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The Port Authority of Jamaica 15-17 Duke Street Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

World-class hub for container transhipment KCT expands to receive larger ships Multipurpose terminal has better-than-ever facilities One-stop shop for maritime services Excellent track record for port security Port statistics

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Free zones help boost economy PAJ set to capitalise on Panama Canal expansion Improving standards in the maritime sector Integrated logistics hub planned in Kingston

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cruise Island of rich variety is a 'must' for shore excursions Cruise capital of the Caribbean Historic Falmouth – Caribbean’s newest cruise port Perfect location for home porting of cruise ships Super yacht facilities in a paradise location

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port authority

Bright outlook for our island at 50 L

et us celebrate Jamaica as we recognise our milestone of 50 years of independence.

of the world’s leading container lines have chosen Kingston as their Caribbean hub, not only for its convenient location but also because of the top quality handling services and first-rate

Our achievements have been many, and the Port

support network offered by our principal port.

Authority of Jamaica is proud to have contributed to the success and development of this island

The PAJ has embarked on a three to five year

nation, which is home to Bob Marley, Louise

strategic plan in order to position the Port of

Bennett and Usain Bolt.

Kingston as a regional logistics, multimodal, mega hub. In light of this, developments are

Jamaica is blessed by nature with one of the

under way to accommodate the significant

best locations in the Caribbean. Our key position

increase in container traffic and the much larger

on the main shipping routes has made us a

container vessels that will be seen in our region

hub for sea trade for many years. In the age of

after the opening of the enlarged Panama

containerisation, Jamaica has really come into

Canal in 2014. We have embarked on a major

its own – thanks in no small part to the excellent

expansion of Kingston Container Terminal that

qualities of the Port of Kingston, the world’s

will allow Kingston to handle the new deeper

seventh-largest natural harbour.

draught containerships.


Our cruise sector is more vibrant than ever

Meanwhile, of course, the Caribbean’s role as

created Historic Falmouth Cruise Port, which can

a paradise for cruise vacations has put Jamaica

accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships.

before. One of our greatest assets is the newly

firmly on the map as a ‘must call’ – and today also as a starting and finishing point – for the world’s

I hope this new handbook will give you a

leading cruise operators.

snapshot of where we are today – and where we aim to be in the future.

Since it was established in 1972, the Port Authority of Jamaica has presided over a period of strong and steady growth thanks to an enlightened approach to management combined with strong investment in new infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment. In recent years, the container business has been our principal engine of growth, with transhipment as our number one activity. Many

Noel Hylton

President Port Authority of Jamaica


port authority

Jamaica's maritime sector goes from strength to strength I

t is hard to overstate the importance of Jamaica to the maritime sector of the Caribbean. Building on its inherent advantages of a first-rate geographical location and superb natural harbours, the island has invested in world-class port facilities and state-of-the-art equipment with a view to attracting ever more ship calls and international traffic.

high standard of operation is maintained for sea traffic of all kinds, but in two particular areas – container handling and the cruise sector – Jamaica is simply outstanding.

Advantages Jamaica has key advantages as a hub for maritime trade thanks to its central location in the Caribbean and its proximity to the

Small wonder that Jamaica and its ports

United States. The island is a ‘must’ call for

have won a fine reputation for speedy and

shipping on the north-south and east-west

efficient services combined with a positive

trade routes of the Caribbean and a vital link

attitude to quality and customer care.

in the worldwide sea trade network.

There is no question that, in recent years

The Port of Kingston has two major

especially, Jamaica’s maritime sector has

terminals, side by side. Kingston Container

moved into the major league. A consistently

Terminal is dedicated to container


port authority

Container handling Jamaica and its principal port of Kingston have earned a reputation as one of the biggest and best transhipment centres in the Caribbean for international container traffic. In an island blessed with fine natural harbours, the Port of Kingston is the biggest and best of all – the seventh-largest natural harbour in the world. Today, Kingston offers world-class facilities for handling and transhipment of containers as well as dealing with a wide range of other cargoes. traffic, while Kingston Wharves Ltd is a multipurpose facility. There is also a range

Container operations are focused on Kingston

of ‘sufferance wharves’ owned by industrial

Container Terminal (KCT), which is currently

companies and dedicated to specific cargoes.

undergoing a major expansion to allow the terminal to handle the new generation of containerships that will


be trading in the Caribbean after the completion of the

Kingston is served by a comprehensive range

Panama Canal expansion project in 2014.

of liner and tramp shipping services, with deepsea links to major ports all over the

Significant volumes of container traffic are also

world as well as feeder links throughout the

handled by Kingston Wharves Ltd, a multipurpose


terminal located next to KCT. In addition, there are container handling facilities at the north coast port of

By virtue of its key location and first-rate facilities, Kingston is one of the leading

Montego Bay.

ports in the Caribbean for transhipment of cargo traffic, especially containers. About 85 per cent of the container traffic handled by

of its terminal. The harbour has been

Kingston is transhipment.

dredged to receive deeper-draught vessels and the terminal can now accommodate the

In recent years there has been major

‘new panamax’ vessels.

investment by the Port Authority of Jamaica and by the private sector in expanding and upgrading the Port of Kingston to allow it to


receive larger vessels and to handle higher

Kingston has an excellent choice of maritime

volumes of containers and other cargo.

support services, underlining its status as a regional hub port. In particular, the area

KWL, which owns the multipurpose terminal,

immediately next to the port estate – in

has invested heavily in upgrading the

Newport West and Port Bustamante – is

infrastructure and administrative operations

home to a wide range of cargo handlers,


port authority

Cruise sector Already recognised as a regional centre for the Caribbean cruise sector, Jamaica has taken the industry by storm with its most recent innovation – a purposebuilt ‘thematic destination’ called Historic Falmouth container repair companies, hauliers, logistics providers, shipping agents,

Cruise Port that combines a retro-style tourist village with an ultramodern cruise terminal designed to

stevedores and other specialist companies.

accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships. The

Other major support companies have their

original town of Falmouth, within walking distance of

offices in the centre of Kingston, while some

the cruise terminal, is being restored and refurbished to

companies also have offices in the north

create a visitor attraction its in own right.

coast ports of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Historic Falmouth has attracted huge attention from There is a good choice of haulage companies for domestic freight; and trucks can move easily to and from the main terminals of Kingston by way of the upgraded main access road.

Free zones

the international cruise and tourism sector, helping to showcase the many attractions and advantages of Jamaica as a cruise destination. Falmouth is the latest addition to Jamaica’s series of cruise ports, all of which lie on the north coast. The

A network of free zones, operated by the PAJ,

other three ports are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and the

provides an ideal complement to the support

‘boutique’ port of Port Antonio. In addition to port-of-call

services sector. These strategically located

business, Montego Bay has added home porting to its list

zones have played a key role in encouraging industry and commerce while attracting inward investment. The four zones are: • Kingston Free Zone • Jamaica International Free Zone

of activities. This growing activity has brought welcome additional business to the hotel and tourism sector on the north coast as cruise passengers are encouraged to extend their visit to Jamaica with a ‘stay and sail’ combination.

• Portmore Infomatics Park • Montego Bay Free Zone.


port authority

Special birthday for a very special island I

n 2012 the people of Jamaica celebrate 50 years of independence with a yearlong series of activities on the island and in ‘diaspora’ communities worldwide. In addition, thousands of overseas Jamaicans will travel to their motherland to join in the celebrations directly.

As a lasting legacy of the 50th anniversary, the Jamaica 50 Secretariat is looking to improve the quality

The celebrations, dubbed Jamaica 50, opened

of life of Jamaicans. In collaboration with

with a series of firework displays at key

government ministries and the private

waterfront locations to bring in the New

sector, it has drawn up a list of so-called

Year and will culminate in more fireworks on 31

legacy projects.

December. Highlight of the celebrations will be the period of the Independence Festival from

One of the key legacy projects is a special

late July to 6 August.

foundation for children and young people at risk. The ‘Make A Difference’ foundation

Jamaica 50 is being led by a National

will address some of the inequalities

Planning Committee with members from

and challenges faced by poor and

various sectors including culture, tourism

disenfranchised children and young people.

The Jamaica 50 logo features the national colours and depicts the island’s national bird, the doctor bird, in mid-flight. The logo symbolises a nation in ascendancy, culturally strong and resilient in spirit.

and other government bodies as well as the private sector, youth organisations, religious and civic groups, the diaspora, sport, entertainment and academia. The wide membership reflects the government’s commitment to celebrations

Pride of a nation The Jamaica National Flag was first raised on 6 August 1962 after just over 300 years of British rule. So Independence Day 2012 is a

that are comprehensive, reflecting all

red-letter day for Jamaicans everywhere – and they have a lot to

aspects of the island’s prowess and engaging

celebrate. As a comparatively small country, Jamaica has

Jamaicans everywhere. The celebrations will

made a huge impact on the world scene.

trace Jamaica’s political evolution into an

Celebrated for its beauty, culture, cuisine and

independent democratic state at the heart of the Caribbean community. They will also

racial harmony, the island can also be proud

highlight Jamaica’s growing importance

of the outstanding achievements of its citizens

as an international partner for trade and

in a variety of sectors.



Driving force behind Jamaica's maritime success


he status of Jamaica as one of the leading maritime hubs of the Caribbean region is due in no small part to the hard work and far-sighted approach of the Port Authority of Jamaica. Since it was established some 40 years ago, the PAJ has played a key role in steering

Already one of the most important shipping centres in the Caribbean region, Jamaica is poised to take advantage of new trading opportunities and to extend its maritime reach still further. Much of the credit for these achievements is due to the Port Authority of Jamaica, which continues to embrace new ideas and invest in more and better facilities.

development and attracting investment. Now it is the driving force behind plans to further extend the island’s maritime services and trade.

