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Hospitality & Tourism Association of Botswana


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2014-15 an official publication of

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Hospitality & Tourism Association of Botswana

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CHaIrMan’S ForeWorD

Branding Botswana Botswana’s tourism strategy is of low volume, high value in the environmentally sensitive area of the Okavango Delta for preservation of this natural resource.


uring my two-year mandate as chairman of HATAB, I will listen, encourage debate and tackle policy issues to promote Botswana tourism growth together with the destination brand. I encourage you to do the same.

iNCreaSe marKet SHare Botswana is stable, peaceful, secure and the country manages its resources prudently. It is the least corrupt country on the continent; we must use this in our favour. We have 4.9 per cent of Africa’s market share in terms of international tourists. Improve quality

We’re aLL amBaSSaDorS

standards and marketing becomes easier.

Batswana need to harness their culture and

aligh itself with Kenya hence it needs to be

understand that tourism is a unique sector

viewed as THE tourist destination.

Botswana has wildlife migrations so it must

that cuts across all other sectors. Each Motswana is in the tourism sector, from the

Currently through the Ministry of Transport

immigration official to the cab driver and

& Communications the country has embarked

everyone who interacts with tourists. One

on expanding its airport infrastructure, for

does not need a title to be an ambassador; we

example Sir Seretse Khama International in

are all ambassadors. The cab driver, in the 20

Gaborone and in Maun, Kasane and

minutes from the airport to the hotel, must

Francistown. It is hoped that this will increase

talk about our country and all it offers.

participation into Botswana’s airspace.

Dr Thapelo matsheka Chairman, HATAB


Ceo’S ForeWorD

Botswana soars ahead For the first time in Botswana’s history the annual number of tourists visiting the country surpassed its citizenry. It is on this positive note that I welcome you to the eighth issue of ‘This is Botswana’, the annual publication of the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana (HATAB). As an advocacy body, HATAB provides its

Delta) remain the country’s most visited

members with a unified voice to address

regions, there has been an upsurge in recent

government and other stakeholders on the

years of visitors to Francistown, Gaborone

challenges they face. HATAB hosts regular

and other regions.

networking opportunities and encourages synergy between members and key

Our vision at HATAB, and indeed as

players within the sector. The organisation

Batswana, is to tap into the natural warmth

has created an ‘enabling environment’ for

and hospitality of our people and share our

business to grow within the country’s private

cultural heritage and the splendour of our

tourism sector.

natural environment with international tourists as well as with one another. As an

toUriSm DriveS GDp

organisation, we will encourage the sector to

Tourism is Botswana’s largest generator of

nine districts within the country.

focus on cultural tourism and in each of the

GDP after mining. The sector grew steadily after independence in 1966 and has been on the rise ever since. Botswana is the third most visited African country, according

WHat HataB StaNDS For


ATAB is a private sector, membership-based organisation within Botswana’s tourism sector. Its 230-plus members are categorised into nine sub-sectors:

BWP 2.9 billion being 3.7 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (2010 Department of Tourism statistic). This mainstay sector provides employment to thousands of people and encourages the development of skills.

• Camps and lodges

moviNG ForWarD

• Hotels

Botswana is a land of striking beauty and

• Self-catering apartments

many contrasts, which you can read about

• Mobile safaris

in this publication. They range from the

• Tour operators • Services


to recent statistics. Tourism contributed

Okavango Delta, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, and the Kalahari Desert, which covers about 70 per cent of

• Conservation and wildlife management

the country, to the vast Makgadikgadi Pan.

• Air charters and airlines.

While Chobe and Ngamiland (the Okavango

Lily rakorong Chief Executive Officer, HATAB

boTSWana ToUrISM orGanISaTIon

Developing Botswana into a preferred tourism destination


he Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) was set up by the Government to market and promote Botswana as a premier tourist destination, to grade and classify tourist facilities as well as to promote investment and drive product diversification in the tourism sector.

As part of its efforts to reach this goal, BTO is

Dedicated to preserving the heritage and

constantly repositioning the tourism image of

environment of Botswana, the organisation

Botswana with a view to inspire, engage trav-

has established several conservation policies

ellers with fresh, powerful images and beautiful

and ecotourism strategies to ensure that

stories that captures the beauty of Botswana;

tourism is sustainable for its inhabitants and

in addition to the positive contribution of the

future generations while still contributing

tourism sector to the local Batswana.

meaningfully to the national economy.


Although relatively new in its development,

diversification and on providing high quality

A good example is the organisation’s website,

and fully functioning organisation, one

service standards and embarking on strate-

which contains just about everything that

that will continue to serve as a competitive

gies that exceed customer expectations as well

potential visitors need to know regarding

front-runner in promoting Botswana as a

as building customer confidence locally and

travel in and around Botswana. The website

destination of choice.

internationally. This is in line with the organi-

gives an insight into what’s on offer in

sational vision of ‘developing Botswana into a

Botswana as well as providing useful travel

unique preferred tourism destination of choice,

information and advice. The website even

in order to increase the sector’s contribution

suggests a list of books to read for those

to the nation’s economic growth’.

interested in visiting the country.

BTO priorities are mainly focused on product

BTO has already proved to be a well-run



Gaborone: a diamond in the rough no more The ever-growing capital city of Gaborone is a gleaming jewel – and it has all the carats to prove it.


otswana, the world’s largest diamond producer, by volume. With its economy based on the mining sector, the diamond industry alone contributes up to 33% to the Gross Domestic Product, Botswana has been one of Africa’s fastestgrowing economies and greatest success stories in recent years.

its proximity to South Africa as well as

The metropolis below is testament to the

its already established railway lines and

city’s expansion and the determination of the

infrastructure. The city’s most visited tourist

Batswana people.

attraction is the Three Dikgosi Monument, a tribute to Botswana’s early beginnings.

Batswana are genuinely warm people; one

The bronze sculpture pays tribute to its three

can hear their sincerity as they wish one

founding chiefs: Khama II, Sebele I and

another ‘Dumela’ (‘Good day’) wherever


they go. They work hard, but play just as hard. The Masa Centre is proof of that. This

No city in Botswana can illustrate the

impressive 46,000 square metre entertain-

The major diamond producer, De Beers,

development of infrastructure better than

ment complex, with restaurants, hotel and

relocated its sales and marketing functions

Gaborone. The capital may have been

spa, leaves nothing to be desired. It also

from London to Gaborone in November

established only in the 1960s, but today it is

houses the country’s first 3D cinema. The

2013. Investors and business people flock

dotted with the silhouettes of tower cranes,

rooftop Absolut Bar is an ideal place to bid

to Botswana, not only because it is the least

development sites and skyscrapers.

farewell to another day.

Global Corruption Index) but also because

Infrastructure is one of the biggest drivers of

Forbes has rated it the continent’s fourth-best

the tourism sector, the advances can be seen


place to do business.

from rooftop venues such as the Sky Lounge.

Shoppers will find plenty of variety among

corrupt country in Africa (according to the

This exclusive membership-only venue

Gaborone’s four modern shopping malls and

When it comes to tourism, Botswana’s

provides panoramic views from the 19th floor

other outlets, whether they’re looking for

natural beauty, stable economy and thriving

of the iTowers building, currently the city’s

African curios, designer clothes or groceries.

business sector have made it the third

tallest. A twin tower is under construction.

The oldest is Main Mall, in the bustling

most visited country in Africa. In 2010 it welcomed more tourists, 2,145,079 (Department of Tourism statistics), than the number of its citizens – a fact that speaks volumes about its desirability as both a holiday and investment destination.

proximity Gaborone, in south-east Botswana, was strategically chosen as the capital city for


heart of the capital, where you can buy just about anything. Nearby is Government Enclave, home to government ministries and the South African Development Community

Wikimedia / Shosholoza

headquarters. But Gabs, as the locals affectionately refer to it, is more than just concrete. The city is nestled between the Kgale and Oodi hills. The ‘Sleeping Giant’, as Kgale Hill is known, is popular with hikers, and the resident baboons make the one-hour walk that much more thrilling. The hilltop is the city’s natural observation deck, standing 1,287 metres above sea level. It also maps out the city’s rapid urban expansion.

yaCHt CLUB The Yacht Club, on the edge of Gaborone Dam, is a local watering hole, especially popular at sundown and caters for sailing, canoeing and rowing. It is open to members and guests. It organises a number of social events every year, the biggest of which is the annual raft race. A few kilometres from the central business district is Mokolodi Nature Reserve, which Five and the bush. Giraffe and rhino tracking is a sought-after experience that is perfect for those ‘Kodak’ moments. Gaborone has much to be proud of, the country has been selected to host the 2nd African Youth Games was held in May 2014. Gaborone is the host to this international 10 day competition, with 54 countries and

Karin Duthie / Illustrative Options /

offers a close encounter with Africa’s Big

2,500 young atheletes participating in 21 sports at 11 venues, including the national stadium. It is the biggest multi-sport event in the country’s history and gives Gaborone an opportunity to stand out among the continent’s brightest stars.


boTSWana PrIDe

‘Pride of Botswana’ is waiting to be explored


hose who get a thrill out of 4x4 driving and extreme encounters with nature should make the trip to Kubu Island on the Makgadikgadi Pan. To reach the granite rock ‘island’ one must traverse a typical eastern Kalahari landscape along undulating dunes.


much more than the natural earth beneath

fares are affordable thanks to low air ticket

your feet, because this is a sacred site to

taxes and airport charges. Many resorts have

the indigenous people. It’s just you and the

private airstrips, too.

wilderness. There is a focus on conservation and


ecotourism with the aim of encouraging a

When it comes to biodiversity, each of

ability. Botswana aims for quality and high

Botswana’s four main regions – central,

standards rather than quantity in its tourism.

The 12,000 sq km pan is the largest salt

northern, eastern and southern – has some-

This forward-thinking nation has embraced

complex in the world, covering an area the

thing unique for visitors to see and enjoy.

environmentally friendly initiatives to

size of Israel. Baobab trees are a distinctive

There are numerous daily flights between

conserve and recycle rain water and to make

feature of this vast area, but do not expect

the country’s four domestic airports and air

use of solar power.

responsible approach to tourism and sustain-

Botswana has more to offer than merely its pristine natural wonders; it is also rich in history and culture. To the east of the delta, sharply rising out of the Kalahari, are the Tsodilo Hills, one of the oldest historical sites in the world and the only Unesco world heritage site in Botswana. The mystical rock face and nearby sites are covered with some 4,000 rock paintings and have also yielded numerous artefacts. As the sun hurries towards the horizon, the hills are illuminated in shades of ochre. their way up and down the Chobe River and river safaris delight visitors, who can watch

NatioNaL moNUmeNt

elephants drink, bathe and play along the

In the eastern region, south of the country’s

banks. The park is home to the continent’s

second-largest city, Francistown, is old

largest population of elephant.

Palapye. This national monument is another archaeological and historical site. Dating

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is in

back to the Middle Stone Age, it was also

south-western Botswana, along the Namibian

home to European missionaries in the 19th

border and straddling the Botswana-South

century. The relics of both settlements stand

Africa border. Gemsbok National Park is on

today. Moremi Gorge, only a short drive

the Botswana side, while Kalahari Gemsbok

away, is a ‘must’ for adventure seekers, who

National Park is on the South Africa side

will not be disappointed by the canyon’s

following an agreement in 1948. The park

waterfalls and river bends. The region and its

prides itself on its sightings of predatory cats

sites have received funding for further infra-

such as lion, leopard and cheetah.

structure and tourism development to cope with the growing number of visitors.

aLL BUDGetS Botswana caters for all budget types and


travellers, from a family camping expedi-

The cultural villages, especially in north-

bundu-bashing safari bus; but it is also highly

eastern Botswana near Kasane, give tourists

regarded as an upmarket safari destinations,

an opportunity to experience the history,

especially with its five-star lodges.

Botswana surely lives up to its national slogan: ‘Our country, our pride’.

tion to a sleep-out atop a fully equipped

lifestyle, culture and heritage of the indigenous people through storytelling, music

The Okavango Delta, one of the Seven

and dance. This is Africa’s ‘four corners’

Natural Wonders of Africa, is a magnet for

region, where only a 100 metre border

wildlife photographers. Air safaris in the

separates Botswana, Namibia’s Caprivi

region, and indeed across the country, are

Strip, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Kasane in the

increasingly popular, providing visitors with a

north has become synonymous with Chobe

bird’s-eye view of the wildlife trekking across

National Park. Luxurious houseboats make

the landscape below.



KAZA offers tourism without borders


orking alongside sister organisations in neighbouring states, Botswana is the headquarters of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA). As the area’s name suggests, this is the meeting place of two great river basins: the Kavango; and the Zambezi, which rises in Angola before flowing 2,574 km to the Indian Ocean. It’s a testament to Botswana’s regional leadership in the field of conservation that Kasane was chosen as the base for this important transnational organisation – one that brings together five nations whose borders converge in a comparatively small corner of Africa: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Covering a truly amazing 519,912 sq km (an area about the size of Thailand or larger than Germany and Austria combined), KAZA TFCA was established on the 18th August 2011 by a treaty, with the aim of conserving the shared natural resources of its five member states. The organisation is also charged with promoting and developing the linked network of conversation areas across its five member states and, where possible, restoring traditional dispersal corridors and wildlife migratory routes.

WorLD-CLaSS At the same time, KAZA TFCA is developing the transnational area into a single world-class tourism destination and working to promote easy border crossings for tourists – something that will reduce visa costs for visitors. KAZA TFCA’s remit is not just one of wildlife conservation, however; it also aims to ensure


the sustainable use of national resources

which will gradually expand and link these

and to improve the lives of local communi-

areas to form one giant wilderness area

ties through a range of initiatives to reduce

containing three UNESCO World Heritage


Sites: the Victoria Falls, Tsodilo Hills and Okavango Delta.

Finally, KAZA TFCA will be looking at how best to harmonise conservation legislation

KAZA TFCA already has the world’s largest

and natural resource management policies

population of elephant; it is also home

across all five nations.

to significant numbers of other animals, including buffalo, rhino, hippo, lion, cheetah,


African wild dog, sitatunga and lechwe. All

Botswana accounts for about 30% of the

up to 650 bird species.

in all, there are some 200 animal species and

total land area of the transfrontier area, with Zambia making up 25%, Angola 17% and Namibia and Zimbabwe each contributing about 14%.

SHeer SCaLe In many ways, KAZA TFCA is beyond comprehension such is the sheer scale of the

The KAZA TFCA is an integrated land-use

park. It marks yet another step in Botswana’s

area comprising Protected Areas (National

efforts to forge close links with its neighbours

Parks and Forest Reserves), Conversation

to ensure that wildlife – which, after all,

Areas (Game-Management areas/Wildlife

knows no borders – is conserved for future

Management Areas) and Communal Areas,

generations. 11

Gaborone SUn HoTeL

Homely ambience in the bustling capital


he Gaborone Sun Hotel, Casino and Conference Centre offers a homely ambience to offset the bustle of Botswana’s capital city, with soft African-hued furnishings and an air of sophistication. Dating from the 1970s, the hotel has 196 rooms, of which 38 are air conditioned luxury rooms with king-sized beds, en-suite bathroom, minibar, safe, satellite TV, universal adaptor socket (220 volts), telephone and hairdryer included as standard. There are also paraplegic rooms, a luxury paraplegic room, three suites and a sumptuous presidential suite.

NatUraL WooD Mahogany’s Restaurant is tastefully decorated with natural wood and sepia photographs of Africa’s past, and guests can sample the delicious menu in sophisticated

to 11 pm. The Casino Walk-up Bar, which is

and elegant surroundings. For a less formal

open 24 hours, can be found in the smoking

meal, the Savuti Grill serves English and

section of the casino and is exclusive to table

Continental breakfast and offers an exten-

and slot players. The Casino Bar, next to the

sive buffet and carvery for lunch and dinner.

slot, offers live entertainment.

Light snacks can be taken in the Conservatory and Pool Terrace where the tranquil and

The Gaborone Sun is located next to The

relaxing surroundings are just as enjoyable

Gaborone Golf Club. The first tee box is

as the refreshments.

less than five minutes’ walk from the hotel reception and the hotel can arrange tee-off


CHoiCe oF BarS

times and book golf carts for guests. The

Residents also have a choice of four bars for a

a fully equipped gym, squash courts, a casino,

refreshing drink. The bustling Slots Cocktail

floodlit tennis courts, a swimming pool and a

Lounge offers live entertainment, while the

golf course nearby. The hotel can also provide

Pool Bar has a tranquil garden setting and

extensive and fully equipped conferencing and

serves cocktails and other drinks from 10 am

meeting facilities.

hotel has a wide range of facilities including


Botswana’s largest hotel group


resta Marakanelo is Botswana’s largest hotel group in terms of bed capacity and its properties are the most widely spread geographically. Within Botswana, Cresta operates nine hotels and one resort.

The 65-room Cresta Jwaneng Hotel is on the Trans Kalahari Highway. Jwaneng is the home of the Jwaneng Diamond Mine, the world’s richest diamond mine. The hotel offers a perfect balance between business and pleasure with first-rate conference facilities, luxurious accommodation and superb cuisine.

The group’s flagship property is the 116-room Cresta Mowana Safari Resort &

The three-star, 52-room Cresta Bosele Hotel

Spa in Kasane, a perfect base for exploring

is located in the fast-growing town of Selebi-

Chobe National Park.

Phikwe, gateway to the Tuli Block, famous for its abundant wildlife.

Gaborone’s 160-room Cresta Lodge, just

Gardens, just a few minutes from Francistown, in one of the finest natural locations in

2 km from the city centre, is convenient for

The 51-room Cresta Botsalo Hotel is in the

business guests, while even more centrally

town of Palapye, which lies in the hot, dry

located is the 93-room Cresta President

expanse between Gaborone and Francistown.

Hotel, perfect for those visiting Gaborone on

Botswana. In Maun, the 51-room Cresta Riley’s Hotel, known simply as Riley’s, offers an established

business or to attend a conference, seminar

With 96 rooms, the four-star Cresta

base from which to explore the wonders of

or trade show. Most government ministries

Thapama Hotel is the largest in Francis-

northern Botswana. Located on the banks

are just a short walk from the hotel.

town and a natural meeting place for those

of the slow-moving Thamalakane River, it is

on business or passing through Botswana’s

a perfect getaway location for work or play

second-largest commercial centre.

in peaceful surroundings and for safaris to

The newly completed Cresta Mahalapye Hotel, a three-star property with 64 rooms, is located on the A1 north-south highway. All superior rooms come with en-suite bathroom,

Moremi National Park.


Cresta Hotels also owns properties in Zambia

DSTV, private air conditioning, direct-dial

Perhaps the best located of the group’s

and Zimbabwe, while the group’s head office

telephone and minibar.

properties is the 105-room Cresta Marang

is in Johannesburg, South Africa. 13


lished in 1983, Wilderness Safaris operates camps and safaris in Botswana, Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles. The company is run by a group of like-minded wildlife enthusiasts who came together to build a sustainable safari

Wilderness Safaris believes that communi-

business, delivering a learning experience

ties are vital to achieving and sustaining its

for guests, fair returns for shareholders and

mission. Accordingly its goal is to share these

stakeholders, while ensuring that Africa’s

The company employs about 2,800 people

wild areas with guests from all over the world

pristine wilderness areas remain protected.

(85 per cent of them from neighbouring rural communities) in the camps, regional head

and to partner with the local communities


offices and network of booking offices. This

Wilderness Safaris believes it is helping to

Wilderness Safaris operates and markets

to provide guests with individual itineraries

ensure the future protection of Africa’s spec-

over 70 camps in some 3 million hectares of

and personal experiences.

tacular wildlife heritage.

Africa’s finest wildlife reserves. The in-camp

in sharing the responsibilities and benefits of tourism. Through this mission and goal,

knowledge base enables Wilderness Safaris

Recognising that conservation is as much

private aCCeSS

Adventures as well as a mobile operations.

about people as about the environment,

Each camp has its own identity and character

the company has pursued important goals

Wilderness Safaris offers its guests private

and operating within a variety of biomes

through its children’s programme ‘Children

access to wilderness areas and wildlife

makes them able to offer and fulfil the expec-

in the Wilderness’ and through its research

experiences of unparalleled quality. Estab-

tations of every visitor.

vehicle ‘The Wilderness Wildlife Trust’.

© Mike Myers

experiences range from Premier to Classic to

© Dana Allen

© Russel Friedman


ilderness Safaris is a responsible luxury ecotourism company with a mission to protect pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna they support.

