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In the absence of a magic wand...

For those that aren’t members of the Queenstown Business Chamber (shameless ‘join’ plug), this opportunity to update you all on what we’re doing re housing, specifically rental housing is timely.

The small actions of many can add up to change, but some big wins in this space are long overdue. Last week – Queenstown Business wrote to the people with the levers (ie; government) with some urgent recommendations on immediate and longer-term solutions.

For avoidance of doubt, we are not against long-term secure tenancies and totally supportive of the good work the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust do in this space, including around affordable housing.

Our recommendations are focused on what could be done around worker rental accommodation right now and into the future. They were reached through input from many of you in the housing actions we’ve taken to date. A couple the suggestions include:

• Short-term: Govt must revisit the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and offer a return to pure fixed term leases for say 6/9/12 months. We have seasonality in our workforce, and mid-term fixed term leases are a big gap, and necessary to have any chance of opening up the 27% of homes that sit vacant;

• Medium – longer term: We desperately need build to rent worker accommodation and government needs to remove barriers to enable this class of development.

You can read our recommendations on the Advocacy section of our website. It is important that existing renters are not impacted, so perhaps one way to ensure this is by only allowing fixed term tenancies of 12 months and under on those properties that are currently vacant or used as short-term peer to peer accommodation? Maybe this could be a temporary emergency response, over the next year or two perhaps, while build-to-rent accommodation is actually built? Any other ideas out there?

On a somewhat related sidenote, I was heading to the office last week and there was this amazing warm glow on the Remarks, along with a full moon. It was Tuesday, 820am’ish. I hope others saw that too? People were on the side of the road taking photos and I thought ‘that is just amazing, I need to take a picture’. Anyway, the pictures don’t do it justice, not my skill, but the thought stayed with me. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and a lot of our problems are because of just that. People want to be here and make it their home. An important thing to remember.

To help those that are being impacted by this housing crisis here are some resources that might assist:

Queenstown Business worker accommodation online toolkit: https://queenstownchamber.org.nz/worker-accommodation-online-toolkit

Winter Manaaki https://www.qldc.govt.nz/community/winter-manaaki

Sharon Fifield, Chief Executive Queenstown Business, Chamber of Commerce

Kath Buttar, QLDC waste minimisation officer, walks the walk- at the reusable produce bag giveaway held recently at New World Remarkables Park. As part of the Plastic Free July. See Community Notes for more.

Push for housing solutions

October’s General Election could delay any solutions to Queenstown’s rental housing crisis, fears Chamber of Commerce boss Sharon

Fifield and Chamber board chair Angela Spackman wrote to Prime Minister Chris Hipkins last week calling for urgent action to help workers who can’t find a place to live in the town.

Since the tourism industry got back up to speed following the pandemic and the workers returned, it has been the most pressing problem facing many of the Chamber’s 600 business members, Fifield tells the PM.

The workers themselves face a battle for the dwindling number of rentals on the market, or alternatively staying in overcrowded properties, with friends, or living in their cars through freezing winter temperatures. The problem is so acute, it is once again making international headlines, with a 1200-word article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper last week.

The letter, also sent to Minister of Housing, Dr Megan Woods, Queenstown’s mayor Glyn Lewers, and local council officials, sets out some actions that could be taken.

Short-term measures include giving landlords the ability to terminate a lease without reason within a set period, deferring the deadline to meet Healthy Home standards, and reinstating interest deductibility for rental properties. However, those measures have been announced, effectively, as National Party election pledges in recent months, which could see Hipkins and Woods unwilling to concede ground in the run up to the election.

“I am concerned that nothing will happen quickly,” Fifield says. “I do think it’s going to be a big election topic.

“I guess the frustration for us is the current government is pretty focused on affordable housing and homes. Yes, that’s an issue but it’s not what we’re really talking about here.

“Our region has a specific rental accommodation issue and so we’re really trying to highlight that. It comes back to the fact these broad-brush policies, across really diverse regions and economies, don’t work for Queenstown and have negative consequences.”

Fifield says one of the key statistics is that 27% of Queenstown’s housing stock sits vacant. Reintroducing the ‘no cause termination clause’ to the Residential Tenancy Act would enable people with holiday homes to let them out to seasonal workers.

“We’re absolutely not against secure long-term tenancies and I can see what the Government wants to achieve,” she says.

“But it’s just really around flexibility. We’re hearing from property managers that lots of workers don’t want a long-term tenancy, they just need somewhere to live while on a working holiday or short-term visa. That’s the supply we’re really missing at the moment.”

The Chamber also supports the push for Healthy Homes Standards, but says the reality is it’s very costly for some potential rental stock.

“The perverse effect of this law is that houses that are not compliant, but are still houses, sit empty while people in our district sleep in cars,” the letter reads.

Fifield says temporary relief could be provided by allowing new tenancies to be brought up to standard by the overall deadline of July 2025, rather than within 120 days.

Longer term, the Chamber believes there needs to be more support and incentives for scaled ‘build to rent’ developments.

That includes enabling density, introducing GST breaks, underwriting some developments, and treating build-to-rent as its own class of commercial development (rather than residential). That would enable overseas investors to invest, without breaching the Overseas Investment rules.

Hipkins was due to speak to Chamber members on his visit late last month to open the streetscapes project, but his flight was cancelled due to fog.

“I think he needs to get down here pre-election,” Fifield says. “I’m hopeful there will be changes, but I’m also realistic. I can see this becoming an election issue.”

Queenstown Business Chamber of Commerce CEO Sharon Fifield
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Queenstown Lakes avalanche danger

Avalanche forecasters have urged backcountry users to be wary of the “spooky” snowpack conditions after a series of human-triggered avalanches in Queenstown Lakes area.

On Wednesday, two backcountry skiers triggered a 250-metre-wide avalanche behind The Remarkables Ski Area. It carried one skier, who lost gear, but was luckily uninjured.

The following day a further two large avalanches were triggered by backcountry users, and there have now been a total of seven reported in the past week.

Queenstown avalanche forecasters Chris Cochrane and Will Rowntree, on behalf of the NZ Avalanche Advisory (NZAA), say the current snowpack conditions are “a little spooky”, with an early season persistent weak layer (PWL).

“We are seeing backcountry users triggering avalanches on a daily basis - this is certainly not normal,” Cochrane says.

“The snowpack is getting weaker, not stronger, so we ask users for a conservative approach when planning a trip into the backcountry.”

The avalanche danger is moderate. The current warning is also a good reminder for ice climbers and mountaineers as triggering even a small pocket of wind slab avalanche could result in a fall in difficult terrain, he says.

Last weekend, Police SAR personnel and members of the Alpine Cliff Rescue (ACR) team spent 12 hours rescuing two men, in their mid-20s, ice-climbing in the Remarkables.

A storm had blown in and the pair became lost while attempting to walk back to the ski field.

Otago Lakes District Police SAR Constable Pepper Ruston says they’d triggered a small avalanche and had made the sensible decision to take shelter in a rock bivvy and call police for help.

But they were unprepared for the conditions. They hadn’t checked the avalanche risk and weren’t carry avalanche gear, or a first aid kit, or a locator beacon, and only had a single silver rescue blanket and a small quantity of food between them.

They were “not well-placed to spend the night on the mountain,” Rouston says.

A four-person ACR team to go into the area on foot, at night, in blizzard conditions and with a temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius. They were found at 4.30am and transported back to base, “medically fit – albeit cold, tired and embarrassed.”

Last July, two other climbers had to dig themselves out of an avalanche up the Remarkables and spend the night in a snow cave, in temperatures of minus 7. They were better prepared, however, and able to hold out until the morning for rescue.

NZ Mountain Safety Council boss Mike Daisley says in the past week there has been a hive of activity around the Southern Lakes, especially out of bounds from The Remarkables Ski Area.

“While it’s natural that everyone’s buzzing for a winter adventure, there’s a growing concern that luck could run out,” Daisley says.

“If you’re thinking of heading out of the ski area boundary, it’s essential you are prepared for the backcountry. That means making sure you have checked the avalanche advisory and understand it.

“Ensure you have avalanche rescue equipment and you know how to use it. Go with a buddy, and the right mindset. Be mentally prepared to assess the conditions and be prepared to turn back.”

Daisley says that during the early winter season, data and observations can be scarce. He encourages people to submit public observations via the NZAA website to share knowledge and any activity in the mountains. Visit avalanche.net.nz for more information, updated daily.

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The ACR team locate the climbers in the rock bivvy last weekend

Surprise tourism sale

Southern Discoveries incoming CEO Kerry Walker says the company is selling the Spirit of Queenstown so it can focus its operations on Milford Sound.

In a surprise move, the tourism firm confirmed late last week it has reached a conditional agreement to sell the vessel to rival RealNZ.

Purpose-built for Lake Whakatipu, the Spirit of Queenstown was brought into service in 2014 to ferry passengers to Southern Discoveries’ Mt Nicholas Farm Experience on the other side of the lake. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was used instead for a lake cruise and dining experience.

