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CROSS & CRESCENT January 2019 - Quarterly Issue #4

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January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter From the Editor....................................................3 Lambda Chi Alpha Gets Social....................................4 -5 Gentleman’s Corner: The Importance of Self Care........6 Doing the Impossible: The Transformative Journey One Memphis Brother Completed to Become the Servant Leader He is Today ........................................7-11 Stead




Engineering Hope: Gettysburg Brother Creates CostEffective Insulin Pump Which Could Help Millions Living with Diabetes..........................................................13-14 Lambda Chi Store Ad.................................................15 Rudi Strong: Foundation Started by New Mexico State Brother to Honor Friend Raises Awareness for Cancer Research...................................................16 -17 A Call to Action: University of Nevada-Reno Members Host Fundraiser to Benefit California Wildfire Relief E f f o r t s ......................................................18 -19 Geico Ad.....................................................................20 Expansion Updates...............................................21-22 Staff Announcements..................................................23 Spring






January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

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Managing Editor: Tad Lichtenauer

As many of our members prepare for the upcoming spring term, we take a moment to look back at the many accomplishments and impact Lambda Chi Alpha brothers have had in their respective communities. From creating a more cost-effective insulin pump for those living with diabetes to founding a growing non-profit for a fallen brother, there is never a shortage of inspiring stories to tell.

Editor: Taylor Grayson Assistant Editor: Jaren Wilt Layout & Design: Amanda Pittman

Throughout this issue, we talked to brothers across the country to see how they are upholding the values and teachings of Lambda Chi Alpha. With the High Alpha Summit just around the corner, it is a great time to reflect on stories of leadership and service to others. This issue’s cover story does just that. We traveled to Memphis to catch up with Toti Cuervo, a brother who has taken the phrase “servant leader” to the next level. Please remember to keep checking for the latest updates on what is going on throughout all Lambda Chi Alpha chapters, as well as our social media channels. You may notice that the layout of the C&C online has changed slightly to focus on three areas: brotherhood, service, and leadership. We feel that these three topics overall convey what it means to be a man of Lambda Chi Alpha and welcome feedback on this update. If you have a story idea which you would like to submit, please email tgrayson@ As a reminder, Chapter News is due by the 15th of each month. We look forward to seeing what our chapters are accomplishing, so we ask chapters to continue to email or log on to LCAOne/Officer Portal and access the “Submit Chapter News” form to share their news with us. As always, we would like to extend our thanks to members and friends of Lambda Chi Alpha alike for continuing to promote and support the best experience of any fraternity. All of us here at International Headquarters would like to wish our members a productive start to the spring term and a Happy New Year. Thank you for reading! Best Regards, Taylor Grayson Editor Cross & Crescent


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


We are always eager to see the interesting and wonderful things our brothers are doing across the country and Canada! Here are some examples of how members of Lambda Chi are giving back to their community, enjoying brotherhood, and upholding the values of our fraternity:










January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4











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January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF CARE The stress of finding a balance in your collegiate life can be very difficult. Add in the pressure of your obligations to classes, extracurricular activities, and being an active member of Lambda Chi Alpha, and it could be a recipe for disaster! But when you take time for yourself and remember that self-care is a necessity, not an indulgence, your life will take a turn for the better. We have compiled a few life hacks, as we like to call them, for a more well-balanced life. After all, when you take care of yourself mentally and physically, your success in other aspects of your life will skyrocket.

