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April 2018

Life is about love, experience, learning and evolving and I am richer and thankful for all of the experiences in my life. Kylie Minogue


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Hiya Lovers! Welcome to the #GOLDEN edition of the Kylie Times! The longest and best issue we have produced in our nearly three years long existence, and we are so happy it’s finally out for you! Have you had a problem with keeping a track of all the Kylie events, tv shows or interviews she has been doing recently? We can’t blame you, our golden girl and her team are real busy bees these days and so every morning when we open social media, something new pops up. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can find every little thing that has happened in the last month on the following pages, all in one place! Special shout out to our reviews of the Golden promo tour shows we attended! Enjoy and #stayGolden! xx En x Laeti With the help of Mélanie & Isa

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Laeti, April 2K18


aPril 1988 - 2018

Let’s have a look back at the most important events in Kylie’s career through the years and that took place in April.

finer feelings aPril 13rd, 1992

L ast single from « Let’s Get To It » : « Finer Feelings », celebrates its 26th birthday this year. To start with, the song was supposed to be a single after « Word Is Out » but was finally pushed back to 1992 and came out remixed by Brothers in Rhythm. This song is a fan favorite. An orchestral version wasrecorded for the album « The Abbey Road Sessions ».

hand on your heart aPril 24th, 1989


hosen as the first single from « Enjoy Yourself », « Hand On Your Heart » was produced and written, as for the previous album, by Stock, Aitken & Waterman. The song was recorded in London and received a lot of positive reviews from the journalists, describing it as one of the highlight of the album. The colorful video was filmed by Chris Langman in Melbourne in March 1989. Everyone remembers it thanks to the dresses with the little hearts that Kylie was wearing. The singer performed it on many tours, either as an « official » part of the setlist, or as a request of the audience. The Abbey Road version is still pretty noticeable for all of us! We let you read Isa’s focus of the month, where she tells you the full story of the song!

better the devil you know aPril 30th, 1990

WHAT A CLASSIC! This is the first thing that comes to our

mind... « Rhythm Of Love » ’s first single, this song marks a real turning point in Kylie’s career after the singer left the Neighbors series and started a relationship with the leader of INXS, Michael Hutchence. Kylie suddenly seemed more confident and clearly had more sex appeal. And we can feel that in the music video directed by Paul Goldman, shot in Melbourne, which has caused some controversy with her image that is more mature than the one she had before. The song unfortunately did not reach the first place in the charts, remaining stuck behind Adamski - « Killer », but it is in our hearts: indeed the song is nearly always requested by fans during Kylie’s concerts. She sang it for the opening of her Kylie Summer shows in 2015 and it was SO GOOD !!! 4 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

i was gonna cancel aPRIL 22th, 2014

A aaah... what can we say... Chosen as the second

single after « Into The Blue », « I Was Gonna Cancel » was not very successful both in the charts or on the side of the fans. The song, written and composed by Pharrell Williams, which was a hitmarker at the time, was exploited because of that, cause the journalists were talking to her about it all the time and they thought it would work in the charts. Personally, I quite like thissong but to be honest, « Sexercize » would have been a better choice for a second single in my opinion...

fever tour

aPril 26th, 2002


I t was on April 26, 2002, in Cardiff (and for four

dates) where Kylie started the « Fever Tour », her seventh tour. The show was filmed in Manchester and the singer played 49 concerts, 38 in Europe and 11 in Australia. The show was divided into 7 acts and included 23 songs. Kylie had awesome costumes that were created by Dolce & Gabbana. It is also the first tour of the singer to have sponsors, who were Evian and Vodafone.

aPril 6th, 2018


nd it a great pleasure to add « Golden » into the Kylie Calendar of April! Fourteenth album of the singer, this one already knows an extraordinary reception by both media and fans. Described as the most personal album that the singer has made, « Golden » should have a really great future with the exploitation of several songs as a single, videos but also a tour that is already announced in England in September and October !

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Laeti, April 2K18

: EXTRA SHOW n - The O2 Fri 28th Londo

HAND ON YOUR HEART This month’s focus is a little special to me Lovers, because, as you probably know, Kylie sang this song during her Intimate Golden Promo Tour, and this performance was definitely among my faves. Not that I didn’t like the songs from « Golden ». I mean, on the contrary, let’s face it, « Golden » is a gem (I could talk about it non-stop for weeks, but that’s not the point here) but the way that she performed « Hand On Your Heart » that night in Paris, closing her eyes most of the time and, well I don’t know how to explain this, but you could tell she was really living the song and was deeply touched by it… so it was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the concert to me. I’m just hoping that Kylie will never put her hand on her heart and tell me it’s all over… 7 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Focus • Hand On Your Heart


It was certified Gold in Australia and the UK.

