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CLAY PIT PARK Clay Pit Park will cater for 4 distinct functions, Food Production, Storm water Treatment, Active or Structured Recreation and Passive Recreation. These distinct areas of use will be visually bound together by the warm brick Landmark of the Pavilion Chimney and the two axial walkways which will provide connectivity across the block. Distribution of Shade is a focus of the summer design layout.

Dec 21, 1200


In this final Concept Master Plan, Light has played a role in the determining of the park’s layout, the generation of land and structural forms in relation to each area’s intended function and the interpretation of the site’s industrial ceramics past through the choice and treatment of materials.



4m wide with clay paver bands in a mid grey cement to reduce glare and light pollution. An Entrance square and character Gateway Structures define each end.

B-B’ SECONDARY PATHWAY 3m wide with glare reducing mid grey cement paving, an Entrance Square and Character Gateway Structures. A bridge carries the walkway across the reshaped storm water lake.


1 2

1 EVENT LAWN An adaptable grassed area intended to accommodate small public events such as concerts and film evenings through its seating structures and flexible lighting system, arranged around a dark backdrop of shady Pohutukawa trees.




Comprised of hardy Citrus and Feijoa Trees, accommodated in ramp like structures intended to reflect sunlight back onto the trees, boosting the crops sweetness and quality. Integrated Seating in the aisles.

3 STORM WATER LAKE Retains the developments stormwater for sediment settlement while providing visual amenity through it’s changing reflective surface. Deciduous Plane trees will shade the water and accompanied by lighting, provide changing reflections throughout the day, night and year.




A new 17m high Red Brick Chimney marks the structure and park within its surroundings, orienting visitors, while Open Verandahs provide shelter from the summer sun and winter rains. Solar power generation via roof panels, an Information centre, Toilets, Equipment Storage and a Cafe are included within the structures design.

5 PLAYGROUND Scale:1:350

A’ N

Built with a Quarry theme, the playground could include daytime shadow making toys and moveable coloured light spotlight toys in the evening. A border of deciduous Plane trees provides summer shade to the the edges seating areas in the summer, while admitting the sun’s warmth in the winter. Cuts in the colourfully planted hill landforms light the paths edge at night.

PARK: NIGHT At night the key feature of the park to be seen from the outside will be it’s landmark Chimney, inviting people to move down the main pathways and through the park. The sites night time character is defined by the warm sideways glow of the kiln-like lighting provided by the embedded orange-tan bricks.

LIGHTING: EVENING PLAN On an average evening the main paths will be lit brightly to encourage use, but in a focused manner, decreasing light spill and preserving areas of darkness or low light in the park. Lamps are to be of the Metal Halide or LED type due to their accurate colour rendering, energy efficiency and long life spans. The Gateway Squares and the crossing of the two main paths will receive special treatment, with extra lighting to reenforce their purpose as meeting places. Secondary Paths shall be lit predominantly by ornamental lighting embedded in the walls, seats or trees that border them, supplemented by distantly spaced spotlights to fill in gaps and lend structure to the experience. Landmark lighting features will include the Central Chimney, Bridge, Children’s Play Equipment, selected trees and Pavilion, supplemented by the warm tones of the inset brick walls, lit by embedded light strips. A spotlight focused on the lawns centre is also intended to invite people out from the pathways and become centre of their own performance.

LIGHTING: LATE NIGHT PLAN By late night usage of the park will drop as most people turn in for the night, events wind up and restaurants, bars and entertainment venues close for the night. With patronage low, specialist ornamental lighting, such as the Lawn spotlights, Pavilion Lighting, Playground equipment lighting and Secondary Path lighting will be turned off or dimmed extensively, leaving only the main paths and their entrances unchanged. This will save energy, reduce light pollution and nuisance while maintaining safety for any users of the main path. When morning nears, selected lighting features will be relit as before to cater for early morning commuters and exercisers needs.

LAKE: 1500, SEPT 21


The visual experience of water has driven the design of the lake and its edges, its ever-changing surface intended to provide reflections on still days or shimmering effects in wind. The structures at its edge, such as the Orchard Ramps, Pavilion, Chimney and Bridge will provide a variety of possible vantage points to view the scene, and act as sights in themselves.

Sept/Mar, 1500

LAKE: REFLECTIONS Seating at the South West Gate will invite the public to soak up the morning sun’s warmth in winter and enjoying the shimmering water. In summer the seats along the Orchards edge will provide a shady cool seat in the growing heat of the morning, the Lakes still dark water reflecting of the lush Plane Trees opposite.

Sep/Mar, 1200

LAKE: BRIDGE The bridge forms an integral part of the character and experience of the lake, intended to provide pleasing reflections in it’s surface, as well as a vantage point from


which to view surroundings and water. It’s form has been derived from the Strata Design Driver, its walls revealing the pattern

highlights and shadows caused by the inset structure as they rise above ground level. The bridge gently rises to a point 1.4m above the water

level of the lake, enabling a sense of crossing and passage, without effort. After Dark the bridge will be lit from the lake shore

to highlight the sculptural structure of the abutments and columns, encouraging further reflection while defining a sense of scale and location for the lakeside area.

Further lighting is embedded in the hand railings in order to light the deck unobtrursively.

PAVILION: 1500, DEC 21


The obelisk of the Landmark Chimney will mark the industrial inspired Pavilions location, a centre where basic services of Information, Food and Toilets are to be provided to the park’s visitors. Adjoining the Pavilion is the South Lawn, an informal recreation space in which moveable furniture will be placed over summer, allowing visitors to choose their own seating locations and arrangements.