Self-care is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity

Develop a personal understanding of your priorities

Don’t get bogged down with the mundane tasks in your life

Be disciplined and form a routine

Know your worth

Create a healthy work-life balance

Find ways to be creative and think creatively

Find 30 minutes to exercise each day


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


Toti Cuervo, Zeta-Theta 1314


ruises started to appear all over his body, black and blue blotches his parents believed to be from nothing more than a fall. After all, the boy was young, so what more could it possibly be besides a fall? Just to be on the safe side, though, Mino’s parents decided to take him to the hospital. All the while, Mino’s older brother, Toti, was never far behind. What the Cuervos would hear next would change the trajectory of

their lives forever, the six-letter word which has transformed into a beast with sharp claws and fangs: cancer. “My parents never expected to come out of the hospital that day figuring out that my brother had been diagnosed with leukemia,” said Cuervo. “That was really tough on us for a long time.” They knew that they had to act fast if they were going to give Mino a shot

at life. Thankfully, Toti and Mino’s father was a doctor who understood that time was of the essence. Seeking care in their home country of Venezuela was going to be difficult, so the search for top-of-the-line treatment began. Finally, the Cuervos stumbled upon what would be their saving grace, a beacon of hope: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

Hall of Flags at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Artwork commemorating the life of founder, Danny Thomas

Many believe rubbing the nose of Danny Thomas will bring good luck.

Nestled in the concrete jungle of Memphis, Tennessee, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been in the business of creating miracles for children across the world since its doors opened in 1962. Down on his luck, founder and entertainer Danny Thomas vowed that if St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of hopeless causes, would grant him guidance, he would build a shrine in his name.

have broken the spirits of anyone, but the Cuervos clung to the diligent care and expertise of the doctors. But most importantly, they knew they would never receive a bill for their son’s treatment, housing, or food, a part of the hospital’s mission which still holds true today.

As the treatment continued for Mino, there were no signs that he was getting any better. He started to lose his hair. He was weak. He had started to sleep much more. Something was still not right.

Thomas soon found the success he had so desperately sought, and true to his word, built his shrine: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

While doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to help Mino, Toti recalls the transition to life at St. Jude. He was not at home in Venezuela anymore, but the hospital had quickly become a safe haven for him.

So, when the Cuervos found the hospital, they knew that Mino would have a fighting chance. Within a matter of weeks following their call to the hospital, Toti and Mino’s mother was flying with Mino to the United States to start his treatment. Toti and his father would soon follow.

“It was amazing because at no point did it ever feel like it was a hospital,” said Cuervo. “When we were at St. Jude, when we were living at the Ronald McDonald House and the Target House (places of residence where St. Jude houses its patients for short-term and long-term stay), it always felt like a home.”

For two years, the Cuervos lived in the long-term housing facility for St. Jude while Mino received treatment. Undergoing such a change in lifestyle and not knowing what to expect could

Cuervo fondly recalls everything from birthdays to Christmas during their stay at St. Jude and how the staff always knew just what to do to add a personal touch.

Doctors determined that the young boy needed a bone marrow transfusion. Test after test soon began on all of Mino’s family members to find a perfect match. Relatives from Venezuela were flown in, but to no avail. The Cuervo family was starting to run out of options and time. But there was one person whom they hadn’t thought to test, someone who had been right in front of them the entire time: Toti. He was a perfect match for his brother. “At that moment, I was destined to be my brother’s bone marrow donor,” said Cuervo.

More than a decade later, the Cuervos still call Memphis home, and


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4 Mino is in remission. Toti is currently a senior at the University of Memphis, doing all he can to give back to the hospital that saved his brother’s life.

summer lacrosse program. Cuervo had always been interested in sports, an athletic build with a sharp mind for patterns and tactics.

said Cuervo. “When I went into the Lambda Chi house, they all knew my name, they all knew who I was…for me, that was the biggest difference.”

“Now that we have been able to make Memphis our home, I have always found ways to give back to St. Jude as much as I can,” said Cuervo.

That first summer as Cuervo and another lacrosse friend were walking back from practice, the man walking in front of them could not help but overhear their conversation discussing where they belong. He asked if they would be interested in exploring the realm of Greek Life, to which Cuervo immediately said yes. After all, what could it hurt?

Cuervo is not a person you would describe as shy. Always listening and analyzing, he will put himself in any situation if it means making a meaningful connection with someone else. As Cuervo and the rest of the Associate Members with him went through initiation, Cuervo was already beginning lasting relationships.