Now it is being sold to RealNZ and will be used on its Walter Peak farm trips, the same journey as the iconic vintage 1912 steamship TSS Earnslaw. Walker says the sale will enable further investment into Southern Discoveries Milford Sound trips, including coaches from Queenstown.

“Our focus has shifted from surviving Covid to looking towards the future,” she says.

“We’re excited about the tourism journey ahead, developing and building our Milford Sound and coaching experiences.

“It’s a clear signal that tourism is on the positive rebound, and that Southern Discoveries is heading towards a sustainable future.”

Walker says Southern Discoveries, which has been owned and operated by the Skeggs Group since 2009, is now the market leader in both day trips to Milford from Queenstown and the “cruise operator of choice” in Milford Sound.

Southern Discoveries used STAPP funds and additional owner contributions to revive its experiences in Milford Sound and Queenstown through the downturn of tourism because of the pandemic, retaining its core team. RealNZ, meanwhile, announced it plans to sell off Queenstown Jet Boats, Queenstown Water Taxis, the International Antarctic Centre, and Stewart Island Lodge.


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Acting chief executive Paul Norris says the sales will enable the company to stay true to the intentions of its founders, tourism and conservation pioneers Sir Les and Lady Olive Hutchins.

“We are fortunate to live and work in arguably the most beautiful and protected part of Aotearoa New Zealand, so we need to be critical about what experiences we offer,” Norris says.

Staff have been informed of the plans and all the businesses will continue to operate as usual until new owners are found.

On the jetboats, Norris says: “RealNZ experiences are designed to connect our guests with nature to inspire an interest in conservation. In our review, we concluded that the jetboat service was more geared towards speed and exhilaration which, while a lot of fun for guests, is a step away from our core focus as a business.”

It will be listed as a going concern.

Queenstown Ferry (water taxi), which sails from Kelvin Heights Peninsula through to Queenstown Bay, also sits outside of RealNZ’s direction, he says. The company intends to expand its operations at the historic Walter Peak homestead, with the Spirit of Queenstown able to ferry more guests and take the load off the TSS Earnslaw.

RealNZ also owns Real Journeys and skifields Cardrona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone, and other businesses.

In 2022, a new group of investors was brought on board, in what was described as the “one of the largest private capital raises for New Zealand tourism”, thought to be tens of millions of dollars, although no figures were disclosed. Rod Drury, Jonty Edgar, Martin Dippie, Brendan Lindsay and Milford Asset Management invested in the company. The Hutchins family retained the majority shareholding.

The move saw former Queenstown mayor Jim Boult step down as board chairman. CEO Stephen England-Hall later stepped down to return to Auckland, with conservation manager Norris stepping in as acting CEO.

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Spirit of Queenstown being sold to rival

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U.N. atomic watchdog clears Japan’s plan to release Fukushima wastewater

After a two-year safety review, the International Atomic Energy Agency has approved Japan’s plan to release radioactive wastewater from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea. More than 1 million metric tons of water, most of it used to cool the Fukushima plant’s three overheating reactors, has been stored on the site since the March 2011 tsunami that caused the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

The water has been treated by a filtration and pumping system known as advanced liquid processing system, or ALPS, which removes all radioactivity except for tritium, an isotope of hydrogen. Before discharging it into the Pacific Ocean, Japan will dilute the water to bring the tritium to below regulatory standards.

Japan’s plan to release the treated wastewater, first announced in early 2021, has caused alarm among environmental groups, the fishing industry and neighboring countries.


52 killed when truck loses control in Kenya

At least 52 people are dead after a truck lost control at a highway junction in Kenya’s western Rift Valley, slamming into pedestrians and parked vehicles.

In addition to the dozens killed, 35 others are receiving treatment in several hospitals near the scene of the accident at Londiani Junction. Londiani police say the accident happened early Friday evening when a truck traveling along the Kericho-Nakuru Highway about 130 miles northwest of Nairobi veered off the the road, striking four “matatu” minibuses, two other trucks, a personal car and a full-sized bus. As the truck careened through the junction, it plowed through pedestrians, business people as well as the other vehicles before coming to a stop.

Witnesses told police the driver of the truck lost control while trying to avoid hitting a bus that had stopped in the traffic lane due to mechanical problems.


Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro barred from running for office

Brazil’s federal electoral court voted 5-2 to ban Bolsonaro from public office for the next eight years. The court voted to convict the former leader for abuse of political power and misuse of media when he cast doubt on the reliability of the country’s electronic ballot system ahead of elections last year. The ruling is the first time in the court’s history in which a former president has been banned from public office.


Apple’s market value ends above $3T for the first time

The milestone makes Apple the first publicly traded company to close above a $3T market valuation. Apple’s shares rose 2.3% to $193.97 last week, bringing its market value to $3.05T. The tech company briefly surpassed $3T in intraday trading in January 2022 before falling below that level at close.



Operation Hannah

More than 120 commercial vehicles, including buses and taxis, were checked on Queenstown Lakes ski field roads last weekend. “It was very pleasing to record that there were no major safety issues found with the vehicles, with minor issues easily fixed at the roadside,” Senior Sergeant Hugh Tait says. “It’s a credit to the industry that they have taken the safety messages seriously and understand the responsibility in transporting people to and from the ski fields in difficult alpine roads and conditions.” Over 260 drivers were also breath-tested during the weekend across the district. Two were within the 250-400mcg range, receiving a $200 ticket and 50 demerit points

Native plants

The Otago Regional Council has developed a new online tool to help communities find the most suitable native plants for their specific area and project. “Plants which naturally occur in the area will have a higher chance of surviving as they’re adapted to growing in that local environment,” ORC’s Manager Environmental Implementation, Libby Caldwell, says. “The native animals in those areas will also rely on specific plant species for food and habitat.” The new Otago Native Planting Guide, featuring an interactive map, is on the ORC website.

Wānaka-heavy NZ team

Twenty-three athletes have been named to represent New Zealand at the 2023 FIS Park and Pipe Junior World Championships, at Cardrona Alpine Resort from 25 August. The full team includes: (Snowboard Women) Ava Beer, Brooke Hansen, Lucia Georgalli; (Freeski Women) Daisy Woods, Madeleine Disbrowe, Mischa Thomas, Sylvia Trotter, Taylor Breen; (Snowboard Men) Cam Melville Ives, Dane Menzies, Jack Spence, Joshua Li, Keani Wilson, Rocco Jamieson, Txema Mazet-Brown, Zephyr Lovelock; (Freeski Men)

Cooper Breen, Fergus McArthur, Fin Melville Ives, Gustav Legnavsky, Hamish Barlow, Liam Richards, Luke Harrold.

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El lado oscuro del paraíso

La crisis por falta de viviendas en Queenstown es innegable. Existe temor e incertidumbre en una ciudad que promete los mejores panoramas para los turistas, pero en el backstage de este show mucha gente está sufriendo, más aún con la llegada del invierno y las bajas temperaturas.

A pesar de las manifestaciones de grupos como Queenstown Housing Initiative para exigir un derecho tan básico, el problema sigue más vigente que nunca.

Mientras las autoridades no entregan soluciones reales y concretas, más historias se suman a esta realidad en la que por lo visto los más beneficiados son los dueños de acomodación turística y casas, quienes han multiplicado sus ganancias a costa de quienes intentan hacer una vida en esta ciudad.

Evelyn Fica llegó hace sólo tres meses y se ha cambiado once veces de lugar. La mayor parte de su estadía aquí ha sido en distintas hostales, pagando precios desorbitantes por habitaciones compartidas. Esto sumado a la intensa búsqueda de trabajo y su lucha contra la barrera idiomática, la ha puesto en una agobiante situación que ha sabido sobrellevar gracias a la ayuda desinteresada de miembros de nuestra comunidad latina.

Pero esta crisis no solo afecta a los recién llegados, ya que familias, residentes y ciudadanos también han recibido el impacto. Un ejemplo es el caso de Connie Galaz, quien lleva cinco años en Queenstown. Su arrendador le pidió que dejara la casa para realizar renovaciones y venderla. Después de tres meses de angustiante búsqueda, encontró un nuevo hogar en Kingston, para luego enterarse de que la misma residencia que le solicitaron desocupar estaba nuevamente en alquiler y esta vez a un precio más alto. Connie inició un proceso judicial a través de Tenancy Services, que aún está en curso.

Si te ves en la desafortunada obligación de vivir en tu vehículo, contactar al Council es una opción para que evalúen tu caso. Además algunas organizaciones están abiertas a la ayuda, como Happiness House que tiene a veces frazadas, almohadas y un espacio para calentar tu comida; mientras que las bibliotecas locales son sitios públicos seguros para que puedas relajarte en un ambiente acogedor, cargar tus dispositivos móviles y cuentan con Internet gratis. Por otra parte, Engage Safety abre sus puertas cada semana este invierno en 18 Glenda Drive y ofrece duchas calientes, internet, sopas, café y té de forma gratuita.

