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October 2011 . Issue 08

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FROM THE EDITOR As one of our outstanding alumni brothers said recently, “The most important history about Lambda Chi Alpha is what happened 24 hours ago.” With the speed and immediacy of the digital age, it is more important than ever for undergraduates and alumni brothers to share positive news activities regarding our actions. From our undergraduates brothers, we need to know what community service activities your chapter held or participated in. How many new associate members did you add? What is your cumulative GPA? Did you win an intramural championship? Do you have brothers holding offices with other student organizations on campus? From our alumni brothers, we need to know if you have a new job? Did you receive a promotion? Did you help your company achieve a new milestone? Did you perform community service? Do you hold an office with another non-profit? If you are a chapter advisor, what positive things can you share about your experiences working with the chapter?

Tad Lichtenauer (317) 803-7322

At the International Headquarters, we have multiple ways for you to tell us about how you and your chapter are making positive contributions to your schools, communities, and society.

Officer Portal (OP) For undergraduates chapter officers, you receive a reminder(s) notice/form from us each month via the Officer Portal. We need you to complete it and and submit it. In addition to writing a few sentences, we also encourage you to attach pictures with your submission.

Member Portal (MYLCA) This is Lambda Chi Alpha’s newest online community for both undergraduates and alumni. If you haven’t done so already, you can claim your account by going to this website address: https://

Once you login you will see the Submit Chapter News as a link on the lefthand side. Again, please tell us what’s new and what you have been doing.

Lambda Chi Alpha’s Website On the Lambda Chi Alpha website, you can go to this web address and submit news: https:// contribute. On this page, you will find a Contribute to the Cross & Crescent link. Simply click this link, complete the for and submit your news.

Email Email is a great way to tell us your news. Please send your email to: We also encourage you to attach pictures with your email.

Facebook/Twitter We are always looking for positive news that we read on Twitter or Facebook. What we don’t want to read or see is negative or inappropriate news or photos. If we Tweet something positive, re-Tweet it, and we’ll do the same for you. For Facebook, make sure you Like the Lambda Chi Alpha page and add your own posts or comments to ours.

In this month’s edition of the Cross & Crescent, we have more than 100 chapters that have reported news. This is a tremendous accomplishment and one that helps demonstrate what positive impact Lambda Chis are making. We look forward to reading and receiving more good news from all of you. Let us all continue to demonstrate through our actions the lessons we learned and the oaths we took in our Initiation Ritual. In ZAX and friendship, Tad Lichtenauer Managing Editor Cross & Crescent Magazine

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Chapter and Alumni News


WILLIAM & MARY’S BOARD CHAIRMAN Jeffrey Trammell (William & Mary 1973) is the president and founder of Trammell and Company, an external communications and public affairs consulting firm in Washington, DC.

By Tad Lichtenauer (Denison) 33


Fraternity News

2012 Mastery Circle Summit

TRUE Brother My Journal from El Salvador



2011 GRAND HIGH ALPHA WINNER At last summer’s 2011 Stead Leadership Seminar, the Gamma-Iota brothers at Denison University received its inaugural Grand High Alpha, the Fraternity’s highest chapter award.

By Jon Williamson (Maryland)


BROTHERS CLIMB MOUNTAIN, HELP TEENS Preston Long and Rich Rife, Theta-Zeta alumni brothers from Hanover College, completed their fundraiser for Big City Mountaineers and the Summit For Someone Program when they successfully climbed to the summit of Mt. Rainier on August 8, 2011.

By Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)

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Chapter News Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Akron (Gamma-Alpha)

The chapter won the Chancellor’s Award. Sam Boomer is IFC chairman of philanthropy, Garrett Johannsen is IFC chairman of public relations, and Pug Pate is SGA secretary.

Arkansas State (Iota-Theta) The chapter was named Best Men on Campus for the forth consecutive year. The chapter earned the second highest fraternity GPA on campus for the spring 2011 semester.

Arizona State (Zeta-Psi) Justin Konopaske is IFC vice president and Matt Didominico is IFC vice president.

The chapter earned a 3.01 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, above the all-men’s and all-IFC averages, and the third highest out of 12 fraternities on campus.

Michael Wong is SGA vice president and Ryan Henderson is an SGA senator.

Preston Epling is IFC president.

Jake Irvin is president and founder of SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise).

Christian Jones is a member of the varsity track team. The chapter won the Dean’s Cup during the spring 2011 semester in addition to these other top campus awards; Risk Management Award, Member Development Award, Campus Involvement, and the Edna Gainer Service Commitment Award.

The chapter earned a 3.37 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, first of 24 fraternities on campus. The chapter has a new website.

The chapter added 15 associate members during fall 2011 recruitment.

Auburn-Montgomery (Phi-Kappa)

The chapter is serving as big brother chapter to the colony at John Carroll University.

The chapter finished the spring 2011 semester with the highest fraternity GPA on campus. Brandon Johnson and Grant Kimbrough are IFC board members.

Arkansas (Gamma-Chi)

The chapter won 2011 intramural championships in dodgeball and softball.

The chapter earned 3.229 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, the highest of all 13 fraternities on campus.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Baldwin-Wallace (Kappa-Phi Colony)

Bowling Green State (Phi-Mu)

The chapter earned a 3.371 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, the highest of any male organization on campus.

Kevin Basch, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, served as SGA president, while David Neely and Jacob West are on the SGA City Liaison Committee.

The chapter had 100 percent campus involvement as each of the chapter brothers is active with a second organization, in addition to Lambda Chi Alpha.

The chapter won 2011 football and soccer intramural championships. The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, the highest of the 17 fraternities on campus.

Ball State (Iota-Alpha) The chapter added more than 10 new associate members and will conduct an Associate Member Ceremony on October 13, 2011.

Bradley (Kappa-Upsilon)

The chapter will host its fall philanthropy, Pumpkin Smash, in the first week of November.

The winner of the chapter’s Crescent Girl Pageant was Anna Marie Mitchell, a member of Chi Omega sorority.

Ryan O’Shea is the IFC vice president of communication outreach and Chris Buck is SGA vice president. Con Sullivan is SGA secretary of governance

The chapter’s Watermelon Bash included 17 teams and raised nearly $500, the most in the event’s four-year history. Chapter brothers have completed more than 400 hours of community service during the summer and so far this fall. The chapter has raised more than 13,000 pounds of food for a local food bank. Mike Konieczny is SGA vice president of philanthropy, Sammy Naman is SGA chairman of diversity affairs, Ty Alleman is SGA city and local affairs chairman, and Larry Larison is SGA campus affairs chairman.

Butler (Alpha-Alpha)

On September 9, 2011, John Schmitz held his annual golf event, which included both alumni and undergraduate brothers. As a result of the event, several alumni brothers made donations to the chapter.

The chapter’s House Mother, Shiela Patsiner, attended the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values’ 15th annual House Director Conference on June 23-26, 2001, in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference was attended by 99 house directors representing 27 inter/national organizations. Participants added

Boston (Alpha) Mason Balsamo is the IFC vice president for scholarship and Nick Rango is the IFC vice president for campus affairs.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Coe (Zeta-Alpha)

new colleagues and experts to their professional networks while experiencing powerful professional development and returning to their chapters with information and ideas that will make the management of the chapter house more efficient.

Mike Anderson is IFC President. Justin Nylin is SGA President. The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, finishing first out of five fraternities on campus.

California-San Diego (Pi-Beta)

Jeromey Johnson and Phillip Hale are members of the football team.

Shawn Xu is the IFC president, Andrew Ang is the IFC vice president of finance, and Brandon Katzer is the IFC vice president of marketing.

Doug Land and Jon Roger are members of the tennis team. Chris Yossi (captain), Mike Inghram, Ben Forman, and Alhazi Sesay are members of the soccer team.

California State-Fresno (Iota-Gamma) Christopher M. Whiteside died September 4, 2011. He had a successful career working for companies including Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. and David & Sons. For the past 10 years, he was part of the leadership team at Ruiz Food Products, Inc. Highlights of his career at Ruiz included a visit by President George W. Bush and working on the El Monterey and Tornados brands. He was instrumental in working with Stewart-Haas Racing for the Ruiz Foods sponsorship of Ryan Newman’s #39 Tornados Chevrolet. As a brother from the Iota-Gamma chapter, he served as ritualist and then ritualist advisor as an alumnus. He also was a member of the House Corporation in the early 1990s. In a celebration of his life and commitment to Fresno State, his memorial service was held at Fresno State’s Beiden Field (baseball stadium).

Cornell (Omicron)

Clemson (Delta-Omicron) The chapter added 17 associate members.

On September 26, 2011, 10 chapter brothers participated in relief efforts to help the struggling citizens of Owego, New York, a town approximately one hour outside of Ithaca. Following the recent heavy rains, nearly all of the houses were severely damaged by flood waters. The chapter brothers and other IFC members assisted Red Cross volunteers by unloading supplies such as food, clothing, and diapers. The brothers also worked to help clean and repair buildings covered by flood waters, including spending several hours knocking out walls and removing water-soaked

Brian Nichols is IFC vice president of risk management. Andrew Gosnell and Joey Maxwell are SGA senators. The chapter won the homecoming float competition. The chapter earned a 3.07 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, fifth best out of 21 chapters.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Delaware (Lambda-Beta)

insulation and other trash. Dan Freshman is the IFC president, and Alan Workman is the IFC vice president for communications.

The chapter added 21 associate members, the largest group in more than 20 years. The chapter was named Chapter of the Year for the spring 2011 semester.

Culver-Stockton (Kappa-Mu) The chapter won 2011 intramural championships in softball, football, and basketball.

Denison (Gamma-Iota)

Josh Lee is the IFC vice president.

The chapter added eight associate members.

Drew Ayers, Kyle Ellison, Corey Shultz, and Jordan Lasater are members of the college basketball team.

Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa Colony)

Brian Davidson, Garnet Ferron, Matt Havermale, Arturo Hurtado, Zach Pedrotti, and Adam Hartenstein are members of the soccer team.

The chapter house underwent several repairs and upgrades, including installation of new flooring in rooms as well as new coats of paint. Due to a larger than expected freshmen class, the brothers agreed to advertise the House. The House is now at full capacity.

Michael Cagle, Arturo Cordova, and Bobby Lombard are members of the college baseball team.

Denver (Alpha-Pi)

Drury (Theta-Sigma)

Chad Gallion is the IFC President, Brent Hamilton is the IFC Recruitment Chairman, and Sam White is an SGA Senator.

The chapter earned a 3.38 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, highest of all fraternities on campus and above both the Drury all-male average of 3.09 and male Greek average of 3.17. Blake Bodendorfer, Zach Downs, Ray Geosling, and Scott Robinson each earned a 4.0 GPA.

DePauw (Xi) Charles E. Kirsch died September 15, 2011. A U.S. Navy veteran, he served as CEO and president of the Kirsch Co. Over the span of his career he worked his way up through the drapery hardware company ranks from sales trainee to division manager, sales manager, and executive vice president. His philanthropic service extended to numerous organizations, some of which included Jupiter Medical Center Foundation Board, and the Hillsdale College Board of Trustees. He was the 1968 chair of Michigan’s Republican Finance Committee and served as an officer of Loxahatchee Country Club and Klinger Lake Country Club.

