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June 2018

Queen of NYC Behind the scenes of KYLIE’S SHOWS IN NEW YORK

You accept it or you don’t, and I think the best way to accept it is with open arms. Kylie Minogue about turning 50.


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Hi lovers !

No, we did not forget you, but yes, we are late and this June edition is coming out.. well... in July. As we are taking our summer break after this issue, we wanted to wait for Kylie’s performances in the United States to integrate them in this edition, much calmer than the last two. This month, we’re focusing on Kylie’s birthday party, Isa has made a focus on Never Too Late, Melanie is taking you to Cuba, and we’re decrypting the interview «From A to Z » done at the BBC last month. We will let you check this issue now and we wish you a happy holiday, we are coming back around September 15th with a full report about everything from the concert in Hyde Park, right before the tour a few days later! xx Laeti (With the help of En, Mélanie & Isa)

THROwback CALENDAR JUNE 1988 - 2018

Let’s have a look back at the most important events in Kylie’s career through the years and that took place in june.


ylie’s fifth tour : « Intimate And Live », follows the album Impossible Princess released a year earlier. At this time the creative directors of Kylie were none other than William Baker and Steve Anderson, and it is them, still relatively inexperienced about concerts, who worked on the tour (whether on the booking dates and on the production), after Kylie left Deconstrution Records and Sony BMG. The scene and its concept were drawn by Kylie and William and the goal was to keep the personal aspect of the album. Baker and Minogue had both designed the outfits for the tour inspired by «princess» outfits. Kylie wanted to take ‘risks’ with the outfits and appearances on tour, so she decided to keep her longer hair that was not present on the promotion shoots. The tour began on June 2, 1998, in Melbourne, Australia. Kylie sung in small theaters to create more personal atmosphere, and did 19 concerts in Australia and 3 in Europe, more specifically in London. « Intimate And Live » featured five acts plus a encore, totaling 21 songs, including « Dancing Queen » and « Should I Stay Or Should I Go ». The concert was filmed at Sydney’s Capitol Theater on June 30th and July 1st, 1988, and a live album was released in November 1988. In 2002, Mushroom released the DVD in Australia and New Zealand.




JUNE 9TH, 2014 4 www.kylie-world.com

eleased on June 9, 2014, during the exploitation of the album « Kiss Me Once », « Crystallize » was written especially for a fundraiser for breast cancer research. At the request of APREC (The Alliance for Cancer Research), Publicis Conseil created the One Note Against Cancer campaign, which auctioned the 4,408 notes of the song on eBay. A music video, shot during her visit in Paris in March was also unveiled on her Youtube channel, with the names of all the people who bought a note from the song. Unfortunately, the exploitation of music was very brief and the song wasn’t a big success in the charts. Kylie sang it a few times during the special requests from the public during the « Kiss Me Once Tour ».

Laeti, June 2K18




irst single of Kylie’s eleventh studio album, «All The Lovers», a song marking her comeback into the music industry. Written by Jim Eliot and Mima Stilwell and produced by the first as well as Stuart Price (exclusive producer of Aphrodite), this song now represents one of the classics of Kylie’s discography. The singer describes it as the song that perfectly sums up the « euphoria » of the album. It was also recorded in the last three weeks of creation. « All The Lovers » was very well received by critics and the public, ranking in the top 10 of many countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Italy,

ove At First Sight» is a song from Kylie’s eighth studio album, «Fever». It was written by Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Kylie Minogue, Ash Howes and Martin Harrington and produced by the first two. This rather dance-oriented song was chosen as the third single from the album for the world, and as the second single for North America. The cover picture was made by Nick Knight and was taken during the shoot for Kylie’s lingerie collection. The music video was directed by Johan Renck and shot in two days in a Dublin studio. We see Kylie in a futuristic world, with some dancers in the background. The song was well received by the public and critics and it ranked on the third place on the charts in Australia, second in England and in the top 10 for Canada, Denmark, Ireland, United States Spain and New Zealand. It was also nominated for the Grammy Award in the « Best Dance Record » category. This was Kylie’s first nomination for a Grammy Award. « Love At First Sight » has been featured in all of the singer’s tours since 2002, except during the Anti Tour and the Golden Promo Tour (European leg).

Spain or even Switzerland. The song was number three in the charts in England, but it unfortunately failed to reach the top 10 in Australia. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles by Joseph Kahn. We see the singer on a pyramid of couples dancing. Because of the nudity and the so-called « sexual » character of it, the clip has been banned from some Asian countries. This did not stop Kylie from including this song into most of her setlists, now making it a classic.



he summer tour « Kylie Summer », which followed the Australian singer’s « Kiss Me Once Tour », began on June 12, 2015, in Aalborg, Denmark. Kylie Minogue played her biggest hits with a setlist quite similar to the « Kiss Me Once Tour » in England, Finland, Germany and Denmark. This mini-tour was composed of six dates and should also have passed through Turkey, but due to too weak sales, the date was canceled. The most notable performance was her show at Hyde Park on June 21, when Kylie headlined the BST.

JUNE 12TH, 2015 5 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Throwback Calendar • June



nother song that marked Kylie’s career and was released in June: « Spinning Around », from the album « Light Years » released in 2000. This track won the ARIA Music Award for the « Best Pop song ». The music was written and recorded at the beginning by and for Paula Abdul. It was not very successful and the song was then given to Kylie. Jamie Nelson, who is currently working at BMG and has indicated the direction to take on Golden, spotted this track for the singer in New York. This song marks a real comeback for Kylie, ranked first in Australia and England, before being certified platinum for the first country, and silver for the second. « Spinning Around » also worked very well in the international charts. But what has made the most impact is the video, directed by Dawn Shadforth. To be specific, it’s Kylie’s famous golden mini-shorts, given to her by her best friend, which captivated the public and became a legendary piece of her clothing. It is now preserved in a museum in Australia and our singer does not even have the right to touch it without gloves!


t was a surprise for all the fans on Kylie’s birthday on May 28, 2013 : the song « Skirt » ! It was released via the Beatport platform and the song was written by Kylie, alongside Chris Elliot, Chris Lake and The-Dream, while the production was made under the stage name of Chris Elliot, Name Of Strip. The track was used as a teaser for the twelfth album of the singer, it was however not included in the tracklisting of « Kiss Me Once ». Musically, it’s also quite different from what Kylie had done before, with dubstep touches. There’s no official music video for this song, but the singer published a lyrics one on her Youtube channel. This « music video » was directed by Will Davidson who actually took more than 1,000 photos of Kylie in her hotel room and made them a video (yes, it’s all pictures!!!). The song has unfortunately never been performed live, but the singer included it as an interlude during the « Kiss Me Once Tour ».


JUNE 24TH, 2013



JUNE 28TH, 2004

hird and final single from « Body Language », « Chocolate », written and produced by Johnny Douglas and Karen Poole. This is a ballad that is also one of the favorite songs of the singer on this album. « Chocolate » unfortunately missed the top 10 in Australia, but caught up well in England where it was number six. The video was filmed by Dawn Shadforth and imagined as a tribute to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s musicals. We see Kylie surrounded by many dancers, in a room, performing a choreography by Michael Rooney. Unfortunately, this song is not a part of a tour setlist very often, but Kylie performed it on « Money Can’t Buy » and on « Showgirl: The Greatest Hits » and « Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour » tours.

6 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

: EXTRA SHOW n - The O2 Fri 28th Londo

NEVER TOO LATE Early September 1989, Kylie had completed recording her second album « Enjoy Yourself ». It contained ten tracks, two of which had already been released: « Hand On Your Heart » and « Wouldn’t Change A Thing ». Released on 23rd October 1989, the follow-up single, « Never Too Late », had the same kind of sound as « Hand On Your Heart ». However, its release date wasn’t ideal for several reasons, which is probably why the single didn’t perform as well as expected in the singles charts… Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about the song « Never Too Late ».

Focus • Never Too Late album « Enjoy Yourself » was released (9th of October). And of course, since the song was already part of the album, it didn’t help sales.

