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GRAND HIGH ZETA MEETING By: Kyle Jones (Montevalo)

NEW ELCS ANNOUNCED FOR 2015-2016 By: Chapter Services Staff



BILL FARKAS: 10 YEARS AS CEO May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4





CHAPTER NEWS By: Tad Lichtenauer (Denison)



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4



2015 April

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2014 June

The 2014-2015 academic year is coming to a close for many of our chapters and colonies.

2014 April

Congratulations to those brothers graduating and moving on to the next chapter of their lives as alumni brothers. Now is a great time to update your personal information via mylca.lambdachi.org, so that you can continue to stay active with the fraternity.

2014 March 2014 February

In this month’s issue, affectionately known as “The IHQ Issue,” we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Bill Farkas as CEO. We have a recap of events and decisions made during the most recent Grand High Zeta meeting and the announcement of next year’s Educational Leadership Consultants who will be hitting the road this fall. The 2015 Stead Leadership Seminar is also upon us, encourage your undergraduate and alumni brothers to register online by May 31. To wrap up, I’ll use my personal outlet of expression to say goodbye to a close colleague, friend and brother. Associate Director of Communications Andrew Talevich (Washington State), is moving on from staff and has accepted a position with Microsoft, where he will relocate to Seattle. Talevich has made an impact on the fraternity and here in our department since his arrival. Personally, he has been a great help in my introduction to staff and a wonderful professional partner, his contributions and influence will be dearly missed. For now, we’re already hard at work on next month’s issue, as always send your submissions to editor@lambdachi.org, and follow us on social media as we continue to innovate and reinvent our media presence. In ZAX,

Kyle Jones Editor, Cross & Crescent Magazine

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May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4


Standing in a dimly lit restaurant a man looks out over his brothers, his peers and his colleagues. A notable expression of admiration spreads across his face as he gathers himself to address them. b y Ky l e J o n e s ( M o n t e v a l l o )

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May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4



Admittedly not one for accolades or the spotlight, Bill Farkas, who approaches 10 years as CEO of Lambda Chi Alpha, opens up and acknowledges the people who got him where he is today. “When I came back to headquarters, one of the things I tried to do was instill what I have learned from George Spasyk as it was relevant to today. I’ve been very lucky in my time with the organization. You find people along your way and you learn from them, and they give you the tools that allow you to achieve your goals,” he said. “I learned a long time ago that you hire the best people and stay out of their way. You lean on your board to be coconspirators in figuring out what that roadmap is and then you hire the best people to do the best work and I believe we certainly have the best staff in the Greek world and I couldn’t be prouder. It has been challenging at times...but thank God for the people in this room who didn’t give up on a struggling organization, but instead stepped up.”

In his ten years as CEO, Bill Farkas expressed that his favorite moments have been spending time with undergraduate members.

Only days earlier, Farkas sat in his office at the recently relocated headquarters of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and recounted the long journey that brought him to this moment in life. The story goes back a little further than a young man arriving on campus at Butler University in 1985. His involvement and exposure to the Greek world would begin at home here in Indianapolis, Ind.. Growing up, Farkas recounts spending time with his mother, a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, as she stayed active with her organization at the national level. “I knew their execs because they were family friends,” he said. “I knew where their headquarters was. I’d been to the headquarters. My mother had a great undergraduate Greek experience and continued to volunteer. So I guess through osmosis I sort of picked up on what this was.” Though it wasn’t until reluctantly joining the chapter at Butler in the Fall of ‘85 did Farkas set out on a journey that would



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4



take him to becoming an executive of his own Greek organization. As an undergrad, he would become highly involved with his own chapter, as well as on campus, but his first experience with the greater fraternity would come with a simple visit to the headquarters building “down the road.” “When I was elected vice president there was a program called the ‘Standards for Chapter Excellence,’ which was the precursor to the operations guides. We weren’t doing the standards. We didn’t

know what they were. There was no transition between the previous vice president and myself,” he explained. “Well, I knew headquarters was up the road, so one day I got in my car and went down there. I didn’t have an appointment, I just walked in and said, ‘I want to talk to someone about the standards program.’ Well nobody did that, but I didn’t know nobody did that.” “Bob London and Ed Leonard met with me and spent two or three hours talking with me about the standards program. Leonard loved talking about it because he created it.”

Soon after his surprise visit with the headquarters staff at that time, Farkas would become more and more familiar with the fraternity at its national level, serving as an Educational Leadership Consultant for a year, where he travelled along the east coast, the southeast and up California to Seattle, as well as serving as part of the senior staff from ‘88 to ‘92 as associate director of chapter services. His professional career would once again take him across the country. Working in higher education in alumni relations offices at his alma mater of Butler, to EmbryRiddle in Daytona Beach, Fla., and on to Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. Farkas would remain in contact with the General Fraternity as well as a network of brothers over the

next decade, even serving as the High Pi for Butler and Embry-Riddle while working at each respective institution. By the time he began to settle down in Bellingham, a little over a year into his tenure there, Farkas would receive a phone call from a familiar voice. “I got a phone call from Ed Leonard telling me that Lambda Chi would be doing a national search for the next executive director and that I should throw my hat in the ring,” Farkas explained. “I never thought that I could sit in George Spasyk’s chair.” After an extensive interview process, consisting of video conferences and cross-country flights, Farkas would return from Washington, D.C. after the final interview to find a voicemail from Ted

Grossnickle. “When you land give me a call. We want to make you an offer.” “I told him I needed 24 hours,” said Farkas. “After that I had to drive 90 minutes back to Bellingham from Seattle, and I remember that drive being the happiest I’d ever been. I couldn’t believe I’d been offered this job.”

Righting the Ship Though excited to step into the challenge and follow in the footsteps of great men, Farkas was candidly honest in admitting “the organization was broken.” He would go on to explain that “it was broken in a lot of ways. Financially we were on the brink of insolvency, staff morale was broken. Vision was broken. We weren’t


