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Corinthia Hotel Budapest is one of the grandest hotels in the dazzling capital of Hungary. With 439 rooms, including 31 suites and 26 Royal Residences, the hotel offers spacious and luxurious environment for families, couples and business travellers as well. For utter relaxation guests can enjoy the harmonious atmosphere of the fabulous Royal Spa. Michelin recommended cuisines of the fine-dining Brasserie & Atrium and Far Eastern Rickshaw restaurant provide the best choice for gourmets. The baroque-style decorated Grand Ballroom provides the ideal venue for a truly unforgettable event.














IV NUTRIENT INFUSION ON THE COVER ARIEL WINTER - Puffy long sleeve red dress by Rubin Singer and Diamond earring by Mr. Warburton. Photographer: Mike Rosenthal TABLE OF CONTENTS Landiana Cerciu - Nous Mode Brand from the Revolution Spring Summer 2018 collection in Budapest Photographer: Alexandru Zainea





BLIND ITEM Thirty-Four









Creative Director’s Letter


Dear Ladies,


I must tell you, I love our new issue. I had an unbelievable summer of fantasy, art and travel. What is so incredible about working on LAPALME is the experiences I get to have that allow me to continue bringing you unbelievable stories from around the world.





















In August, I was named the Ambassador of Feeric Fashion Week in Transylvania, what an honor. I have never been to Eastern Europe before and it is a world of wonder. When I arrived, the Feeric Team led by Ferric Fashion Week founder Mitichi Feeric were warm, welcoming and most of all a blast! It was a week of artist expression and unbelievable locations. No wonder why people travel from Argentina, Milan, Hong Kong and beyond to be a part of this experience. After a week of hosting and partying, I was invited to Budapest Corinthia Hotel for a week of relaxation and pampering. If you are ever in Eastern Europe, the Corinthia Budapest is the perfect mix of old world charm and modern luxury. I can’t say enough, read all about my stay in this issue on page ___________. Even with all the international fun, I can’t forget our fabulous cover stars. First, I love Ariel Winter. She is a fearless, cool and outspoken young woman who can hold her own. When I styled the feature editorial, I wanted to keep her brand identity but show a different side of her. When I see her, I always think what an amazing pin up she would make, hence styling her with a Betty Page edge would make the Fall issue really spectacular. She was a dream to work with. She understood and loved the concept and was down for anything. I hope you love the photos. Then of course our men’s side featuring Peter Facinelli. Peter has become a friend and he is the most warm, inviting man’s man I have ever met. I loved working with him because he knows what he is and is the ultimate professional. He has come a long way from his days of being a vampire in Twilight. Be sure to read about all of his new projects and his incredible new move on the men’s side on page _______.

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Creative Director @derekwarburton


THE “IT GIRL” THROUGH THE DECADES Inside the Archived Collection Closet of Nicole Miller Written by: Chiara Casiraghi-Brody @casiraghistyle Photographer: Christopher Logan @cloganphotos

Launched in the 80s, Nicole Miller made her name in Fashion in the 90s, was a household name by 2000s and today she is one of the most celebrated designers in the United States. She is an American cultural treasure whose body of work tells the story of being an NYC “It girl” through the decades. Just spend a few moments observing Nicole in her environment and it’s evident how involved she is in every detail of her creation. The journey of launching her first boutique on Madison Avenue with current business partner Bud Konheim, to building the empire that is her name sake, was not a gilded path. Nicole admits their beginnings were not as decadent as one might imagine in the seemly opulent business of fashion. “It was different back then”. She recalls opening up 30 years ago on a very low budget. “There wasn’t money for fashion shows or anything.” The top priority was to create great pieces that sold. “We weren’t able to be overindulgent and do crazy stuff. We had to be somewhat realistic. But within that framework, I was always trying to be ahead of the curve, fashion-forward, and bring a lot of newness to my customer, however I wasn’t able to do really crazy stuff back then”.


Unlocking the doors to Nicole Miller’s archive closet is a unique and rare insight into contemporary fashion history. Racks of past collections are organized by year and season. The collections are a testimony of Nicole’s vision and conjointly reflect the heartbeat of NYC of the times artistically, socially, culturally, and politically. Nicole sifted through some hangers at the front of the room. “This is from our first runway collection” she exclaimed as she pulled out a statement shift dress that read ‘Sweet and Low’. “This was a defining dress for us… it was such a statement on the runway”. Their first runway shows had all the supermodels of the time “if I go back to the first year, I had fashion shows, which was spring ’91, I had everybody. Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell. Then down the road, I had Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, all the biggies. It’s funny. It’s almost like it’s a bygone era”. She paused, reflected on all the supermodels she just named and considered the contrast of them to today’s model-to- influencer climate “now all the models that are big now are sort of like socialites or celebrities in their own right”. Wrapped in the bustle of New York Fashion Week along with business-as-usual appointments and events, the Nicole Miller Spring/ Summer 2018 collection showed at the Gramercy Park Hotel just days before our meeting. “I like when we have a fun premise. This recent theme is the city-girl goes on safari, but she kind of packed wrong”. In tune with the ongoing trends Miller is on board with the influence “street style” is having over the industry. “All the big heroes today are sort of street style. Even the regular clothing lines are trying to add that street element. It’s a younger customer and I like the influx of the younger attitude. Like, Rihanna on the magazine covers and everything aimed toward street, street, street. I don’t know how many it works for overall, but it works for me!”

