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Really Don’t Like U

special focus on the song with tove lo © Richard Phibbs

My hardcore fans like me to take risks but if I go beyond that, I’ll definitely know about it. Kylie Minogue


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Hiiiiiiiiiii lovers !

After a special issue due to a lot of news during Kylie’s life this summer, we are back for a more « normal » version of the magazine, including the come back of the focus made by Isa, which is this month about « Celebration » ! She has also prepared a full article on the GQ Awards where Kylie has received the Icon of the Year Award, and has gathered all the latest news about the singer. On my side, I’m talking about Kylie’s and Tove Lo’s song « Really Don’t Like U », which music video was released a few days ago and of which the singer posted many photos in many different outfits! One of the artists of The Postman collective also gave us an interview about their art, that you can find at the end of the magazine. We hope you’ll like it ! Enjoy !! xx Laeti et Isa

THROwback CALENDAr SEPTEMBER 1986 - 2018

Let’s have a look back at the most important events in Kylie’s career through the years and that took place in september.


September 4th : The album « Kylie » ranks first on the charts in New Zealand where it stayed for six weeks. September 14th: « The Loco-Motion » enters the top 40 of the Billboard Charts in the United States. September 25th : The track is released Japan and ranks at the top of the international charts, where it stayed for twelve weeks!


September 9th : Kylie is interviewed and sings « Wouldn’t Change A Thing » at Motormouth in England and on Formel Eins in Germany. September 25th : « Wouldn’t Change A Thing » is released in Japan. While the singer gradually develops her personal style, she appears on the cover of the prestigious magazine Tatler, considered as the bible of style. While in Belgium, Kylie performed « Wouldn’t Change A Thing », « Loco-Motion » and « Especially For You » with Jason Donovan on Tien Om Te Zien.

The photoshoot of the singer...... for her third album (1990). Kylie naked and cross-legged on the cover of the Sky magazine (1994).


September 22nd : Kylie films the video for « Step Back In Time » in Los Angeles with director Nick Egan. The music video pays tribute to the 70s and the disco culture. In the video, she wears many vintage clothes such as a brightly colored feathered jacket. She refines her style and look for the release of her third album, taking glamorous photos in the Mojave Desert, near Los Angeles. Kylie was inspired by the 60’s science fiction film Barbarella, with Jane Fonda.


September 6th: Kylie performs « Word Is Out » at the Top Of The Pops in a red and split pencil skirt. September 21th: She is interviewed on the show Going Live!.


September 21st : « What Kind Of Fool » comes out in Japan.


September 8th : The singer sang « Confide In Me » for the second time at Top Of The Pops. September 19th : The album « Kylie Minogue » is released all over the world and enters at the fourth place in England and the third in Australia, while obtaining a gold record on its release. Kylie appears naked and seated cross-legged on the cover of Sky magazine. Kylie at Motormouth...... in England where she sang « Wouldn’t Change A Thing » (1989).

The singer on the cover of the famous magazine « Tatler » (1989).


September 30th : Kylie and Nick Cave win three awards at the ARIA for « Where The Wild Roses Grow »: « Single of the Year », « Best Pop Track » and « Song of the Year ».


Laeti, September 2K19


September 8th : « Some Kind Of Bliss » comes out as a single and is produced by Manic Street Preachers, which earned Kylie the title of « Indie Kylie » in the music press. She sang this song live on TFI Friday and the track was ranked 22nd in the charts in England. September 10th : Release of « GBI » with Towa Tei as a single in Japan. Following the death of Princess Diana, the name of Kylie’s new album which was meant to be « Impossible Princess » is considered inappropriate. Promotional copies are removed and a press release confirms that the album should be named simply « Kylie Minogue » for Europe. The release is even delayed. A special show is recorded for MTV: Some Kind Of Kylie. She performed four songs: « Some Kind Of Bliss », « I Don’t Need Anyone », « Did It Again » and « Confide In Me » and answered questions from members of the audience.


September 27th : The compilation « The Songs Of Duran Duran Undone » comes out in the shops. It includes various artists who are singing Duran Duran’s songs, including Kylie and Ben Lee who are singing their version of « The Reflex ». To celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Vogue in Australia, Kylie appears on the cover with an exclusive photoshoot directed by Elle McPherson.


September 10th : Kylie and Robbie filmed the « Kids » music video video at a London spa. The video was directed by Simon Hilton. We see the two artists reminiscent of Sandy and Danny from Grease, surrounded by sexy dancers. At the end of the video Kylie and Robbie are in a pool and get closer, Kylie being naked. This scene was very often reported in the press because Robbie said he burst out laughing when seeing her without clothes, which probably offended her. September 11th : « On A Night Like This » comes out as a single and is produced by Brian Rawling, who also produced Cher’s song « Believe ». The track takes the second place in the British charts and the first one in Australia, making it the 6th track of the singer to be number 1 in her native country. September 25th : The album « Light Years » is revealed to the public. Led by the track « Spinning Around », this electro-pop opus was composed with the help of Biff Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Guy Chambers, Mark Pichiotti, Johnny Douglas and Steve Anderson. Ranked in second position in England and Australia, this is the singer’s best score since « Enjoy Yourself » in 1989.

Kylie and Robbie Williams during the filming of the music video of « Kids » in a SPA in London (2000). The singer at the premiere of the movie « Moulin Rouge » (2001).


September 2nd : Kylie sings at the Radio One concert: One Big Sunday Show. In the press, reporters say that there is a rivalry between Victoria Beckham and Kylie because the two artists were supposed to release a single on the same day. September 3rd : The singer goes to the premiere of « Moulin Rouge » in London. September 8th : « Can’t Get You Out of My Head » is released in Australia and is certified platinum only with presales. The first week, the singer sells more than 100,000 copies which makes it gets a platinum double disc and ranks at the top of the charts. September 17th : This same single comes out in England and more than 125,000 copies are sold in the first days. Kylie participates in promoting the Eurostar by making a television ad, broadcast in the UK to encourage people to take the train to do London - Paris. We see her on the train where she talks about her favorite journeys, then walking around Paris and having fun.


The singer records the music video of « Come Into My World » in Paris. Directed by Michael Gondry, we can find several Kylie in this video, she’s strolling through the streets of the French capital with various events happening around her. She went to the Elle Style Awards where she won the « Woman of the Year » award and the magazine chose to put Kylie on the cover of their November edition.


September 20th : She starts filming « Slow » in Barcelona in a pool and surrounded by many muscular men.


Laeti, September 2K19

Throwback Calendar • September September 29th : The track « Slow » knows its first broadcasts on English and Australian radios. Kylie appears in a portrait entitled « You Were Never Lovelier ». The singer was photographed in the apartment of Coco Chanel in Paris, without makeup and without having been styled, dressed by Chanel brand.


September 13th: Release of a CD and a DVD as part of a series entitled « Artist Collection ». The compilation includes 14 tracks of the singer (from her albums « Kylie Minogue », « Impossible Princess » and « Hits + »), as well as a DVD with six music videos. The cover of this album was made by Hanoch Piven. September 18th: She is invited to the Matalan Ball at Knowsley Hall to raise funds for the NSPCC to protect children. Many speculations and rumors appear on the internet about the release of a new single and album projects, what animate the lives of fans. Two tracks of « Body Language » also leaked on the internet: « I’m Just Here For The Music » and « My Image Unlimited ».


September 18th : Kylie joins the Scissor Sisters at their concert in Trafalgar Square in London where she goes on stage to introduce the band to a very impatient audience. September 19th: The singer is interviewed in the Sunday’s magazine about her children’s book, « The Showgirl Princess », on which she worked while she was treated for her breast cancer.

September 21st : Kylie’s first (and only) children’s book is published. It tells the story of « Kylie », whose dream is to become a « Showgirl Princess » and who manages to become one with the help of people around her (and a rather mischievous dog). It contains photos that were taken by her longtime friend and stylist William Baker. September 30th : A book signing is organized for the release of the book at Waterstones Bookstore on Oxford Street. 250 children were specially invited to meet Kylie.


September 16th : She is invited as a DJ guest at the London club the « Boombox », for an evening around designer Gareth Pugh during the Fashion Week. Among the tracks played : « What Do I Have To Do » during which she danced on the bar and presented her new single, « 2 Hearts ». September 18th: Kylie appears on a track called « I Talk Too Much » which is a duet with Just Jack for the US release of his album « Overtones ».


September 7th : Rove Live airs an interview of Kylie recorded in London, one day before the tickets for her tour « KylieX2008 » go for sale in Australia. September 24th : Kylie performs in Dubai for the opening of a new hotel, Atlantis.


September 13th : She sings for a special concert to honor ABBA at Hyde Park, London. 36,000 people attended and among the participants were: Chaka Khan, Jason Donovan, Elaine Paige, Jamie Cullum and the artists of the musical « Mamma Mia ». The singer performed « Super Trouper » and came back on stage with Benny Andersson to sing « When All Is Said And Done », an experience she said was « a dream come true ». September 30th : It’s Kylie’s first tour in the United States and Canada starting in Oakland: the « For You, For Me Tour » takes elements of the singer’s previous tours to present a kind of « best-of » of them all, her outfits were made by Jean-Paul Gaultier.


The singer. at the Matalan Ball at Knowsley Hall (2004).

Kylie during the special ABBA’s concert in Hyde Park, in London (2009).

September 6th : The English duo « Hurts » release their new album « Happiness » and it contains a track with Kylie called « Devotion ». September 24th : She appears on The Paul O’Grady Show to perform « Get Outta My Way » with dancers. Host Paul surprises Kylie with a special appearance of someone supposed to be « Kylie’s oldest imitator », Agnes, who turns out to be Jake Shears, one of Kylie’s best friends. September 27th : Release of «Get Outta My Way».


Laeti, September 2K19

released as a single. The track is sung in Italian and English with a Spanish version that was renamed « Limpio ». This song is available on Laura Pausini’s best-of and reached the first spot in Italian charts. September 11th : The press reveals that the singer will be a coach in the upcoming season of The Voice UK.


