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MUSIC VIDEO : Look What You Made Me Do When Taylor Swift is inspired by Kylie Minogue FOCUS : Who‘s working on Kylie Minogue‘s new album ?

« You need a lot of luck to find people with

Kylie Minogue

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whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Some people manage to find their soul mate. Others don’t. I think love is like a lottery.

Laeti, September 2K17


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Hi Lovers!

SUM UP 4. Step back in time! Throwback calendar Limpido 12. BULLET JOURNAL 24. Look What You Made Me Do Minogue 26. No, Kylie Minogue doesn‘t look „old“ 27. Drama : What happened between William Baker and Kylie Minogue ? 28. Meet The Team ! 32. News

Here we go, back to a new season of the Kylie Times, the third one already ... We hope you had a good holiday - do not hesitate to tell us where you went! - and that you will spend a good time with this new edition of the Kylie Times! If everything remains calm on Kylie’s side (the singer went on holiday a few days in the south of France, but spent her summer mainly recording new songs in Nashville), we still found some topics that you should like. We are talking about Taylor Swift’s «Look What You Made Me Do» music video, which refers to Kylie, (and it has made you talk a lot about it), but also on one of the dramas of this late summer: William Baker has unfollow Kylie on Instagram. We give you all the information we have on this topic! And we also introduce you to the team that is in the studio with Kylie, to know more about this new opus that should be out in a few months ! With love, Laeti x En

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Laeti, September 2K17


September 11th, 2000 On A Night Like This

September 27th, 2010 Get Outta My Way


mber 25 Light Y th, 2000 ears

12 25th, 20 r e b m e Sept Flower

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September 10th, 20 13 Limpido

Laeti, September 2K17

Septem ber 8t h, Some Kind O 1997 f Bliss

September 19th, 1994 Kylie Minogue (Album)

th, 2001 8 r e b m y Septe Out Of M u o Y t e Can’t G Head

15 1th 20 1 r e b Septem ibay EP Gar

September 30th, 2009 For You, For Me

Septemb er 24t Kiss Me O h, 2015 nce Tour

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Laeti, September 2K17

LIMPIDO KYLIE MINOGUE LAURA PAUSINI This month, we decided to have a look back at a duet that many of us loved so much: Limpido, recorded with the Italian singer Laura Pausini. Available in three versions, the Italian-English version which contains the duet with Kylie, was chosen as the first official single for the Italian singer’s Greatest Hits Album. The song was released on September 10th, 2013.


always believed that collaborations born from diversity bring new and different lessons to continue to create new emotions »

Limpido, which means « clear » was written by Laura Pausini and Virginio Simonelli. The Italian singer wrote the song after hearing that Italian youth men had committed suicide after being harassed because of their sexual orientation.

« I wanted the song to be kind of an energetic message to say to these people don’t be afraid, be who you are. I think Kylie wanted to share that message » Kylie participated in both Italian / English version and Spanish version. This is the second time that the singer recorded and released a Spanish song, after having released the Spanish version of « All The Lovers » in 2010, named simply « Los Amores ». Laura Pausini also released this song in solo, in Italian, Spanish and English. The English version was renamed to « Radiant ».

In the video, we find the two artists in a water bath of glitter (We just love it and we would like to do the same at home, but it must be super hard to wash the bath after, and it must stick a long on the skin eww). Kylie Minogue and Laura Pausini were both naked to shoot this scene, and Kylie encouraged the Italian singer to do it.

« Kylie definitely is sexier than me but she is also very sweet. She gave me the brave to try and be a little bit, I can say sexy ? I have never been naked inside glitter water so she really taught me how to be - she was my brave, my courage »

CHARTS The single was at the lead of the downloads in Italy, and was certified golden record by the Italian music federation. It was also at the 18th position in Belgium, 20th according to the Airplay of Mexico, 22nd according to the Spanish Airplay, and 66th in the Swiss charts.



The music video was shot in September 2013 in Rome, Italy, and was released on 6 October 2013. It was directed by Gaetano Morbioli, who had perviously worked on numerous videos of Laura Pausini, including « Benvenuto », which has more than 20 million views on Youtube to this day. The two singers managed to create an immediate atmosphere of complicity, while being very helpful for Laura Pausini:

The song was nominated at the World Music Awards for Best Song and Best Music Video in 2013.