“When I went to the other houses, I felt like a stranger.” Cuervo had just embarked on one of the most meaningful journeys of his life in searching for a place on campus which he could call home. In the process, he found Lambda Chi Alpha and in turn, that group of men he hoped who would support and encourage him in his service to St. Jude.

Maher recalls that he never saw himself joining Greek Life and was one of the last ones of his Associate Member group to accept his bid. Not from around the area, Maher thought he would go through the process of initiation unnoticed, but then Cuervo made the effort to introduce himself. From there on out, Cuervo would be known among his brothers as the person who would stop anything for a brother in need.

In a last shot to find where he belonged, Cuervo sought out a

“There were some things I liked, some people I liked, and some values I liked, but it [other fraternities on campus] didn’t quite feel like home,”

Not only had Cuervo found his home in Lambda Chi Alpha, but a brotherhood who valued the same things as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Danny Thomas & Marie Thomas Memorial Garden

Danny and Marie Thomas were laid to rest on hospital property.

Danny Thomas keeps watch in front of the hospital.

Starting in high school, Cuervo began his service to St. Jude by crafting different games for the patients and aiding in setting up events, just to name a few. Cuervo knew that once he got to college he not only wished to stay active with St. Jude, but also wanted to find a supportive group of people who would support him. Though he began college at another school, Cuervo found himself back in Memphis the spring of his freshman year. But the transition had not been a smooth one. “I was doing everything they tell you a college student is supposed to do to get active,” said Cuervo. “I tried joining intramurals, tried to start meeting people, but it was honestly very difficult.”

Jacob Maher was one of these people.

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

10 known Cuervo in his role and as a friend for a year. When asked how Cuervo conducts himself as Executive Director, you could have sworn a million lights had been turned on in the room with how bright Fitzpatrick’s smile shone. “Toti is honestly such an amazing human being; he has been through so much and has such a close relationship with the mission and the things they [St. Jude] are doing in general,” said Fitzpatrick. “But it’s more than that, he just loves it because that’s the kind of person he is: he wants to serve this organization on a larger level and that really inspires me daily.” With Cuervo at the helm, the fundraising efforts for St. Jude are unmatched on Memphis’s campus. It is not uncommon for Cuervo to put his duties to St. Jude and his chapter before his own needs, but that is just Cuervo. “He is the definition of giving back,” said Breanna Owsley, Cuervo’s girlfriend. “He puts everyone before himself; it’s always Lambda Chi Alpha and St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn before he does anything personal.

Tom the Tiger, mascot of the University of Memphis.

Cuervo began his collegiate service to St. Jude as a Morale Captain for St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn, the studentled organization that fundraises 2.2 million dollars a year for the patients of St. Jude. In this role, Cuervo acted as a liaison between the board of the organization and students on Memphis’s campus. From there, Cuervo threw himself into his commitment to St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn and continued to climb the ranks. In his last year of his undergraduate career, Cuervo acts as the Executive Director of the organization. It is now his responsibility to not only make sure everything runs smoothly with the fundraising efforts but continue to serve the place which gave his family a new sense of hope.

Brian Deal, the Coordinator of Community Engagement and Campus Partnerships, advises St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn at the University of Memphis and works closely with Cuervo. Each week, the pair conducts a oneon-one meeting, and without fail, Cuervo always asks, “Am I doing a good job? What can I do better?”. “He feels that debt every single day, that he has to give himself to the hospital every single day through St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn, and you see that passion, and it is showing now through his role as Executive Director,” said Deal. Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick, the Assistant Director of St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn, has

“Before he goes home and rests, he is always thinking how he can serve Up ‘til Dawn and St. Jude.”