Kylie during the filming..... of « Holy Motors » in Paris (2011). Music video of « Black And White » from the EP « Kylie + Garibay » (2015).

September 29th : She goes to the BBC Radio One studios to sing for the Live Lounge, where she sang « Get Outta My Way », « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » and « Wonderful Life » by Hurts.


September 28th : Kylie goes to Paris for the filming of the movie « Holy Motors » directed by Leos Carax, a rather strange film where a man travels in different lives.


September 4th : In a Dolce & Gabbana long dress, the singer went to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. September 8th : Kylie is the headliner at the BBC Radio 2: BBC Proms In The Park in Hyde Park, London, where she performed a bit of her « The Abbey Road Sessions » album (orchestral version of her greatest hits). September 24th : Before the release of this same album the following month, the track « Flower » is online and available for download. This is a ballad that was already in the « X Tour » setlist but had never been released in studio version and was really requested by the fans and the audience. September 25th : For the 25-year anniversary of Kylie’s career, various surprises are revealed to the public every month and in September, the video of « Flower » was unveiled. It was directed by Kylie and filmed at Trelowarren Estate in Cornwall.


September 1st : Kylie makes an appearance in Madrid in the show El Hormiguero. September 24th : Launch of the « Kiss Me Once Tour » in Liverpool, which highlights six tracks of the opus of the same name, the other songs being the best tracks of her career. The singer pays tribute to Michael Hutchence of INXS by covering his track « Need You Tonight ». It was also that night that a promo music video was unveiled in collaboration with the Sloggi brand a few minutes before Kylie came on stage with four new songs made with Fernando Garibay. The four tracks of this EP are available for download for free just after the concert.


September 6th : The first rumors appear on the internet about the fact that Kylie is recording a Christmas album with the participation of her sister, Dannii Minogue, and James Corden. September 11th : Release of the EP « Kylie + Garibay » which was posted for download by surprise. The song « Black And White » (with Shaggy) was chosen as the first single and accompanied by a music video filmed in the south of France in the house of Kylie’s friend Katerina Jebb. Kylie also collaborated with Sam Sparro and Giorgio Moroder on this EP.


September 16th : The singer travels to Singapore to sing at the F1 Grand Prix where she performed a setlist similar to the one of her summer tour and composed of 20 tracks. She also has special outfits for this concert. Rumors that Kylie recorded a new track with Robbie Williams are confirmed by the singer herself, without knowing more about a release date. A reissue of her Christmas album with new songs is confirmed.


September 5th : Kylie and her man Paul Solomons go to the GQ Awards in London. September 9th : Kylie headlines the BBC Radio 2 concert in Hyde Park in front of more than 45,000 people. The singer invited many artists on stage including Jason Donovan for « Especially For You » and Rick Astley for a medley of « Never Gonna Give You Up » / « I Should Be So Lucky ».

September 10th : The duet with Laura Pausini « Limpido » is 7

Laeti, September 2K19


Hey Lovers! Happy to be back with the usual focus on one of Kylie singles’ (I hope you missed me as much as I missed you) ! The last one was all about « What Kind Of Fool », so if you haven’t read it yet, don’t hesitate to go and read our 40th edition (June 2019) before this one, just so you know what the atmosphere was like around Kylie at the time.

So, November 16th, 1992 - just three months after the release of « What Kind Of Fool », shortly followed by the release of Kylie’s first « Greatest Hits » album - saw the release of Kylie’s final single with PWL & Stock and Waterman. But it wasn’t really a new song, as it was none other than Kool and The Gang’s « Celebration ». The single was the fourth cover song of Kylie’s career (after « Loco-Motion », « Tears On My Pillow » and « Give Me Just A Little More Time »).

As said, « Celebration » marks the end of Kylie’s professional association with Stock and Waterman. This final single with PWL is a true end-of-term gala of her five very successful years with them and a kind of farewell to the first era of Kylie’s musical career. Even if you’re not a fan of this song, you have to admit it was a fitting end to her time at PWL! It seems that Kylie herself wanted to cover « Celebration » because she adored the song when she was a child (and apparently it’s still one of her favourite songs from when she was young).

The song was recorded in PWL’s London studios in 1991, and produced by PWL remixers Phil Harding and Ian Curnow. The reason it was recorded such a long time before it was actually released is because initially, it was meant to be on Kylie’s 4th studio album « Let’s Get To It ».

and the next minute it’s a national anthem. That’s the story of my career really. You go in there with a great track and they don’t like it! You’ve got to remember also, I think part of the problem we had is that you and I know who Kool & the Gang were but in Australia probably nobody knew who they were ».


He went into a bit more detail on the song further on in the interview : « To be honest, I remember we’d agreed to do it. Phil (Harding) and Ian (Curnow) did it downstairs and it was one of those tracks that took a bit longer because Kylie wasn’t around and as I say, I don’t think at that point the Australians knew how big a track it was in that it was slightly different for her. You know we’d gone down the « Step Back in Time » route, and I guess « Celebration » was the ultimate Step Back in Time. That’s what it was. We were doing that whole « walking in rhythm » type of vibe. Now they were all big hits here (in the UK) but none of those hits were big in Australia. So we knew about those tracks but certainly the Australian record company didn’t quite get what they were because it was a very sort of British disco or club thing that didn’t translate to the pop charts in Australia ».

it’s a really fun song and I love the bit where it goes « wha hoo ».

Regarding critics, Music Week said Kylie’s cover was an « insipid In 2015 during an interview, Pete hits-by-numbers recording ». BasiWaterman was asked why « Cele- cally all the media was once again bration » didn’t make it on « Let’s saying that the two last singles Get To It ». He answered : from PWL could have been recorded three years earlier because « It wasn’t actually finished if I remember rightly. Certainly we they showed no signs of musical liked it but I think there was development at all. We don’t realsome reservation on the Aus- ly agree with this, I mean come on tralian end, which is ironic as there IS a difference between « I it became the anthem for the Should Be So Lucky » and « CeleSydney 2000 Olympic Games. bration », right? And even though n’est pas vraiment d’accord, il y a But there you go, that’s history. it’s not a personal fave of mine, quand même une différence entre One minute it’s a pile of dog poo


Isa, September 2K19

Focus • Celebration The B-side to the single is « Let’s Get To It » for most of the supports (but for Australia, the B-side is « Too Much Of A Good Thing »). Some supports also contain the excellent « Have A Party Mix » !

her contract with PWL, and that yes, she was going to use this opportunity to fire off in another direction and that she was negotiating with new record companies. « 5 years with PWL was great, we had a lot of success together and I could probably keep going with that but it would be nice to move on, I don’t know if I’ve made the right decision or the wrong decision. I’m 90% sure I’ve done the right thing ».

The photo which was used for the covers of the physical releases was taken by Steve Rapport. It had already been used for the « Give Me Just A Little More Time » cover, only this time we only see her face and it’s erm… blue (what’s with the cover guys, couldn’t they have She mentioned several times taken a new pic, like seriously?). that she would like to do a movie, especially because she wanted to have a break between her PWL years and whatever it was she was going to do next. Only time would tell us more…


ting Adam, and the angels were celebrating and singing praises. That inspired me to write the basic chords, the line, « Everyone around the world, come on, celebration » ».

The song reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1981, and held that position for 2 weeks before being ousted by Dolly Parton’s « 9 to 5 ». It remains the band’s only number one hit. By late 1980, the song had also reached No. 1 on both the US Billboard Dance and R&B charts. The song was featured heavily on the radio throughout the year and can still be heard today at weddings and parties. Moreover - as P. Waterman said it in his interview - it is a popular anthem for sporting events. It was also an international hit, reaching No. 7 in the United Kingdom in November 1980, spending thirteen weeks in the chart.

Kool & the Gang are an American musical group formed in New The song was officially covered Jersey in 1964 by brothers Robert *** Bell and Ronald Bell, with Dennis by (at least, because that’s just the To conclude this focus, we can Thomas, Robert Mickens, Charles ones we counted) 21 different arsay that Kylie’s decision to leave Smith, George Brown and Ricky tists/bands since 1980! Stock and Waterman was indica- West. They have explored many tive of a quest for authenticity. musical styles throughout their She felt that she had more to of- history, including jazz, soul, funk, fer musically and it was clear she rock, and pop music. After settling had gone as far as she could with on their name following several them. changes, the group signed to DeLite Records and released their deAs we all know, years later she but album, « Kool and the Gang » admitted that she felt stifled by (1970). SAW: « Celebration » is a song re« I was very much a puppet in the beginning. I was blinkered leased in 1980 by the band and by my record company. I was it’s issued from their 12th studio album called « Celebrate! ». unable to look left or right ». During an interview when promoting « Celebration » on a TV show, she admitted at the time that no, she didn’t want to renew

Ronald Bell explained the origins of the song: « The initial idea came from the Quran. I was reading the passage, where God was crea10

CHARTS Kylie’s version of the song « only » managed to reach : • N° 11 in the Irish charts • N° 20 in the UK charts • N° 21 in Australia, and • N° 26 in Belgium.

to go there, and I mean, everybody knows that Rio is THE home of the Mardi Gras and that people always party there, so it was a good choice of location for this type of song.

To summarize, the video is just FUN, FUN and more FUN. Kylie According to many people (in- looks super happy and is dancing cluding me) if the song under- all along, either on the beach or performed on the charts it’s only « in town », and loads of people because it was already available 3 are dancing and/or playing around months before on Kylie’s number with her. What you need to know about this video is that none of 1 « Greatest Hits » album. the people we see on it are actualAnd let’s not forget that even if ly professional dancers. it didn’t do as well as some of Kylie’s previous singles, this position still means that all of Kylie’s singles with PWL charted in the Top 20 in the UK.

and their faces… They’re such happy people especially when they’ve got their music around them, they just live and breathe music especially there at the school. Some of the kids there had seen me before on MTV, but most of them didn’t know me, I’m sure that they’d never had a film crew in their street before. Apart from the rain, I loved Rio, I’d never been there before. If I hadn’t been working, I would have liked to stay another week ».

