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LPF Mag contributors share a local’s guide to their cities



Tour a Mid-Century Modern Bachelorette pad, decorated on a budget. BY AMANDA RISIUS

p. 2 2 WOMEN WHO INSPIRE US An interview with Lizzibeth owner, Lizzi Weasler

ENTERTAINING p. 24 HAVE YOUR CAKE +EAT IT TOO A nostalgia-inducing birthday celebration- complete with cake! BY SARAH ENNIS


A do-it-yourself pineapple cilantro lime marinade BY JOCELYN MANDALOU

table of contents BEAUTY + HEALTH p. 20 SUMMER SMOOTHIES

Break out the blender for these healthy & delicious smoothie recipes. BY NIA HANKENHOF

p. 54 DIY BEACH BABE HAIR SPRAY A recipe for instant surfer girl wavy hair. BY LAUREN FELIX

p. 52 HEALTHY IS HAPPY A weight loss journey of health and happiness. BY JESSICA ZIMLICH


Two trends we can’t get enough of this summer.

p. 34 SUMMER AT THE LAKE An all-american editorial at the lake house. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MATT ENGELHART SYLED BY LAUREN FELIX


the editor

HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! These past few months I’ve truly been living everything that I preach about on La Petite Fashionista! I’ve alway had the entrepreneurial urge but I finally took the plunge and started my own business in March. I’m now using my fashion industry and blogging background to do social media consulting and strategy for other businesses and I couldn’t be more excited about this slightly terrifying but oh-so-gratifying new endeavor. This issue #7 of La Petite Fashionista Magazine and I couldn’t be more excited for what the team’s come up with. Warning- this issue may inspire a serious streak of Wanderlust. Check out the local’s guides of our contributor’s cities + be sure to follow along on pinterest. We also have a gorgeous editorial inspired by summer at the lake, healthy smoothie recipes, real girl’s home tour done on a budget + so much more inspiring content. The LPF Mag contributors are one seriously talented team! Let’s all make this a summer to follow our dreams (and our passports!) wherever they may take us. xoxo,



the contributors AMANDa RISIUS
























Wet Seal, $25


Maui Babe, $11

lpf loves:

Matches, $38

Roxy, $40

Romwe, $18

Topshop, $96

Baublebar, $22 Target, $20

J.Crew Factory, $12

Roxy, $56

Charlotte Russe $23

Capri Blue, $30

Dorothy Perkins, $27

lpf loves: THE 90's

Rima, $30

Motel, $22

TopShop, $60

Sole Society, $90

Birkenstock, $90

BCBGeneration, $18

Boohoo, $38

TopShop, $15

Motel, $68

NastyGal, $68

ASOS, $21

Urban Outfitters, $29

Topshop, $16

TopShop, $32



interior design Q+A with Amanda riSIUS

LPF Mag: Where do you live? Amanda: Living in San Francisco for the summer, originally from Iowa LPF Mag: What’s your day job? Amanda: Marketing Assistant at Apartment 34 LPF Mag: How would you describe your interior design style? Amanda: My style is constantly evolving. I love clean and mid-century modern designs with lots of texture and some rustic elements. LPF Mag: Where do you shop for your home? Amanda: I shop my own home! Really. Also Target, Anthropologie, and thrift stores are great for accessories, and I love Hobby Lobby and Home Depot for project materials. LPF Mag: What’s your favorite DIY project you’ve done for your house? Amanda: I don’t think you can ever have too many pillows, so I love working with textiles and making my own pillow covers. The tree stamp pillow was made using a potato and is one of my favorites! I also love the marble tray DIY because it was so easy, and the copper lipstick holder is pretty inventive :) LPF Mag: What’s your biggest splurge? Biggest save? Amanda: My biggest splurge was actually my white Moroccan rug for $100! I got it for a major steal during a big sale and it’s one of my favorite things in my home. It’s just so cozy. My biggest save was my coffee table I found at Goodwill for $6.




ON A budgeT

Decorating on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice style. I suggest by first really analyzing what you have for furniture and decor and working with that. Get creative and repurpose furniture to fit your current style. A little paint can go a long way! After arranging and styling your home with the items you already have, next take a look and see what’s missing. By first working with what you have, you’ll save tons of money because you aren’t hitting the shops and buying useless things you might not even need. Once you take notes on the areas in your home that are lacking, you have a clear focus of what exactly you need to purchase. When you are shopping, don’t look at stores you know are out of budget. It only makes it harder! Stick to the stores that are in your price range and don’t be afraid to hit thrift stores! Some of my most unique decor items are from thrift stores. Also, keep an open mind. Stores are full of great decorating items even if they aren’t labeled so. Paper Source, Home Depot, and Target clearance section all have pretty items that can work as wall art, desk accessories, or anything!



