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Issue 103, September - November 2021





Kenyan photographer's camouflage on camera


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23 PAA COMPETITION Win a night’s stay at The Old Boma in Mikindani


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E-bikes starting a quiet revolution


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First Officer Zia Mohammed Qazi

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Mango tamarind chicken drumsticks



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Paa Tanzania

Kampala’s forest hideaway


The thinking behind looking after your ’second brain’


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Greetings! Welcome aboard Precision Air and thank you for choosing to fly with us. On behalf of our team, I would like to all our esteemed passengers for their continued support and patronage. I’d like to share some updates on our business development. We have continued to see improvement in the market as the world is recovering from the covid pandemic. Our passenger numbers have been growing steadily with our operations and revenue generation at 54 per cent of pre-Covid operations. With all the world’s efforts to fight the pandemic we believe that soon business will return to normal. Tanzania continues to be a safe place to travel to as our government organises covid vaccination across the country. I have led my team to vaccinate and up to now about 70 per cent of our front office, cabin and cockpit crew have had the injections with the ultimate target being to vaccinate all staff. At Precision Air safety is the number one priority and we will do everything in our capability to keep you safe as you enjoy travelling with us. In June this year we celebrated out first Training Centre graduation, which saw our first class of 19 students graduate from their Initial Cabin Crew Course. They are now ready to be employed in aviation and other hospitality sectors. We are excited to achieve this milestone and are looking forward to celebrate more graduations from different courses. Also worth celebrating is the recent signing of a leasing agreement with Zela Aviation. This contingency strategy was put in place for the tough times of Covid-19 and low seasons to ensure we make the maximum use of our fleet. Zela is a reputable aviation company based in Greece and we look forward to a fruitful partnership with them. We have also introduced a new product, Dunduliza Fare, which allows customers to make a partial payment for their ticket with an initial deposit of just Tsh 50,000. The programme is ideal for the early planning of holiday vacations, student travels and business trips. Visit our sales offices or call our contact centre to book or find out more about this service. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback about our services through

You Are Why We Fly. Patrick Mwanri Ag. Managing Director and CEO Precision Air Services Plc


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Precision Air celebrates its first graduates from new training centre In June, the first students from our new airport training centre graduated. The young Tanzanians completed their cabin crew initial course and are now ready to enter the aviation industry with the knowledge they need. The training centre, which is approved by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, is located at Precision Air headquarters in Dar es Salaam. More cabin crew courses are to come along with training in crew resource management, aviation safety management, transportation of dangerous goods, aviation security and aircraft weight and balance. For more details, visit or call +255 746 984 100 / +255 784 108 800


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Paa Tanzania

Precision Air recently teamed up with Serena Hotels to fly a group of Tanzanian content creators and influencers from Dar es Salaam to Arusha for an amazing safari adventure in the wilds of the Serengeti. The trip was arranged to spread the word on how easy it is to leave the city behind and experience this country’s world-beating wildlife and natural attractions. Among those making the trip were fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographer Kikango and influencer and CEO of organic beauty range Zen Organics @_king_peri, who were both kind enough to post about their Precision Air flights on their social media. We hope you had a great trip guys! #TukutaneAngani #YouAreWhyWeFly

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Celebrating our marathon Olympic heroes Tanzania may have had only a handful of track and field athletes that made it to the Tokyo Olympics in July, but they did the country proud. All the Tanzanian presence was in the marathon, one of the Olympics’ toughest sports. In the men’s event Alphonce Felix Simbu came in seventh while Failuna Matanga finished in 24th place in the women’s race. Tanzania men's champion and national record holder Gabriel Gerald Geay unfortunately fell victim to the heat and humidity of the host city and had to withdraw.

Grab your glowsticks The Be-Spirit Music Festival at Stone Town, Zanzibar’s Old Fort promises to be out of this world. Visitors to the dance music event on Friday, September 24 and Saturday, September 25, are actively encouraged by the organisers to dress up in space and alien costumes. More than 35 DJs, both international and local, will keep the techno and house music going while there are plenty of family-friendly activities during the day. For more information, visit

Taarab talent

heads jazz and folk fusion festival Siti Muruham, the award-winning singer and grand-daughter of taarab legend Siti Binti Saad, is among the headliners at the first Mashariki Jazz and Folk Music Festival. The inaugural event will be held on October 2 at the Old Fort in Stone Town, Zanzibar Island and the line-up of international acts will include Ugandans Lily Kadima and Sandra Nankoma and Fahhilee Hulya from Kenya. Advance tickets are available for up to 80 per cent discount on prices on the day. Visit

Natural beauty Zen Organics is a Tanzanian-owned skincare range that packs its products with locally sourced natural beauty-boosting ingredients. We especially love its Turmeric and Seaweed soap, which not only smells great and feels good going on, but with continued use helps even out skin tone, brighten skin, remove dark spots and heal scar. The price is TSH 10,000 for a bar. Find it @zenorganics on Instagram


Thandiwe Muriu

Standing out in camouflage


Paa Tanzania

Images courtesy of Thandiwe-Muriu

Thandiwe Muriu’s Camo collection is a blaze of colour and camera trickery that celebrates African beauty and innovation. Here the Kenyan photographer reveals how the six-year project has helped her shape her personal vision as well as her love of her country.


hen Thandiwe Muriu was

funky fabrics and gives the models

a teenager she would

traditional hairstyles with a modern

stage her own photo

twist to present a vivacious picture of

shoots at the family home in Nairobi

African beauty.

using a Nikon D80 digital camera

“Camo is my love letter to Africa. I

borrowed from her dad and her

wanted to celebrate the things around

fashion-obsessed older sister as

me. We have a strong culture here

a very willing model. Not having

and exploring it for the Camo images

much money, Thandiwe had to

has made me fall in love with it even

improvise, using kitchen foil as a

more. I am exploring our history, but

reflector to provide flattering ‘fill

giving it a modern face lift.”

light’ for the portraits. That intrinsically Kenyan resource-

'Colour is in my DNA'

fulness is still evident in the latest

Key to the impact of the images

work by Thandiwe – now an award-

is Thandiwe’s bold use of colour.

winning photographer who shoots

Speaking to me via video call from

for some of the biggest brands,

her home office, she says: “Colour is

agencies and publications in Africa. In

in my DNA.” The statement seems

but heavy,” Thandiwe says. Camo is

Camo – a collection of photographs

momentarily incongruous given the

short for camouflage and, depending

Thandiwe has been adding to since

neutral colour palette on the walls and

on how you look at the images, the

2015 – her dark-skinned models are

Thandiwe’s stylish, yet muted attire,

models are either breaking out of the

accessorised with everyday items

but the colour comes through in her

background or being swallowed up

such as soft drink cans, plastic tea

vision of Africa. “I want to show people

by it. The dichotomy is deliberate.

strainers, bottle tops, combs, straws

the magic I see,” she says.

and mirrors. It’s an innovative use of

Camouflage on camera Thandiwe Muriu with her work

software until they fool the eye into seeing three dimensions, Camo has hidden depths. “I like to describe Camo as light,

“Africa is not perfect. It’s very

So she trawls the most “dark and

patriarchal,” Thandiwe says. “It’s a

everyday items that Thandiwe sees on

cramped” corners of markets in

commentary on how many times

the streets of Nairobi every day and

Nairobi to find the fabric with the

we can lose ourselves in our culture

wanted to celebrate.

sense of vibrant energy she’s after,

and yet there are such unique things

gets her hairstylist to create amaz-

about every individual. It’s a little

Kenyan innovation

ing asymmetric cuts or hoops of

Hidden depths

ironic – I want my models to blend

“Here in Kenya it’s normal to use one

braided hair and tops the look off

thing for 10 different purposes,” she

with goggles with each made from

says. “You have to make things work. I

a crushed Coca Cola can or glasses

Thandiwe knows what it is like to

love the fact that people here will buy

with frames made from connected

feel invisible as a young woman trying

plastic hand mirrors and use them to

drinking straws.

to make a name for herself in the

The Camo images contain layers of meaning

into the background even as they stand out.”

decorate their clothes or stick them

The images are playful, but as

male-dominated world of photogra-

on their bikes to act as wing mirrors.”

with the fabric motifs in the back-

phy. “I can remember walking onto a

ground that Thandiwe manipulates

set and if my assistant was male, he

and repeats using photo editing

would be approached as if he was the

Thandiwe pairs these quirky touches with a background of


Thandiwe Muriu

photographer and not me,” she says. When the photography assign-

While this meant learning practical skills such as changing a car tyre,

ments first started coming in,

fixing devices around the house and

Thandiwe was still in her teens. The

understanding computers, Thandiwe’s

portraits she took of her sister and

parents also encouraged more

posted on Facebook just for fun

creative pursuits. “Dad has a deep

started attracting the interest of

appreciation of music and my mum

clients asking how much she charged

has an art degree so she has a deep

for her photography work. Soon

feeling for the arts,” she says.