NEVER TOO LATE Rumour has it that Kylie wanted the album title track as the third single from her new album to be released as a single, but PWL were scared that a single having the same name as the album would bring confusion in the market, so they quickly decided that « Never Too Late » would be the next single instead. However this last-minute change caused some inadvertent consequences. • To start with, the track was not complete in time for it to be included as a single in Kylie’s already ongoing tour « Disco In Dream » in Japan (show which Kylie then took to the UK as part of The Coca-Cola Hitman Roadshow), because the tour started before the single came out and ended only a few days after its release (tour was from 2nd to 27th October 89).

« Never Too Late » is once again a classic PWL song in the sense that its melody is catchy, cheerful and sounds positive when the lyrics are actually sad, just like in « I Should Be So Lucky » or « Hand On Your Heart » for example. After the positive message of « Wouldn’t Change A Thing », here we are right back in the ‘unlucky in love theme’ of all Kylie’s earlier hits. In this new single Kylie is telling a cheating lover that even though he has disappointed her, she is ready to take him back so that they can give their relationship another chance. She’s basically pleading him to come back saying that it’s never too late to forgive and process hate into love. It’s all about forgiveness (or being totally foolish when you’re love-blind? We’ll let you decide on that one).

• Then there were some manufacturing issues: indeed, on 23rd October, the 12” remix wasn’t even ready for release so the single debuted at an unexpectedly low #17 in the charts. This is why the 12” was then pressed and shipped hurriedly, and that helped the single climb in the UK Top 10. • And last but not least, « Never Too Late » was released as a single only a couple of weeks after the

In many ways this new single from Kylie marked the end of an era though; it is the last ‘traditional’ Stock Aitken and Waterman pop single of her career. Young, adorable, bubbly Kylie was now really turning into a mature and sexier Kylie! The B-Side to the 7” single, entitled « Kylie’s Smiley Mix » is a non-stop 4-minute megamix medley of some of her songs from her Kylie album, with in order: « Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi », « Turn It Into Love », « I Should Be So Lucky », « Got To Be Certain » and it ends with the « all aboard » sample from the re-recording of « The Loco-Motion ».

10 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, June 2K18

The 12” extended version, which lasts a little over 6 minutes, also contains excerpts from Kylie’s first album tracks « I’ll Still Be Loving You » and « It’s No Secret ».

• musicomh.com : « It’s never too late to change your mind ». So ends the spine-tinglingly delicate take on Never Too Late which closes this curious album, possibly hinting at interesting times ahead for Kylie. That final line of Never Too Late, then, offers not only tantalising possibility but also much promise. Here’s to the next 25 years.

The Australian releases of « Never Too Late » include a then new remix of « Made In Heaven » (the Heaven Scent Mix that Kylie performed during the « Disco In Dream tour » in Japan).


« Never Too Late » was beautifully reworked in 2012 UK : As already mentioned, the single entered the to be included on Kylie’s « The Abbey Road Sessions charts as #17, and then it peaked at number 4, which album ». is really not bad if we consider the album had already been released ! Just like for the « Abbey Road » version of « Hand On Your Heart », everyone loved this orchestral version However, this low debut broke Kylie’s impressive run of « Never Too Late ». of 7 consecutive Top 2 hits in the UK charts. But even

if entry was low, it was still Kylie’s 8th consecutive Top 5 Hit single, it remained 10 weeks in total in the UK Charts and was certified silver.


(Abbey Road Version) • thequietus.com : « Never Too Late » – one of Kylie’s perkiest Stock-Aitken-Waterman numbers – gets turned into a gentler, more intimate statement. « It’s never too late, we’ve still got time, it’s never too late, you can still be mine », the line shimmers. The placing of this track at the end of the album can’t have been done unknowingly. It may have been a sentimental ploy, but the song comes across like a gentle, loving call-out to fans. • Digitalspy : … the most frivolous of her Pete Waterman years still make for the most interesting listening: deep sadness has been unearthed on « Never Too Late »…

Chart positions in other countries: • Ireland: #1 • Belgium: #4 • Spain: #11 • Australia: #14 • Netherlands: #20 • Switzerland: #23 • France: #26 • New-Zealand: #27 • Germany: #45

11 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, June 2K18

Focus • Never Too Late

LYRICS Why can’t you see That I’m still mad about you Even though I’ve found out about you I’ll always stay forever true And in my heart I will forgive you I’ve got so much love to give you It’s never too late We’ve still got time It’s never too late You can still be mine It’s never too late To change your mind Why can’t you try and be a man about it And if you stop and think about it You just can’t keep walking out on me And even if it takes forever Your love’s better late than never

It’s never too late We’ve still got time It’s never too late You can still be mine It’s never too late To change your mind Though I try I can never put you from my mind You just creep right back inside And there’s no place I can hide And in my heart I will forgive you I’ve got so much love to give you It’s never too late We’ve still got time It’s never too late You can still be mine It’s never too late To change your mind

12 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, June 2K18

THE VIDEO The video was directed by Pete Cornish and filmed in London in September 1989.

Then we see Kylie as a 1930’s Ginger Rogers-style movie star, wearing a long red satin dress with huge white flowers on her right shoulder, a red necklace and matching earrings.

Unlike for the « Hand On Your Heart » video, Kylie loved filming this clip. She worked with a professional choreographer on this one, and it was something she was really enthusiastic about. At the time she said : « If you’ve got it in you it comes very easily, and learning a routine is no problem. I mean I know a lot of people have a lot of difficulty dancing, but I find it comes quite easy and I enjoy it so much. Hopefully that comes across! » This video also shows a change in artistic direction for Kylie, she was finally taking more creative control over her image, something she had promised to do. Kylie had finally gained some confidence. The clip is presented in the style of puppets (Kylie and her dancers being the puppets) performing in a little toy theatre, wearing different costumes of the 20th century, in front of a variety of matching backdrops. The dancers are always dressed to match Kylie’s outfits.

After that, she appears in the most famous outfit from the video: the total-cowgirl look, complete with chaps and Stetson. The pictures taken for the single cover art material show Kylie in this costume. If you want to look like Kylie there, the hat from the « Golden Promo Tour » merch is a good place to start! Kylie is then dressed as a sexy 1950’s Suzie Wong, wearing a green Chinese dress and holding a fan in her hand (weird thing is the backdrop is actually showing the Eiffel Tower, and as far as we know, it’s not in China…)

It starts with Kylie dressed as a 1920’s flapper girl (flapper girls are women in the 20s known for their short skirts, bobbed hair and their preference for jazz). She is wearing a black tank-top style dress with white pearls, a headpiece, a pearl necklace and black see-through glovettes with a huge diamond ring over one of them.

The final costume is the one of a psychedelic 1970’s hippie style disco dancer with flower trousers, straight hear, headband and a sleeveless vest. 13 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, June 2K18

Focus • Never Too Late



Kylie sang the song during 3 of her tours: • The video was awarded the Logie for the « Most • Enjoy Yourself Tour • On A Night Like This Tour, as part of the Hits MedPopular Music Video » in March 1990 in Australia. ley which included 4 other songs from her PWL days: • The song is mentioned in episode 7 of season 2 (The « Step Back in Time », « Wouldn’t Change a Thing », Idiot’s Lantern) of the British drama, Doctor Who. At « Turn It into Love » and « Celebration ». one point, the Doctor, played by David Tennant, says, • Kiss Me Once Tour, as part of the Dollhouse Med« It’s never too late, as a wise person once said. Kylie, ley which also included « Hand on Your Heart », « Got to Be Certain » and « I Should Be So Lucky ». I think.» • « Never Too Late » was one of Michael Hutchence’s favourite tracks of Kylie. And talking about Michael Hutchence, it seems that it was during the « Disco In Dream Tour » in Japan that the love relationship between Kylie and Michael begun. And this relationship was to change Kylie forever. • Soon after the single and the album were riding high on the international charts, the focus would soon be on Kylie as a movie star with « The Delinquents ». We’ll talk more in depth about this in the next edition of the Kylie Times.

PROMO APPEARANCES • The very first time Kylie performed this song live was on 29 October 1989, at the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ party (to celebrate the magazine Smash Hits) in London, where she picked up both the Best Female Solo Singer and Most Fanciable Female award. She also promoted the single during these TV programmes: • Going Live! (UK) • Hey, Hey it’s Saturday (UK) • Saturday Morning Live (UK) • Live Countdown Revolution (OZ) • Des O’Connor Tonight (UK) • Top Of The Pops (UK) and I remember this performance like if it was yesterday (oh god, time flies!). The pink bra and orange trousers were also worn for a photoshoot done by Grant Matthews.

