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Grove News Winter 2014

Calendar of Events 2014 APRIL



Toronto Alumni Reception


Parents’ Night Out (Peterborough)


Speaker Event (Toronto): Dr. Michael Thompson




Calgary Alumni Reception


Andy Harris Cup Grove Golf Tournament


Vancouver Alumni Reception


23 Toronto Parent Reception 26

1950s Old Boys’ Reunion (LCS) Admissions Open House


Munich Alumni Reception


Munich Alumni Dinner




Alumni Networking Event (Toronto)


Grade 12 Students Opening Day Move-In for Grade 12 Boarders


School Trustees’ Meeting


Day Students (Grades 9-11) Registration


New York Alumni Reception


Boarders (Grades 9-11) Registration & Move-In

23 Volunteer Appreciation Event


Chapel & First Day All Students



Grade 11/12 Parent Reception


Fall Fair/Home to the Grove Reunion Grade 9/10 Parent Reception

Regatta Day


LCS Foundation Trustee Weekend

Lakefield College Trustees 2013/14 School Board Chair Nick Lewis ’77 Past Chair Paul Hickey* Tim Bell ’00 Walter Blackwell ’56 Mary Blair Marilynn Booth Carlo Bos ’94 Andrew Clarke ’85 Stephen Coates ’90 Paul Desmarais III ’00 Peter Dunn ’62 Stephanie Edwards Amanda Ethier ’98 Ann Farlow Jock Fleming ’74

Romina Fontana ’94 Bill Gastle ’68 Janice Green Rick Green Nicole Groves ’93 Jennifer Gruer Sue Guest Terry Guest * Neil Hamilton Alan Ingram Kelsey Ingram ’04 Brett Jackman ’03 Andrew Johnston ’95 Warren Jones ’88 Jaron Kaller ’14 Zack Kembar ’87 Janet Lafortune Kim Little ’53 Ross Little ’81 Hugh Macdonnell ’85

Kevin Malone ’77 Janet Markus Patrick Marshall ’90 James Matthews ’58 Andrea McConnell John McRae ’70 Val McRae John McWilliams ’65 David Miller ’77 Tracy Morley ’93 Bill Morris ’70 Margaret Nelligan Bishop Linda Nicholls Anil Patel ’93 Tony Pullen ’63 Vicki Pullen Sean Quinn ’82 Doug Rishor ’57 Struan Robertson Gretchen Ross

John Ryder ’77 John Schumacher Sheilah Scrocchi Hayley Shortly ’14 Murray Sinclair ’79 Pat Sinka Nancy Smith Scott Smith ’87 John Stelzer ’00 Losel Tethong ’89 Stuart Thompson ’91 Richard Tucker ’77 Travis Turner Tim Ward ’62 Jane Waterous Cara Westcott Chris White ’90 Terry Windrem HRH The Duke of York ’78


John K. Hepburn ’68 Suzanne Legge Orr Honorary Chair Angus MacNaughton ’48 HRH The Duke of Scott McCain York ’78 Andrea McConnell Board Chair Robert McEwen Bill Morris ’70 Rosemary Phelan Kathleen Ramsay Chair Emeritus Donald Ross ’48 Paul Desmarais Jr. ’73 Thomas Ryder ’53 Secretary Géza von Diergardt James Matthews ’58 William Wells ’78 Emilio Azcarraga Jean ’87 Richard Wernham Marilynn Booth Directors in Bold Bruce Boren ’87 * Honorary Alumni Brian Carter * Michael Cooper France Deshaies Lefebvre Jock Fleming ’74 Bernard Gault

FRONT COVER (L-R): Grade 12 students Richie Lee and Alex Hooke-Wood (back) racing at the Lakefield College School Nordic Ski Invitational, January 2014

The Most Important Things in Life Over the past few years, and

Lakefield’s new strategic plan,

go by the wayside. That can be a

especially since my daughters Ava

showcased in this issue and in

painful lesson to learn.

and Violet were born, I have come

subsequent issues of the Grove

to realize that the most important

News, is a testament to the

things in my life are the people in

importance of taking care of


ourselves and each other—both

That realization, and the significance of taking care of

inside our immediate world and beyond.

The Grove’s new strategic plan, nurtured through a careful process of reflection as to what is at the core of the school’s purpose, will no doubt preserve and enhance what the school already does so

family, friends and those that I

And woven into this plan, as noted

well. It’s also a good reminder that

meet along the way, came from the

by Struan Robertson (p.iii), is

each of us could benefit every once

family I was fortunate enough to

a valuable message for all of us

in awhile from reflecting on what

grow up in—one that extends to

to remember: “We need to keep

truly matters in our own day-to-

the people I met during my time at

reminding ourselves to juggle

day lives.

The Grove.

fewer balls and juggle them well

It is why The Grove’s new strategic plan—Our Way / More Intentionally

instead of juggling many balls and dropping them.”

Lakefield—is a fitting title for what

That’s a good philosophy for life.

the school aims to achieve in the

If you spread yourself too thin

decades ahead, and the type of

and try to please everyone and

culture and mindset the school has

accomplish everything you will

cultivated since it first opened its

ultimately let some of the most

doors back in 1879.

important things—and people—

Cameron Ainsworth-Vincze ’96 is a writer, editor and communications specialist who has worked for Maclean’s magazine and the Globe and Mail. He is currently the Manager of Communications for the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada.

Grove News Winter 2014

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ii  |  Grove News Winter 2014


From the Head of School Struan Robertson

Ah, year two, what a difference it makes to know the routine of the school and the magic that happens at

Performance Indicators (KPIs), as that data will come two, five or ten years into the plan. But...we will measure it!

each event during the year. It is also amazing to see how

For each of the next few issues of the Grove News, we will

much grey hair I have sprouted since March 2012 when I

highlight two of the goals of our strategic plan and

became the Head of School at The Grove! The past year

report on our progress and our future plans. The stra-

has provided me with many great memories, including

tegic plan document has many KPIs and other measure-

the passion, love and support for our school and our

ment tools that we regularly report on to the Lakefield


College School and Foundation Boards. We will highlight

Our strategic plan, Our Way /More Intentionally Lakefield, was launched in October 2012 and we are

many of the new initiatives launched as part of the plan and provide as many data points as possible.

proud of our progress to date. After four years of strategic planning, there was great excitement to finally ‘live the plan.’ In some ways, the Leadership Team has been so enthusiastic that they seemed to want to complete a ten-year plan in 365 days! We keep reminding ourselves to juggle fewer balls and juggle them well instead of juggling many balls and dropping them. That is the challenge of change management—reining in excitement for change while maintaining all the parts of Lakefield College School that make it more “intentionally Lakefield.” As a well-known alumnus of The Grove once said to me, “Struan, don’t do it if you aren’t going to measure it.” He was referring to our new strategic plan. His words have stuck with me since that moment—which, I should mention, was in the first few months of my Headship. I share that memory because I learned a lot in my first few months at the school and continue to learn every day. Life-long learning is one of the most important characteristics we can build in our students—the hunger to learn every day and to stop and reflect on their learning.

The circular symbol (above), designed to represent our strategic goals, is a beacon that will guide us as a

It is with his words in mind that we strive to share our

reminder of our mission of continuous improvement at

progress towards achieving the plan, Our Way / More

LCS (we even provided the staff with coffee mugs with

Intentionally Lakefield, with our community—a check-in

the symbol to sit on their desks!).

on the elements of the strategic plan that we are moving forward with and the ones that we are strategically planning for the future. For many of our goals, we will have traditional data to mark our progress. For others, as it is

I hope you enjoy reading about our progress and the incredible work we are doing to make Lakefield College School “more intentionally Lakefield.”

a program-focused plan, we will not be able to measure our progress in a traditional way with clear Key Grove News Winter 2014

| iii

From The Chair Nick Lewis ‘77, Chair of the Board My first meeting as Lakefield College School Board Chair took place in December in the Grove House boardroom where photos of my predecessors adorn the walls, including classmate John Ryder ’77 and his father Tom Ryder ’53, governance structure architect Jeffrey Marshall, current LCS Foundation Chair Bill Morris ’70, first female chair Marilynn Booth and

Foundation HRH The Duke of York ’78 as a member of our class—his contribution to The Grove cannot be overstated. We have tried to recruit Paul Hickey to join our year, but we are told the Class of 1983 outbid us with cash and prizes. The Lakefield College School Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of LCS. In fulfilling this role, the board oversees, and is responsible

assorted other LCS luminaries who have held the office

for, management of the school. There are up to 18

since the first chair was elected in 1955. It is a privilege

members, each of whom must be a school trustee.

to join this group of distinguished LCS volunteers, not

Three new members joined this fall, past parent (three

to mention immediate past chair and newest honorary

times over) Ann Farlow, current parent Neil Hamilton

alumnus, Paul Hickey—photo pending!

and alumnus Carlo Bos ’94, bringing our complement

I spent five wonderful years at the school and am very proud to be a member of the Class of 1977. Many of my classmates continue to be involved in the school community. Kevin Malone and David Miller are trustees and John Ryder and Richard Tucker sit on the

to the maximum. It is a talented, diverse and dedicated group and I can assure you our school is very well served. As a student, I was aware that there was a board of governors and that there was some sort of “long range

board. Since he attended LCS during our graduating

plan” for the school. I also recall being reminded

year, we have adopted Honorary Chair of the LCS

at assembly to be on our best behaviour when the

iv  |  Grove News Winter 2014

governors were on campus, but no consideration was

many respects, from the values we foster to our unique

given to student involvement in board proceedings.

governance structure and phenomenal fundraising

The board of governors has since morphed into


separate school and foundation boards of directors with each body pursuing a carefully crafted and ambitious strategic plan, and student participation is now the highlight of Trustees’ Days. I never fail to be impressed with the character and insights of our student leaders; no need to remind this generation to be on their best behaviour!

LCS is a participant in the CAIS Collaborative Boarding Project which seeks to enhance the profile of the boarding experience both domestically and internationally. Current Head of School Struan Robertson and former Head of School David Hadden featured prominently in discussions at this year’s conference. One of the priority issues for member

The school was in a very good place in 1977 under Head

boarding schools is affordability. Struan has also

of School Terry Guest and is in a very good place in

taken a leadership role in fostering closer collaboration

2014 under Struan Robertson and his leadership team.

by member schools. To complement the good work

Great progress is being made in implementing the Our

of CAIS in this area, and advance Lakefield College

Way / More Intentionally Lakefield strategic plan on

School’s approach, an LCS board committee has been

many fronts.

established under the leadership of Paul Hickey with a

There are six goals of the strategic plan: World Renowned, Inspiring, Challenging, Connected, Enduring

mandate to develop a mid- to long-range affordability strategy for a Grove education.

and 24/7 (no one has come up with an effective

CAIS schools are accredited every seven years to

mnemonic; suggestions welcome!). At the December

ensure they meet national standards and our next turn

board meeting, the migration to a Mac-based academic

comes up in the 2014/15 school year. The accreditation

program was unanimously approved, an important

kick-off meeting took place in January at the school

step forward in pursuit of the Connected goal. Progress

and local board members and I joined Struan and his

is also being made with capital projects. Construction

team to welcome CAIS representatives. The process

of a new residence is scheduled to start in June, the first

involves a self-evaluation and promotes collaborative

of a series of projects slated for the 2012-2022 planning

improvement and has proven in the past to be

period which includes a second residence, expansion

beneficial to our school. More to follow in a future

of Winder Smith Dining Hall and three science labs

Grove News.

and planning for waterfront development. Given this ambitious agenda, it is fitting that a new joint management/board committee has been established to develop a comprehensive procurement, risk management and oversight policy for major projects, leveraging the experience gained in the recent past with Cooper House and Hadden Hall.