When Cuervo looks back on his journey and where he is today, he thinks about his favorite Danny Thomas quote: “If I were to die today, I would know why I was born”. In every aspect of his life, from his service to his brothers to his service to St. Jude, Cuervo aims to embody the meaning behind those words daily. “To me, that speaks volumes to what Service & Stewardship is really supposed to look like,” said Cuervo. “So, when I take that back to Lambda Chi, I think that Service & Stewardship at its heart is not supposed to be about you.


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

Cuervo has become a regular face around St. Jude’s and continues to serve their mission in any way possible.

“It’s not supposed to be about who you are, what titles you hold, what positions you may have, but the mission behind what you do.” Cuervo has never shied away from a challenge before, and he is not about to start now. “Toti is not a big talker,” said Larry Crum III, fellow Lambda Chi Alpha brother. “He believes that actions speak louder than words, so he is always one who goes out and makes sure that he is doing what needs to be done so others are able to follow his lead.” The reason for relocating to Memphis came as a shock to his very core, but Cuervo likes to think it was an

introduction to St. Jude just waiting to happen. “If I weren’t a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, if I didn’t have a younger brother who had cancer, I would still be doing the same things that I am doing now, because it’s not about where you are or where you’re going, it’s about the thing that you are doing all of this for,” said Cuervo. Cuervo is thankful every day for the doctors and nurses at St. Jude who saved his brother’s life. That is something he will always carry with him, but in the best way. The goal now becomes how he can give that much more to future generations of children walking through the doors of St. Jude, just as his brother did all of those

years ago. “There is no other place like St. Jude,” assured Cuervo. “I don’t know how a man like Danny Thomas was ever able to make it, but if you were to talk to someone about the idea for a hospital that doesn’t charge families for any treatment they receive today, who didn’t know St. Jude existed, they would tell you it was impossible. “But there is a little impossible in this world, and that place is St. Jude.”

If you would like to donate to Toti’s page to support the mission of St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn, please donate here.

Total Undergraduate JanuaryAttendees 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4 Conference (scholarships included):

546 Day of Service:




125 Hours Volunteered:


hours each

Members volunteered at

Undergraduate Conference Scholarship Recipients:12


2730 hours total

different places

UW – Whitewater is kind of by itself in Wisconsin. Obviously, as Lambda Chiʼs, weʼre all connected by one big ritual. But at Stead, we really learned a lot about different chapters. It really diversified our ideas about how a chapter should be run today. -Nicholas Herzberg, UW-Whitewater

Stead Leadership Seminar is impactful on three fronts: itʼs impactful for you as an individual, or can be impactful for you as an individual; itʼs impactful for your chapter, and itʼs impactful for your campus community, because you are going to learn things that you are going to be able to take back and implement and help Lambda Chi Alpha be a better fraternity. -Bill Farkas, CEO

To me, the conference, of course, is one of the strong things that the fraternity has pushed for years, leadership being one of the most important things about the fraternity. -Barry Cappello, UCLA Alumnus


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


Gettysburg Brother Creates Cost-Effective Insulin Pump Which Could Help Millions Living with Diabetes By: Taylor Grayson, Associate Director of Communications

Mitchell says that he has received immense support for his project from his chapter brothers. Photo courtesy of Gettysburg College.


he shift lasted until midnight most nights. Hour after hour, Tyler Mitchell worked diligently on a project that had been his dream for as long as he could remember. Every night he worked harder than the last, not because he had to, but because of the great desire to make a difference in the diabetes community, a community which he had been a part of for as long as he could remember. And so he continued to work on his project, one he hoped could change the face of diabetes forever. This past summer, Mitchell of the Theta-Pi chapter at Gettysburg College was involved with the

prestigious Digital Technology Fellowship through the college. Through this opportunity, Mitchell was able to choose a project to research and execute, all fully funded by the college. Mitchell knew that project had to be creating a cheaper insulin pump. “I knew right away that was something I really needed to do and try to do,” said Mitchell. “I’ve had a want to build an insulin pump for a really long time.” Mitchell’s desire to create a more accessible insulin pump began in high school. The now college junior remembers talking with diabetic individuals in his school

and community, asking what they might want in an insulin pump. From these conversations, he started to conceptualize what he could actually change, given the proper funding. “It’s been a want of mine for a really long time, but I’ve never had the means of doing it; it takes some technical knowledge that I didn’t have and skills that I didn’t have,” said Mitchell. So when he learned of the Digital Technology Fellowship, Mitchell knew he had to seize the chance. The main goal of Mitchell’s project is to provide normal people with a functioning pump that would break