End 1988, decision was made that no other track from CHARTS Kylie’s 1st album would be used as a single at internaTOP 10’s tional level and even though « Turn It Into Love » (still #1 in Japan) and « It’s No Secret » (still in the US Billboard Hot 100) could have served that purpose, PWL • UK: It entered the UK Singles Charts at #2 and peaked at #1 the next week. It only stayed at the top felt the public wanted a new song. for a week but it stayed in the charts for a total of 11 Although the start of 1989 saw Kylie hardly having any weeks. It was Kylie’s 3rd number one in the UK. time to rest after the non-stop promotion of « Especially For You », in February 1989, she was back in the It was one of the 1st singles to sell well on cassette (2000 copies sold in the 1st week of release). Appastudio to record some new songs. rently, this should have been sufficient to make Ky« Just Wanna Love You », « Wouldn’t Change A lie’s new single debut at #1 in the UK, something that Thing », « Tears On My Pillow » and « Hand On Your no female singer had ever done at the time. Heart » were recorded that month in PWL’s studios However, PWL priced the then new cassette single 1 et 4 in London, UK. format much lower than chart regulations allowed, « Hand On Your Heart » (written, produced and ar- which resulted in those sales being considered as ranged by Stock, Aitken & Waterman) was chosen ineligible (meaning the sales of that format were as Kylie’s next single and was released on 24th April rendered null). The 12” format enabled the single to 1989. The song was another huge success and is now enter at number 1 on the 12” chart. a Kylie classic, even non-fans know it’s a Kylie song. To date the single had sold over 488,000 copies in the UK (and is still being frequently downloaded from iTunes). • Australia: On the week of release, the single charted at No.4, and that’s where it peaked. • Other countries: #1 in Ireland, #2 in Finland, #6 in Belgium, Spain & Switzerland, #8 in France, #10 in Norway. TOP 20’s • Germany: It peaked at #17. When it entered in the West German singles chart, it was confirmed that Again, the song is a catchy and uplifting pop song since January 1988, not a day had gone past without which makes you want to dance, but the lyrics are Kylie having a single in the Top 40 there. actually sad, nearly heartbreaking. It was a gentle progression from the sound of her older hits and we • Other countries: It peaked at #17 in the Nethercan start to feel the presence of current house and lands and in Sweden and at #15 in New-Zealand. classic disco influences. The song talks about a relationship that is on the rocks and Kylie is refusing to believe that the romance with her lover has come to an end until he actually puts his hand on his heart to prove that it’s really over. The B-Side to the single is « Just Wanna Love You ».


Swedish singer-songwriter José González released (in 2004 in Sweden, in 2005 in the UK and in 2006 in the US) an EP called « Stay In The Shade » in which he recorded his own acoustic interpretation of the song.

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Isa, April 2K18

• Music.avclub.com: Brushed drums and gentle piano magnify the heartbreak of « Hand On Your Heart »; lyrics such as « Oh, I wanna hear you tell me / You don’t want my love » sound pleading, not defiant ».

It came out as a single in the UK in July 2006 and although it only peaked at number 29, it gained particular acclaim and received brilliant critics (it is even said that his version inspired Kylie’s own reworking of the track for the 2012 Abbey Road Sessions album). In a 2006 interview with Michele Norris on the US’ National Public Radio evening news program called « All Things Considered », José González said that one day he saw Kylie’s video on TV and was struck by how happy the singer looked while she sang profoundly sad lyrics. So he decided to redo it with a classical • www.independent.co.uk: Best of all (of the « Abbey Road Sessions » album) is « Hand On Your Heart », guitar and an updated tone. re-worked with a delicate, cyclical guitar figure augHis version is truly heartbreaking. If you’ve never mented by a few telling piano chords, laid over a heard it, next time you have 3.50 minutes, I suggest quietly momentum allows the melody to glow at the you go on YouTube to listen to it lovers - it’s really heart of the song. worth it. • BBC: Who knew Stock Aitken Waterman tunes like « Never Too Late » and « Hand On Your Heart » had CRITICS such melancholy lurking under the production chintz. « Hand On Your Heart » received favourable reviews from most music critics, who considered it was a • Tim Sendra from Allmusic: Stripping the songs down highlight from the album and praised it as a strong to their basics and then adding strings on top proves to be very effective, especially on « All the Lovers » single. or « Hand on Your Heart », and most of the new ar• Chris True from Allmusic highlighted the song as an rangements are imaginative and sometime inspired. album standout.