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

heading to anything. We were just responding. We were dealing with crisis after crisis after crisis, and we weren’t able to look at where we wanted to be in five years.” “Where do we want to be in ten years? How do we want to get there? How can we dedicate ourselves to that? There was no fun. This was an organization that when I worked here it was fun, we laughed a lot, and at this point people were just scared for a lot of reasons, and rightfully so.” Farkas inherited a multitude of problems and quickly went to work salvaging an organization he cared so deeply for. At the time, Lambda Chi Alpha wasn’t sure if they’d even have the money to make payroll through the summer. Faced with a lack of assets, an empty bank account and no reserves; drastic cuts and a change in culture had to be made. The one thing they did have was a foundation, the one that stood under their feet. The headquarters building on Founder’s Road, the same place he strolled into as a young man, was mortgaged with only the hope they’d be

able to pay back the three year loan. At this time the Cross & Crescent, which had historically always published printed copies, was cut and moved into its current online-only format, effectively saving the fraternity around $250,000 a year. A decision hailed as revolutionary and visionary at the time was born out of painful necessity. Additionally, cuts to staff had to be made and the trust that had been lost between staff and the board had to be rebuilt. Despite facing these incredible odds, Farkas recounts a lesson and example he experienced earlier in his career while at Butler. “I had a good role model when there was a change of leadership when I worked at Butler for the second time,” he said. “The new president came in and he inherited a financial quagmire, a real mess, and to be able to witness how he got the school out of that and the things he had to do, the tough things, it really gave me a good perspective on how to handle our problems.” “We had to start dreaming

about where we wanted to be,” he continued, “and that’s sort of what True Brother gave us. Wow, we can dream about where we want to be and how we want to get there by doing those types of things that excite people and get them motivated. The undergraduates deserve credit too because even through all of this they recruited really well. So our numbers have been great over the last decade which I think maybe some of the things caused that but I think a lot of it the undergraduates did on their own.” To look for the one defining and seminal moment where things turned around and brought the organization to the period of success we are now accustomed to would be in vain, as Farkas explains that the process of righting the ship has been a decade in the making. “The leadership on the board and how that’s changed and the way that it’s changed from being a hands-on board to a strategic board, a visionary board, to putting the C&C online and demanding that

we would never present a deficit budget and live within our budget was a big deal.” Farkas also harkened back to an important lesson he learned early in his career as being responsible for the turn around. “Having someone like Tad Lichtenauer, who worked for a Fortune 500 company, who could be making more in the private sector is just a win, and that shows the commitment that people have for this organization. Michele James is the best financial person in the fraternity world, and we have her, and again if she


went in the private sector should could be making double. To have someone like Nick [Zuniga] with his background having worked in higher education, it’s just great that we have really good people who want to work here. That took ten years to build.”

Building a Legacy As the conversation began to come to a close in his office at the new headquarters building in Carmel, Ind., Farkas sat silent for a moment. His excited mannerisms began to settle and the


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

jovial tone of reminiscence subsided. As he began to speak on his journey and what may lie ahead his manner turned contemplative and hopeful. “I’m very comfortable with what I’ve done. Some of it’s been amazing and some of it’s been luck, and the other thing I believe that George Spasyk has told me and I think its held true for the organization, is that the right people have always been in the right places historically for Lambda Chi. If you look at our founding, if Jack Mason hadn’t come along would we have been as successful as we have been? If E.J. Fisher hadn’t come along when he did, would we have been as successful? If Bruce Macintosh? If Cole hadn’t come along? Just all these things that have happened, they seem to have happened for a reason.” “After going to Auburn’s centennial celebration it takes me back to our centennial celebration,” he added, “and just thinking how amazing it is that we are what we are, and we’ve not only gotten to where we are but as successful as we have been.”

“Even though the Greek community has taken hits recently, I think we’re poised in the best position we’ve been in for the 25 years that I’ve been engaged in fraternity,” he said. “I say that because our membership continues to grow, the Greek world’s membership continues to grow and I think the students today, as we transition out of millennials, that both millennials and the ones who come after, they are joiners. They grew up belonging and wanting a sense of belonging, and we provide that.”

Moving Forward As he stands before the room of Grand High Zeta members, Student Advisory Committee members and his IHQ staff, Farkas notes that it all comes back to his initial mindset after accepting the position just a decade ago. “I took this job because I thought we could change the world, and maybe that’s ‘change the Greek world,’ but I also think we can change the world because of the men we put out into it, and I have this vision of

not just dealing with all the horrific things but all the good things.” Farkas acknowledges that more and more, “this is not an old man’s game,” and that in the future, however far away, the time will come when he needs to step aside. Though, at the moment, he still stands committed to his goal of making Lambda Chi Alpha the leader of the fraternity world. Acknowledging that this goal is not as easy as he once believed, the next ten years are filled with hope, and with the vision and dedication of those around him, change will be accomplished. “I think I learned a lot of that from my mother,” said Farkas. “Service was just something she did and I witnessed it, it was something you were supposed to do.”



George Spasyk and Bill Farkas during Spasyk’s first visit to the new headquarters building in Carmel, ind.

May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

GRAND HIGH ZETA MEETING The Grand High Zeta, elected members who serve as the board of directors for the fraternity, convened at the International Headquarters of Lambda Chi Alpha, located in Carmel, Ind., over the weekend of April 24-26.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Also in attendance were members of the Student Advisory Committee and IHQ staff. The GHZ meets quarterly to interpret fraternity law and make policy decisions as well as provide direction to IHQ staff. Over the weekend the board conditionally approved the strategic plan created by IHQ staff, which includes a focus on the collegiate experience, growth, strategic partnerships, living our values and alumni. Two new members were officially appointed to the board: Ernest Vargo II (Akron) and Kevin R. Vasquez (Western Carolina) who serve as Grand High Rho and Grand High Epsilon respectively. A number of action items were approved during the meeting, including providing additional funding to assist in the completion of the strategic plan. Over the next three years, $440,000 in funds will be allotted for use in completing goals of the strategic plan. The 2015-2016 budget was also approved. The Order of Achievement will be presented to Honorable Gerald W. VandeWalle (North Dakota) later this year. VandeWalle is being recognized for his long time service in the judiciary system of North Dakota. VandeWalle was elected Chief Justice effective Jan. l, 1993; and re-elected to successive five-year terms as Chief Justice effective 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015. A Proclamation of the Grand High Zeta was also made in honor of Lt. Col Robert J. Hymel for his distinguished service and dedication to our country and the values and ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha. Hymel was one of nine brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha who lost their lives on 9/11. After the closing of six chapters in the past year, the General Fraternity is now comprised of 190 active zetas. Expansion to the University of Tampa and Coastal Carolina University have been confirmed and will begin in the fall of 2015. The fraternity is also actively pursuing expansion to a list of other institutions. Fresno State will be the next colony to receive a charter, with a banquet taking place later this year.


The board was proud to announce that 94 percent of chapters have High Pi alumni advisers in place and that 60 Master Stewards across the country have hosted over 80 retreats in the past year. One hundred percent of active chapters have also received two visits from Educational Leadership Consultants during the 2014-2015 academic year. The professional staff moves forward with implementing the approved strategic plan and begins final preparation for the Stead Leadership Seminar, which will take place in Ames, Iowa, later this summer.


