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Thank you for reading Issue #3 of LPF Mag! This month my blog celebrates it’s sixth anniverary. It’s crazy to think that when I first started La Petite Fashionista there weren’t many blogs that made fashion accessible & understandable for everyone. With the release of it’s third issue, LPF Mag is becoming everything I hoped it would be! Our spring issue is full of everything we’re loving lately- from mix & match bikinis, to hosting your own brunch, to landing your dream internship. Spring is a time to re-engergize, refocus, & get outside and enjoy warm weather again!

We’re so thankful for all the

support and positive feedback we’ve received from readers -glad y’all are fans of the #armparty too! Be sure to keep in touch with us on all of our social media channels & spread the LPF love! xoxo,



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Sarah Ennis

Meredith Cotton

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Jocelyn Mandalou



Kate Flood

Heather Wendrow

Hayley wood

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Jackie Yanchocik

Becca Lucio 3

La Petite Fashionista Mag Issue #3

Table of Contents fashion

P. 6 #LPFMag Arm Parties

Readers rock our fave accessory trend

P. 8 Mix & Match Biknis

Affordable biknis to mix & match P. 10 A Spring in Your Step

Stylish sandals for Spring

P. 28 Spring Accessory Trends

Jewelry that makes a statement P. 30 Beauty Bargains

Industry tips for scoring inexpensive products P. 58 What to Wear: Weddings

What to wear for any type of wedding

Interior Design P. 62 Real Girl’s Homes: Emily & Ben

A colorful, vintage inspired apartment P. 70 Insider Interior Design Tips

10 suprising tips from our resident expert

P. 52 Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Organization tips from a professional organizer 4

Entertaining P. 12 Host Your Own Wine Tasting Party

Tips for hosting your own wine tasting soiree P. 24 DIY Salad Dressing

Recipes for making your own salad dressings

P. 32 Brunch In Style

Three spring brunch themes with DIY details

Inspiration P. 56 Women Who Inspire Us

Lauren of Every Last Detail shares her entrepreneurial journey P. 72. Spring into Action

One contributor shares how volunteering has changed her life P. 76 LPF Guide to Internships

How to find & land your dream internship

LIFEsTYLE P. 22 The Busy Girl’s Guide to Wellness

How to stay in shape despite a crazy schedule P. 74 Social Media Savvy

Advice for maintaing your social media profiles

P.60 Surviving & Thriving in Grad School

A contributor’s advice for grad school students 5

We asked LPF Mag readers to show off our favorite accessory trend, the #ARMPARTY & these are the awesome iNSTAGRAM shots they sent in. Keep on accessorizing!



Bikinis MIX + MATCH

J. Crew, $48

Target, $15

SASSY Brights 8

Aerie, $40

Billabong, $34

Tillys, $30

Roxy, $48

Buy Bikini Tops & Bottoms in complementary colors to maximize your bathing suit options all summer long by mixing & matching.

Topshop, $26

J. Crew, $46

J. Crew, $48

Mango, $22

Jack Wills, $50

Rip Curl, $44

Sophisticated Neutrals 9

g ilfi yH m m To er,

put a




in your step

our sprin Restricted, $35




$ ts, u n oco

Aldo, $50


eC c n Vi

$ o, t u am

favorite ng sandals O’Neill, $38

Rerport. $50

Sa m


elm an ,




Wine Tasting Soiree // Melissa Athas


Wine Tasting


the LPF guide to hosting your own wine tasting party


Wine Tasting Soiree // Melissa Athas


Wine Tasting


• Bottles of wine: Any varietal of your choice, I usually like having four bottle options, it becomes tricky to pick out tastes after sampling too much • Fabric, paper, or recycled brown bags to disguise the bottles (no peeking!) • Wine glasses for tasting • Wine charms or stickers to keep track of your glasses • Light appetizers, fruit, and non alcoholic beverage options. I love the idea of slicing fresh cucumber in replace of lemons, and have found this trick eliminates the taste of tap water and also serves as a refreshing palate cleanser • Mini notepads or score cards and pens to take notes 15

Wine Tasting Soiree // Melissa Athas

A few of my favorite things in life are good food, good wine, and good company‌ and not much sounds better to me than throwing them all together to host the perfect Springtime wine tasting soirÊe! 16

There are many theme options to consider when hosting a wine tasting. Below are a few of my favorite themes: • Sampling the same type of wine: “Marvelous Merlots”, “Classy Chardonnays”, “Tempting Tempranillos” • My favorite wines: Each guests brings their favorite bottle, you’ll usually end up tasting some really good things this way. Be sure to sample the whites first! • Guess the grape (include classic reds or classic whites) • ABC Wines (anything but Chardonnay): I love a good glass of Chardonnay, but, it does have a very distinctive flavor and it is fun to bring out the less typical whites too!

“Blind wine tastings are one of the most entertaining ways to learn about wine, and one of my favorite parties to host. “ -Melissa


Wine Tasting Soiree // Melissa Athas

Wine Tasting Tips & Tricks • Throw an unusual varietal in the mix: If the theme is “Perfectly Red Pinots” let your guests know one bottle is a different, (maybe a Cabernet?), and see if they can guess which bottle and what type it is. • Purchase wines from your local wine shop: Often times I find some of my favorite bottles are marked down a few dollars below chain grocery store prices. Plus, this will give you a wider option of wines to pick from. •The best way to share the cost of wine and food is to suggest a pot luck themed gathering and have each person bring a bottle of their choice or side dish option •Print wine tasting and aromas wheels out for your guests, this will make the tasting notes more interesting! •Consider offering a prize at the end to the guest who gets the most information correct. There are so many ways to setup the blind tasting. You could have guests guess the type of wine, price order, region, alcohol content, country, state, white or red, favorite rankings…the list goes on!







