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6 Five minutes with Isha Saini, Interior Design Consultant

Cover picture courtesy of: Accessorize - Village Market

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New VillagerS Salvatore Di Francisca Seacret Bossini Accessorize

12 PROFILER Damar Padwa: ‘Our business in life is to help each other’


15 Bookworm 16 Festive promotion Wins for loyal shoppers in festive promotion 22 VILLAGE SCENE 24 Kaya Spa I hereby resolve to simplify my life…


25 Well Being A Soothing way to go shopping 26 Escape Dream of Zanzibar Resort 29 A-Z of Village Market 31 Essential contacts 32 Village diary





Plenty of good things in store for the year ahead


fter the joyful festivities we are back and looking forward to a great year ahead. We have so much in store for you and Village Beat is here to keep you

informed about all our planned and past events. We start off with the shoppers who won big in the Christmas Village Shopping Adventure. Read all about it in this issue. With the festive season promotion out of the way, we officially welcome our New Villagers: Seacret, Bossini, Accessorize and Salvatore di Francisca. Feeling a little tight around the shoulders and back? Why not try the magical massage tools at Elixir Health. Read about these portable devices in our Well-Being section, then try them out for free. The pampering doesn’t end there. Check out East Africa’s latest destination, Dream of Zanzibar. We can’t think of a better place to spend your Easter holiday.

Resolutions Spare ‘5 Minutes’ for Isha Saini as she describes the forthcoming Ideal Interiors Show, which is returning to The Village Market after a year’s break. Not shy to share her resolutions this year is Amondi Buyu of Kaya Spa at Tribe Hotel. Our lovely contributors keep it nice and fresh, just the way you like it. As for me, it’s time to say goodbye after five and a half years and 32 issues as editor of Village Beat. It has been a wonderful run seeing the magazine transform and grow to what it is today. All this would not have been possible without you. Your insightful observations and cheerful nature were instrumental to my work and the magazine’s success. For this I say thank-you. It has been a pleasure and I hope that our paths cross again. Sincerely,


Ann Gitari

Assistant Marketing Manager The Village Market


Village News thANks FOr greAt MeMOries After 18 years of creating great memories, the cinema hall, bowling alley, miniature golf, water park and swimming pools have been closed to make way for exciting new changes at The Village Market. The next 24 months will see the addition of unique facilities for everyone.

For up-to-date news and information, join us online: Facebook: Village Market Twitter: @VillageMarket

We wish to thank all our loyal patrons for their faithful support over the years and look forward to even greater times ahead as they continue to make The Village Market a ‘home from home’.

BeNeFits OF yOur BONus CArd As a privileged Bonus Card member, you can look forward to rewards every time you shop at any of The Village Market outlets. Your Bonus Card entitles you to exclusive offers, discounts, privileges and thrilling events that are reserved for our most loyal shoppers. Wondering where to start? Present your identification card and sign up for our loyalty programme at the


Bonus Card desk or via our customer care representatives. Pick up your card in 24 hours. It’s easy – and free. Get the points: Every time you shop at The Village Market, bring your Bonus Card and receipts (valid for three months from date of transaction) to the Bonus Card

desk for your account to be credited. Every KES 500 spent earns you nine points. Spend the point: Track your points regularly and take advantage of the great offers and opportunities that correspond to the number of points you have acquired. Offers range from parking vouchers to local and international destinations.


OrChestrA FlAsh MOB is A ‘First’ For the first time in Kenya an orchestra performed to a ‘flash mob’ in one of Nairobi’s busiest malls. To celebrate ‘Kenya at 50’ and the Christmas season, the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya, conducted by Levi Wataka, gave a great performance, much to the pleasant surprise of many Food Court customers. The repertoire included the Kenyan classic ‘Stella’ by Freshly Mwamburi, arranged for orchestra by David Ralak; ‘Safari ya Bamba’ by Dr Arthur Kemoli, arranged for orchestra by Jim Pywell and Levi Wataka; Handel’s ‘La Réjouissance’ (from

ChArity PArty The Village Market annual charity party at the former water park was attended by over 300 enthusiastic youngsters from homes and community-based

‘Music for the Royal Fireworks’); and to add to the Christmas cheer, ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’. The performance can be viewed online at:

organisations drawn from the city and its environs. As is customary, the homes also received donations of dry food supplies from the malls management and partners to cater for the festive period.

eAsier shOPPiNg ACCess Here’s to new things! The new phase is now accessible through the Nakumatt entrance on the first level and via the staircases to the rooftop parking on the third level. The second-level entrance to Woolworths and Patrick Mavros entrance is also now open.


Five minutes with ...

Ideal Interiors Expo returns to its roots Five minutes with Isha Saini, Interior Design Consultant


deally, no built-up space is

while offering solutions to what may be

complete without the finishing

considered the trickiest of construction

touches that make it habitable and


in line with one’s taste. Indeed, this

• What colour of paint?

is what provides the appeal of Ideal

• Which style of furniture?

Interiors Expo, the inspirational East

• How many plants?

African exhibition that is returning to

Those in search of interior and

The Village Market with bigger and

exterior solutions can get together at

better deals and offers.

this unique event and exchange ideas

This year’s exhibition, from 5 to 9

as enthusiastic exhibitors display their

March, will be held in the Market’s newly

refreshing ‘style spaces’ for homes,

reconstructed and now more spacious

offices and hotels.

rooftop parking area. Exhibitors and visitors have good reason to celebrate the return of this popular event. The Ideal Interiors Expo has a

Inspired Since its inception half a decade ago,

mission to provide our built environ-

the Ideal Interiors Expo has inspired

ment with exemplary finishing touches

a growing number of exhibitors and


drawn a diverse range of visitors from across the region. Noting that the exhibition arena has been filling up faster than anticipated, the event’s managing and organising body, Real Wealth, attributes its success to the changing lifestyle of qualitydemanding buyers. Of significance is the fact that Ideal Interiors is ranked highly by professionals in the building and interior design industry. The five-day show provides a multi-billion-shilling market opportunity for exhibitors and incremental value for visitors. Ideal Interiors prides itself on being a personally interactive platform for interior designers, architects and contractors, home developers, home

designers, focused product vendors

owners and hoteliers. The event

and visitors who make the event

appeals to those who want aestheti-


cally appealing spaces, technologically

Whatever your taste, there will be

advanced appliances and sustainably

plenty to choose from in the domestic,

sound creative interiors.

recreational and formal spaces of the

Turning point

exhibition. The range of displays will include smart storage systems, impressive furniture, innovative design and

Humphrey Odhiambo, the event’s

decorating solutions. Visitors will also

founder and director, said that getting

find roofing, flooring solutions, furni-

back to The Village Market – where the

ture, artwork and accessories.

exhibition was conceived and there-

Having emerged as East Africa’s

Mr Odhiambo said: “We are passionate about providing the local industry suppliers and global partners

after consistently hosted – marked

biggest sourcing ground for interior

with a platform that gives them access

a turning point for keen buyers and

design solutions, Ideal Interiors is

to new markets in Eastern Africa,

quality-conscious product exhibitors in

looking to assist the growing interior

which now has a population of over

the interiors industry.

design industry to find the products

120 million people.”

Mr Odhiambo said there was more to learn from the bespoke interior

it requires in the region’s expanding multi-billion-dollar projects.

With its strategic location, ample parking and capacity for over 6,500 people, The Village Market is clearly an apt location for this year’s exhibition. So come and seize the opportunity to connect with the best in the sizzling world of interiors – exhibitors and opinion makers who continue to challenge the outlook of those constructing homes, offices and hotels.