The chapter won Greek Week and was named the Standards of Excellence Top Chapter. Lucas Schubert is Drury’s and Missouri’s Student Employee of the Year. Dr. Eltjen Flikkema, a professor of German, retired after teaching 39 years at Drury.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

East Tennessee State (Iota-Omicron)

championships in basketball, softball, and dodgeball. Aaron Warren is a Bible Study Leader and was named Outstanding New Member. Joe Snyder was voted the 2011 Greek Man of the Year while alumni brother Scott Jackson was named the Advisor of the Year.

Elmhurst (Pi-Zeta) Ryan Lauth is IFC president. Jacob Meding is SGA president while Mark Weeden is SGA vice president and president of Habitat for Humanity. Matt McHugh is president of the Human Resource Association. Romison St. Louis was elected the 2011 Greek Man of the Year.

The chapter has acquired its first official house through East Tennessee State in more than 15 years. The residence has been a fraternity house for more than 50 years and Lambda Chi has now begun renting it from Sigma Nu. It is a 4,500 square-foot, 6 bedroom, 3 bath home that was built in 1920. Seven brothers currently live in the house, which sits one block away from the old house that the chapter had for over 40 years!

Matt Rohde was named the Resident Assistant Rookie of the Year. The chapter earned a 3.1 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

Eureka (Theta-Chi) Michael McComas and Jon Deedrick are IFC vice presidents. Jon Deedrick, Cody Rice, Geoff Hudson, Jesse Sams, and Ben Mills are members of the football team. Mason Mullins is a member of the soccer team. Nathan Pritzker is captain of the cross country team. Ryan Maclock is a member of the golf team.

Eastern Kentucky (Phi-Beta)

Josh Harkness and Brock Davis are members of the fishing club.

The Phi-Beta brothers at Eastern Kentucky University have the achieved the following;

Bruce Darnall (1966) and Mark Darnall (2009) wrote an article -Juan Pierre, A Great Place in Life -- about Chicago White Sox left fielder Juan Pierre. It is published on-line by Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

David Mansfield is a member of the football team. Daniel Boggs is a varsity cheerleader and Dalton Hook is university mascot.

Evansville (Iota-Mu)

Will Sutherland is president of the Paint Ball Club and was named 2011 Mr. Greek Week.

The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, earning the award for the most improved GPA on campus.

The chapter finished second in intramurals, winning the


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Florida (Epsilon-Mu)

Dave Goldenberg is the IFC vice president of operations.

The chapter added 25 associate members.

Brock Reneer and Nathan Stamps are student orientation leaders. Colin Gray (academic All-MAC), Jake Harrington, Alex Seward, Kyle Tiemann, Justin Shotwell, Chris Weishist, Carder LaBrake, and Ryan Metzger are members of the swim team.

Florida Gulf Coast (Colony 292) The chapter has established a solid foundation as the newest fraternity at Florida Gulf Coast University with the induction of 14 new associate members, bringing the colony to a total of 41 members. The second Associate Member Ceremony was conducted by the colony’s own officers on Sunday, September 25, 2011, to a crowd of family and friends of the newest members. The colony has also held its first chapter meeting and will be reaching out to alumni brothers in the area by introducing themselves and asking for support and attendance at upcoming events.

Brock Reneer is a varsity cheerleader. William McClure was voted the Best New Fraternity Member of the Year.

Ferris State (Iota-Psi)

Florida International (Pi-Phi) The chapter added 15 associate members.

Florida Southern (Epsilon-Xi) John Theriault is the IFC president, Brian Gukerra is the IFC vice president of recruitment, and Mitch Varnum is the IFC secretary. Alan Silva is SGA secretary, Jared Goodwin is SGA vice president of finance, and Mitch Varnum is the SGA vice president of public relations.

The chapter held a Watermelon Bash for the North American Food Drive, raising $520 as well as 300 cans of food.

The chapter won the intramurals championship, which included earning the softball title.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Florida State (Zeta-Rho)

Franklin (Kappa-Gamma)

Daniel W. Litwhiler died September 23, 2011. He began his professional career as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies in 1940 and ended it as a member of the Boston Braves in 1951. In between those two stops he played with the Reds and Cardinals, playing as a member of the 1944 World Series Champions for the latter, winning two gold gloves including perfect fielding in 1942 which led to his glove being displayed in the Hall of Fame. Following his professional career he became the coach at Florida State University for nine years, and then the coach at Michigan State University for 19 years, at both of which he enjoyed success. He was an author and contributed approximately 100 inventions related to America’s game including the “radar gun.” He also served as the International President of the United States Baseball Federation. He has been recognized by his peers with induction into the American Association of College Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame, the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, the Citizen Savings Hall of Fame, the Florida State University Athletic Hall of Fame, and the Michigan State University Athletic Hall of Fame. In addition, the baseball field at Bloomsburg State College has been named in his honor.

Jacob LaRosa is the IFC communications chairman. Taylor Paden is the SGA senior representative. Wes Kaminski, Logan Worley, Brooks Bemis, Evan Taylor, Tyler Huls, Nick Mongan, LaDarrius Calvin (also on the track team), Kyle Kellar, Jacob Evans, Joshua Bales, Jordan Segner, Dominique Boyd, Patrick Doherty, Drew Koning, Martin Chastain, Kraig Shutters (also on track team), Connor Houston, and Levi Waltz are members of the football team. The chapter won the 2011 Greek Week competition.

Georgetown (Kappa-Omega) Josh Calihan is IFC vice president and Dan Borman is the IFC secretary. The chapter earned a 2.96 GPA for the spring 2011 semester. Chapter brothers won the softball and soccer intramural championships. Clay Brown is captain of the football team.

Ronald B. Gardin (1995) died August 27, 2011. He fought a courageous battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He was employed by DJO, Inc. in Vista, California.

Tanner Alexander and Todd Bixler are members of the crosscountry team. Alec Lewis is a member of the tennis team.

Florida Tech (Beta-Nu)

Jordan Bell, Drew Davenport, and Robert Carter are members of the golf team.

The chapter added 18 associate members.

Justin Davis, Taylor Shaver, Tyler Whitehouse, Matt Hess, Andrew LeMay, Jake Niederhelman, and Brian Swanson are members of the soccer team.

Chapter brothers participated in a meaningful “Beta Retreat,” organized by chapter Vice President William Wing.

George Washington (Delta-Xi)

As part of an adopt-a-road community service project, more than 30 brothers and a few family members participated in picking up trash and cleaning a 1.5 mile stretch of road that borders Florida Tech.

The chapter added 15 associate members.

Hampden-Sydney (Kappa-Eta) Our brother Scooter Thomas recently finished Marine Corps OCS


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

High Point (Iota-Phi)

training and will be the only student at Hampden-Sydney College graduating as a commissioned officer.

The chapter added six associate members.

Hanover (Theta-Zeta)

Illinois (Chi)

Bob Waldren is IFC vice president of public relations, SGA communications chairman, and a memberof the Board of Trustees.

The chapter held a Centennial Celebration banquet on September 17, 2011, in the Illini Student Union. The chapter began as a small local University of Illinois fraternity known as Delta Omega, founded 100 years ago on October 1, 1911. It was later installed as the 19th chapter of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in 1915, with active recruitment from Lambda Chi founder Warren A. Cole (Boston).

Chris Lewis is IFC vice president of recruitment. Chip Davis is SGA president, president of the senior class, and a member of the Board of Trustees.

Iowa State (Alpha-Tau)

Elliot Ward, Jake Stawick (all HCAC Team), Kyle Bohnert, Corey Jones, Tripp Stephens, Tim Boldt, Bob Waldren, and Matt Murphy are members of the soccer team.

Stanley E. Warren (1960) died September 11, 2011. He was a strong supporter of the chapter and was the largest contributor to the Lambda Chi’s On The Rise capital campaign. Over the years many of the alumni and undergraduate brothers were able to meet him firsthand. Warren and his wife Jean were at the VEISHEA weekend celebration last spring. Warren was presented with an ISU hat in recognition of his lifelong support. He was an honored Vietnam veteran and received a Bronze Star.

Chris Cason and Alex Taylor are members of the football team. Steven Gilliam, Sam Werne, Derek Zimmers, Kyle Bohnert, Matt Strandmark, and Chase Ingle are members of the tennis team. Brock Harkness is a member of the track team. Zach Shultz, Trent McInnich, Matt Erwin, and Dan Quick are members of the baseball team.

Iowa-Weselyan (Theta-Iota)

Tyler Bussburg, Marcus El, Robert Bader, and Jan-Niklas Reisser are members of the golf team.

Maurice “Chip” Weschler Jr. (1963) died August 28, 2011. He was the owner of Weschler Corp. and was passionate about helping others.

Sam Kampert is a member of the lacrosse team. Brock Harkness is a member of the cross-country team. Chase Ingle is president of the Student Activities Center.

Kansas State (Gamma-Xi)

Sam Werne is a member of the board of the center.

The chapter hosted its annual Watermelon Bust philanthropy, which raised more than 450 pounds of food and $4,300 for the Flint Hills Breadbasket.

Levi Hamner is the director of business scholar’s student board. Marcus El and Jerrod Ariss are resident assistants.

The chapter hosted a neighborhood picnic that was attended by 30 neighboring homeowners, thereby helping to strengthen the chapter’s image.

Chris Lewis and Matt Strandmark are peer advisors. The chapter finished first in GPA for the spring 2011 semester and won the C-league basketball and soccer championships.

Alex Stehl is the IFC director of recruitment.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

men on the Dean’s List.

Curtis Bryant, Darren Allison, Jonathan Bahmani, and Evan Wollsencroft are SGA senators.

Harry Caruso is SGA vice president and Joshua Didio is IFC communications chairman.

The chapter was first in intramurals in the fall 2010 and second in the spring 2011.

Doug Marcincin (captain), Sean Keller, Alex DiClemente, and Andrew Arnold are members of the golf team.

The chapter earned a 3.23 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

The chapter doubled in size last year, adding 17 new brothers.

Brian Clabby, Justin Kauffman, and David Bougard are members of the club baseball team. Robert Waldschmitt, Joshua Didio, Michael Pavio, John Williams Ryan, Justin Kauffman, Joseph Joseph, and Greg Baglione are members of the lacrosse team.

Bryan McKinstry was Emerging Greek Leader of the Year.

The chapter won the intramural basketball championship.

Kutztown (Sigma-Gamma)

Louisiana-Lafayette (Iota-Omega)

The chapter won the intramural basketball championship.

The chapter added 20 associate members.

Lake Forest (Pi-Pi)

Louisiana State (Upsilon)

The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA, highest of all fraternities on campus.

With 116 brothers, the chapter earned a 2.96 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, above the all-men’s and all-IFC averages.

Benjamin Jaehning is IFC treasurer.

Inc. magazine ranked alumni brother Nathan Chapman’s company, The Marketing Center, on its fifth annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The Marketing Center joins Spirit Airlines, television maker Vizio, Honest Tea, Dunkin Donuts and Metrokane, makers of the Rabbit corkscrew, among other prominent brands featured on this year’s list. Founded in 1991, The Marketing Center is a New Orleans-based marketing consulting firm and advertising agency that specializes in helping attorneys build profitable Social Security Disability legal practices. More information can be found at

Chris Haught-Thompson is captain of the soccer team. Jake Albion, Geuseppe Conoscenti, and Alex Marks are members of the swim team. Kenny Clady-Mason and Osayi Menzies are members of the football team. Syked Masnain, Yushn Kdhara, and Mehmet Ugurbil are members of the rugby team. All six of the chapter’s seniors were elected to the “Senior 25,” which recognizes the top rising seniors on campus who are leaders in multiple campus organizations and help shape the student experience at the college.