« Working with Kylie was a great experience, she is a woman and an artist who is a bit different from me but it is very fascinating. I have

FORMATS The song was released in a digital format and is included on the best of Laura Pausini’s « 20 The Greatest Hits ». It is also available in Maxi LP version (limited edition), which is of course sold out, or available at crazy prices on eBay. A promo CD was also sent by the record company to radios. You can find them out with the references on the next page.

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Laeti, September 2K17



1. Laura Pausini & Kylie 1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido Minogue - Limpido 2. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio (Spanglish Version) 3. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio 4. Laura Pausini - Limpido (Solo Version) 5. Laura Pausini -Limpio (Solo Version) 5

1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido


1. Laura Pausini & Kylie 1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido Minogue - Limpido




1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido *Erreur sur le CD sur le nom de Kylie ÂŤMonogueÂť


1. Laura Pausini - Limpi- 1. Laura Pausini & Kydo (Solo Version) lie Minogue - Limpio (Spanglish Version)


1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio (Spanglish Version)

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1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido


1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido 2. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio (Spanglish Version) 3. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio 4. Laura Pausini - Limpido (Solo Version) 5. Laura Pausini -Limpio (Solo Version) 12

1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio Laeti, September 2K17


1. Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpio

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Laeti, September 2K17

Week #38

September 18th - September 24th

Mon 18th Tue 19th

• Kylie Minogue (album)‘s 23rd b-day!

Wed 20th 12 www.kylie-world.com

En, September 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 21st Fri 22nd

Sat 23rd

Sun 24th

• Sleepwalker‘s 3rd b-day!

• 3 years ago, Kiss Me Once tour kicked off in Liverpool!

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En, September 2K17

Week #39

September 25th - October 1st

Mon 25th • Flower‘s 5th b-day! • Light Years‘ 17th b-day!

Tue 26th

Wed 27th

• Get Outta My Way‘s 7th b-day!

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En, September 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 28th Fri 29th

Sat 30th

• 8 years ago, For You For Me tour kicked off in Oakland!

Sun 1st

• Fever‘s 16th b-day!

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En, September 2K17


1988: Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi 1989: Enjoy Yourself 1989: Never Too Late 1991: If You Were With Me Now

1990: Step Back In Time 1991: Let‘s Get To It 1995: Where The Wild Roses Grow 1997: Impossible Princess 1998: GBI 2000: Kids 2001: Fever 2007: White Diamond 2012: The Abbey Road Sessions


Disco In Dream Nagoya 2nd, Tokyo 6th, Osaka 7th, 8th, London 15th, Plymouth 16th, Swansea 17th, Manchester 18th, Liverpool 19th, Bristol 22nd, Newcastle 23rd, Sheffield 24th, Birmingham 25th, Edinburgh 27th



Kiss Me Once London 1st, Cardiff 3rd, Nottinhgam 4th, 5th, Birmingham 7th, Monte Carlo 11th, Madrid 13th, Barcelona 14th, Montpellier 15th, Budapest 18th, Bratislava 19th, Prague 21st, Lodz 30th, Kaunas 31st

Let‘s Get To It Plymouth 25th, Birmingham 26th, Nottingham 27th, London 29th, 30th, Manchester 31st


For You, For Me Oakland 1st, Las Vegas 3rd, Los Angeles 4th, Chicago 7th, Toronto 9th, NYC 11th, 12th, 13th 16 www.kylie-world.com

En, September 2K17

__ years ago, _____________________ was released.

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Week #40

October 2nd - October 8th

Mon 2nd

• 29 years ago, Disco In Dream tour kicked off in Nagoya! • Where The Wild Roses Grow‘s 22nd b-day! • Impossible Princess‘ 20th b-day!

Tue 3rd

Wed 4th 18 www.kylie-world.com

En, September 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 5th Fri 6th

Sat 7th

Sun 8th 19 www.kylie-world.com

En, September 2K17

Week #41

October 9th - October 15th

Mon 9th • Enjoy Yourself‘s 28th b-day! • Kids‘ 20th b-day!

Tue 10th

• Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi‘s 29th b-day!

Wed 11th 20 www.kylie-world.com

En, September 2K17

Lyrics of the week:

Thu 12th Fri 13th

Sat 14th

• Let‘s Get To It‘s 26th b-day!

Sun 15th 21 www.kylie-world.com

En, September 2K17

My ultimate fave throwback from October is...