Isha Saini is a qualified interior designer, having graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from George Washington University in the United States. Her undergraduate degree is in prelaw and she has also pursued a programme in journalism. Email:


New Villager

Salvatore Di Francisca

Italian tailoring with an accent on luxury


alvatore Di Francisca menswear was established on the principle that there is nothing

retired footballer Zinedine Zidane. Salvatore describes the Loro Piana customer as “one who wants the

to beat the sensation of wearing

very best of everything”. Each suit

clothes that fit perfectly and knowing

is measured, cut and sewn by hand

those clothes are unique.

to create a garment that honours

This master tailor makes clothes for the kind of man who knows exactly what he wants. The brand uses fabrics

the Italian tradition of tailoring and is unique to each customer.

the internationally acclaimed luxury


products group Louis Vuitton and

The Salvatore Di Francisca range

Moët Hennessy (LVMH).

embraces formal wear, suits and sports

by Loro Piana, an official partner of

The Salvatore Di Francisca luxury brand has now opened in The Village Market and is certain to be the most

jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories. Managing director Amin Premji has

exclusive bespoke menswear shop in

25 years’ experience in the textiles

East and Central Africa. Here, customers

and garment industry and is proud of

with a flair for fashion can choose their

the brand and the interest shown by

Loro Piana fabrics and have them

its affluent customers. He describes

stitched in Italy under the watchful eye of

wearers of the Salvatore Di Francisca

the master tailor, Salvatore Di Francisca.

line as “adventurous, bold and lovers of

Born in 1933, Salvatore designs clothes for well known people such as film actor Omar Sharif, politician Tony Blair and


the very fine things in life”. Fittings, inquiries and advice are by appointment (see contact details).

Salvatore Di Francisca 2nd level, above Food Court Cell: +254 723 978 786 Tel: +254 (20) 712 2473 Fax: +254 (20) 712 22902 Email:

New Villager


Give your skin a Seacret treat


he secret of feeling and

• Never to compromise on product

looking great could well be


from ‘tender loving care’ for your nails

Seacret – Minerals from the

For all your skin care requirements,

• To offer exceptional customer service

to a warm soak in Dead Sea bath salts,

Dead Sea, a range of pure skin care

• To conduct business with honesty

and from a rejuvenating salt scrub to

and spa products extracted from the

and integrity.

mineral-rich body mud, hydrating mois-

Dead Sea to bring out and enhance the natural beauty of its users. East Africa’s first Seacret shop has


turisers, age-defying treatments and much more, visit the Seacret shop on the first level next to Nairobi Toy World

opened in The Village Market, where it

Seacret offers unique skin care

for consultations with its customer-

has received a positive response from

products that cater to men, women

friendly staff. Your skin will thank you.

astute shoppers.

and all skin types by cleaning,

The skin care and spa products

renewing, refreshing, relaxing, moistur-

of Seacret are based on three core

ising and maintaining healthy, soft and


glowing skin.

Seacret - Minerals from the Dead Sea

Located at the First Level next to Nairobi Toy World Cell phone: 0770 741 488 Email:


New Villager


Every visit to Bossini is a pleasure


ossini is the 10th brand under

every shopping visit to Bossini is a truly

the Deacons umbrella to be

enjoyable experience. The company

located at The Village Market.

lives up to its commitment by offering

Launched in Hong Kong in 1987, the

a wide choice of quality products

Bossini brand now has a large store

together with innovative shops, attrac-

footprint with 878 franchise stores

tive merchandising and good customer

and over 600 corporate stores in the

service. As a result, Bossini has

Middle East and Asia. It offers value-

succeeded in making fashion-conscious

for-money casual wear and apparel for

customers feel happy and satisfied.

men, women and children. The company aims to ensure that

Mix and match Bossini sells everyday casual contem-


The Bossini shop is conveniently located at the first-level Nakumatt entrance.

porary wear, comprehensive product lines for men, women and children, easy mix-and-match clothing in colourful and energetic designs in a good choice of colours and fabrics. The emphasis is on value-for-money products of good quality.


New Villager


Putting on the fashion style


ccessorize with Style aims to offer its customers a range of exciting and fashion-

forward products, from sophisticated evening clothes to casual day wear, combining feminine styling with exotic colours, beautiful fabrics and detailed finishing. The store has a unique position in the market with its globally sourced, well priced and good quality collection of fashion accessories. The Accessorize product range is extensive and includes every kind of accessory.

Committed Its management team is committed to the continuing development and expansion of the Accessorize product range. From the beginning Accessorize has embraced such values as commitment to fashion, creativity and high quality products. This approach will continue to play a vital part in the company’s future growth and success.


Find Accessorize at the Bank Plaza on the second level. Join our facebook page: accessorize with style



elping to maintain and strengthen good relations between The Village Market

and the local community is Damar Padwa, who has been spearheading various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. Damar joined the Market staff in 2012 after a short stint with an events marketing firm. Damar was always a bright student. After her O-levels, the Joints Admissions Board (JAB) found her a place at university and she pursued an undergraduate course in Environmental Planning and Management. But she soon realised that the degree course wasn’t her cup of tea. “I couldn’t draw to save my life,” Damar admits with a laugh. “I then thought of pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree, but I didn’t have the points necessary to qualify.” Her next choice was a degree in

Damar Padwa

‘Our business in life is to help each other’ 12


“Community Development opened up a whole new world to me. I fit right into it”


Community Development. “Boy, didn’t I love it! Community Development opened up a whole new world to me. I fit right into it.” And so began Damar’s exploration of sustainable living. She enjoyed the theoretical aspects of the course as much as the field trips. Her caring heart and giving nature were a key advantage in what might be considered ‘the philanthropist’s subject’. “Sustainable living is simply being good to the space around you,” she explains. “As companies seek to create a sustainable closed-loop system, giving is the final element that seals

took place in September 2013. The

Damar can be found watching films,

the loop.”

project sought to engage children

listening to music and catching up on

aged three to 12 years in decorating

reading or cleaning. Ultimately she

over 300 pairs of canvas shoes,

would like to be a teacher like her

transforming them into beautiful

mother, who runs a kindergarten.

Projects Damar has been at the forefront of

customised footwear. The shoes would

several CSR projects organised by

later be donated to the Ahadi Kenya

says Damar. “Business just for business

The Village Market. Of note was a

Trust in support of its fight against the

is no longer sustainable and it’s only

visit to Nyumbani Children’s Home for

jigger menace. However, the event

when we give that we receive. Let’s all

youngsters living with HIV. Damar led a

had to be cut short following news

remember that our core business in

team of Village Market staff to donate

of the Westgate terror attack, which

this life is to help people.”

food and spend quality time with the

occurred the same afternoon. In spite


of this, the young philanthropists still

To mark World Environment Day on 1 June she oversaw the distribution of 1,000 free seedlings to Village Market

had something to show in just under an hour.

to give the indigenous trees a home,


thus helping to combat deforesta-

While at The Village Market, Damar

tion. On the same day, Damar led her

has also worked with other organi-

colleagues – together with pupils from

sations to help them achieve their

Karura and Cheleta primary schools,

CSR goals. They include: Little Prince

volunteers from the Global Shapers

School – Kibera, The Action Founda-

organisation, the Kenya Forest Service

tion, Turkana Kaikor Women’s Group,

and Friends of Karura – to plant

Heshima Safe House, Teen Challenge

another 3,000 seedlings in Karura

Kenya, Bella Almasi Foundation,

Forest. This was the first phase of the

Shangilia Children’s Home, Cerebral

‘9,000 Trees for Karura Forest’ project

Palsy Society of Kenya, Autism Kenya,

undertaken by The Village Market

Dettol Heart Run, Shah Free Eye and

in 2012. In addition, the Friends of

ENT Camp, Kenya Cancer Association

Karua Forest received KES 600,000

and the Africa Collect Textiles (ACT)

to nurture and maintain the seedlings


customers and visitors, who promised

for one year until the next phase of planting in 2014. One of Damar’s most creative CSR initiatives was ‘Kicks for Kids’, which

Damar says she is inspired by seeing people happy and the opportunity to get what she refers to as ‘good karma’.

