 with the name Emily Jean, Emma is of Swedish descent and her family changed their original surname Sten to the more American Stone. She’s also a natural blonde, and curiously, one of very few natural blondes who dyes her hair. Why? Well, according to what she tells her friends, “It’s much more fun being a redhead”. Seen in the industry as something of a jester who likes to fool around, everyone that knows her agrees on one thing: Emma is a fun-loving woman who under no circumstances wants to be seen as a sex bomb. And let’s be honest, she doesn’t really have the potential for it anyway. But it’s good when an actress knows how to adapt to fit their own career. Intelligence is a value that is generally on the decline, especially in Hollywood, so this little sign of wisdom puts her a step up in our books. And in any case, she doesn’t need sex symbol status to help her earnings. Forbes magazine has ranked as the most bankable actress of the star system in 2013, followed by Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence. She has recently been criticised for her skeletal appearance and defended herself saying that she finds it very hard to gain weight, but the gossips claim she is suffering from the typical stress faced by stars and the pressure from studios who don’t accept figures that break with their mould even the slightest little bit. Andrew GArfield As usually happens in the showbiz world, Emma is currently dating her co-star in The Amazing Spider-Man saga. Yep, Spidey himself, Andrew Garfield, and Emma have been an item almost since the first day filming began on set, back in 2011. It looks like a typical case of love at first sight; clearly, the girl that still cries when she shoots a film with an acting legend such as Bill Murray, immediately caught the attention of less emotional (like all good Brits) and more serious Garfield, with whom she has managed to create a wonderful, stable relationship. Some say that the

doomsayers always like to mess with other people’s happiness. Emma is also among the chosen cast to star alongside Colin the South of France. emmA And fAme Everybody says the same thing, which makes us wonder whether Really, do you? But in Emma’s case, after a little investigation, we’ve reached the conclusion that she actually means it. She certainly explains it very well: “When people say something to at you and make you feel like an animal in a zoo, then it is scary and strange, because it is alienating. When they approach you and treat you like a human being, that’s when a connection is made.” The girl who used a PowerPoint presentation to explain to her parents that she wanted to move to Los Angeles to become an actress knows only too well that that you have to take opportunities when they arise and for this we must pass several hurdles. She’s not yet had a major setback in her career, but assures us that “to take a leap and fall requires a

Stone’S film career:

2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 –

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Sarah Hutchings

With hi s permanently messy ginger hair, carefree appearance, features that couldn’t really be described as handsome and an ever-present stubble, Ed Sheeran i s not t he ki nd of guy t hat y o u ’ d p o i n t o u t i n t he s t re e t and s ay “He looks like a pop star” . A n d he c o u l d n ’t c are l e s s a b o u t t hat fac t – but t hen, i f your al bum wa s nu m b er o ne ar o u n d t he wo rl d , from Australia and the US to Egypt, Israel and South Africa, would you?

ED SHEERAN the anti-pop star

At just 23 years old, Edward Christopher Sheeran is already something of a phenomenon. Five years ago he was playing in small clubs and selling his own CDs to get by: now, at the time we go to print, Ed’s new album, X (Multiply) is currently number one in 65 countries around the world. Read that again. Sixty-five countries. StratoSpheric SucceSS Inspired to play the guitar after watching Eric Clapton on TV, Ed admits he lacked focus until he discovered music and started writing songs. At just 16 he decided to leave his family home in Suffolk to chase his dream in London, where a combination of being both very sensible and incredibly determined (and, let’s not forget, ridiculously talented) proved very successful. After a brief stint in LA and an appearance on Jamie Foxx’s satellite radio channel, the Foxxhole, Sheeran landed a record deal.

“I’ve always said that I want to be known as the nicest and hardest working guy in the industry,”

His commercial breakthrough came with the release of his first studio album + (Plus) in 2011, which included tracks such as Lego House, The A Team and You Need Me, I Don’t Need You. The album earned him Brit Awards for British Solo Male Artist and Breakthrough Act, as well as a Grammy Nomination for Song of the Year for The A-Team. Following the success of +, he decided to postpone releasing a second album and to try instead to follow the likes of Adele and attempt to crack the notoriously difficult US market. Three sell-out concerts in Madison Square Garden are just one example that prove that this ambitious ginger warrior pulled it off. Aside from singing his own material, he has also written or is writing for Taylor Swift, One Direction, Usher, Demi Lovato and new boy band Rixton, among others. Sheeran’s eagerly awaited second album, X (Multiply) was recently released in June and immediately became the fastest selling album of the year in the UK, selling 182,000 copies in a week, beating Coldplay’s record for Ghost Stories, which sold 168,000 copies when it was first released in May. The album includes Afire Love, a sweet ballad written in memory of his grandfather, who died

from Alzheimer’s and Tenerife Sea – which, rumour has it, is for Taylor Swift (T.S), and listening to the lyrics that makes more sense, as it’s got virtually nothing to do with Tenerife or the sea… But perhaps the most talked about song is Don’t, a bitter track about romantic betrayal by a high-profile ex-lover, generally believed to be Ellie Goulding. The pair dated for a time, and she is rumoured to have cheated on him with one Direction’s Niall Horan. “I told the person there was a song to warn them,” Sheeran explains, “and they said ‘expected that’. It’s 100 per cent true. I don’t hold grudges. I’m completely over it. I’m fine with the situation. It was just quite an insulting thing at the time. And I felt the need to express myself I guess.” “I could have gotten nastier,” he adds, “there was more s**t that I didn’t put in.” Bearing in mind that Ed admits to playing all his music to Taylor Swift and Elton John to get their advice, we couldn’t help but wonder what Taylor thought of Don’t: “She said she’s glad she’s never p***** me off,” he laughs. celebrity FriendS Ed’s list of famous friends is enough to make anyone green with envy. And the nicest part is that they are genuine friendships. Elton John adores him, Taylor Swift is his BFF and he’s very close to both Jenifer Aniston and Courtney Cox – Ed even played cupid by introducing Courtney to his friend and flatmate at the time, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid. The couple got engaged in June this year. Superstar of the moment Pharrell Williams is also a huge fan, recently calling Sheeran “one of the most important singersongwriters of our time”. “To find a guy with an incredible dexterity and articulation with his fingers and guitar is super rare. And he is hardly ever recognised for his vocals, but they are incredible. When I first met him I was like, ‘Oh man, I want to work with this kid. I see something, he’s incredible.” Ed confesses to being pretty confused that the Happy singer was so eager to work with him, but the results speak for themselves. Ed’s latest single, Sing, which was co-written and

produced by Pharrell, went straight in at number one single in his home country. Recalling when he began working with Pharrell, Ed says: “I went in that morning and checked iTunes and #1 was Get Lucky and #2 was Blurred Lines and I thought ‘I’m sure he’s got somewhere more important to be than in the studio with me’.” A modern english gentlemAn Talent aside, perhaps the nicest, most endearing thing about Sheeran is the fact that there is no sign of pretence about him – what you see is what you get. He can’t be bothered to think of the most media-savvy response to questions when being interviewed, and seems genuinely surprised, if not overwhelmed, by his enormous popularity. Self-confident without being arrogant, it’s clear to see that “I do pinch myself,” he says. “I grew up listening to John Mayer and Jason Mraz and the other day, I got emails from them. Stuff like that blows my mind.” And while so many in his position embark on a freefall into selfdestruction, attracting media attention for all the wrong reasons and using their fame as a ticket to get into all sorts of trouble, this easygoing country lad is clear about the kind of artist and the type of person he wants to be. “I’ve always said that I want to be known as the nicest and hardest working guy in the industry,” he says. And he’s on track to achieve just that. Ed is very conscious of the fact that getting caught behaving badly could end up in lost record sales. “It’s the time of being professional and polite,” he says. “Radio stations aren’t going to play you if you show up late. You have to be respectful and do your job.” In fact, and as a perfect demonstration of how atypical a pop star he is, when he and a group of friends returned to his hotel room after a Grammy Awards party in Los Angeles this year, they grabbed pretty much the entire contents of the room and filled the bathtub. But when he woke up the following morning and took a look


around, Ed says he felt “so bad” about the fact that someone was going to have to clean it all up that, in his own words, “I literally de-trashed my room and put it back to normal. If I trash a hotel room, will anyone like me more?” Old beyond his years, he even has a 10year plan mapped out. “I know this isn’t going to last forever,” he says. “Now is the time when I’m making my musical statements and being cool and going to parties. But I don’t think I’ll be living this life in ten years’ time.”

The obvious next question in that case is where does he see himself ten years from now? “Back home, bunch of kids,” he replies without even thinking. It’s clearly a plan he’s very serious about.

“If someone tells you to change yourself, tell them to go f*** themselves.”

10 COOL FACTS ABOUT MR SHEERAN: 1. Tickets for his concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden sold out in just three minutes last year. 2. He has two cats: a ginger one called Bellini, and Graham, who he rescued this year. He created a twitter account for his newest addition @GrahamShizza, and often posts on behalf of his feline friend. 3. His mum, Imogen, makes hand-made jewellery, which he sells via his website. 4. His many tattoos include a Heinz Ketchup label, a cup of tea, a teddy bear (his nickname as a child was “Teddy”), and a family tree. 5. His idol is Irish singer Damien Rice, and Damien’s signature, which Ed was given aged 11 is another tattoo on his left forearm. 6. His guitars are male, and they have names: Felix, Lloyd, James, Cyril and Nigel. 7. He likes his fans to be known as “Sheerios” (taken from the breakfast cereal, Cheerios, we presume). 8. Ed has one older brother, Matthew, a classical music composer. 9. He likes to keep his trademark stubble because, he says, he looks “about 12” when he shaves it off. 10. He gave One Direction’s Harry Styles a tattoo of a padlock (Ed actually did the tattooing).