According to Miller, the Standout collections through her repertoire include Spring ’91 of course, the ‘girl gang’ inspired theme of Spring ’94, and “.. one shipwreck [inspired] collection, a girl was shipwrecked on an island with a captain’s jacket and her nightgown. So, it was like a Victorian nightgown and a captain’s jacket with gold buttons. That was a fun collection”. Every technological advancement comes with its advantages and challenges. “We didn’t have all these capabilities we have today. Everything [when we started] was made in the United States, which was limiting, construction wise, because the factories would refuse to cut or sew anything on a bias. If there were too many buttons on things, they’d complain. This was very limiting design-wise.” However the craftsmen and artisans Nicole once used on when starting out are now few and far between. “There were these artisanal little vendors that did smocking, and pleating, and embroidery, that had been around for years. I could get that kind of thing done domestically”. Nicole maintains that when she started, times were much easier. “Now you are starting out, you have to have a point of view”. Designers now need to identify their market, niche, customer base and so on. “You have go after this thing and make sure you have this little signature niche and everything. It wasn’t that way before. Life was simpler then”.






Runaway Beauty Runaway into the Fall with these designer inspired beauty looks that crush the runways

Photographer: JRWest Hair: Adrian Gutierrez Makeup: Alexis Fagan Model: Savannah Joy Smith Agency: UWM Models/Next Models Miami/Ford LA

ANNA SUI Skin: NARS tinted moisturizer in Finland Cheeks: Lancome dual finish higlighter in Luminous Gold Eyes: Makeup Forever flash pallet topped w/ MAC “Turguatic” glitter Lips: OCC Lip tar in “Stalker” Lashes: Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara


Jason Wu

Skin: NARS tinted moisturizer in Finland Cheeks: Lancome dual finish highlighter in Luminous Gold Eyes: MAC eyeglass in “lightly tauped” Lips: OCC Lip tar in Beta Lashes: Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

Emilio Pucci

Skin: NARS tinted moisutrizer in Finland Cheeks: Lancome dual finish highlighter in Rose Gold Eyes: Lancome ombre hypnose stylo in Magenta Lips: Lancome tinted lip balm in Rose Lashes: Maybelline Great Lash Wink of Pink Mascara

Valentino Skin: NARS tinted moisturizer in Finland Cheeks: Lancome dual finish highlighter in Rose Gold Eyes: MAC “Sketch” Lips: MAC “Nightmoth” and Lancome lanolips ointment Lashes: Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

La Perla

Skin: NARS tinted moisturizer in Finland Cheeks: Lancome dual finish highlighter in Rose Gold Eyes: Makeup Forever flahs pallet topped w/ Lancome lanolips ointment Lips: Lancome tinted lip balm in Perfectly Nude Lashes: Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara



Written by: Coleen Janeway, Epithereal Skincare, beauty expert and co-host of the #skinfoodbodylove series on AppleTV, Roku and KNEKTTV

Catalan Escargot cooked in sweet citrus soy with shallots and Japanese parsley. Finished with a flamed spicy mayo shell bake. Fresh Dungeness crab lightly tossed with cilantro, Wasabi Tobiko, garlic ponzu, garnished with Uni and Sturgeon Caviar.

Photos by: Unstoppable Entertainment Restaurant/Food: Fin Restaurant, Culver City

The best part of fall, besides the obvious excitement for this season’s fashion, crisp air, and colorful falling leaves, is lavish fall foods! This is a time of year for those of us who love to feed our bodies inside and out. Two delicacies immediately come to mind, snails and caviar. Both are extravagant, delicious and surprisingly good for you. These foods keep you lean and help give your skin a luminous glow. Snails are intriguing because of their historical application in wound care and skin treatments, as well as in the cuisines of many countries and cultures. It may be hard to imagine, but these little creatures assist our bodies fight the effects of aging, and are nutritionally l ow in fat and high in protein. A great choice as a regular staple in your diet. With so many species of snails, how did anyone figure out which ones were edible snails, or escargot as they are most commonly called, and which were viable for harvesting bio-material in cosmetic applications? The secretion of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa (SCA) variety is one I have paid close attention to. This little gem has a very potent healing and repairing secretion, harvested I might add, without harm to the snail. Our skin is constantly being exposed to damaging factors like the sun and environmental toxins.


Your body will naturally heal damaged skin by creating a family of peptides and proteins called “growth factors.” Unfortunately, through our normal aging process, natural growth factor levels decrease. The great news is you can supplement the natural levels of growth factors aging your skin with SCA Biorepair Technology. Not all snails or growth factors are created equal, the patented formula we love is exclusive to Biopelle, Inc. My clients have seen tremendous results while using the Biopelle Tensage line of SCA serums and creams. Caviar is a wonderfully flavorful source of vitamins and minerals, including Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to promote a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system. One serving of caviar has an adult’s daily requirement of vitamin B12. Other important nutrients are vitamins B6, iron, magnesium and selenium. An antioxidant provider, caviar is rich in vitamins A and E. Vitamin A helps to repair damaged tissue and prevents wear and tear of your bodies cells, and vitamin E helps maintain valuable moisture and aids in a healthy circulatory system. Repair and prevention, my two favorite topics. Both of these vitamins are essential in maintaining youthful skin, healthy eyes and a strong immune system. Sophisticated and delicious, these healthy pleasures are sure to lift your mood and brighten your skin. Dive into these luxuries when you get the chance.