brands started reaching out and an agent came calling. Thandiwe had felt an immediate

My father told me ‘You know you love photography. This is your calling, you should go and do it' camera, it was Thandiwe that took to

Photography connection Her older sister proved a talented

Innovation Model wearing glasses made from multi-coloured drinking straws

it straight away. “It was instant chemistry,” she says.

affinity for photography from the

artist and another sister began show-

moment her father let her use his

ing the musical skills that would lead

camera at age 14. Her parents raised

her to become a classical pianist, yet

four children, all daughters, and her

Thandiwe struggled to find her artistic

father – a bishop who studied science

outlet. “I have no idea how to draw,”

countless tuition videos on YouTube

at university and who she describes

she says.

and by the time Thandiwe had started

as a “liberal thinker” – was keen

However, when her keen amateur

“I like to say my father put a camera in my hand and I’ve never let go of it since.” She honed her skills by watching

a degree in marketing at the United

they were all brought up as strong,

photographer father encouraged all

States International University in

independent women.

four daughters to try out his digital

Nairobi, she was running a successful


Paa Tanzania

Images courtesy of Thandiwe-Muriu

side hustle as a commercial photographer with regular work at events.

She and her older sister would pore

embody how much she loves her

over the pages of Vogue magazine

country and will keep adding to the

An excellent student, Thandiwe

and the photographer in Thandiwe

collection. She also still loves Vogue

was inundated with “incredible” job

would wonder “how did they make

magazine, but if the offer of a cover

offers outside of photography once

them look like that?” However, in

shoot arrived, “I would do it my way,”

she graduated. There were plenty of

adulthood Thandiwe began to realise

she says.

people telling her that the creative

that the pictures rarely featured girls

sector was a desperate career option

that looked like her and it played into

in Kenya. “Here a career in the arts is

insecurities about her appearance.

a Plan B. If you are an artist, people

“I have had struggles with my looks

think your Plan A must have failed,”

over the years. I went through periods

she says.

of hating my hair, hating my features.

However, that didn’t include Thandiwe’s father. “He told me ‘You know you love photography. This is

Part of that was not seeing someone like myself in those pictures.”

your calling, you should go and do it,’”

African identity

she says.

Camo was created as a celebration of

Thandiwe’s decision to pursue

African, even tribal beauty. Thandiwe

photography full-time was also

deliberately chose dark-skinned

swayed by what she calls “an awaken-

models, including one with a promi-

ing” in Kenya at that time. She counts

nent gap between her two front teeth

herself lucky that as she approached

– considered a staple of attractiveness

her graduation there was a growing

by Kikuyus in Kenya. “I want a young

community of creatives in the country

African girl to be able to look and my

following their passion and making a

work and say ‘That’s me,’” she says.

living out of it. Their number included

With Camo being such a personal

photographers Osborne Macharia and

work, the widespread acclaim it has

Mutua Matheka, who saw the promise

met me has been especially satisfying.

in Thandiwe and supported her.

Photographs from the collection

Personal vision

have been displayed at the Alliance Française centre in Nairobi and this

Osborne – a self-taught Kenyan

year’s solo exhibition at the 193

commercial photographer and digital

Gallery in Paris has gained global

artist whose work focuses on themes

media coverage.

of Afrofuturism in culture and identity

“Camo has been so well received,”

– was also key in encouraging more

she says. “It’s now become what I’m

personal themes to come through in

most known for.”

Thandiwe’s work. While she was enjoying commer-

Thandiwe is now a leading light in Kenya’s creative sector and, just as

cial photography and the creative

online tutorials formed the building

challenge of “shooting someone else’s

blocks of her photographic journey,

vision”, there was a nagging feeling

she now has her own YouTube

that Thandiwe was not being true to

channel to share her skills with a new

her own experiences. These doubts

generation coming through. There

were compounded by a growing

are “great creatives out there to be

unease with the images in the fashion

discovered in Kenya,” she says.

magazines that so enchanted her as a young teen.

Colourful Thandiwe scours Nairobi for powerful fabrics to use as background to her Camo images

Camo is far from finished. Thandiwe is still inspired to find new ways to

Thandiwe Muriu’s most popular video tutorials The photographer offers a range of tips on technique, equipment and photo editing. Here are the five most watched. Visit

1 Memory cards CF vs SD 2 Good first time gear for a photographer

3 Shooting in bright light 4 How to focus your camera 5 Shooting in tight spaces


E-bikes in Karura Forest

E-bikes starting a quiet revolution in

Karura Forest Reserve

The Karura Forest Reserve has long been a vital ‘green lung’ in Nairobi and now it is at the heart of another eco-friendly movement in the city with the introduction of electric motorcycles as transport for its team of rangers. It is hoped the fleet will lead a shift towards emission-free transport to combat air pollution and climate change in Kenya’s traffic-clogged capital.


ime was when the tell-tale

countries in combatting air pollution.

engine roar of a ranger’s

Kenya received 99 of the bikes, which

motorbike was as much a part

were split between Kenya Power and

of the Karura Forest Reserve’s unique

Lighting company, Power Hive, Kisumu

soundscape as the gruff morning

County and Karura.

calls of the black and white colobus

The environmentally friendly

monkeys that call this biodiverse

transport is fitting for the reserve, which

woodland their home. However,

is the largest green space in the city

thanks to the recent donation of a

and provides Nairobians with a serene

fleet of electronic bikes, the rangers

natural environment to explore in sharp

now patrol the park noise and

contrast to the fume-choked roads that


surround it.

The gift is part of a global initiative

Karura attracts more than 400,000

by the United Nations Environment

visitors each year and with 50 km of

Programme (UNEP) to support

trails to hike, run or cycle while taking in


E-bikes in Karura Forest

its oxygen-rich air, it plays an impor-

here with the noxious fumes the previ-

tant role in boosting the physical and

ous diesel-fuelled fleet of motorbikes

mental health of the city’s inhabitants.

emitted will hopefully present a model

Rangers ensure these trails along

for a future of cleaner air in Nairobi.

with the park’s other attractions such

While the urban forest of Karura is a

UNEP is launching a robust fight against air pollution and energy conservation by unveiling the electric motorcycles

as its 20-metre waterfall, prehistoric

crucial ‘carbon sink’ in Nairobi, purify-

caves, education centre and cafe are

ing the air of carbon dioxide and

well maintained. The team is also

other gases, UNEP realises the 700,000

trained to protect and encourage

or so vehicles on the capital’s streets

motorcycles. If this is not a revolution,

the biodiversity of flora and fauna at

that emit these pollutants have to

kindly tell me what it is.”

Karura. The woodlands are home to a

be addressed.

huge variety of indigenous plants and

In Kenya, the boda boda – motorcycles commonly used as taxis – is

trees, 200 bird species, including hawk

Battling air pollution

and Africa crowned eagles, owls,

The Governor of Kisumu County

butterflies and those monkeys.

Professor Peter Ayang’ Nyong’o sees

ubiquitous. In 2018 it is estimated an

the e-bike initiative as potentially

E-bike patrols

Haven Karura Forest Reserve is home to many butterfly species

extra 1.5 million of them were registered for use here, a figure anticipated to reach 5 million by 2030. They may

transformative. At the launch event,

represent cheap public transport,

With the reserve sprawling across

he said: “An average motorcycle is

but most of them are dated and lack

2,570 acres of woodlands, the e-bikes

ten times more polluting for the air

vehicle emissions standards. Running

will be an essential mode of transport

per mile than a passenger car or light

on fossil fuels, fumes from these

for the rangers. That the team will now

truck. UNEP is launching a robust

vehicles drive climate change and

be able to make their patrols without

fight against air pollution and energy

fill the air with pollutants hazardous

contaminating the precious ecosystem

conservation by unveiling the electric

to humans.