Eduardo Monzón


Between the taste of McDonald’s and the sweetness of McCafé


An advertisement in a Bilbao newspaper in 1997 reporting that “McDonald’s franchise holders needed” was what made Fermín Sánchez (Bejar, 1960), decide to venture into the fascinating world of McDonald’s. “Every day, over 40 million people all over the world eat at McDonald’s, and that is our greatest guarantee,” assures Sánchez, “because for us the important thing isn’t that you come, but that you return.” The best thing about being a McDonald’s franchise holder is... That you represent the best franchise in the world, with a series of controls and demands far beyond the ordinary, which is what makes McDonald’s the number one brand in the world in its sector. I am proud, and consider myself lucky, to be part of this family. What really stands out in your restaurants is... My team, without doubt. I currently have 385 people that are the greatest asset any businessman could have. They all started out as employees in our restaurants and many now hold positions of great responsibility, both in our restaurants and McDonald’s Spain. In fact, some have even set up their own companies backed by us, and they provide us with maintenance support while working for other companies as well. What you’d highlight about the franchise is... The demands placed on everything we do. There are continuous audits, both of the brand and the suppliers, from well-respected external companies. McCafé is different because... You can sample products of the highest quality, like the exclusive blend created by Segafredo for McDonald’s, 100% Arabica, which pleases even the most demanding customers, or the delicious apple and cinnamon muffins, or the caramel, raspberry and chocolate macaroons, the most popular choice. All in a relaxed and modern environment where you can enjoy the products while you browse the internet with our free Wi-Fi. McDonald’s is considered to be an example of a company that complies with Corporate Social Responsibility One of the commitments we have at McDonald’s is to give back to society part of what society gives us. We work on a local, national and international scale with cultural an sports associations, NGOs, and there is one in particular that we are extremely proud of: the Ronald McDonald Foundation, dedicated to accommodate the families of sick children who are hospitalised. Currently there are three houses established in Spain: Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia. This year we will open the fourth in Madrid. All McDonald’s restaurants across Spain donate 0.10% of sales to these homes, and, to coincide with International Children’s Day, all proceeds from the sale of Big Macs (our star product) will be donated to the Foundation. On a local scale, we work with Niño Valiente, Nuevo Futuro, refuge for children from the Sahara, animal shelters and other associations.

there are 11 restaurants and 1 MccaFé in totaL, spread across the FoLLowing isLands:

gran canaria: C.C. El Muelle C.C. Las Terrazas C.C. AlcampoTelde Vecindario (2) Playa del Inglés Puerto Rico

Fuerteventura El Castillo

Lanzarote Matagorda Biosfera





And who better to give us advice on the matter than Mary Galligan, the former director of the cyber and special operations team at the FBI in New York. The former Bureau worker, who’s now privacy and security consultant at Deloitte, gives us five tips to make sure no one can track us: 1 - Change your passwords once a month, 2 – Give incorrect information when shopping online, 3 – Don’t show ID where your date of birth and address appear, 4 - Do not use banking applications, and 5 - Have an email account just for spam. It may THE SECRETS sound complicated, but Galligan BEHIND OUR SMELL says we should be much more Everyone has their own, unique smell. aware of what we are doing And interestingly, the smell of our breath, and take this matter very sweat or urine can reveal if we suffer from seriously. She assures us any illness or disease. For example, diabetes that in the near future, produces a breath that smells like nail polish we’ll be grateful to her. remover, while a bladder infection can usually be detected by an ammonia-like smell in the urine. Another characteristic smell is a person’s sweat, and it’s through this that we can make out diseases such as Rubella, which produces a smell similar to that of freshly plucked feathers. According to reports by researchers, it has also been discovered that THE FONT THAT SAVES A FORTUNE machines can smell breast cancer and are as effective The majority of great ideas tend to come from children as a mammogram. Dr. George Preti of the Monell or teenagers, who, for some reason, seem to see things Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, is now much more clearly, and much quicker than scientists working with Penn Vet Working Dog Centre or business whizzes. In this case we’re talking about the in an attempt to teach dogs how to sniff discovery of a 14-year old American teenager who realised out ovarian cancer. that he received a much greater quantity of notes when he started secondary school than he was used to receiving in primary school. Trying to find a way to save paper and ink at his school for a science project, he found out that ink is twice as expensive as French perfume. He then investigated the amount of ink used by four different typefaces: Garamond, Times New WHY DO THE SPANISH Roman, Comic Sans and Century Gothic. From his analysis, SAY “JESUS” WHEN the student found that by using Garamond (with its thin THEY SNEEZE? lines), the school could save 24% in ink, which would In the past, centuries ago, mean around $21,000 a year. He soon expanded his sneezing was seen as a calculations to include the country as a whole and came divine warning. Sneezing in to the conclusion that if the federal government used the morning was believed to be Garamond as its official font, it would save 30% on a bad sign, but the opposite was ink, equivalent to saving a whopping $136 million a true of sneezing in the afternoon. year. Seriously, had no one thought of this before? If someone sneezed when they got out of bed or up from the table, something terrible was happening. Likewise, sneezing on the left side was bad and on the right side was good. That’s why the Greeks said “Vivid” (Long live) and “May Jupiter preserve you!”, and the Romans said “Salve”. When Christianity began, this was changed to “Jesus” and in Latin America it ended up as “Health”. As the doctor Avicena once said, prolonged episodes of sneezing is usually a prelude of a disease, so it’s completely normal to try to invoke the help of the gods or your health, to warn them about possible illness.

WANT TO BE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR? Well, just so you know, now you can. That said, you need $150,000. Glenn Martin, an inventor from New Zealand, has spent the past 30 years working on project that is as crazy as it is exciting: a device that makes you fly. With a wingspan of just over 2 metres, his futuristic flying machine can travel at 74 kilometres per hour, and is powered by a V4 200hp engine. It moves thanks to two propellers and has enough fuel to last for 30 minutes. If the pilot releases the controls, the device will automatically activate its propulsion backpack and will remain still in the air. A built-in parachute can also be opened in case of an emergency. Asked about its usefulness, aside from fulfilling the dream of being able to fly of over half the planet, Martin hopes his machine will be used by the police, firefighters, search and rescue teams and, of course, in tourism.

A PLASTIC CONTINENT According to some sources, an entire continent (seven times the size of Spain) exists in the Pacific Ocean made up entirely of... plastic waste. Seriously. It’s estimated that a thousand kilometres from the shores of Hawaii, there is a vortex, which is one of the five in the world, where currents converge due to wind and other marine conditions. And it’s there where this terrible seventh continent is said to be. Scientists have been sceptical about its existence for some time, but biologist Miriam Goldstein of Scripps Oceanographic Institute of the University of California, San Diego, A VISIONARY CHIP has proven that it’s a reality. A small camera mounted onto a pair of glasses and an implanted chip that mimics the function of the retina have been sufficient to partially restore vision in five people who went blind as a result of degenerative diseases in France. The procedure is in its experimental stages, although the results suggest that clinical trials are heading in the right direction. The way it works is easy: the glasses that capture the visual cues are linked to a chip, which in turn converts the images received into electrical signals that stimulate neurons and produce images in the brain. At the moment the implant can only be used in those people with hereditary retinal degeneration. This is because in order for the experiment to be a success, it uses a person’s visual memory to recreate images from the flashes that the brain receives. The device is not therefore suitable for those who are born blind.

BAD LUCK, A BLACK CAT! Despite the wealth of knowledge we possess nowadays about health matters and natural phenomena, many people still believe wholeheartedly in age-old superstitions that no one knows the origins of. A good example is the false belief that if a black cat crosses your path, it brings you bad luck. But where does this fear come from? Unlike the Egyptians, who worshipped and adored cats, Europeans believed in mediaeval times that witches could turn themselves into cats to escape the Inquisition and therefore continue doing evil. For that reason, cats of all colours (not just black) were chased, captured and burned – poor things!

















factsheet Tenerife boasts eight golf courses in total, spread out around the island. Designed by experts, Tenerife offers an attractive, wide variety of options for golf enthusiasts looking to practice their sport while taking in views of Teide or the coast.

Tenerife’s Golf Courses Golf Costa adeje Surprises and delights for the exquisite way it blends in to its surroundings. Pepe Gancedo designed a very unique course, which respects the historic agricultural terraces. With beautiful views out to sea and La Gomera, as well as towards Adeje’s mountains, this course offers 27 holes on spacious greens, with obstacles such as lakes and ravines to overcome. Golf del sur Pepe Gancedo was behind the original course, which was later redesigned by Manuel Piñero to highlight the protected natural spaces that surround this 27-hole course. amarilla Golf Right on the ocean’s edge, landscape designer Donald Steel created an 18-hole course that looks out to sea, sometimes even forcing players to drive the ball over the waves to reach the green. Buenavista Golf This Severiano Ballesteros-designed course invites you to play alongside the ocean, on holes that, at times, give the sensation of hitting the balls out to sea.

las ameriCas Golf Characterised by its layout, rather like a natural views towards La Gomera, this course, designed by John Jacobs, boasts water obstacles that create a refreshing, relaxing environment. tenerife’s real CluB de Golf Founded in 1932, this is second oldest golf club in Spain. Located 600 metres above sea level, it boasts 18 holes of undulating fairways with a spectacular view of Mount Teide. los Palos Golf Centre This 9-hole, par-27 course is a garden of colourful vegetation. Virtually all on the level, and featuring refreshing water obstacles of lakes and streams, it’s perfect for beginners of the sport, or to improve your putt. aBama An exceptional 18-hole course, created by Dave Thomas, that is a genuine work of art. All the holes provide stunning views out to sea and the island of La Gomera. for more information:


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eating out

A sensory delight Its name means Red over the Sea, inspired by the sunsets that we are treated to every day in Costa Adeje, south west Tenerife. Very few restaurants have the privilege of such a magnificent location, which manages to awaken all the senses. Let yourself be captivated by the aromas and flavours of the food, feel the gentle sea breeze on your face, take in the scenery and listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. Could there be a better setting? The restaurant specialises in Italian food, but also offers less traditional, more adventurous dishes on its menu, all perfectly presented, just like the restaurant itself – it’s no wonder that the restaurant has Avenida de las Gaviotas, 4 $PTUB"EFKFŔ5FOFSJGF 922 782 374 - 661 339 390

been seducing the palates of its loyal customers for the past eight years. After recently undergoing a complete refurbishment, which has created a unique, incomparable style, Rosso sul mare is one of Tenerife’s finest, most delicious options when it comes to eating out.


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Verónica Franco

Back in the early 1970s, she could be seen at Communist Party rallies wearing Yves Saint Laurent and debuting her newly released bags made from nylon – a material she had somehow managed to introduce into her grandfather’s tightly controlled company. A material as revolutionary as the lady herself, in a company that had been specialising in bags and accessories made from only the finest leather since 1913. What was the youngest granddaughter of the prestigious Mario Prada doing, hanging around looking dishevelled among the working class and excited students, proclaiming revolution? Well, exactly what she would go on to do again a few years later in 1978, when she inherited her grandfather’s business: revolutionise the fashion industry. Her communist past has all but disappeared, unless we consider the straight lines, plain colours and geometry in her work as a legacy passed down from Marxist ideology...