At trustee and board meetings we talk frequently about values. A lot has changed at LCS since 1977, let alone 1879, and a lot more will change by The Grove’s sesquicentennial in 2029, but I’m confident the school’s mission and core values remain constant. For that reason, I was slightly concerned when the decision was made to engage trustees and Grade 12 students

As Lakefield College School Board Chair, I have the

in a re-examination of LCS values at the October 2012

opportunity to attend the annual Heads and Chairs

Trustees’ Meeting. My concern was ill-founded. As

Conference of the Canadian Accredited Independent

recounted by Struan in the Grove News Summer 2013,

Schools (CAIS). CAIS is the national organization for

the results are impressive: a refreshed Learning value,

the best independent schools and most of the leaders

a revised Healthy, Caring Community value and a brand

of its 93 member schools attend the event. At my first

new Environmental Stewardship value—all of which

conference in October, it was immediately apparent

were endorsed by trustees at the October 2013 meeting.

that Lakefield College School is held in very high

This revitalization of school values contributes to

esteem in the independent school community and

the Enduring goal and provides a solid foundation

considered to be one of the top two or three boarding

for further advances in Our Way / More Intentionally

schools in the country. We have clearly “got it right” in

Lakefield. Grove News Winter 2014

| v

Bruce McMahon leads Grade 11 students in a simulated archaeological dig as part of their Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology course

vi  |  Grove News Winter 2014

School Highlights


Measuring Progress Every Step of the Way


Guardians of The School—Trustees Update 2013/14


Grove Roots Mentoring Program


Host an International Student: Forge New Friendships and a Lifetime of Memories


Recognizing Exemplary Service: LCS Alumni Induct Newest Honorary Member


Monty Bull ’37: The Story Behind the Man and the Award


Class News


In Memory of Peter Wilkes ’45


Remembering John Bennett ’59


In Our Memories


LCS Foundation—Donor Recognition and Fundraising Report 2012/13


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Grove News Winter 2014

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School Highlights Brighton Beach Memoirs This year’s Fall Play was Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon. Set during the Depression in Brooklyn, New York, the play explores the complexity of family— the comedy, the tragedy…and everything in between. Directed by Greg MacPherson and starring a brilliant cast—Noah Lehman ’15, Tatiana Baizer ’14, Elisha Sarkis ’14, Jeff Howe ’14, Jodie Sloan ’14, Mary Dunn ’15 and Juliette Polito ’17—the show had four very successful nights with very appreciative

The second part of the program involved two members of the Shaw team coming to the school to lead workshops to assist the LCS cast and crew involved in the Fall Play. The program offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for high school students to see how a professional theatrical production is put together. Many thanks to school trustee Nancy Smith for this wonderful opportunity.

1st Boys’ Soccer Team Wins Gold The 1st Boys’ Soccer team won the gold medal in


the CISAA Championships on a shoot-out win in

LCS 1st Teams Capture Silver at Lake Placid Tournament The 1st Girls’ and 1st Boys’ Hockey teams played their hearts out at the annual Lake Placid Tournament this winter and came home with a well-deserved silver place for both teams.

Students Explore Careers Career Day 2013 began with keynote speaker Shane Smyth ’96, Executive Director, External Relations for the LCS Foundation, who spoke on the topic of looking for passion in one’s career. Following his talk, students had the opportunity to attend two workshops of their choice led by LCS alumni and guests representing various careers. Thank you to all of our guest speakers: Sara Cooper ’06, David Forster ’01, Jennifer Macko ’03, Sarah McCain ’05, Eric Uhlmann ’04, Katie Uhlmann ’05, John Reynold ’60, Steve Williams and Dr. Michael Munoz.

Off to the Shaw Festival For the third year running, the cast and crew of the Fall Play participated in a two-day residency program at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This program allows students interested in the dramatic arts not only to see theatre as members of the audience, but also to learn about how theatre works backstage—from the rehearsal process with actors, to all things technical with members of the Shaw technical team.

2  |  Grove News Winter 2014

both the semi-finals and the finals. End-of-season awards were given to Craig Stark ’15 (Most Improved Player), Rob Thomson ’14, Dane Armstrong ’15 (Most Valuable Player: The Hayman-Jones Award) and Keifer Stevenson ’14 (Ingram Award).

International Independent Schools Public Speaking Championship Charles-Erik Richer La Fleche ’14 and Noah Lehman ’15 competed in the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Championship (IISPSC) this fall in King City, Ontario. They competed against schools from as far away as India, Peru, Bermuda and Germany in multiple events including Parliamentary Debate, Impromptu Speaking, AfterDinner Speech and Interpretive Reading. Noah Lehman moved onto the finals and placed second overall in the Interpretive Reading category.

LCS Welcomed Award Winning Authors to Mentor Students The Literary Affairs program hosted the second annual Literary Festival for LCS students and local secondary schools. Students attended workshops to improve their writing skills, working with several successful Canadian writers: Camilla Gibb, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer and Adam Sol. (Opposite) Top - bottom: Cast and crew of the Brighton Beach Memoirs, 1st Boys’ Soccer Champions, Debating team members: Noah Lehman ’15 and Charles-Erik Richer La Fleche ’14 with LCS debating coach Jennifer Browne, author Adam Sol chats with LCS students

Grove News Winter 2014

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4  |  Grove News Winter 2014

School Highlights New Outdoor Learning Space at LCS A tipi was erected this fall on the northern end of

Trotchine ’13 qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award.

campus just past Andy Harris Field. Sponsored by the

Yiwei Xia ’13 also qualified for the National Scholar

Grove Society, with support from the Marsden Circles,

Award: Canada, by earning top scores on all his AP

this learning space embodies many of the values of LCS

exams, while Deborah Trotchine ’13, qualified for the

that support our mission. The 15 tipi poles represent

AP International Diploma. The Advanced Placement

values such as strength, humility, respect, love, faith

International Diploma (APID) is a globally recognized

and kinship. Beyond the symbolism of the tipi itself,

certificate for students with an international outlook.

this space will be used to foster an understanding and

The APID challenges a student to display exceptional

appreciation of First Nations and Aboriginal people.

achievement on AP Exams across several disciplines.

The tipi was constructed under the guidance of, and

Universities worldwide utilize the APID in admissions.

will be used with respect and sensitivity toward, local First Nations people and traditions and will help LCS to deliver experiential learning opportunities to students and staff related to the rich Aboriginal cultures in our region.

A Movember to Remember This past November, many LCS students and staff participated in Movember—a month-long, moustachegrowing competition/campaign to raise awareness and

Alumnus Evan Hadfield ’03 Returns to LCS Lakefield College School proudly welcomed alumnus Evan Hadfield ’03 to the school in October. Evan’s life and career have been both interesting and varied

funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer. Those involved successfuly raised approximately $9,000 for the cause. More important, they raised awareness around men’s health issues and how to keep our “Mo Bros” healthy.

since his graduation—he is a perfect example of a 21st century experiential learner. Best known recently as the social media marketing director for his father, Col. Chris Hadfield, Evan addressed the school population and shared his views on how he was prepared to take on a career that was outside of his training—a career that didn’t exist when he attended school. He encouraged students to take risks, experience life and be open to new opportunities.

Leading Junior Rider in Ontario, 2013 Adrien Vilcini ’15 qualified (at the 1.4m height) to attend the Canadian National Finals at the Royal Winter Fair—the youngest competitor in the division—and finished 5th overall. Adrien also finished second overall in Ontario at the 1.3m height. He has earned the title of Leading Junior Rider in Ontario for 2013.  Congratulations Adrien!

Scholarly Excellence Awards LCS students demonstrated academic excellence

Winter Play a Success!

in earning Advanced Placement Scholar Awards in

In February, 31 drama students ranging from Grades 9-12

recognition of their exceptional achievement on the

worked hard to produce the second-ever Winter Play:

2013 Advanced Placement Exams. 18 students qualified

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

for the AP Scholar Award: Matthew Betteto ’13, Arynne

as performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton

Boyes ’13, Timothy Chan ’13, Ian Cooke ’13, Kareem

under the direction of the Marquis de Sade. The unique

El-Baradie ’13, Natalie Green ’13, Lea Hermanns ’13,

play was directed by alumnus and staff member Jordan

Kayden Kaller ’13, Dee-Dee Laski ’13, Lambert

Muise ’08 who had all eighteen actors and five musicians

Lefebvre ’13, Connor Mahony ’13, Daisy O’Neill ’13,

remain onstage for the full 75 minutes of the production,

Stephanie Paoli ’13, Bilaal Rajan ’13, John Russell ’13,

creating a piece that was truly ensemble driven.

Jesse Sarkis ’13, Maya Sibbald ’13 and Will Thomson ’13. Three students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honour Award: Jackie Orr ’13, Josh Walker ’13 and Millie Yates

(Opposite) Top - bottom: Students supporting Movember, New Tipi at Lakefield College School, guest speaker Evan Hadfield ’03 visits The Grove, the cast and crew of the Winter Play

’13. Ben Birrell ’13, Yiwei Xia ’13 and Deborah Grove News Winter 2014

| 5


g rin u nd



te d

Measuring Progress Every Step of the Way Of the six goals of Lakefield College School’s strategic plan

A major aspect of the Enduring

Our Way / More Intentionally Lakefield, the Enduring and

goal is to focus on the Mission,

Connected goals refer to aspects of the school’s program

Vision and Core Values of Lakefield

and culture that range from the very personal (heart and

College School. We remind the

soul) to the very global (teaching citizens of the world).

community that while the Mission

The two goals articulate a direction for the school that

of LCS remains timeless, our Core

strives to ensure LCS endures and thrives as a healthy and

Values were written more than

happy community of diverse learners (students and staff )

15 years ago—we wanted to re-

connected to each other, and the world beyond LCS, as

examine them and ensure they

positive contributors to society.

reflected Lakefield College School

Since the launch of the strategic plan, the school has

for the next 10 years.

moved forward on key areas outlined within both the

At the October 2012 Trustees’

Enduring and Connected goals. What follows are some

Meeting, the trustees and Grade

brief highlights of our achievements to date.