Dec 21, 1500

PAVILION: NIGHT Warm light, reminiscent of a kiln will form the basis of the sites visual character at night, evident upon the landmark chimneys up-lightng and the inset lights which reveal the sunken brickwork of the gateway. The Pavilion’s verandahs will be modestly lit to provide night time social space.

PAVILION: SUMMER Even when it is closed, the Pavilion’s generous verandahs will provide shelter from the heat of the summer sun at the height of the day, particularly for the families using the nearby playground. Roof mounted solar panels shall mitigate the energy needs of the building and contribute to powering the lighting of the park.

Dec 21, 1200

PAVILION: WINTER In winter the decks will provide a place of shelter from the changeable weather for the parks users and those traversing the walkways. In fine weather the lower winter sun will now warm the verandahs and their occupants, providing a pleasant place to stop and enjoy the views.

Jun 21, 1200



1. 17m high Chimney 3.Service Area 2. Tan or Buff coloured Brick 4. 4.5m deep Verandahs, Wall Cladding, faced with decked in Broad Timber bands of oiled timber, such as Planks Cedar or a hardwood. 5. Solar Panel clad roof.

5 4


2 3

LAYOUT 1. 4.5m Deep Verandahs

Ring the Building, Providing Shelter from the Sun and Rain.


2. A Cafe/Food Facilities

2 1

1 2/5 4

1:125 ^N


will attract people into the park.

3. Toilets 4. Equipment/Furniture Storage


5. Information Area

ORCHARD: 1500, SEPT 21


Located to receive maximum annual sunlight and the benefit of the Lakes warmer microclimate, the Citrus and Feijoa Orchard’s system of Outcrop or Sawtooth like ramps will reflect further sunlight on the shaded side of the trees growing within, improving flavour and yield of fruit. The walls inset forms and shaded bands of tan bricks interpret the areas overwritten industrial past and the strata of the clay pits.

Sept/Mar, 1500

ORCHARD: RAMPS The spaces between the rows of trees and their ramps will create private areas in which the public may enjoy seasonal fruit and relax at a distance from, but within sight of others activities. Benches are located to provide a choice of sunny and shady opportunities to sit.

Sept/Mar, 1200

ORCHARD: NIGHT At night the inset brick sections of the Orchard’s walls are lit from within, casting a warm glow over the adjacent pathways, a reflection of the kilns the clay pits fed. Low light levels between the rows of trees retain privacy, with accessibility provided by down lighting the concrete pathway from the benches.

ORCHARD: KEY FEATURES Hardy Citrus and Feijoa the strata concept, with Trees will grow in a series of Lighting embedded to reveal inclined north facing ramps, the warm and earthy colours with integral walls intended to reflect sunlight upon them. These walls are derived from


of the normally shaded inset brick structure with a warm coloured light at night.

Feijoa selloviana (Feijoa)

Citrus spp.

Evergreen with dark green upper leaves and a light grey underside. Produces ample quantities of Feijoa fruit in Late summer through Autumn. Low maintenance, but prefers full sun.

Lemon (Meyer, Lemonade), Mandarin (Satsuma), Oranges (Navel), Grapefruit. Varieties Evergreen, with attractive mid to yellow green leaves and bright fruit. Fairly tolerant, except of frost and wind while establishing Prefers fulls sun.

Size: 3m high, 2-3.5m wide (or larger)


Size Varies Greatly

LAWN: 1200, DEC 21


The North Lawn is intended for both passive recreation and structured events, such as small concerts or shows. With their dark, receding foliage, the Pohutukawa trees bordering Crown Lynn Place will form backdrop to events, while providing a shady seating spot and colourful flowers on hot summer days. The Sun stands will provide a vantage point to view the lawns activities and an opportunity to sunbathe.

Dec21, 1200

LAWN: SUN STANDS Sept/Mar, 1200

Standing approximately 1.2m high, the Sun stands will provide a mix of stepped seating and north facing reclined decking from which to watch the events of the lawn, or to enjoy the sun’s warmth. Each stands stepped section will be aligned to the lawns focal point and to avoid sun glare during afternoon events.

LAWN: EVENING The lawns purpose as an event space will come to the fore in the evenings, with numerous lighting poles offering a variety of positions for lighting the lawn during events. On an normal evening however, spot lights will be positioned to form a pool of light at the lawns centre creating a public stage anyone can use.

PLAY: SUMMER The deciduous Liquidambar trees bordering the playground will serve to bathe the seating areas of the playgrounds edge and the axial pathways with dappled light and shadows, providing a respite from the fierce summer sun. Lush spring and summer leaves will add a refreshing vibrance to the playgrounds edges.

Dec 21, 1200

PLAY: WINTER In winter the warmth of the sun will penetrate into the playground through the bare Liquidambar trees, encouraging its use on fine days by eliminating the pervasive winter dampness. The edges drift planting of soft textured tufts of the grasses and plants are intended to counteract the bare trees stark forms.

Jun 21, 1200

PLAY: NIGHT Walls that recall the walls of clay pits will cut into the constructed landforms of the playground, providing daytime seating. At night they will be utilised as reflectors, illuminating the adjacent walkways and providing visual interest and security to those passing though or by it.

Clay Pit Park Design Presentation  

The result of a research project into light, people and public space, this design for a new Urban Park in New Lynn Auckland intended to prov...

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