Meet Melissa

our resident wine expert

our favorite wine tasting picks


Busy Girl’s Wellness Guide // Kate Flood

The busy girl’s GuiDe to WELLNESS

As we enter the professional world, many of us are probably finding ourselves too busy (or strapped for cash after finding that perfect apartment) to get to the gym. After all, climbing the corporate ladder from the bottom rung or juggling two entry-level jobs would leave anyone exhausted. But as the temperatures get warmer, and bikini season gets closer, we could all use a few tips and tricks to get ourselves back into the healthy groove, at home or on the go.

Tape a list of healthy snacks to your fridge and keep them readily accessible. That way, if you go in to grab something unhealthy, you have a reminder of some great, guilt-free alternatives right at your fingertips. If you’re craving something that might not be a part of the healthy snack list you just taped to your fridge, make yourself wait thirty minutes before indulging. By that time, your craving might subside and you may realize you weren’t even hungry after all. This is a good way to stop yourself from eating simply because you’re bored.

Getting yourself into a healthy routine now can help build healthy habits for the rest of your life. This starts with exercise, but certainly doesn’t end there. What you put into your body also has a big impact on your health and on your Last: EAT. Don’t skip a meal just because you energy levels. However, forcing yourself to stay feel guilty for the slice of chocolate cake you had healthy isn’t always easy, especially if you’re an after lunch. If anything, use it as motivation to avid snacker, so here are a few tips: cook up something new and healthy for dinner. Experimenting with healthy recipes can be First of all, keep the word “moderation” in tons of fun, especially if you can get a group of mind. That bowl of chocolate ice cream is perfriends together to help out. fectly acceptable (and even welcome) every so often, as long as you balance it out with plenty of As mentioned before, we all probably know healthy eating, too. that healthy eating and exercise go hand-in hand when it comes to keeping our bodies fit Sitting in front of the TV or browsing your and healthy. Toning our muscles is important, favorite blogs are the most dangerous times for too, even if it means a morning workout in your mindless munching. If you feel the urge for a living room every morning. And don’t let your snack coming on, grab some frozen grapes or a roommates deter you from doing exercises that bowl of flavored granola. Both are easy to snack might look a little silly. They won’t be laughing on and won’t leave you feeling guilty. when you’re fit and ready for shorts season! 20

1. Plank

2. V-Ups 3. Bicycle Crunches 4. PUSH-UPS 21

Busy Girl’s Wellness Guide // Kate Flood

Running (pun intended) to your local superstore and picking up some free weights is an easy way to add muscle resistance to your healthy routine.Grab a few in the 5-12 pound range to start with (and keep in mind that they might be heavier than you think if you’re just starting your healthy routine). They’re great for squats and arm presses and add an extra challenge to abs. Planks are a great way to tone your arms and abs at the same time. Start by holding it for thirty seconds and gradually work your way up to a minute. Repeat at least three times. If you find yourself sitting in front of the TV for long periods of time, use the boring commercials to tone your abs. Crunches, bicycles, and v-sits can be great ways to pass that boring three minutes. This is a great time for those planks, too! If you don’t own any free weights (yet), use one of the heavy college textbooks that you forgot to return at the end of semester to add a challenge. TIP: sitting on the floor instead of the couch will make it easier to motivate yourself to work that core. Still finding yourself on the couch? Try adding some couch dips to the routine. Put your hands on the edge of the couch with your knuckles facing outwards and your feet on the floor (make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle). Lower your body almost to the ground and slowly press yourself up. You should feel this in the back of your arms. Don’t forget that the stairs in your apartment building are prefect for adding in some cardio! Run up and down them a handful of times to get your heart beating a little faster. And remember to ignore the odd looks from your neighbors. You probably spend a good part of your day doing mundane tasks, like brushing your teeth or drying your hair. Use these times to do simple exercises that will tone and energize, like calf raises or body squats. You might feel silly, but sooner or later, it just may become a great habit. If you sit at a desk all day, make sure to always focus on sitting up straight. Every once in a while, pick your feet up off the ground and extend your legs straight out to engage your core. While these exercises and healthy eating habits are great for some quick, easy toning and extra energy, they shouldn’t necessarily be the extent of your workouts. If you can, supplement these mini-muscle toners with at least 30 minutes of cardio a few times a week, even if it means taking a fast-paced walk around your neighborhood or a bike ride around an unexplored area of your city. Getting into this groove will make you feel good about yourself, and confidence is the key to success in this competitive world.



Gym Gear

C9, $12

Roxy Outdoor, $88

Swoozies, $29

Fit Bit, Fitness Tracker, $60

Mane Message, $10.50 Aerie, $25

Target, $30

Nike, $55 23

DIY Salad Dressing // Jocelyn Mandalou




Greek Salad Dressing Makes 1/2 cup Total Time: 5 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1 clove garlic, crushed 3/4 tsp dried oregano 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp salt Whisk together all ingredients & enjoy!


Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing Makes 1/2 cup Total Time: 5 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup vegetable oil 3 Tbsp orange juice 2 tsp sesame oil 2 tsp rice vinegar 2 tsp honey 2 tsp fresh ginger, grated 1 tsp soy sauce 1/2 tsp salt Whisk together all ingredients!

Photographed by Jocelyn Mandalou 26

Balsamic Vinaigrette Makes 1/2 cup Total Time: 5 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 tsp Dijon mustard 2 tsp sugar 1 tsp lemon zest 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/2 tsp salt Whisk together! 27


Spring Jewelry Trends // Brooke Buonauro

jewelry trends with

from our stylist, Brooke Buonauro

Color POPďż˝

Serenity Stone Drops $49 Simple yet stunning earrings that easily transition from day to night.

Foundation Bracelet $29 Jewelry for a cause. This unique bracelet will add a splash of color to your wrist. The best thing about it proceeds go to BuildOn and Girls, Inc. to help empower women and children through economic and educational development.

Tribal Gilded Arrow Bangle $39 Add a bit of whimsical edge to your wrists. Looks great layered or alone, with an easy adjustable fit. 28

Dakota Necklace $79 A great transitional style from winter whites into summer neutrals. Silver, rose gold, gold, and white beads create a luxe boho layering piece.

Green Jolie Necklace $79 French for “pretty”, the Jolie necklace is a joyful style with easy to wear appeal. This necklace pairs beautifully with both solid and prints (like stripes and polka pots!) and can be worn with neutrals or colors.

Avalon Fringe Necklace $89 This graphic cut out necklace with ivory and gold bead fringe is effortlessly chic paired with jeans & a tee. The perfect casual chic style.

Suzanne Cocktail Ring $39 This heirloom-inspired cocktail ring is right on trend with the pop of emerald green color. It is the perfect balance between everyday style and an eye-catching statement.


Moraley Stackable Flower Bands $39 Sweet and versatile, these might be my favorite from the new Spring line. With gold, silver, and rose gold plating, these classic little flowers can be stacked as few or as many as you like.



On the Mark Necklace $59 I love this dainty piece paired with a statement necklace.

Maya Pendant $39 A solitary lapis stone set in gold plating is an easy everyday layering piece.

Piper Necklace $29 A versatile & delicate basic piece that adds the right amount of sparkle. Pair it with the Maya Pendant for understated sophistication. 29

Beauty Bargains // Heather Wendrow

Beauty Bargains Looking to keep up with beauty trends but save money at the same time? Well it's 100% possible. Whether you shop at Sephora, CVS or Wal-Mart, you can keep up your amazing beauty ritual all while saving some extra cash for a delish soy latte. Because I work in the beauty industry I'm constantly trying new products. I'd love to say I make enough money to buy everything that Sephora has to offer but unfortunately I do not. But that doesn't stop me from staying beautiful. There are so many ways to stay on your beauty A-game. The first one is to sign up for any perk programs that your favorite brands offer. Like I mentioned before, Sephora is my favorite place so I signed up for their Beauty Rewards program. It's free and I just continually rack up points which you can redeem for free products. And on your birthday you get a free sampler bag as well! When I'm not at Sephora, you can find me shopping at CVS, Wal-Mart and Marshall's for my beauty needs. At CVS I picked up my eyelash curler for a steal of a price. And since I use it every day of the week, if I was to ever misplace it (which happens all the time haha) then picking up another one wouldn't put a dent in my wallet. I love going to Wal-Mart and checking out their makeup brush section. They have so many options and most of them aren't over $5 which is amazing! If you aren't a professional makeup artist then there isn't a need for you to buy a $45 blush brush. Hit up a big box retailer and buy on for $3 and you'll be all set. Lastly is my favorite place; discount stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. I shop here for my skin needs. They have the most amazing lotions for half of what you would pay anywhere else. And since I'm such a lotion junkie, I can go in and pick up a few different ones. These are just a few of the items that I pick up while at these shops. Next time you're out, take a detour to the beauty department of the store and see what steals you can find! No harm in spending a few dollars to try something new. 30

our favorite

affordable beauty brands

Savvy Charms Boutique, $18


3. 2.

Maybelline, Great Lash Mascara, $5

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner $3

Essie Polish, Beach Bum Blue & Clambake , $7

6. 4. 7. 5. Sonia Kashuk, Vivid Coral, $10

Revlon PhotoReady Eyeshadow , $9

J.J. Watkins Apothecary Lemon Shea Butter Lotion, $8

Tweezerman, Eyelash Curler, $12 31

bruncH in style

Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis

fiesta 32


It’ is a brunch take over! The days of dull dinner parties are gone and over the top brunches are here to stay. Brunch menus can get a bit tired, but I am here to spice it up and give you menu and style tips for creating a unique brunch experience. -Sarah, Events Uncorked

luau Photographed by Alan Ennis


Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis




Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis

Styling Tips Here are a few tips for hosting a brunch with coastal inspired elements. If you live near the shore, gather black oyster shells to layer in the center of the table. They add a nice, natural element. Use different shades of blue. Keep the color pallet clean with aqua, navy and white. Mix it up by using a patterned table runner. (Hint: To make the table runner, I purchased 3 yards of fabric from my local fabric store, folded it in half and laid it across the table.) A coastal centerpiece can be as simple as purchasing rope from your local hardware store and filling a large glass hurricane. It adds a needed rustic touch.