1/2 cup blueberries 1/2 cup blackberries 1/2 cup coconut water 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional) Handful of ice cubes 1 tbsp honey or stevia (optional)

STRAWBERRY + MANGO SMOOTHIE 1/2 cup mango 1/2 cup strawberries 1/4 cup coconut water 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp honey or stevia (optional) Sliced almonds to garnish

KALE, BANANA, PINEAPPLE + MANGO SMOOTHIE 1/4 cup chopped kale 1 whole chopped banana 1/2 cup chopped mango 1/2 cup pineapple 1/2 cup coconut water 1/2 tsp chia seeds Handful of ice cubes


PINEAPPLE CILANTRO LIME MARINADE Our cooking expert, Jocelyn Mandalou, at Saucy Jocey’s Kitchen, shows us how to make our own marinade for cookouts. It’s healthier than a store bought marinade & super simple! Marinade for 1 lb of meat Preparation Time: 5 minutes Marinating Time: 1 hour Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/4 cup pineapple juice 1/4 cup fresh cilantro 1 lime (for zest and juice) 3/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cumin 1/4 tsp onion powder 1/8 tsp black pepper 1. Rinse and chop cilantro. 2. Zest the lime. 3. Juice the lime and whisk all ingredients together. 4. Mix meat and marinade together. 5. Cover meat and marinade (or seal in a zip top bag) and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour. 6. Cook as you please! Grilling with pineapple, bell pepper, and onion is recommended.

Follow Jocelyn at @SaucyJoceysKitchen

Photography by Sarah Ennis

have your cake & eat it too!

let’s party! Often in the middle of the day, I find myself drifting off and dreaming of beautiful parties. From weddings to holidays, I can’t help but think of what to do to take it to the next level. However, when it comes to birthdays, my mind shifts the opposite direction. While throwing an over the top birthday bash may work for some, I much prefer the beauty of a simpler get together like when I was a kid. I don’t need 100 people at a fancy restaurant or an elaborate theme brought to life. All I really need is a cake like mom used to make, snacks for all to enjoy and a little lemonade to sip on.

That was the inspiration behind this gathering. I wanted to create an event to inspire the simpler things and take you back to the good ol’ days where all you needed was balloons, streamers, confetti, goody bags, matching plates and napkins, and of course a little Pin the Tail on the Donkey for fun! So, as you glance at the images, I hope they spark a little nostalgia and inspire a trip down memory lane for your next birthday celebration!

We loved this grown up take on the goody bag. Creating the perfect favor bag is a mix between old favorites and new likes. Include candies from when you were a kid, a fun straw, and everything your guests need to make spiked peach lemonade at home.

Spiked Peach Lemonade with Basil Ingredients 4 Cups Lemonade 4 Oz. Gin 2 Oz. Peach Schnapps 6 Basil Leaves, plus more for garnish


1. Combine all ingredients in large pitcher. Let sit for 2-4 hours before serving. 2. Serve over ice and garnish with basil leaves serving.


Herbed Parmesan Popcorn INGREDIENTS: 2 Bags Salted Natural Popcorn 2 Tablespoons Butter 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 1 Tablespoon Italian Herb Mixtures ½ Cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese


1. Pop popcorn according to box directions. Pour into large mixing bowl 2. In a small sauce pan, melt butter, olive oil and Italian herb mixture. 3. Pour mixture and parmesan cheese over popcorn, quickly stirring to combine.

HOMEMADE INDIVUDUAL PIZZAS Ingredients ¾ Cup Lukewarm Water 1 Teaspoon Dry Active Yeast 2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour 1 ½ Teaspoons Salt


1. In a medium mixing bowl, dissolve dry active yeast in lukewarm water. 2. Add in whole wheat flour and salt to the bowl and mix until you’ve formed a shaggy dough. 3. Transfer dough to a floured surface and knead until all combined and smooth, about 5 minutes. If dough begins to stick to surface or hands, add additional flour. 4. Return to bowl and let rise about 1.5 hours or until doubled in size. Use or store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. 5. Split dough in half. Form each half into a ball. Roll out with a rolling pin 6. Top with desired toppings and bake at 500 degrees for 5 minutes. Rotate. pizzas and bake for an additional 3-5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.