La solidaridad y el apoyo comunitario puede marcar la diferencia para quienes enfrentan esta crisis. Respetemos a quienes se sienten frustrados y tratemos de ayudar dentro de nuestras posibilidades.

Si bien las soluciones a este problema parecen muy lejanas, es primordial fomentar al diálogo entre todas las partes involucradas. No silenciemos nuestras voces si estamos en situaciones vulnerables, ya que quizás esa es la única forma de poder seguir haciendo visible esta realidad que va creciendo, irónicamente, como la bola de nieve menos deseada en esta temporada de invierno.

Somos un aporte esencial para esta localidad, pero ¿quién nos protege?


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My Life Story


Mum of five to mayoress and meeting global icons

She’s rubbed shoulders with global leaders, been Mum to five kids, two times mayoress, motelier, and wife of a NZ Cabinet Minister, but somehow Lorraine Cooper got it all done with graciousness and calm. Now 86, it’s fair to say she was a superwoman in her day.

Raised in Brisbane, Lorraine was two when World War II broke out. Japanese submarines were edging closer to Darwin and Sydney and the family had to evacuate to its backyard trench when the sirens sounded. “Our whole playground at school was trenched,” she says

At 19 she and two friends arrived in NZ, scoring 1956-57 summer jobs at McBride’s Hotel with hotelier ‘Wicked Willie’ (Cooper).

They had a ball, nicknamed ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ by staff and joining in evening piano singalongs with guests.

Frequenting local dances, the trio ended up at the Arrowtown Fire Brigade Ball. “We got home at 4am and had to rise early to serve guests their in-room cup of tea and wine biscuit,” says Lorraine.

Willie’s sign-writer-painter son Warren Cooper had originally quipped to his dad, ‘You didn’t employ those three scatty Aussies, did you?’. By 1959 he and Lorraine were married. Australia’s heat and mozzies weren’t for Warren, so they moved back to Queenstown soon after.

Their five kids were all delivered at Bungy Backpackers – the old maternity home, Lorraine staying the compulsory two weeks each time. “They were the only holidays I ever got,” she smiles.

Life changed forever in 1968 when Warren became mayor. Back then the mayoress was in demand for civic receptions and flower shows.

By 1971 the Coopers also owned Four Seasons Motels, which they had for 19 years. As if Lorraine didn’t have her hands full enough, the Royal Family came that year, Lorraine farming the kids out locally to escort Prince Philip behind Warren and the Queen through Queenstown Gardens, Prince Charles and Princess Anne accompanied too. “My kids were all shouting out, ‘Mum!’ from the crowd and a puzzled (King) Charles said, ‘How many children have you?’”

By 1975 Warren’s political career was on the up and they moved the family to Mosgiel to raise his profile throughout the huge Otago electorate – the seat he held for 21 years from 1978.

The trajectory of Lorraine’s life took an even greater turn, as she went from door knocker support to Cabinet Minister’s wife.

“One quickly develops a thick skin and a good sense of humour in politics,” she smiles.

Rob Muldoon, nicknamed ‘Piggy’, was Prime Minister during their three years in the Labour stronghold of Mosgiel, where crowds of Labour supporters marched the streets carrying a pig’s head on a stick. One evening Warren

discovered it in their letterbox, with horrified daughter Lisa also in on the unfortunate discovery next morning while collecting the milk.

When Warren entered Cabinet in 1978 as Tourism Minister the family moved to Wellington – a huge transition. Despite Joan Bolger’s welcoming efforts, it was “like living in a fishbowl”.

Lorraine travelled the world while Warren was Foreign Affairs Minister – once nine countries in nine days and loved it. She was thrown into it in Bahrain with minutes notice having to give a speech to the Bahrain Children’s Society. “I rambled on about Plunket. That was one of my worst times.”

Her best included meeting the Royals, Pope Jean Paul and Margaret Thatcher, who, with husband Denis, stayed for a few days near Glenorchy with then Lake County Council chairman Tommy Thomson. “Margaret fed out sheep with Rita (Thomson) and they became lifelong friends.”

One of Lorraine’s favourite leaders was US Secretary of State George Schultz, who always ended up next to her at dignitary dinners. “I was also seated next to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in Jerusalem – a fine man, sadly assassinated a year later.”

Back to Queenstown in 1991, Lorraine was a CAB volunteer, a Skyline Community Trust trustee, Wakatipu Home volunteer and developed the Millennium Time Walk on Queenstown Hill with Annabelle O’Meara.

Founding ‘Let’s Keep Queenstown Beautiful’ with June Cooper, they organised colourful planter baskets for Queenstown Mall.

At 64, Lorraine, and Jayne Kirk, took on the Child Cancer $10 Challenge, hitching to Auckland and back on $10. They raised about $10,000 – the event $50,000, John Banks escorting them through Auckland like royalty on Harley Davidsons. “People were generous and kind. Two big rig drivers on the ferry drove us to outside Christchurch dropping us off at midnight. Thankfully, a couple heading to Wanaka picked us up. It was the experience of a lifetime.” The pair documented their adventures in a book called ‘Go Grans go!’ –raising even more.

The Aussie trio – ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’, in Queenstown in the mid-1950s, from left, Sandra, Lorraine and Fay Lorraine, centre, with some of her 11 grandchildren, from left, Taylor, Isabella, Holly, daughter Lisa, Esmé and Cecily in front


Matariki Kāinga Hokia – Matariki calls you home

Matariki Arrowtown Lights will return this weekend for its second year after a hugely successful celebration in 2022. The showcase of stunning projections will light up Buckingham street until 10pm each night, encouraging us all to reflect on the past and welcome the promise of a new year.

The theme for 2023 is Matariki Kāinga Hokia – encouraging everyone to return to their whānau and their people – wherever and whoever that may be. More importantly, the theme is underpinned with environmental messages of reconnecting with the mountains, rivers, ocean and land – reminding us of the responsibility we all have to the places we call home.

Event organiser Craig Gallegher is excited for the event and has recruited Silo, the creative team behind Luma to do the projections. The story of Matariki will be told through the projections, which will light up the town including on the Arrowtown Hall. Each location wil reference a different time for Matariki.

“It was just such a huge success last year and we really wanted to just carry on and build on that to celebrate Matariki,” says Craig. “While we do have those projection components and the Kapa Haka, there’s also the remembering of Matariki himself and the celebration of that.”

The event will kick off on from 4pm on Friday with a mihi followed by a karakia and songs by Waiatatia group. There will be performances by local kapa haka primary and high schools. Organisers are reminding everyone to dress warm and to stay updated on social media as the schedule may change due to bad weather. This year, everyone is asked to try and bring reusable cups and use the bins provided –let’s honour Papatūānuku (our Earth Mother) by minimising waste.

How does one spot Matariki in the sky? It’s best to get up early, before the sun, and start by finding Orion’s Belt. Shift your gaze to the left where you should see Te Kokotā – a triangular shape. Left again from this is the Matariki star cluster. There are nine stars in the cluster, Matariki is the mother, and the other stars are her children. Tupuānuku is associated with food from the ground, Tupuārangi for food found in the tops of the trees, Waitī for freshwater and water creatures, Waitā for food from the sea, Waipunarangi for the rain, Ururangi for nature and the winds, Pōhutukawa connects Matariki to those that have passed, and Hiwa-i-te-rangi is the wishing star that we send our dreams and desires to.

“New this year will be our firepits – it’s such a good element that we can incorporate so that people can gather, they can catch up with friends and family, and reflect on years and the year coming as well. That’s a part of our ethos around Matariki. We’ll also have some kai trucks, slightly more than we did last year, again to start growth and also helping to spread people around Buckingham Street. There’ll be different offerings all the way through, which will be a fundraiser for the Arrowtown preschool as well.”

Local Professor Brian Boyle will be back – he was a huge success last year. He’s a local astrophysicist who uses images he’s taken as well as other images and talks about the star formations and the meanings behind them. He has extensive knowledge on the Matariki star cluster and makes his presentations accessible and entertaining for all.

“The way he speaks and the way he conveys detail about the stars is just mesmerising. When you put it hand in hand with such a quality image that he delivers on some of our TV screens, it’s just absolutely captivating to have him there. He will have a little bit of a larger presence than he did last time.

“It’s all focused around Buckingham Street this year, and we’ve managed to squeeze in just a little bit more for people to come along and enjoy. The easiest way to stay up to date is through our Facebook and Instagram pages, which are already live and will be updated as we get closer with more and more information and what to expect,” says Craig.

The Matariki Arrowtown Lights will take place from 14 – 16 July down Buckingham Street and the surrounding alleyways. It’s a koha/gold coin donation event for all ages.

Original image: Messier 45 Open cluster by Filip Lolić / CC 3.0. This image has been edited (rotated, cropped and stars tagged) by Parliamentary Library, part of the Parliamentary Service.


