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Hello, my name is Saphire. I am a five foot long “Red Tail Boa”, and I have been living with my family for about eight years. My colors are Red, light and dark brown and beige. I love to eat mice and rats for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I am a cold blooded reptile and that means I need a heat lamp to keep me warm. I am not venomous but I am a constrictor, which means I choke my prey to death. Once I strike and grasp

them, I wrap my body around them tightly until they’re no longer breathing. Every movement they make the tighter I squeeze. I do not chew my food as humans do. I open my jaws and swallow them whole. I enjoy my heat vision because it makes it easier to track my prey by heat and movement. Unfortunately I can only see blue, green, red, and orange colors. I also do not have ears,

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STILL STANDING My name is Theresa Drake; I am forty eight years old. I am the oldest of eight children so yes; I am a big sister and mother to four beautiful kids that are all grown up now. I have seven grandchildren and I am also a Wife. I am a hard worker and I have always worked two or three jobs to take care of my family. I was a custodian at Wayne State University for almost ten years. I enjoy helping others by being a home health care provider for also ten years as well. Since my teenage years, I have also been braiding hair. I am now on what my oldest daughter Aiesha calls a “vacation”. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma or Lymph Node Cancer, a lot has changed to where I am not able to work. It took time but I have accepted that it’s okay to enjoy my vacation. God has something planned for me because here it is 2012 and I’M STILL STANDING. Please watch my Interview with L’amour Divine where I share my story for the first time. According to Lymphoma Cancer Center, Lymph Node Cancer is a form of cancer that involves your lymphatic system, which is a very important part of your body’s immune system. This system moves lymph node fluid, waste substance and nutrients throughout your body bloodstream and tissues. Each lymph node is also an important part of your immune system. The Lymph Node is a tiny bean-shaped gland, located in many different areas of the body. The main locations are the neck, under the “Cancer arms, and in the groin. The body has over 300 filtering selected white is a big blood cells and foreign elements. Normally a healthy lymph node is not word, it sensitive or sore to touch. Children between the ages of 10-12 usually scares have larger lymph nodes, which can be twice the normal size compared to adults. me every


Your lymph node filters fluids, catering viruses, bacteria, and other unknown materials. Then your unique white blood cells destroy the unwanted materials. It could be found alone or in a group throughout your whole body. There are two forms of Lymph Node Cancer; the first one is Hodgkins Disease and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. For more information on Lymph Node Cancer visit: http://www.cancercenter.com/ lymph-nodes.htm Written by Aiesha Jackson


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POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION Hey Moms, have you ever felt sad, and low after giving birth to a wonderful, beautiful baby? If you have experienced a very sad and emotional moment after childbirth, you may have Postpartum Depression. So you’re probably wondering what is Postpartum Depression? Postpartum Depression is a serious illness that can occur in the first few months after giving birth. It can also happen after a miscarriage or a stillbirth. Postpartum Depression can make you feel very sad, hopeless, and even worthless. You may also have trouble bonding with your baby, as well as caring for it. Some mothers believe Postpartum Depression to be the “Baby Blues”. When in fact, it is nothing like the baby blues. Baby Blues is a feeling where the mom has mood swings, trouble sleeping, teary, or feels overwhelmed, which is experienced in the first couple of weeks after childbirth. It often mixes your feelings of happiness about your baby to despair but

the difference is, the baby blues goes away within no more than 2 weeks, whereas the symptoms of having Postpartum Depression can last for months. Women can be severely depressed, which is also known as Postpartum Psychosis. The mother will act very strange such as hearing or seeing things that are beyond description and unseen. Sometimes mothers suffering from Postpartum Psychosis may even cause danger to herself and her baby! Postpartum Depression can become a serious emergency, because the situation can worsen. You do not want to put yourself or others in danger. Getting treatment for Postpartum Depression is recommended as soon as possible. So do not be afraid if you think you may have Postpartum Depression any mother can develop it due to stress. Take action and get help for you and your child. To find out more on Postpartum Depression go to, “Postpartum Depression Health Center” from:

WebMD at www.webmd.com/depression/postpartum-depression/postpartumdepression-topic-overview

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v o L e i Throughout the world it has become common to see single parents and or parents without family support. Our society has become lazy in taking care of our God given responsibilities. We are dealing with being judged by who we love but never by our character. Robin Ballard is a single mother of six year old Phoenix and five year Morgyn due to their father not being actively involved. To Robin’s dismay coming out to her family caused her to lose her families support. Robin expressed, “Thankfully I have two amazing best friends Meagan and Megan their family has become her other family.” She explained, “They have had their ups and downs but


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they support her and most of all they only want what’s best for her. Robin has taught her children that everyone is different and has the right to live how they chose. They understand that men date men, women date women, and women date man. She also allows her children to express themselves, how they see fit. Robin explains, “It is important to allow our children to be children and have fun. I believe it is also important to make our children understand and respect everyone. I want people to treat my children equally, so why wouldn’t I teach them to do the same? No matter whom they are or how they may live differently.” In the end love is all



t tha matt e



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MOTORCYCLE ALCOHOL RELATED FATALITIES DON’T DRINK AND RIDE! Not many people understand how bikers feel the sense of freedom when riding their bike. In contrary people believe motorcycle’s are very unsafe and dangerous. There is a lot of controversy when it comes to the typical stereotype of a biker, but one fact remains booze is a problem in the biker world. It has been such an integral part of many biker events, bike washes, poker runs, and bike nights but of course there are some exceptions. What are some typical excuses of a biker that rides with pride and enjoys his beer? The old attitude, “I can handle that” or “A real biker can corner faster after a few beers”. Let’s not forget about the types that say “I had a few accidents but being drunk kept me from being injured.” Honestly you hear so many excuses but what are the facts? In 2010 according to the “Insurance Institute for Highway Safety”, Three thousand eight hundred and eighty nine males and four hundred and twenty females have died in a fatal motorcycle accident. That is a total of four thousand three hundred and nine fatalities per year. Now from the following numbers twenty eight were male passengers and two hundred and seventy four were female passengers. As the numbers state from “Insurance institute for Highway Safety”, ninety percent of all fatalities are males. Twenty-nine percent of fatally injured motorcycle drivers in 2010 had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above 0.08 percent, and in single-vehicle crashes forty-two percent. Another stunning fact, in 2010 fifty-six percent of motorcycle drivers were killed at night between nine p.m. and six a.m. with BACs at or above 0.08 percent. Alcohol may be a social advantage for people trying to overcome shyness at parties, but it does all the wrong things to someone trying to operate a motorcycle. Any motorcy12

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clist can underestimate the handling of the bike but the chances of that happening drunk are more likely. It should be obvious that alcohol diminishes both judgment and skills. After one or two drinks, is a rider capable of judging his or her own condition to operate a motorcycle? Even if their control skills have not yet been affected, would a rider have sufficient perception and awareness to adjust speed for conditions or to choose the correct evasive maneuver to avoid a collision? The sober conclusion is that even one or two drinks probably screws up a rider’s opinion of his or her ability to handle a motorcycle. So what should be the proper way? Stay away from drinking while on your bike, as you put yourself in a higher risk. You will not lose your swag if you do not drink. You will become a role model for others. We now know fatalities happen every day. Not to mention Michigan has now approved motorcyclists age twentyone and older can finally ride again without helmets if they meet certain insurance and training conditions under new legislation (SB291) signed by Gov. Rick Snyder Friday April 13, 2012. I am not saying this is a bad thing but was it smart? If we are prompt to wear a helmet on a bicycle. Why is it okay to not wear one on a motorcycle, in which is ten times faster than a bicycle? Yet, nationwide motorcycle fatalities happen every 48 minutes. With that being said I would wear your helmet! Bikers are already a target; don’t enhance your chances by drinking or not wearing a helmet! They were made to save your life not take it! So Ride Safe and Smart! For more information on Motorcycle Fatalities: http://www.iihs.org/research/fatality.aspx?topicName=Motorcycles

What is HIV?