Miuccia Prada communist, feminist, magnificent She still remains every bit as magnificent as she was, however: her collections are clear proof of this. And as for feminist, well, no more than any other intelligent woman. What we do know for sure is that behind the continuous displays of elegance and symmetrical lines, there is a thinking head, a brain with an acute sense of precision, that manages to keep up with the pace of continuously changing trends, but remaining faithful to Prada’s style – a style she introduced when she took over the family business. A story of love And business In 1977, a cheeky provider caught her attention. Patrizio Bertelli, the owner of several leather workshops working for Prada, was reproducing (without permission, of course) some of the iconic label’s products. Furious at the discovery, Miuccia went to confront him. They met several times, and while only they know what went on in those meetings, the fact is that a year later they were inseparable, and, staying loyal to their ideals, living together unmarried. Smart, hugely to some sources, very arrogant and ambitious), Bertelli was everything Miuccia needed in order for her to be able to leave business matters to one side and devote herself fully to her biggest passion: design. The pair formed a perfect partnership, and one that took just a few years to make Prada what it is today. (It’s worth remembering that until

From 1989 onwards, Prada started to make a name for itself as the most exclusive luxury company in the world. The Prada dimension is an inaccessible area for a very select few, who need more than simply enough money to be able to buy Miuccia’s creations. The company has managed to value something that is both highly coveted and very hard to achieve in the world of fashion: that something special, the X-factor as we tend to call it these days, a blend

of elegance, substance and creativity that is very hard to achieve. The personalities of the two main characters in the Prada story have a lot to do with it, of course, the combination of acute business savvy and an incredible capacity to design was a match made in heaven. And that’s not all. The couple are also well known for their desire to be permanently at the forefront of what’s happening in the worlds of art and architecture. For example, their premises in New York’s Soho and Tokyo are not merely shops, but rather stunning centres of culture, art and communication, designed by architectural firms such as Rem Koolhaas and Herzog & De Meuron. rigour And discipline Perhaps a throwback to her communist phase or as a result of her degree in political sciences, Miuccia’s passion for rigour and discipline are completely embodied in Prada. With an innate business instinct, the couple have realised that what it takes to lead a company forward and make it one of the most profitable, yet at the same time one of the most elegant and unattainable in the sector is an iron hand (with a silk glove). Bertelli isn’t a fan of answering questions, and hardly ever gives interviews, but he is clearly a man who is rigorous when it comes to applying discipline. A highly discreet couple, you hardly ever see them showing off at parties or trying to grab the attention of the cameras, they rarely talk to the media and try to avoid rubbing shoulders with politicians and celebrities. They live in their own little world, evading plastic surgery and making no real attempt to be skinny. They are simply themselves, raising their children, concentrating on art and aiming to be as informed as possible, so that he can continue to ensure that Prada remains at the very pinnacle of the fashion business, and she can keep her head clear enough to create the fertile breeding ground where her collections grow from every few months. The twosome works to perfection.

ChiC AlternAtive If there’s anything that is hard to define it is Prada’s style. We could use the word exclusive, but that doesn’t really tell us anything. High prices often make these items exclusive, simply for the fact that not everyone can afford them. Prada has managed to achieve something one brand an idea of exclusiveness that is not based on the price of their clothes and accessories, but rather in the alternative, intellectual and even artistic air represented by their creations. Neutral tones are favoured and geometric lines are used, along with references to the latest architectural and artistic tendencies, and they run as far as they possibly can in the opposite direction to conventionalism. It’s clear that Prada is not for everyone.

MIu MIu AND PuIg Always called Miu Miu in her home, in 1992 Miuccia created the brand named after her beloved childhood nickname. Conceived as a secondary, less expensive line of Prada, Miu Miu is aimed at more a more youthful, casual audience. The quality of materials and craftsmanship used however bear a strong resemblance to Miu Miu’s parent company. In 2003, Puig, the Spanish fashion and fragrance company, began collaborating with the brand, producing their line of perfumes.


PrAdA is Art Last year, Miuccia received the Leo Award and the Agnes Curatorial Award, granted by Independent Curators International (ICI) in New York, in recognition of team work and for the exhibition entitled When Attitudes Become Form: Bern 1969/ Venice 2013, presented at the 55th Venice Biennale, an ambitious project that reproduced the eponymous 1969 exhibition held at the Bern Kunsthalle in Switzerland. The award was given in appreciation of her work as an independent art curator and for her international activities. In recent years, the fashion house has undertaken several projects related to artistic experimentation and sponsorship. architecture and a sense exclusivity form the mysterious aura that accompanies every product with bearing a certain name. And what’s the name? Prada, of course.


fashion Although traditionally the iconic fashion show of one of – if not the – biggest lingerie brands in the world is held in New York City (and occasionally in places such as Miami, Los Angeles and Cannes), this year it will be celebrated in London, a move that has caused a real stir in the fashion world.

Victoria moves to London

Models and Angels Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel visited London’s Bond Street store in April along with the company’s marketing director, Ed Razek, to announce the big news: the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be held at Earls Court on 2nd December. The show will be broadcast so far to take part is the charismatic British starlet Cara Delevingne. No other the selection process is well underway.

procedures she had put herself through in order to be in top shape for the catwalk show, which included intensive training sessions twice a day, not eating solid food in the three weeks before the show and drinking nothing, not even water in the twelve hours prior to going on stage. In light of the criticism she received, Adriana changed her statement, however it’s widely known that the pressure placed on the models to be perfect is almost up there with the gruelling training undertaken by gymnasts in the run up to the Olympics.

Among other things, having to parade in front of a jury of three people in a bikini and skyscraper heels under the harshest light imaginable, is one of the Even so, the large majority believe that the most important step on their career ladder is to be chosen as a model for Victoria’s Secret. Most of today’s top models started their careers modelling for the company and view taking to the catwalk dressed in their lingerie as a rite of passage, which subsequently opens many doors.

Ed Razek recently stated that the number of women who can dream of becoming one of the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels has been reduced to just 100 from all around the world. The casting process, which many models selection rules including measurements that usually do not surpass 85-61-85; 1.70m to 1.85m tall; aged 18 to 22; silky, balanced features. Last year, Adriana Lima confessed to some of the intense

The show also boasts other features that make it such a unique event. The big names in music fight it out to perform on their catwalk (last year it was Taylor Swift) and we needn’t go into detail regarding the guests – the showbiz world attends en masse, bringing yet more glamour to the already glitzy party. This year, if he accepts his invitation, one of the guests of honour with a front row seat will be none other than Prince Harry, who’s rather wellknown for his appreciation of beauty...


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Grace Rivero

Model, spiritual guide and now Human Barbie. This multifaceted 29-year-old Ukrainian has gone from being the closest living copy of Mattel’s best loved doll to become an icon for hordes of teenagers and an easy target for the media who frown upon her eccentric behaviour. Recently the former model used her Youtube account to show the world what she calls “the true face of the spiritual essence”. In the video, Valeria talked about how happy and fortunate she considers herself to be, and wishes the same to all her critics. She also went on to show her followers that she has no scars, attributing her sculpted anatomy to nothing more than a lot of exercise - 30 minutes of cardio exercises a day. Just three months ago she decided to take part in a Breatharian challenge (a cult



Valeria Lukyanova It’s taken just over two years for “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova to achieve the fame she so desperately craved – and for which she has put herself under the surgeon’s knife on more than one occasion. And, although she strongly denies any surgery or photoshopping, the fact is that the visible changes seen in before and after photos of her face reveal that she has clearly visited the operating theatre many more times than she’d like to admit.

that claims that you can live on microcosmic energy, i.e air and sunlight, alone). She interrupted the 100day challenge by what she called a signal from the universe telling her to stop. This practice presents serious health risks and has been responsible for at least four known deaths over the past 20 years. However, and perhaps surprisingly, this Ukrainian girl, who in 2011 claimed to be just 21 (which doesn’t add up when you consider that she was born in 1985) is not just a pretty face. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in architecture from the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture, and, in the words of her mother, Irina Pashkeeva: “Valeria is a good person, very friendly and sociable. My daughter has been independent since she was 16. She graduated from school and university. She’s worked very hard to get where she is”. Married to Dmitry Shkrabov, her friend since childhood, she has said that she will never have human children, since she belongs to a more spiritual world, and, so she says, has been communicating with other beings through the use of light ever since she was a young child.

And this is really where all of her desire for the limelight comes from. Her spiritual name is Amatue (an Atlantean reference to the Goddess of the Sun) and her powers, aside from communicating with other beings as we’ve mentioned already, range from reincarnation and the ability to travel through time and space to being able to teach others about her knowledge regarding out-of-body experiences – at least this is what she said during an interview with V magazine and in her Barbie Space video, posted on her Youtube channel. This esoteric knowledge is the result of being labelled early on as “having a gift” by a psychologist, combined with the extensive library of books on the subject that her mother bought for her. For her part, Valeria says that all the fame creates a responsibility for her to emanate even more light, positive energy and love to all of her followers, and also to those who don’t follow her. She admits to not being at all surprised that there are those who speak badly of her: “it’s the other side of fame”, she says.


Blat, the purest vodka Most people are of the belief that the perfect vodka comes from Russia, which is a misguided concept. The purest and highest quality vodka is produced in a small Canarian village. Yes, Blat Vodka has been rated as the purest, smoothest vodka on the market in the United States of America. This means that it maintains its traditional taste but avoids painful hangovers. We spoke to Esteban Banús who, along with his brother Fernando, developed Blat Vodka’s distillation process. What does this purity bring in terms of taste? In addition to the elimination of side effects like hangovers, heartburn and general discomfort, which are common the next case, also retains the traditional taste of vodka. Others manage to improve purity through various distillations, but they don’t thanks to our secret elaboration process. And does it mix well with other drinks? It combines better, but not only that, it also brings out the

mixologists in New York.

ESTEBAN AND FERNANDO BANÚS How do you achieve vodka with 0 impurities? Through a unique, secret process we manage to eliminate all traces of impurities (fusel oils) produced during the fermentation - of wheat in our case - to obtain alcohol. This achievement comes through years of experience and dedication, keeping in mind that we are the third generation of a distillers in a business that goes back to 1887. And is Blat Vodka is the only one in the world with such purity? Yes, that’s right. We make sure that each and every bottle of government laboratory tests carried out in the U.S. Other brands speak of purity, but we are the only ones to have gained approval by the U.S. government to put “0.0 mg / l impurities” on our label.

You’ve had overwhelming success in the United States. How has the product been accepted here? Blat has been very well received in America, in fact several famous actors drink it. The press particularly like the story of our relationship with the Hearst family, who own a media conglomerate. They consume it personally, and it’s also the only vodka available in their Sorella restaurant in New York. We’re just starting to market in Spain, but it’s already receiving a warm welcome. Finally, just out of curiosity ... where does the name “Blat” come from? We wanted a short name that is easy to pronounce in most languages, with some meaning to it. The raw ingredient in Blat is wheat, and blat means wheat in Catalan. It also alludes to the origins of our family, although we’ve been based in the Canary Islands for many years and it’s here that the product is made.