Vanilla Buttercream Icing Ingredients:

2 Sticks Unsalted Butter, room temperature 4 Cups Powdered Sugar Ÿ Cup Heavy Cream 2 ½ Teaspoons Vanilla Extract


1. Beat softened butter with an electric mixer on medium speed for 3 minutes until creamy. 2. Add powdered sugar, heavy cream and vanilla extract beating until thick and smooth, approximately 3 minutes. 3. Apply to cool cake between layers and on top. Top with additional sprinkles if desired.

homemade Ingredients

3 1/3 Cups All Purpose Flour 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder ½ Teaspoon Baking Soda 1 Teaspoon Salt 2 Sticks Unsalted Butter, melted 1 ½ Cups Granulated Sugar ½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar 2 Large Eggs ½ Cup Plain Greek Yogurt 1 ½ Cups Milk 2 Tablespoons Vanilla Extract 1 1/3 Cup Rainbow Sprinkles (Not Non-Pareils)


1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees. Spray (2) 9” Round Cake Pans with non-stick spray 2. In a medium bowl, mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Set aside 3. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together melted butter, granulated sugar, and dark brown sugar. Be sure to get out any lumps. 4. Whisk into sugar mixture, egg, milk, yogurt, and vanilla extract until combined. 5. Slowly mix in dry ingredients until no lumps remain. 6. Add sprinkles and stir till just combined being carful as to not over stir. Sprinkles will begin to melt if over combined. 7. Bake for 20 minutes. Cover loosely with aluminum foil and bake for an additional 13-17 minutes or until toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. 8. Let cool on a wire rack completely before icing.


e k a L Photography by Matt Engelhart

lpf style tip:


canoe rides


best friends LAKE LIFE


SHOP THE LOOK: lovely at Lizzibeth, $15 Sperry, $85

Mango, $25 Choies, $63 Lizzibeth, $13

Lizzibeth, $13

Lizzibeth, $34

J. Crew, $20

Olivia Taylor, $10

Lizzibeth, $18

t the lake Lizzibeth, $36

Forever 21, $5

Forever 21, $9

Lizzibeth, $14

Splendid, $86 Lizzibeth, $20

Romwe, $18

Olivia Taylor, $10

Tretorn, $93

Healthy is


COntributor, Jessica’s, Journey to a happier + Healthier self I’m going to be completely honest with you all, I dread telling people that I used to be overweight. The excess weight I carried around was a representation of some of the most unhappiest years of my life and they are hard to look back on.

number read 110 (a number far too small for my 5’7’’ frame, but that’s another story). WHAT HAPPENED?! My mind was a blur trying to process those three not-so-little numbers.

Luckily this happened after my workout, otherwise I’m quite positive the shock would have Growing up I was always super skinny. I ate sent me running (okay, walking) out the front whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I even had doors. I can honestly say it was one of the most trouble gaining weight at various points in my overwhelming experiences I’ve ever had. Up life. I was downright scrawny. In high school it until that point I had let everything roll off my was just me and my size zero jeans all the way shoulder. I ignored it all, the Facebook messagthrough graduation. Once I got to college I no- es from an ex-boyfriend calling me a fat b*tch, ticed a little bit of weight gain, but nothing like the degrading hoop and holler from boys when the freshman 15 everyone was always talking they drove past me on the street and worst of about. I figured I was all, I ignored the fact that “Not only did I shed pounds, my “friends” were saying finally filling out my womanly body. these terrible things about but I shed a ton of me behind my back and Somewhere between negativity that coNsumed I was just standing by my junior year of colletting it happen. I was fed my life.” lege and graduation up. I made a commitment in May of 2011, things to get on track for myself. changed. At my peak I wore a size 14 in women’s pants. And not the sexy-built-to-be-curvy size I started documenting, I prefer this word to 14 that Christina Mendez is rocking. I. Wish. To counting, which is how my blog name came say I had let myself go would be an understateabout (26 and Not Counting calories, years ment. flying by, how many items are in my online shopping cart compared to the dollars in my When I finally acknowledged my weight and bank get the gist). I started tracking stepped on the scale I almost had a heart attack. calories and workouts in the myfitnesspal app, That’s probably not an exaggeration considering committed to 5-6 workouts a week (including the lack of exercise paired with all of the fatty weight lifting, which I had never done in my life) foods I was consuming regularly. It read 178. I and limited my booze fests with friends (which panicked. The last time I stepped on a scale I was had been going on far too often) to one night a at the doctor’s office several years prior and the week.

It wasn’t as if I had never worked out before, that simply wasn’t the case. I grew up active and enjoyed spin class in my early college years, but I had fallen off the bandwagon.