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En, September 2K17

My fave tour

of Kylie was....

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En, September 2K17

Look What You Made Me Do Minogue Taylor Swift has recently released a higly awaited music video for her new single, « Look What You Made Me Do », which did not fail to get wild reactions of fans and many artists’ communities around the world, especially in pop music. Even though we know that many people hate this singer, (If somebody can come to explain why there is so much hate on her, we are curious to know) - we decided to talk about this music videos, and similarities with Kylie.

A cool reference to Kylie Minogue « Taylor copies Kylie », « Hey Taylor, Kylie has already done it » ... Here are the remarks that we saw on the internet after the release of the new music video of Taylor Swift « Look What You Made Me Do ». Of course, we can not deny that there are some similarities with Kylie rather striking, especially when Taylor is on top of a human mountain of other Taylor, which reminds us a lot of « All The Lovers ». Many of you have seen this scene as plagiarism, but what you should know is that the director of this music video is none other than Joseph Kahn, the same who made the music video of Kylie. So, you will say, it is quite strange that a director reproduces the same scene in another clip isn’t it? And this is where Taylor Swift’s intelligence comes in. The singer has made many references in this music video, to artists she loves, and others with whom she has had some problems (but hey, we already knew it with the title and the lyrics of the song, and it does so brilliantly). Joseph Kahn also spoke on the production of this clip:

« We talk about every shot, we discuss every set-up as we’re doing it and there’s nothing that happens without literally both of us putting our brains together about it » Taylor Swift simply chose to refer to Kylie Minogue in her video by recalling a scene from « All The Lovers », as a kind of a nod to the singer, who was present at her concert at Hyde Park in 2015. Kylie had posted a picture on 24 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

her Instagram, mentioning the fact that she had a great time. And then, to tell the truth, we can not complain that such a singer has a thought for Kylie in one of her videos. Even if you do not like her, you can not deny her success, she is also one of the most powerful and influential women in the pop music industry this day. Taylor Swift is referring to many pop stars in this music video, with Michael Jackson and his video of « Thriller », Madonna and « What It Feels Like For A Girl » or Lady Gaga and « Judas ». We will not hide it, in front of this 5 stars cast, we would have been disappointed to not have a reference to one of Kylie’s music video, especially when you see the number of views that the Taylor’s video counts, and the media coverage it had. Some of you also seen another reference to a music video of Kylie « Did It Again », with the differents Kylie and differents Taylor. We are not really sure if it is a real reference to our beautiful australian but we let you judge by yourself with the pictures right here !

Music is communication

the shows and tours of some artists.

What can not be denied is the work that was done on this Taylor Swift’s music video. It was shot in May, in five days in Los Angeles, and the editing until the eve of the music video’s release. From start to the end, it took about seven months of work. Seven months of work to produce a music video with many refeHere is what Joseph Kahn tweeted about the music rences, with the former costumes of the singer (who video of Taylor Swift, which has been criticized a are also the original costumes), and settle accounts lot, especially for references made, which were seen with her enemies in videos. as plagiarism. But we are not going to lie, everyone copies everyone, or at least is inspired by what has We have very slightly summarized this music video, already been done or created. It’s really stupid, but which has sometimes very subtle references, and if you listen to the current songs on the radio, more that Taylor Swift’s fans can decrypt much better than and more artists take old melodies which were used us, but we can only applause the work done for « in the past back. You just need to listen to the song of Look What You Made Me Do », which will certainly DJ Khaled and Rihanna « Wild Thoughts » to realize mark the history of pop for many years. it, cause it includes a sample of Santana « Maria Maria ». And it is the same for music videos, or during

« The videos do not « make » songs. They just bring out the meaning. Music is communication » 