Photographer: Michael Giragosian Model: Oliva Martin - New Version Models Stylist: Jennifer Beverly Hair & Makeup: Mychael Humphries Hair & Makeup Assistant: Jamie Salgado Set Designer: Cosmic CafĂŠ Jason Reed


Fur trims, lace, animal print and chiffons are this falls must have for all of your week day to weekend looks.

Dress: Nika Tang Dress: For Love & Lemons Coat: Jil Sander Shoes: Mavirs Sunglasses: Celine Earrings: Spring Street Shoes: Aquilano Rimondi

Jacket: Aqua Body Suit: Free People

Jean Jacket: Free People

Blouse: Free People Black Leather Skirt: Free People Shoes: Nine West

Blouse: Do+be Collection Pants: Harlowe Graham Shoes: Forever 21 Earrings: Free Press

Dress: Free People Shoes: Vince Camuto Earrings: Melrose & Market

Both Pages Dress: Free People Earrings: Baublebar



Virtue The Perfect Ending Split End Serum - $40 This magical potion rebuilds, strengthens and silkens - the ultimate product to put an end to split ends. The Perfect Ending Split End Serum helps repair and seal broken ends as it protects against future fraying. Color-safe and ideal for absolutely everyone.

After a long summer under the sun, it’s important to fix seasonal damage (and take care of those obnoxious greys). Hydration is the key to a full recovery, and polished and pretty the name of the season. Amidst a sea of highlights and slicked back locks, texture makes a full comeback, adding dimension to everyday styles with a sultry-but-subtle vibe for the seasons most in-demand style. It’s not your everyday beachy waves - this season is about sexiness, the kind you feel when you get your hair done and 2 days later love it even more because it looks effortlessly chic. So whether modern and minimal or crimped and curled, stylist to the stars Jorge Luis brings you some of his favorite products to recover from summer damage and let those glossy, tousled locks roam free. By: Kara Studzinski


David Mallett Volume Powder - $40 Create long-lasting volume and natural bounce with David Mallett’s hair powder. Scented with a subtle green tea fragrance, the weightless particles are formulated with Tropical Bamboo – an active agent that adds structure, lift and reinforcement to every strand, while driving off humidity. It’s encased in a pocket-sized applicator that dispenses the perfect amount of product with just one pump, minimizing waste.


Sally Hershberger 24k Supreme Stylist Volumizing Dry Shampoo - $32 This formula is truly the gold standard of dry styling. Invisible spray builds instant body and invigorates lifeless locks without powdery residue and flexible co-polymers provide a lasting, brushable hold that’s soft and touchable. Hydrolyzed wheat protein and caffeine energize, refresh and prolong style while Keratin and glycerin smooth and hydrate. With this, hair is soft, sexy and dramatically voluminous.

1 4




Virtue Recovery Shampoo - $38 A fantastic formula that cleans, replenishes and nourishes hair from root to tip, this shampoo rebuilds damaged hair with each use. Recovery Shampoo gently dissolves daily buildup while replenishing vital nutrients to leave hair healthy, soft and supple. Color-safe and ideal for dry, damaged or overworked hair.




David Mallett Spray No. 2 LE VOLUME - $40 Paris-based stylist David Mallett’s products give you a luxury salon experience at home. Formulated to make fine and limp hair bouncier and more voluminous, ‘Spray No.2’ revitalizes, restores shine and leaves tresses feeling weightless. The signature ingredient, Japanese Nori Seaweed Extracts, is rich in Vitamin A, C and B12 to strengthen and ensure long-lasting regeneration. 3


Sally Hershberger 24k Supreme Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste - $40 A high-cushion paste featuring hydrating plant extracts and golden pearl and mica complex to add radiance, smooth frizz, and boost hair’s body, this velvety Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste shapes style while boosting shine, smoothing frizz, and volumizing. It replenishes hair to reveal lustrous, multi dimensional texture—defining layers and enhancing natural shine to reveal hair that’s touchably soft. Golden pearl and mica complex smooths, polishes, and brightens while hydrating plant extracts replenish moisture and boost body.

Sally Hershberger 24k Supreme Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil - $40 Transform hair to soft, silky perfection with this nourishing dry oil. This plush, velvety formula with 24K Pure Gold Elixir penetrates deep into the hair fiber to hydrate, smooth frizz and define style without added weight or greasy residue. Infused with a unique combination of precious oils, goji berry and amber extract to help rejuvenate and repair dull, dry, damaged or color-treated hair with the highest level of protection against UV, heat-styling and color fade.