Robert W. McKenzie Sr. (1952) died September 14, 2011. After graduating from LSU he attended Officers’ Candidate School, U.S. Navy, Newport, Rhode Island, in 1954 and was commissioned in the Civil Engineering Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve. He served at the U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Research and Evaluation Laboratory (NAVCERELAB) in 1955-56 in Port Hueneme, California, and then was stationed at the U.S. Naval Station, Adak, Alaska, where he worked in the Public Works Department during 1956-1957. In 1958 he returned

Lehigh (Gamma-Psi) The chapter earned a 3.03 GPA for the spring 2011 sememster, placing them in the top 5 for fraternities, and having the most


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he worked as a structural engineer for Alfred G. Rayner, Consulting Engineer. He became a partner in the firm which became Rayner & McKenzie, Consulting Engineers, Inc., in 1968. He was a guest lecturer on construction technology at LSU as well as visiting professor in Civil Engineering there in 1976. McKenzie was elected president of the Consulting Engineers Council of Louisiana, Inc. in 1981, and a fellow in both the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Consulting Engineers Council of Louisiana in 1989 and 1991, respectively. In 1989, he was presented with the A.E. Wilder Award for outstanding service to the Consulting Engineers Council of Louisiana, Inc.

Maryland-Baltimore County (Phi-Delta) The chapter added 12 associate members.

Louisville (Zeta-Sigma) The chapter added 35 associate members.

Loyola Marymount (Delta-Psi)

Memphis (Zeta-Theta)

Chapter President Garrett Broom was named 2010-2011 Greek Man of the Year. The chapter also won the Best Chapter Management Award on campus. In addition the chapter won Best Event of the Year Award for its Rodeo Party, a charity event benefiting the Drew Kurtzman Foundation. Kurtzman was an undergraduate brother who died on July 31, 2011, complications related from muscular dystrophy.

Chapter brothers assisted in the cleanup of McKellar Lake where recent flooding washed trash ashore and threatened both wildlife and the water supply itself. The chapter added 24 associate members.

Methodist (Sigma-Theta Colony) The colony added 18 associate members.

Lycoming (Iota-Beta) Iota-Beta recently volunteered to help flood victims in cities neighboring Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Many homes were nearly destroyed by water damage and needed cleaning out so that they could be rebuilt. Chapter brothers helped members of the Red Cross in the relief efforts for these victims. Iota-Beta recently accepted three fall associates and held the Associate Member Ceremony on September 25, 2011.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Miami-FL (Epsilon-Omega)

The chapter brothers assisted Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy, raising money for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital.

Ford, and Carter to serve on the National Advisory Council for the Education of Disadvantaged Children. Lewis accepted the superintendency in Tucson (Arizona) Unified School District in 1977, but was forced to leave due to life threatening heart problems. After regaining his health he became a small business owner, operating a restaurant in El Con Mall for ten years with his family. Lewis served as consultant to the AZ School Boards Association assisting districts with programs and personnel work, was Superintendent of the AZ School for the Deaf and Blind, and continued consulting work until recently.

Michigan (Sigma) The chapter brothers conducted a successful recruitment event in which they went out into nearby neighborhoods and collected non-perishable food goods to donate to Food Gatherers, a local food bank. The chapter brothers collected several hundred pounds of food in one afternoon, including a donation from the university President Mary Sue Coleman.

The chapter added five associate members. Alumni brother Darren Dupriest’s company, Validity Screening Solutions, has been recognized by the Kansas City Business Journal as a finalist for the 2011 Best Places to Work. Thirty finalists were named in the categories of small, medium, and large companies. Validity is among 10 other companies in the Greater Kansas City area named as a finalist in its category. This is the second consecutive year in which Validity has been recognized.

Miami-OH (Zeta-Upsilon)

Michigan State (Gamma-Omicron) The chapter added 15 associate members.

The chapter added five brothers to its Honor Roll. Brothers are inducted after they have performed multiple years of steadfast service and leadership for either the chapter or for the national fraternity. The newest inductees are William McMillen, George McFerron, Allen E. Segrist, Michael Daughters, and Michael Thomas.

The chapter will host its annual Homecoming event at the chapter house beginning at 3 p.m. on October 22, 2011. The chapter earned a 3.1 GPA for the spring 2011 semester. The chapter was 2011 Greek Week champions.

Dr. Wilbur H. Lewis (1952) died July 17, 2011. An Army veteran, Lewis was a math and science teacher in southeastern Ohio before enrolling at Ohio University for his doctorate in curriculum and instruction. Lewis was a high school principal in both Athens, and Wilmington, Ohio. In 1968 Dr. Lewis was appointed assistant superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in Parma, Ohio, where he developed one of the most comprehensive and successful vocational education programs in the United States. Lewis also became superintendent in Parma during which time he was appointed by Presidents Nixon,

Patrick Hunt is IFC vice president of external relations. Aaron Letzeiser is SGA director of government affairs. Jeff Paulson is on the Student Facilities Hearing Board. Matt King is a member of the soccer team. The chapter won the softball championship. William Kiefer died July 31, 2011.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Millsaps (Theta-Eta)

finishing first out of all fraternities on campus. Josh Womack was selected as the Fraternity Man of the Year and the chapter was selected as Best Philanthropy and Most Campus Involvement.

The chapter added 12 associate members. The chapter hosted its annual Watermelon Bust, raising several thousand dollars for Stewpot, a local soup kitchen.

Brad Parsons is IFC president. Sherrod Hall is the SGA president, Jordan Palmer is the SGA treasurer, Zach Gallman is the SGA event coordinator, Quincy Hall is the SGA chaplain, Erik Bederhelm is the SGA director of special events, Dillon Owens is the SGA director of social media, and Mike Nicholson, Will Hassenbein, and Davis Hayden are SGA senators.

Minnesota State (Lambda-Delta) The chapter added nine associate members. Erik Heller, David Rosencrance, Matt Lindquist, David Schieler, and Nick Wilfahrt are SGA academic senators. Chapter Vice President Steven Yetter is the IFC vice president of council management.

Murray State (Lambda-Eta)

Chris Lea started a new campus student organization called Maverick Off-Road.

Patrick Hughes is the IFC assistant recruitment chairman. Ben Honer, Adam Peebles, Bennett Poynter, and Korey Reichardt are SGA senators.

Missouri (Gamma-Kappa)

Alex Green and Craig Nunnelley are on the Campus Activities Board.

The chapter added 32 associate members.

Aaron Turner is on the SGA Judicial Board.

Nick Smith worked for the executive vice president for Bertelsmann AG in Gutersloh, Germany, this summer. Bertelsmann is the 6th largest media company in the world.

The chapter won the intramural championship. The chapter added 16 associate members.

The chapter won 2011 Greek Week. The chapter placed first overall in Greek athletics. The chapter was recognized by the university for academic achievement.

New Hampshire (Alpha-Xi) The chapter finished its semi-annual clothing sale, raising $1,500 for the local food pantry.

Chapter brothers created a Greek-wide, Power-Based, Sexual Violence Prevention program.

The chapter’s annual teeter-totter-a-thon took place on September 30-October 1, 2011, in support of the Jimmy Fund.

Brad Berlin (1989) is the equipment manager of the Washington Redskins.

New Mexico (Zeta-Mu Colony) Montevallo (Sigma-Epsilon)

The colony currently has 19 associate members.

The chapter earned a 3.21 GPA for the spring 2011 semester,

The colony held its first chapter meeting and Executive


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death Committee meeting.

Sam Nieves and Anthony Pettiforo are members of the crosscountry team. David Heidrich is a member of the swimming team.

New Orleans (Lambda-Alpha)

The chapter won the Outstanding Philanthropy Award, Greek Excellence in New Membership Award, and Greek Excellence in Service Award.

The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, finishing first out of the six fraternties on campus. Andrew Brooks is IFC vice president and Chris Musco is IFC recruitment chairman.

North Dakota (Epsilon-Zeta)

Joe Mineo is SGA president and Nick Saybe is SGA treasurer.

Alan Anderson (1982) was appointed commissioner of the North Dakota Department of Commerce by Gov. Jack Dalrymple in May 2011.

The chapter won the intramural football championship.

North Carolina-Greensboro (Phi-Theta) Isaac Miller is SGA president and John Johnston is SGA vice president.

Northeastern State (Delta-Beta) The chapter won the Top Greek Medal. The chapter earned a 3.01 GPA, finishing as the top fraternity on campus.

North Carolina State (Gamma-Upsilon Colony)

The chapter was named Greek Sing Champions.

The colony has 31 associate members.

Bryson Williams is the IFC executive vice president, Tanner Hurt is the IFC vice president of recruitment, Mattew Recktenwald is the IFC vice president of public relations, and Braden Gibbs is the IFC vice president of administrative affairs.

North Carolina-Wilmington (Delta-Sigma)

Wes Horton, Matt Recktenwald, and Daniel Adney are members of the National Activities Board.

The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, finishing first out of the seven fraternities on campus. Matt Bates is the SGA treasurer.

Recktenwald was selected as the Outstanding Freshman.

Oklahoma (Gamma-Rho)

Matt Bates, Tj Gruber, Dan Painter, Gideon Nocerno, James Attinger, Jacob Spirk, and Jesse Ingels are members of the soccer team.

The chapter added 67 associate members. On September 1, 2011, the chapter held a Initiation Ritual Exemplification for five associate members who joined last spring.

Jesse Ingels, Josh Kincaid, and Jon Asher are members of the tennis team.

Oklahoma men’s basketball coach Coach Lon Kruger visited the Lambda Chi house to meet some of the brothers and talk about the upcoming season.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death The chapter earned a 3.27 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, finishing first out of 18 fraternities on campus. Daniel Jones is IFC president for the second consecutive year.

Fraternal Steward Terry Zinn (1970) wrote an article, Chicago Is Second To None, about his visit to Chicago last spring. The article was published in the September issue of Real Travel Adventures magazine.

The chapter was the intramural champion for the eighth consecutive year and 20 out of the past 27 years.

Lyonel Reneau was recently cast in the national tour of Shrek the Musical.

Michael Nash won the University Gold Medal.

Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda)

Patrick Ryan and Matthew Nash were designated Big Men on Campus.

Timothy Diestelkamp is the IFC vice president of judicial affairs.

Chris Ray was recognized as the outstanding freshman and also outstanding sophomore.

Ben Mariano is the SGA student life chairman. The chapter won the intramural championships in football, basketball, and billiards.

Ohio State (Gamma-Tau)

Sean Bailey is president of the baseball club.

The chapter hosted its spring philanthropy, Watermelon Bust, during which 14 sorority teams helped raise money by participating on the day of the event, as well as in other, smaller events during the prior week. The funds raised will benefit alumni brother Michael Hull’s mother, who is fighting breast cancer.

Carl Pitzer (president), Alex McElfish, Cole D’Ambra, and Gavin Snyder are in the rugby club.

Penn State (Zeta) Oklahoma City (Theta-Delta)

John Hanson is IFC vice president of finance. The chapter finished third in intramurals. The chapter earned a 3.3 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, finishing second of all fraternities on campus. The chapter raised $185,000 in Dance-a-Thon with Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, finishing in third place.

Purdue (Psi) On September 25, 2011, chapter brothers participated in Chi Omega’s Sand Volleyball philanthropy and finished in second place. Proceeds from the event benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The chapter added 28 associate members. Eight chapter brothers were cast in Jesus Christ Superstar, which was performed at Oklahoma City University September 23-25, 2011.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Rensselaer Polytechnic (Epsilon-Eta) John Lomascolo won the Man vs. Food challenge for the Travel Channel.

