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Talking about my generation 23

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Top travel tech for a happy holiday

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Funzi – there’s a clue in the name!

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Issue 28


Beat the new year blues in style with 540 Welcome to the latest issue of Fly540’s inflight magazine.

Sleep Over: Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi, Page 32 Watch. Read. Listen:

On Page 35 we review the latest blockbuster movies, ‘must read’ books and music releases Gadgets: We check out the iPhone X and more on Page 34


Africa’s low cost airline

Now that ‘Njaanuary’ is over, it’s time to start planning some fun things to do in the year ahead, so we’ve selected five of the best events to look forward to in 2018. From food to culture to music, there’s something here for everyone. If one of your new year’s resolutions is to travel more, then you’re in luck, as 540 presents a guide to spending 48 hours in Dar es Salaam, coinciding with Fly540 recommencing flights to Tanzania’s largest city. We also visit laid-back Funzi Island on the south coast, where reporter Harriet James brings out the ‘fun’ in Funzi. And, to make travelling that little bit easier, we look at some of the most popular apps on the market that can help you translate, travel and tick things off your packing list. While we’re off exploring East Africa, we pay a visit to Wakaliga in Kampala, home of Uganda’s burgeoning film industry, nicknamed Wakaliwood. Film-maker Isaac Nabwana tells 540 why his action movie ‘Who Killed Captain Alex’ became an international cult hit. Back in Nairobi, we chat to Kiss 100’s Adelle Onyango about her radio show, her love of poetry and a VIP meeting with the

Duchess of Cambridge. Then we test out ki.chen, the food delivery service aimed at putting some zing into your day with fresh, tasty food at affordable prices. Leave those boring and unhealthy lunches in 2017! Speaking of food, we dine at one of Nairobi’s newest restaurants – Mercado Mexican Kitchen in Parklands – where a feast awaits of Mexican delights from tacos to tamales to tequila. We also check out the brand-new Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi, the first of its kind in East Africa. From a new brand to one of the classics, we head down to Hemingways Watamu, where 21 new apartments in the form of Hemingways Residences have just gone on sale. And, boy, are you in for a treat (as long as you have deep pockets, that is). For our regular Drive Time feature, we test out the Mercedes X-Class, a luxury pick-up. As always, we check out the latest gadgets, movies, albums and books to see you through the next couple of months. I hope you enjoy this issue. If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me at the email address below. Kirsten Alexander Editor kirstenalexander@landmarine.org


SPOTLIGHT ON 2017 It has been another successful year for Fly540. The airline was named ‘Leading Safari Carrier in Kenya’ for the third time in a row at the annual World Travel Awards, while new routes were added to the network, including Eldoret to Lodwar, Malindi to Lamu and Nairobi/Mombasa to Dar es Salaam. In addition, Fly540 took

part in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives throughout the year, aimed at giving back to communities and causes across Kenya. These CSR initiatives included: – Helping to protect the water tower in the Mount Kenya area by sponsoring the Mount Kenya Trust – Helping people to see for the first time with Fly540’s Eye Care Mission – Making it possible for

AND THE WINNER IS… Congratulations to Habel Amolo, who won a fabulous family platter at Ocean Basket in the last issue’s competition. Well done, Habel!

a young Rendille girl to receive specialised treatment to correct her limbs – Flying young Sudeyi from Wajir to Nairobi for treatment for his rare skin condition.

On 1 December 1 last year Fly540 relaunched flights from Nairobi and Mombasa to Dar es Salaam. Flights from Nairobi to Dar via Mombasa now operate six days a week, departing Nairobi at 15.00 every day except Tuesday, stopping in Mombasa and arriving in Dar at 17.00.

We would like to thank you for choosing Fly540 and we wish all our customers a happy and prosperous 2018.


Win a voucher for Mambo Italia

We know that Fly540 passengers love a selfie, so we’re asking you to send us your best 540 face with a copy of this magazine to be in with a chance of winning a KES 3,000 voucher to spend at Mambo Italia.

Competition terms and conditions – Closing date is 15 April 2018 – One entry per person – Entrants must be aged 18 or over – Prize is issued as three vouchers, each worth KES 1,000 – Terms and conditions apply – The organiser’s decision will be final – This competition is not open to employees or their relatives of Mambo Italia, Fly540, Fly-SAX or Land & Marine Publications Ltd.

Serving some of the best Italian dishes in Nairobi, including thincrust pizzas and home-made gelato, Mambo Italia is a great place to dine with friends or treat your other half to a romantic evening. To be in with a chance of winning, grab your camera or smartphone and take a selfie with this copy of

540 magazine, either on the plane or at a location of your choice, and email the image, along with your full name and booking reference, to: competition@landmarine.org. The winner will be picked at random after the competition closes on 15 April. The winning image will be featured in Issue 29 of 540 and Fly-SAX magazines.




A forest in the palm of your hand All-in-one seedball is welcomed by tree lovers


ome of the best inventions are very simple when they’re explained – which is probably the key to their effectiveness. One recent Kenyan innovation that is proving hugely popular with conservationists, farmers and tree lovers in general is the so-called biochar seedball. And it’s simply that: a seed inside a ball of charcoal dust mixed with some nutritious binders designed to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of planting various useful indigenous trees and grasses.

Partnership The product is the brainchild of two Nairobi-based companies. The alternative energy firm Chardust Ltd, in partnership with Cookswell Energy Saving Jikos, developed and introduced the simple and effective biochar seedball to Kenya early in 2016 and by November 2017 they had sold more than 1.3 million seedballs. Biochar is charcoal dust that is collected as part of a programme to clean up the roadside waste from urban charcoal vendors in Nairobi. Some of these sites are more than 80 years old – a fact that was revealed by the East African

coins, dating back to the 1930s, which have been sieved out of the compacted biochar heaps. Charcoal does not decompose, so that 80-year-old charcoal dust is as enduring as dust from last week. Like activated charcoal, biochar has a very large surface area and a highly absorptive property, giving it special advantages in terms of soil improvement. It’s one of the best things that can be wrapped around a seed to give it a boost during germination. The biochar coating of the ball helps protect the seed within from predators such as birds, rodents and insects and extremes of temperature until the rains arrive. Once soaked, the seedball, with its now gelatinous binder, will tend to retain

SPREADING THE WORD A range of seedball projects is now marketed by Cookswell. Seedballs are available in package quantities from 250 g paper bags to 25 kg sacks for larger-scale reforestation projects. Organisers of special events are invited to contact Cookswell directly for their own personalised designs on customised bags – an opportunity, says the company, to make “a positive impact with customers and friends and show your appreciation with this memorable and eco-friendly gift to the land”. Contact: Teddy Kinyanjui Email: seedballskenya@gmail.com Tel: 0700 380 009 / 0700 905 913 Web: www.seedballskenya.com


Africa’s low cost airline

and prolong a moist environment around the seed to encourage germination. Biochar seedballs contain indigenous tree seeds that have not been pre-treated in any way. The seeds undergo grading and germination tests conducted by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute and each batch can be traced back to its original seed orchard in Kenya. The seeds nestled within the marble-sized 2 gram balls are still in their natural state.

Reforestation By distributing adequate quantities of biochar seedballs back into the wild, reforestation is encouraged in both time and space. For example, it allows the built-in sensors of the acacia tree seed to determine when is the best time to start growing. It offers a natural approach to reforestation that is particularly appropriate for harsh environments. Grass seedballs generally germinate with the first seasonal rains and then quickly develop strong roots, aided by the seedball’s moist micro-environment In the long term, as well as expanding forest cover, this initiative will invest much-needed ‘stimulus revenue’ into the national tree seed growing and collecting industry through the development of new tree seed orchards, thus encouraging Kenyans to grow seed collection trees on small-scale farms.



