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Starcatchers Gala A Paws for Celebration American Cancer Society Opera Theatre Prelude St. Louis Symphony


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Talismans of Power Celebrating 175 Years of Tiffany & Co. Fashionably Fall


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The Busch-Geise Wedding The Donnell-Peak Wedding The Bishop-Fortkamp Wedding The Steiner-Decker Wedding The Shatz-Wilderman Wedding The Hillhouse-Cain Wedding The Prewitt-Wu Wedding


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LN Travel: The Del on Coronado Island Q&A with Harrison Howard


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13428 Conway Road Presenting Sponsor: U.S. Bank Show House Beneficiaries The Show House

“When I lived at home, I paid a lot of insurance, taxes, home maintenance and repairs… I never knew when something was going to go wrong. When I look at all those expenses and worries, I think I have a great deal here, and I didn’t have to come up with a large up-front sum.” - Resident Sam Pagano

Affordability, Value & Choice with No Entry Fee At The Gatesworth, our apartment and service packages are customized to Àt our Residents ~ not the other way around. We are proud to offer affordable and newly renovated one and two bedroom apartment residences. We will help coordinate your move and discuss modiÀcations or enhancements to make your new residence feel like home. All of our best-in-class programs and services are “unbundled” so you can choose what best Àts your needs. There are no entry fees, so you are free to invest your money however you choose. Call today to see how The Gatesworth can customize a lifestyle to Àt you. (314) 372-2263

Senior Living Your Way! The Gatesworth is committed to equal housing opportunity and does not discriminate in housing and services because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.



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Fine Home Furnishing Showroom and Interior Design

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Interior Design Custom Drapery Exquisite Home Furnishings

909 S. Brentwood Blvd. Clayton, MO 63105 314/862-6330


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In accordance with the federal Fair Housing Act, we do not accept for publication any real estate listing that indicates any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, family status, or national origin. If you believe a published listing states such a preference, limitation, or discrimination, please notify this publication at fairhousing@lee.net.

A Note from the Editor...

Happy autumn, dear readers! Yes, fall has been in our midst for a few weeks now; but it never really feels official to us until we share with you LN’s latest edition of Elegant Living. As you’ve come to expect, the Fall/Winter 2012 edition is brimming with the best of the best, including the season’s most glamorous galas and weddings, as well as expert fashion advice, eye-popping jewelry and travel to one of America’s most fabled palaces. Of course, this publication’s pièce de résistance is a showpiece in and of itself: The 2012 William Bernoudy Ladue News Show House. The Show House, in its second year, has become one of fall’s most anticipated events; and we’re happy to report that our two-week run has been a smashing success! This is remarkable on so many fronts, but especially for the four local nonprofits that will benefit from the proceeds: Angels’ Arms, Animal Protective Association of Missouri, SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center and Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. We’re also thrilled with our collaboration with St. Louis’ most notable designers, who poured their hearts and souls into the project; and with the Show House committee, who ensured that the end result of our Mid-Century Modern masterpiece would please Mr. Bernoudy himself. Go ahead, turn the pages and see for yourself !

June Roesslein Interiors Le Chateau Village Frontenac

636.394.1465 www.JuneRoesslein.com From an hour's consultation to a complete renovation...

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Love where you live... Love where you live

3 Countryside Lane - $950,000 Frontenac

Carla Britton

Sally Dowling





7821 Cornell - $319,000 University City Sarah Partlow Cell


19 Daniel Road - $875,000 Ladue

621 E. Monroe Avenue - $925,000 Kirkwood

Linda Hodge & Tracy She er Cell

314.496.9227 or 314.606.3453

7201 Waterman - $312,500 University City Sarah Partlow Cell


7 Ladue Manor - $1,549,000 Under Construction in Ladue

Sue McLaughlin & Katie McLaughlin

Joan Schnoebelen & Megan Rowe



314.504.4214 or 314.283.8444


314.406.0005 or 314.378.4077

For more information on these properties call our Town & Country o ce at 314.569.1177

Care Robb, Don Marsh

Paul Zemitzsch, Mayor Linda and Ben Goldstein

Starcatchers Gala

St. Louis County Library Foundation


he St. Louis County Library Foundation held its third annual Starcatchers Gala at Library Headquarters to benefit childhood literacy and development. Bestselling suspense author Laura Lippman provided the post-dinner entertainment, and KWMU’s Don Marsh served as master of ceremonies. Gala co-chairs were Jim and Connie Scheer and Julie Alderman. Ayana Griddine received the Sidney Johnson Learning Award for outstanding library service by a teen, and the St. Louis Cardinals were awarded with the business Starcatchers Gala Winners Award. Approximately 300 people attended the event, which included cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dinner, a live auction and music from the Parkway Central High School orchestra.

By Lyubov Strauss

Mark Stacye, Debra Hollingsworth

Charles, Wendy and David Pace

Jim and Peggy Hall

Cathy and David Kinsman

8 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Connie and Jim Scheer

Ron and Colleen Watermon


Barbara Turkington, Alice Handelman, Jennifer McBride

Ann and Jim Fleming, Mary Berthold

Neil Jaffe, Jim Bogart

Sarah Schmidt, Karen and Mark Engel

Michael Hall, Kelly Warren

Charlene, Ayana and Nathanie Griddine

Chip and Sue Houser, Gary Mindel

Brian Davies, Barbara Singer, Roy Wagman

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 9

Katie and Steve Shankman

Colleen Shekelton, Simon Katz, Lindsey Swift

A Paws for Celebration

Humane Society of Missouri


ore than 350 guests flocked to Simon Katz’s jewelry store, Simons in Clayton, for the 19th Annual ‘A Paws for Celebration.’ This unique event, a cocktail party and festive preview of jewels for the holiday, raised more than $50,000 for Humane Society of Missouri. To commemorate the occasion, Katz, an ardent supporter of the nonprofit, arranged a special showing of jewelry by Utopia Pearls, Mariani, Gumuchian, Pampillonia and Sarah Graham Metalsmithing. Co-chairs for the evening were Colleen Shekelton and Lindsey Swift.

By Diane Anderson Francine Katz, Laurie Katz

Judy Rosenthal, Jeff Brinkley

Robert and Laura Deutsch, Chase Young

10 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Kathy Warnick, JoAnn Kindle, Ali Kindle, Carolyn Kindle

Terry Wolfner, Cary Schneithorst, Cindy Dunn


Van Black, Virginia Howell

Betty Sims

Keith Manzer, Sigrid Tucci, Jeanne Bergfeld, Ginny Berket

Peter and Susan Krombach

Julian Hess, Berkley Land

Amy Schenk, Robert Conley, Siri Sinnett

Ashley Kemper, Melissa Nissenholtz

Rob and Susan Goldstein, Leonard Zeid

Louise and Richard Jensen, Faye Beth O'Byrne

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 11

Annemarie and Matt Schumacher

Mark Stacye and Debra Hollingsworth, Marsha and Bill Rusnack

An Evening with Julie Andrews

National Children’s Cancer Society


he National Children’s Cancer Society celebrated its 25th anniversary with An Evening with Julie Andrews at the Chase Park Plaza. The award-winning actress and entertainer shared many stories of her personal life and longstanding career. The mission of the National Children’s Cancer Society is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. The gala was chaired by Donna Wilkinson, and dinner committee members included president and CEO of Mercy Hospital Lynn Britton and his wife, Thriess. By Colleen Doherty

Donna Wilkinson, Lynn and Thriess Britton

12 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Samantha Stegman, Mark Slocomb, Pat Mercurio

Ray Barrett, Diane Breckenridge Barrett, Glenda and Al Wiman


Stephanie Flynn, Jassen Johnson, Sarah Kramer, Greg Lukeman, Justin Scarbrough

Sue Wagener, Rachel Brown, Debbie Schneider

Steve Harpole, Natalea and Marland Beaudean

Shawn and Alan Epstein, Margie Price

Mary Giuntoli, Chris Peterson

Laura Wheeler, Will and Chelsey Wheeler

Vance and Genelle Brakefield, Cheryl and Keith Kowalczyk

Brett Zaron, Erika Hermann, Laura Wulf

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 13

Harry and Karen Knopf, Jenny Knopf, Aaron Knopf, Joelyn and Ed Levy

Kim and Tim Eberlein

Prelude to the Season

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis


he Opera Theatre of Saint Louis Guild recently held ‘Prelude to the Season: A Swashbuckling Soirée’ at the Sally S. Levy Opera Center. Guests were invited to enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and an exclusive silent auction before a seated dinner and live entertainment by OTSL artist Deanna Breiwick. The co-chairs of the event were Janet and Andy Hoyne, and Gailya and John Barker. Also in attendance was Guild president Bob Wagoner. Proceeds will benefit Opera Theatre’s Professional Development Program for Young Artists. By Colleen Doherty David Perry, Nancy and Bob Wagoner

Glenn Sheffield, Patty Hecker

Barbra Goodman, Tani Wolff

Brian and Lauren Cohen, Amanda Trudell, Paul Cambridge

14 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Myrna and Arnie Hershman

Timothy O’Leary, Jane and Bob Feivel


Parties of Note

St. Louis Symphony


arvey and Judy Harris recently opened their home to host Parties of Note, to benefit the St. Louis Symphony. The magical night featured music by Symphony concertmaster David Halen, accompanied by his wife, soprano Miran Halen. The Symphony’s Parties of Note are fundraisers that give guests a chance to gather in some of St. Louis’ grandest homes and other exclusive venues to enjoy a variety of themed parties throughout the year. By Colleen Doherty Erika Ebsworth-Goold, Suzie Ehrlichmann, Vicki Doohrmann

Ann Lux, Lee Bohn

Harvey and Judy Harris, Miran and David Halen

Tim Case, Ken Smith

Tom Martin, Carol Knefel

Donna Sondag, Nina Swertz, Marjorie Smith, Jane Bosche

Dan Phillips, Linda Horne

Nina Swartz, Peggy Symes

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 15

A Duchess of Windsorstyle necklace in faceted emeralds and mabe pearls set in a wreath of 18-karat gold leaves and flowers.

Talismans of Power By Nancy Robinson

Duquette’s Pond Scum necklace is made of malachite stalactite slices, faceted citrines, emerald and peridot beads, all set in 18-karat gold.

A pair of faceted kunzite and diamond blow-knot earrings set in 18-karat gold with detachable crown-heart drops.

A massive Chinese jade archer’s ring set with three jade cabochons in 18-karat gold.

