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november 16, 2012

9240 Clayton Road, Ladue New Listing. Offered at $325,000.

28 Briarcliff, Ladue Offered at $989,000. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM.

13318 Wood Stone Court, Town & Country Offered at $788,000. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM.

25 Glen Abbey Drive, Frontenac Offered at $479,000. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM.

NEW LISTINGS 3 WICKERSHAM, Ladue. Spacious 5BR/3.5BA updated home with formal living room and dining room. Large eat-in kitchen and finished lower level. $825,000. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM 9240 CLAYTON ROAD, Ladue. You will fall in love with the charm and stylish sophistication of this 2BR/2.5BA home in the heart of Ladue. $325,000. 2803 MISSOURI AVENUE, St. Louis. Beautifully renovated 2BR/2BA townhome in historic Benton Park, Open floor plan and updated kitchen. $167,000. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM


Sunday, November 18th 8 LONG MEADOWS, Town & Country. $2,220,000. 1-4 PM THE CRESCENT, #500, Clayton. $1,299,900. 1-3 PM 28 BRIARCLIFF, Ladue. $989,000. 1-3 PM THE CRESCENT, #301, Clayton. $925,000. 1-3 PM 13318 WOOD STONE CT., Town & Country. $788,000. 1-3 PM 156 BELLINGTON LANE, Creve Coeur. $549,000. 1-3 PM 25 GLEN ABBEY DRIVE, Frontenac. $479,000. 1-3 PM 25 WILLOW HILL ROAD, Ladue. $465,000. 1-3 PM 9154 EAGER ROAD, Brentwood. $124,900. 1-3 PM

LuxuryCollection 1042 WINGS ROAD, Saint Albans. 15 LADUE LANE, Ladue. 47 COUNTRYSIDE LANE, Frontenac. 3 BRIDLE LANE, Frontenac. 15 BRIDLE LANE, Frontenac. 8 LONG MEADOWS LANE, Town & Country. 9933 LITZINGER ROAD, Ladue. 10 APPLE TREE LANE, Ladue.




156 Bellington Lane, Creve Coeur Offered at $549,000. Open 11/18,1-3 PM.

The Crescent, #500, Clayton Offered at $1,299,900. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM.

2803 Missouri Avenue, St. Louis New Listing. $167,000. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM.

XXXXX ORVILLE ROAD, Wildwood. $1,850,000 1000-1004 WEIDMAN ROAD, Town & Country. $1,795,000 3 LOCHINVAR DRIVE, Town & Country. $1,795,000 1 LITTLE LANE, Ladue. $1,700,000 15 DROMARA ROAD, Ladue. $1,695,000 33 PORTLAND PLACE, CWE. $1,675,000 22 WESTMORELAND PLACE, CWE. $1,650,000 25 DROMARA ROAD, Ladue. $1,595,000 16 PORTLAND PLACE, CWE. $1,595,000 3 PICARDY LANE, Ladue. $1,595,000 16718 WILLS TRACE, Chesterfield. $1,525,000 7352 WESTMORELAND, University City. $1,495,000 50 PORTLAND DRIVE, Frontenac. $1,425,000 12 EDGEWOOD ROAD, Ladue. $1,400,000 1 EDGEWOOD ROAD, Ladue. $1,395,000 958 TIRRILL FARMS ROAD, Ladue. $1,395,000 596 MOREL COURT, St. Albans. $1,395,000 729 HIGHWAY H, Troy. $1,395,000 709 MIDDLE POLO DRIVE, Clayton. $1,370,000 8149 PERSHING AVENUE, Clayton. $1,325,000 RESIDENCE 500, THE CRESCENT, Clayton. $1,299,900 37 CLERMONT LANE, Ladue. $1,299,000 10 WASHINGTON TERRACE, CWE. $1,275,000 6352 ALEXANDER DRIVE, Clayton. $1,250,000 6 PORTLAND PLACE, CWE. $1,249,000 35 PICARDY LANE, Ladue. $1,245,000 2509 GREENBRIAR RIDGE, Des Peres. $1,149,000 309 N. BEMISTON AVENUE, Clayton. $1,050,000 124 WORTHINGTON OAKS, Creve Coeur. $1,049,000

9 BLACK CREEK LANE, Ladue. 4 DEER CREEK WOODS, Ladue. 38 WOODCLIFFE ROAD, Ladue. 10947 JANRIDGE LANE, Creve Coeur. 11805 CRAIG MANOR DR., St. Louis County. 17655 VINTAGE OAK DRIVE, Wildwood. 6 CLAYTON TERRACE, Frontenac. 45 BRIGHTON WAY, Clayton. 9856 COUNTRYSHIRE PLACE, Creve Coeur. 136 LADUE OAKS DRIVE, Creve Coeur. 3013 HAWTHORNE BLVD., St. Louis. 217 LADUE OAKS DRIVE, Creve Coeur. 1119 NORTH DRIVE, Warson Woods. 156 BELLINGTON LANE, Creve Coeur. 16438 FARMERS MILL LANE, Chesterfield. 7459 PARKDALE AVENUE, Clayton. 8128 KINGSBURY BLVD., Clayton. 25 GLEN ABBEY DRIVE, Frontenac. 2 SUNNYMEADE LANE, Ladue. 2158 EAST DRIVE, Crystal Lake Park. 161 MEADOWS OF WILDWOOD, Wildwood. 25 WILLOW HILL ROAD, Ladue. 9120 FOX ESTATES DRIVE, Sunset Hills. 882 CABERNET LANE, St. Albans. 16854 WESTGLEN FARMS, Wildwood. 140 GREYCLIFF MANOR DR., StL County. 109 BALLAS COURT, Town & Country. 2168 DARTMOUTH GATE COURT, Wildwood. 2580 VIOLA GILL LANE, Wildwood. 4 LIZA COURT, Defiance. 109 STERLING CROSSING, Dardenne Prairie. 840 CABERNET LANE, St. Albans. 57 WAVERTON DRIVE, Ladue. 1112 PIERPOINT LANE, St. Charles. 10488 WOODFOREST DRIVE, Sunset Hills. 9373 PARKSIDE LANE, Brentwood. 7519 GANNON AVENUE, University City. 8467 COLONIAL LANE, Ladue. 820 POSTHORN DRIVE, Manchester.

RESIDENTIAL HOMES $4,250,000 $2,500,000 $2,495,000 $2,395,000 $2,345,000 $2,220,000 $2,195,000 $2,195,000

28 BRIARCLIFF, Ladue. 20 BLACK CREEK LANE, Ladue. 10588 FRONTENAC WOODS LANE, Frontenac. 17 FAIR OAKS, Ladue. 12 ABERDEEN PLACE, St. Louis. 1000 WEIDMAN ROAD, Town & Country. 13318 WOOD STONE COURT, Town & Country.

$989,000 $955,000 $929,900 $899,000 $899,000 $795,000 $788,000

$765,000 $754,900 $729,900 $689,000 $664,900 $659,900 $649,000 $649,000 $629,000 $589,000 $570,000 $569,000 $559,000 $549,000 $539,000 $539,000 $498,000 $479,000 $478,000 $474,000 $465,900 $465,000 $449,000 $444,800 $439,900 $414,900 $399,000 $379,000 $369,900 $364,900 $329,900 $320,000 $319,000 $299,900 $299,900 $299,000 $290,000 $250,000 $248,500

janet mcafee inc. I 9889 clayton road I saint louis, missouri 63124 I 314.997.4800

9154 Eager Road, Brentwood Offerd at $124,900. Open 11/18, 1-3 PM.

711 EAST SWON AVENUE, Webster Groves. 8715 WASHINGTON AVENUE, University City. 8337 STANFORD AVENUE, University City. 3510 ILLINOIS AVENUE, St. Louis. 2652 BRUNO, Overland. 1382 MOBILE COURT, St. Louis.

$245,000 $240,000 $227,900 $189,000 $129,000 $108,000

CONDOMINIUM/VILLA HOMES THE CRESCENT, #301, Clayton. THE CRESCENT, #505, Clayton. 622 FOREST COURT, #1D, Clayton. 622 FOREST COURT, #3B, Clayton. 13346 FAIRFIELD CIRCLE, Chesterfield. 7564 WYDOWN BLVD., UNIT 2A, Clayton. 7564 WYDOWN BLVD., UNIT 1A, Clayton. 710 S. HANLEY ROAD, UNIT 12A, Clayton. 816 SOUTH HANLEY ROAD, #1C, Clayton. 1506 SWALLOW DRIVE, Brentwood. 9154 EAGER ROAD, Brentwood.

$925,000 $799,000 $639,000 $550,000 $469,000 $309,000 $289,000 $225,000 $149,000 $130,000 $124,900

LOTS/ACREAGE 100 WINDRUSH FARM, Cook Station. 17715 RESORT ROAD, Crocker. 5 DEACON DRIVE, Huntleigh. LOT 1 OLD LADUE DRIVE, Ladue. 512 PHEASANT RUN CIRCLE, Saint Albans. 11411 CONWAY ROAD, Westwood. 1 LITTLE LANE, Ladue. 1133 WINGS ROAD, St. Albans. 1138 WINGS ROAD, St. Albans. 548 NORTH MOSLEY ROAD, Creve Coeur.

$4,889,000 $1,990,000 $875,000 $795,000 $750,000 $695,000 $595,000 $395,000 $395,000 $174,900


SOCIETY LIKE THOUSANDS OF ST. LOUISANS, I’M STILL BASKING in the afterglow of one Sir Paul McCartney, who, just days ago, gave us the concert of a lifetime. I find myself humming the songs, usually in the set-list order of last Sunday’s concert. Well, there actually is an explanation for that: Scientists at Georgetown University recently revealed that there’s a part of the brain capable of learning a new musical sequence, while another part retains that information—and this applies to all music, not just the Fab Four. So this explains why, after hearing Taxman, many longtime Beatles fans expect to hear Eleanor Rigby next, thanks to the quintessential Revolver album. For Springsteen fans, that means Glory Days has to be followed by Dancing in the Dark. See, your mind wasn’t really playing tricks on you.


29 THE FANCIEST CARS Have you ever woken up to a shiny, beautiful car sitting in the driveway topped with a big red bow and your significant other standing there, jingling the keys? Whether it’s a 2013 Rolls-Royce or a classic Ford Thunderbird, these local car dealers could help your holiday dreams come true.

IN FINE STYLE To sleep, perchance to dream…not a problem in these two well-designed boudoirs! Holly Blumeyer and her husband, Jeff Demerath, are in the process of remodeling a charming home in the Warson Woods area. They purchased the home in 2009; and after major renovation, moved into their new digs last year.

OVER-THE-TOP GIFTS From fine jewelry and luxurious gowns to sleek sports cars and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, some of our favorite department store catalogs have just the right extravagant gift to awe your favorite person this holiday season.

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november 16, 2012

ON OUR COVER: ‘Making a Difference: Women, Girls and the Media’ begins at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac, to benefit for Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Tickets are $75 for adults and $40 for guests ages 25 and younger. Pictured on the cover: Robbye Frank, Pat Rich, Ali Kindle, Jessica Brown, Amy Shaw (seated). To RSVP or for more information, call 780-3956 or visit STORY BEGINS ON PAGE 19.

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BRETZ HAS WRITTEN ABOUT THEATER and performance arts for more than 35 years. “Every autumn my wife Gail and I, and several of our friends, head to St. Charles wine country on a Sunday afternoon. Usually we end up at Montelle’s, which offers an abundance of wine, food and a scenic view of the countryside overlooking the Missouri River.”

Exquisite Craftsmanship with a Personal Touch! Room Additions • Kitchens • Baths Basement Finishing • Garages • Siding Decks • Painting • Tile

PAT RAVEN RAVEN HAS A DOCTORATE IN ORNAMENtal horticulture, and LN Landscape co-author Julie Hess is senior horticulturist at the Missouri Botanical Garden. “Autumn is the harvest season, and my tradition is making hot mulled fresh cider from the seasonal apple harvest – a time-honored tradition that brings people together at this happy time of year.”

Call 314-401-4577  

  




SULLIVAN HAS PARTNERED WITH KEN Miesner for the past 25 years at Ken Miesner’s Flowers at Plaza Frontenac, where they have done flowers for more than 1,000 weddings! His fall tradition is to drive the Great River Road in Alton, he says. “You can stop at roadside stands to get apple cider and pumpkins, then head to Twitter for a fried chicken Retweet Pere Marquette lunch.”


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It’s just like your home, now with extra help. You may need memory care or just a little help with a few things. Westview has options to fit all your needs, so you can feel confident that no matter what, you’re re taken care of.

Clarkson Rd

Westview at Ellisville Assisted ted Living & Memory Care


Reinke Rd

Manchester Rd 100


Shop ‘N Save


New Ballwin Rd

27 Reinke Road Ellisville, MO 63021

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27 Reinke Road, Ellisville, MO 63021

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for more information on area open houses

6 Countryside Lane, Frontenac $2,199,000

9231 Highway 100, New Haven $1,900,000

4545 Lindell Blvd, St Louis City Multiple Units

900 Greenwich Green Ln, Town & Country $735,000

36 Pointer Lane, Ladue $650,000 Open Sunday 12:30 - 2:00

2221 Croydon Walk, Ladue Schools $589,000

1935 Sumter Ridge Ct, Chesterfield $435,000

15 Benton Place, Lafayette Square $424,900

90 Fern Creek Lane, Union $375,000

1030 E Linden, Richmond Heights $325,000

6 Covington Meadows Rd N, Olivette $300,000

6246 Northwood Ave #2E, St Louis City $295,000

7534 Delmar Blvd, University City $284,000

2055 Spring Valley Dr, Washington $279,900

7422 Gannon Ave, University City $277,900

360 Mission Bay Ct, Wildwood $269,900

4100 Laclede Ave #102, St Louis $229,900

329 Belt Ave #602, St Louis $229,900

740 Woodside Trails #105, Ballwin $175,000

15021 Claymoor Ct #17, Chesterfield $149,900

Properties for Sale NEW LISTINGS

1935 Sumter Ridge Ct Chesterfield 6 Covington Meadows Rd No Olivette 360 Mission Bay Wildwood 8933 Raleigh Drive Grantwood 740 woodside trails #105 Ballwin


35 Huntleigh Woods Huntleigh 6 Countryside Lane Frontenac 6 Briarbrook Trail Des Peres 1622 Forest Aire Frontenac 1304 Litzsinger Woods Ladue 222 Spencer Rd Webster Groves 423 Conway Aire Creve Coeur 8 Geyer Wood Frontenac 900 Greenwich Green Ln Town & Country 18 Willow Hill Ladue 1 Dunleith Drive Ladue 36 Pointer Lane Ladue 226 Chamonix Court Creve Coeur 15 Benton Place Lafayette Square 1000 Dautel Ladue Schools


$435,000 $300,000 $269,900 $259,000 $175,000

$2,375,000 $2,199,000 $1,799,000 $1,795,000 $1,199,000 $1,100,000 $924,900 $899,900 $735,000 $685,000 $679,000 q $650,000 $540,000 $424,900 $399,900

7839 Cardinal Ridge Ct Shrewsbury 2016 Saint Clair Ave Brentwood 7043 Pershing Avenue University City 843 University Place University City 7534 Delmar Boulevard University City 2055 Spring Valley Dr Washington 3454 Pestalozzi St Louis 7422 Gannon University City 10401 Golterman Dr Crestwood 114 Ladera Washington 712 Windy Ridge Washington 5705 Mardel St Louis City 7537 Hiawatha Ave Richmond Hts 12965 Burning Bush Ct Creve Coeur 12579 Merrick Dr Uninc St Louis Co 5735 Suncrest Way Circ So County 7228 Dartmouth University City 1437 Jaywood Creve Coeur 8310 Rosalie Brentwood 5635 Reber Place St. Louis City 7114 Horner Richmond Hts 1819 Russell Boulevard St Louis 5236 Pernod Ave St Louis City

Open Sunday:

t $334,900 829 Bayhill Blvd


= =

$332,000 $329,900 $319,900 $284,000 $279,900 $279,900 $277,900 $274,000 $221,000 $199,900 $185,000 $184,500 $184,500 $179,900 $178,000 $170,000 $169,900 $169,900 $160,000 $159,000 $159,000 $149,900

q - 12:30-2:00

Union 1024 Arrowhead Union 6542 Nashville St Louis City 3234 Walter Ave Maplewood 8611 Forest Ave Charlack 7433 Brightwood Dr St Louis County 3821 Regal Place St Louis City 2554 Circle Dr Maplewood-Richmond Hts 1365 Acredale Florissant 9991 Highway YY New Haven

$140,000 $140,000 $126,900 $123,900 $119,900 $114,900 $105,000 $103,000 $82,900 $79,000


4545 Lindell Blvd #27 4545 Lindell Blvd #2 4545 Lindell Blvd #34 8025 Maryland Ave 7759 Kingsbury 1030 E Linden 7520 Buckingham Dr #3E 6246 Northwood Ave #2E 4121 Westminster Place 4100 Laclede Ave #102 329 Belt Ave #602

= - 1:00-3:00

t - 2:00-4:00

750 S Hanley Rd #370 Clayton 3900 Olive Street St Louis City 3815 McCausland Ave #17 St Louis 8140 Whitburn Dr, #202 Clayton = 7521 Buckingham Unit 2E Clayton 7521 Buckingham 3E Clayton 5381 Pershing Ave #102 St Louis 2310 Rutger Unit #E Lafayette Square 9011 N Swan Circle Brentwood 1508 High School Dr Brentwood 5696 Kingsbury #103 St Louis City 2274 Rule Ave Creve Coeur

St Louis City $1,019,000 C OUNTRY P ROPERTIES St Louis City $779,000 New Haven St Louis City $769,000 9231 Highway 100 Hermann Clayton $689,000 1177 Highway E Frontenac Clayton $599,000 11303 Clayton Road Creve Coeur Richmond Hts $325,000 718 Champeix Lane Union Clayton $310,000 90 Fern Creek Lane Franklin Co St Louis City $295,000 1990 Park Drive St Louis $238,900 Moll Rd at Boone Valley Golf Club Defiance Gerald St Louis $229,900 Pleasant Hill School Rd St Louis City St Louis $219,900 3359 Commonwealth

$210,000 $207,000 $199,900 $189,900 $154,900 $149,900 $149,900 $135,000 $129,900 $114,900 $95,000 $89,900

$1,900,000 $595,000 $399,000 $375,000 $375,000 $258,000 $149,000 $106,000 $49,900

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Bob Bax Manager, Ladue/Frontenac 314-997-7600

Pat Malloy Manager, Chesterfield 636-537-0300

Mary Coleman Relocation Director 636-733-5011

Laura Paperner Career Development 636-733-5008

{}  November 16, 2012



Old Newsboys Day



xtra! Extra! Read all about it! OLD Newsboys Day recently held its first golf tournament, which included 18 holes of golf, lunch, a cocktail reception and a dinner auction and award ceremony. More than 230 children’s charities rely on Old Newsboys Day to fulfill critical everyday needs. Honorary chairs for the tournament were Hallof-Famer Lou Brock and his wife, Jackie.