MAY 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

NEW ELCS ANNOUNCED FOR 2015-2016 The academic year is coming to an end and as we prepare to gear up for Stead Leadership Seminar and the upcoming 2015-2016 school year, the Chapter Services team has selected nine new additions to the Educational Leadership Consultant team. B y : Ky l e J o n e s




May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Joining the IHQ staff in June will be Michael Covert (Southeast Missouri State), Austin Craft (Ball State), Fernando Gomez (Elmhurst), Jim Gulbranson (South Dakota), Owen Jones (Oregon State), Kyle

“I AM PROUD OF THE WORK WE DO” -Matt Roy McCormick (Ball State), Christopher Pockette (UNCCharlotte), David Schieler (Minnesota State-Mankato), and Michael Weiner (Colorado State-Pueblo). “I am excited to have these men join our team and excited to see what their future holds,” said Director of Chapter Services Nick Zuniga. “Each of these men have vast experiences in Lambda Chi Alpha as well as many other student

organizations that will make them strong ELCs.” “Since joining Lambda Chi Alpha my sophomore year, whenever the ELC has come to visit my chapter, I have always seen a tremendous amount of passion for Lambda Chi in them,” said new hire Austin Craft. “They have made an enormous impact on me (as I am sure they have on so many others) and I can only hope to have that same impact on the undergraduates that I meet.” Current ELCs Brandan Bonds (New Orleans), Colin Nelson-Pinkston (Iowa) and Justin Reed (Virginia Commonwealth) also return for a second year as Senior Consultants, and Josh Womack (Montevallo) takes a promotion to full time staff member in the newly open position of education curriculum specialist. “There are a number of exciting transitions happening in the Chapter Services team,” added Associate Director of Chapter Services Matt Roy. “I’m proud of the work we do, and excited to see the positive impact these young, passionate brothers are going to make on our


Educational Leadership Consultants Matt Bibby (Delaware) and Justin Friend (Ball State) attend the 2015 High Alpha Summit along with members of IHQ Staff. fraternity.” Former Education Curriculum Specialist Chris Buck (Ball State) steps up to a new position at IHQ as the Associate Director of Expansion. The Educational Leadership Consultant is one of the finest examples of servant leadership and a boundless opportunity for recent graduates to interact and mentor undergraduate

brothers, chapters and colonies all over North America. With significant job training, a focus on interpersonal dynamics, and personal growth and development, the Lambda Chi Alpha ELC is recognized as one of the top young professionals in the field of higher education. For more information on how to apply for an ELC position in the future, visit

www.lambdachi.org “Want to be an ELC?”


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

STEAD LEADERSHIP SEMINAR 2015 The Stead Leadership Seminar, an annual event presented in part by Jerre and Mary Joy Stead, will take place July 23-25 in Ames, Iowa, on the campus of Iowa State University. S T O R Y

This year’s focus will be placed on the duty of leadership, dynamic recruitment and sexual assault prevention. At this conference undergraduates and alumni advisors have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience from the General Fraternity and to celebrate the bonds of Lambda Chi Alpha brotherhood. An opportunity of a lifetime, each Stead Leadership Seminar will give brothers memories and experiences that will suit them well in life. Additionally, the curriculum that the General Fraternity offers helps brothers become better officers, members in Lambda Chi Alpha and

lifetime alumni. Collegiate participants attending will be required to pay a maximum of $350 if registered by May 31. This includes lodging, meals and programming. As mandated by the Constitution and Statutory Code, any chapter or colony not represented by at least two undergraduate brothers will incur a $1,000 fine.Alumni participants will be provided the same for a cost of $400. Day passes for alumni are also available at $100.All chapter and colony members are eligible to attend the Stead Seminar, though High Alphas, other officers and aspiring leaders are highly encouraged to attend as well as High Pis and other alumni volunteers who may benefit a significant

amount from the experience. Those attending will be joined by brothers from all over North America, including members of the Grand High Zeta, Student Advisory Committee and IHQ professional staff. The SLS is an opportunity to come together to conduct the business of the fraternity and participate in educational and developmental chapter programming, as well as a chance to learn and discover new ideas for your chapter or colony. The event also provides a platform to gain the knowledge and knowhow on becoming a better leader and obtaining a richer fraternal experience. Special events will include ritual exemplification and a

small awards ceremony. Registration is live now and can be found at www.




May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

GAMMA-CHI ZETA GROUNDBREAKING The Gamma-Chi chapter’s house renovation and expansion groundbreaking took place Saturday, April 25, on Stadium Drive in Fayetteville, Ark.

“Our chapter continues to excel in those areas,” said Casey Simon, Lambda Chi Alpha alumni association president. “This house is where I met and made my best friends – friendships that will last a lifetime, as opposed to just four years. A renovated and up-to-date chapter house is long overdue, but this renovation will allow us to maintain the traditional fraternity appearance on the outside while being polished and stately on the inside.” Those interested in following along with the progress of the house renovation can visit www.arkansaslambdachi.org for updates.


Speakers included Dean of Students Melissa HarwoodRom, Associate Vice Chancellor for Development Mark Power, as well as Gamma Chi Chapter President Luke Crenshaw and Chapter Adviser Drew Johnson. Lambda Chi Alpha was established at the University of Arkansas in 1925. It recolonized on campus with 30 members in 2002 and now includes more than 170 members. In 2007, the chapter won the Grand High Alpha Award for consistent excellence in recruitment, academics and philanthropy over a three-year period. The Gamma-Chi chapter’s house was built in the early 1950s and was the first fraternity house on Stadium Drive. Its renovation and expansion, which will begin immediately, is expected to cost at least $6.3 million and be completed in summer 2016. Fundraising is still ongoing, and the Walton Family Foundation has offered a matching gift toward the project. “As we prepare to temporarily relocate the men of Lambda Chi Alpha, I am confident that their sMtrong chapter and alumni leadership will serve them well,” said Harwood-Rom. “We know that they will continue to be a top performing chapter in academics, philanthropy and leadership.” Photo by Logan Webster, ArkansasUniversity Relations Members of Gamma-Chi Zeta break ground at the site of future expansion renovations to the chapter house.