ĀraiAwa 27June-22September

Thismovingandimmersivevideo installation,fromacollectivedirectedby RachaelRakenaandPauletteTamati-Elliffe, reflectsontheancestraljourneyofthetuna (eels)intheWhakatipuRegion.



Joinusforacreativeactivityandmorning teaeverySaturday.Freeentryfor65+

Upcomingevents: ArtWorkshop|Saturday15July MatarikiFilmScreenings|Saturday22July

MatarikiatTeAtamira Until23July,including: RokaHurihiaCameron:WeavingCultures Together|Sunday16July2-3pm

Ngā ManuHou:Waiataperformance| Sunday23July2-3pm

Opening&Arttalk:REND/ition Thursday20July,5.30pm

PrintmakerMarciTackettpresentsa beautifullycraftedselectionofworkson paperinthisexhibitionexploringnew avenuesofprintandcolour.Allwelcometo theopeningeventandartisttalk.Exhibition openuntil16August.

Formoreinformationandtobook,visit: www.teatamira.nz/whats-on

Images: (Topleft)courtesyofRachaelRakena(KāiTahu,Ngā Puhi) (Topright)EvertheLand,TameIti,2015 (Botttomleft)courtesyofMarciTackett


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Party like it’s Plastic Free July!

Manufacture, sale and distribution of single-use produce bags, plates, bowls, and cutlery are all banned under the latest Government phase out of singleuse, hard-to-recycle plastics, as of Saturday 1st July. Plastic straws are also now restricted, and produce stickers will soon be compostable.

Sustainable Queenstown has been working throughout June to help our community prepare, specifically when we head to the supermarket. They hosted 2 working bees to upcycle donated net curtains and cord into beautiful, lightweight reusable produce bags.

Both events were held at TIKKI Studio, where the talented Nina Chen provided the necessary sewing machines, and demonstrated a quick, efficient pattern and process, with 15 volunteers making over 250 drawstring bags - a fantastic effort!

There was a joyful buzz, with some volunteers choosing to take more DIY kits home to make even more bags to give out to the community!

On 1st July, Sustainable Queenstown handed out these produce bags to shoppers at New World, many of whom weren’t aware of the new ban and pleased to have an option handy. A few people chose to take home the DIY kits, including a link to the tutorial, to make their own bags, pleased to have access to a sustainable solution.

And here’s another sustainable solution for your next party - DIY disco balls! That’s right, if you can dive into your old CD collection and find some

cardboard you can whip up a pretty epic decoration and avoid the plethora of plastic party options.

Like the sound of that? This month’s Sustainable Queenstown Green Drinks will be a Plastic Free Party workshop to make these disco ball decorations! Join us at Smiths Craft Beer House from 7pm-9pm on Thursday 20th July. Tickets and more information can be found on the Sustainable Queenstown Facebook page. All welcome (if you’re 18+ that is.)

With Plastic Free July in full swing and the recent ban on single-use items, we’re witnessing a remarkable shift towards reusable alternatives.

Resourceful Communities is created by Wastebusters, and delivered in the Whakatipu by Sustainable Queenstown. This initiative is funded by the QLDC Zero Waste District Programme.

Whare Manaaki - Some heartfelt warmth during the big chill

approached us and wanted to build a similar social conscience in their team. They now have a requirement for some community service written into their staff employment contracts.”

She has no idea how many people, if any, will turn up at the Glenda Drive Whare Manaaki. “I don’t know who’s out there,” she says.

Renowned for community gestures, long-time Queenstown nurse and mum of six Debbie Swain-Rewi and her Engage Safety staff have joined with Kaizen for Queenstown workers who are forced to live in cars.

They’re opening the Engage Safety building at 18 Glenda Drive each week this winter offering free hot showers, internet, soup and toast, a warm cuppa and love.

‘Whare Manaaki’ (A Welcoming House) launched on site last week, and is open Thursdays and Fridays from 3pm until 7pm, and Saturdays 12pm until 7pm, for winter.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” says Debbie. “We’re kaupapa Maori and this is what manaakitanga is about, being welcomed and cared for.”

Debbie says the age-old problem of housing is “worse than it’s ever been”. “Things are genuinely not good out there,” she says. “I have a social conscience and so does my team. It’s a culture I try to build into our staff, our kaupapa.”

Kaizen, a logistics company with a similar ethos, is collaborating with Engage Safety with staff from both companies taking turns to help. “Kaizen

Community News

Whakatipu Wildlife Trust’s Photo Competition 2023

The Whakatipu Wildlife Trust’s is running their annual Photography Competition!

This is all about our local native wildlife. The trust is looking to see your best photos of nature in the Whakatipu Basin, whether that be insects, fish, birds or lizards.

For more info and to enter - check out their website, link below



An offer of a helping hand to one young man sleeping in a car recently, who was so immensely grateful, moved her mother’s heart. “I just thought, if my kids, my whanau, were sleeping in a car in a foreign country in winter I’d hope somebody would do something nice for them,” says Debbie.

She operates regular kai parcels from Glenda Drive and has done so since the lockdowns, and the teams are hoping to re-introduce the cooked breakfasts at Whare Manaaki, all out of the business and personal coffers.

“We’re just so lucky and people are totally desperate out there,” she says. Any food donations dropped to Engage Safety would be greatly appreciated, and supermarkets may want to join forces to help, she says.

If anybody wants to donate to Whare Manaaki they can phone: 03 4423682 or email: admin@engagesafety.co.nz

Financial donations will go through Te Whare Hauora ki Tahuna Trust, which is working alongside Engage Safety to develop a Hauora (wellbeing) hub, offering a holistic approach to supported health and social services.

Whare Manaaki’ (A Welcoming House) drop in is available at Engage Safety building, 18 Glenda Drive on Thursdays and Fridays from 3pm until 7pm, and Saturdays 12pm until 7pm, for winter from July 20.

2022 Winner – Marty Barwood – Australasian Crested Grebes Delicious macaroni cheese and pulled pork kai all served up for free to any hungry car-dwellers at Engage Safety in Glenda Drive

Wild running event for Arrowtown

A mountain running event through stunning Queenstown backcountry later this year is set to attract some of the world’s top ultra-runners. Inspired by the Hardrock 100 in the USA, The WILD is a multi-day event comprising five mountain runs for runners of varied experience levels. Based in Arrowtown, the event runs from December 6-10. It includes races ranging from a 9km long ‘taster’ featuring a 550m climb, to the V5000 for diehard mountain ultra runners - 86km of true backcountry experience with multiple peaks and 5050m of ascent through incredible terrain.

The event has attracted world number one female ultra-runner Courtney Dauwalter from the USA. She’s notched up multiple wins in prestigious races including the 100 miler titles Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (2019 and 2020), Hardrock 100 (2022), Western States Endurance Run (2018 and 2023) and New Zealand’s 100k Tarawera Ultramarathon (2019) among many others.

Courtney and husband Kevin Schmidt will run the V5000 race together on Saturday, 9 December, and will be in Arrowtown for the duration of the event, which includes film nights screening The Trail Running Film Festival and speaker events.

Event Director and Wanaka running legend Mal Law describes The WILD as his “passion project”, one that’s been five years in the making, following a last-minute cancellation last year due to an event company liquidation. While many were left out of pocket, including Law himself, several hundred runners have already entered this year’s event.

The WILD is organised by the Wild For Nature Charitable Trust, established by Law and a group of six trustees, all passionate about protecting the environment they love to run in.

The event includes a ‘working bee’ control session where runners will help remove wilding pines from the area, and 5% of all entry fees will go to its planting fund to source native seedlings.

Law says each course is epic, and hopes runners will focus not on the distance, but the journey.

“These courses are tough and challenging, but runners will be highly rewarded with outstanding views and a real sense of accomplishment,” he says.

“Putting on The WILD has tested my resilience like nothing else, but I’ve never stopped believing we’re creating a thing of sublime beauty that will thrill, challenge and inspire a huge number of people for many years to come.

“I can’t wait to see everyone in Arrowtown in December.”

Also attending the event and a contender for the V5000 is Anna Frost, one of New Zealand’s best ultra trail runners, Australian star Nicole Paton, and Queenstown’s Veronika Palockova, who won this year’s Northburn 100k. Arrowtown economist Benje Patterson will race in the V5000, along with Christchurch’s Sam Mowat, who won this year’s Shotover Moonlight Ultra. Runners registered to date are coming from as far afield as the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Other races being held on Saturday December 9 include the V3000 (64kms), the V1600 (30kms), The Beast of Brow (11kms), and Friday night’s Beast of Beetham (9km). The ‘V’ refers to the amount of vertical ascent in each race. All courses start and finish in the heart of Arrowtown at Butlers Green, traversing everything from Brow Peak, Vanguard Peak, Mt Dewar, and Advance Peak, to Greengates, Skippers Road and Macetown. Current red-hot favourite for the men’s V3000 is Christchurch’s Chris Dunell who has twice placed second at the Queenstown Half Marathon. For more information and to register go to www.thewild100.org

Ridgelines and views for miles. Photo: Ben Wallbank, Cheeky Weka Media
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Queenstown hotels losing hundreds of thousands Staff living in house

Some hoteliers estimate as many as 10 percent of Queenstown’s almost 4000 hotel rooms remain out of service housing employees due to the resort’s serious staff housing crisis.

