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Home FurEver’s... Save Haven for dogs Home FurEver is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, NO-KILL, foster and volunteer based rescue group for dogs in Detroit, Michigan. Maryilyn McKiddie the Owner of Home FurEver has been rescuing animals but mostly dogs for 30 years! The group actually began in 2003 and Home FurEver is now currently celebrating their ten year anniversary. They’ve been dedicated to providing temporary shelter, medical such as spaying/neutering, and food for surrendered, abandoned, abused, from kill shelters or stray dogs until they’re able to find them a FurEver home. Thus far, they’ve rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 4,500 dogs and puppies! Every Saturday, Home FurEver has an adoption event at Petco from 12pm4pm at either the Troy or Roseville locations in Michigan. My partner and I were invited to the Roseville Location to see exactly what they do at Home FurEver. At first I didn’t expect there to be so many dogs, let alone so many different breeds. I believe there were approximately 140 dogs waiting to be adopted. Due to Home FurEver being a volunteer based organization, we met with their volunteers Katie Groves and Margo Butler. They both were very friendly and extremely helpful with showing us around, while providing us with a more in depth view on Home FurEver. Some of the dogs they’ve found have been abused beaten or malnourished. There financial support and veterinary

care is from generous donations and fundraising. Can you imagine how much it would cost to take care of 140 dogs? Yet, Home FurEver usually has from 90 to 130 dogs that are in foster care all the time. Therefore, this is constant work that is being done in our community for our fellow dogs and puppies. This also means that they’re always looking for donations, volunteers, foster homes, and Fur Ever homes. Unfortunately, most are memorized by designer dogs, certain breeds or pure breeds. When people don’t realize 25 % of dogs in shelters or foster homes are pure breeds. You can also find designer dogs or several different breeds. There is always a variety of dogs and puppies to choose from. If you are looking for a new addition to the family Home FurEver is the place to adopt. When you adopt it gives you the opportunity to save a dog or puppy that is in desperate need of a home. There is a fee to adoption but it is at a reasonable rate and that is only needed to help with their previous care. Katie and Margo stated, “It is very important to spay/neuter your dog because they don’t stay puppies forever. Don’t allow your dog to continue having puppies that you aren’t intending to take care of.” So please be responsible and aware by not increasing the number of abandoned or stray dogs. Furthermore, we left with a lot of respect for the organization and the individuals who volunteer, donate, foster or adopt.

Information: You can volunteer, foster and donate via their website www.homefurever.com or via Facebook at Home Fur-Ever Rescue.

Written By: Brianna Spurlock

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3 1 0 2 t f a r d 01 Anthony Bennett 02 Victor Oladipo

Power Forward, UNLV,


Shooting Guard, Indiana,

04 Cody Zeller

center indiana

small forward georgetown,

05 alex len

center maryland,

The Pistons first round, number eight pick was Kentavious Caldwell-Pope a Shooting Guard, from the University of Georgia. There second round picks consisted of Tony Mitchell another Shooting Guard from North Texas and Peyton Siva a Point Guard from Louisville. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME… 06

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0 1 p o t e n o d roun 06 NERLENS NOEL


07 ben mclemore

Shooting Guard, kansas,

kentavious 08 caldwell pope

shouting guard georgia SEC player of the year

09 trey birke traded to jazz

point guard michigan

10 cj mccullum

shooting guard lehigh,

Do you think the pistons made a good choice in the NBA 2013 Draft picks? L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 07

New Running Back,

“Reggie Bush” is gearing up for next season!!

In February, the Detroit Free Press and many others covered Nate Burleson’s public statement made on the NFL AM Network that Bush was on his top free agent wish list for this off-season. Yet, during his interview Burleson didn’t hesitate trying to convince the running back Reggie Bush to make his way to Detroit, Michigan. Of course this was before the Lions made it clear to whom they were even targeting in free agency. Then behold

and surprise in March “Reggie Bush” decided to join the Lions! Now, some of you may have known the Lions were in need of a running enforcer due to Jahvid Best not being cleared to play after being hurt and suffering from concussions. Recently on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Nate Burleson clearly expresses that Bush has already in so many ways surpassed what he expected.