“Charity work is very important,”

A new corporate approach The Village Market continues to commit its resources to creating a positive impact in the community in matters of education, health, environmental conservation, and cultural progression through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. The Village Market’s management is mindful that corporate strategy is shifting globally. Businesses are not only considering the financial bottom line but are adopting what is known as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ strategy. This new strategy considers people (human capital and community), planet (sustainable environmental practices) and profit (the lasting impact of an organisation on its economic environment).

When she’s not saving the world,


Off the Shelf

BOOkwOrM I AM MALALA Author: Christian Lamb


Price: KES 1,680

Author: Hanan Al-Shaykh

When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to education. On 9 October 2012 she almost paid the ultimate price. Shot in the head at pointblank range while riding the bus home from school, she was not expected to survive. Instead, Malala’s miraculous recovery has taken her on an extraordinary journey from a remote village in northern Pakistan to the halls of the United Nations in New York. At 16, she has become a global symbol of peaceful protest and the youngest-ever nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. ‘I Am Malala’ is the remarkable tale of a family uprooted by global terrorism, of the fight for girls’ education, and of her parents’ fierce love for their daughter in a society that prizes sons. It will make you believe in the power of one person’s voice to inspire change in the world.

Price: KES 1,200

The subject of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ is the never-ending stories told by Shahrazad while under sentence of death by King Shahryar. Maddened by the discovery of his wife’s orgies, the king vows to marry a virgin every night and kill her in the morning. To survive, his newest wife, Shahrazad, spins a web of tales each night, leaving the king in suspense and thus prolonging her life for another day. These mesmerising stories, gathered from India, Persia and across the Arabian empire, are retold by Hanan Al-Shaykh in a stimulating new way.


AN ASTRONAUT’S GUIDE TO LIFE ON EARTH Author: Chris Hadfield Price: KES 1,910

Colonel Chris Hadfield has spent decades training as an astronaut and has logged nearly 4,000 hours in space. During this time, he has broken into a space station with a Swiss army knife, disposed of a live snake while piloting a plane and been temporarily blinded while clinging to the exterior of an orbiting spacecraft. The secret of his success – and survival – is an unconventional philosophy he learned at NASA: prepare for the worst and enjoy every moment of it. In ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’ Chris Hadfield takes readers deep into his years of training and space exploration to show how to make the impossible possible. You might never be able to build a robot, pilot a spacecraft or perform basic surgery in zero gravity like Colonel Hadfield; but his vivid and refreshing insights will teach you how to think like an astronaut and will change completely the way you view life on Earth – especially your own.

Price: KES 1,680

‘The Birds of Africa’ series, volumes I to VII, covered the avifauna of continental Africa. This volume fulfils the aspiration, expressed in that series, for a single volume dealing with the birds of Madagascar, Seychelles, the Comoros, the Mascarenes and their associated smaller outlying islands – the Malagasy region. It follows ‘The Birds of Africa’ series in treating each of the region’s 352 regularly occurring species in detail, using a wealth of information, much of it very recent. Distribution, description, identification, general behaviour, feeding and breeding habits are comprehensively covered by experts. All 135 vagrant species are also dealt with, more briefly; and for the first time the distribution of species across the region is presented in a series of detailed and informative maps. Each species is extensively illustrated, showing variations in plumage across ages, sexes and geographical regions. One plate illustrates species that have recently become extinct in the region, and a separate plate section covers vagrants.

Books available at:

Westlands Sundries Level 1, Opposite Steers Tel: +254 20 7122437 Email:


Festive promotion

wiNs FOr lOyAl shOPPers iN FestiVe PrOMOtiON


early 500 Village Market shoppers walked away with an array of prizes in the Christmas Village Shopping

Adventure. This exciting promotion began on 15 November and came to an end on 15 January. For every KES 2,000 spent within the mall, participating shoppers earned a point into the promotion. The event also gave shoppers an opportunity to explore the mall as they moved through defined zones of The Village Market. The adventure zones included Santa’s

Workshop, Winter Wonderland, the Big Tree, Candy Land and Enchanted Forest. The event also included a

Yoram Franzen, Air France KLM’s commercial director for Eastern Africa, presents the Christmas Village Shopping Adventure grand prize of a round trip ticket for two to Brazil to a delighted John Ngige as Village Market managing director Hamed Ehsani looks on.

Charity Tribute, giving participants a chance to make a donation to the charity of their choice.

Promotions Shoppers taking part in the promotion stood a chance to win safaris, beach holidays, furniture, electronic items, shopping vouchers and gift hampers. From 2 December there were seven weekly draws in which the promotions computer system randomly picked and generated a list of winners from the electronic entries received and stored it in the server. The grand draw took place at noon on 15 January.

Mr Mughal receives an accommodation package from Joan Ngugi of Sun Africa Hotels (left) and Veronica Kabugi of The Village Market.

All draws were made in the presence of a Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) official. Highlight of the promotion came on 30 January when the top 20 winners were presented with their prizes. John Ngige Ngonjo emerged the winner of a ticket for two to Brazil courtesy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The Village Market Management wishes to congratulate all winners and to thank sponsors of this promotion for their generosity.


Mr. Cokayne receives one of the prizes in the just concluded Christmas Village Shopping Adventure promotion from Leah Munyua of The Village Market.

list OF wiNNers iN the 2013 ChristMAs VillAge shOPPiNg AdVeNture: 1.

JOHN NGIGE NGONJO: Round trip ticket for two to Brazil courtesy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


DAMARIS WANJIRU GATHONI: Apollo Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


FARZANA NAUREEN MUGHAL: One double room for two for three nights at Keekorok Lodge Maasai Mara courtesy of Sun Africa Hotels


ROSELYNE WANJA KAMAU: Apollo Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


ELMIRA ALEYNIKOVA: Apollo Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


TOM OFUYO: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


LESLEY ANNE YOUNG: Safaricom Gift Voucher


JOHN KINUTHIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher


GRACE NJERI KOINANGE: Safaricom Gift Voucher


PAMELA LOUISE COLLINS: Safaricom Gift Voucher VICTORIA A OTIENO: Safaricom Gift Voucher


AJAY CHANDUBHAI PATEL: Four nights for two on self-catering basis at Olive House, Mtwapa


ANDREW NDEGWA: Two nights for two at Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa, Zanzibar



LILIAN AKOTH ORIENY: Two double rooms for four for three nights at Lake Naivasha Country Club courtesy of Sun Africa Hotels LESLEY YOUNG: Dinner table with six chairs courtesy of Mobilcasa Furniture


VANESSA GATHONI KAMAU: Octava (Ouzanne) table from Pinkopallino Gallery



VIJAY SHAH: Salimu (Salepepe) table from from Pinkopallino Gallery

40. MARION MBUGUA: Safaricom Gift Voucher


SUSAN KINYA MEME: Two nights for two at Tsavo West Serena Lodge, Kilaguni courtesy of Edmac Safaris & Tours


FARZANA NAUREEN MUGHAL: Safaricom Gift Voucher


NATHAN ALLEN REINCHELD: Safaricom Gift Voucher


PAMELA WANJIRU CHEGE: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher


BETTINA ROEDLING GLEN: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


LEE ANNE MARIE RAGAN: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


SARAH W GITAU: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


NANCY A WEGNER: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


WENDY CHAO NAYE: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


NATHALIE HELENE TAMIGNEAUX: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


VANESSA GATHONI KAMAU: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher


ESTHER MUTHONI GIKUNJU: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher


EUNICE YIM NEWCOIMB: A set of Khumo Tyres courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


ALEX MUNGAI KAMAU: Adi/Adige high table with one bar stool courtesy of Pinkopallino Gallery


RAHEL G. TADESSE: Two nights for two at Naivasha’s Kiboko Luxury Camp courtesy of Sun Africa Hotels.