• Regarding the 2012 Abbey Road version of this song, during an interview with Popjustice, Kylie said:

« Never Too Late was done so early on in my career that I was just bracing myself and trying to spit out the lines and get it done. There wasn’t much emoting happening. So that song was a revelation to perform in this way. To really mean what I was saying and feel what I was singing »

The single was included in the PWL Hits Medley during the 2001 TV Special « An Audience with Kylie » (with « What Do I Have To Do », « Shocked », « Wouldn’t Change A Thing » and « Celebration »).

14 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, June 2K18

• The Abbey Road version of the song was performed on the Live Jonathan Ross Show in London in October 2012.


The photo used for the front and back sleeves of the physical releases were taken by Simon Fowler during the filming of the video (only the picture used of the Japanese physical supports was different).

12’ Single Front pic

Back pic

• Never Too Late (Extended Version) • Kylie's Smiley Mix (Extended Version) The cover of the 12” from the Philippines is different to the others.

CD Single • Never Too Late • Never Too Late (Extended Version) • Kylie’s Smiley Mix (Extended Version)

7’ Single

OZ Cassette « Cassingle »

• Never Too Late • Kylie’s Smiley Mix

• Never Too Late (Extended Version) • Made in Heaven (Heaven Scent Mix)

On the australian version, we can also find « Made In Heaven » (Heaven Scent Mix). 15 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, June 2K18



May 28th, 2018 marked Kylie’s fiftieth birthday. An event each fan was curious about, mainly thanks to the fairly important teasing carried out by the media in different interviews. Who were the guests? How was the evening? We about to take you behind the scenes of this event.

Report • Behind the scenes of Kylie’s birthday


he day was fixed a few weeks in advance, by an invitation. « A Night For Kylie », with the logo of Studio 54 hijacked by the number 50 with the date, May 27, 2018, all in golden. Of course - even when Kylie celebrates her birthday with her friends, she still keeps in mind her work and the theme of her album « Golden »! And it all makes sense after all: 50 years is considered by many as the golden age, the one where women are supposedly the most fulfilled and happy on a personal level. It was a day before her birthday that all her guests gathered at the Chiltern Firehouse, a famous London hotel in which Kylie had already spent several evenings, and a room had been privatized for the occasion. The theme of the evening, the Studio 54, was not respected by all the guests, and nobody really went too crazy on it, but the singer herself graced everyone’s presence wearing a long golden dress by Stella McCartney recalling the glamor and disco of the 70s. The room was filled with tons of balloons

(that had the party’s logos on them, because it’s Kylie’s b-day we are talking about and obviously everything had to be a little extra)... and of course, a disco ball was up and shining! I mean, would it even be a Kylie event without a disco ball? The singer had invited her loved ones including many celebrities such as Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, Chrissie Hynde and Rick Astley, as well as Guy Pearce and Jason Donovan, her early partners in Neighbours. The guests were able to enjoy the evening with various cocktails created especially in honor of our Aphrodite. They could get drunk off « I Should Be So Lucky », made with Pisco Waqar, lime, a little sweetness and bitters. The « Spinning Around » consisted of Ketei One vodka, champagne, peach, apricot and actual gold dust... « Wild Rose » – Don Julo Blanco tequila, Mezcal, aperol and passion fruit. And we end with the « Stop Me From Falling », composed of with Lavendar and elder-flower, lime juice and ginger ale. And if you did not find your happiness in these, then obviously you are not human but that’s ok, classic cocktails and champagne were also present.

18 www.kylie-world.com

Each guest also got a goodie bag that included pins, balloons, a scarf and a vinyl of « Golden » especially designed for this occasion.

Laeti, June 2K18

Some guests such as Rick Astley, took the microphone to sing during the evening, Kylie who earlier claimed she would not sing during the event took the microphone to sing « Celebration », in the theme of this anniversary! She also received some birthday messages from guests who could not be present, including Nick Cave or Dolly Parton and the Muppets (would muppets be able to get a drink or would they get ID-ed at the bar, btw???). She blew out her candles and made a pretty emosh speech at the end.


any polaroids were taken during that event, enough to leave a true memory. And Kylie chose this way to introduce us to her new boyfriend, Paul Solomons, who works as creative director of the GQ magazine in England. There is only a few information about him which are known (and it’s not bad news), but here are some details about his career.

at night in a specialized printing house in his hometown, which produced The Face, Marie Claire and Arena. In 1999, he graduated as a graphic designer at Trent University in Nottingham. Paul is since 2001 creative director of the British GQ and GQ Style magazine. He has previously worked for Marie Claire and ran his own company simply called « Paul Solomons Design LTD ». In 2015, he won the Digital Magazine Award for Paul is 43 years old and Designer of the Year. comes from Caerphilly, a community in Wales. He fell in love with magazines while working 19 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

News • June 2018


BBC Radio 2 Live In Hyde Park

he event was confirmed on June 15th when Kylie appeared at Chris Evans’ morning on BBC Radio 2: the singer will be headlining the famous radio festival in Hyde Park in September. Some fans were already aware since the day before because the station inadvertently published a tweet mentioning that Kylie would be there, and some lovers noticed before it got deleted very quickly. Following the success of her fourteenth studio album « Golden » in England, it feels normal that the BBC, which has always supported Kylie, decided to pick her as headliner. Other artists that will perform are All Saints, Rita Ora, Manic Street Preachers and Lenny Kravitz, as well as the country singer Carrie Underwood, who will release her new album « Cry Pretty » a few days after this event. Last year, Take That were headlining along with Shania Twain and James Blunt. Tickets were sold out in less than an hour. There are still some tickets for this event, open to about 50,000 people. Kylie said, « I’ve played Hyde Park a few times and the atmosphere there is always, always great. » See you on September 9th!


Kylie at Buckingham Palace

n June 14th, Kylie Minogue was present at Buckingham Palace alongside Prince William for the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for the Royal Marsden, which fights against cancer by doing researches and tries to provide the very best care and develop life-saving treatments. Kylie showed support for these methods of care, 13 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. She was spotted talking with Prince William in a beautiful silver dress, before performing a few songs during dinner.


Kylie x Sigala What You Waiting For ?

is album « Brighter Days » will be released on September 21rd and the first exclusive song « Feels Like Home » in collaboration with Fuse ODG, Sean Paul and Kent Jones has just been released, and to make things even more exciting, Sigala played an excerpt from his song with Kylie at an album launch party in Ibiza. The track on which the singer participated should be « What You Waiting For », as a live snippet has leaked where we can hear Kylie singing « So tell me, so tell me, tell me what you’re waiting for ». The DJ has planned other appearances this summer in many festivals, we hope to hear another snippet ASAP!


n May 25th came a re-release of Kylie’s Light Years album in England at Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain. Only a few copies were available in each of the shops and everything was sold out very quickly once the news spread. The new thing was the color of the vinyl, blue. If you have not managed to get your copy, some are available on eBay at fairly high prices (you know those people who try to make money all the time...). 20 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

This is the gift that Kylie gave us for her birthday: the singer shared a music clip of the third single of her album, « Golden ». Let’s take a closer look at this song that has so far made it into all the promo concerts of the singer.