Retrieved from Pro Football Talk: “He’s everything we expected him to be and more,” Burleson said. “I knew he was a good running back. I knew he could catch the ball out of the backfield. But when he motions and gets into the slot or goes on the outside and runs a route, he didn’t look like a running back running a route. He looked like a receiver running a route. And that’s a really big difference and for people who know football, they know exactly what I’m talking about.” Overall, the Lions seem to believe the runner back Reggie Bush was worth signing a 16 million four year contract. According to the SB Nation Pride of Detroit Lions News, they feel Bush has resolved there offensive glitches and is well capable of stretching the field. They explained he would also


L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

cause the defenses to redirect some of their attention onto him, which will sway them from Calvin Johnson and the receivers. The real question is, do you think by adding Reggie Bush it will give us the edge we need towards a Championship run? Written By: Brianna Spurlock

image : http://inexplicableways.files.wordpress.com

image : www.thepregnancyzone.com


MONTH ----------------T his year July is National Cord Blood Awareness month, in which promotes cryopreserving your newborns cord blood. According

to the Parents Guide to Cord Blood Foundation the cord blood contains stem cells that can cure eighty different types of diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Leukemia and Autoimmune Diseases. When we are expecting our new bundles of joy the last thing we want think about is the worst case scenarios, during the course of our child’s lifespan. One thing most parents can agree with is, as a parent you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. So why not start right away by preparing to cryopreserve the tissue and cord blood of your newborn. It does not hurt the mother or child but is done right after the birth of your newborn within minutes. The best part is the umbilical cord tissues and

blood can be used for their siblings or another family member if need be. The

Parent Guide to Cord Blood Foundation states, that collecting and storing in a private stem cell bank usually ranges from two thousand dollars plus a small annual storage fee. That may sound a little expensive but if your child were to ever need a stem cell transplant. The average price through a public stem cell bank can vary up to thirty-five thousand dollars and that is if you find a matching donor. In addition, be aware and be smart by cryopreserving your infants cord blood. Of course do your research before deciding to a specific bank such as their accreditation, success records, reviews, and guarantees. This is a big decision but by doing will only result in positive outcomes, while creating a safe haven for the entire family.

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The Power of Secrets that lie Within

image from: www.familycourtservices.org

Someone once told me, “The truth hurts but a lie hurts worse”. No matter the century or generation lies within families have always existed. Normally in this section we discuss the different types of families and how they operate. This volume I wanted to touch on a different aspect about families that most people do not want to acknowledge. In today’s society, families no longer consist of just the traditional husband and wife with children. Now it’s becoming more common to see children raised by same sex couples and single parents. Unintentionally we classify families based on what we see from the outside. Not realizing that what we see on the outside is nothing more than an image. How families truly operate is usually only seen behind closed doors.

010 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

Secrets can create so many problems for a child growing up. Mostly, with their development process of becoming their true selves. Partially, due to putting on a fake persona to the public that doesn’t exist when they enter the doors of their home. Sometimes family’s do not recognize abuse or trauma within the family. Instead they sweep it under the rug and act as if it doesn’t exist. In some cases an individual is unable to be themselves because of their family’s strong beliefs. Secrets also carry a big burden on a child or any individual for that matter. No wonder, “The truth shall set you free”. Whether your family consists of a mother and father, same sex couple or a single parent don’t build your family upon secrets and unsolved problems.

The best way to build a strong family is by establishing communication, honesty and trust. It doesn’t matter what gender/genders you are raised by but children tend to become a product of their environment. Secrets always hurt someone in the end, which is why we call them secrets. They either reveal something we don’t want others to know or something that is going to hurt someone else. The basis of this article is to send awareness to families who hide behind closed doors and lies. Constantly pretending to be a happy family, when really no one communicates, trusts or protects one another, nor are they able to rely on their family members. It’s time we start building our families upon values that will mold our younger generations to continue a family that is honest, trustworthy, who communicates and is supportive.

Image by © Royalty- Free/Cor bis

Written By: Brianna Spurlock

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MY STRUGGLE.. with Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving is a serious problem that happens on daily basis within our streets and highways. Many people have lost their family members and friends due to driving under the influence. Some people have to live the rest of their lives with serious health problems. Everybody understands the dangers and the severity of this act but people still do it. Most violators are aware but they don’t stop even after spending time in jail. People will still get behind the wheel and drive after having a few drinks. This hurts to say but I will be writing this article from the perspective of a violator of this crucial act. There was a time where such actions were a taboo in my life but it all changed with one beer. I am thankful that no lives have been taken or no pain has been caused by my irrational behavior.