Home-grown genius who learned how to make screen magic out of practically nothing By John Tavner Images by Alan Hofmanis/Wakaliwood

IN ACTION  Alan Hofmanis


very Ugandan wants to act in an action movie.” So says Isaac Nabwana, the selftaught Kampala film-maker whose low-budget ‘tough guy’ movies have gone viral in recent years. His films are made on a shoestring and it shows. Actors take aim with toy or wooden guns, the bangs and explosions are cartoonish and the visual effects are

laughable, with torrents of stage blood and ‘green screen’ imagery of tanks and helicopters. Yet these homespun movies, put together in the back streets of Kampala, have achieved something close to cult status. What has made them so popular, not only in Uganda but around the world, is the tongue-in-cheek quality that goes with all that blood and gore. This sense




of fun is underlined by the video jockeys – so much part of the local cinema scene in Uganda – who spice up the action with their own brand of fast-talking wit. When the movies went on-line, the VJ commentaries were kept in. Isaac Nabwana wanted to be a film-maker even before he watched his first movie. As a youngster he drew sketches of Chuck Norris, the American ‘tough guy’ film actor, after seeing him depicted in a street mural in Kampala. Then came the cinema film that really fired his imagination – the 1978 British action movie ‘Wild Geese’, about ageing mercenaries in Central Africa. But here’s the interesting bit: young Isaac never actually saw the film; he just had it described to him – in detail and with great enthusiasm – by his brother. By 2010 Isaac had set up his own film company and had released ‘Who Killed Captain Alex’, billed as ‘Uganda’s First Action Movie’, which catapulted him to fame. His film company, Ramon Film Productions (an amalgam of Rachael and Monika, the first names of his two grandmothers), has now produced about 50 low-budget action films and its original location in the Kampala suburb of Wakaliga has given rise to a popular nickname for this branch of the Ugandan film industry: Wakaliwood.

Skills So how did it all come about? How did Isaac, who grew up in a poor suburb and didn’t finish secondary school, acquire the skills and knowledge to write film scripts and put a production team together? Above all, how was it financed? Some American movie critics have described Wakaliwood as a bit like the pioneer days of Hollywood, when films were made on a shoestring using basic equipment and a lot of ingenuity and improvisation. In his early movies, for example, Isaac used toy guns and 8

Africa’s low cost airline

ON SET  The making of a classic

Some American movie critics have described Wakaliwood as a bit like the pioneer days of Hollywood, when films were made on a shoestring using basic equipment and a lot of ingenuity and improvisation home-made props while his actors provided their own costumes. Gory effects were achieved using cow’s blood (later replaced by food colouring for reasons of hygiene). In fact, Isaac has always been good at making things out of almost nothing – hence his talent for improvisation. “In my childhood I used to do a lot of artistic things, like drawing comics in a book,

EDITING  Isaac hard at work

moulding with clay, building wire cars and guns, making rubber balls out of car tyre tubes and many other things,” Isaac told 540. Later he became a welder and metal worker and learned how to make bricks – skills he has used many times just to earn his keep while learning his trade as a moviemaker. Other key aspects of Isaac’s character – arising from the hardship of his teenage years – are his determination and sense of drive. Though prevented by family hardship from completing his formal schooling, he went on to seize other opportunities that came his way to learn new skills. In 1988, inspired by Chinese martial arts magazines from a local market, Isaac and his elder brother Robert Kizito decided to join a sports centre and learn about

Alan Hofmanis was so impressed, he flew to Uganda to meet Isaac

ISAAC  The man behind Wakaliwood

kung fu. Isaac later switched to acrobatics, while Robert went on with kung fu and eventually started a martial arts school near Wakaliga. It was this team of kung fu trained youngsters that Isaac used when he began making action films. In fact, though, Isaac’s artistic career began not in film but in music. “I started Ramon Studio around 2005,” Isaac told 540. “It was a music studio helping young people who had talent in music but did not have money to record their songs. And now many are big stars, in and out of Uganda, like Eddy Kenzo.” Isaac began looking for ways to maximise his studio. With the help of a friend, he learned how to use audio software. His first music production was the gospel

song ‘Yesu afaao’ (‘Jesus cares’). Ever-eager to learn new skills, Isaac studied computers on a mechanical training workshop and learned how to edit software at a journalism school in Rubaga. A turning point came when he was introduced to the dramatist Isaac Ssempijja, who had written a play and wanted to make a film out of it. His new friend was a good writer, while Isaac Nabwana knew how to shoot movies and was keen to learn about script-writing, so it was a fruitful partnership.

Scripts With his new-found skill, Isaac began writing his own film scripts and among other productions this led to ‘Who Killed Captain Alex’. One of the most talked-about aspects of this action movie, which today has a cult following, especially in the United States, is its ultra-low budget. It is said to have cost Ramon Film Productions about US$ 200 to make.

When ‘Captain Alex’ was trailed on YouTube, it caught the attention of Alan Hofmanis, director of the Lake Placid Film Festival in New York State. The American movie buff was so impressed, he flew to Uganda to meet Isaac and ask him how he had made the movie on a zero budget. He later told the BBC: “I realised what I am looking at makes no sense, but it is complete genius.” Isaac says of Alan Hofmanis: “When Alan came to Wakaliwood, he quickly decided the films needed to be shared with the world, sold everything he had and moved to Wakaliwood.” While Isaac’s films have truly put Wakaliwood on the map in terms of world cinema, it’s clear that Isaac and his production company are not exactly laden with wealth. Video sales and screenings bring a modest income, but getting access to serious funding has been an uphill struggle. Isaac is not that interested in personal riches. “Making movies has not been about money,” he once said. “It’s working with passion with people who share the same ideals.” He would dearly love to buy a piece of land and set up a film academy at which he could teach his skills to a new generation.

WAKALIWOOD  Films include 'Who Killed Captain Alex' and 'Tiger Mafia'



Five of the best

By Kirsten Alexander

FIVE OF THE BEST: Events in 2018

Donkey races, pizza and wild, wild dancing Get the new year off to a great start by filling up your diary with events, festivals, gettogethers and fun plans to make 2018 the best year ever. If you’re looking for inspiration, then 540 here presents five of the best events to attend across East Africa in 2018. SAUTI ZA BUSARA ď ś South Africa's Ihhashi Ellimhlophe Picture courtesy of Gabriele Fiolo



ARTISTS  Mim Suleiman Picture courtesy of Peter Bennett





February Zanzibar

Images: Peter Stanley

One of East Africa’s biggest and best-loved festivals, Sauti za Busara returns in 2018 in its 15th edition, promising the same electric energy, warm hospitality and talented artistes for which it has become famous. Held from 8 to 11 February in Stone Town, the festival is a celebration of musicians from across Africa and the diaspora, including both established acts and rising stars. Around 400 artists are set to perform across three stages around the famous Old Fort and Forodhani Gardens – two icons of Stone Town. In addition to the musical performances throughout the festival there are networking opportunities such as Movers & Shakers, which helps like-minded people to connect and exchange ideas in the word of music.


Africa’s low cost airline

July Zanzibar One of the biggest events in the African film calendar, the Zanzibar International Film Festival (also known as ZIFF) celebrates its 21st birthday this year with the theme ‘Speak up and be heard’ (‘Sema na usikike’). This theme was selected in recognition of DISCOP Zanzibar being included in this year’s festival – DISCOP markets facilitate film, TV, digital content and adaption rights businesses across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean. ZIFF has won international acclaim for showcasing the best of African cinema, with thousands of filmmakers, film lovers and industry experts descending on Stone Town each year to watch, discuss and celebrate this year’s film submissions. The festival seeks to recognise the best of African cinema with a number of awards, of which the most prestigious is the Golden Dhow for Best Feature Film. This year’s festival also introduces two new award categories – Best TV Series and Best Web Series – in recognition ZIFF  of the expanding TV and The dhow race is a digital content industries.


Pictures courtesy of Peter Bennett

3 NYEGE NYEGE  East Africa's fastgrowing festival


NYEGE NYEGE FESTIVAL September Jinja Named after the Luganda word that describes an uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance (and not the Swahili word might we add…), Nyege Nyege is one of the fastest-growing music festivals in East Africa. Held in September, Nyege Nyege has cemented itself as one of Uganda’s most exciting annual events, promising four days of non-stop music beside the River Nile in Jinja. A celebration of contemporary music from across the continent and beyond, Nyege Nyege brings together musicians, producers, DJs and music lovers to experience a huge variety of African music styles. Last year’s festival included genres such as Afro House, Hiplife, Swahili Trap and much more. Camping is available on site for those who like to be close to the action, while Jinja has a good range of accommodation for all budgets to suit those looking to stay offsite.