Antonio Rosales



The concepT Why not create a hotel where guests can experience nature among the tree tops in exquisite rooms designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects? Well, this was basically the question that led to the creation of this hotel in the region of Harads in Swedish Lapland, a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and the very latest in design have combined to create something very special indeed. Treehotel was inspired by the Swedish film The Tree Lover, where three city men, all friends, return to their childhood roots building a treehouse together. It is a philosophical story about the meaning and importance

trees have on the existence of human beings. Its creators say the idea behind Treehotel is to offer guests an exclusive stay somewhere that is brimming with nature and harmony, where there is no place for stress, and where you can relax and recharge surrounded by indescribably beautiful landscapes. The hoTel The project plans include 24 rooms, six of which are currently completed and available to rent. Each room has been designed by a different Swedish architects studio, and are The Cabin (a container suspended between trees), The Mirrorcube (literally a cube of mirrors), The Bird’s

Imagine waking up in one of the most comfortable beds you have ever slept in, snuggled under a soft duvet, listening to the faint sound of birdsong and a gentle breeze among the pine trees. Imagine a soft ray of sunlight encouraging you to slowly open your eyes, and, when you open them fully and sit up you find yourself looking out at thousand-year old lush green trees, with the river in the background. Imagine you put your feet to the floor and get out of bed. The floor is warm, pleasant to the touch – a smooth, soft wood. The room is spacious and bright, with everything you need. You walk towards the window and the faintest swinging sensation reminds you: you are literally in amongst the trees. You are in one of the rooms at Treehotel.

Nest (built on a base of branches), the UFO (a strange silver oval), The Dragonfly (the biggest room of all, in a dragonfly format) and the Blue Cone (a lovely coneshaped cottage that’s actually red so its name is a bit of a mystery...). In addition there is a spacious sauna, which is also suspended between the trees. All the rooms are accessed by ramps, steps, bridges or escalators, and they are fully air-conditioned, so you can enjoy them all year round.

The experience The hotel is located 50 kilometres from the city of Lulea. On arrival, guests check in at Britta’s guesthouse. Britta,

along with Kent, are the hosts at Treehotel – they also created it. The friendly, cosy guesthouse is also where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, and it is the starting point and meeting place for all of the excursions and tours available, which, depending on the time of year, can be by sledge, horse, mountain bike or on foot. A weekend at the Treehotel can be full of adventure or simply some of the most special days in your life. Many guests just seek the tranquillity and harmony provided by the beauty of the location. A good book, magical views, soothing sounds and perfect decoration are enough to provide you with an incredible, unique experience.



At The ShowRoom Mag, we make no secret of the fact that we love Britain, and London in particular holds a very special place in our hearts. But then, who doesn’t love London? Recently named as the most visited city on earth, it seems we’re not alone in our passion for this magnificent melting pot of countless cultures and endless possibilities. As Samuel Johnson so beautifully said back in the 18th Century, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”. So over the next few issues, we’re going to share with you some of our favourite corners of the most popular city in the world. And watch this space for some very exciting London-related news, too.

Borough Market So much more than a market… Slightly off the regular tourist track, some of you may never have heard of Borough Market. Or, you may well have found yourself there, quite by accident as you wander around the London Bridge area, and walked through without ever knowing what it was called, and completely unable to remember Tucked away next to Southwark Cathedral, just a stone’s throw from London Bridge, Borough Market is London’s oldest and best-known food market and an absolute heaven for British and international produce, a walk through the market is a journey of sensory seduction, visually, of course, but most notably the smells you encounter as you travel, and, it goes without saying, the tastes you experience (our advice is to go there hungry, but it doesn’t really matter. Even if you’re not hungry when you get there, you soon will be, and you’ll squeeze in one more delicious bite). Everything from artisan breads and cakes, cheeses, coffee, are available, but it’s not just the food that makes Borough Market so special – it’s the people and the place itself. Since its renaissance as a retail market just over a decade ago, it has now become a Mecca for anybody who cares about the quality of the food they eat, and, most importantly, where it comes from. Many of the stallholders are themselves producers – people who grow, rear or bake the food that they sell. Others are importers with expert knowledge of whichever corner of the globe they source their products from. As a result of this, the market offers a master class in culinary knowledge and understanding – it’s a place to ask questions Bursting with unique, unmistakable character, alive with a harmonious blend of suited local city workers and wandering tourists, a visit to Borough Market should be right at the top of your to-do list next time you’re headed to the UK capital.



Valerie O’Connor Born in Lima, Peru, in 1954 to a strict Catholic family, Mario Testino enjoyed a middle class upbringing. As a young man he studied economics, law and international relations, and no one could ever possibly have predicted the incredible future that lay before him as a fashion and portrait photographer. In fact, for a time Mario seriously considered becoming a priest – a far cry indeed from the fresh, sensual photo-shoots that have earned him worldwide recognition and, just a couple of months ago, the Vogue Spain award for the Best Photographer in the World. Like so many others before him and after, it was a move to London that completely changed his life. It was there that he began to learn the basics in the art of photography, earning a living by selling books to models who were starting out for just £25, including hair and makeup. “I arrived in London in 1976 and it was here that I found my profession and a world of opportunities that I could never have imagined,” he said. In 1997, an unexpected commission proved to be the key turning point in his career: Vanity Fair chose him to photograph Diana, Princess of Wales, just five months before her tragic death. His life would never be the same again.


A-list fAvourite In a career that has now spanned almost four decades, Mario’s photographs have appeared in publications such as Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and V Magazine, and for brands such as Gucci, Versace, Christian Dior and Burberry. Top models and a string of Hollywood stars have posed for him, in a list that includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Gisele Bündchen, Kate Winslet, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Madonna, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Robert Downey Jr. and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The list of famous A-listers he hasn’t photographed would, almost certainly, be much shorter. In recent times, some of his most talked-about work includes a stunning photo-shoot with Australian top model Miranda Kerr. The cover image for the British GQ magazine, in which Miranda wears nothing more than a pair of knee-high black socks, sent pulses racing across the country. And model-du-jour Cara Delevingne revealed her excitement via her Instagram account to be working with Kate Moss and Testino on a new Burberry fragrance campaign, to be released later this year. It is said that the fashion photographer has such a good relationship with his celebrity pals that he even dared to tell Madonna that he threw better parties than her. Now we don’t, of course, know what the celebrations are like in the Ciccone residence – although we can’t imagine them to be very boring – but knowing what we do about Mario we can fully believe that his parties are on a par with anything Madge lays on. And his friendship with Kate Moss is so strong that she chose him Hince in 2011.

Being MArio Graceful, distinguished and very tall (1.90m), Mario has a natural charisma. Expressive, witty and with a cheeky, flirtatious nature, he comes across in interviews as sincere, humble, and, above all, real. He talks with the relaxed self-confidence of someone who no longer feels the need to explain themselves. As he recently confessed: “The best thing about being Mario Testino nowadays is that after so many years of fighting to get to where I am, now I can choose to work in the city I love, take the photos I want to and work with who I choose. And that is the biggest luxury anyone can allow themselves to have”. This wasn’t always the case, of course. When he first moved to London he found it very hard to get started, in fact he’s spoken publicly about the fact that in order to keep going he spent 15 years in debt to the bank. When asked what makes the perfect picture, he claims to never have taken one. But he did have some sound advice: “If you’re 18 and fabulous looking, you don’t have to do anything, you can just stand there. The grumpier you look, the more beautiful you look. But after a certain age, I always recommend smiling – it naturally lifts the face. Other than that you really have to know how to relax the person, how to find the best angle, and, of course the right light and the right make up is essential.” the roots of success Mario embarked on a journey of self-discovery as he began to create – or find – the artist we know today. “At the time I thought I knew what I wanted, but I was wrong. I lived in England and I wanted to be like the English people; I looked at them and thought they were the most amazing people I had ever seen. Yet it wasn’t until I embraced my

Peruvian heritage more than I ever had before that I was successful. My identity and my roots were what made me unique. That is why I always tell young people starting out that the only way to really make it to the top is by knowing who you are. That’s the only way you’ll know what it is you want,” he says. It would be very foolish to ignore the advice of this visionary, whose lens has given life to countless marketing campaigns of some of the world’s most important companies, and who all the top stars want to take their picture. Mario has also established himself as the last person to shoot a session with Princess Diana and of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. His work has hung on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in to name just a couple and he’s somehow found the time Mario de Janeiro Testino (Taschen). In it, he rediscovers the city that “When I was 14, on holiday, and going from my house to the beach and seeing everyone walk everywhere in their tiny bathing suits — the girls and boys were so sexy and carefree and wild — I just could not believe it.” The sexual freedom and lust for life left a deep impression on Mario, who has been going back ever since for inspiration. Global recoGnition Mario has received many international awards – and not just for photography. Throughout his career, he has contributed to a number of charities and organisations, focusing on causes that support research and care for people with HIV/Aids and cancer, as well as charities for children and the homeless. His work as ambassador for Save the Children during the campaign to raise money for victims of the 2007 Peru earthquake managed to fund a clinic in El Salvador. Accolades include Peru’s highest honour, the Grand Cross Order of Merit, presented to him by the President in 2010. And in January this year, he of his services to photography and charity (he couldn’t Commonwealth country). Nevertheless, he was delighted with the recognition. And if all that wasn’t enough, in 2012 he also created its Mario Testino), which aims to promote the Peruvian culture and the work of Peruvian artists. The museum houses a permanent collection of some of his work. “Life is about discovery,” he says, “and you should never stop searching. I enjoy what life brings me.” We look forward to seeing what it brings him next…




Verónica Franco

THE DOOMSDAY DESIGNER Some members of the media have begun to refer to him as a monk of sorts, and while at first that might seem like a very bizarre way to describe him, if you take a long, hard look at his work and his philosophy, it’s really quite a fitting adjective. For starters, he classes himself as anti-cool, he doesn’t believe in beauty and he also says that we’re heading straight back to the Middle Ages. If you also take into account that he spends long periods living on islands with no water or electricity and that he doesn’t use computers to work on, it becomes clear that we dealing with an unusual character. And yet, no-one in the design world awakens so much interest – that’s the contradictory world we live in. A world in which Starck glides around effortlessly, like a fish moving through the water, because, as he says, everything is in a permanent state of change, and he is nothing more and nothing less than a mutant.

“Providing a realistic way to deal with the urgent needs of people without destroying the environment of design.” a strange life as a sort of luxurious modern monk.”

“Nobody is obliged to be a genius, but everyone is obliged to participate.” “The future of design is about dematerialisation.”