What is Aids? AIDS or (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is called the final stage of the HIV infection. People who have badly damaged immune systems due to this infection are at risk of transmitting Opportunistic Infections or (OIs). You can be diagnosed with AIDs if there is one or more opportunistic Infections, a certain kind of cancer, and/or a very low CD4 cell count. If you do have AIDs, you will immediately need a medical intervention and treatment in order to prevent death. that your cells are no longer able to fight off infections and diseases anymore. When this happens, HIV can turn into AIDs. SOUTHFIELD HEALTH CENTER 27725 GREENFIELD ROAD SOUTHFIELD, MI 48076 PHONE:  248-424-7046

According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HIV or (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is like other viruses that cause the flu or any other common cold. Your immune system can clear out most of the viruses out of your body. HIV is a virus the human’s immune system cannot get rid of. HIV hides in your cells for long periods of time, and attacks your T-cells and/or CD4-cells. Your body needs these cells to help fight off infections and diseases. HIV uses the cells to copy them and then they are destroyed. HIV can destroy a lot of your CD4-cells to the point that your cells are no longer able to fight off infections and diseases anymore. When this happens, HIV can turn into AIDS. COMMUNITY HEALTH OUTREACH WRKR 220 BAGLEY STREET, DETROIT, MI (313)-963-3352 DETROIT STD/HIV TESTING 261 MACK AVENUE DETROIT, MI (313)-731-6726 CENTRAL HEALTH SERVICE CENTER 43525 ELIZABETH MT. CLEMENS, MI 48043 (586) 465-9217 SOUTHWEST HEALTH CENTER 27690 VAN DYKE WARREN, MI 48093 (586) 465-9217 PONTIAC HEALTH CENTER COUNTY SERVICE CENTER 1200 NORTH TELEGRAPH, BUILDING 34 EAST PONTIAC, MI 48341 PHONE:  248-858-1305 • www.lamourdivine.com • L’amour Divine Magazine •


My Love and Hate Relationship Recently, I had to do research on the Bill of Rights, after it really got me to thinking. America is known for being the land of the free, in which we are in most aspects. Our founding fathers made the Bill of Rights to protect the people and they have been in place for several centuries. I believe the intentions of the Bill of Rights where good but unfortunately I share a love, hate relationship with the First Amendment. I love the concept of the First Amendment but in my opinion I do not believe the amendment at hand is enforced to its full extent. Throughout our history we’ve had to fight to be given the rights that have been stated on paper. My biggest problem with this particular amendment is, I wish it did represent, “prohibiting the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.” Let’s take a second to look back at what our government is built upon. For example take any bill from your wallet and on the back you will see “In God We Trust”. When you testify in court, what do you say and do? You place your hand upon the bible and are instructed to say, “I agree to tell nothing but the truth so help me God.” Why do we display religion in so many forms within our government? 14

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If we have freedom from religion, why are we instructed to say a religious scripture in court? In addition, we cannot forget about the most famous one “Marriage is stated to be between a man and woman.” Why? I’ll tell you why because the Bible states: Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. How do we have freedom from religion if marriage is defined based on religionist beliefs? I, then ask myself what is the definition of freedom? Freedom is the state of being free and with the power to determine action without restraint. So once again I have a love, hate relationship with the First Amendment. I believe it would be my favorite amendment if it actually meant what it stated. This world was created from religions and is seen within our government which is placed into society. We do not have freedom from religion; we cannot speak or print about certain things such as the government. We cannot express ourselves in certain ways. Our government controls everything and has made loopholes to do so, yet the government is supposed to work for the people?

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ELLEN “THE GENEROUS” Ellen Degeneres

is one of the most famous comedians known worldwide. She is successful, intelligent and a dance machine but her success was not an easy road. She had to overcome various hurdles in order to get where she is today. Ellen was born on January 26th 1958 and raised in Metairie, Louisiana. Ellen’s career started in the early 80’s and she became very successful. Looking at Ellen’s resume you will notice, it is an ongoing list filled with achievements, from Showtime funniest person in America in 1982, to sitcoms, movie appearances, spokes person, voice over (which she is very proud of in “Finding Nemo”), awards host, books, and her own show. You name it, she has probably done it but what separates Ellen from other successful entertainers on television? Ellen is an open lesbian entertainer but it wasn’t as easy as it appears to be now. In 1997 Ellen revealed on the Oprah Winfrey show about her homosexuality, also around the same time Oprah appeared in her sitcom as a therapist, where she revealed she was gay. This particular episode became the highest rated episode. That was the beginning for her but also the end of her sitcom “Ellen” as the ratings declined. She expressed “after her coming out it was very difficult for her.” Companies decided not to buy airtime during that episode such as JCPenney, Chrysler and Wendy’s. That was almost 15 years ago, was it because America wasn’t ready? Now today JCPenny decided to have Ellen as a spokeswoman but she is still fighting for her rights

as the group “One Million Moms” threatened to boycott JC Penny. It is clear certain things will never change, which can be very difficult to understand why someone would judge a person negatively who is a positive role model. Their sexuality should not define the person there character should. Ellen is a person who has helped many people, and not only those who are fighting with their own sexuality. Ellen is considered an angel sent from heaven and the voice for many .The most amazing characteristics about Ellen is her generosity, good heart, helping hand and of course her sense of humor. She is the most inspiring person on television, because her caring nature makes a change in the world. Her positive influence helps others who struggle through life. She will try to help those who need it most. You can experience it on a daily basis on her show. Her positive Energy makes you cry from laughing so hard, sometimes the show makes you cry because you realize there are still good people out here. She tries her best to help those in need. She is an animal lover who also fights for Animal Rights. Overall Ellen is a positive and inspiring human being, who is not scared to show her emotions, who is willing to fight for what is right and who will encourage you to change your life around for the better. She will make you laugh and sometimes that’s the only medicine that is needed to turn and upside day right side up. Thank you Ellen for giving us hope and a smile after every show!

People always ask me, ‘Were you funny as a child?’ Well, no, I was an accountant.


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Reynaldo Magdaleno,

the president of “The Detroit Latin@z” allowed us to find out about the changes they’re trying to make within the Latino/a community. Oakland County Commissioner Craig Covey reached out to Angela Reyes the Executive Director of Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation to secure funding to grow a Latino/a group. Once the commissioner gained the commitment for funding he approached Reynaldo Magdaleno to run the project. The Detroit Latin@z is a group of empowered Latino/a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight allied leaders representing and supporting Detroit. Their mission is to cultivate the voice, presence, and leadership of the Latino/a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Michigan. They are empowered to take action towards

full human rights and equality. They work with the ages from ten through twenty-five. The design of this group is to build a visible and influential Latino/a LGBT and straight allied community through outreach, leadership development trainings, advocacy, shared resources, and social events and activities. In April of 2011, The Detroit Latin@z formally achieved becoming a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, formed through a project organized by Michigan AIDS Coalition (formerly Midwest AIDS Prevention Project — MAPP). The name “Latin@z” represents the masculine and feminine tense of the ethnic classification term Latino/a. The Detroit Latin@z are making an amazing change within the community and they’re continuing to grow!