On Opposite Page: Jacket: Nea Sandi Shirt: Tom Ford Velvet Trouser: Ashton Michael

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH With the rise in female empowerment women don’t have to wear suits to show their power. 31

On both pages: Sweater: Fabiana Milazzo Blue Pants: Vitor Zerbinato Metallic Leather Tote: EH London Loafer: ialave



Dress: Julia Clancy Belt: Nicole Bakti Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti

Photographer: Giuseppe Vitariello Model: Asianna Scott Agency: Good Talent Management Production: Jason Summerfield Styling: Matthew Hensley Makeup: Dillon Pena Hair: Alex Thao

Shirt: Helo Rocha Trousers: Helo Rocha Heels: Kendall Miles





MORNING AFTER OVO Sound / Warner Bros

When you find something wonderful, you notice all the beauty it contains. Consisting of Daniel Daley and producer Paul Jefferies (Nineteen85), DVSN (pronounced Division) established themselves as the cutting edge of millennial soul music by taking a small set of sounds and stretching them as far as possible. Their debut album, SEPT 5TH uses contemporary sounds to explore the provocative and meaningful aspects of carnality. SEPT 5TH was not designed to support showmanship but instead, bring together Daley’s gifted sound and Jefferies’ distant piano and muted drum beats to create a sound like no other.

Jesse Metcalfe Photographed by John Russo


“With Me,” the album’s best track and arguably the best R&B track released since Frank Ocean’s 2012 “Thinking About You,” is breathtaking smooth. Daley’s vocals are gorgeous, breathy when they want to be and powerful when they don’t. Jefferies’ production is lush but minimal, using drum pads and distant, airy synths to create beautiful spaces for Daley to work in. The album’s aesthetic has clearly been thought through and made a focus of this album. In the album’s “Try/Effortless,” Daley’s sudden shift to a higher register compliment the woozy synths at the song’s back end. Daley’s mature delivery can be heard on “Hallucinations,” in which his falsetto is screwed down with effects to halt embellishments and offer more breathing room.

By: Dakota LaPalme @kotasaurusrex

This grown up musical strategy is reflected in the way DVSN approach their songwriting. This is not corny music, but respectful and sometimes sweet. It treats sex as a serious act - something that makes you see things that aren’t there, a balm for life’s rough edges and something that can make you realize the worth of looking beyond yourself. Every single song is consensual in every sense of the word. SEPT 5TH can be read as a romantic guide for people who are staring their twenties down in the rearview mirror and considering investing a huge chunk of themselves in another person. DVSN is wise to dial into the silence between the noise. This is what confidence sounds like.





Editorial: Christopher Logan @cloganstudios Article: Chiara Casiraghi-Brody @casiraghistyle

Models, hairstylists, lead make-up artists and designers are all within arms reach backstage at a NYFW show. Much resembling the organized rush one would find backstage at a Broadway musical or performing arts center before the curtain goes up. But when the stage is set and music cued this performance is actualized by the designer’s creations. The back of the house in a fashion week show is becoming just as important as front-of-house. Media and influencers are invited for an up-close look at the collection hours before it hit the runways. They are there to document the societal “sneak peek” of what is to appear on the runways including the beauty looks, and a little real-life hustle that #BTS moments are made of. See the behind the scenes artistry captured by fashion photographer Christopher Logan this year at NYFW shows Katy Xiomara, Nicole Miller, Noon by Noor, Tadashi Shoji and Katy Xiomara.




Nicole Miller @nicolemillerny

Katy Xiomara @kattyxiomara_official

Spring Safari for the Concrete Jungle

Parachute Trip A parachute is taken by the Caribbean breeze and chooses as the landing point the Art Deco District in Miami Beach. The collection submerges in this essence of stylization of natural elements and cubist concepts retouched from ethnic exoticism.The color palette is composed of sweet pastels and is constructed by dispersed color blocks with different depths.The soft tones of the sea and the vibrant shades of pink and orange on fruity scales of papaya, melon, and raspberry are outlined by black and white as neutral points of encounter

A city girl embarking on an African safari but she packed wrong. The collection is composed of neutral tones and military green utility-inspired pieces. Miller introduces feminine tops and dresses adorned with ruffles and floral prints to convey a whimsical and positive feel into the collection. There is a sophistication runs through the whole collection for a very upscale safari expedition indeed.

Noon By Noor @noonbynoor Masculine Shapes with Feminine Silhouettes Spring/Summer 2018 for Noon By Noon achieves a blend of masculine and feminine elements by exploring masculine shapes in wide leg trousers, tailored blazers, oversized shirts and knitwear while ruffles, pleats, billowing sleeve shapes and sheer fabrics attest to the collection’s femininity. The core color palette of red, soft white and rosebud pink is supported by black, as ladybug and large sketchbook floral print contribute to the all over textural pattern. This season’s collection also introduces cotton embroidered and printed t-shirts, quoting the words “Love” or “Wisdom” in Arabic script with its English translation featured on the back, which are styled with trousers and skirts.