The transformation of Karura Forest To see Karura Forest Reserve today packed with families enjoying picnics, local pupils on school trips learning about the natural heritage on their doorstep and revellers enjoying lavish wedding parties it is hard to believe the area used to be one of Nairobi’s most notorious no-go zones. In the 1980s and 90s the park was unfenced and unmonitored with its dense woodland camouflaging a number of illicit activities, including the brewing of illegal liquor chang’aa, felling trees for firewood, animal poaching and burglars evading police and dividing their stash after their latest home raid. For a time it seemed Karura would be left to the mercy of


Paa Tanzania

land developers that sought to carve the forest up for housing projects, but its cause was taken up environmental campaigner Wangari Maathai. Her Green Belt Movement had already had success saving downtown Nairobi’s Uhuru Park and she was able to make a passionate case for the protection of Karura that caught the support of the public. Maathai’s heroic efforts spurred mass action for reforestation not just in Kenya, but across Africa and she would go to become the continent’s first woman recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. She paved the way for visionary developments in Kenya such as the establishment of

Community Forest Associations (CFA) that involved the public in their local green spaces. In 2009, the Friends of Karura Forest CFA was set up and with the support of the Kenya Forest Service has been able to return Karura to being a functioning natural ecosystem reforested with 100 per cent indigenous species. Its Karura, Gitathuru and Ruaka rivers support groves of native bamboo and small wetlands. Nairobians now feel invested in the park and make great use of it. Of the 400,000 visitors Karura receives each year, around three quarters of them are locals. From a place to avoid, Karura has become one of the best-loved recreational destinations in the city.

“Kenya is importing more

The 99 bikes were provided by

motorcycles than cars, doubling its

Shenzhen Shenling Car Company

fleet every seven to eight years. These

Limited (TAILG) and the Karura rang-

are generally inefficient and poorly

ers – along with the other Kenyan

maintained polluting motorcycles,”

recipients – will have use of them for

said Joyce Msuya, UNEP Deputy

between six and 12 months.

Executive Director. “Kenya’s electricity

We’ll leave the last word with

is very green in 2019 with more than

the rangers themselves, who seem

80 per cent was generated by hydro,

delighted with their silent and

solar, geothermal, and wind. Shifting

sustainable new transport. John

to electric bikes in Kenya, Rwanda,

Chege, infrastructure coordinator

Uganda and elsewhere will reduce

from Friends of Karura Forest, said:

costs, air pollution and Greenhouse

“In my restoration work, the bike will

Gas Emissions, as well as create jobs.”

help me move swiftly through the

Group effort

Karura Forest Reserve top attractions The Karura waterfall Among the park’s network of signposted trails is one that leads to this beautiful 20-metre waterfall.

Jogging trails 5km, 10km and 15km running trails are marked along the forest paths

vast forest in a very short period. At

Bird watching

first, I was nervous about having to

More than 350 bird species have been recorded in the Karura Forest. There are great sightings to be had all-year round, but from November to April numbers are buoyed by the arrival of migrants from Europe and North Africa.

The UNEP-backed e-bike pilot

charge it, but now I got used to it.

scheme is funded by the German

Since it is fast and emits no noise and

Ministry for the Environment and

air pollution like the diesel motor,

based on a study implemented by

they allow us to provide better

the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory

security in the forest and tackle one

Authority, the University of Nairobi

of Nairobi’s worst environmental

and Sustainable Transport Africa.


Play Tennis Courts at the KFEET Centre grounds can be hired from 7am to 5pm. To book, email or call 0791 398371.

Mountain biking

Karura attractions Visitors will find waterfalls and plenty of trails to walk or cycle

Visitors to Karura Forest can now hire a sturdy multi-speed trail bike to use on designated forest trails. There are rental points at Gate A (Limuru Road) or Gate D (off ICRAF Road), Gate C off Kiambu Road and Gate F off Thigiri Ridge Road.

Walk your dog There is a designated dog-walking path. All dogs must be kept on a leash, except in sign posted-areas.

Take an Eco Tour Trained guides lead these new tours that explore the forest’s ecology, wildlife, geology, history and culture. All tours start at Gate A. Visit for schedules. Information provided by The Friends of Karura Forest


Goal setting

It pays to be Smart when it comes to… | KieferPix

Goal setting

How has 2021 been for you so far? If it has left you feeling adrift, having been unable to follow through on your new year’s resolutions, don’t panic: Arusha life coach Aminah Burch is here with a guide on how to set and stick to goals that will ensure you finish off the year strong.


here’s a Chinese proverb that

slide since then, mid-year is a good

says, “The best time to plant

time to check in with yourself. You can

a tree was 20 years ago. The

second best time is now.” No matter

ask yourself questions like: 5 “Is where I am and what I’m doing

resolutions SMART – that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, Plan ahead Take steps to achieve your goals

and timely?” 5 “How can I break my big goals

what your goals or aspirations,

now where I wanted to be and

down into smaller, more actionable

or how behind you feel you are

what I wanted to be doing by this

steps to make sure I can accom-

point of the year?”

plish my 2021 goals by the end of

in reaching them, there’s still now to begin bringing them into your reality. If you did set goals or resolutions on January 1st and have let them

5 “What are the gaps I need to close in order to move forward along my desired path in life this year?” 5 “Were my 2021 goals and

the year?” 5 “What are some personal habits I need to overcome to be able to bring my goals into my reality?”


Goal setting

The answers to those questions will help you to determine what all you

track are: A, B, & C. Hopefully that example gave you

need to do to make the rest of the

a good idea of what a SMART goal

year the best of the year (if it hasn’t

looks like, and how you can create

been already).

one yourself. If you still need more

The importance of SMART goal-setting

examples, there are lots of resources online to help you out!

create for yourself an outline that

The importance of long-term and short-term goals

will help you understand the why's

In order to get the most out of your

and how's of your goals. Instead of

organized life, it’s important to set

shooting in the dark towards them,

long-term, as well as short-term goals.

you can properly aim yourself at a

Think of long-term goals as the big

future you’d always imagined, and

picture of your life.

When you set SMART goals, you

more than likely make it there.

How to set SMART goals

With the long-term goals in place, you will be better able to set short-term goals that will make

In order to set a SMART goal, you

reaching those long-term goals

need to take a broad goal and make

easier. Short-term goals can be

it specific. For example, let’s say you

simple, such as aiming to increase

want to lose weight. If you set out

your daily water intake by 500 ml a

to lose weight, how do you know

month for six months, until you can

when you’ve finally achieved that

comfortably drink three litres a day.

goal? How long are you going to give

Or they can be associated with a

yourself; the whole year, or will you

long-term goal, such as homeown-

set milestones throughout the year to

ership, with an example of saving

see what’s working and what isn’t?

20 per cent of your paycheck every

How will you define “lose weight”? Will it be to lose fat and tone your muscles, or will you be okay with gaining more muscle? An example of a SMART weight loss goal would look something like this: I will decrease my Body Mass Index (BMI) from X to Y in Z months. I will record all new activities in

No matter what your goals or aspirations, or how behind you feel you are in reaching them, there’s still now to begin bringing them into your reality

month for a year to be used for a down payment.

Breaking down bigger goals into smaller goals and action steps

those executions will take. Bigger

Have you ever stood in front of a

goals, especially those long-term

wild, messy room you had to clean,

goals, will need to be broken down

and thought to yourself, “I don’t even

Weight loss goals

into smaller steps.

relation to this goal, so I can have

know how to get started, let alone

a good idea of what’s working and

finish!” Feelings of overwhelm and

what’s not.

anxiety wash over you as you begin to

down into smaller goals and action

pick up dirty socks from the chaos.

steps, might look like:

Likewise, I will check in on this goal every month by calculating my new BMI. Furthermore, I will have achieved

It's important to keep track of your progress

Let’s go back to the SMART weight loss goal example. That goal, broken

If you approach your goals like that, it’s a surefire way to get stuck in the

August 2021:

middle and give up. The best way to

Week 1: Start weight loss goal -

this goal if my BMI is Y by XYZ date.

approach your goals is to examine

get accurate weight and height

Tools I will use to help keep me on

how to execute them, and how long

measurements to calculate BMI; hire a


Paa Tanzania

November 2021:

my clients, and use myself. A few I

Week 16: Monthly milestone check-in

recommend are:

- measure BMI; work with personal

5 Remente (iOS and Android)

trainer to create more advanced

5 Flora (iOS and Android)

workout plan if they determine I’m

5 Forest (iOS and Android)

plateauing; rotate foods in diet plan.