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4



Tyler Mitchell in the lab. (left) Mitchell is at the beginning of his research and hopes that one day, his pump could be the most cost-effective option. (right) Photos courtesy of Gettysburg College.

the stigma of expensive medical technology. The way that Mitchell has built his pump, it will be 9200 dollars cheaper than the pump that is currently on the market. Mitchell’s pump works as a microcontroller, basically a mini computer. It is capable of running different programs, and with the data that Mitchell can manipulate, the pump would be able to inject insulin. Looking forward, this kind of pump that Mitchell has created could be

revolutionary. Because the pump operates as a small computer, if the government approves universal satellite WiFi (which has been discussed frequently now), this pump could change millions of lives. Mitchell keeps his project in perspective, though. There is still much to flush out with the pump, but the idea of allowing people across the country and world to live a more normalized life with diabetes is reward enough.

“Helping people has been the motivation for years, and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing,” said Mitchell. “I think it’s pretty evident that my goal behind it wasn’t making a profit, I’m trying to make it as cheap as possible. “Really the main goal behind it is making the lives of people better just so they can live normal lives. I figured if I could make one thing that could help millions of people, at least financially or in general for their health, that’s huge for me.”

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4



Foundation Started by New Mexico State Brother to Honor Friend Raises Awareness for Cancer Research By: Taylor Grayson, Associate Director of Communications

Participants in one of the 5k RUDI Fun Run. Photo courtesy of Matthew Duran


atthew Duran and Kevin Rudi were inseparable in college. The two met through the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha at New Mexico State University, but soon formed a bond that went far beyond anything they could imagine. They became so close, in fact, that they became known collectively as “Chewdi”, a play off of Duran’s nickname, Chewy, and Rudi’s last name. Following college in 2011, Duran made the move to Albuquerque to work for Intel, and Rudi soon followed. Duran calls Rudi the best friend he ever had, and the friendship continued going strong. But in 2012, Rudi noticed an alarmingly large mass in his left bicep. After having it checked, Rudi was

given the devastating news: he had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Spindle Cell Sarcoma cancer. Immediately, Rudi called Duran, his best friend and confidant. “He came to my house, and we exchanged early Christmas gifts and he kind of just broke down,” recalled Duran. “He told me about the diagnosis, and he told me we were going to beat this.” Even through the support of his friends and family, Rudi could not stop the spread of the vicious disease. Soon, it spread to his lungs and lymph nodes, escalating the disease to Stage 4. When Rudi’s lung collapsed, Duran knew that he did not have much time left with his friend. So, he took action.

After receiving Rudi’s blessing, Duran created the Rudi Foundation to commemorate his friend’s legacy. A month after the Foundation came to life, Rudi passed away. Since its founding, Duran and the other board members (all brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha) have worked tirelessly to continue the gogetter spirit that Kevin so vibrantly demonstrated. Though Duran was the closest to Rudi, the other board members believe in the mission of the Foundation just as much. “I might have been his best friend, but he made so many rich, rich connections and relationships with these brothers that they were just as close as he and I were,” said Duran.