slowly but surely, I reached my goal. I wasn’t happy in my body so I fixed it, and in doing so, I fixed a lot of other areas in my life. I’m proud to say that I currently weigh 131lbs, I’ve wrestled some unhealthy habits into portion So I was working out, right? But controlled treats, found that I’m what about food? I hate the word a much happier person when I diet. Diet is typically defined as workout and I’ve grown into the something you “go on” before person I am meant to be. Not only a big trip and it usually means did I shed pounds, but I shed a that whatever crazy thing you are ton of negativity that consumed doing to try and shed pounds (the my life. grapefruit diet?) will eventually have an ending point. I didn’t I’m still not where I want to start drinking any crazy weight be, and that’s okay. That simply loss drink or ban everything fried, means that it’s time to set anothbut I did start watching what I ate. er goal and push myself harder I paid attention to my body and than ever. My hope is that if you when it was full and aimed to eat aren’t happy with where you’re at more home cooked meals, opin life, whether it be your weight, posed to eating out all the time. your job, your relationship, that you will love yourself enough to The first time someone noticed change the situation and create a I had a lost a few pounds (8 to life that makes you happy to your be exact) I nearly fell off my bar core. stool. Yes, I was at the bar celebrating a friend’s birthday (I had One last thing, you should also found a happy balance and kept know that there is such a thing my social life, hallelujah!). The as a skinny fat person. Someone words were simple, “Jess you are may appear to be skinny, but that looking good.” I can’t tell you how doesn’t necessarily mean they are thankful I am to that person that healthy. Being fit doesn’t mean they recognized the work I had fitting into a size 2 (or even 4, 6 or been putting in. 8) for all women (Serena Williams and Whitney Thompson are perMaintaining my body will be a fect examples). Just because somedaily practice for the rest of my one appears to be “fat” doesn’t life. I had to marry that thought mean they can’t outrun you! Be from the get-go. Til death do us kind and encouraging toward othpart. Just this past year I set out er people, and especially yourself. to lose another 10 pounds and


fitness journey

Jess- 2011

Jess- 2014






DALLAS - RALEIGH - VENICE - ATLANTA - Chicago - Boston - Tampa - SAN DIEGO -

DALLAS - RALEIGH - VENICE - ATLANTA - Chicago - Boston - Tampa - SAN DIEGO

I’m Katey, a style blogger with Chronicles of Frivolity, living as a Dallasite. No, we don’t ride horses to the mall and everything really is bigger from our Margaritas to our eyelashes. 3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. Eat: Dallas has more restaurants per capita than anywhere in America, seriously. We eat so well. 2. Shop: Dallas ALSO has more Shopping centers per capita than anywhere in America. It’s absurd. 3. Marg: Everywhere you look you are 10 feet from a patio with chips, salsa and the best margarita you’ve ever had.

3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS 1. Hattie’s: Hattie’s is southern food with LA-white décor. You can enjoy Bacon-Wrapped Fried Oysters and Macaroni and Cheese Crusted Filet while sipping a Sweet Tea Martini. 2. Stampede 66: Stampede 66 wins best margarita every year (The Modern Star Canyon) and The Butterscotch Pudding is worth gaining 20 pounds for. 3. Saint Ann: Saint Ann has one of the most beautiful patios in Dallas and I could probably have The Skinny Basil Lemonade and Salmon every meal of my life.

KATEY MCFARLAN of Chronicles of Frivolity @KATEYMCFARLAN

3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Milk & Honey Boutique: Milk & Honey Boutique might be the most affordable and unique boutique in Dallas! P.S. go to the back room, everything is on sale and there are a million size options. 2. Movida Boutique: Movida Boutique has the most beautiful bright pieces, a neon pink or chartreuse blazer? Under $40? Yes ma’am. 3. Northpark Mall: Northpark Mall isn’t exactly affordable in every way, but if you go to Dallas and don’t stop by it is a sin. From Gucci to Neimans it’s like a museum of designers more so than a typical mall.

3 TOP DALLAS AIRBNB PICKS 1. Trendy Uptown Loft: A gorgeous two story loft near all of the cities best bars & restaurants. Dallas, $160 per night 2. Private Guest House w/ Exposed Beams: We can’t get over how gorgeous this private guest house is. Dallas, $150 per night 3. Contemporary Cabin: This cabin is located right next to an art museum & always has live music at night. Dallas. $90 per night

I was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my college career living in the bustling city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh is one of those towns that flies under the radar. It’s a beautiful historical area, with a taste of southern charm. Raleigh is a relatively inexpensive destination, with lots to see and do, you just need to find the right spots.

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. Take an afternoon or evening stroll around Lake Johnson. It is the perfect place to go for a jog, take a walk with your dog, or hop in one of the paddle boats and explore the peaceful sights. 2. Check out the local Farmer’s Market based right near the NC State University campus, each vendor sets up their own stand of fresh produce, crafts, homemade goods- it’s open on weekends!


3. Head over to the Amphitheater at Walnut Creek. Lots of summer concerts are on the list, tickets are 1. The Flying Biscuit- Known for their southern super affordable in the lawn section with a great made delicious buttery baked biscuits paired with view of the stage. just about any breakfast entree, it is the happening spot for a weekend brunch. 2. Cameron Bar & Grill - An upscale looking restaurant with affordable prices for a fabulous meal, they have great appetizers and unique dinner dishes to pair with any delicious choice of wine. 3 Boylan Bridge Brewpub - The best place to hit up to catch a sunset, the local pub sits right on the bridge that overlooks the Raleigh skyline, sit outside on the terrace & enjoy one of their many craft beers (& cheese dip!) made right there.