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atalie Cole has been shutting down the theLGBT LGBT community community since 1981! She since 1981! is well She known is wellthroughknown out the worldthe throughout for her world fabulous for her talent fabuin performing lous talent in and performing Emcee! Natalie and Emcee! Cole has wonCole Natalie several has pageants won a total throughout of thirty her years eight pageant in thetitles entertainment throughoutbusiher ness and years in the has entertainment recently won the business title of Miss and has recently Gigi’s 2011/2012. won the titles Natalie of Miss startedMiss Gigi’s, the “Cole Menjo’s, Family” Miss many Gold Coast, years ago; throughout Miss Rainbow Room, her years and Miss in enterUSA tainment sheNatalie Unlimited. has came started across the many “Cole differentmany Family” people. years Natalie ago; stated throughout “the family her years was in notentertainment created just because she hasI said they came across weremany my kids different but because people.I had a bound Natalie statedwith “the each familyand wasevery not creone of them. ated just It because was more I said than theya were scale my of entertainment; kids but because it Iwas hadoutside a boundofwith the clubs and each as well. every ” one of them. It was more than a scale of entertainment; it was outside of the clubs as well.” 22

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At this moment Natalie Cole has over 67 children. She expressed, “Some of my children have passed due to HIV/AIDS between the 80’s and 90’s when it was popular. I believe a lot of them passed due to the medicine they were given called AZT. When it was introduced to society it was still an experimental drug and a lot of people died from it.” The Cole family is not just made up of children though, but filled with sisters and brother and so on just like any other family. Natalie went on to explain that the older you get the wiser you are. She is now more family orientated, giving and caring

about certain things that are important to her now but weren’t years ago. Natalie made clear, that before she didn’t spend the time she should’ve with her family due to her career, relationship and being a heavy drinker. We can’t turn back the hands of time but we can always change our future decisions. Natalie admits “My children back then, honestly got the shit end of this stick. It’s sad to say but they did.” Now Natalie has made it a priority in her life to have more family functions together. She now pays more attention in guiding her child and building a strong loving extended family.

ALIE COLE “THE MOTHER” The “Cole Family” is made up more than just entertainers but also hair dresser, students, models, and etc. There is no favoritism in this family; Natalie states she loves them all equally. She explains, “All mothers love their children the same but some of my children may say I do but I don’t. I just share different relationships with my children because they’re all different.” Natalie stresses she just hopes they continue to become more and more closer, “It is a joy having and extended family and that’s what keeps me living.”

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Hey, my name is Izaya Cole, and I am twentytwo years old. I am happily married. I have gay children, but not any biological children. I am a Rental Agent, an Entertainer. My five year plan is to have a nice house and to obtain the necessary items to gain stability. My weakness is chocolate cake. My strength is my drive and determination. My motto in life is “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Something people should know about me is I was the first male national title holder in Michigan. In addition, to my mother Natalie through the ups and downs I cannot be more grateful for your support and guidance. You raised me when my real mother couldn’t in the gay lifestyle. *Mr. Heart of Detroit 2012/2013* *Mr. Woodward 2012/2013* *Mr. Great Lakes All Star 2011/2012*

LEE Cole Hi there, I’m Lee Wallace aka Nik Cole, and I am fifty years old. I have been married for six years, and it was “Love at first sight”. I describe society as totally closed minded, because they need to get over Homophobia. My five year plan is to not be in Michigan. Women are my weakness, while the God in me is my strength. My motto in life is “Take one day at a time.” Something that people should know about me is I am what you see.


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Amya Cole

Hi, my name is Amya Cole. I am twentythree years old. I am currently single and I do not have any children. My ideal partner is a sexy black man. My five year plan is to become a big star. I don’t have any weaknesses. My strength is I’m good at being myself. If I could change the world, I would make being gay okay. My motto in life is “Be yourself and never give up.” Something people should know about me is I am fun and I will always be myself. I would describe the Coles as loving, crazy, caring, and nurturing. *Miss Amateur GiGi’s 2011/2012*

Hi, my name is Angel Wallace, and I am a married woman with two biological children, two stepchildren, and one deceased child. My ideal partner is my wife Nik Cole. I use to model; I have done spreads in Jet Magazine. My five year plan is to run my own business for elderly people to live in after they’re discharged from the hospital. My weakness is my children. My strength is my spirituality. If I could change the world, I would make us all equal as God sees us. My motto in life is “Live as if there is no tomorrow.” Something people should know about me is I’m a very caring

Angel Cole

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Lorem dolor amet, consectetur adipiHi, myipsum name is sit Theo Washington-Cole, ers Maecenas years mollisold. ligula est andscing I amelit. forty-seven Myquis motto posu dapibus. Quisque dictum scelerisque in lifeere is “Just Be Happy. ” Something everyvelit sed fer mentum. Suspendisse dui one should know about me is Ipulvinar, love hard at ligulaofelit adipiscingI diam, andluctusfs I am iaculis, accepting everyone. love et augue vel dui. Maecenas estI to vestibulum laugh andleo can be quiet the jokester. nibh, et imperdiet ullamcorperse work feugiat as Customer Serviceeu, Representative non orci.Cross Curabitur posuere mattis at Blue and Blue Shield. I ampellencomtesque. ad litora mitted Class to myaptent mate,taciti but sociosqu our relationship torquent per conubia inceptos gets complicated. Mynostra, 5 yearper plan is to hime naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, relocate, grow, develop, and open up ora in bibendum leo porta. Duis ultricies business. I love my Cole family; tellus insidea tellus adipiscing each and everytristique. one of Sed themrutrum lays magna a star vel rhoncus et volutpaters placerat. andrisus they can be whomeverpurus they want viva withmus determination and perseverance.


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Lorem ipsum sitRoss-Cole; amet, consectetur adipiMy name is dolor Latoya I am fortyers elit. Maecenas ligula quisfive est fourscing years old. I have mollis eight children, posu dictum scelerisque girls ere anddapibus. three Quisque boys. I am a Nurse and velit sed ferI mentum. duiI a Model. am the Suspendisse oldest Colepulvinar, female. at luctusfs elit adipiscing diam, would getiaculis, rid of ligula all sicknesses if I could et vestibulum augueMy vel motto dui. Maecenas est change the leo world. is “Treat nibh, feugiat et imperdiet people the way you wanteu,toullamcorperse be treated”. non Curabitur posuere mattis I am orci. not for any games. Watch out pellenworld, tesque. aptent sociosqu litora becauseClass Latoya is ontaciti her way!! Myad mother torquent conubia nostra, mother per inceptos Natalie isper by far the greatest ever. hime naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, or in bibendum leo porta. Duis ultricies tellus a tellus adipiscing tristique. Sed rutrum magna vel risus rhoncus et volutpaters purus placerat. viva mus

Mia Cole

Lorem dolor sit Hello, ipsum my name is amet, Mia consectetur Cole, and adipiI am ers scing elit. years Maecenas ligula quisany est twenty-four old.mollis I do not have posu dapibus. Quisque scelerisque kids. ere I am currently an dictum Entertainer. My velit mentum. five sed yearferplan is toSuspendisse be betterpulvinar, at whatduiI at iaculis, ligula elit People adipiscing doluctusfs which is entertaining. arediam, my et vestibulum augue is velmy dui.strength. Maecenas My est weakness. Myleofamily nibh, imperdiet eu, and ullamcorperse mottofeugiat is “Be et who you want, don’t let non orci.stand Curabitur posuere pellenno one in your way.”mattis What makes tesque. Class taciti sociosqu litora me smile is aptent that gay people are ad becomtorquent conubia Something nostra, per inceptos ing moreperaccepted. people hime naeos. Vivamus lacus, or should know aboutposuere me is iaculis that there is in bibendum porta. Duis more to Mialeo then what sheultricies shows.tellus I havea tellus tristique. Sed personality. rutrum magnaI a veryadipiscing caring and loving vel risus rhoncus volutpaters don’t care aboutethow peoplepurus thinkplacerat. about viva me. mus Our family represents a family, not a gang. We stand up for what is right and there is more to come.