• DigitalSpy said « Put it this way... this piece is a wee bit late because it's hard to type while re-enacting the 'Hand On Your Heart' dance routine ». • In the pages of Number One magazine, Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson admitted he was really fond of the single and this won Kylie some new admirers. But the best critics we found on this song relate to Kylie’s 2012 Abbey Road Sessions version of the song. 9 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

LYRICS Ooh, Oh, Put your hand on your heart Hand on Your Heart Well it's one thing to fall in love But another to make it last I thought that we were just beginning And now you say we're in the past Oh, look me in the eye And tell me we are really through You know it's one thing to say you love me But another to mean it from the heart And if you don't intend to see it through Why did we ever start? Oh, I wanna hear you tell me you don't want my love Put your hand on your heart and tell me It's all over I won't believe it till you Put your hand on your heart and tell me That we're through, ooh Oh, put your hand on your heart Hand on your heart

They like to talk about forever But most people never get the chance Do you wanna to lose our love together? Do you find a new romance? Oh, I want to hear you tell me you don't want my love Put your hand on your heart and tell me It's all over I won't believe it till you Put your hand on your heart and tell me That we're through, ooh Put your hand on your heart and tell me It's all over I won't believe it till you Put your hand on your heart and tell me That we're through, ooh Oh, put your hand on your heart Hand on your heart (Hand on your heart) Hand on your heart (Hand on your heart) Hand on your heart Oh, look me in the eye And tell me we are really through Chorus until the end

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Isa, April 2K18



The video, directed once again by Chris Langman was filmed in Melbourne, in March 1989. The video is a stylised 50s pastiche and the least we can say is that it is COLOURFUL. The introduction of the video’s version of the song differs slightly from the single version.

• Originally, the video was meant to feature Kylie with her dancers, but that didn’t happen because her dancers’ flight from London was delayed so in the end, she had to perform all by herself.

All along, it features a playful Kylie - with tons of hairspray in her hair - dancing in a modern house, more specifically in a multi-coloured room with mirrors all around.

• Kylie often says that this video is one of the least enjoyable moments of her career. Behind the smiles, she was beginning to realise that this is not the look that she wanted to have anymore and was starting to think about having more control over her image. Beneath that cute and innocent looking girl, Kylie was cringing.

She’s singing to the camera, making duck faces every now and again or striking poses. At times, an ani- • Released to music video channels prior to the mated red heart shows up and Kylie pretends to be single’s being released commercially, the video was playing with it or blowing on it. a hit and gained significant airplay on music video channels. • A lot of people have said that Kylie looks like Rachel McAdams (Canadian actress) in this video, we’ll let you judge by yourself:

She presents us with an array of 3 brightly coloured matching silk dresses (designer unknown): • Yellow silky dress with halter neckline and blue appliqué heart trim • Blue silky dress with red heart trim • Red silky dress with yellow heart trim. As for the room itself, we sometimes have the impression that we’re in Legoland, only the ancient Greek bust of the Goddess Artemis in the middle indicates that we are actually not.

• A live version of the video was also released and featured Kylie performing a special live remix in Japan, you can see it on the « Kylie On The Go » DVD. In it we see different scenes of Kylie in Japan, rehearsing or just having fun with people and her dancers. • Another alternative version of the « Hand on Your Heart » video was broadcast on UK TV pre-release, but was only ever aired once. On this version Kylie’s shoes spin on camera and introduce all three of her new outfits of matching colours.

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Isa, April 2K18



The single has often been performed during Kylie’s tours, they are listed below: • Disco in Dream/The Hitman Roadshow Tour • Enjoy Yourself Tour (with a nice a capella chorus intro) • Rhythm of Love Tour • Let’s Get To It Tour • On A Night Like This Tour • Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour • Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour

The most memorable « live » TV performances of the single were on the following TV shows: • The Children’s Variety Performance (UK) Kylie also performed « Especially For You » with Jason Donovan on the same night. • Live Countdown Revolution (OZ)

• Kiss Me Once Tour (to open the Dollhouse medley which then featured « Never Too Late », « Got to Be Certain » and « I Should Be So Lucky »). • She also sings it occasionally (like for example during one « Aphrodite Les Folies » concert date in Melbourne and one in Cardiff too) during the request sections. • And very recently, as said, we were lucky enough to have a live performance of the song during Kylie’s « Golden » Promo Tour.