Menu: Southern Style Chicken Biscuits with Honey Cranberry Orange & Blueberry Scones Tropical Fruit Salad Vanilla Yogurt Parfaits 37

Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis


Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar: Signature Bloody Mary: •2.5 Ounces Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mix •32 Ounces V8 Juice •8 Ounces Vodka

Combine ingredients in a pitcher and stir to mix. Serve over ice and garnish as desired.

Garnishes: Celery Sticks Green Olives Cocktail Onions Lime Wedges Lemon Wedges If Bloody Mary’s aren’t your thing, you can always do a Champagne Bar where guests can build their own champagne cocktail. 39

Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis





Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis

Styling Tips: Get the look of this Mexican fiesta with these tips: Purchase terra cotta pots and saucers from your local hardware store to use as plates and serving pieces. It’s food safe and adds a true Mexican touch. The key to any fiesta is bright colors. You can never have too many! Keep old cans to use as vases. Remove labels to get a chic (and cheap!) way to hold vibrant blooms. Mustache place cards add a bit of quirkiness. Think of all the photos guests will take modeling them!


Your local party store should have a variety of fiesta party décor. I love using mini piñatas as table centerpieces. You could even fill them with treats and use as place cards.

Menu: Corn Chips Pico de Gallo Guacamole Corn Tortillas Fajita Chicken with Cilantro

Homemade Guacamole •3 Ripe Haas Avocados, halved, seeded, and peeled •2 Medium Vine Ripe Tomatoes, diced •2 Cloves Garlic, minced •1 Small Yellow Onion, diced •2 Tablespoons Hot Sauce •1 Tablespoon Cilantro, copped •1 Lime, Juiced •Salt to Taste In a large bowl, combine avocados and lime juice. Using a fork, mash the avocado pulp until slightly chunky. Fold in tomato, onion, garlic, hot sauce, cilantro and salt. Let sit for 1 hour before serving.


Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis


Build Your Own Margarita Bar Fresh Squeezed Margaritas:

4 Cups Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice 6 Cups Tequila 2 Cups Simple Syrup 1/3 Cup Orange Liqueur Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir to mix. Serve over ice.


• Blood Orange Juice • Grapefruit Juice • Strawberry Juice • Strawberry Slices • Orange Slices • Lime Wedges

Strawberry Juice:

1 Pint Strawberries, quartered 1/2 Cup Sugar ¼ Cup Water Combine strawberries, sugar, and water in small sauce pan over medium heat. Cook, stirring occasionally until sugar is dissolved and strawberries have broken down. Strain into a pitcher to remove seeds and chunks. Cool and serve.


Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis




Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis

Menu: Teriyaki Chicken and Pineapple Biscuits Tropical Fruit Salad Banana Bread Plaintains

Banana Bread

•2 1/3 Cups Bisquick •1 Cup Sugar •1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil •3 Eggs •3 Large Very Ripe Bananas (about 1 ½ cups) •1 Teaspoon Vanilla •3/4 Cup Chopped Nuts (optional) Mix together Bisquick, sugar, oil and eggs, beat well. Stir in bananas. Add vanilla and nuts. Bake at 350 degrees for 55 to 60 minutes in greased loaf pan.


Styling Tips: Use green leafy leis as a table runner atop a fish net overlay. Also drape leis for each guest at their place seating to adorn upon arrival. Table top tiki torches not only fit the theme but will help keep the bugs away! Fill your glass hurricane with sand or shells and place a dashboard hula girl right on top. Paper umbrellas aren’t just for cocktails anymore! Open them up and stick them in the green leis in the center of the table for added color and dimension. Coconuts as décor will add a lovely tropical touch. Pink plastic yard flamingos may be considered tacky by some, but they are my favorite quirky addition and scream it’s time for fun!


Brunch in Style // Sarah Ennis


Pina Coladas: 6 Cups Pineapple Juice 2 Cups Light Rum 2 Cups Coco Lopez Combine ingredients in a pitcher. Stir to mix and serve over ice.


Spring Cleaning Tips // Annie Taurig

Spring Cleaning

Tips from the Pros

Tips from Professional Organizer Annie Traurig

One at a Time Spring-cleaning is notoriously daunting, as it implies a full-scale home overhaul. To avoid getting overwhelmed before you even get started, I recommend focusing your attention and energy on just one space. Decide what area or category of your belongings is your organizational priority—the thing proving to be the biggest hindrance to your daily routine—and begin there. In the meantime, forget all the other projects that could ostensibly use sprucing up as well. If you limit yourself to that one area, you’re more likely to actually begin attacking it. The trick is that once you begin, you’ll want to keep going. You’ll realize, just as my clients do, how terrific it feels to have reclaimed and reordered a portion of your space, leading you to implement similar action in other areas of your home. 52


Store it where and how you use it

Categorizing is your best friend when organizing because it allows you to simplify a large task into manageable steps. When you first clear a space of its contents, sort that pile into categories (in the closet: cardigans in one pile, work clothes in another; in the kitchen: serving utensils in one pile, Tupperware in another; in the bathroom: deodorants in one pile, body lotions in another, etc.).