Mark Teunis is IFC vice president, and Scott Boyd is IFC recruitment chairman, and Stephen Trice is an IFC member-atlarge. Chris Gilkey is a member of the golf team. Jeremiah Johnson, Kyle Shaddix, and Matthew Granado are members of the lacrosse team.

Richmond (Alpha-Chi Colony) The chapter added three associate members.

Josh Castelbaum is president of Student Ambassadors.

Robert Sanna is the IFC vice president of recruitment.

Simpson (Theta-Lambda) Rollins (Theta-Gamma Colony) Garrett Deroerian is the IFC vice chairman of public relations and recruitment. Lito Valdivia is SGA chairman of student life and Ed Leffler is an SGA senator. Ethan White is a member of the rowing crew. Andrew Mulick is a member of the tennis team. Chapter brothers cleaned a 2.5 mile stretch of U.S. Highway 69/65 North just outside of Indianola, Iowa.

Kory Eylmann is president of the Model United Nations.

Samford (Theta-Alpha) Led by efforts from the House Corporation and House Manager, the chapter house has undergone some major renovations that include new flooring and interior painting.

South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma) The chapter added eight associate members.

San Diego (Delta-Kappa) Anthony Pavlovic is SGA president, Jeremy Whelan is SGA vice president, while Jarod Baris and Cody Cross are SGA senators.

During the summer the chapter’s House Corporation raised $41,000 to remodel the chapter house.

The chapter won the intramural basketball championship.

Southeast Missouri (Delta-Phi)

The chapter earned a 3.2 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

The chapter received the President’s Award for Fraternal Excellence and the Service and Philanthropy Award.

Shepherd (Phi-Iota)


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death Steve Backer is the IFC president.

Alex Martz is IFC president and Nate Shaw is IFC vice president.

Patrick Vining is the SGA president.

The chapter won the softball intramural championship.

The chapter earned a 3.2 GPA, highest of eight fraternities on campus.

Michael Jensen is president of the Greek Council. Luccioni Perotti, James Stec, and Jeffery Sullivan are members of the rugby team.

The chapter added 22 associate members. The chapter hosted its annual Watermelon Bust in support of the North American Food Drive.

Tarleton State (Phi-Rho)

Southern Methodist (Gamma-Sigma) The chapter held an open house during the Parents Weekend. The chapter added four associate members.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy (Pi-Lambda) The chapter added 20 associate members. Chapter brothers participated in the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The chapter sponsored a Bastrop Relief Effort to collect items for wildfire victims and responders in Bastrop County, Texas. The fire, which began Labor Day weekend, has burned nearly 35,000 acres, destroyed thousands of homes and killed two people. For more than a week the chapter collected items such as clothing, bedding, toiletries, water, and food. A drop-off location was set up inside Tarleton’s student center, and the chapter partnered with the university’s athletic department to collect items during a home volleyball game. The chapter delivered hundreds of pounds, several pick-up truck loads, of donated items to the Bastrop County Fire Department on September 17, 2011.

The chapter earned a 2.98 GPA, highest of all fraternities on campus. Zac Walter is SGA president. Evan Schnur is class president. The chapter won intramural championships in soccer and volleyball. Jordan Murdoch is a member of the basketball team. John Love, Brian Ogweno, Tyler Edwards, and Zac Walter are members of the cross-country team.

St. Joseph’s (Phi-Lambda) The chapter earned a 3.24 GPA, the highest of all fraternities on campus.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Tennessee-Chattanooga (Zeta-Phi)

Towson (Phi-Omega)

The chapter was named Fraternity of Year.

The chapter is in the process of starting rush week. The chapter is also ready to present its annual Watermelon Bust on October 15th, and is preparing for a canned food drive with the women of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

The chapter earned a 3.0 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, the highest of the six fraternities on campus. The chapter won the intramural championship with individual victories in softball, football, and basketball. Brett Young is IFC president, James Dunivan is IFC Vice President, and Colt Clark is IFC chairman of philanthropy.

Union University (Lambda-Zeta) Buckley Parker is IFC vice president.

Gordon Ruddell is a member of the tennis team.

Lucas Littleton is SGA vice president and Luke Trammell is SGA vice president of the sophomore class.

Brandon Wright is a member of the wrestling team.

Luke Foshee is a member of the soccer team.

Matt Triest has served in Iraq as a member of the U.S. Army.

The chapter won the intramural football championship. The chapter earned a 3.06 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

Texas-Austin (Alpha-Mu)

The chapter was awarded the 2011 Presidential Homecoming Cup.

The chapter added 17 associate members this fall, the largest class since the 1980s.

The chapter added 22 associate members.

On October 14, 2011, the chapter will host an Alumni Reunion in the north end zone of DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium prior to the football game between the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Toronto (Epsilon-Epsilon)

On bid day, the chapter celebrated Tim Tucker’s 25th year as chapter advisor.

Villanova (Beta-Iota) The chapter earned a 3.12 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

Inner Circle Chairmen Nick Carravetta has guided 15 brothers through their first evolution. Scholarship Chairman Thomas Hubocan received $4,500 from the Ontario Government for his outstanding scholastic performance for the last academic year, finishing with a 4.0 GPA. He is ranked No. 1 in his class of 150 second-year chemical engineering students.

Mike Schuler is the IFC recruitment chairman.

Vanderbilt (Gamma-Delta) The chapter hosted its Watermelon Bust event during the week of September 25, 2011. Chapter brothers participated in 9/11 Weekend of Service by serving at Feed the Children, a warehouse of goods for those in need.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Wabash (Alpha-Kappa) Sam Starbuck is president of Wabash Acts Responsibly, known familiarly as the W. A. R. Council. Its mission is to create a safe and healthy environment by encouraging legal and responsible behavior regarding drinking and other drug use.

with the annual Mutt Strutt to raise funds to build a new dog park.

Western Ontario (Delta-Eta)

The chapter added 19 associate members.

Alex Karapancey is the IFC vice president and William Komer is IFC vice president.

Sam Glowinski is IFC president and captain of the track & field team.

William Komer is a member of the cross-country team.

Isaac Homburg is president of College Mentors for Kids. Zach Hampton is president of the Bio Society.

William Jewell (Epsilon-Nu) Justin Bulver is IFC recruitment chairman.

Dan Allen is president of the Pre-Med Society.

Chris Stathopoulos is SGA vice president.

Grant McCloskey is rugby captain and vice president.

The chapter earned a 3.29 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

John Decker is captain of the lacrosse team.

Matt Drabenstott is co-director of the Student Activities Union.

The chapter won the 2011 intramural championship.

David Dingess, Kyle Mellon (captain), Andrew Potter, Matt Reisener, and David Sanchez are members of the the Debate Team.

Wake Forest (Theta-Tau)

Kyle Sebring is a member of the track team.

The chapter earned a 3.2 GPA for the spring 2011 semester.

Bryan Thomas and Jake Szybowicz are members of the tennis team.

Washington & Lee (Gamma-Phi)

Victor Pizzato is a member of the football team.

The chapter earned a 3.3 GPA for the spring 2011 semester. Tyler Grant (captain) and Parker Howard are members of the track team. Taylor Gilfillan is a member of the basketball team.

Wisconsin-Whitewater (Lambda-Iota Colony) The chapter finished with a 3.15 GPA for the spring 2011 semester, the highest of the 13 fraternities on campus.

Washington State (Tau)

Jeff Martin is IFC communication services chairman.

The chapter added 26 associate members. As part of their community service work chapter brothers helped make mountain bike trails on Mt. Moscow. They also assisted the work of the Whitman County Humane Society, including help


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death

Wittenberg (Nu-Zeta)

Nicholas Faft is the president of Men Against Violence and Rape. Landon Airey, Burak Birand, Daniel Pierson (captain), Wilfredo Ramos, and Zachary Theohardis (captain) are members of the men’s crew team. Michael Andres, Ross Lagoy, Jefferson Lee, and Victor Puksta are members of the lacrosse team. Charles White, Ryan Shooshan, Edward Mercer, Stephen Kocienski, Tim Forrest, Joao Correia, and Michael Boucher are members of the track team. The chapter will conduct an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for eight associate members on October 7, 2011. The percentage of brothers involved in one or more campus organizations (other than Lambda Chi Alpha) is more than 95 percent.

The chapter added nine associate members. Justen Cox is IFC president and a member of the track team. Patrick McGurgan is IFC vice president of judicial affairs. Adam Paine is IFC public relations chairman. Albert Lee is a member of the cross-country team.

Worcester (Pi) Wilfredo Ramos is the IFC public relations chairman and Michael Boucher is the IFC vice president of communications.

Wyoming (Delta-Rho) The chapter completed a Visions of Change workshop. Chapter brothers helped a local library reshelve the children’s reading section.

Andrew Beliveau is the SGA parliamentarian, Mackenzie Massey is the SGA chairman of policies, and Zachary Loach is an SGA senator.

Clayton Radakovich is IFC president while Zacharie Jacobson is the IFC chief justice.

Justin Hess is the president of the sophomore class.

Pat LeBreck is a member of the club baseball team.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Header William & Mary’s Board Chairman Jeffrey Trammell (William & Mary 1973) is the president and founder of Trammell and Company, an external communications and public affairs consulting firm in Washington, DC. By Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)



effrey Trammell (William & Mary 1973) grew up

in a small town in north Florida and was a very talented basketball player. He also had the good fortune of being

“I’d heard a lot about William & Mary over the years, and I loved American history, so it had a special interest,” he says, “but it was not automatic. I visited and talked to a number of schools when I was being recruited. I actually played basketball at Florida State my freshmen year and then transferred to William & Mary.”

recruited by a number of universities. He chose to attend The College of William & Mary, in part because his dad’s first cousin went there in the 1920s and she had been like a great aunt to Trammell. She enrolled there since it was one of the first public universities in the South to accept women.

Joining Lambda Chi A number of the William & Mary basketball players were Lambda Chis so Trammell started spending time at the chapter house and eventually decided to join. “You get pulled into a group of friends and in this case it was Lambda Chi,” he says. The camaraderie of the brothers was one of Trammell’s best memories. “My memories of the Lambda Chi chapter were of guys I had a lot of fun talking with, hanging out with, but there were also a lot of intellectual conversations,” he says. “Often you would find a group of guys sitting around the common area talking about international affairs or some other subject discussed in class. It reflected the school in many ways in that it was both a place where people had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends but also were serious about their studies and knowing what was going on in the world. I found that attractive.” Trammell lived in the chapter house for two and a half years, beginning in his sophomore year. During that time his undergraduate life was dominated by three things; academics, basketball, and Lambda Chi. As a testament to his extracurricular passions, he was named captain of the basketball team and was elected chapter president. “I enjoyed recruiting new members,” he says about his Lambda Chi Alpha experience. “There were a lot of leaders


Cross & Crescent October 2011


among the old brothers and we learned a lot from them. We tried to help our incoming members, new initiates. We had a very strong big brother, little brother program. I found it to be something that was most worthwhile so it became one of my priorities.” For Trammell, the impact of Lambda Chi’s Big Brother Program at EpsilonAlpha has lasted a lifetime and has made his appointment as the college’s rector all the more fulfilling. His little brother is Thomas Watkins (William & Mary 1974), the CEO of Human Genome Sciences and the incoming chairman of The College of William & Mary Foundation. Trammell’s big brother is Douglas Brown (William & Mary 1971), who retired as an attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at General Motors and is presently chair of the Fund for William & Mary Board of Directors.