I don’t know what you think of the clip lovers, but honestly when I watch the video, I see a beautiful Kylie having a really good time, but once again, according to the press, she was raunchy.

Initially, the whole video was Regarding the photo below meant to be filmed on the beach, (photoshoot done in Rio at the but as Kylie said it herself they had time), one magazine even stated: quite a lot of problems with the « Things got noticeably hot weather once they were there: when Kylie swept into Rio de « You go to Rio so you think « sunshine » and we had a couple of days of rain but we were there for ten days and filmed for 2 days ».

THE VIDEO The music video of the single was directed by Greg Masuak. He’d already directed the videos for « If You Were With Me Now », « Give Me Just A Little More Time » and « What Kind Of Fool ». It was filmed in October 1992 in Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro. Kylie had always wanted

In the end most of the video was filmed in a samba school that was close by. Kylie was therefore joined by several dancers from a mini Mardi Gras, enthusiastic locals and people from the local samba school, and kids. « What actually made filming the video so brilliant for me were the kids and their smiles, honestly they could light up the world ». « Filming at the samba school was just unbelievable, the kids 11

Janeiro to film her latest video. Just as well that stunning silver dress has plenty of holes in it for ventilation! ... ».

I mean… ?

Focus • Celebration Also, of course, after the release of the video, the strange rumours circulated again and this time, Kylie had had lip implants - rumour that she immediately denied :

don’s Olympia and performed the song at the « Live Smash Hits Poll Winners Party ». This performance is quite famous mostly thanks to the way Kylie was dressed. She « Noooo! The thought of going was wearing a white, slash-fronted under the knife is terrible. I Elvis outfit Elvis Jumpsuit. She was wouldn’t say that I’d never have surrounded by most dancers she cosmetic surgery but I don’t had been working with over the think I need to have it just yet ». previous years, the performance was poignant. Indeed, this was like her « farewell » appearance, her TV PERFORMANCES last for PWL, and nobody knew Kylie performed « Celebration » what Kylie would come back with next, or whether she would be in quite a lot of TV shows: back at all.

• Going Live! (UK) in 1992, where she was wearing a gorgeous red jumpsuit. • Top Of The Pops (UK), 1992 – where she actually sang the song live! • Live Nochebuena (Spain), 1992

Top of The Pops

• On September 16th, 2016, Kylie performed Celebration at the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore. But not only that song. Indeed the show comprised of a mix of new performances as well as some already existing performances coming from her « Kiss Me Once Tour » and « Kylie Summer 2015 » shows.

ON TOUR • Kylie first performed « Celebration » during the « On a Night Like This Tour ». It was featured in a hits medley during the second section of the show. • She also sang the song once during the « Showgirl Homecoming Tour » during the show on December 31st, 2006, as it was the New Year (I was there and it was absolutely awesome! Such a great moment).

• June 1993: Kylie performs at the Bang! night-club in London as part of the Gay Pride celebrations and as a thank you to her gay fans. She sang « Shocked », « Step Back In Time », « Celebration », « What Do I Have To Do » and, of course « Better The Devil You Know ».

• A new remix (Steve Anderson Mix) of the song was performed during the mini-tour « Kylie Summer 2015 » during the penultimate section of the show.

• What’s Up Doc (UK Saturday morning kids’ TV show), 1992. She also performed « Better The Devil You Know ». • Live Dance Energy Show 1992 on BBC2 (UK): she performed « Ce- • Kylie performed the song live after having sung « Waltzing Matilda » at lebration - Have a party mix ». the 2000 Paralympics Opening cere• Years later she performed the mony in Sydney, Australia. song as part of a medley in the 2001 TV Special « An Audience With Kylie Minogue ».

• The same mix was also performed during the Christmas concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in 2015 and 2016.

LIVE PERFORMANCES • December 1992: Kylie appeared at the Smash Hits Awards at Lon12

Isa, September 2K19

DID YOU KNOW ?/ MISCELLANEOUS • In December 1992, Kylie appeared in Smash Hits on the annual Poll Winner’s cover, where she was pictured with New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight and Take That’s Mark Owen. (I LOVE this cover picture. Just look at her! Gorgeous!)

• That same month, she was voted Sexiest Person on the planet from the readers of MixMag Magazine. • Unlike « Finer Feelings » and « What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before) », « Celebration » was included on her compilation albums « Ultimate Kylie » and « The Best of Kylie Minogue ». • Back in May 1992, during an interview Kylie had said she believed that her forthcoming Greatest Hits album would be called « Celebration ». And as we know, it wasn’t… which is a shame really, it would have been more original than « Greatest Hits ».

INTERVIEW EXCERPTS FROM THAT TIME « I’m really pleased with the way I look now… I’ll probably be voted worst-dressed person in a poll next week! ».

« With the last tour I think I shocked people a bit too much. I went too far with my image, even though I thought it was great at the time. People would say to me that they really loved me in a video where I was looking really natural and I’d think, but I’ve gone to all this trouble to be outrageous looking! Now I think I shouldn’t have done all that. By wearing next to nothing on stage, I was rebelling and in a very childish way. Anyway, I’m finished with that sleezy stuff now. Well, for a while anyway ». « I reckon good style is all about being yourself and feeling confident. It’s something that everyone finds - but it takes time. It took me ages. It’s just a knack you develop. I also think the worst thing anyone can do is become a fashion victim, you know, someone who follows trends regardless of whether it suits them or not. Me, for instance, I love designer stuff, but I get most compliments and feel best when I’m wearing flea market gear. I go from one extreme to the other ».

« What keeps me going? I know I’ve had a great deal of criticism over the years but I’m always trying to do a little bit more. I often have days where I think « this is too much hard work » having to worry about press, you wonder « god am I really like that », it really makes you question yourself more than you normally would ». 13

« If I have a time where I’ve got a single coming out I decide what I’d like to be wearing and get the right stylist in or whatever. My image, I do think about it, a lot of it is planned but then there’s the part that relates to my life at the time and so yeah Jason was at that time, Michael another time… ». « Styling myself is something I have a great deal of fun doing, and if I make a mistake, no problem, I just get back to my design desk and think about what to do next ». « If I wasn’t acting or entertaining I’d drive everyone around me crazy ». « PWL was where I cut my musical teeth and I learned some wonderful lessons there. No one taught me as such but I have an insatiably inquisitive nature and I had lots of time in the studio to absorb things: to watch, listen and learn ». « I think there was such a drastic change in my image because I was so desperate to get away from what I was doing 4 or 5 years ago ».

Focus • Celebration

lyrics Wha hoo x 3

Celebrate good times come on! It’s a celebration Celebrate good times, come on!

Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration Celebrate good times, come on! Let’s celebrate

We’re gonna have a good time tonight Let’s celebrate, it’s all right (x 2)

There’s a party going on right here A celebration to last throughout the years So bring your good times and your laughter too We’re gonna celebrate your party with you Come on now

It’s time to come together It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure? Everyone around the world, come on!

It’s time to come together It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure? Everyone around the world, come on!

(Wha hoo, Wha hoo) Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate) ooh ooh ooh ooh Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate) it’s a celebration Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate) come on and celebrate Tonight ‘Cause everything’s gonna be all right Let’s celebrate

(Wha hoo), it’s a celebration (Wha hoo)

Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration…

(Celebration) Let’s all celebrate and have a good time (Celebration) We’re gonna celebrate and have a good time


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Focus • Celebration

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Š Mike Marsland


n Tuesday, September 3rd, the British GQ magazine’s « GQ Men Of The Year Awards », in association with Hugo Boss, returned for its 22nd year. This year the event took place at Tate Modern Museum.

Focus • GQ Awards 2019


his very famous Awards ceremony in the UK honours each year the men and the women who shape the world’s cultural landscapes in sport, style, entertainment and more. I think it’s fair to say that it’s one of the most glamourous events and which included some of the biggest stars in the world. This year’s host was the activist and Welsh actor Michael Sheen. The least we can say is that indeed, the stars turned out in force! Here is a non-exhaustive list of them who attended the event: Emma Willis, Naomi Campbell, David Beckham and his wife Victoria, Nicole Kidman, Adwoa Aboah, Sir Tom Jones, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Richard Madden, Rita Ora… and of course, Kylie Minogue! Kylie turned up on the red carpet wearing an ultra-feminine mint silk embellished gown from the Ralph & Russo Fall 2019 Couture collection and Stephen Webster’s jewellery (« Thorn 3D Large Hoop Earrings » with a matching « Thorn Stem Bracelet in 18ct white gold, with white diamond pave » - and just in case you thought you may want to buy some to be like Kylie, just know that they respectively cost 12 000 $ and £ 1800). Kylie and her boyfriend (who is also creative director at British GQ and GQ style magazine since 2001) Paul Solomons arrived together and awwwwww they were just SO cute. They looked SO happy, SO in-love, they even shared a kiss on the red carpet in front of photographers. Both of them posted Instagram pics of themselves with the hashtag #datenight (awwww again). © Reuters

Iggy Pop at GQ Awards.

© David Benett

© Getty

Nicole Kidman, actress of the year.


nyway, the awards ceremony took place at the Tate Modern Museum in London, and here are some of the awards that were handed out: • Iggy Pop won the « Lifetime Achievement » award, • The « Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man » award went to Richard Madden, • The « actress of the year » award went to Nicole Kidman, • The « actor of the year » award went to Taron Egerton • Politician of the year : Rory Stewart • Writer of the year: James Ellroy • There was even a new award this year, the « Game Changer Of The Year » award and it was handed over to Greta Thunberg. Our Kylie got the « Icon » award.