I can’t tell you the number of times I find my clients storing their belongings in ways and places that don’t work well at all with their routines, just because that’s where that item traditionally gets kept. I met with one woman who always did her makeup at her dining room table because the light was best there. Yet she continued to store her makeup in her bathroom, meaning that every day she had to schlep all of it across her house and back again afterwards. It might have looked odd to others, but she clearly just needed a makeup station in the dining room.

Once you’ve sorted the whole lot, evaluate a single category at a time, comparing which you use most, which is in the best condition, and which you can confidently let go of. When it comes time to put things back into closets, drawers, and cabinets, maintain the categories you established previously. Storing like with like will ensure you know where everything is.

Let your lifestyle and your preferences be your guide when it comes to choosing the optimal home for your belongings. Though the placement of various items may seem counterintuitive for others, if it works best for you then it’s the right way.

Keep your old Vogue’s on display in a magazine organizer


Spring Cleaning Tips // Annie Taurig Keep your beauty products in a clear container so they’re easy to find!

Along these lines, make sure to always prioritize the things you use the most by storing them in the most accessible places. Top of the stack, easiest shelf to reach, front of the drawer—those are the locales where your most used items should reside, while lesser used things should be placed lower in the stack, on the tippety-top shelf, or the back of the drawer.

The seasonal swap With Spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to make a shift in your belongings as well. The general rule of thumb when it comes to storing seasonal goods, whether it’s clothing, linens, footwear or even décor items, is to clean it prior to storing. Doing so will help the item maintain its condition over time, and will deter various creatures from taking an interest in it. It’s important to choose the right storage container for your respective seasonal items. Clothing like sweaters, coats, and furs should be stored in garment bags or garment boxes. Avoid keeping them in dry cleaning plastic, which traps moisture and encourages the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. A wiser and equally inexpensive option is to use heavy-duty garbage bags, tied tightly. Add lavender or cedar to keep winter items fresh and further stave off bugs, and wrap them in acid-free paper to avoid color fading. 54

Read more tips at Annie’s blog, Live Simply by Annie

the checklist There are a few key items you’ll need to successfully organize any type of space. I recommend keeping the following in your organizational arsenal: - Big black garbage bags (those dinky white ones won’t do, no sir) - A sharpie marker (always comes in handy) - Post-it notes - A notebook for jotting down lists of things to purchase, sell, etc. - Label maker (if that’s your style) - Cleaner of some kind (I prefer cleaning wipes for their convenience) - Measuring tape - Camera (for before and after pictures, photographing items to sell, etc.) Having these things on hand will make the organizing process go far more smoothly.

Anthropologie, $12

stylish & affordable organization

Linens ‘N Things, $34

Anthropologie, $10

Casa, $18

West Elm, $24

The Container Store, $10


Women Who Inspire Us // Lauren Felix

Lauren Grove Wedding Planning Blogger


Women who us


What made you decide to start Every Last Detail?

I think one of my biggest challenges has been being alone. Having a business that is entirely I started Every Last Detail to help other brides. online can get a little lonely sometimes! I don't When I was planning my wedding in 2008, I yet have any employees or partners to interact had questions all the time- but no where to turn with throughout the day, and for a little while, I to have them answered! I did everything that I was going a little stir crazy! As a result, I make a thought you were "supposed" to do to have a great conscious effort to try to get out to network with wedding, but alas, there were still so many things friends and vendors at least twice a month, and that I could have done better- if I had only known! I keep a line of communication open with other And so, in an effort to help other brides, I decided blogger friends throughout the day too. to start Every Last Detail! How have you seen the wedding planning business What advice do you have for someone trying to evolve since you started Every Last Detail? launch their own business? It’s interesting, because it HAS evolved since I My advice for someone wanting to launch their started Every Last Detail. When ELD started back own business is to just DO IT. I'll be honest- I in 2009, I had every intention of becoming a full didn't start off with a clear vision of what I was time wedding planner. However, soon after, ELD going to do, and the end result definitely changed started going the direction of a wedding blog, and from what I thought it would have been. But the so last year I made the decision to stop planning bottom line is that I just bit the bullet and started. weddings altogether. You have to do something and start somewhereand it's never going to be absolutely perfect! What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of what I do is helping brides. Whether it's connecting them with awesome wedding professionals, answering their questions, or providing them with wedding inspiration, if I'm helping brides, I'm happy!


What challenges have you faced in starting your own business?

Since that beginning time though, I’ve seen a lot more emphasis on design in the wedding planning field. Many planners are turning their focus to design, or adding it in as part of the services that they offer. I think design and details are of course incredibly important, but at the same time, I think it’s necessary for a bride to have someone to help them plan logistics as well as the design. As this evolving has happened, I find myself hoping that planners are just making sure someone is taking care of the bride in all aspects How do you get inspiration for the wedding and engagement party photoshoots you post on Every Last Detail? The majority of the inspiration shoots that are featured on ELD are what other vendors and designers have put together, but I look for things that are going to provide realistic inspiration for brides. I do love designing my own inspiration shoots too though- if I could make money just from that, I would do them all the time! However, I'm only able to do a few each year. When designing my own shoots, I usually want to do something that hasn't been on ELD yet. And of course my end goal is always to provide excellent and realistic inspiration for brides. :)

What was your own wedding like? My own wedding was not anything like what it would be now. I was one of those brides who really had no clue what she wanted. It was classic and elegant, in a sage and brown color palette. It was fun, but I would have definitely done lots of things different knowing what I know now!