“It’s an amazing coincidence,” Trammell says “It’s extremely rewarding to get to work with these guys...because we all think of each other as a bunch of wideeyed 19-year-olds trying to figure out how to survive an 8 a.m. biology class and still get to basketball practice later in the day, and have a life. What are the odds that the three of us would wind up in the leadership positions at W&M all these years later? It must have been something in the water at the Lambda Chi house I guess.”

Service & Stewardship After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in history, Trammel traveled to Luxemburg to play professional basketball, but came back home after being accepted into law school at Florida State University. After law school he worked in politics in the Florida state legislature and then went to work for a number of years in the U.S. Senate and the U.S.

House of Representatives, where he was counsel to a subcommittee chair on the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Trammell also served as senior managing director of Hill & Knowlton, a worldwide communications firm. Today, Trammell is president and founder of Trammell and Company, a public affairs consulting firm in Washington, D.C. In addition, he began his two-year term as the rector for William & Mary on July 1, 2011. The rector serves as chair of William & Mary’s Board of Visitors, the college’s governing body. After graduating, Trammell had remained involved with William & Mary and was the founding chair and board member of William & Mary’s Thomas Jefferson Public Policy Program. He was appointed to the William & Mary Board of Visitors in 2005, was re-appointed in 2009. He has served on the boards of the Institute of Human Virology of University of Maryland Medical School, the Human Rights Campaign, and an advisory board to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Greek Advocate Trammell is a very loyal member of the Greek world and he believes the system does help develop the leadership skills of young men and women. “I am a strong supporter of the fraternity and sorority system,” he says. “Society changes and is more


Cross & Crescent September 2011


diverse. Higher education changes. You wonder if the institutions that flourished in the past are necessarily relevant and beneficial today to higher education and what we are trying to achieve....and the answer is, ‘Yes!’ But our future must be inclusive and reflect all of society.”

Much of what Trammell and his William & Mary constituents are seeking to do in higher education is to provide socialization, the process by which individual students find themselves as individuals, to grow and make friendships, and open up, gain confidence, and become selfsufficient, strong individuals as part of the classic liberal arts education. “I think fraternities and sororities can play a very constructive role in that,” he says. “It certainly did for me and for my fraternity brothers that I now have the privilege of working with in different capacities. I think that really is what we should strive for in our fraternity system, which is to help our brothers, and sisters in the case of sororities, to grow as individuals. A lot of times it is the mentoring that comes from big brothers/little brothers; developing friends who help you to grow and to stay in touch with them as you get older. And that is one of the lasting benefits of the fraternity experience.”

Notable Epsilon-Alpha Brothers

• Dr. Robert K. Abercrombia (1973), senior

program manager/technical program manager/principal investigator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, author, and holder of numerous patents

• A. Marshall Acuff Jr. (1962), president of AMA

Investment Council, former senior vice president and managing director of Salomon Smith Barney, former rector of College of William and Mary

• Robert S. Ageloff (1985), international director at Jones Lang LaSalle, New York City

• Joseph K. Alexander Jr. (1960), deputy

assistant administrator for science of the Environmental Protection Agency

• Todd S. Almeida (1983), director of marketing and sales at Voice Data Bridge, Netherlands

• Dr. Richard A. Arnaudin (1974), dentist, Virginia Beach, Virginia

• David Wendell Backus (1993), senior vice

president of sales, A. T. Clayton Co., New York City

• Craig D. Badger, executive, Bank of America • Dr. Gregory S. Barrow (1979), practices psychiatry in Clermont, Florida

• Dr. Robert Bass (1978), optometrist, Manassas, Virginia

• Col. John Bessler, deputy director of

peacekeeping and stability operations institute, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

• Dr. Eugene C. Black, Ottille Springer Professor Modern European History Emeritus, Brandeis University

• David L. Blount (1975), chairman of the

Environmental Law Department for Landye * Bennett Blumstein LLP, Portland, Oregon

• William E. Bowman Jr. (1954), assistant district attorney for the State of Tennessee, former professional football player for the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers, inducted into the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of



• Dr. Mark Breitenberg (1976), provost of California College of the Arts

• Douglas E. Brown (1971), attorney for General Motors Corp., chair for the Fund for William & Mary Board of Directors, trustee for the Marshall-Wythe Law School Foundation at the College of William & Mary

• Thomas J. Buntin, public affairs director, GTE Government Systems

• Dr. Robert Burg (1959), dentist, Seminole, Florida

• Hon. R. Edwin Burnette Jr. (1972), judge,

General District Court, Lynchburg, Virginia

• Dennis H. Cambal (1972), principal with Rbc Dain Rauscher, Boston; former professional football player with the New York Jets

• John R. Cannon (1982), fire fighter, paramedic, tri-athlete, financial planner for Robert W. Baird Inc., professional football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, recipient of the 1990 NFL Ed Block Courage Award; 1986 NFL/ Miller Lite Defensive Player of the Year, and international goodwill ambassador for the NFL. Weight training room at the College of William & Mary named in his honor, inducted into the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of Fame

• Dr. Miles L. Chappell Jr. (1958), chancellor

professor emeritus in the Fine Arts Department, College of William & Mary

• J. Clarke Chase, president, Benefit Design & Administration, Inc.

• Geoffrey S. Christie (1990), color analyst for

the University of Buffalo Bulls football game broadcasts, placekicker with four NFL teams, primarily with the Buffalo Bills and one CFL team, inducted into the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of Fame

• Dr. Richard Clark (1982), director in the

Division of Medical Toxicology at the University of California, San Diego

• William E. Clayton, health care expert, Troy Systems, Inc.

Cross & Crescent October 2011


• Dr. Horace W. Crater (1961), professor of

physics University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, Tennessee, author of more than 50 peer-reviewed articles on physics in scholarly journals

• Ralph L. Crews (1971), senior vice president of distribution for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co.

• Dr. Joseph Czerkawski (1980), sports and internal medicine, Jacksonville, Florida

• Dr. Donald C. Darnton (1953), former president of Missouri Southern State College; interim president of Mansfield State College

• Dr. Larry B. Dixon (1974), associate professor of radiology at the University of Chicago Medical Center, recipient of the Marc Tetalman Memorial Award for Outstanding Teaching, department of Radiology, the University of Chicago in 1990, 2000, and 2004

• Dr. Joseph W. Dodd (1957), professor of political science, University of Tennessee

• William H. Dodd, retired attorney, Chun, Kerr, Dodd, Beaman & Wong

• Dr. George M. Dupuy (1965), professor of

business and economics at Presbyterian College

• Dr. Garret J. Etgen (1959), chairman of the

Mathematics Department, University of Houston

• Dr. Cary N. Fishburne Jr. (1990), obstetrician

and gynecologist in Mathews, North Carolina

• Dr. Jonathan T. Fleenor (1988), assistant

professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia

• Dr. James J. Fox III (1972), professor special

education program in the College of Education, East Tennessee State University

• Dr. Jay P. Gaucher (1982), cardiologist, Greenville, South Carolina

• Greg Gaebe, senior partner, attorney, Gabe, Murphy, Mullen & Antonelli

• James R. Gaines, teacher, Fairfax County • Dr. Robert D. Gibbons (1956), professor

emeritus of education, Longwood College

• William Giermak (1973), president and CEO of

Obici Health Systems, Suffolk,

• Virginia, Board of Visitors of Eastern Virginia

Medical School, Board of Directors of Salvation Army, Board of Directors of BB&T Bank, and the Board of Directors of the Suffolk Division of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

• Dr. Andrew G. Gilfillan (1987), dentist, Leesburg, Virginia

• Dr. Preston T. Green ’78, cardiologist, Gainesville, Florida

• Hon. Edward W. Hanson Jr. (1966), presiding judge of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court

• Gregg Allan Hansen, vice president & assoc

gen. counsel, Jefferson - Pilot Life Insurance Co

• Dr. James E. Hardcastle (1953), professor

of chemistry and physics at Texas Womens University, Denton, Texas

• Brendan Harris ‘02, major league baseball player primarily with the Minnesota Twins

• Dr. William C. Harris (1966), president

and CEO of Science Foundation Arizona, member of Irish Royal Academy, Wiley Lifetime achievement Award from California Polytechnic State University, fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Maryland, inducted in the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of Fame

• Dr. John J. Jiganti (1982), orthopedic surgeon, Tacoma, Washington

• Warren P. Joblin, assistant to rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

• Dr. Leonard A. Jones, Jr. (1962), dentist, Burke, Virginia

• Kevin S. Kearns (1988), President and CEO of Health choice Network, Miami, Florida

• Mark A. Kelso (1985), played professional

football with the Buffalo Bills, All-Pro in 1990, appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls, radio color analyst for the Buffalo Bills, inducted into the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of Fame

• Dr. George Kokolski (1968), internal medicine, Williamsburg, Virginia

• Dr. Terry L. Kunkle (1987), dentist, Moncks Corner, South Carolina

• Dr. John R. Lacey (1961), physician, Kilmarnock, Virginia

• William J. Lane Jr., retired assistant vice president, Citigroup, Inc.

• Dr. Wilson S. Hawk (1960), periodontist,

• Nicholas C. Lashutka (1990), President of Ohio

• Dr. Thomas Johns Hopkins (1953), professor

• James A. Leftwich Sr. (1953), retired Judge of

• Andrew W. Horrocks (1987), Credit Suisse

• Nicholas Luccketti (1971), Partner/Principal

Newport News, Virginia

emeritus of religious studies, Franklin & Marshall College

Group AG, New York City

• Dr. Richard E. Hutcheson – Dean and Professor, State University of New York @ Potsdam

• Dr. Robert L. Jagger (1967), emergency and

occupational medicine in Livermore, California

• James R. Jancaitis ’68, former Director of the

United States Imagery and Geospatial Services Pre-Acquisition Office at the National Imagery and Mapping Agency

• Thomas D. Jasper (1971), vice president of

Children’s Hospital Association, Columbus, Ohio

the Chesapeake Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

Investigator/Archeologist at The James River Institute of Archeology

• Robert A. Lusk (1954), former professional

football player for the Detroit Lions, inducted into the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of Fame

• D. Scott Mackesy (1991), General Partner at

Welch Carson Anderson & Stowe, Managing Member at Welch Carson Anderson & Stowe IX L.P., inducted into the College of William & Mary Athletic Hall of Fame

marketing for Cavanaugh Press in Baltimore,


Cross & Crescent October 2011


• Dr. Edwin W. McLaughlin (1988), emergency

• Dr. Noah R. Pierson (1986), family physician,

• Dr. Thomas E. McNiff (1988) anesthesiologist,

• Dr. Charles Holland Rawls (1977), dentist,

medicine, Virginia

Gaston Memorial Hospital, Gastonia, North Carolina

• Members of the College of William & Mary

Athletic Hall of Fame: Ronald E. Barnes (1952), Terry A. Donnelly (1968), Christian R. Herr Jr. (1962), Warren P. Joblin (1960), Roland R. Larmore (1990), P. Mason Tokarz (1979) and Stan John Yagiello (1985).