Isa, September 2K19


ir Tom Jones was the one who handed over the Icon award to Kylie describing her as described as « one of pop’s great titans » and quickly touched on her illness. He even shared a pic on Insta after the event with the caption « It was a delight to present my dear friend Kylie Minogue with her #GQ ICON award last night, thoroughly deserved x ». Kylie did a quick speech once she was holding the award.

Kylie and her award at the GQ Awards.

Kylie and Tom Jones.

« Thank you so much everyone. Hmmm GQ, Dylan (Dylan Jones is GQ’s Editor, FYI), thank you so so much. Just the mention of ill health I hadn’t thought about that but I have (in the audience) someone from my medical team from all those years ago and we’ve become such good friends and that just got my heart racing about being here and what it means to have people you can depend on. There are so many icons and legends in the room tonight. Iggy, it was a pleasure to meet you and give you a cuddle. And we know what that takes, it takes hard work, it takes determination, you have to be relentless, you have to work through the tears and the pain and all that kind of stuff but you can’t do any of that without the people who love you and support you and the people you can celebrate something like Glastonbury with but who are also there when you’re missing Glastonbury. So I would like to thank all of the people in my life who help me to take home a beautiful award like this, especially a certain Welshman, sorry Tom Jones is another one, over there Paul thank you so much for providing such beautiful graphics tonight and being the one who’s there for me now, thank you so much baby, thank you. Have a great night ».


ylie then gave a short but (very) energetic performance and sang « Spinning Around » to the many stars that were there. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a Kolchagov Barba crystal-embellished dress, featuring more than 120000 Preciosa crystals. If you want to exactly the same dress as Kylie, you’ll have to spend £30 000 (otherwise, if you have £58 there’s the golden version – the « Jaded London Dress » at Topshop, don’t worry no one will spot the difference). Among the highlights of the evening, for the first time we saw Kylie and Nicole Kidman side by side, the two Australians posing together for the photographers. A few weeks after the rumors that they were actually one and the same person (lol) the artists responded in the best way possible by getting a pic taken together, getting all fans super excited. Some even said that this photo should be on all Australian currency next year, while others have complimented the two artists on their beauty and the fact that they are both looking really young.

© David Benett

© Richard Young


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Focus • GQ Awards 2019


ust like every year, a video booth was set-up by a brand (this year it was Hugo Boss), so that artists could take short videos for the British GQ’s social networks. And of course Kylie had a go at it! With some neon lights in the background, the singer is filmed from above (with the letters GQ on the floor). Kylie simply raises her hands in the air and turns around, the video is super short (it lasts about four seconds, so obviously she didn’t have time to do anything crazy...).


fter the GQ Awards where Kylie got her « Icon » award, British journalist Tina Daheley got to interview her a little while. Here’s the interview below:

TD: Kylie!... Or should I say Icon ? KM: Oh my god! Congratulations! Thank you so much ! How do you feel about being called an icon by GQ? It’s amazing, it’s quite surreal, what does one do with that ? (showing the award) I’ll do whatever Sir Tom says. So yeah what does ones do with that ? Well I mean, you know I think they’ve got heavier. It’s gonna go on my mantelpiece. OK ! Kylie you have had quite THE summer, was Glastonbury everything you hoped it would be and more ? Yes I’m so thankful that it all turned out, I spent... I was gonna say weeks but I think I’ll say months, kind of worrying about it, trying to get everything right and then in the moment, you just have to be in the moment, and I was so focused on getting to the moment and getting through the show, I hadn’t thought about what would follow, and it turned out that what followed was absolutely beautiful, I mean strong reaction across the country and internationally so I’m super happy. Emotional ? Emotional yeah! What’s the plan for the year ahead for you ?

I’m gonna slow down a bit (laughs). It’s been such a year, you’re allowed to slow down. It’s been a mega mega year. I’m gonna perform a song with my band later and we kind of looked at each other and said « It’s only a year ago we were rehearsing for the Golden Tour! ». So we toured UK, we toured Europe and then we did summer shows, so yeah it’s been a big year. And a bonus tonight, we heard you say you got to have a cuddle with Iggy Pop. Oh I did, I’m fully excited about that more than my Icon award (laughs). Hmm no, he’s on a Christmas duet with me on a Christmas song for my Christmas album but I never got to meet him, so... I just basically bowled him over, he was lovely, he was wow, what a guy! Next time I wanna record with him in person. Anyone else you want hugs from tonight ? State your claim now. Well I got a few from Tom, I gave him no choice ‘cause I’m sat next to him. I’ve seen Nicole which was absolutely beautiful she’s just such a diamond. I’ll see who crosses my path. Give me one now (they hug). (Turns to the camera) I got hugged by Kylie ! Thank you so much! Thank you !


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Š David Benett


t was a much awaited collaboration of the fans: Tove Lo and Kylie Minogue for the track « Really Don’t Like U », from the Swedish singer’s new album « Sunshine Kitty » which was released on September 20th. The duet with Kylie was released a week before, to tease the album so it’s a perfect opportunity for us to make a focus about it!

Focus • Really Don’t Like U

Kylie and Tove Lo in Hong Kong during the amFAR Gala


f we all know that the two artists met in Hong Kong during an event organized by the amFAR last year, many of us are unaware that they have both attended a few events in common, without necessarily crossing each other. For example, they were both at the Melt festival! in Germany in 2015, one playing on the Friday and the other on the Saturday. They also shared the same stage during the 2018 Gay Pride in New York but, there again, it wasn’t on the same day: Tove Lo was the headliner on June 23rd and Kylie on the 24th. Tove Lo in New-York for the Pride © Hawtcelebs

Kylie in New-York for the Pride © Splash News

the meeting in hong kong The two singers actually met for the first time early 2018 : « Kylie and I met last year at an amFAR event in Hong Kong; when she said she wanted to work together I made serious mental note! Once I felt I had the perfect song to share with her, I just hoped she would love it and want to do her magical thing to it. She did, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to have someone I love and respect so much on this track and part of « Sunshine Kitty » ».

As for Kylie she said : « I’ve loved this opportunity to collaborate with Tove! It seemingly came out of nowhere, but when we met last year we said it would be great to work together and « Really Don’t Like U » came at the perfect moment. She has that amazing Swedish pop sensibility but her very own style and has carved out her own path within the music industry ».

Both artists performed a few songs in front of many celebrities who were there to attend a charity gala to raise funds to support AIDS research. Kylie was starting to be a little ill at the time and had to cancel her promotion in Australia a few days later.


« REALLY DON’T LIKE U » the song

n August 1st, Tove Lo posted on her social networks the picture of a small notebook that contained the tracklisting of her album « Sunshine Kitty » and the list of the different artists with whom she had collaborated. A list of fourteen tracks, including one with Kylie, « Really Don’t Like U », track number 11. Obviously, this news got all pop music fans super excited and super eager to hear the song. A few tracks were released in August (such as « Bad As The Boys » on August 2nd and « Jacques » on August 28th) followed by many rumors about the imminent arrival of the single with Kylie. We suspected it a bit because during a concert in Prague in early August, Tove had said she was going to film a part of the music video in the city... When promoting her album in late August, Tove Lo had given some details about this song to the Sydney Morning Herald, probably to tease us even more :

« It’s about the feeling you have when you’re at a party and your ex walks in with their new girl or guy, and you put all your hate on this new person that has nothing to do with it. You can dance to it but it has some melancholy to it… I’m so excited by it, it’s a really big moment for me ». And the big moment came on September 6th, when the track was (finally) revealed. 27

Laeti, September 2K19

Focus • Really Don’t Like U


the song in itself

ourth excerpt from Tove Lo’s album, « Really Don’t Like U » was written by the artist herself, accompanied by Caroline Ailin and produced by Iam Kirkpatrick. The song is composed of electro/pop influences and ambient pop, quite calm and with almost always the same rhythm. Unfortunately, it’s not really working and it hasn’t managed to hit the charts, ranking 37th in New Zealand and 74th in England according to Official Charts Company. However, this didn’t stop the track from receiving many positive reviews of journalists seduced by the song. Mike Wass of Idolator said that « Really Don’t Like U » is a « shimmery electro-pop bop », praising the song for discussing « a very relatable theme ». Emily Zemler of Rolling Stone described the song as an « ambient pop number ». She commented that « the pair’s airy vocals meld together over the chorus ». An editor from Out called the collaboration « pop excellence », stating that the song « deconstructs girl-on-girl hate while still acknowledging that just because we know a behavior is wrong doesn’t mean we can stop doing it ». Shaad D’Souza of The Fader called the song « a typically sly, chaotic track from the Swedish pop musician ».

On the cover of the track we can see what is probably Tove Lo’s hand covered by a cloth / silk dress and holding a pair of silver handcuffs. The artist’s logo (a small cat, referring to the name of her album « Sunshine Kitty ») is affixed in a pink heart with Kylie’s current logo.

the music video


e already knew that the track had been recorded in separate studios because of the lack of time from the two singers who have hectic schedules. And in the end, well it was the same thing for the music video. Tove Lo recorded her parts in Prague, in the city as well as in a hotel and Kylie shot her part in London at the Renaissance Hotel close to St Pancras. The two artists teased us by sharing stuff on social networks, one asking the other if she was ready, with some stills from the video, to finally release it officially a few hours later. Although it is a video, it’s written on it that it’s a « Lyric Video », which means that, strictly speaking, it’s not an « official » music video. Indeed, the lyrics of the song scroll down the screen, as if we were in a karaoke (as soon as one of them sings, the lyrics turn yellow). Note also the font chosen for this, which is mega pixelated, but why not). The music video opens with Tove Lo walking around the streets of Prague, as well as the logo on the cover of the single, and a cute little yellow cat that removes the sticker (still referring to the name of her album « Sunshine Kitty »). The scenes alternate between Tove Lo in Prague


Laeti, September 2K19

and in a hotel before Kylie appears for the second verse. We knew she had the choice between a lot of outfits, and the least we can say it is that she used them well! In the foreground, we see her with a yellow dress, probably sitting in a bathroom, then with a golden jacket for a short second and finally in a black dress with little hearts, purple glitter and a ponytail on the side (which really suits her by the way!). You think that’s all? Well no! She then appears in a karaoke with the music video in the background on a television and the image of Tove Lo and she is wearing a golden dress, with a hair clip where you can see « tired » written on it. Kylie is then lying on a couch with a leopard and red dress. Other shots are

filmed during the karaoke (and we see other hair clips, including one where it is written « problems ») and when Kylie is on the couch in the red outfit. If we haven’t seen the singers together for the moment except in Hong Kong, we really hope that they will sing this song together in the future! Tove Lo will be touring Europe from March 9th, 2020, and will travel through Glasgow, Manchester, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Olso and of course Stockholm. Will Kylie make an appearance for the London date? We really hope so !

fashion #1 | dress Ashley Williams shoes ysl #2 | coat georgia hardinge #3 | dress the attico shoes ysl #4 | unknown designer #5 | dress alice + olivia body vetements shoes ysl Stylist : Frank strachan


Laeti, September 2K19

Focus • Really Don’t Like U

Lyrics Why, why, why Why did I go to this party? Thought I was done feeling sorry Knew he’d be here with somebody Why did it have to be you?