We’re not young, we’re not old

We’re golden


fter « Dancing », released in January and « Stop Me From Falling » in March, « Golden » was chosen to continue the exploitation of the fourteenth studio album of the singer. The track was confirmed as a single on May 28th, on Kylie’s birthday, with a promotional support aka the official music video. Written by Minogue herself, Lindsay Rimes, Liz Rose and Steve McEwan and produced by Rimes, « Golden » is the perfect example of the mix between the pop universe of the singer and this new country direction. At the beginning of the song, we can spot a reference to Ennio Morricone, who made the soundtrack of the film « The Good, The Bad and The Ugly »: it was Kylie who got hit by this idea when opening the door of the studio to someone. She hesitated to do it, it seemed to really fit the theme she chose to integrate it to the song. And it was a great choice ! « Golden » is in our opinion the best song to start a concert with, the whistling adding more pressure and announcing the arrival of our cowgirl (LOL!). Regarding the lyrics, this song is really based on living your life and remaining determined. Kylie had a sentence in mind before the recording began, which was « We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden ». The singer was absolutely keen to put this sentence in one of her tracks and it was finally on « Golden » that it found its place. She explains :

« When I was doing promo on my last album, I was asked so much about, ‘how do you feel being a woman this age in the music industry’, and I must have been 46 at the time - which in their eyes must have been ancient. I understood the interest and I answered the question but I just got increa-

singly bored by it - and annoyed. And so I wanted to at least for my own sake have that line in some of the lyrics, meaning we can’t make ourselves younger, we can’t make ourselves older, we just are who we are ». « Golden » was sent to radio stations in England and Italy on May 29th. It was performed at the Golden Promo Tour in Europe and in the United States, and during the White Party in Palm Springs, California, on April 29th and June 24th at Pride in New York.


he music video of « Golden » was a present for all the lovers on Kylie’s 50th birthday (no no, it’s not a coincidence!), on May 28th. Unfortunately, it leaked a few days ago (we will not comment on the fact that some fanpages contributed to that…). The clip was shot in Havana, along with the remix of « Stop Me From Falling » with Gente De Zona. The video was made by Sophie Muller (who worked on videos of the first two singles of this album) and produced by Gloria Bowman. We see Kylie in a green dress lying on a bed and in a red dress dancing in the sea. There are also images shot closer where we have a zoom on Kylie’s face, without make-up. After the first chorus, we can see the singer running at night in the streets of the city, in a very loose dress. The video ends with Kylie smiling at the camera. Our Australian explained on the social networks the behind the scenes of this shoot: « Behind the scenes of the #Golden video, on a roof terrace in Cuba. We had no lights, no crew... no makeup!! It took some convincing from my Director, Sophie Muller but we did it! Our Director of Photography John Perez filmed the video using his personal camera. Job. Done! ».

21 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Live Performances • June 2018



s part of his tour, Nick Cave stopped in London for the All Point East festival, and he invited Kylie Minogue on stage to sing 1995 duet « Where The Wild Roses Grow ». The two Australians met for a rare performance of this track which remains a favourite of Kylie’s fans. The spectators gave a very warm welcome to the singer, who started this duet with a big kiss to Nick, and danced several times during the song with him. In the end, he gave her a red rose as a symbol. And it also seems that Kylie wore a dress created by Nick Cave’s wife, Susie Bick, who has her clothing brand called « The Vampire’s Wife ».



ylie went to the studios of BBC Radio 2 to sing four tracks All The Lovers live in Chris Evans’ morDancing ning on June 15th. The Stop Me From Falling singer was invited alongIslands In The Stream side Aidan Turner, Johnny Marr and Tracey Ullman with whom she exchanged a few words during the show. She also announced that she would headline the BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park, alongside Rita Ora, Lenny Kravitz and Carry Underwood. Kylie Minogue performed acoustic versions of her songs with her band, and « Islands In The Stream », the cover of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers. You can find a video on the Youtube channel of the radio!

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n June 16th, the « Dine And Disco » was held. It’s a charity gala for the BBC charity Children In Need. The goal is to raise money for children and young people with disabilities in the UK to improve their lives. Hosted by Chris Evans who works for BBC Radio 2, the evening was held in a 5-star hotel, Chewton Glen, and had many headlines: Take That, The Feeling, Jimmy Flash and a DJ Set Chris. People who were there were allowed to see the show and enjoy food and wine from great chefs. Kylie made a surprise appearance for an acoustic version of « Stop Me From Falling », which she performed alongside her band. This year, the Dine & Disco raised more than two million pounds for the association.

A performance AT THE cannes lions


nd let’s go to France, close to Cannes and more precisely at the Garibondy Castle on June 20th for the Cannes Lions. This is a private event where awards are given to advertisers and creative people and parties are organized every evening with performances of artists on different places of the French Riviera. News Uk has decided to do their own party at the Garibondy Castle, with performances by Iris Elba, Fatboy Slim or Kylie. The singer appeared around 11 pm to sing some of her best songs including « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head », « In Your Eyes », « All The Lovers » or « The Loco-Motion » and « Spinning Around ». At the public’s request, she also performed « I Should Be So Lucky », which was sang along by the crowd. 23 www.kylie-world.com

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Live Performances • June 2018 Kylie Minogue was invited to New York, as a headliner of the Pride Island concerts celebrations on June 24th. Although thunderstorms threatened the show, it was after all Kylie who stormed the stage and performed for about an hour, mixing her biggest tracks and her latest songs from « Golden ».


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o begin the concert, what could better than « Golden » as introduction? The already known heart with the K in the middle disappeared for this show - the singer picked something else for the staging: a bright screen with a sunset set in a red sky, reminiscent of the western atmosphere. It was on the introduction of this song that the musicians and dancers settled, hiding Kylie on a rocking chair. The music stopped and the lights turned on the singer. She appeared in a white suit that had been personalized with her designers and she was looking just awesome. Only problem, the microphone was not working and Kylie began to sing for nothing. This problem was quickly fixed (thankfully!). The backdrops showed pictures of desert and horses passing by. We do not hide our joy at seeing this new environment, which probably serves as rehearsals for the upcoming tour, and marks the current era. The singer continued with a classic, « Spinning Around », on which she removed her jacket to reveal her white short sleeve suit. The backdrops were similar to those she had for the live in Macau, the choreography remained the same as the one of the « Kiss Me Once Tour ». After this song, the K in the background changed the colours to the LGBT flag, as well Laeti, June 2K18

as the « Kylie» logo on the giant screen, and everybody’s fave « Raining Glitter » followed. She also began to detach the top of her suit during this song, just before leaving the scene to change of costume. Meanwhile, the introduction of « Get Outta My Way » was on and it was the same version as on the previous tour. Kylie appeared in a long dress in the colors of the Pride : what else could we expect for this event ?! Personally, I also admire the fact that she managed to dance and jump with this dress and high heels without falling down on the floor as I would have. The classic « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » followed and its beginning seemed different from anything we have heard so far. She then took the time to talk a little with the audience who gave her a great welcome, declaring that she was very honored to be there and that the people were incredible. She then performed « Stop Me From Falling » with the audience singing really loud from the first notes, and « On A Night Like This » followed. There was a great moment before singing back for the last time the chorus, a kind of « explosion sound » in the back on the giant screen right at the moment when Kylie looked up. She then introduced « 9 to 5 », a cover of Dolly Parton, whom she calls her current spirit animal. Two dancers accompanied her, sitting at desks, with a typewriter. Kylie then claimed to still believe in love at first sight, a perfect time to introduce the song of the same name, always in the same version as the « Kiss Me Once Tour ». The audience sang « Kylie Kylie » in chorus, which made the singer dance (and blush!). She encouraged people to take their shirt down to do a lasso with it during « Dancing » (good idea for the next tour isn’t it ?!). At the end of the song, she asked for her phone to film the moment from her point of view. She then explained that it was complicated to come on stage because they were constantly changing the timing because a storm was coming up. Before the end of the concert, she started to sing a little bit of « Slow » acapella, and her band followed her for a rather unique and naked version, which could be heard in a jazz café. She finished with « All The Lovers », played on the acoustic guitar, which offered a more country dimension to the song and gave it a new life, before doing the more « pop-electro » version for the second verse. At the end of the concert, there was a firework as a perfect ending to the beautiful day. Note that the singer performed next to the Empire State Building, which was also decorated in honor of Gay Pride with the colors of the LGBT flag.

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Golden Spinning Around Raining Glitter Get Outta My Way Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Stop Me From Falling On A Night Like This 9 To 5 Love At First Sight Dancing Slow (A Cappella) All The Lovers Laeti, June 2K18

Live Performances • June 2018

KYLIE, QUEEN OF NEW YORK CITY Being in New York for Pride, Kylie Minogue took the opportunity to offer Americans who do not see her often, a representation of the « Golden Promo Tour » in an intimate venue, the Bowery Ballroom. Let’s have a look back at this concert, which had some surprises !