16 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

All images by Stephanie Hanchett from the book, Tony Duquette/Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry.


he magnificent, one-of-akind jewelry art created by American designer Tony Duquette for friends and clients such as the Duchess of Windsor, Liza Minnelli and Elsie de Wolfe, are bona fide collector’s items, found in private collections and museums around the world. In fact, the French gave Duquette the first solo American exhibit at the Louvre for his Mid-Century Neo-Bbaroque aesthetic, rather than the spare international modernism prevailing at the time. Today, Duquette’s protégé and business partner of 30 years, Hutton Wilkinson, continues the legacy with one-of-a-kind creations sold through select specialty stores under the Tony Duquette trademark. Wilkinson hosted a trunk show at Saks Fifth AvenueSt. Louis this month, which featured several of the pieces shown here. You can learn more about this remarkable collection in the book, Tony Duquette/ Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry. The gilt-edged pages are like the interior of an exquisite jewelry box, filled with treasures dripping with precious and semiprecious gems.

fashion & beauty Featured in Saks Fifth Avenue-St. Louis trunk show.

Celebrating 175 years

of Tiffany & Co.

By Brittany Nay |

photos courtesy of tiffany & co.


All images by Stephanie Hanchett from the book, Tony Duquette/Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry.

A carved pink tourmaline and diamond pendant earrings and a bracelet en suite.

iffany & Co. is proving diamonds really are forever. The legendary jeweler is celebrating 175 years of unsurpassed quality, romance and elegance. Through the years, Tiffany’s timeless diamond has appeared at the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, adorning Academy Award-winning actress Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and as a featured work of art in Paris’ Musée du Louvre in 1995. Now, for the 175th anniversary, the iconic gem has been set in a dazzling diamond necklace and returned to its place of honor in Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue store. For your piece of the Tiffany diamond, see this stunning collection of engagement rings.

Tiffany Grace diamond ring in platinum

Tiffany Embrace diamond ring

Fancy cut amethyst and diamonds set in 18-karat gold.

Tiffany Bezet diamond ring in platinum

Etoile diamond ring

Tiffany Legacy diamond ring

Tiffany Soleste diamond ring in platinum

A ruby-bead bracelet set with diamonds inside 18-karat gold stars. Tiffany Setting diamond ring

Lucida diamond ring

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 17

fashion & beauty

Fashionably Fall by katie yeadon

Fall is all about staple pieces for your wardrobe. You want to know what is the BEST dress, top or shoe to invest in for this long season. The following pages show not only what is on-trend, but what can hold up in your closet for more than one year. These are the best of the best.

Color Shift The classic shift dress is back for fall. Wear it as-is with a great heel while it’s still balmy or throw on your favorite cardigan or blazer and a tall boot when the weather cools.

Maguinn, $260, Nordstrom

Alice & Olivia, $297, Vie

Milly, $395, Esther

Nanette Lepore, $348, Neiman Marcus

Lilly Pulitzer, $188, Pink Magnolia


This season, the coat silhouettes are oversized and away from the body. Contrary to popular belief, this style actually slims most body types and leaves room for your layers underneath.

Milly, $645, Esther

J.Crew, $325, J.Crew

Fleurette, $925, Neiman Marcus

Joie, $468, Cha Boutique

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 19

Perhaps the biggest trend for fall is the blouse. A multi-season piece that can be worn with your favorite worn-in jeans or tucked into a pencil skirt, this workhorse is great for the park, the office or a night on the town.

Joie, $238, Cha Boutique

Milly, $280, Esther

Lilly Pulitzer, $158, Pink Magnolia

J.Crew, $128, J.Crew J. McLaughlin, $128, J. McLaughlin Oliveacious, $72, Laurie Solet

Equipment, $248, Vie Lilly Pulitzer, $158, Pink Magnolia

20 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Equipment, $218, Vie

fashion & beauty

Saddle Up If you don’t own a pair of low-heeled, tall boots, this is the time to buy them. Super-comfortable with loads of style, riding boots (with jeans tucked in or paired with your shift dress), are really the only shoe you need for fall.

Fergie, $168, Cha Boutique Tory Burch, $495, Nordstrom

Mia, $95, Cha Boutique

Cole Haan, $348, Nordstrom

Big Buddah, $95, Cha Boutique

Steven, $230, Nordstrom

Liberty, $348, Splash Sam Edelman, $180, Cha Boutique

Yves Saint Laurent, $950, Neiman Marcus

Serious Satchels

Gucci, $1,590, Neiman Marcus

Keeping with the ladylike trend we’ve seen for a few seasons now, the satchel bag is everywhere for fall. Structured—maybe with a buckle and almost always a short and long strap—these timeless bags will bring out your Grace Kelly every day.

Dooney & Bourke, $398, Nordstrom

Prada, $2,895, Neiman Marcus

Kim, $108, Laurie Solet

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 21

10 Reasons to live

Life More

We broke ground on 10 new luxurious villas! Each one gives you a reason to live life fully and more brilliantly in Sunset Hills. As you gaze out on our 52-acre campus from your villa patio, you’ll enjoy the view of the rolling hills, plus the confidence gained from genuine LifeCare™… a Friendship Village exclusive. Call (314) 667-4583 today to start life anew with less hassle and friends nearby.

Call today or visit www.FriendshipVillageSTL.com to schedule a tour.

FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE SUNSET HILLS 12503 Village Circle Drive St. Louis, MO 63127 www.FriendshipVillageSTL.com/SunsetHills (314) 667-4583 EL0262

Your breath will be taken away the moment you step inside this elegant 1.5 story, 5 plus bedroom home with salt water pool, and gazebo situated on private 1 acre lot in popular Countryside Lane. This home boasts a 2 story foyer and great room, first floor master bedroom suite, rich wood paneled library, formal living and dining room, gourmet kitchen with breakfast room, main floor laundry room, 3 car side entry garage, finished walk out lower level with rec. room, family room, kitchen, 5th bedroom with full bath and walk in closet and 2nd laundry area. Freshly painted exterior and interior, new roof (2012), newer deck and more.

Offered at $2,199,000

Diane C. Gorris SRES, SRS, GRI, ABR D: 314-872-6752 C: 314-422-1414

www.dianegorris.com dgorris@prudentialalliance.com

1588 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Suite 210 Ladue, Mo 63131


A Perfect Match

atrina Busch and Erich Geise met in 2008 when he interviewed her for a job opening at his office in Chicago. But when Katie was offered the position, she declined. “I left knowing I could never work for him—not without having a huge crush on my boss!” The couple crossed paths again several months later on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, Erich was selfconsciously sporting a mustache, the result of a bet with his co-workers. “I was too embarrassed to say hello, which resulted in me completely ignoring her,” he explains. A few days later, Erich sent Katie an email, apologizing for his evasiveness. A few more chance encounters led to a date and a blossoming romance. “I knew the minute she met my dad that she was ‘the one,’ Erich recalls. “He has a knack for playing practical jokes on people and she handled him perfectly.” When Katie brought Erich home for a weekend visit to celebrate Mardi Gras, she realized then he was Mr. Right. “I kept hearing how happy I looked,” she recalls. “Erich also left a lasting first impression on my dear mom,” Katie says when her mom jokingly yelled “Chinese fire-drill!” at a stop light, Erich hopped out of the car! “He is always in the mood for some fun, not afraid to laugh at himself and is always listening.”

24 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

The couple became engaged during a family vacation to Europe. On a day-trip to Eze, France, a medieval village between Nice and Monaco, Erich popped the question in an ancient courtyard. “The happy tears began to flow and I quickly answered the easiest question I’ve ever been asked.” The couple was joined by family and friends on September 8, 2012, at Old Warson Country Club for an elegant ceremony. Katie wore her grandmother’s earrings and carried a bouquet wrapped with a piece of lace from her mother’s wedding gown. “My favorite moment was walking down the aisle. It was surreal and exciting, but I felt incredibly calm and at ease,” shares Katie. The couple chose an excerpt from the bride’s favorite childhood story, The Velveteen Rabbit, to be read during the ceremony. A formal reception followed where guests enjoyed dinner and dancing. Erich recalls taking a moment to cherish their special day. “Seeing all of our family and friends who traveled near and far just to be with us was very special.” The newlyweds honeymooned in Hawaii, where they spent time on Maui and Lanai, awakening at 3 a.m. to see a sunrise 10,000 feet atop Haleakala Volcano. The couple resides in Chicago. By Elizabeth Schmitt


the the the the

date — September 8, 2012 bride — Katrina Martina Busch groom — Erich Paul Geise bride's parents — Ms. Ann Busch and

the groom's parents

the the the the the the the the the

Mr. Adolphus Busch IV

— Ms. Therese Geise and Mr. Phillip Geise

ceremony — Old Warson Country Club reception — Old Warson Country Club wedding dress — Christos rings — Genovese Jewelers florist — Bloomin Buckets, Barb Wehking cake — Encore Baking Company band — Elegant Ensembles & Arvell and Company photographer — Jon Koch Photography bridesmaids dresses — Amsale,

Town & Country Bridal — Men’s Warehouse, Vera Wang, Town & Country Bridal the invitations — The Service Bureau the wedding planner — Cosmopolitan Events the tux

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 25


Only the Beginning

ulie Donnell and Brian Peak were introduced by Julie’s cousin in Chicago; however, the foundation upon which they have built their relationship needed no introduction: It is steeped in support, trust, love and understanding. “With Brian, I found a level of comfort and trust that was immediate and never wavering,” Julie explains. Being separated for two years while Brian was in graduate school only strengthened their relationship. “We learned how to be together when we were apart,” Julie says. Brian agrees, “We have always been very supportive of each other and we understand what is important to one another.” This give-and-take combined with a desire to experience new things together paved the way for a blossoming romance. “I knew she was that special one when I realized that my best interests were her main priorities and vice versa.” The couple became engaged during a weekend ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah. After dinner at Stein Erickson (a restaurant Julie and her family visited when she was a little girl), Brian popped the question with a full moon, the mountains and ski slopes as a backdrop. “I couldn’t say yes fast enough! It was spectacular and something I will never forget,” Julie recalls.