*Miss Amateur Woodward 2011/2012*


Lorem ipsum sit amet, consectetur adipiMy name is dolor Poncho Anderson-Cole, I am ers scing elit.years Maecenas ligula quisand est forty-three old. I mollis am committed posu eretwo dapibus. Quisque Idictum I have daughters. am ascelerisque Manager velit fer mentum. dui and sed a Cook. My fiveSuspendisse year plan pulvinar, is to have at iaculis, ligula myluctusfs own business. I am elit my adipiscing weaknessdiam, and et vestibulum leoyour augue velto dui. Maecenas strength. “Live life the fullest”est is nibh, feugiatin et imperdiet eu, ullamcorperse my motto life. I am loving, caring, and non orci. Curabitur posuere mattis pellenunderstanding. tesque. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hime naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, or in bibendum leo porta. Duis ultricies tellus a tellus adipiscing tristique. Sed rutrum magna vel risus rhoncus et volutpaters purus placerat. viva mus

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David Cole Hi, my name is David Martin-Cole, and I am twenty-three years old. I am involved with someone but I have no children. I am an Actor. My ideal partner is myself. I accept all ways of life. If I could describe our society in three words, I would say dysfunctional, crazy, and different. My five year plan is to succeed. My strength is working. If I could change the world, I would increase loyalty and have people treat others equally. My motto in life is “Succeed in everything you put your mind to.” Something people should know about me is I am me. Despite our differences at the end of the night the Coles are family. Hate us, envy us, but most of all love us.

PRINCE COLE I am Prince Cole, and I’m twentyone years old. I am currently single. I am an Artistic Director of Fem Fatale Dance School, and an Entertainer. I will be graduating in May with a BFA in dance. My strength is my strong will! My motto is “Reach for your dreams, no matter how far they may be.” I am a live performer in vocal music, a string musician, and a dancer! If I had to describe the Cole family I’d say loving, hilarious and fun. *Mr. Inuendo 2011/2012*


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Aaron Cole Hello, my name is Aaron Thomas-Cole. I am fortytwo years old, and loving it. I am in an attached relationship with my mate, and have a twentyone year old daughter. I am a student studying Cosmetology. I feel acceptance within different types of lifestyles is a must, because everyone wants to be accepted. My five year plan is to finish my nursing degree. My weakness is love, while my strength is my independence because I try not to rely on people. If I could change the world, I would make it more accepting of everyone’s individuality. My motto is “to make the best out of every situation because everything happens for a reason.” Something everyone should know about me is that I am a loyal friend. To my Cole family despite our differences, I am honored to be a part of this family.

Carmen Cole Hello, my name is Carmen Sasha Cole, and I am twenty years old. I have one child and I am presently single. I am also a student in college. My five year plan is to have my own business. My weakness is I’m too fair. My strength is I’m very friendly and social. My motto is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I am new to the Cole family but thus far they’re amazing and I feel very welcomed!

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Alize Cole

Charvez Cole 30

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Lorem dolor sit Cole, amet, and conHey, I’m ipsum Chad aka Alize’ sectetur adipiers scing elit. Maecenas I am twenty-nine years old. I am mollis ligula quis est ere dapicurrently single, andposu I have no bus. Quisque dictum scelerisque velit children. I am a Receptionist and sedfive feryear mentum. pulmy plan isSuspendisse to be rich. My vinar, dui at luctusfs iaculis, ligula weakness is men. My strength is elit very adipiscing diam, et I’m confident, andvestibulum words leo augue vel dui. Maecenas est don’t bother me. My motto in nibh, feugiatLive. et ”imperdiet eu, ullalife is “Just I have been in mcorperse non orci. Curabitur posubusiness with Natalie for twelve ere mattis pellentesque. Class aptent years. I met her at the age of taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per eighteen. She took me under her conubia nostra, her perdaughter inceptos and hime wing. I became naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, I’ve been doing drag from 2001 in bibendum leo porta. Duis toor2005. I am very excited toultribe cies tellus a tellus adipiscing trisa part of this family. Love or hate tique. rutrum risus us, but Sed at the endmagna of thevel show, rhoncus et volutpaters purus placthere is always another Cole. erat. viva mus

Hi, I’m Charvez Jennings aka Vez Cole. I am twenty-two years old Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, and I’m currently single. I amcona sectetur adipiers scing elit. Maecenas Personal Liaison at a Call Center. mollis ligula quis posu ereback dapiMy five year dictum planest isscelerisque to get bus. Quisque velit into school. My weakness is my sed fer mentum. Suspendisse pulheart because people misuse it. vinar, dui at luctusfs iaculis, ligula My strength is my open mind. I elit adipiscing diam, et vestibulum love for people to embrace themleo augue vel dui. Maecenas est selves. My motto in life is “Accept nibh, feugiat et imperdiet eu, ullareality and non accept change. ” What mcorperse orci. Curabitur posuI ere lovemattis mostpellentesque. about beingClass a Cole is aptent the way we come together and taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per embrace one another. conubia nostra, per inceptos hime

naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, or in bibendum leo porta. Duis ultricies tellus a tellus adipiscing tristique. Sed rutrum magna vel risus rhoncus et volutpaters purus placerat. viva mus

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naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, or in bibendum leo porta. Duis ultricies tellus a tellus adipiscing tristique. Sed rutrum magna vel risus rhoncus et volutpaters purus placerat. viva mus


Hello, I am Rodney Harris-Cole, and I am fifty-seven years old. I Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, con-I am currently in a relationship. sectetur adipiers scing elit. Maecenas am also currently working in the mollis ligula quis est posu ere Health Management field.dapiMy bus. dictum scelerisque velit five Quisque year plan is to rent several sed fer and mentum. Suspendisse pulhomes retire. My weakness vinar, dui at luctusfs iaculis, ligula is saying no when I can’t do elit adipiscing et vestibulum something. Mydiam, strength is I am leo augue vel dui. Maecenas est easy to talk to. If I could change nibh, feugiat Iet would imperdiet eu, parullathe world, have mcorperse non orci. Curabitur posuents understand their children. ere Class aptent My mattis mottopellentesque. in life is “change it!!” taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per People should know that I’m fun conubia nostra, per inceptos hime and loving!

Collen Cole

Lorem ipsum sit I’m amet,Collin conHow are youdolor doing? sectetur adipiers scing elit. Maecenas Myrick, and I am forty-eight mollis ligulaI have quis est posuinere dapiyears old. been a relabus. Quisque dictum scelerisque velit tionship for six years. I am a sed ferSVC mentum. Suspendisse pulClient Rep. My five year plan vinar, dui atmore, luctusfs iaculis, is to travel post retire,ligula and elit adipiscing vestibulum travel some diam, more.et My weakleo augue dui. Maecenas est nesses are vel shopping and Godiva nibh, feugiat My et imperdiet ullachocolates. strength eu, is pubmcorperse non orci. Curabitur posulic speaking. If I could change ere Class aptent themattis world,pellentesque. I would do nothing, taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per because I don’t challenge what conubia nostra, inceptos hime God makes. Myper motto in life is naeos. Vivamus posuere iaculis lacus, “Keep going until my good is or in bibendum leo porta. Duis ultribetter, my better is best, and cies tellus a tellus adipiscing tris-” my best is better than the rest. tique. rutrum magna to velknow risus What Sed I want people rhoncus et volutpaters purus placabout me is I am blessed.

