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Welcome to our fabulous 4th issue of La Petite Fashionista Magazine! Summer has to without a doubt be our favorite time of year- a chance to relax, entertain outdoors, get a little crafty, and take some adventures! In our 4th issue we are sharing all of our favorite things about this time of year- from sweet DIY soirees to packing for a beach trip, to summer love and baseball basics. Our contributors from around the country are giving their tips to make this the best summer yet! The team & I are so grateful for all the positive feedback and we want to make the magazine about all the things you want to read. Be sure to keep in touch with us on all of our social media channels & spread the LPF love and let us know what you think! xoxo,


Editor- in -Chief of LPF Mag

LPF Mag Contributors:

What's your Favorite Summer Vacation Spot?


rome, italy

abacos islands, bahamas

Jocelyn Mandalou


Sarah Ennis

florida keys

destin, florida ocean city, new jersey


Meredith Cotton


JacQUELINE Yanchocik

Kelly Boudreau

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #4

Table of Contents fashion P. 6 LPF Loves

A few of our favorite things this season P. 54 Packing Guide - LAUREN FELIX

Beach trip essentials

P. 64 Bronzed & Beautiful-


A guide to self-tanning

P. 68 Easy Summer Hair Styles - FAYE SMITH

Effortless updos for any hair length

Entertaining P. 12 We All Scream for Ice Cream - SARAH ENNIS

A DIY sundae party

P. 36 Summer Berry Crisp -JOCELYN MANDALOU

A tasty dessert using fresh produce

P. 38 Sunsets & Sangria - MELISSA ATHAS

A recipe for a simple summer cocktail

Interior Design P. 42 Real Girl’s Home: Rachel

A perfectly preppy apartment

P. 66 Art School - KELLY BOUDREAU

Lessons in Art & Literature

Inspiration P. 20 Life is a Highway - EMMA HAMILTON

Two besties photograph their roadtrip across the U.S.A. P. 52. Women Who Inspire Us - Lauren FELIX

An interview with talented graphic designer, Ashley Brooke P. 70 LPF Travels: Sweet Grass Dairy - SARAH ENNIS

A foodie tour you will love to take

LIFEsTYLE P. 50 Summer Fitness Secrets - A LLIE FELIX

Tips for staying hydrated & a sweet,healthy treat P.60 Summer Fling or the Real Thing - A LYSSA MCHUGH

Advice for knowing it’s true summer love

P. 62 Take Me Out to the Ballgame - JACQUELINE YANCHOCIK

A cheatsheet to watching America’s favorite pasttime


glamping french press, $44

marshmallow roasting stick, $14

sleeping bag, $78 natural bug repellent, $7

melamine plate, $6

s’more kit

solar powered lantern, $15 acrylic glass, $5

s e t i ps glam

scarf, $8 suede backpack, $150

Sequoia High Sierra Camp


tee. $45 scrabble set, $30



1920’s lawn parties

croquet set, $60

high cotton ties, $50

dress shirt, $88


digital invitation , free

horseshoe set, $61

necklace, $36







backgammon set, $41

parasol, $8

dress, $75

the Great Gatsby Soundtrack, $14

clutch, $78

heels, $40

monogram julep cup, $25

st. germain, $33


green thumbs

mason jars, $11

book, $25 gardening tools, $25

LPF DOES GARDENING rainboots, $140

gardening gloves, $28 hat, $58

seed bombs, $8

garden tote, $39

watering can, $12

garden markers,


card, $5

Ice Cream Sundae Party // Sarah Ennis

We All Scream For


photography by SARAH ENNIS

Ice Cream Sundae Party // Sarah Ennis

S ince childhood, nothing has screamed summer quite like a big bowl of

homemade vanilla ice cream. Rich, creamy, and cold it’s what always cooled me down on those scorching Florida afternoons. With nostalgic elements making an appearance in events of all kind this year, what better to keep your soirÊe on trend than with a do-it-yourself ice cream bar Make up a big batch of homemade vanilla ice cream and let guests make their own sundaes, sandwiches, splits and floats. Include an array of crowd-pleasing toppings to ensure a perfect treat for everyone!