Golden One Last Kiss Raining Glitter Breathe Put Yourself In My Place Shelby 68’ Radio On Islands In The Stream The One New York City A Lifetime To Repair Hand On Your Heart Love At First Sight All The Lovers Stop Me From Falling Sincerely Yours Slow Dancing Your Disco Needs You

t was a few days before leaving to the United States that Kylie announced that she would sing in New York at the Bowery Ballroom as part of the Golden Promo Tour. News that delighted all Americans, who made the hall sold out (575 tickets) in a few minutes. The scene was still as small as for previous scenes, but the heart was missing, it’s just the gush K all around in the background. As with previous shows, Kylie did not have a screen behind her, to keep this intimist side. Another new stuff, the singer no longer wears double denim !!!! She went for a long dress mixing pink and orange, and hung a small purple bouquet at her microphone stand. On a setlist side, no big changes to note until « The One ». But it’s after, when Kylie started talking, that the surprise happened. « I’m going to do something I’ve basically never done before – play a demo for you. We 26 www.kylie-world.com

write so many songs [in the process of making an album]. I don’t even know how many songs were written in the process of making Golden, but a stack. [Some songs] don’t make it, and you hold on and you’re attached for one reason or another. This particular one didn’t fit the framework of the album ». At that moment, everyone who follows the actuality of Kylie more or less knew that « New York City », which she had introduced a little bit during the promotion in the United States, was going to be the song she was going to perform. The song, very pop with a bit more R’n’B verses, is amazing. We are really disappointed that it did not find its place on the album and we hope that the singer will release it on a re-release of Golden or on a next record! And following the enthusiasm of the public Kylie did not interpret this song once, but two times during the concert! Laeti, June 2K18

Regarding the rest of the setlist, it’s again quite similar to what we heard before. She was supposed to sing « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head » which was finally removed a few minutes before the show and added « Love At First Sight », in a normal version. During the second verse, the singer forgot to sing them by continuing on the chorus, but she managed to correct it very quickly ! « Slow », in acappella version was also on the setlist, before the musicians add some very jazzy notes of music, same as she has done during the Pride. And to finish the concert, what’s better than « Your Disco Needs You », , once again acappella, with the audience ! At this show we will note the incredible enthusiasm of the Americans for Kylie’s songs, they sang all the phrases of the singer’s old classics but also her latest hits like « Raining Glitter », « Dancing » or « Stop Me From Falling ». Coming out of the concert, we could hear people sing a few sentences from « New York City », played live for the first time during this show... Kylie, I think that means you’re getting a hit !

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Interviews • May / June 2018



ylie Minogue was Jessie Brooke’s and Matt Crabb’s morning guest on June 13th, even though it was just for a few minutes. She talked a little bit about her birthday party and explained that she took a few days off after this one. She admitted that her schedule of the last few months was quite busy, but that everything was going well in her life! Kylie came back to the fact that gay marriage was not yet accepted in Australia a few months ago and that she had worked and done things for it to be accepted, and it is now! She says she also has friends who are going to marry thanks to this law. The singer talked about the collaborations she would like to do, especially with Gaga. The hosts also asked her how she worked on her songs : the melodies come first

and then the lyrics are put on them. She is in a way obsessed with an album when she is in the composing phase and thinks only about that. Kylie talked a bit about her tour coming up, saying she was really looking forward to it and loved doing these little showcases for the launch of the album. She also explained that when she is on tour she wonders how she does not do concerts all the time cause the excitement is really high. The interview continued on the fact that Kylie was going to sing at Pride in New York and that she might be present at one of the Pride’s in England, even though when she is about to go on tour she does not really have a life.



nother morning, another radio interview, this time it’s Stuart McGinley for Spirit FM Sussex. Kylie came back to the topics of her album « Golden » which ranked very well in the charts and the fact that it is a much more personal one because she co-wrote it. She also explained why 28 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

the album was called this way, and that the name of the song answers a little to the question that the journalists asked all the time, and that « Gold » works for a lot of things. For this track she had the starting point and everything went on in Nashville. Her inspiration comes from many things, it’s often different. Kylie also said that this wave of country comes from an idea of ​​her artistic director and that it is during these two weeks in Nashville that everything has taken its meaning. The host asked her if she had a favorite track on this album, Kylie replied that it was a little too early to say and that for an artist, it changes

all the time, even if she loves to sing « Dancing » because the track is a little different, as well as « Radio On » and « Lost Without You », for which Kylie cried hearing it for the first time. They then spoke a little about the tour, and the singer said that each tour is inspired by the atmosphere of the album, and that this one would still be quite intimate. She also talked a little about the setlist, in which there will be a lot of tracks from « Golden », as well as many hits. Kylie ended the interview talking about the shooting of the video of her third single at the beach in Cuba.



n Cannes for an exclusive performance at the Cannes Lions for News UK, Kylie gave an interview to Dan Wootton for the morning show Lorraine. She came back to the topic of her party for her 50th birthday, during which she had birthday messages from her family and Dolly Parton as well as a message from the Muppets. Kylie said she loved the royal wedding. She also talked about her « Golden » album and the fact that she had trouble believing she was number one on the charts. The singer was also asked if she should participate to the Eurovision, which country she would choose to represent ... And it would be Australia, but she could not do it because the pressure would be too high. She finally talked about her evening at Buckingham Palace to help cancer research and her own story, which made her particularly emosh. 29 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Interview • BBC Radio 2

From A to Z Kylie mentioned that this studio is really legendary and that the opportunity to work there was incredible. It was a good time for her career to watch what she had already done and try to give new life to the tracks in an acoustic orchestral version. The singer was a little nervous to record in this mythical place but the atmosphere was incredible. She also explained that it took a few days to pick the songs, find the ideas and the perfect balance to have a consistent album. Kylie is particularly proud of the All The Lovers version. The album was recorded in 10 days and it took to Kylie 2 or 3 days to record her voice on the tracks.



Abbey Road Awards And Accolades Another A was chosen by Graham Norton, this time for the awards received by the singer. She explains that it’s always rather unique moment where she is really proud of what she’s done it’s like cherry on the cake, it rewards a team work. Her first award was a Logie in Australia in 1987 for the most popular actress for Neighbors. One of which she is most proud is an OBE, which was presented to her by Prince Charles in 2008 at Buckingham Palace and for which her parents and sister were present.

When Kylie heard the song for the first time, she was in Australia and Pete Waterman was very excited because it offered the singer the change she wanted. Just before, he asked her what kind of music she wanted to do and it was the first time he had asked that question.

Better The Devil You Know Body Language

Kylie explains that she had a very clear vision of where she wanted to go. At that time, she was with a French guy and it has really influenced the process of creating this album, with of course Brigitte Bardot who has always been a source of inspiration. She says that this album is a melting pot mix of sound influences and that her favorite song is Slow, written and recorded in London. The singer recorded it sitting on a soft carpet and it was the first time she did that! She also says that the first day she went to the studio to work on the song, the police knocked at the door saying that they had received a few calls. In fact a film crew was out with someone who looked like her and was bonded in a car. And the neighborhood had to call the police saying that they had seen the singer who had been bonded to the back of a car!

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While talking about duets, the first point that comes out is sharing with others and taking a song to another universe. The singer immediately thinks of Bono, Nick Cave or her sister, Dannii. She explains that « Kids » was one of her greatest duets, along with Robbie Williams, and that people continue to love this song. She also mentioned the one with Jason Donovan on the song « Especially For You ». The track was recorded in Sydney.

Kylie explains that she has recorded some covers. Her first song is a Little Eva cover of The Loco-Motion. She says that when she went on her first tour, she did not have enough songs, so she had to make several covers. Recently, she did Dolly Parton covers during the promo tour of « Golden » with « Islands In The Stream » and « 9 to 5 ».


Cover Chocolate


Kylie also chose to talk about Chocolate from her « Body Language » album. She explains that in London, when the temperature rises, people can no longer work and be concentrate and everyone is yelling at the same time.


Deconstruction Kylie signed with Deconstruction after spending five years with PWL. It was the mid-90s, times were changing and tastes too and the singer thought she did everything she could with PWL. It was a crazy turn but it had to be different, have a different atmosphere. She loves looking back at these times. It’s also when she met Steve Anderson with whom she is still working until this day and she said that just for that reason, it was worth taking that risk. It’s also when she learned to write more personal lyrics.