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CARLOS COLE Hello, my name is Carlos Cole, and I am twenty eight years old. I am married to a wonderful man. I am a Business Owner. My five year plan is to have children, stay married, and have a house. My strength is my heart, and my ability to love unconditionally. If I could change the world, I would create a place where I can love how “I” want. My motto in life is “Beauty is not how you look, its how you act.” The thing that people should know about me is that I can make you famous! I would describe the Cole family as a bunch of wonderful people.

Known to his audiences in Washington, DC and Detroit, MI has an array of star illusions from the big and small screen. He has an extensive background of the stage. He has held an array of national titles and has a commitment to enhance male performances and entertainment. In additional to his love for entertainment is a strong platform to help gay foster children. He has a Masters Degree in Performing Arts and his Undergraduate Degree in Theater. He has captured three national titles such as Mr. USA unlimited classique, Mr. Black America and the current Mr. Entertainer of the Year.


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The one and only “Hunter Valentine” coming straight out of starring in Season 3 of Showtime’s hit reality series  The Real L Word  into the release of their third studio album, titled  Collide & Conquer  released on  October 23, 2012. This Phenomenal band consists of Kiyomi McCloskey the lead vocals/ guitar, Laura Petracca  the drummer, Veronica “Vero”


Sanchez the bassist and Aimee Bessada the guitarist and keyboard. Hunter Valentine was created in 2004 with Kiyomi McCloskey and Laura Petracca. These two ladies must have shared an immediate connection because eight years, two record labels, and three studio albums later, their passion has continued to multiply! Most of all,

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throughout The Real L Word you were able to see their friendship is genuine and strong! The new additions Veronica “Vero” Sanchez and Aimee Bessada have added an extra spice to Hunter Valentine. In which Kiyomi has stated “Right now we are a happy go lucky crew. We are excited about putting out the album, it’s been a long process but

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“The best way to get to know the band is by coming to a live show”

As mentioned prior Hunter Valentine has experienced previous record deals, but Kiyomi expresses, “We are happy with our new record deal with MegaForce and they are doing their best to aid us in the right direction.” From the looks of it they must be! Hunter Valentine has been on tour since August, and is currently still on the road completing their last two shows of the “Collide and Conquer” tour. Kiyomi makes clear, “The best way to get to know the band is by coming to a live show! We spend a lot of time after the show speaking and shaking the hands of each fan.” So we at L’amour Divine attended there show in Pontiac and they were filled with energy and came to Detroit full force. After the show they indeed shook every ones hand and

gave there undivided attention to their fans. The Real L Word has changed the lives for these ladies, for the good and has expanded their fan base in a way they would have never expected. Throughout the show people classified Kiyomi as the “dictator”. In our interview she stated “I didn’t feel at first I was portrayed in the best way but I would have not done anything differently on the show because it was a first time learning experience but overall I am happy with the outcome of the show.” Kiyomi wants her fans to expect Hunter Valentine in Japan, Asia and Australia soon. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts opens because Hunter Valentine might be coming to capture your heart in a town near you!


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Meet and upcoming artist originally from Connecticut but is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Look out for his new mixtape releasing January 17th called “Flight 203”. The Kid Gee Q motto is “Don’t listen to everything you hear and make sure you do your research.” Twitter: The Kid Gee Q_FOE Facebook: Troy Gee Q Marshall Email: TheKidGeeQ3@gmail. com Youtube: The Kid Gee Q

“Be you.. Fly and forever love yourself”


Coming up from the bottom, the Maecenas mollis ligula quis est posu ere dapibus. Quisque dictum artist Blood Money from Atlanta, scelerisque velit sed fer mentum. Suspendisse pulvinar, dui at luctusfs iaculis, ligula adipiscing diam, etto vestibulum leo augue Georgia iselitpreparing make his vel dui. Maecenas est nibh, feugiat et imperdiet eu, ullamcorperse mixtape debut “The Movement” in non orci. Curabitur posuere mattis pellentesque. Class aptent taciti the summer of 2013. He is comsociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hime ing full posuere forceiaculis and hopes of naeos. Vivamus lacus,in or in the bibendum leo porta. Duis ultricies tellus a a tellus adipiscing tristique. rutrum magnaof vel starting clothing lineSedoutside risus rhoncus et volutpaters purus placerat. Mauris euismod rhoncus. his music career. Maecenas sed elit erat. Nunc dapibus tellus erat. Aliquam eget urna uwet ni ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiers scing elit.

vitae mauris sodales ornare. Praesent ac ligula egestas odio iaculis

Twitter: BloodMoneySouth lis, ligula elit adipiscing diam,sert sit. Facebook: PepMayo Email: BloodMoneySouth@Gmail. com Youtube: PepMayo or Blood Money pulvinar. Phasellus aliquam pulvinar lobortis sadips ipsums.tus iacu-

“Dreams are all you have so don' t let no one take it”

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I Wanted…. I wanted her to hug me but she couldn’t, I wanted her to love me she didn’t! I wanted her to be their but she wasn’t! A child shattered abused and alone, all I wanted was to be loved, and to feel loved. I didn’t ask to be here, you made a choice, and you were supposed to protect me, love me, nurture, care, and nourish me! Instead you neglected, mistreated, used, and abused me! You didn’t keep me safe! You didn’t protect me like a mother is supposed to! I want to say thank you, thank you for showing me the mother I didn’t want to be! Thank you for every hug I share with my daughter! Thank you for the strength I have every day to stand by my sons side! Thank you for making me a better woman, mother, grandmother, and friend then you will never be! 40

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My name is Angelique, I have not had the worst up brining but I sure as hell didn’t have the best! I was physically abused by my mother and sexually abused from the age of four until I was twelve, by not one or two but three of her nasty brothers! It damaged me in ways that I am still repairing from. After that my trust in people no longer existed. In a way I hated myself and them more. I’ve always liked girls but I didn’t understand what I was feeling when I was younger. I didn’t have sex until I was eighteen and back then I only did it because everyone else was. It meant absolutely nothing. Until, I met my children’s father and I wanted to feel loved. I thought this was it, so I stayed and tried to have the normal life. It was good in the beginning but when my son

I was done after that! I tried to kill myself that day. It was the darkest and the lowest day of my life. As soon as I did, what I did. I regretted it and I called for help on myself! All I could think about was my children and how I was just letting this man win. He had stripped everything from me but I was determined to get it back. I started building my life back up. I messed with my first female when I was twenty five and I felt like I found the missing piece of my puzzle. I was still a little concerned what people would think and say especially my children.

was three every women I seen made me feel some type of way. By this time I knew what I was feeling but I felt it was wrong, so I pushed it away! As time passed, my relationship fell apart. My children’s father started with the mental abuse. My self-esteem was gone and he managed to rip everything in me OUT! He took my voice and I let him. Then the physical abuse started, I remember this first time he hit me clear as day. I was driving my van and he punched me while I was driving. I let it go on for a while because I knew he was going to jail for some time. I knew that was my escape! Unfortunately he tried to choke me to death the last time and my older children seen it.

It was very hard deciding if I wanted them to see this lifestyle. In the end I chose to tell my children because I didn’t want to be dishonest with them. I wanted to give them the same thing I wanted from them, honesty. Thirteen years later, I have learned that women are no different than men. I have been hit by a woman, cheated on by a woman and lied to. In the end, I’m just me and through it all I have four beautiful children, a degree and I’m still standing strong and free! I hope you enjoy my poems just as much as I do writing them!