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe 1 Quart Half & Half 1 Pint Whipping Cream 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 Cup Sugar ½ Tablespoon plus 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract Dash of Salt Ice ICe Cream Salt 1. Combine half & half, whipping cream, and sweetened condensed milk in bowl and mix. 2. Add sugar, vanilla, and salt to liquid mixture. Beat to combine. 3. Pour into old time ice cream maker. Surround with ice and ice cream salt. Churn till thick. Scoop into bowls and enjoy!

Ice Cream Sundae Party // Sarah Ennis

A few of our favorite

Tasty Toppings

Sprinkles Pretzels Nutella Cherries Oreos Peanuts Coconut Caramel Chocolate Sauce

Brownie Bits Chocolate Cake Graham CrackersMarshmallows Gummy Bears Cookies Sugar Cones Bananas Strawberries

Life is a

highway two friends roadtrip across the u.s.a.

photography by Emma Hamilton

Classic Roadtrip Tunes

summer 2013 1. Fast Car : Tracy Chapman 2. Sweet Home Alabama: Lynrd Skynrd 3. Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen 4. Wagon Wheel: Old Crow Medicine Band 5. The Joker: Steve Miller Band 6 .Carry on My Wayward Son: Kansas 7. Dont Stop Believin: Journey 8. Take Me Home: John Denver 9. Here I Go Again: Whitesnake

new orleans MUST DO:

beignets at Cafe du Monde

the big easy : new orleans, la

new mexico


roswell UFO museum



blues on beale street in memphis



the Grand Canyon

Berry Crisp // Jocelyn Mandalou

: s e k a b f p l

Apple + BERRY Crisp

THE INGREDIENTS 5 fuji apples 16 oz strawberries 6 oz blueberries 1 cup brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp lemon zest 1 cup flour 1 cup white sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 1 egg 1/2 cup melted butter


r e v o g n i r b o t t r e s s e d t c e f r e p e “ This is th er cookout made with fresh to a summ produce” - @joceyskitchen summer

Sunsets & Sangrias // Melissa Athas



There is something about a summer sunset that takes every worry away. Nothing feels better than the sea breeze blowing through your hair and warm sand between your toes! My all-time favorite memories tie back to the summer nights beginning at sunset on the beach with friends.

photography by MELISSA ATHAS

Sunsets & Sangrias // Melissa Athas

SUNSETSRED&WINE SANGRIA lpf entertains: ingredients:

•2 large oranges •1 cup diced apples •Small can diced pineapple with juice •1 cup sliced strawberries •1 lemon or lime •1/4 cup brown sugar (super fine) •1/4 cup Triple Sec •Fruity Medium Bodied Wine •2 cups Ginger Ale

There are endless ways to make Sangria, the added fruit and type of wine can be your own personal preference! I’ve mixed this several different ways and truthfully the brand/type of wine doesn’t hold much weight in the end result. The real trick is letting the mix chill overnight in the refrigerator before serving. This will allow the wine to infuse with all the natural fruit flavors! I suggest using an affordable Garnacha, Tempranillo, or Rioja. Traditional Sangria is mixed using red wine but, you can also mix it up and substitute for a white wine such as a Riesling or Gewurztraminer.


1. Slice all of the fruit leaving aside one whole orange (you will use this orange purely for its juice later) 2. Remove all seeds from fruit 3. Add all fruit to pitcher (except for the one orange) 4. Press the fruit slightly with spoon to release some of the juices (do not crush) 5. Slice orange in half and squeeze juice into pitcher 6. Add two shots of Triple Sec 7. Add wine & stir 8. Add two cups of ginger ale as an extra sweetener 9. Add and stir sugar 10. Chill overnight before serving 11. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh fruit


I’ve asked LPF Readers to share their favorite sunset snapshots. Our readers have been to some pretty amazing places and would all agree the perfect sunset includes great company and great drinks!