That potentially translates to almost $1million opportunity loss to the resort’s hotel economy during a peak ski season week when demand is at its highest. It’s believed as many as 30 rooms in some hotel properties are still being utilised to house up to 60 staff, taking those off the visitor market.

Several Australian ski wholesalers believe they could bring more skiers to the resort town if they could access more room allocation over the peak period as we head into what’s being predicted to be a record season.

Holiday Inn Express Queenstown general manager Jason Sabin’s hotel – a popular downtown Aussie skier option, is close to being sold out in July. He says fortunately six dedicated staff rooms were purpose-built in the near new hotel. Like many employers Holiday Inn Express owns a staff house, but unfortunately the crisis has forced Jason to also block off five guest rooms, housing about 20 more staff.

It’s definitely affecting business with so much demand. “We’re heading into the peak ski season unable to maximise the returns for our owners because these rooms have been taken out,” says Jason.

Hospitality NZ Accommodation Sector Chair Central Otago Caryln Topp says she has two of her 25 four-and-a-half-star, $600 a night Highview Apartments off the market at present, housing staff. She’s choosing to look after staff over filling rooms. This past few weeks she’s had staff, who appear happy, work for a day then not turn up the next without explanation.

In the past Carlyn’s also had two staff living in cars. It’s also happening in Wanaka where she recently sold her apartment complex. “It’s hugely affecting workers’ health which in some cases means they’re not able to come to work,” she says.

Heritage general manager Kevin Kluts says he’s rented large, quality Fernhill homes for staff housing and now only has two to three hotel rooms out for staff. “We put several in a room, as we feel responsible for these kids who are here, fresh from overseas.”

Millennium operations manager Gordon Bulloch says 40 to 50 of the company’s adjacent Copthorne Hotel’s 250 rooms are off the market housing staff across its three hotels.

Unfortunately, it’s still necessary to use hotel rooms for staff in order to attract staff. “We’re fortunate we can do it. The stories are quite frightening,” says Gordon.

Hotel St Moritz general manager Jo Finnigan says many hotels, including St Mortiz, are housing staff in-house. “It’s far from ideal, however, we’re extremely grateful to our owners for allowing this to happen.” Despite other staff issues they probably would have more rooms to sell if suitable housing could be found for valued staff. It’s an issue causing a great deal of stress and uncertainty for people and families in all business sectors locally, she says.

Hospitality NZ Regional Manager Darelle Jenkins says operators have gone “above and beyond” to help staff get a roof over their heads. “They’re in the hospitality business. It’s all about caring for people,” she says. “It’s a high-pressure environment. Everyone takes a lot on their shoulders. They’re amazing humans. A lot of these people are givers and we really need staff to look after their well-being.”

The number of hospitality people who are under mental health pressure is alarming, she says. HNZ rolled out Healthy Hospo workshops in Queenstown recently focusing on leadership and mental health, with those running almost full.

While Queenstown grapples with an ongoing shortage of worker accommodation some developers are exploring developing worker accommodation developments that stack up financially. At least one developer is underway with early plans to develop a staff accommodation complex and it’s understood they are exploring several site options in Frankton and closer to town, but it’s still in the very early stages.

“We have a good accommodation model,” he says. “It definitely has to be new, otherwise you’re just shifting the problem around.”

While building costs have been a deterrent, it’s believed other potential parties are also interested in coming up with specifically designed staff accommodation concepts.


Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

Coronet Peak will host ‘SYNTHONY in the Snow’ on 19 August, lighting up the winter night with electronic dance music, a live orchestra, DJs and vocalists.

The as a Night Ski event will feature an immersive light, laser, and visual show as the performers reimagine iconic club anthems.

SYNTHONY, which has the Queenstown App as a sponsor, follows a similar event in the Auckland Domain in April.

Coronet Peak manager Nigel Kerr said he was looking forward to the event hitting the slopes.

“SYNTHONY in the Snow is something totally unique and special for Coronet Peak and we’re really excited to be hosting a concert of such epic proportions,” he says.

“We’re looking forward to being able to offer the first ever event of this kind on snow - welcoming locals and visitors alike.”

SYNTHONY in the Snow combines a live orchestra with electronic dance music, vocalists, instrumentalists and DJs.

Duco Touring director David Higgins says: “It will be incredibly exciting to see SYNTHONY in a world first on Coronet Peak.

“SYNTHONY is a celebration of life, love, and the extraordinary power of music. We’re delighted to collaborate with Coronet Peak and Manuka Pharm in delivering SYNTHONY in the Snow - it will be an unrivalled and unforgettable experience.”

Led by conductor Emma Featherstone, the SYNTHONY Orchestra, along with vocalists, instrumentalists, and world-class DJs, takes audiences on a captivating journey through the dance anthems of the last 30 years.

SYNTHONY has garnered international acclaim and has become a must-see event for music enthusiasts around the world.

Ticket packages include a Night Ski Pass at Coronet Peak and are available now at various prices. Season pass holders can buy GA tickets for $99, or $150 (guaranteed access to front of stage and exclusive bars).

Public Notice | Pānui

Queenstown Airport Corporation: Vacancy for Director

Queenstown Airport Corporation Ltd (QAC) is owner and operator of Queenstown International Airport and the operator of Wānaka Airport under a management services agreement. Queenstown Airport is the fourth largest airport in Aotearoa New Zealand. One of the present directors has retired from the Board at its February Meeting and the shareholders are seeking to appoint a replacement. An advantage for candidates considering this vacancy will be a strong background in finance, auditing and / or risk management, a professional director, or a practicing chartered accountant. The successful candidate will be someone who can work as part of a diverse team and looking to make a positive contribution to this important community asset.

QAC is a Council Controlled Trading Organisation (CCTO). It is owned by the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC – 75.01%) and Auckland International Airport (AIAL – 24.99%). This ownership structure creates an additional layer of public accountability and responsibility for the Board.

Applications are sought from suitably qualified candidates for this position. A person specification and further information on QAC, its annual reports and Statements of Intent are available from its website (www.queenstownairport. co.nz) or the Council’s website (www.qldc.govt.nz). Experience in the airport or airline industry and a background in governance (in particular in the public sector) would also be an advantage.

Applications close on Sunday 6 August 2023 and should be sent for the attention of: Mike Theelen, Chief Executive, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Private Bag 50072, Queenstown; or via email: ceo@qldc.govt.nz

10 Gorge Road Queenstown Phone 03 441 0499 | www.qldc.govt.nz

Shipping Containers for Sale and Lease plus Storage Options Ph 021 343 653
Grab your snowboard, grab your mates and get ready for Synthony in the Snow. Photo / Supplied, NZherald
in to win a Devil Burger Meal Voucher DID THIS AD GET YOUR ATTENTION? That is the power of Business Line Ads Contact the Lakes Weekly Bulletin today 03 409 2800 or email enquiries@qmg.co.nz and take the first step to successful advertising.


All Things US

Last week The United States celebrated Independence Day so what’s your general knowledge of the US like?

1. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the US Declaration of Independence at a meeting in which city?

2. Who was sitting on the throne in England when the American colonies declared independence?

3. How many terms did George Washington serve as president of the US?

4. Who served as George Washington’s vice president?

5. In 1803, the US purchased the Louisiana Territory from which country?

6. Which two US presidents died on July 4 in the same year?

7. How many US presidents were born on July 4?

8. How many stars were on the first US flag?

9. What was the last state to join the United States of America?

10. Battle Creek Michigan is the headquarters for which US Cereal company?

11. The USA are the third-largest country in the world. What are the first and second largest?

12. What is the anthem of the USA?

13. What is the US national bird?

14. Which state is whiskey company Jack Daniels headquartered?

15. What is the least populous state in the USA?

16. Which ocean borders the USA on the west?

17. How many countries share borders with the USA (+ 1 bonus point per name)?

18. What is the highest peak in the USA?

19. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from another country. Which one was it?