© Dana Allen

At home in the wilderness 15

DeSerT & DeLTa SaFarIS

Unrivalled choice of luxury safari experiences


esert & Delta Safaris operates eight luxury lodges and camps in Botswana and Namibia. Established in 1982, the company prides itself on offering a personalised service. All its lodges employ Batswana staff recruited from nearby villages. Game drives are conducted in comfortable Toyota Land Cruisers with removable canvas roofs to provide shade when necessary.

modating just 24 guests, the lodge has a classic savanna setting with sweeping vistas. Centrepiece is a thatched open-sided lodge with 270-degree views over the river and park. Savute Safari Lodge, in the south-west of Chobe National Park, is an intimate lodge overlooking the Savute Channel. It accommodates just 24 guests in cool, thatched, timber-and-glass suites. Camp Moremi is on the edge of Xakanaxa

Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent

Lagoon in the Moremi Game Reserve. It

Located on Nxaragha Island on the north-

game lodge within the Chobe National Park.

accommodates 24 guests in newly rebuilt

east fringe of Moremi Game Reserve, the

This newly renovated lodge can accommodate

African-style safari tents, each sited on a

enchanting Camp Okavango accommodates

94 guests in luxurious and spacious rooms

raised teak platform with a sundeck and

just 24 guests.

and features a boardwalk overlooking the

plunge pool. Xugana Island Lodge, overlooking the spec-

Chobe River. There are also four exclusive suites with their own plunge pools and

Camp Xakanaxa is in a prime location on the

tacular Xugana Lagoon, accommodates just

separate lounges. Guests can explore the river

banks of the Khwai River on the Xakanaxa

16 guests in reed and thatch lagoon-facing

and the abundant wildlife and bird species of

Lagoon in the heart of the Moremi Game

en-suite chalets with private viewing decks.

this world-renowned park.

Reserve. This enchanting original African bush camp accommodates just 24 guests

Leroo La Tau has a majestic setting on high

Guests can experience Namibia at its finest on

in Meru-style classic luxury safari tents on

cliffs above the Boteti River, on the western

a safari at Chobe Savanna Lodge. Accom-

raised decks.

border of Makgadikgadi National Park. 17


National airline provides vital links for visitors


otswana’s national airline, Air Botswana, brings visitors to this special part of Africa from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Harare and Lusaka.

Passengers arriving on long-haul flights in Johannesburg can readily transfer to Air Botswana for onward jet flights direct to Maun, on the edge of the Okavango Delta, or direct to Kasane, gateway to Chobe National Park. Air Botswana also operates jet shuttle flights from Cape Town to Maun and from Cape Town to Gaborone. Air Botswana is the only airline that links these two premier tourism destinations.

DELTA The vast Okavango Delta, a protected World Heritage site, is a wild and hauntingly beautiful place, with myriad channels, reedbeds, oxbow lakes and palm-fringed lagoons. The

National Park, noted for its lions and its

Air Botswana operates and maintains a fleet

delta is rich in wildlife with an extraordinary

large concentration of elephants.

of Avro RJ and British Aerospace 146 jet aircraft, with ATR 72-500 and ATR 42-500

number and diversity of animals and birds. Part of the great sanctuary is on the Chobe

turboprops for the shorter routes.

Another remarkable river is the Chobe, on

River and the dramatic riverfront is rich in

Botswana’s northern border with Namibia.

birds and animals. On a sunset cruise, visitors

The airline’s busiest route is between

Air Botswana operates direct flights from

can watch animals coming down to drink,

Gaborone and Johannesburg. There are also

Johannesburg to Kasane, gateway to Chobe

with a chance to see a string of elephants

direct services from Francistown to Johan-

crossing the wide river. The river has a large

nesburg, Gaborone to Harare and Gaborone

population of hippos and crocodiles and a

to Lusaka.

prolific birdlife. Domestic flights link Gaborone with Francis-


town, Maun and Kasane.

A game drive from a riverfront lodge deep into the national park is also a rewarding way to see the wildlife. 19


Traditional hospitality in great locations


eermont has an extensive portfolio of hotels, casinos, convention centres, restaurants, bars and other sports and entertainment facilities. The company operates 14 properties in Africa, including five in Botswana.

188-room business hotel providing a superior level of comfort. The hotel offers a full range of services and facilities for senior executive business travellers, premium leisure travellers, conference delegates and tour groups. The Peermont Metcourt Inn at The Grand Palm Resort is a modern three-star, select

The Grand Palm Hotel Casino Convention

services hotel where guests can decide what

Resort, in Gaborone, is in the grand tradition

they need and pay nothing extra. This hotel

of Botswana hospitality. Located just 15

offers cosy, comfortable and affordable

minutes from the city centre and international

accommodation for business and leisure

airport, it offers luxury accommodation,

travellers alike. The three-star Peermont Metcourt Hotel, in

dazzling entertainment, an exciting casino, five diverse restaurants, a luxury spa and a

The four-star Peermont Mondior, in

Francistown, offers excellent value for money.

world-class conference facility, the Gaborone

Gaborone, with its ‘African chic’ style, has

It is a select-service hotel offering modern,

International Convention Centre.

the ambience of a boutique hotel. Accom-

affordable comfort and quality service. With

modation consists of 67 stylish rooms. Guests

53 rooms, this newly refurbished hotel is

The luxurious Peermont Walmont Hotel at

can unwind at the pool, relax in the lounge or

ideal for stopover tourists and overnight

The Grand Palm is a contemporary, deluxe,

dine at the nearby News Café restaurant.

business travellers. 21


Regional airline connects Botswana to the world


he privately owned South African carrier Airlink operates to 33 destinations across southern Africa including 16 crossborder destinations. Within Botswana it offers daily flights from Johannesburg to Maun, Kasane and Gaborone. Airlink is the largest independent regional

The opening of its Kasane route in 2013 to

feature a unique game-viewing experience.

a second carrier was seen as a significant

Airlink believes that its global connectivity

milestone for the region’s tourism industry.

and wide marketing reach will contribute

It not only complemented the services of the

to growth. The company looks forward

national carrier, Air Botswana, but opened

with enthusiasm to playing a role in the

up additional source markets to the globally

expansion of this market, which it believes

renowned destination of Chobe. The Kasane

will benefit all stakeholders in the tourism

service uses one of Airlink’s fleet of 12


Embraer ERJ 135 regional jets. Through its alliance with South African

airline in southern Africa, linking more


Airways (SAA), Airlink’s passengers can enjoy

with its fleet of Jetstream 41 aircraft, ERJ

The African safari experience is marketed

Alliance Partner airlines and other carriers

135 jet aircraft and BAe RJ85 aircraft. It

globally. Botswana, Chobe and Zimbabwe

throughout southern Africa and the world.

passengers to the smaller towns, cities and regional centres than any other local airline

convenient connections with SAA, its Star

carries more than 1 million passengers a year on some 35,000 flights.

FOUR CORNERS Kasane is close to Africa’s Four Corners, where four countries almost meet: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The town lies on the south bank of the Chobe River, which forms the border with the extreme tip of Namibia’s Caprivi Strip. Nearby, a second border post serves the road into Zimbabwe, which runs 70 km east to Victoria Falls. 23


Absolute luxury beside the river


verlooking the majestic Chobe River, the Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent game lodge situated within the famous Chobe National Park. It accommodates up to 94 guests in absolute luxury in its 47 riverside rooms.

Mealtimes are an important part of the Chobe Game Lodge experience, with everything from a delectable stir-fry evening or a roast carvery to a mouth-watering threecourse Ă la carte menu to look forward to. There are regular evenings under the stars at the riverside boma with beautiful dining

While rooms overlook the river, decks

locations along the deck lit up with candle-

overlook the Chobe National Park and

light under the African skies. Other facilities

candles light up the many terraces and bar

include a fully equipped conference room

areas where guests can find their own space.

for up to 90 people, broadband internet, billiards, a library, a gym, a beauty salon and

Accommodation comprise 42 twin/double

a stylish cigar bar overlooking the river.

rooms, four luxury private suites and one family unit.


The lodge is Botswana’s premier venue for

All safari activities are tailored to individual

guests who want a perfect base from which to

needs. Game drives, game viewing by small

explore Chobe National Park and the Chobe

boat with a maximum capacity of 12 guests,

River. Wild animals roam in abundance and

sunset cruises along the river and after-

diversity and the park is home to the largest

dinner stargazing are offered.

concentration of elephant in Africa.

TOTAL LUXURY Chobe Game Lodge provides total luxury and extensive facilities include a large swimming pool with an adjacent terrace and a grassy riverside boma area where a marimba band or traditional dancers can perform. Rooms come with minibar, en-suite bathroom, tea and coffee making facilities as well as private terrace. In addition, four exclusive suites have their own plunge pool and separate lounge. 25


On a mission to serve Botswana


lying Mission Services (FMS) is not your average air charter operator. FMS has been providing Aviation Services for Botswana and its people since 1980.

King Air is a pressurised twin-turbine engine aircraft used for aeromedical evacuation services and charters. FMS continues to develop its community projects by providing funds to Flying Mission

FMS began as an air ambulance provider

Care Ministries, the non-profit arm of the

founded by Dr Malcolm McArthur and his wife

FM family, where the main focus is on life

Gudrun, who started the flying doctor service so

skills training and capacity building.

that all Batswana could have access to health care. Today FMS continues to provide the most reliable and rapid aeromedical service in


MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS FMS has been repairing and maintaining

Botswana and southern Africa as well as on-

FMS is proud to have established the first

aircraft in Botswana since 1990. Today FMS

demand charter and tourism transfers.

and only fully Botswana accredited Aircraft

has established a reputation for high quality,

Maintenance Engineer Training School

great value and full-spectrum professional

Services offered:

(AMETS) in Botswana. FMS maintenance

services for all aviation maintenance needs.

• Air ambulance services

provides experienced instructors to the school

FMS is one of three AMOs in the country

• Corporate charters

and offers internships for AMETS graduates.

licensed to maintain corporate and private aircraft. Maintenance services include:

• Camp and game lodge transfers • Scenic flights over the delta

FMS operates in Botswana from bases in

• Aircraft maintenance for all clients, corporate and private

Gaborone and Maun. Flying Mission Services

• Routine and unscheduled maintenance

provide a link between major centres and

• Regular inspections

• Aircraft maintenance engineering training.

distant, inaccessible areas, delivering safe,

• Turboprop and piston engine repairs

reliable and professional air transport

• Airframe maintenance and upgrades

FMS operates King Air 200, King Air 90 and

services and bringing physical and spiritual

• Avionics, electrical and sheet metal work.

Cessna 206/7/10 aircraft. The Beechcraft

help and healing to people in need. FMS offers high quality aircraft maintenance with a minimum turnround time and utmost safety to keep aircraft operating at peak performance. With attention to the smallest detail, its specialists have the background and experience necessary to meet customer expectations. Its staff care about its clients and work towards long-term relationships for mutual success. FMS is committed to providing quality work, excellent service, customer satisfaction, and competitive prices in a timely manner. 27


Extreme comfort and affordable prices


esigned with both business and leisure travellers in mind, Travelodge is the perfect place for anyone looking for comfortable and affordable hotel accommodation in Gaborone. Situated in the serene suburb of Block 3, Travelodge is located away from the bustle of city life, but still within easy reach of shops, offices, restaurants and places of interest.

FULLY SERVICED A fully serviced hotel, Travelodge has 85 en-suite rooms with mini fridge, air conditioning, DSTV, tea and coffee making facilities and telephone. The hotel has a business centre and Wi-Fi availability as well as a restaurant, bar and garden. Airport pick-up and drop-off services are provided by the hotel and a laundry guests have a comfortable stay. Travelodge

The construction of Travelodge is being

promises to always provide affordable rates,

done in two phases. Phase 1 is complete,

Travelodge places the utmost importance on

cleanliness, comfortable, hassle-free accom-

and includes the 85 rooms and breakfast

value for money. Although it is built with the

modation, environmental friendliness through

area. Phase II, once complete, will include a

budget-conscious traveller in mind, it aims

usage of natural energy, wireless hotspots all

Conference Centre and restaurant.

to offer services and facilities that ensure its

over the hotel, and delicious meals.

service is available. 29


Specialist air services across Botswana


elebrating 20 years of operations in 2014, Mack Air has become a well respected leader in personalised, efficient and safe air charter operations in the region.

Mack Air offers a selection of air charter services, primarily into and around the Okavango Delta, but also throughout Botswana and neighbouring Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. In addition to safari camp transfers, it also

Mack Air operates a wide range of versatile

offers camp supply flights, medical evacua-

aircraft allowing it to offer a broad range of

tions and photographic scenic flights over the

air services to its clientele.

Okavango Delta.

SAFETY AND COMFORT The company complies with strict Civil Aviation requirements and employs a team of well trained, driven, safety conscious flight crew whose primary concerns are always the safety and comfort of its passengers.


Ideal location for riverside luxury


aun Lodge offers luxury riverside hotel accommodation and chalets that are perfectly situated for both business and leisure travellers visiting Maun in northern Botswana.

the 12 thatched chalets, also air conditioned and with en-suite facilities, represent excellent value for money.

Ă€ LA CARTE Guests can enjoy a relaxing drink in the

It is located on the Okavango Delta, just 4

Pygmy Goose Bar, while international and

km from Maun International Airport and 2.5

traditional cuisine is available in the Ă la

km from the village centre.

carte restaurant.

Nestled on the banks of the Thamalakane

Maun Lodge has a variety of conference facil-

River, all 30 rooms are fully air conditioned

ities. There is seating for up to 350 delegates

with en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, room

and all conference rooms are fully equipped.

service and laundry services. The 10 deluxe

Conference packages are also available,

riverfront rooms and two presidential suites

including accommodation and catering.

have private verandas. For those on a budget, 31


Four different camps, four different experiences


he SKL group has four campsites in Botswana. The company derives its name from the initial letters of the Savuti, Khwai and Linyanti camps.

sufficient camping plots, each with a direct water supply and cooking area. The flood plains of the Khwai River are home to a wide variety of animals and birds. LINYANTI, in the Chobe National Park, is

SAVUTI, in the Chobe National Park, is

known for healthy populations of predators,

famous for its excellent game activities.

particularly lion and hyena. SKL has five

Situated along the Savuti Channel, SKL has

camp plots in Linyanti with clean and modern

14 camping sites each with a braai stand,


fireplace and a water stand pipe. There is an abundance of birdlife and wildlife such as

KUMAGA, in the Makgadikgadi National

elephants and honey badgers.

Park, is known for its great migration of wildebeest and zebra. Kumaga also has

At KHWAI (North Gate), just outside the

flamingos and a resident population of rhino.

Moremi Game Reserve, SKL offers 10 self-

SKL has nine camp plots in Kumaga.


A car to suit everyone


vis has been operating in Botswana since 1974 and is the most widely represented car rental firm throughout the country, with four branches. Headquartered at Gaborone Airport, Avis also has stations in Francistown, Maun and in Kasane, where it operates from the airport to accommodate clients as they arrive.

Avis is ideally positioned to cater for all sectors of the travel market and has the infrastructure to provide the best possible service to clients. Unbeatable modern technology enables Avis Botswana to be connected to the International Avis Wizard computer network for instant confirmations and bookings.

MODERN With a fleet of modern vehicles, customers can choose a car that best suits their needs. From

Bookings and reservations are made simple

people carriers to small five-door cars, there

with a fast and easy-to-use online booking

is something to suite everyone. For leisure

system. Alternatively, customers can call a

travellers, the range includes multi-seat mini-

branch and speak to a team member, who

buses as well as 4x4 vehicles equipped with

can answer any questions and offer helpful

long-range fuel tanks. All vehicles are well

travel advice.

maintained and regularly serviced. 33


Modern and spacious out-of-town hotel


ocated in Mogoditshane, about 7 km from Gaborone, the Sunbeam Hotel is a three-storey building with upstairs bar and balcony. It has 23 modern air conditioned rooms, plus a spacious reception room, a terrace balcony and a restaurant. It is a wholly owned citizen resort enterprise.

with double bed and minibar; and sharing deluxe rooms with two single beds. Individual rooms come with telephone, TV, free wireless internet access and electronic safe.

CONFERENCES Guests can also enjoy the Snag Restaurant and on-site bar. The Sunbeam Hotel also has a range of conference facilities available,


including a conference package, conference

Accommodation consists of standard single

as an outside catering team who can provide

rooms with double bed and minibar; clas-

morning tea, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and

sical king/executive rooms with a king-sized

a full English breakfast.

hire, projector hire and balcony hire as well

bed and minibar; classical standard suite


Serene location for riverside lodge


he banks of the Thamalakane River provide a peaceful and discreet location for the Thamalakane River Lodge. Just 19 km from Maun and en route to the famous Moremi Game Reserve, this rambling safari lodge has 18 en-suite stone chalets, some with private splash pools, positioned in the shade of the riverine forest.

serene 180-degree view of the riverbanks. All rooms have tea and coffee stations, ceiling fans and mosquito nets. The friendly staff can arrange special activity programmes tailored to the specific interests of guests. Scenic flights are available on request. Other facilities include a pool and conference facilities. The lodge’s magnificent à la carte restaurant

Blessed with an exceptional location, the

is renowned for its high standard of cuisine

lodge takes full advantage of the serene river-

and service, appealing to Maun’s elite as well

bank views. All chalets and common areas

as to leisure visitors. There is an extensive

have terraces that take advantage of the

wine list and a varied food menu. 35


Swiss-style air rescue service is a vital asset


kavango Air Rescue (OAR) is a private company providing round-the-clock emergency evacuation and medical assistance services by helicopter from Maun International Airport.

OAR is funded largely by the annual subscriptions of its patrons and provides a complementary service to the existing road and air ambulance services in Botswana. It operates in northern Botswana and the Central Kalahari, dealing with incidents in remote or inaccessible locations – or cases

In an emergency, the patient receives direct

where speed is of the essence.

on-the-spot assistance from an airborne medical team before being flown to an

The OAR helicopter is a fully customised,


appropriate location for further treatment.

medically fitted Bell Jet Ranger 206 III with

Okavango Air Rescue was inspired by the

OAR has its own emergency call centre

a long-range fuel tank. It is litter equipped

Swiss Air Rescue Service, REGA, which

number (995) in Botswana or +267 686 15

and can therefore take a stretcher.

pioneered the concept of the patronage

06 for roaming and satellite phones. OAR has

system. This system generates a steady

been granted special permission by the Civil

Since the beginning of 2014 OAR is proud

flow of income, thus allowing the rescue

Aviation Authority to fly at night in the event

to have newly established fully Botswana

service to remain airborne.

of a life-threatening situation according to

accredited First Aid Training Courses from

the pilot’s discretion.

level one up to level three.

Under the OAR system of patronage, each annual contribution entitles a patron, travelling within OAR’s range of operation, to one free, medically necessitated air rescue per year. The contribution is not an insurance premium but a payment that helps towards keeping the helicopter airborne. Donations can also be made to enable OAR to rescue people who cannot afford to be patrons. To keep the service airborne, why not become a patron of Okavango Air Rescue today.


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Abu Camp Africa Under Canvas Africa Voyages Afrika Calls Cultural Tours & Safaris Afro Trek Air Botswana Air Shakawe Airlink Airport Hotel AON Botswana Audi Camp Avis Botswana


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Grades awarded and supplied by the Botswana Tourism Organisation. The Botswana Star Grading System is used to differentiate the


various quality levels of establishments, it provides judgements on the amenities, facilities and services of particular properties in a way that enables travellers to choose the quality of accommodation they want. The system applies objectivity obtained from the grading standards and subjectivity obtained from the grading criteria.

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National Parks Forest Reserves


Camps & lodges

&Beyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp

&Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979, Fax: +267 686 1972 Email:,

Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979, Fax: +267 686 1972 Email:,

&Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp is on the edge of the Okavango Delta in a 7,000 hectare exclusive wildlife concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve. Nxabega is ideally positioned to explore the Okavango. The camp consists of tented accommodation with views of the Okavango Delta. Nine exclusive tented suites nestle under a canopy of ebony trees, featuring private verandas overlooking the reeded molapo (floodplain).

&Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is situated on a permanent channel of the Okavango Delta, next to the Moremi Game Reserve. The lodge was built with a commitment to “treading lightly on the earth” and consists of eight en-suite cottages. Private decks provide vantage points in this birdwatchers’ paradise. Guests can also experience game drives, mokoro rides, bush walks and delta cruises in an ‘eco-boat’.

&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp

Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979, Fax: +267 686 1972 Email:, &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp enjoys its own Delta island within a 25,000 hectare wildlife concession. Xaranna is a camp with nine en-suite safari tents. All with sweeping views across the channels. Each tent has a sala, plunge pool, indoor and al fresco shower. The dining area features shady verandas leading out to a boma, where candlelit dinners are served. Guests experience walking safaris, game drives and mokoro excursions.

Abu Camp

Private Bag 14, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Abu Camp set in a pristine riverine forest in a private reserve in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Six en-suite uniquely styled canvas and pole tents each distinctly furnished with private elevated desks overlook the Okavango Delta. Well-lit pathways link the tents with the main lounge, dining area, plunge pool and gym. The Abu Camp experience offers guests the ability to interact with the resident elephant herd, initiating a journey into the complex behaviour of Earth’s largest land mammal. Guests become a part of the elephant herd during their stay joining them on foot or riding as they move through the bush. Other activities include day and night game drives, walks and during the floods guests can also enjoy a mokoro experience.