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Cristian Crespo

My name is Cristian Crespo, I was born in Germany but raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I came from a very strict family, and my father did not accept the dance life. On the other hand, my mother was always there to support me with my dream of becoming a professional dancer. I started dancing at the age of five and by thirteen I was traveling the world to dance in Spain, Italy, London, Germany, Switzerland and many more wonderful places! Each day I learned more and more on what it really takes to be a professional dancer. As a result of my hard work at fifteen, I won first place in a “Salsa International Competition”, one of the best known tours in Venice, Italy. Through my many accomplishments it was still a very hard time for me. I had to live on my own without any family to support me. I had no choice but to start a new life on my own at such a young age. I gave up my childhood to pursue my dreams. From then I stayed in Italy and continued traveling in Europe. When I was nineteen, I decide to move to the United States. I did not know the language nor did I have any money. All I had was a big dream to become a professional dancer. I started in New York City;

this was also my first time dancing professionally and with artists. I had the opportunity to dance in Madison Square Garden, NY. It didn’t change the fact I had a very hard time living the New Yorker life and not knowing English. In addition I only ate breakfast because I had to save my last Penny’s to pay for my dance classes and training. So when auditions came I could be selected but I had a hard time due to my height. After spending a year in New York I decided to move to Michigan. After that I opened my very own dance studio at just the age of twenty three, with my dance partner Gaby Cruz. Unfortunately, after only two years we decided to close the dance studio and concentrate on traveling with the “Salsa Congress”. I’ve had the pleasure to show different walks of life through my talent and helping other dancers to make their dreams come true. The point of this story is to show everyone that you should always follow your dreams and never give up believing in them! Do not allow what other people have to say affect your goals! Trust me if you believe in your heart, you will accomplish them! • www.lamourdivine.com • L’amour Divine Magazine •


BEHIND THE WALLS TO: L’AMOUR DIVINE MAGAZINE FROM: ARMANDO DEDES #625104 OJIBWAY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY N.5705 OJIBWAY RD. MARENISCO MI, 49947-9771 Can you imagine staring, at white walls that withhold the truth from the outside world? Lying on your bunk as the guard passes your cell for the thousandth time. Could you imagine looking in the mirror at your reflection and seeing the light in your eyes slowly fading? As time passes and the night falls, many questions run through your mind. Like is my mind going down the drain from this unbearable pain of loneliness? Or is it just overwhelming because you do not have the answers to the questions that deep down, you wish you knew? You know those neverending questions that seem to keep piling up day by day. Why me? Where did I go so wrong in life? Will I survive this bid? Does anybody care? When will the hurt stop? Your only sigh of relief is when you finally drift off to sleep. For that moment you escape reality, your dreams are the only thing that stands between you and insanity. Once you awake in the middle of the night in the midst of the darkness, while laying there all alone with them same haunting and torturing thoughts running through your mind. How do I know all this? As your reading this I’m sitting behind the penitentiary walls. I constantly have to deal with the same demons that inhabit my mind. I got incarcerated at 20 years old. I was a boy that was still searching to find his way to become a man. Now, I’m bout to turn 27 and I still have 5 years to do before I exited these walls. I Gave 12 years of my life to the criminal justice system. Time is a precious thing, because it can never be replaced. I was charged with 2 counts of carjacking, Felony Firearm, Felony 44

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in Possession, and Assault. I stayed on the eastside of Detroit. I was around some of the grimmest people. As a young boy, I was attracted and addicted to the fast life. I wanted the best of the best. Cars, clothes, women, rims, and a pocket full of cash. The sad part Is, it did not matter who I had to go through to get it. If you were doing something I was coming to see you. When you’re young you care more about how your reputation stands and how you’re viewed by others. We didn’t concern ourselves with responsibilities and reality or who we really are. If we are not caring about what we think about ourselves. Why does it matter what the next man thinks? So ask yourself this “Who am I?” Think about the goals and all the things you want to accomplish in life. Forget about everyone else for a minute and focus solely on you. We’re so caught up on being this individual that others expect us to be, that we can’t be ourselves, because we feel we have to meet their standards. It’s time to refuse to live for the next and live for us. Allow yourself to dream, expand and grow beyond the lifestyle we live now. You become what you believe. You can either choose to stay on the path risking yourself to never gain or excel or you can travel outside the comfort zone and push yourself to create a vision and reality you’re proud of. It’s on you but if you continue to let those narrow-simple minded people that we claim to be friends to decide the limits and direction of our lives than we will always be stuck in a pause.

However, if we dare to extend ourselves outside of our normal understanding and keep an open mind than there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. Every man born by women struggles and contemplates these three things. 1) Their Identity (Who am I?) 2) Their Importance (Do I really matter?) 3) Their Impact (What’s my purpose and place in life?) When that day finally comes we’ve without a doubt in our minds are able to answer the questions truthfully to ourselves than an only then can we become the man, we were born and want to be. Again, even though I’ve met failure, I never allowed myself to feel defeated or discouraged, even with being sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. Which feels like an eternity. I’ll never become less of a man because I had to sit behind the wall. Instead I used the experience and reformed myself into becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger. As the time continues to extend so does my strength. I lost a lot of my support system; it faded as the years went by. Many friends, family, and women disappeared as if I were never even in existence. I didn’t let this destroy me. I used it to motivate myself and

pushed forward to becoming my own man. I made it a point to stay active, read more and educate myself, and stay more positive, understanding, and humble about situations that I have to face. I’ve learned to think things through and to be able to contemplate the correct choices, which will benefit and help me to be a better man that sees facts in a clearer manner. I will then fully comprehend how my decision may end up affecting me in the long run. The one thing helping me stay sane through this bid is my faith with God. As my faith grew stronger, I began realizing who I am as a individual. I became a man who stands on his own and for himself. What I’m trying to stress to young men and women out there is that everything we do has a price. For every action there’s a reaction and a consequence. Whether it’s good or bad. You can’t blame anybody for anything that happens because ultimately at the end of the day it was your decision that caused the chain of events. When people forget about the past they’re destined to repeat the same mistakes of the past. Keep this in mind “A person’s strength is only as strong as their ambition to excel in any aspect of life. If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything” So now you know the future lies and waits on your decisions! • www.lamourdivine.com • L’amour Divine Magazine •


BEHIND THE WALLS TO: L’AMOUR DIVINE MAGAZINE FROM: JAMES MOORE I’ve been asked on many of occasions, “What is the worst part about being in prison?” Is it the part about missing your family? Having to watch your kids grow up in pictures, not being able to do simple things like going to the fridge and making a sandwich or missing your girl. My answer to that question is all of the above and more. There isn’t anything good, gansta, or educational on any level remotely cool about being in prison. Honestly prison is truly the most difficult, loneliest, and saddest time of my life. It is not only humiliating but mentally, physically and financially draining on myself and family as well. My name is Jim, I was sentenced to eight years and I’m currently on my sixth year. I was charged with possession with intent to deliver over 50 grams. The last place I thought I would ever end up is in prison. I grew up in a two parent home and I never really got into trouble growing up. Once I got older instead of following the teachings that my parents had instilled in me, I chose to chase the lime lights of the streets. I wanted the quick dollar along with the 9-5 paycheck. I coined myself as one of those smooth, fly under the radar type of guys and it worked for awhile. I didn’t draw much attention to myself, I had a nice car and home but not too flashy. I thought I was doing my thing but little did I know I was being set up for a sting operation. I was arrested and exposed. I embarrassed not only myself but my family also. While doing these things we don’t think about how it will affect our loved ones. I never took into account how it feels to be asked where is your Dad? Where’s your son? Brother? Boyfriend? Etc.. It never dawned on me the humility that I would be bringing to my loved ones. Here I am years later and I still have the support of my family and it is very much needed. Again I state that this is the hardest and most difficult situation anyone could face and to go through this without support would be almost impossible. I don’t know how I could have made it without mine. Your family and friends are so important to have around through difficult times like this. I just want to take this moment to say, “thank you to my team!!!” To anyone that may be reading this if you have a loved one, family member, or friend that’s locked up. They really need your support and not just financially but in all other aspects. Just knowing you have someone on the other side of these fences that cares about you really means a lot. 46

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“I had no choice, when you’re put in this situation it’s either do or die, your either going to make it or crumble.”