Staying the course and keeping motivated

Lastly, something that helps keep me motivated is remembering to enjoy the journey. While reaching goals is an amazing show of will-

When you’re setting goals and

power and “mind over body”, enjoying

actively setting out to achieve them,

the feels and thrills of actively chang-

you’re overcoming aspects of yourself

ing behaviors and habits to ones that

that are resistant to change. We feel

are more effective for, and reflective

safe when things are the same as

of, the life I want to live encourages

always, but in order to reach heights

me to keep going.

we’ve only imagined, we have to

I’ll leave you with a short, but

exit our comfort zones and see our

powerful, quote: “A goal is a dream

future selves and situations in new,

with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill.

exciting ways. As a life coach, I’ve guided my clients to see their goals in this way. The most effective method I’ve used to help them stay motivated is to remind them of how far they’ve come up until that point. It creates a kind of momentum to help keep you moving forward. What if you don’t have a life coach? You can still keep detailed records of your accomplishments. If you set aside time each month or milestone to look back on what you’ve accomplished, you’ll be wowed. dietitian/nutritionist/personal trainer

Another way my clients have

to help create a diet plan based on

stayed motivated is by rewarding

my unique goals and body type;

themselves for accomplishing an

hire a personal trainer to create a

action step (or more) every week.

workout plan.

Let’s say you want to network more,

Week 2: Overcome workout and

but you’re an introvert. As long as

new diet woes - practice proper post-

you’re already eating healthy, and

workout techniques for less muscle

you’ve connected with five new

soreness and check in with their

people by the end of the week,

effectiveness by using pain rating;

maybe you reward yourself with a

reward myself for eating 70% of my

pastry. Yum.

diet plan - work towards getting to 80% next week…

There are also habit and goal

About Aminah Aminah Burch splits her time between life and business coaching and web development. She has a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, and is working towards receiving her International Federation of Coaching (ICF) certification. She serves English speakers in Tanzania, as well as a global online client base. For more information, or to set up a chemistry connection call to see how Aminah can help you, visit

tracking apps that I recommend to


Professional boxing

Precision Air helping boxing spread its wings November’s Dar Fight Night is the latest in a series of international events putting the Tanzanian city on the world professional boxing map. Precision Air is part of the team ensuring both viewers and the big-name boxers have the time of their lives.


he sport of boxing is growing in popularity across the globe and Africa is key to

that development. The continent has produced some great world champions in years past, such as Corrie Sanders, of South Africa, who won the WBO Heavyweight belt by knocking out Wladimir Klitschko in

fighters such as homegrown super

2003, and Ghanaian Ike Quartey,

welterweight Hassan Mwakinyo.

who is a former WBA Welterweight

The events mark a successful intro-

champion boxer who fought

duction into sports event manage-

numerous other world champion

ment for Jackson Sports Group, which

boxers with Oscar ‘The Golden Boy’

started out as a boutique marketing

De La Hoya being the most notable.


Sports were hit hard in this era

Jackson Group Sport CEO Kelvin

of Covid-19 with some of the most

Twissa said: “Branching out from

anticipated international events,

the Jungle’, the name coined for

Precision Air

including the Tokyo Olympics and

the historic match-up between

the Euros football tournament, being

Muhammad Ali and George Foreman

International fighters recieved a world class service

delayed a full year.

in Kinshasa, in what is now the

many long days and many sleepless

Democratic Republic of the Congo.

nights trying to find the right reasons

Tough times

being solely a marketing agency and moving into the sport scene was never an easy step and it took us

Two ‘Rumble in Dar’ boxing nights

to bring around a sports agency that

Amid these tough times for sport,

have been held at the Next Door Area

would flip the market on its head and

Tanzania has begun to tap into the

in Tanzania’s biggest city and another

improve the sports scene as a whole

boxing market. Jackson Group Sports

event, ‘Dar Fight Night’ is scheduled for

in Tanzania.

is leading the way with its series of big-

the same venue in November. Boxing

name boxing nights ‘Rumble in Dar’.

fans have been treated to some

ence to Dar has always been our

exciting bouts between big-name

number one goal.”

The title is a twist on ‘Rumble in


Paa Tanzania

“Bringing the [Las] Vegas experi-

Images courtesy of Jackson Sports Group

So far, the agency has lived up to those expectations with boxers from around the world taking part in these

now”, says Jackson’s Head of Sports Sheikhmoun Hala Hala. He added: “Events of this magnitude

fight nights with Africa’s very best

are not a one-man job however. We

boxers squaring up to opponents

value our onboarded partners such as

from the USA, Argentina, Bulgaria and

KCB Bank, Precision Air, Global Boxing

many more.

Stars, Epic Sport Entertainments,

Matchmaking This level of international matchmak-

ONOMO Hotels, Tanzania Tourism

Precision Air made sure the international fighters on the card had a good experience of Tanzania

Board and many more.”

taken on a safari around Ngorongoro,

Precision Air made sure the

visiting the Hadza tribe and going on

ing has always been the target for the

international fighters on the card had

promoters as they try to distinguish

a good experience of Tanzania by

themselves from local promotions

providing world class service. Some of

that only have all-Tanzanian contests

the fighters who visited Tanzania will

in the ring.

surely be back having been given a

we should take enormous pride by

trip of a lifetime after their bouts.

putting Tanzania on the international

“With this platform we hope to one day host a fight of the magnitude

Bulagarian professional boxing

a camping trip. Look out for more details on The Training Learning the noble art

Rumble In Dar third edition (‘Dar Fight Night’) coming soon. It’s an event

professional boxing map. In time we

of an Ali vs Foreman Rumble in the

brothers Tervel and Kubrat Pulev

hope Dar will become a Mecca of

Jungle but with a more modern

were given a proper tour when they

boxing like the MGM Arena in Las

touch and actually hold it in the

were flown out from Dar Es Salaam to

Vegas, MSG in New York and The 02

jungles of a Ngorongoro or Serengeti

Arusha on Precision Airways and then

in London.


Paa Competition


Win a night’s stay at The Old Boma in Mikindani


uilt into the hillside overlooking

service with staff all local and trained by

Mikindani Bay, The Old Boma

the hotel’s in-house Trade Aid education

Hotel offers some of the best

programmes. Paa Tanzania is delighted

views in Tanzania from its spacious,

(and yes, we’ll admit it, a little envious)

individually designed rooms. It is just

that The Old Boma has agreed to provide

as picturesque inside with the building

the prize for this issue’s competition.

having been lovingly restored to its former colonial glory. Facilities such as

One lucky reader and the guest of their

the Afya Spa, swimming pool, restaurant

choice will win a night's stay in the

and the sunset terrace provide luxury

hotel's historic Nyerere room, which

levels of relaxation, but should you want

has a breathtaking sea view. They will

to venture out the hotel is on hand to

also be treated to a walking tour of

help you explore the many treasures of

Mikindani during their stay. To be in

this remote part of southern Tanzania.

with a chance of winning, email your

They can organise dhow trips, walking

answers to the three questions below

tours of historic Mikindani and wildlife-

along with a photo of yourself holding

rich adventures on the Ruvuma River.

the latest Paa on your Precision Air

The hotel is renowned for its friendly

flight to

Question: 1. What is Nairobi photographer Thandiwe Muriu’s solo collection of photographs called? 2. What is the name given to bacteria that are good for your health when consumed? 3. Which mountain range in Tanzania is the only place to find the Loveridge’s Sunbird?

Last Issue's Winner

Sophia Chitawala

Congratulations Sophia! You win a meal-for-two at Cape Town Fish Market, Zanzibar. See more at Thank you for flying Precision Air.

Terms and conditions: One entry per person. Entrants must be 18 years or over. The organisers' decision is final. The competition is not open to employees and their relatives of The Old Boma Mikindani, Precision Air, or Land & Marine Publications Ltd. Email: by 10th November 2021. Images shown are for representation only.


Gut health

Go with your gut instinct

and top up with probiotics

Bacteria are often thought of as sources of disease, but not all of them are bad. In fact, your gut, which is full of trillions of microbes, is dependent on the friendly ones to function well. This is something long recognised by the Fiti Co-op social enterprise that has been helping Tanzanians top up their good bacteria through the sales of homemade probiotic-enhanced yoghurt since 2004. Here’s our guide to good gut health.

Look after your gut and it will look after you.

to our health. The microorganisms work

cells embedded in its walls and

together to break down our food and help

which communicates with the brain and

Most of the time, when it comes to nutri-

us fight infection. Having the right gut

can trigger huge emotional shifts. If bad

tion we like to think in terms of macros

bacteria has been linked to weight loss,

bacteria are running rampant in the stomach

and micros (that is macronutrients such

improved digestion, enhanced immune

and causing indigestion or nausea in the gut,

as carbohydrates, fats and proteins and

function, healthier skin and the reduced

it can send signals to the brain that affect

micronutrients such as individual vitamins

risk of some diseases. However, having a

the way you think. Psychological symptoms

and minerals), but it turns out we should also

predominance of unhealthy microbes in

generated by disturbances in the gut can

be taking microbes into account.

the gut may contribute to weight gain,

include depression, anxiety and brain fog.