They were joined by family and friends on June 15, 2012, at Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church. Organist David Erwin and the St. Louis Children’s Choir performed during the ceremony and the bride’s grandfather, who was unable to travel, joined them via Skype. Julie wore earrings and a bracelet given to her that day by her soon-to-be husband and carried a handkerchief with the initials and wedding dates of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother embroidered in blue thread. The celebration continued at Bellerive Country Club. “I loved being introduced for the first time as husband and wife,” Julie remembers. Guests enjoyed dinner and dancing. “It was great to celebrate with our friends and family, but most importantly, it was great to celebrate the beginning of our new life together,” Brian says. The last song, Just One More, played as the newlyweds said their goodbyes and exited through a path of rose petals. The newlyweds honeymooned in St. Lucia, where they went sailing, snorkeling and relaxed on the beach. They reside in New York, where Brian works as an equity research associate at RBC Capital Markets and Julie is a senior associate at Mercer. By Elizabeth Schmitt

26 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com


the date — June 15, 2012 the bride — Julie Lanier Donnell the groom — Brian Daniel Peak the bride's parents

— Mr. and Mrs. John F. Donnell — Mr. and Mrs. Dan Luttrell

the groom's parents

and Mr. Daniel Peak

— Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church the reception — Bellerive Country Club the wedding dress — Ultimate Bride the rings — Montels, Heffern’s, Huffords the florist — Wildflowers the cake — Carol Zimmerman the band — Charles Glenn the photographer — Josephine Havlak the bridesmaids dresses — Berrybridge the tux — Stallones and Vineyard Vines the invitations — South City Press-Eleanor Borelli the ceremony

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 27

All Because Two People Fell in Love


cott Fortkamp and Katie Bishop met at a neighborhood bar in Chicago. Their chance meeting led to a first date; and the rest, as they say, is history. “I knew pretty early that he was Mr. Right,” says Katie. “Things were just easy and we had a lot of fun together. But I probably knew for sure after about six months, when we went to his brother’s wedding in Boston,” she added. Scott echoes her sentiment. “I knew fairly early in our relationship Katie was the one for me. After a short time, I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life.” The couple became engaged while Katie was on a business trip in San Francisco. Scott surprised her by joining her on the day she was scheduled to return home. “He told me he was changing my flight and we were going to spend the night in the city,” she recalls. He popped the question that evening before they went to dinner. After a resounding ‘Yes,’ the couple celebrated with Champagne and called their families. “It was amazing!” Katie remembers. They were joined by family and friends

on September 8, 2012, at Shrine of St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church. Katie wore her mother’s veil, Scott’s grandmother’s pearls and carried a bouquet wrapped in lace from her mother’s gown. “I will always cherish the moment when I saw Katie for the first time as the doors to the back of the church opened—I hope to never forget that and I hope she is always that happy,” reflects Scott. A reception followed at Bellerive Country Club. ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank you for traveling from’ signs, greeted guests, along with photos of the couple with family and friends and a table of wedding-day photos from their parents and grandparents with a sign that said, All because two people fell in love. In addition to traditional wedding cake, guests were served cotton candy for dessert. The newlyweds honeymooned in French Polynesia, where they visited the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora and enjoyed snorkeling, a Champagne sunset boat cruise and paddle boarding. They reside in Chicago, where Scott works as a CPA, senior manager at Deloitte, and Katie is an event planner, account manager at ACCESS Medical. By Elizabeth Schmitt

28 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com


— September 8, 2012 — Katherine Elaine Bishop the groom — Scott Aric Fortkamp the bride's parents — Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bishop Jr. the groom's parents — Mr. and Mrs. Neil Fortkamp the ceremony — Shrine of St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church the reception — Bellerive Country Club the wedding dress — Enzoani Blue Collection the florist — Ken Miesner’s Flowers the cake — Sweet Picks the band — Griffin and the Gargoyles the photographer — Artisan Photography, Timothy Pastor the bridesmaids dresses — Ann Taylor the wedding planner — Mary Fox the date

the bride

LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 29


the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

date — May, 26, 2012 bride — Jennifer M. Steiner groom — Jordan B. Decker bride's parents — Mr. & Mrs. James Steiner groom's parents — Mr. & Mrs. Marc Decker ceremony — Church of the Annunziata reception — Westwood Country Club wedding dress — Vera Wang, Berrybridge florist — Ken Miesner’s Flowers cake — Encore Baking Company band — Arvell and Company photographer — Josephine Havlak bridesmaids dresses — Thread, Bella Bridesmaid invitations — Cheree Berry Paper wedding planner — Barbara Hoover

30 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Ken Miesner's

For the wedding of your dreams, we create floral designs that are timeless, refined, classic and elegant. 292 Plaza Frontenac • 567-6650

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— April 28, 2012 — Aurielle Carr Shatz the groom — Dr. Michael Jeffrey Wilderman the bride's parents — Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Shatz the groom's parents — Dr. & Mrs. Barry Wilderman the ceremony — The Saint Louis Club the reception — The Saint Louis Club the wedding dress — Custom-designed in New York the rings — My Baubles in New York, Joshua Allen the florist — The Saint Louis Club, Roger Engler the cake/desserts — The Saint Louis Club the band — Dave Venn trio (pre-ceremony & cocktails); the date

the bride

Teipen Studios string trio (ceremony), Kim Massie (reception) the photographer — Patti Gabriel Photography the bridesmaids dresses — Amsale the tux — Canali: Florence, Boyd’s in Philadelphia Brioni the invitations — The Village Invites NYC the wedding planner — The Saint Louis Club, Kate Steele officiate — Rabbi Amy Feder

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— May 19, 2012 — Alison Hillhouse the groom — Gregory Cain the bride's parents — Mr. and Mrs. John Hillhouse the groom's parents — Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cain the ceremony — Bonhomme Presbyterian Church the reception — Bellerive Country Club the wedding dress — Kleinfield’s Bridal NYC the rings — Little King NYC the florist — Ken Meisner’s Flowers the cake — Sugaree Bakery the band — Galaxy with Lenny the photographer — Josephine Havlak the bridesmaids dresses — J. Crew the tux — Rothman’s the invitations — Vellum the wedding planner — Bride’s Vision the date

the bride

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— July 7, 2012 the bride — Ashley Prewitt the groom — Victor Wu the bride's parents — Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prewitt the groom's parents — Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wu the ceremony — Four Seasons Hotel­St. Louis the reception — Four Seasons Hotel­St. Louis the wedding dress — Romona Keveza the rings — David Yurman (groom), custom-made (bride) the florist — Festive Atmospheres the cake — Sugaree Baking Company the band — Griffin and the Gargoyles the photographer — Stephen Seebeck Photography the bridesmaids dresses — Bella Bridesmaids, Jenny Yoo the tux — Lord Willy’s the invitations — Two Blue Doors the wedding planner — Simcha’s Events, Simcha Lourie the date

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Event Design Party Planning Wedding Coordination Lindsay &Chris Photo by: Rob Westrich Photography

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www.cosmopolitanevents.com 8132 Big Bend Blvd, Suite B

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sleep well. we’ve got your back.

If you naturally sleep hot or just like your bed to be extra cool, our newest innovation is for you. We took two of our most popular mattresses and added our exclusive state-of-the-art TEMPUR-Breeze™ technology.
















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with every sale

Coldwell Banker Gundaker

OENOPHILES ONLY Cellaring your collection of over 2000 bottles is important. Consider a stone-floored room with its own chiller, maintaining a constant temperature of 60 degrees and cork-friendly humidity. All casework is African Mahogony, milled on premises by top finish-carpenters and custom hand-stained by Master Artisans’ Jeff Baumgartner. Viewed through an arched glass door, illuminated by recessed halogen lighting, your wine display includes a 7-foot long bar with cabinets below, a Kohler bar sink with insinkerator, and stemware cabinets above, featuring the original leaded glass doors from the butler’s pantry. Counter and backsplash are 2 inch thick Imperial Red Granite imported from India. Behind the mahogany-lined walls encircling the room lies hand trowelled, solid plaster on wire mesh over steel studs. The exterior wall is 2 foot thick, full-masonry stucco-over-block construction. Temperature monitor alarm alerts central station. The grand finale to a 7-year, total restoration and renovation of this centennial mansion by Markway, this spectacular wine cellar is complemented by 230 recessed halogen lights installed throughout the 10,000 square foot home for your accompanying art collection.

1108 Hillside Drive Hampton Park | $3,850,000

Please call Maria Elias at 314.971.4346

9018 Stonebridge Drive Richmond Heights | $1,385,000

2261 Croydon Walk Frontenac | $675,000

Maria Elias 314.971.4346 | 314.993.8000


To schedule a private showing,

Steve Breihan & Carolyn Malecek Excellence in Real Estate

6943 Pershing Ave. | University City

18 Willow Hill | Ladue



8062 South Dr. | Hampton Park

$1,075,000 Steve Breihan 314-753-1899 Carolyn Malecek 314-956-9405 Office: 314-872-6702



The Del On

Coronado Island Story and photos by Judy Crowell

Del Coronado Hotel

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Lobby chandelier

Guest room


echnically, it’s a peninsula bounded on the north by Naval Air Station North Island and on the south by a training center for Navy SEALs. In the middle resides the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, a national treasure sitting along one of the finest beaches in America. The property was built in the 1880s by Chicagoans Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story, who dreamed of creating ‘the talk of the Western world.’ They succeeded in transforming the vast desolate beach from a playground for jackrabbits and coyotes to a Victorian seaside resort unparalleled in luxury and architectural drama. It’s been a playground for 16 U.S. Presidents and countless celebrities such as Charles Lindbergh, Thomas Edison,

40 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Babe Ruth, Wallis Simpson, Jack Dempsey and Orville Redenbacher; thousands of business folk delighted to combine barefoot pleasure with corporate meetings; families soaking up the endless sunshine and 18

Well, it’s not really an island—but don’t tell the locals. miles of expansive white beaches; a resident ghost, Kate Morgan of room 3372; and Marilyn herself frolicking on the beach in 1958’s Some Like It Hot.