012 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

After drinking and driving for many years it finally caught up with me. One night of fun turned into what I believed at the moment had changed my life. I spent a night in jail, paid a lawyer, spend hours in counseling and it cost me a lot of money. During the classes the court made me attend, I learned so much about myself and the effects of alcohol in your system. It all made sense and I told myself I will never make this mistake again. Now I sit here knowing that I have failed on so many occasions. I have violated my state of mind and the promises I’ve made to myself. There is no excuse or justification on why I still decide to drive after a few drinks. The most disturbing fact is that I see a lot of people making the same poor choices as me.

It is almost like a domino effect, I cannot speak for anyone else or explain why they choose to drink and drive. What I can say is I feel guilt, shame and disappointment but it all happens after the fact. Maybe the truth is that in those moments your body is consumed with alcohol you feel invincible. I am sure you’re aware of the famous line, “I am okay to drive”. I can sit here and put blame on a lot of different reasons but that will not change the fact I am the only one who is responsible. I wished there were

people in my surroundings that would enforce the avoidance of such situations. In the end I have to find the strength within myself to think responsibly by standing up and saying let’s take a cab. We are playing Russian roulette by making such poor decisions! I am trying to overcome my irresponsible mindset, while under the influence. Of course, I am taking baby steps but I am proud to say that I have taken the first step, which is admitting to my faults. Written By: Anonymous

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Become the

change you

want to see in the cause the human species can be so cruel. They’ll misuse your kindness suck you dry and spit you back out. We live in such a harsh and judgmental world consumed with negativity. Truthfully, we will never live in a crime free world but we can decrease the amount by becoming better individuals. This means helping those in need, donating your time to creating positive outreach groups in our communities. Several children have little to no guidance, which is causing our younger generation to become

014 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

irresponsible adults. Therefore, it is time we stand and come together by helping our peers. Whether it’s with a smile, hot meal, transportation, knowledge, support, or shelter. Instead of kicking them while they’re down, help them up. Do not judge or you shall be judged. Do not condemn or you shall be condemned. Do wrong unto others and you will not be blessed. Live and become the change you want to see in the world.

Written By: Brianna Spurlock

It is not the world we fear but the people in it. Society has changed so much some for the good, but mostly for the bad. Every morning when I turn on the news I instantly feel this depressed energy overcome me. Due to the corruptions, murders, hate crimes, missing children, rapist, kidnappings, robberies, drugs and the excessive amount of homeless people. It is no longer common to come across people who just want to help others out of the kindness of their heart. Sometimes you can’t fault people be-




Homeless Homeless

r l d...

Murder Murder ABUSE ABUSE RAPE RAPE terrorism terrorism


k ooff GGuuiiddaannccee

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016 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

Photography by Basia Tomaszek

- Coco chanel

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Image from: www.theatlanticwire.com

The Road

to Equal Rights for ALL Same sex marriage has been a controversial subject for decades due to the religious beliefs that a marriage union consists of a man and woman. As citizens of the United States of America we are protected by the U.S. Constitution, in which the First Amendment permits the right to practice and protects us from religion. The fourteenth Amendment has an “Equal


clause which states, “No state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Yet, our country is built upon religion and everyone does not have equal rights. I must admit that coming out about being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgen-

Written By: Brianna Spurlock

018 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

der is a lot easier than it was thirty years ago. We are growing and becoming more aware of the injustice that the LGBT community receives with not being able to marry or receive federal benefits. Now we have states and countries that recognize gay marriages. People are starting to embrace their sexuality and no longer worried about societies snares. The LGBT community and supporters are standing up for acceptance and equality. Just recently, on June 26th 2013 in California the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to strike down the act, in which denied gay marriage partners the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples. This is a big step in a positive direction towards equal rights for same-sex couples. Unfortu-

“I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for, and to see realised. But my Lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.�

-Nelson MandelaL’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 019

There has been a lot of buzz about the television show,

Mermaids: The New Evidence that was aired in May of 2013 on

Animal Planet pertaining to the new evidence proving the existence of mermaids. Many of us have grown up on the Disney movie, “The Little Mermaid” that was based on a fairytale girl who was half human and fish. What we may not have known is the mermaid species has been seen and mentioned within several different cultures throughout the centuries. Of course there hasn’t been any solid scientific evidence of this “mermaid” species. Until recently, we have not had any proof to debate the existence of mermaids. Some have called this a hoax, while some believe there is some truth to this story. Realistically, if you aren’t a part of the government you’ll never know everything that exists in this world. In my opinion, I think these so called “mermaid” species do exist but they may hold information that could change our world forever. Before there was land there was water, correct? Could it be possible that we were created from mermaids, instead of originating from our apelike ancestors that evolved into the human species? Yet, in the last decade there has been two large species within the deep ocean that were discovered. During the show the fictional character Dr. Robertson stated, “We have explored the moon more than we have explored the deep ocean,” which is true.

020 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com


rmaids In addition, we have only researched and or explored maybe five percent of our ocean. The question is do you believe that is an adequate percentage to claim that we are aware of every species within the ocean? Furthermore, after listening to the information given throughout this television show it made me contemplate the possibilities. I don’t think any of us are in the position to say, “What does and doesn’t exist”. Considering we have not explored the whole world or looked under every rock. I believe we have to be open-minded because every day we are discovering new things. Personally, this subject is really touch and go because it is not solely factual. Yes, Animal Planet presented a good argument but the fact the network described the show as science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory. This allows us to know that majority of the evidence presented is not true. Unfortunately, the way

the story was conveyed it was hard to distinguish what was fact or fiction. It was also aired on Animal Planet, which is known for relying factual information on nature and science not mythical or fantasy species. In conclusion, the show allowed us to consider the possibilities because the audios and the many features we share with marine animals are true. They were able to create an extraordinary theory establishing that the history of mermaid’s goes back seven million years ago in Africa. Concluding that some of our apelike ancestors left the land for the deep sea and there body grew accustomed to the life in the water. Those of our apelike ancestors who remained on land in time evolved into the human species. In the end Animal Planet took some factual evidence and turned it into a hypothesis. Written By : Brianna Spurlock

L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 021

image from: Animal Planet

Fact or Fiction??


Contact Information: Facebook: Yolanda McCoy Y.A.N.K (Group Fb Page) Phone: (347) 744-0442 Mail: 18932 East Fourteen Mile Roseville, Michigan, 48066


illie Clark, who was also known as Stanky was only 24 years old when his life was taken away due to an argument on May 6, 2013 at Prince Drewry Park on Quinn Rd in Clinton Township, Michigan. This was a tragic event not only on the families but to the community as well. Ms. Yolanda McCoy has created a non-profit organization in memory of Willie

Clark called Y.A.N.K, which means Youth. Against. Needless. Killings. Ms. Yolanda expressed, “Youth is a time of life in which tension to social problems and activisms is natural. When these interests are well guided they develop social participation, commitment, leadership, mindfulness, compassion, caring of one self and others.” She explained, “We are trying to redirect the

022 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

negative stigma that has been placed on our younger generation. There was an old saying, that it takes a village to raise our children and we need to go back to that.” Wouldn’t you agree? Needless to say we live in a world where children are having children who’ve had little to no guidance. Daughters are becoming unfit mothers, while son are becoming unfit fathers and not role models. It’s time we stand


together and start reaching out to our youth. Ms. Yolanda is on a mission and has an open door policy, while promising not to judge but listen. If you need help, she is waiting to give you a hand. She encourages anyone in need to reach her anytime via Facebook, phone or by mail. Furthermore, Ms. Yolanda shared with us that she has received positive feedback and support from the community. She wants

to continue to build Y.A.N.K in the hopes of helping and saving our youth, while keeping Stanky’s memory alive. In order for this movement to be successful Ms. Yolanda needs everyone’s continued help. Whether, it’s by becoming an advocate for the youth, donating, volunteering or simply just spreading the word. This is just the beginning of an amazing Written By: Brianna Spurlock foundation that is needed within our community today. L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 023

024 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 025



026 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com


Photography & Design by Basia Tomaszek

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028 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

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The Voice within:

Camille Paige Singer, song writer Camille Paige is from Detroit, Michigan and is currently apart of GTE entertainment. She is only 21 years old but she is determined and focused on the prize. From the outside looking in you see a strong, classy, rare, complex and talented individual within Camille. Yet, you do not see the pain and hurt she has experienced throughout her life because she remains so humble. During our interview Camille shared with us that her childhood was not the