Marisa Griggs, Ken Peters

Dan Harbaugh, Lester Knopp

Wayne Kaufman, Scott Kaufman, Lou Brock, Simmy Wolf

More photos on page 59

DIANE’S SCOOP Mike Burke recently attended the Special Olympics golf tournament, where his wife bid on and won a trip called ‘Fly away with the Rams.’ So he and his bride will join the Rams on their plane, have dinner with the owners and enjoy the game before flying back home! This trip of a lifetime is happening on his birthday... George Gladis will be heading to Orlando for a teaching gig...Mike Walsh is looking forward to Old Newsboys Day on Nov. 15...Wayne Kaufman promised that next year, the organization’s golf tournament will be even bigger and better...Ken Katzif and Steve Newstead took their ladies on a 10-day trip to Calgary, Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise...Christopher Ortwerth has been a ‘surfer dude’ for more than 25 years. He misses his hobby now that he lives in the Midwest.

John and Susan Rutledge

Vicki Stephens, James Washington

Cynthia and Christopher Ortwerth

John Rutledge, Curtis Anderson, Phil DeSarno, Dieu Tran

Carrie Wilkins, Carine Rossouw

Brian Bote, Marcia Niekamp, Greg Czerniewski, Scott Albert

Dave Dickerson, Christa O’Hearne, Jason Haldiman



NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

Clayton 314-725-5100

Town & Country 314-569-1177

Relocation Services 800-325-4037

More New Listings 615 Clara, #11 (St. Louis). Attractive price…city lifestyle…beautiful building. Alone, these words don’t mean much, but when they are attached to this great CWE condo, they take on a whole new meaning. Enjoy two bedrooms and two baths, crown moldings, wood floors, high-end kitchen, and attached outdoor porch. Located in a sought-after area just minutes from the U. City Loop, Clayton, DeMun, and Forest Park. $155,000.


1713 South 8th Street, B (St. Louis). Soulard Farmers Market is just a block from this chic, two-story, two-bedroom condo located in the heart of Soulard. The unit is a great combination of historic charm and modern updates. Living room features large windows that face the courtyard and a gas fireplace with dramatic slate surround. High-end stainless appliances partner with granite in the kitchen, and beautiful hardwood floors weave their way throughout the first floor. $134,000.



150 Carondelet Plaza, #901 (Clayton). A large foyer welcomes you to this elegant condo with exceptional finishes throughout. Light-filled kitchen/family room with marble countertops and breakfast island walks out to one of two terraces. French doors provide access to a large master suite with built-in office/dressing room and spacious, custom, walk-in closet. Marble embellishes the master bath, and the living room and dining room open up to both terraces, capturing views of the swimming pool. Enjoy great amenities at the Plaza and wonderful shops and restaurants nearby. $899,000. 1420 Highland Valley Circle (Wildwood). A coveted street showcases this stately two story brick cul-de-sac home in a sought after neighborhood. Welcoming foyer has a sweeping T-staircase, tailored details, classic moldings, beautiful millwork and elegant appointments as well as abundant amenities throughout. Ideal for those seeking a beautiful setting and distinguished classic design. $559,000.


Sunday Open Houses � 1-3 � 2-4 More Residential Properties



Featured Listings

1. 1751 N. Woodlawn Ave � Ladue


2. 800 S. Hanley, 6C � Clayton


Presiding over 20 plus sub-dividable acres with tiered brick terrace surrounding a pool, pool house, tennis courts, and gazebo, this substantial home has been orchestrated with amazing architectural details that include a fabulous, custom, floating staircase.

Spacious condo in The Residence has over 3,400 square feet! Inherit incredible millwork, custom chef’s kitchen with palatial island and heated floors, enormous master suite with two walk-in closets, den with custom made glass French doors, and two large balconies.

3. 7270 Maryland Avenue � University City


4. 900 Town & Country Estates � Town & Country


5. 7 Glenhaven � Glendale


6. 150 Carondelet Plaza, #704 � Clayton


This four-bedroom home is incredible inside and out with new kitchen and baths. Aesthetic elements like high ceilings, pretty moldings, Palladian windows, and French doors add character and style to well-proportioned, sun-filled spaces. Near Washington University.

Each spacious room in this expanded European cottage/lodge perfectly blends charm and coziness for relaxed living. Features include a lodge room with expansive fireplace and dry bar, upgraded kitchen, and first floor master suite with updated spa-like bath. OPEN SUNDAY 2 - 4. This majestic Georgian Colonial home is one of the original manor homes along Berry Road. Steeped in tradition with high ceilings and handsome moldings, it is a lovely treasure with generous, bright rooms -- both casual and formal -- bearing a sophisticated style. OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 3.

Arresting, two-bedroom, move-in-ready condo in The Plaza offers dramatic, open living/dining room. Large master bedroom with luxurious bathroom has lovely views of the pool and gardens below. Two terraces, two parking spaces, and a great NEW PRICE! � Save property searches and receive e-mail updates through MY LAURA MCCARTHY

� Find and map all weekly OPEN HOUSES for St. Louis area properties

� Access our listings and other MLS listings from your I-phone, Blackberry or Palm phone using

17 Dromara Road (Ladue). 28 Somerset Downs (Ladue). 12050 Carberry Place (Town & Çountry). 7 Ladue Manor (Ladue). 3 Lakeside Green (Ladue). 52 Westmoreland Place (St. Louis). 44 Creekwood Lane (Ladue). 121 North Brentwood (Clayton). 3 Countryside Lane (Frontenac). 621 East Monroe Avenue (Kirkwood). 807 Glenridge Avenue (Clayton). 4 Litzsinger Lane (Ladue). 7106 Westmoreland (University City). 56 Willow Hill (Ladue). 9125 Pine Avenue (Brentwood). 10 Wickersham Lane (Ladue). 4648 Maryland Avenue (St. Louis). 316 McCullough Avenue (Kirkwood). 7 Graybridge (Ladue). 4616 McPherson Avenue (CWE). 4550 McPherson (St. Louis). 7474 Ethel Avenue (Richmond Heights). 6322 Pershing Avenue (University City). 215 Parkhurst Terrace (Webster Groves). 1314 Wellington View Pl. (Wildwood). 1726 Warmington Court (Ballwin). 7667 Carswold Drive (Clayton). 74 Berkshire (Richmond Heights). 434 South Hanley (Clayton). 9423 Sonora Avenue (Brentwood). 68 Berry Oaks (Glendale). 15650 Summer Lake Dr. (Chesterfield). 7201 Waterman Ave. (University City). 6747 Itaska Street (St. Louis). 14487 Marmont Drive (Chesterfield). 1044 Chelsea Avenue (Glendale). 937 Hawbrook (Glendale). 418 Madewood Lane (Chesterfield). 1464 Cedar Bluff Drive (Ballwin). 1691 Prestonpark (St. Louis County). 7268 Watsons Parish (O’Fallon). 410 Oaktree Crossing Court (Ballwin). 629 North Bompart (Webster Groves).

$2,395,000 $1,975,000 $1,650,000 $1,549,000 $1,445,000 $1,275,000 $1,100,000 $975,000 $950,000 $925,000 $849,900 $825,000 $749,900 $724,900 $699,000 $655,000 $679,900 $624,999 $499,000 $498,000 $469,000 $465,000 $425,000 $424,900 $400,000 $379,000 $369,000 $349,900 $354,900 $349,900 $349,900 $315,000 $312,500 $312,000 $299,900 $275,000 $269,000 $239,900 $239,900 $229,900 $229,900 $229,900 $229,900

5458 Lindenwood Avenue (St. Louis). 8743 Rosalie Avenue (Brentwood). 6218 Hancock Avenue (St. Louis). 963 Box Elder (Kirkwood). 5081 Rhodes Avenue (St. Louis). 1137 Rockman Place (Rock Hill). 6424 Pernod Avenue (St. Louis). 5178 Goethe Avenue (St. Louis). 10814 Lawnbrook (St. Louis County). 9818 Ravensbrook Drive (Affton). 1153 Glenside Lane (University City).

$195,000 $189,900 $184,900 $175,000 $172,500 $159,500 $167,333 $149,999 $139,900 $112,900 $89,900

Condos & Villas 155 Carondelet Plaza, #307 (Clayton). $1,090,000 400 S. 14th Street, #1001 (St. Louis). $899,000 330 Carlyle Lake Drive (Creve Coeur). $750,000 331 Carlyle Lake Drive (Creve Coeur). $649,000 304 Woods Mill Terr. Lane (Chesterfield). $579,000 7524 Cromwell, 2W (Clayton). $429,000 14744 Whitebrook Dr. (Chesterfield). $379,900 1546 Dietrich Chase Lane (Ballwin). $379,900 434 S. Hanley (Clayton). $354,900 3608 Gravois Ave., #9 (South City). $330,000 750 S. Hanley Road, #180 (Clayton). $259,900 7541 Parkdale, #3 (Clayton). $245,000 19 North Taylor, #4 (St. Louis). $229,900 710 South Hanley, 6C (Clayton). $224,900 26 Rue De Paix (Lake Saint Louis). $169,900 2 Conway Cove (Chesterfield). $169,900 $149,900 550 S. Brentwood, 2A (Clayton). 322 North Boyle (St. Louis). $138,000 10348 Tiffany Village (Mehlville). $138,000 1509 Hedgeford Drive, #5 (Chesterfield). � $129,000 705 Interdrive, 2S (University City). $121,500 1521 Hedgeford Dr., #2 (Chesterfield). $119,500 32 Conway Cove (Chesterfield). $119,000 1534 High School Drive (Brentwood). $99,900 1112 Arbor Creek, 3C (Kirkwood). $99,900 123 W. Woodbine, #I (Kirkwood). $88,900 10439 Briarbend Dr., #7 (St. Louis Co.). $79,900

Lots and Acreage 45 Trent Drive (Ladue). 13 Chipper Road (Frontenac).

$1,095,000 $549,900

SOCIE T Y BJC Pediatric Hospice Program: Wings



AG E L L A N H E A LT H Services hosted the 14th annual charity golf tournament at the Landings at Spirit Golf Club. The tournament is held to benefit BJC’s pediatric hospice program, Wings, which seeks to enhance a terminally ill child’s quality of life by offering pain and symptom management, comfort and support to the patients and their families. Co-chairs for the event were Pam Hauk and Doris Rogers.

Bob Zerfas, Matt Wootten

Barbara Westland, Pam Hauk

Doris Rogers, Justin Popkey

Chrissy Glaseiter, Darren Stoffel

More photos on page 59 BY DIANE ANDERSON

EGG by Susan Lazar Fall Fashion Show!

Matt Riley, Chuck Gard


Saturday, November 17 at 11:00 a.m. EGG by Susan Lazar 9757 Clayton Road in Ladue Marketplace See the latest in children's fall fashions from EGG by Susan Lazar! - 314-503-0092 - Watch our models, ages 2-6, walk the EGG runway - Kiddie DJ Michael Harp will spin - "Great Day St. Louis" contributor Sarah Thompson will emcee - 10% of proceeds of sales Nov. 17-24 will benefit St. Louis Children's Hospital's Family Resource Center

Plus goodies for the entire family.....

FREE and open to the public! rsvp:


ITALIAN CUISINE Brigitte Mineo, Owner and son Giovanni Mineo

Happy Hour 5-7pm Live Music: Saturday Night! Lunch: M-F 11am-2pm • Dinner: M-F 5pm-9pm • Sat 5pm-10pm 333 Westport Plaza • St. Louis, MO 63146 314-878-8180 •

Smoke Free Since 2010!


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}


Therapeutic Horsemanship

GEORG JENSEN 10% off through November 30, 2012



HE 10TH ANNUAL POLO MATCH TO BENEFIT Therapeutic Horsemanship was held at Spirit Valley Farms in Chesterfield. Smith and Janet McGehee hosted the event, where more than 300 guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and wine during the match. Kids’ activities included pony rides, a kids’ crafts table and a mini polo match played with golf carts. The mission of Therapeutic Horsemanship is to provide equineassisted therapy programs for individuals with disabilities in order to help them reach their maximum physical and psychological potential.

• The Fusion Collection • Endless Possibilities • Exclusively at Summa Jewelers

115 West Argonne Kirkwood, MO 63122 314-965-0046

Monica Marsh, Shirley Garlish

Katarina and Sue Meinberg

2012 H.Stern® | worldwide locations at | 800 7HSTERN

Cicardi and Susan Bruce, Rose Clausen, Jeannie Rader, Sandy Bell, Tammy Novak, Sissy Donahue

K at i e H o l m e s w i t h a n c i e n t a m e r i c a c o l l e c t i o n

314 863 8820 Clayton 101 S. Hanley Rd. Lobby Suite 110

Katie Trout, Norma McGehee BY LYUBOV STRAUSS

Don Breckenridge, Robby McGehee

More photos on page 59

Trunk Show - Thursday, November 29th through Saturday, December 1st

{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012


SOCIE T Y Loyola Academy



HE SECOND ANNUAL CHEFS’ Feast for a Knight featured an international infusion of flavors as four local chefs collaborated to prepare a four-course meal. The event raised funds to further Loyola Academy’s mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through education. The event featured chefs Aaron Teitelbaum of Herbie’s Vintage 72, Kristopher Janick of Franco, Fabrizio Schenardi of Cielo Restaurant at the Four Seasons and Qui Tran of Mai Lee. Hall-ofFamer Ozzie Smith served as honorary chair.

Bill and Connie McDermott

Qui Tran, Kristopher Janick, Fabrizio Schenardi, Aaron Teitelbaum

More photos on page 59 BY DIANE ANDERSON

Eric Clark, Faith Barnes, Steve Doss

Legs that look better, legs that feel better. WaShinGton UniveRSity

Vein Center Get rid of your painful and unsightly varicose veins. Make an appointment today to see a Washington University vein specialist. our board-certified vascular surgeons are trained in all facets of venous disease in men and women. Five Convenient Locations: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles/St. Peters, Farmington and Rolla

(314) 362-LEGS (5347) Washington University Vein Center Experts From left, Patrick Geraghty, MD; Brian Rubin, MD; Jeffrey Jim, MD, MS


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

Ozzie Smith


Carney’s Kids



ARNEY’S KIDS HELD ITS 13th Annual Club Halloween: Taste of Restaurant Tuesday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton. The event featured delicious food, fabulous silent auction items and entertainment by nationally known comedians Rahn Ramey and Jeremy Essig. KTRS Radio’s John Carney hosted the festivities. Executive director Joanie Protzel, along with board members like Paula Berner and Gilbert Medina, worked behind the scenes to ensure a fantastic event. The night raised more than $43,000 for the following charities: Delta Gamma Center, Half the Sky Foundation, Litzinger School, Rainbow for Kids, Ranken Jordan and Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.

Randy and Bill Weiss

Diana Sternberg, Sheena Mulhall, Lindsey Niday

James Mitchell, Eponine

Val Joyner

More photos on page 59 BY MOLLY JAMES

Peggy Perel, Mimi Maloney

McKnight Place Assisted Living Residents receive the support they need to live as independently as possible. With delicious, nutritious cuisine, a diverse array of Resident planned activities, and a competent, caring staff of professionals, McKnight Place Assisted Living is part of The Gatesworth family of communities and its full continuum of care. Our on-site local owners play a vital role in ensuring that we provide our Residents the best quality care.

To LeArn More, cALL 314-997-5333

{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012


SOCIE T Y Maryville University



U E S T S G AT H E R E D recently at the Saint Louis Club to dine with and listen to bestselling author Jeannette Walls. In her New York Times bestselling memoir, The Glass Castle, the award-winning author describes the nomadic, dysfunctional and colorful family life of her childhood. After leaving her family and attending Barnard College, she worked as a journalist in New York for 20 years, writing for New York Magazine, USA Today and Her appearance was part of Maryville University’s St. Louis Speakers Series.

Ron and Marge Aylward

Julia and Al Hammerman

Tom Eschen, Dr. Mark Lombardi

LN’s Trish Muyco-Tobin with the author

James and Sue Derwort BY DIANE ANDERSON


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

Jeannette Walls, Bill Conrow

John and Barbara Lewington, Patrick Murphy

Nancy and Ed Hamilton

Moira Steuterman, Bob Jacobson, Pat Kelly

Francesca Mattina, Liz Haynes

Anne Wendt, Chris Peimann

Linda Reich, Tom Danis, Mary Ann Grilltelmo

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. The distinct new Audi Q5. Different in every way, the new Audi Q5 is in a category of one. With its unmistakable profile, its sophisticated styling and unique LED lights,* the new Audi Q5 is anything but your typical SUV. But it’s not just looks that distinguish the Q5. From Audi drive select,* which allows you to adjust the vehicle’s handling and response, to the legendary Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system, the drive is unforgettable too. Visit your local dealer to test-drive the distinct new Audi Q5. Learn more at

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{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012



ly ivE n us yto l c a Ex t cl a

WERE YOU THERE WHEN ... Custom Framing • Framed Memories • Art • Gifts & More

8131 Maryland Ave • Clayton, MO 63105


Results Start When You Do The FiTness edge Personal Training CenTer • St. LouiS’ Premier PerSonaL training faciLity From left: Jason Tang, Wenzheng Du, Jing Liu, Guodong Li, Kimmie Hu, Yimin Zhu and Youfeng Xu

• By aPPointment onLy... never a memBerShiP fee


Several hundred people, including representatives from St. Louis County and officials from the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, gathered to witness the grand opening of The St. Louis Modern Chinese School (SLMCS)’s new home on Clayton Road. St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley proclaimed the day as ‘Chinese Language Day.’