12 students came together to discuss the Six Core Values of


Lakefield College School. What

Our Enduring goal states that Lakefield College School

value of Trust is our most timeless

will “deliver the resources (financial, human and

value. However, it also became

environmental) required to achieve the plan and protect

clear that the Learning value

our culture.”

described as “A disciplined study

was immediately clear was that the

of the evolving state of human Specifics of this goal are:

knowledge and the methods of

1. To be more intentionally LCS—by preserving the

inquiry used to establish this

culture and broadly instilling the values (mind, body, spirit)

2. To continue to develop a sustainable/adaptable

financial model

3. To raise the necessary funds to meet the needs

knowledge,” no longer reflected the type of learning expressed in Our Way / More Intentionally Lakefield nor did it reflect values of 21st Century learning. Another observation from the students and trustees was that LCS was lacking

of the plan

a seventh, very important value:

4. To ensure we have the human capital to realize the

an environmental one.

goals of the strategic plan

Our Grade 12 students took the

5. To ensure LCS has environmental standards for all

feedback of the trustees and set

buildings, programs and practices

6 | Grove News Winter 2014

forth to re-write the Learning value and create a new Environmental

“Our promise is to put people first and to instill pride so that they may leave their own mark and continue to build the legacy that is Lakefield.” OUR WAy / MORE INTENTIONALLy LAKEFIELD

Stewardship value. During this journey, the school’s Safe Spaces Club highlighted an area of the Healthy, Caring Community value that they felt needed to be updated: A balanced lifestyle that fosters a belief in the dignity and worth of all individuals while encouraging interdependence, tolerance, involvement in school activities and appreciation of diversity. The students’ suggestions were presented to the trustees in May 2013 who again provided valuable

Our Mission “To challenge and enable students to reach their individual potential in mind, body and spirit”

feedback. At the October 2013 Trustees’ Meeting, the Grade 12 students presented their revised Learning and Healthy Caring Community values as well as the new Environmental Stewardship value which were strongly endorsed by

Our Seven Core Values Our progressive and caring community is committed to a process of learning and growth in an environment that embraces and instills the following core values:

Education of the Whole Person Trust A commitment to the broad development of the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical qualities needed to lead a fulfilling life

the trustees. In addition to the review of the Lakefield College School values,

Healthy, Caring Community The belief in the dignity and worth of all individuals. We embrace diversity; we encourage empathy, acceptance and a balanced lifestyle

A shared belief in the moral strength, character and reliability of each member of our community that results in feelings of mutual confidence and mutual respect


and Chapel Program to reflect its

Environmental Stewardship

By celebrating the unique gifts and qualities brought by the individual to the community, we encourage the development of personal values in the context of responsibility to the community and to oneself

position as the “heart and soul”

Through our unique campus and programs, our students are inspired to become leaders with a commitment to global environmental stewardship


another aspect of the Enduring goal was to revitalize the Chaplain

of The Grove. This was the topic of the May 2013 Trustees’ Meeting —trustees and Grade 12 students met to share and compare the role of the Chapel in their LCS lives. It was a very engaging discussion for all involved and highlighted

Citizenship Through service to others and the development of leadership skills, we encourage our students to become thoughtful, constructive and contributing members of the local and global community

By engaging in a variety of meaningful learning experiences, LCS encourages curiosity, promotes collaborative problem solving, and instills an enduring passion for life-long learning

the importance of the role of the Chaplain in the life of the school —focusing on the unique fit and Grove News Winter 2014

| 7

“Lakefield has a track record of excellence in creating bold yet prudent plans, and seeing them through to completion. We have a history of exceeding our fundraising targets ahead of schedule.” OUr Way / More Intentionally Lakefield

special needs for a Chaplain within an independent boarding school environment. The school has started the search for a new Chaplain in collaboration with the Anglican Diocese and Bishop for our area—LCS Trustee Bishop Linda Nicholls. We hope to have a new Chaplain in place for September 2014. Over the next 10 years, LCS seeks to raise $100 million in cash and pledges. This is a lofty goal, but one we feel is attainable. In our previous strategic plan, Securing Our Future 2002-2012, we sought to raise $30M. Thanks to the amazing support of our generous community, we raised more than $66M in cash, pledges and planned giving commitments directly contributing to the successful completion of numerous capital projects, significant program enhancements, increased financial assistance awards ($1.6M annually ) and the unprecedented growth of our endowment. Formed in 2006, The Lakefield College School Foundation played an integral role in this success. The LCS endowment has surpassed more than

Emma Haight ’98

8  |  Grove News Winter 2014

$22M and in the past year we have raised $20.6M in

Since the launch of Our Way / More Intentionally

cash and pledges. Wow!

Lakefield, the school has taken big steps to close the

I invite you to read over the Lakefield College School Foundation Donor Recognition and Fundraising Report (p.29) to see the amazing success and future initiatives that are planned. The Grove continues to move the school’s goals forward as the highlights of our progress in achieving “Our Way”—through the Enduring goal—illustrate. We invite you to continue to share in our progress and future initiatives planned for the coming years. Thank you for your amazing support of The Grove.

IT gap: making the campus wireless, upgrading all our servers, expanding our use of cloud storage and switching to Google Apps. Looking ahead to the 2014/15 school year, Lakefield College School will be a Mac-based school. All students and teachers will receive a MacBook Air and all support staff will use iMacs. We believe this will signify an important migration both to our community and to our progress towards achieving “Our Way.” The Mac platform has long been preferred by our students and fits with the program focus of our


strategic plan and the 21st century skills that we seek

The Connected goal, outlined in our strategic plan,


to intentionally impart on our graduates. Key aspects

focuses on two parts:


Integrated Technology (IT) at LCS


How we are connecting our students and

k Able to accommodate all learning styles k Easily adaptable for classroom, group

collaboration and individual use

community with an ever-changing global world When LCS was last accredited by CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools) in 2007, one of the identified areas for growth was in IT. During the strategic planning process, LCS hired two external, independent consultants to audit our IT program and prepare reports outlining our strengths and areas for growth. Their report identified important areas for growth in IT; hence it was included as an important part of one of the six goals of the school’s strategic plan.

k More resilient construction k Security against viruses k Extended battery life k Full suite of software including multimedia

creation tools

Another important aspect of this change resulted from feedback received from our parents over the annual IT fee of $1,250. With the change to Mac laptops, students will be charged a one-time fee of

“We will intentionally foster 21st-century learning skills and strategies, such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, risk-taking, reflection, imagination, initiative and global mindedness.”

OUr Way / More Intentionally Lakefield Grove News Winter 2014

| 9

“We will leverage the latest technology and expand our learning to reach across borders and around the globe. We will build programs of distinction that will be recognized far and wide for their unparallelled learning experiences.” OUr Way / More Intentionally Lakefield

$2,900 and will own their Macs

community on our IT progress over

South Africa, Spain, Thailand and

when they leave/graduate. We

the coming months.

Scotland and hosted 15 students

believe this is a benefit both to the students and parents.

An important part of the Connected

from eight countries.

goal includes engendering in our

It is also worth mentioning that

Our new IT Director, Brian Turner,

students a global mindedness—

in the past year, we’ve sent 40

started at LCS in September 2013.

preparing them with confidence for

students and six LCS staff members

Brian was formerly the IT Director

globally connected lives. This past

on international service projects to

at the American Community

year we sent 12 students to Round

Costa Rica, Ecuador and Thailand.

School in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Brian

Square Conferences, 12 students on

Our Admissions team travelled

looks forward to updating the

exchanges to Australia, Denmark

many kilometres around the

10  |  Grove News Winter 2014

world last year to more than 20

“[LCS] Students learn in ways they never imagined. They learn through the

countries promoting the school.

relationships they build...they learn through international opportunities and

The international students at LCS represent over 28 different

expeditions to fascinating corners of the world. They learn from teachers

countries. Our LCS Foundation

who know them on a level that’s difficult to imagine.”

team travelled 52,345 kms to new

OUr Way / More Intentionally Lakefield

markets including hosting events in Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain) and Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo). In the Grove News Summer 2013, we mentioned that the LCS Grove Society (parent and alumni association) partnered with our Communications Office to launch the Grove Roots Mentoring Program with plans to support and connect alumni throughout the world (p.13). The school is working with staff, alumni and parent volunteers around the globe to engage and support the school through social, professional and mentoring opportunities. We look forward to continuing to support these initiatives. As you can see, we have made progress with several exciting initiatives related to the school’s Connected and Enduring strategic goals. We look forward to sharing more with you over the coming months about how these initiatives are impacting the learning of our students. STRUAN ROBERTSON (Opposite) LCS students on the 2013 Round Square preconference in Cuba being oriented to Wild Cuba: Havana and the Isle of Youth projects by a Professor at the Centro de Investigaciones Marinas (CIM), University of Havana (Right) Students learning from local children while visiting a small community at the foot of Mt. Chimborazo during the 2013 Equador/Galapagos Service Project

Grove News Winter 2014

| 11

Guardians of the School—Trustees Update 2013/14 On Saturday, October 26, 2013 LCS celebrated Trustees’ Day and enthusiastically welcomed both school and foundation trustees back to The Grove. Trustees enjoyed the perspective of Dr. Michael Thompson, a consultant, author and psychologist specializing in children and families, and co-author of Home Sick and Happy: How Time Away From Parents Can Help a Child Grow. Trustees had the opportunity to hear from our students on the revitalization of the statement of values: the Learning, Healthy Caring Community and newly added Environmental Stewardship value, and lastly to engage in an experiential leadership exercise with our students. At the annual meetings of the trustees, ten members of the LCS community were elected as school trustees (below) and two as foundation trustees (p.44). We would like to extend a very warm welcome to each of them and thank them for their support and commitment to LCS and the LCS Foundation.


Andrew Johnston ’95

Sheilah Scrocchi

Owner, Tim Hortons Franchises Peterborough

Faculty Representative, LCS

Paul Desmarais III ’00

Co-Head Student, LCS

Vice President and COO Concepts in Data Management Inc. London, ON

Assistant VP, Enterprise Risk Management Great West Life, Toronto

Kelsey Ingram ’04 President, Grove Society Alumni Chapter Toronto

12  |  Grove News Winter 2014

Jaron Kaller ’14 Bishop Linda Nicholls Anglican Diocese of Toronto Toronto

Hayley Shortly ’14 Co-Head Student, LCS

Pat Sinka Staff Representative, LCS

Cara Westcott President, Grove Society Parent Chapter Lakefield

Top 6 Reasons Why you Should Join the Grove Roots Mentoring Program 1.

Get the support you need to achieve your goals in 2014!

into a network of over 100 mentors (and growing) who volunteer 2. Tap their time and support our alumni—thank you Grove Roots Mentors! matched with the best person to support your professional and life 3. Be goals.

4. mentors and mentees who include alumni, parents, alumni parents, The Grove Roots Mentoring Program represents a diverse group of

faculty and staff and together they bring experience from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions and industries.


Our reach is unlimited, we’ve already identified mentors in the U.S., Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Canada to support our alumni. View the growing list at


you will love being a part of Grove Roots either as a mentor or mentee! We welcome you to join us and continue to develop the best mentoring program for our alumni. To learn about what it means to be a mentor or mentee and to register please visit

“ I am extremely happy with my Grove Roots match! Nicole has already

provided me so much guidance. She’s introduced me to different, previously

unconsidered, options for post-grad work and schooling and offered opinions on my résumé, possible Masters programs, and certifications. Before my

match with Nicole, I wasn’t sure where I was going to land upon my graduation in April. Now I feel a lot more positive about my career options in the future. I could not be happier with my mentor match!

” Olivia Saccucci ’09

Grove News Winter 2014

| 13

Host an International Student

Forge New Friendships and a Lifetime of Memories In the last issue of the Grove News, Grove Society President Rick Green shared that the Grove Society exists for all constituents of Lakefield College School—alumni, parents (current and alumni), staff, students and friends. One of the main goals of the Grove Society is outreach and engagement—they exist to support the school in supporting constituents. In order to meet the needs of the two largest groups within the LCS community—alumni and parents—the Grove Society established the Alumni Chapter and the Parent Chapter. Kelsey Ingram ’04 (President of the Alumni Chapter) and Cara Westcott (President of the Parent Chapter) oversee a growing group of volunteers to support Lakefield College School and its constituents through outreach and events. There are many ways to get involved, including attending or helping to organize events, providing mentoring support, acting as an ambassador of LCS or perhaps welcoming a new family. One way to get involved and support the school and students directly is to invite an LCS student into your home. Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a city as big as Mexico City? Or maybe it seems impossible that people live in a country as small as Bermuda. Have you ever wanted to learn Swahili, or how to write in beautiful Chinese script? While some may take to the Internet or books for this information, members of the LCS community can gain knowledge first hand by simply looking to their peers. With 28 countries represented at LCS, a cultural exchange means much more than a term abroad. Each day offers an opportunity for cultural exchange as we live, work, learn and share with each other. When boarding students want to take a break, unplug and recharge, the comforts of home beckon them. For the school’s approximately 95 international and 45 Canadian expatriate students, constraints of time and distance may prevent them from going home, but the generosity of our community provides them with a home away from home.