NAIROBI PIZZA FESTIVAL September/October Nairobi

This one is for all the foodies out there – a week dedicated to arguably one of Italy’s greatest inventions. The Nairobi Pizza Festival was started in 2015 by the online restaurant guide EatOut and has grown in popularity year on year, with more than 80 eateries across Nairobi and Mombasa now offering two-for-one pizza deals throughout the festival. Pizza lovers can get a slice of the action by downloading the EatOut app, which unlocks the discount and helps you find the nearest participating restaurant. Just when you thought there was nothing better than free pizza, last year’s festival also saw mVisa offering two complimentary beers for those using mVisa to pay for their meal. While at the time of going to press no official date had been set for the 2018 edition, last year’s pizza festival was a roaring success; so we’d wager that it will return again later this year for more tasty, cheese-filled fun.



Lamu is the festival capital of the coast, with numerous events throughout the year celebrating everything from culture to food to yoga. One of the region’s oldest and most popular events is the annual Lamu Cultural Festival, which takes place in November over three days. The festival celebrates traditional Swahili life and culture with a range of fun activities, races, dancing, music and cuisine. One of the highlights is the donkey race, in which local jockeys compete for the winning title. There is also a swimming race along the coast and a dhow race that highlights the area’s long history of traditional dhow building. The festival is a chance for local and international visitors to learn more about Lamu’s unique cultural significance and the practices that are synonymous with life in Lamu, such as henna painting, Swahili poetry and a Bao competition.

Details for all events are correct at time of printing, but for more information please contact each event organiser directly.



Adelle Onyango

© Phocus Photography

Talking about my generation

© Phocus Photography

I Adelle Onyango on poetry, empowerment and meeting royalty


Africa’s low cost airline

f there’s one team we want to be on, it’s #TeamADELLE. The bubbly personality of Kiss 100 presenter Adelle Onyango has made her one of the best-loved voices – and faces – on radio and TV. When she’s not co-hosting the breakfast show with Shaffie Weru or chatting to the Duchess of Cambridge, Adelle is using her voice to change the world for the better by speaking up on issues such as harassment and cyber-bullying. Adelle spoke to 540 about her career, her plans for the year ahead and on being named one of BBC’s 100 Women in 2017.

Q. How did you get into radio presenting? A. By mistake – it wasn’t the plan! I was invited as a guest to share my poetry on a show on my campus radio station. I ended up staying for the whole show and the next week they called me back as a co-host. The main host loved radio and recorded all our shows and sent out demos to different radio stations. At the time I had no idea he was doing this. Long story short, when 1 FM was setting up, they reached out and asked me to host their drive show. I had done one radio course by mistake in campus as my concentration for

© Lyra Aoko Photography

ADELLE  Kiss 100 presenter and activist

‘Figure out who you are, because if you aren’t self-aware, this industry will eat you up’

QUICK-FIRE Q&A Favourite destination in Kenya? Watamu Dream destination to visit? Senegal

can inspire others and I think his is a story that fits the bill.

Perfect travel partner? My husband

Q. How’s the music scene in Kenya?

Travel essentials?

A. It’s thriving. I love how daring Kenyan artists have grown to be. There’s a different sound for each musical palate.

Wet wipes – I feel lost without them!

my journalism degree was public relations. But I learnt on the job.

Q. Your favourite song on the playlist? A. My all-time favourite is ‘Strong Will Continue’ by Damien Marley and Nas.

Q. Artists you particularly love? A. Blinky Bill and Octopizzo are my favourites because I love the ‘daring to be’ attitude each of their songs carry.

Q. Your dream interviewee?

Q. How do you cope with early mornings?

A. Obama! I find it a bit sad that I never got to interview him during his last visit to Kenya. I like to think that, through my interviews, powerful stories can be told and

A. Coffee is my best friend! I should say something profound like the zeal to get up and get going. But I’m really not a morning person, so coffee is how I cope.

Q. Any tips for early risers? A. Other than coffee, I guess when you love what you do it makes it easier for you to wake up.

Q. As one of the bestknown voices in radio, how do you deal with the fame? A. I don’t see myself as famous, although I do get stopped every so often for a selfie, etc. I think if I keep it that way – keep the fame out of my head – then there’s nothing to really deal with and I can keep my life as close to normal as possible. That way I stay true to my journey.

Q. Advice for anyone looking to a radio career? A. Figure out who you are, because if you aren’t self-aware, this industry will eat you up. Selfawareness also helps you figure



© Phocus Photography

Adelle Onyango

out what new vibe you’ll bring to the industry. That’s what will help you stand out. But it’s got to be genuine, as that’s what your audience will resonate with.

Q. We know you love poetry. Would you consider it as a career? A. I’m working on it even now! Honestly, I get such a buzz from writing poetry and I feel I have to purposefully bring that back to my journey. So I’m working on that now.

Q. How did you react to being in the BBC’s 100 Women 2017? A. Honestly? I thought it was a con! I sent the email to my management team asking them to follow up and find out how valid it was. I genuinely still don’t believe it to date because on my end I’m just getting started on really rolling out my plan to change my country, continent and world. For me personally, it’s an affirmation that I’m on the right track and that just gives me more zeal to go on.

‘The Duchess of Cambridge was genuinely interested in content creation in Kenya and also what solutions we have to problems like cyber-bullying’

A. It was humbling. I was like ‘me…a young lady from Kenya who refused to conform in an industry that forces you to…is here meeting royalty’. That speaks volumes to young Kenyans watching. The Duchess of Cambridge was genuinely interested in content creation in Kenya and also what solutions we have to problems like cyberbullying that the UK can adopt.

A. I learnt that we, as a country, need to take more risks in breaking stereotypes in terms of content creation. And also that Kenya is


Africa’s low cost airline

STAR QUALITY  One of BBC's 100 Women 2017

© Phocus Photography

Q. What did you learn from the summit?

© Lyra Aoko Photography

Q. You met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the recent Children’s Global Media Summit in the UK. What was that like?

quite ahead in having conversations on how to make the internet a safe space for younger generations. We sometimes forget that we can be a hub for the creation of solutions. The summit also challenged me to do more in terms of content creation and mentorship of the youth.

Q. Why is it important to you, as a female celebrity, to raise awareness of harassment and to empower young women? A. I think because our voices will grab the attention of more people and also many people think rape is something that doesn’t happen often or, if it does, it happens to only certain people. By speaking up, we erase that falsehood and also inspire survivors of rape to stop blaming themselves and reclaim their power.

Q. Could more be done by influential people to raise awareness? A. If by influential people you mean personalities, then I can’t force someone to speak on something they aren’t comfortable talking about – whether they have survived it or not. However, when it comes to those in charge of policy-making and enforcing the policies, then a lot more can be done to seek justice and create awareness.

Q. Your goals for 2018? A. More content coming from AdelleTV. Greater opportunities for young Africans through Team Adelle programmes. I’ll be more daring in the projects I pursue as well. All this can be followed on adelleonyango.com.

Dar es Salaam


By Amy Clark

Great food, great beaches, great value To celebrate Dar es Salaam joining Fly540’s wide network of destinations, 540 magazine heads to the thriving city to spend 48 hours exploring, indulging and relaxing in Tanzania’s buzzing metropolis.

We arrived at Julius Nyerere International Airport at 17.00 on Sunday’s quick and hassle-free flight from JKIA via Moi International in time to enjoy the afternoon and plan a relaxing evening. The sun was still shining as we took the airport shuttle 17 km north-east to our hotel of choice, the Best Western Plus Peninsula. Located in Dar’s magnificent Oyster Bay, the Peninsula has a fine reputation, comes at a reasonable price and is just a 10-minute walk from Coco Beach. We decided to

take advantage of its early website special and stay in a one-bedroom king suite as it was only US$ 30 more than a standard room. This spacious suite came with a kitchenette, dining table and sofas as well as a sunset view and private balcony. The interior was modern and sleek and we felt instantly at home thanks to the friendly staff who greeted us right away. Having dropped off our bags and unpacked, we decided to make the most of the evening while it was young and head off for a bite to eat and a walkabout to see what Dar has to offer. A 30-minute

DAR ES SALAAM  The Slipway Shopping Centre

walk up the peninsula towards the coast took us to the Slipway, the city’s best shopping centre. It was packed full of market stalls selling local handmade scarves, T-shirts and dresses in a variety of bold colours. We came across a great

Magdalena Paluchowska / Shutterstock.com




Dar es Salaam sauce on a bed of rice noodles. The portions were generous and reasonably priced while the food was flavoursome and cooked to perfection. I was then tempted by the freshly baked chocolate brownie, delicious served with ice cream. Feeling relaxed, we stayed for a couple of cocktails at the bar and made the most of the buzzing atmosphere before heading back to our hotel by taxi for a comfortable night’s sleep.