030 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

greatest. She explains, “I remember being homeless and living in shelters. I remember dealing with my mom suffering from AIDS. It was hard because at that time I didn’t understand it but I had an idea of how serious it was being that I knew it would result in death.” In addition, Camille lost her mother to AIDs right before she entered her freshman year of high school. Thankfully Camille was blessed with a loving grandmother who has supported, cared, loved and helped her become the phenomenal woman she is today. Although, she has experienced so much pain and heartache she is a survivor. She chose to not allow her childhood to determine her future for the worst but for the best. Miss Camille Paige attended college for Vet Technology until she decided to drop out to pursue her music career. Just recently in February of 2013, Camille experienced pulling off her first concert in which she expressed as, “Amazing.” She also has competed in several competitions such as X Factor, The Voice, Sunday Best and will be competing in the upcoming season of American Idol. So make sure you tune in July, 21st, 2013 to support! Overall, Camille hopes to release her mix tape this summer and land a record deal sometime very soon! She is not giving up because, “You’ll either chase your dreams or work for someone else who did and I cannot fathom working for someone else,” said Camille. In the end she leaves us with, “Be passionate and do not be afraid.”

Written By: Brianna Spurlock & Photography By Basia Tomaszek L’amour Divine Magazine

www.lamourdivine.com 031

Photography & Design by Basia Tomaszek

032 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

C-Wrigh Don Mon


ht & ney presents

L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 033

C- Wright and Don Money allowed us the inside scoop on their movement that some might assume to be a gang but instead it’s a brotherhood called TeemVill. There group consist of two other members named Tone Wezze and B-Man. These young men come together not only as friends or brothers but as musically talented individuals. They’re grindin’ at the studio daily, while working nine to five jobs. It’s not easy making it in the music industry but these young men are driven and hungry. C- Wright was born in Chicago, Illinois but spent majority of his life on 15 mile and Gratiot, which out here is referred to as “The Road”. He was raised by a single mother who taught him how to be the standup man he is today. C-Wright also has his Associate’s 034 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

Degree in Business and Marketing, in which he hopes to not only become a well-known artist but to one day establish his own record label. Don Money was born in Detroit but raised on “The Road” by a single mother who instilled wisdom and love in him. Don Money is striving to finish school, while working with his brothers in TeemVill to obtain a number one album on the charts. Furthermore, watch out for these young men taking the steps to come up in today’s society. This is only the beginning to a rewarding future if they continue to stay focused and do not lose sight of their overall goals. You can follow them on Youtube at TeemVill2012 and on Twitter at OfficialTeemVill or download theire music at www. hulkshare.com/TeemVill.

Photography & Design by Basia Tomaszek

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MICHAE The Path My name is Michael K. Davis and I am from Morehead, Kentucky. Once upon a time I said, “I would never get a tattoo”. Everyone’s tattoo that I saw was horribly done and within someone’s kitchen. While in college studying graphic design a friend told me that my artwork would make some cool tattoo designs. At first, I told him that he was crazy! Until he showed me a tattoo magazine, which I had never seen before. When I saw the artwork, I knew this might be something to look further into. Soon enough, I designed my first piece and got it on my 21st birthday. It was in that moment, when I decided to become a tattoo artist. It took me almost two years to become an apprentice. I got shot down everywhere. I kept making revisions to my portfolio and after some hard work and time, I became an apprentice under a friend of mine named Todd Lands. I was an apprentice for a little over two years and then life threw me a curve ball. There was a good deal of time when tattooing was not an option but I drew every day and I still do. After some time and a lot of planning, I had the opportunity to open my first shop. That was three years ago. We started out Back Alley Tattoos as a shop that provided “flash” and walk-ins. Now we have evolved into a complete custom shop that has no flash and is appointment only. Furthermore, I love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else besides tattooing. Written By: Brianna Spurlock

036 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com



of a Tattooist Location: Back Alley Tattoos 115 North Wilson Ave Morehead, Kentucky 40351

Contact Us: Business Operation Hours Tuesday-Saturday 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm Phone: (606) 783- 9899 Email: backalleytattoos@gmail.com Facebook: Back Alley Tattoos

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-Khalil Gibran

038 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

Photography by Basia Tomaszek

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.