Michael Jaudes, Owner

984 1 e inc S t i F s i u Keeping St. Lo THE


10571 Old Olive Blvd. • Creve Coeur, MO 14

NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

Participants in Opal’s House Golf Tournament

A golf tournament was held to benefit Opal’s House, an emergency shelter assisting abused women and their children. In addition to shelter, the organization provides crisis intervention services, individual, children, group and family counseling, medical and legal advocacy, resource referrals and follow-up support.

First place winner ‘Team Carol.’ Carol Schwent (pictured in pink) suffers from liver cancer. Three teams in the competitive bracket were formed in her honor!

The Division of Oncology at Siteman Cancer Center hosted the eighth annual Rally Tennis for Cancer Care fundraising tournament. More than 200 players helped raise more than $30,000 to help support cancer patients who are in financial crisis as a result of their diagnosis.


Third place winner, John Berendzen; first place winner, Mark French; Lady Luck, Jessica Schroeder; second place winner, Jim Lansing.

St. Louis Arc raised more than $30,000 at its Showdown for the St. Louis Arc Texas Hold’em Tournament. More than 150 players betted and bluffed their way through the evening, and proceeds will benefit the organization’s programs that serve area adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Martin Mathews, Carol Voss, Barbara Washington and Tom Voss at the 23rd annual Clifton Davis Gala.

Tony Award-winning vocalist and actress Melba Moore was in town recently to headline the Mathews-Dickey 23rd Annual Clifton Davis ‘Say Amen’ benefit concert. The gala helped raise funds for the organizaton’s in-house tutoring ‘study buddy’ and technology programs, and outreach college and career training.

From left: Lee Kling, Rosie Kling, Wyman CEO Dave Hilliard and Allan Kling

Wyman Center honored the legacy of its former board chairman, the late S. Lee Kling, with the opening of a new hall devoted to teen leadership and service. The S. Lee Kling Hall of Teen Leadership and Service is a 4,500 square-foot venue dedicated to learning and technology and providing teens a place to work with the tools they’ll need to be successful in today’s world.

{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012


Home Helpers king Life Ea sier!


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Recuperative Care Meal Preparation Medication Management System Mobile Hair Stylist Insured and Bonded And So Much More!

636.391.0000 314.961.1002

Taking a vacation? Need foreign currency? Commerce Bank can help you with foreign currency needs. The Clayton Banking Center has select types of foreign currency available in limited quantities – including Euros, British pounds, and Mexican pesos. For Commerce Bank customers, we can order prepackaged currency from around the world.

Visit our Clayton Banking Center, 8000 Forsyth, with easy access and plenty of parking. / 314.746.7463 16

November 16, 2012    {}

laduelips Socie t y

A 5-foot bejeweled peacock sculpture is local jewelry artist DIANE KATZMAN’s latest showpiece for charity. The peacock was created to benefit COLLEGE BOUND, to raise awareness of the compelling need for greater equity in education. The stones and feathers on the sculpture represent the hopes and dreams of College Bound students and their families and the community. The peacock made its debut this week at Neiman Marcus, and will be on display throughout the holiday season. This Saturday, Nov. 17, at 1:30 p.m., the store is hosting a ‘peacock party’ with refreshments and treats. Katzman also will be offering attendees the opportunity to create their own piece of jewelry.

Don’t forget to stock up on your baking supplies this weekend for LN’s HOLIDAY DESSERT RECIPE CONTEST. The winning sweet-treat maker, as determined by our ‘expert’ panel of judges, receives BAGELS FOR A YEAR, courtesy of St. Louis Bread Co. Submit your favorite pie, cake or a batch of cookies (or other smaller treats), along with the recipe, on Monday, Nov. 19, between 8:30 a.m. and noon to our office, 8811 Ladue Road, Suite D. Come ready to be photographed with your dessert. Winners will be announced in our Nov. 30 issue.

Congratulations to JENNIFER SMITH, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington University, who is one of only eight nationally to be selected as an Eisenhower USA Fellow. As part of her fellowship, Smith will spend a month in India next summer to work on an intensive professional program, examining how higher education can be used to nurture innovation. Eisenhower Fellowships, chaired by Ret. Gen. COLIN POWELL, is a nonprofit that seeks international understanding and leadership through the exchange of information, ideas and perspectives among leaders worldwide.

WORD AROUND TOWN VARIETY THE CHILDREN’S CHARITY has announced its allocation of more than $4.5 million to support 14,000-plus local children living with disabilities. The announcement came this week during the Champions for Children Summit at The Chase Park Plaza in which St. Louis’ own CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER was named as this year’s Champion for Kids.


Need a different take on this month’s presidential election? Historian ROBERT MERRY of The National Interest will be in town for a book-signing and discussion of his latest book, Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians. Merry profiles the presidents he calls ‘Men of Destiny,’ and explores how and why they succeed and fail. His Thursday, Nov. 29, appearance at St. Louis County Library headquarters begins at 7 p.m.

The U.S. CAPITOL CHRISTMAS TREE will stop in St. Louis this weekend as it makes its journey to Washington. The tree was harvested Nov. 2 in the White River National Forest near Meeker, Colo., and will arrive here on a customdecorated Mack Pinnacle model truck driven by former U.S. Senator BEN NIGHTHORSE CAMPBELL. The tree’s journey carries a message of sustainable forestry, as well as an invitation to assist in raising funds for the Forest Restoration Challenge. The tree will be on display outside the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday, Nov. 18, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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We are pledged to the letter and spirit of the U.S. Policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial or national origin.

{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012



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Sterling Silver

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HOURS: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday 8am-2pm




Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis



ROM 2006 TO 2009, NOT A SINGLE woman in a G-rated film was portrayed as a doctor, business leader, lawyer or politician, according to a study by the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. In fact, the study concluded that women are outnumbered 3-to-1 by men in family movies. And when they are included, women are more likely to be donning ‘sexy’ clothes and have an unrealistic figure. The study was commissioned by Geena Davis, an Academy Award winner best known for her roles in Thelma and Louise and A League of Their Own. Davis noticed a disparity of women in film while watching shows with her young daughter—a disparity that the Annenberg study confirmed— and later started the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. The actress will be in St. Louis on Wednesday, Nov. 28, to speak on changing that trend at ‘Making A Difference: Women, Girls and the Media,’ the largest annual fundraiser for Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis. “The hope is that we’ll raise some awareness, and people will start watching shows a little more critically, rather than just assuming this is

how things are—because it’s not,” says Women’s Foundation president Pat Rich. The foundation, one of 160 around the world that make up the Women’s Funding Network, raises awareness of women’s issues and supports nonprofits that make life better for women and girls. “The Women’s Foundations were started because the percentage of foundation money going directly to women and girls is less than 8 percent,” she notes, adding that while the local chapter’s funding stays within the St. Louis metropolitan area, there are chapters from “the Midwest to Mongolia” supporting women’s issues. In many cases, that means working to help raise women and girls out of poverty and help them become self-sustaining, as well as making sure they have a chance for an education and tackling difficult issues, including sex trafficking and assault. According to national studies, the chance of a disabled woman being sexually assaulted is between 65 and 85 percent. The Women’s Foundation helped fund a study led by the YWCA to discern the prevalence of this problem in the St. Louis community and find ways to deal with it. As a result of the study, “Both the city and county are funding efforts to train staff to start working


Continued on page 60

In back: Robbye Frank, Amy Shaw, Ali Kindle. In front: Jessica Brown, Pat Rich.

2 Days Only! Friday, Nov 30th 9AM–9PM Saturday, Dec 1st 10AM–5PM

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Music Man Persons of Interest: Steve Schankman


HEN I ASKED STEVE Schankman to describe himself in one sentence, he answered, “I’m the music man of St. Louis.” It seemed it would have been difficult for Schankman to narrow it down to just one sentence. He is not a man of few words—and neither are his accomplishments. Music has always been at the center of his life. His father played in the Symphony, his grandfather was a musician, and so is Schankman’s son. Schankman would probably be OK if people knew him only as a trumpet player in the Fabulous Motown Revue, but of course, he is so much more. Schankman built an empire and made millions as an event and concert producer and promoter. He’s worked with everyone from Mick Jagger to Pope John Paul II. He built Contemporary Productions into one of the largest entertainment producers in the nation before he sold it for a reported $90 million. Since then, he re-launched a new Contemporary with more a focused agenda.



NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

He still finds himself working with some of the biggest names in the business, but his new role and new company give him more time for important things, like playing his horn at charity fundraisers and producing other events that raise money for good causes. “We’re still booking entertainment,” he says. “But most of what we do today are events with a purpose.” In addition to helping charities and institutions raise millions, Schankman has donated millions himself, including personally writing the check that paid for the enormous, oneof-a-kind, metal animal sculpture that frames a corner of the Saint Louis Zoo. At 64 years old, Schankman isn’t slowing down a bit; and if you ask him what he has in the works, he could talk for hours. He also still loves to talk about the long road that brought him to where he is today. He started his own band when he was 13, but soon started making money booking gigs for other local bands. Before he graduated from University City High School in 1966, he was making a name as a promoter. “I had a company called Sound Productions, and I worked out of my parent’s house,” he recalls. “I had a desk in

the living room, with a reel-to-reel tape recorder, some files and a telephone.” In 1968, he took his game to a new level. He had gotten his band, called The Impact Soul Review, a gig as the warm-up act for The Temptations at Kiel Auditorium. He says that night, it all clicked for him. “I was standing on the stage and looking out and seeing 10,000 people. The tickets were $5. So I figured with 10,000 people, that’s 50-grand,” he notes. “I knew The Temptations were getting about $15,000, so I figured that even with all the expenses, somebody was making a lot of money. The next year, I brought in the Grateful Dead at the Fox Theatre.” Schankman and business partner Irv Zuckerman somehow pulled it off, avoiding disaster when the Dead were arrested just before their planned stop in St. Louis. “The band was in New Orleans and got busted for drugs. All of the band’s equipment was shipped to us by cargo, so a few of us set it up at the Fox,” he recalls. “But the band didn’t get there until 6 o’clock, right before the concert, because they had just gotten out of jail.” Later, Contemporary caught the attention of a New York agent named Frank Barcelona who Continued on page 60




Killian Hein Lamkin and Zachary Mandel were married August 11 in a non-denominational ceremony officiated by the Rev. Don Hamel at Portage Lake in Onekama, Mich., at sunset. A lakeside reception followed at the historic Portage Point Inn, where guests enjoyed dinner and dancing. The bride is the daughter of Walter Lamkin of St. Louis and the late Linda Lamkin. The bride’s sisters, Katherine Lamkin, Gibson Lamkin and Lisa Peterson; as well as the groom’s sisters, Courtney Swillinger and Elizabeth Mandel; and Anne Haffenreffer, Jacqueline Ross and Jodi Kahn, served as bridesmaids. Killian is a graduate of Mary Institute and Country Day School and Vanderbilt University. The groom is the son of Alan and Annette Mandel of St. Louis. The groom’s brothers, Lt. Robert Mandel, Adam Mandel and Christopher Eagleton; the bride’s brother, Russell Lamkin; and Nicholas Pope and Thomas Bawden, served as groomsmen. Zachary is a graduate of Mary Institute and Country Day School and Washington University. The newlyweds honeymooned in Paros-Ios-Santorini in Greece. They reside in Toronto, Ontario.

Megan Jane Stephens and Nathan Thomas Keller were married June 9 in a ceremony officiated by the Rev. Sarah Brouwer at Ladue Chapel. Following the ceremony, the couple was showered with bubbles as they drove off in a vintage Rolls Royce. A reception followed at the Missouri Athletic Club, where guests enjoyed music by Arvell and Co. and a photo booth, as well as Oreo shakes as a late-night treat—all while Shake Shake Shake by KC and the Sunshine Band played. The bride is the daughter of Scott and Mary Jane Stephens of Chillicothe, Mo. Her sister, Ali Stephens, served as maid of honor; and Ali Estery, Lauren Mahe, Anna Moritz, Katy Murphy, Megan Montibeller, Meghan Hornsby and Sara Cone served as bridesmaids. Megan is a business development manager for Information System Services. The groom is the son of Tom and Marsha Keller of St. Louis and the grandson of Helen Keller of Kirkwood. The groom’s father served as best man and Craig Schlapprizzi, Chris Fox, Kenny Baugfeldt, Charlie Felker, Craig Mayer, Rob Cogan and Chris Cone served as groomsmen. Nathan is a director of sales for Contegix, LLC. The newlyweds honeymooned in Europe, where they visited Rome, Florence, Sienna and the islands of Positano and Capri on the Almafi Coast. They reside in Frontenac.





ALISON REILLY & ANDREW MENATTI Dr. and Mrs. William Reilly of Ladue and Barbara Reilly of Chicago are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Alison Renee Reilly, to Andrew Roberts Menatti, son of Charles and Karen Menatti of Herndon, Va. The bride-to-be graduated from Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School in 2003 and Boston College in 2007 with a B.A. in psychology. Currently, Alison is a Ph.D. student at Ohio University. The future groom graduated from University of Virginia in 2008 with a B.A. in psychology and foreign affairs. He is a Ph.D. student at Ohio University. Alison and Andrew met at Ohio University when he was interviewing for admission to the clinical psychology Ph.D. program. Alison, who was a first-year student in the program, voted in his favor. They began dating a few months later, and became engaged the following year at a bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, Va. They are planning a December 31 ceremony at Church of the Annunziata, with a reception to follow at Old Warson Country Club. Following a honeymoon at The Ritz-Carlton on the island of St. Thomas, they will reside in Athens, Ohio.


{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012


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Baby Talk

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Clark Nicholas Azar July 22, 2012, 2:49 p.m. 8 lbs., 7 oz., 20 inches St. Mary’s Hospital

Nick and Jill Azar of Glendale, Mo., along with siblings Joe, Adelaide and Jane, are excited to welcome a baby boy to their family. Grandparents are Joe and Kathy Beilein, and Mark and Pat Azar.


Andrew Max Carleton April 17, 2012 8 lbs., 12 oz., 21.5 inches Mercy Hospital

Shelley and Patrick Carleton of Ladue, along with big sister Isabella, are thrilled to welcome a baby boy to their family. Grandparents are Carole and Ray Ruby of Frontenac and Susan and Jack Carleton of Richmond Heights.

Angelina Josephine Whitehead June 18, 2012, 2:38 p.m. 6 lbs., 13 oz., 19 inches St. Clare Hospital

Abram Whitehead and Dr. Jessica Nieva-Whitehead of St. Louis are overjoyed at the arrival of their daughter. Big sisters are 3-yearold Alexandria and 18-month old Annabella. Grandparents are Dr. Delfin and Suellen Nieva of St. Louis, and James and Virginia Carson and Dr. Alwyn Whitehead, all of Springfield, Mo. BY ELIZABETH SCHMITT


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}


Giving Thanks IN THIS WHIRLPOOL OF A world we live in, Thanksgiving has a tendency to get lost. We go from Halloween directly to Christmas to the New Year, almost without taking a breath in between. Continued on page 24


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annual charity register



A Guide to St. Louis Charities & 2013 Fund-raisers

Our guide to St. Louis’ leading galas, auctions, golf tournaments and other fund-raising events is where Ladue News readers will turn first for charity and nonprofit information.

Coming: deCember 7, 2012 For more advertising information:

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On the campus of St. Luke’s Hospital Also offering Friday and Saturday appointment times 24

NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

I think that’s a terrible shame. I have always loved Thanksgiving— so homey, so loving and so appropriate. Growing up, I remember my mother wrestling the biggest turkey she could find. She would wash that thing and go over every centimeter of it with a darning needle (looking for non-existent pin feathers). Even after an hour of acupuncture, the bird would be in the oven by 8 o’clock in the morning, filling the house with wonderful smells. The dozens of relatives who walked in the door would be handed a drink, something to nibble on before the feast, and usually, a baby—it was heaven on earth. A tradition we had in our family was that after the meal, we would have to stand up and tell all that we were grateful for. Mother always said all fine men and women had to have grateful hearts. (She did not terrorize that turkey for us not to be fine men and women.) I’m not sure how fine I am, but I do have a grateful heart. Having a business—and keeping it successful—is all about relationships. Through our shop and this column, I have made hundreds, maybe thousands, of wonderful relationships. Being able to help a bride achieve her dream wedding, or to calm a nervous mother, who is afraid she might spend too much—or even to have the honor of telling a beautiful young lady right before she walks down the aisle that I wish her a lifetime of happiness—these and a million other ‘special’ moments are what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving and always. If I, through this column, helped a nervous father know the right things to say when giving the wedding toast—that, my friends, is a priceless gift. Walking through the grocery store and being stopped by someone who tells me that I was spot-on about some detail of a wedding—or just that they enjoy reading this column—is about the most perfect thing that could happen. I work for the salary, but I love the applause. I’m very grateful to live in a very nice world, filled with very nice people—people I have developed a relationship with. This is my soul food, and I want to thank you for that. I hope that through my work at Ladue News or in our shop, I’ve enlightened a few people about the importance of etiquette, courtesy and manners, all of which make our world a nicer place to live. I want to thank you for your loyal support of ‘our’ paper, your kind support of Ken Miesner’s, but mostly, for the gift of your treasured friendship. Thank you so very much. I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving—and please, mind your manners!