3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Fab’rik: Fab’rik is a hostpot with lots of affordable clothes like bright colored maxi dresses, tanks, and any handbag you could possibly need. 2. The Impeccable Pig: Looking for the perfect day dress? The Impeccable Pig is the place to go, the store features lots of cute floral prints in dresses, tops, and shorts, this is your summer destination shop. 3. Charlotte’s Jewelry Boutique: Charlotte’s Jewelry Boutique is a one stop shop for all your accessory needs, from simple earrings to some diamond pieces the customer’s of Charlotte’s are on the cutting edge of fashion.

3 TOP RALEIGH AIRBNB PICKS 1. Hotel Nicaragua Ssaid to be a stop from Jack Kerouac’s noteworthy book “On the Road”, nestled right outside downtown Raleigh this is definitely a historic gem. Raleigh, $70 per night 2. Cookie’s Garden Suite A 1899 bungalow located in the Oakwood Historic District, enjoy a private entrance with all the amenities you’ll need, right by downtown. Raleigh, $75 per night 3. Sally’s Downtown Historic Suite This historic home sits in a gorgeous neighborhood with leafy oaks close to coffee shops and nearby bars. Raleigh. $85 per night

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for over 3 years. Los Angeles is a very spread out megacity with each area diverse in restaurants, activities, fashion, architecture and even weather! I grew up on the beach, so it was only fitting that I move to the west side of L.A. closest to the Pacific. Venice is a colorful, eccentric, one-of-a kind district in Los Angeles right on the Pacific Ocean.

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. Venice has near-perfect weather year round, so biking is a common activity here. Marvin Braude Bike Trail (known as The Strand) is a bike path along the Pacific shoreline starting from Malibu, down through Venice, all the way Redondo Beach. 2. Abbot Kinney is the artsy, hipster sister of Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. First Friday brings the best local art, fashion, music and food trucks to locals and visitors alike. 3. Yoga and Venice go hand in hand. There are multiple studios in the Venice area with incredible instructors and a class nearly every hour.

3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS 1. The Tasting Kitchen: A very special dining experience. Trendy, upscale atmosphere but with a rustic twist. Communal seating under the trees, a creative and fresh menu that changes daily, and an overall obscure charm that suits Venice to a T. 2. Chop Daddy’s: Nestled between some of the city’s most well-reviewed restaurants is some of the best BBQ in Los Angeles. The tastiest fried pickles I’ve ever had! 3. Kippy’s: Non-dairy, raw organic coconut cream based ice cream. My favorite is the orangesicle!


3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Firefly - the perfect collection of housewares, gifts and clothing reflecting the effortless and beachy Venice lifestyle. 2. Principessa - their website says it best, “outfitting the modern flower child in a sophisticated style that is comfortable, sexy, and timeless.” 3. Aviator Nation: Quintessential Southern California style that has become an obsession for many, Aviator Nation has one-of-a kind t-shirt, tanks, sweats and more that have that worn-in feel, so soft and comfortable!

3 TOP VENICE AIRBNB PICKS 1. Artist’s Cottage An art filled cottage in proximity to one of the world’s best beaches. $140 per night 2. Stylish Venice Bungalow Walk to beach, shops and dining from this romantic and stylish holiday bungalow in a lush garden setting. $149 per night 3. Venice Garden Retreat A guesthouse filled with treasures from the owners’ travels abroad. $125 per night

My name is Becca and I fell in love with Atlanta two years ago. Although I moved to Atlanta for graduate school and thought it would be temporary, I have fallen for a city that could be my forever home. Having to choose my favorites are going to be hard in a city that has so much to do.

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. I’ve quickly made a tradition out of going to Music Midtown Music Festival in September at Piedmont Park. I had the time of my life dancing the night away with best friends, listening to great bands & the Atlanta skyline in the background. 2. Brunch is the only thing that gets me out of bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Try the 100 item Bloody bar at Front Page News, or all you can eat breakfast at G’s near piedmont. If you get up early enough, try West Egg in Westside Provisions 3. For a mere ten bucks, you get six samples and a beautiful pint at the Sweetwater Brewery Tour. But, be warned, the pours are heavy!

3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS 1. Noche: This tiny tapas bar is full of flavors in tinybites. Their chef special never seems to disappoint and there’s always a drink special! (Sangria Sundays are a personal favorite) 2. Park Tavern: This restaurant with its own brewery offers some of the best views of Atlanta. They have a late night sushi special and when it rains, they pour dollar beers! In the winter, they have a full skating rink with adult only hours. (so you don’t trip over that kid) 3.YEAH! Burger: My favorite burger place in the world. they offer a made to order burger that quenches even the pickiest of eaters appetites.