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

CHIEF OF STAFF APPOINTMENT Brigadier General Thomas P. Evans (Bloomsburg 1983) appointed to Joint Chiefs of Staff position. S T O R Y

Deputy Director of Force Protection and Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction, J8 Brigadier General Thomas P. Evans (Bloomsburg 1983) has been the Deputy Director of Force Protection and Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction, J8 since 18 February 2013. Most recently, Brigadier General Evans commanded the 102nd Training Division (Maneuver Support), a nation-wide command, which Brigadier General trained Officers in Intermediate Thomas P. Evans Level Education and Chemical, Engineer, and Military Police Soldiers. He was also dual-hatted as the Deputy Commanding General for Mobilization and Training for the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. During his more than 29 years of service, Brigadier General Evans has commanded units and served on staffs at every echelon from platoon to division, with duty in Korea, Iraq and across the United States. He has Operating Force, Generating Force, Joint, Interagency, Multi-National, Disaster Relief, Engineer, Chemical, Signal, and Comptroller experience. Brigadier General Evans deployed to Iraq from October 2004 to September 2005 where he served in multiple positions with the Multi-National Security and Transition Command, and Multi-National Forces-

Iraq, culminating as the Policy Branch Chief. Following his deployment, Brigadier General Evans served as the G8 of the 98th Division (IT). He then commanded 3rd Brigade (CBRN), 102nd Division (MS), 80th Training Command from 2007 to 2010. Following his brigade command, Brigadier General Evans served as the G7 of the 335th Signal Command (Theater), and later, the Chief of Staff of the 98th Training Division (IET). Brigadier General Evans’ awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, five Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals, five Army Achievement Medals, and Parachutist and Air Assault Badges. Born in East Stroudsburg, PA, Brigadier General Evans was commissioned in 1983 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. He received his Masters of Business Administration in Management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California and Masters of Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College. A Warrior Citizen, Brigadier General Evans was a Supervisory Examiner for the National Credit Union Administration. He is married to Suki Evans, and they have three children, Antoinette, Angela and Thomas and a grandson, Connor.


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4


DAVE WHITE & RAMSEY FOWLER Meet Dave White and Ramsey Fowler, two brothers who were matched together at the 2014 Kansas City Mentoring Academy. By: Allen Horton (Arkansas State)


White (Pittsburg State 1972) was looking for an opportunity to reengage with the General Fraternity when the Joseph T. Charles Mentor Program caught his eye. Fowler (Missouri – Kansas City 2015) sought out the program as a way to broaden his network and meet other Lambda Chi Alpha brothers. Here is where an eager young man stood atop a staircase awaiting the arrival of his mentor, who would not only become a great counselor, but a friend. White, a practicing attorney in the Kansas City area, arrived a little late that Saturday morning due to a prior commitment. To his surprise, he found Fowler enthusiastically waiting outside the main area for an opportunity to meet. The two clicked right away. “It was a great match,” Fowler said. “I couldn’t have had a better one.”

Their shared commonality with the brotherhood and their passion for law made their introduction seamless. White entered the program with concerns that, as someone who was old enough to be his protégée’s grandfather, he would not have much to offer. Nor did he think it would have been welcomed. However, it was just the opposite. Fowler quickly dispelled any fears White had prior to the program and Fowler relished the opportunity to meet his first lawyer after knowing from a young age that he wanted to practice law. Since their meeting White has had an opportunity to take Fowler to his law firm to meet other lawyers, visit courtrooms to watch cases, and has even introduced him to a judge after one particular case. “[Along with] offering advice to me on what the process of becoming a lawyer looks like,” said Fowler, “Dave has opened doors that I wouldn’t have had.” But Fowler isn’t the only one benefiting from this relationship, White has grown personally from this

experience as well. “Doing this work for 40 years can make you jaded, but meeting someone new with ambition like Ramsey, reminds me that it’s worth it after all,” White said. “The fraternity has changed but the quality of people has not. Ramsey is the kind of person we would have recruited in 1968.” To learn more about the

alumni activity in the Kansas City area, email Kansas City Alumni Chairman Dave Zurliene at DZURLIENE@CERNER. COM. To learn more about other alumni activity in your area, contact Allen Horton, Associate Director of Educational Mentoring & Alumni Programming at



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PARTNERSHIP POWERS GLEANERS FOOD DRIVE AT POPCON INDIANAPOLIS — The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has once again partnered with the Indy PopCon pop culture convention to create a food and awareness drive to combat hunger and homelessness and to benefit Gleaner’s Food Bank. S T O R Y

Last year, Lambda Chi Alpha’s partnership with PopCon helped yield the equivalent of 30,000 pounds of donated food through direct food and cash donations. The donation program featured an exchange of free collectibles in exchange for donations, and proved to be a popular attraction at the show. PopCon will designate an area for Gleaner’s Food Bank and Lambda Chi Alpha to collect both food and monetary donations in exchange for promotional wristbands featuring PopCon branding. “The wristbands serve as a unique collectible and a badge of honor,” said Carl Doninger, president of Indy PopCon. “We’ve seen fans continuing to wear last year’s badges, and we look forward to allowing them to update their collection,” he added. The goal for year two will be to surpass the previous year’s total and continue to grow awareness both at the show and within the city. “Our partnership offers us the opportunity to bring a lot of attention to the issue of homelessness while raising a large donation over the weekend,” said CEO of Lambda Chi Alpha Bill Farkas.

About Indy PopCon

Indy PopCon is a popular culture and comic convention coming to the Indiana Convention Center the weekend after Memorial Day, May 30 – June 1, 2014. The convention has reserved over 150,000 square feet for an estimated crowd of 15,000 attendees and 400 artists and exhibitors over the 3-day convention. Celebrity guests, renowned comic artists, and media personalities will be coming to Indianapolis to sign autographs, interact with fans, and take in the sights of the city.

About Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc. Founded in a three-and-a-half-car garage in 1980 with the purpose of fighting hunger in our community. Today, Gleaners serves over 350 hunger relief agencies and 250 schools throughout 21 counties in central and southeastern Indiana, providing emergency food and grocery products to thousands of Hoosiers in need. Gleaners’ three programs are specifically targeted at children; to help kids get enough to eat so they are ready to learn.


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Chapter News The following are the submissions received for the month of May 2015. To submit chapter news, please email editor@ lambdachi.org. Undergraduate officers can also report updates on their chapter by logging on to Officer Portal and accessing the “Submit Chapter News” form. B y : Ta d L i c h t e n a u e r ( D e n i s o n )



Chapter News

At the Greek Awards, Edgar Ortega received the Outstanding New Member award. The chapter won the Greek Challenge award for having the highest percentage attendance at American University sporting events. As a part of the award, the chapter received $500 that they donated to Feeding America.

Arkansas (Gamma-Chi) Chapter News

On April 25, 2015, the chapter celebrated a house dedication and groundbreaking. Speakers included

Photo of the Month Oklahoma City (Theta-Delta Zeta) “King of Hearts” High Alpha Daniel Grix wins Alpha Phi Women’s Heart Health Week Pageant.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4


Harwood-Rom, Mark Power, associate vice chancellor for development, as well as chapter President Luke Crenshaw and chapter Advisor Drew Johnson.

