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Letter from the Editor Happy Fall Everyone!

Can you believe this is the one year anniversary of La Petite Fashionista Magazine? It’s been a labor of love and I am so proud of how far its come! It wouldn’t be possible without all of the creative contributors & supportive readers! In our fall issue we’re sharing all of the things that make fall so special- a glam halloween bash, delicious meals to get some use out of that slow cooker of yours, a look at fall fashion trends, DIY autumn decor ideas & tons more. Being editor of LPF has taught me more than I ever thought possible- I finish editing every issue feeling just as excited as when we started. It’s made me realize how important this project is to me! Be sure to keep in touch with us on all of our social media channels & spread the LPF love and let us know what you think! xoxo,


Editor- in -Chief of LPF Mag



Meet the


Contributors: MELISSA ATHAS



La Petite Fashionista M table of contents fashion P. 12 Fall Fancy - LAUREN FELIX

Fall trends mixed & matched our way P. 26 Fashion’s Finest-


A guide to our must-read style blogs P. 66 Fall Accessory Trends with Stella &

Dot - BROOKE BUNOAURO Our must-have jewelry trends for fall

Inspiration P. 6 LPF Loves

A few of our favorite things this season P. 50. Women Who Inspire Us - Lauren FELIX

An interview with Jennifer Donogh, founder of Young Female Entrepreneurs

Mag Issue #5 Entertaining P. 28 Ghoul’s Night - LAUREN fELIX

A glam Halloween cockail party P. 52 DIY Dinner Party-SARAH ENNIS

A DIY dinner inspired by a trip to the home improvement store P. 62 Slow Cooker Dishes-


Recipes for simple & tasty slow cooker meals

LIFEsTYLE P. 44 Fall Decorating Tips- MEREDITH COTTON

Tips for transforming your place with fall decor P.48 Monogram Wreath DIY - Melissa ATHAS

A step by step DIY for creating a fall wreath


Cabin Cozy

pier one, $80

etsy, $48 modcloth, $48

air bnb

west elm $44

accessorize, $37 society6, $20

society6, $20

madewell, $98

society6, $18

etsy, $19

aerie, $35 amazon, $18


air bnb cabin


Spooky Glam

boohoo, $60

ax paris, $40

charlotte russe, $5

zgallerie, $14

gamago, $13

mac, $15

zgallerie, $15

modcloth, $100

oka jewelry, $7

vampire merlot, $13 WEDNESDAY ADDAMS

lPF LOVES: Woodland Creatures

sole society, $25

zara, $50

marc jacobs, $48

accessorize, $39

jonathan adler, $22

gorjana, $38

zgallerie, $20

zgallerie, $20 l. mae, $16

kate spade, $60

ersy, $17

marc jacobs, $48

williams sonoma. $8

boohoo, $20

fall fancy.

cape: vintage // camo pants: J.Crew

inspiring takes on our favorite fall trends

Fall Fashion Editorial: LAUREN FELIX // Model: EMILY HARRIS

STRIPES & sequins

sweater: Lands’ End Canvas // skirt: QMack // necklace: Forever 21 // shoes: Converse

TRIBAL PRINT & big bows dress: L. Mae // sweater: Billabong

Fall Fashion Editorial: Lauren Felix // Model: Emily Harris

skirt: Marshalls // leopard booties: Boohoo// vest: Model’s Own

CHEETAH PRINT & faux leather

TWEED & colorful plaid

Jacket: QMack // Shirt: Dandy Lion Boutique // Jeans: Models: Own

CABLE KNITS & statement necklaces

sweater: Lands’ End // necklace: L. Mae // denim: J.Crew

TRIBAL PRINTS & faux fur

Dress: L. Mae // Faux Fur Jacket: T.J. Maxx // Necklace: L. Mae // Beanie: Forever 21

Fashion Blog Faves // MALLORY THOMPSON




When Google Reader died, I wore black in mourning. Avid blog reader that I am, it felt like I was 8 years old again and the internet search engine gods were snatching away my favorite doll. Now that I’ve had some time to grieve and heal, I have turned to bloglovin’ for all my daily reading needs—and believe me, I have a LOT of daily reading. When friends find out what a blogaholic I am, they ask what kind of blogs I like to read. My favorite, by far, are style blogs. However, within this genre you have many, many subgenres. I’m breaking down some of those for you today in the hope that you’ll discover your newest daily reading!