EMILY K: A set of passenger tyres of any brand courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


MARK JAMES WARDLEY: Four nights for two on self-catering basis at Olive House, Mtwapa


KINYUA KAMAU: Four nights for two on self-catering basis at Olive House, Mtwapa


HEIDI HELENE GUERTLER: Two nights for two at Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa, Zanzibar



ULRIKE ROEDER: Bed and breakfast for two at Tribe Hotel

CHARLES NDEGWA MWANGI: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher



WENDY ELIZABETH COKAYNE: Bed and breakfast for two at Tribe Hotel

JOSEPH MUASA MATHULA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher



DANIEL NGUGI MBUTHIA: Mogadishu (Meandri) table courtesy of Pinkopallino Gallery

NIKKI KIM CRITICOS: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher


LILIAN AKOTH ORIENY: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher


NIKETA FAZAL: 16GB iPad Mini courtesy of Safaricom Limited


JULIET WANJIRU WANGUI: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher


PETER KAKAI CHELOTI: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher


MARY D WANJIKU: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


VLADIMIR A SLAVNOV: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


ANGELA NJERI MBUGUA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


VIJAY SHAH: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


HAWI ODINGO: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


VERENA JOST BERHAN: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


ABIGAIL KOMU: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


MOSES MARETE: Black Silk Gift Hamper


JUTTA KRETE-BERGER: Black Silk Gift Hamper


CAROLINE NATO KINISU: Black Silk Gift Hamper


JULIA ROFFEY: Black Silk Gift Hamper


ROSELINE GUDA: Black Silk Gift Hamper


DEVIN JONES: Black Silk Gift Hamper


VLADIMIR SLAVNOV: Bed and breakfast for two at the Sovereign Suites courtesy of Sun Africa Hotels


PAMELA WANJIRU CHEGE: 7” Huawei Media Pad Youth courtesy of Safaricom Limited


ANN TUNDO: 7” Huawei Media Pad Youth courtesy of Safaricom Limited


GENEVIEVE NANJI: 7” Huawei Media Pad Youth courtesy of Safaricom Limited


EDITH WANJIRU KAMAU: Samsung Galaxy Trend courtesy of Safaricom Limited


YOUNGWON PARK: Samsung Galaxy Trend courtesy of Safaricom Limited


JAMES AGIN: Samsung Galaxy Trend courtesy of Safaricom Limited


SONG JUNG JA: Samsung Galaxy Trend courtesy of Safaricom Limited


ARUNA SHEKAR PATEL: Samsung Galaxy Trend courtesy of Safaricom Limited


TRIKA KATHLEEN PENNINGTON: Maintenance free battery courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


JAIMINI AMIT PATEL: Black Silk Gift Hamper


ANJALI KHAMAR: Black Silk Gift Hamper


JANE WAIRIMU KANIU: Black Silk Gift Hamper




SHILA SHANJI PATEL: Black Silk Gift Hamper


IAN WILLIAM BARTON: Black Silk Gift Hamper


DANIEL NGUMY: Black Silk Gift Hamper


KELLI COMPEAN: Black Silk Gift Hamper


JOSKY OKOTH OCHIENG: Nitorgen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


EDWIN OTIENO: Pomodoro Restaurant Meal Voucher


RAHEL G TADESSE: Pomodoro Restaurant Meal Voucher


SAVITA PINKY ARORA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


ANN W NJOROGE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


ANN TUNDO: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


JANET SUSAN BARLOW: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


CHARLES MAGARA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


JESSICAH NDANU NGILA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


FIKIRTE TADELE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


ARUNA SHEKAR PATEL: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


BETTY ACHAM OPAGI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


ISHMATH BASHIR: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


NICHOLAS KILONZO MUINDI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


PRITPAL SINGH VIRDEE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


MILENA MURIAM WEKHELT: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


MARY WAMBUI WANYOIKE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


DAVID E DASS: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


PAULINE MARIE ADAM: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


CLAUDIA GUTIERREZ: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited


ANNA LOMELING: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

100. DANIEL MBUTHIA: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 101. DR DOROTHEE VON BRENTANO: Safaricom Gift Voucher 102. DAVIS MUNENE: Safaricom Gift Voucher 103. AGNES MUMBUA MUTSAMI: Safaricom Gift Voucher 104. EMA NUELA LUC ARELLI: Safaricom Gift Voucher 105. MAURICA O APONDI: Safaricom Gift Voucher 106. BENEDICT DAMBA: Safaricom Gift Voucher 107. SALAMAN SADRUDIN KHOJA: Safaricom Gift Voucher 108. EUNICE MAGOMERE: Safaricom Gift Voucher 109. SUENGJOO YUN: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher

Continued over > 17

List of winners continued: 110. LINDA H ARCHER: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

153. ANDREW NDEGWA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

194. KEVIN DANIEL SPEED: Black Silk Gift Hamper


EUNAH MAKONI: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

154. MBAABU MMBIJIWE NKANATHA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

195. SALLTY MARGARET TIMMIS: Black Silk Gift Hamper

112. THOMAS SPINDLER: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

155. LIVINGSTONE NDUNGU KARUGU: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

196. MICHELLE DOYLE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

113. ASSUMPTOR WAWERU: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

156. SCOTT BELLOWS: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

197. KYUNG JA LEE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

114. GAIL LANGTON: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

157. MD ZAHIDUR RAHMAN: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

198. ERIC MUTUMA THARIMBU: Black Silk Gift Hamper

115. BELINE KIGASIA GRIFFITHS: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

158. SHAIDA PIRANI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

199. ANTONY MBUGUA KURIA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

116. DENIS KIIRU NDUATI: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

159. MUSTAQ ALI MOHAMHED SULEMAN: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

200. LAUREN M MACKENZIE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

117. ANDREW NDUNG’U KIRUMBA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

160. ROVENA KOKOSHI: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

201. SIV DAMGAARD LARISEN: Black Silk Gift Hamper

118. RICHARD WALTER F STEIN: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 119. PER GEHEB: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 120. MARY WANJIRU NJENGA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 121. KETUL MANILAL DODHIA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 122. SARAH MADELINE MOLLER: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

161. JUDY KIRUI: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 162. DANIELLE LYNN MORISSETTE: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 163. CHRISTINE CRAIG: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

123. ANDREW WACHIRA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

164. AJAY CHANDUBHAI PATEL: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

124. ELLY OUMA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

165. LILIAN ACHIENG ONDIEK: Safaricom Gift Voucher

125. PATRICK MUTUA MAINGI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

166. BERNICE JOY COCKAR: Safaricom Gift Voucher

126. DANIEL P MWANDO: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

167. MARIA ROSARIO SALDANHA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

127. MOSES MUCHIRI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

168. LIANA ARCHAIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

128. ZOHEB MOSTAQ SULEMAN: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

169. MENAL SHAH: Safaricom Gift Voucher

129. PETER NJOROGE LEMELEU: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

170. JACQUES ARNOLD VERWIEL: Safaricom Gift Voucher

130. PHYLLIS OMUKULE: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

171. VENUGOOAL VARANASI: Safaricom Gift Voucher

131. MARTIN KAMAU NGUGI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

172. BEEJAL CHUNILAL HARIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

132. REHANA AHMED: Black Silk Gift Hamper

173. SEEMA PATEL: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher

133. DEEDRE B WERNER: Black Silk Gift Hamper

174. PETRINA WALKER: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

134. MOSES CHEGE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

175. EKTA BIMAL SHAH: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

135. NAFISA PARPIA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

176. ELIZABETH LWANGA KING: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

136. BIBIAN NJERI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

177. FLORENCE ACHIENG: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

137. JULIE D WATTS: Black Silk Gift Hamper

178. PATRICIA MWENYA: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

138. PRADEEP LAMA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

179. ANGELA CHIBESA MWAPE: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

139. FELIX KIPKIRUI MAIYO: Black Silk Gift Hamper

180. NASRIN SHAMIJI-DEWANY: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

140. SHEILA CLARA NZIOKA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

181. NELLY WANGARI NG’ETHE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

141. PATRICIA LOEHR: Black Silk Gift Hamper

182. DAVINDER SAGOO RAMS: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

142. SIMON KAMAU KIHATO: Black Silk Gift Hamper

183. JULIE ROSE BIDDER: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

143. TERENCE PAUL BLUNSUM: Black Silk Gift Hamper

184. NEIL PATRICK REECE-EVANS: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

144. NIRMARABEN PYARA SINGH: Black Silk Gift Hamper

185. NAOMI JANE POULTON: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

145. PENNINAH WANGARI KINIU: Nitorgen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

186. HASMITA BHARAT: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

146. MAURENE ELEANOR HOPP: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 147. JOSHUA MOCHECHE OYNAGE: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 148. SURESH KHATRY: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 149. SPENCE M DRY: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 150. NIKETA FAZAL: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 151. RIENYE NYIKA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 152. LUCY WANJIKU MUNENE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher


187. MISBAH FAZAL: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 188. YVONNE IDUN: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 189. FATOUMATA BINTA BAH: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 190. CELESTE LILY RICHARD: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 191. CLYDE CASTELINO: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 192. TERESIA WAIRIMU NYATHIRA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 193. ZAHRA ADEN: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

202. FRED MUYA: Black Silk Gift Hamper 203. NANCY WAMBUI: Black Silk Gift Hamper 204. SALOME NDANDI MUSEMBI: Black Silk Gift Hamper 205. LORENZA PIERMATTEI: Black Silk Gift Hamper 206. BRIGITTE BEATRICE PLEITZ: Black Silk Gift Hamper 207. ALI KARIM: Black Silk Gift Hamper 208. PREM SHARMA: Nitrogen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 209. MADAN MOHAN MADAN: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 210. RAJUL PATEL: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 211. HARRIET E HOPPER: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 212. JULFIKARALI HUSSEIN JAMAL: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 213. RUKSHSANA SANGRAR: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 214. SARA MOUSSARI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 215. BENEDETTA CASASSA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 216. SUSAN MUTHONI WAKABA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 217. JOSEPH GACHIRI GACHIENGO: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 218. MAURICE MUTUA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 219. NEINA MINESH SHAH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 220. SEJ AL SHAH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 221. MARY FRANCES DRIVER: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 222. JANE WANZA KAMAU: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 223. CHRISTINE MUTHONI KURIA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 224. DIPTI BHAVESH GOHI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 225. FRIEDEL LIEBE-SAVAGE: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 226. SIMON MWANGI: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 227. ZEENAT FEISAL JAMAL: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 228. JOAB OMORO ODHIAMBO: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 229. SUSAN KINYA MEME: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 230. DAHER DAHER ADEN: Safaricom Gift Voucher 231. ALEXANDER KILUNDA MUTIE: Safaricom Gift Voucher 232. NASOOR VERJEE: Safaricom Gift Voucher 233. JASWINDER KAUR BENAWRA: Safaricom Gift Voucher 234. LILLIAN KERUBO OKWOYO: Safaricom Gift Voucher

235. JOANNE ASKEW: Safaricom Gift Voucher

278. WILLIE KANYEKI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

319. SABRINA LORA MOURITZEN: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

236. ALKA N DODHIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

279. ZINAT LALJI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

320. WANGECI KANJAMA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

237. KATHERINE ALTAGRACIA MICHEL: Safaricom Gift Voucher

280. MUMATZ ASHOK KUMAR SHAH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

321. MAYUR SURESH SHAH: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

238. NDINDA J MWONGO: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher

281. RITA KRIECH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

322. FAITH MUTHONI MWANGI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

239. MEEHIR DEVCHAND SHAH: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

282. LAURA A LEE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

323. GURPREET KAUR ROOPRAI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

240. EDITH WANJIRU KAMAU: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

283. PENINAH MUTSAMI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

324. SAROJ DINESH HARIA SHAH: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

241. JAN E STEBERSEN: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

284. KATRINE DINIZ: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

325. AMIT SHAH: Black Silk Gift Hamper

242. BILLY NDEGWA: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

285. CANDICE PEREIRE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

326. DIANA ACHIENG ODUOR: Black Silk Gift Hamper

243. YUAN ZHOU: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

286. VINOD BOOLELL: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

327. WIYALA MUKINGA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

244. MARY M MURIU: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

287. FAITH KHALEJI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

328. JACKLINE SIRAI CHEROP: Black Silk Gift Hamper

245. ALLAN YONAH KONZOLO: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

288. KENNEDY ODIWUOR: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

329. NAVJOT KAUR SEHMI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

246. LILIAN ORIENY: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

289. MERCY KIMANI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

330. LARRY DALE CONWAY: Black Silk Gift Hamper

247. ZAHID ZAHIL: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

290. GENEVIEVE NANJI: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

331. JASBEER KAUR SINGH: Black Silk Gift Hamper

248. YVONNE WANGECI GITOBU: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 249. GRASER ALEXANDRA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 250. TRESSI JOHN: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 251. TOLANI MARTIN: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 252. ASMA ALI ESMAILJEE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

291. KALIKA KIRAN SHAH: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 292. ANN CUNNINGHAM: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 293. ELIZABETH TENCH: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

332. JANE ADAM: Black Silk Gift Hamper 333. MARIKA ATTARD: Black Silk Gift Hamper 334. FOTIOS GIANOPULOS: Black Silk Gift Hamper 335. ENA CHUDHA: Black Silk Gift Hamper 336. NARSEEN M AZAD: Black Silk Gift Hamper

253. NANCY MUTHONI CHEGE: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

294. BOB MOORE: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

337. G. N KURJI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

254. CAROLYNE WANJIKU MBUGUA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

295. WENDY ELIZABETH COKANYE: Safaricom Gift Voucher

338. MICHAEL ISAAC OMBUORO: Black Silk Gift Hamper

255. ZAKAYO KIPKECH: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

296. ARPNA S SHAH: Safaricom Gift Voucher

256. SONG JUNG JA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher


339. SHEIL PATEL: Nitrogen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

257. ANDREW FELIX OUMA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

298. JOYCE NGUGI: Safaricom Gift Voucher


299. SILVIA SERRANO: Safaricom Gift Voucher

259. AJIT SINGH JAGDEV: Black Silk Gift Hamper

300. SHEJU SALVA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

260. SIMEON N TAABU: Black Silk Gift Hamper

301. ELECTINA NASWA WASIKE: Safaricom Gift Voucher

261. MARTIN C SCHROEDER: Black Silk Gift Hamper

302. JENNIFER WANJIRU AWORI: Safaricom Gift Voucher

262. ELIUD M WANDERA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

303. JANE SHAW: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher

263. ANGELA SABIRI OMBATI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

304. PETER KARIUKI: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

264. YOUNGWON PARK: Black Silk Gift Hamper

305. ADRIANA VAN WAGENINGEN: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

265. KARIM DOSTMOHAMED: Black Silk Gift Hamper

306. SPIROS ARGYROS: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

266. MANJEET K DEVGUN: Black Silk Gift Hamper

307. ABENA KWAKYE BERKO: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

267. MICHAEL NDIRITU MACHAKA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

308. JOYCE KABAGE: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

268. INGRID DIEPEVEEN: Black Silk Gift Hamper

309. KEVIN BARRON: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

269. ERICA MUSCH ROSSIER: Black Silk Gift Hamper

310. FEHMINA KARIM SHARIFF: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

270. GEORGE KAMAU: Black Silk Gift Hamper

311. HEIDIE HELENE GUERTLER: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

271. FRANKLIN LUBEMBE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

312. MEINZINGEN CHRISTA MARIA BEATE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

272. NALEDI SEKGAPANE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

313. QUIANA MONIQUE CANFOR DUMAS: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

273. ROSE W KIMANI: Nitrogen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

314. LUBANGA EVELYNE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

274. VICTORIA ANNE COLE: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 275. JULIE MAHERALI JESSA: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 276. JACQUELINE ACHIENG: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 277. NEENA PRIOR: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