Banoka Bush Camp

1 Mathiba Road; Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Banoka Bush Camp, totally solar-powered, is situated in the Khwai Development Trust Community Concession, on the banks of the Khwai River in the north-eastern corner of the Okavango Delta adjoining the Moremi Game Reserve. Banoka Bush Camp is built overlooking a lagoon with all the rooms and main area raised off the ground. Accommodation is in ten en-suite tented rooms (two family) complete with private verandas. The main area consists of a bar, lounge, dining area, plunge pool and deck and an open area to enjoy the campfire. The camp is easily combined with the Linyanti regions and Central Kalahari Game Reserve to provide a comprehensive Botswana wildlife experience.


&Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

Private Bag 34, Maun Tel: +267 686 1979, Fax: +267 686 1972 Email:, &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge lies within an exclusive 25,000 hectare wildlife concession. Nine split-level safari suites feature large bathtubs and al fresco shower, plunge pool and a rooftop look-out with magnificent Delta views. The guest areas boast panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness from decks, and the signature &Beyond interactive kitchen bustles with activity.

Audi Camp

PO Box 21439, Boseja, Maun Tel: +267 686 0599, Fax: +267 686 5388 Email: Audi Camp, established in 1993, is located 12 km north of Maun on the road to the Moremi Game Reserve. It is situated on the banks of the Thamalakane River, the southernmost tributary of the Okavango Delta. Accommodation is in luxury en-suite tents on raised wooden decking overlooking the river. There are also many shaded camping areas, some with power points. A range of activities can be organised including mokoro tours to the Okavango, catered vehicle safaris to Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Nxai Pan, Makgadikgadi National Park, Tsodilo Hills and other destinations in Botswana. Audi Camp can also arrange half-day excursions and activities in and around the Maun area such as cultural village tours, the Maun Game Sanctuary and horse riding.

Camel’s Inn Lodge

Mmopane Maipei Ward, PO Box 1176, Mogoditshane Tel: +267 316 7005; Tel/Fax: +267 318 4274 Email:, Cell: +267 733 30480, +267 713 16171 Camel’s Inn Lodge is a vibrant lodge with a classic African design and modern architecture that exudes elegance. It is a 100 per cent citizen-owned company that opened as a restaurant in 2004, but has since grown to become a two-star lodge. It provides modern accommodation in the form of 14 beautifully thatched chalets. It is also one of Gaborone’s fastest growing innovative caterers specialising in local Tswana cuisine. The magnificent traditionally thatched lodge, uniquely built on alluring flat rock scenery is perfectly situated in Mmopane about 10km from Gaborone towards Molepolole. Camel’s Inn Restaurant offers a variety of traditional Tswana foods as well as international cuisines.

Camps & lodges

Camp Moremi

PO Box 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243, Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: Peering out beneath giant ebony trees, Camp Moremi brings true meaning to the word safari in the Xaxanaka area of Moremi Game Reserve. The main building comprising a main lounge, dining room and cocktail bar invites a true sense of the African wilderness. Other facilities include a swimming pool and thatched boma where brunch and high tea are served. Accommodating 24 guests in newly rebuilt African-style safari tents, each sited on a raised teak platform with private ensuite facilities and viewing decks. Guests can also enjoy frequent sightings of lion, leopard and cheetah on their morning and afternoon game drives by open 4x4 safari vehicles in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, or alternatively, they can explore the Xaxanaka Lagoon and surrounding Okavango channels by motorboat.

Camp Xakanaxa

PO Box 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243, Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: Camp Xakanaxa is in a prime location on the banks of the Khwai River on the Xakanaxa Lagoon, in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve. This is the only safari camp in the area which can provide guests with an authentic, year round Okavango Delta land and water safari experience. The 12 all canvas, Meru-style classic luxury safari tents on raised decks accommodate just 24 people.

Camp Okavango

PO Box 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243, Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: Camp Okavango sits at the heart of the Okavango on Nxaragha Island. Its main lodge building features a cocktail bar and lounge with the dining room leading to an open-air patio for evenings around the fire. Other facilities include a bird-viewing hide and a sundeck with a plunge pool. Accommodating 24 guests in African style safari tents on raised platforms with en-suite facilities and private viewing decks. For the ultimate in exclusivity, the Okavango Suite is a thatched cottage offering complete privacy – ideal for honeymooners. Game-viewing activities are conducted by experienced guides and include exploring the Okavango by mokoro, motor boat and tracking the larger game on nature walks on the surrounding islands.

Chitabe Camp & Chitabe Lediba

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086 Email: Chitabe Camp and Chitabe Lediba are situated in a private concession on a beautiful island in the south-east of the Okavango. Chitabe Camp consists of eight elevated, Meru-style tents nestling among the trees, each with twin beds, en-suite facilities and an outdoor shower. The thatched dining area, pub and lounge area are built on decks with superb views across the floodplain. Chitabe Lediba comprises five spacious Meru-style tents, also on raised decks with luxurious interiors. It has two family tents, with en-suite bathrooms, making it the perfect camp for families and children. Both camps have been operating for over 16 years, with reputations for great game viewing with experienced guides, friendly staff and delicious food. Chitabe and Chitabe Lediba are owned by Flamingo Investments. Booking inquiries should be made through Okavango Wilderness Safaris.

Chobe Elephant Camp

Private Bag 342, Maun Tel: +267 686 3763, Fax: +267 680 0937 Email: Situated on a rocky ridge overlooking the Chobe River Floodplains, Chobe Elephant Camp offers guests ample opportunities to explore the wild surroundings while providing a stunning viewpoint onto one of Botswana’s prime destinations. Entirely built from the red Kalahari sands that dominate the northern part of Botswana, this eco-friendly lodge presents an original design reminiscent of traditional African farmsteads and can accommodate up to 24 guests in 10 twin/ double chalets and one family unit. All rooms are en-suite with both indoor and outdoor showers with private verandas. The lodge has a large open-plan main area featuring a cosy arrangement of couches, bar, dining area and reading corner, along with a swimming pool with viewing deck onto a private waterhole. Activities include: wildlife viewing on game drives and boat cruises, and excursions to the nearby village.

Chobe Game Lodge

PO Box 32, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0340, Fax: +267 625 0280 Email: Situated 100 km west of Victoria Falls overlooking the Chobe River and the Caprivi floodplains, the iconic Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent safari lodge within the Chobe National Park. The lodge accommodates up to 94 guests. Every room is river-facing with en-suite bathrooms. In addition, four exclusive suites have their own plunge pools and separate lounges. Other facilities include a conference room seating up to 90 people, broadband internet, a cigar bar overlooking the river, swimming pool and riverside boma. Game drives, game viewing by boat, sunset cruises and after-dinner stargazing are offered. Chobe Game Lodge is the first lodge in Botswana, with more than 10 rooms, to have been granted the Botswana Tourism Organisation’s full Eco Grading.

Chobe Marina Lodge

Private Bag K 83, Kasane Tel: +267 625 2220, Fax: +267 625 2224 Email: Uniquely located in north-eastern Botswana where four African nations converge, Chobe Marina Lodge is surrounded by natural beauty. The Chobe River, Chobe National Park, Kasane Forest Reserve, the Caprivi Strip and the Zambezi River are all close to the lodge. Accommodation at Chobe Marina Lodge consists of 66 rooms. All have air conditioning, television, telephones, minibars and daily housekeeping. The world-famous Chobe National Park is just 10 minutes from Chobe Marina Lodge. Alternatively there are river boat cruises to the park. Other activities include a sightseeing cruise to Sedudu island, fishing and birdwatching. In addition there is a swimming pool and the Commissioners à la carte restaurant. The lodge also has a conference venue and conferencing equipment. 41

Camps & lodges

Company Chobe Safari Name Lodge

PO Box 10, Kasane Address Tel: +267 625 0336, Fax: +267 625 0437 Email: www Chobetext Body Safari Lodge is located on the doorstep of the Chobe National Park and offers luxury accommodation, camping facilities, river boat cruises, game drives and fishing trips. It is 3 km from Kasane International Airport and 80 km from Victoria Falls. Accommodation consists of luxurious twin-bed river rooms, individually decorated safari rooms, thatched rondavels and the Chobe Safari Lodge campsite. Other activities and facilities include fishing, Victoria Falls day trips, swimming pool, beauty salon, internet café, river bar, restaurant and airport transfers. The Sedudu Sunset Bar overlooks Sedudu Island and is a perfect venue from which to view the magnificent African sunset, while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

Company Duba Plains Name Camp

Address Great Plains Conservation Tel: +267 686 4001, Fax: +267 686 3043 Email: www Body In thetext remotest reaches of the Okavango Delta lies Duba Plains. One of the delta’s most remote camps, Duba Plains is on the Kwedi Reserve, a tree-filled island in a private 30,000 hectare concession famed for lion prides and buffalo herds. Accommodation is made up of six tents with en-suite bathroom, outside shower, and a veranda overlooking the floodplain. The thatch-roofed lounge, dining room and bar areas are raised on platforms along with a swimming pool, all providing a beautiful view. There is a variety of activities including day and night game drives, often following the lion prides tracking the buffalo herds as they roam the vast concession.

Company Eagle Island Name Camp

PO Box 100, Maun Address Tel: +267 686 0302, Fax: +267 686 0153 Email: www On thetext Body island of Xaxaba, in the Okavango Delta, lies Eagle Island Camp. Access to the lodge is by light aircraft from Maun, a 20-minute flight transfer. The camp offers open-air and covered dining, a bar and comfortable lounge area. The viewing deck with swimming pool is ideal to take in the spectacular Delta sunsets. The camp offers game viewing by mokoro, motorised boats and a 14-seater sundowner cruiser as well as guided walking safaris on the surrounding islands and spectacular helicopter excursions. The 11 luxury en-suite tents and one suite have private decks, while the interiors are luxuriously appointed with minibar, four-poster bed with mosquito netting and air conditioning, offering guests complete comfort all year round.

Deception Valley Lodge Company Name

Private AddressBag 114, Maun Tel: +27 117 067 207, Fax: +44 121 286 8393 Email: www Discover Body textan oasis in the Central Kalahari, this is Deception Valley Lodge, where you can relax in total luxury. The main complex has a dining room, lounge and bar area. From the deck, guests can view activities at the nearby waterhole. A swimming pool, curio shop and small library form part of the complex. Accommodation consists of eight private units, each consisting of a twin-bedroom, lounge, Victorian-style bathroom with an outside shower. Each unit has a deck with views over the Kalahari bush. Activities include game drives in an open four-wheel-drive vehicle or on foot with San guides.

DumaTau Company Camp Name

Private AddressBag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: www Located Body textclose to the source of the Savute Channel, in the Linyanti concession in northern Botswana, this and other waterways lure a plethora of wildlife and birds, particularly in the dry winter months. DumaTau, recently rebuilt and totallhy solar-powered, is a 10-room tented camp (one family room) overlooking a large hippo-filled lagoon. The canvas tents are stylish and spacious with canvas walls, en-suite bathroom facilities and a veranda overlooking the lagoon. The dining room, pub, lounge and swimming pool also look out over the lagoon. A stunning star deck floats out on the lagoon. Wildlife viewing is the primary activity with day and night game drives, walks, boating (levels permitting) and various platforms and hides.

Edo’s Camp

PO Box 110, Ghanzi Cell: +267 7212 0399 Email: Edo’s Camp is located in a 120,000 hectare private game conservancy in the Kalahari and can accommodate eight guests in four large, twin-bed safari-style tents. Each tent has its own private veranda with gorgeous views of a rocky waterhole. The setting around the camp is delightful and the presence of animals drinking at the waterhole makes it even more outstanding. Edo’s Camp offers a wide range of exciting and interesting activities. A special, unforgettable moment is represented by cultural tourism – that is, the visit to a San village nearby the camp. Moreover, tourists are offered rhino tracking on foot with San guides. The camp is host to seven specimens of this beautiful animal. The camp also has its own heated swimming pool.

Elephant Valley Lodge

PO Box 465, Kasane Tel: +267 620 0054, Fax: +267 620 0055 Email: The Chobe region is home to the largest population of elephant in the world. Often their daily passage takes them from Zimbabwe through the Chobe and on into Namibia before returning. Elephant Valley Lodge lies along one of these main routes and is situated in the Kasane Forest, which is adjacent to the Chobe National Park. Aside from the main lodge area which lies beneath a forest of sturdy knob thorns, there are several other open guest areas, a secluded hide, a refreshing swimming pool and, in terms of accommodation, 20 Meru-style tents.


Camps & lodges

Gunn’s Camp

Private Bag 033, Maun Tel: +267 686 0023, Fax: +267 686 0040 Email: Overlooking the legendary Chiefs Island and bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, Gunn’s Camp is one of the last few remaining luxury, vintage safari camps. This small and intimate camp has six, large, luxury vintage-style safari tents. Each with its own private lounge and veranda. All tents are discreetly set within the densely treed island thus ensuring privacy and tranquillity. The accommodation area is connected to the main camp via raised wooden walkway crossing the wetlands. Guests have access to the elevated bar, lounge, dining room and swimming pool. Activities on offer are half or full-day mokoro trips with game walks, bush walks, wilderness camping, sunset motorboat cruises and fishing.

Gweta Lodge

PO Box 124, Gweta Tel: +267 621 2220, Fax: +267 621 2458 Email: Set in the village of Gweta, 200 km from Maun and 100 km from Nata, Gweta Lodge is a gateway to the pans and a rare oasis in the desert. Set around the central pool, the lodge offers a high-class restaurant, relaxing lounge, excellent accommodation options and a range of activities and safaris to suite people of all ages. The lodge offers opportunities for game viewing using several locations and camps in the area. Based within easy reach of the Makgadikgadi Pans, the lodge is ideally situated to take advantage of a gateway into the heart of the wilderness. It offers a vast range of excursions, activities and opportunities to guests and local communities. Gweta Lodge also has a strict environmental and conservation policy.

Haina Kalahari Lodge/Green Bream

Private Bag BO 48, Maun Tel: +267 686 3469, Fax: +267 686 3469, Email: Haina Kalahari Lodge is located on the northern border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The setting of the lodge is classically African, relaxed and informal. The Main Boma consists of a lounge, dining room and bar area decorated in wood and thatch. A swimming pool, sun deck, bar and a boma eating area are among the facilities available to visitors. The sundeck is a popular spot for social activities. The lodge accommodates up to 20 guests in tented accommodation that are all private with their own decks. Activities on offer include game drives, quad bike safaris and an unforgettable experience with the local bushmen people. Mobile overnight and day trip safaris are also offered into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Island Safari Lodge

PO Box 116, Maun Tel: +267 686 0300, Fax: +267 686 2932 Email: Despite many changes over the years, the spirit and character that defined Island Safari Lodge, as conceptualised and built by Tony Graham in 1973, still exists today. For over 30 years the lodge has maintained its legendary status in Maun and return guests take as much pride in the renovations and refurbishments as the owners and management do – all in an attempt to keep facilities up to date with modern standards while retaining decades worth of irreplaceable charm. The meandering Thamalakane River forms a picturesque pastoral vista to the 12 cottage-style thatch chalets nestled under a lofty canopy of ancient trees.

Jao Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Jao Camp, a Wilderness Safaris Premier Camp, is located on a remote island in a private concession west of Moremi Game Reserve. Habitats vary from floodplains, waterways, lagoons, islands and riverine forest to dry Kalahari sandveld. Jao Camp has nine large luxurious en-suite tents (one family) each individually handcrafted and built on raised decks with a sala offering views over the floodplains. The camp features a wine cellar, curio shop, spa and gym. In addition to the dining room and lounge with pub area, a boma invites dining under the stars. Activities include mekoro, game drives, boating, fishing and birding. Herds of red lechwe seen as well as lion, elephant, buffalo, zebra, hippo, crocodile and the shy sitatunga.

Jacana Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel +267 686 0086, Fax +267 686 0632 Email: Jacana Camp, west of the Moremi Game Reserve, is an authentic delta water camp situated on a small island. Jacana offers mekoro and boating and game drives on the Jao floodplains (accessed by boat). Catch and release fishing is offered. Elephant are regularly in the area. Birdlife is abundant; enthusiasts can spot Pel’s fishing owl, rosy throated longclaw, pygmy goose and slaty egret. Accommodation is in five en-suite tents (one family) each on raised platforms with views over the lagoon. The main dining area is an elevated deck surrounded by wild date palms including a cosy pub and lounge, a large viewing deck, an open area to sit around the fire and a small plunge pool.

Jump Street Chalets

PO Box 21931 Boseja, Maun Tel: +267 6864 688 Email Accommodation at Jump Street Chalets consists of 10 rooms that are configured as twin or double, modern chalet with a traditional African touch in decor. All are air conditioned with en-suite toilet and shower, have DSTV and a tea/coffee self service station. Located just 15 minutes from Maun International Airport it is ideal for business or leisure. Jump Street is the perfect springboard for venturing into the wilds of the Okavango Delta, a Moremi day trip or safari expedition further a field. The Linyanti bar and restaurant overlooks the pool area and offers a wide range of international cuisine as well as traditional local flavours. 43

Camps & lodges

Kalahari Plains Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Kalahari Plains Camp is situated in a remote part of the diverse and productive Central Kalahari Game Reserve and offers some of the best summer wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa. Kalahari Plains Camp is perfectly situated overlooking an immense pan with each of its 10 en-suite canvas units having a roof top deck to sleep out under the stars. The main area consists of a lounge, dining area, swimming pool and deck area. The tents and main area are all raised off the ground to take in the sweeping views across the Kalahari. Activities include game drives and walks hosted by the bushmen. Kalahari Plains is 100 per cent solar-powered and with its water saving initiatives, holds the top ecotourism certification.

Khwai River Lodge

PO Box 100, Maun Tel: +267 686 0302, Fax: +267 686 0153 Email: The exceptional location of Khwai on the edge of the Khwai River floodplains in the eastern Moremi Wildlife Reserve makes it a regular host to elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dogs. Access to the lodge is by light aircraft from Maun, a 25-minute flight transfer. The lodge has a hide overlooking the floodplains, a swimming pool and a private spa for indulgent massages and treatments as well as a small gym. The camp offers a covered dining area as well as an open-air boma. Activities include day and evening game drives in open safari vehicles and guided safari walks. The 14 luxury en-suite tents and one suite are all raised on platforms, offering great views, and each tent has minibar, air conditioning and a four-poster bed with mosquito netting.

Kubu Lodge

PO Box 43, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0312, Fax: +267 625 1092 Email: The privately owned Kubu Lodge is set in 30 hectares on the banks of the Chobe River. It comprises 11 thatched chalets all raised on stilts on a shaded lawn that spreads beneath giant ebony and wild fig trees to the river’s edge. The rustic exterior belies the comfort within, which includes full en-suite facilities, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, tea/coffee making facility and comfortable beds. Other facilities available include a bar, curio shop, quiet reading lounge and a private secluded swimming pool. Activities include three-hour game drives or boat cruises into Chobe National Park for a variety of big game and birdlife, a slow cruise to the confluence of the Chobe/Zambezi Rivers, a visit to the crocodile farm or snake park, a nature trail walk on the property, fishing trips or a day trip to Victoria Falls.

Kwalape Safari Lodge

PO Box 504, RO 82, Kazangula, Kasane Tel: +267 625 1181, Fax: +267 625 1161 Email: Kwalape Safari Lodge is situated on an 8 hectare plot next to the village of Kazangula and offers a variety of facilities for guests to enjoy and to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Facilities include a variety of accommodation options to cater for different travel requirements and styles. These are seperated in different areas of the grounds and all with access to the natural gardens. For guests requiring a bit of luxury and comfort there are chalets and executive rooms. Guests traveling on a budget can either choose from a comfortable safari tents or for the more adventurous there are camping sites. Kwalape also offers a spacious dining area, the Bush Bar and Boma, pool, conference centre for meetings or functions, an activity centre and a curio shop situated at the reception area.


Kanana Camp

PO Box 27, Maun Tel: +267 686 0375, Fax: +267 686 1282 Email: A hidden jewel on the Xudum River, Kanana is located in the south-west of the Okavango Delta. The area encompasses a necklace of islands dotted with palms, figs, ebony and knobthorn, and is home to a myriad of birds, plants and animals. The nature of the habitat means it is the perfect place to experience the diversity of species found within the Okavango Delta. The annual floods transform parts of this concession into a true water paradise, offering guests the best of both worlds. At certain times of the year guests can experience magnificent game sightings during drives as well as the unique experience of exploring the delta’s beautiful waterways by boat.

Kings Pool Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Kings Pool Camp, a totally solar-powered Wilderness Safaris Premier camp is located in a private concession in northern Botswana, on the western boundary of Chobe National Park. The area is famed for its tremendous elephant herds during the dry season. Nine luxury en-suite tents each have a bedroom area, lounge, private plunge pool, sala and twin bathroom facilities. Raised walkways connect the rooms and the main area and allows animals to wander freely through the camp. The main area includes a lounge, dining area, pool and an open-air kgotla for dining under the stars. Activities include day and night game drives, walks and boat cruises and visits to an underground hide at one of the elephants’ favourite waterholes.