“GIRL-NEXT-DOOR” STYLE BLOGS She’s approachable, she tells stories about her weekend and she shops at stores actually in your price range! Sequins and Things The Other Side of Gray J’s Everyday Fashion

“LE SIGH” STYLE BLOGS She sits front row at NYFW, boasts multiple Chanel bags and is never seen without a splash of lipstick. Atlantic-Pacific Pink Peonies Gal Meets Glam

“PREPPED AND READY” STYLE BLOGS Cozy sweaters, boat shoes, Vintage Ralph Lauren and all things nautical are all staples of these blogs. Classy Girls Wear Pearls The College Prepster Wishing on Winnapaug


They’ve got that “cool girl” street style that is awesome in the US, but they’re international girls which makes them that much cooler. Raspberry and Red Spin Dizzy Fall Le Blog de Betty

“MOMS WITH STYLE” BLOGS These bloggers’ photos have their cuteness amplified when their precious kiddos make cameo appearances. Cara Loren Modern Suburbanites Cotton and Curls

Ghoul’s Night Halloween Party // LAUREN FELIX


NIGHT a glamourous halloween soiree



Download these Chic halloween printable wine labels!

Sugar Skull


1. Bake a cake or brownie of your choice in a greased 13� x 9’ baking pan 2. Bake according to direction & let cool

3. Take a stencil & secure both ends with toothpicks 4. Dust powdered sugar over the stencil, filling in any of the empty spaces, packing tightly 5. Carefully remove stencil to reveal design




GreenGoblin 2 oz MIDORI MELON Juice of One Lime 1 .5 oZ Vodka 1 oz sprite Coat rim in orange sprinkles

Vampire’s Blood 2 OZ pomegranate Soda 1.5 OZ vodka 1 LIME 1 oz sprite

Coat rim in BLAck sprinkles

white chocolate spiders . cheese tray . veggies & dip in a pumpkin . candy cauldrons

Fall Decorating Ideas // MEREDITH COTTON


Fall was always a favorite time of year for my family, even growing up in Florida. I remember how colorful the house seemed when I would visit on a fall weekend in college. Now that I am in a place of my own, I hope to keep the fall decor tradition alive in my own place! Below, I've composed a list of my five favorite DIY was to add a touch of fall to your own bachelorette pad! 1. A WREATH- Nothing says "Welcome" like a sweet wreath ready for fall. While there a plenty of gorgeous options for purchase at stores like Home Goods. 2. REPLACING DECOR- While my apartment definitely has a color scheme, I love adding in holiday touches with things like dish towels, picture frames, and more. While I don't really have the budget (or storage) to be stocking up on a ton of fall decor, I did pick up a few plastic fall veggies, like pumpkins and squash, from my local Dollar Tree. I spray painted the pieces white and silver, which match the color scheme of my apartment, a replaced a bit of my decor with these items. This also works well for Halloween! I grabbed a few skulls and cats and spray painted these to match my apartment, as well. 3. SCENTS- There a few things better than walking into a fabulously scented room! While candles are great for evenings at home, it's important to keep the scent going.

Personally, I love the scent options from Bath and Body Works! I use wallflowers 24/7 and candles when I am cooking/ relaxing in the evening. Some of their best fall scents include Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, Apple Ale, Pumpkin Carving and Bergamot Woods! 4. TABLESCAPE- A fall tablescape can really go a long way in a small apartment! I love mixing rustic, masculine materials when creating my fall table setting--think plaids, wood, lanterns, metallic, etc! I picked up quick a few great pieces for this project at both Target and my local Dollar Tree. Not sure where to start? I definitely suggest heading over to Pinterest for some quick inspiration . 5. FOOD- Lauren posted on LPF about a favorite fall food tradition she shares with Jocelyn when they enjoy spiced apple cider and donuts on the first night of fall! I know they look forward to it every year, just like I look forward to the first time it's finally cool enough to make pumpkin bread! Take some time to enjoy a new recipe (it makes for a fun date!) with seasonal favorites like pumpkin or fresh picked apples. I am looking forward to trying this lightened-up Pumpkin Banana Bread from Food, Love & Life. Hopefully these tips help to make your place feel a bit more like home this season!

DIY Halloween Costumes // FAYE SMITH

Halloween DIY costumes k Halloween is right around the corner! It is that time of year that we have always loved since childhood. Those were the times we spent getting dressed up, going to scary parties, and knocking on neighbou’s doors shouting “Trick or Treat!” Now, we love the idea of taking some of your existing wardrobe and transforming it into a stylish, classic Halloween costume.


What to wear is always the biggest challenge. Lately, the norm is to be as scandalous as you can with your halloween get-up, but that’s just not for everyone. Another theme of outfits that seem to be all over the shelves nowadays is Halloween versions of Alice In Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood, but those can seem too sweet & not spooky enough.When I was a little girl, all I wanted to dress up as was a witch, not a fairy tale or Disney character. Nevertheless, with our busy student schedules, and lack of money to throw away on just one fancy dress outfit, why not buy clothes that you can dress up to suit one of the classic Halloween personas this year? This way, you have a brand new outfit that can be worn more than once a year.