Our bodies contain trillions of microbes. In fact, bacteria cells inside us outnumber human cells by about 10 to 1. The most

high blood sugar, high cholesterol and other disorders.

Are you eating the right foods to help your good gut bacteria?

dense microbe population is in your

The second brain

gastrointestinal tract (or gut) where they play

Our gut microbiome – the name for complex

diversity and stability of your gut bacteria. It

a critical role in digestion, immune function

community of microorganisms inside us –

is important to have a varied diet as a healthy

and weight regulation.

does not only have a bearing on our physical

gut has a varied community of microbes,

health. If you’ve ever “gone with your gut

each of which prefers different foods.

The majority of these gut bacteria are

The food you eat has a large bearing on the

quite harmless, some are helpful and

instinct” to make a decision or felt “butterflies

a small number can cause disease. We

in your stomach” when nervous, you’re likely

based foods with a variety of whole

each have enough bacteria inside us to

getting signals from your second brain. That

grains, beans and fruit as they all contain

fill a soup can and while this may be a

is what scientists are now calling the gut

high amounts of fibre, which is the best

rather unsavoury fact, having a large and

because of the enteric nervous system – two

fuel for your gut bacteria.

diverse variety of bacteria inside us is key

thin layers of more than 100 million nerve


Paa Tanzania

The emphasis should be on plant-

Try to limit the amount of highly

The health benefits of probiotic yoghurt Information provided by Fiti Co-op

Improves children’s attention at school

Helps to lower cholesterol

Provides energy

processed foods you

Builds a stronger immune system

Improves lung health

strengthening your immune system, reduc-

Mwanza to make yoghurt fortified with the

ing inflammation, easing skin conditions,

lactobacillus bacteria, a common probiotic,

that fast food as well as animal-derived fatty

reducing the symptoms of depression and

which was donated by Western University as

foods encourage the development of more

even extending our lives.

part of its Western Heads East programme to

eat. Research has shown

harmful bacteria and can suppress good bacteria. If you have to take antibiotics to treat an

There are a number of fermented foods that are rich is probiotics such as sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh and kombucha

use probiotic foods to contribute to health and sustainable development. There are now more than 20 of these Fiti

infection, remember that this medication will

tea, but one of the simplest and tastiest

community kitchens – Fiti means ‘health’ in

kill good bacteria as well as bad. Once you

ways of getting more probiotics into our

Swahili – across 15 states in Tanzania. Kitchen

have completed the course, it is important

diet is to eat live yoghurt. As a fermented

staff are almost exclusively women – they

to make sure you eat lots of foods that boost

food, yogurt naturally contains lots of live

are known as the ‘yoghurt mamas’ – and the

your microbes afterwards.

microbes that not only give its trademark

project has helped many women become

tangy taste, but also bolster the diversity of

financially independent while contributing

the gut microbiome.

to the health of their communities. The

It is also beneficial to eat food that is rich in probiotics, a type of friendly bacteria that helps balance the composition of the gut

Tanzanian organisation Fiti Co-op has

kitchens have also become a hub for other

microbiome. Live yoghurt is made from milk

long recognised the importance of live

services such as lay counselling, disease

that has been fermented by these friendly

yoghurt as an affordable, easy-to-eat source

awareness and social support.


of probiotics and how it could be used to

The benefits of probiotics

help combat pressing health concerns in the country such as malnutrition, diarrhoeal

While there is much more research needed

disease and vaginitis, which can increase the

to be done, early studies suggest probiot-

risk of contracting HIV.

ics can have health benefits including

In 2004, Fiti opened its first kitchen in

Tanzanians can now order the range of yoghurts and juices through the Fiti app, which can be downloaded for Andriod phones from the Google Play store.


Zia Mohammed Quasi

Meet the pilot... Zia Mohammed Qazi

‘Being a pilot is the best way to see the world’ Zia Mohammed Qazi has been a first officer with Precision Air for the past three and a half years, co-piloting our aircraft to every destination in the network. Here the father-of-three talks to Paa about what first attracted him to a life in the sky, his favourite airport to touch down at and why a pilot should never stop learning. Was becoming a pilot a childhood

I got my Commercial Pilot Licence in

What is your favourite airport to


the US, where I attended the Riverside

come in to land at and why?

I assume everyone wants to fly when

Flight Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My

I fly to destinations across the entire

they are young. It’s natural to dream

first job as a pilot was in Tanzania flying

Precision Air network (and I am very

of being a pilot or an astronaut. I

12-seater Cessna Caravans to take tour-

familiar with the Seronera airstrip

grew up in Bhopal, in India, with a

ists from Mwanza to safari adventures

from my days as a bush pilot), but

father and grandfather who were in

in the Serengeti. From there, I worked

my favourite has to be Kilimanjaro

the military and I was fascinated by

in Gabon, in West Africa, this time

their uniforms. My father’s first cousin

flying Caravans to transport engineers

was also a pilot and I’d see him in

and executives from a French oil

his uniform. By the age of 19, I had

company to its more remote sites.

decided that’s what I wanted to do with my life.

I was then delighted to be offered a job as a first officer for Precision Air.

Pilot's view Zia loved the experience of flying from the start

International Airport because of the view of the mountain you get on approach. I also like coming in to Arusha airport as it a bit more challenging with its elevation and short runway.

I was aware of the airline from my Tell us about the flight training

first arrival in Tanzania and it was a

What qualities do you think a good

you have received to get where

major ambition of mine to secure a

pilot needs?

you are now.

position there.

You need to be disciplined with your


Paa Tanzania

time and be flexible. Your working

always feel that you can get yourself

hours will always be changing and

out of any sticky situation. However,

sometimes you will be doing night

when I started at Precision Air I got

flights so you have to be able to

some advice from a Captain, who

adapt. It’s also important that you

is now retired, that stayed with me.

never stop learning, no matter how

He said it is vital to always follow

experienced you are. There is always

SOP procedures (the step-by-step

more to learn.

instructions to carry out routine instructions) to ensure safety and

You’ve been with Precision Air for almost four years now. How have

efficiency at all times. I have also always stuck by advice

you enjoyed the experience?

given to me by my father and

Precision Air has been a very good

grandfather to respect all people, no

company to work for. There is a

matter what their nationality, race or

friendly environment here and the


Captains I have worked with have been very willing to offer advice.

Do you have time to explore the

Training is excellent here with

places you fly to? What are your

regular proficiency tests and I am

favourite places to visit after you

encouraged to upgrade my skills and

touch down?

work towards obtaining my Airline

With domestic flights the turnaround

Transport Pilot licence (the highest

is very fast – around 30 to 40 minutes

level of aircraft pilot certificate).

– so there is no time to explore. When I fly to Nairobi, there is usually

What do you love most about

time for lunch and a rest at a hotel.

your job?

Every day is different and you get the opportunity to meet different people and experience different cultures

It’s the best way to see the world.

How many flight hours have you

Doing this job is a privilege and it

accumulated so far? How many

doesn’t really feel like a job at all.

hours do you fly, on average, each

month with 55 hours in the air, but it

Every day is different and you get the


is starting to increase again.

opportunity to meet different people

I have clocked around 2,200 flight

and experience different cultures. I

hours since I began with Precision

Is it possible to maintain a good

enjoy the responsibility of being a

Air. Up until the pandemic hit, I had

work/life balance as a pilot?

pilot. Everyone is looking up to you

flights scheduled on around 22 days

and I have to make sure they are well

each month, involving 80 flying hours.

looked after.

Now it is around 15 to 18 days a

Flight team First Officer Zia with Precision Air Captain Joseph Wakuwile

It is possible, but you have to be disciplined with your time. It’s important to make a routine on your off days so you make the most of them.

What do you love about the feeling of flight?

What do you do when you are

It’s difficult to explain, you can only

not flying?

experience it. It is an exciting feeling. I

I was living in Upanga with my wife

have always like thrills and adventure.

and three children, but they are

At school I played a lot of soccer and

currently in India so I moved to a place

boxed at state level.

closer to the airport. I like to wake up early and go for a run in the early

What is the best piece of advice

morning when it is cooler or go to

you have received?

the gym. I like to visit friends or invite

Coming from bush flying, you

them back to my place for a barbecue.


Paa Food / Make it with Monalisa Mahitaji Paketi ya Mapaja (Pisi 12), 2 Maembe Yaliyoiva, Kikombe cha Ukwaju, Yai, ½ Kikombe Sukari, Soy Sauce, Siagi, Kitunguu Swaumu cha Unga, Kitunguu Maji cha Unga, Pilipili Manga, Paprika, Pilipili ya Unga, Thaimu, Majani ya Mrehani, Majani ya Parsley, Majani ya Oregano, Chumvi na 2 Vikombe vya Unga wa Ngano. Muda wa Maandalizi: Dakika 30 Muda wa Kupika: Dakika 30

Mbinui SOSI • Ndani ya kikombe cha maji ya moto loweka ukwaju na uache ukae kwa dakika 15.