Responsible The PAJ is a statutory corporation established by the Port Authority Act of 1972. As the island’s principal maritime agency, the Port Authority is responsible for the regulation and development of Jamaica’s shipping industry

Mission: To develop and regulate the world-class facilities and services that ensure the sustainable growth of Jamaica’s maritime industry and maximum satisfaction of all stakeholders.

and ports. It is responsible for the safety of all vessels navigating the ports of entry and for setting the tariffs charged on goods passing through the public wharves. The PAJ owns the following ports and terminals:

Vision: To be the western hemisphere’s beacon of maritime excellence.

• Kingston Container Terminal • Port of Montego Bay • Cruise ship terminals at Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and the Ken Wright Pier in Port Antonio • Historic Falmouth Cruise Port, a joint initiative between the PAJ and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines • Boundbrook Wharf, Port Antonio. The Port Authority has a president and a chief executive officer, who is supported by five senior vice-presidents. They report to a board of directors comprising a maximum


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

port authority

of 10 members appointed by the Minister of

Pilotage Department: Every ship navigating

Transport and Works.

within the harbour limits of Jamaica’s ports must have a licensed marine pilot on board.

The main office consists of the following

Pilots are provided by this department.

divisions: • Finance and Information Services • Engineering and Port Development • International Marketing and Client Services

Harbours Department: Headed by the Harbour Master, this department is responsible for the deployment and maintenance of navigation aids.

• Business Management and Special Projects • Legal, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs.

The work of these divisions is facilitated by the Group Internal Audit, Assurance and Risk Management section. Two important departments dealing with vessel safety – the Pilotage Department and the Harbours and Port Services Department – are contained within the Engineering and Port Development Division.



port authority cargo business cruise directory

World-class hub for container transhipment 16 KCT expands to receive larger ships


Multipurpose terminal has better-than-ever 20 facilities One-stop shop for maritime services


Excellent track record for port security


Port statistics



World-class hub for container transhipment Jamaica could hardly be better placed for the handling and transhipment of Caribbean container traffic. In addition to its strategic location, the island – and especially the Port of Kingston – has developed a range of world-class terminal facilities that have won international awards for their speed and efficiency. Now, the Port Authority of Jamaica is expanding its container facilities to meet the expected rise in demand generated by the Panama Canal expansion.


ts key location on major trade routes across the Caribbean has made Jamaica a centre of choice for handling and transhipment of containerised cargo. This activity is focused on the Port of Kingston, which has built a fine reputation for the speed and efficiency of its container handling. The port has modern, well run terminals that make full use of the latest handling equipment and electronic communications technology.

For container handling and transhipment operations, the port’s main facility is Kingston Container Terminal. One of the largest container terminals in the Caribbean region, KCT has an annual capacity of 3.2 million teu. The terminal is undergoing a major expansion of its berthing facilities, with more depth alongside, to accommodate the new generation of containerships that will be operating in the Caribbean after the Panama Canal expansion project is completed in 2014.

Multipurpose Located next to KCT is the terminal of Kingston Wharves Ltd (KWL), one of the most important multipurpose terminals in the Caribbean. KWL handles a wide range of cargo including roll on, roll off (ro-ro), load on, load off (lo-lo) and significant volumes of containers as well as bulk and breakbulk cargo. The terminal also specialises in vehicle imports. KWL is a sub-regional transhipment hub, handling about 155,000 teu of transhipment traffic each year.


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


These terminal operations are well

States east coast and Europe. It is also on the

supported by a cluster of experienced

north-south route between Central America

maritime service companies as well as

and South America. This makes it an ideal

logistics providers and road haulage

centre for container transhipment.

operators. In this way, Jamaica has truly become a one-stop shop for transhipment services in the Caribbean.

Equipment The terminals of Kingston offer huge areas

North coast

for handling and storage of containers along with a comprehensive range of cranes and

On the north coast of Jamaica, containers

other handling equipment. Off-port areas

are handled at the Port of Montego Bay,

are also available for distribution, processing

which has 1.2 hectares of open storage for

and storage.

containers and a warehouse with 1,858 square metres of space.

The expansion of KCT is seen as a vital element in transforming the Port of Kingston

Kingston is located on the east-west shipping

from a regional into an international hub and

lanes between the Panama Canal, the United

thus securing its long-term viability.


KCT expands to receive larger ships With its strategic location, deepwater facilities and state-of-the-art handling equipment, Kingston Container Terminal is a world-class facility for transhipment of containerised cargo. A major expansion of berths will enable KCT to accommodate the new larger vessels that will be using the Panama Canal from 2014.


• One of the largest container terminals in the Caribbean

Kingston Container Terminal Services Ltd, a

• Mainline services to North and South America, Europe, the Far East and Australia

KCT is the centrepiece of the Port Authority’s

• Complex owned and operated by the Port Authority of Jamaica • Key player in the development of Jamaica’s logistics hub • State-of-the-art computerised management system

ingston Container Terminal (KCT) is one of the Caribbean’s leading transhipment hubs – a world-class facility with an annual rated capacity of 3.2 million teu.

Transhipment accounts for 85 per cent of throughput at KCT, which is owned by the Port Authority of Jamaica and operated by subsidiary of the PAJ.

commercial activities and the main focus of its investment and development programmes. It is a transhipment hub for major containership lines in the north-south and east-west services trades across the Caribbean region.

Berthing KCT consists of three terminals – North, South and West – offering a total of 2,277 metres of berthing and 108 hectares of paved storage. The berth face, channel and turning basin have been dredged to a depth of 14.0 metres. The stacking area at the West Berth is to be expanded. This involves paving and other infrastructural works as well as installing more reefer plugs. These capital works will boost capacity to 3.2 million teu.


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


Landmark agreement A memorandum of understanding for the operation, equipment and expansion of the Gordon Cay Container Terminal for a minimum of 35 years was signed on 4 August 2011 by Rodolphe Saadé, chief executive of CMA CGM, and Noel Hylton, chairman of the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ).

KCT has a comprehensive range of equipment at its disposal including 19 ship-to-shore gantry cranes (four of them super post panamax), 73 s traddle carriers, 14 e   mpty container handlers and 744 reefer plugs. The PAJ plans to renew or refurbish the equipment and infrastructure of KCT as well as upgrading navigational equipment and acquiring a new more powerful tug.


CMA CGM, which is the world’s third-largest

The Port Authority has given the green light

container shipping company, will use

to a major expansion of KCT that will allow

Kingston as its Caribbean hub.

the terminal to accommodate the ‘new panamax’ vessels.

This agreement is widely regarded as a significant step forward in the government’s

The expansion will be carried out by the

programme to privatise KCT.

French shipping group CMA CGM, which has agreed to invest US$100 million and employ 1,000 people in exchange for a 35-year lease to operate a new container hub at KCT.

Dredging The PAJ will undertake a dredging programme to increase the water depth


in the Port of Kingston in order to

Following an agreement between the


accommodate the new generation of larger

shipping company and the Port Authority of Jamaica, signed in August 2011, there will be

Once in service, the Gordon Cay Terminal will

a major programme of investment before the

have a 1,300 metre quay with 17.0 metres

terminal is fully commissioned in 2015. The

depth to accommodate the ‘new panamax’

project to develop the terminal will be based

vessels. There will be scope to develop an

on existing facilities.

additional 1,200 metres in a second phase.


Multipurpose terminal has better-than-ever facilities Kingston Wharves Ltd has won the Caribbean Shipping Association’s ‘Best Multi-purpose Terminal of the Year’ title for 2006, 2007 and 2009 and was cited in 2010 for its operational efficiency. • 1,655 metres of continuous berthing for ro-ro, lo-lo, containers, bulk and breakbulk cargo • 9 deepwater berths, up to 13.0 metres depth


ingston Wharves Ltd (KWL) operates a large multipurpose terminal next to Kingston Container Terminal at Port Bustamante. Operating 24 hours a day, KWL is a public wharf handling all kinds of cargo including significant volumes of containers. It is also equipped for transhipment logistics, reflecting the significant growth in its transhipment business over the past 10 years.

Upgrading KWL operates Berths 1 to 9 in the Port of Kingston. The company has invested in upgrading the infrastructure and administration of its terminal. This includes dredging the harbour in readiness for the new generation of deeper-draught ‘post panamax’ vessels. KWL uses a comprehensive range of handling

• 236,000 square metres of open storage

equipment. This includes a Generation 5,

• 24,000 square metres of warehousing and cold storage

a lifting capacity of 125 tonnes, able to reach

Model 6 Gottwald mobile harbour crane with across 17 container widths, and three other Gottwald mobile cranes of up to 100 tonnes.

• 53,000 square metres of off-dock storage for vehicles • Comprehensive range of handling equipment including four mobile harbour cranes • Complementary facility to Kingston Container Terminal


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

It also has 11 reach stackers and a fleet of fork-lift trucks and yard trailers.


The terminal is a sub-regional transhipment hub for premier shipping lines operating in the Caribbean, handling more than 155,000 teu of transhipment traffic each year.

Vehicles In a recent addition to its operations, KWL manages the regional transhipment hub for one of the world’s leading vehicle carriers – the first direct service of its kind from Europe to Jamaica. This involves the transhipment of over 45,000 units per year including cars, trucks, buses and earth-moving equipment. KWL handles the vast majority of Jamaica’s imports and is widely used by domestic manufacturers and producers to export their goods, both regionally and internationally. In addition to containers, KWL handles breakbulk cargo such as cement, lumber and steel as well as Jamaica’s entire traffic in vehicle imports.