• Avis de Recherche (France) • Sacrée Soirée (France) • At Napoleon Garden in Holland Park, London (UK). The performance was broadcast live via satellite for Japanese TV programme The Deluxe Show. • Top Of the Pops (UK)

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Isa, April 2K18


• The UK cassette contains « Hand On Your Heart », « Just Wanna Love You » and « Hand On Your Heart As it would have been too easy to make all covers the The Great Aorta Mix ». same (lol), once again European and Asian releases didn’t have the same covers as the OZ & NZ releases. • For the European (and Asian) releases, the front cover is a picture taken by Bill Bachman and is a still from the « It’s No Secret » Video and there is no picture on the back cover. Front covers look like this:

UK CD & Cassette covers • All the 12” contain « Hand On Your Heart - The Great Aorta Mix », « Just Wanna Love You » and « Hand On Your Heart Dub ». • All the 7” (as well as the Japanese 3” CD1 & Cassette) contain « Hand On Your Heart » and « Just Wanna Love You ».

And actually, the same songs are also on the Japanese 3” CD2, the German 3”CD and the Hong Kong 3” CD & cassette… yeah I know, it’s complicated…

• The French vinyls have a white border that is not exactly like the others.

Japanese 3” CD1 and CD2 • The French 3” CD contains « Hand On Your Heart », « Just Wanna Love You », « Hand On Your Heart (The Great Aorta Remix) » and « Hand On Your Heart - Dub ».

French 7” and 12” front cover • The UK CD contains « Hand On Your Heart - The Great Aorta Mix », « Just Wanna Love You » and « It’s No Secret - Alternative Extended Version ».

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Isa, April 2K18

• The Indonesian cassette also contains the usual « Hand On Your Heart - Great Aorta Mix », « Just Wanna Love You » and the « Hand On Your Heart Dub ».

• The OZ 7” & 12” vinyls came out as limited editions, and both contained different posters that can’t be found in any other editions. • The OZ CD contains the single version of the song and its Great Aorta Remix, « Just Wanna Love You » and the Alternative Extended Version of « It’s No Secret ».

Indonesian cassette • For the OZ and NZ releases, the pic used for the front cover is a photo taken by Grant Matthews, and the back picture is a still from the « Hand On Your Heart » video, taken by Bill Bachman.

OZ CD COVER REMIX VINYL There is only one remix vinyl of the single, it’s the UK one and it contains « Hand On Your Heart - The Heartache Mix », « Just Wanna Love You » and « Hand On Your Heart Dub ».

UK Remix Vinyl Cover OZ & NZ 7” vinyl front and back covers 14 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

• 2 UK itunes Bundles were later released Bundle 1: . Hand On Your Heart . Hand On Your Heart - The Great Aorta Mix . Hand On Your Heart - Dub . Hand On Your Heart - Video Mix . Hand On Your Heart 7” - Instrumental . Hand On Your Heart 7” - Backing Track . Just Wanna Love You . Just Wanna Love You - Instrumental . Just Wanna Love You - Backing Track Bundle 2: . Hand On Your Heart - The Heartache Mix . Hand On Your Heart - Smokin’ Remix . Hand On Your Heart - WIP 2002 Remix . Hand On Your Heart - WIP 2002 Instrumental Japanese 3” CD Promo . Hand On Your Heart - WIP 2002 Backing Track . Hand On Your Heart - WIP 2002 Radio Mix • The South Africa 12” Promo below contains the . Hand On Your Heart - WIP 2002 Radio Instrumental normal, the Great Aorta Mix and the Dub versions of . Hand On Your Heart - WIP 2002 Radio Backing Track the song.

PROMOTIONAL RELEASES • All 3 promo supports below contain the single version of « Hand On Your Heart » and « Just Wanna Love You ».

• A promo cassette was released in 1994 only at Woolworth’s and « Give Me Just A Little More Time » was on side 2.