Mango tamarind chicken drumsticks recipe Paa’s cookery columnist Monalisa Rwechungura shows you how to give your chicken dinner a fruity twist with her latest recipe, available to follow in both English and Swahili.


f you thought fruits were only for

are going to capture that flavour by frying

eating and juicing, I am here to tell

them to perfection to create a tender and

you that you can do so much more

juicy interior and a crispy exterior. Need I

with them. The amazing options include making this bomb sauce I am going to show you today. This recipe elevates chicken drumsticks

say more? The mango-tamarind sauce provides a fruity, sweet and tangy note to the crispy fried drumsticks. Serve these with some

to a whole new level. The flavour builds

potato wedges, a simple salad and

from the marinating and lasts all the way

wash it down with a cold margarita

to seasoning the flour. Drumsticks are the

and it’s sure to give you all the summer

calf of the chicken so very succulent. We

feels. Let’s get into the recipe!


Paa Tanzania

Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes


• 1 pack chicken drumsticks (12 pieces)

• 2 ripe mangoes • 120g tamarind • 1 egg • 60g brown sugar • Soy sauce, butter, garlic powder,

onion powder, black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, thyme, basil, parsley, oregano, salt

• 250g all-purpose flour.

by Chef Monalisa Rwechungura

• Ukwaju ukishalowa uchanganye kwa kutumia mkono mpaka upate mchuzi mzito. • Chuja ukwaju (1 kikombe) na uache ukae pembeni. • Menya maembe na uyasage pamoja na ½ kikombe cha maji. • Chuja maembe (1 kikombe) na uache yakae pembeni. • Ndani ya sufuria weka maembe, ukwaju, koroga vichanganyike vizuri na upike kutumia moto wa kati. • Weka kijiko cha kula cha Soy sauce, sukari na ½ kijiko cha chai cha kitunguu swaumu cha unga. • Koroga vichangayike, sosi ikianza kuchemka punguza moto uweke moto mdogo na uiache iive kwa dakika 10. • Weka kijiko cha chai cha siagi ili kuipa sosi yako mn’gao na uiache iive kwa

dakika 5 zingine. Itakua nzito mfano wa barbecue sauce. • Weka pembeni ipoe. KUKU • Ndani ya bakuli safi weka kijiko cha chai cha kila moja ya viungo vikavu In a clean bowl add a teaspoon each of the dry spices (Kitunguu Swaumu cha Unga, Kitunguu Maji cha Unga, Pilipili Manga, Paprika, Pilipili ya Unga, Thaimu, Majani ya Mrehani, Majani ya Parsley, Majani ya Oregano, Chumvi) na ukoroge vichanganyike. • Weka nusu ya viungo kwenye kuku na uwachangye vizuri kuhakikisha kuku wote wamepata viungo. • Vunja yai na uliweke kwenye kuku. • Changanya na kuhakikisha kila paja limepata yai alafu weka kuku pembeni.

• Ndani ya bakuli safi weka unga wa ngano na viungo vilivyobaki. • Koroga mpaka unga na viungo vichanganyike vizuri. • Weka mapaja ya kuku kwenye unga na peta mpaka kila kipande kipate unga. • Weka mapaja ya kuku kwenye trei na uuache yakae kwa dakika 10. • Ndani ya karai safi weka mafuta uache yapate moto kwa kutumia joto ya kati. • Kaanga mapaja ya kuku kwa dakika 5 kila upande. • Mapaja ya kuku yakitoka kwenye moto, nyunyuzia sosi ya kutosha upete mpaka kila paja lipate sosi ya kutosha. • Pamba kwa kutumia kitunguu majani. • Enjoy!!! Pendezesha kuku wako kwa kutumia maganda ya limao na slesi za limao.

Method SAUCE 1. In a cup of hot water soak the tamarind and let sit for 15 minutes. 2. Once soaked, mix the tamarind and water by hand until a thick liquid forms. 3. Sieve the tamarind liquid and set aside. 4. Peel the mangoes and blend them with 120ml of water. 5. Sieve the mango liquid and set aside. 6. In a sauce pan add the mango liquid, tamarind liquid, stir until combined and cook medium heat. 7. Add a spoonful of Soy sauce, the brown sugar and half a teaspoon of garlic powder. 8. Stir until fully combined, when it starts to boil lower heat to the minimum setting and let the sauce cook for 10 minutes.

9. Add a teaspoon of butter to give the sauce a glossy finish and let it simmer for five more minutes. It will have a thick consistency similar to barbecue sauce. 10. Set sauce aside to cool. CHICKEN 11. In a clean bowl add a teaspoon each of the dry spices (garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, thyme, basil, parsley, oregano and salt) and stir until fully combined. 12. Add half of the spice rub into the chicken and mix until all pieces are fully coated in the spices. 13. Crack the egg and add it to the chicken. 14. Mix so that all the drumsticks are

coated and set aside. 15. In a clean bowl add the flour and the remaining spice mix. 16. Stir until fully combined. 17. Put the drumsticks into the flour mix and toss until they are fully coated with the flour. 18. Set the coated drumsticks on a sheet pan and let them rest for 10 minutes. 19. In a clean pan add oil and let it get hot on medium heat. 20. Fry the drumsticks for five minutes per side. 21. Once the drumsticks come out of the oil, drizzle the sauce on them and toss until all the pieces are coated. 22. Garnish with chopped spring onion. Enjoy!


In-flight Magazine





Then potentially so are 120,000+ Precision Air passengers each issue †

The most effective form of print advertising: in-flight magazines E-version also available online to 134,000+ Precision Air followers as well as on their website: Don’t forget to book your advertisement to promote your company, brand, products or services Generous discounts available for series bookings

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Best birding in Tanzania

Tanzania’s best birds

and where to spot them Tanzania is a birdwatcher’s dream. The country has, at last count, 1,116 species of bird, with 22 that can only be found here. We’ve highlighted a handful of the most spectacular endemic birds and provided some details on the best places to spot them. Time to plan your Tanzania birding adventure.

Ashy starling

Hartlaub’s turaco

Red and yellow Barbets

Fischer’s Lovebird

In brief: You’ll see plenty of this

In brief: This elegant bird, endemic

In brief: The name for these small,

endemic species across Tanzania’s

to Uganda, Kenya and northern

interior and they are worth getting a

Tanzania, looks resplendent in

A pair of Red and yellow Barbets in Tarangire National Park

closer look at. Though their plum-

flight when it reveals large crimson

and for the strong bonds formed

age is ostensibly ash-grey, it has

patches on the undersides of

between mating pairs. Lovebirds

a sheen that in certain lights can

its wings.

put in some serious PDAs – biting or

make this starling look like a metallic

Looks: Predominantly green plumage

nipping each other beaks in a manner

robot flying machine.

with dark blue wings, tail and crown.

that can look like they are kissing.

Looks: Uniformly ash-grey with some

It has unusual markings on the head

Such is the lasting love each bird feels

oily green sheen on wings and its

with a smudge of white between the

long, narrow tail. Pale cream eye with

eye and beak and a white arched line

dark inner ring. Black beak and legs.

below the eye.

Listen out for: Makes quiet mewing,

Listen out for: A gruff, accelerating

the cute birds are a target for trappers

rasping, and chattering calls.

series of “kow” calls.

who illegally capture the birds for sale

Where to spot: Found in moderately

Where to spot: Hartlaub’s turaco

as pets.

moist savannah and woodland,

prefers high altitudes and is

Looks: Females and males are identi-

usually in small flocks, often feeding

commonly found in montane forests

cal in appearance with green backs,

on the ground. The Ngorongoro

and woodlands at 1,500 to 3,300

chest, and wings. The neck is golden

Crater is home to many of them.

metres in elevation. hangout.

yellow to orange colour, which

Black crake A small waterbird found in rivers and lakes

brightly coloured parrots is derived from German explorer Gustav Fisher

for its partner that the physical health of each individual will suffer if they are separated. This is a real problem as


Best birding in Tanzania

Looks: Those eye-catching speckled wings, a bright yellow breast and red cheeks with a white spot on either side. Males have a black crown while the female’s is red. Listen out for: While the colours are there in its plumage, the barbet’s name comes from its melodic call, which seems to repeat “red and yellow” over and over, often as a duet. Where to spot: They favour areas of dry savannah in north-east Tanzania. A good place to look is around termite mounds, which barbets use to incubate their own eggs, digging deep tunnels into the packed soil with their powerful beaks.