Kwa Nokeng Lodge ML Koorts

PO Box 23, Sherwood Tel: +267 491 5908, Fax +267 491 5928 Email:, Situated along the banks of the Limpopo River, Kwa Nokeng Lodge is an ideal stop-over for the tourist travelling to and from the North. Furthermore, being just four hours from Gauteng, makes it the perfect family weekend getaway, offering a variety of activities for all. Catering for local and international tourists, Kwa Nokeng Lodge offers a range of accommodation to make anyone’s stay memorable. Buffet meals are served around a crackling fire or on the deck under the branches of a Nyala Berry tree, with a spectacular view of the Limpopo. There are self-catering units for families that prefer to do their own thing as they unwind and relax. Guided tours into the vast Makgadikgadi Pans are also available from the camp.

Kwara Camp

PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449, Fax: +267 686 1457 Email: Kwara is situated on the edge of the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta and shares a common boundary with the Moremi Game Reserve. Owing to the specific location of the camp, Kwara is able to offer power boating, mokoro trips, walks and game drives all year round. In addition, Kwara is in a large private concession, enabling the game drives to operate both off road and at night. The camp consists of eight luxury tents accommodating 16 guests. There is one honeymoon suite. The camp setting is a tall treed island on the edge of the Okavango Delta. The teak furniture created by Zimbabwean master craftsmen is elegant, comfortable and simple. Most of the tents are raised on teak decks to afford views over the surrounding plains and lagoon with the resident hippos.

Camps & lodges

Kwetsani Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email:

Lagoon Camp

PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449, Fax: +267 686 1457 Email:

Kwetsani Camp, one of the most remote camps in the Okavango, is situated on an island heavily wooded with palm, mangosteen and fig trees. It is a luxurious camp raised on decks high under the canopy of trees. Five beautifully furnished ‘tree house’ rooms, each with en-suite bathroom and viewing deck, provide guests with open, airy accommodation. The dining room, lounge and pub area looks out over a floodplain often dotted with plains game. Guests can watch animals from the deck, plunge pool or the privacy of their room. Kwetsani offers excellent land and water activities dependent on annual flood levels. Guests can view wildlife by mekoro, explore lagoons by boat or experience game drives on the Jao floodplains or Hunda island. Lion, leopard, elephant, zebra, red lechwe, hippo and crocodile are all found here.

Kwando Lagoon is situated in the extensive 232,000 hectare Kwando wilderness. It comprises eight spacious purpose-designed tents with views over the lagoon. In the dry season, the lagoon offers a fauna experience unmatched in Africa. Each tent comprises a bedroom area with en-suite bathroom. The bathroom has a double basin set and a flush loo. The tents are furnished in the best teak furniture that Zimbabwean master craftsmen can create. The cool interiors are produced by a canvas flysheet under shade cloth, which are also set under massive ebony and marula trees with shady lawns. A plunge pool is available to cool off during the long summer days. The resident hippos entertain the guests as they sit on the decks in front of their tents.

Lebala Camp

Leroo La Tau

Hidden in the south of the extensive Kwando wilderness, Lebala comprises eight luxurious tents on decks. Each comprises a bedroom area, bathroom including a Victorian ball-and-claw bath tub and double basin, outside shower and side entrance to preserve privacy. Lebala is the Tswana word for wide-open plains and each tent has extensive views over African plains and wetlands that comprise part of the Kwando-Linyanti flood plain system. This system is an intricate labyrinth of waterways, reed beds, islands, floodplains, bush, scrub and trees. Guests arrive and amble over a winding seasonal waterway, using an elevated walkway, into the peaceful lounge and bar area under thatch. The path continues through the thatched dinning area to the pathways leading to personal hideaways and tents.

Leroo La Tau rises majestically above the Boteti River bed which stretches across the western border of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. The park, populated by up to 30,000 zebra and wildebeest closely accompanied by predators, offers guests the chance to experience the exhilaration of seeing large concentrations. With 12 thatched chalets, each with en-suite bathrooms, a dining room in the main lodge house, a reading lounge, bar area, wooden decks and a plunge pool, guests can immerse themselves into the wildlife experience. A fireplace located directly above the Boteti River in front of the lodge tops the night when guests retire from exploring the area on guided day and night game drives.

PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449, Fax: +267 686 1457 Email:

Little Kwara

PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449, Fax: +267 686 1457 Email: Little Kwara is situated on a treed island on the edge of the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta. This intimate five-tent camp is consistent with the Kwando Safaris promise of ‘Intimate Camps in Private Areas with Personal Service – Vintage Africa’. The camp is hidden among trees. Access is by air via the Kwara airstrip. While the camp shares its name with the well known 16-bed Kwara Camp, also operated by Kwando Safaris, Little Kwara is a completely separate camp from Kwara. The tents are spacious and are elevated into the tree canopy on wooden decks, each with its own private veranda. Each tent has its own en-suite facilities comprising bathroom with bath and an inside/outside shower. This is an ideal camp for exclusive use by small groups and families.

Mankwe Bush Lodge

Pharmacy Building, Koro Road New Mall PO Box HA 85 HAK, Maun Tel: +267 686 5788 , Fax: +267 686 5787 Email:, To stay at Mankwe Bush Lodge is like staying inside a game park as the animals move around freely and there are no fences between the reserves and the campsite. From the campsites, the Moremi Game Reserve, the Chobe National Park and the Khwai river can easily be visited. Safari options include the seven-day Trans-Okavango Delta & Moremi Adventure, the seven-day Okavango Delta Wilderness Experience and the 10-day Delta and Chobe Adventure. Guests may wish to stay in camp and enjoy the serenity but game drives can be undertaken and Mankwe Bush Lodge also operates the Mboma boat station in the Moremi Game Reserve. For the experience of a lifetime, a boat or mokoro can be hired for an overnight stay on an island in the Okavango Delta.

Private Bag 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243, Fax: +267 686 1791 Email:

Little Vumbura Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Little Vumbura is a small camp hidden on a pretty island surrounded by the floodplains and deep, clear channels for which the Okavango Delta is famed. Mokoro, boating, game drives and walks enable guests to enjoy the plentiful habitat and its wildlife. Shaded by a canopy of an ancient Okavango forest, Little Vumbura has six (one family) en-suite tented. The lounge, dining area, plunge pool, viewing deck and star deck overlook the channels and floodplains. Being on an island, year round water-based activities exploring the channels of the Okavango and consistently good year round wildlife viewing is enjoyed at Little Vumbura.

Mombo & Little Mombo Camps Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email:

Mombo Camp, a totally solar-powered Wilderness Safaris Premier Camp within the Moremi Game Reserve is built under large shady trees overlooking an enormous floodplain. This area boasts large concentrations of plains game and predators providing what is arguably the best big game viewing in Botswana. Accommodation comprises nine luxury en suite tents raised off the ground where the sala, long veranda and lounge area allow breath-taking views over the plains. The two main living and dining areas are under thatch, each with a plunge pool. Mombo also offers the services of a masseuse and gym. Activities at Mombo mainly comprise morning and afternoon game drives in open 4x4 vehicles. 45

Camps & lodges

Muchenje Safari Lodge

Private Bag K31, Kasane Tel: +267 620 0013, Fax: +267 620 0016 Email: Muchenje Lodge offers unparalleled safari experiences. Situated on the western side of Chobe National Park, Muchenje is the only lodge in this area and offers unique and prolific game experiences. With stunning panoramic views, the Central Lodge is the heart of Muchenje. Guests can relax on the look-out platform and enjoy the homely atmosphere. The main lodge features a dining area, bar, reception and library while the swimming pool is built among natural rock formations. Muchenje accommodates 20 guests in intimate exclusivity. The 10 twin-bedded thatched chalets, all with en-suite facilities, are sited on the escarpment edge with unique views. The lodge offers diverse safari activities to be found in the Chobe area including game drives, cultural excursions, walking safaris and a river cruise.

North Gate Lodge

PO Box 147, Nata Tel: +267 621 1156, Fax: +267 621 1154 Email: Situated in the heart of Nata, among a forest of Llala palms, en route to the Okavango Delta or Chobe Game Reserve, North Gate Lodge is charming three-star accommodation ideal for stopovers after a long journey, or a great way start a new adventure. Guests looking for more permanent accommodation will not be disappointed either as the lodge is a great base to spend days exploring the plentiful places of interest in this vast area. Some of the activities available include game viewing, bird watching and camping. The charming restaurant serves five star European cuisine, while the relaxing bar area provides ice cold drinks from the fully stocked bar and the sparkling swimming pool offers the ideal place to soak up the sun.

Nxamaseri Island Lodge Private Bag 23, Maun Tel: +267 713 26619 Email:

Nxamaseri Island Lodge is one of the oldest lodges in the Okavango Delta, established in the early 1980s by PJ and Barney Bestelink, who have years of experience guiding and fishing. The lodge itself is built on an island in the permanent waters of the delta and consists of seven double en-suite chalets, each secluded in indigenous forest with a private deck overlooking the water. The area offers spectacular birding throughout the year and boasts one of the densest populations of fish eagles in Southern Africa. Around 325 of Botswana’s approximate 500 bird species are found at Nxamaseri.

Okuti Camp

PO Box 27, Maun Tel: +267 686 0375, Fax: +267 686 1282 Email: This delightful camp lies alongside the Maunachira River, which flows through Xakanaxa Lagoon within the world renowned Moremi Game Reserve. Okuti is built amidst the wilderness of one of Botswana’s prime game viewing regions. Situated in the heart of the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve, guests can experience unhindered views in specially-designed safari vehicles. Moremi Game Reserve is rich in wildlife, and its consistent year-round game viewing makes it ideal for the first time visitors to Botswana. Guests can also explore the Okavango Delta waterways by motorboat, and the areas open lagoons and winding channels make it a birder’s paradise, complete with herons and storks in the breeding season.


Nata Lodge

PO Box 10, Francistown Tel: +267 620 0070, Fax: +267 620 0071 Email: Nata Lodge set among the Mokolwane Palms on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The lodge is ideally situated close to the entrance of the Nata Bird Sanctuary, is just off the main road and 10km south of Nata Village. Nata Lodge offers 22 luxury air conditioned chalets with en-suites, 10 custom designed Meru tents set on wooden decks, two family chalets and a chalet for physically challenged guests. There is also a camping site. The indoor restaurant has an open-air patio serving continental and English breakfast, lunches and dinner. Menus vary between home style cooking, traditional African buffets and braais. The bar area overlooks the swimming pool and offers a wide range of ice cold refreshments. Activities include exploring the Nata Bird Sanctuary in open 4x4 safari vehicles.

Nxai Pan

PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449, Fax: +267 686 1457 Email: Nxai Pan is known for its huge springbok population and during the rains, gemsbok, elephant and zebra migrate to the region. Zebra come in their thousands to drop their young at Nxai Pan. Large herds of giraffe can be seen with up to 30 in a group. These large herds of zebra, springbok, and wildebeest attract many predators including lion, cheetah, jackal and hyena, as well as wild dog and leopard. At times, rhino have also been sighted. Also to be seen are the eland, greater kudu and red hartebeest. The eight environmentally adapted rooms are all solar-powered and one of these rooms is a family room. The Nxai Pan is in a national park, a very ecologically sensitive area and for this reason no night drives or off road driving is permitted.

Oasis Zanzibar

Farm 12 Mr. Zanzibar, PO Box 194, Tsesebjwe Tel: +267 7131 3399, Fax: +27 866 499 254 Email: Oasis Zanzibar specialises in corporate and leisure hospitality in Tuli. The company is privately owned and the lodges are situated next to the Zanzibar border post, a short distance from the Platjan border post in the Tuli Block in south-eastern Botswana. The lodges have been designed for convenience and comfort. The services provided include safari lodging and à la carte dining, traditional dishes are also available. Modern conferencing facilities are available. Additionally the helpful staff can organise tailormade weddings and other events. The dedicated team of staff ensure guests are always guarantee a home away from home atmosphere.

Pelo Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: The word Pelo means ‘heart’ – a fitting name as the island on which Pelo Camp is situated is heart-shaped. The camp is as deep into the heart of the Okavango Delta as it is possible to be and completely eco-friendly with no permanent structures. The main area comprises a tented dining area and lounge situated under wild date palms, jackalberry and Natal mahogany trees. There is an outdoor boma area and a raised platform built onto an old anthill. The five spacious guest tents have en-suite bathrooms and a covered front veranda. There is a flush toilet, running water and an outdoor bucket shower. Given the camp’s situation on a small island surrounded by permanent water, activities focus on mokoro excursions in the open, shallow floodplains as well as boating and walking. No game drives take place at Pelo.

Camps & lodges

CompanyBush Name Phokoje Lodge

Address PO Box 414, Selebi-Phikwe Tel: +267 260 1596, Fax: +267 260 1586 Email: www www. Phokoje Body textBush Lodge provides an ideal tranquil setting to relax in the Bushveld. It offers superb accommodation in utterly peaceful surroundings, friendly warm service, exquisite cuisine all of which will ensure a very memorable stay. For the ultimate bass fishing experience of a lifetime the famous Letsibogo dam is close to the lodge, which offers fun, tailor-made bass fishing packages. It’s an experience where passion and patience will be rewarded. Phokoje Bush Lodge is the perfect half way stop for those who are on route to Maun, Chobe and the Okavango. By road it is approximately five and a half hours drive from Johannesburg and 5 km from the town centre.

Royal TreeName Lodge Company Wagon Wheel Address

Tel: Box 250088, Maun PO Email: +267 680 0757 Tel/Fax: www, Email: BodyRoyal text Tree Lodge is a small lodge ideally situated away from the bustle of Maun, the The gateway to the Okavango Delta. The lodge itself is set on a 200-hectare wildlife estate along the Thalamakane River; 20 minutes drive from the town centre. A number of wildlife species have been introduced to the area, these include; giraffe, eland, kudu and many more. The main thatched lounge, bar and dining room is spacious, stylishly furnished and opens onto a large teak deck. Guest accommodation consists seven well-appointed luxurious tents and two honeymoon chalets. Activities include the marked walking trails, horse riding and day trips to the Moremi Game Reserve.

Company Sanctuary Name Chief’s Camp

Address Private Bag 45, Maun Tel: +267 686 2688, Fax: +267 686 3526 Email: www Sanctuary Body text Chief’s Camp is situated in the Mombo Concession of Moremi Game Reserve, which is known as the predator capital of Africa. The area is also home to the Big Five. The camp is situated on Chief’s Island the ‘seasonal delta’. The area is seasonally suffused with flood waters, which generally infiltrate the area in June or July and remain for four to five months. Comprising 12 luxury bush pavilions, each guest room has its own private game viewing deck with en-suite facilities including an indoor and outdoor shower. The main deck area offers expansive views over the floodplain. Relaxing Spa treatments are available, a great way to relax after an afternoon game drive.

Company Sanctuary Name Stanley’s Camp Private AddressBag 45, Maun Tel: +267 686 2688, Fax: +267 686 3526 Email: www

Set the southern tip of Chief’s Island, Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp borders the southern Bodyontext section of the Moremi Game Reserve. This private concession is located in seasonal delta. The floodwaters arrive around June. The area is home to a wide variety of big game including elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, leopard and wild dog. Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp consists of eight safari tents raised on decking. Each offers en-suite facilities. The main building is also raised on decking and offers expansive views over the surrounding floodplains. The unique and educational elephant interaction is also available at an additional cost.

Company Name Pom Pom Camp

AddressBag 33, Maun Private Tel: +267 686 4436, Fax: +267 686 0040 Email: www Body In thetext heart of the Okavango Delta, within the Matsebe concession area, Pom Pom Camp is a 25-minute scenic flight over Okavango Delta from Maun. Surrounded by miles of reeds, the camp overlooks a lagoon and is nestled under shady trees. In the lagoon, hippo frolic and guests can explore the area in a mokoro, providing a unique means of viewing wildlife. The camp has nine luxury safari tents with en-suite showers and flush toilets. In the main thatched building there is a cosy bar, lounge and restaurant, serving imaginative meals prepared by safari chefs. Activities available include game drives, night drives, mokoro excursions, boat cruises, game walks and fishing.

Company Name Sanctuary Baines’ Camp

AddressBag 45, Maun Private Tel: +267 686 2688, Fax: +267 686 3526 Email: www Body text Baines’ Camp is located on the Boro River, in the 260,000 acre private concession Sanctuary NG32, neighbouring the Moremi Game Reserve. The camp has five suites set on elevated platforms with decks offering views over the Boro River. The suites feature en-suite facilities and private viewing deck. The four-poster beds are fully mobile giving guests the choice to sleep under star-laden skies. Each room is equipped with a hairdryer, ceiling fan, in-room safe and minibar and an oversized deck for outdoor dining. There is a swimming pool and the area is superb for viewing animals and bird species, which guests can explore in open-sided 4x4 vehicles, mokoro, motorboat or on foot. The unique and educational elephant interaction is also available at an additional cost.

Company Sanctuary Name Chobe Chilwero Address Private Bag 45, Maun Tel: +267 686 2688, Fax: +267 686 3526 Email: www

Body Sanctuary text Chobe Chilwero borders the Chobe National Park, which is the second-largest national park in Botswana covering an area of 10,566 sq km. The lodge sits above the Chobe River and offers panoramic views across the islands and flood plains as far as Namibia. Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero has 15 cottages with en-suite bathroom, indoor and outdoor showers, private garden, sala, air conditioning, minibar and in-room safe. Chobe National Park covers a diversity of landscapes ranging from riverine forests to floodplains and marshlands. The area is home to the largest concentration of elephants in Africa as well as an abundance of hippo, buffalo, antelope and lion. The full-service spa offers a range of treatments and rituals of the highest quality to relax, restore and revitalize guests.

Sango Safari Camp Company Name

Private AddressBag 342, Maun Tel: +267 686 3763, Fax: +267 680 0937 Email: www Sango Safari Camp is on the edge of the Moremi Game Reserve, near the traditional village Body text of Khwai. Shaded by trees and overlooking the Khwai River, it offers guests a perfect base from which to explore the wildlife and culture of this unique habitat. Sango is designed in the style of a classic tented safari camp, providing accommodation for 12 guests in six en-suite meru tents. With its open-air bucket showers, hand-crafted furnishings and classic styling, the camp aims to recreate the atmosphere of days gone by, blending the rustic with the luxurious. Animals roam freely through this vast unfenced wilderness. The camp offers a range of wildlife activities including open vehicle game drives, guided bush walks, cultural walks and night drives. 47

Camps & lodges

Savute Elephant Camp

PO Box 100, Maun Tel: +267 686 0302, Fax: +267 686 0153 Email: Perched on the banks of the Savute Channel, in the Savute region of Chobe National Park, the camp is a spectacular base from which to explore the area, often referred to as the elephant capital of the world. Access to the lodge is by light aircraft from Maun, a 50-minute flight transfer. In a covered dining room or in an open-air boma guests can enjoy a traditional dining experience while being entertained by members of staff. All tents, public areas and the swimming pool overlook the nearby Savute Channel. Game viewing activities include morning and afternoon game drives in open safari vehicles. The 12 luxury en-suite tents with viewing decks have comfortable outdoor loungers, dressing rooms, air conditioning and outdoor showers.

Savuti Bush Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: During 1980-2008 Savuti Bush Camp overlooked grassland, however, during 2008 the Savuti Channel began flowing once again creating a water source filled with birds and hippo. Today this phenomenon attracts amongst the highest dry season concentrations of elephant in the country as well as an abundance of wildlife including lion, cheetah and wild dog. This camp has seven large en-suite canvas tents (one family) each, together with the main area comprising a lounge, dining area, bar and viewing deck, are raised high off the ground allowing views up and down the Savuti Channel. Guests can explore the channel and its surrounds on day and night game drives and walks as well wildlife viewing from a number of well positioned hides.

Sedia Riverside Hotel

Private Bag 058, Maun Tel: +267 686 0177, Fax: +267 686 2574 Email: In harmony with nature with only twenty four rooms and ten cottages, the Sedia Riverside Hotel is characterized by competent service from a very personable staff who create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Spacious grounds stretch down to the Thalamakane River, offering a sanctuary for total relaxation and privacy in our tranquil gardens. Following afternoon tea, an al fresco dinner could be enjoyed poolside under southern starlit skies, before retiring to a beckoning super kingsized bed, for a well deserved night’s rest. The environmentally friendly facilities integrated into this attractive natural setting ensures an enjoyable stay whether for business or pleasure.