Tadashi Shoji @tadashishoji Relax and unwind – it’s a Golden State of mind The Malibu sun is setting beyond the wave breaks. The sky is tinted in muted neons. With salty hair and sandy feet, it’s time to swap your board for your gown. Top down, cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway until the curtain of night is pinned by the stars. Destination: Los Angeles. A chance invite from a friend takes you through rolling hills to a secluded enclave, nestled within a woodland canyon. Partygoers roll up, draped in gemstone colors - red jasper, jade, rose quartz, yellow opal, azurite, and agate. All are welcome – artists and musicians, bohemians and émigrés. Where fame and fortune mix with wanderers and nomads. Where moguls mingle with children of the ocean. It’s the mystique of Southern California that draws them – days of possibility alongside nights of allure and beauty. Make your way to the courtyard garden, past the heady smells of night-blooming jasmine and moonflowers.


Crystalized Beaded beauty and jewels make this falls beauty must-have‘s sparkle Photographer: Alana Tyler Slutsky @alanatylerslutsky Model: Lore Varga @vargaloredanam Agency: Marilyn Models NY Makeup Artist: Amanda Thesen @amanadathesenbeauty Hair Stylist: Corey Tuttle @ Honey Artists Using Oribe @coreytuttlehair



Dual color two piece of sleeveless top and shorts by Haney. All That Glitters Is Beautiful necklace by Nemiroff Design and denim strappy heels by Tamara Mellon.



A radical life change is a great way to shake things up, climb out of a rut – for those who happen to be stuck in one. But society and celebrity New York jeweler Kara Ross has been anything but: she’s had, arguably, the perfect life: a thriving eponymous fine jewelry and luxury evening bag business (since 2003), her lines sold in stores like Bergdorfs, Harrods, Saks, Bloomingdales and Bendels; and a celebrity clientele that includes Michelle Obama, Anne Hathaway, Oprah Winfrey and Al A radical life change is a great way to shake things up, climb out of a rut – for those who happen to be stuck in one. But society and celebrity New York jeweler Kara Ross has been anything but: she’s had, arguably, the perfect life: a thriving eponymous fine jewelry and luxury evening bag business (since 2003), her lines sold in stores like Bergdorfs, Harrods, Saks, Bloomingdales and Bendels; and a celebrity clientele that includes Michelle Obama, Anne Hathaway, Oprah Winfrey and Alicia Keyes. Same on the domestic front. She and her husband’s New York apartment was featured in Architectural Digest, and the winter in Palm Beach.


Yes, she’s certainly had it ALL. Except, for Kara, a true soul-driven vocation – a sense of humanitarianism, of giving back, of paying back., of helping others – and the world. Years of shiny jewels and a gem of a life has now led her, albeit windingly, to a new frontier and a new business, that she neither expected nor stopped to plan out. Then a 2015 trip to South Africa made Ross spontaneously rethink her entire picture - and purpose. She found herself suddenly and unexpectedly not creating any new jewelry, and instead unleashing her creativity and passion toward a new project: helping third world women restart their own lives via their inate artisinal sewing skills . “I’ve been in business twenty five years and loved it,” Ross tells LaPalme. “But when I was in Capetown on that trip, I saw all these impoverished areas – and weirdly, surprisingly, discovered this incredible line of childrens’ clothing done by local artisans there. In the middle of a poverty stricken area – I couldn’t believe it. I brought a lot of it back to my store on 60th Street and Madison that year to see if it would sell – we had such a success with it, I decided to focus one hundred percent on this initiative – which we called “Unleashed” - to help unprivileged female artisans earn a living and enhance their chances at business. ”This past year Unleashed took Ross and team this time to India to source out underprivileged female artisans there – with the idea of creating semi-commercial clothing that can be sold to western consumers; that can then afford them a chance to get on their own feet to open bank accounts - and have their original creations get to a wider audience. And possibly start their own businesses,

become self-sufficient. This fall, Kara Ross inked a new partnership with Lord and Taylor to retail the latest Unleashed collection, created in 2016. Travelling to India, Ross and friends went hunting for women who are expert embroiderers and beaders – and eventually found them. “I designed cotton t-shirts for this project,” explains Ross, using the Hindu bindi idea as the model for various shaped beaded embellishments on the different styles,” explains Ross. This fall, Unleashed beaded t shirts, in a variety of colors and designs, will be for sale on the Unleashed website; Lord and Taylor ordered 1500; and Bloomingdales will do special orders in November. The beaded t-shirts will sell for $88. “Our big mission,” explains Ross, “is to unleash women’s potential globally by creating opportunities to break the povert y c ycle through education and job creation. Talented female artisans get to design product for the western market; then we bring it to top retailers to distribute and sell. We also have 2017 non profit charitable partners: Dress for Success and Girl Up will both receive about $20,000 from Unleashed.” One thing that assures Unleashed will make a media dent– Ross, all on her own, contacted Vice Media, which will travel to India again with her this October to make a documentary series on the project. “All I want to do now,” Ross says, “with my history in fashion and business is - support girls’ education around the world and create opportunity for female artisans - who would never have had it otherwise.” And as for what been unleashed in Ross herself: “I’m so much happier now. I’ve been doing this so long, l’ve loved it – but now I want to give back. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy – or this fulfilled.”