The Frenchman never inTended To become a designer. The son of an aeronautical engineer, he admits that his chosen career came about as a result of laziness. Coming from a world of the latest technology and inventions to end up designing toothbrushes seems ridiculous to him. Of course that’s not entirely true. Starck likes to play around with modesty and controversy. After all, it’s no coincidences that he’s spent (and, even more so, say) whatever comes to his mind at the time. buT ThaT’s noT To say ThaT sTarck seTs ouT To provoke. Or, at least, that’s not all he does. Blessed with a deep understanding of the reality he and his contemporaries live in, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Inventor of what he refers to as democratic design, which he created some 30 years ago, he is strongly opposed to aesthetic objects whose sole function is to look nice, and couldn’t really care less about beauty. Who cares whether an object looks nice or not when the rules controlling the concept are every bit as volatile and temporary as the times we live in? And that’s when they aren’t dictated by


economic interests. That is why Philippe believes only in the usefulness and rationality of objects. And beyond that, in their ability to improve people’s lives. Though fans of his famous spider-juicer would probably disagree with him...

he doesn’T only design TooThbrushes, oF course. He merely likes to mention that every now and again to emphasise how versatile he can be. He should also remind people that he creates yachts (Steve Jobs’ yacht for one), motorcycles, the interior design for entire buildings, restaurants and hotels, chairs, tables, kettles, televisions, appliances, cutlery, glasses, dresses and centres such as the Alhondiga in Bilbao and many, was young and relatively inexperienced, he used to say that he breathed soul into objects. Nowadays he laughs at just how arrogant he used to be.

philippe considers himselF FirsT and ForemosT as an invenTor, and says that in his company they tend to think in a timeless way, but always keeping a watchful eye on

the future. He is very aware, for example, of the fact that in 30 or 40 years’ time when oil runs out, a plastic bucket, which we can buy these days for 50 cents, will become a rare, even perhaps a luxury object. What will we do without plastic? It’s a question that haunts him and one for which he hasn’t yet found it both morally wrong and dangerous for the planet to use excessive amounts of wood. So what other options are there? Like a kind of requiem, Starck realises that the end of oil may also mean the end of capitalism, a system in which he says he has never believed, and although the consequences of this longdrawn-out crisis make him sad, he is nevertheless happy that

The world will end in around four billion years. The sun will implode and our galaxy will perish. From now until that moment, everything will be in a state of constant change, something that in Starck’s company, they have always kept very much in mind. At this rate of change, objects are becoming

less and less important and the designers of the future, using the very latest technology, will focus on us making an improved version of ourselves. According to Starck, in the best case scenario, dematerialisation is our future, and he sincerely hopes that we can become civilised beings and can understand, for example, that killing animals is wrong. It’s in this way that Starck speaks about a return to the Middle Ages – a return that can be avoided if we increase our awareness, our empathy and our understanding of just how obsolete the system has become

The end of design? Starck argues that every era has its tool and every tool has its era. Design is good when its purpose is to improve the quality of life, not when the objective is simply mass consumption. The problem is that today the issue is not so much about providing a better life, it’s about saving lives. In desperate times like these, design is an obsolete instrument. If we work well, maybe there will come a time when we can talk about design again. But according to Starck, we haven’t reached that moment yet.






Tenerife HealTH inTernaTional Service is made up of the following specialties: Gynecology:



Ophthalmology: Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine: Digestive Surgery and Obesity Traumatology:

Neurology: Digestive Medicine: Neurosurgery:



María Martín


Jordanek Concert Hall, Poland. Project


Magma Art & Congress Centre, Tenerife

Career path Aside from winning the Regional Architect Award on several occasions, the Canarian population know Menis as the architect of the Magma Art & Congress Centre in Playa de las Américas, the Church of the Holy Redeemer in Los Majuelos, the Insular Athletics Stadium in Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s governmental headquarters and Fuerteventura’s Congress Centre. Nationally the FAD (Faculty of Architecture and Design) and WAF (World Architectural Festival) Awards and for taking part in the Bienal Española de Arquitectura (Spanish Architecture Biennial), as well as being a regular guest at the Venice Biennale and other exhibitions at New York’s MoMA (2006), Aedes Berlin (2006),

GA Tokyo (2009) and his recent incorporation to the permanent collection at the MoMa in New York with his Church of the Holy Redeemer (Iglesia del Santísimo Redentor). His international projects also include the swimming pool on the Spree River in Berlin; the Jordanek Concert Hall in Poland; the Aurum House in Taiwan; the Agora Garden Tower apartment block in Taipei and the super interesting Hatching Project. Hatching – The Origination of a City, is basically a cube-shaped habitat whose clever design creates a specially designed microclimate, enabling life to exist and thrive in harsh conditions such as the Sahara desert (see below). Following the lines It’s clear to see that Menis has spent a lifetime getting to understand the Canarian landscape, as well as all the other places he has designed or built in – how else can you explain the continuity of the natural lines of Adeje’s geography, which, at a given point, seem to have risen, curled and folded on themselves, giving rise to the Magma Art & Congress Centre. Or, for that matter, the pinpointed accuracy of the angle and sunlight used to create the cross of the altar of the Church of the Holy Redeemer using nothing more than light and shade. Respect and dialogue with nature are two constants in the philosophy of his studio. The architect’s intelligence combines with the results of his observations on nature to create buildings that are sustainable, autonomous, intelligent and which blend into the landscape almost effortlessly. The optimisation of this relationship is often affected by economic rationalisation and the recovery of pre-existing elements. The unique cultural characteristics of an area is another important aspect that needs protecting – the needs of an area’s inhabitants are almost always intrinsically linked to its culture, and therefore so must the physical and functional characteristics of a building be. This respect for nature and awareness of of the culture and traditions of a place are the foundations upon which the creation of any project in this architects studio is based.

Agora Garden Tower apartment block, Taiwan. Project


HatcHing Of all the projects that Fernando Menis has on his plate, one that perhaps attracts the most attention is Hatching, which, in

inner freshness – microclimate that facilitates life. to generating energy.

create a type of nest, where life can originate (or hatch –

to evolve. Designed initially with the Sahara Desert in mind, the aim is to explore ways of creating an environment that For the ninth time, and with this project, Fernando Menis has ideal conditions for life.




Verónica Franco

Souvenir 2. 2013. Acrylic, wood carving & canvas

José Arturo Martín and Javier Sicilia are an unlikely pair. They’re a duo, for a start, which isn’t something you see very often in the art world. Since 1995 they have been revolutionising plastic arts with their ironic,


philosophical and highly attractive style, full of references to the world of television, film and print media. They are the stars of their own stories, where overconsumption, the crisis of masculinity, immigration or narcissism are excuses to show the world their particular way of seeing things. A non-conformist view that makes some of the most interesting artists around today.

Souvenir 1. 2013. Acrylic, wood carving & canvas

Has your project been a duo from tHe start? “We began our career 19 years ago. The faculty invited us to take part in an exhibition with other artists, but they all pulled out and in the end it was just us. The piece was called Nos ponemos por los suelos and it was in the Ateneo theatre in La Laguna. They contacted us almost directly afterwards, assuming that we were a duo, it’s something that came about in a very natural way. “ you Have been successful almost from tHe start, Haven’t you?

that we were Canarian artists and that we wanted to meet him. His assistant told us that he wasn’t there, but we were on the street We can see the light on in his window’. We were left hanging a lot, but that was the attitude.” It’s clear tHat you Have very unIque style... “Yes, we use the image in a certain way and follow guidelines that we ourselves have set out, a combination of photography, painting, video, installations...The question is whether or not out

many doors opened for us, mostly as a result of how cheeky and given time.” Madrid and then on to New York. We were very young and we were too embarrassed to bother receptionists so we left our portfolio there and practically ran out of the door. We learned to market ourselves but had a series of knockbacks on the way. In Arco they threw us out of the stands as if we were a nuisance. Gallery owners refused to give us the time of day – years later they were the ones calling us to work with them. Once in New York we got hold of the

but It seems to Have been well receIved. “It depends on the countries and the pieces in question. There are places where we have exhibited a certain piece of work and it’s been extremely successful, and after three months when we move it to a different country, it makes no impact at all. There’s no magic formula. Even when you follow exactly the same process…”


Pescando. Instalación. 2012. Acrylic on wood & plants

And, of course, this is how you mAke A living. “Yes. Art has been our living since 97, and there have been good and bad periods. We’ve lived in Madrid, Berlin, New York and now here, and the money we’ve made has gone back into making more pieces, travelling abroad and promoting what we do. Before 2009 we were always able earn a decent living, more or less, but with the crisis we have been through a slump, although we’ve still managed to stay that helps a lot.” whAt Are you working on now? Barcelona, and another one in Santander Art through Artizar

here in Cabrera Pinto (La Laguna). In the past we went on our own everywhere, but now we look into things a little more...” whAt is your creAtive process? how is A piece conceived? “We have a path marked out, which is what guides us. The seed of a painting, a photograph or an installation begins in dialogue, the

a story which we bring to the image. We have some references such as cinema, aesthetics, philosophy, politics, everyday life, the history of art, which help to nourish us. And then there are the general concepts that we tend to use. “ And these concepts Are...? “All those you can see there.” They point to a huge mural that occupies the entire back wall of the 3Gardenias studio right in the heart of Tenerife’s capital, which they share with other metro map, with different lines and stops. All the main themes are there: Narcissism, mass consumption, immigration, the crisis of masculinity, planned obsolescence and many, many more. “This map helps the process to unfold before our eyes. Generally speaking, Sicilia comes up with an idea, and Martin, who has a terabyte of visual memory in his head when it comes to movies and television, immediately sees an image we can use

do you reAch An Agreement eAsily? “Not at all. We have to convince each other that the ideas are good or necessary and we look for tools all the time. In that sense, we argue a lot. We’re like water and oil, very different, but we manage to agree in the end. “

and how it should be told, and when once we are both in love with do it, we focus on the production, which is almost always taking a of actors, etc... Then we select the main image and from there we decide if it stays as a photograph, takes paint or installation. “ is reAlity your greAtest source of inspirAtion?


if we could only use one word to describe your work, would you cAll it ironic? colonialism, immigration and daily life from a distant, postmodernist viewpoint. If that’s irony, then yes, our work is ironic. When we’re looking at immigration and we have little black people hung up on a clothes drying rack, obviously we’re taking a cynical, ironic position, we’re not creating social art or trying to educate the masses...”