lahaina, hawaii santorini , greece

great east lake, maine

destin, florida bahamas

key west, florida


REAL GIRL'S HOME: Rachel’s perfectly preppy


photography by SARAH ENNIS

Real Girl’s Home // Lauren Felix

Rachel’s dining room gets a dose of preppy pink & green with festive tissue paper poms, striped candlesticks, framed prints & colorful pink chargers.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Family photos & stacks of coffee table books sit on her postgrad desk; th

painted different colors for e

his chair has a colorful, diy fabric cushion & monogram pillow; this mirror has been every place she’s moved into.

Real Girl’s Home // Lauren Felix

q+a with our favorite

southern belle, Rachel Amy LPF MAG: How would you describe your interior design style? Rachel: I had such a hard time answering this one. The best description is sophisticated preppy. I think the word preppy is over used in the blogging world, but there is a lot of pink, green, and monograms. My overall aesthetic is Lilly Pulitzer with the sophistication of Anthropologie. LPF MAG: What's your favorite decorating tip? Rachel: Only buy what you like. Make your house your home, and fill it with things that make you happy. LPF MAG:What are your favorite pieces in your home? Rachel: It’s a tie between my photographs of friends and family and the furniture that I have DIYed with my parents. The time we spent on each piece serves as a reminder of the special bond that I have with them. LPF MAG: Where do you shop for interior design finds? Rachel: Home Goods/TJ Maxx, Coton Colors (a great company based in Tallahassee!), and Target. LPF MAG: Monograms.. circle, diamond, or interlocking cursive? Rachel: All of the above!

LPF MAG: Any tips for incorporating a pet’s living space into your own? Rachel: Talulah Grace is my world, but little girl is a mess! When living with a pet, you have to be ok the fact that your house will never be 100% perfect. That goes back to making a house a home. Your house is only as special as who you share it with. For me, right now, that’s Talulah Grace. LPF MAG: Favorite place to shop for your dog? Rachel: I buy her toys at PetSmart. Homegirl has to have “aggressive chewing” toys, so the only brand that works is Martha Stewart! I shop for her collars on Etsy.Com and Target (Target has really stepped up their dog section!) LPF MAG: Favorite things about living in the south? Rachel: True southerners know how to make everyone they come into contact with, feel comfortable. I think its our southern accent, we just sound nice (even when we may not be saying nice things), and that automatically puts people at ease. Southerners are, if nothing else, gracious. That comes into play when creating your living space. LPF MAG: Interior design pieces to invest vs. save on? Rachel: My first “adult” purchase was my chair and couch set. They were an investment, but if and when I’m over their bright teal color, I can just reupholster them. I never pay full price for decorative accents. Items such as coffee table books and frames can always be found on sale or at discount retailers such as T.J Maxx. LPF MAG: Any DIY touches in your home? Rachel: Tons! Most of my furniture is either handed down to me (Thanks Aunt Kathy!) or thrift store finds brought back to life with paint and fabric. Some of my favorites are my TV stand that used to be my mom’s dresser, my entry way table that used to be my Aunt’s, and my curtains that I designed, and my Mom’s best friend sewed. LPF MAG: Favorite hostess gift? Rachel: In the south, we always bring booze. I typically bring champagne because who doesn’t like to pop bottles at their party? LPF MAG: Finish this sentence. Every southerner knows ...

Summer Fitness // Allie Felix

SUMMER FITNESS SECRETS How much water should you really be drinking? For a long time we have held the generic figure of “64 ounces of water a day” as the optimal amount for hydration. This is a myth! We come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our dietary needs. Here’s an easy formula to better measure how much water you should be drinking daily. Remember to replace water you lose during intense cardio and exercise by drinking an extra glass or so for every additional hour. You can tape off the ounces on a water bottle with a piece of colorful tape or a permanent marker as a gauge of how much water you have left to drink for the day.

hydration calculator Take your current weight AND divide by two. -Drink this number in ounces of water a day. So if you weigh 130 pounds, you should aim for 65 ounces of water a day.

bottoms up!