Efficiency KWL uses hand-held and vehicle-mounted computers, together with Tideworks yard


management software, to maximise the efficiency of its wharf and warehouse

Services provided by KWL include berthing

operations. As well as reducing vessel

of vessels, stevedoring, vanning and

turnround times this has led to more

devanning of containers, warehousing, reefer

accurate inventory control.

management and cargo deconsolidation for Jamaicans living overseas and sending items home. The activities of KWL and its nextdoor neighbour, KCT, are complementary.

Inspection The KWL terminal has been recertificated under the ISPS Code until 2014. The terminal’s

Two key services are provided by

anti-narcotics services include pre-stage and

subsidiaries of KWL:

departure checks as well as inspection of vessel hulls by remotely operated vehicle.

• Refrigerated storage through Harbour Cold Stores Ltd

As the expansion of the Panama Canal nears completion, KWL has positioned itself to

• Security services in the ports of Kingston,

take advantage of the resulting increase in

Montego Bay and Port Antonio provided

container traffic to the region by upgrading its

by Security Administrators Ltd, partly

terminal facilities to the highest international

owned by the Port Authority.



effective routes or on ways to improve the

One-stop shop for maritime services • Wide choice of ship agents and freight forwarders • Mainline and feeder services • Stevedoring and logistics • Transport and haulage • Supply chain management

efficiency of their supply chain.

CMA CGM CMA CGM is the world’s third-largest container shipping group. With its head office in Marseille (France), it has over 650 offices and agencies in some 150 countries and provides services on over 170 shipping lanes. With a total teu capacity of about 1.3 million under its management, CMA CGM controls about 8.4 per cent of the world’s total container shipping market. CMA CGM has a long and proud history of serving the islands and people of Jamaica and is investigating the possibility of establishing a transhipment hub in Kingston

• Storage and warehousing

based on the Panama Canal expansion. In

• Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation

CGM Jamaica, one of the largest shipping


hen it comes to ship agency and other port services, the maritime community of Jamaica delivers a first-class product. While most companies are based in Kingston, many also have offices in the island’s other main ports, thus providing an on-the-spot service to shipping lines.

Jamaica, the company is represented by CMA agencies on the island.

Gateway Shipping International Gateway Shipping International Ltd (GSI) is one of Jamaica’s leading providers of port and agency services. Its principals include container lines, cruise ships, general cargo ships and NVOCC operators. With its head office in Kingston and offices in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, it offers a complete

Carib Star Shipping

husbandry service for all types of vessels calling Kingston. GSI provides services for the

Carib Star Shipping is the agent in Jamaica

Chilean container line CSAV, offering weekly

for Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd,

connections with Barbados, Chile, Colombia,

the port’s largest carrier of domestic and

Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador,

transhipment cargo. Zim offers a wide

Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru and

choice of mainline and feedership services


and provides an extensive range of sea connections. As the local face of Zim, the company provides ready access to these worldwide services

Jamaica Freight & Shipping Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co Ltd, formed in 1976 by a merger between Jamaica Fruit &


With its highly trained staff, Carib Star

Shipping Co Ltd and Sprostons (Jamaica) Ltd,

Shipping can offer customers professional

is a full service shipping agency representing

guidance on choosing the most cost-

China Shipping Container Lines, Jamaica

Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

cargo Producers Shipping Co, Miami Freight & Shipping Co (NVOCC), Compania Chilena de Navegacion Interoceanica and Mitsui OSK Lines. Through its logistics management department, it offers a full service brokerage facility and haulage services. It is also the exclusive port agent for West Indies Alumina Company at Port Esquivel and Boundbrook

Its main affiliates are the independent

Wharf, Port Antonio. Other services, provided

stevedoring company A.E. Parnell & Co Ltd;

by subsidiaries and associates, include

Maritime General Insurance Brokers Ltd;

stevedoring, equipment services, chassis

Maritime Towing Company Ltd; and Seaport

rental, drydocking facilities and an all-

Equipment Ltd, which offers Customs

inclusive logistics centre.

brokerage, general marine, haulage, launch and pilot boat services.

Lannaman & Morris Lannaman & Morris (Shipping) Ltd is a

Seaboard Jamaica

multi-service company with its head office

Seaboard Freight & Shipping Jamaica Ltd,

in Kingston and offices in Montego Bay and

with offices in Kingston and Montego Bay,

Ocho Rios. It provides agency services for all

is the local representative for the Miami-

kinds of vessels and offers port husbandry

based company Seaboard Marine. Seaboard

services throughout Jamaica. The company

Marine operates liner services from the

represents the liner services of Evergreen

USA to the Caribbean, Central America and

and MSC and the full container feeder

South America. It offers fixed-day schedules,

services of SeaFreight. In the cruise sector,

allowing customers to co-ordinate activities

Lannaman & Morris is agent for Norwegian

in a cost-effective way.

Caribbean Line and also represents Carnival Cruise Lines, Fred. Olsen and Holland

Sailings from Miami are twice-weekly to

America Line. At Ocho Rios, it manages and

Kingston and Montego Bay. Seaboard Marine

operates the Cruise Ship Pier on behalf of the

also operates a weekly service between New

Port Authority.

York, Fernandina Beach (north Florida) and Kingston. Seaboard Jamaica has a dedicated

Lannaman & Morris has its own logistics

warehouse in Montego Bay Free Zone with

centre in Kingston with a fleet of chassis

66,000 sq ft of bonded space.

for container haulage. Other services include chartering, freight forwarding, cargo consolidation, management consultancy,

SeaFreight Jamaica

marine equipment repairs and logistics and

SeaFreight Jamaica Ltd is the local agent

supply chain management.

for SeaFreight Line, with about 30 vessel calls a month at Kingston. SeaFreight Line,

Maritime & Transport Services

based in Miami, Florida, operates a fleet of seven 1,100 teu and two 500 teu vessels

Maritime & Transport Services Ltd is a

on fixed day of the week services between

multi-service company based in the Port of

Florida, the Caribbean and the South and

Kingston. It operates mainly as a ship agency

Central America trades. Its vessels operate in

but also offers a range of services including

rotation between the south Florida ports of

bunker supplies, insurance, port agency, port

Jacksonville and Port Everglades to 16 major

management, stevedoring and warehousing.

Caribbean ports including Kingston.


Excellent track record for port security


ecurity is a matter of top priority for the Port Authority of Jamaica, which is constantly working to maintain an effective and up-to-date security operation in all the country’s ports. In particular, the PAJ pays close attention to the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code which is audited

Jamaica is one of the leading centres in the Caribbean for maritime trade and cruise shipping – and security comes top of the agenda both for the national Port Authority and for individual terminal operators. State-of-the-art systems are in place to ensure the safety and security of all passengers, cargo and ships handled by the nation’s ports. • High level of security at all ports with continual upgrades

compliance. Security services in the ports of Kingston, Montego Bay and Port Antonio are provided by Security Administrators Ltd, a subsidiary of Kingston Wharves Ltd.

Investment Jamaica has a good track record for port security and its ports are acknowledged to be among the safest in the region. There has

• Regular top-up training for security officers

been a significant investment in training

• Security equipment is constantly renewed and updated

In particular, the security of high-volume

• Mega Ports initiative to enhance security at Kingston Container Terminal and Kingston Wharves Ltd

at ports on the north coast, have been

• Port Authority of Jamaica is fully compliant with the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code

The Port of Kingston has invested in Vehicle

• Enhanced systems in place for port access control


and updated on a regular basis to ensure

Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

and equipment to achieve this standard. container operations in the Port of Kingston, and the secure handling of cruise passengers greatly enhanced by the introduction of new state-of-the-art technology.

and Cargo Inspection Systems for container


scanning and pallet scanning as well as X-ray scanners for high-density cargoes such as refrigerated goods. At Kingston Container Terminal, access control procedures have been tightened up to ensure that only approved personnel are allowed to enter.

• Transport Canada, in collaboration with the PAJ and the Maritime Authority of


Jamaica, hosted a five-day Cruise Ship Security Workshop in December 2008

At Montego Bay, a full security review was carried out including a revision of the

• Training of security screening personnel

Standing Operating Procedures for security

in trouble-shooting and repair of X-ray


machines used in security checks.

The Security Department of the PAJ has

Jamaica has taken part in the Mega Ports

training programmes in place to maintain

Initiative in order to enhance security at its

high standards. They include:

two largest port facilities, KCT and KWL. This programme is designed to prevent terrorists

• A programme for security officers

from acquiring, smuggling and using nuclear

sponsored by the Organization of

materials in order to develop weapons and

American States (OAS) and carried out by

attack ports.

the UK company Maritime Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC) has provided

The first phase began in 2008 with the

training for over 300 people from facilities

installation of detection equipment to identify

and organisations throughout Jamaica

radioactive material in cargo containers as they move through the port facility.

• The US Navy carried out an extensive training programme on port security in

In the second phase, a straddle carrier-type

2009 covering access control, port safety

machine, fitted with radiation monitors, will

and security

be deployed at KCT.


Port statistics The pivotal role of Jamaica as a crossroads for shipping traffic in the Caribbean is underlined by the impressive statistics produced by its ports. These figures show a wide diversity of activities that include large volumes of container traffic as well as general cargo, specialist cargoes such as alumina, bauxite and petroleum products – and, of course, the all-important cruise sector. • Jamaica’s ports received a total of 3,635 vessel calls in 2010

Kingston Container Terminal handled 1,668,671 teu in 2010 of which 1,502,028 teu was transhipment cargo and 166,643 teu was domestic cargo. Kingston Wharves Ltd handled 223,099 teu in 2010 of which 136,714 teu was transhipment cargo and 86,385 teu was domestic cargo.