Mrs Moreau’s warbler In brief: This warbler is a rare and Hartlaub's Turaco

rewarding find. They are by nature shy

Elegant bird, endemic to Uganda, Kenya and Northern Tanzania

in montane forest. As they are often

deepens into a deeper orange-red

employed to whisk away its prey of

on the face. The lovebird’s beak

small mammals such as rodents and

is red, and the top of the head is

even dwarf bushbabies.

olive green. It may also have blue

Looks: Reddish-brown on the back

or purple-coloured plumage on the

and pale below, and marked with

detected by their whistling call. The

tail. The remainder of the body is a

heavy striping throughout. The face

species was first recorded by the

vibrant green.

is light brown with black borders and

birds that can only be found skulking hidden from view, they are normally

ornithologist Reginald Moreau, who Starling

Listen out for: Lovebirds are noisy

long ear tufts.

with a sing-song chirp that can get

Listen out for: The owl has two

loud. If there ever was a karaoke night

calls: a hollow rising then falling

back, with a rich rufous head and

in the bird world, lovebirds would

whistle and a low, fast, pulsating

breast. Females are duller.

definitely be the first up on stage – for

series of hoots.

Listen out for: The male sings a well-

a duet, obviously.

Where to spot: No prizes for guessing

spaced series of long, pure whistles,

Where to spot: Endemic to the

where the best place is to see this owl.

sometimes accompanied in a duet by

grasslands, semi-arid woodlands and

It is found in forest and plantations

the female, who gives lower whistles

savannas of north central Tanzania.

at low and middle elevations within

in simple patterns.

They like to be near water as they

the mountain range in north east

have a prodigious thirst and you can

Tanzania. Spottings are becoming

often spot them en masse sunning

increasingly rare, however, and the

themselves after a cooling dip in a

species is classified as under threat.

When to go bird watching in Tanzania

Red-and-yellow barbet

With more than 800 resident species, the bird watching is great all year round. However, it is at its best from November to April, when the numbers are bolstered by hundreds more species of migratory birds from Europe and northern Africa. At this time many resident bird species are nesting and are easy to spot in their breeding plumage. It’s a win-win!

water hole.

Usambara Eagle Owl

In brief: This kaleidoscopic bird with

In brief: If you’re up for some noctur-

its brilliant black and white polka-

nal bird watching, this rare owl will be

dotted wings is one of Tanzania’s

a prize spot. It’s a large, sturdily built

most attractive denizens with a call as

bird with powerful talons that are

pleasing as its looks.


Paa Tanzania

An Ashly Starling, with its ash-grey plumage

named the bird after his better half. Looks: Mostly grey, darker on the

Where to spot: This endemic

Where to spot: Found in the

species is only found in the Uluguru

montane forest of the Uluguru

Mountains in central Tanzania and has

Mountains, in eastern Tanzania,

been classified as ‘vulnerable’ by the

especially in clearings and on the

International Union for Conservation

forest edge.

of Nature.

Loveridge’s sunbird

Black crake In brief: A small black waterbird that

In brief: This rare bird is one of the

truly reveals itself when out of the

most colourful inhabitants of the

water and revving up its spindly red-

Uluguru Mountains – the only place

pink legs to scoot across reedbeds in

in the world where you will find them

search of vegetation and insects to

in the wild.

feed on.

Looks: The male of the species

Looks: Reddish eyes, yellowish bills

has iridescent plumage with green

and those unmistakable rose-

upperparts and hood, a yellow belly

coloured pins.

and an orangey-red patch on the

Listen out for: A distinctive and

chest. Females are rather plain in

quite odd, wheezy bubbling and

comparison with mostly brown mark-


ings (the whole reason, however, for

Where to spot: Rivers and lakes

the male’s garish colours is to impress

across the country, but spring

a female mate).

waters in the Serengeti are a

Listen out for: Calls include a long,

popular hangout.

descending whistle and a harsh “chet” sound, which is often followed by a rapid tumble of high-pitched notes.

Five of the best bird watching spots


Arusha National Park It may be small, but it packs in an incredible list of 400 bird species so you are assured of some great spots. Its Momello Lake is one of the best places for waterbirds such as flamingo, pelican and little grebe.


Lake Manyara Famous for its flamingos, but it also is home to more than 50 types of birds of prey, including the crowned eagle.


Ngorongoro Crater The crater rim is deeply forested while the bottom is grassland. Both excellent habitats for diverse bird life and more than 500 species have been recorded here. Among the birds to be seen are white-eyed slaty flycatcher and Livingstone’s turaco. Ostrich and crowned crane roam the grasslands.

4 The look of love A pair of Fischer's Lovebirds

Serengeti National Park Most visitors come to the Northern Circuit for its bigger beasts, but the bird life is also very special. Lake Ndutu is a great spot for raptors and water birds and the region has its own endemic species such as the rufous-tailed weaver and Usambiro barbet.


Selous Game Reserve Another African bird watching paradise, Selous contains over 440 bird species. A boat safari on the Rufiji River is a great way to take in the diverse bird life with common sightings including yellow-billed storks, lapwings and colourful bee-eaters.


Paa Stay / Forest Cottages, Kampala

Kampala’s forest hideaway Set in its own leafy oasis that monkeys and an array of colourful birds call home, boutique hotel Forest Cottages seems a world away from the bustle of Kampala on its doorstep. Location

central business district and just

The suburb of Bukoto to the north

30km from Entebbe International

of Kampala is becoming one of

Airport. You also have Bukoto’s

the most desirable areas in the

wealth of art galleries and shopping

Ugandan capital with hillside views

malls on your doorstep and it’s a

over the busy city, a village-like

15-minute drive to the vibrant shop-

atmosphere and plenty of green

ping precinct of Kisimenti – with its

spaces. Forest Cottages occupies one

arcades, boutiques, cafés and bars.

of the greenest spots of all with a

Cottage comfort The self-contained cottages are full of rustic charm

and restaurant areas continue the theme with ornate carved chairs for outside drinking and dining on the terrace.

Rooms There are 26 rooms on offer, including

jungle-like forest shrouding its rooms


and facilities. Guests get to soak in

Forest Cottages has a rustic aesthetic

the serene, natural environment,

with plenty of local timber used in

but if you can, opt for one of the

waking to the morning chatter of

its construction. The self-contained

cottages dotted around the lush

the resident monkey population and

cottages are hidden amid clusters of

gardens. There are one-bedroom,

the calls of over 20 bird species such

trees with some embedded into the

two bedroom and family cottages

as the brightly coloured turacos and

hillside and featuring striking sloped

to choose from and they all come

hornbills. This verdant hideaway is

roofs. All rooms are furnished with

equipped with self-catering facilities.

still within easy reach of Kampala’s

locally handmade furniture. The bar

You’ll find plenty of space with most


Paa Tanzania

Cocktail hour The hotel bar has a wide range on offer

a range of serviceable single and doubles in the hotel’s main building,

Images courtesy of Forest Cottages

of the cottages spread out over two

the evening, tables are candle-lit for

floors with floors linked by beautiful

romantic outdoor dining. Here is also

bespoke staircases with each step

a well-stocked bar for evening drinks,

made from chopped logs. Best of all,

including an extensive cocktail list.

is the sense of privacy and escape the self-contained cottages bring


with the lush woodland right on

While Forest Cottages has its own

your doorstep.

charming pool, ringed by woodland


and a sun deck, it is very welcome that the hotel’s guests are allowed

The self-contained cottages are hidden amid clusters of trees with some embedded into the hillside and featuring striking sloped roofs

Forest Cottages has its own

to also make use of the exemplary

offers four venues for meetings

restaurant, Avocado, that serves

leisure and wellness facilities of sister

and events. Its Committee Room

a daily buffet breakfast as well as

venue the Kibara Country Club, which

is ideal for workshops while

a lunch and dinner sitting. The

is just a short walk away. Here you’ll

Pappali Hall can accommodate

menu includes some excellent

find a 25-metre outdoor pool, tennis,

salads – each packed with locally

squash and basketball courts, a gym

sourced fresh ingredients – beef

and a spa with a sauna, steam room

and chicken dishes grilled on a

and massage treatments. Just in case


barbecue, a number of local dishes

the tranquil, natural environment

Double rooms and one-bedroom

as well as a selection of Indian and

of Forest Cottages is not enough,

cottages start at US$75 a night.