Oxford Media Library / Shutterstock.com

A great choice for dinner in Dar

little bookshop as well as jewellery stands and art shops, all of which gave us an insight into Tanzanian culture and style – a perfect way to start our trip. After spending our shillings at Slipway, we decided to look for a restaurant that would serve us delicious food with a view of the picturesque sunset. The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant & Beach Bar was perfect for our needs – we had heard good things about it from both local people and tourists at the shopping centre. The menu offered a range of freshly caught fish, barbecued meats and oven-fresh pizzas. I opted for jumbo prawns in a garlic butter


Africa’s low cost airline

We woke in time to catch the complimentary breakfast, served to us in our room, before heading out early to make the most of our only full day in Dar. A 10-minute walk took us to Coco Beach, a long stretch of beautiful sands on the eastern side of the Masaki Peninsula. A weekend favourite with both locals and tourists, it certainly lived up to our expectations. The beach was dotted with food and drink stands serving beer, cassava, mshikaki, coconuts and other East African street food. Being a Monday, the beach was relatively quiet and we found a peaceful spot, perfect for a morning of sunbathing. We relaxed, enjoyed some delicious, reasonably priced snacks and dipped our feet in the invitingly warm ocean. Unfortunately it was low tide so we were unable to do much

cooling off in the water. On Friday and Saturday nights this area is buzzing with live music, but as it was a Monday we missed out. By early afternoon we were ready to head off and see what the rest of Dar had to offer. A 30-minute walk took us back to the Slipway Centre Peninsula and we decided to visit Bongoyo Island using the Sylvester’s boat service, which cost TZS 20,000 for a round trip. The 40-minute boat ride was a great find, offering spectacular views of Dar at a low cost. On arrival, we purchased a thatched umbrella and some deck chairs and a waiter came and took our lunch order – fresh barbecued crab from the morning’s catch and a salad. After a little snooze in the sun we went for a swim and did some more lazing about. We headed back to the mainland on the five o’clock boat and decided to check out the western side of the peninsula. We soon found ourselves tempted by the Cape Town Fish Market restaurant on Msasani Bay. As it was our last night in Tanzania we decided to go all-out with a three-course meal. I ordered vegetable spring rolls to start, then lobster thermidor and finished with a crème brûlée – all delicious and served by friendly staff. After a few drinks we were ready for bed, so we took a taxi back to our hotel.

Oxford Media Library / Shutterstock.com

Our final day in Dar es Salaam left us just enough time to explore the Kivukoni and Kisutu districts. After another tasty breakfast we travelled 20 minutes south by taxi to visit National Museum and House of Culture, hoping to gain an insight into the history of Dar. The museum is divided into three sections: historical cars, the history of Tanzania and human development in East Africa. Afterwards, we headed for The Oriental Restaurant, where we ordered plates of sushi and a nice glass of red to finish off our trip. After a short walk to burn off our lunch, it was time to take a taxi back to the airport ready to board the 17.30 flight back to Nairobi. As we waved goodbye to our magnificent time in Dar es Salaam, we started planning our next trip back.

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Feeling relaxed, we stayed for a couple of cocktails at the bar and made the most of the buzzing atmosphere before heading back to our hotel by taxi for a comfortable night’s sleep

SUNSET ď ś Enjoy the view from Dar's coastline




The way to a Nairobian’s heart… Delivering good food at ‘fast food’ prices is a winning formula for ki.chen Behind most successful enterprises there is usually one clear, simple idea that goes to the heart of what people want and haven’t been able to find until now. In the case of ki.chen – the Nairobi-based meal delivery service – that simple idea was to combine affordability and convenience with top quality. Managing director Roseanne Owiti tells 540 how it all came about.


he Nairobi-based catering company ki.chen is an impressive operation by any standard. Covering the whole city, it offers a select range of reasonably priced, good quality dishes. All the meals are prepared and cooked in-house, mostly in a central kitchen, from where the orders are delivered usually by eco-friendly bicycles, but also by motorcycle for more distant orders. Orders can be placed by phone, SMS, email or via the ki.chen website. On average, ki.chen now delivers about 1,500 meals per month. So how did all this come about – and what was the inspiration that led to the launch of ki.chen back in November 2014? The company was co-founded by three friends, Susan Nakami, Neeketa Khimasia and Niraj Varia, and was born out of personal frustration. According to ki.chen managing director Roseanne Owiti they “got tired of having to either spend too much money and time for a decent lunch or 20

Africa’s low cost airline

having to eat unhealthy food if they wanted speed or convenience. After struggling with the options for a long time, and hearing that others had the same frustrations, [they] decided to build a business that combined fresh, healthy and tasty food with convenience and a sensible price.”

The team

FRESH  Urban-style fish curry

Susan ran the business from day one until very recently, when she decided to pursue other things. “She made ki.chen happen every day,” says Roseanne. Neeketa led the brand and menu development. “The look and feel of ki.chen is all Neeketa,” adds Roseanne. And Niraj developed the basic concept and business model and brought the team together. After the launch of ki.chen they spent the first four months developing the menu and delivering free food to people they knew in their target market. They began selling in late February 2015 when customers told them they really wanted to pay for the food. So what, in Roseanne’s

CO-FOUNDERS  Left to right: Susan Nakami, Neeketa Khimasia and Niraj Varia

opinion, is the unique selling point of ki.chen? “Put simply, we offer fresh, healthy and tasty food conveniently and at a sensible price. We deliver meals to you. We sell the food at co-working spaces like iHub and Ikigai, at entrepreneur clubs such as Metta and at sports complexes – for example, the Oshwal Sports Complex. We provide meals at training events and workshops. We provide meals in factories

and offices. Our mission is to make it easy and affordable to have great food, so we work with our target market to work out the best way to serve their needs. Almost all of our growth has come from our existing customers asking us to serve them our food in new ways – and we expect that to continue.” Of course, people have been providing meals in Nairobi for a long time. But Roseanne points out: “We are trying to be the first to combine convenience and affordability with great quality. Others have emerged over the last two years, but we believe we are the only ones who have

rather than many things badly – but we keep it diverse and updated.” All the food is cooked in a central kitchen with the exception of the Oshwal Sports Complex, where the food is prepared on site. The whole process, from sourcing the ingredients to cooking the food to distributing the meals, is handled by ki.chen. “We believe that, if we are to deliver great service, we need to control all aspects of the service,” says Roseanne.


‘We are trying to be the first to combine convenience and affordability with great quality’ KI.CHEN  Making lunch easier and tastier

mastered that combination. We don’t expect this to continue. We are at the front of a trend away from expensive or bad food and we expect others to follow. In truth, we look forward to the day when we don’t have to explain what we offer – it will be the norm.” So what kind of cuisine does ki.chen offer? Says Roseanne: “Our food influences are global – Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Britain, the USA, Mombasa. We don’t have a wide menu – we believe in doing a few things well

Meals are delivered across Nairobi and people can eat on site at iHub in Kilimani, Metta in Riverside and the Oshwal Sports Complex in Parklands. It comes as no surprise that business has grown fairly rapidly, roughly doubling every six to nine months. “However, there is still enormous scope for growth,” says Roseanne, “so we think less about what we have achieved and more about how we can get good food to the hundreds of thousands in Nairobi we still have not reached.” Looking to the future, Roseanne says the plan is “to keep doing what we have done so far – listen to our customers and serve their needs. We will continue to expand what we do today to new locations, but also offer different types of meals and price points to our customers when they ask for them. I expect that we will continue to serve fresh, healthy and tasty food conveniently and at great prices.” www.fly540.com


Travel apps



here’s an app for everything these days, from banking to driving to catching Pokémon in your local neighbourhood. One of the industries benefiting most from the app revolution is the travel sector, with countless apps available to help make holidays or business trips easier than ever. If you’re off to explore somewhere new or you’re a frequent traveller, 540 has picked out the best apps to help your travel plans go as smoothly as possible.

