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FLEXIBLE FUELLING SOLUTIONS FOR ANY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT WP Group is a fuels company with a difference, it has used its experience and expertise within the sector to tailor its range of solutions to meet the specific needs of the construction industry with solutions that include standard fuels, sustainable solutions and fuel management.

options at the most convenient time for their operation.

The Southampton based fuels business has built up an enviable reputation for being able to provide its construction customers with fuelling solutions, innovative products and technologies to achieve business objectives, overcome daily site challenges and, importantly, keep projects moving. At its most streamlined level, its critical service to construction is the regular and reliable delivery of fuel, but WP Group also provides sustainable fuelling options and marketleading technology providing total fuel management.

Sustainable Solutions The quest for ever-increasing levels of sustainability and efficiency is driving change and shaping the world around us.

Whether you’re building roads, houses, airports or offices, finding a proactive, flexible, service driven fuel supplier is key to success. WP Group understands what it takes to keep you in operation, this has driven its specialist construction team to create a new flexible suite of products and solutions designed for and by the construction industry. This means you can now gain complete control of your project’s fuel supply by combining a comprehensive range of solutions and services from WP Group. Standard Fuels WP Group’s portfolio of standard fuel products ensures its construction customers have access to the highest quality fuels, reliably delivered when and where it’s needed. With both gasoil and road diesel, its 24/7 delivery service ensures that its customers’ sites and projects across the UK are reliably and regularly supplied with economical fuel

WP Group understands these high-quality fuels are crucial to business operations and has the ability to provide these products alone, or as part of a wider package including fuel management and tank supply.

With WP Group’s range of sustainable fuel solutions, it’s never been easier to minimise your project’s carbon footprint. From 100% renewable fuel, to carbon compensation, WP Group provides flexible solutions to support you to achieve your sustainability objectives.

HVO Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) reduces your carbon footprint by 90% and improves air quality as a 100% renewable drop-in diesel replacement.

The Esso Diesel Efficient™ fuel helps lower NOx, CO2 and particulate matter emissions and an improved fuel economy.

GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) Fuel contributes to improved air quality along with improved combustion properties inside standard diesel engines. This is another drop in diesel replacement.

Designed to support a journey to a low carbon future, WP Group provides its customers simple and practical solutions through its carbon compensation products.

With WP Group’s range of sustainable fuel solutions, it’s never been easier to minimise your project’s carbon footprint.

Fuel Management WP Group works in partnership with you to help manage your site’s fuel use intelligently and efficiently with its comprehensive range of fuel management solutions. Fuel Tank Supply The team will ensure your site has access to a fuel supply 24/7, not just by supplying the fuel you need directly into your vehicles, but by also supplying a fuel tank for you to keep on site too. It offers a range of sizes from bowsers through to static tanks, to suit the requirements of your scheme. Fuel Technologies The utilisation of WP Group’s market leading fuel management system enables its customers to track every transaction on their site to the tenth of a litre, own use or subcontractor, by vehicle/equipment and to pre-approve and authorise any vehicles/ equipment that require the use of their fuel facilities or delivery. 24/7 Emergency Response WP Group offers Emergency 24/7 Fuel Response (response within 6/8/12 hours) to ensure that it’s always there for its customers and that there is always fuel in your tank. Automated Delivery The business’ systems and processes allow total automation from fuel delivery through to invoice management. From standing orders, through to telemetrybased automation, WP Group can take the responsibility and automate your deliveries. This allows its customers to focus on business-critical tasks and eliminate any downtime linked to fuel delivery accuracy and accountability. From standard fuels to sustainable solutions, through to fuel management, WP Group’s flexibility and expertise in fuelling construction will keep your projects running smoothly, reliably and efficiently.

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Construction UK Magazine - June 2021  

Construction UK Magazine - June 2021  

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