Key commodities The ports of Jamaica exported a total of

• Over 27 million tonnes of cargo handled by Jamaica’s ports in 2010

14,668,431 tonnes of commodities in 2010

• 11.65 million tonnes of transhipment cargo handled by Kingston Container Terminal (KCT)

Esquivel and 1,328,154 tonnes of alumina at

• KCT handled just over 1,668, 670 teu in 2010 • Port of Kingston also handled 5.7 million tonnes of domestic cargo • Jamaica’s other ports handled 9.6 million tonnes of cargo • Jamaica’s cruise ports received 325 cruise ship calls in 2010 with 908,822 passengers • The ports of Jamaica handled 6.8 million tonnes of alumina and bauxite in 2010 and over 2 million tonnes of petroleum products


Container handling

Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

including 5,249,549 tonnes of bauxite at Port Rhodes, 238,513 tonnes of alumina at Port Rocky Point. A total of 1,417 motor units were exported via Kingston Wharves Ltd. The ports of Jamaica imported a total of 12,400,965 tonnes of commodities in 2010 including 2,024,939 tonnes of crude oil and petroleum products at Petrojam’s terminals and 8,324 motor units at KWL.


Vessel calls

Cargo figures

The ports of Jamaica received 3,635 vessel calls in 2010.

Jamaica’s ports handled 27,069,396 tonnes of domestic

The Port of Kingston received 2,773 vessel calls including

and transhipment cargo in 2010.

2,007 containerships, 142 ro-ro vessels, 104 general cargo vessels, 236 dry bulk carriers and 149 tankers.

(millions of tonnes)




Transhipment cargo






Kingston Container Terminal





Kingston Wharves Ltd





Kingston Sufferage Wharves




Domestic cargo (Kingston)

Montego Bay














Port Kaiser




Port Rhoades




Rio Bueno




Rocky Point




Other ports




Lucea Ocho Rios Port Antonio




























14.29 16.01 30.30

12.41 12.57 24.98

12.40 14.66 27.06

Total Domestic cargo (other ports)

Total discharged Total loaded Total cargo


scotia bank

port authority cargo business cruise directory

Free zones help boost economy


PAJ set to capitalise on Panama Canal expansion


Driving up standards in the maritime sector 34 Integrated logistics hub planned in Kingston 36


Free zones help boost economy Free zones play a key role in Jamaica’s economy. Exempt from normal taxes and Customs dues, they offer first-rate opportunities for inward investors. Jamaica has four strategically placed free zones with facilities for added-value activities like manufacturing and packaging.


he strategic location of Jamaica on major trade routes has brought key benefits to companies involved in importing raw materials and exporting finished products to markets around the world.

Jamaica’s free zones provide opportunities for goods to be manufactured, warehoused

• Free zones in Kingston, Montego Bay and Portmore

or packaged for export, all free of normal

• Key role in attracting inward investment

infrastructure and communications at all the

taxes and Customs dues. Security, zones are well up to international standards.

• Versatile units in a range of sizes for commercial activities


• Ready access to educated and literate workforce

The island’s four free zones are operated by

• First-rate ICT facilities • Ideal location for those targeting international markets

the Port Authority of Jamaica: • Kingston Free Zone (KFZ), the first free zone in Jamaica, was established in 1976 as a warehousing operation to support the transhipment operations at Kingston Container Terminal. Covering an area of about 6 hectares, KFZ has standard modules, of 558 square metres each, for manufacturing and warehousing. The zone has direct access to the Port of Kingston and lies within easy reach of Norman Manley International Airport. • Montego Bay Free Zone (MBFZ) was established in 1985 to build on the success of Kingston Free Zone. The estate covers 37 hectares and contains office units of 465 square metres. MBFZ is used mainly for ICT


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


activities, ranging from data processing

• Jamaica International Free Zone (JIFZ),

to software development, and is home to

located alongside Kingston Free Zone, is a

various companies serving clients in the

joint venture between the Port Authority

United States. MBFZ is located close to the

and ZIM Integrated Shipping Services.

Port of Montego Bay, the country’s second-

JIFZ is aimed at developing Jamaica’s

largest seaport, and only 15 minutes from

distribution hub capabilities.

Donald Sangster International Airport. • Portmore Infomatics Park (PIP) was

New zone

created by the Port Authority in 2000 as

In addition, the Port Authority is developing

a dedicated site for offshore investment

a new Commercial Free Zone and

opportunities in the ICT sector. The 5.5

Distribution Hub for the Americas next

hectare park is located in Portmore, one

to Kingston Container Terminal. When

of Jamaica’s fastest-growing communities,

complete, this zone will be used for vanning

with a well educated, computer literate,

and devanning, repackaging, consolidation

English-speaking workforce. The park

and forwarding as well as for manufacturing.

contains two-storey office modules of 4,654 square metres.


PAJ set to capitalise on Panama Canal expansion


he Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) is looking to take advantage of the economic benefits arising from the expansion of the Panama Canal, which is due for completion in 2014. The expansion programme will allow containerships of up to 12,000 teu capacity to transit the canal. Shipping experts believe that, with the completion of the canal, a large part of the cargo that currently goes by road or rail to the US Mid West or East Coast will no longer be shipped to West Coast ports because of problems such as congestion and high transport costs. Instead, an all-water service via the Panama Canal to the US East Coast will provide a more efficient and reliable transport network.

Beneficiaries As a result, the Caribbean is likely to be one of the greatest beneficiaries as it is expected that there will be a marked increase in the amount of transhipment cargo traversing the region. Kingston Container Terminal (KCT) is already capable of receiving vessels of up to 10,000 teu capacity. The PAJ has plans to expand facilities at Kingston to accommodate vessels up to mega-ship size. These include:


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


• Dredging the channel and turning basin at the Port of Kingston to about 16.0 metres • Expanding the port into Fort Augusta to provide an additional 1,500 metres of berthing • Developing 173 acres of yard space and offering scope for value added logistics.

three of the world’s largest shipping lines to handle new container services. “We are taking a bold decision to sign contracts to provide services which we have not put in place as yet,” said Mr Hylton. “So it means that, between now and 2014, regardless of what happens, we have to put in place those things.”

These expansion plans will involve an investment of about US$200 million by

Only 70 per cent of the current capacity of

the PAJ. The Port Authority believes this

2.8 million teu at KCT is being utilised, so

expansion is necessary if the port is to be

the terminal is well placed to accept

fully equipped to handle the anticipated

additional business.

mega container vessels that are expected to call following the completion of the

Kingston has the distinction of being the

canal expansion. Only a few ports can

first terminal in the Caribbean region to

accommodate these mega vessels, and

handle a 10,000 teu vessel. This was the ‘Zim

Kingston is determined to be one of them.

Antwerp’, which made its maiden voyage to Kingston in February 2010. The vessel was

The president and chief executive of the PAJ,

too large to transit the Panama Canal and

Noel Hylton, announced in March 2011 that

Jamaica was the only port in the region that

the Port Authority was in negotiation with

could receive it.


Improving standards in maritime sector The range and quality of its maritime organisations has been a key factor in promoting the international image of Jamaica as a centre of excellence in the shipping and seafaring sector. • The Caribbean Maritime Institute is one of the most respected centres of education in the western hemisphere • The Maritime Authority of Jamaica plays a key role in maintaining standards of maritime training, pollution prevention, safe navigation and ship safety • The Shipping Association of Jamaica has over 70 members in the maritime and business support sectors


amaica is home to several organisations that are helping to enhance standards of education and quality in the maritime sector, both locally and across the region. They include the Caribbean Maritime Institute – a regional centre of education – as well as the Maritime Authority of Jamaica and the Shipping Association of Jamaica, both of which are helping to promote shipping and sea trading at regional level.

Caribbean Maritime Institute The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) is the region’s principal centre for maritime education and training of seafarers. It was established in 1980 as a joint venture between the governments of Jamaica and Norway. The institute is supported and partly funded by the government, the Port Authority and the Shipping Association of Jamaica. The balance of funding comes from course fees and consultancy activities. The CMI employs 40 staff, many with naval or merchant marine experience. There are core courses for up to 120 full-time students, while part-time courses attract a further 600 students. The work of the CMI has led to a growing pool of expert knowledge that has brought benefits to the maritime sector both in Jamaica and throughout the region.

Maritime Authority of Jamaica The Maritime Authority of Jamaica was established to pursue Jamaica’s general development policy objectives in reference to


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


the obligations imposed by international maritime conventions to which Jamaica is a party. Under the MAJ’s guidance, Jamaica plays an active part in regional and international maritime decision-making. The MAJ oversees the implementation of policies to ensure Jamaica meets its maritime obligations and maintains international standards in training, safety of life and property at sea, security and marine pollution prevention. The MAJ

With offices in the Port of Kingston, the

also has a key role in helping the region to

SAJ has a wide-ranging membership that

achieve higher maritime standards.

includes shipping agents, ship operators and owners, stevedoring companies, terminal


operators and wharf owners.

The MAJ is an active participant in key

The SAJ manages the supply of labour in the

International Maritime Organisation

Port of Kingston, where it maintains a pool

meetings and committees.

of some 550 skilled workers, and deals with matters such as industrial relations, security

The MAJ’s main areas of responsibility are: • To administer the registration of ships • To establish training and safety standards

and training. The SAJ is also involved in other areas. It liaises with the government, the Port

• To regulate the certification of seafarers

Authority and other organisations to

• To regulate the safety, construction and navigation of ships

promote the shipping industry of Jamaica.