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Interview • BBC Radio 2 Kylie had left Neighbors when the release of this album, because it was hard enough to reconcile these two careers. For her first albums, the singer was still very nervous in the studio, and she really found her voice on the second album. She explains her recording, which was always quite simple, Mike Stock showed her the demo example, she learned the lyrics, and then sang the song.



Enjoy Yourself


Kylie is very proud to have been number one with this album and she claims to have had a great time in the studio. The first six months were devoted to research and how to integrate country with her current pop. Everything started making sense in Nashville and she found the exact DNA there. This record allowed her to be really honest with her and therefore with others. She loved working with the people who are on this album. Kylie had a phrase in her head that was « We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden». It took her a while to find out how to integrate this sentence, which ended up on the song «Golden».

Fever This album has somehow changed her life, it’s another highlight of her career. Kylie was successful with «Light Years» and she sort of followed the same path for this new album even though the influences have evolved and passed a little more electro, as we have seen with « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head ». Kylie knew this song was going to be a hit the first time she heard it.

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This was where Kylie was when she recorded her first track, «The Loco-Motion.» She talks about her home in Melbourne and says that at the age of 8 or 9 she was obsessed with Grease’s musical and the ABBA band. She already fantasized about becoming a singer, as many people are doing but not necessarily in this environment, some want to be footballers, other firefighters ... Her parents never really forced her to do this job and when Kylie decided she wanted to be a singer, her father was quite worried, he did not know the business and he asked Kylie’s manager for Neighbors if he could introduce him to someone to help and coach Kylie.

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie does not count the hours she spent in interviews. She says that this is not what she prefers, although in some she learns things and that is probably the only time she looks back. She is so busy that she thinks more about the present and the future than about the past. She deplores the fact that in the interviews she is asked too much about her private life and that it does not concern anyone except her. Many people still ask her the question of where she will be in 5 years, in 10 years, question she still has no answer to!


The singer explains that her life is constantly evolving with this profession: she can spend a year in the studio, preparing a tour, doing the promo ... Kylie explains that she is different as a person and as a brand and that the one with whom you have a tea with is not the same one with whom you have a cocktail. Terry Blamey has always been there to protect her as a person and artist. She also says that the only real job she did was when she was 15 when she was working in a videotape shop where she gave the tapes to customers and put them in their place, but she was particularly bad and luckily for her, she found her way thereafter.


Interviews I Should Be So Lucky Kylie then spoke about her first number one track in England, «I Should Be So Lucky». She had to record it in London and it was her first big trip. PWL had forgotten her and they made the track in 30 minutes while the singer was waiting. 33 www.kylie-world.com



Kylie This album seems very far from «Kiss Me Once» for the singer in the sound. In each album she learns something different but she continues to look back with an amused feeling towards her old albums.

Laeti, June 2K18

Interview • BBC Radio 2 Dannii started long before Kylie started on a phenomenal TV show called Young Talent Time at the age of 7 or 8, once a week. The two singers haven’t performed together many times, Kylie says it’s very special each time. The last time was at the «Kylie Christmas» concert, the whole family of the singers was there and Dannii made it into the country just a few hours before the actual performance.

Recorded in LA, Kylie became very close to Sia, who also worked on this album. She explains that after this record, she knew exactly what she wanted and especially the changes she wanted to bring.



Kiss Me Once


Light Years She tells us the story of Light Years, which follows the two albums made under Deconstruction. The singer particularly wanted to return to the pop universe. She collaborated with Jamie Nelson, who also worked with her on «Golden », and signed with Parlophone at that time. Kylie was inspired by Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer. She explains that there is a lot of moments in her life where she collaborated with people who have influenced her, in different ways. 34 www.kylie-world.com

Minogue (Dannii)



The singer finds the fact of choosing an idea as a m o t i vat i o n a l concept, she says that when you’re an artist all you want to do is work and sing, share and find a connection with people.

Laeti, June 2K18

For Kylie, it’s a question that will follow her forever, it’s been asked since she was 18 years old. She does not really know what to say about it other than the fact that yes, maybe it’s for her or maybe not. But for the singer, the best is not to ask questions, she will see what life holds. «A Lifetime To Repair» perfectly describes this feeling with a humorous side about her personal life and the one of many people. Even if the press shows her sentimental life as a failure, for Kylie it’s not the case, it happens to many people.


This song is from her album «X», the first album she released after her cancer. She did not write a lot of songs about this experience, but «No More Rain» tells how she got out, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Marriage Neighbours She explains that she knows her neighbors better on Ramsey Street than in real life. She also reports that she left Neighbors with her overalls and that it is now kept at the museum in Australia and can not be touched without gloves. Kylie finds it funny because she was working as a mechanic in the series and was still covered in fat or whatever.

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No More Rain


Number One The singer explains that she does not know how many number ones she has had or how many albums she has sold. It is not a information she needs or something she couldn’t live without.

Laeti, June 2K18

Interview • BBC Radio 2 Kylie loves this track and loved singing it on the «Kiss Me Once Tour», for which she had lasers show in the arena. She had to remember that she had to sing cause she thought it was incredible and just wanted to see the show.


On A Night Like This


Olympics Sydney It was the first time Kylie did something like that and she loved the atmosphere there.

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Kylie talks about her meetings with the various producers she met in the community. She had some good ones, some bad ones, some went well, but she did not manage to have the right song ... Stuart Price was the producer of «All The Lovers», and Kylie explains that she started singing this song in a country style, with an acoustic guitar, and for her, she calls it the «Dolly Parton» test. If you can sing the song in a Dolly Parton style, then maybe you have a hit.



Poetry Olympics

This is where Nick Cave asked Kylie to read her «I Should Be So Lucky» lyrics in 1996. She was looking for all possible excuses for not doing it and in the end, Kylie did it in front of a big audience.

Laeti, June 2K18

The singer is not usually involved in remixes, they are sent to her, but she loves to listen to the interpretation that people make, it is usually a surprise for her. One of the most recent remixes was made on «Stop Me From Falling» with Gente De Zona. It was Jamie Nelson who had the idea to make this re-edition of the track. It was pretty funny in the studio for Kylie because they sang their part separately and the singer had to do hers in Spanish, and pronounced the band’s name. They have their own way of saying it and Kylie did it in her own way! This re-release gives another life to the track and Kylie is delighted.

Kylie talks about her Christmas album, which she recorded on summer when it was very hot in London. She then did a concert at the Royal Albert Hall and could never have imagined doing that. She explains that in England it’s quite different from Australia, especially because it’s winter in one country and summer in the other and the English people love to decorate streets and houses. She also explains that she is sure she will do another Christmas concert someday. She did a lot of covers for this Christmas album, including «Only You» with James Corden and was quite surprised and pleased with the final result.



(Snow) Queen Records




Kylie says that her father had a collection of CDs and that her first memories with albums were in the late ‘70s with Stevie Wonder tracks. She played Beatles and Stones, and one of the first that Kylie was a little girl was the musical «Grease», and she was doing the choreography with her sister and brother in the living room. She also listened to songs by Bonnie Tyler, Australian artists ... One of the most influential was «Bad Girl» by Donna Summer. She sang it all the time even though she did not really know what she was singing.

And yes ! Kylie loves to play scrabble and is quite disappointed that she can not play it as much as she likes. It reminds her of Christmas and the moments spent with her family where they play together. She likes words and she loves word games.

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Laeti, June 2018

Interview • BBC Radio 2 Kylie never really planned becoming a showgirl, it started in 1997 during the «Intimate And Live Tour» where she had a pink outfit, a pretty soft version of what she was going to become, with the costumes composed of huge feathers. She loved doing it, but she does not think she’ll do it again in the same version. She likes the word «Showgirl» in the general sense of the word. Kylie then talks about her «For Me For You Tour» tour, which she did in the United States even though she never really worked well there and explains that it was for the fans. It was very important for her to do it. She says that she likes to make her own remixes for her live performances for fans who keep coming to her concerts.


Kylie explains that she would not do all this if it did not reach people, fans, the public. This journey with her fans is incredible to her. When she’s doing a concert, a lot of people in the room have some kind of anecdote with her, that she probably will never know but she knows she was somehow present in the people’s lives. She really needed to describe this relationship with words and so chose to put it into shape in «Sincerely Yours».





The singer explains that she runs after time, and that she does not really look back. In 2012, she chose to celebrate her career and 25 years in music with the release of an exclusive song called « Timebomb».