GOOGLE MAPS Chances are you already have Google Maps installed on your phone, so this may be a no-brainer. This handy app is good for everything from navigating your way through traffic to finding the nearest place for lunch and is invaluable for travelling, whether it’s just to a neighbouring county or halfway across the world. The app’s extensive map system helps you get to grips with a new city and find your way around with ease. It works well for both walking and driving and will help you find landmarks, attractions, restaurants and hotels, while the inbuilt reviews system shows you what’s good and what places to avoid. If you’re worried about racking up high data charges while abroad, fear not, as you can download maps to use offline. Just make sure you do this before you arrive so you don’t get caught without.



If organisation is not your forte, then TripIt may be the perfect travel app for you. Consolidating all your travel plans into one handy itinerary, TripIt helps you plan your holiday or business trip down to the last detail so you’ll never miss a thing. Once you’ve booked your flights, hotels, tours and car rental, just forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and you’ll be given your own personal itinerary. You can sync TripIt with your calendar and even share the itinerary, or specific plans, with friends and family. The Pro version of TripIt provides real-time flight alerts to keep you up to date with any delays and gate changes, as well as helping you find another flight if your plans change.


Africa’s low cost airline


Google Translate, another staple from the tech giant, is ideal if you’re travelling to a place with an unfamiliar language. The app version of Google Translate has a host of easy-to-use features that make translating foreign words a breeze. In addition to typing in a word or sentence into the app to translate, the camera feature provides you with an instant translation of written text, such as signs and menus, that can help you save time and understand key information – whether it’s following the signs in a transport system or working out the dishes on a menu. The speechto-text function gives you an instant written translation of foreign speech, or will translate your own speech into the local language.

Available in 633 cities worldwide (and counting) Uber is an easy and familiar way to get around new places. Of course, you’re mostly limited to towns and cities, so if you’re backpacking through rural Thailand or visiting anywhere in Kenya other than Nairobi or Mombasa, you’re likely to have difficulty hailing an Uber. Having said that, the company is always expanding its operations, so check its website for up-to-date information before you travel. In many cities, Uber is cheaper than a traditional taxi, helping you save the shillings if you’re on a budget. The app also gives you the option of adding a business profile – perfect if you’re travelling for work and need to keep on top of your expenses.


Packing is one of the most arduous parts of going on holiday, so anything that makes it easier is a winner for us. PackPoint is an app that helps curate the best packing list for you, based on your travel destination, the weather forecast and any activities planned during your visit. PackPoint takes into account various factors that determine what you need to pack, from essentials such as passports and currency to weather-specific clothing for a comfortable experience. The suggested packing list can be further modified by adding more items or deleting those that you don’t need or that have already been taken care of. You can share your lists with friends if they need help with packing, too!

Funzi Island

FUNZI There’s a clue in the name! Island of diversity has something for everyone By Harriet James Images courtesy of Harriet James, Eddie Matu and Mikoko Cove


enowned for its serene and secluded beaches, the magnificent South Coast venue of Funzi Island is ideal for those who love a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. For action lovers, however, there’s the opportunity to go on a boat trip to watch the dolphins, while a little further out you can even see crocodiles. Or you can explore the meandering estuary of the River Ramisi and discover the four mangrove-covered islands of which Funzi is the main island, with a permanent population of Shirazi people. This is one of the most diverse

islands you’re ever likely to visit, with its mangroves, mixed forests and wetlands. You can only reach it by boat, as there is no path or road through the dense mangrove forests. It’s possible to negotiate the fare to Funzi Island directly with the boatmen, but visitors are advised to arrange the boat trip with one of the hotels on the island. You can get to this place by bus or train from Mombasa. After crossing on the ferry, you can take a taxi all the way via the Lunga-Lunga to Msambweni road. Or you can fly to Ukunda airstrip, 34 km from Ramisi.



Funzi Island

WHERE TO STAY Mikoko Cove Ecolodge The word ‘mikoko’ means ‘mangrove’ in Swahili. This magnificent lodge is 20 minutes by boat from Bodo village – a journey that will take you back to childhood thoughts of pirates and buried treasure. Formerly known as Funzi Mangrove Resort, the ecolodge nestles in nine acres of oceanfront tropical forest, surrounded by mangroves. It has three spacious private bandas, perfect for families, couples or groups of friends. If you’re on a budget, the large seven-bed dormitory banda, or the ample camping space, are affordable options.

Simba-Oryx Cottages One option is to stay in a cottage in Diani and go on a one-day excursion to the island. SimbaOryx has 10 self-catering cottages with accommodation for between two and six guests. All cottages have running hot and cold water; a granite kitchen with gas cooker, fridge, cutlery and crockery; a dining room with lounge; and a toilet and shower. Each cottage has a veranda overlooking the ocean for a direct cool breeze.

POOLSIDE  Relax at Mikoko Cove

THINGS TO DO River trip

LODGINGS  Clean and comfortable

Enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Ramisi River, explore the unique mangrove environment and discover the abundant birdlife. The river is fed by springs in the Shimba Hills and empties into Funzi Bay. A feature of this river is the Nile crocodiles, which can grow to 6 metres in length and 700 kg in weight and reach an age of 45 years in the wild.

Village tour Many people visit foreign places without getting to understand the local people and their culture. There is nothing more informative and exciting than delving into an unknown world and collecting impressions from people who have spent lives totally different from ours. Visit the Wafunzi village and learn about traditional life on the Swahili coast. There are huge mangrove forests along the shore which provide material for the impressive local dwellings. At the end of your visit you can support the local people by purchasing craft items.


Africa’s low cost airline

Sand bank Stop and enjoy the warm waters of the ocean after exploring River Ramisi or just for fun and relaxation. The pristine sand bank appears at low tide and the magnificent beach, amid the tropical blue waters, is a perfect spot for swimming and lounging. You can also have a wonderful picnic or beach party while young children may be more interested in building castles or just splashing around.

WHERE TO EAT Mikoko Cove Restaurant and Bar The traditional Swahili restaurant and bar at this resort offers fresh local seafood and international dishes. Be sure to order the Funzi Special or Mikoko Special, consisting of lobster and crab. For many visitors, it can be an interesting venture to break a crab for the first time. Freshly caught fish, seafood, agricultural products and sun-ripened fruits all add up to a great-tasting menu. Cool drinks, cocktails and a wide variety of wines can also be enjoyed. It’s the perfect place to mingle, meet other travellers and create unforgettable memories.


The pristine sand bank appears at low tide and the magnificent beach, amid the tropical blue waters, is a perfect spot for swimming and lounging Swim with dolphins

FUNZI  Explore the coast

Known as the home of the dolphin, the beautiful Kisite Marine Park was established to safeguard the scenic islands as well as the special habitats of a wide range of endemic marine animals and breeding migratory birds. Enjoy a day of snorkelling or scuba diving and explore the amazing underwater life of the marine park, including a chance to swim with dolphins.

nature and will know where the big fish are likely to be.



There are opportunities for fishing and birdwatching within easy reach of Funzi Island. Its proximity to the Pemba Channel makes Funzi one of Kenya’s best areas for deepsea fishing. Be sure to have an expert on board as these local guides can read

Lovers of eco-tourism are sure to enjoy this experience. After a light breakfast, begin your kayaking journey via the mangrove trees on your way to the Funzi sand bar. Mikoko Cove has three sea kayaks available.

MANGROVES  Entrance to Mikoko Cove




Buying a slice of Hemingways luxury


emingways Collection is a hospitality brand synonymous with luxury. Its renowned properties in Karen, Watamu and the Masai Mara provide exceptional service and warm hospitality as well as showcasing three of Kenya’s greatest assets: the city, the coast and the national parks. The Collection’s first property, Hemingways Watamu, opened in 1988 and was relaunched in January after a US$ 11 million refurbishment which took two years to

LUXURY  Overlooking the ocean


Africa’s low cost airline

complete. It features 39 beautifully appointed rooms, an à la carte brasserie, a botanical pool and a modern gym. Now, in addition, there is Hemingways Residences, an on-site complex of 21 luxury apartments which have recently gone on sale to the public.