32 oz 28 oz 24 oz 20 oz

16 oz 12 oz 8 oz

4 oz


mug CAKES DIRECTIONS: 1. Take your favorite mug & place a full banana in the mug. 2. Using a fork, mash and stir the banana until it becomes a thick and creamy consistency 3. Crack an egg (or egg white if you’re feeling extra low-cal!) into the mug and stir 4. Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder and a dash of cinnamon. Stir until mixed thoroughly. 5. Place in microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 6. Remove from the microwave, and voila! Add your favorite toppings and enjoy.

Mug cake! I know what you’re thinking… Cake? Guilt-free? How can this be real? Believe us, it is! We admittedly have a major sweet tooth, which can be tough when trying to live a healtheir style, but this tasty treat won’t disappoint!

Ingredients: 1 egg 1 banana, 3/4 scoop of protein powder 1/4 tsp cinnamon Optional toppings: berries, unsweetened coconut flakes, cacao nibs, pecans, almond butter.

Women Who Inspire Us // Lauren Felix

Women Who Inspire Us:: Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs Ashley is an illustrator, graphic designer and owner of Ashley Brooke Designs. She answered some questions for us about entrepreneurship, inspiration & ditching one dream job in favor of a new one! Name & Location: Ashley Brooke, Orlando, FL LPF MAG: How & when did you get started illustrating & graphic design? A.B.D: It all started in a high school art class. That was when I realized I really had a steady hand, an ability to draw and wanted to do something art related for my career. LPF MAG: What is your favorite part of your job? A.B.D: Oh, wow, what’s not to like?! I love “meeting” our clients, although we almost never “meet” in the literal sense. And I love creating something beautiful from nothing! LPF MAG: How would you describe your personal style? A.B.D: My personal style is a mix of things, I tend to go for a more classic aesthetic with bits of girly, preppy, and trendy mixed in. I love clean lines, a good fit, and a great basic. My girl friends make fun of me because I still have clothes that I wear now that are 10 years old… take for instance a black skirt, it’s a classic fit and it will never go out of style! I have reinvented it a zillion times over! I’m never letting that skirt go! P.S. Don’t worry I’m not a hoarder… I only keep the good stuff! LPF MAG: Best thing about being an entrepreneur? A.B.D: To be able to wake up every day and be able to do what I love to do! And help others make their start-up dreams come true! LPF MAG: We love that you have a blog in addition to your shop, what benefits have you seen to having a personal blog alongside your e-commerce site? A.B.D: The blog is kind of epic! It gives me a chance to be creative in ways that are different from designing for clients and I think it allows us to really connect with our clients and friends and give them some insight into what’s going on with ABD!

LPF MAG: What steps did you take to launch an online business? A.B.D: If I am being completely honest Ashley Brooke Designs came about through a series of unfortunate events. When I graduated I had a fantastic job at a fancy interior design firm (my dream job). And as we all know, the economy and market took a turn for the worst, meaning the last hired (me) was laid off. For weeks I literally knocked on interior design firm doors all dressed up handing out my resume left and right. No one was hiring, everyone was in pure panic mode. So I did what any newly college graduate does with out a job, I moved home! Luckily for me my parents have a beautiful photography studio where they desperately needed a retouch artist (or so they said!). I of course took the job! My dad taught me a little bit every day about photoshop, since they hired a retouch artist who had never used photoshop before, he had a big task a head of him. Photoshop and I clicked, there was something about it that I just loved, and I became quite a good little retouch artist. But, we all knew, including me that this was just until I figured things out. My parents encouraged me to experiment with my art, using photoshop and their large printers. My dad constantly said “Just play around, see what happens” so that’s what I did. And of course my birthday rolled around and I needed some stationery to write thank you notes. I sketched out a few fun illustrations, scanned them in to my work computer, my dad showed me how to crop everything and print! Voila! Homemade stationery. From that day on, I had a new vision, a new passion, and definitely, a new obsession. LPF MAG: What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received? A.B.D: To look at failure as an opportunity to do something new. LPF MAG: What is something you didn’t expect about launching your own company? A.B.D: Oh wow, let’s be real… it was and still is a challenge! I had NO idea what I was doing at the beginning. Each morning I would wake up and think “okay, well… what do I do next?” Over time, I’ve learned to go with my gut and try things out—somethings have worked and some haven’t, but I wouldn’t have figured that out without taking a few risks LPF MAG: How do you get inspiration for your designs? A.B.D: Oh gosh, this is a hard one! I get my inspiration from fashion, typography, layout design, textiles….. the list could go on and on!! I try to look at things that I like and figure out how that design concept, layout, color could be translated into stationery for our client. Usually the things I would want on my own desk are the things that end up being the most successful!