Selinda Explorers Camp

Great Plains Conservation Tel: +267 686 4001, Fax: +267 686 3043 Email: Just one and a half hours west of Selinda main camp, Selinda Explorers Camp is poised in a remote, treasured location on the famous Selinda Spillway. As the lifeline of the Selinda Reserve, the Selinda Spillway is a crucial gathering point for the wildlife of this pristine 320,000-acre reserve. The intention of Selinda Explorers Camp is to offer the same quality of wildlife experience, while allowing guests to explore outside of the vehicle, by foot and canoe. This classic camp, consisting of four custom-designed tents, transports us back to authentic safaris, but with a modern twist and hospitality.


Savute Safari Lodge

Private Bag 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243, Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: Located on the banks of the Savute channel, Savute Safari Lodge accommodates 24 guests in cool thatched timber and glass suites. The area is renowned for its population of bull elephant and for the unique interaction of the resident predator species. The close proximity of wildlife translates itself into the modern African décor. All suites have private decks, combined bedroom and lounge areas and en suite facilities. The lounge and cocktail bar are situated in a thatch and timber main building. Savute also boasts a viewing deck, an al fresco dining area and swimming pool. Open 4x4 game drives conducted in the Savute area, including the Savute Marsh, and the ancient San rock paintings at Gubatsa Hills, add magic to an already delightful African safari.

Seba Camp

1 Mathiba Road, Private Bag 014, Maun Tel +267 686 0086, Fax +267 686 0632 Email: Overlooking a perennial lagoon with prolific birdlife and resident pods of hippo, Seba Camp has eight well-appointed, spacious tents elevated from the ground, including two family suites each with two connected en suite double bedrooms. The suites include a built-in tree house an elevated deck – each has an en-suite bathroom and a private deck with magnificent views. Well-lit paths lead to the communal dining area, bar and a lounge-library. Seba Camp also has a secluded swimming pool to refresh and relax in after a game drive. A seasonal abundance of game graces the area; giraffe, zebra, impala, wildebeest, tessebe and lechwe. Lion frequent the greater area and herds of buffalo are also occasional visitors to Seba Camp.

Selinda Camp

Great Plains Conservation Tel: +267 686 4001, Fax: +267 686 3043 Email: Selinda Camp is located in the Selinda Reserve, a private wildlife concession of some 300,000 acres in northern Botswana. Selinda Camp is a small, luxury tented camp situated on the banks of the eastern Selinda Spillway, a waterway that links Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the Linyanti and Kwando rivers and floodplains. The camp is raised off the ground and offers views over the floodplains and open savannas, broken only by attractive palm islands. Guests can sit on their verandas and gaze over the floodplains of the Selinda, enjoying the passing wildlife. Activities include game drives, fishing, nature walks and boating along the Selinda Spillway.

Shinde Camp

PO Box 27, Maun Tel: +267 686 0375, Fax: +267 686 1282 Email: Nestled on a lush palm island in the heart of the northern Okavango Delta, Shinde is an intimate, classic camp located on the edge of Shinde Lagoon, which simply teems with animal and birdlife. The camps unique main area comprises a multi-tiered dining room and lounge which is set under canvas under the shade of ebony and mangosteen trees. Courtesy of its location Shinde can offer both water and land activities year round. Motorboats or Mokoro provide a chance to experience the incredible bird, plant and reptile species found in the aquatic habitat. Game drives are conducted by a personal guide and for the more adventurous, guided walks are also available while fishing enthusiasts will enjoy fishing for a variety of species.


Tati River Lodge

Private Bag F333, Francistown Tel: +267 240 6000, Fax: +267 240 6080 Email: Tati River Lodge is a picturesque three star traditional, country lodge and conference centre conveniently situated 8 km from the centre of Francistown, away from the hubbub. Located on the outskirts of Francistown on the Tati River banks, this tranquil venue with its individual ambience is ideal for conferences, weddings, special functions and product launches. Tati River Lodge boasts a homely restaurant and English pub scenically situated with a large African terrace.

Tau Pan Lodge

PO Box 550, Maun Tel: +267 686 1449, Fax: +267 686 1457 Email: After the summer rains – the Central Kalahari Game Reserve completely transforms as the blue sky fills with huge clouds, and the plains and pans burst with sweet grasses. The CKGR gets animals such as springbok, gemsbok and wildebeest in their thousands and is quite a sight to behold. Predators abound with plentiful lions – especially the famous Kalahari black-maned lion, cheetah, leopard and jackals. Brown hyenas and wild dogs are also found in the area. The eight environmentally adapted rooms are all solar-powered and one of these rooms is a family room. The Tau Pan is in a national park, a very ecologically sensitive area and for this reason no night drives or off road driving is permitted.

Tubu Tree & Little Tubu Camps Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email:

Tubu Tree Camp is built on the western side of Hunda Island situated in the Okavango’s Jao Concession and is surrounded by diverse habitats from dry Kalahari sandveld to Mopane woodland and riverine forest on permanent waterways ensuring diverse game viewing. The camp is built in traditional style with eight tents on raised platforms, allowing views over the floodplains. Each tent has a private deck, en-suite facilities and an outdoor shower. The dining and lounge are tented and raised. An outdoor pub area is under the canopy of a large Marula tree and adjacent to the plunge pool. Activities include game drives, during flood season boating, fishing and mekoro trips are also offered. Elephant, zebra, and giraffe can be seen on the savannah and floodplains and leopards are regularly seen.

Vumbura Plains Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel +267 686 0086, Fax +267 686 0632 Email: Vumbura Plains, a Wilderness Safaris Premier Camp, is situated in a private concession in the north of the Okavango Delta. The area offers a diversity of habitats which is home, year round, to an extensive variety of wildlife, birds and fauna. The camp comprises two separate seven-roomed satellite camps, each with raised dining, lounge, bar and stargazing decks with magnificent vistas over the floodplains. Each large en-suite unit includes a sunken lounge, private plunge pool and sala. Vumbura Plains offers year round land and water activities including day and night game drives, walks, mokoro trips and boating.

Thamalakane River Lodge PO Box 888, Maun Tel: +27 74 148 3766 Email:

Thamalakane River Lodge is ideally located, an easy 20-minute drive from Maun and en route to the famous Moremi Game Reserve. It is a secluded haven of tranquility nestled in a grove of mature riverine trees on a bank of the Thamalakane river. Character en-suite stone chalets, some with private splash pools are positioned overlooking the river. The widely acclaimed restaurant serves à la carte meals from an ever changing menu. Lounging poolside, bird-spotting and reading are favorite activities around the lodge. Perfectly positioned to explore some of Botswana’s ‘must see’ attractions: Thamalakane also offers facilities for conferencing.


Plot 28295, Block 3; PO Box 339 ABDF, Gaborone Tel: +267 310 5000, Fax: +267 392 4082 Email: Standing proudly against the Gaborone skyline, Travelodge Hotel is well located in the heart of the city, close to the new central business district, 10 minutes from the airport and with easy access to the western bypass and other main roads. Travelodge brings to the market a fresh, energetic and vibrant look underlined by its modern green-and-grey colour scheme and its spacious, clean and contemporary interior. All the right amenities are in place for leisure travellers, business guests and groups. Business travellers will find all the necessary facilities to carry out their work. The Travelodge has been tailored to the needs of its guests after a careful scrutiny of market trends that identified areas that are a common source of discomfort to travellers.

Tuli Safari Lodge

Lentswe Le Moriti, Northern Tuli Game Reserve, PO Box 83 Tel: +267 264 5303, Fax: +267 264 5344 Email: Tuli Safari Lodge is set in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (NTGR), located in the easternmost corner of Botswana. Here is a timeless corner of Africa where nature and culture combine in spectacular wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating history. Game drives and bush walks with guides, hides tucked away in the bush and horse rides in the wild are all available at the lodge. There are eight suites, a pool, waterhole and star-deck awaiting the return of Tuli guests after a game drive. Tuli is easily accessible from South Africa, and fits in well with a trip incorporating the Waterberg, Kruger National Park and the World Heritage site at Mapungubwe. It is also a natural staging post en route to the Kalahari, Okavango or Chobe, and on to Victoria Falls.

Xigera Camp

Private Bag 014, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Xigera Camp, totally solar-powered, is situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta in the Moremi Game Reserve. Year-round water promotes mokoro trips and boating while walks and game drives are also available. Nestled in a magnificent riverine forest, Xigera has 10 en-suite tented rooms (one family) all built on decks, offering views of the floodplain and lagoon. Meals and drinks are enjoyed overlooking a flowing channel or under the stars in a boma. Xigera is a delight for birdwatchers, with Pel’s fishing owl, African skimmer, wattled crane and a host of eagles, vultures, raptors and kingfishers to be seen. Xigera offers an abundance of game and the includes possible sightings of the rare aquatic sitatunga. 49

Camps & lodges

Xugana Island Lodge

Private Bag 310, Maun Tel: +267 686 1243, Fax: +267 686 1791 Email: The Xugana Island Lodge accommodates 16 guests in private chalets with en-suite facilities and private viewing decks situated on the shaded fringe of the island. The lounge, bar and dining areas are set back under the ebony and African Mangosteen tree canopy in open-sided thatched structures. The swimming pool is a perfect place to relax. Xugana Island Lodge’s open boma and al fresco dining area lead out onto on large and spacious deck which overlooks the Xugana Lagoon. Guests can explore the delta by motorboat, mokoro, or take walks on surrounding islands. Birdwatching opportunities are outstanding and fishing for bream and tigerfish on a catch and release basis is also offered.

Zarafa Camp

Great Plains Conservation Tel: +267 686 4001, Fax: +267 686 3043 Email: Zarafa Camp has won several awards including best property in Southern Africa. The camp is located in the eastern fringes of 320,000 acre Selinda Reserve in northern Botswana overlooking the Zibadianja Lagoon. Zarafa has four large luxury tented rooms plus a newly built family unit known as the Dhow Suite. Each room has its own plunge pool, gas fireplace, Evening Breeze air conditioner and camera and binoculars. The vistas over the flood plains are breathtaking. The camp is well known for elephant concentrations as well as wild dog activity and other predator densities. The high concentration of wildlife and birdlife characterise the camp. In terms of activities, fishing, nature walks, game drives and brunch or sundowner cruises on HES Zib are a must.

Mobile Sector

&Beyond Chobe Under Canvas

PO Box 323, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0119, Fax: +267 625 0456 Email:, &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Well-used animal trails meander between five en-suite safari tents at &Beyond Chobe Under Canvas, located at exclusive private wilderness campsites in the Chobe National Park. Each tent offers a double bed and en-suite bathroom, separate toilet and hot bucket shower. Home-cooked meals are served beneath the stars before a final coffee and cognac enjoyed around a blazing fire.

&Beyond Explorer Expeditions

Private Bag BO 34, Maun Tel: +267 6861979, Fax: +267 6861972 Email:, &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Hosted by a professional guide, the &Beyond Botswana Explorer Expedition is a 10-day mobile safari that explores the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Savute and Chobe National Park, ending in neighbouring Victoria Falls. A maximum of six guests enjoy private campsites and safari tents with ensuite bathrooms, flush toilets and refreshing bucket showers.


&Beyond Expeditions

Private Bag X27, Benmore 2010, South Africa Tel: +27 11 809 4447, Fax: +27 11 809 4400 Email: &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. Offering an exhilarating itinerary &Beyond’s 10-day Botswana Explorer Expedition is the epitome of comfort in tented travel. The safari tents have en-suite bathrooms, flush WC and hot bucket shower. Accompanied throughout by a professional guide, guests will glide past pods of hippos in the delta on mekoro and thrill to the closest encounters with prides of lion and herds of elephant in the Chobe National Park.

&Beyond Savute Under Canvas

Private Bag X27, Benmore 2010, South Africa Tel: +27 11 809 4441, Fax: +27 11 809 4511 Email:, &Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s natural high spots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world-renowned. &Beyond Savute Under Canvas is located in the renowned Savute corner of Chobe National Park, offering exceptional game viewing opportunities. The five safari tents boast full-sized double or twin beds, and an en-suite bathroom with flush toilet and hot bucket shower. Guest areas comprise tents for dining or sharing a pre-dinner drink. In the evenings traditional bush dinners are served under African skies.

mobile seCtor

Africa Under Canvas

c/o Didibakwe Enterprises, PO Box 109, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0139, Fax: +267 625 0149 Email: Africa Under Canvas is a small and vibrant mobile safari operator strategically located in Kasane, a stone’s throw from three border posts: Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. It offers a variety of self-drive, guided lodge and camping tours throughout Botswana ranging from scheduled safaris with set departure dates throughout the year to à la carte safaris with open dates. These cater for all tastes and budgets. Most of the safaris are semi-participatory. However, luxury mobile safaris can also be organised, if desired. In order to provide a top quality service, all groups consist of 12 people or fewer to ensure manageability and a personalised service. Exclusive campsites bring the guests up close and personal to the untouched beauty of Botswana, adding to the adventurous and educational aspects of their vacation.

Afrika Calls Cultural Tours & Safaris

PO Box 726, Maun Tel/Fax: +267 680 0710, Cell: +267 72 109 959 Email:, Afrika Calls is a Botswana-based mobile safari company established in 2002 and operating from Maun – the gateway to the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park and other wildlife destinations. Pius Tebele, the company owner and experienced guide, believed there was a lack of dedicated cultural tourism within the safari industry. Afrika Calls has been built to incorporate cultural tourism within safari – this includes meetings with Bushmen and involvement with the Kuru San Dance Festival – an annual three-day celebration of the San-Bushmen culture. There are different safaris on offer; mobile safaris, lodge safaris, tailor-made itineraries and day-trips.

Bush-Baby Calls

PO Box 21351 Tel: +267 72614010 / 73580610 Email: Bush-Baby Calls offers tailor-made safari trips in Botswana and the sorrounding countries. Within Botswana tours are organised to the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park, while tours to other countries such as Zambia include trips to the Victoria Falls.

Bushlife Safaris

c/o Safari 24, PO Box 3662, Swakopmund, Namibia Tel: +264 6440 4511, Fax: +264 6440 3526 Email Bushlife Safaris, registered in Namibia and Botswana, specialises in guided safaris of a different kind away from the beaten track. Using its fleet of Land Rovers its experienced guides are experts in these adventures and completely familiar and at ease with their surroundings, thus ensuring magnificent excursions. For example, guests can travel in a fully equipped 4x4 vehicle through dried-up riverbeds, rocky mountain passes and follow barely visible tracks. Bushlife is equipped with comprehensive camping gear. Holidays can be adapted to meet individual needs using a combination of comfortable lodges, camping in remote and romantic locations or with a guided safari with accommodation in luxury lodges.

Africa Voyages

PO Box HA 59 HAK, Maun Tel/Fax: +267 686 5117, Cell: +267 72 70 27 11 Email: Africa Voyages specialises in the French speaking market. The tailor-made itineraries are designed to suit guests needs while on safaris within the most pristine areas of Botswana; The Central Kalahari, Nxai Pan, Makgadikgadi, Moremi, Okavango Delta, Chobe, combined with Victoria Falls, Namibia, Zambia. The classification of safaris on offer covers the whole range including: photographic safaris, family safaris, birding safaris, horseback safaris, adventure safaris, self-drive safaris, yoga safaris, cultural safaris and specialised safaris for people with disabilities. The wide range of budget packages includes the comfortable mobile safari under the stars, the charming bush lodges to the most luxurious accommodation in Botswana.

Afro Trek

Private Bag 058, Maun Tel/fax: +267 686 2574 Email: Venture out and explore untouched wilderness with Afro Trek Safaris on a luxury safari in a style that best suits available budgets. Afro Trek Safaris offers personalised safaris throughout the Okavango Delta region and the wilderness areas of Botswana. Mokoro Trail Safaris of variable duration are also undertaken in a private concession, owned and operated by Batswana, on the Boro River system, in the Okavango Delta. For over 15 years Afro Trek Safaris has been working closely with and supporting the local communities organizing Mokoro trail safaris. Afro Trek Safaris is based at Sedia Riverside Hotel, just 3 km from Maun Airport, with comfortable rooms and family oriented cottages, nestled in soothing lawns, offering a delightful idyll after an exciting day.

Bush Ways Safaris

Private Bag 342, Maun Tel: +267 686 3685, Fax: +267 680 0937 Email: Established in 1996, Bush Ways offers small group scheduled mobile safaris as well as tailormade trips. Travellers can choose between three safari styles: Semi-Participation where guests only have to set-up and pack their tents, but all other chores are done by the safari team; Fully Serviced where everything is done by the safari team, tents are more spacious with ensuite ablutions, and drinks are included; and Accommodated safari, which goes from lodge to lodge in a comfortable air-conditioned minibus. On both camping safaris, guests travel in custombuilt safari vehicles. Scheduled safaris range from seven to 17 days and cover Chobe, Moremi, Nxai Pan, Makgadikgadi and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, as well as Victoria Falls and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip. There are no hidden costs or ‘kitty’ requirements and camping trips run even with just one participant. French and German translators are provided on selected safaris.

Bushtracks Safaris

PO Box 747 Kasane, Skype: safariresbushtracks Tel: +267 6250 840, Fax: +267 6250 440 Cell: +267 7130 7083 Email: Bushtracks Safaris is operated by Phil and Jonah Aaron, They both have over 25 years of experience as guides and luxury lodge managers in the Okavango Delta, Kwando / Linyanti area area. Bushtracks Safaris Botswana is operated from Kasane. It is in the furthest northern point of Botswana bordering three other countries: Zambia, Namibia (Caprivi Strip) and Zimbabwe, making it a unique location - a place where the four countries meet on the confluence of the two major rivers: Chobe and Zambezi. Kasane-based Bushtracks Safaris offers trips into and throughout Chobe National Park. At the same time, Bushtracks Safaris offers tourist transfers and return trips between Kasane, Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and Livingstone (Zambia) as well as wildlife excursions of two or more nights into other game parks in Botswana. 51

Mobile Sector

Capricorn Safaris

Private Bag 021, Maun Tel: +267 686 1165, Fax: +267 686 2991 Email: Capricorn Safaris operates scheduled departures or specific tailor-made safaris and is a Botswana-based safari company and has been running since 1972. There are two scheduled departure safaris exploring the different regions of Botswana. The Botswana Overland Safari is an 11-day tented safari from Maun which combines the best of the Kalahari with northern Botswana. The Okavango Wildlife Explorer is an eight-day tented safari which explores the Okavango Delta. Guests can create their own safaris to include the Kalahari, the Okavango, a flying safari and multiple country safaris. Capricorn Safaris is experienced in providing camping with all the comforts of a luxury tented camp, yet still a true African wilderness experience.

Chobe Explorations

PO Box 32, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0340, Fax: +267 625 0280 Email: Chobe Explorations was registered in 1985 and activities are included in the package rate, these include game drives, boat cruises on the Chobe River providing an iconic standard in service and equipment levels and is mainly occupied with airport transfers and inter Camp transfers between the Desert & Delta Safaris properties. Chobe Explorations is a subsidiary of the Chobe Holdings Group of Companies. It serves purely as the guest activities division of the Chobe Game Lodge and operates from the premises of Chobe Game Lodge inside the Chobe National park. Chobe Explorations is the only safari company in Botswana which has female guides. At these point of time the company have a total of 14 female guides based at Chobe Game lodge.

Delta Sure Safaris

Private Bag 234, Maun Tel: +267 686 0968 Email: Delta Sure Safaris is a diverse service provider for external tour operators and the local safari industry. With a fleet of high quality, fully rigged safari vehicles and a team of well qualified, experienced staff and professional guides, Delta Sure Safaris offers an affordable safari experience beyond expectation. With many years of hands on experience Delta Sure Safaris offer the industry a tried and tested product. For external operators, Delta Sure can service their groups with vehicles and guides. For all safari needs please contact Delta Sure Safaris.

Drumbeat Safaris

PO Box 20228, Maun Tel: +267 686 3096, Fax: +267 686 3096 Email: Drumbeat Safaris is a small mobile safari operator, owned by Annelies Zonjee, who started her African experience in 1990. The company organise private safaris for families or groups, making use of exclusive campsites, which allows them to take younger children out in the bush as well. This is often not possible in lodges or with other organised tours. Drumbeat Safaris believe that this is your safari and therefore you can set the pace. Tours are guided by professional guides and cooks provide delicious three-course meals in a dinner tent or under the stars. The big tents have proper beds and en-suite facilities, making your experience in the African bush very comfortable.


Capture Africa

Matlapana Ward, Private Bag BO 28, Maun Tel: +267 686 1200, Fax: +267 680 0260 Email: A family owned and run company, Capture Africa prides itself on attention to detail – from the planning stage to each minute of the safari experience. Capture Africa specialises in tailor-made, private safaris throughout Botswana. Each mobile camping adventure takes guests through pristine wilderness areas while they enjoy all the creature comforts of home. Only employing the most knowledgeable and professional guides, Capture Africa ensures that guests have a fully enriched experience and learn about the wilderness around them. Children are welcome and safaris can be tailored accordingly to suit their needs. Other services and activities include, game walks with armed professional guides, night drives and helicopter flights.