Scanning you up ‘n down See you got curves in all the places that count Only you in the crowd He’s looking at you and he looks happier now

I know I got no right to (x 2) Really I just don’t like you Look prettier than I do, tonight You make it hard to have a good time (time, time, time)

Why, why, why Why did I go to this party? Thought I was done feeling sorry Knew he’d be here with somebody Why did it have to be you?

Repeat chorus Chorus: I know I got no right to (x 2) Really I just don’t like you Look prettier than I do, tonight You make it hard to have a good time (time, time, time)

But I’m gonna try (y-y, y-y) Til my eyes and these drinks run dry (y-y) Til I don’t feel anything, oh why Why did I go to this party? Why did it have to be you?

Repeat chorus Chorus x2 None of it is your fault And when I hate on you I’m breaking the code But you got him I don’t, I don’t Hard to be fair to you when I got my heart broke


Wish it wasn’t real, girl But you know how I feel Wish it wasn’t real, girl But you know how I feel

Isa, September 2K19

News • September 2019

KYLIE wants to work with calvin harris


KYLIE performing for strictly come dancing

n September 7th the show Strictly Come Dancing was launched in London. If Kylie’s performance was recorded at the end of August (we had seen the photos in various press articles) it was only broadcasted this month on British television. Accompanied by professional dancers, Kylie opened the show by starting her medley with « Love At First Sight », the song that was used to open her concerts this summer. She arrived on stage in a large golden circle that the dancers needed to turn, which is also something that we already saw this summer when she was coming up on stage. She then sang « Better The Devil You Know » and « All The Lovers », where she was on a platform that lifted up during that excerpt. To finish this medley (which lasted less than five minutes), Kylie sang the first single from her latest album, « Dancing ». If professional dancers were there, the singer’s usual team also danced with her. Kylie looked absolutely amazing in a chic white dress with tassels, and many people commented on her ageless look on Twitter : « OMFG Kylie! She looks 6 years old! » or « Kylie looks better at 51 than I ever have or will look in my life ». She also wore a full « Vertigo » set in 18k with gold, white diamonds and midnight blue enamel from Stephen Webster Jewellery brand. Just so you know, the « Vertigo » set is available exclusively at Harrods. After this medley, the new season of Strictly Come Dancing was officially launched with as candidates: David James, Chris Ramsey, Emma Barton or Michelle Visage. 31

fter winning the « Icon of the Year » award at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London, Kylie told a Daily Star reporter that she would like to rework with Calvin Harris with whom she has already collaborated in 2007 for the track « Wow ». Since then, the DJ’s career has really evolved and he has composed hits alongside many huge stars like the Disciples with « How Deep Is Your Love », Rihanna with « This Is What You Came For », Dua Lipa with « One Kiss » or Sam Smith with « Promises ». Kylie reportedly said : « I’ve not worked with Calvin since he became Calvin Harris. When I worked with him he had to stop and have a drink because he was so nervous coming into the studio. He was still making records in his bedroom ! But I would like to revisit that, his work is amazing. I did back then and I still love « Acceptable In The Eighties » ». Let’s pray that Calvin Harris will get the message !


the golden tour dvd is confirmed...

nd it’s finally official! More than a year after the start of her « Golden » tour, Kylie confirmed on her social networks that the DVD of the tour should be released soon. We kind of expected it because several people who passed the casting of the BBC on the phone (for the « secret » project) said that their passage should be recorded - possibly for the DVD - and would appear on TV before the broadcast of the « Golden Tour » on the BBC as an exclusivity... Note that the filming with the selected fans should take place in November, which suggests that the DVD could be available for Christmas... Laeti, September 2K19

TONES AND I Beat kylie’s australian chart record


he pop music fan that you are has necessarily heard her track on a radio or in a playlist on a streaming platform. « Tones And I », whose real name is Toni Watson is also an Australian artist, who has beat a record held so far by Kylie, which was to spend seven weeks at the top of the charts in Australia for a female solo artist. Kylie had managed to get this record in 1987 with « The Loco-Motion » and kept it for more than thirty years. « Tones And I » surpassed her with « Dance Monkey » last week, a hit all over the world.

more than one million pound to meet kylie


ore than a million pounds to meet Kylie Minogue, this is the price to pay for the ultra-rich, revealed a VIP fixer who works with millionaires and billionaires. Mr Gharbi, who has already privatized the Vatican for clients, explained that meet and greets with artists was one of the most popular things, with prices varying according to different celebrities. « It depends - it’s like a stock market, a celebrity stock market. Sometimes celebrities are more expensive one day than another. Lady Gaga after « A Star is Born », definitely her price has (risen). It can range between hundreds to a million ».

Talking about Kylie, he said : « Believe it or not she’s very expensive and very stable, even though she has not released anything recently ». Let’s be honest Lovers, we kind of doubt that this is the cost of a « simple » meet and greet, but more like the cost of a private gig... But then again we don’t work for millionaires. Anyway, we’ll just continue going to her « normal » shows.


the most watched glastonbury moment

f we were aware that Kylie had made a fantastic appearance during her Glastonbury’s performance in front of a crowd of more than 100,000 people, we had no idea how many viewers had actually watched this event live. Well, the numbers are out and they are incredible! Kylie’s performance was seen by more than 3.2 million people on average, beating the concerts of Ed Sheeran (3.1 million in 2017) and Adele (2 million in 2018) according to the BBC. A peak of audience was also recorded at the end of her set with more than 3.9 million viewers during « Dancing » and « Spinning Around ». Kylie is the artist with the most-watched concert in the history of Glastonbury! The event was broadcast on BBC One but was also on online media like YouTube, iPlayer and live streaming grew by 86% this year reaching 37.5 million viewers while people watching TV concert fell from 23 million in 2017 to 21.1 million this year.

News • September 2019

« mystify » filmmakers were terrified of losing kylie intimate footage

Disappointed by her Glastonbury performance


n her interview with GQ magazine, Kylie said - despite the amazing feedback she got from the public and the press - that she was disappointed by her performance at Glastonbury, even admitting that she was left in « streaming tears » at this performance and that for her, it was « not good enough ». « My reaction was so at odds with the response and the reception it got. I hadn’t done it as well as I wanted. I’ve always been so hypercritical. Was this supposed to be the pinnacle of my career? It’s not good enough. I’m better than that ».

She added : « I mean, I am fine now. Sort of. I guess I had to go through that, watch it, look at it objectively and get that out of my system. It just wasn’t perfection in my eyes ».

the 2020 calendar is here !


t’s that time of the year again! The new Kylie 2020 calendar is now available to buy! If we were all - I think - expecting a new photoshoot (the pictures of last year had already almost all been recycled from the « Golden » era), another choice was made by Kylie’s team. The promotion of her Greatest Hits album continues and no official photos have been chosen, only images in small circles extracted from album covers, singles and videos are affixed on a background with different pastel colors. At the back, there is a picture of the singer during her performance at Glastonbury and the front has a similar design to the one of the Greatest Hits album, the same as the one used for a t-shirt (which was part of the merch of her summer tour) with the inscription « Kylie Classics » on the sides. You can already order your calendar on the internet now or visit our partner Lucky Records in Paris, to get it!


hile the movie about Michael Hutchence, « Mystify » will be released on October 18th in the UK, the director of this documentary said he was afraid of losing his suitcase after Kylie gave him intimate photos of her and the artist. Richard Lowenstein explained how Kylie was incredibly trusting to provide him with these images: « I was like « Are you insane ? » The tabloids will go mad. If the wrong people get their hands on this it could go crazy ».

If Richard, Michael and Kylie had spent some holidays together in the South of France, he confessed that he wasn’t in contact with Kylie anymore and that he got back in touch via the singer’s management: « Kylie is renowned to be a incredibly lovely person and always has been. She had this belief and faith that we were going to do something from an honest and an authentic position. She just opened up and offered me her footage that she’d only recently re-discovered. She then came to Melbourne six months later and did another long interview, and had four five hours of her being incredibly honest about her own feelings and what had happened ».

Piers Morgan hates Kylie !


iers Morgan, who is an English journalist and writer and who also works for television (among others, the Good Morning Britain program on the ITV channel), told to the GQ Awards that he hated Kylie. Why ? You’ll probably ask… Well when Piers arrived with his wife on the red carpet, everyone shouted his name. They were the only ones there at that time and all the fans and photographers present were screaming « PIERS ! PIERS ! ». And then, the drama happened: Kylie arrived and everyone stopped shouting his name, to switch to the one of our Australian, and with much more enthusiasm than for him. « She may be a national treasure but in that moment I’ve never hated Ms Minogue more ».

On his way back, Piers Morgan went back through the red carpet, where he talked a bit with Nicole Kidman, who he was meeting for the first time. The fans cheered him again and he forgave them. « When Kylie’s not around, I’m a HUGE star ! ». he said in the end.