• R. Douglas Mason Jr, retired claims Manger, Hartford Insurance

• Joseph Masterson, senior vice president, The Teare Group

• Dr. Gregory A. Miller (1984), OBGYN, Spring Hill, South Carolina

• Honorable William C. Mims (1979), former

Attorney General for the State of Virginia, current member of the Virginia Supreme Court

• Dr. Ronald O. Moore (1950), Associate

Professor Emeritus at University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga

• Dr. Wilbur C. Moorman (1940), retired surgeon, Charleston Area Medical Center

• Dr. Paul D. Mozley (1979), Professor of Nuclear Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

• Martin B. Novoa, executive, Bank of America • Dr. J. Gregory Olley (1966), Professor of

Psychology at the University of North Carolina

• Dr. Hilary K. Pandak (1980), dentist, Fairfax, Virginia

• Dr. Eric Panner (1987), OBGYN, Concord, North Carolina

• Dr. John A. Paschall (1979), pediatrics special care, Tacoma, Washington

• Dr. Daniel R. Pieper (1984), neurosurgeon with

the Michigan Head & Spine Institute, Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery & Director of Neurosurgery Training Program, Michigan State University

Wilmington, North Carolina

• Dr. Dennis Frank Thompson (1962), Professor of Government and the Alfred North Whitehead Professor of Political Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard, also Professor of Public Policy in the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the founding Director of the University Center for Ethics and the Professions

Suffolk, Virginia

• Charles R. Reusing, (Kentucky) Epsilon-Alpha

chapter advisor; retired, Ohio Department of Correction & Rehabilitation

• William D. Rhymes (2005), current major league baseball player with the Detroit Tigers

• Charles Roberts, certified public accountant, Roberts, Benassut & Dispirito

• Dr. Chris M. Thomson (1990), emergency medicine, Lynchburg, Virginia

• Jeffrey Trammell (197), president of Trammell and Co., Rector of the College of William & Mary

Dr. Edwin Vaughan (1934), retired physician, North Carolina

Lewis D. Walker, executive, Trout Trading Company

Dr. Oscar W. Ward, Jr. (1934), retired physician, president of Empire Sales, Inc., Hampton, Virginia

Dr. George Warren, Jr. (1952), physician, Newport News, Virginia

H. Thomas Watkins III (1974), president and CEO of Human Genome Services, vice president of Abbott Laboratories, Asia/Pacific region, president of TAP Pharmaceutical Products

• Dr. Evan Mack Sisson (1989), Doctor of

Dr. Verner P. Weaver (1951), professor emeritus in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland @ College Park

• Dr. George James Skrzypek (1962), Chief

Thomas Z. Wilke, agent, State Farm Insurance Co.

Dr. David S. Witmer (1984), orthopedic surgeon, Charlottesville, Virginia

Mark D. Young (1974), writer/producer, winner of Daytime Emmy, vice president of development & production at A Squared Entertainment LLC, Los Angeles

• Hon. William S. Robertson (1958), retired

Judge, Fauquier City, Loudoun County, Virginia

• Dr. Carl A. Roseberg (1939), professor emeritus of fine arts at the College of William & Mary

• Paul C. Saville (1978), president and CEO NVR, Reston, Virginia

• Dr. Christopher Jon Schmeil ’92, emergency medicine, Fredericksburg, Virginia

• Michael Schmittlein (1980), Executive Vice President, Global Banking, Wells Fargo, Philadelphia

Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Richmond, Virginia

Psychology, US Veterans Administration Hospital, Wichita

• Robert H. Smith, president, R. Hayden Smith Funeral Home

• Dr. Douglas S. Snyder (1974), Associate

Chairman Department of Anesthesiology, Medical Director of the Operating Room, Washington Hospital Center

• Lt. Cmmdr. Livingston Swentzel (1932), “The

President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Lieutenant Livingston Swentzel, Jr. for extraordinary heroism above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the Naval Group, China, on 21 August 1945.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


2011 Grand High Alpha Winner At last summer’s 2011 Stead Leadership Seminar, the Gamma-Iota brothers at Denison University received its inaugural Grand High Alpha, the Fraternity’s highest chapter award. By Jon Williamson (Maryland)

Our chapter at Denison University, Gamma-Iota Zeta, began as the Sycamore Fraternity that was founded in 1910. The chapter was installed on June 11, 1919. This past summer during the 2011 Stead Leadership Seminar at Iowa State University, the brothers of the chapter received the Grand High Alpha for the first time. This award honors chapters that have maintained superior operations and fraternal spirit for a minimum of three consecutive years. A chapter may receive this award only once every third year.

Chapter President

Joe Romanowski currently serves the chapter president. In addition he is a head resident of Residential Life, a member of the football team, and will graduate with a double major. “This has been an excellent year for the brotherhood. We have not had a goal to be a Grand High Alpha chapter, rather to perform as best we could. Our real push began two or three years ago. We will continue to do what we have been doing; emphasizing the quality of men we recruit. I am focusing on establishing better communications with chapter alumni through use of a website and an alumni newsletter. We have several brothers who are very involved on the Denison campus.”


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Notable Gamma-Iota Brothers

• • • • • • • • • • •

Chapter Vice President

Alex Daniels serves as vice president and is a senior, majoring in communications and psychology. “I want to make an impact on the world by changing the way we do things in the areas of advertising and marketing. I want to take it in a different direction. As an admissions interviewer for Denison I have an opportunity to meet students on a personal level and get to know them better than I normally would. My goal in this role is to obtain significantly more information about the prospective student and see if they would enjoy Denison while at the same time giving them a positive impression of the school. I am also the head tutor for academic support and manage a tutoring system for Denison. As president of the school’s communication honor society, Lambda Pi Eta, I create an opportunity for students to meet professors and open up a dialogue to bridge communication and career orientation. With graduation comes the realization that I will miss the daily brotherhood, especially meeting for lunch, which creates a closeness within the brotherhood when we talk about our day.”

• • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Dr. William Anthony, retired urologist, Amarillo, Texas Walter Arzonetti, member of the Board of Directors of Vastera, Inc., former CFO of Esso United Kingdom Dr. David F. Atack (1959), retired periodontist, professor at OHSU School of Dentistry, Portland, Oregon William Barnhill (1996), marine scientist with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Gloucester, Massachusetts Col. Richard L. Belt (1940) (West Point), recipient of Bronze Star Medal (2) and Purple Heart Ronald Beard, managing partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crucher Dr. David Betsch (1977), associate professor of science & technology at Bryant University William E. Boggs, retired research consultant, U.S. Steel Corp. Dr. Jerry B. Booth, oral surgeon, Jackson, Michigan Jon V. Booth (1968), deputy director division of International Programs Abroad, Syracuse, New York Jerry D. Bringard, chairman of the Board and principle executive officer, president and secretary of Government Properties Trust Dr. Thomas R. Bringard, emergency department physician, San Jose, California Dr. David E. Brown (1950), retired physician Dr. Michael D. Brown (1977), physician, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Dr. James Butler (1958), professor of dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University Eric Calhoun (1924), former professional football player with the Dayton Triangles in 1926, inducted into the Denison University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1980 John A. Canning, chairman and founder of Madison Dearborn Partners, Inc., co-owner of Milwaukee Brewers, member of Boards of Trustees of Northwestern University; Field Museum of Natural History; Museum of Science and Industry; and director and chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Dr. John A. Carlson (1955), professor of economics at Purdue University Casualty of Vietnam: Howard M. Pyle Casualties of World War II: Donald Baeckler (pledge), Frank Norman Hancock, Charles Ilger, Wayne Merrell Moore, Robert Ray Smith, Stafford Wilbur Webb, Donald E. Wichert, and Jack Graham Worst Dr. Peter D. Cladis (1976), physician, Geneva, Illinois Judge John M. Cleland (1969), Court of Common Pleas, Kane, Pennsylvania Dr. F. Morris Cochran (1919), former vice president of Brown University Dr. Ralph Wallace Cole, retired dentist, Toledo, Ohio Dr. John L. Crites (1939), former physician in West Virginia Charles H. Dankmeyer (1963), owner of Dankmeyer, Inc, member of the Board of American Board of Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, Pedorthics, Inc. Dr. J. Dudley Dawson (1920), former chairman of the Math Department and director of cooperative education, vice president and dean of students at Antioch College Dr. Gerald E. Dupler (1946), former physician in Detroit, Michigan Dr. Hugh Espey (1934), retired physician John V. Faraci Jr., chairman and CEO of International Paper, member of the Board of Directors of Grand Teton National Park, member of the Board of Directors of National Park Foundation, member of Board of Trustees of Denison University Stephen Fellman (1964), retired owner, Fellman Consulting Hubert “Hube” Foster (1936), inducted into the Denison University Athletic

Cross & Crescent October 2011


Other Notable Undergraduates Michael Vawter is vice president of the music society, a member of the Entrepreneurship Club, and a chamber singer. “I am a sophomore and want to become a psychiatrist for children after attending medical school. I wasn’t set on becoming a part of Greek life, but then I met a couple of Lambda Chis. I ended up liking the men and the chapter brothers and it became a good opportunity to get involved on campus. I took piano lessons as a youth and decided on a music minor. I felt that Denison needed something to bring musicians together on the campus so I helped co-found JAMBAND, which stands for Joint Association of Musicians and Appreciators of Noise at Denison. We get together for weekly jam sessions that bring musicians together and create an environment where bands can get started on campus. I most enjoy having brothers around and talking. The brothers are good guys who you know are always there for you.” Wendell Taylor is in charge of programming for the IFC. “I am a senior majoring in athletic training and biology. Currently I am applying to graduate school so that I can become a physician’s assistant. At Denison I was looking for a group of guys I could talk to and depend upon. At a Lambda Chi recruiting event I asked a brother what Lambda meant and he explained our open mottos on the crest. I was impressed with ‘Every Man A Man.’ I felt at home with the brothers and enjoyed the camaraderie. Graduation means leaving my family of Lambda Chis, especially my little brother.” Luke Lewis plays on Denison’s football team. “I’m a junior with a biochemistry major. My goal is to attend medical school. In addition to playing left tackle on the football team I am a


Cross & Crescent October 2011


• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hall of Fame in 1976, coach of the Denison golf team Dr. John A. Gall (1960), physician, Oak Park, Illinois Gerald J. “Gerry” Gaynor (1948), inducted into the Denison University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997 for football and was a member of only undefeated team in school’s history Dr. Harold Germer (1957), former president of Ottawa University Dr. Frederick Giffin (1960), professor of history at Arizona State University Dr. E. Wilson Griffin (1975), physician, Jonesville, North Carolina Dr. Robert P. Griffiths (2001), grants lead; eLearning coordinator, The Ohio State University Dr. Edgar C. Grimm (1961), professor of communications, University of North Florida Dr. Richard Hall (1956), distinguished service professor of sociology at SUNY @ Albany, recipient of Denison University Alumni Citation in 1992 Dr. Edward Hartenian (1943), physician George E. Hesse II (1985), first assistant cameraman on multiple television shows Burt Hodges (1920), treasurer and comptroller of Denison, recipient of Lambda Chi Alpha’s Order of Merit, former member of the Denison University Board of Trustees Dr. Richard H. Howe (1921), professor emeritus of physics at Denison, curator of the Granville Historical Museum Dr. James Howenstine, physician, Miami, Florida Dr. James H. Humphrey (1933), retired professor emeritus, University of Maryland @ College Park, inducted into the Denison University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997, author of 28 textbooks and 13 children’s books, special collection of his books is housed at the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill, recipient of the R. Tate McKenzie Award, the highest citation by the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Dr. David H. Johnson (1969), physician, Roanoke, Virginia Dr. Thomas B. Johnson (1962), dentist, Salem, Ohio Dr. David MacGregor Johnston (1987), professor of philosophy & film studies, Lyndon State College, Vermont Dr. Blair P. Jordan (1977), physician, Conroe, Texas Dr. Richard A. Kren (1969), dentist, Parma Heights, Ohio Dr. Charles J. Larson (1964), orthodontist, Montpelier, Vermont Dr. J. Dudley Dawson (1920), former chairman of the Math Department and director of cooperative education, vice president and dean of students at Antioch College James W. Lee (1973), head of St. Andrews Episcopal School, Bethesda, Maryland Robert Levering (1936), former U.S. Congressman (1940–1951), prisonerof-war from 1942 to 1945, survivor of the “Death March” and authored Horror Trek Thomas A. “Tad” Lichtenauer (1987) (Butler), Director of Communications/IT for Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters Dr. Jonathan S. Lowrey (1979), anesthesiologist, Jasper, Indiana Dr. Robert N. Ludwig (1958), physician, Grove City, Ohio Dr. Robert Lytle (1974), ophthalmologist, Boston, Massachusetts Dr. Ramon M. Malaya (1989), surgeon, Dayton, Ohio Dr. John Mikita (1964), retired physician, South Carolina Dr. Robert B. Mitchell, professor of biology at Pennsylvania State University Steven Mohr (1976), head football coach at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, Division III Coach of the Year in 1998 and 2002 Dr. John Newton Moore (1941), retired professor of natural science at