UK Jukebox 7” Promo

Source: personal collection and mixkylie.com

Spanish 7” Promo 15 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18



fter the sale started and basically also ended right after, the fans who got a hold of their tickets knew that they truly were lucky lucky lucky. Despite the high prices, all the dates were sold out immediately. Only a few hundred people were able to access the concerts in each cities, London, Manchester, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin, and to experience the unique atmosphere of hearing the album live for the first time, even before its release date. Each night, Kylie was accompanied by the same little team on stage, with two singers and five musicians, all on a tiny stage, always very close to the audience. Like the Anti-Tour, it contrasts with the massive tours in big venues that Kylie usually produces after each album. The central attraction of the stage, the « heart » of it, was nothing else but ...a heart. Lit up by tons of bulbs shaped in the letter K in the middle, it created the perfect « Kylie atmosphere » at each venue, and a large velvet curtain in the background added a special country effect to it all. If you don’t like even a little bit of a « western » scene, this show is definitely for you, even though our Aphrodite made it look very pop at the same time. The band got dressed up in their best double-denim outfits and boots, and everything was decorated with small elements to match Kylie’s outfit: K sewn on jackets, « cowboy » scarfs from the official merchandise... Kylie wore jeans and a denim jacket or shirt, with a white top that was personalized most likely with the help of Sascha Lilic - with small stars and small metallic dots. By the way each time she jumped a little too much on stage, she lost about half of it :)

© Pierre Hennequin

Just like the Anti-tour at its time, this was probably THE tour not to miss. Our Aussie queen decided to present her new album « Golden » for the first time with a series of five concerts in five cities over Europe. A perfect idea to get her fans to discover the songs in an exclusive way, and also to avoid leaks that the album could have experienced. Let’s have a closer look at the shows, and what made each of them special !

The Australian singer performed a show of a little under an hour and a half, with a setlist of seventeen songs. The songs of course varied, depending on the demands of her audience in each city. For example, « Wow » was bonus / surprise for the last three shows but was never officially included in the setlist, even when we all guessed she would sing it at the concerts. After all, it makes perfect sense: there is always the one person who starts requesting songs, Kylie starts joking about it, but the second she starts speaking, half of the crowd starts cheering. They all go like « WOOOOOW » not even having the song in mind, and so Kylie continues like « Oh, you want to hear Wow? Shall we do it?? OK ». And so we all know we will always get Wow :) Kylie also alternated between songs of the new album (ten tracks out of the twelve tracks of the normal version, only « LOVE » and « Live A Little » were missing) and old songs, sometimes recalling a vibe of the Anti-Tour by performing songs that we do not usually get to hear live: « Breathe » (played last time live in 2003), « Put Yourself In My Place » (last played live in 2005), « The One » or « Hand On Your Heart » (Abbey Road Version). « All The Lovers », a song that is apparently one of Kylie’s favorites was also included. One cover in the setlist also seems to be a thing recently - this time the winner was « Islands In The Stream » ! The original song was written by the Bee Gees, and recorded by two country stars, Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton. You’ve probably read about her and her influence on Kylie in the recent interviews.

17 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Focus • Kylie Presents Golden




Capacity : 700 Tickets : - Meet & Greet - Early Entry - Standard

irst date of the tour, the Café De Paris, in London (confusing, isn’t it?). For this date, the fans hadn’t received any physical tickets sent to them. The door policy was easy: you had to present the credit card used when purchasing the tickets to check in, and you got a small paper ticket printed, with which you were allowed to access the venue. The meet and greets were placed on the balconies, and the rest of the public on the ground floor. There were of course fans, there was a lot of press and Kylie’s guests and friends were present as well, including Natalie Imbruglia and Kathy Lette. It’s also one of the few shows where pictures were taken, by Christie Goodwin, who often photographs Kylie’s shows. Kylie came down the stairs a few seconds after the start of « Golden ». Despite the place being super intimate and tiny, Kylie had still thought of the most important thing: the glitter! And so while the crowd was going crazy to the melody of the opening track, a rain of confetti fell down on them from the ceiling. As you would expect, the same


econd tour day and second concert, this time in Manchester. The singer arrived by train in the afternoon before going to the arena to do rehearsals. Before the concert, she met a few fans in the queue, signed some autographs and took some selfies with lucky fans, who were delighted.

happened during « Raining Glitter ». But hey, wasn’t that obvious? It was something else that struck the audience the most (on the tour in general) : Kylie looking extremely radiant and happy! Small surprise of the evening was the presence of Jack Savoretti on « Music’s Too Sad Without You ». In the reviews of the people that were there, there are some negative comments about the fact that the scene was too low and that there were drunk people (which happens anyway at every concert - if you come to drink, please, stay at the bar). In terms of tracks, it seems that the favourites were « A Lifetime To Repair », « Golden », « Raining Glitter » and « Shelby 68 ».