Ball State (Iota-Alpha )

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF EXPANSION • What is the name of your zeta and your number? Iota-Alpha 1739

• Where are you originally

from? Rhodes, Iowa, which is small community of 300 people in central Iowa.

• What is your favorite LCA

memory as an undergrad? My favorite memory of undergrad was my chapter receiving its charter. The colony members worked very hard to achieve the chartering standards to ensure the continued existence of Lambda Chi Alpha at Ball State.

Continued on page 19

Boston (Alpha) Chapter News

Chapter brothers volunteered at a Red Cross food bank for three consecutive weekends and raised almost $1,200 for Boston University’s Relay for Life.

Chapter News The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for The chapter held a sexual assault education event, Consent nine associate members. Outside of 4 Walls, where various members acted out scenes representing what consent is and isn’t. Almost 100 students The photo shows a few brothers in front of a poster of a attended the event. brother’s face with the words, “My Footprint, My Planet, My Legacy,” to promote environmental sustainability and The chapter held a Feeding America food drive, collecting awareness on campus. nearly 300 pounds of food in one day. The chapter’s goal is $4,000 and you can donate to the cause here. On April 11, 2015, the chapter hosted the third annual alumni banquet

Butler (Alpha-Alpha)

On April 12, 2015, the chapter hosted the McKinley Mile spring philanthropy.

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 33 associate members.

On April 18, 2015, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for four associate members.

The chapter held its spring formal in Nashville, Tenn.

• When did you start at IHQ

and in what position? I was originally hired in the role of Educational Leadership Consultant in June of 2013.


Chapter News

The chapter received the most fraternity awards at an Order of Omega awards banquet.

Bloomsburg (Beta-Xi) Omega

Darrin L. Love (1988) died April 8, 2015. He battled Multiple Sclerosis for 26 years. Darrin was a salesman for various office supply companies. He made friends everywhere he went and never complained about being afflicted with MS. He was always positive and loved to joke around.

The chapter held its annual teeter-totter week, raising money for the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.


May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Central Missouri (Lambda-Pi) Alumni News

Delaware (Lambda-Beta) Chapter News

Michael Love’s agency acquired the Tuskey Agency, another local Allstate Insurance Company based in Midland, Mich. A former chapter president, Love is excited about this opportunity to expand his commitment to his hometown and the Great Lakes Bay Region.

By hosting “Greek Love Duets” with Sigma Kappa and hosting philanthropy week with Gamma Phi Beta, the chapter raised more than 30,000 pounds of food for Feeding America The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification that marked the 1,000th initiated chapter member.

Cornell (Omicron)

Denison (Gamma-Iota) Omega

Chapter News

The chapter’s community service program has been very active this past month featuring active participation in the Relay For Life Charity Run on April 11 and the spring clean-up of Cascadilla Gorge on April 25, 2015.

Alumni News

The alumni are pleased to report that the major renovation of Edgemoor continues to be on schedule with finances stemming from alumni pledges, a Brother Bonds Program, a mortgage loan and a portion of undergraduate rent. The campaign has now reached $2.45 million. The grand opening is scheduled for Homecoming Weekend on Sept. 18 to 20.

Thomas B. Johnson (1962) died April 1, 2015. While at Denison University, he majored in biology, met his wife Betsy, and was a very active chapter member. He went on to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of New York at Buffalo in 1966. After earning his degree in dentistry, Johnson enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Reserve Commissioned Officer where he worked in the Dental Detachment Unit based out of Fort Carson, Col. After several years stationed there, he relocated his family to Salem, Ohio, in order to open his own dental practice. Over 37 years of practice, Johnson built a loyal patient following that garnered him the award of “Best Dentist” in Salem from a community poll in his final years of practice. Above all, he prized life with his family, his favorite activities involved attending Indians’ games, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, and returning to Lake Chautauqua for ski boating.


IHQ 20Q: CHRIS BUCK FROM PAGE 18 • Your favorite memory as a

staff member? The best memory on staff, so far, was the High Alpha Summit. The excitement and experience that conference offered was tremendous. I truly believe that the participants, staff, and volunteers all learned something during that event.

• Favorite piece of the Coat of

Arms? Definitely the balance. I believe it’s a great reminder to have integrity in all you do.

• Most played song as of recent? “Shut up and Dance”-Walk the Moon

• Last thing you googled? Mars One, I wanted to learn about the first effort to put people on the red planet.

• What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on? Shawshank Redemption; gets me every time.

• Favorite sports teams? Iowa State Cyclones for college football and basketball.

• Meet anyone alive or dead,

who do you pick? Rosalind Franklin because she defied equality and gender issues in the name of science. In the end, her discovery has shaped the way genetics is studied today. Continued on page 20


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Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa) Chapter News

• What super power would

The chapter raised more than $2,000 during its annual Spike and Strike Volleyball tournament to help raise awareness and money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

• Last meal—What are you

Three chapter brothers shaved their heads for Sigma Phi Epsilon’s St. Baldricks Foundation to help raise money for childhood cancer research.

you pick? Time traveling. I would love to see how the world was and how it’s going to be.

having? Chocolate Chip Pancakes and corn on the cob (I recognize they don’t really go together)

• What would you name your autobiography? “An Adventure of Sorts”

The chapter held an etiquette dinner with Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.


Evansville (Iota-Mu) Chapter News

The chapter held its 23rd Annual Teeter Totter-a-Thon with the help of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. To celebrate the University of Southern Indiana’s 50th anniversary, they’re increasing the weekend-long event to 50 hours. Money raised was donated to the Vanderburgh County Special Olympics.

Florida Tech (Beta-Nu) Chapter News

Chapter brothers participated in a roadside cleanup. • Most rewarding part of your job? Seeing brothers grow and develop through their Lambda Chi Alpha experience and see you played some role in that development.

• What do you hope for the

future of LCA? That we continue to provide the premier fraternal experience on campuses across North America and that experience is returning or expanding to new campuses.

Elmhurst (Pi-Zeta) Chapter News

On April 19, 2015, the chapter held its Feeding America food drive benefitting the Elmhurst-Yorkfield food pantry. They collected 4,850 pounds of food and $430. On April 26, 2015, the chapter hosted our LCA Family Social at a local restaurant. We shared our brotherhood with our families, as well as raised $130 for our Relay of Life team for the American Cancer Society.

Alumni Chairman Mark Fisher organized a Founder’s Day event for undergraduate and alumni members that included a tailgate and watching the Brevard County Manatees baseball game. The chapter finished in third place during the Greek Week competition. Stephen Kies earned the Student Leader of the Year Award.