20. How many states are there on the American mainland?

21. What is the biggest and most populous US territory?

22. What is the most populous city in the US?

23. What is the largest US State by land area?

24. What is the longest river in the US?

25. In which US city can you find the Alamo?

LWB QUIZ CAPTION COMPETITION 3B Searle Lane www.hellpizza.com THE BEST DAMNED PIZZA IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT Comment in our facebook post your funniest Caption to be in the chance to WIN 1 x Double Pizza Voucher from Hell Pizza! Submit your entry by Sunday prior to the last day of this edition (check dates on the cover) Answers in next weeks LWB SUDOKU 3 4 6 8 3 6 5 7 2 6 5 4 2 3 9 9 8 6 1 4 2 9 1 7 3 What has six faces, but does not wear makeup, has twenty-one eyes, but cannot see? RIDDLE 275194683 691328475 483756912 842563197 569871324 317942856 936215748 158437269 724689531 QUIZ ANSWERS: 1. Philadelphia | 2. King George III | 3. Two | 4. John Adams | 5. France | 6. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams | 7. One Calvin Coollidge | 8. 13 | 9. Hawaii | 10. Kellogg’s | 11. Russia and Canada | 12. Star-Spangled banner | 13. Bald Eagle | 14. Tennessee | 15. Wyoming | 16. Pacific Ocean | 17. Two. Canada and Mexico | 18. Denali, Alaska | 19. France | 20. 49 | 21. Puerto Rico | 22. New York City | 23. Alaska | 24. Missouri River | 25. San Antonio, Texas. RIDDLE: A dice. Winner of the last Caption Competition is Milly Lewis Congratulations you won 1x Double Pizza Voucher from Hell Pizza. Collect your voucher from the LWB office. COMPETITION CAPTION Yeah…that’s definitelymumskeys SUDOKU ANSWER



Matariki with Mana Tāhuna

Mana Tāhuna Charitable Trust is hosting an immersive and innovative cultural experience to celebrate Matariki with our Tāhuna whānau and wider community. The event will feature musical performances by the Modern Māori Quartet, Matariki Pūrakau with projection mapping, Kapa Haka, and kai representing the Matariki constellation.


Hans Pucket, No Drama Album Tour

It’s been a big year for Pōneke / Tāmaki Makaurau pop-rock quartet Hans Pucket who write nervy but effortlessly danceable rock songs about feeling bad. The band showcased at SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this year, was nominated for a 2023 Taite Music Prize and won Te Rōpū Mariu (favourite group) at the 2022 Student Radio Network Awards.

Their second full-length album No Drama was released in late 2022 to critical acclaim.

The band are on tour with Queenstown’s show on Thursday. Tickets online at Under the radar.

Our aim is to create a safe and inclusive environment that encourages participation and learning about Matariki. The event is open to everyone in the community and we’re excited to celebrate this significant event with everyone. Tickets are $50 with bookings available online at Eventbrite.

When: Thursday 13 July from 6:00 pm

Where: Queenstown Memorial Hall, Memorial Street, Queenstown

Matariki Arrowtown Lights

Matariki Arrowtown Lights is back on Friday, 14 July evening in the heart of Kā-Muriwai Arrowtown. The evening includes visual storytelling, light displays and performances.

Arrowtown will come alive with light projections onto historic buildings and kapa haka from local schools. New this year: gather around fire pits, savour delicious kai from extra food stalls, and hear stories of our Aotearoa heritage.

When: Friday, July 14, 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Buckingham Green, 14 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown

Sachi Night Ski Party

NZ Ski is hosting one of our biggest Night Ski Parties of the season as SACHI headlines a free concert at Coronet Peak.

SACHI have risen from being two teenage friends with a passion for dance music to one of New Zealand’s most celebrated live acts. Dominating festivals around the world, their success has taken them to some of the biggest global stages.

Their live show synergy has the duo frequentlyswapping between DJing, playing bass, drums, keys, and live vocals, forming a non-traditional electronic experience that immerses its audience in a fusion of mediums.

When: Wednesday 19th July from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: Coronet Peak

SkyCity Stand Up Comedy Night

SkyCity Casino’s next comedy night is set for Friday, 21 July with special guests, Dai Henwood - New Zealand’s very own Comedy Legend, Cori Gonzalez-Macuerthe King of deadpan and sarcastic humour and the man who ensures everyone arrives on time - Paul Douglas as MC. Tickets at Eventfinda.

When: Friday 21 July, 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Where: Skycity, 16 - 24 Beach St, Queenstown

When: Thursday 13 July, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: Sherwood, 554 Frankton Road

Brazuca Beats | Brazilian Night

Stop by for an epic night of ‘Brazuca Beats’! Soul Braz are here to lay down live Brazilian Pop/Rock, from the 90s and early 2000s with an iconic live set. Then kick it into the late night with Bobby Brazuca and DJ Secostyle. This is a night filled with soulful melodies, infectious beats, and pure Brazilian awesomeness.

When: Saturday, July 15, from 9:00 pm

Where: Yonder, Church Street, Queenstown

Queenstown Funk Orchestra - Sunday Jazz

& Cocktails

Every so often a musical collective comes along to offer audiences a trip to another dimension. Since first sighting in 2015 in their eponymous hometown, the Queenstown Funk Orchestra have been charming punters with their alchemy of electric funk, jazz, disco and soul rhythm.

Their sets are a mix of original compositions and deep groove covers. It really doesn’t matter what number they play, it’s all about that slinky feel that they bring. Tickets are online at Eventbrite.

When: Sunday, July 16, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Where: The Blue Door 18 Buckingham Street Arrowtown

Jean Malpas Community Nursery Volunteer Sessions

The Whakatipu Reforestation Trust’s Community Nursery is the heart of the planting operation. Each year the trust propagates and grows approximately 10,000 native plants to support their reforestation efforts. The nursery is ready to welcome you back next Wednesday after taking a mid-season break.

Volunteering at the nursery has many benefits; including playing an active role in helping to restore the biodiversity of the Whakatipu Basin, helping to grow native trees that help mitigate climate change, not to mention making new friends with like-minded community members. Volunteer sessions run every Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, drop in style. No gardening experience is required, and morning tea is provided. Just bring Water, hat, sunscreen, and gardening gloves

When: Wednesday 19 July and every Wednesday after that from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Where: Jean Malpas Community Nursery, Poplar Drive, Jardine Park, Kelvin Heights


Tuesday 11 July

Te Atamira Holiday Programme

Te Atamira’s fun-filled, arts and craft-packed holiday programme is led by accredited art teacher Michelle and run in collaboration with Youthtown. The multidisciplinary arts programme holds a range of workshops for age groups 5 - 7yrs and 8 - 12yrs daily until July - Thursday 13 July. Sessions cost $30 for half day or $60 for a full day.

Dragon Forms. In this craft workshop children will explore mark-making and collage as they design and construct their own mixed media dragon.

Ages 5-7, 9.30am-12pm and Ages 8-12, 12.30-3pm

Pinch-Pot Puffer Fish - Join us as we explore the inhabitants of the deep blue in a fun-filled clay workshop. In this programme children will design and sculpt their own puffer fish vessels.

Ages 8-12, 9.30am-12pm and Ages 5-7, 12.30-3pm

Wednesday 12 July

Twinkling Stars in Clay - This is a fun-filled afternoon of sculpting to create clay stars. Children will celebrate Matariki as they are guided through markmaking and construction techniques in clay.

Ages 5-7, 9.30am-12pm and Ages 8-12, 12.30-3pm

Energy Flow with Paty Kirchoff: Led by Pilates and Dance teacher Paty Kirchoff, this workshop will explore the parallels of movement between ourselves and our flying friends in a fun, engaging and supportive environment.

Ages 8-12, 9.30am-12pm and Ages 5-7, 12.30-3pm

Thursday 13 July

Winter Wind Chimes. In this programme children will design and create their own wind chime to brighten any winter day.

Ages 5-7, 9.30-12pm and Ages 8-12, 12.30-3pm

Beginners Breakdancing with Richard Bates - Led by dance teacher Richard Bates, children will be guided through an introduction to the street dance style of Breakdancing as they express themselves through movement.

Ages 8-12, 9.30-12pm and Ages 5-7, 12.30-3pm

Whakatipu Youth Trust Winter Holiday Programme

Week One activities are fully booked with limited availability for week 2

Monday 10 July: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Ice Skating and Bumper carts – Cost $35.00

Wednesday 12 July: 8:00am-4:00pm Cost $55.00

Cross Country Skiing and Tubing

QLDC Sport and Recreation Holiday Programme

The Sport and Recreation Junior Holiday Programme is for kids aged 5-7 years with the senior programme for kids 8-12 years. Sessions are from 8:00am -3:30pm. Bookings can be made online via enrolmy. com/queenstown-lakes-district-council or in person at the Queenstown Events Centre customer services desk.

Tuesday 11 July

Senior Program

Turn up the music, light up your life Bring out your inner musician with a Turn up the Music session at Te Atamira. Then light it up with lantern craft and spotlight adventures $45

Junior Program

Make a Racket We’ll teach you some new skills, playing badminton, pickleball and table tennis, then invent some noise making gadgets. $38

Wednesday 12 July

Ninja Skills and Name Monsters We’re off to Jiu Jitsu! Come along for some martial arts action and name monster crafts. $45

Thursday 13 July

Matariki Celebration Day Join us celebrating Matariki for a day of crafts, games, food and storytelling. $38

Libraries School Holiday Programme

QLDC Libraries are excited to be celebrating Matariki during the school holidays with a series of crafting sessions. Bookings are required for all programmes. Please book with your local library.