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Laeti, September 2K17

No, Kylie Minogue doesn’t look « old » We recently posted a picture of Kylie on our social medias, where she was walking in London alongside Tully, her assistant. This picture has made many people react, but to be honest, we did not expect such comments. Of course, everyone is free to express their thoughts, but we always posted the same kind of pictures and this is the first time that we have had so many comments we could qualify as negative, even if I remind you that of course everyone is free to express his thoughts. So we decided to make an article on this picture to put it in the context. « She doesn’t smile much » : that’s the first comment. And we totally agree, but we can also understand Kylie. Imagine: you go out on the street, go out for shopping or just go out for a walk, and you come across guys who take pictures of you. And then they don’t let you go, they follow you everywhere, and it happens every single day. Obviously, after a while, you will stop smiling, especially if those people yell at you to try to have a picture, without saying « hello » to you. Second comment: « Guys, is it me or she really looks to get old? It’s a pity that this unique beauty is disappearing ». First of all, aging is a natural process, so, yeah it’s normal, it happens to everyone of us. And then she also went out without makeup and without all the artifices that make her super fancy (she still so fancy tho). We would also like to have our own hairdresser and makeup artist, but it costs a fortune and we are not superstars. So, surely when Kylie comes out without makeup, there is a small difference and her age «appears» somehow. However, Kylie stills very young: take anyone who is the same age as Kylie in your entourage, and you will see that she still looks very young. Third comment: «I would like to be her assistant». You need to know that us too. We promise you that if we have a good plan to get into Kylie’s team, we will share it with you, but for the moment, we have nothing. That’s what mostly came out on this picture, which is in itself a normal pic. Honesty, if we take a picture like that in the street, I have a doubt that when it comes out we would look as good as she looks. Of course there were also very positive comments, as every time, especially one who said that it is not because she is not in one of her outfit for the stage that she is necessarily « older » or that many women approaching their fifties would like to look as good as she looks. Kylie is just natural, and the prettiest is natural beauty! 26 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

DRAMA : WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN william baker et kylie Minogue ?

Friends and colleagues for many years now, a drama shook our summer. Everything happened around August, 31st. I was quietly taking a bath when Kirstie suddenly sent me a message: William unfollowed Kylie. I decide to verify this information which was true. Then she told me that Dannii also unfollowed Baker, as well as Christian Vermaak, Kylie’s makeup artist and hairdresser. So, what happened? To be totally honest with you, we have no idea. This answer will inevitably disappoint you but please keep reading to the Kylie Times !!!

lie’s new boyfriend - as every time she’s next to a boy). Some fans have also relayed the rumor that Steve Shaw will be the creative director of the new album of the singer, a role which was generally reserved for William Baker. Would he be jealous that Kylie called a new team? (This is for us, fans, a sign of renewal, with a new record company and a new team). No comment or explanation has leaked so far, and we should know more when Kylie will release her the next opus, if a journalist thinks to ask the question (We all know it never gonna happen). Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue still follows William Baker on Instagram, but at the same time she also still follows Joshua Sasse ...

All that we can say for the moment is that the photographer of the new 2018 calendar is Steve Shaw, whom you probably saw on Instagram alongside Kylie, but also on paparazzi photos (the famous one where the press believed he was Ky- We can’t wait to know more ! 27 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

Meet the team !

We talked about it a few months ago about all the artists who were working alongside Kylie Minogue with a little sum up of the studio dates. This month, we decided to learn a bit more about who they are and with who they worked.



Singer and songwriter, Karen Poole has collaborated with Kylie Minogue many times in the past years. She wrote «Chocolate», «Red Blooded Woman», «No More Rain», «Wow», «Timebomb», «Fine», «White December» and «Christmas Isn’t Christmas ‘Til You Get Here» . She also appeared on a lot of studio photos posted by Kylie, enough to let us think she worked on many songs!


Singer and songwriter, Bonnie McKee is not unknown to the fans of pop music. After releasing an opus in 2004, the artist has chosen to write lyrics for other artists. To date, she has done 10 number 1 song in England and in the United States, which have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Here, an example of the songs she has done : «Teenage Dream», «Last Friday Night», «Part Of Me» or «Roar» by Katy Perry, «Dynamite» by Taio Cruz or «Hold It Against Me» by Britney Spears. Bonnie McKee was seen in studio with Daniek Davidson, Peter Wallevik and Cutfather.

Songwriter. Gina Kushka has no Wikipedia yet, but it should not take long! The young author has worked with Kylie Minogue, Grace Barker and The Invisible Men to write one (or more) songs as we saw in her Instagram story. She recently released her own song «Cure», available on her website!


Songwriter and singer, Grace Barker has already collaborated on many projects, like Jonas Blue for example. She participated in a writing session of a song alongside Kylie Minogue, Gina Kushka and The Invisible Men at the beginning of the year.


Seen alongside Biffco, Lauren Aquilina is a young singer and songwriter, 22 years old only! She released several EPs in 2016 before declaring last October that she would stop to release music ... To dedicate the rest of her career to music writing maybe? To be continued ...