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


The biggest event, and most true to Rudi’s spirit, that the Foundation hosts every year is the 5k RUDI fun run. In its fifth year, the run encourages participants to dress as superheroes, because that was what Rudi was to his brothers. “It’s a superhero fun run because Kevin was our superhero, my superhero,” said Duran. “He fought cancer like I’ve never seen anybody fight cancer until the last day.” The run first started around the New Mexico State University campus to foster Greek Life involvement, but has since moved to Albuquerque and has seen a significant jump in numbers. All proceeds from the run benefit the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center, where Rudi received much of his treatment. From a way to remember their friend to a fully-fledged foundation, Duran says he is proud of the growth and the impact the Rudi Foundation has. In the coming years, Duran wishes to see both the fun run and the Foundation continue to grow. But in the meantime,

Participants dress as superheroes for each run. Photo courtesy of Matthew Duran

Duran will continue to honor the memory of his best friend and brother. “Lambda Chi was everything in college,” said Duran. “We based all of our decisions and weekend plans on it-whether that be building a float or doing community service.

“Kevin and I would never have met otherwise. I never would have known the best friend I’ve ever had, and it’s because of Lambda Chi Alpha…I think that the strength that we still get from all this, it’s a great foundation for the Foundation.”

The Foundation donates all of its proceeds to the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Photo courtesy of Matthew Duran.

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4




Members of the Nevada-Reno chapter came together to aid in the wildfire relief efforts. Photo courtesy of Cyrus Ghaffari.


hen the tragic wildfires in Northern California struck, the members of the Epsilon-Iota colony at the University of Nevada- Reno asked just one question: how can we help? A large population of the Reno students come from Northern California, so the call to action and severity of the situation was not lost on the men of Lambda Chi. Within just one week, standards chairman Evan Hulbert conceived an idea to aid in the relief efforts, and High Theta Yoni Covarrubias arranged the fundraiser. With just over 100 dollars’ worth of donuts and coffee in hand, the members began tabling in the heart of campus. The idea was to reward students with treats for their

contribution to the relief efforts, but the men soon found that the cause hit very close to home for students. In many instances, students were happy just to do their part without the reward.

because we had a lot of excitement from our members about wanting to participate in this event,” said Ghaffari. “Some of our members were really hounding people to donate, which was awesome.”

“A lot of students were very happy to see us doing this,” said Cyrus Ghaffari, High Alpha. “The response was very positive; there was certainly an emotional connection that everyone had to the fires.”

Ghaffari says that he hopes to continue a focus on service and philanthropy across campus, something that he wants the colony to be known for.

The men of the colony raised over 750 dollars in total from their fundraising efforts, benefitting the California Fire Foundation. “We have this whole group of guys who are in it for the right reasons,

“During my term, I really want to emphasize our community involvement and philanthropy aspects just a little bit more,” stated Ghaffari. “This was my first taste of doing something like this, so just seeing how successfully it went kind of reinforces my eagerness to do these types of things.”


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

The Epsilon-Iota colony hosting their Watermelon Bust service event. Photo courtesy of Cyrus Ghaffari

This is just the start to the impact Ghaffari wishes to make on campus. In addition to plans to volunteer at local soup kitchens around the holiday season, the men have plans to focus on raising awareness for sexual

assault and harassment on campus. It is Ghaffari’s goal to not only educate his own brothers but spread that education across campus about such topics of consent and substance abuse.

Ghaffari says there is only excitement in the colony for the new semester. When everyone is invested, he assures, there is no limit to the difference one group can make in their community.

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4 1-800-368-2734

Lambda Chi Alpha Members


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January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


The colony at Appalachian State University is currently at 15 members, but over 10 have committed for the spring semester. While the colony looks to add more members, the strong alumni support will be crucial for the success of the chapter over the next 10 years. The men who are already in place have already taken their brotherhood promise to the next level and are doing more together than anticipated. In 2019, they aim to partner with a couple of local food pantries to start giving back to their community.

Every man recruited and initiated during this past semester has the drive to see Lambda Chi Alpha become a success on ISU’s campus. They want to do things right, and they want to lead the charge for change in Greek Life on ISU’s campus. The colony has over 30 men and is only looking to grow. This group is going to grow with each other over the next several years, and staff can only hope that the men originally recruited in November have the same drive and motivation as when they were first recruited.