Packing List // Lauren Felix

Beach Vacation

Packing List:

1. Colorful Cover-Up 2. Bright Statement Necklaces 3. Blousy Tanks 4. Comfy Cut-Off Denim Shorts 5. Dressy Sandals 6. Mix & Match Arm Party Bracelets 7. Leather Cross-Body Bag 8. White Eyelet Skirt

beach adventures

Sweet Grass Dairy // Sarah Ennis



If you take Route 319 north out of Tallahassee, Florida, about 15 miles, you end up in the middle of historic downtown Thomasville, Georgia. This quaint community is home to a number of old plantations, a variety of locally owned shops and the renowned Sweetgrass Dairy. Owned by husband and wife team Jessica and Jeremy Little, what is now a national brand has much more humble roots.

many years of tireless days, they were ready for a change. That’s when Al and Desiree learned of the method used by Sweetgrass today. Known as rotational grazing, the cows remain in the field for up to 22 hours per day grazing many different fields.

Jessica’s father, Al Whener comes from a long line of dairy farmers. He himself never imagined he would partake in the family business but he did just that. He and Jessica’s mother, Desiree, farmed dairy cows the conventional way in South Georgia for nearly 20 years. But after

This change in farming also inspired Desiree to enroll in a cheese making class at Cal Poly University. Feeling inspired after the class, she purchased 11 dairy goats and began making an array of goat and cow’s milk cheese. From there the rest is history.

Jessica and Jeremy purchased the farm in 2005 and since then have doubled the production and turned Sweetgrass into the household name it is today. But, the coolest part about Sweetgrass isn’t their award winning cheeses. If you ask me, it’s their Cheese Shop that sits in the heart of downtown Thomasville.

stuff best pick it out for you. You can never go wrong with a Cheesemonger’s picks!

Accompany your order with a craft beer or buy a bottle of wine off their shelves and let them cork it for you. Make an experience out of the trip and partake in one of the cheese making classes they offer on the weekends. You can sign up On any given day, you will to make everything from find people lined up around fresh mozzarella to a whole wheel of cheese that you can the corner just trying to get take with you at the end of in the door. It’s a unique the day. But, be sure to sign concept that has quickly up when the classes are anbecome a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The menu nounced though as seats will changes seasonally to feature fill up months in advance. fresh ingredients from other artisanal companies. Always Whether you live in the area or plan on visiting sometime on the menu though is the soon, this is one stop you cheese board. Order just cheese or a cheese and meat surely won’t want to miss! combination platter and let the people who know the


Summer Fling or Real Thing: Alyssa McHugh




Summer fling or the real thing?

Summer love is in the air, and unfortunately not all of it is going to lead you to the girlfriend being brought home on the holidays. Flings, whether intentional or not, make a famous appearance when the birds and the bees come out and makes it even harder to tell if your boy is in for the next real relationship. Don’t worry all hope is not lost! There are many tip offs and signs to get an inside look at whether a man is serious about you for the long run or is just looking for some fun in the sun. After having my fair share of prince charming wannabes and gentlemen posers, it becomes easier to spot the warning signs and back away from a disaster waiting to happen. 1. Does he only want to hang out at night? This should be an immediate tip off that he is not interested in being seen with you in public, which in other words is code for “booty call”. Let’s be honest, does he take you on dates, during the day or evening, and show you off to his friends or family? If not, he’s probably not looking to introduce you to them or open that car door for you anytime soon.