LAPALMEMAGAZINE.COM Romper: Patty Ang Gold Metallic Boots: Nicolas K Sun Glasses: Gucci available at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook Jewelry: Mr. Warburton

ARIEL WINTER LIVING BY HER OWN RULES By Jessica Finn @jessicafinnnyc

Ariel Winter is wise beyond her 19 years, and that’s because it was required of her at a very young age. Her aged wisdom helped her get out of what, by all accounts, was a very toxic upbringing. Ariel Winter is poised and professional during her interview with LaPalme Magazine, and she is excited to start on the next chapter in her life, which is at least a temporary departure from acting. She has taken the time out to speak with us the night before she begins her next adventure- her first day of college at UCLA. ‘My goal is actually to get my law degree. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, and while I love acting and will probably do it for the rest of my days, I definitely think that it’s important for me to go to school and do something I’m passionate about.’


LAPALMEMAGAZINE.COM With a clearly successful path in front of her, you would think Ariel would suffice to continue acting. She spent the better part of a decade, and has grown up, playing Alex Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family. However this is a young woman who knows what she wants and has been going in her own direction since leaving the control of her mother. ‘When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor. But I could never perform emergency surgery so doctor is out of the question, that was more something I wanted to do when I was a kid. As I got older being a lawyer was something that was very interesting to me.’ Ariel has been acting as long as she can remember, and even longer than that. Her career started at just four years old, so her own dreams were put on hold while her mother turned her into an actress as a toddler. ‘I’ve worked with many lawyers throughout my life, and many types of lawyers and they’ve helped me out a lot. I have knowledge in that field and I might be able to help somebody else out, that is my goal and reason for it.’ Ariel has had more than her fair share of dealing with lawyers by the age of just 19. When she was 14, she broke away from her mother and, with the help of a crack legal team, Ariel emancipated herself and went to live with her sister Shanelle Workman. ‘I was home-schooled until freshman year of high school when I moved in with my sister. She put me into a regular school. Before that I had been home-schooled my whole life. It was definitely very interesting and very isolating.’ Ariel is contemplating doing her undergrad in political-science, and following it up with law school. That is her plan, and she has proven time and again that she knows how to put a plan into action. When she first met her now boyfriend of almost a year, Levi Meaden, she says they argued about politics for an hour.

Black Gown: Steven Khalil Sunglasses: Gucci Blue Heels: Tamara Mellon

‘I definitely feel very strongly about politics. I’ve thought about going into politics, although it’s not at the forefront of my mind.’ She’s still so young. ‘It’s one step at a time, for sure.’ She adds she could end up going into psychology for all she knows. It’s hard to keep in mind just how young she is by the way she carries herself. She is of course, still figuring it all out.



Ariel’s painful relationship goes far beyond a mother-daughter quarrel that reached a stale-mate. Years of being put to work as a child, being disallowed a school life and friends, and allegations that her mother sexualized her at a young age, were enough to give the court reason to let Ariel leave the care of her mother. ‘I definitely had an interesting family dynamic when I was growing up. It was mostly my mom and I, and we didn’t have a fantastic relationship. Once I moved in with my sister when I was 14 and lived with her till I was 18, I did all the real high school things. That was amazing, that was so much fun. I kind of caught up on the childhood I didn’t have because I was focusing on acting and work and everything that was leading up to this point. I missed out on a lot of the normal kid things.’ A reasonable query when profiling a celebrity is to ask about their first big break. It’s a question that unravels quickly with Ariel. Keeping in mind Ariel was just four years old when she began her journey, she simply does not remember. ‘To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what my very first big thing was. I think it was with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but I’m not positive. I was so young.’ Ariel had just conquered motor skills, yet she was in show business. ‘The time before was a little strange. There wasn’t a lot of connection with a lot of people because I wasn’t allowed to have them. I spent the first 14 years of my life in isolation and it wasn’t great. But since then I’ve had an incredible life, and I’m living life the way I want to. I’m making my decisions and enjoying my life.’ When you’ve lost so many years not having your own voice, you must relish the voice you finally get to have. Ariel has become a strong woman, capable of making her own decisions and standing firmly by them.



‘The thing we all have to remember is the only person you have to please is yourself. If you feel good in an outfit, and you feel good with the way with you look, then that is all that matters and you should rock it and feel happy about it.’

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Her mother’s overbearing nature and forced image of what she believed Ariel should be, impacted her decisions previously, but she is now her own woman, and it shines through. ‘For so many years I tried to change my appearance, and I tried to do different things to make myself so everyone is going to accept me, and they didn’t. The thing we all have to realize is the media is going to portray you the way they want to portray you and its not going to change. The only person’s opinion that matters, the only person that gets to have a say in you, is you. We need to spend more time pleasing ourselves and caring less about what other people say.’ ‘It sucks, I totally get it. It 100% sucks. I hate reading stories about myself and thats why I don’t. Every time it pops up on my phone or someone sends me something I’m like “ugh that sucks.” At the end of the day you have remember “You know what, I feel good and thats all that matters, and other people can go buzz off.” The picture of what Ariel wants in her life gets clearer all the time. She and her boyfriend Levi are living together with their three dogs in her new home with ample backyard space for their pups. She’s also been able to reconnect with her father after getting out from her mother’s control.

She’s frequently been the target of negative media attention when it comes to the simplest of choices one makes- her wardrobe. Ariel has seen the bright spotlight of Hollywood with coverage of her outfits - and has felt it’s burn.