Joseph A. Muccini, MD Board Certified Dermatologist Member of AAD, ASDS, AMA

314 878 0600 222 South Woods Mill Road Suite 475N Chesterfield 63017

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Photo Compliments: Salvatore Cincotta

Celebrate the happiest day of your life at Peabody Opera House in the heart of downtown St. Louis. The classical elegance of Peabody Opera House has played host to some of the city’s greatest moments, making it the perfect place to host your unforgettable event. Call today to begin planning the wedding of your dreams. |

Call: (314) 499-7619


Got your tinsel in a tangle?

essentials Wedding Day

Fun holiday gifts for everyone on your list! “ONLY IN ST. LOUIS” ARCH HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS $19.95

Arch with Holly

Beau Monde Bridal by Wedding Gallery Couture 801 N. Second, 636-724-9009,

Arch with Candy Cane Stripes $14.95

Arch with Lights


Part of the Victor Harper Collection, which is inspired by feminine sophistication, elegance and sensuality, a couture gown offers drama in a flattering silhouette.

Arch with Presents


$49.99 - $69.99


Marquard’s Cleaners 7480 Delmar Blvd., 727-0830 14380 S. Outer Forty Road, 576-4141 Give the bride-to-be the gift of wedding gown cleaning and preservation, allowing her to cherish her gown for many years to come.





ORDER ONLINE 24 HOURS A DAY AT THEPOST-DISPATCHSTORE.COM Store customer service issues, please call 1-877-POST-STL (1-877-767-8785) * Some restrictions apply


November 16, 2012    {}

The Service Bureau 9773 Clayton Road, 991-1104, We will assist you in selecting the perfect invitation that will have your guests counting the days in anticipation of your special celebration.

the finer things Ladue News Special Section

the finer things Ladue News Special Section

Holiday Shopping


Baccarat handcrafted 24-light onyx crystal chandelier designed by Philippe Starck, $82,400, Saks Fifth Avenue

Impressive Over-The-Top

From fine jewelry and luxurious gowns to sleek sports cars and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, some of our favorite department store catalogs have just the right extravagant gift to awe your favorite person this holiday season.

Casa Dragones Dinner, a private dinner for 10 at your home cooked by four of the culinary world’s most notable chefs—Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Jerome Bocuse and Richard Rosendale, $250,000, Neiman Marcus Oscar de la Renta Chantilly lace embroidered gown, $11,590, Saks Fifth Avenue

Antique Hammerman Brothers for Hays Worthington diamond collar necklace—138.40 total-carat weight, $420,000, Saks Fifth Avenue

28 November 16, 2012    {} By Brittany Nay

2013 Neiman Marcus Edition McLaren 12-C Spider with a 616 horse-powered V8 twin turbo engine—only 12 made, $354,000, Neiman Marcus

TOP LEFT: A walk-on role in Annie: The Musical, includes a five-star meal with the show’s producers, $30,000, Neiman Marcus TOP RIGHT: His and Hers Van Cleef & Arpels Watches, includes two businessclass tickets to Paris and Geneva to tour the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique, atelier and watchmaking workshops, starting at $1.09 million, Neiman Marcus LEFT: Versace iridescent tuxedo jacket with satin lapels, $1,050, Saks Fifth Avenue

{}  November 16, 2012


the finer things Ladue News Special Section


Cellar Highlights


OME OF THE CITY’S EXCLUSIVE RESTAUrant wine cellars have been opened to reveal their most prized bottles of wine. Take a look at these cellar highlights, as well as their dining accompaniment recommendations. Tony’s Most prized wine: Among more than 200 wines in Tony’s cellar, Vince Bommarito says Italian Barolo stands out from the rest. The full-bodied blend from Piedmont—one of the two major wine areas in Italy—is made from grapes grown in some of the best soil in the world, he notes. “They say Barolo is the wine of kings and the king of wines.” Pair it with this: Bommarito says to splurge on a meal fit for Barolo. “While you’re having a sirloin steak or a veil chop—that’s when you drink your Barolo.”

Il Bel Lago Most prized wine: Gaja Ca Marcanda Magari is a top-of-the-line offering at Il Bel Lago. The

Italian wine, which runs $110 a bottle, is a dense red, boasting of concentrated plum and blackberry flavors. “We are partial to Italian wines because it is our family heritage,” Carmelo Gabriele says. “Italy has some of the oldest wine producers in the world, and it is one of the largest wine producers in the world—second only to France.” Ranked as a No. 91 on Wine Spectator, the unique wine is referred to as a Super Tuscan, meaning it does not have to adhere to traditional blending laws and often uses grapes that are not in the region. Pair it with this: “This is a fine red wine, so it goes great with a nice filet or veil chop,” Gabriele says. Annie Gunn’s Most prized wine: The most exciting wines on Annie Gunn’s list are five vintage Missouri Norton offerings from the nation’s oldest family-owned winery in the nation: Adam Puchta Winery in Hermann. “The luxury to me is that my cellar is an hour’s drive from all of these great Missouri

Carmelo Gabriele holds Il Bel Lago’s most prized bottle of wine: Gaja Ca Marcanda Magari.

wineries. I really like to support what we do in the state,” Glenn Bardgett says. The full-flavored red wine runs $45 to $65 a bottle. “We have wines that cost up to $2,000,” Bardgett says. “But it’s not about how expensive it is; it’s about how distinctive it is.” Pair it with this: This cellar highlight will perfectly complement any red meat, Bardgett says. “And it really goes extraordinarily well with lamb.”


Fall Clean up

Holiday Lightingg

Landscape & Property Maintenance Landscape Design, Planting, Drainage Problems, Gutter Cleaning & Repair Powerwashing, Aeration, Overseeding Fertilization Snow Removal and MORE. If you are interested in any additional services and want a FREE ESTIMATE call...

314.422.0241 • 314.406.7087 Or drop us an email: HWYARDWORK@AOL.COM We look forward to meeting, if not exceeding, your expectations. SINCE 2001.

the hard work

yard work company, llc

“We Create Original, Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures.”

314.496.0911 [studio] 314.621.8118

NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL! • Tree trimming, shaping, deadwooding, pruning, & planting • Mulching • Hedge trimming • Tree diagnosis & treatment • Fertilizing • Soil Testing

Winter Special 20-25% Off Dec - Feb


SERVICE WITH IN A WEEK ST. LOUIS • 314.920.7263 • WEST CO/ST. CHARLES • 636.529.0999


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}


The Brightest Baubles

Sport Court Backyard Courts ®

Looking for a sparkling, show-stopping holiday gift to wow the lady in your life? Check out these lavish diamond pieces from local jewelers.

110 Diamonds A handcrafted 18-karat white gold diamond necklace showcases 110 round full-cut diamonds (total weight 17.65 carats). Summit Jewelers. Price upon request.

Call 636-451-0400 or Visit •

Need a Personal Sanctuary?

Fancy Yellow Diamonds With more than 6 carats in total weight, fancy yellow diamond earrings are framed with round white diamonds, set in platinum and 18-karat yellow gold. Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers. Price upon request.


Radiant-Cut Diamonds This platinum and 18-karat gold diamond bracelet features 23 fancy yellow radiant-cut diamonds (total weight 16.5 carats), surrounded by 828 white diamonds (total weight 4.96 carats). Saettele Jewelers. $165,000. BY LAURA GRAESSER

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Custom Designs, Sales & Service

Since 1980




the finer things Ladue News Special Section Continued from page 31

175 Princess-Cut Diamonds

Multi-Colored Diamonds

This 18-karat white gold and diamond tapered bangle by Simon G showcases 175 princess cut diamonds (total weight 13.64 carats), set in five rows with 18-karat rose gold edges lined with 0.75 carats of round pink diamonds. Genovese Jewelers. $52,800.

Rubies & Diamonds A ruby and diamond necklace is set in platinum and 18-karat yellow gold, featuring 76.76 carats total weight of rubies and 60.40 carats total weight of white diamonds. Matching earrings contain 14.81 carats of rubies and 12.94 carats of diamonds. Albarre Jewelry. $500,000 for the set.

Buy it, Pack it, Ship it! at

This 18-karat white gold and diamond necklace contains oval, marquise, round, rectangular, square and brilliant-cut fancy yellow, cognac and white diamonds (total weight 37.84 carats). Lordo’s Diamonds. $295,000.

Exclusively Fine Drycleaning

In addition to Package Shipping we offer: • • • • •

Decorative Hardware Screen & Lamp Repair Key and Glass Cutting Paint Matching Custom mailboxes.

9800 Clayton Road St. Louis, MO 63124

314.993.0910 • open 7 days a week

Schnarr'S hardware co. Schnarr'S hardware co. 9800 Clayton Road St. • 314.993.0910

$5.00 OFF

9800 Clayton Road St. • 314.993.0910

$25.00 Purchase

$20.00 OFF $100.00 Purchase

For merchandise sale only. not valid with any other offers. For merchandise sale only. not valid with any other offers. Must present coupon at time of sale. Expires 1/31/13. LN Must present coupon at time of sale. Expires 1/31/13. LN


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}


Heirloom Preservations Linens Formals Comforters

Hats Purses Now Cleaning Suedes and Leathers!


30% OFF


7480 Delmar at Hanley • 727-0830 | 14380 S. Outer 40 Rd. 576-4141 |


Home Products and Services Add a little panache to your home

Amini’s Home, Rugs & Game Room 17377 Chesterfield Airport Road, 636-537-9200,

Five Iron Construction LLC 9813 Corregidor Drive, 401-4577

Perfect Power Wash 925-8860,

Indulge yourself with a new Jacuzzi tub! We offer exquisite craftsmanship with a personal touch—your complete bathroom remodel is just a phone call away.

Beautify your driveway, patio or walkway with a professional power wash. Our service includes high-pressure cleaning to remove surface grime, along with the application of a penetrating sealant to help maintain the surface’s new appearance and protect it from the elements.

Sport Court-St. Louis 636-451-0400,

Sunshine Rooms Solarium Systems 561-5224,

VMD Sculpting Inc. 1236 Gravois Ave., 621-8118,

One of our custom-built, in-home gymnasiums offers boundless versatility—imagine the dozens of games and activities you and your family can play.

Create a personal sanctuary with a customdesigned conservatory, solarium, sunroom or living greenhouse. We offer more than 30 years of experience, high-quality products and personalized customer care. Our design experts also can install pool enclosures, skylights and roof lanterns.

A bronze bust of Franz Kafka by artist Vlad Zhitomirsky. Our specialties include sculpting of original art, working with custom pieces, and restoration of damaged and weathered sculptures.

We offer a selection of more than 10,000 rugs, from antique to traditional and contemporary designs. An Indian, handknotted rug features more than 300 knots per inch of quality, vegetable-dyed wool.

{}  November 16, 2012


the finer things Ladue News Special Section

Fanciest Cars The

Have you ever woken up to a shiny, beautiful car sitting in the driveway topped with a big red bow and your significant other standing there, jingling the keys? Whether it’s a 2013 Rolls-Royce or a classic Ford Thunderbird, 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Series II at St. Louis Motorsports

these local car dealers could help your holiday dreams come true. By Laura Graesser

Brooking Park helped make a hard decision easier. A fresh approach to Memory Care at Brooking Park Worry Less.®

Brooking Park's memory care household offers loved ones coping with dementia a home-like setting, complete with everyday activities designed to keep their mind, spirit and body active while providing the expert care, secure setting and valuable understanding needed for happy, productive living.

Contact Amy at

314.576.5545 across from St. Luke's Hospital 34

November 16, 2012    {}

St. Louis Motorsports Recently, a longtime client of St. Louis Motorsports called the dealership with a request. He was looking for a red-on-tan Maserati convertible for his wife for Christmas. The sales department found the car on the West Coast through its dealer network; and it will arrive in St. Louis just in time for the holidays. It is just one of the ways the luxury car dealer can help customers find their dream automobile for the gift-giving season. With seven ultra-luxury brands available— Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lotus and Bugatti—St. Louis Motorsports offers some of the most impressive cars available in the world. It has some 50 cars in inventory at any given time, in a range of colors and finishes to appeal to a variety of customers. “Offering the right color combination is extremely important,” explains general sales manager Ryan Dohogne. “We want to have that special car in our inventory that a customer will fall in love with when they see it on the showroom floor, and it becomes a must-have.” The Chesterfield dealer’s current inventory includes a 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Series II, available for $509,000—one of three white Rolls-Royces used in the Olympic closing ceremonies this summer. Another standout is a 2013 Bentley Continental GT Convertible for $237,000. Finished in blue crystal over magnolia hides, with Tamo Ash veneers, the car is one of only five offered in the U.S. in that color combination. While the majority of St. Louis Motorsports’ sales take place through the available inventory, the dealership can accommodate a client’s specific preferences. It can acquire a particular car, as was done for the red Maserati convertible, or help build a custom automobile. “A client can spend 5

ABOVE: 2013 Bentley Continental GT Convertible at St. Louis Motorsports RIGHT: 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Series II at St. Louis Motorsports

minutes or make five visits to us to complete their car, from color palate to fabrics and veneers,” Dohogne says. “It’s becoming a trend that clients will take the time to build a truly bespoke automobile. It’s usually a celebration purchase, whether it’s a retirement, anniversary or holiday gift, and it can be as personal as the customer desires.”

Classic Car Studio As Classic Car Studio worked to restore a 1940 Plymouth, the car’s owner often visited to see the progress. The car was originally owned by the client’s grandfather, and she had fond memories about riding around in it as a child. “She and her mom would come in and they were ecstatic every time they saw the car and how it was coming together,” says Noah Alexander, who owns the studio alongside partners Nick Leidenfrost and Rick Holton. Whether you’re looking for a certain classic car, or have one in your garage that you want restored, Classic Car Studio provides a variety of services for lovers of old automobiles. The Brentwood business buys and sells vintage cars all over the country and around the world, including a rotating inventory of approximately 25 American and European vehicles, with the majority from 1930 through 1970. The other side of the business focuses on complete restorations. “We Continued on page 36

{}  November 16, 2012


the finer things Ladue News Special Section

ABOVE: 1932 Ford Roadster at Classic Car Studio LEFT: 1955 Ford Thunderbird at Classic Car Studio

Continued from page 35 take the car completely apart, down to the nuts and the bolts, and restore it from the ground up,” Alexander explains. “Everything is rebuilt so you essentially have a new car—we leave no screw unturned.” A client may have the studio restore an important family car or request a particular type of car for restoration, Alexander notes. “We can go out and procure a car that is a very good restoration candidate and build that car to a client’s exact

specifications.” In the same way, although the studio’s inventory is filled with high-quality vehicles (“For every 20 we look at, we may buy one,” Alexander says), it can search for and acquire a specific classic car that may be on a customer’s wish list. “If we find that car, we may fly out and look at it for them, do the due diligence and ship the car back,” he says. “We’ll find people exactly what they’re looking for.”

But for those looking for a classic car to gift for the holidays, Classic Car Studio has multiple options ready to drive away. A 1947 Cadillac Series 60 Sedan, available for $49,900, is essentially a small limousine and has been restored to its original condition. The current inventory also includes a 1932 Ford Roadster for $55,900, a popular automobile to modify into a hot rod, and a 1955 Ford Thunderbird for $49,900, the classic muscle car.


Authentic Italian food with a touch of contemporary flavor



8000 Maryland Avenue, Suite 400 Clayton, MO 63105 (314) 726-0455 |




NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

Now Serving Lunch Wednesday-Friday, December Only!!!! Book your Holiday Party for Lunch or Evening. Call today for Reservations!

Private Party Rooms Available

Open for dinner daily: Monday – Saturday at 5pm • Sunday at 4:30pm 1933 Edwards • on “The Hill” • St. Louis, MO 63110

773-2223 •

Ornamental Art The Perfect Scene


he Christopher Radko brand was born after the Radko family’s Christmas tree crashed to the ground, destroying hundreds of keepsake ornaments. Radko promised his mother he would replace them all, but quickly learned there were very few high-quality commercial

ornaments available. Thus, he began to design his own in 1986. And although Radko sold his multimillion-dollar company some years back, his legacy lives on. LN recently talked to Radko artist Joseph Walden about the fine art of designing keepsake glass ornaments and his upcoming visit to Christopher’s in Kirkwood on Nov. 24.

How are the ornaments made? Every ornament is hand-illustrated, then digitally rendered into what we call ‘flat art.’ They are then produced in Europe (primarily in Poland), where artisans make a three-dimensional sculpture, from which a metal ‘mother mold’ is cast using centuries-old techniques. Our glass blowers use this mother mold to mouth-blow each piece of a certain style. Before it is painted, every single ornament is dipped in liquid silver to give it extra sparkle and shine. This is part of what gives Christopher Radko ornaments their particular sparkle. Many people don’t realize that it’s the silver below the lacquer that reflects all those twinkling lights on your tree.


Does the Christopher ‘Radko Partridge in a Pear Tree’ ornament, which sold at auction for more than $2,000, still bear the distinction of being the single-most valuable ornament in the Radko collection, or has it been surpassed? Amazing, isn’t it? You never know which ornament will go on to have legendary status like Partridge in a Pear Tree. Only a limited number of each style is ever produced. Sometimes that means a design, such as Partridge in a Pear Tree, becomes very rare as time goes by, as there are only a certain number in existence. Once we retire an ornament, that design will not be created again.

Is there one ornament for Christmas 2012 that collectors should know about? My fellow Radko artist, Mario Taré, and I choose one design each year that we feel has best captured the detail and craftsmanship that makes the Christopher Radko brand so special. The Perfect Scene, a beautiful piece depicting Santa posing next to a tree overflowing with garland and candy canes, is the Designers’ Choice piece for 2012. It’s not to be missed.

How many new ornaments do you introduce each year, and how many do you retire? The 2012 Collection includes more than 650 unique styles. Roughly 500 of those are new, the rest are carried over from the previous year, based on popularity. We retire more than 75 percent of our annual line after one year on sale.


with Joseph Walden

What’s in store for people attending the Radko event at Christopher’s next week? We’ve designed a special ornament for those in attendance: Worth the Wait will be available only at signing events this year. I’m so happy and very honored to be able to sign Worth the Wait and other ornaments for customers at Christopher’s. And you never know, I may just pick up some great inspiration while we chat!