3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. The Lucky Exchange: This second hand store is a treasure trove of pieces; some extravagant sequin dresses, some office appropriate attire. My best find? Brand new in the box Prada Loafers for under 30$! 2. The Merchant at Howell Mill: Grab a cup of coffee at Octane and then, cross the street to Merchant. A wide array of gifts and accessories offer the opportunity to pick up something for your friends and yourself. 3. Lizard Thicket: Shop this trendy boutique for gameday dresses in your favorite team colors or the latest shipment of Bourbon and Bowetie bracelets.

3 TOP ATLANTA AIRBNB PICKS 1. Secluded Treehouse How could a girl not want to spend the night in an adult sized treehouse nestled right in popular neighborhood, Buckhead? $275 per night 2. Contemporary Atlanta Apartment Midtown is close to everything you could want to be- food, culture, Piedmont Park, museums, & an active nightlife, there is something for everyone! This is a gorgeous room in a mini-mansion. $73 per night 3. Contemporary Atlanta Apartment This apartment is in the perfect location for someone visiting town for food, drinks and shopping. $69 per night

I moved to Chicago a little over a year ago and I’ve completely fallen in love with the city! As a Midwesterner all my life, Chicago offers the charms of living in the Midwest while offering amazing big city life. There are summer street festivals every weekend, the best brunch spots in the area, shopping galore & hidden gems in every gorgeous neighborhood.

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. Taste test cupcakes around Lincoln Park (I love Sweet Mandy B’s and Swirlz)! 2. Spend the afternoon blogging at local coffee shops like Floriole & Heritage. 3. Explore local shops in new neighborhoods – there are so many incredible places to explore!

3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS 1. Range: Hidden gem in Lincoln park that boasts seasonal recipes all made fromlocal ingredients. Best of all, it’s only a few blocks from my apartment! Needless to say, they know me by name... 2. Little Goat Diner – I love Top Chef winner Stephanie Izzard’s mid-priced diner best of all her Chicago restaurants. Offering home-style recipes with a fancy twist, I’m a big fan of everything I’ve tried. I’d recommend the pork belly pancake & tiramisu shake if you stop in! 3. Xoco: Rick Bayless has been one of my favorite chefsfor years. His lower priced concept, Xoco, is the perfect spot to meet friends for lunch in River North. Plus, Margaritas (enough said, right?)


3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Green Goddess Boutique: One of my favorite spots in Wicker Park & Lincoln Park. I love their gorgeous clothing and jewelry, and I always end up buying more than I anticipated – oops! 2. Alapash Home and Terrariums: Gorgeous rustic décor at a variety of price points. Make sure to say “hi” to the charming owner, Marco & ask him all about his handmade terrariums. 3. Elizabeth Grace: As a self-proclaimed stationary fanatic- I love this incredible selection of cards and gifts. If you’re a Rifle Paper Co. lover like I am, this store is about to become your new fave spot.

3 TOP CHICAGO AIRBNB PICKS 1. Urban Oasis This little gem in Wicker Park is the perfect place to stay for a weekend. Wicker Park has incredible restaurants, fun night life and is hipster paradise (in the best way possible!) $65 per night 2. Lincoln Park Studio My favorite neighborhood boasts amazing restaurants, coffee shops & free activities for a weekend away. Check out this spot in Lincoln Park $56 per night 3. Cool Chicago Loft How charming is this spot (and affordable too!) I love the funky décor and the close proximity to a few of my favorite neighborhoods. $120 per night

I am an ex-student and working photographer in Boston, where there’s always something to do and always something to see.

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. Ride a bike through the city! Boston is incredibly bike friendly, and it beats sitting in traffic! 2. Hang out in Harvard Square. There are tons of bars and restaurants in Harvard Square, and it’s always fun to walk through Harvard’s campus and throughout beautiful Cambridge. 3. Walk through the Public Garden in the fall! This is my favorite time of year in Boston precisely for this reason.

3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS 1. Deep Ellum: Great bar, creative menu (kim chi hotdogs, anyone?), and lovely porch to sit on. Their sister restaurant directly next store, Lone Star Taco Bar-home to a great margarita menu. 2. Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks: Seriously delicious cocktails (egg fizzes & house infused spirits) and a really fantastic French brasserie inspired menu. Perfect for a fancy date night, beer & burger before the Sox game, or drink at the marble bar. 3. Trident Cafe- Newbury Street. Half bookstore + half late night cafe/diner = the perfect place. Trident has house made juices, a selection of smoothies and really great beer, stuffed french toast, and a Monte Cristo sandwich on the menu.

EMMA LOUISE of Berlou Photography

3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Store 54 : Really well curated vintage collection. The owners have a really great eye for textiles and quality products &huge record collection! Awesome books, old jewelry and every once in a while they have shows in the store. Kind of hidden and always changing little gem. 2. Urban Renewals: My favorite thrift store. Huge and always priced well, you can always find your favorite new mason jar here. 3. Newbury Street: Not a specific store but rather a really nice, picturesque Boston boutique street thats’s bursting at the seams with shops and restaurants.