Arrowtown, Sessions run 2.00pm – 3.00pm

• Tuesday 11 July Special Storytime: Mānawatia a Matariki

• Thursday 13 July Twinkle, Twinkle Star Mobile Craft

Queenstown, Sessions run 10.30am – 11.30am

• Tuesday 11 July Matariki Stories & Celebration with Matua Darren (Preschool)

• Wednesday 12 July Star Weaving Sessions run 2.00 – 3.30pm

• Tuesday 11 July for Matariki Stories & Celebration with Matua Darren (Primary age)

Frankton, Sessions run 10.30am – 11.30am

• Wednesday 12 July Stars of the Matariki

• Thursday 13 July New Year, New World Bookings are required for all programmes. Please book with your local library.


Adventure awaits in Glenorchy

Nestled away at the northern end of Lake Wakatipu is a beautiful adventure camp. Inspired by the historic mountaineer’s huts of years past and surrounded by stunning sights, The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp opened their doors in December of 2022 and have many great adventures to offer.

The environmentally-conscious company is based in a UNESCO World Heritage area and the site offers a range of experiences and huts of varying sizes. Owners Liz and Doug Rikard-Bell are focused on creating and curating transformative all-inclusive guided wilderness experience packages. Aimed at those wanting to reconnect with the wild and try something different, the camp has been overwhelmed with the response since opening their doors. “We’ve had an incredible response from people who have just found us – we don’t have a single agent and we don’t have sales people,” says Doug. “We don’t have a marketing person, just every now and again one of us might do a little bit on social media, and we’re getting enquiries every day and we’re running experiences often. Already in our short life, we’ve had returns – for all the forward bookings, something like three quarters of them are people coming back again. So for us, it’s encouraging.”

The camp currently offers up 11 different adventures that cover a range of interests and landscapes. Some involve helicopters, others involve snow camping, there’s a backcountry experience for women to help improve their confidence in off-track mountain movement, and skiing/snowboarding trips. The number of guides per adventure really depends on how challenging the adventure is.

“On one end, it’s one guide per guest and at the other end, it’s one per six. Our median at the moment would be one per four guests. Everything we do is off track – we don’t go on to any of the tracks and we’re a small group operator. If there’s any growing sign of our work in a particular area, then we stop working there and go somewhere else.

“We’re a real soft-footprint or no trace operator in the World Heritage Area. We make sure we have, at one end of the spectrum, guided summit attempts, and at the other end of the spectrum, we’re terribly family friendly and everything in between.”

For locals and visitors looking for a break within their ski break, the camp’s licensed wood-fire restaurant, Food Over Fire, is a great spot to pop by for a bite. Doug describes it as like having dinner at their place, “You can have whatever you like to eat, just as long as it’s what we’re serving.” Everything is cooked over fire and served in cast iron on a beautifully-set long table.

If you’re spending the night, you’ll discover plenty of social areas including a sauna, as well as the quaint cabins to rest your head. Each has been built with the upmost care, containing a wood burner, light dimmers, and Bluetooth speakers. The cabin sizes have been considered, too, with a range of different configurations to suit a number of different group types.

“We are also environmentalists. Our contribution to the worldly woes includes our low tech, low energy, slower wild nature engagement offering. Connections and reconnections. Spending time in the ecosystem that is our home. Matchmaking lovers to our wild domain for a regenerative legacy,” says Doug.

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp awaits! If you’d like more information on the adventures on offer or the accommodation options, head to thegreatglenorchyalpinebasecamp.co.nz. The website will soon take bookings for the restaurant, but in the meantime you can head to the contact us page to book in.




We'relookingtopartnerwithlocalqualifiedtradies tohelpbring68CommunityHousingTrusthomes tolifeatTewaBanks,Arrowtown.

You'llbeexperienced,haveastrongreputationand bebasedinArrowtownorthewiderWakatipuarea.

Ifthissoundslikeyou,emailPeterBreenat tewabanks@breen.co.nz bycloseofbusiness 20 July2023.



Do you want to be part of a family that prioritises wellbeing and the collective strength of the team?

We are looking for teachers and relievers who are passionate about providing education and who share in our ideals.

If you have experience with children and would like to be part of a team that believe that a connection to ourselves, each other and our learning

environments both indoors and out, is essential for learning, this is for you!

We work as a cohesive team, but we also recognise that individual talents and interests are golden!

• Flexible hours

• Competitive remuneration

• No working on weekends!

• A great environment, full of amazing humans who want to make an impact.

Submit your applications to: recruit@gems.net.nz or visit www.gems.net.nz


and be a part of Republic Hospitality Group

•Tired of being bored at work?

•Want to make your Queenstown life epic!

•Looking to meet a fun and friendly crew?

Republic Hospitality Group has 10 venues in Queenstown, and we offer casual, part-time and full-time work. So whether it’s bar, restaurant or kitchen work you’re interested in, we’ve got it available at all levels

Our perks are pretty hard to beat:

• Sta pricing (did someone say great deals on food & drink?)

• Sta accommodation options

• Epic sta parties

• Great sta incentives

• A trusting culture

• Competitive pay

• Free sta meals

• Training and upskilling

• A welcoming and friendly team

Get in touch and join us today, email HR@republicqt.co.nz and tell us what you’re looking for.

Check out our venues at www.republichospitality.co.nz

Page 31 Ph: 03 409 2800 info@qmg.co.nz jobfix.co.nz VACANCIES LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 11th July 2023 - 17th July 2023 VACANCIES INCL UDE: on;Eic Spir We'relooking forconfidentand passionatepeopletobeakey partof creatinguniqueandmeaningfulexperiencesfor ourexclusiveguests. HOUSEKEEPERS NIGHT AUDITOR GUEST SERVICES AGENT EMAIL: Your CV to recruitment@imperiumcollection.com STOPBY:Dropoff your CV and meet us in person! FINDOUTMORE: www.imperiumcollection.com APPLY TODAY! Wecanofferpermanent&casualroles, withcompetitivehourly rates, andasociableenvironment. We areanaccreditedemployer andcan provide full trainingand career-growthopportunities.

Jucy Snooze Queenstown are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to join us in our re opening!

You don’t need experience to work with us! We offer staff benefits from staff accommodation to car rentals and Food & Beverage discounts!

Housekeeping Room Attendant (Starting from $25.00 an hour)

Chef roles (at all levels)

Night Manager

Please send through your resume to marcos_diniz@jucysnooze.co.nz


B.T.P Wanaka is seeking qualified painters, apprentices and brush hands. Join a well established friendly team working closely with Wanaka’s leading builders.

Applicants must have

• Great work ethic

• Reliable transport and current driving license

• Willingness to learn and happy to work in a team

• Good communication skills

• NZ residency or valid working visa

Successful applicants will enjoy excellent pay, great team environment, flexible working hours and working on award winning architectural projects.

Please email Ben paint@btppainting.com or call 020 4013 3350

F&BManager SkyCityQueenstown

SkyCityQueenstownislookingforaFood& BeverageManagertojointheirteam.Youwill beresponsibleforoverseeingtheF&Boperation ofSkyCityQueenstown,includingorganising functions,eventsandrunningtheWildThyme Bar&Kitchen.


AsF&BManager,youwillbemanagingyour teamtoprovideexceptionalproductdelivery andasuperbcustomerexperience,whilst meetingbudgetexpectations.Therolewillbe handson,whilstmaintainingresponsibilityfor theQueenstownF&Bfinancialperformance, relationshipwithkeystakeholdersincluding otherSkyCitypropertiesanddevelopmentof bothmanagementandfrontlinestaff.


Youwillbesomeonewithapassionforpeople, providinga deepF&Bknowledge,ongoing traininganddevelopment,withthegoalof guaranteeingourserviceofferingisofthe higheststandard.Aswellasexceptional customerservicedelivery,you'llbring:

Aminimumof5years'experienceinF&B withatleast3years'experienceata managementlevel

Provenexperienceinthemanagementand trainingofstaff

Queenstown Hospitality is hiring for multiple roles

Cook’s Assistant previous experience preferred Duty Manager min. 1 years experience and an active Managers Certificate

Bartender previous experience in a similar role preferred

If you have previous experience in any of these roles and the right skills and licences then send your C.V. and a cover letter to:


Priority will be given to NZ Citizens/Residents and Working Holiday Scheme Visas

Astrongcontinuousimprovementfocus Demonstratedexperienceinfinancial management,includingbudgeting,cost controlandmonthlyP&Lreconciliation StrategicmindsettowardsSkyCity Queenstown'sbusinessplan

Soundknowledgeofakitchenoperation includingorderingandfoodcontrolplans Culturalawarenessobtainedthroughbeing partofadiverseteam

Webeginreviewingallapplicationsassoonas wereceivethem,soifthisroleticksyourboxes, applytodayoratemployment@skycity.co.nz andwecouldbespeakingtoyouverysoon.

SkyCity is an R20 Venue

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 11th July 2023 - 17th July 2023 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 32


JointheteamatNewZealand sultimatecollectionoffinedining,consistingof TheGrille&No.5ChurchLane.

