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From the President..... | Andrew Grasby, President, LVML...................................................4 From the CEO... | Megan Flower, Chief Executive Officer, LVML.......................................5 More than meets the eye | Warners Nurseries.......................................................................6

Earthstyle is published twice a year. For all advertising and editorial enquiries contact the publisher. Publisher: Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers Sector Offices, Suite 7, Level 3 2 Brandon Park Drive Wheelers Hill VIC 3150 t 03 9566 7284 e Editor: Megan Flower Design: Pufferfish Marketing Printing: HMS Marketing Photography: Members own images unless stated Earthstyle © 2022. The material contained in this publication is general comment and is not intended as advice on any particular matter. No reader should act on the basis of any article. Readers should consult professional advisors. All care is taken in the preparation of the publication but no responsibility is accepted by Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers for the accuracy of the published information.

Victorian Government announces Australian-first TAFE course-in for landscape designers...............................................................................9 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2022 Garden Design Award Winners..................................................................................11 Gold Show Gardens............................................................................................................. 12 Silver Show Gardens.............................................................................................................14 Bronze Show Gardens.......................................................................................................... 17 Boutique Gardens................................................................................................................. 19 Immersive Gardens for Sensory Connection | Speciality Trees............................................23 Avenue of Achievable Gardens............................................................................................25 Happy Snaps from the Show................................................................................................26 MIFGS Industry night............................................................................................................27 Contract growing: peace of mind for your landscaping project | Botanix..........................29 The Landscape Show: New exhibitors join the lineup in 2022............................................ 31 Annnual Member Golf Day 2022 .......................................................................................33 LVML becomes TIACS alliance partner...............................................................................35 LVML Membership: A Regional Perspective .......................................................................37 Growing your business through live events..........................................................................39 LVML Awards...................................................................................................................... 40 Have you applied for your Director Identification Number? Colleen Stromei, LVML CFO................................................................................................41 Single Touch Payroll Phase Two | Colleen Stromei, LVML CFO..........................................43

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Our Cover Page: "Elements", by Alison Douglas Design, winner of theBoutique Gardens Competition at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2022.


Upholding professionalism and integrity in the face of adversity When the Board of the Landscape Contractors Association gathered for its very first meeting on the 21st of July 1966, they did so with a united ambition to raise the profile of the industry and demonstrate to the Victorian public that the landscaping sector was one with integrity, honesty and professionalism. Fifty-six years on, and these values remain unchanged, and the LVML Board’s passion and commitment to maintaining the elevated standing of our industry in public opinion is unshaken. Being a Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper is privilege. One that is earned by those within our industry that embody those values that are embedded in our history, and our constitution. But with privilege comes responsibility.

"In the words of Benjamin Franklin: 'It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it'."

The first half of 2022 has been busy for the Association, with the return of major events to the annual calendar. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. After two years, it was heartening to see the return of an admiring public, and the quality and workmanship displayed by our participating members was exemplary. Over the last few months, the LVML Board, alongside Megan and the LVML team have been involved in strategic planning activities, setting priorities for the Association for the year ahead. This is an iterative process, but one which ensures that LVML continues to meet the needs of our members and deliver value to businesses across the sector. I look forward to sharing the details of our Strategic Plan with you soon.

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

The past two years have challenged many within our sector, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to remain with us for a while yet. As an industry, we have been fortunate to see an upturn in demand for garden renovations and outdoor projects. But at the same time, we are experiencing unprecedented challenges, including staffing shortages, supply chain issues, and frustrating layers of red tape as planning approvals are delayed, leading to deadline blowouts and contract renegotiations. Upholding professionalism and integrity in the face of adversity is what sets our members apart. In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” As Master Landscapers, we understand the importance of not only protecting, but elevating, the standards that we have set for our industry, and challenging those who place our profession at risk. It is through this sense of unity that we have achieved so much over the last six decades,and by working together and supporting each other, that we will continue to do so for many more decades to come.



As you will see from our MIFGS wrap up on pages 26-27 industry folk were keen to get together to reconnect after weathering the challenges presented by the pandemic, with record numbers joining us in the Carlton Gardens to celebrate the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Hopefully that type of success serves as a bellwether for the remaining calendar of events scheduled for this year, including the Backyard

This extended recently to the ‘Trades Fit’ event promoting careers in trades to young women in years 9-10. We were delighted to welcome to our stand several young female apprentices from our Member businesses who were thoroughly engaged in their task of sharing their stories and encouraging school-age girls to consider a landscaping career. I was thrilled with their enthusiasm and can’t wait to see how successful they all become in the future. Participating in this careers expo, and others like it slated later in the year, is just one way LVML is trying to address the critical staff shortage that Members tell us they are experiencing.

"Participating in this careers expo, and other like it slated later in the year, is just one way LVML is trying to address the critical staff shortage that Members tell us they are experiencing." & Garden Show, and our very own tradefocused Landscape Show. After spending the last two years sitting behind computer screens, in-person events are not only a welcome change, but they form the backbone of our Association, providing the much-needed connection and networking that is critical to support the success of our Members’ businesses. LVML’s participation and deep involvement in these consumer events is supported by many Members who generously volunteer their time and expertise to help raise the awareness and importance of professionalism in landscaping to the visiting public.

There is no magical ‘fix’ we can offer, but through our work with our TAFE partners and several government groups we are involved with, we continue to develop ways we can effect change to pull trades into more focus at a school level. Driven by a key strategic goal of the Association to advocate for and promote this industry, we are always looking for ways to influence and elevate the standing of the landscaping industry and inspire the next generation of landscaping professionals.

In April, we achieved a major strategic milestone with the announcement of a $1.29 million grant from the Victorian government’s Workplace Innovation and Training Fund to deliver a new Advanced Landscape Design and Construction course-in. Read more about that on page 9. Another Government Grant has also been successfully applied for and we will soon be announcing a new well-being program to support all Members. Although always on our agenda to assist our Members, it has been identified as a high priority by the Board that we raise our efforts in the mental health space with so many staff and business owners feeling the pressures of life in 2022. One positive that has come out of the last two years is the heightened awareness of the value of landscapes, and their importance in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of not only individuals, but the community as a whole. With this renewed public enthusiasm, it has never been a better time to be part of LVML and I would encourage anyone who has not yet joined to consider the benefits of membership with this supportive an inclusive community. I would like to thank the LVML Board, the enthusiastic and hard-working Executive team of Bianca, Darren, Colleen, Youna and Nicole, and of course our members and valued partners - the on-going work and support you all gave over recent challenging times has been invaluable, as it will continue to be as we face future challenges together.

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E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

The winds of change have blown hard since our last edition of Earthstyle was published and we find ourselves in a very different position to that which we were in at that time. With the lifting of restrictions, gone are the necessities of online events and we have seen a return to in-person events which has been a wonderful highlight.


“When just looking at a garden the benefits are not always immediately apparent. It is when you immerse yourself and become involved that the real benefits of a beautifully designed garden are revealed. This garden invites you to explore its rooms, take time to discover its subtleties, immerse your senses, and discover ‘More than meets the eye.’” - Robert Boyle The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show has always held a special place at Warner’s Nurseries. The story begins in 1925, at the inaugural Melbourne Garden Week, when William Richard Warner (known as W.R.) exhibited with the aim “to further the love of horticulture in the community.” Warners’ continued involvement with MIFGS remains unchanged in the desire to foster the love of the garden. When Warners was presented with the opportunity to design a garden for the ‘Best of the Best’ at the Garden Show in 2020, there was no question that we would be involved.

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

Bringing together Warner’s Nurseries and Robert Boyle to design a show garden celebrates a fifty-year relationship between the two in creating spaces of wellbeing and enjoyment for numerous families. It represents the Warner’s story, contributing to the greening of Victoria, of promoting the importance of gardens and why plants are an essential part of human existence. Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1911 “the glory of the garden lies in more than meets the eye”.

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When the Warners show garden was originally conceived, we knew that it had to be an ode to plants. It had to honour the generosity and beauty that plants bring to the landscape. With plants, a garden breathes. It grows and evolves. It changes, just like we do. But it is also a nod to the significance of the connections that are created through plants. This garden reflects the power of plants to bring people together to create something more than a beautiful landscape. We were honoured this year to receive a Gold Medal, and the HMA Award for Best Use of Plants. But perhaps our greatest privilege was to receive the People’s Choice Award, and the acknowledgement that our customers’ customers also know what we know – that it is plants, that make a garden. What is achieved each year at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is what we try to achieve at Warners every day. Our goal is to work alongside our customers, our partners and our collaborators to create not only beautiful landscapes, but a united industry, a passionate workforce, and a spirit of innovation that will continue to inspire for years to come.

The Garden Robert Boyle’s garden design represents unity, with six distinct zones coming together as one. The uniting element between the gardens are the plants – each variety is typical of a traditional Warners garden, but when combined in new and interesting ways, tells a story of contemporary landscaping design with the plants as the hero. The gardens are linked by the bay hedge – the green spine of the garden - providing a backdrop and screening our view to gradually reveal four main gardens; a Traditional Parkland, Mediterranean, a shaded Urban Woodland and an Edible Garden with each area highlighting a distinctive look and feel with its diversity of plantings. The Arbour provides the perfect backdrop to view along the Avenue to the spire of the majestic Exhibition building. WOODLAND GARDEN: GINKGO LIGULARIA HEUCHERA ANENOME

The Mediterranean Garden The heart of the Mediterranean Garden is the olive tree, which has been clipped into compact cloud shapes to add a sculptural quality to the garden. Pencil pine (Cupressus sempervirens ‘ Glauca’) evoke visions of Tuscan landscapes, where they stand like majestic sentinels amongst the vineyards & olive groves. Clipped Rosemary (Rosmarinus ‘Herb Cottage’ and ‘Chefs Choice’), Teucrium fruticans (Germander), English Box (Buxus sempervirens) and Lilly Pilly (Syzygium sp.) add to the sculptured, manicured quality of the garden. Additional plantings include Teucrium fruticans ball, Lambs Ears, Salvia, Euphorbia, Pittosporum ‘Tobira’ & Juniperus conferta.


The Woodland Garden The Avenue In the Woodland Garden, a diverse collection of shade loving plants rest under a striking canopy of Ginkgo biloba ‘Piedmont Pillar’. The variety of understorey species that grow naturally in woodland environments is almost unlimited. Here are a few that we included: Persicaria, Ligularia, Hedychium, Cardamon, Ajuga, Fatsia, Rhaphiolepis and Heuchera.

The Avenue was deliberately located to align with the dome on the Exhibition Building , and uses an avenue of Silver Birch (Betula pendula ‘Moss White’) to frame the long axial view to the dome and then completed with the long grassed pathway and mass underplantings of Hydrangea paniculata ‘Sundae Fraise’ pbr.



The Parkland Garden This garden could be anyone’s front or back yard. The bay hedge provides privacy from the neighbours; the curvilinear lawn area gives a relaxed, informal character, helping to make the area feel larger and also gives the children a place to play. The white Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica ‘Natchez’) is a wonderful small tree, providing dappled shade with masses of white flowers in summer, and a sculptural quality through winter. Other plants used in this garden include Buxus japonica, Loropetalum, Nandina, Cotinus, Raphiolepis, Juniperus & Lomandra.


The Edible Garden

The Arbour

Fun Facts

In this small space Robert has created a simple and small food garden that could fit into most back yards, using discarded orchard picking boxes and a few pots as an inexpensive way to start a food garden. Espaliered Nashi Pears and various citrus make good use of the boundary fences and walls. An edible garden is not complete without a Lemon tree and here we have also added Lime, Cumquat, Fig, Pomegranate & Feijoa and an abundance of various herbs & vegetables.

The arbour was built by Robert Boyle’s son Matthew from old reclaimed bridge timbers, and strewn with a 20 year old ornamental grape vine from Robert’s own garden. The plantings around the arbour are a blend of species that help to create an informal meadow or perennial garden. The species that have been used here include Miscanthus ‘Adagio’, Aster 'Monch', and Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, visually at their very best in the autumn months.

More than Meets the Eye 1700 plants were included in the display 80 cubic metres of mulch Zero waste – sub structure constructed from Montague apple boxes, old pallets and recycled pots Arbour and all steps constructed from reclaimed wharf timber

250 Hydrangea Sundae Fraise plants lined the Avenue Constructed in 7 days, dismantled in 3



The silver wine tray featured in the photo is in fact the “Horticulturist of the Year ‘ Trophy, awarded to Max Warner in 1976 7 of 4 4

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

30 Warners staff and 5 from RBLD had the opportunity to work on the garden over the course of the build




One of the first industry expert workshop groups kickstart the project.

Victorian Government announces Australian-first TAFE course-in for landscape designers On April 16th this year, Minister for Training and Skills, Gayle Tierney, officially announced a $1.29 million investment to deliver the new Advanced Landscape Design and Construction course-in. The project is part of the Workforce Training and Innovation Fund, which was successfully granted to Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers after nearly four years of preliminary work. Further, it will; • more accurately reflect job functions and the range of tasks that Landscape Designers are required to perform; • incorporate the latest technologies, equipment, regulations and consumer trends;

• be designed to meet industry skill requirements relevant to landscape design – i.e. providing graduates with both the theoretical and practical construction knowledge to produce landscape The Project will provide an innovative construction drawings to meet regulatory approach to upskilling currently qualified requirements Landscape Designers who are working in the industry; and need the skills and knowledge • become the minimum requirement for the to meet industry standards and operate as development of a new registration category registered practitioners in their field. for Landscape Designers within the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) registration framework.

The concept and grant application has been in the pipeline for a long time and its introduction heralds a step forward in LVML’s long-term plan to allow landscape designers to be recognised as approved providers and streamline the planning process by removing red-tape for council plans and permits. Working alongside Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Melbourne Polytechnic and Swinburne University of Technology, the course will be developed with input by a broad array of industry experts and is designed to scaffold as an additional level of accreditation to existing Certificate IV and Diploma Landscape Design courses. It is intended that the course-in will be ready to be delivered in pilot mode at the beginning of 2023 with thirty-six practicing landscapers undertaking the pilot program. Once complete, the course will then be open to enrolments through partner TAFE Colleges in 2024.

Expressions of Interest FRONT ROW: Nina Taylor – MP Sth. Metro (Govt. Whip) , Wesa Chau – Candidate for Prahran, Hon. Minister Gayle Tierney, Megan Flower – CEO LVML , Tim Entwisle CEO RBGV, Sally Tulloch LVML Project Co-ordinator.

To participate in the pilot program, please email

BACK ROW: Stephen Connolly – Melb. PolyTechnic , Tim Buruma – Director Warrandale industries , Alison Douglas, Kirsten Wood - Holmesglen Institute, Stewart Detez - Swinburne University of Technology

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LVML has long been campaigning for the introduction of a recognised advanced skill set for landscape designers as there are currently no courses that offer a combination of extensive design and construction skills in the one qualification. At the moment, recent graduates face employment barriers due to their lack of knowledge, and more broadly even skilled Landscape Designers are limited in the services they can provide.


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'Inner Calm' designed by Christian Jenkins Landscape Design

'More Than Meets The Eye' designed by Warners Nurseries in collaboration with Robert Boyle Landscape Design

'More Than Meets The Eye' designed by Warners Nurseries in collaboration with Robert Boyle Landscape Design 'Inner Calm' designed by Christian Jenkins Landscape Design

MARK BENCE CONSTRUCTION AWARD 'AUD' designed by Mark Browning Landscape Design



'AUD' designed by Mark Browning Landscape Design

'Inner Calm' designed by Christian Jenkins Landscape Design



'Resilience' designed by Steve Day – Tree & Shrub Growers VIC sponsored by Mirvac 'Tramlines' designed by Dylan Alcott and Vivid Design. Constructed by Semken Landscaping 'Apertura' designed by Vivid Design

BRONZE SHOW GARDEN 'Through The Lens' designed by Budling Design 'Granum Florere' designed by Inge Jabara Landscapes

Alison Douglas Design Invidia Landscapes Robert Boyle Landscape Design Semken Landscaping Warners Nurseries

1st Place – 'Elements' designed by Alison Douglas Design 2nd Place – 'An Intimate Garden' designed by Invidia Landscapes – Renee Reiter 3rd Place – 'Coming Soon' designed by akas landscape architecture

THE AVENUE OF ACHIEVABLE GARDENS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 'Reframe' designed by Emma Powell of Melbourne Polytechnic

MIFGS images in the following pages by Erik Holt Photography unless otherwise specified. 11 of 4 4

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2


Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s show, with special congratulations to the great achievements of the following LVML members:


'Inner Calm' By Christian Jenkins Landscape Design Christian Jenkins’ ‘Inner Calm’ show garden is a contemporary tropical-inspired garden, designed as a remedy to the fast-paced modern lifestyle that is filled with stress and anxiety. The ultimate wellness garden, the design outdoor kitchen and a seated fireplace area, set between a large lagoon and outdoor Polynesian-inspired pavilion. Jenkins ties this together with lush tropical plantings – including 4m tall palms that were craned in - to create a green sanctuary designed for community, rest and reflection.

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

Christian Jenkins wrote: “Inner Calm has been designed to help combat all of these problems by creating a garden to bring people together in a relaxing setting surrounded by Nature, the greatest medicine of all, a garden that allows us to connect, slow down and be aware of the things around you, paying attention to the sound, sight, texture and savour the scent.” Inner Calm was the Winner of the City of Melbourne Award of Excellence for Best In Show, as well as the recipient of the Innovative Design Award presented by Peugeot. 12 of 4 4


Meets The Eye' By Warners Nurseries in collaboration with Robert Boyle Landscape Design Working with long-time collaborator Robert Boyle, Warners Nurseries’ ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ is an ode to the power of plants in the landscape. The design features four main gardens; a Traditional Parkland, Mediterranean, a shaded Urban Woodland and a Food Garden with each area highlighting a distinctive look and feel with its diversity of plantings. “The garden uses plants as the hero, demonstrating how plants can be used to create various and almost unlimited garden styles and endeavours to tell the story that plants can transform a bare area into a beautiful place in just a few days. ‘More than meets the eye’ is praise to the plants that ultimately create a garden.” ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ is the Winner of the Horticultural Media Association (HMA) Award for Best Use of Plant Life, as well as the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

Photo: LVML

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E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

To read more about ‘More Than Meets The Eye’, turn to page 6.

SILVER SHOW GARDENS 'AUD' By Mark Browning Landscape Design Mark Browning’s show garden, 'Aud' is a tribute to his late mother, Audrey, a passionate gardener and a formative influence on the designer’s own landscaping career. In his signature style, Mark uses bluestone exclusively for the structural elements of the garden, eschewing rectangular shapes, in favour of organic, flowing lines. A humble pavilion sits centrally, amid a collection of eclectic plantings, reminiscent of Audrey’s own gardening style. Mark wrote: 'Visual access to 'Aud' is deliberately compromised to just a couple of locations to enhance the mystery that Audrey was to horticulture and structure. Audrey’s gardens were always to be enjoyed from within and she had a strong indifference to showing them off, they were hers and never intended as an ego statement. 'Aud' possibly fails the show garden pub test as it is a tribute to a woman with no design or horticultural qualifications. What Audrey did possess are some things often absent in landscape design: personality, possibility and a wildly experimental spirit.” 'AUD' was the recipient of the Mark Bence Construction Award which recognises excellence in landscape construction.

'Resilience' By Steve Day for Tree & Shrub Growers VIC Originally designed for the postponed show in 2020, the message behind ‘Resilience’ resonates even more loudly in 2022, in the wake of the global pandemic. The ‘Resilience’ Show Garden at MIFGS 2022, is a demonstration of how an urban garden can be attractive, inviting, easy to maintain, and good for our resilience, which in turn improves our health and wellbeing. It is also a good physical example of a resilient garden – with plants species selected for not only their aesthetic qualities, but also their resilience to pest and disease, drought, and the threat of climate change. In describing the significance of gardens in boosting resilience, especially during Melbourne’s protracted lockdowns, designer Steve Day wrote: “Residential gardens became one of the most critical parts of the home, and gave people the much needed respite from the world, and the reconnection to nature, that helped lower stress at a very stressful time.

The green helped people be more resilient during all the uncertainty. Let’s never forget how important our local parks and home gardens were during this time.” “We hope it inspires everyone to surround themselves with nature and recognise how every garden has a part to play for the improved resilience of our families and the whole community.”

SILVER SHOW GARDENS 'Tramlines' Designed by Dylan Alcott & Vivid Design Constructed by Semken Landscaping Tramlines is a collaboration between 2022 Australian of the Year, champion wheelchair tennis player and disability advocate Dylan Alcott with Carolyn and Joby Blackman of Vivid Design.

Designed from the outset as a fully accessible garden, the garden features inclusive seating, sensory plantings for stimulating the senses by touch and smell, garden beds placed at different heights , and a ramp for wheelchair access. Different garden surfaces have been used to create auditory and textural cues for visitors, defining the different spaces in the garden. A gravel ring around the fire pit, for example, gives an auditory trigger that you are nearing the fire. LVML Members, Semken Landscaping, led the building process with construction support from Kevin Heinze Grow, an equal opportunity employer and unique nursery that provides horticultural therapy programs, educational traineeships, and jobs for young people with disabilities. Plants and trees were sourced from supplier members Warners Nurseries and Established Tree Transplanters. ‘Tramlines’ was auctioned off after the Show, raising $35,750 for the Dylan Alcott Foundation, to help young Australians with disabilities. The garden will be redesigned in its new home by Mark Browning Landscape Design.

'Apertura' Designed by Vivid Design Constructed by Semken Landscaping ‘Apertura’ – which means ‘opening’ in Latin – is an exploration of the role of plants as an architectural element in the landscape, as opposed to a ‘touch of greenery’ at the end of the build. The design revolves around an ‘Aperture’ espalier - an espaliered olive, designed and grown especially for the show, which blurs the line between hard and soft elements and plays with the idea of the ‘green’ built form. Designers Carolyn and Joby Blackman wrote: “For us, the last decade has made the idea of the use of plants as design elements in the garden even more crucial as the remaining spaces available to create gardens shrink and plants need to perform more roles. Buildings, pools, covered entertaining areas and just far fewer square metres for garden or green areas, has made us focus even more on how living elements can provide the bones of the garden blurring the lines between built form, hardscape and softscape.

on to Merrywood plants 3.5 years ago for them to perform their magic. It now forms the living centrepiece of the garden - the living sculptural form, without using a sculpture.

“The frame for this unique espalier 5400mm long and 2700 tall, designed by Vivid Design, and built by Semken Landscaping was handed

It is a Melbourne garden, seasons shift and therefore you may need to shift the bench, perhaps during mid-cup of tea!” 15 of 4 4

“We hope you can imagine the sculptural, consistent form of the Olive Aperture holding your attention when the flowers and waving grasses are sleeping and the leaves have lessened in winter with all that low, welcome winter sun penetrating the garden.

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

“To be involved in not only the design process but the activation of a fully accessible garden at the Show is something that’s really special to me. Gardens are often built and the accessibility is an afterthought and it’s hard to retrofit, so the fact that it’s been considered from the very beginning is really cool,” Dylan Alcott explains.

BRONZE SHOW GARDENS 'Granum Florere' By Inge Jabara Landscapes Inge Jabara’s ‘Granum Florere’ is a reflection on the experience of being stuck at home in lockdown in Melbourne, and finally being able to move back outside. Inge wrote: “Reflecting on the last two years of my life, working from home, not able to see the family and friends. Life was hard for everyone. Now back to normal life, to entertain, see my family, hug a friend or go out to dinner. Live again, it is the best thing ever. This year I wanted to create a display that represented my experience of this time and how I viewed the world around me.” The Chair at the back of the stand represents the home office, and the three square arbor structures are representative of doorways, windows or apartment windows. A pebble pathway represent the thousands of Melburnians all forced to follow the same directions. “The Water Troughs are really important to the design. Very small bodies of water representing emotional rollercoaster of the last two years. Sadness and happiness. They are situated near the Boulders deliberately as the boulders represent the other emotions of the past two years, the anger and frustration. There is one boulder deliberately situated at the front (my future space), this draws on a personal emotion for me one that I still get today. Frustration, that even though we are moving forward into the future I cannot forget the past.”

'Through the Lens' By Budling Design A garden that celebrates neurodiversity, ‘Through the Lens’ is a fully accessible garden that celebrates the heightened sensory perception many children, and their carers experience each day living with Autism and sensory processing challenges. Matt York explains: “We have designed a garden to be immersed in, to learn and play through, to re-set the senses, and to develop a dialogue of opportunity for future inclusive spaces.” The garden uses plants, flowers, poetry, topography and play, to create a series of spaces designed to reflect on the seven. It aims to provide education, a space of refuge and play, as well as a rich sensory celebration. 'Through the Lens' imagines a world where the opportunities of designing spaces with heightened sensory awareness will be of benefit to everyone, and that we have so much to learn from those who experience life with such depth and magnitude.”

Path Light Dome 110. Plume Studio. Complete Landscape Solutions. Mitch Lyons Photography

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BOUTIQUE GARDENS After a two-year hiatus, the Landscaping Victoria Boutique Gardens Competition returned to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, reminding homeowners that beauty, and meaning, can come from small, carefully designed outdoor spaces. We spoke with the designers about their winning garden designs.

'Elements' By Alison Douglas Design When Alison Douglas first designed her garden for MIFGS 2020, her intention was to create a contemporary twist on the traditional Zen Garden. Inspired by Zen principles of harmony and balance, Alison’s design draws from the five key elements - earth, water, fire, wind & sky. “I wanted to create a space that looks contemporary, but is a peaceful, relaxing sanctuary where people can either enjoy the space in private, or come together with family and friends,” Alison explains. A central sunken lounge, featuring limestone benches and a daybed form a central space to reconnect and rest, while the open fire which nurtures motivation and encourages transformation. A peaked lawn points to the sky and hovers over a reflective pond. Alison explains that the plants were selected to celebrate a vibrant biodiversity. An established Nyssa sylvatica sits at the rear of the garden, providing shade for tree ferns and tropical evergreen shrubs. In the sunnier foreground, angular Correa hedges reference the angles created within the hard structures of the garden, whilst swathes of creeping saltbush and edible semi-succulent ground covers create a contrasting rhythm within the garden. Bringing the garden to life in 2022, two years after it was originally intended, was an interesting challenge for Alison and the construction team. While some aspects of the garden were prefabricated, and had been placed into storage, other elements of the build were harder to source.

“After coming out of lockdown, the experience of building the garden was quite overwhelming. Materials were in short supply, and the costs of building the garden had increased. If I had to do it over again, I probably would have simplified the design.” Plants were also limited, with some of the plants that Alison had specified in the original design being no longer available. But despite the frustrations, Alison was able to see the silver lining. “It forced me to go out and visit nurseries, to see what was available. In doing that I made new discoveries, and cemented relationships with suppliers and colleagues in the industry, which has been terrific,” Alison said. * Alison's garden also features on the Front and Back cover of this edition!

BOUTIQUE GARDENS 'An Intimate Garden' Designed by Invidia Landscapes - Renee Reiter A desire to show homeowners how they can achieve a functional entertaining space, even if they have a small courtyard, was the inspiration behind Renee Reiter’s design, ‘An Intimate Garden’. “Homeowners are now really invested in their gardens and having an outdoor space they can enjoy with friends and family. As the size of blocks are decreasing, what is left to landscape has reduced in size, unless you’re lucky enough to buy a large block. I wanted to show the versatility of a courtyard sized garden and how it can be both beautiful and practical,” Renee explained. Working with a dark curved steel structure, Renee wanted the variations of the Pietra Grigio limestone to become the central focus, accented by layers of lush green plantings. To avoid creating a space that felt cluttered and claustrophobic, Renee was deliberately restrained when it came to materials. “I wanted to show homeowners how a 4.5x4.5m space can be versatile, and that they can achieve a functional entertaining space, even if they have a small courtyard.” Joining the Boutique Gardens competition in late December 2021 meant that Renee faced the challenge of sourcing materials in time for the show. “By the time I engaged my builder in mid-January, we had basically two months to pull everything together. I faced some challenges custom cutting my tiles, as we had no time for special orders. We spent two days cutting all the batons from Granite Works, and a day finishing the tumbled edges on around 600 tiles. “The timeframe was tight, but the guys were amazing, putting in long days to get it done. We built as many elements as we could in the factory, so it was like a giant Lego set - even down to the crazy paving it was laid on a gridwork in 7 sections.”

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

Despite the chaos, Renee describes her Boutique Garden experience as a definite highlight. “It was so enjoyable to work alongside other designers and, and meeting people in the industry that I have admired was such a buzz. “Having the public take pictures of your garden and admire your work was a real highlight and the feedback I received was incredible. It was such a rewarding experience and has led to more design work. It’s addictive…I’m hooked!”

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BOUTIQUE GARDENS 'Coming Soon' akas landscape architecture + NRTH landscapes Initiating a conversation about climate change, and the future faced by urban society was the underlying message behind ‘Coming Soon’, a collaboration between akas landscape architecture and NRTH Landscapes. The garden features the corner of a suburban weatherboard house, sinking into water, with neon sign perched above its roof, reading ‘Coming Soon’. A second neon sign reads 2.6 BILLION M2, representing the amount of forest which will be lost worldwide over the 5 days of MIFGS 2022 - the equivalent of 1 football field per second. akas director, Anthony Sharples, explains: “We wanted to shine a light on the climate change conversation by installing a visual of our potential future. ‘Coming Soon’ features the corner of a suburban house, sinking into water, which symbolises the collapse of societal order, driven by climate change and sea level rise.” The installation explores what might happen to a habitat if humans were no longer present. Under the decaying ruins of suburban homes, plants have taken over. Common houseplants grow wild, reclaiming structures. Viola hederacea, Ajuga reptans, Lomandra longifolia, Miscanthus, Eremophila nivea and Hedychium garderianum are repeated throughout the garden, with overgrown Pyrus salicifolia, Eucalyptus cinerea and Tipuana tipu trees towering over the house.

“If the landscape is left to its own devices, plants are going to form a new ecology. We’re going to have so many houseplant escapees, and so many different types of plants meshing together. All the plants that we’ve chosen, we’ve seen actually growing in abandoned gardens in Melbourne,” he said.

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According to Anthony, the plant palette was deliberately chosen to incorporate a combination of native, indigenous and exotic plants.

Bronze winning ‘Through the Lens’ show garden designed by Matt York at Budling & constructed by Peco Construction & Skiplet. Image courtesy of Matt York at Budling.

Immersive Gardens for Sensory Connection LEE-ANN OFFICER, SPECIALITY TREES

One garden, in particular, summed up the exhibition experience and why growers like ourselves are so passionate about what we supply. Matt York described his garden as “a story, a celebration, and a refuge from the overwhelming nature of public events”. His collaborative show garden with Budling Design titled ‘Through the Lens’ aimed to create an immersive experience, encouraging people to delve into green in an exploratory and sensory way via form, texture, colour and scent. We love the idea of creating gardens to live in, not just to view. To live in a garden means that there is an element of interaction; this could mean effective lighting to enhance spaces and form such as the large limbs of trees in early evening enhancing outdoor dining or planting a grove of fastigiate trees in odd numbers to create a bushland effect for children to play in. Or it could mean planting trees and shrubs with distinctive foliage be it colourful, furry or scented encouraging touch and smell, like that of Lemon Scented Gum after rain. Imagine a life without green? It would be like living without connection.

Shows like the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show allow designers and installers to explore what’s possible, in turn inspiring us to challenge the norm and acknowledge what we like. Immersive gardens are packed with visual interest that works to keep us in our gardens for longer. By mixing species with different texture and form - tall with bushy, old with new, or mainstay favourites with architectural succulents, we create a connection to the trees and shrubs we plant. So be adventurous and not restricted to only what’s currently trending. Tired of Ornamental Pear, Evergreen Magnolia and landscape designs with minimal variety? There is no need to restrict the creative designer in you when there are many trees to choose from.

Arbutus unedo - Rounded form, stringy-bark with bell flowers and edible fruits that ripen to bright red. A delight of colour and touch. Growing to 7m tall, Arbutus unedo is one of a very few flowering small evergreen trees available aside from evergreen Magnolia.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’- Tree or shrub form available each with strikingly round, silver-grey foliage. Colour and lateral branching break-up solid colours and forms making this tree highly visual in the landscape.

Connection is individual and personal. What is most needed is a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve, keeping an open mind, and cultivating a keen eye for visual contrast. Of course, not everything will grow where you may want it to, so the right advice from your supplier can assist you greatly.

Catalpa bignonioides - A large tree to 15m with a broad dome-shaped canopy and large, long-stalked leaves. Fascinating non-edible long seed pods that look like green beans develop and hang from the tree in late summer. 23 of 4 4

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Every year we are thrilled to be able to supply trees into the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. The time and effort put into show gardens is amazing and the commentary provided by the designers themselves at all levels is both insightful and inspiring.

Free up man hours for more qualified tasks Husqvarna Automower® robotic mowers are available in a professional series. They have been developed for use on commercially managed green spaces.

For more information speak to your Authorised Husqvarna Elite Automower® Dealer today. ai165301730219_Landscape Victora final.pdf 1 20/05/2022 1:28:50 PM









The Excellence Award was awarded to Emma Powell of Melbourne Polytechnic, for her garden ‘Reframe’.

Avenue of Achievable Gardens

LVML Student Members, Gina Robertson of Melbourne Polytechnic, and Galin Dimitrov of Holmesglen were part of nine student designers to be featured in the Avenue of Achievable Gardens at MIFGS this year. Photos of gardens courtesy of MIFGS Gina’s contemplative garden, 'Balance by Nature', is centred around a swirling garden path that meanders through the garden. She has used shades of green, blue, and grey foliage to calm the senses, while complimentary earthy tones of red ochre, orange and yellow radiate warmth. A shallow water pond reflects sunlight, while climbing vines wind their way through a trio of trellis columns.

The bench invites the viewer to enjoy a gin & tonic with a slice of homegrown lime, while you contemplate the beauty and tranquillity of your own urban oasis, while a firepit makes the space inviting all year round. 25 of 4 4

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

Galin’s garden, 'The Quiet Corner', inspires outdoor living with a palette of evergreen plants accented with a splash of bright blooms.

Liz, Teresa and Giles, just some of our wonderful volunteers, handing out "The Best" to show-goers.

Right: Bianca, Darren & Megan...presumably at the end of a long few days!

Far Left: LVML President Andrew Grasby with Boutique Gardens winner Allison Douglas Left: Dylan Alcott hangs out with Megan and Bianca Below: Tiger Turf take advantage of 'Supplier Corner'

Above: Boutique Garden Judges - Phil Withers, Jane Jones and Steve Taylor

Right: LVML member Peter Shaw gave a presentation on his book "Soulscape"

MIFGS Industry Night Over 350 industry people from LVML, NGIV and Flowers VIC enjoyed an evening in the gardens during MIFGS, networking, catching up with old friends and making new aquaintances. After a 3 year break it was a wonderful opportunity to 'get out and about' again and see people face to face. With great entertainment, food and the odd bottle of beer / glass of bubbly, it was a really relaxing evening. The Industry Night is also a way to thank the volunteers who spent countless hours in the Advisory Centre, handing out magazines, buckets and chatting to attendees. Thank you again to all those that represented our great industry - make sure you let us know if you are interested in volunteering next year. It will come around sooner than we all think!

Finally, thank you to our valued Sponsors for supporting both the LVML stand and the Boutique Gardens Competition. Thanks also go to the following businesses for donating prizes for the Boutique Gardens winners: - Smart Water - Gardens at Night - Botanix - Fleming’s Nurseries - All Green - AusFlora Pacific - Tall Trees - Cooolabah Turf - Mt William Advanced Tree Nursery - Warners Nurseries - C.Fulton - Lump Sculpture studios That's a wrap on 2022.... see you in 2023!

Thanks to for the Photoboo th!

Contract growing: peace of mind for your landscaping project

On the face of it, this seems like a good problem to have, particularly at a time when COVID has placed a lot of pressures on small businesses – many of which have struggled to survive the challenges of Melbourne’s multiple lockdowns. But unlike other manufacturing industries, where production can be scaled up to meet growing demands, the greenlife sector faces a more intricate challenge in terms of meeting growing demands.

“By pre-ordering your tree requirements in advance, your supplier is able to ensure that you have the exact number and type of trees required for your project, without any hassle or last-minute substitutions.”

Advanced nursery stock can take anywhere between one and four years to grow, which means that scaling up production is a longterm planning exercise. Unfortunately, this can mean that landscapers are sometimes left high and dry, unable to source the plants specified in their projects.

Consistency of quality

Carl Soderlund of Botanix Plant Supply believes contract growing is one of the easiest ways to mitigate the risk of missing out during busy periods and avoiding client disappointment. “By preordering your plant stock, you are essentially taking out an insurance policy for your project and making sure that you have everything you need to deliver the beautiful landscape you’ve promised to your client.” Get the stock that you need, when you need it According to Carl, the key benefit of preordering your plants and trees from your nursery supplier is the guarantee of access to stock when you need it.

Bulk orders may attract better rates, but you may also be able to lock in advantageous pricing for advance orders of 12 months or more.

Pre-ordering from a trusted nursery supplier is the best way to ensure consistent quality and reliable delivery. “By having all your stock grown under the same conditions, you can be confident that your plants will be grown to a consistent standard. This is especially important on large projects, where you may require a large number of one species, and uniformity is important." By working with a single supplier, you eliminate the need to hunt around for materials from multiple sources, which not only saves you time but also reduces the risk of receiving substandard or damaged plants. Avoid project delays The most successful projects are the ones where everyone knows their job and can focus on delivering the best outcome for the client. Working closely with a quality plant supplier from the outset means that you can have

CARL SODERLUND, BOTANIX PLANT SUPPLY peace of mind that the plant stock will be ready and delivered to a high standard when the time comes to complete the soft landscaping. “One of the challenges of leaving plant supply to the last minute is that sometimes you may find yourself running around town trying to fill an order. Not only does that result in inconsistent results, but it can be a cause of stress and possible delays for the project. “Contract growing is one way to ensure your project timeline stays on track. It secures your supply, avoiding the need to revise plans or make substitutions at the last minute.” The key to successfully planning your plant needs for your landscaping project is to speak to your supplier at the beginning of the project. Carl believes a strong, trusting relationship with your supplier can be a win-win for both you, and your customer. “Involving to your plant supplier at the design stage of the project means that you can mitigate issues with supply when it comes to the final stages of the project. Your supplier can not only advise on what is available but can also share expert advice on what will grow well in the proposed location, as well as any longer-term considerations, such as maintenance. “We want nothing more than to see our plants thriving in the landscape that they’ve been grown for. By being involved in the early stages, we can sure that they are fit for purpose, and that the client is satisfied, not only at the completion of the project, but for years to come.” 29 of 4 4

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

The last two years have been a period of heightened activity for the nursery sector, growing stock to meet the demands of a booming landscaping sector. If you drive past a production nursery in Melbourne this season, there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of empty space where plant stock would be.



The Landscape Show...Australia's only trade-focused expo for all landscape professionals. Now in its fifth year, The Landscape Show is the premier event for all commercial and residential landscape contractors, maintenance specialists, landscape architects and designers, horticulturists, parks & gardens practitioners and apprentices in Victoria.




Equal parts business networking and inspiration, this show is unlike any other in the country. Connect with peers, check out the latest products, services and technologies and nurture your business growth.

Proudly brought to you by


The Landscape Show: New exhibitors join the lineup in 2022

Thanks to our major sponsors:

Now in its fifth year, The Landscape Show has cemented its place in the annual event calendar for landscaping professionals. Initially conceived to fill a gap in the market for a trade-only expo, the show has continued to grow each year, with new exhibitors set to join the lineup in 2022.

“The Landscape Show is truly unique in that we are exclusively focused on the needs of the trade audience,” explains Megan Flower, CEO of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers. “This industry focus makes it very different to public-facing events such as the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, or the Victorian Pool and Spa Show. Our exhibitors are there to showcase their products, services and innovations that will help landscaping professionals become more competitive in the marketplace,” Megan said.   Returning to Caulfield Racecourse, The Landscape Show will again see many of the industry’s popular suppliers of machinery, irrigation equipment, hand tools and power tools, engineered or custom designed outdoor fittings and fixtures, plants, trees and turf, and business software tools. “There are plenty of returning exhibitors this year, and attendees can expect to see their favourite suppliers represented at the event. We’re also pleased to see some new exhibitors this year too, bringing new ideas and innovations to the event,” Megan said. Exhibiting for the first time this year is Repurpose It, a producer of premium quality repurposed materials offering a wide range of construction and landscaping products, including soil, mulches, and barks. They want to show the industry that they can make sustainable landscaping choices that will benefit their clients and the environment.

According to George Hatzimanolis, Repurpose It founder and CEO, it is critical for the Australian landscaping industry to amplify their sustainable presence in the products they use. “We are passionate in developing a closed loop economy. As a community, we can work together to reduce our reliance on taking virgin resources from the earth, especially where recycled options are available. Our products enable the industry to create beautiful gardens that are sustainable,” George said. Returning this year is Milwaukee Tools – this time as both an exhibitor and major sponsor. According to Milwaukee Tools Brand Manager, James Coyne, the show will be an opportunity to showcase their growing range of Outdoor Power Equipment and launch their latest product – the Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ 21" (533mm) Self-Propelled Dual-Battery Lawn Mower.

Major sponsor and long-time industry supporter Strathayr will also be back again for this year’s show. According to Strathayr’s General Manager David Thompson, The Landscape Show is an invaluable platform to showcase their latest products, as well build and consolide business relationships. “Strathayr has been involved with The Landscape Show since its inception and there is a simple reason for that. We know the value in having a significant presence at the Landscape Show. Hundreds of landscaping professionals will be there for the sole purpose to connect and engage with industry leaders,” David said. “Grassroots networking will never diminish, and we want to be in the thick of it, reconnecting with colleagues as well as inspiring landscaping professionals on what we have to offer as a premium turf product,” David said.

“For us, Milwaukee®Tools is a business whose goal is to improve the lives of our users. Success comes from speaking to professionals and demonstrating the Milwaukee difference to them,” James said. “Over the past few years, we have learned not to take these opportunities to get together in person for granted. It's a unique opportunity to share our passion for landscaping and celebrate industry innovation,” James concluded. Exhibiting at every event since the show started in 2018, Smart Water this year have stepped up to become a Major Sponsor. "We rate this event very highly due to the quality connections we can make with landscapers in just one day," said Steve Dartnell, General Manager of Smart Water.

Registrations are now open for The Landscape Show. With over 160 early bird prizes and door prizes on offer, plus more than 80 exhibitors, you'd be mad to miss this show! Bring the team!

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When Megan Flower, CEO of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers, first conceived The Landscape Show in 2018 she knew that there was a gap in the Australian market for a trade-only expo for the landscaping industry.


OV E R 3 0 YEA RS OF QUA LIT Y GREEN L I FE n a t i v e s / e x o t i c s / g ra s s e s / o rn a m e n t a l s / c o n t ra c t g ro w s p e c i a l i s t s



tel 0417 115 758 email

fax 0359 713 069 91 Lower Somerville Road, Baxter 3911

Producers of Quality Proteaceae Plants & Flowers since 1981

Annual Member Golf Day 2022 The annual Member Golf Day is always a highlight of the LVML event calendar, and 2022 did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and sunshine, as 123 eager golfers hit the fairway at Moonah Links Golf Course on the 25th of February.


The course was in excellent condition, and the competition was fierce. In the end, it was Tyson Owen, Troy Steneker, Steve Taylor and Michael Arcus who emerged victorious, carding a score of 49.5 to take first place. Congratulations to everyone who participated on the day. The event raised a total of $4000 for our charity partner This Is A Conversation Starter, to help them deliver mental health services to those in need. (You can read more about our partnership with TIACS on page 33)


We would like to extend a special thank-you to our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

The Champions: 1st Place: Tyson Owen, Troy Steneker, Steve Taylor and Michael Arcus Score 49.5 2nd Place: Gavin Steneker, Rob Steneker, Dan Graham and Beau Wilmott Score 53.25


3rd Place: Dan O’Connor, James Anderson, Brad Ockwell and Jamie Smith Score 53.25

SOLUTIONS FOR LANDSCAPERS Composite architectural planters and bowls. Custom design and manufacture. Commercial grade planters available.

Image grab courtesy of watch?v=KN93ZvHcvjQ

LVML becomes TIACS Alliance Partner

Established by the co-founders of the social enterprise, TradeMutt, This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS) began when they realised people were reaching out to mental health services and support, but receiving no reply. Unable to sit back and watch as people mustered the courage to ask for help only to be left unheard and abandoned, they chose to start a free direct mental health support service that would remove the barriers to receiving professional help. As a member of the Alliance Program, LVML be supporting efforts to raise community awareness of TIACS in their quest to reduce the loss of Australian lives to suicide. LVML CEO, Megan Flower commented: “The wellbeing of our community has been pushed to its limits over the last two years, with numerous pressures– both professional and personal – placing many individuals in a vulnerable position. “While the post-COVID economy may be bouncing back, there are still many challenges for our members to work through, so having access to a service, such as TIACS, which understands the intricacies of our sector, is invaluable. “We are exceptionally proud to be supporting such a noble initiative through this Alliance Partnership, and we look forward to working closely with the team at TIACS to strengthen their profile and continue to raise awareness amongst our membership of the importance of taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Ed Ross and Dan Allen, co-founders of TradeMutt and TIACS provided us with an overview of how the service works.

What is TIACS? TIACS is a free and confidential chat, text and callback service, providing early-intervention mental health support for Australia’s tradies and blue collar workers, and those who care about them.

How do I contact TIACS? Call or text 0488 846 988. Professional psychologists are available MonFri 8am-10pm AEST. Whether you just need to chat, or are looking for some more serious support, we’re here for you. Need urgent support? If you or someone else is in immediate danger or at risk of harm, contact 000. Outside of hours? Leave a message and we’ll call you back. Otherwise, contact Lifeline at 13 11 14, open 24/7.

What will happen when I call? At the beginning of all TIACS calls you’ll hear a short, recorded message that explains our confidentiality policy. The first session will mainly be us getting to know you, and talking about how you’ve been doing, some details about your situation, and how we can best support you. Sometimes our phone lines can be very busy, and we might miss your call. If that happens, don’t worry, simply leave a message and as soon as someone is available we will call you right back.

You can talk about anything. Some of the most common reasons for contacting TIACS is relationships troubles, family issues, grief and loss, substance use, depression and anxiety, and loneliness. Not sure what to talk about? That’s okay. We will ask you questions and guide you through the conversation.

Will you tell anyone what I’ve said? TIACS operates under strict confidentiality, and your name or other personal details will never be shared outside of the organisation, unless you or a loved one is in danger. If necessary, our counsellors may contact the authorities to assist. If you have any questions about our confidentiality policy, feel free to speak with one of our friendly counsellors about it.

How do I book an appointment? The best part about TIACS is that you don’t need an appointment to get free mental health support. Call or text 0488 846 988 anytime Mon-Fri 8am-10pm AEST to have a chat. If you are looking for ongoing support, we can help with that too. TIACS doesn’t offer online bookings, since we prefer to get to know you first in order to decide which counsellor can best support you. So give us a call, and tell us a bit about yourself, and together we can decide how best to support you and your mental health.

Who can contact TIACS? While our services are directed towards Australia’s blue collar workers and those who care about them, anybody in need of support is welcome to call us. If our service isn’t the right one for you, don’t worry, our counsellors will help you find the right service to contact. 35 of 4 4

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers is proud to announce that they have become an Alliance Partner of This is a Conversation Starter.

What can I talk about?

Become a master landscaper. Being an accredited Member of Landscaping Victoria sets you apart. Why? Because not only do you have the skills and talent expected of a Master Landscaper, but you embrace the industry values of quality, pride and professionalism in your business. Your Membership supports continual work to strengthen and positively influence the future of our industry. Become a Master Landscaper and benefit from support, community and promotion: Apply today.

What are you waiting for? Stand strong beside the hundreds of Master Landscaper Members who benefit from a supportive community that promotes those who strive for, and deliver excellence at every level. Apply today.

p | 03 9566 7284

e |

LVML membership: a regional perspective

Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers is committed to supporting members to build profitable businesses in regional Victoria. With a discounted membership, and a calendar of regional networking activities, LVML is proactively working to create stronger connections within the landscaping community and raise the profile of professional landscapers within regional Victoria. Brad Andrews, of Brad Andrews Landscaping, recognised the value of being part of an industry association early on in his career, joining Landscaping Victoria as a young landscaper over three decades ago. “I met Brian Rankin in the early days, and through his influence, I recognised that that being part of the Association would be beneficial. For me, joining Landscaping Victoria was about maintaining that connection with the wider industry and presenting a professional face to the regional landscaping sector.” Based in Wodonga, Brad and his team frequently travel long distances for projects, often staying on location at jobs to keep costs low. “It’s not uncommon to be out for a week, on location, for a job.” Brad said. For Brad, being a Landscaping Victoria Master Landscaper is a valuable point of difference, and he uses his membership to full advantage when speaking to new and potential clients. “Being a Master Landscaper is definitely something that I promote to prospective clients,” explains Brad.

“For me, the LVML logo is a badge that I’m proud to wear - a sign of credibility, integrity and professionalism. It sets me apart from some of the other businesses in the area, and I see that as a positive selling point.” Being in regional Victoria, finding, and keeping, quality employees is significant challenge – one that Brad is keen to remedy. “There’s a definite skills shortage in regional Victoria, and it’s something I’d love to see the Government address,” Brad said. Keen to see subsidised TAFE courses for the landscaping sector, Brad is part of a regional subgroup trying to make some noise in this space.

LVML MEMBER BRAD ANDREWS, OF BRAD ANDREWS LANDSCAPING AT WORK AT 'CHARLIE'S GARDEN' IN WANGARATTA Despite the challenges, there are still many opportunities to be enjoyed as a regional member. In 2021, Brad was proudly involved in the build of Charlie’s Garden in Wangaratta, for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “It was the first weekend after lockdown ended, and the opportunity to be involved was a privilege. What we achieved in a short time was amazing.

“We want to encourage new people to come through the industry. It is such an enjoyable and supportive industry to be part of, and we’d love “If I hadn’t been part of LVML, I wouldn’t have to see the Government backing new talent in the known about the project and been able to be sector.” part of it, and for that I am grateful,” he said.

Join LVML for our Regional Roadshow Over the coming months, LVML’s Membership Officer, Darren Free, will be travelling across regional Victoria to host a series of events for our regional members enabling them to connect with others in their area and hear of the latest member services and benefits. Bring a fellow landscaping friend who can also learn more about how being an LVML member can be advantageous for their business. Please refer to LVML communications closer to the date for full details. Dates may be subject to change. Venues to be confirmed.

Geelong & Bellarine


Tuesday 16th August

Tuesday 20th September


Northern Victoria

Tuesday 6th September

Tuesday 11th October 3 7 of 4 4

E S | Au t u m n / Wi nter 202 2

There are numerous challenges that come with operating a landscaping business in regional areas. Isolation, inflated materials costs, finding qualified and enthusiastic employees, and a reduced pool of clients thanks to geographical distance, are just some of the issues plaguing regional landscapers.

Growing your business through live events Public demand for landscaping services have never been stronger, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to take your foot off the marketing pedal. If anything, there’s value in making the time to ramp up your profile and refine your message to attract your ideal clients. As a business owner, it's important to always be marketing your company. You never know when a potential customer or client will come across your business, and when they do, you want to make sure that they have a positive impression. Marketing is not something that you should only do when you're looking for new customers; it's an ongoing activity that will help you keep the customers you have and attract new ones. Why bother marketing when you’re already busy? The answer is simple: when you’re in demand, you can pick and choose who you work with. Instead of filling your books with mediocre jobs, you can be building a pipeline of work for the future, selecting those jobs that are aligned with your business and visions for growth. Having a steady stream of quality projects means that you can plan for your business and provide stability and growth opportunities for the people who work for you.


The power of face-toface events

Measuring the impact of event marketing

While there may be many strategies to market your business, few provide ‘bang for your buck’ like live, in-person events. Yes, they can require an investment of time and planning, but it is a great way to meet qualified leads, and nurture relationships with potential clients.

Determining the success of being present at events can be a long game – sometimes the rewards are realised many months, or even years after the event has ended.

Public-facing events, like MIFGS and the Backyard and Garden Show, are proven crowd pleasers that attract tens of thousands of people through the gates each year. Being visible at these events is impactful and can generate more serious enquiries than even the best-looking Instagram feed. Meeting people in the flesh at in-person events means you can connect with people in a more personal way. This is vital to building trusting relationships, as it allows potential clients to get to know you, and better understand what it will be like to work with you. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions, communicate your point of difference, and importantly, decide if those potential clients are the right fit for you.

That said, having a presence at events can be cumulative. By putting yourself out there, prospective clients will not only discover your brand, but over time they will become familiar with your business, meaning you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to commit. It may also mean that you’re brought into the project during the early stages, which gives you the opportunity to shape the conversation, and guide the process to suit your way of working.

An investment in your business Event marketing can be time consuming and resource-hungry, but rather than thinking of it as an inconvenience, consider it an investment in the future of your business. Be strategic and plan your involvement as part of your annual marketing approach, and with time, you’ll reap the rewards.

Piggy-back on LVML’s involvement

Make it easy for people to speak with you

If you’re not ready to strike out on your own with your own stand, volunteering to assist LVML at major events is a great way to build your profile, as well as boost the presence of the Association.

Consider offering appointment times at the event, so that serious leads can secure a time to speak to you in person.

Promote your attendance at the event

Let people know you’re a Master Landscaper

If you’re going to the effort of exhibiting or participating at an event, make sure to talk about it. Share it via your social channels, and let your audience know you’ll be there.

Make sure to display your Master Landscaper logo. Not only will it speak to your credibility and professionalism, but it also helps to heighten the value of being an LVML member in the public eye.

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Ways to benefit from live events

The Victorian Landscape Awards Expand your horizons, see how your projects stand up against your peers, and get invaluable feedback. If that's not enough, here's a few more reasons why you should enter in 2022.

Back to face-to-face events after 2 long years!

Unlike many other industry awards which are judged on photographs, LVML's awards are judged in person. This sets our program apart and is a standard that very few other Associations can meet due to massive operational logistics, including the recruitment of over 30 industry professionals to judge. But we execute it this way because it is a solid process that ensures a physical presence in each garden by at least two judges. Gardens and landscapes are emotive - you have to be in them to experience them, to feel their grandeur and their subtleties to truly appreciate the skills and craftsmanship that created them. Our judges bring experience to the table and a genuine passion, volunteering their time to help members both new and experienced, strive to be the very best. MEASURE YOURSELF AND YOUR TEAM There's no downside to entering. From an apprentice to your clients, every stakeholder buys in to the process and there are no losers.

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Use the process as a measuring stick to see where your business sits against others and take on the judges in-depth feedback to continually improve. STAFF Let's address the power of people - by entering your apprentices for the Apprentice of the Year award, for example, it is a powerful way to illustrate you value your staff, and for your clients to see that too. More experienced staff look for the challenge to build up their skills and do better each year when they are involved in projects that are entered, another value-add for any business. And even if you don't win, you are showing off your work to your clients and promoting how proud you are of your staff and their work. A win can be great for a team, but even a commendation can raise the camaraderie within the team and set them on a path to greater collaborative work. 4 0 of 4 4

MARKETING For the price of an entry fee, the marketing opportunities are many and broad. Marketing your brand simply by entering provides a narrative to talk to your clients that you are part of the industry, participating and celebrating excellence. Even a commendation allowing you to market your business as "award winning" provides instant, industry recognised credibility that you simply cannot buy.

CELEBRATION Take the team to the Gala Dinner event to develop business culture and keep them engaged. Enter to meet great people and learn great tricks and tips along the way, as well as support the industry body that supports YOU! November 12th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Ticket sales will open in July.

Your project photos may also feature in our social media posts and newsletters, and should you take out a win, press releases put out after the event often get picked up by magazines and newspapers, providing winners with free PR that can have an impact for years. HAVE A GO Everyone has to start somewhere! First time entrant? No worries. We've got the Nic Van Diemen category which is an open category for any project, be it in design, construction or maintenance. Nic is encouraging of every entrant and for those who participate in this category it is an honour to receive feedback from one of the industry's finest. For Members who've been with us some time but never entered we encourage you to just have a go! With an easy online process to upload your project documentation and plenty of support available through LVHQ or past entrants who are happy to help, we've got your back.

Find out why Brendan Condon from Australian Ecosystems loves the awards! Visit: ENTRIES OPEN SOON Take the time to invest in yourself and review your projects built in the last 5 years, making a shortlist of those that will be eligible so you can start preparing to enter them. Keep an eye out for our launch email and we can't wait to see and celebrate the incredible projects you have worked on.

Have you applied for your Director Identification Number? New Federal Government regulation requires all directors of Australian companies, whether trading companies, trustee companies, private companies, or public companies, to have their identity verified and to apply for a Director Identification Number (Director ID).

What is a Director ID needed for? According to the government: All directors are required by law to verify their identity with us before receiving a Director ID. This is important because it will help to: • Prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities • make it easier for external administrators and regulators to trace directors' relationships with companies over time • identify and eliminate director involvement in unlawful activity, such as illegal phoenix activity. Illegal phoenix activity is when a company is liquidated, wound up or abandoned to avoid paying its debts. A new company is then started to continue the same business activities without the debt. When this happens: • employees miss out on wages, superannuation and entitlements • suppliers or sub-contractors are left unpaid • other businesses are put at a competitive disadvantage • the community misses out on revenue that could have contributed to community services.

Who needs a Director ID? You need to identify yourself and obtain a Director ID if you are a director, or an acting alternative director, of • a company registered under the Corporations Act 2001 • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 • a corporate trustee, such as a self-managed super fund

• an Australian body registered with ASIC • a foreign company registered with ASIC and carrying on a business in Australia Under the current legislation, you do not need a Director ID if you're • a company secretary but not a director • acting as an external administrator of a company • running a business as a sole trader or partnership • not appointed as a director under the Corporations Act or the CATSI Act, but you have the job title of 'director' • a director of a registered charity that is not registered with ASIC or ORIC • an officer of an unincorporated association, cooperative or incorporated association established under state or territory legislation, unless the organisation is required to be registered with ASIC

When do you need to apply? You can apply for a Director ID now, and if you are planning on becoming a director you should apply before you are appointed. If you were appointed as director before 31 October 2021, you have until 30 November 2022 to register for a Director ID. However, if your appointment was after 31 October 2021, you are required to hold a Directors ID already, and from 5 April 2022, you must register before being appointed as a director.

How to register for a Directors ID The fastest way to register for a Directors ID is to use the online myGovID app. If you have not set up your myGovID app already, you will need to provide identification details to complete this step.

COLLEEN STROMEI, LVML CFO, ADDFLOW DIRECTOR Alternatively, the Australian Business Registry Service (ABRS) can complete your identification by phone by calling 13 62 50. Note that the ABRS will require you to provide your Tax File Number, ATO registered address answer two questions based on details they know about you to complete your identification.

What next? The ABRS will notify ASIC of your new Directors ID. However, you must provide your Directors ID to the company secretary or other authorised record keeper of any company you currently hold a director's position for and any future company appointments you accept. If your name, role, or address details change, you must notify the company secretary or other authorised record keeper within seven days of the change. The company officeholder must then advise ASIC within 28 days to avoid late fees. Changes to a director's personal details can be advised using ASIC's online services.

In summary: If you are a Director of your landscape company you are required by law to have a Director ID. For director appointments prior to 31 October 2021, you will need to register for a Director ID via myGovID by 30 November 2022.   For director appointments between 31 October 2021 and 5 April 2022, you should already be registered. For new director appointments, you must register before being appointed.   If you are in any doubt about whether you need a Directors ID, please contact your Tax Agent for advice.   41 of 4 4

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The Director ID is a life-long identification (just like a Tax File Number) which a director will keep even if they change companies, change their personal details or stop being a director.



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C ontact Organic Crop Protectants

Murray Mallee Training Company is a Registered Training Organisation delivering these training qualifications – • AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture

Specialising in Workplace Delivery contact – Rod Turner Training Consultant mobile 0428 570 920 email

• AHC30916 Certificate III in Landscape Construction • AHC31016 Certificate III in Parks and Gardens

Other courses available – • First Aid

• Excavator

• Skid Steer Loader

• Chemical Users

• Construction Induction Card

Single Touch Payroll Phase Two COLLEEN STROMEI, LVML CFO, ADDFLOW DIRECTOR Single Touch Payroll Phase Two (STP II) is an expansion of the ATO's payroll reporting system, which commenced on 1 January 2022. Employers can apply to the ATO for more time to transition to STP II; however, many Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have applied for this deferral on behalf of all their payroll users. For example Xero and MYOB have a deferral until 31 December 2022. Please refer to your DSP for information on their deferment date.

Phase one of STP required employers to send pay, tax and super details from their accounting software to the ATO each time a pay run is processed. Under the expanded STP II provisions, employers are required to report additional information which, according to the ATO, will; reduce reporting burden for employers who need to report information about their employees to multiple government agencies. It will also help Services Australia's customers, who may be your employees, get the right payment at the right time.

What new information will be reported? The way STP reports are submitted will not change however they will now include Tax File Number Declaration (TFND) details, replacing the need to file TFNDs with the ATO termination reason, replacing the need for employee separation certificates employment basis, such as full time, part-time, casual or labour-hire income types, such as wages, closely-held payees (e.g. family members), working holidaymakers and labour-hire country code for employees who report to tax jurisdictions outside of Australia disaggregation of gross wages into more detail, including allowances, bonuses, commissions, director's fees, overtime, paid leave and type of leave and salary sacrifice

How to get ready for these changes A good understanding of the new reporting fields and how to set them up correctly in the payroll system will ensure that your employees' details are reported accurately to their accountant, the ATO, and other government agencies. Employers can refer to the ATO website to familiarise themselves with the STP II requirements. In addition, most DSPs, such as Xero, Intuit and MYOB, have created support materials, including webinars on how to set up their payroll systems for STP II. If members need additional support, LVML recommends they contact their BAS or Tax Agent for advice on making the necessary changes to their payroll systems. Please note that an advisor must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board to provide this service. You can ask your advisor for their registration details or search the register at

lump sum E payments, or back pay from previous income years, replacing the need for Lump Sum E letters an option to include child support garnishees and deductions, replacing the need for separate advice to the Child Support Registrar 43 of 4 4

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How STP II will work

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