315. BARBARA ALCAMO: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 316. MARIANA EDITH PLAZA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 317. SABINE KARIN RUNDGREN: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 318. ELENA KUONI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

340. QUINN BYRNES: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 341. SEVAK ZOE BEREKETIDOU: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher 342. LUCY WAWERU: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 343. NEELESH PONDA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 344. ILLA ARUN DEVANI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 345. HANIF JULIE KURJI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 346. SHAGUFTA JABEEN DEAN: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 347. NITA ANIL SHAH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 348. ANGELA WAMBUI KIHARA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 349. KALPANA THOMAS: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 350. REGINA W MWAURA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 351. BEATRICE NTHENYA MAINGI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 352. METUKA LUTSKY: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 353. ZOHEB MOSTAQ SULEMAN: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 354. DOROTHY W NTHENYA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 355. WANJIKU KINUTHIA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher 356. ANTHONY ONESMUS WANJAU Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 357. BEATRICE W MUSILA: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 358. JOHN NGIGE NGONJO: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 359. BEDAN NJIRI MWANGI: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

Continued over > 19

List of winners continued: 360. JOAN CHRISTINE LOMBARD: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

404. EMILY K: Black Silk Gift Hamper

446. ELIJAH MWAURA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

361. RAUL RODRIGUEZ RAMOS: Safaricom Gift Voucher

405. MWAI RICHARD: Nitrogen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

447. ESTHER MBURU McCARTHY: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

362. IVY WANJIKU KIHARA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

406. GODFREY MUGWE KUBAI: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher

363. AARON PETER KARANJA MATHENGE: Safaricom Gift Voucher

407. PATRICK KAREITHI MWANGI: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher

364. GICHEMA GACHAU: Safaricom Gift Voucher

408. PETER ITOTIA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

365. JOHN KAMAU THUKU: Safaricom Gift Voucher

409. WILSON KAMAU MBIRIRI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

366. DANIEL NGUGI MBUTHIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

410. MONICAH NDUNG’U: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

367. HARRY BOWMAN: Safaricom Gift Voucher

411. ELIZABETH WANJIKU MWANGI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

368. NANCY NJERU MWANGI: Safaricom Gift Voucher

412. RITA GEHLOT: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

369. JOHN NGIGE NGONJO: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher

413. AGU LEONCE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

370. ANN KARIUKI: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

414. STANLEY MAINA GATUBUI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

371. KASSONDE MWENYA: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

415. MARIAMA BAH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

372. ROSE W MWANDO: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

416. MARY MWAIZI KINGAI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

373. JOSKY OKOTH OCHIENG: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

417. LUCY NJERU MWANGI: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

374. ISAAC JUMBA: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

418. MARIA THERESA DANVERS: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

375. NIGEL JEREMY: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

419. SARAH REUSCHE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

376. EVANS IRACK HANDER: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

420. ELEFTHERIA NTANAVARA: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

377. DAVID KOINANGE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

421. SIMON GACHAE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

378. MILLY EVE AKOTH: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

422. FARZANA NAUREEN MUGHAL: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

379. NICHOLAS MUTUNE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 380. ANN LINDA CLIFTON: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 381. LESLEY PERRY: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 382. JAMES ANDOSER UGAH: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 383. NICHOLAS MUTUNE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

423. CLAUDE KRANIK: Michelin Tyres gift hamper courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 424. KINYUA KAMAU: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited 425. ABENA KWAKYE BERKO: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

448. SALIMA JESSA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 449. BRENDA GOODMAN: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher 450. LILIAN AKOTH ORIENY: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 451. MANOJ SHIVJI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 452. EVANS IRACK HANDER: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 453. PREM SHARMA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 454. KAMAU KURIA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 455. BIBIANA PEREIRA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 456. NEENA PRIOR: Nakumatt Gift Voucher 457. ROBERT DAUDI NZUIWA: Black Silk Gift Hamper 458. MARIANNA EDITH PLAZA: Black Silk Gift Hamper 459. SANDRA ADNAN AIDAOUD: Black Silk Gift Hamper 460. ELIZABETH KIRONDE: Black Silk Gift Hamper 461. JOYCE WAITHERA NDUNGY: Black Silk Gift Hamper 462. PETER OROGO MBUGAI: Black Silk Gift Hamper 463. JAMES WAMBUGU: Black Silk Gift Hamper 464. RAJINDER K SIAN: Black Silk Gift Hamper 465. ANGELA CHIBESA MWAPE: Black Silk Gift Hamper 466. ALKA DODHIA: Black Silk Gift Hamper 467. RAFAEL OLAYA: Black Silk Gift Hamper 468. RAHEEL MAHAMOOD MAWJI: Black Silk Gift Hamper 469. FARIDA BULHAN: Black Silk Gift Hamper

384. SIMON KAMAU: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

426. MONICA KARIUKI: Wheel balancing/alignment voucher courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

385. YUNAE YI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

427. PAMELA WANJIRU CHEGE: Safaricom Gift Voucher

471. MD ZAHIDUR RAHMAN: Nitrogen Pressure courtesy of Kingsway Tyres Limited

386. PAULA HERR: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

428. NJOROGE ANDREW MUHIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

472. BRENDA MBATHI: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher

387. ADIL NAHEED MUGHAL: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

429. JAMILA BHALOO JESANI: Safaricom Gift Voucher

473. HANSABEN NARENDRA SHAH: Pulcinella Limited Meal Voucher

388. REDEMPTA IRERI: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

430. MARIAMA BAH: Safaricom Gift Voucher

474. GIDEON MUIGAI NGAMAU: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

389. NJOROGE ANDREW MUHIA: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

431. JOHN KINUTHIA: Safaricom Gift Voucher

475. REYAZ A M SHARIFF: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

390. BRIGITTE FRANCOISE MAZILLE: Nakumatt Gift Voucher

432. LOUIS KAMAU KAGII: Safaricom Gift Voucher

476. NELLIE B AYODO: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

391. LYDIA M IMALI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

433. LAZ KURJI: Safaricom Gift Voucher

477. AFTAB AHMED CHAUDHARY: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

392. MARISS VALERO ANTONIO: Black Silk Gift Hamper

434. RICHARD KAIMENYI: Safaricom Gift Voucher

478. JULIAN NYAMUPACHU: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

393. JONAH HADARY: Black Silk Gift Hamper

435. MARGARET MUMBI NDUNG’U: Trevor Collection Gift Voucher

479. JOANNE STIRLING TOOTH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

394. VIJAY KARSAN BHUDIA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

436. CLAIRE HEYNIKE: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

480. HANS T GREVE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

395. LORNA ELIZABETH WILSON: Black Silk Gift Hamper

437. BENSON AYILA OMUODO: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

481. NATHALIE HELENE TAMIGNEAUX: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

396. SALIMA JESSA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

438. FOTIOS GIANOPULOS: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

482. MOSES MARETE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

397. VIVIAN AKELLO: Black Silk Gift Hamper

439. MERCY KARIMI: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

483. MARGARET ITHONGO: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

398. LINDA KIDWEYE: Black Silk Gift Hamper

440. JOSKY OKOTH OCHIENG: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

484. HITEN SHANTILAL SHAH: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

399. TIVENDER K JUTTIA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

441. JOHN WAIKWA: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

485. ZAID TESFASSIE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

400. LISA SCHUPBACH: Black Silk Gift Hamper

442. GAIL LANGTON: Thai Restaurant Meal Voucher

486. JOANITA BOANITA COELHO: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

401. SYLVANUS WEKESA MUKHWANA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

443. FRANCIS N KIBE: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

487. HANNAH NGINA GITERE: Safaricom Airtime Voucher

402. JACKLINE OBWOGI: Black Silk Gift Hamper

444. MAZZARONI OMBRETTA: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

403. CAROLINE WAITHIRA KARANJA: Black Silk Gift Hamper

445. VICTORIA A OTIENO: Khazana Restaurant Meal Voucher

470. RAUL RODRIGUEZ RAMOS: Black Silk Gift Hamper















Village Scene 1

Thrilled Village Market patrons enjoy the National Youth. Orchestra of Kenya’s surprise performance at the Food Court 2

Conductor Levi Wataka with the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya at their best. 3

Camera, lights action…some memories for keepsakes.