Delta Rain

Sitatunga Camp, PO Box 66, Maun Tel. +267 680 0380, Fax. +267 680 0381 Email: Delta Rain provides quality, affordable mobile and mokoro safaris in the Okavango, throughout Botswana and further through southern Africa. Established in 1997 and based at Sitatunga Camp on the outskirts of Maun, Delta Rain is ideally situated to provide itineraries to suit all tastes, levels of comfort and budget. Alongside standard departures, the company offers bespoke tours created for individuals or groups. A number of the itineraries are specifically for families, including Mokoro excursions into the beautiful Okavango Delta and tented mobile safaris throughout Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Whether your interests are wildlife or culture, birdlife or photographic contact Delta Rain to design your mobile safari.

Drifters Safaris

Private Bag 205, Maun Tel: +267 72 304472, Tel: +27 11 888 1160 Email: Established in 1983, Drifters has become one of the most formidable forces in tourism in Southern Africa. Their packages are renowned for including far more than others on offer and their vast infrastructure of Drifters owned game reserves, bush camps, lodges, boats, canoes, adventure equipment and other resources mean that clients can enjoy the best of Africa without added expense. For those who relish an environmentally educational and adventurous experience, then Drifters is the only choice. Scheduled adventure tour options in Botswana include a 16 Day Johannesburg – Johannesburg tour and a 13 Day Maun to Victoria Falls option. Drifters also tailor-makes tours as required.

Earth Ark Safaris

PO Box 2097, Maun Tel: +267 7142 1374, +267 7502 3425 Email: Earth Ark Safaris offers a true wildlife photographic experience into the wild places and spaces of northern Botswana. Its guides are knowledgeable on the flora and fauna of the country as well as photography. Specialist expedition style safaris under canvas are tailor-made to enhance true wildlife photographic experiences. Vehicles are specially modified to create greater visibility when viewing and photographing wildlife and also boast specially designed, custom made photographic arms and beanbags for stabilisation. Safaris are fully supported by a dedicated crew who take care of remote mobile camps in prime areas and chefs prepare wholesome meals and picnic lunche. Earth Ark Safaris also specialises in hosting International film crews, providing project management, logistical support and arrangements of the various permits required for conducting filming projects in the country.

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Elephant Trails Safari Co PO Box 989, Maun Tel: +267 686 4845, Fax: +267 6864 657 Email:

Elephant Trails bring decades of combined guiding experience to their specialised wildlife expeditions that are led in Botswana. Elephant Trails safaris make use of only private camp sites throughout the wilderness areas and the dedicated crew ensure a level of comfort and service to create an unforgettable stay for all guests. Elephant Trails can also cater to most special dietary requirements. Most of the expeditions are conducted using specially designed 4x4 vehicles to optimise the wildlife experience and photography possibilities so that visitors can return home with great memories and a better understanding of nature.

Game Trails

Private Bag 206, Maun Tel/fax: +267 680 0369, Cell: +267 72 110 493 Email: Game Trails is run by a unique team enabling it a professional and personalised safari experience. All operations use luxurious mobile tented camps in the traditional safaris style with all accommodation in en-suite facilities. Game Trails has expertly designed a comprehensive selection of safari packages of varying duration. The seven day Miracle Rivers takes in Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta and the Khwai Community wilderness area. The 10 day Northern Highlights takes in Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta and the Chobe National Park. Game Trails also offers private departures, tailor-made to the individuals requirements. It uses spacious and comfortable safari vehicles for the exclusivity of its guests.

Helicopter Horizons

PO Box 66, Maun Tel: +267 680 1186, Fax: +267 680 1185 Email: Helicopter Horizons is based in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta. As the only helicopter charter company in the region, it is in a unique position to provide travellers with unforgettable scenic flights, excursions and transfers that only a helicopter can afford. In addition to this, it also offers a range of other helicopter-based services. The company has more than a decade of experience in operating helicopters over the delta, and its bush pilots are seasoned and experienced. Helicopter Horizons currently operate the five-seat Bell JetRanger (pilot plus four passengers) and four-seater Robinson Raven (pilot plus three passengers), as well as managing Okavango Air Rescue’s (OAR) modified JetRanger.

Kalahari Holiday Tours

Plot 721, President Avenue, Private Bag K 15, Kasane Tel: +267 625 0880, Fax: +267 625 0821 Email: Kalahari Holiday Tours is Kasane based, right on the doorstep of Chobe National Park and specialises in fishing, tented overnight safaris, game drives, boat cruises and transfers in the area across borders. For professional service and experienced guides and staff contact Kalahari Holiday Tours. Camping trips run within the Chobe National Park with various overnight options. On daily game drives guests can enjoy optimum wildlife viewing from the comfort of specially adapted 4x4 vehicles. Boat cruises into the Chobe National Park offer some fantastic game viewing from a variety of vessels including double decker and aluminium speedboats. Day trips can be arranged to and from Livingstone or the Victoria Falls offering good value and service in Chobe.

Endeavour Safaris

Private Bag 206, Maun Tel/fax: +267 686 0887 Email: Endeavour Safaris is a tour operator providing travel in Southern Africa, particularly Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Victoria Falls and Mozambique. In addition, Endeavour Safaris has a division that specialises in accessible travel for persons with disabilities: including mobility, visual, and hearing impairment, as well as persons requiring oxygen or kidney dialysis. The company offers experiences, including: luxury lodge safaris, semi-luxury camping safaris; semi-participation, mobile, budget camping safaris; photographic safaris; family safaris; honeymoon packages; beach and dive packages, disabled tours and safaris; lodge and camping combinations; country combinations and circuits; self drive tours; boating safaris in the Okavango and many more. Scheduled departure tours are also available.

Get Up & Go Safaris

Plot 361, New Mall, Maun Tel: +267 686 0911 Email: Get Up & Go Safaris is an incoming tour and mobile safari operator based in Maun specialising in small-group, scheduled lodge & camping safaris throughout Botswana as well as private, guided, tailor-made travel. Scheduled safaris offer travellers a well-planned holiday combining land and water-based game viewing activities. Clients can chose between Adventure Safaris that incorporate camping & mid-range Lodge Safaris. Get Up & Go Safaris understand that a dream holiday may be very specific; therefore they tailor-make holidays to suit clients’ needs, wants and budget. The 4x4 safari vehicles are custom-built, reliable and equipped with the latest safety features and GPS system. Experience the wonders of Botswana close and personal with Get Up & Go Safaris.

John Chase Safaris

PO Box 25004, Maun Tel: +267 6801 066, Fax: +267 680 1066 Email: John Chase Safaris is owner managed and run by John and Tina Chase. Both have many years of safari experience. All itineraries are tailor-made and include many areas of Botswana such as Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta (Moremi Game Reserve), Nxai Pan and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Special interest safaris are also offered in association with Deception Valley Lodge to introduce guests to the San of Botswana and their traditional ways of living. Activities on a tailor-made trip include walking, flights over the delta, fishing, hot air balloons and biking. Accommodation includes twin-bedded luxury in Meru-style tents, with bathroom and toilet en-suite. Bathrooms are permanently attached to the tents, roofed and completely insect-proof.

Kalahari Skies

PO Box 20012, Maun Tel: +267 686 2898, Cell: +267 722 995 23 Email: Kalahari Skies (formally Hemingway Safaris) are specialists in customised safaris. The company use a unique approach, as well as offering the standard wilderness venues, Kalahari Skies provides a range of ‘off the beaten track’ destinations. These packages include the TransKalahari trip across central Kalahari to the remote Transfrontier Park. The company employs some of the most knowledgeable guides in the industry, who are able to educate guests on wildlife, cultural traditions and the stars of the southern hemisphere. Vehicles specially extended and fitted with pop-up roofs and fold down windows making them virtually ‘all weather and all terrain’ vehicles. The vehicles are also equipped with refrigerators, water, charging systems, satellite phones and medical kits. 53

Mobile Sector

Karibu Safaris

Private Bag 39, Maun Tel: +267 686 1225, Fax: +267 680 0390 Email: Karibu is a reputable, well established safari company that has been organizing African safari vacations in southern Africa since 1983. Over the past quarter century its dedication to well planned, authentic safari experiences for the discerning traveller has secured it the reputation of leading mobile safari operator in southern Africa. Its experience in Botswana with its unique range of comfort mobile safaris, authentic mobile safaris, scheduled, private and tailor-made safaris enables the perfect balance between a true African safari and a superior level of comfort. All safaris are served by a tour guide, chef and camp crew, thus allowing time to relax and unwind. Come and explore the real Africa with Karibu Safari.

Kitso Safaris

PO Box 215, Maun Tel: +267 686 2604, Fax: +267 686 5111 Email: Kitso Safaris specialises in outfitting camping safaris in and around the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Nxai Pan National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Kitso Safaris have been offering safaris since 1979. All luxury camping safaris are strictly private and general bookings are not added. Experience old style camping with its luxury camping safaris. Camps consists of spacious twin bedded, insect proof, walk in tents with sewn in ground sheets. Each tent has its own shower and toilet attached. Sumptuous meals including imported wines are served in the large comfortable dining tent. The entire camp is transported from place to place in specially equipped trucks, fitted with extra fuel and water capacity.

Lewis Safaris

Private Bag BO13, Maun Tel: +267 686 1211, Cell: +267 7231 1132 Email: Lewis Safaris offer tailor-made itineraries, budget safaris, lodge to lodge, mobile and privately guided safaris led by some of the top guides in Botswana. The Matshwane Safari is a highly mobile, non-participation safari consisting of private vehicle and guide, cook and/or assistant. Guides and staff ensure a smooth stay and take care of everything from spotting game, tents and hot showers to wholesome home-cooked dinners. Private groups of 2-9 guests are able to book safaris on dates that suit them, rather than be restricted to set pre-planned schedules. With Lewis Safaris the emphasis isn’t just viewing the Big Five, it’s about the warmth of the campfire, the distant roar of a lion and that amazing smell of the first rain in November with the call of the bell frogs in the reeds.

Kazuma Trails

t/a Over the Moon, PO Box 838, Kasane Tel/fax: +267 635 0725, Cell: +267 71 924 703 Email: Kazuma Trails is owned and run by Antonette and David Carson. The company has a base in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and also in Kasane. All trips are tailor-made and have the added advantage of being able to run safaris in both countries.

Letaka Safaris / Malachite Safaris

Private Bag 206, Maun Tel/Fax: +267 680 0363, Fax: +267 680 0955 Email:, Letaka Safaris was created in 2002 to provide a safari that guarantees the highest level of guiding. With a wealth of guiding experience in Botswana and neighbouring countries and, most importantly, an unsurpassed passion for the bush, each trip is designed to give the discerning guest a holistic African experience. Letaka Safaris offers both scheduled departures and private tailor-made safaris through the year including the popular six night Miracle Rivers, nine night Northern Highlights and six night Blooming Desert. Letaka Safaris is the first company to offer scheduled departures for individuals passionate about birds.

Masson Safaris

Private Bag 257, Maun Tel: +267 686 2442, Fax: +267 686 244 Email: Masson Safaris runs safaris dedicated to wildlife viewing and bird watching. Its ecologically friendly approach ensures that its presence has minimal environmental impact. The company’s senior guide, Ewan Masson, has lived and guided in Botswana for over 20 years. Masson Safaris operates fully mobile camps consisting of large frame tents, en-suite toilet, camp beds, linen and towels. Masson Safaris offers tailor-made safaris as well as themed safaris, such as Discover Northern Botswana, Saltpans and Waterways, Rivers Past and Present and Desert and Delta. Safaris are available to the Transfrontier Park, hiking safaris at Tsodilo Hills, fishing on the Okavango River and excursions to Victoria Falls and Namibia.

Okavango Horse Safaris Private Bag 23, Maun Tel: +267 686 1671, Fax: +267 686 1672 Email:

Founded in 1986, Okavango Horse Safaris is the first riding safari company in southern Africa. The focus is a journey through the diverse landscape of the Okavango Delta. The company uses two camps: Kujwana, luxury en-suite tents raised on deckings under a natural canopy; Mokolwane, two metre high treehouses along the edge of the Matsibe River. Rides are limited to six guests and non-riders can be accommodated. The remote camps are accessed by helicopter, based in private concession areas of over 2,500 sq. kilometres, bordering the Moremi National Park. Guests will also experience the delta from mokoro, on foot and game drives with night drives.


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Orient-Express Safaris

PO Box 100, Maun Tel: +267 686 0302, Fax: +267 686 0153 Email: Orient-Express offers luxury safaris in Botswana. Guests stay in authentic African surroundings, as local experts lead them to wildlife areas that other travellers rarely access. Each of the three safari camps has its own distinct character: Khwai River Lodge nestles on the edge of a forest overlooking the floodplains of the Moremi Game Reserve. Savute Elephant Camp, in Chobe National Park, is known for herds of elephants that can be spotted. Eagle Island Camp is situated on remote Xaxaba island, within the Okavango Delta. Guests explore the region by local canoe, set out on a game drive or roam on foot. Orient-Express takes its guests to the heart of each property’s destination.

Planet Okavango

PO Box HA49HAK, Maun Tel: +267 686 0273, Fax: +267 686 0273 Email: Planet Okavango is based in Maun and specialises in wildlife and culture oriented safaris throughout Botswana and southern Africa aimed at the adventure traveller. Options include: Scheduled mobile safaris with sell-in ‘seat on safari’ available on specific departure dates (with maximum group size of 12 people); Family safaris tailor-made to client requirements and quoted on each private group; and Private small group special interest safaris designed to client’s requirements and quoted to the client’s budget. With 15 years of experience, Planet Okavango operates each safari to a high standard, with a substantial operations back-up office.

Pride of Africa Safaris

Private Bag B059, Maun Tel/Fax: +267 723 02591 Email: Pride of Africa Safaris & Luxury Tented Camps offers fully serviced mobile camping and lodge safaris throughout southern Africa. The company’s founder has over 12 years experience and together with his staff offer experienced and professional service. Able to assist in putting together excellent packages, Pride of Africa Safaris provides tailormade itineraries and scheduled departures. Other services include custom designed itineraries for FITs, groups, incentives, special interest, self-drives and sports groups. Pride of Africa Safaris has the advantage is being small enough to treat every client as an individual, yet big enough in infrastructure and representation throughout Southern Africa to handle all client requirements.

Roger Dugmore Safaris Private Bag 035, Maun Tel/Fax: +267 686 2427 Email:

Roger Dugmore Safaris offers mobile tented safaris to some of the most striking areas in Botswana: Moremi Game Reserve, Khwai, Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve, Nxai Pan National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve. These awe-inspiring destinations offer their own magnificence and abundant wildlife. All guides are creative personalities, gifted photographers and have a long history in the safari business. Itineraries are custom-designed to make every trip unique and memorable. Walk-in tents with all the amenities needed for a luxury stay in the bush as well as hearty meals and camp service adds to the comfort of the adventure. As Roger would passionately say: ‘The luxury is the adventure.’

Penduka Safaris

PO Box 66, Maun Tel: +267 686 4539, Fax: +267 686 4540 Email: Established in the 1960s, Penduka Safaris is a leader in the mobile safari industry. Involved in wildlife since the 19th century, the family who run the company have a long heritage in the industry. Based in Maun, Penduka is one of the few mobile safari outfitters to operate throughout the whole of Botswana, including Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, as well as adjacent countries – Zambia, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Penduka offers pre-scheduled safaris and specialise in tailor-made cultural, special interest and flying safaris. Penduka’s guides take pride in sharing their knowledge. All safaris are fully serviced with comfortable accommodation. Delicious meals prepared by bush chef are served in the dining tent. All vehicles enjoy unrivalled roof top viewing on game drives.

Planet Wilderness Safaris PO Box 250016, Maun Tel/fax: +267 686 4886 Email:

Planet Wilderness Safaris, based in Maun, take visitors to some of the most breathtaking destinations Botswana has to offer, including the Okavango Delta; the Kalahari; Moremi Game Reserve; Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls. Guests can choose fully catered safaris, which includes large dome tents with en-suite bathrooms. The tents are furnished with comfortable ‘cots’ with cotton linen, duvets, towels and battery-powered lights. The fully catered package entitles guests to hearty three course meals, wine and soft drinks. Scheduled mobile safaris with sell-in ‘seat on safari’ available on specific departure dates (maximum group size seven people). Family safaris are tailor-made to client requirements and quoted on each private group.

Quadrum Safaris

Private Bag 058, Maun Tel: +267 686 2574, Fax: +267 686 1730 Emergency cell: +267 7123 7478 Email:, Quadrum Safaris operates personalised mobile safaris to suit individual requirements. The professional guides host guests on a comfort adventure safari into magnificent game viewing areas and offer a comprehensive insight into the cultures of the peoples combined with an in depth knowledge of the flora and fauna, resulting in a thoroughly rewarding safari experience.

Safari & Guide Services

Private Bag K39, Kasane Tel: +267 625 1754/0259, Fax: +267 625 0259 Skype: SGS Africa, Email: Safari & Guide Services (SGS) is a leading mobile safari operator in Botswana with over 25 years of experience. SGS is a specialist in creating tailor-made safaris throughout Botswana and Africa. SGS runs mobile camping safaris throughout northern Botswana including Chobe, Savute, Moremi, the Okavango Delta, Makgadikgadi, Nxai Pan and Central Kalahari. SGS offers mobile tented safaris to suit all tastes and can be made as adventurous or luxurious as desired. The mobile safaris include activities such as game drives, mokoro trips and boat cruises with a private guide and dedicated team of safari staff to take care of all aspects of mobile camping. Guests can choose a full mobile safari, combine the mobile tented experience with lodges and permanent camps or a full lodge experience. 55

Mobile Sector

Safari Destinations

Private Bag 0178, Maun Tel: +267 680 1234, Fax: +267 686 2933 Email: Safari Destinations is an independent destination management company based in Maun providing local, up-to-date advice and inside tips for getting the most out of each itinerary, crafting unique safari experiences beyond the ordinary. Aside from the major suppliers, Safari Destinations proudly supports locally-owned, privately-run camps, lodges and mobile safari operators. This independence allows the freedom to be objective, keeping the clients’ best interests at heart. Safari Destinations’ position on the ground means the company is able to meet and assist clients during their holiday with a team on standby 24/7.

SKL Group

PO Box 1860, Maun Tel: +267 686 5365, Fax: +267 686 5367 Email: SKL operates public camping grounds in Botswana’s prime National Parks. Within the Chobe National Park, SKL has campsites in Savuti which is known for excellent game and offers good sightings through the year. Linyanti is nestled in the furthest corner of the Chobe National Park with five beautiful campsites among tall trees overlooking the Linyanti perennial river. In Moremi Game Reserve is Khwai. It consists of 10 camping sites situated along the banks of the Khwai River. There are ablution blocks with hot and cold showers. Kumaga located in Makgadikgadi National Park with 10 camping sites and two ablution blocks. Now SKL has two small intimate tented camps within Chobe National Park. Camp Savuti & Camp Linyanti offer tranquil escapes for travellers. Each has five Meru tents with private bathing en-suite and amazing game viewing from the tent’s balcony.

Thebe River Safaris

PO Box 5, Kasane Tel/fax: +267 625 1272, Cell: +267 625 0995 Email: Thebe River Safaris is ideally situated for visitors to the Chobe National Park and Chobe River area in Northern Botswana. Thebe River Lodge is 12km from the Kazungula border and 5km from the Chobe National Park entrance. The lodge offers affordable accommodation boasting air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms. 220v power points are available in each campsite. Boat cruises on the Chobe River are available, as well as game drives and overnights into the Chobe National Park. Game drives, Chobe Day Trips and Overnight safaris are genuine African experiences combining land and water game viewing. Mobile safaris into the Chobe, Savuti, Moremi and Nxai Pan areas are also available.

Wilderness Dawning (Pty) Ltd PO Box 22277, Maun Tel: +267 686 4270 Email:

Wilderness Dawning is a Botswana-based safari company offering a wide variety of mobile non-participation camping expeditions. The company is also the owners of Kabbo, a 16 bedded en-suite Houseboat that operates on the Okavango Delta. At Wilderness Dawning, safaris are personal. With over 30 years’ experience among the company’s directors, travellers are in capable hands. Its vast experience allows it to provide accommodation combined with the best guides in the business. Wilderness Dawning offer guiding with unspoilt wilderness. Groups are small on scheduled departures. Tailor-made safaris allow individuals or groups the freedom to choose the dynamics of the safari as well as catering for special interest groups, families and incentive groups.


Safari Life Africa

PO Box BO20605, Maun Tel/Fax: +267 680 0456, Cell: +267 (0)71 676 772 Email: Safari Life Africa is a privately run, owner-operated safari company that specialises in going off the beaten track. All trips are custom designed to suit the individual and vary from bush camping to upmarket lodges. There is an emphasis on photography and conservation. Safari Life Africa focuses on non-participation camping within Botswana on privately guided safaris, travelling by road with a specialist guide through the landscapes of Botswana’s National Parks. In addition, it combines camping safaris with some upgrades to permanent lodge accommodation as well as co-ordinating fly-in lodge safaris. There are many safari options to suit all time-frames and budgets, with expert, efficient and personal service for any individuals or groups to explore the amazing continent of Africa.