• To make inquiries into shipwrecks and maritime casualties.

Shipping Association of Jamaica

It supports the Secretariat of the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA), an international organisation with members in the Caribbean, Latin America, the USA and Europe. In the Port of Kingston, much of the infrastructure and support for the port’s IT

The Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ)

system is provided by Advantum (formerly

was established in 1939 as a registered

Port Computer Services Ltd), which is a

trade union to manage the supply of labour

wholly owned subsidiary of the SAJ.

in the Port of Kingston. The SAJ also provides anti-narcotic and Today, in addition, it plays an active role

contraband detection services through its

in helping Jamaica’s shipping industry to

Canine Division, the only private sniffer dog

remain competitive and viable.

service in Jamaica.


Integrated logistics hub planned in Kingston


amaica is looking to capitalise on its leading position as a transhipment hub by setting up a new intermodal transport and logistics centre in the Port of Kingston.

Already, the Port Authority of Jamaica has developed a world-class transhipment hub of great importance for the Caribbean region. The Port of Kingston is equipped to handle an annual container throughput of 3.2

Already a major transhipment hub for the Caribbean region, Jamaica is looking to build on its success by developing a fully integrated centre for intermodal and logistics activities. • International airport nearby for time-sensitive cargo

million teu including significant volumes of domestic traffic.

Intermodal Now, in a bold new move, Jamaica is taking steps to capitalise on these state-of-the-art facilities by developing a fully integrated intermodal centre for air, road and sea

• Located next to Kingston Container Terminal

transport services.

• Underlining Jamaica’s status as a transhipment hub

This should go a long way towards solving

• Helping to create new jobs and boost manufacturing • Central location on principal air and sea routes

the previous imbalance between full and empty containers by encouraging logistics and added value activities that can help to generate more exports from Jamaica. Kingston Container Terminal (KCT) will play a major role in the new logistics and distribution centre, which offers scope for: • Deconsolidation and repackaging of cargo for onward distribution • Light manufacturing and assembly of goods • Clustering of integrated transport and logistics companies • Intermodal transport services including air transport of time-sensitive and highvalue goods • Free zone and bonded warehousing • Development of a distribution platform for regional and international markets including United States East Coast


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


• Persuading major logistics and transport companies to set up their regional head offices in Jamaica by creating the right conditions for growth. The Port of Kingston has been able to retain its position at 64th among the world’s top 100 container ports thanks to infrastructure and technology improvements at KCT and

The centre has advanced monitoring and

Kingston Wharves Ltd, which in turn have led

tracking technology to provide customers with

to significant improvements in productivity

real-time visibility and access to their cargo.

and efficiency. KLC is part of Zim’s Port and Logistics

Kingston Logistics Centre

network (ZPL), covering North America, Europe and the Far East.

Kingston Logistics Centre Ltd (KLC), located close to Kingston Container Terminal, is an all-inclusive logistics centre offering a wide range of services.

Logistics and distribution The Port Authority has embarked on the development of a commercial free zone

KLC began operations in March 2006 and

and distribution hub for the Americas

is a joint venture between Zim Integrated

which involves warehousing, display,

Shipping Services and Jamaica Fruit and

sale and distribution of products to

Shipping Company. It combines the experience

identify and target buyers. Goods will be

and capabilities of these companies to

moved from the terminal to the zone for

provide comprehensive logistics solutions for

stripping, repackaging and consolidating,

customers in the Caribbean, Central America

then forwarded to the companies’ clients

and South America.

anywhere in the world, duty free. Goods may also be manufactured in the zone.

The aim of KLC is to take care of all the logistics requirements of its customers at one

The development of a logistics hub is a

conveniently located site. The logistics centre

natural enhancement of the PAJ’s capacity

has free zone status and provides bonded

to serve our clients. The Port Authority has

warehousing facilities, thus offering key

advanced its planning to develop logistics

advantages for cargo owners looking to import,

distribution capabilities into a major service

export or tranship their goods via Jamaica.

and revenue centre.


port authority cargo business cruise directory

Island of rich variety is a 'must' for shore excursions


Cruise capital of the Caribbean


Historic Falmouth – newest cruise port in the Caribbean


Perfect location for home porting of cruise ships


Super yacht facilities in a paradise location 48


Island of rich variety is a must for shore excursions


Cruise passengers stepping ashore in Jamaica in search of places to see and things to do will find themselves spoilt for choice. Few other tropical islands can offer such a rich diversity of natural wonders and visitor sites of cultural or historical significance.

For those who are happy to spend the day

ne of the best features of Jamaica as a cruise destination is its sheer range of spectacular scenery and its fascinating heritage of fine old buildings and other visitor attractions dating back to colonial times. From beautiful waterfalls to ‘great houses’ and rum estates, Jamaica can always be guaranteed to provide cruise passengers with a magical and memorable day ashore.

strolling, shopping or enjoying a relaxing meal and a drink, there are ample facilities within easy reach of the cruise terminals. Meanwhile, for those who want to go further afield, there is a comprehensive choice of tours and excursions from each of the four

• Excellent choice of tours and excursions

cruise ports, with something to suit everyone.

• Spectacular scenery with mountains, rivers and waterfalls


• Visitor sites reflect island’s fascinating history of seafaring, slavery and swashbuckling pirates • Natural abundance of flowers, trees and wildlife • Beautiful gardens and magnificent ‘great houses’ • Three cruise ports for mega cruise ships • One cruise port for ‘boutique’ cruise ships • New retro-style cruise port at Falmouth is first of its kind


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

Historic Falmouth Cruise Port, the newest cruise port in the Caribbean, has been designed as a thematic destination, with a wide choice of bars, restaurants, shops and other facilities within the colonial-style port area. The original town of Falmouth, with its fascinating heritage of historical buildings and squares, is within walking distance of


the cruise terminal. For passengers who want to venture further afield, most of the tours and excursions available at Montego Bay can be accessed from Falmouth.

Attractions Montego Bay offers a fine selection of Jamaica’s best features and tourist attractions. In the town itself, visitors can explore Harbour Street Market, take a stroll

Cycle Tour, excursions by 4x4 vehicle or

along the Hip Strip, with its non-stop food,

raft, swimming with dolphins, a visit to Noël

music and souvenir shops, or enjoying some

Coward’s former home or a tour of the Green

fine dining and entertainment. In addition,

Grotto Caves. Meanwhile, the bustling town

Montego Bay offers beautiful beaches,

of Ocho Rios is a tourist centre in its own

championship golf courses and historical

right. Cruise passengers can shop at the craft

‘great houses’. Other options include the

market or relax in one of the town’s many

Appleton Estate Rum Tour, the Aquasol

restaurants and cafés.

Theme Park, the Belvedere Estate Historical Village, the Bob Marley Experience and

Port Antonio, with its pristine deepwater

Theatre, the Marine Park at Montego Bay,

harbour, is a romantic spot made famous

safaris to Mount Zion or boat trips on the

by the swashbuckling Hollywood actor

Black River and rafting on the Martha Brae

Errol Flynn. Against a backdrop of towering

River, not to mention plantation visits,

mountains and the sparkling Caribbean, it

canopy tours, horse-riding and river tubing.

offers a range of natural wonders including the Blue Lagoon, the Rio Grande and

Ocho Rios (meaning ‘Eight Rivers’ in Spanish)

two splendid waterfalls, Reach Falls and

is famous for its spectacular waterfalls.

Somerset Falls. Other attractions include

Lovers of adventure can explore Dunn’s

Athenry Gardens, Boston Beach and Navy

River Falls or go horse-riding in Chukka Cove.

Island as well as history tours of the valleys.

Other options include the Blue Mountains



Cruise capital of the Caribbean Recognised the world over for its beauty, culture and hospitality, Jamaica is a natural cruise destination. Add key ingredients like a central location in the Caribbean and a choice of firstrate cruise ports, able to handle the largest passenger ships, and you have a perfect recipe for success. A fabulous new ‘retro’ cruise facility at the Port of Falmouth is the icing on the cake.

amaica is one of the world’s leading cruise destinations – for obvious reasons. As well as being an island of natural beauty, full of life and rich in culture, Jamaica has a central location in the Caribbean, within easy reach of home ports in southern Florida, making it an ideal choice for cruise ship itineraries.

Its status as a cruise destination is underlined by the first-rate berthing and servicing facilities now available for ships and passengers at the four cruise ports on Jamaica’s north coast. The latest addition is Historic Falmouth Cruise Port, a fabulous new ‘retro’ facility that is pioneering the concept of the thematic cruise destination. Two of Jamaica’s ports, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, are equipped to handle the latest

• Cruise terminals at Falmouth, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio

generation of cruise ships, while Falmouth can accommodate the world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s ‘Oasis of the Seas’.

• Over 400 cruise ship calls to Jamaica each year • Over 1 million cruise passengers visit Jamaica each year • Ongoing investment in cruise ship berths and facilities • Montego Bay and Ocho Rios equipped to handle the latest generation of cruise ships, while Falmouth can handle the world’s largest, ‘Oasis of the Seas’ • Growing range of facilities and services for home porting

Falmouth The Port of Falmouth has made a huge impact on the cruise sector in Jamaica since it became a cruise port in February 2011. Already it is the second-largest cruise destination on Jamaica’s north coast. A novel feature of Falmouth is the replica of a Georgian-style town that has been built around the port area to give cruise passengers the impression of arriving in a Jamaican port of the 18th century. The US$120 million port is a joint venture development project between the Port Authority of Jamaica and Royal Caribbean Cruises International. The cruise pier at Falmouth is the only one in Jamaica that can accommodate the


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


new Oasis class of mega cruise ships with a capacity of 6,300 passengers and 2,300 crew.