Chinese-inspired meals. You can

these extra touches should ensure

The Family cottage, which sleeps

eat inside in the main dining room

complete relaxation.

up to six people, starts at US$170

with its vaulted ceiling or outside on the terrace or in the gardens. In

For business travellers and conferences, Forest Cottages

up to 200 people theatre-style for All business Conference facilities at Forest Cottages


a night. For more information, visit


No-nonsense talk with Sona


Sona Parmar

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad - Miles Kington


bit like learning advanced calculus

a bit like trying to fill your bowl with cereal,

at school (or actually anything),

when it still has yesterday’s old porridge in

there are many things knocking

it. And some of the porridge had probably

around in deep recesses of my mind I wonder if I will ever use. School aside, I have done so many courses, selfimprovement programmes, silent retreats,

gotten a little hard and stuck. So, I exhaled, I let go, I cleared out. My life went on. But it didn’t. Somehow, I became really,

you name it. When I am fascinated by

really present to the things that took place in

something, I am like a veritable dog-with-

my life and how they made me feel.

a-bone until I reach my fill. Everything I have done, I have enjoyed

do. I get them to observe their feelings, so as to see how that affects their food and/or

The dusty old library that is my brain,

digestion. This is conscious exercise and they can stop doing it whenever they want. I, on the other hand, was in full observa-

is now, somehow, giving me the right

tion mode and I didn’t want to be. I don’t like

information at the right time in the right

feelings; I certainly don’t like discomfort and I

way. It doesn’t make sense. Sure, if I were in

find that the line between healthy detach-

my teens or twenties, it would make sense:

ment and disassociation can be pretty fine.

neurons firing appropriately and delivering useful information. But I’m in my forties; it’s meant to be all

To find out more about her work, visit and instagram. com/inspirationbysona

Let me be clear. This was not a choice.

destination on the radar. dots started to connect.

Paa has a new columnist. Sona Parmar is a Nairobi-based clinical nutritionist certified by the Nutrition Therapy Council. In each issue the mum-of-three will take a wry look at the human condition inspired by events in her own life.

There is an exercise I often have patients

thoroughly, taking delight in the process, no And then, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, the

Clinical Nutritionist

So, here I am, unconsciously and reluctantly feeling everything. I can only compare it to walking around with no skin. I suddenly

downhill from here – even with the handful

felt everything and was aware of it too.

of colourful supplements I take every day.

Anger, sadness, joy, relief, frustration,

So, what has suddenly changed?

disappointment, unworthiness…I couldn’t

where I didn’t have to do, I didn’t need to

My breathing.

keep track.

make anything happen. I just had to allow it,

All I did was change my yoga practice

I have known intellectually for years that

like taking my foot off the garden hose.

so that my exhale was twice as long as

I am not my feelings. Now I was experienc-

my inhale.

ing it. It felt like everything I had ever done

fested something, rather because I finally got

had brought to me this moment, to a place

out of the way.

Given that I’ve been “doing” yoga for such

Something is flowing not because I mani-

a long time, I wasn’t expecting much of a difference. Actually, I lie. My research found that it would probably help my overthinking (and therefore my sleep, anxiety and any other related problems). In order to be calm, one needs adequate amounts of oxygen. In order to inhale adequately, one needs to have exhaled fully. I knew I had gotten lazy about exhaling. It’s


Paa Tanzania

It felt like everything I had ever done had brought to me this moment, to a place where I didn’t have to do, I didn’t need to make anything happen.

Paa Royal Benefits

Benefits that will make you feel like royalty Precision Air is always looking to give its customers an exclusive and memorable service experience; and the Paa Royal benefits programme is part of that mission. The membership categories* are as follows:

Jade Member benefits

Silver Member benefits

Upon enrolment, members will be given their unique Paa Royal number, which they must always show whenever they buy tickets as well as during check-in at the airport. After flying three times or more, members will be given a Jade membership card. With the card, they will be recognised as members of the Paa Royal Programme.

After attaining Silver membership level, the member will be issued with a Silver membership card which he (or she) must show at all Precision Air point of sales in order to receive the recognition that he deserves. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he will automatically receive points earned to his account.

Other benefits of Jade membership:

Members will be entitled to special treatment and priority treatment whenever they travel.

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at the passenger’s arrival destination • An opportunity to get a free ticket within the Precision Air’s network after accumulating enough points in their account.

*Please note that, in each membership category, if a member is unable to maintain the required number of flights in a year, he or she will be downgraded to their tier level achieved in that current year.

Other benefits of Silver membership: • Free 5 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation in those times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line.

Gold Member benefits

Tanzanite Member benefits

After attaining the Gold membership, members will begin to experience royal and exclusive treatment whenever they fly. Members will be opened up to a new world of opportunities and experiences and, of course, receive more rewards. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he (or she) would automatically receive points earned to his account. Other benefits of Gold: • Free 10 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line • Priority waitlist/airport standby each time you want to travel and your selected flight is full.

When members reach Tanzanite member they attain ultimate royalty. We will always strive to give these royal members an exclusive and memorable flight experience. At this level, members will already be used to royal treatment; royalty will be their way of life. Other benefits of Tanzanite: • Free 15 kg excess baggage every time the member travels on a PW-operated flight • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Confirmation on any flight if a member is prepared to pay Y class fare, regardless of the flight booking status • Priority waitlist/airport standby whenever you want to travel and your selected flight is full • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line. • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s destination.

• Silver,Gold and Tanzanite members also get discounts of up to 20 per cent when visiting GSM shopping malls Msasani and Pugu, Southern Sun Hotel, Akemi restaurant, East Point Restaurant and the Colosseum hotel and sports club - all in Dar es Salaam.

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Welcome Aboard

Fly with a face mask

Safety and well-being on board PASSENGER SAFETY Precision Air takes passenger safety very seriously. Aviation safety isn’t just the pilot’s or the cabin crew’s job – it takes all of us. It is easy for our natural sense of caution to be dulled in our modern environment, where things don’t go wrong very often. Whether in the air or on the ground, your life and the lives of your family members could some day be saved if you make it a point, in every situation, to create a mental plan of action in case of emergency. Here are some important tips to help you enjoy your travel experience with Precision Air – in flight and around the airport.

EXIT ROW SEAT A passenger who is allocated an emergency exit seat: A. Must be both willing and physically able to open the exit doors in an emergency B. Must completely understand the printed emergency evacuation techniques C. Must be 16 years old and above.

PAY ATTENTION TO PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING Although the information seems repetitious, the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft that you fly on and the seat you are in.

CARRY ON BAGGAGE There are strict rules about what you can bring on board an aircraft. Because:

Carry-on bags must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please confirm with Precision Air rules before your travel to avoid delays. *Remember: All carry-on baggage must be left behind in an evacuation.

SAFETY ONBOARD Boarding and leaving an aircraft requires your full attention. As you move to and from the aircraft, you may be in a busy area with many other passengers and cargo, moving vehicles, other aircraft, slippery walkways and/or stairs.

RESPECT YOUR CREW AND FELLOW PASSENGERS Everyone has the right to safe and secure travel. That is why Precision Air employees and the aviation authority will not tolerate any behaviour that interferes with the flight or puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

SEATBELTS Seatbelts must be fastened during take-off, landing, during turbulence and any time the crew deem it necessary. Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need in case of emergency. If you are responsible for an infant or a child, you must first ensure that your own seatbelt is properly fastened, then secure the child and, if it is an infant, secure the child’s or the infant’s restraints.

A. Not all aircraft have space to store your carry-on baggage.

Important note: There are a number of events involving air turbulence that highlight the importance of keeping seatbelts fastened throughout the flight.

B. In an accident, baggage in the aisles makes it harder to get out of the aircraft quickly.

Though rare, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to both passengers and crew.


Paa Tanzania

For the your own safety and the safety of your fellow passengers and crew, we ask you to wear a face mask during the entirety of your flight today. Thank you!

You Are Why We Fly It’s a good idea to keep your seatbelt fastened even when the seatbelt signs are not on.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND PREGNANCIES If you have a medical condition and may need assistance during your travel, kindly ask the Precision Air offices or agents about procedures before your flight. If you are pregnant, you will need to fill a Precision Air medical form, to be signed by your doctor, to confirm that you are OK for travel. For further details, kindly ask while booking your ticket from our sales offices and/or customer services.

PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Use of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP4 players, iPads, etc are not allowed during take-off, landing, taxiing, descent and climb. Precision Air prohibits the use of some electronic devices during flight because they emit signals that can interfere with the aircraft's instrumentation. Some of the items prohibited include cellphones, radios, remote-controlled games/toys, laser pointers, iPads or tablets that transmits frequencies, portable printers, walkie-talkies, scanners and laptops. These items need to be stowed away for these phases of the flight to avoid injuries in case of an emergency.