Swampland Safari Trails

Private Bag 350, Maun Tel: +267 686 5081 Email:, Swampland Safari Trails – a mobile safari operator, founded in 1998 – is situated in Maun, at the gateway to the Okavango Delta. It is specialised in tailor-made safaris mainly for smaller groups and families. Arranging memorable trips with a substantial knowledge of Botswana and its stunning wildlife provides for a unique experience. Come on an adventure of a lifetime and discover the magic of Africa. For Swampland Safari Trails adventure is naturally synonymous with quality, comfort and reliability. In addition, a high standard of professionalism in the guides, vehicles and equipment is top priority on their travels.

Ulinda Safari Trails

PO Box 156, Maun Tel/fax: +267 680 1053, Cell: +267 741 266 67 Email: Ulinda Safari Trails has been operating in Botswana since 1996, specialising in small groups and customising trips according to guests’ special interests – bird watching, game viewing and serious wildlife photography. Trips can be anywhere in Botswana and of three to 21 night duration. Two converted game viewing Land Cruisers are used on safaris. Groups numbers are limited per vehicle to four, except for larger family groups. The accent is on game viewing. All guides have years of experience that enhance each safari experience. Guests are advised to bring lots of camera memory, a 12 volt charger, binoculars, a good torch, clothes and toiletries. The company is eco friendly and use solar-powered lamps and rechargeable batteries.

Wilderness Safaris Explorations

Private Bag 14, Maun Tel: +267 686 0086, Fax: +267 686 0632 Email: Wilderness Safaris Explorations is an innovative range of fully serviced cross-country safaris that recreate the sense of Africa of old. More than a century ago, the only way to experience this extraordinary continent was on a mobile safari. Specially designed tents with pure cotton linen, stylish furnishings and refreshing amenities add to the overall atmosphere and guest comfort. Explorations are unrivalled, using mostly private concessions and wildlife areas exclusive to guests of Wilderness Safaris. The Exploration guides are conservationists who lead each journey from start to finish, creating a seamless interpretive experience with travel including game drives, walking, mokoro, canoeing, boating and air.

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Airport Hotel

Private Bag 151, Maun Tel: +267 686 5454, Fax: +267 686 4540 Email: Airport Hotel is situated right by Maun International Airport. Its accommodation consists of executive rooms and standard rooms which are all air conditioned, with satellite television and bar fridge. There are state of art conference facilities, and an à la carte alfresco restaurant. Also complimentary Wi-Fi in all the rooms and throughout the hotel.

Cresta Botsalo Hotel

PO Box 35, Palapye Tel: +267 492 0245, Fax: +267 492 0587 Email: In the hot, dry expanse between Gaborone and Francistown lies the town of Palapye where the cool welcoming Cresta Botsalo Hotel can be found. A major commercial town, Palapye has rich historical roots. The Cresta Botsalo Hotel offers 49 air conditioned rooms all with radio, TV, video channel and direct-dial telephone. For conferencing and banqueting, the Morula Room can accommodate 150 people and has a range of equipment. Other facilities include a swimming pool and darts. The Savuti Grill offers Continental and full English breakfasts as well as an à la carte menu for lunch, and the Metsing Bar. Enjoy a cocktail at the poolside or explore the history of the Bangwato tribe and the resting place of their king, Sir Seretse Khama.

Cresta Lodge

Private Bag 00126, Gaborone Tel: +267 397 5375, Fax: +267 390 0635 Email: Whether visiting for business or pleasure, the Cresta Lodge has everything for a comfortable and cost-effective stay. The lodge has 159 air conditioned rooms, each with en-suite bathroom, DSTV television and direct telephone. Located 2 km from the city centre and 5 km from Gaborone Game Park, there are nature trails winding their way from the lodge to the Gaborone Dam. Guests can enjoy a drink and superb cuisine in the Chatters Restaurant and Cocktail Bar. Cresta Lodge offers a carpeted and air cooled marquee with a capacity for 200 in conference. This also makes an ideal venue for weddings, exhibitions and cocktail parties. The lodge provides secretarial services, laundry and dry cleaning as well as daily transport services.

Cresta Marang Gardens

PO Box 807, Francistown Tel: +267 241 3991, Fax: +267 241 2130 Email: The Cresta Marang Gardens occupies the most beautiful natural hotel location in Botswana, just 4 km outside Francistown on the banks of the Tati River. The perfect setting for business or leisure, with 58 comfortable air conditioned rooms all with satellite television, tea and coffee making facilities, same-day laundry service and dry cleaning. The restaurant is used by both residents and visitors, while the Fox & Hound Cocktail Bar is set in the heart of the hotel and the Tati River pool bar is a popular watering hole. Conference facilities include several rooms for meetings of between 15 and 120 people. Other facilities include a courtesy bus, camping facilities, a casino and a gift shop.

Cresta Bosele Hotel

PO Box 177, Selebi-Phikwe Tel: +267 261 0675, Fax: +267 261 1083 Email: The Cresta Bosele Hotel is set in the dynamic and fast growing location of Selebi-Phikwe at the gateway to the Tuli area, famous for its abundant wildlife. Serving the needs of the business traveller and the tourist, the hotel offers 51 air conditioned rooms with en-suite bathroom, radio, television and direct dial telephone. The Phakalane Conference Room seats 100 delegates, while the Peolwane Conference Room seats about 50 people. A range of equipment is available. Guests can take a relaxing swim, sip a cocktail at the pool bar or enjoy the town’s 18-hole golf course. The Bosele Grill offers both à la carte and table d’hôte menus for lunch and dinner and the Palm Terrace offers a menu of light meals and snacks throughout the day.

Cresta Jwaneng Hotel

PO Box 442, Jwaneng Tel: +267 588 1090, Fax: +267 588 1052 Email: Cresta Jwaneng Hotel is located along the Trans Kalahari Highway. Jwaneng is the home of the Jwaneng Diamond Mine, the world’s richest diamond mine. The hotel provides a perfect balance between business and pleasure with adequate conference facilities, affluent accommodation and superb cuisine. Coupled to this are the ever friendly staff who will make any stay at the Cresta Jwaneng an unforgettable experience. There are 65 air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms. The hotel also offers conference facilities, there is a restaurant and bar and swimming pool. Wi-Fi internet access is also available. Rooms have tea and coffee making facilities and satellite television.

Cresta Mahalapye

Private Bag 003, Mahalapye Tel: +267 471 9000, Fax: +267 471 1440 Email: Cresta Mahalapye is located in the Central District of Mahalapye, 180 kilometres from Gaborone, on the highway to Francistown. There are 64 rooms including Presidential Suites and Junior Suites. Cresta Mahalapye is popular for major local, regional and international conferences due to its state of the art meeting and banqueting facilities. In addition to the several indoor meeting rooms , Cresta Mahalapye’s open terrace on the first floor is ideal for private functions including corporate cocktail parties and outdoor weddings. Mahalapye is known as the headquarters of the Botswana Railways. This quaint town, with very warm and welcoming locals offers more that a convenient stop-over for travellers travelling to and from Gaborone.

Cresta Mowana Safari Resort & Spa

PO Box 266, Kasane, Tel: +267 625 0300 Fax: +267 625 0301, Email: The double-storey Mowana Safari Resort & Spa was built around a baobab tree said to be over 800 years old. In this tranquil setting guests will experience true comfort, superb accommodation, fine cuisine and personalized service. The 114 en-suite, air-conditioned luxury rooms and a presidential suite have been tastefully decorated in an ethnic style to complement the natural ambience. The well stocked wellness centre and spa offers a wide range of services and products to pamper and indulge. The ultimate in personal relaxation and rejuvenation. Serondela Restaurant offers cuisine inspired by the flavours of Africa. The Savuti Bar and conference facilities are also available. Activities include a nine-hole golf course, wellness-centre, tennis, swimming, tiger-fishing, birdwatching and game drives. 57

Hotel Sector

Cresta President Hotel

PO Box 200, Gaborone Tel: +267 395 3631, Fax: +267 395 1840 Email: The central location of the Cresta President Hotel offers the ideal base to explore the capital of Botswana, including the government enclave, the National Museum and Art Gallery and the State House all within a three-mile radius. Ideal for tourists and business travellers, the hotel has 80 air conditioned rooms with en-suite bath and shower, television, direct dial telephone and room service. The Cresta President offers conference facilities easily adaptable for social occasions. The Terrace Restaurant seats up to 140 guests and offers a full menu throughout the day. In addition there is the Pula Le Thebe Bar, open until late every day. Conference facilities include the Boiketlo Boardroom, with a capacity for 60 people, and the Brigadier Room, which can accommodate 120 people.

Cresta Thapama Hotel

Private Bag 31, Francistown Tel: +267 241 3872, Fax: +267 241 3766 Email: Cresta Thapama Hotel is located in Francistown, Botswana’s second-largest commercial centre. Satisfying the constant flow of tourists and business executives with 96 air conditioned rooms with en-suite bathroom, television, video channel, direct dial telephone. Seating up to 110 guests and offering à la carte and buffet menus for lunch and dinner, the Ivory Grill is the perfect place to relax in the evening. In addition, the Lenaka Bar and the pool bar offer light meals and snacks. The fully equipped conference facilities are among the finest in Botswana and these can be adapted for private use as a banqueting or wedding venue. The Mokolane Room has a capacity for 100 people while the Francis Room can accommodate 80 people. The rooms can be combined.

Gaborone Sun Hotel

Private Bag 0016, Gaborone Tel: +267 361 6000, Fax: +267 390 2555 Email: The Gaborone Sun Hotel is located in the cosmopolitan capital of Botswana, with its excellent restaurants and bars and its world-class high-tech conference facilities. Offering comfort and luxury, it has been voted the Best Hotel in Botswana. For a growing number of organisers in the conference and incentives industry, the Gaborone Sun is a popular choice. It sells itself to the international business market, bent on new experiences, new stimulations and new inspirations for greater achievement. The challenges of Africa provide that stimulus and the Gaborone Sun provides the comfort and reassurance for those who face the challenge.

Maun Lodge

Plot 549, Boseja Ward, PO Box 376, Maun Tel: +267 686 3939, Fax: +267 686 3969 Email: Maun Lodge is situated on the doorstep to the Okavango Delta. Accommodation consists of six double rooms, 20 twin rooms and four suites. The deluxe Riverfront Suites, all with private verandas, are en-suite and fully air conditioned and include satellite television, bar/fridge on request. For those on a limited budget, there are 12 thatched chalets offering excellent value for money. All chalets are en-suite and fully air conditioned. There are conference and banqueting facilities for up to 120 delegates and a wide range of audio and visual equipment. The à la carte restaurant offers a full menu, while The Boma is an open-air traditional bar and restaurant serving local dishes. In addition, the Pygmy Goose Bar is an ideal rendezvous for refreshments and conversation.


Cresta Riley’s Hotel

PO Box 1, Maun Tel: +267 686 0320, Fax: +267 686 0580 Email: Located on the banks of the Thamalakane River, Riley’s is surrounded by landscaped gardens and is an excellent venue for both the tourist and the businessperson. Accommodation comprises 51 air-conditioned bedrooms, all en-suite with satellite TV, directdial telephone and tea and coffee making facilities. The Riley’s Grill, which seats up to 50 guests, offers continental and full English buffet breakfasts and an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner. The conference room accommodates up to 120 delegates and audiovisual equipment is available. Maun is the gateway to the Okavango, and tours and safaris can be arranged to the Okavango Delta, F Savuti or the Chobe National Parks.

Indaba Lodge

Private Bag RW 001, Plot 61916, Tlokweng Road, Gaborone Tel: +267 399 9500, Fax: +267 399 9501 Email: The much anticipated brand new 84 bed-roomed Indaba Lodge, Gaborone is a select service hotel providing affordable, quality accommodation to the growing business and leisure travel sector. It is conveniently located on the Tlokweng Road with easy access to Riverwalk Mall, the nearby Fairground Corporate Business Hub and the University of Botswana. The Indaba Lodge consists of 84 luxury en-suite bedrooms with separate bath and shower. There is ample parking including secure underground parking, a ladies bar and tranquil pool deck, and executive boardroom seating up to 16 people with state of the art equipment, a resident’s only gym and free Wi-Fi. Airport transfers are provided.

Lansmore Masa Square

Plot 54353, New CBD, Cnr Khama Crescent & Western Ave, Gaborone Tel: +267 315 9954 Email: Lansmore Masa Square is a business-first luxury hotel that redefines the hospitality experience of business and leisure travellers in Botswana. Lansmore Masa Square is committed to luxury shedding light on the kind of service offering that guests can experience and the kind of lifestyle that goes hand in hand with this. Lansmore Masa Square is also dedicated to bettering the community, investing in the development of Botswana. Lansmore Masa Square is nestled in the heart of Gaborone’s new CBD, cascading into the piazza of Masa Centre. The hotel is uniquely positioned, both literally and figuratively, to raise the bar of the service, cuisine and sense of luxury and convenience that Batswana experience, a kind of luxury previously unknown to Gaborone.

Mpho Centre Lodge

Private Bag 151, Maun Tel: +267 686 3394, Fax: +267 686 3395 Email: Mpho Centre Lodge is in the heart of Maun, boasting a top of the range fully equipped conference center and an à la carte dining room. There is also complimentary Wi-Fi in all the rooms and throughout the lodge.

Hotel seCtor

Oasis Motel

Lot 171, Tlokweng Road, PO Box 30331, Tlokweng Tel: +267 393 8396, Fax: +267 392 8568 Email: For those on a budget looking for good-value accommodation in Gaborone, the Oasis Motel is the ideal place to stay. This landmark motel has been a foremost provider of accommodation in Gaborone since 1979. Over the years, the Oasis has hosted innumerable guests from all over the world. Today, the motel, with its serene and tranquil ambience, continues to live up to its name, providing guests with a welcome oasis from the bustle of Gaborone. Located just 5 km from the city centre, the Oasis Motel is the first accommodation of note on the main Tlokweng-Zeerust road for travellers entering the country from South Africa.

Peermont Metcourt Lodge PO Box 30703, Francistown Tel: +267 244 1100, Fax: +267 244 0775 Email:

Situated in the heart of Francistown’s central business district, the Peermont Metcourt offers modern quality, efficiency and excellent value for money. Over the past few years Francistown has seen a growth in demand for quality establishments at affordable rates. The Peermont Metcourt meets these needs completely for every kind of traveller, from stop-off tourists to the overnight business person. This cosy three-star select services hotel has 53 well appointed rooms and a fully enclosed landscape atrium. The Golden Hills Spur, located on the premises, offers guests a convenient, friendly and efficient dining alternative for a quick breakfast, business lunch or dinner, children’s party or special event catering.

Peermont Walmont Hotel Private Bag BR 105, Gaborone Tel: +267 363 7777, Fax: +267 391 2989 Email:

Peermont Walmont Hotel, at the Grand Palm Resort is proud to be Botswana’s first five-star hotel. This beautiful 188-room hotel offers comfortable bedrooms and suites, with an accesscontrolled fifth floor featuring the Executive Club Lounge and business services. It is located just 4 km from the city centre and 12 km from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport. Guests can enjoy all the exciting facilities of the Grand Palm Resort, which is located on 15 hectares of land. The resort facilities include the casino, a swimming pool, gym, tennis, volleyball and a children’s playground, a jogging trail set around a picturesque lake and several restaurants to cater for connoisseurs of fine food. A free airport shuttle service in Gaborone is available to all guests.

Sunbeam Hotel

PO Box 502850, Gaborone Tel: +267 350 0146, Fax: +267 316 0907 Email: Sunbeam Hotel is an image of elegance, class and exclusivity. Stylishly furnished and decorated with marble. Sunbeam Hotel is the choice for guests seeking the highest level of service, comfort and luxury and affordable accommodation. The hotel has 23 guest rooms, a conference facility and a cocktail bar with access to the balcony. All bedrooms are en-suite and equipped with air conditioning, TV, wireless broadband, mini-bar, and direct-dial telephone. This makes the Sunbeam Hotel exceptionally different from other places within the district and convenient for business. Just 10 minutes’ drive from Sir Seretse Khama Airport, the hotel is situated in the heart of the commercial area with a fine selection of restaurants and pubs, all within a few minutes’ walk.

Peermont Metcourt Inn Private Bag BR 105, Gaborone Tel: +267 363 7907, Fax: +267 391 0402 Email:

Peermont Metcourt Inn at the Grand Palm Resort is a modern, affordable three-star select services hotel where guests decide what they need and pay for nothing extra. The 149 modern rooms are comfortable and relaxing. After a good night’s rest, a delicious breakfast can be enjoyed at the restaurant. Guests can unwind in the bar and lounge area or catch up on some work in the business centre. Guests of the Peermont Metcourt Inn have access to the Grand Palm Hotel Casino & Convention Resort’s magnificent variety of facilities, as well as a free airport shuttle service in Gaborone.

Peermont Mondior Summit

Plot 21117, Corner Mobuto and Maratadiba Road The Village, Private Bag 00324, Gaborone Tel: +267 319 0600, Fax: +267 319 0660 Email:, For those who prefer quiet, understated elegance, the charm of the Peermont Mondior lies in its unique ‘African chic’ style that combines timelessness with a warm and earthy atmosphere. This elegant hotel, with 67 large rooms, offers first-class service while maintaining international standards at attractive rates. Facilities include a boardroom, conference room and a tranquil splash pool. The News Cafe next to the hotel blends the tempting delights of its original menu with the latest culinary trends. The Peermont Mondior is ideally located in Gaborone, 20 minutes from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport. For guest convenience a complimentary airport shuttle service in Gaborone is available.

Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort

PO Box 132, Gaborone Tel: +267 393 0000, Fax: +267 315 9663 Email:, The Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort is located just 15 km from central Gaborone. It features a multi-million pula clubhouse and an 18-hole championship golf course. The estate has 12 self-catering villas that consist of six four-bedroom and six three-bedroom units. All villas are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, satellite TV, air conditioning, double garage, lounge, fully equipped kitchen and patio. In addition, the estate has eight ‘three and a quarter bedroom’, fully furnished self-catering chalets. The Office Bar is the place for a quiet drink or post-match thirst quencher, while Drotsky’s Restaurant is for those who value fine dining. Various golf, conference and private function packages, as well as function venues, are available to suit all requirements.

Town Lodge Gaborone

Airport Junction Shopping Centre Cnr Airport and A1 Roads PO Box 1676 ABG, Gaborone Tel: +267 316 0490, Fax: +267 316 1390 Email:, This 104-room hotel is ideally situated close to Gaborone’s international airport and the central business district. Adjacent to the Airport Junction shopping complex, this three-storey hotel offers wireless internet throughout, ample secure parking, a boardroom and a swimming pool. It is ideal for business travellers and tourists visiting Botswana’s capital city. The hotel upholds the strong reputation that Town Lodge has developed in South Africa since 1990 and is the first Town Lodge to be developed outside of South Africa. 59

selF CateriNg

Innsifree Apartments

PO Box 301294, Gabrone Tel: +267 395 3603, Fax: +267 319 0593 Email: Innisfree Apartments is a fully serviced hotel in the village of Tlokweng, near Gaborone. Accommodation consists of eight first floor family rooms, eight ground floor family rooms, eight luxury studio rooms with double bed, shower, TV and kitchenette, eight standard rooms with double bed, shower and TV. Family rooms have one room with a queen bed, sleeper couch in lounge, kitchenette, TV, bathroom and balcony, and complimentary breakfast for two. Luxury studio and standard rooms come with complimentary breakfast for one. Amenities include 24 hour security, landscaped gardens, parking outside each front door, swimming pool with outside braai area, internet access, secretarial services, laundry, dining and bar service. The hotel is just a one minute drive from the Riverwalk shopping centre.

Motheo Apartments PO Box 301294, Tlokweng Tel/Fax: +267 318 1587 Email:

Opened in 1999, Motheo Apartments is a range of luxury self-contained apartments situated in the heart of Gaborone near the Main Mall and accessible from two major roads: Independence and the Broadhurst Road passing in front of the Gaborone Sun. There are 54 rooms, comprising studio, one and two bedrooms and town houses. All rooms are fully furnished with satellite TV, laundry facilities, internet, telephone line and air conditioning. These affordable self-catering holiday apartments have a peaceful and central location, making them an ideal choice for holiday and business visitors who wish to experience everything that Gaborone has to offer. The apartments are all situated in one compound with a beautiful garden and a swimming pool.

CoNserVatioN & WildliFe maNagemeNt

Botswana Wildlife Management Association Private Bag 098, Maun Tel: +267 686 2671, Fax: +267 686 2673 Email:

The Botswana Wildlife Management Association (BWMA) promotes the welfare of the wildlife industry in Botswana and has established a platform for the industry to facilitate contact with the government, its ministries and departments concerned with wildlife and land use and with associations and societies concerned with conservation of the natural environment of Botswana. BWMA provides statistics and information on the activities of the wildlife industry to government, local councils, land boards and other interested parties. As well as promoting and safeguarding the interests of the wildlife industry. It works with the Department of Wildlife & National Parks and other governmental organisations and interested entities.

Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation Private Bag 0457, Gaborone Tel: +267 316 1955, Fax: +267 316 5488 Email:

The Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation was formed in 1991 to promote wildlife conservation and environmental education for the children of Botswana. The first project of the foundation was the creation of the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. In addition to naturally occurring animal species such as warthogs, steenbok, kudu and snakes, several species have been reintroduced, including zebra, giraffe, eland, ostrich, hippos and rhinos. The reserve contains Botswana’s only wild cheetah transit station and four orphaned elephants who are being raised jointly with the Serendib Elephant Orphanage. The philosophy behind Mokolodi Nature Reserve is that income from tourism is used to subsidise the conservation projects and the environmental education programme.


Destination South Private Bag 351, Maun Tel: +267 686 1875;680 155 Fax: +267 686 1875 Email:

Destination South was founded by Alan Michael Schmidt, who has more than 25 years of professional hunting experience. Tonuga Camp, in the central hunting area, CT1, is in the central district of Botswana, and is one of largest hunting concessions in the country. The major trophy in this area is elephant. Owing to the remoteness and innaccessibility of the concession, the serious trophy hunter has an excellent choice of big ivory. Other species found in the area include lion, leopard, buffalko, eland, gemsbok, kudu, impala, zebra, duiker, steenbok and giraffe.

Somarelang Tikologo Private Bag 00376, Gaborone Tel/Fax: +267 391 3709 Email:

Somarelang Tikologo (Environment Watch Botswana) is a member-based environmental non-governmental organisation in Gaborone. Its aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues through events and demonstration projects. ST consists of dedicated staff and committed volunteer members who undertake numerous environmental awareness-raising activities throughout each year. ST operates through four sub-committees – environmental planning, resource conservation, waste management and PR and fundraising. Somarelang Tikologo has a collection of hand made Green Crafts from local producers. The organisation has nearly 100 members and donors. They include government agencies, banks, private companies and multinationals.


AON Botswana

PO Box 624, Gaborone Tel: +267 361 7300, Fax: +267 391 4608 Email: Aon Corporation is the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human capital consulting. Through its 36,000 professionals worldwide, Aon readily delivers distinctive client value via innovative and effective risk management and workforce productivity solutions.

Botswana Development Corporation Private Bag 160, Gaborone Tel: +267 365 1300, Fax: +267 390 3114 Email:,

Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) was established in 1970 to be the country’s main agency for commercial and industrial development. BDC provides financial assistance to investors with commercially viable projects and to support projects that generate sustainable employment for Botswana and add to the skills of the local workforce. BDC supports development of viable businesses which use local resources, make products for export or to substitute imports, foster linkages with local industry or contribute to the development of Botswana’s resources and overall economy. BDC wishes to limit its involvement in new projects to a minority interest, but will bear the major burden of development where this is in the national interest.

Curry Pot

c/o Eastern Delight Private Bag 00364, Gaborone Tel: +267 316 1434, Fax: +267 350 0213 Email: Eastern Delights, trading as Curry Pot and Swiss Chalet, is 100 per cent citizen-owned providing services in institutional and event catering. Curry Pot can cater for 10 different events of between 10 and 2,000 people per day. Catering ranges from graduation parties, weddings, board meetings, lunches and ambassadorial functions. The Swiss Chalet, the premier Continental cuisine restaurant, comprises a patio, a terrazzo and a Country Crash Site Bar. The restaurant can accommodate about 90 people seated, the patio 30, the terrazzo 100, the Crash Site 150 and the surroundings up to 1,000.Curry Pot Catering also provides daily catering at Molepolole College of Education for 640 students during school terms and at Naledi Secondary School for 1,500 students. It also runs the Airport Snack Bar.

Imperial Car Rental

Private Bag Sk 10, Gaborone Tel: +267 390 7233, Fax: +267 390 2366 Email: Imperial Car Rental was started in 1979 with a fleet of nine cars in a small office in downtown Johannesburg. Its philosophy has always been to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit, thinking big, but with the attitude and commitment of a small business. Personal service and attention to detail have been the foundation of the company, with a focus on delivering ‘impressive’ customer service. Imperial Car Rental attributes its success to raising the service level bar, which is the key differentiator in a fiercely competitive industry. With its 24-hour service and willingness to go to any lengths for its customers, the company has revitalised and re-energised its 1979 slogan, ‘Yours Personally’. Imperial Car Rental has become a household name and remains one of the strongest brands in the South African car rental industry.

Avis Botswana

PO Box 790, Gaborone Tel: +267 391 3093 Email: Avis Botswana is the only car rental company represented throughout Botswana. Its head office is in the commercial centre of Gaborone, with other offices at airports in Francistown, Maun and Kasane. Avis Botswana is connected to the international Avis Wizard computer network, giving it an unbeatable technology lead on its competitors. The Avis fleet has a variety of late model passenger vehicles from economical hatches to luxury sedans. For the leisure traveller, the range includes multi-seater minibuses as well as 4x4 vehicles. The 4x4s are equipped with long-range fuel tanks. The comprehensive Avis one-way rental means vehicles can be dropped off in South Africa or Windhoek in Namibia for an arranged fee.

Budget Rent a Car

Private Bag SK 5, Gaborone Tel: +267 390 2030, Fax: +267 390 2028 Email: Budget Rent a Car has a large network of over 75 branches strategically located throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. In-terminal branches at all major airports ensure that, no matter how customers choose to reach their destination, Budget Rent a Car is never far away. The Budget Southern African fleet has over 8,000 cars, offering economy, luxury and speciality vehicles, all with an average age of six to nine months. World-class marques form an integral part of the fleet mix, with all vehicles offering the latest safety features, and always at competitive prices.

Fairground Holdings

Private Bag BO3, Gaborone Tel: +267 397 5555, Fax: +267 390 4263 Located in Gaborone city centre, the 50 hectares venue is versatile for conferences, fairs and exhibitions. The conference centre has a 10,000 seat chamber and another accommodating 2,000. Both can be used for gala dinners, weddings or various exhibitions. In addition, there are three multipurpose conference rooms which accommodate between 250 to 500 people. Fairground Holdings organises key annual events including the Botswana Consumer Fair, CORMITEX (Communications, Research & Innovation, Media, and Information Technology) and FOBEX (Food and Beverages exhibition). The company’s experience has equipped them with the expertise to assist events. Fairground Holdings assist in outsourcing of specialised events suppliers and also manage events.

MRI Botswana

Private Bag BR 256, Gaborone Emergency Tel: 992/ +267 3901601 Tel: +267 390 3066, Fax: +267 390 2117 Email:, MRI Botswana Ltd (MRIB) has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in ground and air evacuation, transportation and medical assistance to sick and injured patients in Botswana. The Company works in co-operation with similar organisations in the Southern African region and internationally. With the assistance of highly skilled personnel, MRI has a fleet of rapid response vehicles, ambulances, configured to ICU level, and a dedicated air ambulance. The company also has access to helicopters to ensure the most efficient and effective response possible. The essence of MRI is the 24-hour Call Centre located in Gaborone which forms the nucleus of expertise, information and care. 61


Motor Vehicle Accident Fund 3rd Floor, MVA Fund House, Plot 50367 Fairgrounds Office Park, Private Bag 00438, Gaborone Tel: +267 360 1000, Fax: +267 318 8124 Email:,

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund reaches out to all who are affected by road crashes – compensating and supporting them in their time of pain, grief and need, and helping to restore them to health and productive life. If as a result of a road crash you are injured and need medical treatment and special care, lose a member of your family and need help with funeral costs, lose earnings because you cannot work as a result of your injuries, are caring for someone who has been severely disabled in a crash, then you can make a claim for assistance from MVA Fund.

Pangolin Photo Safari PO Box 418, Kasane Tel: +267 625 1244 Email:

Pangolin Photographic Safaris operates all year round in the Chobe region of Botswana – one of the most picturesque and game filled parks on the African continent. It is a company set up by photographers for photographers. The company will provide every client should they require with a state-of-the-art camera and zoom lens free of charge while they are with us. It currently uses Nikon D7000 bodies with Sigma 150-500mm & 120-400mm lenses. Pangolin Photographic Safaris provides photographers with an abundance of wildlife photo opportunities and the means by which so maximise those opportunities.

Real Time Safari

PO Box 202630, Gaborone Tel: +267 395 6494, Fax: +267 395 6493 Email: The Real Time Safari (Pty) Ltd campsite provides tented accommodation with impeccably designed tents and all the smartest facilities. Camping packages prices per night are great value for money. Real Time Safari constantly price-check their packages to ensure they offer the best deal for customers. The aim is to ensure all customers have a stress free and enjoyable camping experience. The company is also a supplier of camping equipment, such as BBQs, fold-away chairs, waterproof mattresses, high-quality tents, camping tables and torches.

The Booking Company

Private Bag 0198, Maun Tel: +267 686 0022, Fax: +267 686 0037 Email: The Booking Company is a small independent tour operator with its head office in Maun. Along with its sister orgamistion, the air chater company, Safari Air, it has been in business sonce 1992, proving a personal and unbiased service to local and internatioal tourists. The Booking Company provide a range of services including lodge and hotel bookings, mobile safari bokkings, Okavango Delta day trips, Moremi Game Reserve day trips, bush camping safaris, scenic flights, car hire, cultural tours and Air Botswana flight bookings in combination with a local safari package.


Nthula Executive Airport Lounge

PO Box 81177, Gaborone Tel: +267 395 3230, Cell: +267 7231 0679 Email: The Nthula Executive Airport Lounge is a private VIP lounge at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, located in the international departure hall. Nthula Lounge is a cool, serene and comfortable environment offering the executive traveler free Wi-Fi internet, complementary snacks and specialty beverages. Check-in and relax on a recliner with a book or i-Pad, or watch a news channel on DSTV Flat screen. Or, for the busy executive, open your laptop at the business table and continue working. Enjoy a favorite drink from the Nthula bar with the full knowledge that the professional Lounge hostesses will keep you informed of flight status as they receive it from the airline, and let you know when it’s time to board. Open from 06.00 to 20.00 hours daily.

Pony Transport

Private Bag 093, Maun Tel: +267 686 0618 Fax: +267 686 5572 Email: Pony Transport (Botswana) has been serving the safari industry since 1986. The company offer road transport services, are distributors of fuel and lubricant and provide warehousing and logistic facilities. In terms of infrastructure, Pony Transport provides forklifts, cranes, workshops, parts, mobile storage and waste oil disposal. All these services aim to support clients in the smooth running of their day to day operations. The company’s impressive fleet of vehicles includes 4x4 and 6x6 trucks, tractors and freight boats. By investing in staff training, environmental awareness, and appropriate equipment for operating in and around the Okavango Delta, Pony Transport is becoming the transport provider of choice throughout Botswana.

SATIB Africa Botswana

PO Box AB 129 ABC, Gaborone Tel: +267 317 0574, Fax: +267 317 0576 Email:, Acknowledged as one of Africa’s leading tourism and hospitality insurance brokers and risk consultants, SATIB Africa has a fully staffed office in Gaborone. Staffed by experienced insurance personnel and situated in Unit 8 Carramba Park, Phakalane, this office is ideally positioned to deal with the tourism and hospitality sector as well as commercial and industrial sectors. Representing all the major insurers in Botswana, as well as having the capacity to work with certain Lloyd’s syndicates to provide both Liability and Professional indemnity cover on a wider basis. SATIB also specialises in the placement of Aviation risks, and currently place the majority of the Hull risks for Botswana-registered aircraft and is confident that it can provide service and expertise to the local market.

The Fitzwilliam Partnership Plot 831, Extension 2, PO Box 402182, Gaborone Tel: +267 395 1883, Fax: +267 390 9356 Email:

Founded in Ireland in 1987, The Fitzwilliam Partnership is one of Botswana’s leading consultancies, specialising in construction cost management, facilities management, project management and quantity surveying. The practice has offices internationally in Botswana, Malawi, Qatar, South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe (Harare). The Fitzwilliam Partnership has a good understanding of the components of successful development and is constantly looking to innovate in order to deliver optimum solutions. With a focus on achieving the best in class, The Fitzwilliam Partnership strives at all times to be dependable, imaginative and purposeful.

toUr operators

Getaway Tours & Safaris

PO Box 386 Malelane 1320, South Africa Tel: +2713 7900609, Fax: +2713 7901506 Email: Getaway Tours & Safaris is a specialist small group safari company offering unique safari destinations in Southern and East Africa for over 20 years. Its destinations include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (Vic Falls) and Mozambique. It also offer East Africa destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zanzibar. The company provides scheduled departures on the safari options or it can tailor-make a safari for customers.

Ngamiland Adventure Safaris

Private Bag 019, Maun Tel: +267 686 3777, Fax: +267 686 4881 Email:, Ngamiland Adventure Safaris is based in Maun, and manages a crucial conservation area in the Okavango delta. The area covers 600 sq km and contains a high density of wildlife. The landscape varies from lush, verdant tropical lagoons and forested islands to drier savannah woodland. A lodge, Jao, and two camps, Kwetsane and Jacana, have already been built, and two more camps are planned. The facilities are spectacular and luxurious but carefully designed to blend into their embracing woodland surroundings.

Khuduga Botswana

PO Box 350064, Maun Cell: +267 7430 7874, +267 76241451 Email: Khuduga Botswana provides a range of self drive safaris from its base in Maun, the tourist hub for safaris in Botswana. From there it is not far to the big game parks. The company can also provide tailor-made trips with all camp and lodge bookings made. The company cooperates with a local 4x4 company for its standard self-drive trips. The cars are optimally equipped for the Botswana rough roads and crossings with heavy duty springs and snorkel, and large rooftents. A quick back up service, even in the remote areas, is provided.

Sunrise Travel & Tours

PO Box 403769, Gaborone Tel: +267 318 7807, Fax: +267 318 1925 Email: Sunrise Travel & Tours Ltd is a 100 per cent citizen-owned Botswana tours operator based in the heart of Gaborone. The company was incorporated in October 2006 and offers tailor-made scenic and mobile safari through out Botswana and southern Africa. The company arranges accommodation, offers transfers to and from airport and provide city tours around Gaborone including the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Tour.

air CHarter & airliNe seCtor

Air Botswana

PO Box 92, Gaborone Tel: +267 368 0900 Email: Air Botswana, the national carrier for Botswana, was created in 1972 and is the flagship and pride of Botswana. Today Air Botswana enjoys a reputation as a quality airline operating a fleet of three ATR42-500 and two ATR 72-500 advanced turbo-prop aircraft. In addition the carrier operates regional service in full support of national development and the tourism industry. As a national carrier, the airline is supportive of a wide range of community endeavours. Air Botswana operates a route network consisting; Gaborone-Maun; GaboroneKasane; Gaborone-Francistown; Maun-Kasane; Gaborone-Harare; Gaborone-Johannesburg; Maun-Johannesburg; Kasane-Johannesburg; Francistown-Johannesburg; Gaborone- Nairobi and Gaborone-Lusaka.

Air Shakawe

PO Box 1936, Maun Tel: +267 686 3620; Fax: +267 686 3521 Email: Air Shakawe offers scenic flights, camp transfers, medical evacuation flights, cargo flights and survey flights. 63

air CHarter & airliNe seCtor


Airlink Building, Greenstone Hill Office Park, Emerald Boulevard, Greenstone Hill, Modderfontein, South Africa Tel: +27 11 451 7300, Fax: +27 11 451 7367 Email:, Choose Airlink to connect to 33 destinations across Southern Africa. It has 21 years of customer focused experience along with the widest network and choice of flights. Through its alliance with SAA passengers can enjoy convenient connections with SAA, its Star Alliance Partner airlines and other carriers throughout Southern Africa and the world. Earn Voyager Miles and book flights direct on the website or contact a Travel Agent or SAA Central Reservations on +27 11 978 1111.

Kalahari Air Services

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport PO Box 41278, Gaborone Tel +267 395 1804, Fax +267 391 2015 Email: Kalahari Air Services was established in Gaborone in 1968, and has developed into the largest commercial charter and maintenance organisation in Botswana. Today its Gaborone based charter fleet offers a variety of aircraft from mid-range jets to pressurised twin-turbine aircraft and Single engine pistons. This fleet offers passengers the versatility to fly in luxury to either remote tourism destinations or business hubs throughout Southern African. Beyond private charters Kalahari Air Services provides bespoke services to private aircraft owners, survey flying as well as a dedicated 24 hours air ambulance service which it has been operating with MRI Botswana since 2000. The company further expanded another maintenance facility in Maun which was opened in 1999.

Moremi Air Safaris

Private Bag 197, Maun Tel: +267 686 3632, Fax: +267 686 2078 Email: Moremi Air Services is an air charter company based in Maun. Operating a fleet of seven different Cessna and Islander aircraft suited to regional and international flying Moremi Air offers services from Botswana into Zambia, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Moremi Air has an aircraft continuously based in Kasane. This enables easy and cost-effective daily transfers between Livingstone, the Caprivi and Victoria Falls. Moremi Air offers short scenic flights from Maun to the Okavango Delta, from Kasane to Victoria Falls and a seven-hour day trip to the delta. With pilots passionate about flying in Africa, Moremi Air ensures that everyone’s journey is as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Safari Air

Cnr Airport Avenue and Mathiba Road, Maun Tel: +267 686 0022, Fax: +267 686 0037 Email: Established in 1987, Safari Air provides a ‘seat in plane’ and charter service to camps and lodges throughout northern Botswana. The company operates a mixed fleet of Cessna 206 and 208 (Caravan) aircraft as well as Gippsland Airvans. These aircraft are ideally suited for operating from the remote airstrips of the Okavango Delta and Chobe. Safari Air’s operations base is in Maun, at the heart of Botswana’s safari industry.


Flying Mission Services

Private Bag SK 7, Gaborone Tel: +267 390 0297, Fax: +267 390 4181 Email: Botswana-based Flying Mission Services (FMS) provides flight and maintenance services throughout southern Africa. Its aim is to generate income through commercial operations to sustain its own ministry and operations and provide subsidised flights for missionaries. FMS generates its funds in three primary ways: Charter flights – FMS operates on-demand flights from Gaborone and Maun to points throughout southern Africa; Air ambulance – FMS has a contract with Botswana Ministry of Health to provide emergency medical flights; Maintenance and other aviation services – FMS operates a fully licensed aircraft repair facility and an aircraft maintenance training programme.

Mack Air

Private Bag 329, Maun Tel: +267 686 0675, Fax: +267 686 0036 Email: Mack Air has been operating from its base at Maun International Airport, in and around the Okavango Delta since 1994. It has grown into a respected leader in personalised, efficient and safe air charter operations. Mack Air operates a range of versatile aircraft from the 10-seater Cessna Grand Caravan, to the five-seater Gippsland Airvan and four-seater Cessna 206. The company complies with Civil Aviation requirements and employs a team of well trained, driven, safety conscious flight crew. On the ground, Mack Air works tirelessly to ensure the flight schedule runs smoothly and efficiently, and is coordinated with both the safari lodges and international air carriers. Mack Air offers a selection of air charter services, primarily into the Okavango Delta, but also throughout Botswana and its neighboring countries. In addition to safari camp transfers, it also offers scenic flights over the Okavango Delta.

Okavango Air Rescue

Okavango Air Rescue Airport Counter, Maun International Airport, Main Entrance Hall, PO Box 1966, Maun Tel: +267 686 16 16; Fax: +267 686 16 60 Email: Okavango Air Rescue is a medical helicopter rescue organisation based in Maun. For medical emergencies it provides a fully equipped helicopter with an emergency doctor to treat and stabilise the patient on the spot and take them to the nearest appropriate location from where further arrangements will be made. Its current radius of operation is Northern Botswana and the Central Kalahari. It is financed by the annual subscriptions of Patrons. It is not an insurance premium, but a contribution to help keep the helicopter airborne. It only flies for its Patrons. With an annually Patronage fee of only 125 Pula for Citizens, 150 Pula for Residents and 175 Pula for Tourists, rescue services are secured not only for Patrons but also for the people of Botswana.

Wilderness Air

Sefofane Hangers at Maun Airport Private Bag 159, Maun Tel: +267 686 0778, Fax: +267 686 1649 Email: Wilderness Air (previously known as Sefofane Air Charters), has been in operation for over 20 years. Today Wilderness Air flies over 2.7 million hectares of wilderness conservation land and moving over 75,000 passengers per annum to remote bush destinations. Wilderness Air is currently operational in five countries; Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa with a fleet exceeding 50 aircraft through the regions. The Wilderness Air team has a proven record with safety, efficiency and a reliable service for guests. Over the years, the company has kept abreast of the latest safety standards and has tested and implemented them. This approach has put Wilderness Air at the forefront of the niche it operates in – air transport to remote ecotourism destinations.



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