Exciting The brand-new Hemingways Residences development signals the start of an exciting era for the hospitality company, offering a chance for those with deep pockets to buy a slice of Heming-

OWNERS  Dicky and Jytte Evans

ways luxury and enjoy coastal life in a superb setting overlooking the beach and Watamu Marine National Park. Ross Evans, group operations director at Hemingways Collection, said of the launch of the Residences: “We are diversifying our product range based on market demands and the new international traveller’s trends. This significant investment will go towards improving our guest experience to meet the dynamic demand of the modern luxury traveller and elevate the standards of our coastal hotel to those achieved at Hemingways Nairobi.”

Apartments start at KES 45 million for a one-bedroom property, rising to a cool KES 140 million for the four-bedroom units; the two-bedroom apartments vary in size and therefore in price, costing between KES 60 million and KES 85 million. The cost of each apartment includes all furniture, furnishings and fittings, so you can simply move straight in with your personal belongings. All apartments come with a designated parking space and access to a storage facility. You can also enjoy the many facilities and amenities within the Hemingways Watamu complex, including the Hemingways Restaurant, Gede Café Bar and business centre.

Investment The Hemingways Residences complex offers a unique opportunity for investment and to own a part of the renowned Hemingways Collection brand. Whether you’re looking to buy-to-let or to make Hemingways Residences your main or second home, there’s

Each apartment has been furnished to a high standard in keeping with the coastal location and the luxury for which Hemingways Collection is known The 21 apartments that make up Hemingways Residences are available with either one, two or four bedrooms, a contemporary kitchen equipped with all necessary amenities, spacious en-suite bathrooms and magnificent ocean views. Each apartment has been furnished to a high standard in keeping with the coastal location and the luxury for which Hemingways Collection is known. Polished marble floors with timber inlays, bespoke kitchens and custom-designed furniture make Hemingways Residences one of the most desirable developments at the coast – with a price tag to match.

HEMINGWAYS  Al fresco dining

plenty to keep you and your guests entertained in the area. Watamu Marine National Park offers an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the sea life and coral reefs along the coast with activities such as snorkelling and windsurfing available to make the most of the location. In addition, the historical Gede Ruins, situated nearby, offer an insight into medieval life in the area, with ruins of houses, mosques, tombs and a palace; while Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is home to a number of endemic and near-endemic species including the golden-rumped elephant shrew and Clarke’s weaver. www.fly540.com



Mercado Mexican Kitchen & Bar

Tacos and tequila with a Kenyan twist


f there is one thing lacking in Nairobi then it’s a decent Mexican restaurant – until now, that is. Opening its doors to the public in October last year, Mercado Mexican Kitchen & Bar has already caused quite a stir among keen restaurant-goers. The story behind Mercado is an interesting and heartwarming one. Two Kenyan brothers set out to discover the ultimate authenticity in food and came upon a small town in Mexico where they stayed at an inn run by a lady called Tia Maria. Her appreciation of good food led her to travel daily to the local market (‘mercado’) for fresh seasonal food to serve her guests. This inspired the brothers to share the exotic array of fresh flavours they had experienced by combining the fresh ingredients of Kenya with the full flavours of Mexico.

Lighting With a huge yellow sign that is hard to miss, Mercado is situated on the Terrace floor of the newly built Kenrail Towers in Parklands. Once inside, the use of space and lighting is impressive, with a sizeable dining room and terrace to cater for the many customers eager to experience the popular Mexican cuisine. The furnishings and decor are in traditional Mexican style, with rich colours and vibrant patterns. A host of different light 28

Africa’s low cost airline

bulbs are placed around the dining space to suggest the sunny beaches of Mexico. As I await my company for the evening, I browse the drinks menu, featuring both traditional and modern Mexican cocktails as well as an impressive range of wines and spirits. I put in my order for The Pili – tequila with cucumber, lychee, apple and lime juice, topped off with a green chilli – the perfect cool-me-down on a warm evening in Nairobi.

Street food The menu helpfully provides a picture of every dish as well as a guide to what the dishes contain, so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to ordering. Living up to its promise of offering typical Mexican street food, Mercado serves smaller dishes at a lower price so that customers order two or three, allowing them to sample a variety of flavours and dishes in one visit.

MERCADO  Steak medallions

Once my two friends had arrived, we ordered the food. To start, we shared three of the Mercado Bites – halloumi fries with guacamole; Mexican mini fish cakes served with sweet corn and habanero; and Nachos Mexicana. For the main course, I opted for the cheese and jalapeño tamales – two doughy parcels with red mole sauce – and the shrimp tacos. Everything is made from scratch and it was obvious that only fresh ingredients were used in the process. It was utterly delicious. I had my eye on the churros with chocolate and caramel sauce for dessert, but I was too full to manage them on this occasion so will have to try them on my return visit. Mercado has done well to use local Kenyan ingredients in so many delectable Mexican dishes. It can take pride in giving Nairobi the culinary treasure it was missing.


By Amy Clark All images courtesy of Mercado

FISH CAKES ď ś Mexican style

Living up to its promise of offering typical Mexican street food, Mercado serves smaller dishes at a lower price so that customers order two or three




Mercedes X-Class

Upmarket workhorse comes at a price


t first it came as something of a surprise. In fact, more of a shock. Mercedes has launched a pick-up truck, the X-Class – the first from a premium manufacturer. But then again, when you think about it, a pick-up begins to make sense for the luxury car maker. Let’s not forget that Mercedes already produces a range of trucks and vans and this has never had a negative impact on the brand. So why would ‘creating’ a new one-tonne double-cab pick-up be any different? THREE-POINT STAR  A premium pick-up


Africa’s low cost airline

‘Creating’ is placed in quotation marks as Mercedes has not so much built a pick-up here as rebadged and reshaped the tough and excellent Nissan Navara. This makes further sense given the evercloser relationship between Mercedes, Nissan/Infiniti and Renault which can be seen in a number of new vehicles. As might be expected, the Merc is priced slightly higher than its competitors, including the Navara but also the likes of the Toyota Hilux, the Mitsubishi L200, the VW Amarok and the Ford Ranger.

Better ride On the upside, however, the X-Class generally comes with more kit and provides a better ride – especially on the highway – than its rivals. For example, selectable four-wheel-drive mode is standard across the range, which comprises Pure, Progressive and Power models.

The Pure is very much a hard-working, no-frills, utility offering, but the Power version offers leather seats, 18-inch alloys, climate control, LED headlights, keyless ignition, electric folding mirrors and electric front seats. This makes the Power an option for those considering a more conventional and luxury 4x4. For the moment, the entry-level Pure comes with a rather weedy four-cylinder, 2.3 litre, 161 bhp diesel engine that’s fitted with a six-speed manual box. There’s also a 187 bhp version (which has a sevenspeed auto gearbox as standard) but this, too, is far from quick off the mark. These two engines are the same as those found in the Navara. Apparently, buyers will have to wait some months before a beefier V6 diesel, the X350, is available from Mercedes.

By Sam Gimson All images courtesy of Daimler AG

The interior of the X-Class is a bit of a let-down. Clearly, this is a pick-up truck, but even so a lot more should be expected for the price. In fact, there’s a lot of Nissan lower down in the cab with some cheap-looking scratchy plastics here and there. Nevertheless, this is about as good as it gets for a pick-up, although still some way below premium passenger car standards.

Equipment On the other hand, the X-Class scores well in terms of equipment, with all models featuring a 7-inch colour screen and fancy rotary controller, DAB radio and Bluetooth. Pay a bit more and you get an 8.4-inch screen with sat nav. As for everyday usability, the practical X-Class

will tow a 3,500 kg braked trailer, has a 1.587 mm long symmetrical load bed and can seat three adults in comfort on its rear seats. As yet, local importer DT Dobie is not able to confirm when the X-Class will be available in Kenya and, in the meantime, the dealership is encouraging buyers to go for the Amarok rather than the Navara. In any case, why pay top dollar for an X-Class when the Navara is just as good, significantly cheaper and much less thirsty? And that’s the big question that Mercedes will face in Kenya.

The Pure is very much a hard-working, no-frills, utility offering, but the Power version offers leather seats, 18-inch alloys, climate control… CLASSY INTERIOR?  Colour screen and Bluetooth

X-CLASS  Off-road capability




Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi



ith over 80 city and resort hotels scattered across the globe, the Swiss hotel company Mövenpick has garnered various awards over the past years – from most sustainable hotel group to Europe’s leading business hotel – as it continues to open more properties around the world. One of its most recent projects is happening here in Kenya, with the Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi due to open in Westlands soon. Located in the heart of Nairobi’s central business and leisure district, this brand-new hotel stands tall on the skyline of Westlands, offering panoramic views of the city.