A sweet melody from the clarinets during the flash mob performance by the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya. 5

Ready, set, go ... a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya readies up for the flash mob orchestra. 6

Damar Padwa with members of the South Korean Brass Band after the Mobile Love Concert performance at the Food Court. 7 Members of the Kenyatta University Faculty of Fine Arts pictured with some of the management team during their courtesy visit to The Village Market and Tribe Hotel. 8


The Village Market’s managing director, Hamed Ehsani, its marketing manager, Dominic Mbugua (second left), and members of the Kenyatta University Faculty of Fine Arts admire the prolific ‘tech moran’ warrior. 9

Ann Mwiti, the internationally celebrated fine artist and senior lecturer from Kenyatta University, with managing director Hamed Ehsani during the ‘Say It With Art’ courtesy visit. 10 John Ngige, the grand prize winner of a return ticket for two to Brazil in the Christmas Village Shopping Adventure, receives his e-ticket from Yoram Franzen, the Air France KLM commercial director for Eastern Africa, as Hamed Ehsani looks on. 11


John Ngige is congratulated by Yoram Franzen, of Air France KLM, and Dominic Mbugua, marketing director of The Village Market. 12

A happy Eunice Yim Newcomb receives her Kingsway voucher from Janet Mbugua, The Village Market’s public relations officer, during the Christmas Village Shopping Adventure prize presentation. 13

Managing director Hamed Ehsani with Yoram Franzen during the prize presentation.


Kaya Spa

I hereby resolve to simplify my life… By Amondi Buyu, Natural Wellness Practitioner, Kaya Spa, Tribe Hotel


his year I will get rid of my

is me, unadorned. I will exercise and

pedicure because I deserve to be

excess baggage and simplify

drink lots of water; not in an attempt to

pampered. I intend to indulge in luxu-

my life. I will dispose of my

lose weight but with a focus to attain

rious spa treatments. This is my time.

excessive, wasteful desires and

good health. I will also change my diet

This year, excruciating as it may

instead pursue a life of low stress.

to be part-vegan, because I want to

sound, I will visit the dentist. I need to

I intend to be gorgeous and in my

feel good about me. I will enjoy my

have my teeth cleaned and the cavities

own capacity stand tall. I refuse to be

newly found love affair with immunity-

filled. I must smile with more confi-

called fat and I would hate to appear

boosting beauty foods such as lemon

dence and not have to practise in front

skinny; but I demand – yes, I demand

grass herbal tea and green tea.

of the mirror. I will take time to visit

– to be referred to as beautiful. I will

friends, laugh with family and embrace

instead will go back to the old-school


style of dressing that permits me

If there’s one thing that people with

my work. I will be beautiful from the

to cover up in a manner that I find

strong immune systems know, it’s

inside out. I will take time to cherish me

decent. My fashion sense will not be

that immunity is maintained on your

this year.

dictated by the latest trend or hype

plate. Just as your diet is the secret

but instead by what lends me dignity

to looking youthful, the foods you eat

and complements me.

have the authority to support, or seri-

not put my cleavage out there but


ously compromise, how well you fight off illness.

new relationships. I will love my space and embrace

Ka ya Spa & Studio

This year I will learn to love my legs,

but instead I will work on strength-

Tribe Hotel Tel: +254 20 7120171/ 7200656

skinny as they are, and adore each of

ening, growing and nurturing my nails.


the blemishes on my face. You see, this

At least once a month I will enjoy a


This year I will not wear acrylics

Well Being

A Soothing

way to go shopping A

n intriguing range of relaxing and pain-relieving tools that can be used at home

– and even in the car – is now available at the Elixir Health store, which

shoulder and even foot massagers. All the devices are reasonably priced and it isn’t difficult to take them home, either. Customers will find many more

describes them as ‘a whole set of new

ingenious appliances to try out,

massage machines that will make you

including slimming belts.

sigh with pleasure’. These modern massage devices consist of infra-red, rotational and vibrating gadgets, The concept is said to be derived from traditional massage medicine and modern science. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, they are on display and ready for sampling at Elixir Health.

Heavenly Once there, customers may be tempted to stay for longer and enjoy

Email or visit the Elixir Health Shop. The in-house qualified nutritionist is on hand to give you advice.

Elixir Health

Level 2, above Food Court Tel: +254 20 7120217 Mobile: +254 735 174 687 Email:

the ‘heavenly’ feel of back, neck,



Dream of Zanzibar Resort

A heAVeNly VisiON OF All-iNClusiVe COMFOrt


ocated on the north-east coast

deluxe garden rooms with communal

Depending on the weather, soft drinks,

of Zanzibar, this all-inclusive

swimming pool, children’s area and

fruit juices, beer, house wine, tea,

five-star resort is located on

bar; 50 junior suites with ocean views;

coffee and selected spirits are served

the beach at Kiwengwa, about 45

and three beach villas with Jacuzzi and

in the restaurants and bars. Dinner is

km from Stone Town International

private pool.

served in the Chop Stick, the Boma


All guest rooms come with king-

Restaurant and the Andiamo Pizzeria.

sized or European twin bed with

Snacks are available at the pool bar

designed with a blend of contempo-

mosquito net; individual climate control

throughout the day. Water gym,

rary and local Afro-Arabic styles, using

and ceiling fan; IDD telephone; digital

canoeing, beach volley, football, table

solid woods and luxury materials.

in-room personal safe; internet access

tennis, billiards and darts are available

with cable; satellite TV with DVD and

and so are beach towels, sunbeds and

CD player; minibar, and coffee and tea

beach umbrellas.

This beautiful modern resort is

Accommodation The Dream of Zanzibar offers a high

making facilities.

Dream Spa

including such features as Italian-made

All-inclusive concept

elmwood furniture. Each of the 157

Welcome cocktails, breakfast, lunch

indigenous treatments, Jacuzzi baths,

rooms has a large en-suite bathroom

and dinner are served in the main

relaxation lounge, steam rooms,

with walk-in shower and double basin

restaurant while buffet lunch is

private showers and a beauty salon.

as well as a spacious private terrace

served on the beach at the Taj Mahal,

A full range of cardio conditioning

with table and chairs. There are 104

Sushi Bar and Zanzi-Bar Grill outlets.

weights, treadmills, life cycles and step

standard of quality and comfort,


The Dream Spa offers hydrotherapy,

machines is available at the indoor

tasty international cuisine. The three


beach outlets serve an all-inclusive

Other resort services include

buffet lunch (depending on the

24-hour reception with concierge and

weather), while the Andiamo Pizzeria is

luggage storeroom; a business centre

open for dinner.

and wireless internet connection; two

Other restaurants and bars in the

swimming pools, one with a children’s

area include the Boma Restaurants,

area; MVUA African Rain Spa with

the Chop Stick Restaurant, the Blue

indoor gym; a conference centre; a

Vanilla, the Kokosnuss Bar, the Zanzi

water sports centre; animation team

Bar Beach Service, the Mama Paw

with daily entertainment.

Garden Pool Bar and Le Souk Bar.