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Michigan State University Dr. Raymond Moore (1913), member of Phi Beta Kappa, former professor of geology at University of Kansas Dr. David Morgan (1955), retired physician, Florida E. Clark Morrow (1930), attorney, recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from Denison University in 1992 Richard L. Needham (1961), author and radio host, former editor-in-chief of Ski Magazine Gordon A. Nethercut, retired CPA, Nethercut, Cerna, Straley Edwin “Tony” L. Nicholas (1982), record producer and songwriter, Cleveland, Ohio Dr. Gail Norris, retired professor at Denison University Dr. John H. Oberhelman (1953) physician, Wheaton, Illinois Jim Oelschlager (1964), chief investment officer and CEO of Oak Associates, Ltd., Akron, Ohio Reverend Mark R. Orten (1990) (North Carolina/Princeton), director of religious & spiritual life at Denison University Dr. Kevin Joseph Paley (1986), orthopedic surgeon, Dayton, Ohio James M. Petro (1970), former auditor and attorney general of the State of Ohio, current chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, recipient of Denison’s Distinguished Alumni Citation in 2010, co-author of False Justice Dr. Justus C. Pickett (1925), former orthopedic surgeon in West Virginia Dr. Ralph E. Pickett (1930), former surgeon in Newark, New Jersey Dr. Richard Pierce (1955), professor at University of Hartford Dr. Scott David Plensdorf (1987), family physician, Flint, Michigan Dr. Kevin M. Raduege (1997), physician, Cleveland, Ohio Philip A. Rees (1951), retired librarian of the Sloane Art Library at the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill Dr. Jon M. Richards (1962), retired dentist, Albion, Michigan Edson Rupp (1913), inducted into the Denison University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1976 Judge N. Rupp (1970), associate judge, Montgomery County Circuit Court, Rockville, Maryland Alexander W. Schonfeld (1983), technical director for television productions, New York Le Roy Seils (1942), retired athletic director at Denison University Clyde S. Shumaker (1930), former presiding judge of the Courts of Butler County, Pennsylvania Dr. Eri J. Shumaker (1915), No. 1 on the chapter rolls, professor of English at Denison Dr. Benjamin R. Speicher, professor emeritus Dr. William E. Swigert (1951), optometrist, Worthington, Ohio Dr. John R. Thompson, orthopedic surgeon, Santa Barbara, California Travis Walsh (1977), director of nuclear medicine at SAVAHCS Dr. Kim Robert Weigers (1974), anesthesiologist, Denver, Colorado Dr. Gerald S. Wellman (1926), former vice president for development at Baldwin-Wallace John R. Westerberg (1956), chairman and CEO of Nelson Westerberg, Chicago, Illinois Dr. Samuel C. Wheeler (1950), retired professor of physics and astronomy at Denison University Dr. Robert G. White (1960), professor of mass communications at Stephens College Dr. William H. Whitehead, retired surgeon Dr. John C. Wright, physician

Cross & Crescent October 2011

FEATURE Resident Assistant and I have served the chapter as High Theta and High Delta. I joined Lambda Chi Alpha after meeting with the men and realizing that not only do they live by their values, but they also talk about them. Lambda Chi members are different from the other fraternity men in the way they conduct themselves and model the way for others. In addition we are interested in the leadership opportunities which the fraternity provides for us. I will miss the subtle brotherhood events such as cooking out, watching the games together, and the group interactions.”

during my own undergraduate days. The brothers care about one another and improving themselves. They set goals and achieve them.” How significant is the selection of this chapter for the Grand High Alpha Award? “The news of the award has spread like wildfire among the brothers and alumni. It is meaningful, particularly for the actives and recent graduates, since all contributed to the chapter’s success.” Does the chapter have traditions?

Michael Krasnow is on Denison’s squash team. “I am a senior with a double major in history and English. My goal is to be a history teacher and I am applying to graduate schools in Europe, particularly the British Isles where I can pursue my interest in the English Civil War of the 17th century. I was introduced to the possibility of Greek life when an orientation leader spoke to freshmen about the Greek scene. Later he and his little brother invited me out to dinner. I was impressed with how close they were and decided I wanted an opportunity to be a part of such a brotherhood. I believe that time management is the key to success in college. The time with my brothers is what I will miss most; we are such a close knit brotherhood.”

“Yes. We refer to pre-Initiation week as pre-brotherhood week where we commit to focusing on the Ritual. We also do as many activities together, as brothers, as we can. We ask the associate members to develop a tradition of their own that will be in the spirit of other traditions we have established. One recent example is assisting one of the professors on campus who has a debilitating disease. The brothers are dedicated to taking care of her yard. Such traditions never end. These establish the tradition of excellence within a chapter.”

Chapter Advisor

I spoke with Bill Froehlich, the chapter advisor, who was initiated at Denison. I’m always interested in how alumni become re-involved with a chapter. Bill told me, “I have stayed in touch with the chapter, even while completing law school at Ohio State. A former chapter advisor asked me to take a role. I also work with Denison’s foundation office.”

What is your impression of the chapter? “This is an extremely strong chapter. Academically, they have a 2.97 GPA. They have won more awards for philanthropy and community service than I can remember participating in


Cross & Crescent October 2011


Brothers Climb Mountain, Help Teens Preston Long and Rich Rife, Theta-Zeta alumni brothers from Hanover College, completed their fundraiser for Big City Mountaineers and the Summit For Someone Program when they successfully climbed to the summit of Mt. Rainier on August 8, 2011. By Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)


heta-Zeta brothers Preston Long (Hanover 2004) and

Rich Rife (Hanover 2001) completed their fundraiser for Big City Mountaineers and the Summit For Someone Program on Monday, August 8, 2011, when they successfully climbed to the summit of Mt. Rainier, the highest point in Washington State. In the winter of 2010 Long and Rife made a commitment to help Big City Mountaineers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, raise money that would allow it to partner with youth development agencies around the nation and effectively address the needs of under-resourced teens. Their fundraising efforts would provide them with the opportunity to climb any peak in the world.

“We chose Rainier because it is probably the closest thing we could get to doing something like Everest or McKinley,” said Rife in his interview with the Daily Journal, “and it is probably the most challenging for the time frame we have.” On Sunday morning, August 7, 2011, Long and Rife loaded their gear onto the shuttle bus and set off with their team for the highly anticipated, two-day summit attempt on Mt. Rainier. It was overcast and there was a morning chill in the air as we [the team] departed from Rainier Base Camp to Paradise. It was perfect weather for a summit attempt. “Our eight grueling months of training and fundraising had come down to this very moment,” said Long. “We were excited and prepared for the journey that awaited us.”


Cross & Crescent October 2011


camp, the team took a total of 30 minutes to rest and to eat as much food as possible. Long and Rife reached Camp Muir at 2:30 p.m., where they admired the view of the wooded lowlands and flanking glaciers, stared down at the clouds that now seemed so far below them, and marveled at the distant peaks of Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens. “It’s impossible to describe how beautiful it was at high camp,” said Long. With little time, the two men settled into their tent, prepared their food, and went to sleep at 7 p.m. During the 45-minute shuttle ride to Paradise, nestled 9,010 ft. below the summit of Rainier, Long and Rife thought about their families and the previous day at Mountaineering Day School, where they learned the essentials of how to survive an emergency on the mountain.

“We had about 4 hours of sleep before waking up and making our push for the summit,” said Rife.

“The class was fun. We learned the skills necessary for survival on the mountain,” said Long. “And it brought us closer as a team, which is important when you have to trust the person at the other end of the rope with your life.”

“It was chilly, but the wind was still. Our crampons dug into the snow below our feet and our ice axes provided us with additional support. Our packs were now considerably lighter than before. A rope attached us to one another and our headlamps guided the way,” said Long.

Beginning the Ascent Once at Paradise (5,400 ft.), the team strapped on their boots, threw on their packs and began the 4.5 mile ascent toward Camp Muir (10,060 ft.). From Paradise they hiked through what was supposed to be a spectacular alpine zone but it was covered with snow. They continued onto the Muir Snowfield for 3,000 more vertical feet until they reached high camp. In the four and one-half hours it took to ascend to high

At 11:15 p.m. their guides woke them up and by 12:15 a.m. they were beginning their ascent up the mountain.

From camp, the route crossed Cowlitz Glacier, where rock slides are very common, then ascended through the pumiced switchbacks of Cathedral Gap, up Ingraham Glacier, and through the dangerous and physically demanding Disappointment Cleaver. “I remember occasionally glancing up from the trail and realizing that right next to me was a steep drop-off into darkness,” said Long. “It was a chilling realization.” Once through Disappointment Cleaver, the team zigzagged its way up steep slopes and through crevasses on the upper mountain.


Cross & Crescent October 2011


They stepped over, and on one occasion jumped across, many crevasses. “You would walk right up to the edge of one hoping the ground wouldn’t give way, stare hundreds of feet straight down into the mountain, and then step over the crevasse,” said Rife. “It was amazing!”

about to slip from the trail and fall down the mountain.” Once at Paradise, the first thing each member of the team did was take off his boots. “One member of our team lost a toenail and had severe blisters on the heels and soles of his feet,” said Rife. “He had a very difficult time coming back down the mountain.”

By sunrise the team had almost reached the summit. “It was cold, but the sun was starting to peek through the clouds below, and the horizon was taking on this beautiful orange hue,” said Long.

Reaching the Summit A little before six in the morning on Monday, August 8, 2011, Long, Rife and the team reached the summit of Rainier. Some of the members of the team opted to stay in the crater while others continued their march across the crater base to Columbia Crest, which is considered the true summit of Rainier. “As we crossed the crater, steam rose up from the vents that dotted its landscape,” said Rife. While ascending Columbia Crest, Long and Rife signed the registration book that marked their ascent to the peak of Rainier. Once on top of the Crest they posed with their team for a picture, hiked back down into the crater to meet with the rest of the team, and began their descent down the mountain.