Or maybe yOu are, but in a different way... “Sure, maybe we try to create political or social art, masked in irony. We don’t take a dogmatic, vindictive stance against anything. We’ve had some very nihilistic times, where we don’t believe in what we’re doing, and others where we believe in ourselves a bit always dressed in irony...” On the face Of it, yOur wOrk dOesn’t appear tO have many persOnal references tO yOur private lives... “We don’t do autobiographical work. We do self-portraits, of course, but what you see in those pieces are two characters that we have created called Martin and Sicilia, which are kinds of avatars of ourselves...” did yOu have it clear frOm the start that yOu wOuld be the main characters in the stOries yOu tell? why did yOu begin tO take phOtOgraphs Of yOurselves? “It started in college when they told us we had to talk about something that mattered to us, something that absorbed us completely. Neither of us were into saving whales, so what most concerned us was what we were living, our experiences… Appearing in our work also discusses the artist’s role in the world, which meant that something that started out almost with no though to it became increasingly important. You have to bear in mind that when we were getting started, in the early 90s, the role models had disappeared, was an era of anything goes. There wasn’t a romantic spirit either, more a cynical one...” and what spirit wOuld yOu say there is tOday? “Well aside from 15M (a mass civil demonstration in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, where angry citizens camped out for days, protesting against health and education government spending cuts), and the recent electoral gains for Podemos (a political movement composed entirely of citizens, committed to changing the current political system), you can see that things are changing. We have always followed that line, our references are Le Monde Diplomatique, Ignacio Ramonet, Vicente Verdú, Gilles Lipovetsky, people who see the world more or less the way we do. You could say we have empathy and sympathy for certain issues but we add a touch of irony and cynicism.” Occupy the 24h. 2012. Acrylic on canvas

El Salto. 2008. Acrylic on wood carving

and what is the rOle Of the artist in the wOrld? “We don’t just decorate homes. I think our mission is to lead the us, and the best thing is when we succeed in achieving just that. The debates between the public after an exhibition are an absolute delight.” yOu make a living frOm dOing the thing yOu mOst like tO dO…are yOu cOnsciOus Of just hOw few peOple find themselves in that pOsitiOn? Well, that might be a stereotype. I don’t think the majority of civil servants want to be anything else… (laughs). Everyone can be creative in their work and enjoy it, whatever it is they do. That isn’t something that’s exclusive to artists. What is true is that this is very hard, and to carry on and not give up along the way you really have to be in love with what you’re doing. The Crash. 2009. Acrylic on wood carving





María Argüelles

Albert Adriá The world on a plate

Brother of the famous Ferrán, he was also one of the architects of El Bulli, the legendary restaurant where he trained to become the magnificent pastry chef he is today. With El Bulli and the patisserie world behind him, he has gone on to push the boundaries of his passion for tapas to the absolute limit, and is now one of the world’s most creative geniuses in the field. His restaurants, Inopia and Tickets, are iconic places where to enter means to embark on a sensory adventure. Restless, quick and efficient, there is a sparkle in this Catalan’s eyes when he talks about what he likes most in life. Watching him in action is a different matter altogether, but the ultimate experience is when you come to try his creations... - When people hear your famous surname, they inevitably think of your brother. Does this passion for culinary creation come from your family? “I don’t think so. Ferrán started out washing dishes to pay for a holiday and I got into it because I didn’t enjoy studying. I was only 15 years old, and over time we have gradually fallen in love with the profession. I loved the chef’s way of life, though, and now I am passionate about what I do.” - Why did you dedicate yourself to baking and pastries? Is it true that you had an allergy or aversion to seafood? “Well, I had been doing a bit of everything in El Bulli. Back then

meat section didn’t interest me because it was pretty boring, but when I started making pastries and cakes, I realised just what a wonderful area it is – one where there seemed to be no limits, and you could just learn and keep learning. On the other hand, it was very much like being in an independent republic; I controlled the pastry side of things, which made things very easy for Ferrán, and even better for me. I spent 23 years in the world of baking, and only recently started with savoury dishes. I honestly think that I was born to create savoury food, although I had no idea until now…” (laughs)

- How do you come up with recipes? What is your creative process? long time, but I’ll try. It depends on the restaurant, of course. I provide ideas and guidelines and from there they create their dish, which I then try and say “yes” or “no” to. I think it involves teamwork on both sides, but it’s important to me that they are the ones making the dishes, which is the way we did things in El Bulli ...” - What made you decide to concentrate on tapas rather than haute cuisine? “It’s a revolution that Ferrán started in El Bulli. It just made sense that if we got so much enjoyment out of trying many things, our job would be to turn haute cuisine into a series of small plates of tapas dishes which are shared around.”

presenting dishes, it also involves other sensations, etc... “Well, I like to believe that I now create serious cuisine inspired by the product, I like the concept of complete cooking as a goal. Everyone knows that perfection doesn’t exist, but why not aim to get as close to it as possible.

“... our job would be to turn haute cuisine into a series of gourmet tapas. This is what we do in all our restaurants: offer small plates of tapas dishes which are shared around.”


“... I visit Tenerife two or three times a year, and I think that Canarian cuisine is very interesting, it’s a missing link of sorts between Latin America and Spain.” The guidelines you must follow are: high-quality produce, cooked to perfection and a recognisable combination. These are the parameters we use in almost all our restaurants. What quality, above all others, do you think a chef needs to have? “Humility and passion are two very important ones. Without humility you cannot continue to learn and without passion you can’t work 15-hour days, with the damage that can do to your marriage and all the things you miss out on, and yet still see the rewards that it brings.” Is it true that there was once a period in your life when you used to collect mussels to sell them? “Yeah, I did. That was in 1997, during a four-month break I took from working in El Bulli, with the excuse of writing a book (but really I needed a reset). I tried to write the book on an old Olivetti, but when I had no money coming in, a friend and I decided to go poaching to collect mussels, which was a really dangerous job...” Which do you prefer, a good bread with butter or a dessert? Neither. Bread and butter was one of the reasons why El Bulli started serving snacks – we couldn’t understand that a person should pay good money to start out eating bread and butter. And to finish off a meal I love fruit. Not every meal needs to end with dessert, it’s not necessary really. But if you must eat them, make sure they’re good, please. What could you eat right now? “I’ve always got room for a good pizza, good sushi or soups, which I really like (not today, though, it’s 40 degrees outside).”


If you wanted to win someone over (not necessarily in a romantic sense), what would you cook them? “I wouldn’t just prepare them a meal, but rather a global concept – it takes more than one single thing to win someone’s heart. For that, you need a notion that lasts, one that is complete, like we offer in Tickets.” Are you familiar with Canarian cuisine? Do you know what a guachinche is? Yes, I know what a guachinche is, and I’ve visited many. I love going with friends to drink the local wine and eat some of the treats they usually serve. I visit Tenerife two or three times a year, and I think that Canarian cuisine is very interesting, it’s a missing link of sorts between Latin America and Spain. You can clearly see the mix between one region’s cuisine and the other, both in the produce and the cooking. What is the main goal of a team working in a kitchen like the one at Ticket? “Well, considering that I pay poorly and they work very long hours, I think the aim is simply excellence, to get better all the time. In my case I think that I want them to continue to improve working as a group, whereas they want to get better and better individually. They think of themselves and I think of myself and them. But let’s not forget that we are here to make people happy.” What would you say to someone very young whose calling is to be a chef? “Not to waste time. Even if we lived 200 years we wouldn’t know even half of what we need to, therefore the sooner they start the better. And also I’d tell them to read a lot, to be as informed as possible. You can’t play football without knowing who Di Stefano, Pelé or Maradona are, and you can’t be a chef without knowing who’s who in the culinary world.”









042 096


Davinia S. Armas

A hundred entrepreneurs, executives and professionals creating alliances for one common goal: to boost the Canarian economy.

What started out as a mission to bring together local businesses with the aim of generating collaborations has evolved into a project that goes far beyond this. Today, through CFC meetings, nearly a hundred executives, professionals and business entrepreneurs are not only strengthening their public relationships as a basis for future development of their projects, but are also expanding their knowledge on the different sectors covered in the monthly meetings. The planning, communication and innovation, greatly enrich the meetings and provide an in-depth global vision regarding our current social and economic situation. El Club Financiero de Canarias (The Canary Islands’ Financial Club) therefore organises several training days for its members, covering topics such as management skills, workshops on Twitter, customer relationship management (CRM) and Web 2.0 solutions, among others. On the one hand the goal of the CFC is to connect small, medium and large businesses in the Canary Islands. The approach is this: why look elsewhere for what we already have right here? There are excellent professionals and companies in the Canaries, but very often ignorance means that we are not aware of – or do not value – what we have. The values sought after and promoted through the incorporation of new members are collaboration, participation, knowledge, service, innovation and a global vision. When once the CFC is fully established, the aim is to continue connecting ideas, people and businesses and, above all, to contribute to society through ideas and projects that promote the economic development of the Islands. As a result of this work there are Committees for Tourism, Ports and Airports, Energies, Civil Society and Innovation. Their primary goal is to broaden and enrich the knowledge of the club’s members and partners, as well as to share this knowledge with society in general. The Canary Islands’ Financial Club is made up by: President Miguel à ngel Marrero Jaimez; Vice President Joaquín Juliå Quevedo; Secretary Ruth Riera Antúnez; Secretary Ricardo Alcaide Díaz-Llanos; Vice Secretary Fermín Sånchez García; Treasurer à ngel Luis Tadeo Felipe; Santiago Marrero Jaimez; Olga Medina Gonzålez; Daniel Bosch Wood; Emilio Sånchez Curbelo; Ramón Reguero Araya; Gerardo Morales Hierro; Miguel Quintanilla Eriksson; Ignacio Vega Armas; Javier del Riego De La Peùa and Managing Director, Davinia Suårez Armas.




green fashion

Sarah Hutchings

Pharrell Williams a modern day Midas Some of you may not know that much about Pharrell Williams, but everyone knows at least two things: firstly, we know he’s happy – he’s been telling us that for months. We also know that right now, everyone wants to work with him – artists are queuing up to collaborate with him, journalists want him in their magazines and presenters want him on their talk shows. Not very surprising, then, that fashion labels are also beating down his door. But, just when you think that with his catchy songs, ever-present smile, cheeky schoolboy nature and incomparable sense of style (we also have to add here a son called Rocket and the fact that he chose a Sponge Bob Squarepants theme for his 41st birthday

An eco-friendly Prince Charming with a fabulous collection of hats – how very 21st century... Pharrell the fashion icon Whatever “style” is – a very subjective term open to endless discussion – the whole world is in agreement that Pharrell Williams is a walking, talking, singing and dancing dictionary

But in recent times he has taken a new, very exciting direction with his fashion projects, which is great news for environmental campaigners – after all, if you want to raise awareness about the state of the planet and encourage more sustainable fashion choices, who could possibly be better as your ambassador? What Pharrell wears, the rest of the world wants. When Pharrell talks, the world listens. Any fashion label knows that hooking up with Mr W is a smart move – and a recipe for success. Bionic what?! Since 2010, Williams is also the creative director of Bionic Yarn, a product made by Return Textiles. The company was founded by New Yorkers Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant, and a meeting with Pharrell regarding a possible collaboration led to much more than the two could ever have hoped for. With Mr Cool on board as partner, the company and the Bionic Yarn brand has gone from strength to strength, gaining media coverage in the likes of GQ, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The New York Times, not to mention some very exciting partnerships… So what is Bionic Yarn? Basically, in very simple terms, it’s the

Vivienne Westwood hat even has its own Twitter account, with over 21,000 followers (no joke).

jeans, t-shirts and bags. Clever stuff, isn’t it?!

No matter what combinations he puts together, and regardless of the fact that anyone else would probably look totally ridiculous in it, Pharrell never puts a fashion foot wrong. Ever. He even made the red and green tartan tuxedo he got married in look hot and that’s not easy. No stranger to lists of the world’s most stylish or sexiest men, Williams often speaks of his love for fashion: “I want to express myself, but I never really want to express myself in the same way over and over again.”

Under the slogan “Stronger Thread. Greater Good.” Bionic Yarn comes from the Vortex Project – an initiative with Parley for the Oceans to turn plastic marine debris into yarn and fabric.