Laeti, September 2K19

Kylie in the press • September

The freshest family in showbiz Ahead of her stint as a judge on the hotly anticipated Australian series of « The Masked Singer » (the one with Lindsay Lohan) we’ve managed to confirm a long-standing story about Dannii Minogue. POPBITCH.COM

A few years back, Dannii attended a Sydney Pride/ Mardi Gras event where things got roasting hot in the dance tent. Before too long everyone on the dancefloor was absolutely drenched in sweat, all except for Dannii. Somehow in this salty sea of bodies, she’d managed to remain cool, dry and perfectly

composed. One sodden reveller approached her, desperate to know how she’d managed to avoid getting soaked, whereupon she turned to him, fixed him with a stare and uttered the immortal line: « Minogues don’t sweat ».

Kylie Minogue, Lewis Capaldi help push BMG revenue up 11.4% in 2019 Following a strong performance in 2018, BMG has kept the impetus going, with revenues up 11.4% in the first half of this year. THEMUSICNETWORK.COM The music company made €269 million ($441.7 million) in six months, according to financials released by its parent company Bertelsmann in Germany. The rise was « driven primarily by organic growth », said Bertelsmann. Operating profit for the first half of 2019 increased by 16.7% year-on-year to €49 million ($80.4 million). The strongest performance came from the recording side. There were successful releases from Kylie Minogue, Keith Richards, Lil Dicky, Avril Lavigne, Dido, The Cranberries, AJR and Adel Tawil, as well as number-one albums by the UK’s Jack Savoretti and Denmark’s Kontra K. New record contracts were signed with Natalie Imbruglia, The Shires, Seeed, the Zac Brown Band, Sugar Ray and Richard Marx.

The share of total revenues attributable to digital formats increased to 56%, up from 54% in the first half of 2018, « reflecting continuing growth in the digital streaming market ». In the music publishing segment, successes included Lewis Capaldi, whose worldwide hit « Someone You Love » has sold over three million copies, George Ezra, and Juice WRLD who scored his first US number-one album. In February, BMG songwriters were behind a record 24 #1 hits across the Billboard charts. New publishing deals were struck with Cage The Elephant, AnnenMayKantereit and Jason Duke. The publishing division also extended its relationship with Black Sabbath and Latin label DEL Records and launched the new Trojan Jamaica label. BMG opened its 15th international office, in Hong Kong, to further strengthen its footprint in the Asian market.


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38% yearly increase in Aussie songs played on Nightlife’s crowdDJ THEMUSICNETWORK.COM - By Zanda Wilson

It’s been a year since Nightlife Music launched the « Thanks for the support Nightlife! Really cool Australian Played initiative on its crowdDJ in-venue to be up there with so many other great Austrarequest app. In that time, there’s been an increase of lian artists. I actually know Nightlife really well 38% in Australian songs played and discovered in pufrom my retail days haha! ». blic using the app in pubs, clubs, gyms and more entertainment venues. The Australian Played initiative she said. makes it easier for fans to choose and identify Aussie artists, and came about as a result of the ongoing debate about Australian music quotas. « It is often difficult to know what artists are Australian; especially the new and emerging talent, so we were hoping the initiative would prompt people to start selecting Aussie music if they could identify it ». said Nightlife music director Matt Lymbury. « An extra almost half a million song choices show Australians love to support Aussie-made music ». Kylie Minogue and Fisher were the top male and female picks on crowdDJ, and Lymbury explained that the Australian Played concept mirrored food labelling. « It’s been a surprising mix of Aussie song picks in the top ten with heavy metal through to rap, with pop and golden oldies and everything in between chosen 34,298 times, the number one male artist Fisher is a fantastic electronic pop artist who might be the surprise of the survey knocking 5 Seconds of Summer out of the top three ». « It’s also wonderful to see Kylie Minogue top the female artist list. She had a great comeback year with a new album and the take-two appearance at the Glastonbury Festival » he said. Breakout artist Tones and I made the Top 5 female artists list.


Top 10 Australian Artists (all) AC/DC – 105325 INXS – 39398 FISHER – 34298 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER – 28595 HILLTOP HOODS – 28144 COLD CHISEL – 27697 PNAU – 25475 THE PRESETS – 21027 KYLIE MINOGUE – 20575 PARKWAY DRIVE – 18696 Top 5 male Australian artists FISHER RUFUS DU SOL JIMMY BARNES DEAN LEWIS LUKE MILLION Top 5 female Australian artists KYLIE MINOGUE AMY SHARK SIA THE VERONICAS TONES AND I Isa, September 2K19

Kylie in the press • September

Natasha Bedingfield reveals that Kylie and Cheryl have little bidding wars over songs OFFICIAL CHARTS - By Jack White

On 30 August 2019, English singer and songwriused that for the Cheryl version ». ter Natasha Bedingfield was back with fourth studio album: « Roll With Me », but in the interim between Natasha told us. albums, she enjoyed songwriting both for herself and other artists. Most notably, Cheryl released a track called « Love Made Me Do It » in November 2018 co-written by Natascha, Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts and Kylie Minogue. Natascha was asked how the track came to be. « I was writing with The Invisible Men - I love them. I think it started as a song title. We were just having fun... There was no purpose. We just wanted to write a really good pop song. It just kind of came together and we didn’t talk about who it would be for ». Natasha explained. So it wasn’t a case of Natasha inviting Kylie, Cheryl and Nicola around for a glass of wine and some nibbles then. She said she « wouldn’t imagine Kylie and Cheryl being in the same room together ». « A lot of times Kylie and Cheryl seem to have the same songwriters, and often have little bidding wars over songs so I’ve heard. But that’s not what happened with this one. Kylie changed some words, she’s not big on writing. She’s like 10%. But then it was just better. And then they



The Queen Mind the gap between Cheryl and Kylie


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10 of Kylie Minogue’s most risqué looks to date So many daring outfits... HELLOMAGAZINE.COM It’s no secret that Kylie Minogue is a certified legend. Since being cast in « Neighbours » as Charlene Robinson back in 1986, she’s carved an incredible career that’s spanned three decades. Not only has she given us hits like « Especially For You », « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » and « I Should Be So Lucky », but she’s also given us some seriously daring fashion looks for the books. Here, as we prepare for her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, we count her top 10 sexiest outfits to date. Prepare to feel pretty damn nostalgic...

velvet crop top and shorts.

2001 : A full sheer outfit was what Kylie ordered for the Smash Hits Poll Winners party 2001. She performed her hit « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » which had been released the same year.

2002 : The ultimate pop star, Kylie went all out in a Fembot-esque silver get-up for her European tour in 2002.

2002 : An iconic look, Kylie wore this ultra-mini white dress and thigh-high silver boots to perform at the 2002 Brit Awards in London. Doesn’t she look incredible?!

2002 : Another look that’s gone down in Kylie history, this red dress with leather boots caused quite the stir when she went on stage at the 14th World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. 2010 : Leather, suspenders and chains, Kylie opted for a provocative look for the 2010 amFAR Gala.

1995 : Performing at a Smash Hits party in 1995, Kylie channelled the ultimate showgirl look in a bejewelled 37

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Kylie in the press • September 1990 : Proof, she was rocking shorts way before she whipped on that infamous gold pair in « Spinning Around ».

2000 : For the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards in Stockholm, Kylie chose to perform « Kids » with Robbie Williams in this risqué onesided sequin gown.

2002 : Not leaving much to the imagination, it was all about the cut-out top for the 2002 Jingle Ball.

2003 : A classic Kylie performance - she opted for this diamante backed dress for her steamy performance of « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » and « Cry Me A River » with Justin Timberlake.

How pop princess Kylie Minogue still has the UK spinning around Kylie Minogue’s association with BMG in the UK has seen her fortunes spinning around.

The « Golden » album from last year debuted at #1, her first chart-topper there since « Aphrodite » in 2010, her sixth #1, and the fastest-selling vinyl and cassette album in the UK last year. Hits compilation « Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection » became her seventh UK #1 in June. Coinciding with its release, Minogue had been announced to play the Legends slot on the Pyramid Stage

at the Glastonbury festival on the coveted Sunday afternoon slot. In the last decade it’s been the mostwatched on-site and off-site. BMG had intended to use that appearance to encourage further sales, with the intention to work it right until Christmas. Alistair Norbury, president of repertoire and marketing at BMG UK, speaking to Music Week, called the festival invite « a perfect opportunity ». 38

« This is one of our tent pole releases for the year, and the Glastonbury slot couldn’t be a better way to kick off that campaign. This is the platform that everyone wants ». Minogue’s first hits set in seven years covers both BMG’s frontline and catalogue divisions, the latter which has her early « singing budgie » PWL catalogue and the koolIsa, September 2K19

kid Deconstruction catalogue. It becomes more a definitive hits collection as a JV with Warner Music which controls the Parlophone tracks. It includes a new track, « New York City », originally recorded for « Golden » but subsequently left off the album. BMG went all-out with its packaging. It is a standard double CD and digital release, as well as a deluxe CD with 32-page casebound book, 2 LP picture disc vinyl, 2 LP limited edition mint green vinyl, 2 LP standard black gatefold vinyl, and a double cassette available in five limited edition colours. BMG’s extended marketing plans are set to swing into action after Minogue’s Glastonbury

performance became the mostwatched in the festival’s history. According to the BBC, she smashed Ed Sheeran’s record of 3.1 million in 2017, with 3.2 million watching the set and 3.9 million tuning in for the final minutes of her performance. Adele’s Pyramid Stage appearance in 2016 had a viewership of 2 million, with a peak of 3.7 million. It was truly a homecoming for Minogue, who had to pull out of Glastonbury in 2005 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and then five years later graced its stage as a guest of the Scissor Sisters. For her own set last weekend, she brought on Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Nick Cave – which led NME to call it « a true pop spectacle ».