‘When I was younger, we all suffered from the negative effects of my mother. We all kind of separated a little, and everyone was trying to deal with it in their own way. My dad and I were around each other when I was younger but once I turned 14 and everything that happened with me moving in with my sister, I reconnected with my dad, and we became extremely close. We hang out around four times a week, and talk and text all the time. He’s a great friend and good person, and I’m very lucky to have him in my life.’

‘I get criticized in the press everyday for the things I do. Other girls will wear the exact same things I wear, and they’ll get “so and so looks cute in a crop-top on her day out’’ and I’ll get “Ariel bares all in a skimpy outfit, yet again,’’ and it will be me wearing the same thing as another person who just got praised, and I got cut down.’

With everything this woman has been through, Ariel Winter has only gratitude. ‘I feel super grateful and super lucky for all the things I have in my life. I have an amazing support group, I have a great sister, I have a great dad, I have a great boyfriend, I have amazing friends. I am very grateful.’

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Photographer: Alexandru Zainea Brand: Nous Mode Designers: Mariana Morar & Paul Sergiu Micsa Model: Landiana Cerciu Collections: rEvolution Spring Summer 2018 Location: Budapest







Where Fashion Is A Fairy Tale



Written By: Myra Postolache

If you follow fashion, you’ll know that the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe is Feeric Fashion Week, in Sibiu, the heart of Transylvania, Romania. Feeric Fashion Week transformed Sibiu town and its surroundings in a grand fashion stage where the newest collections of over 40 designers were unveiled to the public. Sibiu became for the 10th time the most creative fashion capital of the world. Feeric Fashion Week is famous for its spectacular catwalks in the middle of nature, castles, candies factory or other unusual places. Why is this fashion week so high profile to so many? There are a lot of reasons, like beauty, class, prestige, creative locations such as a stone quarry, a lake or a hobbit castle, and culture. In a fashion market being reshaped by digital media, rapid globalization and an uncertain economic and geo-political environment, more and more designers from France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain or China are rethinking their approach to Feeric Fashion Week in Romania. The reason is the “natural environment” strategy because of the most creative locations transformed in runways for their fashion shows. And this is not enough! Indeed, this concept of fashion week is in flux in terms of target audience, format, high-quality production, timing, duration and geography. Many designers decide to shoot their campaigns once they showcase their collection there in such beautiful locations like lakes, stone quarries, museums, royal gardens, cathedrals, forest, hobbit castles built on clay and sand and the list can go on.

How much money are we talking about here? Nearly one hundred thousands dollars. This year, Feeric Fashion Week (considered one of the greatest Fashion Week in Eastern Europe brought more than 40 designers from all over the world and approximately 25 important guests like journalists, fashion buyers and representatives of IED Milano ( Istituto Europeo di Design Milano ). The investment includes hotel stays, restaurants, venue bookings—you name it, people are out to be entertained and consume the delights of the city during their stay for fashion week. The fashion industry overall has a huge impact on the city as well, employing 8,5 percent of the total workforce, which amounts to almost three hundred thousand people.

Mitichi Preda, founder and president of Feeric Fashion Week, began the concept in 2007 when he was decided that Sibiu, his home town in Transylvania, needed to step up its game when it came to its beautiful locations around the town and fashion industry. Then he saw how in Milan, London or Paris, fashion houses presented in indoor locations, most of them, and he started to do it different in his country. Wanting to bring a different business model to Romania, he organized the predecessor to what now is called “Feeric Fashion Week”: it was called “Feeric Fashion Days”, and it got the designers, fashion houses, models, journalists and buyers out there, showing the clothes, creativity, and viewpoint that Romania had to offer the world. In 2014, Landiana Cerciu became part of the team and was nominated Vice-President of Feeric Fashion Week. Landiana is a romanian fashion model and famous in-

fluencer who collaborates with some of the major fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands such as Furla, Charles and Ron, Sarah Jessy Jones, Bianca Popp, Fashion Days E-Commerce, Nivea, Obsentum Perfume, GHD Hair and more, at the same time her main focus is strongly related to fashion designers involved in Feeric Fashion Week. Landiana’s appearance at the most important fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris caught the eye of the most important fashion magazines in the world, promoting at the same time Feeric Fashion Week, which attracted many famous people from fashion industry like fashion editors, buyers and celebrities, including Derek Warburton and Cosmina Pasarin. Cosmina Pasarin is a romanian TV Celebrity and together with Derek were the official hosts of the event this year and became the Official Ambassador of Feeric Fashion Week 2017, awarded by Mitichi.