I’ve heard some say it’s tired. I say I’d be tired, too, if I was 132 years old. But actually, it’s not. A multi-million-dollar renovation of guestrooms in the original building is where you want to be for sleek furnishings and flat-screened TVs amongst crisp white linens. Other major enhancements include the award-winning Spa at The Del, Kidtopia (a beach-centered facility for kids), Vibz (a teen lounge), 1500 Ocean (The Del’s formal dining room), and the laidback Sheerwater for perusing your newspaper over a sumptuous brunch or a ‘fish by the sea’ dinner. What makes The Del so special, and the reason why throngs of people come here, are the antiquities. Thomas Edison oversaw the installation of electric lighting in the

TRAVEL Sheerwater deck

hotel—the largest building outside of New York City to use electric lighting. L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, designed the crown chandeliers in the dining room. It’s said that The Del inspired his Emerald City of Oz: A towering crystal chandelier takes your breath away as you enter from blazing sunlight into the dark, all-wooden lobby of this timber palace. Wooden balconies with rattan chairs grace each guestroom in the original building. I stood every evening, holding the railing of my balcony, gazing at the legendary orange turrets, lit as if by magic against the night sky. Under my hand, I could feel the layers and layers of paint applied over the years to keep all in tip-top shape. The somewhat uneven wooden floors made me think of sunbath-

ers in various periods of swim attire making their way back from a day at the beach. By far, my favorite antiquity was Andrew, the adorable elevator operator, who, for 32 years, has spent his life going up and down

Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story

on the 122-year-old Otis lobby elevator—No. 61, to be exact—just one of the original Otis elevators still working at The Del. Experience the enchantment of a gentler time at The Del and then wander the island streets for some excellent dining: Leroy’s Kitchen + Lounge, Miguel’s Cocina, The Tavern, Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint, Mistral at Loews Coronado, Tartine, Brigantine Seafood or Moo Time Creamery for a quick ice-cream sundae. Go back in time and experience the incomparable luxury and history of the grandest grande dame of all, the Del Coronado, aptly described by Travel + Leisure as “an amusement park without the rides.”

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Harrison Howard


t’s rare to come across a talent like Harrison Howard, whose artwork graces the cover of this edition of Elegant Living. His piquant rendering succeeds in capturing qualities that neither words nor photographs can. This is true of Howard’s entire body of work, which includes whimsical, enchanting paintings of architectural subjects, chinoiserie and scenics that are an ongoing source of delight for those who collect his work. We recently talked with the artist about his art and inspiration. LN: You paint incredibly charming fantastical creatures, most notably your shell and flower people. Where do these ideas come from? HH: The imaginary side of my paintings has its roots in my interest in theater and costume design, fashion illustration, children’s illustration and many areas of the decorative arts. My paintings that include figures each have a narrative in my own mind that goes with them; and from my perspective, a painting is often like a single frame out of a scene in a short film. I am attracted to lightly satirical situations, and often I intend my paintings to be taken partly tongue-in-cheek. Although I paint imagined subjects, I intend them to be grounded in things that reflect plausible behavior. LN: In addition to artwork on paper, you’re a great mural painter. What kind of interior benefits most from a hand-painted mural? HH: Mural work looks its best to me when it is closely related to the architecture and other surrounding conditions. Almost any area of a house has the potential to benefit from the right choice of mural work, but conversely, a poor choice can detract enormously. Dining rooms are often one of the best locations for a mural because they are typically used for entertaining, and most people enjoy the mood that a mural can create as a backdrop. LN: What was it like painting decorative murals for the great design firms and decorators, including the senior partner at Parish Hadley, Irvine and Fleming, and McMillan Inc., the New York design firm founded by St. Louisan Eleanor McMillan? HH: There have been quite a lot of murals for design businesses covering many different themes. Many of the murals I’ve done went hand-in-hand with experiences I will never forget. For example, in the early ’90s, I did a mural in a memorable New York apartment just off Lexington Avenue. A huge, uniquely thick and expensive custom sisal rug was delivered there via a large crane to the seventh floor after removing an immense plate-glass window for access. Traffic had been halted just to set up the crane. The rug was installed in the living room where I was working. A young house painter newly arrived from Ireland stepped in the paint on my palette on a scaffold as my job was all but complete, following the contractor’s removal of most of the tarps. The painter tracked wet oil paint across the sisal rug and looked as though he had swallowed cyanide when he saw what he had done. I thought the rug was destroyed. Nevertheless, I started very delicately to remove the paint. To my astonishment, I managed to remove all of it before the painter deteriorated into a final meltdown. He also played in an Irish band—I hope he isn’t still painting apartments. By Nancy Robinson

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CWE I $1,650,000 22 Westmoreland Place 5 Bedrooms, 7 Baths, Carriage House, Terraces, Pool Beautifully restored historic home on a premier private street. Updates for today’s living are artfully integrated with the original grandeur. Katie Holton 314.330.4563

9889 clayton road I saint louis, missouri 63124 I 314.997.4800 I www.janetmcafee.com

FRONTENAC I $2,345,000 15 Bridle Lane 7 Bedrooms, 6 Baths, 7,280 Square Feet Spectacular five-year old custom home with gracious living spaces and sophisticated finishes. Cindy Lee Gladney Sophie Lee 314.503.4234 314.517.0604

Margaret Wright 314.369.7731

FRONTENAC I 3 Bridle Lane I $2,395,000 I Acre+ 5 Bedrooms, 8 Baths, 6,522 Square Feet, Exquisite 7 year old home.

Town & Country I 2718 Covington Place Estates I $1,900,000

LADUE I 9933 LitzsingerRoad I $2,195,000 I 3.93 Acres

5 Bedrooms, 6 Baths, 5,923 Square Feet, Pool, Cabana, Designer Decor

5 Bedrooms, 7 Baths, 5,898 Square Feet, Estate home with terrace and pool.

LADUE I 12 Dromara Road I $1,090,000

LADUE I 1 Edgewood Road I $1,395,000

Town & Country I 8 Long Meadows I $2,220,000

4 Bedrooms, 5 Baths, 3,853 Square Feet

4 Bedrooms, 8 Baths, 5,022 Square Feet,1.7 Acres

6 Bedrooms, 7 Baths, 7,340 Square Feet All Levels

Gale Henderson designed home on .97 acres.

Magnificent 12 year old home with professional landscaping.

New custom home. Award winning kitchen and baths.

Barbara Wulfing 314.277.3285 9889 clayton road I saint louis, missouri 63124 I 314.997.4800 I www.janetmcafee.com

Sophisticated Chic Elegant All of the above

What's your choice? Expressions has it! 314.567.6200 7817 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63117 MON THRU FRI 10-6, SATURDAY 10-5 ExpressionsFurnitureSTL.com

photos by michael jacob

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courtesy of harrison howard


13428 Conway Road By Nancy Robinson


he 2012 William Bernoudy Ladue News Showhouse provides a rare look inside one of the more interesting and important modern residential structures in St. Louis. Designed by William Adair Bernoudy (1910-1988) and completed in 1961, the home was built for Mr. and Mrs. John J. Horan and is an outstanding example of the transition from traditional to modern organic architecture in St. Louis. A St. Louisan by birth, Bernoudy grew up in University City and spent one year at Washington University before going on to study for three years at Frank Lloyd Wright’s school at Taliesin in Wisconsin. In the years that followed, Bernoudy developed his own interpretation of organic architecture that showed a clear regard and respect for the building site and its natural conditions, as well as an appreciation of the relationship of the interior to the exterior. The Horan house, like so much of Bernoudy’s work, is a physical refutation

of the ‘tombstone’ mentality and demonstrates a way of thinking about residential architecture that celebrates an informal and sympathetic relationship between the garden and the house. Built with large expanses of glass, the residence opens onto a pastoral setting and is filled with daylight, yet devoid of glare. In terms of the floor plan, the Horan house is a vivid example of the new concept of openness and flexibility that encouraged the freedom and informality of modern family life. The Horan house also is notable for its rich finish detail and sumptuous materials like white terrazzo floors and built-in bookcases. Bedrooms open onto a balcony; and in one, the treetops are visible through a large glazed gable in the sloped ceiling above the light shelf. Note-

worthy exterior features include a walled entrance court and geometric lattice work motifs in garden walls and balcony railings displayed against the texture of brick walls and walkways.

The 2012 Ladue News Show House is for Sale 13428 CONWAY ROAD Rare opportunity to buy a pristine & unaltered William Bernoudy home on 18+ prime acres in Town and Country. Lovingly maintained & ready to be passed onto the next discerning owner. Perfect home for entertaining with 17 rooms. 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms & 6,400+ sq. feet of living space, not including a partially finished walk-out lower level. 2-car garage and 2-car carport. Offered at $3,499,000. http://conwayrd.canbyours.com/ For more information, contact

Ted Wight

Already More Than $16 Million in Sales in 2012

cell: 314.607.5555 ted.wight@sothebysrealty.com

8301 Maryland Avenue, Suite 100 office: 314.725.0009

Check Out Ted’s Blog at www.stlouistyleblog.com 50 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com


2019 S. WARSON ROAD l LADUE Experience this magnificent home with extensive renovations that includes two additions. It has been brought into today’s lifestyle with a peaceful & casual elegance. There is 12,000 sq. ft. on three levels that sits on three exquisite & private acres.

9 CARRSWOLD DRIVE l CLAYTON Tudor Revival home designed by Maritz & Young is for the discriminating buyer seeking architectural excellence. Exquisite renovations to each room, including all baths & kitchen.

Offered at $4,495,000

Offered at $3,500,000



Perfect fusion of luxury, form & function collide throughout all 9,500 sq. ft. of this exceptional Dick Busch estate. Privately poised amongst 4 picturesque acres amenities abound with pool, media room, master ste/sitting room combo & 5 fireplaces. Offered at $1,999,995

Magnificent home across from Wydown Terrace Park offers 6,000 sq. ft., 5 bedrooms & 4½ baths. Built with few constraints & the collaboration of talented craftsmen, this home is a work of art. Offered at $1,595,000

See all of our listings at www.dielmannsothebysrealty.com


Ladue News Show House Committee Stacey Goltermann Show House Chair

Tania Beasley-Jolly Party Chair

Ted Wight Property Chair

Alan E. Brainerd Design Liaison

Julie Schuster Boutique Chair

Melissa Hartman House Manager

Lisa Malone Volunteer Chair

Judy Moskoff Landscape Chair

Justin Nangle LN Publisher

Katie Holton Party Chair

Vicki Pickle Design/Editorial/Photo Coordinator

Tracy Sporrer Director of Show House Operations

Helene Sayad Party Chair

Millie Cain Meet the Designers Chair

Ladue News Show House Designers Alan E. Brainerd Alan E. Brainerd Interiors, Inc.