3 TOP CHICAGO AIRBNB PICKS 1. Harvard’s Dollhouse Rent a room in this Victorian beauty of a home by Cambridge- with a host who calls herself a historic tour guide. $65 per night 2. Modern Chinatown Condo This one isright downtown, in Chinatown. Close to so many things, and super T-accessible for anything it’s not close to. The modern living room has amazing views. $135 per night 3. Heart of Boston You can’t beat the location of this stay. right downtown. I love how stylish this living room is. $159 per night

I’m a senior at the University of Florida. There’s no place that compares to my hometown of Tampa Bay- I truly live where everyone vacations! From the culture to the attractions, shopping to night life, hipster cafes to theme parks, or from beautiful beaches to sports, Tampa Bay has it ALL!

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. First on my list is definitely going to sports games. Tampa is the heart of sports...whether it’s a Bucs, Rays, or lightning game. 2. One of Tampa’s most popular attractions. Busch Gardens has thrilling rides, zoos, live shows, restaurants, shops, and things to do with family, or your closest friends! 3. What I love the most about the bay area is being able to soak up some rays then throw some work out clothes on and do yoga or pilates on the beach and then cool off with a nice swim with a gorgeous Florida sunset.

3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS 1. Columbia Restaurant: Florida’s oldest restaurant founded in 1905 and located in Ybor City. Delicious food, and you can even catch some great entertainmenwith Flamenco dance performances or live jazz on certain nights of the week. 2. Oxford Exchange: Enjoy fresh and unique meals made with local and organic ingredients in this gorgeous and trendy new space - be sure to stop by the adjoining store to shop too! 3. Hogan’s Beach: Hogan’s is an indoor and outdoor restaurant and bar offering waterside dining and live outdoor entertainment. A great place to watch games or dance along the beach after dinner.


3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Ellenton Premium Outlets: Shop all of your favorite brands for less at this outdoor outlet mall. I love all of the great deals. 2. XXI in International Mall: I’m a huge fan of Forever 21 because you can always get a lot for your money. The one at Tampa’s International Mall is giant & has a great shoe selection! 3. J.C.’s Boutique: A gorgeous collection of jewelry with every color you could possibly image for incredibly affordable prices. You could easily walk out with a beautiful dress, necklace, and pair of pretty wedges all for under 50 bucks.

3 TOP TAMPA AIRBNB PICKS 1. Treehouse Bungalow The outdoor hanging bed in this space alone is reason to rent it. Three impeccably decorated bedrooms in historic district of Tampa. $115 per night 2. Trendy Hyde Park This space looks right out of an interior design magazine are located right in ultra trendy Hyde Park by bars & restaurants. $80 per night 3. Waterfront Studio Check out nearby Clearwater Beach for a beautiful white sand beaches and this adorable studio apartment right by the ocean. $108 per night

I’m Lauren, a mid-century modern obsessed writer and Southern California native. Let me give you a great tip about visiting San Diego: The perfect ice-breaker aroundhere is – “So, what’s your favorite local beer?”

3 FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IN YOUR CITY: 1. People watch on the beach. San Diego beaches are long sandy stretchhes of shredded men and women. Bring your dark tinted sunglasses. 2. Beer taste. The craft beer scene is huge in this city, with Stone Brewery leading the way, followed by Alesmith and Ballast Point. Ask a local foor recommendations and you’ll be talking all night. 3. Go to the Gaslamp. The Gaslamp Quarter is the historic part of downtown SanDiego, and is also 3 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS where you’ll find some of the best nightlife. There are even a couple speakeasies, and more than a few 1. South Beach Bar & Grill in Ocean Beach: Serves ghost stories! upscale versions of fish tacos, a San Diego diet staple. 2. Hodad’s: A burger joint with locations in Ocean Beach and Downtown and has, by far, the best burgers in town, with some of the best local ambience. 3. Wine Vault Bistro: Located on India Street, Wine Vault Bistro is California haute cuisine at its finest: Chefs preparing fresh, seasonal produce to pair with amazing wine


3 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: 1. Hillcrest’s Used Clothing Stores and Vintage shops: Why go to a mall when youcan get unique, slightly used, duds in one of San Diego’s trendiest neighborhoods? Try Flashbacks Recycled Fashions on 5th Ave. 2. Great News! Cookware & Cooking School in Ocean Beach: Find every kitchen tool imaginable. Don’t know a pariing knife from a petit four? Sign up for a hands-on cooking class. 3. Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park: This art center is not only stunning, it’s downright artistic. Take art classes, see artists working, and buy everything from paintings and sculptures to ceramics.