What are your favorite ways to network with other people in your industry?

Do you have any insider tips for brides to be starting to plan their weddings?

I'm a social media addict, and I always say that I have Twitter to thank for many of my friends and connections. However, locally, I prefer casual networking events. In fact, they are few and far between in my local Tampa Bay industry, so I try to host my own networking events every few months.

Oh my goodness, SO many tips for brides! Usually I always tell brides to without a doubt hire a wedding planner. It's a little extra money, yes, but in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing compared to the money and sanity that you will save by using one! And then for all my other tips, you can go here!

See more at Lauren’s site, Every Last Detail! 57

Wedding Style Guide // Lauren Felix

What to Wear to


Your fashion guide to wedding season for casual, semi-formal & formal weddings!

Swell Caroline, $98

Stila, $22

The Sak, $64

Casual This is the most open-ended dress code for weddings. Choose short dresses in lightweight fabrics & heels or flats. If the location is on the beach don’t be afraid to break out your sandals. Just remember- no white, EVER! Leave that for the bride.

LOFT, $88 58

Modcloth, $93


Nars, $26

Chromatic Gallerie, $88

Semi Formal A semi-formal wedding calls for a woven dress in a lightweight material. Pair with a dressy necklace & heels and a small clutch. Choose darker colors for evening weddings & lighter colors for daytime wedding if you’re not sure what to wear. A pair of low, comfy heels is also completely necessary for dancing at the reception!

Modcloth, $55

Lilly Pulitzer, $64

Swell Caroline, $25

Formal Bobbi Brown, $24

Aldo, $40

Modcloth, $85

Magnia, $50

For formal weddings or black tie events choose a dress with a silk or woven fabrication- basically a sophisticated version of what you’d wear for prom. Look for feminine details that flatter your body, a classy clutch, and a pair of bold earrings to complete the look.


Grad School Survival // Becca Lucio

Surviving & THRIVING

in Grad School

Just last week, I finished midterms. If you had told me that a year ago, I would have laughed. At 24, I would have never thought my life would revolve around term papers and pop quizzes on 19th century art history. I graduated two years ago in the worst economy that the United States has seen since the Great Depression. So after two grueling years at a job I was overqualified for, I dove head first into graduate school applications and got into my first choice. It was definitely something that I never expected. For one, no matter how great student you were in undergrad, you will spend more hours than you can imagine in the library. You will teach yourself study in ways that seemed ridiculous just years ago. You will find ways to cram information in your head that you didn’t even know existed two months ago. Note cards and outlines will become your lifesaver. Your absolute best friend will become your planner. Whether its old school or Google calendars, its an essential to your daily life. There will be some weeks that you plan your day out down to the thirty minutes. Make it easier by making sure its all down on paper.(or email reminders!) It is important to find those rocks in your program that will be there for you. The ones that recognize when you’re about to break or will be there in a moments notice at 3am when youre about to cry. Find those people and find them fast because they are your great assets. They will be your cheerleaders and your toughest critics. They will make you your best and remind you why you’re there. Don’t expect to have a social life. The hours are long and the work is too plentiful. It’s not to scare you away from the idea. It’s to give you the information up front. I have spent many late night hours in the library with a venti coffee and stale scone. I have spent many of those nights wishing I was back home at the local watering hole with a beer in my hand.


What gets me through all the bad is realizing that it is all going to be worth it. Remember if it was easy, everyone would do it. The days fly by when you’re tiptapping on that laptop and before you know it you’ll be getting the last laugh as you walk across that stage with the degree that sets you apart.

Our Tips for Surviving Grad School

J.Crew Factory, $35

1. Make yourself at home at the library (preferably one with a 24 hour Starbucks) 2. Keep yourself organized with a stylish planner

Modcloth, $50 Maybook. $22

4. Social life in Grad School does not equal social life in undergrad.

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a cute & comfy look for the library

3. Find moral support with friends in your program

5. Always keep the end goal in sight! Jessica Simpson, $88



Real Girl's Homes: emily and ben’s

Hip Madison Apartment


Real Girl’s Homes // Lauren Felix

Emily and Ben’s Madison apartment perfectly mixes masculine and feminine design aesthetics harmoniously- which is no easy feat. Of course it does help that Emily works in product development and Ben is an industrial designer. LPF: What challenges do you find in living in a rental? Emily: Although I love the idea of non-commitment that you have with a rental, there are things I wish we could change. I would love to paint (or even wallpaper!) or add subway tile back splashes to our kitchen. I'm sure we could get carried away with the endless possibilities that surround owning a home. In the meantime, we try and focus on removable fixtures and decor to make it feel like us. LPF: What was the biggest design sacrifices you made when living with a guy? Emily: I really haven't had to make many sacrifices. We are lucky that we have similar design aesthetics. Both of us work in some sort of design environment, so we continue to be inspired by each other! - what is your favorite piece of decor in your home? Hard to decide! I really like the furniture that Ben had built because I appreciate the personalized character. I really do love collecting small pieces that tell a story. LPF: What’s your favorite latest buy for your place? Emily: Since this is our first time living together, I found favorites in things that Ben owned before we shared a home. They seem exciting and new to me! Otherwise, I have bought a fair amount of coffee table books lately that I really love. LPF: What do you like about living in the Midwest? Emily: I really love the people and sense of community here. I like being close to my family, and I really love my job. The weather has its ups and downs, but nothing can beat a walk around the lake and the farmers market in the summer. It really does feel like home. LPF: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Colorful design books on the coffee table 64

Emily: While I do appreciate mid century modern design, I like to pair with an eclectic mix of pieces from all eras. Love letters from my grandparents and flea market treasures, DIY crafts, and nothing's easier and cleaner than some Ikea shelving. I think the key is really just making it feel like you: somewhere that you can relax, but also entertain.