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This summer “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” hit the charts! Everyone around the world was tuned in to see the drama that “Love and Hip Hop” had to offer. As we all know we cannot believe everything we see on television. Throughout the season everyone made their assumptions about each individual character. I have learned that you cannot take a picture that has been chopped, cut and then put back together and not expect some pieces to be missing. Oluremi, also known as the infamous “Mimi Faust” allowed L’amour Divine to get up-close and personal outside the drama of the television show. She was kind, gracious and very open in allowing us to get to know her and her life story. Mimi was born in Newport News, Virginia, where she resided with her mother until

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star shares her story with L’amour Divine Magazine beyond her reality show life. she was three years old. For a short amount of time her mother decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, but after a few years their path led them to L.A. and that is where Mimi spent the majority of her time, until she was nineteen. Mimi was just eight years old when her mother joined Scientology. She describes her upbringing as being “co m p l e t e l y u n - n o r m a l .” When her mother joined Scientology, she was completely uprooted from her regular family life with her brothers and sisters. Everything she grew to know was taken from her. So Mimi was unable to have the chance to experience the traditional family life. What some refer to as traditional values, Mimi had to teach herself because her mom was not there to teach her such things. • www.lamourdivine.com • L’amour Divine Magazine •


Mimi expressed “growing up she was lonely and scared. At the age of thirteen, the members from Scientology put her out on the street. So as a child Mimi had to figure out how she was going to survive. At this age you are supposed to be enjoying your childhood and not worrying about where you are going to stay, what you’re going to eat or where you’re going to get the money to take care of yourself. Mimi explained, “I had no choice, when you’re put in this situation it’s either do or die, your either going to make it or crumble. I decided I was going to make it and I did.” Thankfully she said that she never had to sleep on the streets or sell her body to make it by. Mimi emphasized “It was as if God was on my side the whole time with his hand upon me, because despite the bad it could have been much worse, so I was blessed.” When she was sixteen Mimi finally met her real father, and ever since then he has always been there for her. He has become very influential and one of the most important person in her life besides her daughter. I asked 52

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Mimi “where did you get your strength from, and do you wish that you could change anything about yourself?” She responded, “I think everybody has strength inside of them and some might not know it until they are put in the situation. You just have to dig down and pull it out. I also wouldn’t change anything about my life because it has made me the person I am today and I think I am a pretty good person.” Now I know everybody is wondering about “Love and Hip Hop”. Another questions I had for Mimi, “how do you feel about the negativity that was placed on you from what was seen on the “Love and Hip Hop” and why do you think people are making your situation with Stevie J any different from any other women being cheated on?” Mimi explained that “the only reason my situation is different is because it is being televised for the world to see. A lot of times when this happens it’s behind closed doors and between the people you choose to tell or the ones that are already involved. I also cannot worry about what

other people think of me or the negativity it may bring because I handled the situation the way I seen fit, and if my daughter had not been involved than it might have been a little different.” The outcome was that it opened many doors for Mimi. She still has her com-

pany called “Keep It Clean” and has started a children’s clothing line inspired by her daughter Eva, and is currently working on several other projects that will be seen in the near future. So Mimi is staying busy!

The only reason my situation is different is because it is being televised for the world to see.”

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I have not changed at all; I am the same person just a little wiser.”


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In addition, I asked “what advice would you give to young women facing the same obstacles in a relationship?” In reply, Mimi states “The advice I would give is that only she can change the situation. Nine times out of ten the man is not going to make that decision for her, he is just going to continue cheating and doing what he wants. He is not going to be upfront, he is going to continue doing him, so it’s up to the woman to recognize the situation and understand it and if she wants to change the situation.” I concluded the interview by asking “how would you define yourself now after the show?” In reply she states, “I have not changed at all; I am the same person just a little wiser.”

Overall Mimi was fantastic throughout the interview and photo shoot. She was no different from me and you. She portrays no fake persona, and kept it real the whole time. Meeting and speaking with Mimi proves that everything you see on television does not define the actual person. We are shown what they want us to see, and what is going to help that media station achieve the best ratings. You cannot actually know someone’s true character just from watching them on the

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Editor & Writer Brianna Spurlock

Photography & Design Basia Tomaszek

Hair Stylist Pierre Coves

Make Up Manny Torres

Stylist PhlyguySanders Melvin

Sh Shoe 56

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58 58

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Teaira Sims

People always ask me, how do you manage being a single mom and model at the same time because both require full time work. Well as a single parent you take care of priorities first and then you take care of your wants. Being a single mom isn’t easy but I take each day as it comes, raising a ten year old son and an eight year old daughter can be challenging because they are getting older. They want more things, time and attention. I have learned how to break it up and give them equal time and love. I talk to my kids so that they understand. I spend the day with one, and then I spend the next day with the other. This way both children can have one on one time without the other interrupting. We have our together time as a family where we can talk and play games. I work midnights so that I can be there with my kids to give them the structure that they need to be successful in life. It gets hard when I have opportunities come up and I don’t have a babysitter but I look at it and say “thanks god but the timing isn’t right for me.” I use to cry but when I stopped worrying everything would falls into place somehow. I live each day by being an example for my kids. I figured if I push myself to following my dreams then they will do the same and that’s why I started modeling because it was a passion that I had but I didn’t believe that there was plus size modeling. So a friend of mines told me that there was a company (XtacyInk) that was looking for plus size women to model their tattoos

and in a elegant and classy way. She gave me the information and they gave me my first photo-shoot and from that point on I knew modeling was something I wanted to continue. I have been getting booked/casted for shows from left to right and during the time I was able to bring my kids to rehearsals and even photo shoots. So that never really was an issue and if it was something that they couldn’t attend then I would ask their dad or even my mom to keep them for a few hours. Being a plus model is fun and I love it! I like the fact that since I’ve been modeling the feedback I get has been positive and also rewarding! My goal at the end of the day is to show my children that no matter what you want to be or do in life. If you work hard and never give up then you can achieve it. Modeling has helped my self esteem and has brought me to be the person I am today. I love the fact I am a single mother and a plus size model. If it wasn’t for the will of God giving me the strength, the faith, and the energy to be able to do the things I am doing now. I don’t know where I would be. If I had to give a message to anyone who is in my shoes it would be follow your heart, never give up and you may bend but never break! It doesn’t matter how big or small you are you’re beautiful! God made you to be the person you are so embrace that because he makes no mistakes. I am me the original GLAM’DOLL with curves! • www.lamourdivine.com • L’amour Divine Magazine • • www.lamourdivine.com • L’amour Divine Magazine •