Georgia Tech (Beta-Kappa) Embry-Riddle Prescott Colony (Embry-Riddle Prescott Colony) Chapter News

Colony has been volunteering at the local Salvation Army and plans to host our Feeding America Food Drive in two weeks.

Chapter News

The chapter raised more than over $13,000 for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation, which is an organization for childhood cancer research. This was the most money raised by any fraternity on campus.


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Alumni News

For the fourth time, John Fay received Top Advisor Under 40 award from the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. The award recognizes excellence and achievement in the insurance and financial services field using factors like business production, years in business and community involvement for professionals who are under 40 years old.

Georgia Tech (Beta-Kappa) Alumni News

Atlanta technology entrepreneur Chris Klaus is spending $2 million to help Georgia Tech churn out more startups and boost the entrepreneurial chops of undergrads. Half of that money is a donation to fund operations of a new program called CREATE-X, which university officials plan to unveil Wednesday. Klaus, who left Tech in his sophomore year to start what became a top internet security firm, is putting the remaining $1 million into fund that will invest up to $20,000 in each of 20 undergraduate teams admitted into a specific Georgia Tech “accelerator” program this summer.

Georgetown (Kappa-Omega)

Chapter News

The chapter won the 2015 President’s Cup, as well as winning awards for Campus Involvement, Community Service, Philanthropy and Academic Programming. Brad Cundiff (2015) and Chris Bartlett (2015) won academic awards at Georgetown’s Academic Honors Day. Kappa Omega transitioned their new officers for the next year. Jimmy Lacy, Kyle Wiedemer and Austin Keene were named Academic All-Conference for the Track & Field Team. Kyle Wiedemer (2015) finished first in the pole vault for the MidSouth Conference Championships!

Gettysburg (Theta-Pi) Alumni News

Chapter members have been working weekly with the Bruce Harvest Program in the Gettysburg area to distribute food to local families and children in need. Chapter members worked together to help benefit Tri Sigma’s Cupcake Wars fundraiser benefiting multiple philanthropic groups.

Hanover (Theta-Zeta) Chapter News

On March 25, 2015, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 21 associate members. The chapter held a White Rose formal in Indianapolis. Joe Rector won the 5k at a conference track meet.



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Illinois (Chi)

Iowa (Iota-Chi) Chapter News

The chapter earned the IFC Values Congruence & Accountability Award and the 2014 Compliance with Arrest & Citation Policy Award at Iowa’s Fraternity & Sorority Life awards. Chapter President Alexandro Ortiz received the Individual Brotherhood Award.

Iowa State (Alpha-Tau) Chapter News

Six chapter members participated in a production of 12 Angry Jurors. Five brothers were actors and one brother was the director. The production was a huge success. The chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary of the founding during mom’s weekend.

Chapter News

On April 10-11, 2015, chapter members gave tours to high school seniors as part of the Greek Visit Weekend

James Madison (Phi-Eta ) Chapter News

Indiana (Alpha-Omicron) Chapter News

During the annual Greek Assessment and Awards, the chapter won two individual awards and one organizational award. Former chapter President William Disinger won the award for the IFC’s Most Outstanding Senior. Chapter Advisor Joe Folkening won IFC’s Most Outstanding Chapter Advisor award. The chapter earned the IFC’s award for Outstanding Leadership Development.

Chapter members participated in the Relay for Life, raising $1,800 for the American Cancer Society. The chapter participated in a food drive with the university bookstore benefitting the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

John Carroll (Pi-Eta) Chapter News

The chapter held its first semi-formal.



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Johnson & Wales - Charlotte (Johnson & Wales - Charlotte Colony) Chapter News

The chapter held a Greek Life event, partnering with Delta Phi Epsilon and Kappa Sigma to attend the Charlotte Hornet’s NBA basketball game.

Kansas (Zeta-Iota) Chapter News

Maryland - Baltimore County (Phi-Delta) Chapter News

On April 10, 2015, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 12 associate members. On May 2, 2015, the chapter hosted its annual Watermelon Bust philanthropy with proceeds benefiting Feeding America.

The chapter will hosts its annual golf tournament on June 27, 2015, at the Alvamar Golf Course in Lawrence, Kansas. Visit the chapter website for details.

Miami-OH (Zeta-Upsilon)

Kutztown (Sigma-Gamma)

Alumni Chairman Adam Rick organized a successful Dad’s Weekend.

Alumni News

The Alumni Association held an Alumni Day that began with the 10th annual golf tournament. Sixty brothers and guests played golf and raised funds to support the Robert McMullen Memorial Scholarship for Lambda Chi Alpha. Non-golfers attended the chapter’s Initiation Ritual Exemplification for four associate members. The day culminated with the annual banquet, where the alumni association celebrated 35 years since incorporation, and presented the annual scholarship award.


Thomas A. Armbruster Jr. died April 19, 2015. He was an expert carpenter and punster who loved biking, camping, music, diners, road trips and spending time with his large family and close friends.

Chapter News

Chapter members cleaned a stretch of highway as part of their service and stewardship education.

On April 10, 2015, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 21 associate members.

Michigan Tech (Phi-Phi) Chapter News

Chapter brothers participated in Relay For Life. They raised more than $1,300 for the American Cancer Society. Charlie Hubbard and Ken Hubbard paid to participate in the pie in the face competition.



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Millersville (Delta-Tau)

Minnesota State (Lambda-Delta)

At the Greek Week awards, Na Chum received the Fraternity President of the Year award, David Schieler won the Rissa Amen-Reif Advocacy and Awareness award, and Robert Kueny won the Outstanding Fraternity New Member award. The chapter hosted the Great Plains Conclave. On April 25, 2015, chapter members participated in a highway clean-up as a part of Earth Day.

Mississippi State (Epsilon-Chi) Chapter News

Chapter News

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for eight associate members. The chapter completed its Feeding America food drive with tabling in the student center and a bag drop off in the neighborhood. They expect to collect more than 6,000 pounds of food. The chapter held its first family/alumni picnic at a local park in support of Feeding America.They sold raffle tickets to baskets and had a donation jar for people to donate. Approximately 75 people attended and the event raised more than $300 for the Central PA food bank this Thursday to donate. Chapter members have cleaned a section of the highway twice this semester.

The chapter held a crawfish boil, collecting more than $1,000 for charity. Chapter members cleaned up trash on the highway.