3 TOP SAN DIEGO AIRBNB PICKS 1. North Park San Diego Private Casita A snug guest cottage in trendy North Park (literally, on the north edge of Balboa Park) that’s walking distance from the San Diego Zoo, and a quick carride from Hillcrest and the Gaslamp. $119 per night 2. Amazing Cottage at the Beach in OB This 1930s Ocean Beach bungalow is not only about 20 steps away from sand and surf, it’s also within easy walking distance to Hodad’s. $130 per night 3. Cottages by the Cove A beach cottage in beautiful La Jolla (it means “The Jewel”), where you’ll see more Lamborghinis on the street than anywhere else in San Diego. It’s where the wealthy come to play, eat and shop! $170 per night


Milwaukee based online boutique owner, Lizzi Weazler, shares her love of sparkle and how she knew she wanted to start her own business. After making only one Excel spreadsheet the whole time and swimming in labels and subway sweat, I decided to move back to the Midwest. ChiLizzi: Lizzibeth offers affordable fashion with a twist cago was my next stop where I got a job working in including an online store, personal shopping, wedding Finance and Risk Management at an energy company. I finally got my numbers game back but was styling and most popular, private shopping parties still plopped in front or pop-up shops. Lizzibeth caters to all ages with of a computer screen an array of clothing, jewelry, handbags and scarves. for the majority of All merchandiseis under $100 and is selected with my waking hours. The affordable, quality and stylish satisfaction in mind. pressure began to stop In hopes to keep your retail therapy bill low each furthering other commonth, pany’s goals and aspire to be my own boss. LPF Mag: What was the path you took to open up Lizzibeth? I always knew I wanted to start my Lizzi: I took quite a round about journey to get to own business, but where Lizzibeth is today. I have always had what I never had a clear most would impression of what it would be. I finally took a leap say a “passion for fashion” but never really though of faith and began to write business ideas down. This about it transpiring into an actual career. I began is where the inspiration of Lizzibeth was born. What my real world experience as a Civil Engineer. Math I thought Lizzibeth would be from the start to what always had a soft spot in my heart so I figured why it is today is completely different, but I have learned not try a career that is obsessed with numbers. After to adjust accordingly to make Lizzibeth a growing hunching over a desk from 9-5 I got the itch to take a leap of faith and move to NYC to work for three company and I have not looked back since. different fashion companies. LPF Mag: Tell us a little bit about Lizzibeth and what your mission is!

LPF Mag; What was the biggest surprise for you about starting your own business?

Well the Lizzibeth Tassel Project came out of something called third Lizzi: The biggest surprise is how much I love my job grade ‘crafting theraand how working 7 days a week doesn’t even ruffle py’. I had gotten into a a feather. I cannot believe how I complained about pretty bad car accident working 40 hours a week and now having my job that left me groggy and encompass my entire waking and dreaming hours, I achy for weeks. Being could not be more excited and liberated in the career a spastic entrepreneur, I created for myself. I was not going to take this laying down. I LPF Mag: What’s your favorite part of the job? started to see a tassel trend emerge on every fashion outlet I stalked and knew I could make one for myLizzi: I would have to say that every moment about self. After super gluing my fingers together at least 10 Lizzibeth has been times, I reached an “ah ha” moment. I could sell these my favorite. It sounds at Lizzibeth! silly, but even the I knew I wanted to start selling products that were crazy obstacles and made in the Midwest so why can’t I make those roadblocks made products. Then round two of “ah ha” kicked in to have starting Lizzibeth that a portion of the proceeds go to a charity of the month much more rewarding. selected by Lizzibeth customers as a way to get LizziLizzibeth also allows beth directly connected into the community. me to reconnect with old friends and meet LPF Mag: Any words of advice for others trying to new people every start their own business? single day. It has been a blessing to be a part of other’s people accessorizing Lizzi: First advice is picking something you love moments. From birthdays to weddings, I always love because you will literally be spending every waking seeing pictures or hearing comments about how Liz- anddreaming hour with your business to make it a zibeth made a shining appearance at some of those success. Remember when you would spend hours of milestone events. class time fantasizing about your crush and what a perfect life you would have together? Well, think of LPF Mag: Favorite piece in the Lizzibeth shop? your business as that ‘relationship’. Lizzi: This is a tough one! I would like to say I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to Lizzibeth jewelry pieces.I try not to become too attached to any single piece because I find myself out at a bar and people will actually buy jewelry right off of me! This has happened several times so I tend to slip an extra gem or two in my clutch so I don’t feel naked without a statement piece completing my outfit. LPF Mag: We love that Lizzibeth likes to giveback, how did you decide to start the Tassel Project? Lizzi: We all know the phrase ‘retail therapy’, right?

Second piece of advices is to make a plan before diving into any startup. If you’re hoping to pursue a business in the fashion industry is definitely important to have a plan and experience under your (Gucci) belt. When making a plan, you must first do research in the area in which you would like to work. This will set a great own business with confidence and security.



La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #7