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Landscape of the Year - Residential, C.O.S Design

Mount Martha Project

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Table of Contents

President's Report - David Jarman, President, LVML 5

CEO Report

- Megan Flower, Chief Executive Officer, LVML 7

Warners: More than meets the eye - Ian Firth, Warners Nurseries 9

Brachychiton fits the bill - Speciality Trees 11

Introducing your 2022 - 23 Board 13

A 'pot & a parma' at our Regional Events - Darren Free, Membership Manager 15

We're making wellbeing a priority - with our new online hub! 17

Digital Contracts have arrived 18

How can I terminate a Contract? - Sharrock Pitman 19

2022 Years of Membership Recognition 21

The Judges' Perspective - Anthony Scott, Head Judge, Victorian Landscape Awards 22 Happy Snaps from the 2022 Victorian Landscape Awards 23 2022 Victorian Landscape Awards Winners Showcase 30

Full list of Award Winners 51

Awards edition

As this edition of Earthstyle is focused on the Industry Awards for 2022, it is only fitting to thank our Awards Sponsors up front.

An event like this doesn’t happen without the support of our wonderful Awards Sponsors.

The fact you put your name behind this event illustrates how highly you regard the value of our industry and the work of our Members.

Thank you.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 3 of 44
VECTORWORKS LANDMARK The natural choice for landscape professionals in Australia. Start your free trial at VECTORWORKS.NET/2023 SALESFORCE TRANSIT CENTER | COURTESY OF PWP LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE AND MARCUS NUÑEZ 02 8338 8622 | |

From the President President's Report

When the Victorian Premier announced the end of lockdowns in Melbourne 12 months ago, many of us were still concerned about what the future would look like. The past couple of years have been a massive rollercoaster ride, and to be honest, when Covid reared its head, many of us thought we’d be out of work and times would be tough. In reality, our industry was one of the lucky ones – while most people were stuck at home, we benefited from their newfound investment in their landscapes.

That said, 2022 has not been without its challenges. But in the face of challenge, we know that our industry is a resilient one – that the combination of grit, passion and can-do attitude is one that allows us to get the job done.

But the Victorian Landscape Awards are about more than just getting the job done - they are about acknowledging the professionalism, integrity and commitment to best practices that defines a Master Landscaper. And this year did not disappoint.

I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone who participated in the awards this yearnot only those who received an award, but everyone who stepped outside their comfort zone, and put forward their best work in an award category.

The Awards are about celebrating the collective achievements of our members, and are a testament to the strength and solidarity of the Master Landscaper brand. Everyone who participated in the process this year did so in the spirit of advancing the excellence of our Industry, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that the standard on display in this edition of the magazine is exceptional. View pages 30-51 to check out this year’s Award winners.

Every year, a small group of people put their hand up to support our industry by nominating to be a Director. At our AGM we farewelled Steven Ford and Chris Weiss, who between them contributed 9 years of service to our Industry. We thank them for their contribution and wish them the best in their endeavours.

This year we welcome four new members to the LVML Board of Directors, who along with the remaining members are primed to make 2023 an even better year for our industry. To meet the Board, turn to page 13.

It is with great pride that I write this message - my first for Earthstyle as LVML’s President. To have been elected to this role is a great honour, and I am excited to be part of the future of this rapidly growing industry.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge those who have stood in this role before me. Each and every past President has approached this role with grace and responsibility, and a dedication to paving the future for our Association. In the years that I have been on the LVML Board, I had the honour of working with our two past presidents – Georgia Harper and Andrew Grasby – both of whom have taught me so much. I’d particularly like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Andrew for his hard work and contribution over the last two years - filling his shoes is a massive task, and one that I take on with great commitment and enthusiasm.

Finally, I’d like to thank the team at LVML for their hard work behind the scenes throughout 2022. It has been great to see the return of in-person events this year, and this simply wouldn’t be possible without their commitment. I look forward to working more closely with Megan, Bianca, Darren, Colleen and Nicole in 2023.

"It is with great pride that I write this message - my first for Earthstyle as LVML's President. To have been elected to this role is a great honour and I am excited to be part of the future of this rapidly growing industry."

From the CEO

CEO Report

Our Association carries a 56-year legacy of inspiring, nurturing and promoting talent within our industry. Longevity matters, and in the case of LVML, we have continued to thrive as an Association by playing a valued and vital role at every stage of a landscaper's career. From showing young people the potential of a career in landscaping; helping new graduates gain employment; supporting young entrepreneurs to start their own business; providing opportunities for members to upskill and grow, and advocating for higher standards of practice; and providing mechanisms for giving back to others.

None of this is a coincidence - this is an intentional mission for our Association, made possible through meticulous planning, mindful governance and accountability, and a clear strategic vision that drives our work, our team and our decision making.

2022 has been a rewarding year - the opportunity to come together, in person, has been a terrific reminder of the unity and camaraderie that defines our Association, and allows us to go from strength to strength, despite the challenges we face.

There have been some notable highlights this year. As reported in our last edition of Earthstyle, LVML was awarded a significant government grant to deliver a course-in on Landscape Design & Construction to support the future potential for registration Designers. The pilot program is expected to be launched early next year in collaboration with Holmesglen, Swinburne and Melbourne Polytechnic, and I look forward to keeping you in the loop as it progresses.

"LVML was awarded a significant government grant to deliver a course-in on Landscape Design & Construction to support the future potential for registration Designers"

The Landscape Show was a phenomenal success this year, with record exhibitors and attendees at Caulfield Racecourse in June. Planning is currently underway for our 2023 show, and I look forward to sending a ‘Save The Date’ early in the New Year. The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, and the Backyard & Garden Show also stand out as high points this year, providing airtime to the spectacular work of our Members, as well as generating opportunities for them to interact directly with end users.

Another milestone is the recent launch of Online Contracts - LVML has worked hard to bring this project to fruition, in an effort to assist our members to streamline their processes and do business more efficiently. Turn to page 19 to learn more.

Finally, I am delighted to announce the results of the 2022 Victorian Landscape Awards in this edition. The Gala event was a sensational celebration - not only of the winners, but of the entire industry! It is always an extraordinary effort, but one which is well worth the investment of time and resources for our Association. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the Awards: the entrants, the judges, our Sponsors, the LVML team and, of course, everyone who came and supported the event on the night.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Earthstyle, and I look forward to bringing more updates to you throughout 2023.

MEGAN FLOWER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER LANDSCAPING VICTORIA MASTER LANDSCAPERS "Another milestone is the recent launch of Online Contracts..... to assist our members to streamline their processes and do business more efficiently."

Warners: more than meets the eye

At this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Warners Nurseries, in collaboration with Robert Boyle, created the award-winning Show Garden, More than Meets the Eye.

It was an opportunity to showcase a range of plantings traditionally grown by Warners whilst incorporating a mix of new plants in an exciting contemporary design. Show Gardens are designed for maximum impact to impress judges and wow garden lovers attending MIFGS. To maximise impact plants are placed closely together to mimic future growth and ensure that the planted areas look full and lush. The reality is, often you would not place this many plants and species together in such a tight space.

There is more than meets the eye to good garden design when considering what to plant where. Overplanting can be a problem in garden design, and is one of the key criteria assessed by judges for the Victorian Master Landscapers awards. How well existing planting has been considered in relation to a new planting scheme, is crucial. Consideration must also be given to the overall effect, and to the scale of plants within the space in relation to the surrounding landscape. Good garden design must allow for future growth: Plants need space to have the chance to reach their full potential.

Visiting established gardens is an inspirational way to see how plants will perform over time and how good design integrates with existing features and previous established plantings. Open Garden schemes are a wonderful way to be able to visit numerous gardens designed by key landscapers and observe how the gardens have matured with time. From a Production Nursery perspective, it is an opportunity to assess how plants we grow perform and review how we can nurture plants to suit their proposed garden use and conditions.

National Gallery of Victoria Womens’ Association held their Open Gardens Day in late October and through the generosity of the homeowners, six magnificent gardens were on view. John and Kelly Warner were amongst the hundreds of garden lovers that flocked to the NGVWA opening to look over many of the gardens that Warners have supplied plants to. Indeed, Kelly reminisced that it was likely her father Ross who delivered some of the plants to these gardens when they were being established.

Held every two years Garden Designfest is another opportunity to visit some amazing established gardens. By the time this article is published, one weekend of this event will have passed (the metro component) nonetheless, you can still catch the regional component on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November. Details are at au. Open Gardens are mostly coordinated by charities, so it’s heartening to know that gate charges are being put to good use.

At Designfest this year, there are some magnificent gardens on display with one taking this article to a full circle: ‘The Falls’, at Longwood designed by Robert Boyle, will be open as part of the regional component in the Euroa district. A grand-scale garden that demonstrates how thoughtful design integrates the old and the new to grow and mature into something extraordinary.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 9 of 44
Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster' - Beautiful as a specimen or backdrop plant, with its foliage and plumes swaying graciously in the wind. Great mass planted or as a border, perfect for narrow spaces and in heavy clay areas. Aster x frikartii 'Monch' created a sea of mauve and speckled yellow in front of the arbour. Flowering are in abundance from late January to early May and perfect for cottage and butterfly gardens, great as a border or accent plant. Looks wonderful planted with Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’, and Buxus balls. NGVWA - Lillypilly hedge, Buxus balls and white Wisteria NGVWA Open Garden showing a seamless blend of old and new planting Ginkgo - the piedmont Pillar was featured in the garden and was just turning from the lime green of summer to the butter yellow of autumn. This living fossil looked stunning in a copse in the woodland garden. Look out also for Ginkgo Lemon lime spire, the perfect solution for narrow spaces and compact gardens.

Brachychiton fits the bill

It’s wonderful in the nursery when we can see some 300 lines grow and change not only through the seasons, but as they mature from junior material to larger specimens.

It is even more of a delight when we see new interest in trees, both new and old, as too often designs get restricted to a small trend palette based on functionality.

Enter the feature tree. It takes a really special tree with special offerings to be called a feature. Often used to break from singlespecies planting, to frame an entrance or as a focal point for the eye, a feature tree needs to live up to great expectations and offer amazing colour, structure, texture and/or form.

Brachychiton is a species that does just that. Brachychiton consists of approximately 30 species of large shrubs or trees, all except one originating from Australia. Many of them are called pachycauls, (trees with large or swollen trunks) with the most noticeable one being the iconic Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris). With healthy commercial numbers available, we are experiencing really good demand for this distinctive specimen as a feature tree in landscaping projects.

The seeds for the bigger Brachychiton develop in hard follicles creating a boat shaped fruit which will remain on the plant for some time after the foliage has developed. These are very distinctive looking and make interesting educational specimens for playgrounds, schools and kindergartens, in fact anywhere looking to create a sensory garden.

While the Illawarra Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius) has the most eye-catching red flower display of the group, flowering time may be inconsistent from one year to the next.

This intermittent display together with flowering in warmer months on bare limbs is contradictory to what most people expect from a summer native. When they are in flower however, their beauty is breathtaking! Like Jacaranda, with its suburban purple haze effect, there is no missing this iconic tree when covered in red bell-shaped flowers.

Brachychiton can cope in a range of conditions from wetter coastal districts to the semi-arid interiors of Australia. All Brachychiton prefer to have a good wet season each year but due to their ability to store water in their trunks, can also endure substantial dry periods.

While the Illawarra Flame tree requires sizable garden space as a feature tree, the range of smaller hybrids, offer landscapers and designers more planting flexibility.

Brachychiton ‘Bella Donna’ (growing 5-6m) ‘Bella Pink’, ‘Jerilderie Red’ (both growing to 8m) and ‘Griffith Pink (growing 5-8m) work superbly as a street tree or backyard feature tree due to their compact height and smaller footprint.

The addition of populneus in their genetics ensures a fuller form which more adequately compensates for a slightly less intense flowering regime.

Known reliable performers, each hybrid variety produces the customary bell-shaped flowers on a dense foliage structure and without the seed pods! Pleach it for a feature specimen or keep it dressed to the floor for screening - it ticks all boxes for a small flowering native evergreen, and there are few other trees in this category!

The shorter growing hybrid varieties are truly low maintenance with pruning hardly a requirement. They have a non-invasive root system and are easy to maintain lending itself well to public space and council plantings. As an added attraction, all Brachychiton are bird attracting.

For more information on the range of Brachychiton we grow, please contact the Speciality Trees team on 03 9554 2000.

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Brachychiton acerifolius in the residential landscape Brachychiton hybrid in the public open space Brachychiton Jerilderie Red
Rupestris 100L
Speciality Trees Brachychiton

We are the designers artists fabricators

We make sculptures. That’s what we do!

We have been specialising in contemporary sculpture and custom metal fabrication for almost 20 years and our standard collection of sculptures now exceeds 60 works. Proud and passionate about what we do, we thrive on producing unique sculptural pieces for residential landscape projects as well as large scale, free-standing pieces for multi-residential foyers and public spaces.

All of our sculptural works are custom made to order. Call or email our creative team today. We will help you select the right size, material and finish for the most successful outcome.

Our Board

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all new office bearers to The LVML Board, and pass on our thanks to those outgoing members.

Chris Weiss, Steven Ford and Andrew Grasby have left the board after an outstanding number of years filling a number of roles. They are all big shoes to fill - but we welcome 4 new members ready to take on the challenge!

Welcome, Gary, Michele, Erin and Mathew!

Gary Bond

Gary has been part of the industry since 2004 working for suppliers, commercial landscape companies, running his own small business and now as a shareholder in Landstruct.

"I'm blessed to be a part of a fantastic industry and am looking to bring my positivity, energy and enthusiasm to the board and help in any way I can to continue to grow Landscaping Victoria into the future."

Erin Green

Erin has managed a successful Melbourne based landscape company for 24 years and brings a passion for teaching , mentoring and encouraging the younger generation to to the LVML Board.

"Being in the industry as long as I have , I have a large number of contacts and stakeholders who I can call upon for support when required. Also, having been fortunate enough to win numerous awards, I can help promote LVML utilising media opportunities where appropriate."


Michele Farrugia

Board Members: Rob Stewart Gary Bond Justin Hart Michele Farrugia Erin Green Mathew Wandmaker

Michele brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the landscaping industry, and and an understanding the challenges of building and operating a small business. She is committed to maintaining rigorous professional standards, and is passionate about promoting exciting career paths for women and young people in horticulture and landscaping.

"I will take the opportunity to utlilise the knowledge and experience I have gained, to contribute to the Landscaping Victoria Board and its members to support the future direction of the landscaping industry."

Mathew has been working in the Garden Maintenance industry for more than 15 years, having run multiple Jim's Mowing franchises, before branching out to run a very successful commercial grounds maintenance business throughout the Eastern and South eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He has a strong passion for the Garden Maintenance sector and gains a lot of satisfaction from helping those within this specific sector which is close to his heart.

"I welcome the opportunity to join the LVML Board to help become a voice for Garden Maintenance professionals and continue to help educate within this space, grow current and new Members and develop industry standards."

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 13 of 44
Left to right: Ian Barker, Russ Sweetman, Ros McCully, Michele Farrugia, Erin Green & David Jarman at the 2022 Industry Awards (Absent: Rob Stewart, Gary Bond, Mathew Wandmaker, Justin Hart) Mathew Wandmaker
LVML Board 2022 - 2023 President: David Jarman Vice President: Ian Barker Treasurer: Russ Sweetman Secretary: Ros McCully
(03) 9215 2300 READY-TO-WORK TRUCK, TODAY.

A "pot & a parma" at our Regional Events

Thanks to our roadshow partner, Milwaukee Tools, we enjoyed four very successful regional events during October 2022.

It was great to get out on the road again to catch up with all regional members and meet more people from the industry. We are always learning about how LVML can help you and your business thrive, so not only are they a great opportunity for members, they are great for us too!

Thanks to everyone attending the events in: Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and Wodonga. Again, a massive thanks to Milwaukee Tools for making this get-together possible, along with supporting sponsors Coolabah Turf and SureGro TreeMax.

These events would also not be possible without the help from our amazing Administration & Events Officer, Bianca, who made everything seem so easy!

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 15 of 44

Supplying the trade with quality plants & trees for

over 35 years.

We're making a priority - with our new online hub!

After what can only be described as rollercoaster ride over the last two years, what has become apparent is that personal wellbeing has become a topic of serious discussion. News articles on ‘The Great Resignation’ and the growing mental health crisis in our community have shone a spotlight on the important of safeguarding the wellbeing of those close to us – both at work, and in our personal lives.

The Victorian landscaping community has not been immune to these challenges. While demand has grown for landscaping services, so too have the threats to business, with supply shortages, difficulties in retaining staff, and financial pressures from rising interest rates, all placing added pressure on small business owners. Awareness of the struggle within our industry has grown, and the conversations about wellbeing, self-care, and the importance of speaking-up have come to the forefront.

As a progressive, member-centred association, LVML felt that there was more work to be done to support its members as they weather these challenges - to not only survive this wave of change, but to make sure that they are able to thrive and flourish in the long term.

Thanks to a grant from the Business Victoria Mental Wellbeing of Business Communities Grants Program, LVML has launched the LVML Wellbeing Hub – an online resource designed to support and engage landscaping professionals on their journey to improved self-care. Packed with evidence-based resources from The Wellbeing Lab by Michelle McQuaid, the LVML Wellbeing Hub is guided by the PERMAH theory, which suggests that wellbeing is cultivated by the presence in our lives of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and good health.

LVML members and their teams can register and access the resources within the LVML Wellbeing Hub free of charge. Individuals who are especially passionate are also encouraged to become Wellbeing Champions, which will provide them with the skills to guide discussions around wellbeing within the workplace.

According to LVML CEO, Megan Flower, the initiative is a first step in ensuring that members have access to the right resources to look after themselves and check in on the wellbeing of their team.

“We’re immensely grateful for the support we received from the Business Victoria Grants Program in allowing us to make these resources available, for free, to our members,” she said.

“Through this online hub, LVML hopes to not only enhance the individual wellbeing of its members, but to also drive a culture of support

Visit wellbeing-hub

This is a one-time, limited offer!  Landscaping Victoria, in association with Trade Mutt are proud to release this custom-made Landscaping Victoria 'funky shirt'.

There are a VERY limited number of shirts available - so pre book now and expect delivery in February 2023!

These shirts are designed  to start conversations about mental health, helping make an invisible issue impossible to ignore and every purchase goes towards funding TIACS, Landscaping Victoria's charity partner.

The shirts are being offered at a subsidised rate for a limited time only.... so be quick and get one for yourself - or get the whole team one... and be part of making real change for the very serious problem of mental health in Australia.

Visit the Member Shop on the LVML website.

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Order your funky shirt and start a conversation about Wellbeing!

Digital Contracts have arrived!


The email contains personalised information on accessing the platform, the terms and conditions applicable when using the platform and some useful information on how to get started.

For further information, please contact LVML HQ or check the member portal on the website.

What are online contracts?

> We can help with: customer contracts, building disputes, planning advice and disputes, dispute resolution and employee/contractor advice > Accredited Specialists in Commercial Law and Property Law > Helping businesses in Melbourne and throughout Victoria for over 50 years > Fixed prices, agreed with you up front > Easy to access offices based in Glen Waverley with video conferencing facilities also available Get in touch today 9560 2922 | On Your Side
the LVML Online contracts will save you time and money in your business and enable quicker signing of contracts with your clients.
LVML Online Contracts are available to full Residential Builder Members. Each member will receive 2 complimentary contracts as part of their member benefits.
Additional contracts can be purchased through the Member Shop in bundles of 10 contracts for $300.
members should have already received an email inviting them to sign up to the contracts portal.
Just like a paper contract, an online contract is a legal agreement. The difference is that it is created, agreed and signed electronically, and is accessible on the internet via browser-based software. Unlike traditional contracts which involve paper and an ink signature, online contracts can be executed using a variety of devices and signed electronically, making them a convenient option for scaling businesses. order in by December 22nd or you'll miss out!

How can I terminate a Contract?

When terminating a contract early, the circumstances at that time and the content of the contract will be critical to understanding how this might be done as Mitchell Zadow, Managing Principal of Sharrock Pitman Legal and Commercial Law Accredited Specialist, explains.

In the current economic environment, businesses and individuals are under increasing financial pressure. Perhaps you have entered into a contract that you no longer want to be bound to. That will be possible, sometimes –but often it will not.

Unless the contract is terminated early, it will usually come to an end only in the following circumstances:


When the contract includes a fixed duration or expiry date (but be careful that it does not automatically renew); or


When the parties have completed their obligations to each other.

To terminate a contract early, the circumstances at that time and the content of the contract will be critical to understanding how this might be done.

When claiming that a contract is terminated early, it is essential that you ensure you have a solid legal basis for doing so, as terminating a contract invalidly could be deemed a repudiation of the contract (discussed further below), which might give the other party the right to make a wrongful termination claim for damages from you.

Terminating a contract

The most common ways a contract can be terminated early include:

1. Express terms of the contract that allow for the contract to be terminated early. Some contracts include clauses that allow for early termination. However, termination clauses can differ significantly and care must be taken.

Sometimes, the contract might include a termination clause that allows either party to terminate the contract at any time “for convenience” or “without cause”, meaning that no reason for the termination needs to be given.

However, some contracts only give one party the right to terminate the contract early. For example, the current template Domestic Landscape Works Contract published by Landscaping Victoria allows the contractor to terminate the contract at any time before works start on site, provided at least seven days’ notice is given to the building owner. The building owner does not have a similar right of termination.

Some contracts do not allow either party to terminate without cause, and they instead only allow for early termination if certain events occur, such as a breach of the contract by the other party.

2. Subsequent agreement

The parties to the contract can agree to end the contract early via a subsequent agreement where they agree to release the other from the original contract. This might include some terms that the parties have negotiated, such as refunding a deposit that has already been paid. This mutually agreed termination can be possible even if the contract does not include a termination clause. However, all parties to the contract must agree and we strongly recommend that the agreement to terminate should be in writing.

3. Repudiation

If one of the parties to the contract shows an unwillingness or inability to complete their contractual obligations, the other party may be able to argue that the contract has been repudiated and, accordingly, that the contract is brought to an end. However, care should be taken if you are trying to end a contract on this basis, as you could be liable to a wrongful termination claim if you do not have a proper legal basis.


The contract could be considered abandoned if it is clear from the conduct of all the parties that they do not intend to fulfil the contract. Again, care should be taken when trying to end a contract on this basis.

How Can Sharrock Pitman Legal Help?

When considering your position in relation to a contract, consider obtaining legal advice prior to taking any action. There might be several options available to you, which could help ensure you terminate the contract safely and with less risk of a claim by the other party.

Our Accredited Specialist Commercial Law team has been helping business owners and managers for over fifty years. Our team has experience in assisting businesses across a wide range of industries building, construction, agribusiness, real estate, manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality, health and medical.

Our lawyers can also advise business owners on intellectual property and employment law – important factors to consider for any business owner or operator.

Get in touch with us on 1300 205 506 or

© 2022 Sharrock Pitman Legal

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8 S T O R E S 1 A C C O U N T 0 H A S S L E S 0 H A S S L E S 0 H A S S L E S A l l y o u r G a r d e n S u p p l i e s i n 1 p l a c e Path Light Dome 110 Plume. Complete Landscape Solutions. Lyons Photography Our range of quality outdoor lights and accessories offer a complete solution for every outdoor space. Visit our website for inspiration, product information and to find your local Showroom or Distributor. We’re shining light on Australia’s most beautiful landscapes

Years of Membership

Congratulations to the following businesses as we recognise their significant milestone years of membership with Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers.

These long-term members not only represent all areas of the industry – design, construction, maintenance and supply – but they personify the Values of the Association of Quality, Pride and Professionalism.

Their dedication has, and continues to be, instrumental to the success we all share today as an industry.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your continued support and involvement.

Established Tree Transplanters

Clapham Landscape Architecture

Desired Landscapes

Earth Aspects

Faulkner & Chapman Landscape Design

Granite Works

Greenleaves Australia

Living Colour Landscapes

Liz Filmer Landscaping

Sema Scapes Landscaping and Paving

Simon Mccurdy Landscapes

Tintuppa Landscapes

Adam Hompas Landscapes

C. Fulton Building & Garden Supplies

Complete Landscape Solutions

Diverse Landscape Construction

Eckersley Garden Architecture

HG Turf Prestige Gardens BRS Landscape Domain Pools & Landscapes

Colombo Design Partnership Earthwerx

Gary Winter Landscape Design

Georgia Harper Landscape Design Ingardens

Kihara Landscapes

Nature's Best Landscapes

Plant Multi Nursery

Stanbrook Outdoor Creations

Stephen Graham Landscaping

VRC Landscapes

Garden Tarts

Love It Landscapes

Norwood Products

Outdoor Edge Landscapes

Paul Pritchard Landscape Design & Construction

Avoca Landscape Construction Bayon Gardens

Branch Landscaping

Cutting Landscape Construction E.Scape Landscape Solutions

Elk Landscape Developments

Gardens Revisited

Greenlines Gardenware Landscape Solutions

Lisa Ellis Garden Design

Supreme Green

Rose Landscape Services

Skyline Landscape Services(VIC) StrataGreen

Tall Trees

* Years of Membership are recognised at the above intervals. If you are in-between one of these intervals you will receive recognition at your next major milestone.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 21 proud sponsor

The Judges' Perspective

What has been your experience as a judge for the Victorian Landscape Awards?

I’ve been a judge for the Victorian Landscape Awards for six years now, and each year I’m blown away by the outstanding quality of the jobs we get to see. Each landscape has an amazing back story, and when you see the final product, and how members have managed to meet the client’s brief in spite of serious challenges, I’m honestly flabbergasted. I always walk away from the process thinking how proud I’d be to produce such amazing work.

We take the judging process very seriously - we see it as a responsibility to ensure that the process is fair, and that excellent work is recognised for what it is. We’re very lucky in that the judging criteria for each of the landscape award categories are the product of many years of consultation with industry. They have been developed to showcase excellence and best practice in landscape design and construction, and to elevate the standards of our industry. As such, there isn’t a lot of scope for personal opinion during the process - the criteria are very clearly documented, and as judges we have a very clear framework against which we judge the entries. It can be a very intense process - we have set the benchmark really high - but at the same time, it’s very rewarding.

What were the challenges faced this year as judges?

I think the biggest issue we had this year was around logistics and finding the time to get to all the entries. One of the great things about the Victorian Landscaping Awards is that the judges get out to each and every project. Our industry is so busy at the moment, just finding the time in everyone’s schedules to get on site, and coordinate with homeowners to have access to the property, is a challenge. It really is testament to everyone’s commitment to be able to line it all up in such a short window of time.

How has being a judge impacted your own landscaping practice?

Being a judge has undoubtedly influenced my own work. Just seeing some of the amazing work that is submitted over the years is inspiring. I also get to work with the other judges and absorb their knowledge and experience.

Being a judge has also given me insight into what it takes to produce an award-winning garden. When you have the opportunity to observe the judging process behind the scenes, you begin to understand the nuances; the details that make one landscape stand out from another.

What’s in store for the 2023 LV awards?

Each year, the Judging Committee comes together to conduct an indepth review of the judging process, and evaluate how we can improve the experience for entrants. This includes taking on board the feedback we receive from our Members. We know it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and as judges, we want this to be a fair and rewarding experience that elevates the Industry.

Following the feedback we received this year, we are looking forward to revealing some exciting new changes to the Awards in 2023, that we hope will make it easier to enter and have more Members get involved in the Awards in future years.

Is there an opportunity for people to become part of the Awards judging panel?

Absolutely. We welcome anyone who is keen to take part in the process. They can reach out, let us know that they’re interested in learning more, and we can have a chat. They don’t need to have judging experience - we make sure everyone is familiar with the process before judging begins, and we’ll pair them up with someone more experienced, so they can learn, and get as much out of the experience as possible.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering entering the awards in 2023?

Yes, get on the front foot early, and reach out for advice - especially if it’s the first time you’re entering, or even if you’ve entered before. It can be frustrating as a judge when you see a terrific garden, but that person hasn’t submitted an application to its full potential which can cost valuable points, and may be the difference between a highly commended and a winning entry.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 22
As the winners of this years Victorian Landscape Awards celebrate their achievements, we caught up with landscape designer and head judge, Anthony Scott, to discuss what is involved in judging the Industry’s most prestigious awards.
LVML would like to thank the following judges for their generous contribution to the 2022 Victorian Landscape Awards: Anthony Scott (head judge), Alistair Kirkpatrick, Brent Reid,Brian Rankin, Bruce Winstanley, Chris Keay, David Pierre-Humbert, Erin Green, Graham Bradtke, John Van de Linde, Kate Bryce, Luke Scott, Marty Semken, Micah Venturini, Mike Jansz, Nic van Diemen, Pat Pezzimenti, Rod Hanley, Ros McCully, Sally Tulloch, Teena Crawford.
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| Spring / Summer 2022 |
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| Spring / Summer 2022 |


WA rn E rs nurs E r IE s

When asked why Warners Nurseries should be Supplier of the Year, Members responded that this wellrespected industry leader consistently provides the best quality stock, are ever reliable, supportive and provide excellent customer service by always going the extra mile.

Warners give back and contribute to the greater good of the landscape community, and are the number one ‘go to’ for plants year after year for Members gardens.

C.Fultons' ability to provide a wide range of garden products quickly have seen them impress Members with their wonderful service. Members commented they can always be counted on, provide good quantities and deliver on-time.

Their helpful staff are knowledgeable and supportive, and nothing is too hard. They have consistently provided a high level of service despite the difficulties we have all experienced over the last twelve months. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and value were added comments that have earnt C.Fulton’s their first win as Supplier of the Year.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 30
THE YEAR C. F u LT on GA rd E n & B u IL d I n G supp LIE s
proud sponsor



Transitioning from the mad world of advertising to landscape design, Georgia has made her mark in the industry with her exceptional skills and calm disposition. Never seeming to be under pressure, Georgia’s clients LOVE her and her expertise to deliver their dream design, regardless of how difficult they or their site might be.

Becoming LVML’s first female President from 2017 to 2020, Georgia was Instrumental in supporting LVML’s application for a Government Grant to improve career opportunities for designers and commence a pathway to registration, a cause she is passionate about.

Always available to support other designers with advice, a participant in numerous MIFGS show garden builds, and an advocate for continued professionalism across the industry, Georgia Harper is tonight presented with the Award of Merit for her dedication to support Landscape Designers and the Association.



Starting his own business with high aspirations which have never waivered, Chris Weiss has built his brand of Formation Landscapes into a reputable force of consummate professionals who deliver incredible results every time.

Earning the respect of his peers and colleagues designing and building outstanding projects across Victoria, Chris has taken out various industry awards including the coveted Landscape of the Year in 2016.

Chris's dedication to his chosen industry saw him join the LVML Board for six years, serving two as Vice President. But his most famous role is arguably as cohost of The Front Garden podcast which alongside Tyson he continues to volunteer his time to record. For his dedication to serve the membership we recognise Chris’s services to industry with the Award of Merit.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 31 proud sponsor
proud sponsor


p TA LA nds CA p E s

ALT on A pro JECT

Whilst not the largest project, PTA Landscapes has absolutely nailed the quality, design and greenlife for this project.

Well maintained with not a leaf out of place, correct plant selection has helped deliver a top class project where the plants tell the story … and are all in great health considering the area is flood prone.

This job highlights a high level of attention to detail with the cuts and construction joints setting it apart from others as the paving, timber, and concrete work could not be faulted.

Professional at every level from paperwork to execution, the project provides a memorable first impression and is close to faultless as an example of the very high standard of work carried out by Master Landscapers in Victoria.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 32


Setting the benchmark for professional presentation, C.O.S. Design have again delivered a remarkable project worthy of this prestigious title.

Massive challenges and site complexities on this steeply sloping block were addressed flawlessly with the design reconciling many elements across changing levels and competing uses, resulting in a beautiful and functional landscape.

The design aesthetic shows a strong connection between the surrounds and architecture of the home, and the palette of surfaces colours and textures work cohesively giving the project a high-end finish.

A truly stunning and highly functional landscape that exemplifies how design perfection drives a showcase outcome.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 33 proud sponsor


This historic, private residential garden set amongst large significant trees is considered an icon in Melbourne. Van Leeuwen Green achieve amazing results given the allocated time to maintain such a large garden and those outcomes illustrate their efficiency and resourcefulness, such as taking proactive measures to divide and add plants as required to keep the garden looking its very best.

Hendrik and his team at Van Leeuwen Green have demonstrated professional maintenance skills throughout this garden with their very high standard of work which is reflected in the impressive views and layers in the garden. The overall impression is simply breath taking.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 34


sup E r GA rd E ns

s A nd H urs T pro JECT

The visual presentation of this large established housing project was outstanding. Immaculately maintained with skill and passion, the detail in all elements of the landscape could not be questioned. Super Garden’s foresight, wisdom and use of IT, along with brilliant communication between staff, client and management, and the sharing of responsibility, decision making and the sense of ownership with staff explained how a small crew of six could present such a large site to this standard.

It is paramount that our Industry continues to present work of the highest quality, and projects like this should be used as a benchmark for upcoming businesses. In the past, Landscape Maintenance has played second fiddle to the Construction phase of Landscapes - not any more! Congratulations Super Gardens on this brilliant work.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 35 proud sponsor


This project was well thought out both in the design process and through the selection of materials used for the projects. The in-situ concrete floating steps were executed to a high standard with great workmanship. The travertine paving and timber screening around the property provided a great amount of detail, with great finishings. The accuracy for the amount of form work and steel work required in the prep work for this project illustrates a great degree of difficulty resulting in the refined detail.

An outstanding effort by the team at Esjay.


The Emergency Services Memorial garden in the Treasury Gardens, East Melbourne pushes the “Wow Factor” off the Richter scale.

The quality of the selected stone is of the highest possible standard and the workmanship involved in the placement, cutting and installation of the stone and other elements is of an exceptional standard considering the extreme degree of difficulty. The effort to install stones of that size to the degree of accuracy achieved here is simply mind boggling.

Congratulations PTA Landscapes.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 36
proud sponsor
s JAY LA nds CA p E s EL s TE rn WICK pro JECT
THE LANDSCAPE p TA LA nds CA p E s EA s T m ELB ourn E pro JECT

C. o . s d E s IG n moun T m A r THA pro JECT

This impressive landscape and pool design was a fabulous solution for a steep block that the client wanted to be family friendly, yet also an entertainer’s delight.

The spectacular wet edge pool leads the eye to the ocean view beyond the continuing landscape of lawn and plants. The locally sourced rock is a feature throughout the whole project, defining the boundary and giving a sense of space to the pool and to the curved fire pit area. The whole garden has a purpose right down to the inground trampoline and the basketball area; both of which are easy to access but hidden from the main view when relaxing on the decks.

An eclectic mix of plants, textures, materials and usable spaces, this garden is striking and timeless and sits very comfortably in the surrounding coastal environment.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 37 proud sponsor


s IG n

Displaying an excellent connection to the brief, this garden is beautifully designed for its coastal environment setting.

A professional set of drawings that tackled a very difficult site were presented, showing clever problem solving with excellent supporting documentation. The design itself brought a cohesive selection of materials together through clear and precise specifications resulting in an exciting and innovative response to the challenges presented by the site.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 38


m E ron HAI ns W or TH ABCA m H or TIC u LT ur E

up to date with current technologies and trends. Congratulations ABCAM Horticultural Services!

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 39 proud sponsor


planting selection creating a relaxed style which complements the architecture of the home and the client’s lifestyle. Offering an inviting environment to sit and admire the surrounding views, the plant choices add form, texture and colour contrast to the various entertaining and play zones.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 40


This playground uses natural materials cleverly mixed with the more constructed forms of playground equipment. The overall appearance is one of a clearing in a bush setting offering natural stimulation that is hard to find in other playgrounds.

The attention to detail is admirable, considering the difficulties presented when working with natural materials; from the consistent grouting between the rocks preventing entrapment of little fingers to the seamless blending of 50 year old trees on the site with the newly constructed recycled materials.

For small humans, this is a happy place created by clever use of simple materials well designed and constructed.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 41 proud sponsor
LA nds T ru CT LA nds CA p E C ons T ru CTI on GLE n WAVE r LEY pro JECT

LA nd W or K s LA nds CA p I n G

B runs WICK EA s T pro JECT

Challenging the usual perception that Commercial works are all about the hard surfaces, this project stands out for the quality of the result and the health of the plantings.

Landworks Landscaping can truly be congratulated for the prep work on drainage and soil installation resulting in exceptional quality of plantings that include 3-storey walls covered in wisteria, a working vegetable garden that is not just tokenism, fruit trees for both shade and ornamental use, plus herbs used as under storey planting.

The overall feeling is of a lush, happy and healthy place to live in and visit with the added pleasure for residents to pick produce directly from the garden.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 42

This schoolground area feels like it has been installed for years, but remains sparkling and new, clean and green – it is a fantastic space for kids to enjoy.

All materials in the design were very effective and durable , and the numerous different elements, whilst not large in scale, present beautifully. Everything has been installed to a high level, with gaps and joins from timber to pavement smooth and detailed.

Planting was also a highlight, with exceptional plant spacing and smart selection of plants evident via the flourishing green life.

Having been completed in a live school environment, material access along with noise and timing constraints made the degree of difficulty very high which PTA worked around seamlessly.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 43 proud sponsor
A pro JECT
LA nds CA p E s


C. o . s d

s IG n moun T m A r THA pro JECT

A high level of skill was needed to execute the detail in this pool design due to the site demands, and C.O.S Design have shown yet again they are up to the challenge.

Exhibiting an excellent marriage between site and design response, the swim rest and play areas are well balanced demonstrating thoughtful consideration for the user, equipment is concealed neatly out of view and muffled by a high wall, and the design uses clever options with stunning detailing and finishes specified.

This pool design displays technical brilliance throughout evidenced by the excellent correlation between the design and the build outcomes.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 44


TLC poo L s KEIL or EA s T pro JECT

A clear winner in this category, TLC Pools have executed the construction of this pool to an exceptional level.

Tile selection integrates the pool and paving, blurring the lines between the two and melding the areas together. An almost flawless interior finish with internal fit off of lights and skimmer box barely definable is a highlight.

Well set out with superb consideration given to the materials and layout, this is a stunning pool that sits very elegantly as the centrepoint of the space.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 45 proud sponsor

norm A r K LA nds CA p E s sou TH m ELB ourn E pro JECT

Access to this property was very limited requiring good problem solving. Materials were of a very good quality, and installation showcased the skill and experience of the Normark team illustrating where there were difficult decisions to make.

Clever use of steel for retaining walls and for the water feature makes the most of the limited space, drainage was excellent, especially given the small space, paving was well executed and the stone seating was delivered cleverly with creative use of steel and caulking for joints.

This project is a deserving winner showcasing skills and materials in a small space and with a modest budget.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 46

The Esjay Landscapes project impresses from first glance with a landscape of crisp lines, bold features and soft welcoming textures perfectly in keeping with the modern home. A bold, clean, statement letterbox and grooved fence paneling frame the softly toned Ardenne limestone Van and trowel finished concrete pathways.

Attention to detail is first rate across the entire project - the paving is sharp and edgy and grout joints are full and even. Drainage and movement joints are discrete and effective, and the lush, modern plantings are of an excellent standard having been spaced evenly in well prepared soils.

Esjay have set the benchmark for landscape construction with this project exhibiting all the positive traits of experience, a great team of tradespeople and excellent project management and client liaison skills.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 47 proud sponsor


VICT or s T.CLAI r E G r EE n E r VI s I ons

Spending several years studying finance at University, Victor St. Clair decided to embrace the outdoors and head in a completely new direction of outdoor physical work once he realised his part time labouring work whilst studying had become his greater passion. So enjoyable was the work that he decided to apply for a landscape apprentice position at Greener Visions who commented in his entry application that “Vic’s attention to detail in the first few days on the job was amazing, and that he entered their team seamlessly as though he had been there for years already”.

Vic has shown great enthusiasm for both hard and soft landscape tasks. He is very proud to be a landscaper and his love and respect for his job and his employer was very evident to the judges, showing that the future of the landscape industry is in good hands.


Liam is a passionate young man who was born into a landscaper’s household. A great part of his childhood was spent on landscape construction sites on non-school days assisting his well accomplished landscaper father, Brad. Giving up a weekend to participate in the Make a Wish project in 2021 alongside industry veterans, it was noted by these leading landscapers that “Liam’s personality, work ethic and manners are a credit to him and shows that he has what it takes to be a future leader of this industry.”

Mature beyond his years, Liam looks forward to the opportunity to lead a team of young apprentices. Liam also enjoys the business side of running a Landscape Construction company and has big ideas to build the family business in the future.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 |
proud sponsor LIA m A ndr EW s B r A d A ndr EW s LA nds CA p I n G proud sponsor


Despite her compact stature Sarah is a force to be reckoned with in the garden and thrives at getting results done no matter how strenuous the activity is. Describing herself as a Disney Princess, anyone meeting her would have their day brightened as her dreams for the future are refreshing, her pride and professionalism are hugely evident and her passion for protecting plants and animals will help make the Earth a better place.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 49 proud sponsor
G r EE n op TI ons Thank you to our
A r AH mu LH o LLA nd
Awards Sponsors


ud L G roup po I n T L onsd ALE pro JECT

The Point is a fantastic example of how a housing development can have a positive impact on the environment.

A great amount of thought has gone into the protection of remnant vegetation on the site, existing soils were used and the road network of the estate functioning as a catchment for passive irrigation via swales, demonstrates sustainable best practice.

The conversion of an industrial landscape via a sophisticated system of lochs that allow full flushing of the lagoon with the tides, has resulted in a thriving marine ecosystem that brings a high level of amenity to the residents along with meaningful habitat creation. An exemplar project for the industry – well done to the team at UDL.

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | proud sponsor 50

Industry Award Winners


Commercial Landscape of the Year 32 PTA Landscapes

Residential Landscape of the Year 33 C.O.S Design


Award of Merit 29 Georgia Harper Chris Weiss

Supplier of the Year 30 Warner's Nurseries C.Fulton's

Landscape Management & Maintenance (Residential) 34 Van Leeuwen Green Horticultural Services

Landscape Management & Maintenance (Commercial) 35 Super Gardens

Hard Structures in the Landscape 36 Esjay Landscapes + Pools PTA Landscapes

Finalists: Lilydale Instant Lawn, Smart Water, Better Exteriors, Gardens at Night, Speciality Trees, Bamstone

Van Leeuwen Green Horticultural Services

Ace Landscape Services Pty Ltd UDL Group Pty Ltd

King's Gardens & Pools Brad Andrews Landscaping

Design under 100 sqm Intrinsic Landscapes

Design 100-400sqm Intrinsic Landscapes Esjay Landscapes & Pools

Design - Over 400sqm 37 C.O.S Design PTA Landscapes King's Gardens & Pools

Documented Landscape Design 38 C.O.S Design C.O.S Design Lisa Ellis Gardens

The Nic van Diemen Award 39 ABCAM Horticulture

Softscaping in the Landscape 40 C.O.S Design

Commercial Construction <500k 41 Landstruct Landscape Construction Landworks Landscaping Yellowstone Landscaping

Commercial Construction 500k to 1.5m 42 Landworks Landscaping UDL Group Landstruct Landscape Construction

Commercial Construction > 1.5m 43 PTA Landscapes Super Gardens

Pool in the LandscapePool Design 44 C.O.S Design

Pool in the LandscapePool Construction 45 TLC Pools

PTA Landscapes Ace Landscape Services

King's Gardens & Pools Esjay Landscapes & Pools

TLC Pools Kiama Landscapes & Pools

Residential Construction30k-75k 46 Normark Landscapes Esjay Landscapes + Pools

Residential Construction75k-150k

Residential Construction150-250k

Residential ConstructionOver 250k 47 Esjay Landscapes + Pools

Apprentice of the Year: Horticulture, Parks & Gardens 49 Sarah Mulholland - Green Options

Sustainable Landscape 50 UDL Group

Apprentice of the Year: Construction 48 Victor St.Claire - Greener Visions Liam Andrews - Brad Andrews Landscaping

Cutting Landscape Constructions

Intrinsic Landscapes Adam Hompas Landscapes

Josh Norman Landscapes TLC Pools

Kiama Landscapes & Pools

King's Gardens & Pools

E S | Spring / Summer 2022 | 51 proud sponsor

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