Her A-list celebrity status was confirmed when VIP fixer Karim Gharbi of an international concierge company revealed that the Australian-born commands $1.8 million for a meet and greet. Collectively, Minogue’s singles have spent over 300 weeks in the UK’s Official Singles Chart Top 40. She has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and her catalogue now boasts over half a billion streams globally on Spotify alone. Last week the 51-year old picked up an award at the GQ Men Of The Year awards in London, following it up with an energetic performance sporting a $54,000 Kolchagov Barba and Preciosa dress made with 100,000 AB Preciosa crystals.

ParkinSong choir helps those with Parkinson’s find their voice and avoid isolation ABC.NET.AU - By Harriet Tatham 39

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Kylie in the press • September For David Boreham, belting out the lyrics to a Kylie Minogue song is a regular Saturday morning at home. « What I do is, I put Rage on, put the subtitles on, and sing along ».

you’re alienated and alone and if mobility is a problem, as it often is, it makes life difficult ». Since joining the choir, Mr Davis has witnessed a transformation in himself.

is specific to Parkinson’s — if it’s done in the right way, [choirs] can help them practice the very speech behaviours they need to practice, making their speech a lot louder and a lot more clear so they can become more intelligible.

he said.

Choir member Adrienne Irving « It’s been a marvellous change for me from being a has also seen noticeable benefit. « I’m a great Kylie fan and I bit isolated to have this sup« The benefits of being in Parknow I’m better for it ». portive group around ». kinson’s choir is that it helps In December 2005, Mr Boreham them with their voice, the dewas diagnosed with Parkinson’s he said. lay in their voice ». disease, a progressive, chronic neurological condition that affects The benefits the group is ex- she said. As the group’s pianist, Ms movement and speech. periencing are backed by scientific Irving has also enjoyed watching songs she has written being per« Parkinson’s is different for research. « This ParkinSong program is formed by the group. every person. I went from being a right-handed person, to basically having my right arm become useless ». he said.

the first one to actually have some reasonable evidence behind it that it does seem to be having an impact on the speech production ».

« Swallowing, dexterity issues — I’m quite heavily medicated, but I can still function ».

« I’ve been singing with ParkinSong for more than a year now and I was lucky enough to get to have my song performed. The song is called « I’m Still Me » and it’s about a person who has Parkinson’s, or something similar, and basically saying I’m still the person I was before the diagnosis and I’ll still be the person afterwards ».

University of Sydney Professor of Speech Motor Control Kirrie Ballard said. Professor Ballard said there were two reasons being in For a lot of « Parkos », a term a choir appeared to have such a used to describe individuals with positive impact on those with the the diagnosis, the disease can re- degenerative condition. duce the loudness of their voice, ParkinSong meets at the Tur« There’s been quite a bit of making it difficult for them to be ramurra Senior’s Centre, 1 Gilroy research into not just Parunderstood. That is where Kylie kinson’s, but in people af- Road, at 10am to 11:30am each comes in. ter stroke and dementia and Thursday. other mental health condiMr Boreham is a proud member tions, showing that it really of ParkinSong, a singing group for lifts wellbeing and positive people with Parkinson’s. Once a attitude ». week, the group of seniors get together in a town hall in Turramur- she said. ra, on Sydney’s upper north shore, « Individuals with commuto socialise, have morning tea and nication problems often get sing. every isolated because they’re « The music and the singing is hard to talk to, [and] they witjust wonderful ». hdraw from society, so it’s a way to bring them back tosaid choir member Chris Davis, a gether in a group ». retired engineer. « One of the worst things about Parkinson’s can be that

The second reason — and this 40

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Interviews • Scotland’s N°1 Magazine

Boys, Babies, Ballads... Kylie reveals why she has NO regrets

When it comes to Kylie Minogue, there’s one phrase that’s been used consistently over the years; « Unlucky in love ». And even now whilst in a relationship, she faces non-stop speculation by both fans and the media about how long she and her vastest beau will last. Yet the singer has proved time and time again how resilient she is and refuses to let opinions faze her. But after turning 51 this year, Kylie is here to show she’s stronger, happier and more content than ever before. « I’M MAKING THE RULES NOW WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE » Although some may claim that heartbreak has plagued Kylie for years following a string of doomed relationships, it appears the star doesn’t agree and refuses to close the door on love. The star has faced many highly publicised break ups. The most recent of which was with British actor, Joshua Sasse, when they were hit with a cheating scandal just one year after the couple had announced their engagement. But despite this, Kylie is excited to open up her heart again. And, having been linked to British GQ’s creative director, Paul Solomons, for over a year now, it’s reported that Kylie is more smitten than ever. However, unlike the past, she’s now the one making the rules. Insiders say that Kylie is making it clear to everyone around her that things will be very different this time. She is reportedly keeping things private and believes this relationship could be the real deal as she revealed her previous romances were all « mistakes ». Keeping her cards close to her chest, Kylie now wants the upper hand in any relationship as she has to « rebuild (her)self, physically and mentally a bit », after her split from Joshua. It also appears that, while she’s ready to give love another go, marriage is completely off the table as

Kylie reportedly believes she doesn’t need a ring to made her happy. She recently said : « My parents never brought me up with the idea of « the big marriage », I never had it as a goal. I thought, « Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and I should go for it. Maybe I should do what most of the world do ». It works for them. Now I’m going to stick to my previous view. I don’t think marriage is for me ». However, as fans know all too well, Kylie is a romantic at heart and she couldn’t help but gush a little in one social media post about how « thankful and lucky » she is to found have « the man of her dreams ». Although some have cautioned the star to be wary when it comes to falling in love again, Kylie appears to be the one in control and won’t compromise on anything, especially her career, just to have a man by her side. In fact, only a couple of months into their relationship Paul dropped everything so he could fly out to be with Kylie while she was on tour. Despite having a busy schedule himself, he jetted off to be with the star twice : once when she was forced to postpone her Dublin and Belfast shows over a throat infection, and again when her Germany show was rocked by a security threat. She said : « It was a tough year last year workwise, it was good to have your other half be there. He flew in on a couple of occasions, like my superhero ».


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« I’VE FINALLY CONQUERED MY DEMONS » Waving goodbye to past relationship dramas, any « damsel in distress » comparisons and life-altering health scares, the star is back on full Kylie-form. It was clear from the minute she stepped on stage for her legendary performance at Glastonbury this year that Kylie is « incredibly happy » with where she’s at in life. With a handsome new man in tow and a show-stopping tour, Kylie is refusing to let anything stand in the way of her happiness. As she showcases her last album, Golden, Kylie is reportedly using the tour as a way to prove to fans that she’s ready for a fresh start. In fact, the singer has insisted that fans should « stop feeling sorry for her », saying, « you’ve just got to accept where you are and get on with it ». Speaking to the Telegraph about her sell-out tour, Kylie said: « I really felt like I just wanted to be in the moment and grasp the here and now… and perhaps where I might be going ». Although she’s been highly criticized over the years for enlisting a team of writers to help compose her songs, Kylie has now grabbed the pen with fill force and decided to write an album on her own. She has even said that being able to perform her new songs on stage has been like a form of therapy, especially as the track « Flower » explores her supposed « unfulfilled maternal instincts ». Kylie admitted the process was like closing a door on a chapter of her life and waving goodbye to any negativity surrounding © Getty


her. She said : « I wanted to write about the darker side of me. Now I can write about those emotions and keep the pop perspective. A lot of things have changed ». « MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS MY ROCK » Kylie has made no secret of the fact that her friends and family, in particular her sister, Dannii, have always been there to pick her up and put the pieces back together after any toxic relationships. And now she’s made a frank admission, revealing that a lot of her happiness these days is down to learning how to deal with her battle with anxiety. She said : « There are a lot of voices in my head. I guess part of that is our brains, they’re problem solvers. When I’m feeling anxious, I put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. If I knew the answer (to her worries) I would do it and I would have no anxiety. They say that the fast track to happiness is gratitude and it’s true ». And now the star is also taking advice from her 94-year-old grandmother on how to achieve a happy life. « I once asked her just a few years ago : « Nan, how do you do it ? You’re just so cool ». She said to me : « Well, Kylie, you just go with the flow » ». Admitting she was once coy about her personal life, Kylie now wants those around her to see she is, « happier than ever before ». « I WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT » Along with her 14th studio album, « Golden », it appears Kylie is flying tighter than ever. Now Isa, September 2K19

Interviews • Scotland’s N°1 Magazine the singer is even launching a cosmetics line ! Previously locked in a copyright battle with Kylie Jenner over the rights to the name « Kylie », the pop star reportedly refused to go down without a fight. As she cited that Kylie Jenner trademarking the name could « damage » her branding, it proves Kylie will never let anyone push her out of the limelight. After a lengthy legal struggle, Kylie Minogue came out on top as victorious ahead of the launch of her hotly anticipated beauty range. With disco-disco-tactic products that will tie in with her upcoming greatest hits album, « Step Back In Time : The Definitive Collection », Kylie is ready to take the beauty world by storm. « I DON’T NEED KIDS TO BE HAPPY » Some 14 years after cancer changed her life, Kylie has come to terms with the long-term effects the illness has had. Over the years the star hasn’t shied aways from sharing her emotions, but now Kylie is ready to start a new chapter of her life and accepts the fact that children won’t be on the cards for her. She recently spoke about how when she was younger she would daydream about her potential children, but says she has now come to terms with not having any. « I guess I had those visions of what my child would look like, be it a boy or a girl. What would I see of myself in them ? That’s saddening, but I’ve had to face it for a while ». However, she’s making it clear that she now feels comfortable to « get on with things » and doesn’t need to start a family in order to be happy. And although once thinking of adoption, Kylie is now firmly content and believes « your destiny is your destiny ». Speaking about her path in life, the star is ready to embrace it and is completely smitten with being an aunt to her sister Danni’s kids and says she is « crazy » about her three nephews. Despite cancer « changing everything », Kylie candidly revealed that she has learned to be « at ease » with a life without children and has no regrets. « EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP FEELING SORRY FOR ME… I AM HAPPIER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN ! » 43