Just like his popularity, Pharrell’s CV is also growing at a rapid rate; singer-songwriter, rapper, music producer, musician, guest judge on the American version of The Voice and, which many people don’t realise, fashion designer.

“When I became a partner in Return Textiles, it was my goal to use the fabric technology to partner with other like-minded

Aside from a wonderfully named i am Other brand encouraging individuality, which he recently employed to create a collection of limited edition t-shirts for Uniqlo, Pharrell is also the cofounder of the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) and Icecream fashion labels, which he established with Japanese fashion icon Nigo, and which now also has fellow superstar (and good friend) Jay-Z as a business partner.

First there was Limited Edition Pharrell Williams Eco-Tote bag for Kiehl’s. The skincare company likes to remind consumers of their environmental responsibilities, and getting Pharrell to design their 100% eco-friendly bag made of nine plastic bottles, was a great way to get their message across. But there are bigger and better collaborations taking place: here are two to watch out for this summer.

create a “core yarn”. This can then be spun with other threads, for example cotton or lycra, etc. and the end result is Bionic Yarn. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Williams. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.


G-Star raw & Pharrell There was, as expected, plenty of fashion-related celebrity news at New York Fashion Week this year, but few people saw this one coming: Pharrell Williams and G-Star Raw making ecofriendly jeans. Stood underneath a life-size model of a blue whale in the city’s natural history museum, Williams presented the exciting project. “The oceans need us now,” he said. “Through the collaboration between Bionic Yarn and G-Star, we are making sustainable products more accessible for everyone.”

growing up in Virginia wearing Stan Smiths, Adidas has been a staple in my life. Their pieces are timeless. This is an exciting partnership for both me and for Bionic Yarn.” Adidas, of course, are equally – if not even more – delighted: “I am truly thrilled to work with Pharrell,” said Dirk Schoenberger, global creative director at Adidas’s Sport Style division. “He is a pop-culture icon who never fails to inspire, not just through his musical talent and craft, but through his many other interests.

Details are limited about the collection, and no pieces have been The special collection, called ‘RAW for the Oceans’, will include a denim items for men and women. G-Star Raw has also committed itself to incorporate Bionic Yarn materials into other collections. Thecla Schaeffer, the company’s creative

to innovate denim and make a real impact against plastic pollution”, and revealed plans to launch a new Bionic collection each season. “Working with G-Star was an obvious choice, because they have a legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion and denim forward,” Pharrell explained. “Bionic Yarn is a company built around performance, and denim is the perfect category to show the world what Bionic Yarn can do.” th , both online and in G-Star Raw shops. adidaS & Pharrell has teamed up with them to create the Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams collection, which will launch this summer. “Working with an iconic brand like Adidas is such an incredible opportunity,” said Williams. “From the classic tracksuit, to


Firebird track jacket may well make an appearance. What we designer who owns their own textile company, and Bionic Yarn will, of course, be used in the collection.

Our bets are on for oversized hats, funky trainers and some very original t-shirts. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with… eco warrior? Not really… While it’s clear that he wants to make a difference, Pharrell is quick to avoid being labelled: “I’m not a fanatic or a hard-core activist...I have a lot to be thankful for, and we have to give back in some shape or form and that’s giving back to the Earth. “The ocean is just one part of the Earth we’re concentrating on, but the world is made

As for the future, it’s clear that these latest projects in the world of fashion are just the start of something long term for the charismatic Mr Williams. “We [Bionic Yarn] are trying to infiltrate the entire spectrum of fashion, high-end and low.” If his past record is anything to go by, you can be sure that rather like a modern day King Midas, whatever Pharrell touches will turn to gold.


green news

Sarah Hutchings

A beautiful design and some very impressive engineering has made the Little Sun solar lamp popular around the world. What’s even better is that this project is also improving the lives of thousands of people in off-grid communities in Uganda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Senegal, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa. Little Suns are sold for a higher price in onin order to support the distribution of lower-priced Little Suns in areas with no electricity, dramatically changing the lives of the community. The Little Sun project also raises additional funds through special events around the world. Featuring two light levels, the lamp is practical and easy to use: Five hours of charging in the sun produces 10 hours of soft light or four hours of bright light. A gorgeous lamp for a very worthwhile cause.

With the arrival of the BMW i3 electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid, BMW unveiled the i Solar Carport concept to power the vehicles. The sleek, modern carport provides electric vehicles with a 100% renewable source of energy, allowing drivers to charge up their electric cars independent of grid-based electricity prices. The carport is made out of rapidly renewable bamboo and its roof is covered in high-grade glass-on-glass solar modules that send electricity to the vehicles via BMW’s i Wallbox Pro. The Wallbox indicates the amount of solar energy generated, and once vehicles are fully charged any surplus power can be redirected for domestic use. BMW has not yet revealed any pricing information or official plans for the production of the i Solar Carport, so watch this space for more details...

Looking at the beautiful, colourful, intricate pieces of garden furniture offered by Dentelles & Bidons, it’s hard to imagine or even believe the journey that has brought them to life. But when you look a little closer, you begin to realise that it’s true – they really did start out as oil barrels! The highly skilled hands of Anne and Philippe Guilbaud take common objects and, using exceptional cutting and folding techniques, give them a completely new life. With a range of items available, from lanterns and flowers to coffee tables and chairs, each unique piece carries with it the values of ecology, love of the material, the highest attention to detail and a mind-boggling amount of patience. Dentelles & Bidons offers unique hand-made items of furniture and innovative decorative objects that take the concept of recycling to a whole new level – and are sure to be the talking point when visitors come over.

Traditionally, origami (the ancient Japanese art of paper folding) is done with a single sheet sign and mathematics, and now there’s an innovative folding kayak to add to that list. Yes, you read that right. The Oru kayak is the brainchild of Californian designer Anton Willis, who was inspired by an article on the advances in the science of origami. Light, elegant, fully recyclable and very, very cool, it’s made from a single sheet of double-layered plastic, and its manufacturing process uses 70% less petroleum than a standard kayak. Better still, the entire boat, minutes. Willis’ crowd-funding campaign was so successful that his $80,000 target was met steadily, especially in the US. Prices start from around $1,195.00

RAY OF LIGHT They’re funky, practical and, by buying one, you also help those in developing countries. This little lamp spreads light and hope, we love it!

BAMBOO-TIFUL! Never a company to do things by halves, BMW’s first proposal for a solar-charged carport is nothing short of spectacular.

NEW LOOK, NEW LIFE It’s the makeover to end all makeovers: take one old, unloved, battered oil barrel, sprinkle some magic, add a huge amount of talent and creativity and voilà!

FLOATING ORIGAMI Forget paper swans or delicate little roses. The origami masters have upped their game to methods of transport. We wonder what’ll be next – an origami Porsche?




Juan Rebenaque

On June 25tH 2009, tHe wOrld Heard tHe news tHat tHe last great Musical legend Of tHe 20tH centurY was dead. five Years later, tHe king Of POP is back witH a new cOllectiOn Of unreleased sOngs tHat fOrM tHe albuM Xscape. surPrisinglY, tHeY’re sOMe Of His best sOngs in a lOng


tiMe. tHe POwerful black vOice

Loving You Off The

Of MicHael JacksOn lives On. Wall Xscape includes eight songs that Jackson recorded between 1983 and 2009, whose rough cuts have been A Place With No Name classic Horse With No Name Invincible

Slave to the Rhythm Dangerous Xscape

“You can hear his footsteps and how he clicks his fingers when he sings in the studio recording booth,”

Do You Know Where Your Children Are was recorded Bad Dangerous

“Michael was always at the forefront and constantly looking for new producers and new sounds. He was always aware of the latest trends.”

Blue Gangsta,

Xscape, track bY track song Xscape


Thriller, Bad or Dangerous Love Never Felt So Good Love Never Felt So Good

Xscape Off The Wall




back from the beyond




Prepare yourself for what looks set to become this year’s song of the summer. This year, remakes of classic summer songs such as El chiringuito and La barbacoa will be replaced by Do It Again, the fabulous disco hit that Robyn and to its rhythm, you should probably give very careful consideration to that offer of early retirement from your pain in the posterior of a boss. Chrissie Hynde must have had quite enough of her Pretenders for now, so she’s decided to leave them to one side for a time and record on her own. Stockholm and was co-written with guitarist and producer Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn and John). It features collaborations with Neil Young and John McEnroe (yes, you read that correctly, I do mean the tennis player famous for being permanently pissed off). And listen up you young, trendy people: this summer marks the reappearance of Basement Jaxx. Yes, my friends, Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton are releasing Welsh group Manic Street Preachers have decided to give Mystic Meg a run for her money and have called their new album Futurology. It was recorded in Berlin and Cardiff and includes collaboration with, among others, Scritti Politti’s frontman, Green Gartside. After the success of her debut album in 2009, La Roux has kept us all waiting for the next step in her career path. It appears that lead singer, Elly Jackson, has been more preoccupied with looking after her trademark fringe, but July will see the release of Trouble in Paradise. Kasabian has announced that their fifth album is entitled 48:13, which also happens to be the total duration of all of the songs featured on the album. By now, you’ll have heard their Eez-eh track on the radio. Guitarist Sergio Pizzorno has written and produced the album, which the group describes as direct and open. The new offering from The Kooks, Listen, is influenced by hip hop and is scheduled for release on September 1st. That same month will also mark the reappearance of Lenny Kravitz (yes, he’s still alive) with his tenth studio album, Strut, which will be released by his own label, Roxie Records.

Lupe Castro

Gran Canaria Moda Cálida is a yearly event taking place at Expo Meloneras in Gran Canaria, showcasing Spain’s brightest swimwear designers. This year it extended its remit to make a Swimwear Fashion Week, to include a show for emerging international talent. This has always been an area that I am particularly interested in, and the line-up certainly didn’t disappoint. Dutch brand Mama Maria’s black and white black striped swimsuit and bikini are classic signatures of the brand – retro. Although of the pieces are interlined and material is chosen carefully to create the right weight to shape the body. The studio is based in Gran Canaria wowed with their high-waisted sailor-style briefs in blue, white and red nautical stripes with a pop of unexpected acid lime, while UK line Auria showed off summer colours and graphics in recycled polyamide - a strong, uncomplicated line of bikinis, crops, skirts and dresses.


Making a splash Milan, she continued with marketing studies as a post grad at

back their Lycra manufacturing to the island. With manufacturing for other labels wanting to manufacture on the island under the Beach Concept (company that she founded) umbrella, winning the FYDE-CajaCanarias prestigious prize for young entrepreneurs.

Tenerife menswear brand, The Knot, impressed with boxer shorts, accessories and tees with a luxurious Italian feel underlining their

Inspired by pop art and its geometric and optical illusion graphics, the collection consists of trikinis, swimsuits and bikinis with a lot of accessories. Utilising haute couture artisanal technique Nicole mixes silks, Lycra and feathers with brights and mesh.

tuxedo swimsuit really is the ultimate in poolside elegance.