Kylie was back on stage, again in a great mood to present « Golden » and once again, it was « Raining Glitter » that won all the favor of the public, some journalists also wondered why it was not the first single from the album. Kylie was also very touched by Manchester’s public reception, saying she tries to prepare herself every time she is coming here but never can. Jack Savoretti was not there that night, so Kylie did not sing « Music’s Too Sad Without You » but there were two bonuses in the setlist, a little acapella version of « Especially For You » and another one of « 100 Degrees » ... Lucky fans ! 18 www.kylie-world.com

GORILLA Capacity : 650 Tickets : - Early Entry - Standard

Laeti, April 2K18

machine displayed the names of the people. Thank god for that! According to a rumour some tickets were added on sale the day of the event, which could explain the overbooked club. It was extremely overcrowded and difficult to breathe even in the last row (trust me). A couple of people even stood in the hallway of the arena because they simply couldn’t fit in. Small advantage: since it is a nightclub, the place had a cloakroom so that was really handy.


SALA BIKINI Capacity : 650 Tickets : - Meet & Greet - Early Entry - Standard


irst concert performed outside of England: Barcelona. You need to know that the public is always very hot in Spain and this energetic population is guaranteed to put you in the mood! The queue in front of the arena was already quite impressive at 7pm. The entrance was lined up by security guards who not only searched bags, but also checked IDs. If the name on your ID card did not match the name on the tickets, you had no chance to get in. Photoshoping of the name on the ticket wouldn’t have worked either, the scanning


et’s move on to the Parisian show. She headed over to the venue a little earlier, around 2.30pm. She posed and signed autographs to the few fans lining up already before entering. I need to mention that the weather was an absolute nightmare, it was 2 degrees and it snowed ALL - DAY - LONG. Each fan had to collect their tickets in a small room nextdoor and got a wristband allowing access to the event. Once again, the identity of the person was verified. It is also in the queue of Paris that were shot the first images of the music video of « Stop Me From Falling » and most of the video was filmed in Paris too (there were also some images of some other shows).

In the club, some Nashville guests invited by Kylie were present. Jack Savoretti was back to sing « Music’s Too Sad Without You » and the singer performed « Wow ».

PARIS - MARCH 18TH CAFÉ DE LA DANSE Capacity : 500 Tickets : - Meet & Greet - Early Entry - Standard

A little drama happened before entering in the venue: the people having Early Entry tickets made a scandal because a few Meet And Greets were at the front row. These same people blocked access to the arena, declaring that they would not get in until the Meet And Greets were no longer in the front row, prompting the arrival of those managing the arena and even Kylie’s management ... For your information, these same people having made the scandal were at 19 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

the SECOND ROW and it is not written anywhere on the Early Entry tickets that it guarantees you to be in the front row: it just makes sure you get in before regular standing tickets. They later decided to refer to justice, we wish them good luck in this quite useless procedure. We attended more than 50 Kylie concerts, but we’ve never seen that before, and we are still a little shocked by this kind of behavior... It was the second row, not the end of the arena, nor the end of the world... Once again, many friends of Kylie attended the show, including Katerina Jebb or the hairdresser Christophe Robin. She started

the show much earlier than the other dates, and with the mess caused by some Early Entry, we didn’t see the time go by between entering the room (at 7pm) and Kylie on stage (at 7:30 pm !). The French audience loved the show and did not want Kylie to leave the stage. The singer once again performed « Wow » and « Music’s Too Sad Without You » with Jack Savoretti, but also forgot the lyrics of a new song! You also need to know that the whole concert was filmed! Let’s hope that this will be used for a DVD or for a Golden Re-edition.


BERGHAIN Capacity : 300 to 400 Tickets : - Standard

Kylie Minogue finished this tour at the Berghain, in Berlin, after doing promo in France on Monday and Tuesday morning. The singer came on stage at 9pm and did more or less the same concert as in Paris, except that in Berghain, it is forbidden to film. All the fans had to pass a check control at the entrance where they were searched and where stickers were placed on the cameras of their phone, at the front and at the back. When you take pictures in this mythical club, you are very quickly excluded, so we avoided doing anything stupid, even if

some people did manage to take photos. That did not really please Kylie, the singer was happy to be able to do an intimate concert, like in the 90s and she told all the rebels to switch their phones off after the second song. Even though the singer was still radiant, the tiredness beginning to show (and that’s normal!) And - but it’s just the way I see it - there was a little less energy at this show than at the previous ones.