Open shelving holds mixing bowls, measuring cups & cutting boards for easy accessibility


Real Girl’s Homes // Lauren Felix

Emily framed these love letters that her grandarents wrote to eachother during World War II


The couple painted stenciled numbers on throw pillows for a graphic contrast


Real Girl’s Homes // Lauren Felix

twin coral stools brighten up a bedroom.

vintage mementos sit on top of the bookcase 68

Emily’s boyfriend, Ben designed this table!


Interior Design Secrets // Kelly Boudreau

10 Interior


from our resident de

1. If you have 2. Hanging draperies ordinary interior doors, as wide and as tall painting them black makes as possible always them feel more expensive. makes your windows look larger.

6. Don’t automatically paint a ceiling white, try a wall covering or an accent color.


7. By adding trim to an ordinary wall it will feel very custom and expensive

8. Don't put a round dining table in a rectangular room; don't put a rectangle dining table in a square room

r Design


esign expert, kelly

3. Adding dimmers to lighting throughout your home is an easy and cost effective way to add ambiance to any space.

5. Keep large 4. If the room doesn’t have much natural upholstery pieces neutral & light, add a Bring color into your space mirror to the wall w/ smaller elements like opposite the window pillows, art and to reflect more light accessories.

10. Don’t have your 9. The most amount of space you should have be- furniture be right up against the wall. Pull tween the bottom of your the furniture away curtains and the f loor is 1 from the walls by 2 ft foot and no more! to warm up the room



Spring into Action // Hayley Wood

Into Action With a Cause You Care About Our contributor, Hayley Wood shares how volunteering for Make a Wish Foundation has changed her life for the better. As winter fades and we begin reorganizing the closets and tackling clutter, consider doing a little spring cleaning in your life as well. What better time than a new season to get involved with a cause you care about. Maybe volunteering has been one of your New Year’s resolutions time and time again but you keep putting it off. Well let spring 2013 be the season of change!

After I finished college and started a full-time career, I knew I wanted to get involved in a local organization that was special to me. I put it off for months but finally took the leap last year when I applied to be a wish granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® and volunteered to recruit participants for this year’s Walk for Wishes.

Getting involved and volunteering your time and efforts for an organization that you care about is not only fun but rewarding and eye-opening as well. You never know what you’ll learn, who you’ll meet and how it could possibly change your outlook on life.

I first became involved with Make-A-Wish Foundation® as an intern in 2009. Seeing firsthand how incredible the organization was became an unforgettable experience and I felt honored to put together wish trip itineraries for wish families as well as contribute to a little girl’s dream playhouse. I even had the opportunity to grant a wish! My sweet wish kid wanted to go to Disney World with her family; her bright eyes and big smile made it easy to forget she was battling leukemia. When I handed over all the goodies we had packed for them to take to Disney World, her mom thanked us as her eyes welled up with tears. I’ll never forget it.

Getting Involved:

Visit to find volunteer opportunities by you! 72

The sole purpose of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, in order to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

They want to provide children with the hope for better times, the strength for the tough times and the joy to experience the present. Granted wishes can be as practical as a new computer, as exciting as joining the San Francisco 49ers for a day or as memorable as attending the Olympic Games in London! Life stops being “normal” when you have a child with a life-threatening condition but MakeA-Wish® does everything they can to make every wish kid’s experience as magical as possible starting at the very moment they are approved for the wish. Ninety-seven percent of wish families say that the experience of their child receiving a wish gave them the opportunity to be a “normal” family again. Let this new season be the time that you take action and determine the organization that is most special to you. Maybe it’s with animals, related to cancer research or children’s literacy. Whatever it may be - fill out the volunteer form, pick up the phone or attend the meeting. Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest part but you’ll never know the difference you can make until you do! The Make-A-Wish Foundation® was the perfect fit for me. Find your perfect fit or learn about volunteering with a Make-A-Wish® chapter near you and visit

Baseball fan, Sam, was granted a wish to throw out the opening pitch during a Texas Rangers game.

Dallas Cowboy’s fan, Leah, was granted her wish to meet her favorite football team!