2. Does he look you in the eyes or constantly tells lies? No one likes a liar, especially if you are thinking about getting serious with one. It is a known fact that looking someone in the eyes is a more honest and sincere form of communicating and avoiding eye contact means you are just avoiding a situation. Your potential boo should be someone trustworthy and reliable, and Mr. Shifty Eyes just won’t cut it!

3. Does he support what you want? Talking about the future may be a bit much at the start of the relationship, but if your partner does not support your goals and aspirations now then odds are they never will! Respect for each other is one of the foundations for any relationship, romantic or not, and is important to consider when taking the next step. Respect for yourself will result in respect from your partner so don’t be afraid to know what you want and go for it! 4. Does he make you laugh? As famous icon Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” Relationships are a lot of work, but they should also be a lot of fun! Having someone who you cannot only confide in, but also acts as a stress reliever is very important. Laughing with each other instead of at each other is the best medicine and can truly make the difference between a healthy relationship and one that is doomed from the start.

“.. When we carved our initials into bench #8 at the Buckingham Fountain last summer. It was something so spontaneous and memorable that I knew it was the beginning of an exciting journey together.” -Alyssa McHugh “... When he turned his dorm room into a tropical paradise for our date night. The room was decked out in Hawaiian decor including lanterns, cardboard macaws, a table with candles, cute plastic drink glasses with swirly straws, and a delicious spaghetti dinner. I had never felt so much like a princess in my life” -Elise Shaw “I knew that he was more than just a fling when he brought me to meet his parents after one of his high school soccer games. I DEFINITELY knew it wasn't just a fling when I asked him to come to my ballet partnering class (as a joke) and he said yes!”

5. Does he communicate with you? Communication is key to understanding one another and what the other person might be feeling or thinking. Since we’re not mind readers, having a solid foundation of communication with each other will take away any future build up of emotions or saying things you may regret. The right person for you will not only listen to what you have to say, but will also apply your needs and wants to the future of the relationship.

-Kristin Hecker “He told me he had a daughter, but he didn't allow random women to come around her. I knew he was more than a fling when he allowed me to meet her and be a part of her life. I also knew when he told me he wanted to make me his wife one day.” -Aiesha Rice

Baseball Cheat Sheet // Jacqueline Yanchocik

Take Me Out to the


When you think of summertime, you think sunny skies, warm weather and overall bliss. In the sports world summer means only one thing, baseball season, America’s pastime. Hanging with the boys during a baseball game can be brutal, especially if you have no idea what is going on. What happens if the ball crosses over the baseline? Or if a player gets called out at bat? In a game that isn’t determined by time, but plays alone, sitting through a game can be exhausting if you are left in the dust. Grab your hat, a tank top and get ready to cheer on your favorite team with our baseball cheat sheet. Baseball is actually quite simple, there are nine players in defensive positions and they all have the same goal of trying to get three “outs” on the opposing team. Everyone on the offensive team gets to bat, except the pitcher in some cases. The goal on offense is to get on base and eventually score a run. A batter or base runner can get out in a variety of ways, someone on defense catching the ball or being tagged. Baseball is ruled by outs. “Three strikes and you’re out!” Three outs on the field and that team is finished for the inning. There are nine innings in baseball, but can go into extra innings if the game is tied after nine. There are nine positions on the field which include the following:

P- Pitcher C- Catcher 1B -First baseman 2B -Second baseman 3B -Third baseman

SS -Shortstop LF -Left fielder CF -Center fielder RF- RIGHT FIELDER

However, baseball teams have way more than just those nine positions on their roster. One of the most important position is the pitcher. A pitcher cannot pitch an entire game alone, there is usually a rotation, so when the starter gets tired someone else can come in and close out the game. You have a starting pitcher, relief pitchers, and a closer. Next we’ll talk about the batter. There are multiple ways a batter can get out at the home plate, we name just a few: - A player in the outfield catches the ball before it hits the ground. - After the batter hits the ball, the player or the base is tagged before the batter reaches the base. - The umpire calls three strikes at bat, whether the player swings or not. - The player runs into their own fairly-batted ball while running home to first base. How to get on base: - The batter hits a ball that is not caught by a fielder before it touches the ground. - The batter hits a ball that touches the ground and is caught by a fielder who fails to throw it to the base. - The batter hits a ball that is considered “fair� and beyond the playing field, resulting in a home run. - The batter hits a fair ball, but someone in the field drops the ball or fails to tag the hitter.

Other baseball Terminology & Abbreviations: RBI- Runs batted in: When a team scores a run from the action of the batter. The only exception is that if the batter were to hit a double play, and someone scores, it does not count as an RBI.

HBP- Hit by pitch: When the batter gets hit by the ball and then is awarded to first base.

BB- Base on balls, or a walk: When the pitcher throws four balls to the batter that are out of the strike zone, the batter is then awarded a walk to first base.

IBB- Intentional base on balls: When the pitcher purposely throws four balls to the batter and avoids first base.

Self Tanning Tips // Meredith Cotton

Bronzed +


the lpf guide to getting a safe summer glow I’ve been blessed with creamy skin that can only be compared to that of the most classic southern belles. Having had a few bad sunburns and regular dermatologist appointments, I’ve come to a place where I LOVE protecting my skin. However, I envy the sunkissed look of beach goddesses and only dream of having their complexion. Since my skin does not naturally tan, I was left with the need to explore self tanning. When it comes to this summer beauty staple, I’ve tried my fair share of product and tricks in my efforts to avoid looking like I rolled in a bag of Doritos and I’ve been able to identify THREE favorites along the way.

sunless tanning tips Now that you’ve got the right tools, you need to learn how to use them the correct way. Below are some of my top tips for achieving and maintaining your fabulous fake tan: 1. Before you try a new product, do a test patch to make sure you like the color and don’t have a reaction. 2. Shower ahead of time, making sure to shave and exfoliate. After the shower, wait at least one hours for skin to dry before applying.

In a Hurry:

I love to use TanTowel! While this product is only a recent discovery, I love that fact that the TanTowel doesn’t streak and, even better, I’m dry in just a few minutes! The towels come in little ackets and fit in my makeup bag with ease—allowing me to avoid clunky bottles in my bag.

tanning for long week or big event: I suck it up and spend a few extra dollars on a spray tan. While I have had a few bad spray tans, I’ve always had great success with Mystic Tans. The trick to an even spray tan is using the provided lotion on all of your dry posts (heels, hands, elbows, knees, etc). This tan lasts nearly a week and is darkest on the second day, which is why I recommend getting sprayed 24-48 hours before your big event.

WHEN TRying to maintain a tan:

I’ve found Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer does the trick. Jergens recently reintroduced the product, which features a new, none self-tanning smell, making your use more discreet. My only issues with this product as an everyday tanner is that there is some dry time needed, which I don’t always have.

3. Rub body lotion and dry areas before applying your self tanner. 4. Apply tanner in circular motion to avoid streaking and wash hands immediately following application. 5. Do not wear tight clothing while product is soaking into your skin. 6. Avoid water for minimum 12 hours after applying. 7. Evenly exfoliate between applications to keep your tan even. When drying off, pat yourself dry to keep tan from prematurely fading.

You’'re just a few short steps away from a safe, summer glow! Just remember to take your time and do the job right. —it is your skin, after all!

Art School // Kelly Boudreau

ART SCHOOL: Get to Know: John James Audubon (1785-1851) Summer is here, and for me that means being outside, barefoot and out in nature as much as I possibly can. John James Audubon said something similar when he was younger. For half a century he was the country's youngest wildlife artist and naturalist. He attempted to paint every bird in America. I'm ordering the Blue Heron print this week! His art speaks to me and he encapsulates the spirit of young America, when the wilderness was limitless, wild and free. After his death, in 1905, the Audubon Society was started in his honor as an environmental organization dedicated to conservation. These prints by John James Audubon that I think would be a great addition to any space!