Radko's Worth the Wait {}  November 16, 2012


Tinder Box


Since 1928





n O


Wide Range of Assorted

Gift Baskets availaBle

13275 Manchester Rd., Just east of Trader Joe's Des Peres, MO 63131 • 314.394.2007

Make your List, Check it Twice... Come to Savvy For Everything Nice!

Holiday APARNA MALSHET, STYLE CONSULTANT FOR J. HILBURN MENSWEAR 440-0319, A gift certificate from J. Hilburn Menswear—custom-fit clothing and accessories ideal for the busy and stylish man.

Interior Design Services Accessories • Gifts • Fine Home Furnishings

9753 CLAyToN roAd, LAduE, MiSSouri 63124

314/432-SAvy (7289)


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

ELLEARD HEFFERN 101 S. Hanley Road, Lobby Ste. 110, 863-8820, A sapphire and diamond ‘Samba’ ring by designer Mark Patterson features 18-karat white gold—available exclusively at Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers, $4,025.

Wish List

In tro du c

in g


It's Easy as Pie

LLC • Cindy Huger Grunik • 314-282-5861

GENOVESE JEWELERS 12460 Olive Blvd., 878-6203, A ring in 14-karat gold with a 19-mm beaded round top features a checkerboard rose quartz center surrounded by 0.34 total weight cognac-brown diamonds, $1,900.

Jackets, Sweaters and Cardigans... O My! Fabulous styles to keep warm this holiday season!! AVAILABLE AT BOTH PAPERDOLLS LOCATIONS! 110 E. JEFFERSON KIRKWOOD, MO 63122


14418 Clayton Rd. Ballwin, MO 63011



paper dolls

Accessorize for the Holidays

LA BEST INC. 800-357-2547, Give the gift of convenience to pet lovers with mobile grooming services from LaBest. We offer one-on-one personal service by certified groomers. Give pets their own special spa day.

Sunday November 18 Sunday, Ladue Holiday Walk

15% off

Meet artist Lynn Morris who will be signing her Christmas ornaments and pottery Continued on page 40

9723 Clayton Road • St. Louis, MO 63124 • 314.997.0025 {} NOVEMBER 16, 2012




Village Green Antiques D Uniques D Décor D And More

MELANIE’S 10277 Clayton Road, 993-0664,

Holiday Savings Over 1000 Items 20-50% Off

A Premiere Resale Experience Armani • Lladro • Waterford • Wedgwood • Limoges • Baccarat Thomasville • Lexington • Pulaski • Lane • Ethan Allen

Our nonprofit mission enables children to receive high quality early childhood educational opportunities.

“Melody” a Giuseppe Armani figurine at The Village Green

Furniture Donations Needed Tax Deductible Receipts Provided

A 5X7 silver picture frame is a classic gift that never goes out of style—the perfect hostess gift for all your holiday soirees.

10212 Watson Rd, Sunset Hills, MO 63127 D (314) 821-5500 D

Calling all St. Louis bakers! It’s time for LN’s Holiday Dessert Recipe Contest! Our expert panel of food-testers is searching for the tastiest holiday treats: a favorite pie, a batch of your best cookies or rum balls, and we’ll even take the ubiquitous fruitcake—just as long as it’s homemade (and edible!)

MIDWEST HELICOPTER 636-532-5613, Give the gift of an experience like no other—we provide training to aspiring helicopter pilots, as well as tours of the greater St. Louis area. Gift certificates are available over the phone.

Drop off your dessert creation, along with the recipe, on Monday, Nov. 19, from 8:30 a.m. until noon at our office, 8811 Ladue Road, Suite D. Come prepared to be photographed with your treats. Results and recipes will be published in our Nov. 30 issue. The top winner receives BAGELS FOR A YEAR, courtesy of Saint Louis Bread Co.


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

PROVENCE BOUTIQUE 9723 Clayton Road, 997-0025, Bundle up in stylish warmth with a plaid swing coat. We offer a large selection of chic clothing, accessories and gift items.


SALT OF THE EARTH 8150 Big Bend Blvd., 963-1919, Direct from Tuscany, a unique collection of ceramics, crystal, iron, marbled paper books, etchings and jewelry—available exclusively at Salt of the Earth.

SAVVY SURROUNDING STYLE 9753 Clayton Road, 432-7289, Add grace and style to your winter wonderland display with a 3-D sculpture of an animated prancing reindeer on an individual stand.

Midwest Helicopter TRAIN, TOUR, FLY

SCHNARR’S HARDWARE 9800 Clayton Road, 993-0910,

Our Midwest Helicopter tours include sunset tours, Downtown and more.

For the holiday season, we are featuring decorative ‘Ladue’ ceramic crocks. Other designs are available for order—handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible! e-mail: 517 Bell Avenue, Chesterfield, MO 63005

Toll Free: 866.532.5613 Continued on page 42

636.532.5613 {} NOVEMBER 16, 2012



SUMMA JEWELERS 115 West Argonne, 965-0046, Sterling silver and black agate earrings from the Regitze collection by Georg Jensen are simple but stylish— matching ring and bangle also are available.

TINDER BOX 13275 Manchester Road, 394-2007 For unique gift ideas, choose from our wide selection of cigars and accessories like this humidor box. We also offer an assortment of wines and gift baskets.

Maryville University On the Move •

Named one of the “Best National Universities” in 2013 by U.S. News & World Report

Named one of the Top 100 Private Universities in the U.S. for Best Value last year by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

50 undergraduate, ten master’s and four doctoral degree programs

NCAA Division II Athletics

More than 90 percent of undergraduates receive financial aid

314.529.9300 | 800.627.9855


NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

THE WHITE RABBIT 9030 Manchester Road, 963-9784, A necklace featuring a map of St. Louis is the perfect gift for those who have hometown pride—available in silver and bronze finish, $28 to $58.






Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda


LU SEASON STARTED EARLY IN ST. LOUIS THIS YEAR. By the end of October, several cases of influenza had been reported. Concerned public health officials advised everyone older than 6 months to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Yet there are plenty of people who reject the flu vaccine. “The flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from getting the flu,” says Dr. Tim Pratt, chief medical officer at SSM St. Clare Health Center and a primary-care physician. “There are very few contraindications for individuals not to get the flu shot. Currently, the pneumonia vaccine also is recommended for the 50 and older population.” Seasonal flu vaccines protect against the three influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although the process of predicting flu strains is not foolproof, the vaccine usually provides a good measure of protection. “Flu seasons are unpredictable in a number of ways. Although epidemics of flu happen every year, the timing, severity and length of the epidemic depends on many factors, including what influenza viruses are spreading, whether they match the viruses in the vaccine, and how many people get the vaccine,” says Linda Maly, manager of infection prevention at St. Luke’s Hospital. People who are allergic to eggs should opt for the nasal spray form of the flu vaccine, which is safe for healthy, non-pregnant people from 2 to 49 years old, rather than the injected vaccine, which may contain very small amounts of egg protein. Aside from this small group of egg-allergic people, the flu vaccine BY CONNIE MITCHELL

Continued on page 60

health advances on the horizon Ladue News Special Section

Coming: deCember 7, 2012 For more advertising information:

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Keeping Yourself In-Check


RE VISIONS OF SUGARPLUMS DANCING IN YOUR HEAD yet this holiday season? If you’ve managed to keep the sugarplums in your head and out of your mouth, you’re doing well. For many, the siren call of holiday goodies coupled with the tantalizingly easy access to holiday treats at parties and events is too much to bear—we find ourselves looking in the mirror on Jan. 1 with a few post-holiday pounds around the middle. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and planning is key. “There is a major holiday almost every month of the year. When you’re serious about reaching your goals, you’ll make a way regardless of the time of year; when you’re not, you’ll make excuses,” says Charles D’Angelo, a weight-loss coach and author of Think and Grow Thin. “An important key that’s helped all of my clients reach their goals is replacing spontaneity with strategy. Knowing what to do and doing what they know consistently is key. Temptation is weakened and your willpower is strengthened with a plan that keeps you feeling full and energized.” Scheduling small, frequent meals throughout the day at about three-hour intervals, starting with a healthy breakfast, is one of the suggestions D’Angelo offers for creating a successful weight-loss SHERRI HOYT, dietitian strategy. He also urges people to maintain a regular exercise schedule. Sherri Hoyt, a registered dietitian with Missouri Baptist Medical Center, agrees with D’Angelo and adds, “Exercise helps us reduce stress, and the holidays can certainly be very stressful. Think of it as your time out or your recess—it’s your special time.” Hoyt reminds clients that holiday beverages can be just as fattening as cookies. “I suggest that people eat their calories instead of drinking them,” she says. A five-ounce glass of red wine is about 120 calories, so a single indulgence won’t wreck your diet. A chocolate martini, however, can exceed 450 calories, as much as a small meal. Hoyt is a proponent of sparkling water and tea as drinks to keep in hand without packing on the pounds. Another of Hoyt’s suggestions involves bringing healthy items to holiday potlucks. “Instead of another high-calorie dish, bring a big garden salad for the buffet table,” she says. “And remember, croutons, cheese and bacon don’t grow in the garden.” Filling your party plate with vegetables and lean protein, like cooked shrimp, will keep calories down while filling you up. Hoyt’s final words of wisdom involve the true meaning of the season. “Holiday gatherings are about celebrating with family and friends,” she says. “Focus on the people, not the food. You can’t talk with people when you’re spending all your time eating.”


KRINGLE KRUNCH COOKIES Crunchy and healthy 87-calorie cookies for your holiday sweet tooth (courtesy of Missouri Baptist Medical Center) 6 T butter, softened 3/4 c brown sugar 1/3 c granulated sugar 1 t vanilla extract 1 egg 1 egg white 1 1/4 c all-purpose flour

1/2 t baking soda 1/2 t salt 2 1/2 c old-fashioned rolled oats 3/4 c dried cranberries 1/2 c white chocolate morsels 3/4 — 1 c shelled pistachios



NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

Preheat oven to 350. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. In medium bowl, beat butter, sugars and vanilla with mixer until creamy. Beat in egg and egg white until blended. In small bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda and salt. Gradually add to butter mixture, beating on low speed until just blended. Stir in remaining ingredients. Drop by tablespoons onto lined baking sheets. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until edges are just golden; do not over-bake. Cool on racks. Makes four dozen cookies.

HOME The guest room is a happy marriage of red, white and blue with accents of family pieces and original art work.


Balance in the Bedroom





o s l e e p, p e r c h a n c e t o dream…not a problem in these two well-designed boudoirs! Holly Blumeyer, owner of Holly Blumeyer Interior Design Group, and her husband, Jeff Demerath, are in the process of remodeling a charming home in the Warson Woods area. They purchased the home in 2009; and after major renovation, moved into their new digs last year. “When the real estate agent asked me how many


November 16, 2012    {}

more homes we were going to have to look at, I said None! This is it!” Blumeyer grins. The guest room is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine. The red and white Manuel Canovas fabric on the curtains, chair and custom bedding is the feminine ying to the masculine mahogany wood yang on the casegood pieces. A Stroheim & Romann toile adds a little whimsy on the toss pillows. K’ang-hsi period vases made into lamps add the complementary blue and white to the room. Additional blue and white accents

pull it all together. There is a sense of history and family in this space, as many of the pieces belonged to Blumeyer’s great-grandparents and great aunt. “When I married, my mother sent the slipper chair with me so I have had it all my life,” she says. Also lovers of art, the couple found the pieces that hang above the bed at the Saint Louis Art Fair. Mixing the old with the new is one of the talents Blumeyer does best. The master bedroom is part of Blumeyer’s original vision for the home. This seamless addition

photos by Michael jacob

The mahogany inlaid armoire anchors the room and reflects other family pieces, bringing a sense of history to the space.


The branches of a Carvers Guild mirror are reminiscent of the pattern of the F. Schumacher fabric selected for the curtains and bedding.

Detail, detail, detail. From the lampshade to the rushing on the headboard and trim on the toss pillows, attention is paid to every surface and element of this room.

The blue and white garden stool is the perfect scale next to Blumeyer’s slipper chair that has followed her everywhere since she left her childhood

added just the right amount of room to balance the floor plan. By borrowing from some of the original space, and adding the new, what evolved were a bedroom, generous master bath and two separate walk-in closets. A blue and white tweed Stark wool carpet is underfoot and lays the foundation for the striped Thibaut wall-covering that surrounds the space. The bedding and windows are created from a soft blue, cream and light gold pattern that is easy on the eye. On the day of our photo shoot, the

couple’s cat, Mao, maintained his position on top of the bed, clearly used to visitors and being photographed! Instead of a foot board, Blumeyer uses a great aunt’s Italian table with a stone top set in the fashion of pietra dura, in which hard, semi-precious stones are set in a plainer stone to create a pattern: Butterflies swirl around this tabletop. A pair of Chelsea House bedside table lamps found at Brody’s illuminates the masculine and feminine treatment of bedside furniture—an antique chest for him and a luscious skirted table

for her. The writing desk, which is an American antique, was purchased at Ivey-Selkirk years ago when American pieces were just becoming in vogue. “Bruce was so upset that I got it at such a low price,” Blumeyer shares. To which, I respond, “It’s a bargain to a burglar!” remembering one of Mr. Selkirk’s famous lines when items were not bringing the price he had hoped for. This space is serene and sophisticated, the perfect place to start and end each day!

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24 Fordyce Lane


ITUATED ON MORE THAN 3 ACRES that backs to woods, a two-story, Colonial-style home in Ladue is rich in architecture. A covered veranda entry, flanked by two octagon pillars, leads to 4,034 square feet of living space with three en-suite bedrooms and four baths. Octagonal living and dining rooms with custom windows let in plenty of natural light and border a great hall with cathedral ceilings and scrolled exposed trusses. A gourmet kitchen with a center island, custom cabinetry and walk-in pantry adjoins to breakfast and hearth rooms with a fireplace and sitting area. The master suite has two dressing rooms and a luxury bath with separate shower. Design aesthetics include vaulted ceilings, special millwork and wood floors. Outdoor amenities include a two-car garage with a gardening room and second level office. BY ELIZABETH SCHMITT

A two-story home in Ladue with 10 rooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 baths is listed for $2.15 million.

John Ryan and Anne Ryan from Coldwell Banker Gundaker Ladue/Clayton, 993-8000,


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1. Open a ‘barcode scanner’ application on your smartphone 2. Point your phone’s camera at the code and scan. 3. The code will bring you to a mobile site where you’ll find out more about this distinctive property


Coldwell Banker Gundaker, one of St. Louis’ leading residential real estate brokerage companies, operates 20 offices with some 2,000 sales associates serving metropolitan St. Louis and eastcentral Missouri. Formed in 2001 with the merger of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (originally the Ira E. Berry Company, founded in 1939) and Gundaker Realtors, (founded in 1968), which at the time of merger ranked among the top 10 independent real estate companies in the U.S. The associates of the Ladue/Clayton office rank among the area’s most experienced real estate professionals with special expertise in the Ladue market and the central corridor. For more information, please visit

Jiggs' Luxurious Listings!

#6 Briarbrook Trail $1,799,000

900 Greenwich Green $759,900

Jiggs Dunn "It's a Dunn Deal"

Cell 503-7999 Office 872-6799









7755 Mohawk Place



7414 Cromwell Drive (pictured)







63124 1701 Warson Estates (pictured)



13 Twin Springs Lane (pictured)



63005 17604 Burnham Court



7 Ailianthus Court



1532 Highland Valley Circle (pictured)



63105 325 North Meramec Ave #33 8155 Stratford

6454 Cecil Ave (pictured) 63017 14204 Manderleigh Woods Drive (pictured)

The Crescent #604 $1,249,900








1126 Bella Vista $974,900

Wayne Norwood .629.3931 Ben Patton 314



5215 Lindell Blvd $1,399,900


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18024 Bonhomme Bend Ct $939,900

LN LANDSCAPE Sugar and Spice We have just about wrapped up this year’s herb garden, but I still have enough lavender and mint to make Julie’s herbed sugar. For each cup of fresh herbs, measure two cups of white sugar. Wash and dry the herbs. Pick out all stems or woody parts, then bruise the herbs well with a mallet on a cutting board. Crush them until the aroma fills the room, then mix the leaves with the sugar and put them in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Shake the jar every couple of days and let it mellow for about two weeks. Use mint sugar to make your own peppermint candy. Lavender sugar is awesome in cookie dough. Use it in your favorite cardamom spice cookie recipe or for traditional lemon bars with an herbal twist. Holiday baking will never be the same! One of my favorite spicy flavors is anise, either regular European anise (Pimpinella) or one of the Asian star anises (Illicium). We enjoyed the delicious Turkish Arak while cruising on the Bosporus in May. It is only one of the dozens of anise-flavored liqueurs for holiday quaffing. A friend of mine makes the most wonderful German holiday cookies, pfeffernüsse and springerle, using anise as a key ingredient. Very similar in flavor to licorice, anise is easy to grow in the herb garden.