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You (The Fans)



She loves being on set to film music video, it reminds her of these first shootings and it’s quite different than being in the studio. For Kylie, videos stay in people’s minds. So it’s very important. Put Yourself In My Place, for example, was shot in two days and shows a very honest job. It was a hard filming for Kylie, and she was happy to be quite young when it happened.

Laeti, June 2K18

The singer loves to write from the beginning. When she started writing, she was not very good and learned it with the years. She co-wrote all the tracks on « Golden », and was very happy about it. Kylie also co-wrote « Wow ». For her, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to sing her own songs.

This track was written by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. It’s a real hymn for the singer, and a great time at concerts.





X (Album)

This is Kylie’s tenth studio album, the first that came out after she had her breast cancer. She explains that she has done a lot of tracks about this period. She met a lot of great people at that time who supported her and helped her during that time. It was a necessary album at this moment to make her feel better, even though in the studio she was not yet at her best.

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Your Disco Needs You


Zenith The definition of this word means the moment when someone is the most powerful or the most successful. For Kylie, it’s now. Even if the singer does not know if she has already been at her zenith, if she must choose one moment she would say it is now. To celebrate, she chose «Raining Glitter». Laeti, June 2K18

Interview • Vogue Spain July 2018

Thirty years have passed since Kylie Minogue’s debut album, thanks to which she belong to the generation of pop divas that marked that era. With a new album in which she says that maturity is not an obstacle to enjoying life and a tour that is about to begin, let’s review Kylie’s career, which screams that fails have taught her as much as success.


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Laeti, June 2K18

On the previous double page, Kylie is dressed by Dolce & Gabbana; and feathers are from Maison Margiela On this page, a Fendi sweater; a bodysuit in velvet, Prisme (150 € approximately); vintage jeans from Rokit (around € 40); a cap of Studio Costume (rental from 34 €); a vintage necklace, by Susan Caplan (around € 166) a vintage ring, Gillian Horsup available at Gray’s Antiques; Hillier Bartley bag (769 euros); and Christian Louboutin shoes (595 €).

Woldford’s Body (150 €); Dsquared2 cap; sail of VV Rolls; necklace, earrings (and bracelets) and boots, all from Miu Miu; gloves from Dents (from 51 €); and socks Gerbe.

On the previous page: Dsquared2 cap; sail of VV Rolls; and Miu Miu necklace On this page: Dolce & Gabbana dress; and Feathers from Maison Margiela. Style assistant: Neslihan Denzier Makeup: Petros Petrohilos (Streeters). Hairdresser: Christian Vermaak for Kevin Murphy and ghd. Manicure: Charly Avenell. Scenography: Andrea Cellerino Postproduction: StudioRM.

Dress from Molly Goddard (2 120 â‚Ź approximately).

Interview • Vogue Spain July 2018


ith a dazzling flash, the lights of the new Wimbledon Theater, in the south of London, illuminate the room. On stage, Kylie Minogue (born in Melbourne, in 1968) occupies a place she is already accustomed to and in which she plays her best role for three decades now. It was in 1988, along with the first steps of Vogue Spain, that the protagonist of the Australian series Neighbors (a phenomenon series of the small screen that marked a generation) released her first record, «Kylie», which in aboriginal language means «curved stick» or simply «boomerang». With «The Loco-Motion», a cover of a classic song sung by Little Eva in 1962, Minogue shook the world charts and was considered in the musical landscape at the same level as stars like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. «I still remember the first time I heard my song on the radio. I was with my parents in the kitchen at home and when they announced it was number one, we went crazy. It was an incredible moment, «she said with a smile as she glimpsed the teenager, who, while she saw Grease again and again, dreamed of succeeding in music like her compatriot Olivia Newton-John. Even if it is not a nostalgic subject, such a date was worthy consideration, especially if we add that last May she turned 50 years old. Therefore, the best way to celebrate this was to give her audience a new album, accurately titled «Golden», which ranked number 1 in the UK and Australia, with over 60,000 copies sold in only one week. In this record, the singer decided (with an advice from her artistic director at BMG) to dare to take a country turn while mixing it with her pop sound. This project was developed in two weeks during the summer 2017 in Nashville, the American capital of this musical genre so legendary. Minogue had broken her engagement with the English actor Joshua Sasse, shown as a tragedy by the British tabloids. This has resulted in a new creative process with new themes, where sentimental melancholy is more than palpable. «Life is never a quiet river, you always have to keep the rudder and go, navigate to the desired destination,» she says, using a fanciful nautical comparison. «These fifteen days have changed many aspects of my life and helped me to focus. » Responsible for making so many people dance to exhaustion with some of the most catchy melodies of the early 2000s, a single syllable repeated three times is able to influence on our musical memory and summarize the extent of her work through the years: La, la, la. The chorus of « Can’t Get You Out Of My Head», with galactic reminiscences of nu-disco worthy of the soundtrack of a video game, has not only ranked in number one in sales

over forty countries in the fall of 2001, but also cemented the image of the Australian as an undeniable erotic myth, thanks in large part to the video clip in which she wore a white jumpsuit with a hood and a vertiginous neckline created by the designer British Fee Doran. «It was the beginning of a visual journey that encapsulated a new dimension for Kylie, both artistically and musically,» says William Baker, who worked with her for eleven years as a stylist and art director. Their story goes back to 1994 when Baker worked at Vivienne Westwood’s London store. «As soon as I saw her come in, I jumped on the counter to bombard her with ideas of style and, surprisingly, agreed to accompany her to the cafeteria across the street to discuss it. I was surprised at her confidence in me, cause I was an absolute stranger, and when she said goodbye, she wrote her phone number on a napkin and signed it as Miss K», he recalls. The love at first sight was instantaneous and today their friendship is one of the most precious of which the Australian can boast. The synergy between the two has been shaped for posterity in the intimacy of stunning videos, photo shoots and stage designs for her world tours. This romance with fashion has become an object of admiration in books, documentaries and even for an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London inaugurated in 2007 that included representative pieces such as the golden pants with which she danced in the video of Spinning Around or the Swarovski feather and crystal bustier inspired by the dancers of the Folies Bergère that John Galliano designed for the 2005 Showgirl tour. Director Baz Luhrmann, who directed her for a small role in the film Moulin Rouge in 2001 where she personified the lysergic spirit of absinthe in the form of a green fairy, said of her that «beyond her innate talent and her professionalism, whether in playing, singing or dancing, Kylie still has the ability to dazzle the viewer with a sensual and elegant style. It’s as if she reveals her inner light.»

I do not want any dramas in my life. I have got enough. I make my decisions with conviction and I do not want to have to give explanations


t that time, I was in my thirties and I was thinking of fifty years that seemed to be light years away. Although I did not stop on the subject to think about it calmly, I think I improved with time. Nobody can tell you how it’s going to be, you just have to live it. At the moment I feel more relaxed, I see the future differently and I am optimistic about what will happen, «she explains. Three weeks have passed since the photo shoot in the theater and today Kylie is in the living room of her Lon-

