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Welcome to the 2023 edition of The Best!

As we continue to navigate through the ongoing changes brought by the pandemic, the importance of creating an outdoor haven has become even more apparent. Whether it's for relaxation, work or play, having a space to unwind and connect with nature has become essential for many of us.

At Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers, we have witnessed an increased demand for outdoor spaces that not only add value to the family home but also promote wellbeing, creativity and connection. Our members are experts in creating beautiful and functional landscapes that transform any space into a sanctuary for its owners.

However, we must also acknowledge the challenges that come with delivering these projects in a post-Covid economy. The ongoing material shortages, price rises and resourcing constraints in the Australian job market have made it more challenging to deliver landscaping projects.

Despite these challenges, the passion and commitment of our members remain unwavering.

They continue to provide exemplary standards of professionalism and workmanship to ensure that every landscape transformation is completed to the highest standard. Year on year we are astounded by the immense vision and talent that is showcased at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show,

This edition of The Best showcases the extraordinary achievements of our 5 Boutique Garden entrants - it's exciting to see the plans and briefs that were put forward months ago transformed from paper into real immersive gardens for visitors to enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Best. We are delighted to be able to bring you this collection of inspired ideas by Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper Members, to help make your dream garden a reality.

FROM THE PRESIDENT CONTENTS David Jarman, President of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers FROM THE PRESIDENT: David Jarman, Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers 3 WARNERS: PLANT WHAT WHERE: he People's Choice gold winning show garden | Ian Firth, Warners Nurseries 4 THE LATEST: Products that "wow" in your garden 7 MAKE THE SWITCH To battery-powered outdoor power equipment | Milwaukee Tools .................................. 9 2022 INDUSTRY AWARD WINNER: Commercial Landscape of the Year | PTA Landscapes 10 2022 INDUSTRY AWARD WINNER: Residential Landscape of the Year | C.O.S. Design 11 BRIDGING THE GAP Between everyday Australians and the circular economy of our Future | Repurpose IT 13 BOUTIQUE GARDENS 2023: Meet the faces behind the 5 Boutique Gardens for 2023 15 THE LATEST: Products that "wow" in your garden 19 SO YOU WANT TO WORK IN LANDSCAPING?: Here's what you need to know 21 FIND A PROFESSIONAL: The LVML Member Directory 23 PERFECT POOLS: Design your pool to suit the changing lifestyle of your family 34 Our cover page features Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper Member, C.O.S. Design, the recipient of the 2022 Residential Landscape of the Year Award, with their "Mount Martha" Project. Read more about it on page 11. The Best is published once a year. For all advertising and editorial enquiries please contact the editor. Publisher: Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers | w Editor: Megan Flower t 03 95667284 e Design: Pufferfish Marketing | www. Print: HMS Print Management | The Best ©2023. The material contained in this publication is general comment and is not intended as advice on any particular matter. No reader should act on the basis of any article. Readers should consult professional advisors. All care is taken in the preparation of the publication but no responsibility is accepted by Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers for the accuracy of the published information.


At the 2022 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Warners Nurseries, in collaboration with Robert Boyle, created the ‘People’s Choice’ Gold winning Show Garden, ‘More than Meets the Eye’.

It was a garden designed to showcase a range of plantings traditionally grown by Warners whilst incorporating a mix of new plants in an exciting contemporary design. It achieved this with six distinct zones coming together as one, with minimal hard landscaping and the plants as the focus.

The gardens were linked by a bay hedge, providing a backdrop, and screening the view to what was on the other side. It then gradually revealed the four main gardens; a Traditional Parkland, Mediterranean, a shaded Urban Woodland and a Food Garden with each area highlighting a distinctive look and feel with its diversity of plantings.

The Arbour provided the perfect backdrop to view along the Avenue to the spire of the majestic Exhibition Building. Though temporary in nature the garden sat well placed in the landscape and recalled an historic European influence.

Hydrangea paniculata Sundae Fraise The Arbour

‘More than meets the eye’ demonstrated how plants can be used to create various and almost unlimited garden styles and endeavoured to tell the story that plants can transform a bare area into a beautiful place in just a few days. ‘More than meets the eye’ was praise to the plants that ultimately create a garden.

Over the course of the four days of MIFGS, visitors lined up in front of the Avenue to capture the perfect view in line with the dome on the magnificent Exhibition Building.

The Avenue of Silver Birch framed and accentuated the long axial view to the dome, with the long grassed pathway and mass under plantings of Hydrangea paniculata.

Other plants that captured the imagination included the stunning Ginkgo in the Woodland, it’s foliage just starting to take on the golden yellow of autumn. Lush ground covers included Persicaria and Heuchera, and the relatively new purple Ligularia ‘pandora’.

Selecting plants for the home garden can be a daunting task with tens of thousands of possibilities. Warners Nurseries Plant What Where is a valuable resource for selecting the ideal plants for your garden design conditions.

Selections based on usage, location, environment and style are included based on their proven ability to perform. Garden styles include a cooling Urban Lush setting to a drought tolerant Aussie Mediterranean garden evoking images of holidays in Tuscany and Provence. Contemporary styles such as Poolside Planting and Screening for privacy are also available.

Visit and click on the ‘Inspiration’ tab to see a range of ideas from Plant What Where, to handy advice and some inspirational landscape projects.
The Avenue - Hydrangea paniculata and Silver Birch Woodland - Heuchera and Ginkgo Woodland - Ligularia pandora and Ginkgo
Hydrangea paniculata




Pair up a touch of colour with hard surfaces by placing beautiful plants in concrete-look pots, or making a bold sculptural statement. These products are now available from Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers Supplier Members.

Modcrete Range of Pots by Kellock Pots & Planters


- Lygon St. Nursery (Brunswick East) 0390801242

- Fitzroy Nursery (Fitzroy) 0394173272

- Bayside Gardenworld (Elwood) 0395312666

- Town and Country Gardens (Malvern) 0398223305

Starting from $8000

Inertia A new sculpture exploring the concept of perpetual motion and the tension of impossible freeze frame physics.
Hydrangea paniculata 'Candlelight' pbr


Streamline the way you work outdoors with the M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System. Milwaukee Tool designed the system to help save time and eliminate the need for a dedicated tool for each outdoor task. It includes multiple tool attachments powered by a single power head.

“Attachment systems are not a new concept,” said Chris Hill, Product Manager at Milwaukee Tool.

“What makes the QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System unique is that, through our advanced M18 FUEL™ battery-powered technology and POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, we’re able to deliver a powerful and versatile solution that achieves instant throttle response.”

"That gives users more control over the equipment and makes this a strong alternative to manual or petrol-powered equivalents.”

Users can easily switch between attachments with the M18 FUEL™ Power Head (M18FOPH-0) to have the versatility to complete a wide range of tasks. The QUIK-LOK™ Attachment line-up includes a Line Trimmer (M18FOPH-LTA), Edger (M18FOPH-EA), 10" (254mm) Pole Saw (M18FOPH-CSA), Articulating Hedge Trimmer (M18FOPH-HTA) and an Extension Attachment (M18FOPH-EXA) that connects to the pole saw and hedge trimmer attachments for reaching in higher areas.

Milwaukee Tool is introducing three new attachments to the system: the M18 FUEL™ Brushcutter, Bristle Brush, and Rubber Broom. These attachments expand the clearing and maintenance capabilities of the QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System.

The M18 FUEL™ Brushcutter Attachment (M18FOPHBCA) is built to tackle demanding applications, such as tall grass, weeds, and thick brush. The M18 FUEL™ Bristle Brush Attachment (M18FOPHBBA) helps to clear debris in cracks in footpaths or paving and can also be used for installing synthetic grass or dethatching natural lawns. The M18 FUEL™ Rubber Broom Attachment (M18FOPHRBA) is the ideal solution for quickly clearing rocks and other debris off grass and hard surfaces while minimising the risk of surface damage. It also has a large clearing capacity that allows it to move standing water.

Combined with the M18 FUEL™ Outdoor Power Head, the entire system is perfect for professionals who rely on the runtime and power of petrol-powered outdoor power tools but don’t want the hassles of pull starts, high noise levels, petrol emissions and regular engine maintenance.

As part of the M18™ system, these M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachments are powered by M18™ REDLIUTHIUM™-ION batteries compatible with more than 250 power tool solutions.

“This is a huge breakthrough for users who are frustrated with petrol-powered solutions or investing in multiple battery platforms to use higher voltage options,” Hill added. “Plus, the ability to switch out multiple attachments based on the application will make jobs quicker, easier, and more costeffective in the long term.”

Learn more about the M18 FUEL™ QUIK-LOK™ Attachment System and the entire Milwaukee Outdoor Power Equipment range at



Every year Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers present Industry Awards to recognise excellence in Landscaping across a variety of categories. PTA Landscapes were the recipients of the Commercial Landscape of the Year Award for 2022.

PTA Landscapes were engaged by Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College in collaboration with the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese, to design and construct the Northern Communal Garden and Central Hub. The works were staged over a 3 year period and were completed in December 2021.

Northern Communal Garden

PTA Landscapes were commissioned to design and construct the first stage of works, being the link from the school gymnasium to the sports ground. The existing space was outdated, under utilised and in need of repair after a recent building upgrade.

The area was flood prone and contained a Melbourne water easement that cut through the site . Significant design consideration needed to be given to drainage, overland flow and site levels, and relevant Melbourne Water build-over permits sought.

The finished landscape is set on a diagonal axis, constructed from a series of concentric layered ovals forming the outline, with landscaped surfaces and spaces snapped to these lines.

One side of the area is highlighted with low-level glazed-brick walls of Denim Blue, Stein Grey and Calm Day that provide seating options, offer directional guidance, and generate a flood barrier.

Central Hub

The second stage of landscape works was in the heart of the school and this space was give the name the Central Hub. The intent for the central hub was to create seamless and continuous connections between buildings while allowing for student spill out spaces, opportunities for gatherings and a central meeting point.

The landscape includes a large custom outdoor kitchen fitted with two beefeater flat barbecues, sink and granite servicing space with lockable under bench cupboards, perfect for those sausage sizzle and pancake days.

The central focal point of the space is the "meeting point”. It incorporates a raised spotted gum deck, raised timber clad planters, fixed seating and a large 'urban canopee', offering an innovative solution to help combat the effects of climate change in urban environments.

Feature pots and raised planters figure predominantly throughout the space, the bulge pots are planted with citrus allowing students to grow, maintain and produce their own produce, while the rectangle plants are planted with perennial flowering plants adding colour to the space.

Judges Comments:

Whilst not the largest project, PTA Landscapes has absolutely nailed the quality, design and greenlife for this project. Well maintained with not a leaf out of place, correct plan selection has helped deliver a top class project where the plants tell the story ... and are all in great health considering the area is flood prone.

This job highlights a high level of attention to detail with the cuts and construction joints setting it apart from others as the paving, timber, and concrete work could not be faulted.

Professional at every level from paperwork to execution, the project provides a memorable first impression and is close to faultless as an example of the very high standard of work carried out by Master Landscapers in Victoria.



C.O.S. Design's "Mount Martha" project won the Residential Landscape of the Year Award.

C.O.S. Design were approached by the client to prepare a landscape and pool design for their large sloping site in Mt Martha. The initial brief was extensive and all revolved around the idea of an entertainers heaven.

Creating the garden style and theme needed to strategically belong to the unique architecture and surrounding coastal environment or in fact be the defining element that gave the home a real sense of belonging.

The big hero of the rear yard is the stunning Laguna Pool which is flanked by locally sourced stone walls for privacy and drama. The wet deck spa adds a tricky, yet timeless feature to the area and the surrounding paved terraces offer ample space for sun lounging and relaxing. The wet edge captures the ocean and coastal foliage vistas perfectly whilst creating a stunning water feature from the garden levels.

The series of deck landings and steps leads you through the terraced garden beds from the home level to the pool level and then down to the fire pit garden.

The raised garden beds around the rear home decks remove the requirement for balustrades and they keep the pool and ocean vistas clear from obstruction.

The lower fire pit zone and pathways introduce curves into the design to soften the heavily structured, dominant pool zones. These curves also create a tapestry of form and function from the alfresco decks above.

An informal pathway leads you down through the modern coastal and classic plants combinations through to the rolling lawn areas whilst the more formal paved steps provides a more structured transition to the lower garden. The banked garden beds throughout offer an eclectic mix of foliage, form and colour to soften the space with a clever balance of disorder to order.

The lower lawns are all about clean, open, usable kids play space while also offer some “white space” to balance out the upper, more structured zones. Locally quarried boulders were used to create natural retainers so we could keep the existing eucalypts on site.

Aesthetically you have a visually striking, timeless, sophisticated yet relaxed beautiful rear garden that perfectly frames, if not enhances, the stunning and priceless Port Phillip Bay and bush views beyond.

Judges Comments

Setting the benchmark for professional presentation, C.O.S. Design have again delivered a remarkable project worthy of this prestigious title.

Massive challenges and site complexities on this steeply sloping block were addressed flawlessly with the design reconciling many elements across changing levels and competing uses, resulting in a beautiful and functional landscape.

The design aesthetic shows a strong connection between the surrounds and architecture of the home, and the palette of surfaces colours and textures work cohesively giving the project a high-end finish.

A truly stunning and highly functional landscape that exemplifies how design perfection drives a showcase outcome.


Where does your recycling go?

Living Living purpose purpose

Watch the new online series hosted by Jamie Durie

We’ve created a new online series that debunks common recycling myths. From breakfast table to backyard join Jamie Durie as he follows your waste from rubbish to repurposed. Scan the QR Code to watch the series online or visit


In a world that is experiencing a number of challenges we all want to be empowered to play our part in creating a positive and thriving future for ourselves and generations to come.

Recycling is well-known as a step that everyday Australians can take to help mitigate climate change, but many of us are skeptical about whether this is making any impact, or whether our waste is even going where it should be. Recent research commissioned by leading waste recycler Repurpose It revealed that 30% of Victorians believe recycling goes straight into landfill, while 88% openly admitted they don't know enough about how recycling is conducted.

While we want to play our part in making a positive contribution to recycling and protecting the environment, it can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are many ways we can all make a difference and play a part in contributing to a more sustainable world.

The circular economy is an important concept when it comes to managing waste and resources in a sustainable way.

So, what is the circular economy? Generally, it is described as a model that is based on the reuse and regeneration of materials or products in a sustainable way, with the outcome to ease pollution and waste that goes into landfill. Traditionally, we have looked at resources in a linear way, which means we use something once and then throw it away.

This short-sighted approach has proved to be exploitative and problematic, creating a world that will start to run out of the resources we need to survive and thrive on this earth.

Did you know Victorians throw away 250,000 tonnes of food every year? That could fill Eureka Tower!! 1

So, how do we start fixing this mess we’ve got ourselves in? It starts with a shift in thinking, such as changing our mindset from thinking something is ‘waste’ to being a resource that can be repurposed and used as something else. In Australia, this change is happening with local councils collecting organic materials and working with innovative companies like Repurpose It to turn these valuable resources into compost, instead of sending them to landfill.


This newly created product is being used to create or regenerate local parks and community gardens. Not only is this a smarter way to dispose of our home organic waste, it’s also resulting in less waste going into landfill.

If you want to know more, there are many resources available for you to understand more about the circular economy and how you can play an active role. Among these resources is a new online video series called ‘Living with Purpose’. Hosted by Jamie Durie, who is best known for his international work in landscaping and sustainable design, the series both informs, entertains and inspires viewers on how the circular economy works and what they can do to contribute to this way of managing waste in the future.

From backyards to playgrounds, follow Jamie as he talks with Australian innovators in the circular economy, showcasing how they are making a real difference on home ground. Aside from taking a look at the out-of-the-box thinking businesses and organisations are doing to create a more sustainable future, you will also learn practical tips and tricks that you can do at home or in your business. The series can be found at



are the designers artists fabricators

We make sculptures. That’s what we do!

We have been specialising in contemporary sculpture and custom metal fabrication for almost 20 years and our standard collection of sculptures now exceeds 60 works. Proud and passionate about what we do, we thrive on producing unique sculptural pieces for residential landscape projects as well as large scale, free-standing pieces for multi-residential foyers and public spaces.

All of our sculptural works are custom made to order. Call or email our creative team today. We will help you select the right size, material and finish for the most successful outcome.


A showpiece of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, the Boutique Garden Competition offers finalists an opportunity to showcase their design talents, push design boundaries, gain valuable industry experience and promote their business to all visitors at the Show.

Proudly presented by Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers, 5 finalists have been selected to present a space that wows show visitors.

These leading and emerging landscape garden designers are asked to prepare a brief that utilises a 5x5m space and showcases their intimate knowledge of the art of landscape design.

Often these gardens reflect the dream backyards of many modern Australians, and provide visitors with inspiration as to what could be achieved in their own homes.

There are a number of rules and regulations that must be adhered to when building these display gardens in the World Heritage listed space: for example the construction of the garden must not impact the ground or have any construction that will penetrate the soil.

This alone shows that entrants must be able to think outside the box, to think creatively and use original design elements to make their garden a standout at the Show.

The following pages celebrate the 2023 finalists of the Boutique Gardens competition.

Above: 3 of the Boutique Gardens displayed at the 2022 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show: (clockwise from top) Alison Douglas Design, akas landscape architecture, and Invidia Landscapes.



Alistair Kirkpatrick & Elliot Summers' design of "Karrikin Garden" explores the regeneration and rejuvenation that fire can bring to the Australian landscapes and celebrates a garden that derives its form from the rhythms and systems of our dynamic landscape. Alistair brings a wealth of design experience with a background in horticulture, academic & published writing. He has designed multiple display gardens at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and had his own garden featured in The Age. After co-owning Akas Landscape Architecture for nine years, Alistair is now a senior landscape architect at Stratis Landscape Architects and teaches horticulture and landscape design at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Elliot Summers is a founder & director of Stratis Landscape Architects, and has been a principal designer & consultant over a wide number of projects spanning the country, specialising in nature play and early learning. He has taught various curriculum at both RMIT and Melbourne University in the last 14 years.

“Karrikin Garden” is located at stand A49.


Congratulations to Lachlan Taylor-Nugent of Arrow Landscape Gardening on becoming one of the finalists in our Boutique Garden competition at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Lachlan's design “Garden Reflections” exudes a cool tonal palette that oozes a soft and textural style. The use of elements in shadow and light juxtapose in harmony to unify the space and the selections of dense foliage, height, depth and texture, combine with the element of water and reflection to create an ephemeral mirror.

Make sure you check out “Garden Reflections” at location A50 at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

DESIGN: Alistair Kirkpatrick & Elliot Summers Stratis Landscape Architects

CONSTRUCTION: Andrew Sutherland Better Landscapes

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Arrow Landscape Gardening



Bronni Skinner is an up-and-coming designer currently finishing up her studies in Landscape Design.

Bronni's design of "The Duality Garden" explores the nature of duality and of opposing elements that create beauty and balance.

From the soft sway of the grasses against an architectural arid aesthetic, to a dark expanse of water capturing the reflection of light, this is a minimal and modern interpretation of an old world aesthetic, offering reconnection to an inner world within a refuge from the outer world.

Bronni is looking forward to meeting new people at the show, including some of her idols in the industry and is beyond excited to showcase her work as a newcomer to the industry. Years ago Bronni decided to follow her heart and start along a new career path. It was a scary decision but has been hugely rewarding for her; “I feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.”

You can see "The Duality Garden" at stand A53.


Paul Pritchard of Paul Pritchard Landscape Design is another first time entrant to the Boutique Gardens Competition.

His design of the "Tectonic Fluidity" space represents an exercise in tectonic fluidity and meditation, an opportunity to expand a small area through the use of varying levels, textures & movement. Sharp angles are displayed yet one is able to move seamlessly throughout the dynamic garden.

Paul Pritchard Landscapes are extremely excited to offer a glimpse of their work to the general public at the show and to stand next to some of Australia’s (& International) great landscape designers and landscapers. Paul has enjoyed working with so many amazing and generous people and businesses for the show, “the experience so far is one that will be with us all for years and we look forward to the feedback of all of our hard work.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Bronni Skinner, Willow Wood & Moss

Experience "Tectonic Fluidity" for yourself at Stand A51.

55mm x 19mm radial timber decking battens to the boardwalk steps. Timbers to be oiled using a charcoal/black tint.

55mm x 40mm

bevelled timber battens

to the rear screen. The battens to be opened up to allow for Exhibition Gardens beyond. All timbers to the screen to be oiled charcoal/black to give the impression

The timber screen is to dip down from an approximate height of 3000mm to 2000mm above the paving

Angular constructed concrete foot rest/daybed/coffee table to a height of 280mm.

DESIGN: Paul Pritchard Landscapes

CONSTRUCTION: Adam Hompas Landscapes

Black powder coated angular Crystal outdoor chandelier to the Paved porch area to be a random length 406-915x406x18mm, Limestone from Eco Outdoor)

Angular concrete rendered seat

Infinity edge pond to sit level The pond to be made using




Riley Cooper's design "Slant" was inspired by the undulating hills of where the Otways meets the western stony rises, and looks at how we live within a sloping site without an overuse of traditional hardscape intervention.

Riley is excited for the show garden competition and seeing the distinct approaches each designer adopts. He finds it fascinating to observe how they stretch the limits and conceive innovative ideas in the design.

With a particular interest in plant design and its ability to establish a sensory link with a place or emotion, Riley is an avid enthusiast of creative gardens, and is excited to have the opportunity to create a garden that not only inspires but excites those who visit it.

"Slant" is located at stand A52 at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.



Create a stunning contrast to compliment the lush greenery of your garden. Copper, Concrete and Colour create interest in every corner. These products are now available from Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers Supplier Members.

Modcrete Range of Pots by Kellock Pots and Planters


- Lygon St. Nursery (Brunswick East) 0390801242

- Fitzroy Nursery (Fitzroy) 0394173272

- Bayside Gardenworld (Elwood) 0395312666

- Town and Country Gardens (Malvern) 0398223305

Faceted Orbs

Displayed as a set, the Faceted Orbs are spherical while celebrating an angular


biloba 'Lemonlime Spire' pbr
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre SAT 8-SUN9 JULY 2023 Twoshows. Oneevent. Alltheexpertadviceyouneed. Presentedby: TM


Here's what you need to know.

A very important role Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers' (LVML) plays as an industry body is to raise awareness to the general public of industry standards and regulation requirements. That's why we insist our Members hold all the necessary qualifications in order to become a Master Landscaper.

LVML works with training providers by offering industry consultation on relevant skills and knowledge required for landscape courses and also provides support to student members enrolled in those courses.

LVML also provides support to student members and works with training providers by offering industry consultation on relevant skills and knowledge required for landscape courses.

Study Opportunities

Today, there is more scope for those interested in landscaping to gain a landscaping qualification or, for existing landscapers, designers and horticulturalists to undertake further study to update their qualifications and skill sets. There are many pathways at a wide range of training providers, including flexible delivery of courses and government assistance available. Most landscape courses do not require any prerequisites, including past experience or training, and there are options for part time or full time study.

In some courses, students may be able to shorten the length of their chosen course by demonstrating skills acquired through their work, or prior qualifications obtained from formal studies or training.

Apprenticeship Pathway to Landscaping

The Certificate III in Landscape Construction qualification is a nationally endorsed Training Package and provides the most common entry to the industry.

Delivery: Most students undertake the three year full time course, attending their training provider one day a week and working with their registered employer, with whom they have a formal training agreement, four days a week. Students need to complete 10 Core Units and 7 Electives chosen by the training provider.

RTO's offer flexibility with varying start dates, on site assessments offered by some, and evening courses to fast track achieving a qualification.

Pathways: Inddition to the Certificate III in Landscape Construction, other pathways leading to a career in the Landscaping Industry delivered at TAFE Institutions in Victoria include:

• Certificate III in Landscape Construction

• Certificate IV, or Diploma in Horticulture

• Certificate IV, or Diploma in Landscape Design

• Certificate IV, or Diploma of Parks & Gardens Management

Courses delivered at Victorian Universities include:

• Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture

• Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Environments

• Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture

• Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Urban Design

Where can a Landscaping qualification take you?

With the right qualifications, the Landscaping industry offers a range of roles that can be hands on or office based, with great scope for creativity and career progression.

Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers encourages both school leavers and those looking for a career change to consider pursuing a career in the landscaping industry which offers a broad range of job options, skills and lifestyle choices. Check our website for further advice, support and information to get started today!

Free LVML Membership for Students, Teachers & Apprentices

Are you a Landscaping student, educator or apprentice? Visit the LVML website to complete the online Education Membership application form & enjoy the benefits of membership at no cost.

That's right! No fees! None, zip, zero, zilch!

David - Business Owner, after completing Apprenticeship Molly - Apprentice in Commercial Landscaping Fraser - mature-age Apprentice Specialist growers of grafted Australian native plants and more!


Members of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers observe a Code of Ethics which recognises that the landscaping industry is enhanced by:


To further these aims, Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers members are expected to:

• Enhance and foster professional and ethical practice in rendering services.

• Maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity to clients, fellow members and the community.

• Comply with all laws and regulations in the conduct of their business.

• Encourage educational development and training at all times. Encourage a spirit of harmony and co-operation between members. Act in a manner which advances the standing of the industry in the community.


• Registered with the Victorian Building Authority (as required).

• Operating professional businesses.

• Fully insured.

• Leaders within the landscaping industry.


The following Directory Pages list all the professionals you need to create every landscape; from the smallest courtyard to the largest civil works.
the website to search the entire directory of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper members and be assured that your outdoor space is in safe hands.
Winner - 2022 Residential Landscape Construction $30k - $75k Caitlin Mills Photography


Landscape Gardeners are involved with the design, planning and maintenance; but usually only involving the plants in the space. Landscape Gardeners will plant, weed, cultivate, replace and harvest the plants. Gardening is an ongoing activity because gardens require tending and specialised care throughout the year.

Landscape gardeners also have knowledge, from experience and education, of several natural processes including soil ecology, climates, plant physiology, water drainage, and pest infestations.

COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB AbCam Horticulture instagram; @abcamhorticulture 0438 769 544 Ferntree Gully Aleister Branwen Horticulture 0410 558 715 Hampton East Applied Horticultural Services 0407 316 817 Manor Lakes Blue Ridge Property Maintenance 0412 850 076 Lilydale Botanic Horticulture 03 9095 8328 Hawthorn Earthwerx Pty Ltd 0411 404 400 Mount Evelyn Esjay Landscapes + Pools 03 9888 8625 Burwood Ficus Landscape Group 0401 380 205 Thomastown Garden Tarts 0432 328 495 Ashburn Gardens by Day 0423 660 404 Ferntree Gully Green Options 0427 706 718 Clayton South Hallmark Landscapes 0418 392 424 Ringwood Landscape Maintenance Services Commercial 0403 005 377 Lysterfield Lucas House and Garden 03 9888 5498 Ashburton Rose Landscape Services 0421 005 515 Brunswick Scapeworks 03 9778 5511 Glen Waverley Smart Landscapes 03 5975 2231 Mornington Urban Horticultural Solutions 03 9336 0532 Keilor Park Van Leeuwen Green Horticulture Services 0412 499 987 Elwood Webscape Gardens By Design 0417 515 499 mikewebster@webscapegardens. Canterbury Tintuppa Landscapes 0423 747 212 Rosebud REGIONAL Drews Plantscapes 0401 308 915 Warrnambool Riverside Landscapes 0418 518 097 Echuca


Professional landscape designers offer a broad range of planning and design services tailored to a spectrum of client needs. By engaging the services of a landscape designer, outstanding design solutions can be developed while avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary confusion.

LANDSCAPING VICTORIA MASTER LANDSCAPERS MEMBER DIRECTORY 2023 COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Acre 03 7018 3135 Fitzroy Alison Douglas Design 0412 627 996 North Caulfield Anthony Scott Landscape Design 0419 000 617 St Kilda West Arcadia Sustainable Design 0431 022 953 Cremorne Beautiful Outdoor Spaces 0410 771 833 Macleod Ben Hutchinson Landscapes 0419 377 106 Eltham Caroline Hyett Gardens & Design 0448 310 625 Seddon Clapham Landscape Architecture 03 9533 8430 Windsor Coolabah Building and Landscapes Construction Pty Ltd 03 9763 4566 Rowville C.O.S. Design 03 9889 3329 Camberwell Eckersley Garden Architecture 03 9981 9585 Richmond Esjay Landscapes + Pools 03 9888 8625 Burwood Faulkner & Chapman Landscape Design 0417 381 304 Brighton Fernery and Garden Design 0402 148 149 Yarraville Formation Landscapes 0402 032 690 Canterbury Georgia Harper Landscape Design 0412 293 247 Clifton Hill Indigenous Design Landscaping 03 9437 0555 Research Inspiring Landscape Solutions 0403 329 128 Vermont South Jane Jones Landscapes 03 9882 3307 Glen Iris John French Landscape Design 03 9439 2013 Eltham Justine Carlile Landscape Design 03 9555 9944 Cheltenham Kate Hearn Garden Designs 0411 455 384 Burwood Landscape Lifestyle Pty Ltd 1300 019 950 Keysborough Lisa Ellis Gardens 03 9964 3994 East Malvern Luma Landscapes 0419 336 528 Prahran MG Gardens 0439 310 649 Bentleigh Nature's Best Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9899 8978 Surrey Hills No Ordinary Garden 0408 322 548 Carlton Noni Young Garden Design 0431 018 495 Red Hill South PATH Design Studio Pty Ltd 0401 589 616 Glen Iris Paul Pritchard Landscapes 0412 346 867 East Brighton Phillip Withers 03 9077 5989 Collingwood Potager Designs 03 5423 2314 Malmsbury Robyn Payne Garden Design 0413 430 662 Gisborne Ros McCully Garden Designs 0402 013 035 Clifton Hill Small Spaces Garden Design 0414 260 163 Coburg Smart Landscapes 03 5975 2231 Mornington Twig Garden Design 0425 750 318 Parkdale Wells Design Landscapes 0419 372 997 Healesville Whyte Gardens 03 9017 4344 Hastings REGIONAL Ocean Road Landscaping 03 5263 3133 Anglesea


Landscape Builders plan, lay out and construct gardens and outdoor spaces that enhance the appearance and create usable space for outdoor activities around a home. Landscaping incorporates into the space botanical elements such as trees, lawns, shrubbery and other flora, along with hardscapes, such as pathways and paving, furniture, planting beds, water features, decking and fences.

COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB AQL Landscape Design 03 5961 9399 Seville Aaron's Landscape Solutions 0411 576 067 Greensborough ACM Outdoors 0421 939 207 Diamond Creek Adam Hompas Landscapes 0422 217 787 Cheltenham AEP Landscapes 0404 030 624 Aspendale Apex Pools & Spas P/L 03 9772 8617 Chelsea Ashley's Garden Creations 03 9729 2593 Bayswater Ashtown Landscapes and Pools 0411 355 232 Malvern East Atkinson Pontifex Pty. Ltd 03 9585 1165 Cheltenham Avoca Landscape Construction facebook: Avoca Landscape Construction 0413 782 777 Ringwood Bayon Gardens 0448 877 051 Mordialloc Blue Ribbon Gardenscapes 0416 137732 Camberwell Bott Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9563 6831 Malvern East Branch Landscaping 0412 670 874 Ringwood East Bright Landscapes 0411 754 096 Hartwell BRS Landscape 03 9877 5611 Box Hill Butterworth Landscapes Instagram @butterworthlandscapes 0437 240 080 Prahran Centre Court Lawns 0438 388 463 Malvern Cheeky Nature Landscapes 0416 114 568 Montrose CLS - Complete Landscape Solutions 03 9580 1075 Cheltenham East Colombo Design Partnership 03 9510 6548 Prahran Composed Creations Landscaping Pty Ltd 0411 790 932 Bundoora Coolabah Building and Landscapes Construction Pty Ltd 03 9763 4566 Rowville Coolth Inc 03 8851 9297 Hawthorn Creative Image Landscapes 0477 988 995 jarrod@creativeimagelandscapes. Narre Warren North Cutting Landscape Construction 1300 022 954 Somerville Desired Landscapes 0411 660 855 Kerrimuir Diverse Landscape Constructions 0402 342 954 Clayton South DJ Landscapes & Pools 03 9886 1802 Mount Waverley Domain Pools 03 9587 6380 Mordialloc DVB Landscape Services 0419 650 030 Upper Ferntree Gully E.Scape Landscape Construction Solutions 0423 523 408 Highett Earth Aspects 03 9748 4415 Hoppers Crossing Elk Landscape Developments Insta: @elk_landscape 0416 793 991 Bonbeach Envisage Landscapes 0407 956 836 Clayton South


COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Esjay Landscapes + Pools 03 9888 8625 Burwood Executive Landscapes 0403 322 409 Beaconsfield Upper Foliage Landscaping & Garden Care Pty Ltd 1300 262 821 Tyabb Forever Green Horticultural Consulting and Services Pty Ltd 0402 633 394 Beaumaris FORM Landscape Developments 03 9502 7010 Armadale Formation Landscapes 0402 032 690 Canterbury Full Potential Landscapes 0434 026 644 Healsville Garden FX Landscaping facebook: Garden FX Landscapes 0407 162 192 Carrum Downs Gardenridge 03 9830 6400 Box Hill Gardens Revisited Pty Ltd 03 9395 8104 Point Cook Gary Winter Landscape Design 1300 395 767 Yandoit Grantscapes Pty Ltd 0488 241 477 Cheltenham Green Exteriors 0468 962 762 Park Orchards Green Stone Landscapes 0407 867 245 Geelong Greener Visions Landscapes 0433 991 814 Brunswick East Greenschemes Garden Services 03 9885 5266 Ashwood Hamilton Landscapes 0403 200 053 Nunawading Heath Landscape 0419 000 530 Shoreham Herrod Landscapes 0417 542 983 Glen Iris Ian Barker Gardens 03 9836 3130 Canterbury Iconic Gardens Pty Ltd 0425 714 715 Nunawading Ingardens Landscaping 03 9592 9172 Brighton East Innovative Exteriors 0412 249 839 Montmorency InStyle Gardens 0413 808 623 Geelong International Garden Concepts 0417 104 425 Port Melbourne Intrinsic Landscapes 03 7038 0500 Templestowe Jones Landscapes 0410 550 776 Croydon South Josh Norman Landscapes 0421 31 3626 Reservoir Kiama Landscapes and Pools 03 9555 3565 Cheltenham Kihara Landscapes 0424 982 876 Glen Iris King's Landscaping Design and Construction 0439 851 646 Breakwater Knight Landscapes 0401 512 508 Geelong Landart Landscape Design & Construction Pty Ltd 03 9475 3411 Greensborough Landspace Constructions 0412 995 864 Essendon Love It Landscaping, Design & Maintenance 03 8746 8710 Sunbury Luma Landscapes 0419 336 528 Prahran Lygon St Nursery & Landscapes 03 9080 1242 Brunswick East Mark Crellin Landscaping 03 9808 3358 Burwood Mark Gabell and Associates 0425 793 872 Torquay



LANDSCAPING VICTORIA MASTER LANDSCAPERS MEMBER DIRECTORY 2023 COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Maroondah Landscapes 03 9761 5319 Bayswater North Melpro Building 1300 635 776 Canterbury Modern Living Landscapes 0422 080 102 Langwarrin MPF Garden Company 0406 577 832 Hawthorn Natural Harmony Landscapes 0419 722 745 Highett Nature's Best Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9899 8978 Surrey Hills Normark Landscapes 03 9334 2212 Tullamarine Outdoor Edge Landscapes 0438 337 029 Maiden Gully Outdoor Vision Landscaping 03 4241 2215 Torquay Pacific Australis Landscape 03 9754 3132 Selby Parkview Landscapes 0434 361 244 Ringwood North Parterre Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9762 2121 Boronia Phillip Johnson Landscapes 03 9756 7233 Monbulk Prestige Gardens 0407 520 857 Blackburn South RB Landscapes Pty Ltd 0408 032 947 Kalorama Richard Robertson Landscapes 0419 594 214 Sorrento Robert Boyle Landscape Design & Construction 03 9431 5557 Eltham Sam Egan Gardens 03 9890 6511 Box Hill South Sema Scapes Landscaping & Paving 03 9708 8870 Frankston South Semken Landscaping 03 9879 3656 Ringwood Shape and Form Pty Ltd 03 9761 5685 Mooroolbark Signature Landscapes 0419 579 182 Knox Simon McCurdy Landscapes 03 9918 9600 Hampton East Smart Landscapes 03 5975 2231 Mornington Stanbrook Outdoor Creations 0418 357 532 Belgrave Heights Stephen Graham Landscaping 0408 22 1300 Balwyn North Stuart Thompson Landscapes 0439 393 494 stuartthompsonlandscapes@ Croydon Hills Sunbury Professional Landscaping sunbury professional landscaping. 03 9740 3798 Sunbury Supreme Green Landscaping 1300 322 888 Burwood The Garden Company 03 8873 0600 Vermont The Landscape Company Victoria 0408 007 240 Warranwood The Outdoor Landscapes Company 0407 826 713 Keilor Park The Scape Artist 0408 533 344 Ballarat North The Scape Co Landscape Construction 0430 343 047 Montrose Tintuppa Landscapes 0423 747 212 Rosebud TLC Pools 0418 331 415 Warrandyte Transforming Landscapes 0418 382 067 Williamstown Tristan Green Landscapes 0402 459 108 Moriac


Pool Builders plan, prepare and construct pools and spas within a landscape. In Victoria, pool builders must be registered as practitioners with the Victorian Building Authority to carry out projects valued at $10,000 or more.

LANDSCAPING VICTORIA MASTER LANDSCAPERS MEMBER DIRECTORY 2023 COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Vivid Landscapes 0432 648 233 Canterbury Vividgreen Landscapes 0432 020 889 i Kew VRC Landscapes 0412 453 775 Port Melbourne Warrina Landscaping Pty Ltd 03 9722 2431 Wonga Park Whyte Gardens 03 9017 4344 Hastings Woodbridge Landscape Developments 03 9769 5352 Berwick Yellowstone Landscaping 03 9753 5742 Ferntree Gully REGIONAL Asco Landscapes 03 5241 6189 Torquay Bluestone Landscape Construction 0400 078 913 Junortoun Brad Andrews Landscaping 0418 572 373 Wodonga Flawless Landscaping and Design 0409 338 390 Bendigo Ian Evans Creative Landscapes 03 5446 7326 Eaglehawk Ian Kelly Landscape Contractor 0408 511 766 Bendigo ITEC Earthworks 03 5772 1000 Alexandra Living Edge Construction 0438 412 096 Longlea Liz Filmer Landscaping 0418 517 272 Orbost Luke Bullock Landscape Construction 03 5435 4118 Bendigo MDB Landscaping Design and Construction 0400 678 522 Buninyong Ocean Road Landscaping 03 5263 3133 Anglesea Wes McIntosh Landscapes 0418 515 771 Drouin COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Apex Pools & Spas 03 9772 8617 Chelsea Coolabah Building and Landscapes Construction Pty Ltd 03 9763 4566 Rowville Domain Pools 03 9587 6380 Mordialloc Esjay Landscapes + Pools 03 9888 8625 Burwood Formation Landscapes 0402 032 690 Canterbury Kiama Landscapes and Pools 03 9555 3565 Cheltenham Maroondah Landscapes 03 9761 5319 Bayswater North Nature's Best Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9899 8978 Surrey Hills Phillip Johnson Landscapes 03 9756 7233 Monbulk TLC Pools 0418 331 415 Warrandyte Winstanley Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9702 5705 Berwick


Commercial Landscape Builders plan, layout and construct gardens and outdoor spaces that enhance the appearance of, and create usable space for outdoor activities around a business or in public spaces. Landscaping incorporates into the space botanical elements such as trees, lawns, shrubbery and other flora along with hardscapes such as pathways, paving, furniture, planting beds, water features, decking and fences.

COMPANY WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Ace Landscape Services Pty Ltd 03 9431 3944 Nunawading Ausland Landscaping 03 9314 1985 Sunshine West Australian Ecosystems 03 9673 0300 Port Melbourne Australian Native Landscapes 03 9752 7899 Rowville BildLandscapes 03 9357 0770 Campbellfield Citywide 03 9261 5000 North Melbourne Commercialscapes 0407 296 951 Dandenong South ElaeoCarpus Pty. Ltd 1300 151 999 Romsey Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd 03 9933 2344 Keilor Park Glascott Landscape & Civil 03 9764 0254 Frankston GLG GreenLife Group 03 9303 9133 Somerton Greenleaves Australia 03 5974 8074 Mornington Greenworx 02 9676 5110 Seven Hills Julian McCarthy Landscapes 03 9421 5887 Richmond Landscape Solutions 1300 653 013 Vermont Landstruct Landscape Construction Pty Ltd 1300 019 950 Keysborough Landworks Landscaping 03 9580 2161 Braeside LD Total 03 9548 3283 Springvale Living Colour Landscapes 0408 884 459 Ringwood Living Landscapes 03 9813 3022 Hawthorn East Melbourne Landscape Co. 03 9587 6263 Parkdale Melbourne Paving 1300 026 717 Highett MJLC Landscape 03 9706 6684 Dandenong South MZL Australia 03 9718 2245 Hurstbridge NewGrow Pty Ltd 0455 310 545 West Footscray Package Landscapes Australia 1300 791 914 Melton Peco Constructions 03 9338 2911 Keilor Park Planned Constructions Pty Ltd 0418 895 040 Kensington Programmed Maintenance Services 03 8542 7000 Mt Waverly PTA Landscapes Pty Ltd 03 9720 0113 Bayswater Rainscapes 0408 313 616 Tullamarine SEF Services Pty Ltd 03 5439 5750 Mandurang SHAE Enterprises 0427 805 930 Mitchel Park Skyline Landscape Services 03 9793 5577 Braeside Super Gardens Pty Ltd 03 9561 2333 Mulgrave UDL Group Pty Ltd 03 8583 0200 Docklands ULS Group Pty Ltd 03 9330 0868 Tullamarine Urbangreen Projects Pty Ltd 1300 855 131 Wantirna South Warrandale Industries Pty Ltd 03 9761 8110 Kilsyth Watersmart Irrigation Pty Ltd 03 5744 3984 Mulwala
LANDSCAPING VICTORIA MASTER LANDSCAPERS MEMBER DIRECTORY 2023 NAME WEBSITE PHONE SUPPLIER TYPE Ability Building Chemicals Co 03 9457 6488 Building Products (Concrete chemicals) All Green Nursery & Garden Supplies 03 9749 1688 Building Products, Plants/Trees,Turf,Garden Supplies and Materials All Inclusive Nurseries 03 9722 1422 Plants/Trees Anco Turf 03 9782 2711 Turf Anston Architectural 1300 788 694 Building Products Aquascape Supplies Australia 07 5446 7963 Water features & pond products Arborgreen 1300 760 642 Tree planting products, horticulture tools, fertiliser & supplies Ausflora Pacific 03 5968 1650 Plants/Trees Aushen Stone 03 9585 7005 Rocks, stones and Pebbles Ball Australia 03 9798 5355 Wholesale Nursery Supplier Bamstone 03 5568 2655 Building Products Better Exteriors 03 9888 5488 Building Products Biofilta 03 9786 7254 Foodcube Planters BioGro 03 8788 1700 Building Products and Materials Botanix Plant Supply 03 5977 7034 Plants/Trees BucketBarrow 0418 327 664 Wheelbarrows BuildHUB360 0431 762 671 Business development, software solutiosn BuildXACT 0420 669 021 Software solutions Bunnings 0401 620 935 Building Products, Tools, Garden Supplies & Materials, Pots & Planters etc. C. Fulton 03 9822 3041 Building Products, Turf, Garden Supplies & Materials Concrete Sales Building Products Coolabah Turf 1800 055 515 Turf Daisy's Garden Supplies 0417 144 227 Masonry & paving products, rocks, stones & pebbles Din San Nurseries 03 9540 5200 Plants/Trees, Pots & Planters DNA Recruitment Solutions 0424 190 775 Employment Services / Labour Hire Dream-time Wholesale Nursery 03 5997 8396 Plants/Trees Eco Group 1300 326 476 Recycled Building Products Established Tree Transplanters 03 5964 4240 Plants/Trees Evergreen Connect 0407 212 316 Plants / Trees,Business Development & Services Fleming's Nurseries 03 9756 6105 Plants / Trees Garden City Plastics 03 9728 0300 Garden Supplies and Materials, Pots & Planters Gardens At Night 03 9824 4937 Garden Lighting Granite Works 03 9813 5999 Building Products Haar's Nursery 03 5973 2999 Plants / Trees Hanson imageCrete 13 26 62 Concrete & steel products Greenlines Gardenware 13 11 37 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials, Pots & Planters HG Turf 03 9329 8154 Turf
LANDSCAPING VICTORIA MASTER LANDSCAPERS MEMBER DIRECTORY 2023 NAME WEBSITE PHONE SUPPLIER TYPE Hillview Quarries 03 5987 2600 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials Husqvarna Automotive / Machinery / Tools Insurance House 03 9235 5207 Insurance Services Kellock Pots and Planters 03 9701 8699 Pots & Planters Kilby Park Tree Farm 03 9415 1712 Plants/Trees Landscapers Coach 0433 271 980 Business Development & Services Lawn Solutions Australia 0413 915 215 Turf Lilydale Instant Lawn 03 9730 1128 Turf Lump Sculpture Studio 03 9489 4766 Bespoke Sculptures, Pots & Planters, Garden Art Malvern Irrigation 03 9576 2344 Irrigation, Turf, Garden Lighting Mapei 07 3276 5000 Building Products Mawsons Concrete and Quarries 03 5456 2409 Building Products Melbourne Fine Turf 1800 312 635 Turf Merrywood Plants 0417 115 758 Plants/Trees Milwaukee Tools 1300 645 928 Tools MRL Media 03 5339 6109 Audio Visual Services Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery 03 5429 1517 Plants/Trees myhronline 1300 123 081 Employment Services / Labour Hire Netafim Australia 03 8331 6500 Irrigation Norwood Products 03 5248 5679 Building Products Outback Sleepers Victoria 03 9001 8187 Building Products Oz Watergardens 03 9737 9663 Plants/Trees Patterson Cheney 0410 507 509 Automotive/Machinery Pavers Plus 03 9870 0900 Building Products Pentablock Assets 0400 146 845 Building Products Plant Multi Nursery 03 9762 6909 Plants/Trees, Turf, Garden Supplies and Materials, Pots & Planters, Garden Art Plantmark 1300 787 401 Plants/Trees, Pots & Planters, Garden Art Premier Pavers & Stone 03 9248 2400 Building Products Prestige Plants 03 5786 2036 Plants/Trees Prolific Stone International 03 8751 8880 Stone Cladding Rain Bird Australia 1800 724 624 Irrigation Reece Irrigation 03 9274 0000 Irrigation Repurpose It 03 9408 0277 Recycled Building Materials Rock & Stone Outdoor Living 03 9571 6266 Rocks Plus 03 8761 6930 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials Shapescaper 03 8799 2406 Planters Sharrock Pitman Legal 1300 205 506 Legal Services Smart Water 03 9800 2177 Irrigation Planning, Supplies and Installation, Turf, Garden Lighting Soil Recycling Co 0400 245 605 Soil Recycling Southern Plants 03 5987 2200 Plants / Trees Speciality Trees 03 9796 8308 Plants / Trees SUPPLIERS (continued)

SUPPLIERS (continued)


NAME WEB SITE PHONE EMAIL SUBURB Box Hill Institute 03 8892 2546 Box Hill Chisholm Institute 1300 244 746 Dandenong Goulburn Ovens (GO) TAFE 03 5833 2969 Wangaratta Holmesglen Institute 03 9564 6391 Chadstone Kangan Institute 0402 099 760 Docklands Melbourne Polytechnic 03 9269 8842 Fairfield Murray Mallee Training Co. 03 5033 1216 Swan Hill Swinburne TAFE 03 9210 1162 Hawthorn The Gordon 03 5246 6237 Werribee Wodonga TAFE 1300 698 233 Wodonga NAME WEBSITE PHONE SUPPLIER TYPE Stone Outdoor Solutions 0432 231 111 Natural Stone Products StrataGreen (Straightcurve) 0400 886 932 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials, Pots & Planters StrathAyr 03 5735 4122 Turf Tall Trees 03 5983 0166 Plants/Trees TGA Australia 03 5977 6044 Plants/Trees Thinkwater Australia 03 9560 2555 Irrigation Planning, Supplies and Installation Tiger Turf 03 9464 5052 Synthetic Turf Toro Australia 1300 867 628 Machinery, Irrigation, Tools Transrock 03 9722 0920 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials Universal Media Company (UMCO) ; 02 9887 0310 Magazine Publisher Urban Turf Solutions 07 3382 7260 Turf Vectorworks Australia 02 8338 8622 Business Development, Software Solutions Victorian Bluestone Quarries 03 9314 4700 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials Warners Nurseries 03 9796 9422 Plants/Trees Water Features Direct 03 9486 8323 Pots & Planters, Water Features, Garden Lighting, Garden Art Western Port Sand & Soil 03 5979 1134 Building Products, Garden Supplies and Materials Yarrabee & Castlemaine Stone Solutions 03 9535 1500 Building Products (Pavers)


Design your pool with the changing lifestyle needs of your family.

It’s an exciting time when you’re considering adding a pool to your backyard. You’re thinking of all the fun and benefits ahead — from enhanced fitness to entertaining your children, family and friends – and, of course, the aesthetic appeal (and value) it will add. While there’s no shortage of pool inspiration out there, there are many design features to consider to ensure your pool provides for every age and purpose. From catering for young children who can’t swim to teenagers lounging in a spa or adults relaxing on a champagne shelf, we’ll cover the top design elements you need to consider when planning a family pool.

Underwater seating

If you have young children, pool safety is everything. To encourage water confidence and provide a safe retreat where children can play and learn to swim, underwater bench seats and shallow areas are a great design feature. Bench seating often works best when located at the side of a pool, allowing swimmers plenty of uninterrupted space to swim laps. Running a bench seat along the entire length of the long side of the pool means that the little ones always have an easy way to exit the deep end of the pool and encourages them to move into the deeper areas safely.

Oversized entry steps are an equally important feature for children (and grownups) to gradually work your way in to and out of the pool.

Anyone for champagne?

How about a champagne shelf? These are just bench seats in your pool of course but who can resist a catchy name?

Colloquially known as the ‘champagne shelf’ these are the seating areas around the perimeter of your pool that are typically 600mm deep which, as it turns out, is exactly the perfect depth for you to rest your arms and a glass of Veuve Clicquot. How convenient is that?

As much as you may want to have the ability to sit and have a drink anywhere in the pool, it's best to locate these seated spaces near social areas (such as the alfresco or spa) or, if you're lucky enough to have one, facing an amazing view.

Fun and games

As kids grow and more and more of their friends are around to enjoy the pool, there is a 100 per cent chance that pool games and water sports will be taking place.

Wherever kids can stand with their heads above the water is where they tend to gravitate, meaning the angle between the shallow end and the deep end needs to maximise the middle-depth space. Or you could choose a ‘sports pool’ design which has a shallow area at each end and the middle is slightly deeper.

We will often recommend to our clients that they maximise the width of their pool to provide space for ball games and jumping in from the sides. The more width you have, the less you’ll be stressed about them hitting their heads on the side of the pool.

A spa makes sense

We always do a bit of a spiel about spas to our clients. Being pool owners ourselves and evaluating how our clients use their pools over the years, we can tell you that a spa, although a pricey addition, will maximise the use of your pool area more than anything else.

A pool is a big investment so it makes sense to get the most you can out of that investment. Due to its smaller size, a spa can be heated quickly and used all-year-round, even in the depths of winter.

Teenagers in particular use the pool for lounging and chatting. They’re usually drawn to a spa setting for its convenient and cosy bench seating. Most modern pools include provision for a spa and they’re often the most used feature of the pool. Sporty teens (and adults) will also appreciate the warm hydrotherapy benefits of a spa.


...use a registered landscaper.


If your landscape is going to cost more than $10,000 and includes construction works, only a landscaper who is a Registered Building Practitioner is legally covered to do the work and can offer you Domestic Building Insurance for works over $16,000.

By engaging a landscaper with this Registration you are guaranteed that they are experience, carry all the necessary insurances, and operate professional businesses.

They have to be in order to satisfy the strict criteria set down by the government regulatory body, the Victorian Building Authority, and to become a Master Landscaper with the peak industry body in Victoria.

Members of Landscaping Victoria are:

registered with the Victorian Building Authority operating professional businesses

insured leaders within industry deliver quality outcomes

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT... Nature's Best Landscapes -National Winner 2021 Best Residential Landscape $150 - $250k
Before you embark on your next landscape project ask your landscaper - are you registered?
a Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper for peace of mind that you’ll get the job done right the rst time.
03 9566 7284

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