Photography by Basia Tomaszek

L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 039

The Unknown Heart shattered, mind battered— Soul bleeds blue as the bullet of love passes through. I never wanted this, to live at such a miss, being happy is just a dream, hurt and misery is true reality. We all dream of one day having true love, to speak, see, breathe, and feel like no other, to share unconditional love like a child and its mother, to have a bond so tight like a man to his brother— It just doesn’t seem to come that way. Yeah, we may get lucky one day— But when the charm wears off and the one you love is gone, you’ll understand the reason I sing these sad songs. “Love is forever”— Yeah, ok. Then you wonder why people react to pain in the fucked up ways they resort to. Having your head filled with dreams will drive you crazy too! Once upon a time I believed love was real— now I see it’s just a tease on a string being pulled by a reel. The ropes pull forever and you never see the end but we’re too blinded due to turning in the other direction! Lifetime stupidity, yeah that’s the shit! No, I change my mind; I think I’ve had it. Pulling the blindfold off my eyes, to see the true colors: control, manipulation, and lies. I really did not sign up for this— you can have it back, where’s the exit? If this is really what true love is, I’m bouta tighten up and break out of this prison. Farewell— Written by: Sinatra J. 040 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

Photography & Design by Basia Tomaszek

Sinatra J.

L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com 041

Photography & Design by Basia Tomaszek

042 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

His Perspective.. His Life.. His Dream The streets can come in many aspects it’s not just revolving around the dope game. “Living the street life means you’re on your own trying to make it with no real guidance,” said Lance Longboat. Coming up Lance never knew his dad and his mother was never around. So his grandmother and grandfather raised him. His grandparents tried to raise him in a good neighborhood but he was a very angry child. Lance expressed, “I was a handful sometimes but I still respected my elders and graduated from Anchor Bay High School.” I asked him, “Do you plan on furthering your education?” He responded, “I don’t think that is in my future due to me being 27 years old with six felonies on my record. When you have felonies you can’t apply for certain grants for school nor is it easy to find a job. I am grateful to have a job because once you’re in the system you’ll al-

ways be a career criminal.” Look, “I’ll tell anyone having a nine to five job is where the real money is at because you can’t be in the streets spending thousands with no proof of how you got it. Now I’ll always remain loyal to the streets because if I ever needed to I can always fall back on them. Yet, the streets are instilled in me because it is where I come from. As of right now, I am getting to old for the slangin’ and on the block routine. I go to work and then come home. I want assets not just nice clothes and cars. Lately, I have been working on a mixtape with Asar that is engineered in Detroit on the Eastside. I rap, write and produce for other people. I do intend on making my music into a serious career and right now I am collaborating with some hot people. Overall, I am ready for a change and to see where this music thing goes.”

Check out Fast Lyfe by: Freelance theDon on ShareBeats In September check out the NFL mixtape!!

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Dallas Brooks-Bey Carson City Correctional Facilities 10274 Boyer Road Carson City, MI 48811 #317422


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People don’t realize how a man’s whole life can change just by one wrong turn. I have always been the type of man who tries to face facts by accepting the reality of life. By learning from the experience and gaining the knowledge that unfolds. I sit here every night in deep thought about how my life just slipped away from me like snow falling from the roof. I knew my days were numbered on the streets before my arrest on October 27th, 2006. Death was closing in on me because I was to gone on liquor, weed, committing robberies and chasing women. There were plenty of times I was so messed up I didn’t remember the night before. Like I mention previously I knew my time was coming. You cannot dodge karma nor the backfire from your own irresponsible actions. Allah works in mysterious ways because her I sit was a 10 to 30 year bid. I am 6 years in and with 4 more years left. I feel like a man that has been sleep or under a spell. When we get caught up in the streets we don’t think about going to jail because what they call, “breaking the law” we call “surviving”. While you’re in the streets you have to utilize every sense and tactic in order to survive the jungle. It’s a game and not like jump rope or hop scotch. As a Muslim of the, “Moorish Science Temple of America” we are taught about