Modern The hotel has 276 spacious rooms, suites and residences, all artistically designed in cool modern tones with touches of pan-African colours and combined with traditional decor. Every amenity has been carefully chosen and well thought out so that guests’ every need and expectation are fully anticipated. All rooms feature a king-sized bed as well as a spacious en-suite bathroom with a rainfall shower and a separate bathtub. Those staying at Mövenpick Nairobi can take time away from their busy schedule to cool off in one of the biggest pools the city has to offer. The sizeable pool area is equipped with comfortable sun loungers and a pool bar serving delicious snacks, drinks and light bites. Alternatively, guests can burn 32

Africa’s low cost airline

off some energy in the fitness centre on the 22nd floor, with scenic views of Westlands.

Business Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi is designed to meet the needs of guests travelling for business or event purposes. It offers 14 spacious and contemporary meeting rooms with state-of-the-art facilities including

video conferencing and audiovisual equipment. Guests can order refreshments during meetings – one of various catering options. The hotel has the elegant Almasi Ballroom and Hall of Africa exhibition hall that can be rented by guests to provide the perfect venue for classy evening parties and stylish product launches. In addition, guests looking to host gala dinners, themed nights and

The hotel has 276 spacious rooms, suites and residences, all artistically designed in cool modern tones with touches of pan-African colours and combined with traditional decor

By Amy Clark All images courtesy of Mövenpick Hotel

WESTLANDS  A new addition to the skyline

ROOMS  Featuring comfortable king-sized beds

parties can hire the capacious outdoor pool area.

Food and drink

SPACIOUS  Twin bedroom at the hotel

The hotel offers three distinctive restaurants and two bars serving delicious food and drink with a traditionally Swiss twist. The View is a revolving restaurant that offers a unique Swiss dining experience accompanied by impressive views of the city and Karura Forest. The tempting menu has many options including a variety of fondues and other traditional Swiss favourites. The Baluba is an all-day-dining restaurant offering international cuisine, themed buffets, a big Sunday brunch and an à la carte

menu. Mövenpick’s signature healthy shots – smooth energy shots blended with fresh ingredients – are available at breakfast, including a live cooking station. Other dining spots include the Latino-themed La Mesa bar and restaurant with impressive views and home-made sangria; the Kijani Bar, serving signature cocktails and snacks; and a lobby café offering handcrafted cakes and a wide selection of teas and coffees. An in-hotel spa is set to open in the Mövenpick Nairobi soon, offering guests a variety of treatments including facials and massages.

www.movenpick.com www.fly540.com



NEW YEAR, NEW TECH GOOGLE PIXEL BUDS Designed to fit comfortably in the user’s ear while producing high-quality audio, Google’s Pixel Buds are sure to impress. Unlike most other headphones of this kind, these are fitted with Google Assistant, a virtual personal assistant who will answer questions and help you quickly access music, messages and more. When paired with a Google Pixel phone, the Pixel Buds will operate the Google Translate feature that decodes foreign language in real-time with just a touch-and-hold of the right earbud. Price: US$ 159

FITBIT IONIC The intelligent Fitbit Ionic is perfect for the healthconscious among us as it stores music, measures your heart rate and offers personal coaching – all with a multi-day battery. Its sleek yet practical design includes a sporty strap, a durable touch screen and crisp graphics. The Fitbit Ionic is similar to the Fitbit Blaze, yet there are some newly improved components. Unlike the Blaze, the Ionic watch has a built-in GPS to track running and cycling sessions without piggybacking off your smart phone. It also has the ability to keep on top of your swimming progress and the user is given workout suggestions in the new personalised training platform. Price: US$ 299.95


Africa’s low cost airline

IPHONE X The iPhone X is Apple’s latest phone and features a Super Retina OLED 5.8 inch edge-to-edge screen and uses facial recognition to unlock itself, meaning that no home button is needed. This latest instalment allows the user to manage passwords and pay for items using Apple Pay with as little as a glance at their phone. Other new properties include a 3D camera functionality that offers new and improved portrait features; and Animoji, a feature that analyses over 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 animal emojis. The front and back of the phone have been fitted with the most durable glass ever used in an iPhone, while the edges are made from surgical-grade stainless steel. Price: US$ 999

TOUCHJET WAVE Touchjet WAVE is a new and cost-effective piece of technology that has the ability to turn your flat screen TV or monitor into a touch screen tablet using finger, stylus or remote app control. The WAVE sits effortlessly on top of your TV and comes preloaded with Android OS, Wi-Fi and apps, so you can get started straight away. Music can be downloaded to your TV from popular apps like Spotify and Pandora, which can be listened to both online and offline. Users of WAVE can stream videos from Netflix and Hulu without having to connect to any other device, while gamers can download their favourite gaming apps, all on a larger screen without the need of their phone or tablet. Price: US$ 299




Director: Ryan Coogler Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira Genre: Action, adventure, sci-fi

Director: Nick Park Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Maisie Williams, Richard Ayoade Genre: Animation, adventure, comedy, family

After the events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’, which included the death of his father, King T’Challa of Wakanda (played by Chadwick Boseman) returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king. But when two enemies conspire to bring down the kingdom, T’Challa must team up, as the Black Panther, with CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) and members of Wakanda’s special forces, the Dora Milaje, to prevent a world war.

STARS: 4/5

Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, ‘Early Man’ is an Anglo-French stop-motion animated film directed by Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park. It tells the story of Dug (voiced by Eddie Redmayne) and his sidekick Hognob as they unite his tribe against a mighty enemy, Lord Nooth (voiced by Tom Hiddleston), and his Bronze Age City to save their home.

STARS: 3.5/5



Seventeen years after Philip Pullman’s third volume of ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy sealed the door on daemons, witches and armoured bears, a tantalising new chapter now lies open with ‘La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One’. Winding the clock back a decade before the events of the original series, ‘La Belle Sauvage’ promises the return of Lyra – here still an infant – and the emergence of young Malcolm Polstead, the future academic who finds himself drawn into the cloak-and-dagger intrigue of Lyra’s father, Lord Asriel. Beyond lie the elements that shape their world; the daemons that mirror their souls, the strange technology of the aletheiometer, the dark powers of the Magisterium and, above all, the Dust – salvation to some, a source of infinite evil to others.

For the first time, Hillary Clinton reveals what she was thinking and feeling during one of the most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections in history. Now free from the constraints of running for office, Hillary takes us inside the intense personal experience of becoming the first woman nominated for president by a major party in an election marked by rage, sexism, exhilarating highs and infuriating lows, stranger-than-fiction twists, Russian interference and an opponent who broke all the rules. In her most personal memoir yet, she describes what it was like to run against Donald Trump, the mistakes she made, how she has coped with a shocking and devastating loss – and how she found the strength to pick herself up again.


STARS: 4.5/5


STARS: 4/5



For this latest compilation, The Rolling Stones have collected 18 recordings of their performances on the BBC from 1963 to 1965. They have been culled from BBC shows like ‘Saturday Club’, ‘The Joe Loss Pop Show’, ‘Blues in Rhythm’, ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Yeah Yeah’. Eight of these recordings have never been released commercially. All the appearances took place in a two-year span from October 1963, when the group performed their debut single ‘Come On’, to September 1965. Songs include ‘Satisfaction’, ‘The Last Time’, ‘The Spider and the Fly’ as well as covers of songs popularised by Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and others.

Drawing inspiration from Björk’s wellknown affinity with the natural world and its many forms, ‘Utopia’ not only plays on themes of peace, paradise and new beginnings, but also explores the concept of air as a healing force, as a constantly moving entity and as an essential component of life. Björk herself has described ‘Utopia’ as her ‘dating record’ but there is a more profound sentiment underneath: one of hope after hurt and moving on after the pain of divorce.