Missouri Science & Technology (Alpha-Delta) Chapter News

Many alumni and undergraduate brothers were involved in the donation and dedication of Missouri S&T’s new Hasselmann Alumni House. Alumni donors were were Jerry Bayless, Bob Berry, John Farmer, Gerry Stevenson, and Jon Vaninger. In addition, during the dedication, Vince Matteucci, Tim Victor, and Nick Kutay were involved in speaking on behalf of the student body and honoring all of the generous donors.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Murray State (Lambda-Eta) Chapter News

The chapter more than 108,000 pounds of food for feeding America Kendrick Settler won the Homecoming king competition. At the Greek Awards, Barret Pazderka won the Greek Man award and faculty advisor Shawn Smee won the outstanding faculty advisor of the year award. The chapter currently holds five out the seven IFC offices. The chapter held a car wash and raised more than $700 for American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

New Hampshire (Alpha-Xi) Chapter News

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for nine associate members. The chapter now has 64 undergraduate members. The chapter raised more than $2,000 for American Heart Association from their Price is Right game show philanthropy. Chapter members participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

New Mexico State (Zeta-Gamma) Chapter News

At the Greek Awards, the chapter won: first place in chariot; first place in three man race; first place in 10 legged; second place in pyramid; second place in tug; first place overall Greek olympics; second place in Greek sing; third place

in College Bowl; first place overall in Greek Week; best member education; best social civility and values; and best chapter leadership and management.

Alumni News

Owner Chris Harvey’s restaurant, Geronimo, in Santa Fe, N.M. was named by MSN as one of the best in the state.

New York University (Theta-Upsilon) Chapter News

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for seven associate members: Tanzim Chowdhury, Swaad Golam, Nico Gonzalez, Surya Kandanathan, Jacky Ng, Daniel Park, and Kenzo Tsuru. The chapter held a bake sale benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. The chapter held an alumni casino night at the chapter house for alumni to play classic casino games with each other and with the undergraduate members. Undergraduate and alumni brothers helped renovate the chapter’s backyard, clearing all debris is cleared, spreading mulch, and planting bushes.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

North Carolina - Charlotte (Beta-Upsilon)

The chapter held its annual Greek Carnival for their philanthropy, collecting more than $800 for a local food pantry. The chapter held its annual Parents and Founder’s Day Formal at the famous Ralph Engelstad Arena. Approximately 168 people attended the event.

Chapter News

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for four associate members. Chris Pockette accepted a job to become an educational leadership consultant at the International Headquarters in Indianapolis. The chapter held a fire safety event that included tips from local firefighters.

The chapter partnered with Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and took part in the annual Greek Week. The joint team created a Stanley Cup made out of cans with proceeds donated to a local food pantry.

Northern Colorado (Sigma-Omega) Chapter News

All of the chapter officers have completed the Officer Academy certification.

North Carolina State (Gamma-Upsilon) Chapter News

The chapter raised $2,800 during their annual campus wide philanthropy basketball tournament, Bounce 4 Kay, benefiting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Thirteen chapter members attended the Rocky Mountain Conclave.

Northeastern State (Delta-Beta) Chapter News

North Dakota (Epsilon-Zeta) Chapter News The chapter held a Big Brother Ceremony for the five associate members.

On April 8, 2015, the chapter held a Crescent Girl Pageant. On April 18, 2015, the chapter hosted a local canned food drive. On March 28, 2015, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 24 associate members.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Northwestern (Alpha-Iota) Omega

John “Jack” Weltin died April 3, 2015. He enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. After he was honorably discharged, he graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia prior to a long career in retailing with Sears, Montgomery Ward and others. Weltin was well-known for his rich baritone singing voice and performed in many high school and college productions. During his army years, he sang in shows at bases around the country and was the winner of the network TV show Talent Patrol hosted by Bud Collyer and Arlene Francis. This syndicated series featured performances by members of the Armed Forces. After his service, he enjoyed performing with the Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras, and was a featured vocalist with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra at the Marine Room of Chicago’s Edgewater Beach Hotel.

was a board member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association of Tampa Bay for many years. He also was instrumental in the development of the Greek housing community at the University of South Florida.

Oklahoma City (Theta-Delta) Chapter News On March 31, 2015, chapter members participated in Miracle Mac with the Mus. Because the chapter had the most participants of all Greek organizations, 10 percent of the event proceeds was donated to Feeding America. On April 25, 2015, the chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for three associate members. Chapter President Daniel Grix won the Alpha Phi Women’s Heart Health Week King of Hearts Pageant.

Ohio (Alpha-Omega) Chapter News

The chapter hosted a very successful Watermelon Bust with twelve teams raising hundreds of dollars in canned good donations for Feeding America. The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification eight associate members: Austin Hadden, Nathan Shreve, Nathan Wheeland, Devin Perlman, Dominic Campanalie, Steven Neel, Jack O’Brien, and Robert Kuriger.


Dr. Eugene F. Dunham Jr. died Feb. 14, 2015. An Order of Merit recipient, he was very involved with the Fraternity on an international level. At the local level, Dunham

Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda) Chapter News

Partnered with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, the chapter earned second place in the IronBrawl philanthropy. The chapter conducted an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for six associate members.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Pennsylvania (Epsilon) Chapter News

second consecutive year, and overall Greek Week award for the third consecutive year.

The chapter conducted an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 10 associate members.

Chapter members volunteered picking up trash along the highway.

Max Scheiber and Christian Wang were inducted in Eta Kappa Nu Engineering honor society.

Jim Brauer died April 2015.

Nikhil Nag, as a member of Wharton’s premier business case competition team, won the American Marketing Association’s National Championship in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Purdue (Psi)

Syracuse Colony (Alpha-Upsilon Colony) Chapter News

Chapter members volunteered at St. Johns Baptist Church in downtown Syracuse. They prepared plates and served adults and children of needy families, as well as moderated mini games and an Easter egg hunt for the children. The colony held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 20 associate members.



Jack A. Slagle (1950) died April 1, 2015. An Eagle Scout, he served in the U. S. Army during World War II and the Korean War. Mr. He earned a law degree from Indiana University School of Law in 1958. He worked for Ohio Casualty as an underwriter from 1951 to 1955 and for Indianapolis Life Insurance Co. from 1955 until 1958. Slagle moved to Muncie in 1960 and practiced law in for more than 40 years, retiring in 1999.