Dottie Eaton Design Style

Tammy Hardesty Lifestyles Unlimited

Amie Corley Amie Corley Interiors

Karen Pepper Edwin Pepper Interiors

Arlene Lilie Arlene Lilie Interior Design

Gigi Lombrano Steve Toedebusch Hilary Beyer Frank Patton Interiors

Mary Stieven Maggie Stieven MKS Designs

Julie Baum BaumHouse Design David Deatherage Century Design Ltd. Carolyn Grove CV Grove Interiors Tracy Miles Dau Home Furnishings

Andrew Maloney Susan Nack Paul Alan Reigelsberger Mike Wyrock I.O. Metro Liz McGovern Anne Smith June Roesslein Interiors

Kimberly Reuther Jay Eiler Meredith Wanamaker Paige Gilbertson David Blakely Niche Ken Stückenschneider Stückenschneider Decoration and Design Victoria Dreste Victoria Dreste Designs

A special thanks to the following for their volunteer efforts throughout the Show House Tour:

Dielmann At National Charity League, our mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. 52 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com


Curtis Searcy Senior Vice President, Market Leader 314.505.8015 T H E P R I V AT E C L I E N T G R O U P

Paula Furst Vice President 314.889.1722 HOME MORTGAGE

Cheryl Dunavant Mortgage Loan Officer 314.505.8088 NMLS# 502038

Lori Mihal Mortgage Loan Officer 314.872.2847 NMLS# 502504

Harvey Sachs Mortgage Loan Officer 314.889.1733 NMLS# 502013


In Clayton David Staffen Branch Manager 314.505.8195

In Des Peres Dan Huesgen Branch Manager 314.835.5233

In Ladue Paul Cortez Branch Manager 314.889.1700

inancial Achievement Starts with a Solid Blueprint. Designing your goals can be easy. Attaining your goals may require guidance. With a team of experts, we can lay out a plan to help you manage your wealth and work towards your financial goals. We take the time to understand your financial situation, your aspirations and your tolerance for risk. Then we develop strategies to help with cash flow, retirement income or personal trust administration.


Jeff Camilleri Business Banking Officer 314.889.1725


Annie Howard Small Business Specialist 314.505.8145

Mortgage and deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC ©2012 U.S. Bancorp. All rights reserved. U.S. Bank is not affiliated with the Ladue News Showcase in any way. U.S. Bank is not responsible for and does not guarantee the products, services or performance of its affiliates or third party providers. 110610 MMWR23312


Doug Hardin, Diane Fredericks, Jeff Riley Financial Advisors, Clayton 314.505.8141

Julie Gampp Financial Advisor, Ladue 314.889.1714

Curt Kruse, CFP®, ChFC®, Joe Watson, Vice President, Financial Advisors, Des Peres and Richmond Heights | 314.835.5229

Investment products and services are available through U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC, an investment adviser and a brokerage subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp and affiliate of U.S. Bank. Insurance products including annuities are available through U.S. Bancorp Insurance Services, LLC, and U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc.; in Montana, U.S. Bancorp Insurance Services of Montana, Inc.; and in Wyoming, U.S. Bancorp Insurance & Investments, Inc. All are licensed insurance agencies and subsidiaries of U.S. Bancorp. Policies are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies and may not be available in all states. CA Insurance License # OE24641. U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc is not affiliated with The Ladue News Showhouse NOT FDIC-INSURED







By Brittany Nay


s part of its charitable commitment to the community, U.S. Bank provides every employee with eight hours of paid time off for volunteering at nonprofits. In 2011, its employees contributed approximately 7,200 hours locally. And the company provided about $2 million in charitable contributions. “As citizens who live here, all of us feel it is our responsibility to give back to the community,” says Curtis Searcy, market leader for private client reserve. For the second consecutive year, U.S. Bank also has chosen to give back through the Ladue News Show House. “U.S. Bank truly believes in community and investing in our community. Being part of




the Ladue News Show House fit perfectly with what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Frankie Eichenberger, senior VP and region manager. U.S. Bank also contributes locally through its community development corporation. Last year, the company extended $54 million in low-interest community development loans throughout the city. The funds helped support multiple redevelopment projects, including the former St. Louis Centre Mall, one component of the Mercantile Exchange—an emerging downtown residential, shopping and entertainment district. The fifth largest commercial bank in the nation, U.S. Bank has 4,100 local employees and 110 branches throughout St. Louis.

N K D O O G H V L J Q V gifts







<EKI8C 1<JK E; I<EKNFF; &F:8K@FEJ 26B maryland plaza, saint louis, MO 63108 open monday-saturday 11-7 sunday 12-5

8416 manchester road brentwood, mo 63144 monday-saturday 10-6 sunday closed

makers of fine bath, body, candles, and home fragrance goods. made on location.

phone: 314--961-1990 fax: 314-961-1991 www.khalldesigns.com www.simpatico-home.com info@khalldesigns.com

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Fall into Style. Fall into Savvy.

Midwest Helicopter TRAIN, TOUR, FLY

Interior Design Services A�����ori�� • Gift� Fine Home Furnishings

Our Midwest Helicopter tours include sunset tours, Downtown and more.

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible! e-mail: myskymidwest@hotmail.com 517 Bell Avenue, Chesterfield, MO 63005


Toll Free: 866.532.5613




BLOG: www.sAvvyLAdueBLOG.cOm


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Show House Beneficiaries By Brittany Nay

Because of Angels’ Arms, many local foster families have a roof over their heads and access to a multitude of life-changing resources. The organization, which began in 2003, provides nine homes throughout St. Louis—from North and South counties to Ballwin and St. Charles. Foster parents and up to six foster children—babies to collegeage—are supported in each home, allowing sibling groups to stay together. Additionally, the organization’s small staff and its thousands of volunteers aid the families with daily expenses and extras—from clothing and college tuition to extracurricular activities. Proceeds from the LN Show House will help the organization with house payments, maintenance and family resources. “The need is so great,” says executive director and founder Bess Wilfong. “We need more properties that aren’t just houses, but homes that allow children to be part of a family.” The privately funded organization is supported by community fundraisers, including its largest, Stepping Out for the Angels Dinner Auction, that annually draws 500 attendees and raises $200,000. This year’s event will be Nov. 17 at Kemp Auto Museum.

in-kind donors

Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APAMO) is celebrating its 90th year of animal adoption and education. The Brentwood-based organization cares for 10,000 animals each year through its shelter and veterinary clinic. “We pride ourselves on being customer-service-friendly to make good matches for the animals and their new owners,” says executive director Steve Kaufman. As one of the smallest shelters in the area, the exposure from the Show House will help make the community aware there are many pets that need good homes, Kaufman adds. In addition to adoption services, the organization offers animal welfare and safety classes for all ages at its shelter and throughout the community. Funds from the Show House will go directly to animal care—helping APAMO feed and care for the animals who are housed anywhere from a few days to even a year. “While they’re here, we want them to be well-taken-care-of,” Kaufman says. APAMO has 27 staff members and about 15 volunteers who care for 250 to 300 animals each day.

show house internal vendors

Ali Hennessey & Cooper Hudspeth Aveiha Floral Designs Chesterfield Valley Nursery K Hall Designs Sallie Home StoneTrends, LLC. Allen Interior Furnishings

56 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com


SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center annually treats 200,000 children, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. “They come to us with illnesses—from the flu to lifethreatening cancers and heart disease—that need the expertise and support of our world-class pediatric, faith-filled hospital,” says Dan Buck, executive director of Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation. “It’s hard for parents and siblings to see their child struggle, and we give them the hope and faith they need to get through it.” Show House proceeds will help the foundation fund the medical center’s new $6.5 million radiology center, which is set for completion in January. The center’s cutting-edge MRI and CT imaging will deliver significantly lower doses of radiation, minimizing harmful side effects for children. “A key to great health care is great imaging because it leads to better results in the operating room,” Buck notes. The medical center’s foundation is supported by more than 30 annual community events. “Many of the events are put on by grateful families—their level of gratitude pushes them to want to give back,” Buck says. “And we could not do this without the generous support of our community.”

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis (SFSL) is one of only a handful of live theater groups in the nation making art accessible to audiences by offering free shows. The organization has annually produced a William Shakespeare play in Forest Park for the past 12 years. “We provide high-quality professional theater experiences for free,” says executive director Rick Dildine. The performances are put together by 575 volunteers and draw 60,000 attendees—3,000 people per night during each production’s four-week run. SFSL also provides year-round programming in 125 schools and in the streets of St. Louis. During the year-round education tour, the organization reaches 40,000 students with two 50-minute Shakespeare adaptations or scenes and a 50-minute workshop based on the time, history and language of the Bard. The group also has used Shakespeare plays to develop an anti-bullying workshop. Show House proceeds will help the organization fund its 2013 production, Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare’s comedies. The nonprofit is supported through community contributions, including its largest fundraising event, The Tempest Ball. “We are truly an organization that is funded by the people and for the people,” Dildine says.

Quality Kitchen Appliances for Every Budget Consistent Attention to Detail for Over 20 Years. Newly Remodeled Showroom.

1650 N. Warson

St. Louis, MO 63132



LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 57


Foyer Arlene Lilie Arlene Lilie Interior Design


good first impression is important, especially in a show house. Arlene Lilie made a great one with her design of the foyer. The look is understated, calm and collected, benefiting from the synergy between William Adair Bernoudy’s Mid-Century Modern architecture and her inspired vision for the space, circa 2012. The result is a sophisticated entryway that beautifully sets the stage for all that’s to come. A minimalist at heart, Lilie let Bernoudy’s simple but strong architecture do the talking when she designed the foyer. “When I first saw this space, I knew I wanted to keep everything in the room very simple,” she explains. “The most important feature is the long glass wall, which provides a view into the

CaesarStone Midwest Tile & Granite Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin

58 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

courtyard and allows the foyer and the courtyard garden to become one. I decided to create a small sitting area where one can connect with nature yearround in a calm setting. It’s perfect for meditation and reflection.” Executed in a palette of black and silver, Lilie chose strong modern shapes to anchor the space, including a silver drum table and a pair of Milo Baughman black leather and chrome chairs. She also hung several impressive pieces of modern art and tied everything together with a silvery shag rug. “This room is a perfect example of ‘less is more,’ ” Lilie says. “I think Mr. Bernoudy would approve.” By Nancy Robinson

Philip Slein Gallery Rosy Angelis by Philippe Starck Thayer Coggin

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Metropolitan Platform Bed


15424 Manchester Rd • Ellisville, MO 63011 636-394-3005 • www.daufurniture.com

Home Furnishings

Celebrating 118 Years

Mon. - Wed. 10 - 5; Thurs. 10 - 8; Fri. & Sat. 10 - 5; Closed on Sundays Complimentary Interior Design Service

8 GEYER WOOD LANE $899,900

1304 LITZSINGER WOODS $1,199,000

Wonderful Frontenac Home. 5 bdrm/4+bath. Over 6,048 sq.ft. of finished living area. Extensive renovation and addition in 2005! Quality details throughout: custom cabinetry, granite, hardwood & marble floors. Oversized rooms throughout. Fabulous finished Lower Level. In ground pool in lush, private, acre setting! Perfect home for family & entertainment.