Food and drink Guests have a wide choice of food and beverage outlets. The Cape to Venice Brasserie offers both indoor and outdoor dining facilities, with lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. There are weekly theme nights

For more information please contact:

Dream of Zanzibar Resort Booking Tel: +41 (0)919113333 Email:

Sales and marketing Tel: +255776897629 Email: General inquiries Email: (Valid until 30 April 2014)

on which the menu features light and


A to Z

THE VILLAGE MARKET AT A GLANCE List of outlets: FASHION AND ACCESSORIES Accessorize Adele Dejak Athens Aromatic Perfume Bar Barton Bata Bellisimo Bossini City Walk Coco Chic Fabric Gallery Jaishiv Khazana Jit Gems Jooal Kazuri Beads Kikoy Company Kwanza Lavent Istanbul Made in Africa Mille Collines Nairobi Sports House Oltre One Way Patrick Mavros Salvatore Di Francisca Sandstorm Trevor Collection Woolworths

FOOD & RESTAURANTS Arlecchino Art Caffe Dorman’s Coffe House

German Point Jiko – Tribe Hotel Khazana Restaurant Orchid Restaurant Osteria Gigiri Planet Yoghurt Pomodoro Pizzeria Prime Cuts Deli Revive Juice Bar Ro-Ro Chinese Fast Food Ro-Ro Chinese Restaurant Sofra (Sea World) Seven Seafood & Grill Steers & Debonairs Pizza Tamambo Bar & Grill Taste of Africa Thai Village Tiramisu

FINANCIAL SERVICES Barclays Prestige Centre Cenhi Ltd CFC Stanbic Bank Chase Bank Commercial Bank of Africa Co-op Bank ATM Diamond Trust Bank Pesa Point ATM Eco-Bank ATM Equity ATM Imperial Bank Kenya Commercial Bank NIC Bank Standard Chartered ATM

Village – Taipan Forex Bureau VSF International (K) Ltd

HEALTH & BEAUTY Belladonna Pharmacy Dream Nails Elixir Health Grassroots Haute Parfumerie Jaff’s Optical Salon Malibu Salon Natalie Seacret Spa Taut Body Village Dental Clinic

Kingsway Tyre Centre Kiwi Shop KK Security Phoenix Safaris Post Office Safaricom Service Centre Schofield & Associates Shifaz Vet Clinic Tintoria Drycleaners Village Photoshop Wynton House of Music


Anselmo Kitengela Hot Glass Arabian Corner Artz Gallery Blue Rhino Handcraft Centre Jit Crafts Slippers Glitter Toy World Wishes

All Times News Stand Blue Lily Flower Shop Catermart Essential Communication Solutions* H2O (Pure Flow) Nakumatt Nokia Shop Personal Systems Pets & Pots Power Innovations Ltd Prime Cuts Butchery Sugar Candy Technology House Westlands Sundries Zeus Development Co Ltd Zucchini Greengrocers



AA Driving School Bobby Pall Photography Bunson Travel Services DHL Glohal Forwarding Kenya Airways Sales Office Kenya Valuers Estate Agents

Casa In Kashmir Arts Palacina Interiors Past & Present Pinkopallino Gallery Sweet Dreams



Village Market

essential contacts & INFORMATION All Times News Stand

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm Tel: 0721 888222/ 0736 313345/ 0720 695114 Email:

Barclays Bank Prestige Centre

Monday to Saturday: 8.30 am to 8.30 pm Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm Tel: +254 20 7122741/ 7120042/ 7121963 Email:

Belladonna Pharmacy

Monday to Saturday: 8.30 pm to 8.30 pm Sunday & Public Holidays: 10 am to 7.30 pm Tel: +254 20 7122141 / 0735 122147 Email:

Bonus Card

Monday to Saturday: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm Tel: +254 20 7122488/90 Email:

Bunson Travel (Carlson Wagonlit Kenya)

Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 5 pm Sunday: 9.30 am to 12 noon Tel: +254 20 7121235/7124757/7122080 Email:

Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 4 pm Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed Tel: +254 20 7120263/346 0710 60235/ 0737 800170

Chase Bank

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5 pm Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm Sunday: 11 am to 2 pm Tel: +254 20 2774262/ 263


Monday to Friday: 9.30 am to 6 pm Saturday: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Tel: +254 20 7124172

Diamond Trust Bank

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 8 am to 4 pm Tel: +254 20 7122270/ 7122271/ 2357982 0 711 300003/ 0733 440074 Email:

Dormans Coffee Shop

Monday to Thursday: 8 am to 6.30 pm Friday & Saturday: 8.30 am to 10 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 10 am to 7 pm Tel: +254 20 2082379/ 0702 978945/ 0722 589521 Email:

Kenya Airways Sales & Ticketing Office Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm Saturdays: 9 am to 3 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed Tel: +254 20 7121072/ 7120241 +254 20 6422790-9 Email:

Kenya Commercial Bank

Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 6.30 pm Saturday: 8.30 am to 4 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed Tel: +254 20 7122012/ 7122003/ 7120483 Email:

Management & Security Office

Monday to Saturday: 8.30 am to 5 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 10 am to 5.30 pm Tel: +254 20 7122488/90 Email:

Nakumatt Supermarket

Safaricom Customer Care Centre

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 am Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 10 am to 4 pm Tel: +254 20 4272349/ 2372 Email:

Shifaz Veterinary Clinic Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon Sunday: 10 am to 11 am Public Holidays: On appointment Tel: +254 7124166/ 0722 511761/ 0733 775064

Taipan Forex Bureau

Monday to Friday: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm Tel: +254 20 7122901/473

Technology House Kenya Ltd Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm Tel: +254 20 7122905/ 0722 510343 / 0734 510343/ 0710 888888 Email:

Tintoria Drycleaners

Monday to Sunday: 8.30 am to 8 pm Tel: +254 20 7122507/8/9 Email:

Monday to Saturday: 7 am to 7 pm Sunday: Closed Tel: +254 20 7122984 Email:

NIC Bank

Tribe Hotel

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 4 pm Saturday: 9 am to 11.30 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed Tel: +254 20 2888791-4 0720 365036/ 0720 364993/ 0711 041791/2 Email:

Phoenix Safaris

Monday to Friday: 7.30 am to 6 pm Saturday: 8.30 am to 5 pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 11 am to 5 pm Tel: +254 20 7122254/ 7121942 Email:

Post Office

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5.30 pm Saturday: 9 am to 12.30 pm Tel: 0735 764673

Reservations Desk Tel: +254 20 7200000 Email:

Village Dental Clinic

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm Saturday: 9 am to 12.30 pm Tel: +254 20 7122460/ 0733 8365081/ 0722 154903 Email:

Village Market Taxi Service Available 24 hours daily Tel: 0717 207662

Zucchini Greengrocers Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm Tel: +254 20 7120403/ 0733 057063

Prime Cuts Butchery

Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm Sunday: 9 am to 3 pm Tel: +254 20 2199300/ 3513506-7 Email:


Village Diary

VillAge diAry Village Eco Market Calling all creators and enthusiasts of eco-conscious and quality lifestyle products to a twice-monthly display of eco wares at the Eco Market in the first and last weeks of every month in The Food Court. Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 6 pm. For bookings, contact Janet:

Ideal Interiors Expo 5th to 9th March

The Ideal Interiors Expo for homes, offices and hotels is back home at The Village Market for a showcase of furniture, building materials, interiors, home decor, beds and much more. See press and posters for more information. New rooftop parking.

Sky DĂŠcor Furniture 5th to 11th March

Sky Decor Furniture Exhibition featuring elegant pieces made from salvaged aeroplane parts such as wing benches, propeller conference table, tail metal bar and much more. Official opening cocktail on 5 March at 6 pm, kindly RSVP to pr@villagemarket-kenya,com. New Exhibition Hall, Free entry.

Ismael Kateregga Exhibition 22nd to 30th March

Renowned Ugandan Artist Ismael Kateregga makes a return to The Village Market with his exhibition of paintings of Lamu boats. New Exhibition Hall, Free entry.

For more information about any of the events contact The Village Market: Tel: +254 (0)20 712 2488-90 Email: Facebook Page: Village Market Twitter Handle: @VillageMarket Web:


Village Beat - Issue18, February 2014  

Village Beat – the official magazine of The Village Market, Nairobi. Designed by Land & Marine Publications

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