61 61


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Happily Ever After Shannon and Roc have known one another for about two years. Three months ago they decided to take a different direction with their friendship. Now these two remarkable people are hand in hand. Shannon is out spoken and strong minded, while Roc is quiet and humble. They say opposites attract and from the chemistry witnessed between the two, I would say the old saying is correct. Shannon expressed “I love him, Roc is the first guy I have ever trusted”, and in response Roc agreed the feeling was mutual. He was not ashamed to admit his feelings for Shannon. Roc let it known, “I am glad I met her and she has changed a lot of my ways such as my attitude. I just hope we last and she loves me the same way.” Undeniably Shannon concluded her feelings were very much the same and she sees a strong future between them. The two described their love as strong, and real. They do not allow anyone or as Shannon refers to them as “fans”, interfere in their relationship. Not only are these two an amazing couple but they are also incredible parents. In the end, a simple friendship between two turned into a

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Throughout my life I’ve learned several valuable lessons that have helped me. Some tears were shed and a few caused me a lot of pain but I am still standing. Being in this gay lifestyle I’ve experienced many different characteristics of women controlling, users, and confused. My recent relationship was with a woman named Selina and she was by far the worst one ever. It all started in Oct of 2009 at my place of employment. First it was the exchange of each other’s phone numbers and venting about our current relationships we were involved in at the time. When I would see this woman it was like she had me lost for words. I would get chills up my spine, I felt like she had a spell on me or something. I didn’t even realize how blinded I was, I was really feeling this woman and she didn’t even know it. One night she calls me, to stop over there after the club. She said we was going to have some drinks, then one thing lead to another the feeling was so good I became addicted! After being involved for quite a while, I would ask her numerous times about putting a title on what we had. I would also bring up relationships on purpose and that’s when her one too many excuses followed. She would constantly say, “I am stuck in a lease with ex girlfriend and I can’t break the lease.” I couldn’t really get to mad because I was doing my own thing. I had been messing with my ex Yasamin still. Honestly all Yasamin wanted was time and I didn’t give it to her. In the end I lost a good woman and it still hurts because we were going strong five years. Regrettably, once a title was put in place between Selina and me, it tuned into something from a horror film. She started  snooping through my laptop, and invading my privacy. Then came the DUI ‘s. The most recent DUI her bond was set at five thousand dollars, of

course me being the person I am, I went through a bondsman and put up the five hundred dollars. I felt bad about the situation and in a way I felt she was part of me. I didn’t want her behind bars but she needed to learn with every action there is a reaction. In this case she didn’t learn because the drinking continued to get out of hand. We started arguing more and more money was coming out of my pockets. I began to have more feelings of regret about our situation and I just wanted it to end. It hurt so much to still think of my ex Yasamin, especially for comfort and know we would never be because of this whole thing with Selina. I had this burning feeling in my heart because I knew she had moved on foreal and I had no one to turn to. In the beginning of January 2011, I was online in one of the lesbian groups on facebook and happen to run across someone who turned out to be an angel. At first I thought she was just another chick on facebook. After talking to her in the morning before work and throughout the time I was dealing with Selina, showed me she was a real woman. I knew what she wanted and I gave her just that. She has made me feel special since day one. The first time we meet she came all the way from Georgia too see me. Instantly I felt released from Selina and I was so glad she finally stopped coming around. I would have had to deal with my blessings being blocked. Just to think if I have never inboxed my angel back, I wouldn’t be happy till this day. She has made me whole and my heart smiles. I never thought another woman would change me and I would love again after my last relationships but GOD showed me different! I am so happy with her and I cannot wait until the day she is my WIFE.

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YOU DON’T REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL We cannot help who we fall in love with. It just happens. I was comfortable with who I was, but wasn’t quite comfortable with my mother’s feelings towards who I was. Being that my mother was heavy into the Baptist church, it was hard for me to express the true feelings that I had within. So for me to fall in love with a woman was the most difficult to express. I hate you! That’s how my ex girlfriend greeted me when I got home from hanging out. She then proceeded to launch a grey goose vodka bottle at my head. Keep in mind that she does not drink. She was extremely drunk. I walked in on her looking at old pictures of us together on facebook. When I asked her why was she sitting at home going through our pictures she responded, “that’s when you loved me.” It cut me deep when she said that. I didn’t know it had gotten that bad. Yeah right, who was I kidding? It was going on one year of living together and two years of being together. I think I checked out of the relationship six months in. I stayed maybe because I hoped like anyone that things would get better. In the end this was something I had brought on myself. I had cheated on her numerous amounts of times. It really seems like when you find someone, everyone notices you. I am so serious. However, that does not mean that I was supposed to act on everything that was thrown my way. Being who I was back then, I did act on it all. My girlfriend was amazingly beautiful. Body of a goddess, hair like an angel, smile that would put the sun out of business, personality that one can never get bored with. I was just stupid. She was just fed up. I can’t blame her. When she was to that point, it was hell to pay. Once I realized she was in a different state of mind something told me to go check the house. Now, I need to talk to you guys as if we are friends. I Hope that’s cool. This woman 84 •• L’amour L’amour Divine Divine Magazine Magazine •• www.lamourdivine.com www.lamourdivine.com 84

submerged all of my Adidas in a tub of bleach water. Mad as hell is an understatement. Now, if anyone knows Celeste (me), they know I am an Adidas fanatic. I was on another level of upset. I had to keep in mind that she was drunk. Even though I did the things that I did, I loved her, and did not want to kill her over some shoes. I was damn near close though. As I turned to walk out of the bathroom, she was standing there. She said, “you lucky I don’t push you in there with them.” Then she slaps me. Yep, she slapped the shit out of me right into a state of shock. She slap me so hard, I didn’t know whether to slap her back, or to cry. I didn’t choose option A, or B. I walked away, or at least I tried to. She jumped on my back. This woman began to pull my hair out by the root. This had to be one of the most painful things that I have ever experienced. I flung her off of my back like a rag doll. Yet and still, at this point I did not hit her. I told myself once again, she is really drunk, and she is unaware of what she is doing. She tells me that she is about to leave the house and drive to a friend’s house. We know that was not going to happen. I literally had to slam her to the floor to get the keys from her. Next thing I know, I’m choking her. She starts turning blue. I let up, and toss the keys at her. I tell her, if you want to die, go right ahead. Harsh words I know, but at this point, either I was going to kill her, or she was going to do it herself. I politely walked back upstairs to try and save my Adidas, and what do you know, she follows me. Now, we are on the second story of the house. She’s in my face, and I am ignoring her. This upsets her highly. She mashes my head and walks away. I chase her down and before I know it, I pushed her through the bedroom window. We tore the frame and broke the glass. Now it’s to the point that if I let go, she falls. I pull her up, and she goes in on me. I grab my car keys and leave the house.

IT’S GONE! When I return, what do I see the police waiting on me. I was cuffed and put in the back of the cop car because I made an attempt to toss my girlfriend out of a second story window. The only thing I could say was, “Are you going arrest this bitch for killing my Adidas?” After that, for sure, I was going to be in the back of the squad car for a while. Only because the girl loved me so much I didn’t face an attempted murder charge. Going through a break up is crazy.

On a more serious note, I felt like I could not be with her because of my family. I kept her a secret. That good old best friend line. I was in love her. I cheated because I knew that the side women would not want to meet my family. They were just the entertainment. Never let someone else dictate your life. If you find someone that brings you joy, embrace it. I messed up. I lost one of the most important relationships in my life because of what others felt. That woman was supposed to marry me. The even more crazier thing is, I still hang out with her from time to time. Moral of this bizarre, crazy, yet entertaining story is, if you love Adidas as much as I do, do not cheat on your girlfriend. She will dig a grave for them.

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