Do some trick or treating for good by collecting donations for UNICEF instead of candy this year!

The female version of the Devil is deemed to be sexy, powerful, and the ultimate ‘Lady in Red’. Instead of buying a tacky PVC dress, or the shortest red skirt imaginable, go towards the more elegant look with a slinky red maxidress and red stilettos.

Wear strong black liner with mascara, and complete the look with blood red lips and nails. You will feel sexy and sophisticated with this look, and you will definitely turn heads in this outfit.


Another classic is the vampire. Historically (and if you have seen all the vampire films and television shows, old and new), the female vampire is flawless, beautiful and seductive. For this night, and every other without the fangs, you can mirror the same image with a simple fitted LBD, dark red lips, dark eye makeup, oxblood nails with a cracking pair of sky high black stilletos to complete the look. As I said before, transforming into a witch when I was a kid was so exciting. To have my mother make me up with her dark red lipstick, completed with a spider drawn on my cheek with black eyeliner is one of my cherished moments from early childhood. Now that I’m twenty, if I were to become a classic witch, I would be doing my own makeup -Creating a black smoky eye, using dark greys with black around the outer corner. A black laced dress with laced tights creates the perfect witch silhouette, and to top it off, a tall black hat. For your feet, witches can magic up anything, so why not a pair of beautiful laced up boots?

Happy Halloween Fashionistas!


DIY Monogram Wreath // MELISSA ATHAS




Women Who Inspire Us:: Jennifer Donogh

of Young Female Entrepreneurs & Ovaleye TV

Jennifer is the founder of the Young Female Entreprenurs site & hosts a weekly entrepreneurship chat, bookclub, & more with her Ovaleye TV platform.

LPF MAG: Share with us the businesses you’ve launched/ your entrepreneurial pursuits? JENNIFER: In 2007 after I graduated from college I joined my parents in Ovaleye, which at the time was focusing on web development and shared hosting. My responsibility initially was in growing the do-it-yourself clientele. Eventually we decided to focus more of our efforts on shared hosting and used live webcasting to put our word of mouth marketing on overdrive and it paid off. In the beginning of this year I began focusing on offering our live webcasting platform and managed production services to other brands., my lifestyle brand for entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s has used our services since 2012. LPF MAG: How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

JENNIFER: After college my parents sat me down as I was applying for employment and asked if I saw myself being tied down at a nine to five job or if I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny. I chose the latter. LFF MAG: What is your favorite part of your job? JENNIFER: My favorite part of live webcasting is what it does for communities. Sure, it’s content, but most importantly it’s an event that is easy to access, great for meeting new people and exchanging ideas. LPF MAG: What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur? JENNIFER: It’s a constant reminder that opportunities are endless if you know what you want and believe you can achieve it. LPF MAG: What makes women entrepreneurs different from others? JENNIFER: I don’t like to generalize, because I believe that every female entrepreneur has her

own story about why she’s in this game, where she came from, and the environment she’s working in. I enjoy socializing with other female entrepreneurs for the most part because I can relate to what they are doing outside of work. They are getting married, having kids, working out, drinking wine, enjoying an occasional Real Housewives show just like me. LPF MAG: What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? JENNIFER: “Think happy thoughts.” My parents were big on positive thinking growing up. (Editors Note: This reminds me of my parents as well!)

scale. Ovaleye is focusing on building out the technology that makes live webcasting more conducive to community building. LPF MAG: Personal branding has been a big focus in the business community lately- what’s the best way for someone to start creating that? JENNIFER: I read Make a Name for Yourself by Robin Fisher Roffer early in Ovaleye and think all young women should too.

LPF MAG: What is something you didn’t expect about launching your own company?

LPF MAG: How do you maintain a positive work/life balance?

JENNIFER: “I didn’t expect any of this: I didn’t expect my love for YFE, that I would be in the business of live webcasting, and I definitely didn’t expect the time it is taking to realize the bigger picture in all of this.

JENNIFER: Balance is all in your mind. Have a positive attitude about everything, make time for your priorities, and be the master of your schedule.

LPF MAG: Where do you see YFE + Ovaleye TV heading in the future?

LPF MAG: Any tips for women trying to start up their own businesses; what are the first few steps they should take?

JENNIFER: First step is in perfecting your attitude and practicing patience. Read The Lean JENNIFER: YFE Startup by Eric Ries. Get out there and bounce will focus on your ideas off of your ideal customers. Refine, helping entrepre- get started right away, and never stop refining. neurial women in their 20s and Check out the 30s connect with Young Female entrepreneurs their peers online site for resources, weekly and in person interactive chats, nterviews on a grander _AND book club!