Sewanee (Iota-Nu) Omega

Pittsburg State Chapter News

The chapter donated money to Feeding America that equated to 1,500 pounds of food.Viet Nyugen was accepted into Beta Sigma honor society. During Order of Omega awards, the chapter received Chapter Excellence in Membership Education award, Campus Involvement award, and Community Service/ Philanthropy award, Fraternity of the Year award for the

James A. Elkins, Jr. (1962) died April 1, 2015. A chapter founding father, he and a small group had the courage to break away from the Sewanee fraternity system in 1961. Originally Upsilon Sigma local fraternity, that group became the Sewanee Colony and the Iota-Nu chapter two years later. Several of founders had been pledges of other fraternities before souring on that experience. They thought that everyone should be treated with dignity, rejected stereotypes and valued diversity, traits that the chapter shares to this day. He was the first chapter president. He practiced law in Columbus, Tenn. for more than 40 years.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Simpson (Theta-Lambda) Chapter News

The chapter exceeded its food drive goal 15,000 pounds, collecting 16,500 pounds.

South Carolina

Eric Roach was appointed president of the Campus Activities Board. Garrett Bankston was appointed president of the Outdoors Club. Jim Gulbranson has accepted an opportunity to work with Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters as an Educational Leadership Consultant. On April 23, 2015, the chapter hosted a Graduating Brother Ceremony for the seven seniors who are graduating.

Southern Indiana (Phi-Xi)

Chapter News

At the Greek Week awards, the chapter won the Scholastic Achievement Award, Silver Chapter of Excellence Award, and Fraternity of the Year Award.

South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma) Chapter News

Eric Rupe won the Health Science Leadership award Tyler Tordsen won the Dillion Senior Achievement award from the Political Science League and the Native American Student Leader Award from Tiospaye. At the Order of Omega award banquet, alumni brother and Housing Corporation President David Landry was recognized with the Outstanding Alumnus award.

Chapter News

The chapter hosted its annual teeter-totter event. Partnered with Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, the chapter increased the event ours to 50 to celebrate University of Southern Indiana’s 50th anniversary. The event raised nearly $7,000 for Special Olympics of Vanderburgh County. At the campus organization ceremony, the chapter won the Campus Collaboration award for 2014 teeter-totter with ASA. At the Greek Awards, the chapter received USI Chapter Philanthropy for Pumpkin Bust award and the Silver Level of Excellence award.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

St. Louis College of Pharmacy (Pi-Lambda) Chapter News

On April 30, 3015, the chapter hosted its annual Watermelon Bash benefiting Feeding America. On May 1, 2015, the chapter conducted an Initiation Ritual Exemplification.

Syracuse Colony (Alpha-Upsilon Colony) Chapter News

Chapter members participated in Kick It with Kappa, Delta Gamma Anchor Splash, and Xi Marks the Spot with Alpha Xi Delta.

The chapter won the intramural soccer and softball championships. Daniel Henson, Jay Nguyen, Jonathan Lewis, and Brandon Williams were selected to participate in LeaderShape, a sixday leadership development program that will take place May 4-9, 2015.

Tennessee-Knoxville (Epsilon-Omicron) Omega

David Torbett (1958) died Oct. 14, 2015. He retired from U.S. Department of Interior as an administrative law judge in 1997.

At the Greek Week awards, the chapter won the top fraternity award in the first active semester as a colony.

Texas Christian (Iota-Pi)

The chapter collected 1,500 pounds of food for Feeding America through philanthropy events that included a basket raffle.

Ryan Develle was named the Resident Assistant of the Year.

Tennessee - Chattanooga (Zeta-Phi) Chapter News

On April 8, 2015, the chapter partnered with the student veterans organization and future alumni members to host the Chattanooga Area Food Bank Moon Pie eating contest. The event collected nearly 700 pounds 685 of food. On April 2, 2015, Jay Nguyen was elected as SGA senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. On April 26, 2015, chapter brothers participated in Great Strides to help raise awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Chapter News

The chapter held its annual PB&J philanthropy event, collecting peanut butter and jelly supplies to be donated to a local food bank. This successful event was organized by Chris Hiemenz, the chapter’s philanthropy chair. The chapter held its White Rose Formal in Austin.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Texas - El Paso (Zeta-Epsilon) Chapter News

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for eight associate members: Jesus Ojeda, Alexander Urueta, Josh Silvas, Jean-Andre Moore, Alejandro Peralta, Marco Soto, Anthony Hernandez, and Erik Oaxaca.

Texas-San Antonio (Phi-Upsilon)

Villanova (Beta-Iota) Alumni News

Former chapter President Jon Macks (1975), a seventime Emmy nominee and twenty-two year writer for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, published his book “Monologue: What Makes America Laugh…Before Bed” on April 21, 2015. Chris Rock calls Macks “one of the greatest comedy writers of all time.” The book covers the landscape of latenight comedy and punctuates the narrative with hysterical personal anecdotes, shining the spotlight on some of the very best late-night jokes.

Alumni News

Eckhart von Ellenrider, a photojournalist for KRIV-TV in Houston, won first place in series category and honorable mention for light feature at the 2014-15 Texas Associated Broadcasters Television contest.

Tulsa (Epsilon-Upsilon) Chapter News

Austin Evans was awarded the Goldwater and Udall scholarships. He was also awarded an EPSCOR fellowship and will present to the U.S. Senate in the coming months.

Virginia Commonwealth (Pi-Tau) Chapter News

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for five associate members. During the Greek Awards, Marvin Sinh received the Fraternity Man of the Year award and Anthony Jones received the Emerging Leader award.

Virginia Tech (Sigma-Lambda) Chapter News

Union (Lambda-Zeta) Chapter News

On April 24, 2015, Daniel Turner and chapter President Drew Wells spoke before the the student body to communicate Lambda Chi Alpha’s Christian values.

Chapter members volunteered in Paws for a Cause, a local dog shelter, aimed at finding homes for dogs.



May 2015 - lambdachi.org - Issue #4

Wabash (Alpha-Kappa) Alumni News

Roy Sexton (1995) was selected to participate in a panel on legal marketing at the 2015 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference. The conference will take place on April 13-15 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California. Sexton is a senior vice president of corporate affairs for Trott Law, a Farmington Hills-based real estate finance law firm.

Wake Forest (Theta-Tau) Chapter News

The chapter hosted its annual volleyball tournament with the Delta Zeta sorority. The event had a record number of teams participating and raised a record amount $4,500 benefitting the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 20 associate members.

Chapter News

During Greek Week, the chapter won the Fraternity of the Year award.

Wittenberg (Nu-Zeta) Chapter News

The chapter purchased new ritual equipment and held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification on April 11.

Worcester Polytechnic (Pi) Chapter News

The chapter helped host a fundraiser for the college mentoring program of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The chapter won the Delta Zeta Turtle Tug philanthropy event benefitting the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Chapter President Adam Hammer was elected SGA president.

The chapter held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for 21 associate members,

Wilmington (Pi-Delta)

Wichita State (Wichita State Colony) Chapter News

The colony held an Initiation Ritual Exemplification for eight associate members.


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