14  |  Grove News Winter 2014

Alumni Parent Stephanie Edwards says, “The idea of

Those promises were kept with Skype chats and emails

hosting LCS international students came to me the

sent around the world as the girls went off to university

year our daughter, Zoe [Edwards] ’09, spent a gap year

but remained in touch.

travelling. So many people contributed to the success of Zoe’s experience—her international classmates put her up, sometimes for weeks, in Germany, France, Holland and Spain. We wanted to do the same for other students.”

“Three of the girls got together and created the most beautiful, touching scrapbook of their time with us to give to Michael, who was losing his fight with cancer. Risako brought it to us personally when she visited in February of 2013, three months before he died. What

During the November break in 2009, Stephanie and her

started as a wish to give back the hospitality so many

husband Michael hosted four girls, all of whom spoke

had given our daughter, ended up as an extraordinary

different languages. Although the girls barely knew

gift to our family.”

each other and had never met Michael or Stephanie, the Edwards quickly discovered that food is a universal language that brings people together. Stephanie recalls that with a mix of ethnic foods, childhood stories and laughter, “over those six days we all learned about each other and developed a relationship that flourishes to this day.”

If you would like to volunteer in this special way, and open your home to a boarding student, contact the Grove Society—there are various ways to support. Whether opening your house for a “Sunday Dinner” or hosting students during a “Vacation Weekend,” you give back to the school in a way that truly has an immediate impact on student lives and, as Stephanie recalls, “if you

That was just the start of Stephanie and Michael opening

have the opportunity to host LCS international students

their home to LCS students; the students they hosted

for a dinner or a holiday—do it. Whatever effort you

became part of the family. When one such student,

expend will be returned to you tenfold in relationships

Risako Tamura ’12, graduated, “She came back to the

you won’t experience any other way.”

house with her Mom for a final visit. It was the last page of a long wonderful story, and none of us wanted it to end. There were quite a few tears and many promises to see each other again.”

For more information on how you can host a student, contact Michelle Kosloff ( or go to

(Opposite) LCS boarding and exchange students from around the world enjoying hosted homecooked dinners

Grove News Winter 2014

| 15

Recognizing Exemplary Service LCS Alumni Induct Newest Honorary Member Periodically throughout The Grove’s recent history, individuals who are not an alumnus/a of the school, but have shown extraordinary commitment to the LCS community, have been awarded the prestigious title of Honorary Alumnus/a of Lakefield College School. Nominations are accepted by the Grove Society and considered by an Alumni Committee of the Grove Society. At the Grove Society Alumni Dinner in November, Grove Society Alumni Chapter President Kelsey Ingram ’04, announced the induction of Paul Hickey as an Honorary Alumnus of Lakefield College School.

Honorary Alumni of LCS Dr. Rosalind Barker Neil Blair Katie Brown Brian Carter Mike Chellew Peter Dalglish John Dunlop Bob Goebel Terry Guest David Hadden Susan Hadden Goodith Heeney Paul Hickey Ted Ingram Lois Keller Winnifred Lampman Jeffrey Marshall Jack Matthews Dr. Alexander McCubbin Bid Milligan John Milligan Ken Sunderland David Walsh Ben Whitney 16  |  Grove News Winter 2014

Paul’s relationship with the school “officially” began in 2004 when he enrolled his daughters Jane Hickey ’10 and Nora Hickey ’12. However, his love of Lakefield College School can be traced back almost 35 years ago to when he first met Grove Boys Ian Armstrong ’83, Tony Harris ’82, John Ridpath ’84 and Ron Pearson ’82 on the green at the Peterborough Golf Club. While introducing Paul at the Alumni Dinner this past fall, Ian Armstrong ’83 joked, “It was then, I am sure, that Paul thought us Lakefield College School kids were kinda cool—for all of us were athletic, wonderful golfers, and fun to be around. Then, when Paul became a member of the professional staff at the club, he got to meet Andy Harris ’44 and Bob Armstrong; again, athletic, wonderful golfers, and very cool adults—teachers and coaches at The Grove. ‘Wow—what a great place that Lakefield must be,’ Paul thought to himself.” During the past ten years, Paul’s involvement with LCS has been extensive. He was asked to be a school trustee in 2005. He has contributed his marketing expertise on many projects including It Was the Best Day of My Life campaign and, more recently, the strategic plan Our Way / More Intentionally Lakefield. He has provided leadership to the school in various ways including chairing the Search Committee for the New Head of School, and serving as a member of the Finance and Governance Committees where he supported three Heads of School (as Vice-Chair, Chair and now Past-Chair). Paul is a strong advocate as an LCS ambassador and for all of his contributions, the Grove Society was pleased to give him this honour. (Above) Kelsey Ingram ’04 announces the induction of Paul Hickey as an Honorary Alumnus of Lakefield College School

Monty Bull ’37: The Story Behind the Man and the Award Amidst the pleasures and emotions of Closing Ceremonies at Lakefield College School each June, there is always one award that causes a moment of reflection as its citation is read: The Monty Bull Award : There was once a Grove student whose quality was his love of life. He lived with a refreshing enthusiasm for whatever action life brought his way. He joined this action with a smile, not caring whether he would win or lose. He inspired others with his generous spirit. He gave his life that others might live as he had enjoyed so much living. And while decades have passed since the death of

Photo Credit: Sjoerd de Vries

Monty Bull ’37 during the Second World War, the residents of a small village in the Netherlands showed

“He lived with a refreshing enthusiasm for whatever

last year that they had not forgotten his sacrifice.

action life brought his way. He joined this action with a

On April 30, 2013, the residents of IJlst (pronounced Aylst) honoured Roland Montgomery (Monty) Bull in a

smile, not caring whether he would win or lose.”

solemn ceremony honouring his death there on April 10, 1943. It was on that spring day when a Mosquito plane of the 410th Royal Canadian Air Force Squadron, piloted by John Edward Leach and navigated by Monty Bull, flew into the skies over IJlst looking to attack the occupying German forces. The Mosquito was shot

The memorial was unveiled before the whole town, with Daphne and John Leach’s niece given a wreath to lay, after which a band played O Canada and the Dutch national anthem. “It was difficult keeping a stiff upper lip,” says Daphne, “It was a profoundly emotional moment.”

down, crashing in a pasture of a farm just beyond the

After the unveiling, there was another ceremony in the

railway station. Both members of the crew were buried

cemetery nearby, where the two Canadian airmen are

with full military honours by the occupying army in

the only military personnel buried. An 80-year-old man

the cemetery at IJlst on April 12, 1943.

spoke of witnessing the crash as a child, and a young

In recent years, a local initiative emerged to establish a permanent memorial to the two flyers. Family relative

girl read a poem; this was followed by Daphne reading the John Gillespie Magee poem High Flight.

Daphne Elwick was fortunate enough to be in IJlst the

As Daphne comments, “The whole process was

day the monument to the two flyers was unveiled and

amazing and we couldn’t get over the attention to

the memorial ceremony held.

detail that was given to the event and the interest of

“The memorial was covered with a Canadian flag for

people in the town.”

the unveiling, but the artist was there and showed it to

News of the ceremony was treasured by Monty’s first

us while explaining its intent. The Mosquito is perched

cousin once removed, Hugh Macdonnell ’85, a current

on the tip of an airplane’s nose cone coming up out

Lakefield College School Trustee.

of the ground and the little plane is about to take off again, heading home to England.”

TOM MILBURN Grove News Winter 2014

| 17

Class News 1940s An active community volunteer, Bob Fleming ’43 lives in Kingston Ontario where he continues to contribute illustrated feature columns to the Kingston Whig Standard. In fact, over the past 16 years Bob’s byline has appeared more than 100 times. In April, Bob will be heading over to the U.K. to join twin brother Louis Fleming ’43 to celebrate their 89th birthday together. Sandy MacTaggart ’44 recently hosted David Bowker ’72 and his wife, at

Great Fun Coming Home to The Grove

Sandy’s winter home in the Bahamas. Sandy gave them a tour of The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park of which

This year’s Home to The Grove Reunion was a record breaker!

Sandy is a supporter. David recounts,

The Grove was alive with activity during the school’s annual reunion this fall when more than 150 alumni, from all over the globe, joined us on campus!

“Sandy is a fabulous raconteur with a

Alumni connected and shared reminiscences, were whisked off to sports games, enjoyed a BBQ lunch, the bake sale and the basket auction while their visiting little ones were entertained at the children’s centre. Many alumni ventured off on student-led campus tours to witness all that has changed (and stayed the same) in their years away and to share stories with current students and each other. The day ended for many with a reception hosted by Head of School Struan Robertson and his wife Jennifer, a special dinner in the dining hall, slide shows and much laughter.

tremendous collection of stories to tell.”

1950s Rae Charters ’54 and his daughter Julie stopped by The Grove for a visit. They toured the campus and caught up with Reverend John Runza and Hayley Shortly ’14, the daughter of one of Rae’s friends. Hayley is one of this year’s CoHead Students at LCS.

1970s Canoe North Adventures, owned by Lin and Al Pace ’77, won two major awards at the 2014 Frozen Globe Awards! The Frozen Globe Awards recognize outstanding business achievements throughout the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. Canoe North Adventures was honoured as the North West Territories Entrepreneur of the Year and then, the top award of the night, the Northern Entrepreneur of the Year!

(Above) The Class of 2003 had the largest number of alumni (43) returning home to The Grove for their reunion (Below) Members of The Class of ’98 enjoying their visit during Home to The Grove Reunion

18  |  Grove News Winter 2014

Bob Fleming ’43

Sandy McTaggart ’44 and David Bowker ’72

Members of the Class of 1973 reunited recently at the Urquhart cottage. Back row: (L-R) Don Maher, Phil Hermitte, Phil Tuck, Thornley Stoker, Doug Bunker, Stuart Wrathall, Scott Blackburn, Sandy Robertson,Tom Gastle, Francis Ronald, Grant Irwin. Seated: (L-R) Ian Whitton, John Shuter, Chris Mather, Mark McLean. Missing is Daryl Urquhart (behind the camera). Bill Reddick ’77 recently opened Reddick Studio Porcelain in Peterborough. He most often works “with high-fired translucent English porcelain. He also creates stoneware pieces which evoke the Japanese wood fired ceramic tradition.”

Rev. John Runza, Rae Charters ’54 and daughter Julie with Hayley Shortly ’14

1980s Be sure to purchase the new $10 Canadian coin featuring the artwork of Tony Harris ’82. Launched in January 2014 by The Royal Canadian Mint, the coin celebrates 100 Years of Champions . Tom Barnett ’85 recently starred in the play Proud with the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa, Ontario.