Lowe’s DIY Dinner // SARAH ENNIS

DIY Dinner


our entire party decor was designed & DIY'd using pieces only from our local LOWES store!

“Get creative- sometimes when you look outside of

the expected- things become even more inspiring�

Supplies:: Table Cloth: // Canvas Painter’s Drop Cloth// Additional Supplies Used:: Painter’s Tape // Spray Paint Plates // Chocolate Brown Terra CoTta Pot Saucers Napkins:: White Rags Cut into 4 Napkin Rings:: Steel Wire (The lower the gauge the easier to bend) Centerpiece:: Quart Size Paint Cans Stripes Created with Painter’s Tape and Spray Paint Fern Branches // Flameless Candles // Acrylic wine glasses 4 ft Piece of 2x4 Painted Chocolate Brown with Spray Paint Place Cards: Petite Succulents Additional Supplies Needed: Twine // Steel Wire Serving Platters:: 8 in Duct Cap Assorted Tiles (To create handles, you can glue on drawer pulls) Ice Bucket: Gallon Paint Can


Cheese & Cured Meats Tray w/ Fresh Apple Slices Tomato Basil Bruschetta Four Cheese Tortellini Skewers with Pesto Drizzle Pellegrino Sparkling Water

Slow Cooker Dishes // LAUREN FELIX

Slow Cooker DISHES

for chilly fall nights


Ingredients: 6 Peeled, Cored & DIced APples 1/3 Cup Sugar 1 TBSP CORNSTARCH 1/2 TSP GinGER POWDER 1 TSP CINNAMON Juice from one Lime

CRUMBLE MIXTURE: 1 Cup flour 1/3 Cip Sugar 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Cup Oats 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 cup butter

Place diced apples in Slow Cooker, toss in lime juice & coat with mixture

Mix together ingredients, Pour on top of Apple & cook on HIgh for 2 hours


Ingredients: 6 peeled potatoes in 1/2 IN CUBES 1 diced yellow onion 1 quart chicken broth 1 sliced sweet onion 2 minced garlic cloves 1/4 cup of butter 2 tsp SAlt 1/2 TSP Black Pepper Combine the above ingredients & COok on low for 8 -10hrs/ High for 4 -5 HRS

15 minutes before serving stir in the following ingredients: 1 cUP shredded CHEDDar CHEESE 1 CUP half & HALF When SERVING TOP WITH: Diced Bacon diced fresh chives dollop of sour cream MORE SHREDDED CHEESE

italian CROCKPOT beef APPLE sandwiches CRISP

Ingredients: 10 lb beef round 16 oz giardiniera peppers 1 sliced pepper 1 sliced sweet onion 3/4 c water 2 tbsp italian seasoning Place beef in slow cooker, combine ingredients & pour water over, season & cook on low for 10-12 hours

Fall Jewelry Trends // BROOKE BUONAURO

Fall Jewelry Trends

Our resident accessory expert and stella & dot stylist, Brook 1. Cobalt Blue Peacock Chandeliers $69 Work color into your look with these vintage statement earrings. More of a stud person? Remove the drops to become button studs. 2. Classic Edgy Allegra Necklace $89 This bold silhouette is clean and modern with a touch of edge. A great lightweight statement piece. Renegade Cluster Bracelet $59 These gold plated spikes are edgy but flirty. Stack it with other bracelets or mix it with the silver renegade for a more fashion forward wrist. 3. Mixed Metals Portia Bracelet $69 Talk about fabulous wrist flare. Mixed metals and glass crystals make this bracelet a stunner. Sutton Necklace $128 This statement piece features mixed metals and crystal strands for an on-trend look. It’s also our most versatile necklace yet! Wear it long & loose for a laid back look, and plus or minus the sparkle strand.

with Stella & Dot

ke shares her jewelry picks for fall under $100 4. Stack it On Stackable Band Rings $39 A classic set of silver and gold hammered brass rings. Wear all 5, just a few, or mix with different rings. 5. Layer it up! Mae Necklace $49 Somervell $59 Christina Link Necklace $79 Dare to layer all three. Add the Somervell to a statement necklace for that touch of sparkle. 6. The Minimal Pendant The Rebel Pendant $79 Pair it with a casual or dressed up look. A favorite among customers. 7.The Gold Cuff The Adelina Cuff $79 We love the illusion of tangled bands enveloping the wrists. And how it easily slides over a long-sleeve knit so it can still shine in the colder months. Wear it alone or stack with a watch. Check out Brooke’s Stella & Dot Page!


La Petite Fashionista Magazine Issue #5