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Coatings, Sealants & Paints BOND IT APP Bond It yet again lead the way in providing users of their products with excellent reference tools. The new app, launched this month, provides quick and easy locating of technical data sheets, declarations of conformity, safety data sheets and application advice relating to their whole product range.

Earthborn’s Hobgoblin sits well with so many different colours, especially rich yellows and oranges but also warm neutrals .

A free, quick and easy reference guide providing key information on all Bond It products: pack images, product descriptions, application instructions and technical documentation. A must have on-the-job tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Find the information you need while using their products directly on your mobile. QR code scanning direct from product packaging makes the information you need even more accessible. KEY FEATURES: Quick search by Product Code; Add products to ‘favourites’ for quick reference; Scan QR codes and instantly find product details; Find all technical reference documents for our product range; Links to application tutorials and tips. No ads, no in-app purchases, just the information you need to make an informed decision about any Bond It product.

A SIMPLE GUIDE TO EARTHBORN COLOURS Earthborn believes that paint has the ability to transform our spaces for the better. A beautiful dose of its uniquely formulated colour can improve anyone’s surroundings and uplift their mood. And its paints are eco friendly and virtually VOC free, with no nasty paint smells or harmful emissions. But where to start?

Download the app today from google store. Compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

If you’re looking for a brand new colour scheme and don’t know where to start, or even if you’ve chosen your wall colour but are stuck on what to put with it, help is at hand in a new simple guide. Earthborn has created a mood picker which will generate a choice of colour palettes that match your chosen mood. Try it. It might even give you some ideas and paint colour combinations that you love but would never have thought of.

Tel: 01422 315300 or visit

Go to and click on the “Colour Guide” link at the foot of the page.


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Specialist paint manufacturer, Bradite are proud to support a unique commemoration project that has raised £66,000 in the last year for the British Legion Poppy Appeal. ‘Standing with Giants’ is a non-profit organisation that creates life size WWI soldier silhouettes that can be sited temporarily in open spaces. The silhouettes, each six feet tall depicting a British Tommy with his rifle slung over his shoulder, are made from a plastic/aluminium composite material derived from recycled signage from building sites. Bradite are proud to have donated their One Can primer/finish paint to the project, helping protect the many hundreds of figures now being made at Standing with Giants’ Oxfordshire workshop. The project also makes two-foot diameter poppy wreaths which have been painted in One Can.

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These twin events created so much public interest that an incredible £66,000 was raised from visitors for the Poppy Appeal during a time when the Royal British Legion’s fundraising had been badly hit by the COVID pandemic. “People’s reaction has been astonishing. We have had people crying, they found it so moving,” says the project founder, Dan Barton.

It was clear that the idea had caught the public’s imagination and future installations are now being planned. 2000 soldier silhouettes and 1500 poppy wreaths are being created and thoroughly weatherproofed thanks to Bradite One Can, an all-purpose, quick-drying, stain resistant paint. It is hoped that these mobile tributes will also find their way to the Falkland Islands for the 30th anniversary of the military action. For more information about Standing with Giants visit:

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“I was contacted last Autumn by the project which was already using One Can supplied through the Abingdon branch of builders merchants, Brewers,” explained Bradite’s National Sales Manager James Burton. “We were asked if we could help and are happy to provide our product for the next phase of the project over the coming year, and of course, it was our privilege to help the community remember our fallen heroes.”

The silhouettes, 101 in total, first appeared at a nature reserve on a hillside overlooking the M40 motorway, before being invited by the Duke of Marlborough to site a couple of hundred together with poppy wreaths on a hillside on the grounds of Blenheim Palace.