Beautiful, newer Ladue home on private acre/cul-de-sac. 4850 sq.ft. + 1000 sq.ft finish in LL. 3 bedrm/4+ baths. Stunning 1.5sty foyer with spiral staircase. Expansive master suite. Handsome Study with extensive bookcases. All rooms are generous sizes. 2 fplces. 3-car side-entry garage. Lovely patio backs to wooded privacy. Perfect for entertaining.

Celia Homsher Office: 314-872-6731 Cell: 314-795-9549

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master suite Ken Stückenschneider Stückenschneider Decoration & Design


reat rooms and houses always speak to me,” says interior designer Ken Stückenschneider. “This one wanted to be a calm, elegant, earthly oasis surrounded by Mother Nature. From the moment I stepped inside the room, I knew it had to connect to the exterior landscape in order for the space to be harmonious with its perfect setting. The architect Bernoudy provided a majestic stage set on which to assemble some wonderful furniture, objects and art complementing the theme of man in nature.” Executed in a color palette suggestive of vanilla, buttery caramel, silky crème brulee, smoky incense, wood, sand and lush greenery, Stückenschneider’s master bedroom utilizes a mix of gorgeous, high-end fabrics, including natural linen, velvet,

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hand-loomed cotton chenille and cashmere silk mohair that create a comfortable retreat. Working in conjunction with the fabrics to envelop the room in a feeling of luxury are rich-looking specialty wall finishes hand-applied by a master craftsman. The centerpiece in this wonderful spa-inspired space is a bespoke 1960s-style king-size bed, accompanied by complementary streamlined nightstands and lamps, modern down-filled upholstery and Ernest Trova’s original artworks. “Life is simply so hectic in the 21st century that I always go for a calm, relaxing interior that soothes the soul,” Stückenschneider explains. “Every master bedroom should be a place of refuge and relaxation, but should also be exciting.”

By Nancy Robinson


AJ Brewington Antiques Artistic Picture Frames Inc. Baisch & Skinner BKK Designs Bowood Farms Cambria Centro Century Design Ltd. Cheree Berry Paper Color Craftsman, LLC Crescent Plumbing Supply Company Custom Fabric Coverings by Couch Custom Furniture Works Design and Detail Designer’s First Fiberseal of St. Louis Garden Heights Nursery

Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project K Hall Designs KnollStudio Kravet through KDR Pace Framing Refined Finishes—Tim Glastetter Restoration Hardware Sherwin-Williams StoneTrends, LLC The Curtain Exchange The Spot Man: Creative Carpet Care Tom Huck Walbrandt Technologies LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 61

living room Alan E. Brainerd Alan E. Brainerd Interiors


pening onto the foyer, master bedroom and family room, as well as a charming vintage brick patio, the living room in the Bernoudy house provides fabulous flow, whether for daily family life or social entertaining. Designer Alan E. Brainerd envisioned the room as a space for both, but always with great elegance and flair. His inspirational key words: beauty, sophistication and history. “Inspiration has a spirit,” Brainerd explains. “When I first entered the living room, I not only felt the spirit of the architect, but also the family that had lived here and commissioned the house. I was drawn to the Phillip and Kelvin LaVerne cocktail table that was in the space, and I knew that only people with sophisticated taste would appreciate the history and beauty of such a fine piece of workmanship. I also

Barb Theerman Designers First Great Estates Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project Kravet Fabrics 62 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

sensed the homeowners were well-traveled.” With those observations as a starting point, Brainerd designed a comfortable yet worldly room that reflects the homeowners’ interests and passions. A key element is a warmly colored and artistically rendered fabric called Black Pepper, a British West Indies pattern from the archives of Brunschwig & Fils, which Brainerd felt beautifully complemented the cocktail table. The fabric remnant was framed to hang above the fireplace and also was the basis for a beautiful frieze hand painted Margaret Von Kaenel on all four sides of the room. The net result is a sophisticated living room room filled with antiques, Mid-Century treasures and rich, warm colors that conspire to intrigue and delight all those who enter.

By Nancy Robinson

Lee Jofa Fabrics Margaret Von Kaenel Mary Sterling Navis Pack and Ship The Horan Family


family room Karen Pepper Edwin Pepper Interiors


nterior designer Karen Pepper did a masterful job creating a modern family room that sits squarely in the present, while at the same time honoring and maintaining the integrity of Bernoudy’s original vision. The comfortable and sumptuous interior harmonizes beautifully with the pastoral landscape located beyond the glass walls, an accomplishment key to the architect’s own aesthetic. “I seized the opportunity to show off this elegant Bernoudy family room, embracing the modern architecture and organic character that comes from the outdoors,” Pepper explains. “The space planning, colors, textures and materials were strategically selected to accentuate and harmonize the relationship between the exterior landscape and the interior of this charming room.” Among the many noteworthy features are a wallmounted water ‘frame’ and a gorgeous granite slab table, both of which add an unmistakable organic flavor to

Amini’s C. Whitaker Marble Century Furniture Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project Kodner Gallery Mirato Furniture Systems

the space. Pepper also filled the space with Mid-Century Modern masterpieces by artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Ernest Trova. “It feels like an art collector lives here,” she says. Understanding that the space would be used for both entertaining, as well as private family gatherings, Pepper created various seating areas that function independently, yet still feel cohesive. “The sectional sofa by the window and the sofa that flanks the fireplace are dressed with color-blocked pillows that subtly connect the two settings, while the chair and ottoman by the piano are perfectly positioned to provide a glimpse of the view beyond and emphasize the indoor/outdoor relationship.” All in all, the space is a noteworthy design achievement, honoring a Mid-Century past, yet working beautifully for a modern family that lives very much in the present. By Nancy Robinson

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dining room Carolyn Grove CV Grove Interiors


y favorite spaces to design in any house are the dining room and powder room,” says interior designer Carolyn Grove. “Both are rooms that people ‘visit’ rather than live in, but both are examined in detail, whether it’s for two minutes or two hours.” And there is plenty for guests to examine in this noteworthy dining room, which the designer filled with unique decorative elements culled from different eras and countries. Indeed, the dining room is a daring experiment, one that you might call ‘Mid-Century Modern meets eclecticism’ and a graphic illustration that design doesn’t need to be period-perfect to be successful. Case in point: The starting point for Grove’s design was an Art Deco-inspired wallpaper pattern from Clarence House. “It Clarence House Clark Graves Antiques Custom Furniture Works Danis Delivery Designer's First F. Schumacher Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project Jim’s Paint & Trim KDR-Interior Design

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gave an electric charge to the rest of the room, and coupled with the dark walls (Sherwin-Williams’ Gray Squirrel), creates drama and sophistication,” she says. Playing off the wall color are luxe taffeta and rich cut-velvet fabrics, which Grove paired with vintage chinoisserie chairs surrounding a custom dining table. But what really makes this room special is the collection of incredible artwork that graces the walls, tabletops and even the ceiling. The absence of a ceiling outlet for a chandelier or pendant above the dining room table presented Grove with a unique opportunity to commission a mural of a silvery deco sunburst hand-painted by artist Margaret Von Kaenel. “Thus, the chandelier is not missed!” Grove concludes. By Nancy Robinson

Kravet Lee Jofa Manuel Canovas Margaret Von Kaenel ROMO Shannon O’Dougherty Sherwin-Williams Wyatt Upholstery


breakfast room Victoria Dreste Victoria Dreste Designs


ictoria Dreste transformed a small, nondescript room off a dark, narrow hallway into a vibrant and functional dining space where a busy, modern family could start off each day in style. “I chose the breakfast room because I am drawn to the idea of casual dining,” she explains. “I wanted to design a room that a family would want to be in every morning, whether on a busy weekday or a relaxing weekend.” Inspired by the clean lines of Mid-Century Modern, and particularly her personal love of vibrant color, Dreste designed the room around a cheerful wallcovering pattern that she applied as a panel and used as artwork rather than a conventional wallpaper treatment. The color palette includes Bathe Blue (a soft aqua), Cerise (a cherry red) and Manda-

rin (orange), as well as touches of teal, tan, soft grays and Dover white. When it came to furnishing the breakfast room, Dreste stayed away from hard, angular shapes, selecting a round table with a hammered metal base to act as a counterpoint to the rectangular shape of the room and serve as a natural gathering spot for the family. Surrounding the table are white-lacquer open-work chairs. Adding charm and character to the small breakfast room are a vintage Mid-Century Modern sideboard, sunburst mirror, original art and an assortment of colored ceramics. Hanging above it all, and nicely complementing the round table below, is a sphere-shaped light fixture covered in a floral pattern made from capiz shells. By Nancy Robinson

Design & Detail Donna Goro Sewing Linda Marchi Sherwin-Williams SOHA Studio and Gallery LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 65

Gentlemen's study David Deatherage Century Design Ltd.


ith its deep, woodsy feel and exotic fragrance, the gentlemen’s library is a richly romantic ode to MidCentury glamour with a clearly defined masculine edge. Mid-Century design expert David Deatherage brought the small, intimate space to perfection, bathing it in mysterious gem tones and outfitting it with streamlined furnishings ideally proportioned to the space. Deatherage also struck a perfect balance between the desire to stay true to the ideals of Mid-Century design and the need to create a room relevant to today’s lifestyles. While the designer has the utmost respect for the Bernoudy aesthetic, he says the last thing he wanted to create was a dull and lifeless anachronism. To prevent that, he relied heavily on updated and luxurious finishes and fabrics. “The wood paneling initially perplexed me,” he

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says by way of example, “but I believe the point of design is transformation, and I wanted to turn what could be considered a detriment into a benefit.” Enter the refinisher, who employed a laborious fourstep process on the dull walnut paneling to create the look of a polished yacht interior. Deatherage also selected authentic Mid-Century Modern vintage furniture created by designers of the era who were actually among Bernoudy’s personal favorites. The happy result is that the furniture looks as if it were custom-made for the space, a testament to Deatherage’s exquisite understanding of the Mid-Century design genre. “The study is a more intimately scaled space than most of the public rooms of the house, so I selected furniture that was luxurious, but with a slim profile and true to the period of the house,” he says. By Nancy Robinson


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ladies' study Tracy Miles Dau Home Furnishings


personal study is a luxury in any home, but especially so when it’s dedicated to the lady of the house. This one is adjacent to the gentlemen’s study and as different in feeling as day and night. Whereas the former is dark, exotic and moody, the feminine version is lighter—the perfect place for the châtelaine to unwind and regroup at the end of the day. “I wanted to create a relaxing space that any women would love to retreat to,” says designer Tracy Miles. “I think every hard-working woman needs her own space in which to wind down, sit and read a book, listen to her favorite music, or write a letter to her best friend. I wanted to design a room that is a quiet, tranquil place in which to start or end the day.”