Spice It Up! ONE OF THE GREATEST JOYS OF HAVING A GARDEN, INDOORS OR out, is to prepare your own delights from the good earth’s bounty. Whether you grow it yourself or get the freshest produce at the local market, nothing makes the holiday season more special than ‘homemade.’ BY PAT RAVEN, PH.D., AND JULIE HESS

It’s All in the Spice! The Honey Crisp apples have been extraordinary this year. The fresh harvest carries with it a stronger perfume than apples that have been stored in the cooler for six months. One crunchy, crisp bite reminds me that autumn is apple pie season. Apples pair well with most traditional baking spices. We are fond of apples with cloves, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom and, perhaps surprisingly, white pepper. Make an easy holiday treat for your neighbors by whipping up some custom apple-pie spices by blending: 1 T cinnamon, 2 t ground nutmeg, 1 t ground cardamom and 1 t ground allspice. Put it in a decorative spice jar and attach a copy of your favorite pie or strudel recipe. Or, follow Julie’s favorite autumn ritual: stud an orange with cloves and simmer it in fresh, local cider, along with a few sticks of cinnamon for a hearty, mulled cider. Top it off with your favorite ‘hot shot’ for a heavenly warm cocktail. Perfect Pears My pear tree has outdone itself this year. It is a very old tree, probably planted about the time the house was built in 1935, and we have no idea what variety it is. It seems to be disease-resistant. I never spray it, and it is self-fruitful unless there is a boyfriend tree hiding in our neighbor’s woods. As an alternate bearing variety, this venerable tree gave us nothing last year, but this year—in spite of such a beastly summer—we have a bumper crop of fruit. It did get regular watering from the irrigation system, but that heat still was brutal for tender young, developing fruits. To enjoy these golden orbs all year, wrap them in newspaper and lay them out in single layers covered with light tissue. Peter’s favorite way to enjoy these juicy, Continued on page 60 {} NOVEMBER 16, 2012



luxurylistings 1611 Dearborn Drive Warson Woods Tina Niemann Prudential Alliance Realtors 503-8400, A two-story home with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths has an open floor plan with a walk-out lower level. Living areas include a dining room with a tray ceiling and unique millwork, a great room with a stone fireplace and wainscoting and a spacious master suite. Available for $799,000.

10420 Litzsinger Road Frontenac Wayne Norwood Glady’s Manion, Inc. 721-4755, A story-and-a-half Southern Colonial-style estate features a porte-cochere, freestanding carriage house, a heated pool with fountains and a pergola. Built by Johnson Brothers, with additions by Higginbotham, the home offers a total of 9,000 square feet of living space with five bedrooms and eight baths. Price available upon request.

709 Middle Polo Drive Clayton Kathy Driscoll Janet McAfee Real Estate 983-2218, Inspired by European design, a Clayton home offers a center hall plan with large scale indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. A gourmet kitchen features high-end appliances and custom cabinetry. A luxury bath with marble finishes and a walk-in closet are highlights of the master suite. Available for $1.37 million.

28 Somerset Downs Ladue Sue McLaughlin & Katie McLaughlin Laura McCarthyTown & Country Office 569-1177, Set on 3 lush acres, a five bedroom home offers dramatic spaces. A great room with a vaulted ceiling features glass dividers that overlook a yearround indoor pool. An additional outdoor pool with a waterfall and rock formations are highlights of the private backyard. Available for $1.975 million.


November 16, 2012    {}

222 Spencer Road Webster Groves Jiggs Dunn Prudential Alliance Realtors 872-6799, 503-7999, A 2.5-story home with five bedrooms, six baths and a walk-out lower level combines Old World charm with modern updates. A living room features French doors that open to a family room with a fireplace and access to a deck. Outdoor amenities include lush landscaping, a pool and tennis court. Available for $1.1 million.

100 Twill Haven Cottleville Justin Michael & Stephanie Bahn Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty 949-307-6736, 495-9559, A 15-acre sprawling St. Charles County estate offers more than 9,000 square feet of living space, a 5-acre stocked lake and 6,000 square feet of outbuilding space. Price available upon request.

8131 Westmoreland Ave. Clayton The Robb Partners, Dave Robb & Sabrina Robb Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty 8301 Maryland Avenue, Ste., 100, 727-2001, Offering more than 3,000 square feet of living space, a Clayton Gardens home features three bedrooms and 3.5 baths, as well as an open kitchen with fireplace and sitting room, including a moveable granite island and high-end appliances. The finished lower level has a movie room, full bar with dishwasher, and full bath.

18 Willow Hill Road Ladue Steve Breihan & Carolyn Malecek Prudential Alliance Realtors 753-1899, 956-9405, Situated on half an acre with mature landscaping and a pool, a four-bedroom, three-bath home features spacious rooms, an updated kitchen and an en-suite luxury master bedroom. Other amenities include a screened-in porch and finished basement. Available for $685,000.


report baldwin

unreliable, secondhand gossip from around the world* DEMI LOVATO The former child star and current X Factor judge got into it with the omnipotent Simon Cowell on the show last week. She criticized Cowell’s creation, the boy band One Direction, saying putting the group together was a mistake. Huh, interesting move on Demi’s part. I mean, I’ve seen careers die before, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one get whacked.

CHARLIE SHEEN The Anger Management star is being investigated by Los Angeles police after a man claimed Sheen threatened to blow his head off with a shotgun. Sheen apparently texted a mutual friend with the threat, and the friend alerted authorities. I’m sorry. There is something about this story that is patently unbelievable. Anger Management is still on TV?

MADONNA The aging pop star stopped her performance mid-concert on Election Night when it became clear President Obama was going to be reelected. Madge gave the crowd an impassioned speech, thrilled that Obama would be serving four more years...which is odd because she’s normally so private about her politics…

TAYLOR LAUTNER The Twilight third wheel is getting a distinctive honor next week. He is being added to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Robert Pattinson’s Edward and Kristen Stewart’s Bella already have been immortalized; and now, werewolf Jacob will join them. Although I don’t know why they bothered with a sculptor. Lautner could just as easily have stood there and done the job.

*so don’t quote me.

Sleep Deprivation


’M IN A QUANDARY. THERE IS SOMETHING I just don’t understand. Granted it’s not a mystery of the universe, nothing Socrates and Plato would have debated, but still. It literally keeps me up at night. Most things seem aptly named, don’t they? I mean, a bookstore sells books. Little Women is, in fact, about little women. If you name your son Jeeves, he will most likely become a butler. So why on earth do they call it a slumber party? There is no slumber: They don’t slumber, I don’t slumber and I’m fairly certain a few of the neighbors didn’t slumber. So, in an attempt to pay it forward, shall we say, I have a few suggestions for more appropriate names for this auspicious event. You are cordially invited to a: Run-Around-the-Neighborhood-Until-theGrumpy-Neighbor-Calls-the-Police Party Apparently, there is a finite number of times kids can ring your doorbell and run away before you snap. More sympathetic I could not be. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our local law enforcement for their restraint in handling what are sure to be several future whitecollar criminals.

Debbie Baldwin

TANGENTIAL THINKER Ruin-My-Rug Party This one is self-explanatory. Suffice it to say, it is amazing what spray cheese, Silly String and colored hair spray can do to a cream carpet. If there’s a future artist in the group, I have an early original on exhibit. Eat-Everything-in-the-Pantry-at-Four-in-theMorning Party This one actually is a big advantage: I honestly don’t know how they did it. I had a bag of corn chips in there older than one of my kids. The one thing the party isn’t is a slumber party. I guess what I should be calling it is an At-Least-IGot-a-Column-Out-of-It Party...and hopefully, a nap.


{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012






Radio City Christmas Spectacular

RATING: 9 out of 10



Returning to their roots in St. Louis, the precision dancing Radio City Rockettes perform a number of familiar fan favorite routines, as well as sprinkle in a couple of new bits to herald the holiday spirit for young and old alike.

WHAT’S HOT ON DVD If you’re waiting for the Skyfall line at the box office to die down, here’s what’s hot on DVD: The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield breaths new life into this fresh take on Peter Parker. Garfield’s real life girlfriend, Emma Stone, co-stars. The plot? Uh, it’s Spider-Man. It’s a 7. Brave Pixar’s animated tale of a Scottish lass who refuses to follow the social mores of her world. Good message, forgettable film. It’s a 6. The Watch Normally, if you ask me if I wanted to see the new Ben Stiller/ Vince Vaughn movie, I would jump at the chance. But run from this movie like it’s a rabid dog. A group of men on neighborhood watch discover aliens are invading their subdivision. This movie does not have an I.Q. in the triple digits. It’s a 3. The Queen of Versailles To be perfectly honest, this is the next movie on my list to watch. It’s the documentary about a billionaire real estate mogul and his family, and the sudden challenges they face after the collapse of the housing market. Ruby Sparks If you missed this in the theater, it really is worth the rental. A young novelist (Paul Dano) discovers that the female character he is writing about, Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan), is alive and well, and living in his house. It’s an 8.



NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

HIGHLIGHTS This season’s Christmas Spectacular includes a dazzling, 50-foot LED screen in the background that features eye-popping visuals to enhance various numbers, most impressively the Act I finale, a scene titled New York at Christmas that transports the troupe on a double-decker bus through the streets of Gotham as the bus ‘winds’ its way through the city. The Christmas Spectacular is best appreciated by youngsters, who are the target audience in this family affair that more often than not seems plucked from the 1950s. It’s the type of show that would play well in Branson, where the Rockettes indeed have performed in the past. Overly familiar routines such as The Nutcracker definitely show their age, even if they appeal to the tykes. Sprinkled in, though, are newer bits such as the very clever Here Comes Santa Claus, in which that LED screen is put to imaginative use to explain how Santa can be in so many places at the same time. Two numbers in the first act demonstrate the dancers’ disciplined agility. The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers showcases their skill marching in unison and then ‘falling’ in a handsomely choreographed bit that has the soldiers collapsing one after another in domino fashion. The Rockettes’ legendary tap dancing expertise is underscored in the engaging Twelve Days of Christmas routine as they take turns tapping out the familiar, repetitive melody in engaging fashion.

MUSICAL: Radio City Christmas Spectacular GROUP: Radio City Rockettes VENUE: Peabody Opera House DATES: Through Nov. 17 TICKETS: $26-$92; 800-7453000 or ticketmaster. com More theater reviews available on laduenews. com.

Julie Branam directs everything with her own brand of precision based on the original production directed and choreographed by Linda Haberman. While the Radio City Christmas Spectacular plays it safe to the point of tedium for some patrons, it nicely fits the cozier confines of the Peabody Opera House, offering both children and adults the opportunity to marvel at the LED creations, as well as the disciplined dancing diligence of those 21 Rockettes.



K, I DON’T WANT TO spend too much time on this movie because you’re either going to see it or you’re going to see it. Seriously, if you have no plans to see it in the upcoming weeks, I will assume you have already seen it. This Bond makes you realize that it’s not always about raising the bar—a bigger explosion, a cooler gadget—it’s about a compelling story and great acting. The plot, as always, is simple: good versus evil. Bond (Daniel Craig) has been shot and is presumed dead. Our villain, Silva (Javier Bardem), a sexually ambiguous rogue agent, has stolen the list of MI6 agents undercover in terrorist groups around the world and, for lack of a better word, is ‘outing’ them. Silva is driven by a twisted need to exact revenge on M (Judi Dench) for a decades-old betrayal. So it is up to 007 to save the day. The filmmakers do something very smart with this film: To be progressive, they go old school with just a gripping story and a tremendously talented cast. Craig takes Bond seriously, and he’s a pleasure to watch.

RATING: A 3.5 on a scale of 1-to-5.


spicybits Setting the ‘Bar’ Bartolino’s Osteria

For those just not up to the chore of making a Turkey Day feast for the whole fam, Cielo Restaurant in the Four Seasons downtown has the answer: Chef FABRIZIO SCHENARDI and his crew are whipping up Thanksgiving dinner to-go. The dinners include delectable items like roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potato puree and a take on a holiday favorite, green bean casserole, as well as a whole roasted free-range turkey (brined for a full 48 hours before baking), and a choice of two pies from pastry chef PETER WHITLEY. The cost per dinner is $295 (excluding tax) and it feeds 10. Orders have to be received by Monday, Nov. 19, and can be made by calling 881-2105.

There will be a new brew out this month from Schlafly. The 21st Anniversary Single Malt Scottish Ale is brewed with a special malt from Scotland and aged in Scotch whisky barrels from Glen Garioch Distillery in Aberdeenshire. Also new on the hops front, O’Fallon Brewery and Stringbean Coffee have teamed up to create a new winter seasonal beer, Cocoa Latte, using cocoa from Bissinger’s. The brew will be available on draft around town only through December.

THE BARTOLINO NAME HAS BEEN A fixture in the St. Louis restaurant community since the early 1960s, associated with a stable of eateries that includes Bartolino’s South, Chris’ Pancake and Dining and the latest object of our attention, Bartolino’s Osteria. The restaurant is located on the edge of The Hill in the Drury Inn and Suites at Forest Park, just down the road from the original Bartolino’s location, which is the current home of Joey B’s. Just like some restaurants located in strip malls and shopping centers, those that reside in hotels sometimes get overshadowed by their surroundings. Certainly, Bartolino’s doesn’t look like much from the outside. But once inside, there was nary a trace of the hotel to be found; and the ambiance was welcoming, comfortable and low-key, with diners attired in everything from business suits to sweat pants. The main dining room was separate from the bar area, which created a nice buffer between diners and happy-hour revelers. The Bartolino’s menu boasted the motto, Cook Good Food And Give Plenty. This proved to be quite the understatement, as every course that came to the table seemed plated for two. Our first thought was to start with the Antipasto plate ($13), and then delve into a salad. But the Bartolino’s Special Salad ($12) contained almost the same ingredients—salami, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts—as that starter, so we decided to take out two birds with one stone, so to speak. This tasty take on the classic Hill salad put some others we’ve sampled recently to shame. The provel was freshly grated on top—not dumped out of a bag— and the dressing was sweet with a bit of bite, but not cloying. There also was no shortage of salami, either—always a plus! Growing up in St. Louis and making frequent excursions to The Hill, the Traditional Bartolino’s Pizza ($17) from the original location was one of our favorite pies. Could the current edition live up to those fond childhood memories? Happily, yes. In fact, it may even have exceeded expectations. We ordered the 14-inch version, and it was every bit the classic St. Louis-style pizza we recalled: crispy thin crust with plenty of provel at the base, then piled ridiculously high with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and onions. It paired up quite well with a glass of Ciacci Piccolomini ($8), a bold Super



Kudos to chef CASEY SHILLER, executive pastry chef at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe and coordinator of the baking and pastry program at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. He was recently named Chef of The Year by the American Culinary Federation’s Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis. Congrats to the folks at The Sweet Divine. They competed for the second time on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars Nov. 4. Though they were vanquished this time around, they proudly represented the Lou and put forth a fine effort. Well done! The Presentation Room at L’Ecole Culinaire is featuring some fall feast specials for lunch and dinner through Tuesday, Nov. 27. The lunch menu includes delicacies such as roasted pork panini and a crispy fried chicken club sandwich; for dinner, there’s a grilled flatiron steak, ricotta cheese tortellini primavera and cioppino. Call 587-2433 for reservations.

Tuscan wine that stood up to the hearty toppings. The House Special Risotto ($18) was next on the dining agenda. Aside from containing really tender risotto and a rich sauce of white wine and cream, what set this dish apart were the chunks of sweet Italian sausage, with hints of fennel that seemed to be in every bite. It was definitely worthy of being the vanguard of the risotto selections. We saved just enough room to split a classic Cannoli ($8) before we pushed ourselves away from the table. In addition to being delicious, the food was very reasonably priced, and the service also was more than adequate. Our waiter was attentive, but not overbearing; and his wine recommendation was spot-on. Bartolino’s transcended its so-so surroundings and definitely lived up to the reputation it’s earned over the years for fine food and service. 2103 Sulphur Ave. (Hampton at Wilson), 644-2266,

{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012





Locally Conceived


N A WHIRLWIND OF JUST FIVE SHORT years—and four locations—business partners Maddie Earnest and Patrick Horine have made their mark on the St. Louis food scene. Open daily, their Local Harvest Grocery, Café and Catering has made regional crops and goods grown and produced in rural Missouri and Illinois readily available on a consistent basis in this big city, starting with their first location in the Tower Grove neighborhood in 2007. But Earnest remembers that it was soon after volunteering to help Horine and his wife, Jenny Ryan, to start the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market in 2005 when the idea actually came to her. “I had read an article in The New York Times about a store in Portland, Ore., that got about 20 percent of its inventory from local farmers and producers,” Earnest recalls. “So I sent Patrick that article and said, We should do this in St. Louis!

Well, he was very receptive, saying he had been thinking about this very same thing. What I didn’t know at the time was that he had grown up in the grocery business.” That first store on Morgan Ford Road, which included a sandwich counter, was only 650 square feet, so it wasn’t too long before they realized they needed more space. About a year later, Earnest and Horine opened their first café across the street, and then moved the grocery store into a larger space. “We literally had a box-and-bag brigade as we moved, with people stretching from the old space to the new store about 400 feet away!” Earnest laughs. Then in 2012, they opened two new locations: a cafe in The Old Post office building downtown and a grocery and café in Kirkwood. Although each of the cafés serves breakfast and lunch, the downtown location provides full dinner service,

and the Kirkwood café serves a limited dinner menu, including seasonal vegan entrees, Braised Grass-Fed brisket with Onion Confit and Stuffed Poached Missouri Trout. And with even more square footage in the Kirkwood grocery store, the selection is even greater, and features relatively unusual items like sustainable wines and beers, green coffee beans in bulk to roast at home, as well as cheese-making supplies. In addition, there’s a large selection of local meats, Earnest notes. “We have an area that I call our ‘tip-to-tail’ section for those who are interested in using the whole animal—for our more adventurous cooks, you might say.” On Dec. 8, Local Harvest is hosting holiday tasting fairs at the Tower Grove and Kirkwood stores. “It’s going to be really fun and a great way for people come in and learn a little bit more about us,” Earnest says. “And we will have our holiday baskets out, as well, with themes including Local Sweets, Winter in St. Louis and Kids Stuff.” Other special holiday stock will include turkeys, ducks, geese, pheasants, Cornish hens, chestnuts “and as much local produce as we can get, like tomatoes, turnips, lots of squash, sweet potatoes, pie pumpkins and greens,” she adds. “One thing that I’m super excited about is some purple cauliflower that we have now. Don’t get me wrong—my son, who is 5, is not perfect eater. But we recently went to a potluck on our street, and it was the purple cauliflower that he went for first!” she laughs. “You know, we tend to think of produce as being one way: there’s one type of carrot, one type of celery. But really, there are myriad varieties out there—we’re just not used to seeing them. It’s fun to be able to expose people to that! And we’ve had customers who just did not believe they were real.” Among Earnest’s personal, seasonal favorites are kale, collard greens and Brussels sprouts, including a recipe for Sautéed Brussels Sprouts that is certain to be on her holiday table. With more than 100 products from local vendors, Local Harvest continues to see growing sales each year, according to Earnest. “Buying local means that we are supporting and buying from farms that are using sustainable farming methods and growing practices, and that’s important,” she says. “These are practices that work with the earth, instead of just taking from the earth. And the more you can buy from local producers and farmers, the more money you keep in the region, which translates to a stronger region. People can directly impact their area by just buying local.”