“Almost every day, instead of going to school, I made for the fields, where I spent my day.� -John James Audubon

an education in art & literature Get to Know: F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) Francis Scott Fitzgerald led a life as fascinating and drama filled to live up to the likes of a character in one of his novels. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, he found literary success at the young age of 24 and him and his wife Zelda lived an extravagant lifestyle. In 1924 he moved to France to spark his creativity and it was there where he wrote the Great Gatsby which has been called the portrait of the Roaring twenties. Later, his life started to unravel- he struggled with alcoholism and his wife, Zelda, with mental illness. He tragically died at the age of 44 of a heart attack, never feeling he was truly Successful, but he will forever live on as an iconic author and cultural historian.

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Easy Summer

Summer Hair // Faye Smith


At LPF we have many different beautiful girls A fun and quirky way of showcasing the length all with gorgeous hair and, of course; So, we have of your hair for long haired girls is a fishtail prepared a few hair tricks – for every hair type – braid! Blake Lively is the muse to look at for the that are quick and easy to do with a huge effect. messy look (perfect for night time whilst dancing the night away!); but you can have it as tight or During the summer, host sticky weather means loose as you want to. the best thing to do with your hair is to (in English terms) shove it up, aka create a lovely braid, To start, pull your hair to one side, and split a bouncing ponytail, or a chic bun. the hair in two. Next, take a few strands from the outside and cross it over to reach the second part of the hair. Do the same on the opposite side and Braids continue like this until you reach the end. Braids are simple to do and they add a bit of femininity to your hair when you are spending Ponytails the day walking through the park, or lounging Ponytails add a bit of an edge to your hair. If by the pool. Also, summer nights are the worst done correctly, you can avoid the just-been-towhen it comes to the amount of heat we have to the-gym look and give it a more elevated style for cope with. A braid is a great way to help keep evening. yourself cool throughout the entire night. If you have short hair, you can still pull off a cute braid in your hair a la Carey Mulligan. Simply, part your hair in a deep side parting, separate three pieces of hair near the front of your head and braid until you reach the other side.

For medium haired girls, a low pony tail will show the length of your hair while still looking sophisticate. We Like Odette Yutsman, you can keep your hair slicked back and super straight for a classy look, or go for a sweeping side ponytail a la Bridesmaids star, Rose Byrne.

For medium length hair, a simple braid to keep loose strands away from your face will be lovely and light, not to mention super easy to maintain throughout the day and night. For a laidback look like Jennifer Aniston, start the braid at the nape of your neck and pull it ever so slightly to one side, letting the front layers of your hair loose.

For a night time look for long haired girls, a great style for ponytails is to have slightly wavy hair During the day, have your hair in a braid. In the evening, take your braid out and tie it up in a high ponytail. For extra glitz, you can always add a few sparkly clips too.


Buns are by far the easiest and most adequate hairstyle to have at the beach on a sunny day. They keep the hair out of your face and off your back as well as keep you cool in the heat. For short hair, you can pin up your hair at the nape of neck. This look is so simple yet so effective! Katherine Heigl does this elegantly as always and you can too! For extra pizzazz like Katherine, you can curl your hair beforehand for that extra piece of sophistication. Medium length haired girls can have the best

of both worlds and combine braids with buns a la Scarlett Johansson. She has thickly braided the sides of her hair and coiled and wrapped them into one another at the back. Long haired girls can invest in a hair donut, if they don’t already have one. A donut is the ultimate accessory for that ballerina bun that you always wanted. Jessica Alba can be your muse for this hairstyle. She gave the look an edgy twist which is perfect for summer evenings. So there you have it: three classic hairstyles for three lengths of hair, perfect for day-to-night.

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