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Laeti, June 2K18

don home with, still in mind, the echo of the big birthday of resentment or vital exhaustion, Kylie keeps hope intact party celebrated a few days ago at the Chiltern Firehouse. and the rhythms of banjos and harmonicas, as if it was a «I did not really do this kind of event but the opportunity modern Dolly Parton’s song through the MTV catalyst, exwas worth it. I said to myself: ‘If I do it, it must be mega’ plores the self-indulgence in another of the new songs, A «. With a decoration at the size of the evenings of the fa- Lifetime To Repair that explores the approach of life after mous Studio 54 and a golden satin dress (what other color love. «It’s an experience we all had at one point, and I can could she choose?) made by her friend the designer Stella confirm that we still have time to start over and that we McCartney, Kylie was next to some of the most important have to keep trying. If we only hope to live these wonderpeople of her life, such as actor Guy Pearce and one who ful stories by being young, we would be lost. Of course, was her boyfriend and partner in the Neighbors series, love hurts, but it also brings a lot of good things ». Jason Donovan, or singers Rick Astley and Jake Shears of Fall and get up. It’s the dynamic that govern KyScissor Sisters. lie’s personal and professional life. «My career has been a Very sensitive and emosh by all the declarations progressive evolution in which, like everyone else, I have of love received, by both her friends and fans, Kylie is not had good times and bad times. Nobody likes to suffer and afraid to assume her maturity, something that the en- everyone knows their ups and downs moments, but when tertainment industry is really struggling to do especially you look back and stand back, you realize how important when it comes to women. «I do not see Paul McCartney or it is to make mistakes. I guess I say that because now I am the Rolling Stones having as many questions about their in a fantastic moment but, as a good gemini, I am very age as they do about mine. Of contradictory and I hate to take course, in the industry of enterdecisions. I always analyze pros tainment, this has always been and cons. I can be a nightmare a controversial issue. During the for people around me, «she promotion four years ago of Kiss jokes. But can you learn more Me Once, my previous album, from failure than from success? they constantly asked me ques«I’m not sure I have the answer, tions but I must admit that today but it seems like an interesting it is less frequent or at least they debate. In difficult times, the do not do it with the same tone. emotions are clearer and you I think the mindset is starting to can learn from them while in change ». good times the senses can be skewed more easily, especially if his speech is also part you surround yourself with flatof the plot of the song terers. The success is wonderthat gives its name to ful, but it does not make things her latest album, in which she better, the question is how to affirms the exaltation of matuhandle it. It was a very common rity as a sign of confidence and topic of conversation at my birtself-confidence. «The theme hday party. At the moment I can contains a message for people only say that I do not want any to feel that age is not an obstaTop and jeans, both from Dolce & Gabbana dramas in my life. I have no time cle to enjoy life. I want the listeto lose. I make my decisions ner to feel strengthened and with conviction and I do not want to have to explain why. encouraged. For me, it is very important that they know It’s wonderful what experience teaches you. » that times have changed, that there is a new mentality and that everyone can achieve what is proposed to them, Already diving into preparations for her next tour, being it at eighteen or ninety years old». Although the which starts in mid-September in Newcastle (UK), Kylie optimism and the playful and dancing nature that has always characterized her songs remain intact, the lyrics admits she hates being considered a diva. What happens seem to have a more sentimental origin on this occa- when the lights on the stage go off? «Although I am not sion. «The composition process was very intimate and diametrically opposed to the character that the public although it might sound different, I did not feel like my sees during the show, when I take off my sequins and my heart was broken, I just went through a stage of fragility. high heels and go home, I am a woman without eccentriWe all make mistakes and I realized in the studio that I did city. I grew up in a very good family. My motivation to denot make the right decision in the relationship I was in. dicate myself to art has never been to become famous Of course, my heart was already broken, but this time it but to express my creativity. I just wanted to get a job and, was a different feeling. That’s why I decided that I would to be honest, I think now I’m not qualified to do any other write openly, from the depths of my soul. I was about to work, so I was lucky that this plan works». turn fifty, and realistically, I think I can sing on things that happen to me without being ashamed. « Without any hint


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Laeti, June 2K18

Discover • Cuba

BIENVENIDO A CUBA Cuba, this destination that is a dream of many thanks to its white sand beaches and the sumptuous Caribbean sea. (We are all dying to post a snap of the color of the sea to the gram to boost up the feed game, obviously). We are not talking about Cuba this month just because it’s fab - it is because of the music video of « Stop Me From Falling » featuring Gente

De Zona. I suppose you all can relate when I say this music video makes my day better when I watch it, it’s cool, it gives you warmth, the people look so laidback, kind, and welcoming that it makes me want to move away from Paris. So, why not go there, at least for a summer holiday ?



• Havana • Hiking in the valley of Viñales • Diving in the waters of Maria Gorda • Santa Clara • Dance salsa in Trinidad • Visit the Che • Walk in the streets of Camagüey

• Hotel : Iberostars Parque Central • Hotel: Habana Riviera by Iberosta • Hotel: Blau Varadero Hotel • At someone’s house ?

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Mélanie, June 2K18

The essentials stuff you should have for holidays Aaaaaaaah - just thinking about it makes me want to leave for some If like me you are born in the 90s, days ! Here a short summary of the stuff you’ll NEED this summer! you have necessarily known and carried these horrors to the beach when you were younger. In pink, in blue, in black, in TRANSPARENT ... Is it a must have? I say no ! (I know, everyone’s taste is different ... but still!) God thank you flip flops exists, what a beautiful invention, THE FLIP FLOPS. A must have for the summer!

Sun cream ! Protect yourself, it’s really important. I can not say it loud enough. It is cool to have a beautiful tan (or to look really quickly like a lobster, it depends) but your need to think about your health. And as mom would say « You do not go under the sun between 12pm and 4 pm! »

The straw hat, trendy, Kylie has shown us enough on all looks possible. We love it !

The swimsuit ! One piece, two pieces, monokini or trikini no matter what your trend is, it’s a must have! The beach bag, really useful and you can put almost your whole house in, it is clearly an accessory you need to have and it is very trendy! 53 www.kylie-world.com

The fan ! I see you coming, you’ll tell me that the fan is nice but when you’re outside in full sun and there’s like zero wind you can not bring your fan .... THAT’S WRONG! Another revolutionary invention, the iPhone fan, approved and tested by Laeti, it is part of the must have of the summer!

Sunglasses ! (Kylie Minogue Eyewear if you’re a fake fan, obviously - hahah) Mélanie, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - May 24th 2018 - London Coat : Giani Firenze 54 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - May 27th 2018 - Chiltern Firehouse - London Dress : Giani Firenze 55 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 11th 2018 - London Playsuit : Sandro 56 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 12th 2018 - Flagship of Stella McCartney - London Dress : Stella McCartney 57 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 15th 2018 - BBC Radio 2 - London Dress : Sandro 58 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 20th 2018 - Cannes Lions - Cannes Dress : Alice And Olivia 59 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 20th 2018 - Cannes Lions - Cannes Dress : Bash 60 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 24th 2018 - New York Dress : Self-Portrait 61 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 24th 2018 - NYC Pride - New York Suit : Max Mara 62 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 25th 2018 - New York Top : Magda Butryn 63 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Juin 25th 2018 - New York Top and skirt : Cushnie et Ochs 64 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 25th, 2018 - Bowery Ballroom - New York Dress : Peter Pilotto 65 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

Kylie Minogue - June 26th, 2018 - New York Dress : Borgo De Nor 66 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18

SUPER BINGO ! To brighten up your long summer nights, we offer a bingo grid, based on what Kylie says the most on interviews. The game is very simple: listen to interviews of the singer and once you have filled a line or a column, you shout Bingo! And you’ll earn nothing apart a glass of the drink you like. You can also have a drink whenever Kylie says something in this grid, but it’s going to be very dangerous - you probably will be gone even before the start!

67 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, June 2K18


Moi : « Me: Oui chéri « Yes je babe, suis I‘m presque almost prête ready ! »»Moi Alsoégalement: me:

Moi Me les cinq first 5premières minutes in minutes the heat dans la chaleur

Whenun server brings the food Quand serveur apporte à manger

tryingj‘essaie to get d‘avoir that summer MoiMe quand un super bodyun way latetard corps pour l‘été peutoo trop

Moi après la heat chaleur Me after55minutes minutesdans in the

When I see the check Quand je vois l‘addition

Quandto Trying j‘essaie float away de m‘éloigner from my responsibilities de mes responsabilités like

Quand Me looking je regarde into a une mapcarte tryingettoque figure j‘essaie out where de voirtfoù I am je suis

Quand ma meilleure amie me dit qu‘elle ne va pas Me when my bff says she won‘t drink tonight boire ce soir

Quand quelqu‘un me suggère d‘aller voir 8Ocean 8 pour la When someone suggests we go see Ocean‘s for the 6th time sixième fois

Quand j‘écoute alors que je connais Listening to his ses lies mensonges already knowing the full story la vraie histoire

Quand réalises combien d‘argent tu as When youturealize how much money you‘ve passé en places de concert pour Kylie spent into Kylie tickets

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The Kylie Times #30 • June 2018  

This month in the Kylie Times : Kylie, queen of NYC : Behind the scenes of her two shows in the city Everything about her 50th birthday par...

The Kylie Times #30 • June 2018  

This month in the Kylie Times : Kylie, queen of NYC : Behind the scenes of her two shows in the city Everything about her 50th birthday par...