1990s New Canadian $10 coin designed by Tony Harris ’82

In October, Lindsay Carswell ’91 and his wife Cindy made the trip to Lesotho, Africa to meet their adopted 15-month old son. Lindsay shared, “We had a great time in Lesotho and added a couple of weeks to our trip with an extended visit to South Africa. We’re now back home in Vancouver. We’ve named him Woodward ‘Woody’ Carswell.” Romina Fontana ’94 wed Stuart Coxe on May 31, 2013 in Elora, Ontario. Caitlin Sainsbury ’96 was Romina’s witness while Radhika (Sahgal) Alosi ’96 gave a reading at the church. Andrew Parker ’94, Andrew Stewart ’94 and

Cindy and Lindsay Carswell ’91 with son Woodward Grove News Winter 2014

| 19

David Westwood ’94 gave a very funny “roast and toast” referencing their time together over the years. John Ing ’94 launched a new magazine this fall. Depict Magazine can be found in Chapters Indigo stores across Canada. As described on its website, Depict is “Canada’s first publication to consist entirely of infographics and visual storytelling.” New parents Catherine Vandermeulen ’95 and Oliver

Romina Fontana ’94 and Stuart Coxe wedding

Schanz are delighted to share the news of the arrival of Mathéo Louis Schanz on June 30, 2013 in Gatineau, Quebec. Carla (Riggs) Nevarez ’96 married Daniel Nevarez on May 31, 2013 in Pasadena, California. Carla has made Pasadena (Home of the New Year’s Day Rose Parade and Rose Bowl) her home now for the last 13 years, where she has worked for Kaiser Permanente, America’s largest not-for-profit health plan. Her new husband is a native Southern Californian who is an attorney for Traveler’s Insurance.

Mathéo Louis (Vandermeulen) Schanz

Three Grove boys, Jeff Bos ’96, Graham Bos ’99 and Jon Holmes ’97 took-in the Grand Canyon on a 21-day trip down the Colorado River. All three of the travellers credit their adventurous start as white water kayakers to LCS thanks to Rick Hagg, Diane Rogers, Todd Harris, et al. Rachel Footman ’96 and Myles Mackenzie were married on June 15, 2013 at The Rectory Café on Toronto Island. Among Lakefield College School alumni attending were David Footman ’89, Kate Hepburn ’96 and Susan Ambler ’97. Rachel and Myles are also happy to announce the arrival of

Daniel and Carla (Riggs) Nevarez ’96 wedding

their baby daughter, Chloe Mara Mackenzie on October 18, 2013. Rachel, Myles and Chloe currently live in Toronto. Amanda (Soder) Ethier ’98, husband Nick and son Sam, welcomed Thomas Larry Gilbert on November 25, 2013. Born by flashlight in the December 22, 2013 ice storm, Al and Paula (Crawford) Mbonda ’99 welcomed their third son, Pearson. Big brothers Griffin (8) and Myers (5) are excited for him to join their active lifestyle in Pickering, Ontario.

Jon Holmes ’97, Jeff Bos ’96, and Graham Bos ’99 on the Colorado River

Mary and Bryan Kingdon ’99 were very happy to have their daughter, Josie Addison Janis, baptized by Reverend John Runza in the A.W. Mackenzie Chapel on January 11, 2014.

2000s Jackie (Van Haeren) Bowcott ’02 and husband Matt welcomed Colton Ross Bowcott on December 31, 2013.

Rachel Footman ’96 and Myles Mackenzie wedding

20  |  Grove News Winter 2014

Malcolm Johnston ’02 and his wife Robin were delighted to welcome Vivienne “Vivi” Goodith Ann Johnston to the world on December 15, 2013. She weighs 7 pounds,10 ounces and is happy and healthy.

Nick and Amanda Ethier ’98 with Sam and Thomas

Alumni from far and near turned out to attend receptions in seven cities including London (U.K.), Halifax, Guelph, Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston and London (ON) recently. Fun was had by all as they perused old yearbooks and photos and shared stories and updates over appetizers and drinks. Watch for upcoming receptions near you!

Pearson with Griffin (8) and Myers (5)(Crawford) Mbonda Crawford Baby

Alumni Reception in Halifax, November

Mary and Bryan Kingdon ’99 with Josie Addison Janis and Reverend John Runza

Alumni Reception in Ottawa, November

Matt and Jackie (Van Haeren) Bowcott ’02 with Colton

Robin and Malcom Johnston ’02 with Vivienne

Alumni Reception in London, U.K., January Grove News Winter 2014| 21

Laura McIntyre ’02 married Blair Elliott on October 4, 2013 in King City, Ontario. Kelly McCauley ’02, Sarah Nobel ’02, Jenna Shelley ’02 and Brianna Lyttle ’02 were in the wedding party. LCS was also represented by: Andrea Morris ’99, Kaley Morris ’02, Bill Morris ’70, Laura Sunderland ’01, Mark Sunderland ’00, Erinn Piller ’99, Kelly Carmichael ’99, Robin Atkinson ’99, Melanie Wright ’02, Andrew Sainsbury ’02 and Mark Soder ’00.

Laura McIntyre ’02 and Blair Elliott wedding

Kyle Turk ’03 married Courtney McEachern on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at Atlantis Pavillions, Toronto. LCS was well represented at the wedding by: Josh Turk ’03 (best man), Rob Hazell ’03 (groomsman), Nick Bierk ’03, Brett Jackman ’03, Riona Petticrew ‘03, Darren Bishop ’03, Graham Bocking ’03, Andrew Parke ’03, Jessie Vouk ’05, Erin Crowley ’03, Bianca Bell ’06, Sarah Thompson ’06, Chris Bocking ’01, Charlie Bierk ’05, Martha Ramsey ’06, Kathryn Olsheski ’06, Bruce and Sarah McMahon.

Kyle Turk ’03 and Courtney McEachern wedding

Riona Petticrew ’03 is a Clinical Manager with Animas Canada which is a division of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals. Animas provides insulin pumps and diabetes-related supplies and accessories. Her role as a Registered Nurse is to educate physicians, nurses, dieticians and patients on insulin pumps and diabetes. Riona shared, “It is my dream job and I can say I wake up every morning excited for work and the opportunities I am given. Having lived with diabetes now for 17 years, being able to make a positive difference within the diabetes community is such an honour! So I’d love for the LCS community to know that if they have

(L-R) Jamie Bignell ’05, Natalie Green ’13, Morgan Bignell ’09, Cassidy Richardson ’04, Aaron Asedo (Groom), Kelly Bignell (Bride)’04, Ali Farlow ’05, Sophie Grossman ’05, Kelsey Ingram ’05

diabetes questions or need help with insulin pumps I am always there to help!” Contact Riona at Kelly Bignell ’04 married Aaron Asedo on September 21, 2013 at the Ballyowen Golf Course in Hamburg, New Jersey. Several LCS alumni were in attendance including bridesmaids and sisters Jamie Bignell ’05 and Morgan Bignell ’09 and Ali Farlow ’04, Kelsey Ingram ’04, Natalie Green ’13, Sophie

22  |  Grove News Winter 2014

Ella May Gastle daughter of Angus ’04

Grossman ’04, Cassidy Richardson ’04 and LCS staff member Kathy Green. Angus Gastle ’04 and his wife Maria welcomed a daughter, Ella May Gastle, on August 2, 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta. After four years of coaching Queen’s University’s Varsity Field Hockey team (including several LCS alumni), MaryAnne Reid ’04 was named the CIS Women’s Mary-Anne Reid ’04 CIS Women’s Field Hockey Coach of the Year, 2013

Field Hockey Coach of the Year for 2013! Congratulations! Lianne Schumacher ’05 recently won the Most Valuable Player award for the 2013 Ontario Women’s League 7’s Championship-winning Peterborough Pagans Rugby Team. Eight years after earning it, Katie Uhlmann ’05 picked up her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award from The Earl of Wessex on November 1, 2013. Samier Kamar ’12 was also in attendance to receive his Gold Award. Katie

Lianne Schumacher ’05 (second from right), 2013 Most Valuable Player, Peterborough Pagans Rugby Team

writes, “This wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement from David Walsh at Lakefield College School. From the Algonquin expedition, dog sledding and local community service, to helping build an orphanage in Honduras, earning this award has really influenced who I am today. Whatever you give, you truly do get back ten times that amount.” Anissa Sridhar ’12 scored the championshipwinning goal for Wellesley College Field Hockey Team to defeat Mount Holyoke 1-0 in the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic

Katie Uhlmann ’05 and Samier Kamar ’12 (second from right) received their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards from the Earl of Wessex (right)

Conference (NEWMAC) Championship. Anissa was then named to the All-Region team for the first time in her career after earning her first All-NEWMAC honour earlier this season. Congratulations Anissa! Millie Yates ’13 has continued her writing in university and has been added as a contributor to the Ryerson University Fashion Union’s blog Style Circle ( She covered three of the shows during World Mastercard Fashion Week, and has recently added a story centered around Valentines Day.

Anissa Sridhar ’12 (third from left, front) was named to the All-Region Field Hockey Team for the New England Women’s & Men’s Athletic Conference

Great job, Millie!

Grove News Winter 2014

| 23

Alumna Elected President of the Liberal Party Congratulations to Anna Gainey ‘96 who was elected President of the Liberal Party of Canada in February. She is the third woman to be elected to the top job since the 1930s.

Grove Society Alumni Dinner The third Grove Society Alumni Dinner was held on Thursday, November 14 in Toronto at Hart House, University of Toronto. Anil Patel ’93 of Framework was a very engaging keynote speaker and the Grove Society Alumni Chapter welcomed new Honorary Alumnus Paul Hickey (p.16).

Lakefield College School Parents Enjoy Pub Night It was great to welcome more than 40 current (day and boarding) and alumni parents to the Grove Society Parent Pub Night this November in Peterborough (why should the kids have all the fun?).

24  |  Grove News Winter 2014

In Memory of Peter Wilkes ’45 (1928-2013) Lakefield College School was an important part of the life of Peter Wilkes ’45 who passed away on September 16, 2013 in Toronto. Peter was a student at LCS during the early 1940s. It was a time when The Grove was an all boys school with approximately 100 students in Grades 6 to 13. With such a broad range of grades and small number of students per grade, academic achievement was difficult. The out-of-doors and sports (particularly hockey) were considered an equally important part of the education of Grove Boys. Peter excelled at both. In 1944/45 Peter was the school’s Head Boy. In those days, a young man’s future was a very uncertain thing. War was still raging in Europe and there was an expectation that men would go to war after finishing high school. Even the school’s sea cadet corps, RCSCC St. George, gave the boys a modest introduction to military life. Fortunately for Peter, the war in Europe ended just as he finished his final year at the school. Peter could not stay away for very long and after a couple of years he returned to LCS as a junior master.

by lawyers and municipal planners for his clear understanding of the issues and his fair adjudication of them.

The job paid very little and was quite demanding. Peter

Peter brought these same skills to his service on the

had responsibility for tutoring students, and assisting

Board of Governors of Lakefield College School.

team coaches on the playing field and at the rink. I have a recollection of Peter teaching classes in English

They were most evident during his years as Chairman

grammar. Others recall him providing tutoring in

of the Board (1982-1984). He faced difficult issues

math. His future talents were evident, even then.

head on, always with a view to the best interests of the school. His meetings were well controlled. Irrelevant

Peter went on to study architecture and then entered

discussion was discouraged. He brought discipline to

the practice of his profession. Even in his professional

the finances of a school that was struggling to provide

life, LCS was close to Peter’s heart. His architectural

the best possible education for its students on limited

gift to the school was his design of the present dining


hall which represented his vision of the school: large windows giving a beautiful view of the lake and the sun

In his later years, Peter withdrew from his heavy

setting over it; a high cathedral ceiling to absorb the

involvement with the school he loved. It was typical of

noise of a large number of boys all talking at once; and

his character that he did not want to impose his views

a large fireplace to provide the warm feeling of home.

on those that followed in his footsteps. We, the Grove community, have benefitted immensely from Peter’s

Peter was a no nonsense leader and it was this trait that

lifelong gifts to the school. He epitomized the school’s

caused him to be invited to become a member of the

motto “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.”