Once everyone had returned to Paradise, they loaded their gear back into the shuttle and headed to Base Camp where each member received a certificate for successfully completing their ascent on Mt. Rainier. “We sat around with our guides, ate pizza, and drank a beer. It was an amazing accomplishment for all of us,” said Long.

Nearly $40,000 Raised Not only was the climb successful, but so was the team’s fundraising effort. After returning from Washington, Long contacted Darin Fearday at Big City Mountaineers to learn how much money they raised for the Summit For Someone Program. The team ended up raising $37,330 for inner-city teens.

“It’s amazing what fraternity brothers can do when they unite for a common cause, and how many lives they can impact with their actions.” said Long. “Rich and I are a living testament to the bond of brotherhood, which every member of Lambda Chi Alpha holds so dearly.”

For eight long hours the team made the dangerous descent to Camp Muir and then to Paradise. “The snow was slushy now, and we couldn’t get any grip with our crampons,” said Long. “At every step it felt like you were


Cross & Crescent October 2011


2012 Mastery Circle Summit Expanded training event for alumni volunteers will be January 27-29, 2012, at the University of Memphis.

By Jordy Miller (Miami)

For our brothers serving as a chapter’s High Pi, a House Corporation officer, an Alumni Control Board member, or an Alumni Advisory Board member, the General Fraternity invites you to join other alumni volunteers and the International Headquarters Professional Staff for the Mastery Circle Summit taking place during the weekend of January 27–29, 2012, on the campus of the University of Memphis. The Mastery Circle Summit will provide educational programming tracks that are motivating and fast paced, focusing on the ever-changing role of strong supportive and positive alumni brothers in Lambda Chi Alpha.


Cross & Crescent October September 2011 2011



Alpha’s educational programming into the current chapter dynamic. (If you are interested in registering for this track, please send an email to Jordy Miller at jmiller@

Neville Advisor’s College Advisor Basic (Level 1) is a fastpaced educational curriculum where new/young advisors are trained in the basics of chapter operations and working with chapter and executive officers. Ultimately the goal of training in Advisor Basic is to give new advisors the introduction to the basic skills and understanding to be successful, to have fun, and to stay in the game. Advisor Advanced (Level 2) provides high level skill development for graduates of Advisor Basic to become better teachers, counselors, and facilitators. The goal in Advisor Advanced is to provide participants with challenging new subject matter, grounded in the latest learning theory and practice, while increasing their capabilities to deliver higher level programming to their undergraduate brothers.

Fraternal Steward Fraternal Stewardship is a new and exciting role for alumni volunteers within Lambda Chi Alpha and the Mastery Circle. Fraternal Stewards are asked to work specifically with a chapter that they are locally advising and they will be working specifically to implement educational programming that is part of the TRUE Brother Initiative. Concentrating on the implementation of the Outer Circle or Inner Circle components, the training will allow the Fraternal Stewards to better understand how to effectively integrate Lambda Chi

Institute on Housing The Institute on Housing is a new programming curriculum that is designed specifically for alumni volunteers that work on House Corporations. This training will address the specific needs and areas of focus for the appropriate management of a healthy chapter environment. Members of the James R. Favor Insurance Agency, experienced House Corporation Members, and General Counsel for Lambda Chi Alpha will work collaboratively with participants to identify and share best practices and insights with regard to operating a property in Lambda Chi Alpha today, and the policies that are associated with the operations of a fraternity house.


Cross & Crescent October July 2011 2011



Registration Alumni Volunteers registered for Advisor Basic: First time attendees participate in training free of charge. Each alumnus will have lodging for two nights in a shared Double/Double hotel room adjacent to the conference center, all meals onsite, and programming materials. Alumni Volunteers registered for Advisor Advanced: The cost per man is $199. This includes lodging for two nights in a shared Double/Double hotel room adjacent to the conference center, all meals on-site, and programming materials. If you have questions or are interested in attending, please contact Senior Associate Director of Chapter Services Jordy Miller at

Through the generous support of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation, this event is subsidized through scholarships and grant funding. The actual cost to host our alumni volunteers is significantly higher than what you are charged. In an effort to meet our responsibility to thoughtfully manage this financial commitment, all attendees are asked to submit a Scholarship Form to the Senior Associate Director of Chapter Services. To obtain a form, please email Senor Associate Director of Chapter Services Jordy Miller at jmiller@

Travel All attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the University of Memphis. Schedule Overview Friday, January 27, 2012 8 a.m. - Time for Instructor Prep 10:30 a.m. - Brunch for faculty 12 p.m. - Optional Early Bird Session 6:30 p.m. - Welcome/Kickoff Dinner 7:30 p.m. - Educational Sessions [Block 1]

Arrival Date: Friday, January 27, 2012 (Welcome/Kickoff Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m.) Departure Date: Programming concludes at 12 p.m. on Sunday, January 29, 2012. Participants should plan to depart after this

Saturday, January 28, 2012 8 a.m. - Breakfast 9 a.m. - Educational Sessions [Block 2] 12 p.m. - Lunch 1 p.m. - Educational Sessions [Block 3] 6 p.m. - Dinner 8 p.m. - Educational Sessions [Block 4] Sunday, January 29, 2012 8 a.m. - Breakfast 9 a.m. - Educational Sessions [Block 5 - Final Session] 11 a.m. - Brunch and Reflection 12 p.m. - Brothers are free to depart


Cross & Crescent October July 2011 2011


My Journal from El Salvador David Reagan, a Pi-Sigma brother from Southeastern Oklahoma State, participated in an immersion trip sponsored by the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values. By David Reagan (Southeastern Oklahoma State)

Editor’s Note: In January 2011, David Reagan (Southeastern Oklahoma State 2013) traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador as part of a group of students representing 21 different fraternity/sorority affiliations and 19 different universities. The trip, sponsored by the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV), offered students a week of service and cultural immersion with the people of San Salvador.

As the trip progresses, more and more, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I keep wondering if all these images will flash back in a nightmare, which is ironic because it’s a sort of dreamlike stupor of overwhelming feelings right now. I speak only of nightmares because I am scared that the only things I will remember are the harsh cruelties of this country that I have seen, although I know better.


Cross & Crescent October July 2011 2011


LOYALTY | DUTY | RESPECT | SERVICE & STEWARDSHIP | HONOR | INTEGRITY | PERSONAL COURAGE For every negative thing you can say about El Salvador, there are two equally positive qualities of beauty or intrigue. Last night, during our group’s discussion, we spoke of the polarizing aspects of this country. Perhaps that was what has prompted all this intense thought. When we choose not be held in the balance of each others morality checks or agreed values, we only have ourselves to blame. So, you see, values are an important part of a healthy society, no matter what. It’s how we co-exist and, hopefully, become better people, better men of leadership, actively taking a part in our world. These are good people. Some simply feel abandoned. They search for anything, from drugs, to gangs, to violence, to fill this lonely void. I have learned more about family than I probably even yet realize from this short trip. By no means was I expecting to. I guess, truthfully, I’m still in a growing stage in this area: coming from a broken, dysfunctional, spoiled, stereotypical, distanced string of people. These people are holding a supposed blood cell or chromosome in common, mostly a traditional name given for a group of people that live together. Despite this realization, that I actually

know nothing of the real definition of family, I find myself moving towards the reality of its meaning, slowly but surely. I’m consciously taking steps toward the reality of a diverse, cultured, educated, loving, soul-intertwined community in which the word “family” is merely a word, nay an unworthy recognition for a pre-existing home of feelings, hardly describing or comparable to society’s definition. By the way, yes, I do want to have a wife and family someday but, in a sense, the brotherhood is already there.

Innocence of Youth Today I went to Las Delicias Daycare while the other group split up to go work at the orphanage we are building. I thought that maybe I could take one day off from working out in the sun (building a house for a local family). It impacted me much more than I thought it would. It worked almost in reverse as I learned why I was there in that makeshift daycare (mostly a tin-walled pavilion with a roof ). It was they who were there to make us smile. A 5-year-old little girl named Clarita ran up to the van as soon as we unloaded, and immediately gave me a big hug. She then grabbed my hand and held it as she showed me the way to the pavilion out back. She only let go for a second, to


pick up a baseball bat, and then took my hand again. I asked her in Spanish if she wanted to play baseball in the dirt-paved parking lot. She said, “Yes,” and from then on that was our gig. I was her buddy and when we weren’t playing some sort of game she would run over and grab my hand or climb on my back. There’s something beautiful about that; always an indication of pure, youthful, outgoing innocence. When you’re a kid you don’t think about the pragmatics of a situation’s outcome. You don’t think about how it makes you look or whether it is culturally correct. Kids just do it. I realized later today, as I was holding 2-year-old Diana in my lap, why the trip and these people resonate so deeply within us. It’s not even about the orphanage or house building. Yes, of course we try to give them all their physical wants and needs. This is really important to the all the families, but what about the thousands and thousands of other people with innumerable needs, living in poverty?

Faith, Hope & Love I guess what I’m getting at is, why did we think it was important? Why did I? In that moment I realized what I

Cross & Crescent October September 2011 2011


LOYALTY | DUTY | RESPECT | SERVICE & STEWARDSHIP | HONOR | INTEGRITY | PERSONAL COURAGE really already knew in my heart, that the greatest gift we were giving them was not anything they could touch. It was peace, of mind; hope, for the future; love, between people; faith, in something previously unseen and now extraordinary.

situation, wouldn’t you want people to think that you mattered? How few (or many) people must we diminish the group to, before we decide they are less than people -- just statistics or unchanging realities in the scheme of the world.

you not being a part of shaping my life and the person I am.”

I think that much of the time, these questions begin to raise their depressing faces in our minds as a response to the excuses we are making to ourselves about why not to help others. These theories work so long, before we must confront the real question behind this. Is this a justification for our laziness or apathy?

I’m not saying I had this much impact on somebody’s life while I was there because the fact is that I’ll probably never know. But the point is -- maybe. It’s worth the effort. It’s a drop in the bucket, a starfish in the ocean, or whatever. You can come up with your own metaphor and share it with us.

Many simply need to witness a story like this play out; they need to witness a life changing moment. Unfortunately, not too many of those, at least deep ones, are found behind the confines of a desk.

I truly do think that in most cases you just never know your impact -- so we live in that moment, knowing that these four things matter and can never be underestimated.

Today, my interactions with those kids mattered. You might say, “It will never make a difference because it is only one day. What about the other needs that already went unreached before you arrived, resulting in tragedy or death? You can’t make that better for them or lessen their pain. What about the needs you didn’t even meet today? What about after you leave there and problems still go unsolved in this country?” My answer -- I don’t have one other than this -- we all individually take part in our responsibility for what happens around us in the world and hopefully, someday, when we all begin to come to the same conclusion that it takes a joint effort by a team, much like ours that went into El Salvador to accomplish 10 times as much work through being a group, only then will real, huge progress begin to take place. Until then, I can only speak for my own convictions and urgings of the heart -- if that one small part that could be changed, was actually instead you in that impoverished

I don’t know when this will all click for you, but it came to me when I realized the true meanings of the words faith, hope, and love, much like what was already mentioned in the Bible (I Corinthians 13).

You never know if one day may be the most important day for them, the one that changes everything. We all have moments like this in our lives. I’m not talking about the physical things; I’m speaking of the invisible choices and qualities that mold our souls and the people that impact the path for our life. What if they have reached a fork in the road and have no one talk to about it? What if this someone was able to look back and think, “Wow, I can’t imagine


Cross & Crescent October September 2011 2011

C&C October 2011  

C&C October 2011

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