Wearelookingforconfident,energeticandexperiencedprofessionals,whostriveto deliverahighstandardofservicetoourguests. Withpermanentandparttimepositionsavailable,wecanalsooffercareergrowth opportunitiesthroughsponsorshipfortherightcandidate.




we’re hiring! venue manager

The Frankton Arm is the Local’s Local. A busy venue with great beer, great food, gaming, sports & a community feel. We’re looking for a Venue Manager to take the reins & really become the heart of the place. You’ll be the kind of person that always puts customers first, loves great beer, enjoys good yarn & makes friends with all the familiar faces with a passion for hospitality.

It’s a job with a lot to it, you’ll be in charge of hitting targets, managing the team, following & implementing procedures, organising functions, preparing KPIs, rostering & managing stock.

Sound like you? To apply please email hr@republicqt.co.nz with a CV & cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

We're looking for a Reception SuperStar!

One of Queenstown's best hostels is looking for a new team member to join our tight-knit family. We thrive on creating a memorable experience for both our guests and our team, and we're looking for people that share our passion for our region.

A successful candidate will enjoy:

• An energetic & dynamic work environment

• Full time role with 32hrs+ per week

• Competitive starting wage / 6-monthly review

• Monthly bonus structure

• Rostering set in advance to enable free-time planning

• The opportunity to work, learn new skills & socialise within a great team

• Opportunities to experience Queenstown's best tours for free!

• Friends & family discounts on accommodation

An ideal candidate for each role will have excellent communication skills, an outgoing personality, a keen eye for detail, and decent computer competency. You'll also need a valid work visa, residency or citizenship.

Please email shaun@absoloot.co.nz with your CV or to find out more about your preferred role!

Looking for STAFF?



Chard Farm, a family-owned winery in Queenstown, is hiring a Cellar Door Manager to oversee their tasting room and related activities. As the Manager, you will lead a team, organize tastings, manage customer orders and develop a Winery Club. Strong organizational and multitasking abilities are required. Previous hospitality experience (2+ yrs), especially in managing a tasting room, is preferred. You should be professional, friendly and able to motivate your team. Knowledge of CRM systems and computer literacy is important. Applicants must be New Zealand residents or have the right to work there. This is a full-time position with a salary based on skill set.

To apply, send your CV to admin@chardfarm.co.nz

STOPBY:DropoffyourCVandmeetusinperson! FINDOUTMORE:www.imperiumcollection.com
Advertise your JOB vacancy with us!


Location: Queenstown.

Job description: General building site cleaning, mixing of mortar, cutting and carrying of masonry blocks.

Working hours: Monday to Friday 7:30 to 4:30.

Driver’s license and own transport essential with some construction experience a plus. Training given for the right candidate.

Wage: dependent on experience.

Visa: the right to work In NZ with possibility of sponsorship for the right candidate. Contact Liam 0278499116

Looking for staff to join our team for the busy winter months!

- Barista

- Allround cafe staff

- (Junior) Breakfast Chef/Cook

- Team leader

- Weekend kitchen hand

- Short term experienced Chef/Cook (1-2 months)

Check out our instagram @marmoladacafeqt to get an impression of our lovely cafe. Contact marmoladacafe@yahoo.com if interested.


Skilled and Unskilled Labourers Traffic Controllers

Looking for casual, temporary or long term work??

Queenstown Personnel and Labour Hire are looking for labourers for a variety of jobs around Queenstown with an immediate start.

Contact Sharleen - 027 778 7377 or email sharleen@qtplabour.co.nz

Building Labourer Wanted

For full time residential building work. Previous experience in the construction industry is required. Competitive hourly rate. Must have full drivers licence and own reliable transport. Good spoken English essential.

Contact Mike on 027 566 3489 or email mikekelly@tahunabuilding.co.nz

Gib Fixer / Construction worker

Hardworking, t and reliable. Construction experience required, we will provide training for the right candidate for a long term role.

Apply with CV to

Centre Manager

We are seeking a dynamic Qualified Early Childhood Teacher for our RIE and Reggio inspired Centre. You will need to be enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, passionate, respectful and be able to lead and work as part of the team.

We have opted into Extended Pay Parity to ensure all our teachers are well respected and able to give their all to our tamariki.

Free parking is provided for our Manager. You will be managing and teaching in a lovely small boutique environment. Please email your cv and covering letter to fran@zigzagzoo.co.nz


Job Description is available on request and any enquiries welcome. All applicants will be treated with confidentiality.

Customer Service Superstar

Seeking a fit, committed, enthusiastic individual to join our SMASHING customer service team!

The successful applicant should be willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for customers and take great pride in their work.

Main duties include:

• SMASHIT collections

• Customer Service

• Cleaning

Applicants must be able to work flexible rostered hours and weekends. Think you’ve got what it takes to SMASHIT?

Email or CV to jobs@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz



$27.68 P/H

Contact: jemma.mcpherson@nz.issworld.com 027 250 7692

Is currently seeking CHEFS / LINE COOKS

$25 per hour to start, potentially more based on experience

If you're interested in joining one of Queenstown's iconic restaurants and bars email your CV to chris@smithscraftbeer.co.nz or apply in person. Valid working visa required.


We require a person to join our small friendly crew at Earnslaw Lodge, Frankton Road. 6/700 meters from town centre.

30 to 40 hours per week over 6 days. Hours are usually from 9.00am until 3.00pm. Position entails servicing and cleaning of motel rooms and common areas.

Physically fit as job requires bending and light lifting. $25.00 per hour

Please email your CV to info@earnslawlodge.co.nz

Chef de Partie

Botswana Butchery is looking for a Chef de Partie to join their team.

Two to three years’ in a similar role with experience in high volume, high quality cooking.

Please contact stefano.demartini@botswanabutchery.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 11th July 2023 - 17th July 2023 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 34

Retail Sales Assistant

Liquorland at Frankton is looking for a Retail Sales Assistant to join their team. Preference will be given to someone with experience in the Liquor industry.

Please email your CV to wakatipu@liquorland.co.nz

Paper Plus Queenstown Airport is looking for a fun, reliable and responsible person to join our team. Retail experience is a plus, but not necessary.

It is important you are able to work in a busy team environment. The role is five consecutive days a week.

If you think this sounds like you, please send your CV to queenstownairport@paperplus.co.nz

Sh��� Y��� Fu���� Wi�� U�

We have incredible opportunities in a variety of roles with shifts and hours that will suit whatever you are looking for across our 3 Queenstown properties.


We have a number of positions for Ski & Snowboard Rental Staff for the coming season.

Previous experience in the Winter sports industry is preferred.

Email CV & references to apply jobs@snowrental.co.nz


Ph 03 450 2920

We have an exciting and challenging opportunity for an experienced UPHOLSTERER to be part of our expanding team based in Queenstown

- Competitive Wages

- Large well equipped workshop

- Opportunity to be part of an awesome team

Email Grant with your cover letter and CV to: manager@queenstowntaxis.com

Queenstown Stopping Services are looking to hire TRAINEE PLASTERERS to join our team. If you would like to learn a trade with a progressive career and you meet the following criteria we would like to hear from you:

• Be willing to commit to at least 2 years

• Have a valid work visa or permanent residency

• Have your own vehicle and full New Zealand drivers license.

• Have a good work ethic and work well in a team.

• Have a good level of physical fitness to work in a fast paced environment

We are a well established local company with a sociable team and can offer competitive hourly pay within the industry.

Please email your CV to queenstownstoppingservices@gmail.com

Hair Salon Assistant

You will be working approx 30 hours per week with weekends off. Participate in salon education and be trained to shampoo and apply luxury treatments.

Must haves are:

• Great customer service skills

• Fabulous personal presentation

• Good eye for cleanliness and detail

• Be able to communicate well in English

You will be working alongside Queenstowns most experienced hairstylists with a large clientele and busy environment where you will be an integral part of our team.

Email to apply to tinafuller@xtra.co.nz


Rydges Lakeland Resort is looking for an experienced Guest service agent to join our busy and enthusiastic Front Office Team. You’ll be a dedicated and service oriented team player who is confident and like to be involved and to be given responsibility.

To be successful in this role you will have superior communication, an eye for detail and enjoy providing excellent customer service and guest experiences.

This is a Full Time position with a guaranteed 30 hours per week. Reporting to the Rooms Division Manager you will assist with the daily operation of the front office and ensure the service provided exceeds our guests expectations.

• Passionate about providing our guests with a great experience

• Previous experience in Front Office operations is desirable, however not essential.

• A high level of attention to detail.

• Excellent communication and guest relation skills.

• Able to handle guest complaints tactfully, maintain the property reputation and gain a favourable outcome for the guest

You must have the legal right to work in New Zealand to apply.

All applicants must be able to commit to a minimum of 1years and be a NZ citizen/resident or hold a valid work visa.

If you believe this to be a suitable position for you, send your C.V to Jeremy_Black@evt.com

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 11th July 2023 - 17th July 2023 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 35

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