1 apple, diced


1 lb. Brussels sprouts, sliced thin

3/4 c heavy cream

2 to 3 garlic cloves

3/4 c walnuts, chopped

3 T olive oil

3 to 4 strips of cooked bacon, crumbled

Heat the oil in a large skillet. Sauté the garlic and onion until tender, about 5 to 6 minutes. Add the sprouts and sauté for 3 to 4 more minutes, and then add the apple and sauté for a minute or two more. Stir in the cream and walnuts, continuing to stir for two to three minutes longer. Plate, sprinkle the bacon over the top and serve.

1 small onion, chopped



NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}


Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

DIV ER SIONS Across 1. Bird of peace 5. Diving duck 10. Diamond or club 14. Archaeological site 15. Ziti or linguini 16. Jewish month 17. Bad marks? 18. In base 8 19. The ___ of the Ancient Mariner 20. Billie Letts, 1995 23. Each of us last Tuesday 24. Gets promoted 25. Plant science 28. ‘or ___!’ 30. Came down 31. Small part 33. Australian runner 36. Jodi Picoult, 2007 40. ‘i’ lid 41. Indian yogurt condiment 42. Virginal 43. Clay and lime mixture 44. More cozy 46. New England catch 49. Ancient marketplace


51. John Grisham, 1993 57. Acquire 58. Cavern, in poetry 59. Japanese musical instrument 60. Cast Away setting 61. Things a fad ring reflects 62. And others, for short 63. Whisper preceder 64. Village in Northern Scotland 65. Charge

Down 1. Attraction 2. ‘That hurt!’ 3. Kudzu, for one 4. Weaken 5. Erratic 6. Secret store 7. Daisy-like bloom 8. Western state 9. Blanched 10. Sissy Spacek title role 11. Mine entrances 12. Indian princess 13. Get ready 21. Long, long time



22. Bad lighting? 25. Boston or Chicago, e.g. 26. Assortment 27. Henna, for example 28. Actress Stone 29. Hawaiian welcome 31. Create a cover 32. Aardvark’s morsel 33. Decorative case 34. ___ mortals 35. ___-friendly 37. Barter 38. Ring bearer? 39. Good economy 43. Adorable tot 44. ‘I swear!’ 45. Sun, e.g. 46. Bacon bit 47. Kind of board 48. Brazilian coins 49. Follow, as a tip 50. Irish policeman 52. Dalai ___ 53. Knowing, as a secret 54. Bit 55. Flight data, briefly 56. Kind of rock

Now Open!

Author, Author 1




















27 31














39 42

43 47







23 25


44 49


















Kids receive free admission with paying adult!*

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It's the aroma of pumpkin pie and roasting turkey. It's the creative extra touches that make your table special.

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It's being thankful for the gathering of family & friends.




Local presenting support provided by William T. Kemper Foundation — Commerce Bank, Trustee

FRI. NOV. 23, 8am-6pm SAT. NOV. 24, 8am-6pm SUN. NOV. 25, Noon - 4pm

Missouri History Museum

OUR GIFT TO YOU 20% OFF Most cash & carry purchases Enjoy refreshments while you shop

Forest Park � ����� �������� � ������������� *Free admission for up to four children age 18 and under living in household with each paid adult ticket.

9776 Clayton Rd. 314-994-7304

{} NOVEMBER 16, 2012



COCA. Various times. $16-$20. 725-6555 or

HOLIDAY BAZAAR St. Louis County Library Foundation will host a holiday bazaar and open house at library headquarters. Festivities include an appearance by Mary Engelbreit and children’s activities. Noon2 p.m. 994-3300 or EGG BY SUSAN LAZAR FALL FASHION SHOW See the latest in children’s fall fashions in front of the EGG Boutique in Ladue Marketplace. Ten percent of sales through Nov. 24 benefit St. Louis Children’s Hospital. 11 a.m. Free. 503-0092,

THROUGH 11/17 RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR STARRING THE ROCKETTES The 85th annual family holiday classic, featuring new scenes and fan favorites by The Rockettes, comes to the Peabody Opera House. Various times. $35-$110. 800-745-3000 or

11/18 OLIVER JEFFERS Awardwinning U.K. children’s author Oliver Jeffers will share his new book, This Moose Belongs to Me, at St. Louis County Public Library headquarters. 2 p.m. Free. 994-3300 or

THROUGH 11/24 THE RED VELVET CAKE WAR Kirkwood Theatre Guild opens its season with the southernfried comedy at the Robert G. Reim Theatre. Various times. $18. 821-9956 or

THROUGH 1/20 DISCOVER THE REAL GEORGE WASHINGTON: NEW VIEWS FROM MOUNT VERNON Missouri History Museum’s new exhibit features 100 original objects—from the first president’s dentures to Revolutionary War armaments. $4-$10. 746-4599 or

THROUGH 11/18 ST. LOUIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Fifty countries will be represented through more than 400 films and 200 programs at the 21st annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival at theaters, including Hi-Pointe and Tivoli, Plaza Frontenac Cinema and Washington and Webster universities. Various times. 289-4150 or

THROUGH 11/21 BENEDICT J. HERNANDEZ: A LIFE’S WORK IN PHOTOGRAPHY Webster University’s May Gallery presents a Benedict J. Fernandez photojournalism exhibition, including photographs of Martin Luther King, Allen Ginsberg and pro-Vietnam War demonstrations. 246-7673 or

11/16 THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW This internationally acclaimed multimedia experience will immerse viewers in classic Pink Floyd music and a laser light show at the Fox Theatre. 8 p.m. $35-$50. 534-1111 or

11/17 ZOOTINI The Young Zoo Friends will host a party featuring live music, hors d’oeuvres and ‘Zootini’ cocktails at Saint Louis Zoo’s Living World. 8 p.m.-midnight. $25$50. 781-0900 or

11/17-18 THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS The COCA Family Series continues with the whimsical musical, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, at




NOVEMBER 16, 2012 {}

glance at a

KAREN BERG Spiritual teacher, author and dean of the Kabbalah Centre International, Karen Berg, will discuss her new book, To Be Continued… Reincarnation and the Purpose of Our Lives, at The Ritz Carlton. 4 p.m. $36; includes a book. 643-7272 or

11/21-1/1 GARDENLAND EXPRESS Missouri Botanical Garden’s annual indoor wonderland will feature a holiday flower and train show. $4-$8. 577-5100 or

11/22 FOUR SEASONS THANKSGIVING Choose from two menus, including a hot buffet, carving station and dessert and drink bars, in two locations, the Cielo Restaurant’s Mississippi Room or the sixth floor ballroom, at the Four Seasons Hotel. $59-$75, adult; $20-$30, child; free for ages 4 and younger. 11:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. 881-5800 or

EXCLUSIVE ART THROUGH 4/20 THE PROGRESS OF LOVE The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts presents The Progress of Love, which features contemporary works that examine the end of love and its aftermath. Free. 754-1850 or THROUGH 1/20 FEDERICO BARROCI— RENAISSANCE MASTER Saint Louis Art Museum presents the nation’s first exhibit devoted to Federico Barroci’s paintings and drawings. 721-0072 or THROUGH 12/27 ARTISTS’ DAY AT CIRCUS FLORA 2012 Art St. Louis presents the third annual multi-media exhibit showcasing works created by artists during Circus Flora’s production, The Wizard: Merlin and the Legends of King Arthur.

11/23-25 ST. LOUIS HOLIDAY MAGIC Carnival rides, hands-on art projects and Breakfast with Santa will highlight Holiday Magic at America’s Center. Various times. $5-$10. 800-325-7962 or

11/23-12/31 WINTER JEWELS Throughout the holiday season, experience more than 1,000 jewel-colored Ruby Lacewing and Emerald Peacock butterflies flood the Butterfly House. $4-$6. 636-530-0076 or

CHECK THIS OUT Nov. 20-Dec. 2.— BLUE MAN GROUP Experience the theatrics of Blue Man Group, as they combine comedy, music and technology for an exciting and interactive show at Fox Theatre. $30-$75. Various times.



Old Newsboys Day continued from page 6

BJC Wings continued from page 8

Ken Katzif, Steve Newstead, Chuck Halpern

Mary Ann Wagner, Jen Wood

Lisa Boyer, Debby Pressey, Priscilla Taylor, Lisa Cernuto

Mary McDevitt, Irwin and Sherre Loiterstein

Judy and Gary Sipkin

Brent McClaskey, Padraic Kerr

Debra and Claude Gaebelein

Mark Sanders, Jeff Sanders

Therapeutic Horsemanship continued from page 9

Todd and Pam Gittemeier

Dan Martin, Dave and Sandy Gerling, Jim Graham

Teressa Dunn, Elizabeth and Jim Petre

Loyola Academy continued from page 10

Bill Siedhoff, Mary Ellen Cotsworth, Jeri and Darold Crotzer

Rusty and Carolyn Hager

John and Jeanne Wunderlich

Pat Azar, Carolyn Malecek, Karen Beck

Scott Dolan, Lisa Grimes, Susan Rollins, Carolyn Dolan

Carney’s Kids continued from page 11

Alan, Joanie, Erica, Max, Raachel and Eli Protzel

Phil Keeler, Richard and Valerie Newton, Kirsten Wylder

Peter Vaccard, George Norry

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Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis Continued from page 19 on this issue—it gives systemic change, not only helping victims but changing some of the baseline numbers,” Rich says. “It will promote prevention programs, increase awareness and work with counselors who are often already trained in sexual assault, but are not necessarily trained in working with developmental disabilities. They’re working across the board to solve—or at least lessen—this

problem. It’s an issue people don’t really like to talk about.” The Foundation also has recently provided funding to Safe Connections, a counseling agency for victims of assault; ROW (Redevelopment Opportunities for Women), which provides financial counseling; and Marian Middle School, just to name a few. In addition to its annual fundraiser, the

Foundation receives funds from Rung, a resale fashion boutique in Rock Hill that helps women find professional clothing to start their career. “Women can donate articles they no longer wear to someone who can use them, and the proceeds get donated to helping women again,” Rich says. It’s a circle of helping that just needs one donation to get it started, she adds. “It’s a win-win-win.”

The Flu Shot Continued from page 43 is considered very safe for almost everyone. One concern cited by some individuals involves potential exposure to thimerosal, a preservative used in many types of vaccines. “Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that has been used for decades in the United States in multi-dose vials of some vaccines to prevent the growth of germs, bacteria and fungi that can contaminate them,” Maly explains. “There is a large body of scientific evidence on the safety of thimerosal. Numerous studies have found no association between thimerosal exposure and autism.” Another common anti-vaccine argument is that the flu vaccine may actually cause a case of influenza. Again, experts dismiss this concern. The worst potential side effects are minor, Maly says. They include soreness, redness or swelling at the injection site, low-grade fever, or aches. “The viruses in the injectable influenza vaccine are inactivated (not live) so they do not cause influenza,” she emphasizes. “The Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) is made from weakened viruses and does not cause influenza. It may cause some mild illness, runny nose, headache, sore throat or cough.” In fact, some people who claim to come down with flu after being vaccinated may have instead suffered from a ‘flu-like illness.’ “In the winter, we do see many cases of flu-like illness, which are due to different viruses,” Pratt says. “These are not protected by the flu vaccine. Usually these illnesses are of a milder nature than the true influenza infection.” He also notes that it takes about two weeks after vaccination for full immunity to occur. Sometimes, flu is contracted during this period of time. With a low risk profile and the benefit of protecting yourself and your loved ones, consider getting your flu shot and enjoy a healthy holiday season.

ln landscape Continued from page 51 sweet treasures is mixed with butter lettuce or mixed baby greens, candied pecans and Maytag blue cheese crumbles. Add mild white balsamic vinaigrette and a grind of fresh black pepper, and you’ll have a blissfully delicious salad. Next on my culinary list for blending spices and fresh fruit is pear-fig chutney. Even the slightly ugly, dented dropped fruits can be magically transformed into a magnificent compote. With the redolence of fresh spices, including sharp cinnamon and nuanced nutmeg, the simmering sweet pears and figs had us all salivating before the fresh rosemary-rubbed pork roast came out of the oven. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Both the rosemary and sage shrubs have been bounteous in spite of July’s killer heat. The summer-dried sage sachets are ready for holiday giving. There should still be fresh sage in the garden for stuffing the turkey next week. My sage

went feral during my travels abroad, crowding out the more genteel herbs and rooting in where it touched the ground. Now there are seven plants where once there was one. It would be nice if rosemary was so rambunctious! I’m testing the newer variety of rosemary called ‘Arp’ since some fellow gardeners say it’s hardy enough for St. Louis now. Both of my ‘Arp’ plants did well last winter, but it was unusual winter and hard to judge. If these plants hold well this year, I’ll let you know because you, like me, are probably tired of dragging heavy pots of rosemary into the house each winter or buying new plants every spring. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! The rest of the primary herbs, oregano, thyme and parsley, all have rebounded extremely well since the cooler autumn weather and rain have arrived. The Italian parsley has prospered in my absence and begat a million babies. Now, I’m busy transplanting seedlings to wider spaces and dreaming of next year’s pesto. Happy Harvest!

Persons of interest Continued from page 20 represented all the big English bands. Schankman says that led to another turning point. “In ’71, we did Yes at Kiel. We sold out two shows,” he says. “Barcelona gave us all of his acts, giving us our first big break.” Not long after that, they booked The Rolling Stones to play before an intimate audience at Kiel Opera House. “Here they were, playing in a 3,500-seat theater, grossing only $35,000, but Mick Jagger loved it because it was so small and they had been playing in stadiums all this time.” Contemporary also became the nation’s biggest producer of comedy shows, launching the careers of Cedric the Entertainer, Roseanne Barr and many 60

November 16, 2012    {}

others. “We gave Tim Allen his start right here in St. Louis,” Schankman notes. “He had gone to prison for selling cocaine, but we booked him at the American Theatre, and the rest is history. We did all of his live dates before he went to TV.” Schankman literally has thousands of stories about the shows and the countless stars he’s worked with for the past 40-plus years. His 2008 book, Produced by Contemporary, details much of his work. But he says among his most memorable moments came in 1999, when he was asked to be the lead event coordinator for the historic St. Louis visit of the Pope. “It was the two most special days

of my life,” he says. Schankman adds that he introduced himself to the pontiff by saying, “Shalom,” and the Pope was pleased by the greeting. To say his career has been an incredible success would be an understatement, but Schankman says it all comes back to the music. “You gotta be grounded and that’s what the music does for me,” he says. “When I play, I’m just a trumpet player in the Motown Revue—nobody knows who I am.” If you look at Schankman’s high school yearbook, the quote next to his picture says Let the music within us never die. It seems that same legacy still is alive for the ‘Music Man of St. Louis.’

2013 Jetta S

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$239 per mo.

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Lease for

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42 months*

$0 due at signing. Excludes title, taxes options, and dealer fees. Offer ends 11/30/2012.

$0 due at signing. Excludes title, taxes options, and dealer fees. Offer ends 11/30/2012.

2013 Tiguan S

2013 CC Sport

$279 per mo.

$319 per mo.

Lease for

Lease for

42 months*

42 months*

$0 due at signing. Excludes title, taxes options, and dealer fees. Offer ends 11/30/2012.







*first month's $ payment


$0 due at signing. Excludes title, taxes options, and dealer fees. Offer ends 11/30/2012.


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*due at


Lease a 2013 Jetta S, Passat S, Tiguan S or CC Sport for 42 months Excludes title, tax, options and dealer fees.

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Complete stripping and refinishing of wood furniture, antiques, kitchen, cabinetry and architectural woodwork.

(314) 367-6054 PATRICK INTERIOR FINISH CONSTRUCTION Drywall, Taping, Painting, Interior Trim. References Available. Licensed and Bonded. Honest Day's Work for Honest Pay. No Pay Until Job is Complete. Call Pat 314-415-0377 ROTTEN WOOD REPAIRS SEMI RETIRED TRIM CARPENTER Quality, Design and Work in Bookcases, Doors, Crown Moldings, Wainscoting, Kitchens and More. Dale 314-541-6708 ï Insured ï

HOME REMODEL & REPAIR Rotted Wood Repair, Tile, Flooring, Drywall, Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting. Insured. Free Est. 36 Yrs. Exp. Don Phillips 314-973-8511 PRECISION REMODELING Since 1990 - Interior & Exterior We Are Here For All Your Home Improvement Needs & Repairs. Free Estimates! Fully Insured. Call Bob (314) 799-4633 or Jim (314) 799-4630 REPAIR IT BEFORE YOU REPLACE IT Carpet Repaired, Restretched, Installed, New Carpet Sales, Large Selection in 2 Showrooms. Over 21 Years Experience. For Quote Call Nick 314-845-8049

Leaf Cleanup, Leaf Vacuuming, Aeration, Overseeding, Fertilizing, Planting, Sodding, Seeding, Mowing,Mulching, Edging, Spraying, Weeding, Pruning, Trimming, Bed Maintenance, Dethatching, Brush Removal, Retaining Walls, Paver Patios & Drainage For a Free Estimate Call 314-426-8833

SUMMER WAS A BUMMER Have that long postponed Bar-B-Que. You Plan the Menu: Let Me Color Up Your Garden with Mums, Asters, Ornamental Cabbage/Kale and Pansies. Yrs of Experience. Call Jim 314-497-2120

We Meet All Your Fall Landscape Needs! Leaf/overgrowth cleanup, bed maintenance, bulb planting, full landscaping services available. Landscape By the Yard Joe 314-909-1685 45 years experience

SNOW REMOVAL Commercial & Residential 314-426-8833

For Free Estimates call Keith at 314-422-0241 or e-mail at Since 2001

ORGANIZATIONAL SERVICES ORGANIZE STL LLC Personal Assistant A helping hand for your home, family and office. Tutoring, Pet-sitting, Car repairs, oil change, car wash. Event & Party planning, Errands, Shopping, Plant care, Mail & Meal pick-up; Cooking, Outing Reservations, etc. Interior decorating, Household & Office management, Scheduling, Correspondence, Research, Travel arrangements and much more. 7 Yrs of Exp. Great Ref. Call: Kasia: 314.669.1982

GET BETTER ORGANIZED We offer functional solutions, tailoredto your needs, so you can live Orderly Ever After. Home, office, moving & much more. Confidential, non-judgmental. 618-466-7638

PAINTING ASTON - PARKER PAINTING Interior/Exterior Painting Wallpaper Removal Staining & Powerwashing Insured & 30 Years Experience Free Estimates 314-766-2952 314-766-2962

PAINTING SUN PAINTING CONTRACTING & DEVELOPMENT, LLC Painting: Interior & Exterior, Carpentry & Repair Plaster Repair, Drywall Installation & Repair, Powerwashing, Bleaching, Staining Decks & Fences. Thoughtful, Considerate & Workmanship. Have a Great Day! 314-497-9395 Call Today for Free Estimate.