Universal law you reap what you sow. Although I am in prison for a crime I did not do but I died three times on the scene. What started as a simple altercation turned in to a sticky situation. As I said Allah works in mysterious ways because now I am an inspiring author that has published one book thus far called, “Boss Status”. I am currently working on many more, my mother Allah rest her souls always told me, “A women can make or break a kingdom, hold up or tear down a house, make love or make war.” We as men will never be able to understand “women”. Yet, when we get a good one we don’t realize it until it’s gone. I am locked up physically not mentally; when I was out there I acted like a boy doing childish and foolish things. No I have matured and grown in to a real man. Hindsight is everything because if I didn’t come back to prison I would be dead. The hustler fate for so many is bullets, knives, prison, death, diseases, insanity, and alcoholism. You have to look at your life and ask yourself why Allah put you in the current situation you’re in. Everything happens in life for a reason and with every action there’s a reaction. Furthermore, I hope you readers digested this food for thought, while understanding my pain and many others inside these prison walls. You’re truly blessed… Realize it!

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Bella Rose is an open transgender woman who performs at Club GiGi’s in Detroit, Michigan. Miss Bella Rose is also former Miss Amateur GIGIs and Royal Junior Miss Michigan title holder. She expressed, “I love competing but at first it was scary, once you’re able to overcome your nerves it’s so much fun and exciting.” Thus far, Bella has traveled throughout Michigan, Ohio, Florida and New York. She explained, “The more you do the more you are known which enhances your career.”

Bella hopes to become a national title holder, in which I believe she’ll have no problem obtaining. She possesses class, elegance, poise, strength, intelligence, and talent but she also has a story to tell. When Bella was in her teenage years she dealt with a lot of bullying. She didn’t have to just deal with society but her own confusion due to being taught one way and realizing you’re a different way. Miss Bella Rose went through extremely tough times that lead her to attempting to commit suicide at the age of fifteen.

Eventually, she told her mother but although she understood Bella it wasn’t accepted. She explained, “It took time but now she is my biggest fan. I just wish people would quit judging each other before getting to know them. Understand there are neither lines nor boundaries when it comes to love.” This is true it’s time that we stop being so narrowed minded and realize we live in a world where everyone is different. This will never change because we were all born that way. Written By: Brianna Spurlock

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Jennifer Alexander

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never book b Jennifer Alexander grew up with six sisters, one you may know as “Hoops” from Flavor of Love and ex fiancée of retired basketball player Shaquille O’neal. Their father brought them up to be tough and anything they wanted was not given to them but earned. Jennifer expressed, “We were not spoiled we did chores, yard work and fixed things around the house. We were always involved in sports and overall we had a good home. It was rough at times because I grew up being sexually molested until my senior year of high school.” Therefore, by the age of fourteen she was coming and going from home to living everywhere else. She stated, “This is nothing new to me from what my life is now. Yes it is more difficult because I have three kids but I’ve always spent my life struggling. I’ve never had it easy nor did things just get handed to me. Everything I have, I’ve had to work my butt off to get it for myself. I think the only reason it weighs me down now is the fact I have children and deadbeat dads who don’t help. So it’s hard— and very stressful.” I asked Jennifer, what do you think you’ve learned from your life experiences? She replied, “I thank God every day that I am alive and that I have my kids. I believe it’s going to get better— this is life, what I gain from this is that— I’ve learned to cherish everything you have because it can be gone in a blink of an eye. I’ve been living in a motel room for the last six months due to me renting from people who turned out to not actually own my condo. It turned into a complete mess in the end I lost my home and lot of money. 050 L’amour Divine Magazine www.lamourdivine.com

judge a by its cover Then the rest of the money I had saved up went towards having to live in motels.” You’re probably wondering, “Why not just move into an apartment?” Jennifer stated, “It’s called having credit and a job. I have two kids in school and then the baby. No stable housing or anything for that matter. I don’t even have family that will watch my kids for me. I have no body—it’s like no one’s there for each other anymore.” I was in complete shock, “Where is your mother? Why isn’t she stepping up to help?” Jennifer responded, “You have to understand my mom did what she thought she had to do such as cooking, cleaning and keeping the family together but she didn’t love us a way a mother should have. She knew about the three of us being sexually molested and she didn’t do anything about it besides telling us to keep our mouths shut. I love my mom but it has made me resent her in away.” Throughout Jennifer’s life she has not had much experience with stability but majority deceit, abuse, and being mistreated by loved ones. Every time she thought she found herself back on solid ground something would happen to cause it to somehow fall apart. From building a life with her two eldest children’s father for several years, working and attending college for massage therapist to not having anything. Prior to the current situation she is in now, before she moved into her condo. Jennifer was pregnant with her last child and living with her new baby’s father who became

very abusive causing her to leave him. She explained her mind frame as being in a complete lost, seven months pregnant and back at square one. For the time being she went to Tennessee with her sister for a little while but you can’t stay somewhere forever. It was back to cold cruel Michigan’s streets and sleeping in her car behind Meijer’s or other buildings for Jennifer and her children. Jennifer explained, “In that moment all I could think about was finding a place.