© Getty

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Kylie Minogue « I don’t want to become a tribute act to myself » By Jonathan Heaf

Interviews • GQ Magazine This summer, fourteen years after ill health forced her to cancel a headline performance at Glastonbury, the Princess Of Pop realised a monumental moment she’d thought would never happen. GQ joined Kylie Minogue in the wings of Worthy Farm to witness a barnstorming legends set three decades in the making... Somewhere in Somerset, a short drive from a large, sun-scorched field filled with hundreds of thousands of men, women, members of Extinction Rebellion, half of Wu-Tang Clan, Lizzo, scary rave clowns, the cast of (new) Cats, Noel Gallagher’s wife, Kate Moss’ posh boyfriend and the governor of the Bank Of England smiling and drinking pints of Whispering Angel, Kylie Minogue is stepping out of a six-seater chopper and desperately trying to kid herself that this is just another day at pop’s coalface. The game face is on, but her inner anxiety finds chinks, escape routes through that big megawatt pop-star grin. « I usually have something witty to say at times like this... » remarks the 51-year-old antipodean to her welcome party, which includes a film crew to capture this momentous occasion. As she walks, Minogue seems to hold on to herself, the down-blast from the whirring helicopter blades threatening to blow her still tiny frame into the hedgerow at any moment. « But I’ve got nothing right now. It’s been a whole mixture of emotions already ». Backstage, within the guts of Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage, the humblebrag so often used by high-profile notables – « This takes a village » – feels like a desperate understatement considering the endeavour and enterprise unfurling for Minogue’s show. Put it this way, the operation makes saving the Whaley Bridge dam look somewhat lacklustre.

As Minogue disappears to begin final preparations ckling warmly. « What a moment for her – not least for what will be the biggest gig of her 30-year career as she was meant to be here 14 years ago but had to – the « legend » slot on the festival’s main stage at cancel »... 3.45pm today, Sunday 30 June 2019 – her troupe of dancers limber up, an army of seamstresses alter, darn and sew, her pale creative director, Rob Sinclair, who looks like he needs a whirl on one of those intravenous vitamin drips, bites his quick over the running time (« We’ve been allotted 75 minutes and the show is currently 76. It’s tighter than tight ») and her band members go in search of some festival catering. And Minogue? « I just bumped into her actually », explains Glasto grand fromage Michael Eavis when I see him goal-hanging outside Minogue’s warren of dressing rooms with his daughter, Emily, herself now chief festival operator round here. Michael is sporting a fetching piece of official merch: a white nylon sun visor with « signature » Kylie logo. It makes him look like the punchline to a Banksy artwork – in a good way. « Suits me, don’t you think? » he says, chu-

Find out the full interview in the GQ October issue

© Gavin Bond


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Interviews • L’Officiel Italia

The Now Icon: Kylie Minogue Thirty years of career, thirty years of hits, thirty years of ultra glamorous outfits. Giambattista Valli interviewed the Australian singer on the connection between music, creativity and fashion. From her beginnings in the 1980s until today: from « Locomotion » to « Golden ».


er thirty-year career is full of success that has seduced many generations. Kylie Minogue, like a chameleon, has changed her look and style countless times, always with the same contagious energy. Her latest album, released in late June, « Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection » (BMG, distributed by Warner) is a best-of of her greatest hits: « I Should Be So Lucky », the 80s duet, « Where The Wild Roses Grow » with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and the inevitable « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » from the album « Fever », awarded with five platinum discs.

Giambattista Valli: Let’s start with a trivial question. What made you become a singer? Kylie Minogue: I did not wake up one morning saying, « I want to be a singer ». I think I became aware of it gradually. My first memory with music goes back to a rhythm class when I was four years old. Then I took violin lessons. For a few years I played piano and, for a while, flute at school. Regarding the singing part, I started becoming passionate about it towards eight or nine years old: my first memories are related to « Grease », ABBA, « Bad Girls » by Donna Summer, that I sang endlessly (without understanding the meaning of the songs of course!). So I started dreaming of the future as a singer. I don’t remember if it was a real aspiration, but it is certainly a dream that has accompanied me throughout my childhood. At the age of sixteen, I began to study singing: I had already played in a television series, so I had been saving money, invested in lessons and recorded a demo (in my head, I needed other actress roles). The rest is history: after my experience in the series « Neighbours », I released a single. GB: How does your creativity work ? KM: I don’t have a copy-paste method to compose my songs. I didn’t write the lyrics of my first records: Stock, Aitken & Waterman made them via PWL Records. But after a while, frustration took over because I wanted to have more influence in my songs. So slowly, I started writing them myself and now it’s one of my favorite aspects of the work. On the other hand, I stopped playing music: despite the approach of several instruments, I abandoned them all once I grew up (I can still hear my grandfather saying: « You will regret having stopped playing music » and that’s exactly what happened!). Every song is different. It may be that you arrive in the studio and my team has already started working on something, so I

© L’Officiel Italia

try to think about a melody or a rhythm and at that moment, I tend to record during my first listen. Sometimes I just want to get out a sentence that’s been in my head for a while for example, or I have an idea of a rhythm and I just need someone to create the music. Photographer: Richard Phibbs Styling: Rosy Arkell-Palmer Hair stylist: Christian Vermaak Photographer assistant : Giorgio Lattanzi, Josh Tarn e Damian Flack Stylist assistant : Crystalle Cox Production: Camilla Bach @ Tristan Godefroy Special thanks to Springs Studios, London

Find out the full interview in the new issue of l’Officiel Italia


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Meeting • The Postman

The Postman


ontrary to what the name suggests, « The Postman » is a collective of street artists, photographers and influencers, more and more numerous over the years and who are scattered throughout the world. This project is very recent, since it started in the UK in the middle of 2018 and aims to spread the love and joy in the streets where generic advertising is largely present (at the same time it’s true, what’s better than to see Kylie’s head at the corner of a street to give us a smile?). Their art and their style is recognizable among others, and these artists highlight icons of the past and present that have and still mark the history of our world. With bright colors, graffiti and a fun punk touch that makes the style so unique, the project aims to bridge the gap between classic photography and street art. On their website, it is also

« It had that wow factor we were looking for » You have necessarily seen their designs on Instagram, and many of us reposted them. Today we’ve decided to write an article about « The Postman », whose street art with different pop images of artists around the world is super famous. written that new collaborators and project ideas are always welcome and that the work for charities is important to them. So obviously, we all know the image of Kylie’s street art they have done, but there are many others ! Here is a non-exhaustive list of other artists with whom the collective has worked on : Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thom Yorke, Charlie Chaplin, Grace Jones or Nile Rodgers... The artworks produced by the collective are exhibited in the main cities of the world, in the United States (New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle), in Europe (Barcelona, Berlin, Brighton, London or Paris) but also in Africa and the Far East. 48

Laeti, September 2K19

These artists intrigue the entire world, probably because of (or thanks to) their incredible rise in a few months and Mark kindly took the time to answer some of our questions about their work.

greatest satisfaction you had since the beginning of your career ? TP : When we started out we just had fun and experimented. It was great when we gained an audience and received feedback. It gave meaning to our Kylie World : How did you de- work. cide to pick Kylie ? Why did you choose to work with this pic- KW : Is there any place you ture ? want to put some of you art on The Postman : Kylie was head- and you haven’t yet ? lining Brighton Pride 2019. We TP : The list is endless. We’d wanted to get people excited. love to do a big art fair, a muWe felt the picture had an inte- seum. More urban canvases of resting urban twist. It had that foreign cities. wow factor we were looking for. It worked well with our art too. KW : You describe yourself as an anonymous artist collective KW : Is there any place you’re - why do you like to stay anoreally proud of having your art nymous ? on ? TP : The nature of some parts of TP : We have work on the stu- our work, especially the street dio front of star photographer art is technically illegal. We also David La Chapelle. Also the fa- prefer the art to speak for itmous Amoeba Records store in self. The creators are just a miLA. But we generally enjoy all nor detail in the background. places we put our work up. KW : How do you feel when KW : As an artist what was the you see people taking pictures 49

in the street next to your art ? TP : It makes us happy to see people enjoying and interacting with our work. KW : Is it difficult to find the correct places to put the stickers on ? TP : It’s not difficult as such. An eye for placement helps. Some sort of relevance to the chosen spots also help. If you’re walking around Paris, New York or Brighton, you’ll might have the chance to find one of the Kylie’s stickers. To have a better indication of the right place, you can take a look at the identifications made by the people who found the stickers on the Instagram of the artists (@thepostman_art) by looking at the indicated places. And if you find a sticker, do not hesitate to take a picture of it (and you) next to the sticker and tag their account on your post !

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Kylie Minogue - September 3rd, 2019 - GQ Awards - London Dress : Ralph & Russo 50

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Kylie Minogue - September 3rd, 2019 - GQ Awards - London Dress : Kolchagov Barba (crystal-embellished) 51

Š Getty

Laeti, September 2K19

Kylie Minogue - September 19th, 2019 - London Dress : Attico 52

© L’Officiel Italia

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Kylie Minogue - September 19th, 2019 - London Dress : Gimabattista Valli 53

© L’Officiel Italia

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Meanwhile, on social medias... • September 2019





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Kylie Reactions • September

When I went too far with photoshop...

...And people discover it

When I wait for Kylie to come on stage...

...And she’s finally here and she smiled at me

When we are finally Friday evening...

...And me on Monday morning asking myself how come the week-end went so quickly

When I try to imitate Kylie at parties...

...And when I realize that it doesn’t work and I have to find another outfit 56

Laeti, September 2K19

When your bestie’s cute friend arrives...

...But that you are still going back home alone

When it’s dark at 7 pm...

...So you decide to go back on holiday in the sun

When I check the housekeeper cleaned the windows correctly

When I try to play hide and seek

When I need to be connected with nature and prefer the ground to a bench

When I’m waiting for my Kylie makeup delivery


Laeti, September 2K19

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