O’BRIEN PAINTING & DECORATING, INC. INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR Painting • Power Washing Wallpapering • Plastering

35 Years Experience Fully Insured • References



MOST PERSONALIZED PET CARE SERVICE IN TOWN Dog Walking and Exercise Programs, In Home Dog Training, Housesitting, Grooming, Pet Visits. and Rescue Animal Training. Insured, Bonded & PSI Member A limited liability company. 314-631-6738 HOME & PET SITTING BY LISA Mature Responsible Woman Will Stay In Your Home Care for Your Pets & Home While You Are Away. Reasonable Rates. Ref's. Call Lisa 314-951-4247 THE WELL BEHAVED PET.... For all your home training needs. New Puppy, Puppy Mill, Rescue Dogs or Behavioral Problems. OH, DON'T FORGET THE CAT!!!! Call me, I can help. Laura @ 636-456-9993

Yucko's Your Poop Scoop 'n Service Free Estimates - No Contracts

314-770-1500 CURT'S COMPLETE LAWN & Garden Services FOR LESS!!! Lawn Mowing, Garden Weeding, Power Washing, Patios & Other Honey Do Jobs Done Right! +FALL CLEAN-UP SPECIAL Call Curt at 314-686-2072

E&M CUSTOM BUILDERS Custom Homes, Additions, Alterations, Commercial Buildings and Tenant Improvements. Experienced and References. 314-965-9160ï314-608-2606

MIZZOU CREW Leaf Removal Lowest Prices in Town! Please call Jeff 314-520-5222, Experienced Yard & Leaf Cleanup For $25 off coupon and video visit: FASTandFREE.US/LawnCare.html

HARDWOODZ Specializing in Installation, Sanding and Refinishing of Hardwood Floors. For Free Estimate Call Dave 314-267-1348

LEAF CLEANUP FIREWOOD AVAILABLE Oak and Hickory Delivered & Stacked 8X4 314-808-3330

JC PAINTS Interior/Exterior Painting Reliable, Clean & Reasonable. Insured. Call John for a free estimate 314-703-2794


MASTER ARTISANS INC. Quality Prep & Painting Wall Glazing, Marbleizing, Graining, Murals & More. Jeff Baumgartner 636.225.5244 M & M CUSTOM PAINTING Interior & Exterior Painting, Staining, Powerwashing, Wallpaper Removal. Insured and Free Estimates Dependable. Owner & Operator Matt 314-401-9211

12,000 S.F. Chesterfield Office Building Principals Only Inquiries Owner/Broker 314-623-1100

{}  November 16, 2012


REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FLAMINGO BEACH, COSTA RICA Two beach view/front condos for SALE or RENT. 2BR, 2BA, 2nd Flr, (Punta Plata 504), 3BR, 2BA 1st Flr, (Oceanica 810). All Amenities, Activities Galore & Fabulous Restaurants. Owned by Missouri family, 1 hr from airport. Listed by Coldwell Bankers, or Rentals, LAKE MICHIGAN Waterfront Homes for Sale Go To or Call 616-355-6387 Andrea Crossman

ESCAPE THE RENTAL TRAP! Lease to Own. Credit Not an Issue. Homes Available. 314-917-1338 FRENCHTOWN RUG CLEANING ORIENTAL/AREA RUGS FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY (636) 949-0753


SERVICES PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Questions? Fidelity, background, locate individuals, etc. 30 yrs exp. William McAvoy Jr. 314-805-8809 MO. Lic. #201014153 IL. Lic. #115.001507 SIMPLE MOVES We Specialize In Small Moves. We charge by the hour or the piece, house to house or room to room. Bonded & Insured. Packing Available. 314-963-3416

TREES Trees Trimmed & Removed

GILLS TREE SERVICE • Stone Retaining Walls • Stump Grinding • Fully Insured

(636) 274-1378 314-725-6159 Tim Gamma B.S. Horticulture

ALLEN'S HAULING SERVICE 15, 20 and 30 Yard Trash Containers. Hauling Service. No Job Too Big Or Small. Any Type of Trash Removal. 314-621-0481 or 581-7274 BRIAN'S HAULING "U Name It & We Haul It" 7 Days a Week - Same Day Appliances, Brush, Clean Outs, Demo, Basement & Garage, Etc. Brian 314-740-1659


Complete Tree Service for Residential & Commercial

Board Certified Master Arborist Fertilization, Trimming, Pruning, & Spraying

7505 Delmar Blvd @ Hanley


Tree Removal, Brush Removal, Pruning, Plant Healthcare, Deadwooding, Deep Root Fertilization, Stump Grinding, Cabling & Storm Cleanup

Tues-Sat 10-5 Appt Recommended

SERVICES DISORGANIZED? STRESSED? MOVING? FILES IN SHAMBLES? Margery Miller & Assoc. Organizational Consultants 636-230-6683 We help put order in your life. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóó THE MOVING MANAGER ....managing the details door to door. A personalized service to organize & oversee your residential or business move. Margery Miller & Assoc. 636-230-6683

Over 40 Years Experience For a free estimate call 314-426-2911 or e-mail us at

The Standard in Tree and Lawn Care Free Estimates by Certified Arborists Emergency Service - Insured

314.821.2665 MR. MOM'S HOME SERVICES: Window & Gutter Cleaning, Decks, Fencing, Houses, Concrete Power Washed and Sealed. Painting. Insured. 314-831-5597

$ CASH 4 OLD STUFF $ ————Light Hauling———— We Cleanup, Haul Away and/or purchase: Garage, Estate and Moving Sales! Also, Warehouse, Business & Storage Locker Leftovers! FAY FURNITURE 618-271-8200 AM 64

Certified Arborist on Staff No Job Too Big or Small! EXPERT TREE CARE Service Within A Week 314.920.7263ï636.529.0999 AFFORDABLE TREE SERVICE: Professional Service at a Affordable Price. Call Baumann Tree for a free property inspection at 636.375.2812 You'll be glad you called!

November 16, 2012    {}


KEYSTONE, COLORADO Three daily ski passes to Keystone, Breckenridge or A-Basin are included. 4BR, 3BA, log home sleeps 12. Two car heated garage, WIFI, 3 TVs, laundry, new kitchen and bathrooms. Access to nearby hot tub and pool facility. For rates and brochure email to:

WE BUY DIAMONDS! Immediate cash paid - 20 years in business - By appointment only 314-721-7210 COLLECTOR WISHES TO PURCHASE Gun Collections - Old and New Antiques of Any Type Fishing Tackle Call Steve Lapin 314-571-9427

SKI THE SUMMIT IN Keystone Colorado 2012-13 Ski Season. Discounted Rates with Reservations made by 12/15. Luxury Home, All Amenities, Sleeps 10, Spectacular Views, 3BR, 3BA, Jacuzzi, Denver 75 Miles, Call 314-993-0915 or 314-313-2072

WINDOWS M & P WINDOW WASHING & GUTTER CLEANING Reasonable Rates, Free Est., Angie's List, Insured, Dependable, Exp., Ref's. 8-5, 314-968-0987 (D) Paul, 636-529-1529 (E) Mark, 314-968-1356 (E)


Chimney & Complete Houses, Spot Tuckpointing with Color Match.Brick & Stone Repair. Flagstone & Patio Repair. Basement Waterproofing. Caulking, Silicon Waterproofing. Powerwashing. Prompt Free Est. Fully Insured. 314-645-8991 or 636-947-2133 Member of BBB & A+ MC or Visa Accepted

Bendas Oriental Rugs



22 Years in Business! 7 Consecutive Service Award Winner '05-'11. Solid Tuckpointing & Spotpointing with Color Match. Chimney, Stone, Caulking, Brick Repair, & Waterproofing. Prompt Free Estimates. Fully Insured. A+ BBB 2011 Torch Award Winner (314) 645-1387 Credit Cards Accepted

20+ Years Experience ALL WORK GUARANTEED Complete Home Tuckpointing Spot Tuckpointing w/ Color Match Chimney Repair & Rebuilding Patio & Sidewalk Repair Insured 314-352-4222 MC & VISA ACCEPTED

MASSEY TUCKPOINTING & MASONRY Tuckpointing with Color Match. Chimney, Brick & Stone Repair. Cleaning & Caulking. BBB-A+ $50 off $500+ 314-486-3303

T&J TUCKPOINTING Specialize in Chimneys All Types of Brick Work Powerwashing & Other Odd Jobs. 25 Yrs. Exp., Free Est. & Insured Jerry 314-220-3584

SKI KEYSTONE 4 BR, 3 BA, 2 car heated garage Settlers Creek townhouse available for the 2012/13 season. Development has clubhouse with heated pool and 2 hot tubs. Call Chris at 314-503-8985 or email for availability, rates and more details.

GO FISHING catch your future customers

BEAUTIFUL BOCA GRANDE, FLORIDA Vacation in Paradise! Exclusive 3 BD, 2.5 BA condo, gorgeous water view, 4 pools, tennis, bike path, fab fishing, great beach. 914.420.4515

HOOK, LINE & SINKER with the...

VACATION RENTAL Naples Beachfront Condo 2+ BR's, 2.5 Baths - Parkshore 2 month minimum - Dec, Jan, Feb $6,000 per month 314-965-0408


To place an ad, call:


ROBERTSVILLE ESTATE AUCTION CO. Entire Estates or Just Down Sizing Cash Buyout or Consignment For Onsite Evaluation Call 314-229-9274 ï 636-675-5566








email: A S T E R












#1 Office in the State of Missouri 175+ Professional Sales Associates To Serve You!


1100 Town & Country Crossing |Town & Country, Missouri 63017 |

715 Stonebluff Court Chesterfield • $699,000 Mary Gettinger 314-378-3173

690 Eatherton Rd. Wildwood • $1,299,000 Mary Gettinger 314-378-3173

13525 Pine Wood Trail St. Louis • $825,000 Mary Gettinger 314-378-3173

12725 Clayton Rd. Town & Country • $699,000 Mary Gettinger 314-378-3173 oPeN SuNdAY 1-3

15 Country Life Acres Town & Country • $1,550,000 Margie Kerckhoff/Susan O’Neill 314-616-7644/314-368-5740

10370 White Bridge Lane Creve Coeur • $900,000 Margie Kerckhoff/Susan O’Neill 314-616-7644/314-368-5740

808 Millfield Court Town & Country • $669,000 Jeanne Belle/Maureen Noghreh 314-610-3600/314-239-7790

404 Lennox Drive Ballwin • $250,000 Maureen Noghreh 314-239-7790 oPeN SuNdAY 2-4

1362 Redwood View Court St. Louis • $249,000 Debbie Midgley 314-610-7519

1622 Timberlake Manor Parkway Chesterfield • $399,000 Debbie Midgley 314-610-7519

1506 Mallard Landing Court Chesterfield • $374,500 Debbie Midgley 314-610-7519

2009 Wilson Ridge Lane Chesterfield • $599,000 Phyllis Barr 314-973-2843

16600 Bartizan Drive Glencoe • $680,000 Cam Fischer 314-941-0985

2628 Wynncrest Ridge Dr. Wildwood • $775,000 Cam Fischer 314-941-0985

266 Bountiful Pointe Cir. Wildwood • $549,000 Cam Fischer 314-941-0985

394 Conway Lake Drive St. Louis • $419,000 Georgia & Michael Ferretti 636-675-0329/636-675-0579 Sold FAST

14015 Margaux Lane Town & Country • $799,000 Mary Beth Benes 314-707-7761 New PriCe

42 Grand Meridien Ct. Wildwood • Coming Soon Mary Beth Benes 314-707-7761 New PriCe

14832 Brookhaven Place Chesterfield • $900,000 Etty Masoumy 314-406-3331

2107 White Lane Drive Chesterfield • $677,250 Etty Masoumy 314-406-3331

302 Woodcliffe Place Drive Chesterfield • $299,000 Mary Beth Benes 314-707-7761 PriVATe loT

2003 Brook Hill Court Chesterfield • $629,900 Etty Masoumy 314-406-3331

520 North and South Rd., #304 University City • $419,000 Mary Beth Benes 314-707-7761 New liSTiNg

15245 Brightfield Manor Drive Chesterfield • $439,900 Etty Masoumy 314-406-3331

Wishing You A Warm and Happy Thanksgiving

- Your Friends At The Coldwell Banker Gundaker Town & Country Office

Tina niemann


neW LiSTinG!

35 HUnTLeiGH WOODS HUnTLeiGH Stunning traditional home on 3+ acres with over 7,200 sq. ft. Formal and informal living spaces throughout. 6 bedrooms, 5 full, 2 half baths. 1st floor master suite. A resort-like atmosphere complimented by large deck, pool and patios make this home perfect for entertaining! Ladue schools.



1611 DeaRBORn DRiVe

neW PRiCe!

10935 JanRiDGe Lane

WaRSOn WOODS SUnSeT HiLLS LaDUe SCHOOLS Fabulous 6 year old 4B 4.5 bath 2 story Fantastic 2-story, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths with Wonderful 4 Bedrooms, 4 bath with "Lewis Home" in established neighborhood. formal LR and DR. Master suite on first 4,239 sq. ft. 1st floor master suite. Formal Open floor plan includes gracious DR, floor. Gourmet kitchen opens to breakfast LR& DR Large GR with fireplace. room and family room with vaulted ceiling. spacious GR, large kitchen & breakfast room. Gourmet kitchen with breakfast room. Finished LL has media/rec room, play room, Finished LL Walkout with FR, workout room Finished LL walk out has rec room, media room full bath and wine room. Fenced back yard & full bath. 2nd floor offers sitting area/loft, & full bath. Pool & hot tub on large master bedroom suite, plus 3 add'l has covered patio & pool. 3-car garage. landscaped lot. 3 car garage. bedrooms & 2 add'l ba.




104 W. SWOn aVe.



neW LiSTinG!

22 JOY aVenUe

WeBSTeR GROVeS WeBSTeR GROVeS WeBSTeR GROVeS Delightful 2-story, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath 3-story in the heart of Webster. Wraparound Great family home with 4+ bedrooms in Sherwood Forest situated on a lot and a porch welcomes you to this 5+ bedroom, 2.5 bath on 1.21 acres. Walk to all that half. Formal living room & dining room. 3 full, 2 half bath home. Gracious entry Webster has to offer. Large parlor opens to Kitchen has Sub-Zero refrigerator & Miele to parlor. Living room and dining room. formal Living room with fireplace & elegant dishwasher & opens to breakfast room – step Updated kitchen opens to family room/ dining room. Glass doors open to huge family hearth room addition. out to private patio. Bedroom and room & screened porch. Kitchen has breakfast 1st floor laundry & room, laundry & office plus butler's pantry. new full bath to 1st floor. 2nd floor has 4 bedrooms plus 2 sitting rooms. 2nd floor master suite. 3-car garage.




7448 CROmWeLL

215 n. BeRRY ROaD


CLaYTOn 2 story 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath with charm galore! Formal LR with barrel ceiling & fireplace. Elegant DR. Newer kitchen & breakfast room. Large 1st floor FR. Master bedroom has full bath. Wood floors, crown moulding & plantation shutters. Charming brick patio. Walk to elementary school.


Tina niemann 503-8400

KiRKWOOD SCHOOLS GLenDaLe 2.5 story 5 bedroom, 3.5 baths with 4462 sq. Charm, character and a wonderful neighborhood, this 1.5 story, 5 bedroom, 4 bath has it all! ft. Entry foyer opens to living room with stone Living room with built-ins, fireplace and French fireplace & French doors to backyard patio. Spacious DR. Family room opens to den/office. doors to screen porch. Formal dining room. 2nd floor has spacious master New kitchen with granite counters & stainless with fireplace. 3rd floor offers bedroom, appliances. First floor offers a master suite of full bath & walk in attic storage. 2 large bedrooms & new bath. 2nd floor has Kirkwood Schools. 2 bedroom suite, family room & covered porch.



mary Ciapciak 872-6718

mark Ciapciak 740-5971

THE WILLOWS • LADUE SCHOOLS 1.5 story in gated community. One of the largest units in complex. GR with wet bar & fireplace opens to deck. Formal DR. 1st floor master plus guest bedroom. Spacious kitchen & breakfast room. 2nd floor has large FR plus office, full bath & bedroom. Part finished LL. 2 car garage.


1501 n. WOODLaWn WaRSOn WOODS BEST BUY IN WARSON WOODS! 2 story with 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bath & 3769 sq. ft. Open floor plan that has been freshly painted & new carpeting. 1st floor master suite. Large 2 story GR opens to smashing newer kitchen, hearth room & glassed dining area.


Luanne Zwolak 749-8100 • 314-997-7600

Ladue News 11.16.12  

Women's Foundation of Greater St. Louis, Society, Charities, Design, Jewelry, Health and Wellness, LN Landscape, Green Gourmet, Dining, Thea...

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