Singer and songwriter, Amy Wadge has co-written several songs with international artists, such as Ed Sheeran for «Thinking Out Loud» or «Galway Girl», what to expect nice things for her collaboration with Kylie Minogue ! She was seen in the studio with the producer Telemitry.


Songwriter and producer, Chris DeStefano is well known in the country music scene, having already won a Grammy Award. He has written for artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Bon Jovi and Carrie Underwood. He was seen in the studio alongside Kylie and Steve McEwan.

28 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17



Songwriter and music producer, Lindsay Rimes has a special affinity with country music. He recently worked with The McClymonts, an Australian country trio that hits Australia. He was in the studio with Nathan Chapman and Phil Barton.

Originally from Australia, Phil Barton is a songwriter who now lives his American dream in Nashville. He worked with Kylie Minogue alongside Lindsay Rimes and Nathan Chapman for several weeks.


Songwriter and musician, Steve McEwan mainly composed songs for country artists, but also pop and rock stars such as James Morrison, James Arthur and James Blunt. He was in the studio alongside Kylie and Chris DeStefano.


Songwriter and producer, Daniel Davidson has previously worked with Kylie Minogue on Aphrodite on the song «Get Outta My Way», and on Kiss Me Once with «Million Miles» and «Sexy Love». He was seen alongside Peter Wallevik and Cutfather in the studio. This trio had already worked together on the two tracks we mentioned on Kiss Me Once.


Songwriter, producer and remixer, Cutfather, (his real name is Mich Hedin Hansen), is well known in the business for the songs he has worked on. Among his references: Pussycat Dolls, Pixie Lott, Jordin Sparks and Jessica Mauboy. In 2004, Cutfather received an Ivor Novello Songwriting Award for the most played song in England for «Superstar» sang by Jamelia, which he also co-produced.


Songwriter and producer, Peter Wallevik has collaborated with many artists such as Olly Murs or Demi Lovato. He is part of the trio who has collaborated on «Million Miles» and «Sexy Love», with Daniel Davidson and Cutfather.


Songwriters and producers, this trio has been nominated numerous times at the Grammy Awards. It is composed of Jason Pebworth, George Astasio and Jon Shave. They also wrote and co-produced the song «Fancy» feat Charli XCX by Iggy Azalea, and «Work», and collaborated with Jessie J, Dj Fresh, Sigala, Zayn and Conor Maynard. The trio was seen alongside Gina Kushka and Grace Barker, who where working on a new song for Kylie.


Producer. This is the collaboration that everybody asked questions about : Kylie Minogue has collaborated with somebody who does country music ... But not only that! Nathan Chapman worked with Taylor Swift and produced a large part of her albums, which earned him several Grammy Awards, such as the one for the album of the year for «1989». He teamed up with Phil Barton and Lindsay Rimes to compose songs for Kylie Minogue.

29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17


Should we still need to present this team? Richard «Biff» Stannard, Julian Gallagher and Ash Howes have worked with Kylie Minogue on several occasions on songs like «In My Arms», «In Your Eyes», «Love At First Sight», and «The One». Richard was seen them many times alongside Kylie during the recording of her new album, and we can already be almost sure that one of their songs will be on the next album of our beautiful Australian!


Jesse Frasure (Telemitry) is a DJ, producer, songwriter and remixer. He has worked on tracks for Meghan Trainor, Hot Chelle Rae and Jordin Sparks, but is also known for making remixes for Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Alyssa Milano. He was seen in studio with Kylie Minogue and Amy Wadge.


You probably heard about him a few years ago ... DJ Fresh has hit the Europe with his songs «Louder» and «Hot Right Now». As a now confirmed producer, he has collaborated with Rita Ora, Dizzee Rascal and Professor Green. Hopefully we can listen to the song he did with Kylie Minogue!


We’ve been talking about him for a little while: Kylie Minogue has collaborated with the producer and DJ Sigala on one of her new opus’ song. Already declared to be the first single of this album (even if nothing is fixed yet), this song is announced to be in the same spirit as «Spinning Around», and influenced by the 90s. We can not wait to hear that!


Producer and songwriter, Sky Adams has worked for Rizzle Kicks, Ella Eyre and The Vamps. He is also a rapper. He was seen in studio with Kylie but also Karen Poole ... Will he produce something a little urban for the new album of our Australian?