C. R. Laine Capel St. Louis Custom Drapery Sherwin-Williams 68 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Color—or perhaps the lack of it—was key to creating the quiet, restful atmosphere in the room. To that end, Miles used a rich, warm gray on the walls, which contrasts nicely with the soft creamcolored fabric on the sofa, flax-colored rug, and yellow accents. The neutral palette is highlighted with sparkling touches of nickel and crystal, plus a few bold geometric patterns, including a distinctive ikat-inspired fabric. Furniture is modern, streamlined and perfectly scaled to the dimensions of this intimate room. Among the highlights are a diminutive sofa, writing desk and decorative chest with cream-colored leather panels.

By Nancy Robinson

Stickley Vanguard Furniture Wesley Hall Woodbridge


upstairs gallery Amie Corley

Amie Corley Interiors


repare to be delighted as you ascend to the upstairs gallery, which was designed by Amie Corley and inspired by Ernest Trova’s artwork. “Trova used lots of pinks and corals, which are some of my favorite colors to work with,” Corley explains. “I wanted to make this landing bright and colorful, and highlight Trova’s more humorous pieces.” And that she did, with panache to spare. In order to balance the graphic, masculine carpet underfoot, Corley kept the mood light and her palette soft, applying an ethereal blue paint color to the walls and furnishing the space with a mix of new and vintage Mid-Century showpieces. At one end of the gallery, she placed a console table; two small, reupholstered white benches; a selection of Trova artwork; and a

Allen Interior Furnishings Dennis Schnable Upholstering Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project

pair of white cockatoo lamps (a Corley trademark— you’ll find at least one white lamp in almost every room she designs). At the other end of the hall, she used a vintage Milo Baughman chair recovered in coral linen, a Moroccan pouf, brass library lamp and swan table along with a selection of Trova’s original art. Lighting throughout the space comes from Flos Globall pendants and sconces. While the upstairs gallery furnishings were definitely pulled from the past, this Corley-designed space is optimistic, youthful and most certainly circa 2012. William Adair Bernoudy would no doubt be delighted to see his architecture reinvigorated through the power of modern interior design. By Nancy Robinson

Perfect Painting Sherwin-Williams Wes Stegman Contracting

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girl's room Dottie Eaton Design Style


ottie Eaton transformed a small, nondescript bedroom overlooking the woods into a scintillating nod to 1960s fashion. “My design for this room is ‘organic mod,’ infused with a mix of natural elements, while paying tribute to the 1960s, the time period when the house was built,” she explains. “I choose Twiggy as the inspiration for the room because she was an icon of the ’60s, symbolizing the fashion of that time.” Eaton based the room on a color palette of pure white, black and silver with pops of SherwinWilliams’ Exuberant Pink, Major Blue and Parakeet, and a sprinkle of grape and soft lavender. Pivotal fabrics include Espanola Way, a bold fuchsia ikat from Designers Guild; Osborne and Little grape-colored Centro Modern Furnishings Claude Breckwoldt Color Craftsman, LLC Design & Detail Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project Pier One 70 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

velvet snakeskin (sewn by a seamstress in London, no less); and an Isaac Mizrahi woven silver metallic fabric for the requisite touch of high fashion. In a nod to organic style, the headboard is slipcovered in Belgian linen with the fabric’s raw edges showing. The vintage Mid-Century dresser and chair is joined by a silver metallic log side table, mod and abstract art, and photos of icons from the 1960s. “This is a bedroom, but it’s also like a little studio—a creative hideaway,” Eaton says. “I see someone inhabiting this room who is artistic and loves design, fashion and nature. The room is furnished to inspire a poem or the latest fashion design.” By Nancy Robinson

Pottery Barn Restoration Hardware Sherwin-Williams The Art Center Gallery and Custom Framing The Mod Bohemian

1622 Forest Aire Frontenac • $1,795,000 This 1.5 story is rare and well done with almost 7000 square feet on three levels. The foyer is flanked by a library with boxed wood ceiling and built-ins. The kitchen, breakfast room, hearth room and walk-behind wet bar include custom cabinetry, granite, Wolf range, Sub-Zero, tile backsplash, pass through to wet bar and stone fireplace. The main level includes the master suite with sitting area, access to pool, fireplace, and sumptuous master bath and closet. Two en suite bedrooms complete the upper level. The finished lower level has a fabulous multi-level theater, family room with wet bar, fireplace, fourth bedroom and full bath, exercise room, bonus room…and even a golf practice room. A stone waterfall cascades into salt chlorinated pool, and a gazebo, hot tub, multi-level decks and gardens complete the yard. Truly exceptional!

1339 Countryside Manor Chesterfield • $889,900 This 1.5 story home is striking! The Karr Bick designed kitchen includes a Brazilian cherry center island, Wolf 6 burner stove, convection ovens, warming drawers, Fisher & Paykel dish drawer and Miele dishwasher, Viking refrigerator, and seethrough fireplace to hearth room. Other main level features include a private home office, a built-in desk in great room, plantation shutters, and a master bath designed by brooksBerry with Carrara marble counters. The terrace overlooks a Pebble Tec pool with salt chlorinator and unparalleled landscaping. Unmatched quality abounds!

Peggy Fox 2009 - 2012 FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction 2010 Top-Scoring Real Estate Agents Prudential Alliance, Realtors 17050 Baxter Road, Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63005

Cell: 314-805-7524 • Office: 636-530-4019 www.PeggyFox.com



Sport Court ® Backyard Courts

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4001 Taft Avenue (off Gravois near Bevo Mill)



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mc afee

A cleAr vision


julie lane

janet mcafee inc. 9889 clayton road saint louis, missouri 63124 314.997.4800 www.janetmcafee.com

Guided by vision and enlightened by experience, Janet McAfee Top Agent Julie Lane continues to deliver results for her distinguished clients. With over $11 Million Dollars in sales just this year alone, it’s easy to see why this professional is on the short list of top Saint Louis Central Corridor agents. Her remarkable vision and dedication are legendary. Julie Lane. A clear vision. Contact her at 314.303.6504 for representation and results.

media lounge Gigi Lombrano, Steve Toedebusch, Hilary Beyer Frank Patton Interiors


he design team from Frank Patton Interiors selected a small room at the end of a long hallway as the media lounge for a practical reason: light. Located on the upper level of the home, the room’s west-facing wall of windows provides soft filtered light for much of the day. Even so, the design of the media room is anything but soft or understated. To the contrary, with its bold, distinctive retro vibe, it is one of the liveliest spaces in the entire house. Inspired by Pantone’s selection of Tangerine Tango as the 2012 color of the year, the Patton team chose Sherwin-Williams’ Mandarin as the color for the major feature wall. The designers felt this lively orange would appeal to a younger set, but also was very well-suited to the Mid-Century Modern design of the residence. The Patton design

Baker Bolier Furniture Charleston Forge Fabricut Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project 74 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

team also specified a colorful retro print fabric pattern called Dionysius that combines various shades of orange, green, yellow and brown, and used it as a contemporary pleated window treatment. Cheerful, 1960s flavored artwork, beautiful modern floor lamps with a Mid-Century-inspired style, and a sprinkling of fun accessories round out the design. As for furniture, the designers opted for classic, comfortable lounge-style seating, while a clever pop-up media cabinet combines the best of modern technology and retro style. “The result is a room that’s fun and lively, and the perfect haven for today’s modern family and lifestyle,” according to the team.

By Nancy Robinson

Sherwin-Williams The Sound Room TRS Upholstery Vanguard Furniture William Shearburn Fine Art Gallery


upstairs bath right Tammy Hardesty Lifestyles Unlimited


bath of retro elegance.” That’s how Tammy Hardesty describes her design for one of the two vintage bathrooms upstairs. “My goal was to achieve a very elegant, classic design with a 1960s twist,” she explains. “I blended modern conveniences with a look that reflects a simpler time. It’s a space for relaxing and a true reflection of the ’60s era.” Hardesty went for a bright, light look, utilizing a clean, crisp palette of white, silver and gray with teal accents. The vanity backsplash is enhanced by a subtle metallic finish, while a second-hand applied finish on the bathroom walls recreates the feel of a textured silk grasscloth, but with a twist: Hardesty’s version features a pearlescent finish with gold and silver overtones. One of the most beautiful features in the room is the new Cambria white countertop with gray veining. The material is the perfect complement for sleek new chrome faucets, which together with the countertop, lend the bath a very airy feel—a quality that Hardesty believes is the essence of modern design. Light, ethereal fabrics in a palette of teal and white complete the picture. Hardesty’s favorite accents in the room are a small, organically styled candelabra with crystal accents, a small Mid-Century art table and a custom light fixture with silver beaded trim, each of which help elevate the small room from simple to sublime. Locks and Pulls Design Elements Inc. Mary Tuttle’s Floral and Gifts Metro Lighting Sherwin-Williams StoneTrends, LLC Trinity-Quality Electric Inc.