Ontario Municipal Board—a quasi-judicial body that hears appeals from decisions made by municipalities.


Peter was in his element. He was highly regarded

Grove News Winter 2014

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Remembering John Bennett ’59 (1940-2014) In the announcement of his passing, John Bennett ’58 is described as “…simply a good guy who made friends very easily and kept them for a lifetime.” These are words that would be echoed by all those who knew him in the Lakefield College School community. Born in January 1940, John was raised in Oakville; he arrived at LCS in 1957 and was quick to get involved in the life of the school. A passionate athlete, he enjoyed football and hockey and was a member of the First Hockey Team. John and his wife, Peggy, raised two children—Marielle and Matthew—and settled into their life in Toronto where he worked at the National Cash Register Company until his retirement, as Vice President, after 38 years. Active community members, John and Peggy moved to Port Hope upon their retirement where John became a member of its art and culture committee. He served on the board of the Port Hope Archives and the Rate Payers Association, a member of the Port Hope Estival Committee and a strong supporter of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and the Canadian Firefighters Museum. Throughout his life, he remained closely connected to Lakefield College School through the Alumni Association and continuing as a Class Representative. He was passionate and committed to the school and his classmates and was often the lead cheerleader for events and outreach. Close friend and classmate Rod Baker ’58 shares this memory: “I was very happy to know John Bennett and to work with him on the Alumni Association. He had LCS in his heart at all times. Two years ago, he told me a story which I have never forgotten. He said that our fathers, grandfathers and uncles were the roots of LCS. He felt we were the stems of a flower, building the school up, and the students there now are the flowers receiving our well laid out plans to build LCS where it is today.” Doug Rishor ’57 remembers John, “Benny was a gentleman; a person who I was always pleased to see, talk to on the phone or go to the Beamish Pub in Port Hope to have lunch with. I will miss him. He will be in my thoughts and those of his Lakefield friends.”

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In Our Memories Kenneth Langmuir ‘41 on July 2, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. Father of Peter Langmuir ’66. Brother of Bob Langmuir ’46 (predeceased) and William Langmuir ’43 (predeceased). Uncle of Gavin Langmuir ’74. David Roberts ’75 on August 3, 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Norman DeWind ’30 on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 in Pittsburg, PA, USA. Brother of Adrian William DeWind ’30 (predeceased). Gordon Blake on September 9, 2013 in Peterborough, Ontario. Former School Trustee and father of Stephen Blake ’77 (predeceased), Grandfather of Laura Conroy ’03 and Michael Conroy ‘02. Peter Wilkes ’45 on September 16, 2013. Former Lakefield College School Chair (1982-84). Brother of Jim Wilkes ‘50 and Edward Wilkes ‘52 (predeceased). Paul Desmarais Sr. on October 9, 2013 in Domaine Laforest, Quebec. Father of Paul Desmarais Jr. ’73, Andre Desmarais ’74 and Sophie Desmarais. Grandfather of Paul Desmarais III ’00, Nicolas Desmarais ‘03, Alexandre Desmarais ‘03, Charles-Edouard Desmarais ’11, Chloe de Serigny ’13, Charlotte Desmarais ’14 and Sebastien Kaine ’04. Gerald Dawson on October 18, 2013 in Haliburton, Ontario. Father of Jeff Dawson ’84 and Steve Dawson ’82. Mackenzie Dickson ’43 on November 4, 2013 in Peterborough, Ontario. Anne Morris on December 22, 2013. Mother of Bill Morris ’70. Grandmother of Andrea Morris ’99, Kaley Morris ’02 and Michael Morris ’05. Helen Tredinnick on December 27, 2013 in Barrie, Ontario. Mother of David Tredinnick ’81 and Mike Tredinnick ’83. Sister of Gerald Wilkes ’42 and John Wilkes ‘40. Daughter of Gerald Wilkes, Class of 1908. William Stein ’48 on January 26, 2014 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. John Bennett ’59 on January 29, 2014 in Port Hope, Ontario. Herb Orgill on February 15, 2014. Father of Peter Orgill ’69, brother-in-law of Peter Perry ’42 and father-inlaw of Tam Matthews ’73. Thomas Cole on March 3, 2014 in Peterborough, Ontario. Father of Christine Cole ’92, Jessica (Cole) Russell ’95 and Devon Cole ’14.

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Golden Oak Society The E.W. Bickle Foundation Paul and Hélène Desmarais The Grove Society John Hepburn ’68 Jocelyn Lefebvre and France Deshaies Lefebvre Angus MacNaughton ’48 The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation John ’70 and Val McRae Bill ’70 and Betty Morris Donald ’48 and Gretchen Ross Barb and Tom Ryder ’53 Gabriel Vazquez Arroyo and Maritza Vazquez Géza and Lilo von Diergardt William M. Wells ’78 Richard Wernham and Julia West Anonymous

Royal Oak Society The Chawkers Foundation The Dalglish Family Foundation Jock ’74 and Sue Fleming Paul and Kris Hickey Adam Horne ’82 Claude Mongeau and Guylaine Leduc Jeffrey Orr and Suzanne Legge Maurice Pinsonnault and Marie-Josée Dupuis Stephen and Rita Shefsky

Oak Society Bob Abraham ’82 David Bignell and Janice Green The Foster Family

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Bill ’68 and Susan Gastle Neil and Heather Hudson The Langar Foundation Nick ’77 and Christine Lewis Brian MacKenzie and Sheila Alexander Greg and Karen McKnight John McWilliams ’65 Rosemary Phelan and Sam Blyth The Armagh L. Sifton Charitable Foundation Winfield Sifton ’78

Statement of Financial Position—as of June 30, 2013 Assets

2013 $ 280,914 23,810,549 10,951 6,310

2012 $ 195,217 21,528,796 6,015 6,310





Accounts Payable Due to LCS

24,848 461,845

9,255 259,133

Total Liabilities



Endowment Fund Restricted Fund General Fund

22,655,432 5,715,469 120,000

20,266,158 6,021,324 54,895

Total Fund Balance



Total Liabilities and Fund Balances



Cash Investments at Market Accounts Receivable Prepaid Expenses Land and Artifacts Total Assets

Murray Sinclair ’79

Maple Society Jennifer Allen Emilio Azcarraga Jean ’87 John and Susan Buchanan Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. Sean and Jennifer Cameron Bryn and Julie Campbell James Dalton and Cara Westcott Sophie Desmarais Cathy Forster Jon and Shelagh Grant Xiadong Gui and Zhe Zhou David and Susan Hadden


Fund Balances

Haliburton Broadcasting Group Kevin and Ruth Kaller

Heather Drysdale

Douglas Rishor ’57

Ross Little ’81 and Dorothy

Vincent Duhamel and Anne Charron

Doug and Lynn Robertson

Jane Edwards

Struan and Jennifer Robertson

Peter Mackenzie and Kate Zeidler


Bob and Melanie Fell

John and Janice Runza

Juleen Marchant

David Galloway

Dan and Shelley Slobodian

Jim Matthews ’58 and Jacqueline

Neil Hamilton and Kerri Jobe

Shane Smyth ’96

Chris and Michelle Hatch

Joan and Rick Smyth

Jeff ’81 and Joanne Moody

Bill and Anne Hepburn

Katrina Stone

Jack Nesbitt ’62

Roy Hewson ’79

Maurice Switzer ’63

W. Ross Pinkerton Memorial Trust Fund

James ’84 and Barbara Hicks

Losel Tethong ’89

John Ryder ’77

Stephen and Sue Howe

Chris White ’90

Martin and Sheilah Scrocchi

Brett Jackman ’03

John B. Wilkes ’40

Richard Tucker ’77

Johnson Family Fund at the Toronto

Terry and Janice Windrem

Le Saux

Nancy Smith Linda McCain and Dan Walshe

Birch Society

Community Foundation

Estate of Julia Warren (Dick ’38)

Richard and Annie Johnston

Nancy Webster-Thurlbeck

Jones Collombin Investment Counsel Inc.

Anonymous (3)

Magdy and Sareya Kamar The Kingdon Family

Red Ash Club

John Abraham ’76

Gilles Labbé

Nadine Jean Azcarraga

Frazer and Susan Lindsay

Ian ’83 and Susan Armstrong

David and Dora Beckett

Hugh ’85 and Margot Macdonnell

Arrell Family Foundation

Sonja Bird

Bruce and Sarah McMahon

Rosalind and John Barker

Marilynn Booth

Grant Murray and Lucie Laplante

Shon and Cindy Barnett

Brian and Charlotte Carter

Paul Paoli and Sandra Morris-Paoli

Bill Bradburn ’58

Andrew Clarke ’85 and Betsy

Marc Parent and Sylvie Lecours

David Brock ’86

David Quail and Margaret Nelligan

Justin Campeau ’02

Cody Ceci ’11

Sean Quinn ’82 and Libby Dalrymple

Tom and Vicki Cole

Stephen Coates ’90

Gavin Rainnie ’57

Marion Collins

Scott Davidson and Rebekah Littlejohn

Aman and Shamim Rajan

Geordie Dalglish ’89

Sherry and Edward Drew Family Fund at the

Hugh Rawling ’77

Peter and Dale Douglas

Alan Redfern ’78

Brendan Dunn ’98


Toronto Community Foundation

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Adam Bishop ’04 Tyler Bishop ’08 William and Susan Black Margaret and Richard Blanchette

Peter ’62 and Judi Dunn

Paul Sandford ’85

Art and Tracey Blodgett

Andrew W. Durnford

Jeffrey Shier and Signy Eaton-Shier

Sarah Bode ’01

John Easson ’49

Hugh Sibbald ’78

Rob Booth ’98

Shelley, Brian, McKenzie and Madison

Mary Soder

Carlo Bos ’94

Nicola Tory

Deborah Buckley

Robert and Eva Engel

Charles Turpin ’98

David Budden ’67

Bruce and Ann Farlow

Nik Van Haeren ’98

Tom Burpee

Glenn Garneys and Pearl Dixon

Edward Walker and Cheryll Holman

Douglas Burrows ’77

John and Kathy Gillis

Alan and Vera Wilcox

Edwards ’12

Theresa Butler-Porter

Jennifer Gruer

Nick Carter ’54

Green Ash Club

Robin Cavanagh and Christine Vogel

Eric and Karen Hill-Whitson

Michael and Deborah Aben

Mike and Pam Chellew

Alan and Jenny Ingram

Stephen and Maggie Anderson

Frank Chow ’87

Warren ’88 and Denise Jones

Peter Andras

Alex Clarke ’80

Anna Kempff

Graham Angus ’98

Andrew Combe ’50

John Ketchum ’82

Jeanne Armstrong

Haultain Corbett ’71

Rob King ’81

Ashleigh Arrell ’98 and Andrew Creighton

Hugh R. Cowans ’66

Lakefield College School Staff Fund

Mike and Lynn Arsenault

Cameron Crawford ’02

Gavin Langmuir ’74

Allan Avard ’85 and Alexandra Hahn

Peter and Jane Darling

Patrick Marshall ’90

Heather Avery

James de Bustin ’76

David ’78 and Sheila McCracken

Karen Awrey ’90

Malcolm and Brenda Dewar ’64

Giovanni Di Prisco and Louise

Phil and Simone Babineau

Hugh and Kim Dobson

Don Bartlett and Barbara Weir

Derek Doucet

Peter Perry ’42

David Bennett ’88

Greg Douglas ’08

Joan Picanol Puig ’98

John Bennett ’59

Sarah Douglas ’12

Joan Richardson

Diane Bethune

Caroline Drought

Rupel Ruparelia ’89

Joe Bettencourt

Bruce Drummond ’83

Kris and Magda Rozen

Gerry and Sandra Bird

Leslie and Brian Dunn ’69

Vince and Janice Saccucci

Sydney and Pamela Birrell

Stephanie and Michael† Edwards

The John C. & Sally Horsfall Eaton Foundation

Paoli di Prisco

Ryan Cavell & Family

Isaac Eshikaty Amanda (Soder) Ethier ’98 David Evans ’58

Fundraising Report—July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

Endowed Gifts

Rev. Canon Gerry Fairhead ’40

2013 $

2012 $



Jason Famme ’98 Darren Farwell Brendan Fell ’04 David Fell Jan Fialkowski

Restricted Gifts

Margo Fines

Expendable Bursaries Gifts-In-Kind Learning Centre Other Restricted Gifts Cooper House Student Recreation Centre and Interest Theatre Renovations Northcote Farm