Nicole’s work in the future.

Nicole MeNtado – Maldito Sweet

expected her to stay backstage for too long.

Fashion writer and stylist Lupe Castro is our London-based




Isidoro Castro

SAME CHARM, GREATER FUNCTIONALITY The Mini Cooper 2014 has been released, marking a noticeable increase in size to this compact motor which is now 98mm longer, 44mm wider and 7mm taller as well the added convenience of an extra space inside – up to 5 people can fit thanks to the brand’s latest innovations. The engine line-up has also been updated, with 1.5-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged unit. Acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h takes 7.9 seconds and the top speed is 210 km/h. Four models are being launched; two petrol engines and two diesel engines, all with the latest MINI TwinPower Turbo technology. MINI assures that this newest model still provides that iconic feeling of driving a go kart, without sacrificing optimised efficiency, comfort, maximum safety and the latest in connectivity.

LEXUS AT THE FOREFRONT Production of the Lexus IS begins in August and by October we should start to see the for a price of €38,300 - but only the hybrid version, with 197hp, which, according to cent in fuel consumption, achieving emissions of 118 grams per 100 km. Examples of the latest technology worth highlighting include a wireless mobile phone charger or the Clar-Fi function in the sound system, which returns them to their original quality.

F1 TAKES TO THE STREETS Everything about the McLaren P1 – its performance,

This time Lexus hopes to reach a different

aerodynamics, technology and even its name makes

target audience, hence the trouble taken

you think of it as a F1 car built for the road.

in the overall design. The company is even

Only 375 units were made to order of this stunning

cutting-edge when it comes to the purchase:

limited production hybrid sports model, of which

customers can configure their car and even

just 2 are currently for sale, both in the Netherlands.

test it out in a simulation using the Oculus

The P1 features a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8

Rift system.

petrol engine with a total power output of 890hp. It reaches a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph) and goes from 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in just 2.8 seconds. It also has a hybrid system, meaning it can be operated using either the petrol engine, the electric motor or with a combination of the two. The battery can be fully charged in two hours, and has a fully electric range of 10km. With a 100% carbon chassis the P1 is every driver’s dream.

JAGUAR’S SMALLEST SEDAN glimpse of Jaguar’s exciting, next-generation model, the Jaguar XE. The XE is the English manufacturer’s smallest saloon model, and will go on sale in monocoque product in the segment and is set to

Ingenium engines in four-cylinder, two-litre petrol and diesel variants. This new family of high-output, exclusively for Jaguar Land Rover at the company’s new UK engine manufacturing plant. The full engine line-up will enable Jaguar to offer vehicles with class-leading performance, including top speeds of over 300km/h (186mph), and emissions lower than 100g of CO2 per kilometre.

FORD MUSTANG: THE SIXTH GENERATION They’ll reach Spain within a year and make up the sixth generation of the Mustang, and their launch is to mark the 50 th anniversary of Mustang production, which began in 1965. Two petrol engines are available; a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3 litre engine with 309hp and an eight-cylinder 5 litre V8 model with 426 hp. The 2.3L engine has direct injection, and belongs to Ford’s family of EcoBoost engines. An important new characteristic lies in the suspension: for the first time the Mustang will have fully independent rear suspension. It also comes with 19inch alloy wheels and will be available in coupé and convertible versions.

THE LONGEST MEMBER OF THE FAMILY Due to arrive in late 2014, the Fiat 500X is the mechanical cousin of the Jeep Renegade, which will be produced in the same factory. It is the longest model in the Fiat family, but with more aggressive features than the 500 and 500L and boasts a specific protection system that sets it apart from any other SUV. This is the crossover version of the versatile Fiat 500, but while the idea was conceived a few years back, it won’t be released onto the market until late this year. The engines in the Fiat 500X will all be fourcylinder with Multiair technology (petrol), with a 140 hp and turbo versions in 160 hp and 185 hp. There will also be a Multijet II (diesel) of 1.6 and 2.0 litres with 120 and 140 hp respectively. As for the bodywork, the model maintains Fiat 500 range’s characteristic oval-shaped front grille and dual headlights.




Isidoro Castro

2014 GOLD WING few updates later, this particular Gold Wing has one very noticeable change: a reduction in weight compared to the GL1800 and an exclusive bodywork Gold Wing F6B and GL1800. With its distinct bagger style it maintains the essence of its predecessors, but updated to meet today’s changing needs. The wide handlebars curved backwards provide comfort and control, while the engine’s low centre of gravity creates very balanced handling at any speeds. On top of that, there’s an important addition to its safety standard – it comes equipped with an ABS braking system. There’s new functionality as well, like integrated iPod®


connectivity and the ability to upload trips to the

Vespa is changing, and not just

navigation system from your home computer. All the

aesthetically. In terms of its mechanical

lighting is LED, from the headlights to the indicators, and with its 19-inch rear wheel, it’s fair to say that this

with two engines, the 300cc boasts a single cylinder, four-stroke engine, and the smaller 125cc has a four-stroke, four valve engine. The scooter enables you to make short trips to work or around town during the week, and then travel further distances at the weekend, without ever losing the comfort or style of riding a Vespa. Cosmetic changes include LED lights for the indicators, a new padded seat, greater storage space to accommodate two helmets and, best of all, an evolution of the Vespa Multimedia Platform, which has an app that connects to smartphones and records data from your trip, even where the Vespa is parked.

YAMAHA’S DARK SIDE That’s what the company is calling its MT line – “the dark side of Japan”. And now there is the newest smallest addition to the family, the MT-09. Its design offers features of the bigger motorbikes, such as the tank, handlebars, seat and footrest, which achieve a more upright riding position. The engine compartment and the petrol tank have been designed to be as slim as possible, increasing the bike’s aggressive silhouette, and with a compact new aluminium chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this new generation performance machine offers outstanding acceleration and agile handling, perfect for those who appreciate character and soul in their motorcycle.



Isidoro Castro

something wheely special RYNOMOTORS


It’s got handlebars, a saddle, an electric motor and you sit on it astride. So far, everything’s normal. The surprise comes when you discover that the RYNO bike rests on only one wheel, like something straight out of a science fiction movie, appearing to defy the laws of physics. First of its kind, with a unique design and innovative technology, this seemingly impossible vehicle is, in fact, a reality that is now available throughout Europe with a price tag of somewhere in the region of €5,000. Marketed under the slogan “Half the bike, twice the fun”, the small, lightweight RYNO can travel a distance of 16 km on a single charge, and can be plugged in to a typical domestic socket for recharging. But there’s nothing small about the qualities of this “micro cycle”, which can support a load of up to 120 kg and reach a speed of 30 km/h. Those blessed with the task of developing the RYNO assure us that it is perfect for short, inner-city journeys as its size makes it very easy to manage and its dual steering system makes it extremely agile, especially when it comes to manoeuvring the handlebars, where emergency brake is located. Learning to ride the RYNO comes easily to most people, as it uses your natural movement instincts to accelerate, decelerate, and steer. Most important of all, the RYNO is very safe: it has an auto balance system (ABS) that prevents its rider from exceeding the maximum speed and the angle of inclination. Using the same controls as any standard motorbike, anyone that knows how to handle a motorbike, scooter or bicycle can ride the RYNO with no problem, and turn routine trips around town into a fun, unique experience. We don’t yet know what the future holds for this one-wheeled electric bike, but it could well become a popular, practical and easy-touse alternative for getting around.



Manuel Gorostiza


1. BEBOP 3.0. Parrot has released a modification of its most striking drone: the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. Now, with the 3.0 version, Parrot aims to attract photographers and professionals wanting to take advantage of the product’s newest feature: the 14-megapixel camera is fitted with a wide angle fisheye lens that can capture views up to 180 degrees. The equipment is mounted on a magnesium support which also serves as an electromagnetic shield and cooling system. Its light-weight structure and ABS composition is reinforced with glass fibres and it also comes with a special case that guarantees safety when flying indoors. 2. THE SUPER TV Danish company Bang & Olufsen presents a new model with a star functionality: UHD resolution. This model comes with a spec sheet that’s even more impressive than its design. The BeoVision Avant UHD is a 4K TV with a 55-inch LED panel that is accompanied by a


mount) that control the angle of the screen to adjust it more precisely to our viewing position. The BeoVision is currently on the market for around € 7,000. 3. CANDLE POWER Anticipating the energy problems we are going to have in the future, some people are already thinking about the solution. There are already plenty of wireless speakers around, but you’ve surely never seen one that is charged by candlelight. Pelty has created just that, using a thermoelectric phenomenon known as Peltier-Seebeck, which obtains voltage through the temperature difference between two elements. As with all these interesting projects, it is still in the funding phase, but if successful, it will be released onto the market with a price tag of around €300... 4. A PC ON YOUR WRIST With an operating system that allows you to connect to a laptop or desktop PC and use it

bracelet, it enables us to carry our PC wherever we go, and our personal settings can be stored and used on any device we connect to. A really cool feature is that, thanks to its online backup system, if you should lose your device, you can order a replacement that

3 4

Sponsored by LALO ELECTRÓNICA 922 241 149










7 8

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famous ingenuity and mischievousness. NOT JUST A BATH‌


Islands collection. These seven living islands are aimed at different areas within the home, and are designed for different functions, from practical to quirky pieces. The

a new take on materials and an innovative interpretation of the domestic space. THE DIY ORGANISER

online through open source platforms such as Thingiverse, and then print them in

CO-WORKING PRIVACY When it comes to work trends, co-working spaces are gaining huge popularity. These spaces usually consist of a large table where people can share ideas and work as a team, which is a wonderful idea, but many people need smaller tables with, if possible, the possibility to work individually with a certain amount of privacy. That’s exactly what the Hoodie workpod by Koskela offers; privacy within a common workspace.Available in various colours, from bright shades to neutral tones.

STREET ART MOVES INTO THE HOME Looking at magazines, trade shows and TV programmes dedicated to the latest trends now has a place in our everyday lives, in our homes and in the way we decorate. The street art that has adorned so many walls for so many years and was once a cause for




042 122


Lilia Morán

Not only in women’s magazines, which treat the issue in a pretty

schools of thought that experiment with eroticism as a way of

enlightenment of sorts, whereby intercourse becomes, in

PRAYING FOR PLEASURE Yes, it does look rather like a strange alien replica of the Virgin Mary, or even a skinny, weird nun in an act of worship. What it is, in fact, is the very latest sex toy, with a name that needs very little further explanation: Ultimate G. Although in all honesty it could be called Terminator and we’d still think it was a suitable name. It seems like the world of female pleasure really knows no bounds. In recent years there have been countless studies, reports and articles on the subject, and the liberation of women’s sexuality in the past few decades has created a real stir.


What do our readers have to say?


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Staff Writer Juan Rebenaque

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Berta Makowsky Stylist



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