Reese was granted her wish to be a princess at Walt Disney World! images via Make-A-Wish North Texas


Social Media Savvy // Meredith Cotton


Social Media Savvy

La Petite Fashionista Blogger at La Petite Fashionista Studied Fashion Merchandising at Florida State University Lives in WI

in the real world Let’s get real for a second— Facebook wasn’t designed with the job search in mind. In fact, most assume social media is a black plague when you are applying for jobs, internships, and graduate school. We’ve all had one of those moments where a friend pops up in our feed, only to be under a different name than the one we call them. Sometimes it’s as simple as the first and middle name and other times, it’s a complicated play on words. The one thing that is for sure is that this person screams “I am applying for something!” Plus, a quick search of their real name often brings up the profile, anyway. The thing is, your social media is out there. And, as I know I have learned the hard way, the internet is written in ink. Because of this, we can either pout and pretend we are immune, or we can roll with it! Here are my favorite tips and tricks to making sure social media works to your advantage: 74

social media smarts 1. Before you apply for ANYTHING, audit your profiles. Everything from pictures (if you’re grandma wouldn’t display it, it shouldn’t be up!) to your posts. Once you are done going through the sites you currently use, make sure to delete old profiles you have sitting out in cyberspace, such as your Myspace or middle school blog. 2. Adjust your privacy settings. With Facebook (among others) constantly updating their privacy settings, you are going to want to make sure your page hasn’t been defaulted to public. Adjust your settings to “friends only.” 3. Update your About Me. Your “About Me” section all of your profiles should be up to date and reflect important positions—like a mild resume. Are you President of your sorority? Did you have a prestigious internship last summer? These things should be on your profile because it allows others to see your accomplishments. I was personally referred to jobs by friends of friends because of this! Not to mention, it’s a great safety guard incase employers can see your page. 4. Get in on the conversation. Follow for your favorite brands within your industry and get in on the conversation. Knowledgeable, thought provoking posts can say a lot about your passion. Plus, it can make for great talking points in an interview! 5. Be your Best You! While this is an important time in your life for impressing others, it’s also important to remember to be true to yourself. Use profile pictures and layouts that reflect your personality in a tasteful way. 6. Don’t Forget About Pinterest. This platform needs it’s own bullet because so many people forget about it when auditing their pages! Pinterest has very little privacy and with just a few clicks, I can see all of your sarcastic pins about drunken nights and Fifty Shades of Grey. La Petite Fashionista Don’t let something as silly as a social media profile stand in the way of you and your future. Be filter friendly, don’t hide, and use social media as a platform to set yourself apart from the rest of the pool! Like Comment



Internship Guide // Jackie Yanchocik

the LPF Guide to:

INTERNSHIPS I know it is only part way through the semester for you college ladies but I’m sure plenty of you are starting to look for summer internships. Internships are a love-hate type of the thing. You can love them, because you’re working for a company, gaining knowledge and experience. But at the same time hate them because it isn’t always the most glamorous type of work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely had my fair share of internships, some great, some not so great. The most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day your internship is going to pay off. I was very fortunate to have one of the most rewarding internships that gave me insight to the sports industry. Last summer I was a marketing intern for the Philadelphia Eagles, where I was essentially responsible for the setting up and maintenance of their summer training camp. During camp I worked closely with the players, fans, and corporate sponsors.

Jackie, during her internship with the Eagles


Our contributor,Jackie yanchocik shares her experiences being a girl in the sports world and internship advice.

It was such a rewarding experience, and I learned so much during a short amount of time. However, there was a lot of long hours, a lot of dirty work, and things didn’t always run smoothly, but the outcome I gained was a highly admired company to add to my resume. Here are some tips and pointers when it comes to getting internships, inside or outside the sports world.

Persistence persistence persistence My biggest advice to getting an internship you really want is to just be persistent. I was a freshman in college when I first applied for the Eagles internship. I knew it was a company I always wanted to work for and I knew I would do whatever it took to get it. After being turned down two years straight because I didn’t have enough experience, I finally got the spot as a junior in college. Those years in between I sucked it up and gained more experience through other, not so great internships. When you’re trying to break into an industry, whether its sports, fashion or anything else, sometimes you gotta take the not so great, before you get the great. By doing that they recognized my name from applying so many times before, my persistence with them really paid off.

Getting through the boring work

Remember, it will pay off

A lot of companies have their interns do the nitty, gritty, busy work. This is often times the worst part about interning, but you know someone’s gotta do it. When you’re an intern you want to make sure you stand out, make them notice you, your hard work. Even if its the most miniscule task, rock it, make it look great. Paying attention to little things and making it the best will set you apart, especially if its a company you want to land a full-time job with.

It’s always hard to remember why you’re putting yourself through the pain and agony of an internship. Working long, hard hours and not getting paid. If you do find an internship that’s paid go ahead and give yourself a huge pat on the back, because those are few and far between. This is the time where you’re gaining the experience to help you get where you want in your career.

My biggest advice through all of this would be to take advantage of every opportunity you Let’s be honest no one wants to get other peo- are given, even if it means working a little past ple their coffee, but if that’s what you have to your allotted hours, or missing an event with do, you better believe it’ll be the best coffee. An your friends. All of your hard work and time example of this for me when I was interning will pay off. Because of all the internships, with the Eagles I was responsible for setting good and bad I went through, helped me land up the autograph tables for the football players an awesome job at FOX Sports Florida. Don’t and coaches. Each person needed a sharpie be afraid to apply for ones you think may not pen to sign, a towel, a Gatorade and a water. be qualified for; take the chance, who cares if Even though it wasn’t the most exciting task you get turned down, chances are it’ll lead to I made sure each table looked perfect. It’s the something better. little things that go a long way.

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