The colony currently has 16 men who are very much looking forward to recruitment in the spring of 2019. High Alpha Bradley Jenkins is very excited for his first High Alpha Summit this coming January, as well. The group is getting ready for their first philanthropy event, a Watermelon Bust in the famous Sunken Gardens and preparing for another large group of new members. Lambda Chi has been working hard to improve Greek Life at William & Mary, and the men are showing the campus how great fraternity can be.


January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4

SPRING 2019 EXPANSION QUICK FACTS This spring semester, we are proud to announce two expansions to the Lambda Chi Alpha family. Our staff members work diligently throughout the semester to provide new members of each expansion with quality support and guidance. Let’s meet our expansion teams and host campuses:

Northern Arizona University Led by: Trevor Nicholas, Educational Leadership Consultant Assisted by: Brett Turner, Recruitment Specialist Location: Flagstaff, Arizona Total Enrollment: 31,057 (as of Fall 2017) Mascot: Louie the Lumberjack Led by: Nathan Schultz, Senior Educational Leadership Consultant Assisted by: Jonathan Gottwald, Senior Educational Leadership Consultant and Jimmy Phillips, Educational Leadership Consultant Location: College Station, Texas Total Enrollment: 58,921 (as of Spring 2018) Mascot: Reveille

Texas A&M - College Station

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


STAFF ANNOUNCEMENTS JUSTIN FISHER Services, Fisher is now responsible for managing and overseeing chapter services, harm reduction, education, business affairs, and communications/IT operations for the Fraternity. In his role as COO, Fisher is looking forward to personally having a say in where Lambda Chi goes as a fraternity and how the organization will remain relevant on college campuses across North America.

Staff at Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters are pleased to introduce Justin Fisher as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Fraternity. Previously the Director of Chapter

“If you look at the timeline for fraternities, this is a vital junction where we are, as far as what direction we go in, how we remain relevant, and how we continue to meet the needs of young collegiate men,” said Fisher.

In addition to navigating how to remain relevant, Fisher also look forward to aiding in the implementation of a new strategic plan. “I would like for us to revamp our strategic plan and ensure that we have a direction moving forward which enables us to be successful, relevant, and sustainable in the future to future students.” Fisher will begin his duties as COO immediately. “I think this is a phenomenal opportunity,” said Fisher. “I’m very excited and feel very honored and privileged I have this opportunity, so I look forward to making the best of it and working for the Fraternity.”

CHRIS POCKETTE Chris Pockette moves to the position of Director of Chapter Services. He will be responsible for directing the chapter services entities that oversee all aspects of the collegiate experience and ensuring the overall health and consistent development of the collegiate chapters and colonies. Pockette leaves his role as Associate Director of Chapter Services and brings

his knowledge of and experiences with Lambda Chi Alpha’s chapters and colonies to his new role. “I think Chris has been incredibly impressive in his role with the field staff,” said Fisher. “So, his ability to not only relate, train, and invest in his staff will be beneficial in his role, but also his opinions and experiences working with chapters will benefit the organization greatly.”

BRETT BAKER Lambda Chi Alpha is pleased to welcome Brett Baker back to Indianapolis. Previously, Baker served as an Educational Leadership Consultant and Associate Director of Business Affairs with IHQ. Baker will now serve as the Director of Expansion.

“I am excited in the opportunity to help facilitate growth for Lambda Chi Alpha as the college landscape evolves,” said Baker. “Working with our current staff, alumni, and partners, I hope to help bring the Lambda Chi Alpha experience to more undergraduate brothers.”

In his new role, Baker will oversee the overall strategic planning and execution of chapter expansions, including new colony initiatives and re-colonizations across North America.

We look forward to how these men will continue to uphold the mission of Lambda Chi Alpha.

January 2019 - - Quarterly Issue #4


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C&C January 2019- Issue 4