Designers to keep an eye on at Feeric Fashion Week Local and international designers showcased their collections in unusual places and we selected some to keep an eye on. The festival started on July 17th at Tauni Winery, the domains of Jidvei, the festival’s main partner: Tăuni Winery was the spectacular place where Irina Duţu Zgâia presented a collection inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book „Alice in Wonderland”. Irina Dutu Zgaia graduated at UAD Fashion University from Cluj-Napoca, clothing design department, and she has a special interest in deconstructed forms and prefers techniques that involve manual intervention. She loves reading stories for children, and from this magic she is inspired to create. Her last collection presented at Tăuni Winery is called “As mad as a hatter” and contains 18 looks. “In my collection,you can recognize Alice with oversized bands, the Crazy Hare with the typical British eccentricity, the White Rabbit constantly watching the pocket watch, the Rough and Sober Time, and the Red Heart Queen. The collection is meant to be a celebration of the beautiful madness of each of us, being the result of a serious adult work that every day enjoys the fact that its childhood has survived, “said Irina Duţu Zgâia. Feeric Fashion Week made space also for the creations of the students from UAD Cluj-Napoca (University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca) at Redal Expo, the main venue. The one that opened the series was Evelyn Lorincz, with “Notorious” collection that is defined by elegance, art and glitter addressed to young nonconformists. Ana Barbosu continued the series of the shows with a collection for the whole new generation, which included army

influences and green shades with subliminal messages. The white and blue stripes also dominated the Feeric Venue, where Maria Catalina Culda presented her works whose key points is the digital continuity, then Sorana Oltean, inspired by the hip-hop culture, brought a collection that wants to mark the attitude. The latest fashion show at Redal Expo belonged to Diana Dobrescu, whose concept was based on “the month in the last square meter”.

Through Romanian designers, we loved a lot Nous Mode’s collection, showcased on a spectacular lake where models could be shown inside boats. At first glance, the show seemed to be a playful show on a different kind of runway. The amazing collection is about classically based looks: easy casual shirts with print details and classic pants for menswear, playful long gowns with accentuated seams and wrap waists for womenswear. At the same time cut looks printed with technical drawings, jackets and pants accessorized with zips. To keep an eye on Aida Lorena, romanian designer who showcased a playful womenswear collection with sophisticated silhouettes. Gently elegant, Aida’s many draped and airy soft looks are crafted from fine fabrics like silk and cotton. The must-have is the hand-made jacket with embroidered crystals. Thought one of the most interesting Romanian designers was also Luna Morgaciova, who notably brought painted elements on her looks for Fall Winter 2017 Collection at Feeric Fashion Week. The designer’s shocking pop elements with the color contrasts dominated the catwalk, while patterns of suns, puzzle pieces, oversize sweaters and pierced elements added a celestial, fortune-teller-ish influence to the collection. Adriana Goilav’s collection caught our eye too, presented on a mobile catwalk between old trains and railways at Feeric Fashion Week. It opened with black and white, classically based looks — white shirts, black pants and skirts — with playful zips. Sporty utility jackets and pants were accessorized with symbols and zips. Jackets transformed in skirts and skirts transformed in bags are some of the collection’s strengths.


Modement from Hong Kong showcased their newest collection “Soulmate” during the Feeric Fashion Week in Sibiu Romania in a magical location, the Hobbit Castle, built out of clay and sand. The collection is for both, men and women,Inspired by the bible phrase regarding the creation of Eve from Adam’s bone and flesh, the designer Sin brings together different colours and silhouettes creating a collection that portrays the process of finding each other. Keeping loyal to her signature androgynous and unisex concept. The different textures and weaving represent the bones curving and transforming into something. Connotations are made to blood vessels with the specially crafted fabrics. Sin believes that we no longer live in a world where fashion is about size, fashion is about style and the ability to mix and match in order to find the fashion that is themselves. Thus,Sin keeps her designs simple with interesting elements that create the sparks for bonding. The last key piece is a beautifully weaved outfit, showing that the different elements have mixed and match in order to come together at last. Sin commented “My collection is about finding the Soulmate, the last piece has been weave because they have merged, In the bible when couples marry we say that they have become one!” Charles & Ron showcased also their FW17 womenswear collection at Boromir, candy puffs factory. The colour palette for this collection was inspired by a Mediterranean winter sunset. Deep Sea Blue, Madonna Blue, Sunset Pink, Lilac Sky and Silver are the colours used that reflect this natural spectacle. They are highlighted with black, which is a staple in the Charles & Ron collections. Hand beaded dolphins and hearts are used to embellish several designs and the Charles & Ron red and white gross grain ribbon is this season featured in a graphic print. Fabrics range from Silk to Wool and Velvet and a beautiful custom made Jacquard fabric in metallic blue and black also features the Filigree dolphin pattern. The shoes also were designed by Charles & Ron and their look is completed with handcrafted Maltese Filigree jewelry.

Another spectacular show belonged to the romanian designer Bianca Popp, who presented the FW17 menswear and womenswear collection at Boromir Factory, on the music of the Academy of Army Forces Academy “Nicolae Bălcescu” in Sibiu, institution that also made the decoration of the fashion event at the Boromir factory, a decoration loaded with military elements like army vehicles or combat equipment. The collection included looks for both genres, men and women, creative monochrome patterns that followed architectural lines and volumes, being made up of unconventional materials. Bianca Popp showcased also a preview of her SS18 Collection made by fine fabrics and patterns inspired by the architectural geometry.

One of the strengths of this fashion week is definitely its locations: under the direction of Mitichi Preda, a team of international photographers, videographers and producers transformed, each time, the most random places in catwalk-ready settings. We cannot wait to attend the next season of Feeric Fashion Week.


On the Cover: ARIEL WINTER


On the Cover: ARIEL WINTER