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It was becoming mid-winter and freezing outside. So even though I hated asking anyone for anything, I had to ask my sister Niki “Hoopz” to live in the abandoned home she owns next to the house we grew up in. The house had been abandoned for almost thirty years. It lacked pipes, pluming, floors, bathrooms, electricity and was being taken over by rats. Honestly it was completely unlivable because it was just a shell but it was more than I had. I begged my sister to just turn on DTE and I’d fix the house up myself so we could stay there. She immediately said no and told me to not ask her about the house again, while hanging up on me. At first I was confused because originally when my sister bought the house it was supposed to be just in case any family members needed a place to stay.” Due to Jennifer not having any other option she went to stay in the home anyways. She gathered a lot of blankets, candles and dry wall to block them a little area in the home to keep the rats out. They had three 2-liter pop bottles of water and bowls, one was used to wash their face, the other one was used to brush their teeth and the last one was to use the bathroom in. Jennifer conveyed, “The boys knew the routine and that’s what we did. We actually stayed there for about three months.

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Yet, everyone knew I stayed there and no one tried to help. The whole time I stayed there I stacked my money from doing massages and that’s when I found my condo.” Once she thought her life had turned for the good, not to long after it was taken away once again. She stressed, “No one will ever know how hard it is until your walking in those shoes. The part that hurts the most is when you see the people who are capable of helping, even if it’s just a little bit but they don’t. I never thought about killing myself and I love my kids but there has been so many times that I’ve thought if I just wasn’t here they’d have no choice but to take my kids. Then I snap back to reality and I know I can’t do that because even if I try to get them to go somewhere else. They do not want to—my kids are so strong, loving and understanding.” In the end, Jennifer wants everyone to know, “Even though I know my situation is rough and I know my kids deserve totally better. There is always worse and no matter what I just thank God that we are living. It is so hard not to give up but I have to keep believing and hoping to one day have stability for me and my children. My advice to you is never judge a book by its cover because you’ll never really know what lies within its contents.”

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g n i d n a t s der

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Darian and Basia have been friends since high school but have also previously dated in 2009 until sometime in 2011. They obtain such a unique relationship that is a combination of friends with benefits and a open relationship. Darian wants to eventually marry Basia one day but on the other hand Basia is not ready or thinking about such commitment yet. What I loved the most about these two ladies was the fact they were completely open and honest with one another. They both are in agreement of allowing each other to explore and experience. Darian stated, “Even if we were married I would still allow her to enjoy someone else.” They hang out with each other’s exes and current girlfriends, while maybe slipping in a little third party action sometimes! Basia and Darian are the true meaning of “Free”. The best thing is they both enjoy having fun together. They also don’t pass judgment on each other and they communicate even when they don’t want to. Of course they explained some people including a few of their friends find their understanding a bit weird. While most don’t realize that their relationship probably withholds more honesty, communication and trust than the majority of those in a committed relationship.

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Kellie Kellz TALKS ABOUT Kellie Kellz is a 30year old woman from Detroit, Michigan. She was raised majority by her mom but she had to teach herself a lot of things, due to her mother being very sheltered. She still has a very close friendship with her father. Today, she has her hands in several different projects such as being a drummer, promoter for “Tropical Hut” on Wednesdays and Fridays. Kellie Kellz is most passionate about getting the word out about safe sex in the lesbian community. She explains, “A lot of lesbians do not

know what a dental dam is or they are unaware of the proper way to use them. Herpes and other STDs are increasing more and more in the LGBT community. Currently, I am looking for a sponsor who will help with the purchases of condoms and dental dams. So I am able to get more out in the community and spread awareness to our adults and youth.” If you have any information that will help Kellie Kellz in her journey to spread awareness in the lesbian community contact her via Facebook.

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