Montego Bay Located on Jamaica’s north-west coast, Montego Bay has been a favourite cruise destination for many years. Passengers have ready access to a wide range of activities and attractions for a perfect day ashore. As well as a port of call, Montego Bay – Jamaica’s second-largest port – is ideal for home porting. Like Ocho Rios, the port is equipped to handle the largest cruise vessels now in service. Montego Bay is managed by Port Handlers Ltd on behalf of the Port Authority of Jamaica. The cruise ship terminal at Montego Freeport has three berths of 213 metres in length and

a dolphin park, a canopy tour, a bobsled

two berths of 160 metres. Maximum depth

ride and an excursion to the birthplace of

alongside is 10.36 metres. Facilities include

musician Bob Marley.

snack bars, gift shops and a telecom centre.

Port Antonio Ocho Rios

Port Antonio, the smallest of Jamaica’s cruise

Ocho Rios is used entirely for port-of-call

ports, has developed a niche business in

business. Until recently it was the busiest

‘boutique’ cruise ships and super yachts.

cruise port in Jamaica, but some of its ship call business has been acquired by Falmouth.

Its main facility is the Ken Wright Cruise Ship Berth, 198 metres in length, which

The port has three dedicated cruise ship

can accommodate small and medium

berths. The Turtle Bay Pier has two berths of

sized ‘boutique’ vessels. There is also the

222 metres and 274.3 metres and is operated

Boundbrook Berth, 152 metres in length.

by the Port Authority of Jamaica. The James Bond Pier, which featured in the 1962 film ‘Dr.

Port Antonio is also popular with yacht

No’, has one pier of 274.3 metres.

owners, who are attracted by the exclusive, small-scale nature of the port. The Errol

For passengers going ashore, Ocho Rios

Flynn Marina was developed by the Port

is conveniently close to major tourist

Authority of Jamaica and has berthing

attractions such as the spectacular Dunn’s

facilities for 32 yachts of up to 106 metres

River Falls. Other visitor attractions include

in length.


Historic Falmouth - newest cruise port in the Caribbean With retro-style architecture and berthing facilities for the world’s largest passenger ships, Historic Falmouth Cruise Port has made a huge impact on the cruise sector in Jamaica since it opened for business in February 2011.


etting new trends in Jamaica’s cruise and tourism sector is Historic Falmouth Cruise Port, the newest port of call in the Caribbean. This innovative cruise port facility has been

• Ultra-modern terminal can accommodate world’s largest cruise ships

developed through a partnership between

• Two berths for visiting ships

period-style architecture, the new port has an

• Developed by PAJ and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

the world’s largest cruise ship – Royal

• Retro-style cruise village with bars, restaurants and shops • Original town, with historical buildings, is within walking distance of cruise terminal

the Port Authority of Jamaica and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. In contrast with its ultra-modern terminal capable of receiving Caribbean’s spectacular ‘Oasis of the Seas’.

Thematic The new cruise port covers 32 acres and has two berths for visiting ships. The facility is designed to handle up to 9,000 visitors per day. Historic Falmouth is billed as the first-ever thematic cruise port destination, transforming the historical port town of Falmouth into a host city for Jamaica’s cruise industry.

Original Falmouth was one of the original ports of Jamaica and in its heyday, 200 years ago, it was one of the busiest trading ports in the Caribbean. Located in the Parish of Trelawny,


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


once a major centre of the island’s sugar and rum trade, Falmouth has a rich heritage of churches and other historical buildings. Historic Falmouth has been created as a new destination, with a thematic design reflecting the Georgian architecture of Falmouth at its peak. There has also been a

and residences, while the original town,

programme of enhancements in the original

with its historical buildings and visitor sites,

town, for the benefit of both visitors and

is within walking distance. Several of the

local people. The project was planned as an

town’s historical sites and buildings are

extension of the local community, providing

being restored in a programme led by Royal

Customs and security for cruise ships

Caribbean. They include squares and parks, a

together with a comprehensive range of

courthouse, churches, merchant houses and

services and activities for cruise passengers

a foundry.

and other tourists. With its key location between Ocho Rios and The new cruise port contains restaurants

Montego Bay, on the north coast, Falmouth is

and cafĂŠs, boutiques and craft stalls, offices

ideally placed for shore excursions.


Perfect location for home porting of cruise ships When it comes to home porting of cruise ships, Jamaica ticks all the right boxes. In addition to its central location, with modern airports offering regular connections with the Americas and Europe, the island has a well developed hotel and tourism sector along with a wide range of support and transport services. • More cruise facilities than ever on Jamaica’s north coast • Montego Bay is fully equipped for home porting • International airport only a few minutes from Montego Bay cruise terminal • Good choice of hotels near cruise ports • ‘Stay and sail’ combination proving popular • Ship agency and husbandry services always available • Ready access to cargo facilities for resupply • Safety and security get top priority in Jamaican ports


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


amaica has become a popular choice for home porting of cruise ships. More and more ship operators are discovering the benefits of basing their vessels there.

The island’s home porting business is focused on Montego Bay, which has facilities in place to handle vessel turnrounds involving large numbers of passengers.

Connections Donald Sangster International Airport, just 3.1 km from the cruise berths, has


a wide choice of flights to North and Central America and Europe, with frequent connections to Florida. Jamaica’s relaxed style, with easy entry requirements and a minimum of formalities, helps to speed the flow of passengers through the cruise terminal.

Tourism Montego Bay is in the heart of Jamaica’s main tourism area and there is a wide range of hotels and resort facilities located nearby. after their cruise as part of a ‘stay and sail’ The Port Authority of Jamaica has focused


its home porting activities on Montego Bay because it offers such an ideal starting

A high priority is given by the Jamaican

point for a cruise – both idyllic and perfectly

authorities to the safety and security

positioned in the heart of the Caribbean

of visitors. Both cruise passengers and


crew members visiting the island can rest assured that all ports meet internationally

Stay and sail

recognised standards thanks to close cooperation with the United States.

Thanks to the many hotels and resorts located in the local area, Montego Bay is able

Vessel owners who choose to register in

to provide yet another advantage for home

Jamaica can take advantage of discounts on

porting vessels. Passengers can opt to spend

initial or annual registration fees for home

part of their vacation in Jamaica before or

porting vessels.


Super yacht facilities in a paradise location


amaica is equipped to serve owners of very large yachts thanks to the presence of a super yacht marina at Port Antonio on the north-east coast.

Located in a beautiful harbour in a well sheltered position, the Errol Flynn Marina offers deepwater access and first-rate facilities. The opening of this marina in 2002

A super yacht marina at Port Antonio, developed and owned by the Port Authority of Jamaica, has proved a magnet for affluent boat owners, providing a shot in the arm for the marine leisure sector. Located in a beautiful harbour on the north-east coast, the Errol Flynn Marina is a perfectly sheltered haven with deepwater access and excellent facilities. • First-rate facilities in a beautiful and well protected harbour • Only marina in the Caribbean capable of handling the world’s largest yachts

greatly enhanced the island’s status in the marine leisure market. Port Antonio is blessed with an exquisite location. Once frequented by the American movie star Errol Flynn, who lived nearby, the harbour has a marina named after its famous former resident.

Services Developed and owned by the Port Authority of Jamaica, the Errol Flynn Marina has 32 stern-to fixed berths with a minimum depth of 30 ft to accommodate yachts up to 350 ft in length. It offers a full range of services

• 32 fixed stern-to European-style berths

including 24-hour security, Customs and

• Accommodates vessels up to 350 ft and 24 ft draught

water, telephone and TV connections, pump-

• Giga yacht dock for vessels up to 600 ft and 32 ft draught

Immigration services, electricity and fresh out facilities at each berth, shower and laundry, internet access and a swimming pool. Technically, the Errol Flynn Marina is one of the most advanced marinas of its kind in the

• Port of entry with 24-hour Customs and Immigration services

central Caribbean when it comes to haul-

• Free quarantine service for vessels arriving in normal working hours

100 ft in length and 220,000 lb while the lift

out, repair and yacht storage. There is a 100 tonne capacity travel lift for yachts of up to slip can accommodate yachts of up to 24 ft beam and 12.0 ft draught.

• Landing area for up to four helicopters There are plans to install a submersible lift on the wide launching ramp so that the yard


Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13


can handle catamarans up to 36 ft beam. A

next to the lift slip. Both gasoline and low

crane is currently used for hauling vessels

sulphur diesel fuels are available.

with an extra-wide beam. The boatyard is an ultramodern facility with


24-hour security patrols, efficient lighting

All standard underwater maintenance and

out services are available at the marina and

repair services are available, including high-

the boatyard.

and utility connections throughout. Pump-

pressure cleaning, scraping, barrier coating, gel coating, glass fibre repair and anti-fouling

The boatyard and marina have been

application. The underwater services further

designated a duty and tax free zone, thus

include zinc replacement, bearing removal

allowing spare parts and supplies to be

and replacement, shaft straightening and

imported at economical rates.

propeller repairs. Seacock and folding propeller servicing is also available.