547,440 4,422 37,940 126,048 153,302 15,400 6,975

710,360 19,852 57,330 93,919 1,374,398 708,914 15,300 6,130

Robert Fleming ’43

Total Restricted



Gary Genosko and Rachel Ariss

General / Unrestricted Gifts



Louis Fleming ’43 John Fleming Carol Florence Aiden Fung ’87 Romina Fontana ’94 Rob French and Jennifer Lewis Ted Galambos ’53 Barry and Vera Gerus Rory and Carrie Gilfillan Lorne and Geraldine Gold

Total Donations



Jonathan and Alice Goldbloom Alan Gordon

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Brian Gordon ’72

Ian and Janette MacDonald

Peter Grant ’54

Ian Macdonell ’81

Rick and Kathy Green

Davin ’95 and Alexis MacIntosh

John Greenwood ’77

Christine MacKenzie ’93

David Griffith ’66

Daniel MacKinnon and Melissa Kolt

Roberta Griffiths


Rick and Vaila Hagg

Stuart ’63 and Kyle Macrae ’09

Kerrie Hansler

Kevin Mako ’03

Todd and Helga Harris

Kevin ’77 and Mona Malone

Garret Hart and Jess Fitchette

Kathleen Mandry

Hart ’97

Robert and Joanne Marrtila

Goodith Heeney

Paul Mason

Matthew Heeney ’87

Tam ’73 and Jan Matthews

Michael Heeney ’76

John McConkey and Colleen Crowley

Tim Heeney ’83


Bob Henderson ’75

Todd Melville

Will Hendrie ’64

Tom Milburn

Tom and Judy Hendy

David Miller ’77

Chris and Shelly Higgins

John and Bid Milligan

Stephen Hill ’81 and Carol Miller

Tracy Morley ’93

John Hiscock ’52

John Murray ’81

Matthew Ho ’98

Warren Needler ’02

Amy Hollingsworth

Peter Northrop ’65

Donald Hosking ’59

Pete and Ally O’Grady

Stuart Houston

Andrew Parke ’03

Mary Howell

Katia Pawlak-Omnes

R. John Hughes ’58

Fevri and Brikena Pazari in honour

Brian Hull ’60

of Fiona

Murray Hunter ’68

Frank Pearce ’53

Brent Hurley

Frank Peniston ’67

Linda Walker

Ted and Daphne Ingram

Norma Perry Orgill

Allison Webb

Irene Jamieson

Ashley (Royer) Poblocki ’00

Anne-Marie Wielhorski-Lyttle

Wei Jiang and Jun Zhang

Deane Purves ’70

Bud Wesley ’60

Bob Johnson Photography

Alex ’53 and Kate Ramsay

Elizabeth Whitney ’74

Andrew ’95 and Kirsten Johnston

Melissa Rathier

Stephanie Wilcox ’03

Elizabeth Ketchum

Dan and Lisa Rice

James Williams ’67

Robert J. Ketchum ’49

J.S. Struan Robertson and Danielle

Nick Wright ’01

Angie Killoran


Connie Xu ’06

Bryan Kingdon ’96

David Ross and Katherine Spencer-Ross

Jane Zupo

Howard and Ruth Kitchen

Ronald Ryan ’74

Anonymous (3)

Johanna Kruger ’97

Matthew Savino

Stephanie Lacey

Cindy Scanlon

Yves and Janet Lafortune

John and Kerry Schumacher


Max Lafortune ’08

John Sellers ’48

Tony Abbott

Jane Latimer

Bruce and Linda Selman

Gloria Abromeit ’13

Laura Lawson ’00

Scott Smith ’87

Matt Adams

Brett Leach ’95

Manal Stamboulie

Akin Akinwale ’13

Garry and Carol Leach

John Stelzer ’00

Joel Allen ’01

George and Sheila Lee

Alan and Jane Stewart

Nina Amstutz ’00

Claire Lenouvel ’09

Lauren Stiles ’07

Kevin An ’13

Kathleen Leonard and John May

Patrick Stoker

Lori Ardron

Richard and Patricia Life

Nicholas Syrett ’93

Lyndsay Armstrong ’13

David and Mary Lindsay

Edward Taylor ’94

Erica Armstrong ’13

Kim ’53 and Sally Little

Sandra and Michael Taylor

Mahassin Atala Bejarano ’13

Adrian Lyttle ’05

Marcia Tupling ’92

Samuel Ault ’98

Alexander Lyttle ’03

David U.K. ’81

Allister Avard ’13

Brianna Lyttle ’02

Wilfried van Haeren and Monique van

Jason Ayotte

Pip Lyttle ’09


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Lea Hermanns ’13 Marcela Hernandez Gonzalez ’13 Robin Herriman Miranda Hersco ’13 Matt Higgins ’11 Greg Hill ’13 Austin Hill-Whitson ’13 Peter Ho and Winnie Kwok Nathan Ho ’13 Harry Hobbs ’64 Carlyn Hollingsworth ’13 Jon Holmes ’97 Ivan Hsu ’13 Vizen Huang ’13 Syed Zahid A. Jafry ’00 Krista Dunford

Yuri Jan ’13

Matthew Dupuis ’13

Adam Janssen

Cindy Best

Justine Dutil ’13

Stuart Johnson ’13

Matthew Betteto ’13

Tracey-Lee Eddy ’99

Malcolm Johnston ’02

Max Binnie ’98

Zoe Edwards ’09

Rachel Johnston ’09

Ben Birrell ’13

Kareem El-Baradie ’13

Trevor Johnston ’00

Walter ’56 and Anneliese

Dan Eldridge ’89

Seb Jones ’13

Robert and Elisabeth Eldridge

Carol and Mark Jorgensen

Vicky Boomgaardt

Andreas Engel ’13

Kathleen M. Kahlon ’96

Jenna Bowcott ’03

Marisa Evans ’13

Kayden Kaller ’13

Marnie Bowcott

Megan Exton ’13

Serge Kalloghlian ’00

Arynne Boyes ’13

Jennifer Fairbairn

James Kemp ’77

John and Erin Braeckman

Melissa Farwell

Ailish Kilmartin ’00

Dave Brown

Andrea Fearnall ’13

Jonathan Kim ’13

Jacqueline Buchanan ’13

Rob Fleming ’06

Joyce Kubin

Philipp Buhr ’13

Daniel Forest ’00

Ben Lamont ’13

Erin Burney

J. David Forster ’01

Rachael Larose ’13

Alison Cameron ’09

Alexandra Fraser ’03

Dee-Dee Laski ’13

Mark Carducci ’00

Savannah French ’13

Abraham Lau ’13

Timothy Chan ’13

Ian Fung ’00

Bill and Virginia Leach

Terry Chen ’13

Sophia Gabbani ’13

Sarah Leavens Sherfey ’98

Kyusik Chung ’13

Tara Gilchrist ’00

Angela Lee ’13

Brad Clairmont

Patrick Gill ’01

Stu Lee and Diane Rogers

Ian Cooke ’13

Dawn Goble

Lambert Lefebvre ’13

Dana Cooper ’11

Matt Goldbloom ’13

Bill and Pat Lett

Tim Cooper ’98

Donald ’77 and Marsha Grant

Andrew Little ’13

Bill and Carol Corner

Samuel Grant ’13

Mitchell Lowry ’13

Alison Corner ’07

Natalie Green ’13

Luke MacDonald ’10

Kelly Crothers ’96

Nicole Groves ’93

Myles and Dianne MacDonald

Erin Crowley ’03

Terry and Sue Guest

Connor Mahony ’13

Ryan Da Silva ’13

Victor Guo ’13

Moritz Malina-Altzinger ’13

Loic Dalle ’03

Aline Guy

Bruce R. Maxwell ’90

Claire Danby ’03

Annabel Harding ’13

Emily McBee ’00

Donald Dawson ’65

Vanessa Harman

Owen McCleery ’13

Chloe de Serigny ’13

Brooke Harvey ’06

Doc and Jose McCubbin

Paul Desmarais III ’00

Dani Hatch ’13

Julianne McConkey ’12

Abigail DeWolfe ’93

Jon Hazell ’00

Max McEachern ’13

Selene Di Prisco ’09

Marissa Henderson ’13

Jim McGowan

Bruce Disney ’93

Laura (Edwards) Herbert ’00

Alison McKnight ’13


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Carole McLaren

Sarah Syed ’13

Sabrina Zhang ’13

Cody McMahon ’12

Stuart Thompson ’91

Shirley Zhang ’13

Cam McRae ’01

Will Thomson ’13

Jessica Zintel

Kaylie Miller ’13

Madeline Toubiana ’98

Anonymous (2)

Terry and Pierre Monnard

Peter Treen ’77

Amy Moore

Deborah Trotchine ’13

Emma Morgan ’13

Alisha Van Haeren ’09

Nick Morianos ’00

Jeff Van Haeren ’01

Anthea Morse ’07

Emily Volz ’13

Aurelia Mueller ’13

Joshua Walker ’13

Race Mui ’13

Peter Ward ’49

Jordan Muise ’08

Kevin and Peggy Warren

Tyson Nayler ’13

Linda Warren

Alex North ’00

Jen Wellman ’98

Sandie Nwokolo ’13

Peter Wilkes ’45

Reid Obradovich ’13

Timothy Wotherspoon ’00

Daisy O’Neill ’13

Martin Wu ’13

Luke O’Regan ’01

Yiwei Xia ’13

Jackie Orr ’13

Bryan Yantha

Stephanie Paoli ’13

Millie Yates ’13

Tori Patterson ’06

Erin Yeatman

Karin Persson

Robin Young

Riona Petticrew ’03

Sarah Young

Patrick Pinto

Pat and Kelly Young

5 + consecutive years of giving 10 + consecutive years of giving 15 + consecutive years of giving 20 + consecutive years of giving 25+ consecutive years of giving † Deceased

To the Friends of Lakefield College School UK Foundation for their ongoing support: Randal Barker ’83, Stephen Coates ’90, John Hepburn ’68, Tim Ward ’62, Roger Wyand ’65, Tony Wyand ’62, HRH The Duke of York ’78

Ellie Porter ’13 Reilly Porter ’13 Bilaal Rajan ’13 Ben Redfern ’13 Alaina Robertson