STARS: 4/5

STARS: 3.5/5 www.fly540.com


Network Map

The Fly540 Network










wwwOK ONLINE .fly54 AT: 0.co m


KENYA Nairobi

Lamu Malindi


Zanzibar Dar es Salaam



Africa’s low cost airline


Contact Information






Ground Floor, Langata House Tel: +254 (0)20 254 0206 Tel: +254 (0)729 540 540 Tel: +254 (0)735 540 540 Email: 540.safaris@fly540.com


Baycourt Upper Floor, Suite 3&4 The Watermark Business Park Ndege Rd, Karen PO Box 10293-00100,Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 388 3060-2 Fax: +254 (0)20 388 3063

540 CALL CENTRE Ground Floor, Western Heights, Karuna Road PO Box 10293 Tel: +254 (0)722 540 540; 733 540 540; 710 540 540

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OFFICE Ground Floor, International Life House, Mama Ngina Street Next to Hilton Hotel Tel: +254 (0)702 540 540


Unit 3 (Domestic Departures) Tel: +254 (0)20 827 523; +254 (0)20 827 366 Cell: +254 (0)727 532 273 Unit 1 (International Departures) Tel: +254 (0)20 827 521


Mezz. Floor, Shopping Arcade Tel: +254 (0)20 224 3211/3/4 Cell: +254 727 540 540; (0)737 540 540 Fax: +254 (0)20 224 3219

NAIROBI CBD OFFICE Ground Floor International House, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)712 540 540; 0735 540 555; 0717 305 305; 0703 305 305 Email: bookings@fly540.com or bookings@fly-sax.com

NEW MUTHAIGA OFFICE 1st Floor, Thigiri Mall, New Muthaiga Tel: +254 (0)703 540 540


1st Floor, Veecam House Oloo Street Tel: +254 (0)53 203 3570/80


Ground Floor, Mombasa Trade Centre, Nkrumah Road Tel: +254 (0)41 231 9078/9 Cell: +254 (0)728 540 540; (0)710 540 540 Nyali Centre, next to Naivas, Links Road, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 447 7540/2 Sales: +254 (0)41 540 540; 707 540 542

MOI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, MOMBASA Tel: +254 (0)41 343 4821 Tel: +254 (0)32 540 540; (0)722 555 730

Tel: +254 (0)53 203 0814 Tel: +254 (0)53 206 3823 ext 658



Ground Floor, Bazaar Building Tel: +254 (0)732 540 559



Kisumu International Airport Tel: +254 (0)254 707 540 560 Tel: +254 (0)737 540 546


Mezz. Floor, Mega Plaza Tel: +254 (0)724 563 009; 734 540 550

IT Plaza, Mezzanine Floor Ohio Street/Garden Avenue PO Box 8606 Tel: +255 (0)222 110 601; +255 (0)759 306 306; +255 (0)765 306 306


Terminal Building, Kitale Airstrip Tel: +254 (0)770 639 429 Tel: +254 (0)724 457 374 Tel: +254 (0)735 540 547


Seafront House Kenyatta Road Next to KPLC Tel: +254 (0)742 540 540; +254 (0)742 305 305




Tel: +49 (0)69 770 673 076 Fax: +49 (0)69 770 673 028 Email: Res540.FRA@aviareps.com SALES

Tel: +49 (0) 69 770 673 077 Fax: +49 (0)69 770 673 235 Email: sales540.FRA@aviareps.com

SOUTH AFRICA AVIAREPS (PTY) LTD 38 Wierda Road West Wierda Valley Sandton, Johannesburg RESERVATIONS

Tel: +27 (0) 11 722 0229 Fax: +27 (0) 11 783 8135 Email: Res540.JNB@aviareps.com SALES

Tel: +27 (0) 722 0229 Tel: +27 74 177 1596 Fax: +27 (0) 783 8135 Email: Sales540.JNB@aviareps.com


Tel: +255 762 540 540


Tel: +211 959 540540 Tel: +211 999 540540 Email: Sales.juba@fly540.com


Oasis Mall, Next to Mario's Restaurant, Lamu Road, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)422 120 370



Travel Info

Travel Information VISA INFORMATION  Most nationals require visas to enter East Africa. Citizens from the five East African states require no visas while those from the Common Market of East and Southern Africa (COMESA) member states have relaxed entry requirements into East Africa. However, East African member states have their own visa requirements for various nationals.


KENYAN VISAS  Under new rules, all foreigners requiring a visa for entry into Kenya must apply for one in advance via www.ecitizen.go.ke. A visa is required by all visitors travelling to Kenya with the exception of those who are nationals of a number of countries, including – but not exclusive to – East African Community Partner States (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda). • Multiple entry: US$100 • East Africa Visa: US$100 (for travel between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda) • Single entry: US$50 • Transit Visa: US$20

Vaccination requirements for international travellers:

Persons aged 16 years and below will require a visa to enter Kenya. Diplomatic, Official, Service and Courtesy visas will continue to be issued Gratis.

• Only valid yellow fever vaccination certificates are required of all travellers over one year old, arriving from yellow fever infected countries.

For more information, please visit your relevant Kenya High Commission website.

• Vaccinations for international travellers are obtainable from all international air and sea ports, city and major municipal councils.

Any visitor going to South Sudan requires a valid visa. Visas are issued through the South Sudan Embassy.

INSPIRING CAPTIVATING INFORMATIVE Multi-platform publishing and design services

SOUTH SUDAN VISAS  Immigration regulations stipulate that anyone going to South Sudan needs a travel permit from the Government of South Sudan. Those travelling to South Sudan from Kenya, should visit the South Sudan Embassy in Kenya. Fees: • American Nationals: US$ 160 • African and Asian Nationals: US$ 50 • European Nationals: US$ 100 • All other passports assessed accordingly

TANZANIAN VISAS  All foreigners from non-Commonwealth countries are required to have a valid visa unless their countries have agreements with Tanzania under which the visa requirement is waived. Exemptions: Citizens of Commonwealth countries are not required to obtain visas unless they are citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia.

For further information please contact:

Land & Marine Publications Tel: +44 (0)1206 752902 Email: info@landmarine.org

www.landmarine.org 38

Africa’s low cost airline

Tanzanian visas are issued at entry points to Tanzania, including ports and airports, and any other gazetted entry point, from the Tanzanian High Commissions or embassies abroad, from the office of the Director of Immigration services in Dar es Salaam and the office of the Principal Immigration Officer, Zanzibar. For more information visit: www.tanzania.go.tz/tanzaniaembassiesabroad.htm


The Fly540 Aircraft Fleet

BOMBARDIER DASH 8 102 SERIES  Type: Twin-engined, medium-range, turboprop airliner Number in service: Two Fly540 operates modern aircraft and is constantly updating and modernising its fleet.

Capacity per aircraft: 37 passengers

The company uses aircraft such as the ATR 72-500, which burns only half as much fuel as some other aircraft and also emits less carbon into the atmosphere.


This underlines the fact that Fly540 is a ‘green airline’ that cares for the environment.

Capacity per aircraft: 50 passengers

The crew and engineering team are professionally trained and certified to ICAO standards.


Type: Twin-engine regional jet Number in service: Three

Type: Single turboprop engine, fixed-gear short-haul regional airliner Number in service: Two Capacity per aircraft: 10 passengers

FOKKER F28  Type: Twin engined medium range jet airliner Number in service: One Capacity per aircraft: 67 passengers



Kids’ Corner



JOKES Q: Did you hear about the two bed bugs who met in the mattress? A: They got married in the


Q: What do you call a bug that jumps over cups? A: A glasshopper.

Q: What kind of bug can't go into the men's bathroom? A: A ladybug.

A: Cricket.

Q: Why did the beetle get kicked out of the park? A: Because he was

a litter-bug.


Africa’s low cost airline


Can you find the insects listed below in the letter grid? Tip: Some words are going backwards!


















L X N W A S P O Q: What do ants use to smell nice? A: Deodor-ant.

Q: What do you get when you cross an insect and a rabbit? A: Bugs bunny.



Q: What is a caterpillar scared of?

Unscramble the letters to reveal the names of the creepy-crawlies

A: A dogerpillar.







(answers) 1. Bed bug, 2. Spider, 3. Beetle, 4. Cockroach, 5. Worm, 6. Caterpillar

Q: What is a bug’s favourite sport?



Profile for Land & Marine Publications Ltd.

540 Inflight Magazine – Issue 28, February 2018  

540 is published four times a year on behalf of Fly540 Aviation. The magazine is the in-flight magazine of Fly540 Aviation. 540 provides new...

540 Inflight Magazine – Issue 28, February 2018  

540 is published four times a year on behalf of Fly540 Aviation. The magazine is the in-flight magazine of Fly540 Aviation. 540 provides new...

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