With its ready access to natural wonders, beautiful beaches and a wide choice of

A modern 100 ft fuelling jetty with high-

shore excursions, Port Antonio is a perfect

speed and conventional pumps is located

destination for yachts.


port authority cargo business cruise directory

Location Jamaica


Port details


Directory of companies



Location Jamaica Telecommunications of Jamaica


US East Coast Ba








E AG SS PA Haiti



Dominican Republic Puerto Rico


Central America

Kingston Le

ss e





South America


Lesser Antilles


-42 Costa Rica Panama

US West Coast

South Pacific Pacific Far East



Hunts Bay AD RO AY EW




Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13




Zinc factory
















Water Depth



PAJ Berth


Leased Berth




Kingston Harbour 677m

Future dredge depth 50ft

52ft depth









(1814.8ft) from face to face




Port details General information Authority: The Port Authority of Jamaica has jurisdiction over all ports in Jamaica. Port Authority of Jamaica 15-17 Duke Street, Kingston Tel: +876 922 0290-9 Fax: +876 924 9437 Email: Web: Airports: Norman Manley International

Lloyd’s agent: R.S. Gamble (1998) Ltd,

Airport is 20 km from Kingston. Tinson Pen


Aerodrome is 1 km from Kingston. Sangster International Airport is 3.1 km from Montego

Pilotage: Compulsory. Available from

Bay and 102 km from Ocho Rios. Small

Kingston. Agents should advise Pilotage

landing strip 5 km from Montego Bay. Spring

Department of ship’s ETA and ETD at least

Garden is 9.6 km from Port Antonio. Other

three hours in advance (24 hours in advance

air services available at Boscobel Domestic

for Ocho Rios and 12 hours for Port Kaiser).

Airport near Ocho Rios and St Ann’s Bay Domestic Airport.

Radio: Radio frequency: VHF 11 (working channel: VHF 17).

Emergency numbers: Police: 119, Fire: 110, Ambulance: 110.

Road links: Jamaica has an extensive road network for inland transport. Stevedores: The management and supply of labour at Kingston is regulated by the Shipping Association of Jamaica, which maintains a pool of some 550 skilled workers. Tides: Average tidal range is less than 0.5 metre. Towage: Available only at Kingston and Montego Bay.



Water: Fresh water is available at all ports. Limited at Port Kaiser. Weather: Maximum rainfall in April and May

Berths in Kingston

and between September and November.

Berth No

Hurricane period is from June to November

North Terminal

inclusive. On the north coast, prevailing winds N through ESE and 11 to 16 knots. Windiest months are November to March. Strongest wind from NE. On the south coast, prevailing winds are generally E through NW and 10 knots. Windiest months are March and June to August. Strongest winds from ESE. Working hours: Kingston: 24 hours a day, all year round. Montego Bay: 24 hours a day, all year round.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Length (metres)

Depth (metres)

165 188 188 188 183 183 183 183 183 183 183

8.9 9.5 9.5 9.6 9.6 9.5 9.7 9.7 9.6 13.0 13.0

300 300 300 300

13.0 13.0 13.0 13.0



229 167.6 167.6 152

11.1 8.1 9.9 9.1

112.7 107 107 229 183 172 185 167.6 112.8 152

5.0 6.8 6.8 11.1 9.1 8.5 8.1 9.9 5.0 10.3

Ocho Rios: 24 hours a day, all year round. Port Antonio: 24 hours a day, all year round. Port Esquivel: 24 hours, Monday to Saturday. Port Kaiser, Port Rhoades and Rocky Point: 24 hours, Monday to Saturday.

South Terminal 1 2 3 4

For further information, please contact the harbour master via the Port Authority.

West Terminal 1

KINGSTON Location: On Jamaica’s south-east coast at 17°58’N, 76°48’W. Approach: Main channel is maintained to 13.0 metres depth with a minimum width of

Tanker berths Petrojam Texaco East Pier Esso Bunker Pier Shell Pier

Private wharves Antilles Dock Rapid Sheffield Wherry Wharf Petrojam Oil Refinery Shell Wharf Jamaica Gypsum Pier Texaco East Pier Esso Bunker Pier Esso Dry Cargo Pier Carib Cement Pier


directory 250 metres. Rocks in east middle ground, 13 cables SSW of Plumb Point lighthouse. Accommodation: Facilities include 16 quays, four tanker berths and 10 private wharves. Kingston Wharves Ltd operates Berths 1 to 9 on the North Terminal. Kingston Container Terminal occupies Berths 10 and 11 on the North Terminal and the South and West Terminals. It is operated by the Port Authority of Jamaica. North Terminal has 535 metres of berthing with 47 hectares of yard space for stacking containers. South Terminal (Gordon Cay) has 1,200 metres of berthage, a 12.8 metre turning basin, 21.64

Towage: Provided by Marine Towing Co Ltd

hectares of container warehousing space and

Tel: +876 923 8728/9

13 hectares of paved land.

Fax: +876 923 5077/8720

West Terminal has 475 metres of berthing

Radio: Channel 11.

with 65 hectares of container yard. Anchorage: The following positions are specified anchorages:

MONTEGO BAY Location: On Jamaica’s north-west coast at 18°28’N, 77°56’W.

Port Royal: 19°56’.65N, 76°50’.83W; 16.0 metres

Approach: Marked channel. Port Handlers Ltd

A: 17°57’.42N, 76°47’.73W; 12.2 metres

berths are reached via channel, 457 metres

B: 17°57’.4N, 76°47’.2W; 13.4 metres C: 17°57’.37N, 76°46’.68W; 12.8 metres

long, 122 metres wide, dredged to 10.36 metres depth.

D: 17°57’.13N, 76°44’.43W; 16.5 metres

Accommodation: Three berths operated by

E: 17°57’.12N, 76°44’.95W; 16.5 metres

Port Handlers Ltd. Berth 2 can take vessels up to 213 metres with 9.1 metres draught. Berth

Bunkers: Supplied ex-berth. All types of fuel

3 can take vessels up to 160 metres with 6.2

available from three suppliers.

metres draught. Berth 4 can take vessels up to 160 metres with 5.9 metres draught.

Medical aid: Kingston Public Hospital is 5 km from the Port of Kingston. University

Two cruise berths, Nos 5 and 6, can be used

Hospital is 10 km from the port.

by vessels of 198 metres with 9.6 metres draught or one vessel of 268 metres. Berth 3

Largest vessel: Maximum length 305.3

is available for container traffic and has 5.2

metres LOA; maximum draught 13.0 metres.

hectares of storage.

Ro-ro facilities: Berths 1 and 9 have ro-ro ramps.

In addition there is one berth with 10.36

Berths 10 to 11 are dedicated to containers.

metres depth for tankers and LPG carriers.


directory COMPANY DIRECTORY Allied Trucking & Maritime Services Ltd Kingport Building, Third Street Newport West, Port Bustamante PO Box 71, Kingston Tel: +876 923 8410/8487/8488 Fax: +876 923 2029 Email:

Altamont Court Hotel

Company directory

1-5 Altamont Terrace New Kingston Tel: +876 929 4497 or 620 4530 Fax: +876 929 2118 Email:

CMA CGM Jamaica Ltd Kingsport Building, Third Street Kingston 11 Tel: +876 923 5716 Fax: +876 923 9407 Email:

Cold Port Ltd

USEFUL ADDRESSES Caribbean Maritime Institute PO Box 8081 CSO, Palisadoes Park Kingston Tel: +876 924 8150, 8159 Fax: +876 924 8185 Email:

Caribbean Shipping Association 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West PO Box 1050, Kingston CSO Tel: +876 923 3491 Fax: +876 757 1592 Email:

Maritime Authority of Jamaica 2nd Floor, The Office Centre Building 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston Tel: +876 967 1060 or 1065 Fax: +876 922 5765 Email:

Shipping Association of Jamaica 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West PO Box 1050, Kingston 13 Tel: +876 923 3491/2 or 937 0117/8 Fax: +876 923 3421 Email:

The Port Authority of Jamaica 15-17 Duke Street, Kingston Tel: +876 922 0290/9 Fax: +876 924 9437 Email:

80-82 Second Street Tel.: +876 923-0054 Fax: +876 923-5713 Email:

Combined Freight & Shipping Ltd Unit 3, 14 First Street Newport West Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 757-5836 Fax: +876 757-3304 Email:

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem Industrieterrein Avelingen West 20 4202 MS Gorinchem PO Box 1, 4200 AA Gorinchem The Netherlands Tel: +31 183 63 92 67 Fax: +31 183 63 77 62 Email:

Gateway Shipping International Ltd Kingport Building Third Street, Newport West PO Box 86, Kingston Tel: +876 923 8581/7 Fax: +876 923 6536 Email:

Global Cargo Consolidators Ltd 76 Marcus Garvey Drive Kingston CSO Tel.: +876 758 8583 Fax: +876 758 8768

Grace Kennedy Ltd 73 Harbour Street, Kingston Tel.: +876 922 3440-9 Fax: +876 922 7567 Email:

Green Cove Maritime Jamaica Ltd 14-16 First Street, Newport West Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 923 0400-2 Fax: +876 923 0420 Email:

Harbour Cold Stores Ltd 3 Third Street, Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 9031-4 Fax: +876 9239081, 901-6755 Email:

Hart Group 14 Montego Freeport Shopping Centre PO Box 302, Montego Bay Tel.: +876 979 8124, +876 979 8143 Fax: +876 979 8552

International Shipping Ltd Kingport Building Third Street, Port Bustamante Newport West, Kingston 15 Tel.: +876 937 5580-5 Fax: +876 937 5583 Email:

Interseas Ltd

25 Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5 Tel: +876 978 9759 or 978 9017 Fax: +876 978 9599 Email:

80-82 Second Street Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 6973 +876 923 9271-4 Fax: +876 923 4091 +876 923 4409 Email:

Eagle & Whale Ltd

Island Cargo Services Ltd

Deryck A. Gibson Ltd

1 Paraiso Avenue Kingston 10 Tel.: +876 908 4473 Fax: +876 908 4475

Freight Handlers Ltd 4 Fourth Avenue, Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 937 3418 – 21 Fax: +876 937 5857 Email:

77 Port Royal Street, Kingston Tel.: +876 922 9480-1 Fax: +876 948 2330 Email:

Jacan Freight Forwarders 88 Second Street Newport West Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 758 3819 Fax: +876 758 3819 Email:


directory Jamaica Freight & Shipping Co Ltd

Kingston Free Zone

Metro Investments Ltd

27 Shannon Drive Kingston 15 (KFZ) Tel.: +876 923-5274/5 Fax: +876 923-6023

24 Second Street Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 937 5821/2/5586 Fax: +876 937 5588 Email:

Kingston Logistics Center Ltd

Montego Bay Free Zone

80-82 Second Street Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 9271-4 Fax: +876 923 4091 Email:

146 First Street Newport West Kingston 11 Tel: +876 901 3836 Fax: +876 901 4431 Email:

Myers, Fletcher & Gordon

Jamaica Producers Group Ltd

Kingston Wharves Ltd

80-82 Second Street, Port Bustamante Kingston 13 Tel: +876 923 9271 or 923 9371-4 Fax: +876 923 4091 or 923 4409 Email:

Jamaica Fruit & Shpg Co Ltd

6A Oxford Road Kingston 5 Tel.: +876 926 3504-6 +876 926 9371-3 Fax: +876 923 4091 +876 923 4409

Jamaica Producers Shpg Co 6A Oxford Rd. Kingston 5 Tel.: +876 926 3504/3503-7 Fax: +876 929 3636 Email:

Jamaica Trading Services Ltd Trident House 35 Second Street, Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 923 6249 +876 923 5830 +876 923 6347 Fax: +876 757 7313 Email:

Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) 18 Trafalgar Rd., New Kingston Tel.: +876 978 7755 +876 978 3337 Fax: +876 946-0090 Email:

Jan De Nul Group Office Jan De Nul NV Tragel 60, 9308 Hofstade-Aalst Belgium Tel.: +32 53 73 17 11 Fax: +32 53 78 17 60, 77 28 55 +32 53 77 28 55 Email:

JLB International Ltd 191 Hagley Park Road Kingston 11 Tel.: +876 937 1623-7 Fax: +876 937 2026 Email:

KCT Services Ltd Berths 10-11 & Gordon Cay Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 5141 Toll Free 1 888 991 5954 Fax: +876 937 3132

Kingport Building Third Street Newport West Kingston 13 Tel: +876 923 9211 Fax: +876 923 5361 Email:

Lannaman & Morris (Shipping) Ltd 2 Seventh Avenue, PO Box 1012 Newport West, Kingston 15 Tel: +876 923 4811-4 or 923 5541-4 Fax: +876 923 9091 or 937 1937 Email:

Laparkan (Jamaica) Ltd 10 Second Street, Newport West Tel.: +876 757 6496/5700/ +876 923 4348 Fax: +876 757 0952 Email:

Lasocean Agencies Ltd 75 First Street, Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 6421-3 Fax: +876 923 6130 Email:

LSK & Co Ltd c/o SAJ, 4 Fourth Avenue Newport West Tel.: +876 923 3339 Fax: +876 901 6120 Email:

Maritime & Transport Services Ltd PO Box 22, Kingston 11 40 Second Street, Port Bustamante Tel: +876 923 8728/9/0 Fax: +876 923 5077 Email:

Maritime Towing Company Ltd 40 Second Street Newport West Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 8720/8728/9 Fax: +876 923 5077 Email:

Montego Freeport, Montego Bay St. James (MBFZ) Tel.: +876 979 8094 Fax: +876 979 8088 Email: 21 East Street, Kingston Tel.: +876 922 5860 Fax: +876 922-4811 Email:

Ocean Air International Ltd 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 6095/7491/7499 Fax: +876 9235210 Email:

Perez y Cia (Jamaica) Ltd 6 -12 Newport Boulevard Newport West Tel.: +876 9012994/4833 Fax: +876 757 7737 Email:

Petroleum Co of Jamaica Ltd (PETCOM) 695 Spanish Town Road PO Box 8856, Kingston 11 Tel.: +876 934 6682/7 Email:

E. Pihl & Søn A.S. Nybrovej 116, DK-2800 Kgs Lyngby Denmark Tel: +45 4527 7200 Fax: +45 4527 7100 Email:

Port Computer Services Ltd 4 Fourth Street, Newport West Kingston 15 Tel.: +876 923 7022 Fax: +876 923 1225 Email:

Port Contractors Ltd 4 Fourth Avenue Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 937 5821-2/937 5586 Fax: +876 937 5588 Email:

Port Handlers Ltd 14 Montego Freeport Shopping Centre PO Box 302, Montego Bay Tel.: +876 979 8815/979 8124 Fax: +876 979 5552 Email:


Port Services Ltd

Montego Bay

Transocean Shipping Ltd

Kingport Building, Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 8487-8/8410 Fax: +876 923 2029 Email:

1 Mangrove Way, Montego Freeport Montego Bay Tel: 876 684 9701-3 Fax: 876 684 9643 Email:

90-92 First Street, Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 4276/5719 +876 937 1789 Fax: +876 923 9301 Email:

SeaFreight Agencies (USA) Inc

691 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11 Tel.: +876 764 9730 Fax: +876 7649530 Email:

Precision Enterprises Ltd 93-95 First Street, Newport West Tel.: +876 923 7425, +876 758 3098 Fax: +876 923 7354 Email:

Producers Shipping Co Ltd 80 - 82 Second Street Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 9271-4, +876 923 9371-3 Fax: +876 923 4091/4409

R.C.M. Customs Broker Ltd 11-16 First Street, Newport West Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 757 0983 Fax: +876 758 3933 Email:

R. K. Logistics Kingport Building, Third Street Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 1645 Email:

R.S. Gamble 1998 Ltd 40 Second Street, Newport West Tel.: +876 901 3923 +876 757 5168/5170/8556 Fax: +876923 5077 Email:

Royal Marine Insurance

SeAir Global

Shop #4, Montego Bay Freeport Shopping Centre, Montego Bay Tel.: +876 953 6050-51 Fax: +876 684 9643 Email:

Seaport Equipment Ltd

Universal Freight Handlers

2 Second Street, Newport West Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 757 0692, +876 757 7253 Fax: +876 757 7252

SGS Supervise Jamaica Ltd 91 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10 Tel.: +876 920 0718, +876 960 2410 Fax +876 960 5311

Shell Company (WI) Ltd (Cool Petroleum Ltd) Rockfort, Kingston 2 Tel.: +876 928 7301-9 Fax: +876 928 6045

Shipping Services (Stev) Ltd

Royale Ocean Shipping Co Ltd

Shipping Services Ltd

6 Newport Boulevard Newport Centre Commercial Centre Newport West Tel.: +876 757 9227/8143/9231 Fax: +876 757 9221 Email:

75 First Street, Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 6421-4 Fax: +876 923 5021 Email:

Scotiabank Centre Corner of Duke & Port Royal streets PO Box 709, Kingston Tel: +876 922 1000 Fax: +876 922 6548 Telex: 2297 SWIFT Bic Code: NOSCJMKN Email:

Seaboard Jamaica Ltd Kingston, 80-82 Second Street Newport West, Kingston 13 Tel: 876 923 0054 Fax: 876 937 5825

Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13

Turnel Services (Shipping)

6 - 12 Newport Boulevard Newport West Tel.: +876 757 9231, +876 755 0362 Fax: +876 757 9221 Email:

Suite 102, 8300 Executive Center Drive Miami, Florida 33166 Tel.: +305 477 3755 Fax: +305477 3858 Email:

Scotiabank Group Jamaica


General agents for SeaFreight Line Ltd 2800 Northwest 105th Avenue Doral, FL 33172-2198, United States Tel: +305 592 6060 Fax: +305 471 9555

TS Cranes Services Ltd

80-82 Second Street Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 9271-4, +876 923 9374 Fax: +876 923 4091 Email:

SISU c/o Deryck Gibson Agencies 25 Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5 Tel.: +876 978 9759 Fax: +876 978 9599 Email:

Star Interfreight Ltd 103 Second Street, Port Bustamante Kingston

Swift Logistics Trident House. 37 Second St, Newport West, Kingston 13

Terminal Services Ltd 73 Harbour Street, Kingston

Garmex East, 76 Marcus Garvey Drive Kingston Tel.: +876 901 7448 Fax: +876 923 4798 Email:

Western Freight Services Ltd LOJ Complex, Montego Freeport Suite M75, Gloucester Avenue Montego Bay Tel.: +876 979 8446 Fax: +876 9798556

Western Terminals Ltd Port Bustamante Tel.: +876 923 9211-9 Fax : +876 923 5361

Xars Equipment & Trucking Co Ltd 130 Second Street, Port Bustamante PO Box 1813, Kingston Tel.: +876 923 7589/7590/7594 Fax: +876 923 6050 Email:

ZIM – Carib Star Shipping Ltd 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West PO Box 203, Kingston Tel: +876 923 4900 Fax: +987 923 7113 Email: or

Zoukie Trucking – DM Equipment 118-120 Third Street, Newport West Kingston 13 Tel.: +876 923 9549/7140/4542 Email:


The Port Authority of Jamaica 15-17 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. Tel: +876 922 0290/9 Fax: +876 924 9437 Email:

Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13  
Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13  

Jamaica Port Handbook 2012-13, published by Land & Marine Publications Ltd on behalf of the Jamaica Port Authority