Statement of Operations and Changes in Fund Balances Revenue Donations Bursary Reimbursement Investment Income Realized Gains/(Losses) on Investments Unrealized Gains/Losses Transfer from LCS for Fundraising Expenses

2013 $ 1,620,550 0 623,121 532,139 1,577,748 1,171,903

2012 $ 3,866,690 3,238 441,549 (776,759) (101,777) 707,230

Total Revenue



Rebekah Sibbald ’11

Transfers to LCS Capital Additions Bursaries and Scholarships Expedition Bursary Specific School Operating Items Fundraising Investment Management Fees Insurance and Administrative Amortization

173,642 1,584,658 18,078 262,709 1,171,903 132,882 27,508 5,557

2,067,980 1,593,151 931 338,643 707,230 76,939 28,000 5,557

Stephen Smith ’85 and Sarah Powell

Total Expenses



Excess (Deficiency) of Revenue Over Expenses Fund Balance, Beginning of Year

2,148,524 26,342,377

(678,260) 27,020,637

Fund Balance, End of Year



Miles Robertson ’13 Tim Rollwagen Victor Rozen ’13 John Russell ’13 Barb and Bill Rutherford Jordan Ryder ’13 Paige Sampson ’13 Jesse Sarkis ’13 Jillian Scates ’13 Belinda Schubert ’99 Marina Schulz-von Siemens ’13 Leslie Schumacher ’06 Lianne Schumacher ’05 Wilma Schweer ’13 Shannon Scrocchi ’13 David and Patricia Scroggie Samantha Shapiro ’13 Maya Sibbald ’13

Jonathan Stark ’13 Jake Steele ’13 Janine Steyn ’13 Rowan Strickland ’13 Mark Sunderland ’00


In the preparation of this Annual Report we have tried to avoid errors and omissions. If any are found, kindly report them to Melanie Vonau in the Advancement Office at or 705.652.3324 ext.349. If your name is not listed as you would prefer it to be, please let us know so our records may be corrected. If your contribution was received after June 30, 2013, your name will appear in the Annual Report of 2013/14.

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$11M Endowed Programs $14M Expendable Financial Assistance & Programs $18M Endowed Bursaries

$27M Buildings $3.5M Endowed Programs $2.4M Expendable Financial Assistance & Programs

$30M Commitments Planned Giving

$4.6M Endowed Bursaries $4.0M Buildings $5.7M Commitments Planned Giving

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THE LCS WAY The ability to think and act creatively, combined with a lively spirit of innovation, have long been characteristics fostered and encouraged at Lakefield College School. Time and time again, LCS alumni and families have come forward with original “outside the box” ventures like this one that illustrate how our community is indeed “like no other.”

PAy IT FORWARD: THE MOVIE 2000 What it really, and truly, comes down to is that every single transformational concept begins with the tiniest seed of an idea, a spark that has the potential to change the world, and it is up to each of us to design and manage the energy that drives it. And it is because of this flicker of a spark, with unfathomable possibilities, that the Lakefield College School Pay It Forward Fund Bursary was conceived. A small idea. A “what if...” moment that stirred a family into action. What if there was a bursary that would help to ensure that students—great students—whose families couldn’t afford to make LCS a reality, could attend Lakefield College School? What if these teenagers had a chance to be part of a community that nurtured simple and honest values and motivated them to be all that they could be in a safe and supportive setting? What if they could be part of a living and learning environment that would outfit them with the tools and attitudes necessary to go out into the world and make a difference as outstanding individuals and global citizens? What if lots of people had the opportunity to contribute “just a little” and together make the “what if” a reality? “What if” began the dream. The LCS Pay It Forward Fund Bursary will make it come true. 38 | Grove News Winter 2014

Inspired by the movie Pay It Forward, an LCS parent

than 25% of our students, it is critical to ensure that

made a simple request of friends and family who

funds at that level, and beyond, are available annually

were gathering together to celebrate her recent

moving forward.

birthday; she asked that, instead of showering her with congratulatory gifts, they acknowledge her special day by making a donation to help fund bursaries at an organization that was near to her heart…Lakefield College School. And the Pay It Forward Fund Bursary was launched. Everyone who has had the joy of experiencing LCS as a parent or as a student knows the difference that a Grove education makes on those fortunate enough to experience it. But learning and living at LCS does not come without a significant cost; and often great students—those who would reap considerable benefits from LCS while in turn contributing to the school community as well— cannot afford to attend. While LCS proudly acknowledges that $1.6M this year was disbursed through needs-based bursaries to more

Because of that, the Pay It Forward Fund Bursary is committed to raising a minimum threshold of $100,000 to name this endowed fund in perpetuity so that it can maintain its promise to assist deserving students in the fulfillment of their dream to attend Lakefield College School. In addition, a portion of each gift received will be allocated to bursary needs immediately, while the balance will be invested in the Pay It Forward Fund endowment ensuring that this bursary will be available in perpetuity. For more information about the PIF Fund Bursary, how to designate a gift towards this unique initiative, or how to turn a special life event into a way to ‘pay it forward’ please contact Theresa Butler-Porter (705.652.3324 or

The Enduring Gifts of William Kilbourne Leaving a Legacy at Lakefield College School

William (Bill) T. Kilbourne ll (proud father of Will

Eventually, when invited by his good friend Gordon

Kilbourne ’79 and Tom Kilbourne ’83) was a man who,

Mills ’47 (father of Peter Mills ’75) to consider joining the

once committed to a cause, made things happen. He was

LCS Board of Governors, Bill enthusiastically accepted. He

someone you would want at your side when a steep path,

was the LCS Chair of the Board from 1980 to 1982.

laden with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, lay ahead—or when a calm and thoughtful voice was needed in

Ultimately, as a board member during the 1980s, he played

a room full of dissenters.

a key role in LCS accepting the resolution to go coed. David Hadden, headmaster at the time, recalls the occasion well:

He was, as his wife Judy so simply stated, “a wonderful guy.” Caring, charitable and kind, Bill was equally comfortable

“After a full day of discussion, it appeared that the proposal

with industry leaders as he was with those less fortunate.

to become co-educational would not be approved by the

To Bill everyone deserved the same respect regardless of

board, so Gordon and Bill stayed up into the wee hours at

their situation.

the Old Bridge Inn, together crafting the resolution that would ultimately be accepted...without Bill, the prospect

Education was important to Bill, he believed it to be the

for adoption of co-education would have been significantly

key to personal and professional success. Throughout his


youth, as a father and eventually a grandfather, education remained a priority for Bill and for his family. Accessibility

That resolution, accepted by the board on November 8, 1987,

to the best education possible was a motivating factor when

would change the school forever.

considering the academic paths of his children and he believed that while the future lay in the hands of all young

The undeniable impact that Bill has had on others during

people, it was his responsibility to do what he could to

his lifetime didn’t cease when he passed away in June 2013.

provide his children with the opportunity to learn and grow

Through his will, he ensured that the things he cared most

to be caring and outstanding citizens.

about—his family, his friends, his community and Lakefield College School—would continue to be touched by his

It was in the 1970s when Bill first discovered Lakefield

generosity even when he was no longer here. His children,

College School—an ideal place for his eldest son Will to

unaware of Bill’s intent to gift LCS in his will, were thrilled.

attend. Encouraged and guided by the school motto “a

According to his son Will, “I knew my dad loved the school.

sound mind in a sound body,” Will thrived. For Will, time

He loved the philosophy that it was based on, and we were

spent at LCS was the best time of his life and today he shares

terribly excited, but not surprised, when we discovered what

that the experience he had while learning and living at The

he had done.”

Grove was life changing. As a parent, Bill couldn’t have been more pleased.

Bill’s bequest to Lakefield College School—to its future students, young men and women—has been designated to the endowment for financial assistance, an endowment that provides the funds necessary to assist a student, that would otherwise not have the resources, to attend Lakefield College School.

For more information on how a gift in your will can make a far-reaching difference to future students of Lakefield College School, as Bill Kilbourne’s has, please contact Theresa Porter (705.652.3324 or (Opposite) William Kilbourne with his grandaughter Ashlyn, daughter of Will Kilbourne ’79.

Assembled to honour the lifelong commitment of these very special Grove supporters, their children, their children’s children…and even their children’s children’s children stood together in the shade of decades-old evergreens to be present as a brand new red oak tree was planted to celebrate the lifelong…and beyond…generosity of Tim and Pam to Lakefield College School. Tim and Pam were passionate supporters of LCS and as original members of the 1879 Society (established to honour and recognize the generosity and special foresight of alumni, parents and friends of LCS who have made a gift in their estate planning in order to provide opportunities for future generations of Grove students), they had the foresight to ensure that anything they committed to in their lifetime would be fulfilled through their estates. After words of gratitude from the CEO of the LCS Foundation Sarah McMahon and Head of School Struan Robertson, Brian Dunn ’69 shared heartfelt and thoughtful words about the special connection his parents had with the school. There was no doubt that this was a celebration of thankfulness and gratitude—gratitude for the vision and generosity of a family whose history has been, and remains, a significant factor for the continued success of Lakefield College School and its students.

When the final Grade 8 class of Lakefield College School graduated in June 2013, they were keen to leave their mark on the campus. In recognition of their time—and of the graduates who preceded them—a tree will be planted (spring 2014). In years to come, as this sapling grows stronger and spreads its branches, it will serve to remind the LCS community of the affection that these young people have for LCS and their commitment to its future. Grove News Winter 2014

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France Deshaies and Jocelyn Lefebvre are the parents of

Bernard and Nathalie Gault’s son, Jean-Baptiste, is in

Lambert ’13, Laurent ’14 and Verena ’17. Their family

Grade 11 at LCS. Bernard and Nathalie divide their time

recently relocated to London, U.K. from Geneva. France is

between Geneva, London and Paris. Bernard is a Partner

trained as a lawyer and Jocelyn serves as Managing

with Perella Weinberg, a global financial advisory and asset

Director of Power Financial Europe B.V. and is a Founding

management firm, and was formerly a Managing Director

Partner of Sagard Private Equity Partners.

with Morgan Stanley’s investment banking division.

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“TO ADVANCE AND ENDOW LAKEFIELD COLLEGE SCHOOL” Lakefield College School Foundation is dedicated to supporting and sustaining its mission. The foundation is governed by volunteers who represent alumni, current parents, past parents and friends, all of whom have made significant contributions to its advancement. The affairs of the foundation are conducted in an environment that embraces the values of excellence, collaboration, integrity and accountability.

TOP ROW (L-R) Honorary Chair HRH The Duke of York ’78 Board Chair Bill Morris ’70 Chair Emeritus Paul Desmarais Jr. ’73 ROW 2 (L-R) Emilio Azcarraga Jean ’87 Marilynn Booth Bruce Boren ’87 Brian Carter

Michael Cooper ROW 3 (L-R) France Deshaies Jock Fleming ’74 Bernard Gault John K. Hepburn ’68 Suzanne Legge Orr Angus MacNaughton ’48 ROW 4 (L-R) Secretary James Matthews ’58 Scott McCain

Andrea McConnell Robert McEwen Rosemary Phelan Kathleen Ramsay ROW 5 (L-R) Donald Ross ’48 Thomas Ryder ’53 Géza von Diergardt BOTTOM ROW (L-R) William Wells ’78 Richard Wernham Directors in Bold

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The Andy Harris Cup Grove Golf Tournament Thursday, June 19, 2014 Peterborough Golf & Country Club Adults $150 Students $125 For information visit

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