Amelia’s Fine Linens Aveiha Floral Designs Cambria Color Craftsman, LLC Crescent Plumbing Supply Company Custom Creations Dolnick’s Contemporary Furniture

upstairs bath left Julie Baum

BaumHouse Design


esigner Julie Baum naturally gravitated to this wonderfully well-preserved bath, circa 1960. “I specialize in kitchen and bath design, so selecting a bathroom was a natural choice for me,” she says. “I loved the color of the tile, the natural light from the wall of windows, and the retro styling of the mirrors and light fixtures.” Baum says she envisioned a young professional using this room—someone with a taste for sophisticated Mid-Century Modern style, especially when combined with a splash of vivid, upbeat color. To that end, she specified Sherwin-Williams’ dramatic Black Magic for the walls, along with Jalapeno on the cabinetry. “Both are saturated, deep hues, but pop against the fabric shower curtain and window treatments, which feature a large pattern with bright colors,” she explains. “Finishes are chrome, offset by brightly colored accent pieces. The look is very happy to me.” While Baum didn’t override Bernoudy’s original lighting selection for the bath and left the fixtures over the vanity in place, she brought the bathroom squarely into the present with a dramatic pendant that became the new focal point of the space. Ikea’s Fillsta pendant is made of 12 lightweight plastic panels held together by interlocking pieces that glow from the inside out. Reminiscent of the Louis Poulsen Artichoke pendant, an iconic Mid-Century light fixture, Baum likes the fun, modern vibe it adds to the room—at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. Cambria Cox Painting Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project Material Girl PJG Remodeling

Premier Plumbing Supply RM CoCo Sherwin-Williams StoneTrends, LLC

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ladies' lounge Liz McGovern and Anne Smith June Roesslein Interiors


elcome to the ladies’ lounge, a private oasis and respite from the chaos of life. Liz McGovern and Anne Smith of June Roesslein Interiors took a very small, nondescript room and transformed it into an island of calm and subtle beauty. It is quite literally the perfect place to relax and recharge. Warm, neutral tones and a blend of natural materials, including woven rattan, aged metal, petrified wood, washed linen and silver nail-head trim, were key to achieving the soothing and relaxed look, which the designers describe as casual California contemporary. The centerpiece of McGovern and Smith’s room design is the Daydream garden bed, distinguished by the ultracasual canopy. This exotic, Moroccan-in-

Arch Framing & Design Brandan Painting Brewer Quilt & Design Dedon Inc. Hilson Inc. 76 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

spired outdoor daybed features four posts and removable side and back pieces with a Moorish open-weave pattern. In front of the day bed, the designers placed a pair of cocktail ottomans with graceful saddle seats. Made from quartered ash and upholstered in a neutral fabric, the ottomans feature an interesting surface pattern created with silver nail-head trim. Other special features in the room are a plush, textured white area rug and cut-paper artwork, the many layers of which create interesting textures and patterns. A feminine, contemporary ode to the good life, the neutral palette and clean, simple lines found in the second floor ladies’ lounge add a fresh new dimension to the Mid-Century Modern residence. By Nancy Robinson

Lexington Furniture Sherwin-Williams St. Louis Furniture Transfer Terra Volume Rug & Carpet Gallery


guest suite

Paul Alan Reigelsberger, Mike Wyrock, Susan Nack, Andrew Maloney I.O. Metro


he designers at I.O. Metro created a guest suite that honors the Bernoudy home’s Mid-Century Modern architectural heritage, but with a few delightful twists, a la Mad Men. In fact, they hoped to conjure the spirit of that iconic figure of that era: Don Draper, Mad Men’s protagonist. “The room is a play of masculine finishes and materials mixed with feminine prints and patterns,” according to the design team. “Overall, the feeling is meant to be spicy and warm with a relaxed, sexy vibe that makes your guests feel at home and allows them to step outside of themselves—if only for a short time. This room would make for a fantastic stay in St. Louis for the infamous Donald Draper and any one of his lovely ladies.”

In that spirit, the dominant furnishings in the guest suite are a bed made up with a mélange of textured fabrics and a pair of Barcelona-inspired chairs that create a smart little nook for reading or just relaxing. The designers also employed a range of paint colors with names like Camelback, Baguette and Cardboard, which they paired with chrome, weathered silver, reclaimed pine, and distressed leather to create a highly textural, comfortable space that’s perfect for relaxing in Mad Men style. Acting as a foil to the deep, dark palette of the room are a variety of mirrored and mercury-glass surfaces. A bronze cowhide rug infused with gold flecks and a wall finish overlaid with mica flecks in a starburst pattern add additional sparkle to the room. By Nancy Robinson

I.O. Metro Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers—The Trova Project Sherwin-Williams The Design Deli Fine Craft Painting LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 77

boy's room Mary Stieven and Maggie Stieven MKS Designs


ou’ll find no design clichés or hackneyed themes in this boy’s bedroom by motherdaughter design team Mary and Maggie Stieven. The Stievens happily eschewed the sports and nautical motifs typically deployed in such rooms, in favor of a timeless and dynamic look that promises to age beautifully along with the child. The designers’ goal: to eliminate the need to redesign the room to accommodate each age and stage. “I wanted a room that a boy would like at any age in his life,” Maggie explains. “Some people may think that a queen-size bed is too big for a 10-yearold boy, but I guarantee five years down the road, the parents will be happy that they don’t have to buy a bigger bed.”

A Piece of the Ranch Furniture Ambiance Workroom by John Swoboda Global Views LuLu Belles Fabrics Port 68 78 fall elegant living | LadueNews.com

Beyond the choice of the bed, fun fabrics were the key to the great design of this boy’s room. For example, the team paired a sophisticated orange-andcream geometric with a tongue-in-cheek, cartoonlike pattern. “The drapery fabric is very playful, but I showed it to my 22-year-old brother and he liked it, so I knew it was a go,” Maggie says. Of course, the amazing Global Views chest of drawers and secretary are real keepers, perhaps for a lifetime. The beautifully designed secretary opens to reveal a bold orange interior and makes an ideal place for both study and storage. We’re certain that any boy aged 2 to 20 (and beyond) would be thrilled to live in this wonderful space. By Nancy Robinson

Sherwin-Williams Target Torno Treasure Aisle Antiques Tracy Sporrer


lower level

David Blakely, Meredith Wanamaker, Jay Eiler, Paige Gilbertson, Kimberly Reuther Niche Home Furnishings and Design


ur theme for the basement is ‘civilized man cave,’” says Niche’s David Blakely. “This is Dad’s space away from family, where he can enjoy alone time watching TV or just hanging out with friends.” That said, this modern man cave is anything but basic, and boasts a masculine interior design scheme that’s compatible with the sophisticated quality of the overall residence. “The historic home needed an updated look that respected the architectural design by the great William Bernoudy,” Blakely says. “We started by selecting paint colors: Tony Taupe on the ceiling, Virtual Taupe on the walls, and Black Fox as an accent to highlight the natural wood of the doors and trim around the windows.” Key furnishings featured on the lower level of the home are an iconic Noguchi coffee table and a Aaron Bunse Dave Beckwith Integration Systems—St. Louis Jesse Gilbertson—Garden Heights

black leather Eames lounge chair with ottoman that’s perfect for kicking back and watching the game. Flanking the fireplace are two gray leather wingback chairs, with a large-scale panoramic photograph of Manhattan by Aaron Bunse hanging above. Of course, the proverbial man cave would not be complete without a cool bar and a big, comfy sectional sofa, both of which can be found here. “Every man loves a good sectional and our brown, nail-head sofa is down-filled and perfect for when the guys come over,” Blakely explains. “There’s plenty of room to watch the big game.” In addition, two cool Kartell black bubba chairs are at the ready outdoors, so the man of the house and a guest can sit outside, have a cigar or just enjoy the cool fall air. By Nancy Robinson

Material Girl Peter Manion—Art Sherwin-Williams Debbie Windus LadueNews.com | fall elegant living 79



SUNSET HILLS HUNTLEIGH 2-story, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths with formal Stunning traditional home on 3+ acres LR and DR. Master suite on first floor. with over 7,200 sq. ft. Formal and informal Gourmet kitchen opens to breakfast room living spaces throughout. 6 bedrooms, and family room with vaulted ceiling. 5 full, 2 half baths. 1st floor master suite. Finished LL has media/rec room, play A resort-like atmosphere complimented by room, full bath and wine room. large deck, pool and patios make this home Fenced back has covered patio & pool. perfect for entertaining! Ladue schools. 3-car garage.





THE WILLOWS • LADUE SCHOOLS WEBSTER GROVES 1.5 story in gated community. One of the Delightful 2-story, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath in Sherwood Forest situated on a lot and a largest units in complex. GR with wet bar & fireplace opens to deck. Formal DR. half. Formal living room & dining room. 1st floor master plus guest bedroom. Kitchen has Sub-Zero refrigerator & Miele Spacious kitchen & breakfast room. dishwasher & opens to breakfast room – 2nd floor has large FR plus office, step out to private patio. Bedroom and full bath & bedroom. new full bath to 1st floor. Part finished LL. 2 car garage. 3-car garage.


104 W. SWON AVE.

LADUE SCHOOLS Wonderful 4 Bedrooms, 4 bath with 4,239 sq. ft. 1st floor master suite. Formal LR& DR Large GR with fireplace. Gourmet kitchen. Finished LL walk out has rec room, media room & full bath. Pool & hot tub on large lot. 3 car garage.

WEBSTER GROVES 3-story in the heart of Webster. Wraparound porch welcomes you to this 5+ bedroom, 3 full, 2 half bath home. Gracious entry to parlor. Living room and dining room. Updated kitchen opens to family room/hearth room addition. 1st floor laundry & 2nd floor master suite.





WEBSTER GROVES Wonderful 2 story 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Inviting LR with fireplace & formal DR. Stunning kitchen with honed granite counters & custom cabinets, Dacor appliances & Thermador refrigerator. Center island breakfast bar plus breakfast room. Master bedroom suite & sitting room/office. Arched doorways, wood floors & large yard.

CLAYTON 2 story 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath with charm galore! Formal LR with barrel ceiling & fireplace. Elegant DR. Newer kitchen & breakfast room. Large 1st floor FR. Master bedroom has full bath. Wood floors, crown moulding & plantation shutters. Charming brick patio. Walk to elementary school.









KIRKWOOD SCHOOLS Charm, character and a wonderful neighborhood – this 1.5 story, 5 bedroom, 4 bath has it all! Living room with built-ins, fireplace and French doors to screen porch. Formal dining room. New kitchen with granite counters & stainless appliances. First floor offers a master suite of 2 large bedrooms & new bath. Second floor has Family room and covered porch.

BRENTWOOD Great 2 story with 2220 sq. ft. of living space! 4 B 2.5 bath with updated kitchen & baths. Formal LR & DR. Kitchen opens to large breakfast room & FR with custom fireplace and opens to huge deck. Master BR opens to deck. 2 car garage.

WARSON WOODS BEST BUY IN WARSON WOODS! 2 story with 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bath & 3769 sq. ft. Open floor plan that has been freshly painted & new carpeting. 1st floor master suite. Large 2 story GR opens to smashing newer kitchen, hearth room & glassed dining area.

GLENDALE 2.5 story 5 bedroom, 3.5 baths with 4462 sq. ft. Entry foyer opens to living room with stone fireplace & French doors to backyard patio. Spacious DR. Family room opens to den/office. 2nd floor has spacious master with fireplace. 3rd floor offers bedroom, full bath & walk in attic storage. Kirkwood Schools.


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