30 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

31 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

NEWS Flammable Children : the movie changed of name… But we have a release date ! Stephan Elliott was hoping to release it for Cannes’ festival in May 2017... But it will finally be in January 2018 that the movie, recalled « Swinging Safari », will be out in the australian cinemas.

Filmed on the Australian coast last year, «Swinging Safari» brings together an exceptional cast. Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce, Radha Mitchell, Julie McMahon, Asher Keddie, Jeremy Sims, Darcey Wilson and Atticus Robb. Australian actor Jack Thompson will also make a small appearance in the film, as mayor of the city where the film was shot.

of 1975 for the film. The post-production was also completed on August 7th. If we can not wait to see the film, some photos have already leaked, and give us a glimpse of the atmosphere of the film. Australian actress Asher Keddie recently told the press about the shoot and her encounter with Kylie Minogue:

« I fell completely in love with Ky-

«Swinging Safari» is already announced as one of the lie Minogue. She is a gem. She truly most anticipated films of 2018. The group The Picis a beautiful person and she is recadilly Pictures production, which will be distributed markable in this film » by Backer Film Group, notably realized the designs of the film Mad Max: Fury Road, for which Colin Gibson and Lisa Thompson had won an award for design. Ac- We can’t wait until 2018 ! cording to early critics, this team managed to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of an Australian suburb

«Kylie On Stage» : The exhibition is going to Mildura ! The exhibition «Kylie On Stage», originally launched at the Arts Center of Melbourne, takes the road to Mildura! Dolce Gabbana, John Galliano, Julien Macdonald, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Peter Morrissey, Mark Burnett ... They are all present in Kylie’s stage wardrobe since her first tour «Disco In Dream» in 1989. The exhibition is held at the Mildura Arts Center Gallery from August 19th to October 29th 2017, and admission is free! 32 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

A new Kylie At Home collection ! Kylie Minogue answered to the question of Yahoo Lifestyle on the occasion of the release of her new Kylie At Home collection. deliver such a beautiful, soft light. What’s the one thing that could transform your bedroom? A beautiful throw – they can change the whole look and feel of a bedroom. Even if you have the plainest bed sheet, a throw can always give some rich comfort or glamour. What can’t you live without in your home? I love, love, LOVE to have scents in my house. Candles, diffusers or sprays. I’ll admit I may be borderline obsessive about it. Perhaps in another life I was a perfumer as I’m super sensitive to it. Pop star and actress Kylie Minogue has unveiled her new autumn/winter bedding collection – and it’s fullon glamour. The new designs for the Kylie Minogue At Home Collection will help you transform your bedroom to star status with luxurious, sparkling and sequin-filled bed linen, cushions and throws.

What pieces do you particularly love from your collection?

It’s not easy to answer that! Each design has its own identity and story to tell. I especially love the Glitter Fade for its ombre effect and Atmosphere for it’s lovely texture and shine. Each piece has been carefully designed with the wonderful team at Kylie Minogue At Home. We had a very specific vision for this collecAustralian star Kylie, who rose to fame in the 80s tion and I’m delighted with the results! playing Charlene Robinson in soap opera Neighbours, says her own bedroom holds her most treasured sen- What inspired you when you designed this collectimental items. But what’s the one thing she can’t tion? live without at home? Kylie talks about her bedroom style, tips for a good night’s sleep and her new collec- I find inspiration in so many places. I’m fortunate tion in the Q&A below. that my work and travels take me to such diverse places that there is always something new to see and What do you most love in your bedroom? be inspired by. Also, I’m constantly informed by the glamour and magic of stage shows, whether they be I have a mix of modern vintage furniture, art and mine or another artist I love! personal mementos. They all have sentimental value and I treasure them as they hold my memories and dreams. What are your top tips for a restful sleep? Like most people, it can be difficult to unwind after a long day’s work, especially if that day’s work was endless hours in the studio or even more so, life on the road touring. To help me relax I love a bath rich with scented oils. I also love salt crystal lamps which 33 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, September 2K17

Profile for KylieTimes

The Kylie Times #21 • September 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : throwback on Limpido, focus on who is working on Kylie’s new album, when Taylor Swift is inspired by Kylie a...

The Kylie Times #21 • September 2017  

This month in the Kylie Times : throwback on Limpido, focus on who is working on Kylie’s new album, when Taylor Swift is inspired by Kylie a...