20 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18


Golden One Last Kiss Raining Glitter Breathe Put Yourself In My Place Shelby ‘68 Radio On Wow (Barcelona, Paris, Berlin)

Islands In The Stream The One A Lifetime To Repair Music’s Too Sad Without You

(London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin)

Hand On Your Heart All The Lovers Stop Me From Falling Sincerely Yours Dancing

Kylie’s promo tour had several goals: obviously, the main idea was to promote the album before its actual release and it worked well! There were just a few hundreds tickets available, we all know they were gone within seconds and that indeed sparked genuine public interest. Journalists were also invited to the shows, and their reviews ensured a nice media rush, not only for fans, but for people that were unaware that Kylie was going to release a new album and tour in September. It was a fabulous way to fight against leaks of the album. Although there had been rumours about it leaking in mid-january, it never really happened until a few days before the official release, which is typical, as many people already had the physical copies by then. The other great thing about this promo tour is that, us fans, even the ones who didn’t believe in country Kylie, got an exclusive « preview » of the songs. And the last positive bit worth pointing out is that, even though all Kylie shows are very intensive and full of energy, we found her to be in the best vibes since ever. In fact, we found her to be in the best mood ever. We felt that we had never seen her as happy and fully blossomed on stage as we did this time. The London and Paris shows were filmed, and we can only pray we will get a DVD of the Golden promo tour, or that it will at least be included in a bonus DVD ! Only little disappointment at the shows, or at least from the « tour collector » point of view: there was unfortunately no program in the merchandising.

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Laeti, April 2K18


Golden Poster

Dancing Poster

Dancing Grey Tee

Golden White Tee

Black Guitar Tee

Tour Tee

Tote Bag


Sheriff Badge









Cow-Boy Hat


Keyring £10

(Also in pink) £10

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Laeti, April 2K18


Leather Bag

(with the date of the event)


(Also in white and green)



(with the date of the event)



The M&G package also included the leather bag, the powerbank, the lanyard and the keyring.

Black Tee


Sheriff Badge

Tote Bag

K Tag Necklace

Signed Picture

(with the date of the event)

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Laeti, April 2K18

Storytime with En

That i s me. LOL

It‘s hard to believe that we‘re on the 28th issue of the Kylie Times. It feels like yesterday when I was putting together the first one ever back in september 2015. The whole idea was based on our crazy experiences on the Kylie summer tour, which we simply wanted to share with you, because it was unbelieveably and unexpectedly funny time of our lives. And so after two and a half years, it is my pleasure to open up my diary for you again and take you on the road with us: It‘s time for a PROMO TOUR! Many of you watched our instagram stories which, I have to admit myself, weren‘t half as entertaining as our snapchat back in the days (shoutout to the loyal Kylie World fans who remember!). We didn‘t have to camp out in Finland in a storm this time, we didn‘t have to take 5 trains somewhere to the middle of nowhere around Denmark‘s borders, none of our connecting flights was delayed, and we didn‘t even end up eating Haribos with Lucy and Roxy while helping them catch their luggages... In fact, it was way calmer and surprisingly comfortable trip, but it definitely wasn‘t any less enjoyable and amazing, and you guys seemed to have loved the daily updates. After all, it‘s just the beginning... I already can‘t wait for you to see what we have planned for the upcoming events, and mainly the tour!

Anyway, let‘s not lose any more time and get to reading! I hope I will manage to get you feel like you are there, at the shows, in the middle of the crowd by our side, and maybe when you stop for a second, close your eyes, and actually imagine it happening, you‘ll be just as happy as we were in these moments I am describing on the following pages. And since I got all nostalgic thinking about this magazine‘s beginnings, let‘s first have a look at a couple of Kylie Summer throwbacks taken by me. Enjoy!

... and this is the cover of Kylie Times #1, and also the best picture to ever exist, and yes, it makes me VERY happy that it was me who took it! <3

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En, April 2K18

the opening in all its beauty Lucy being the fabulous diva she is


the dancers doing their thing Christian being the best â&#x20AC;&#x17E;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x153; the alphabet has ever experienced

the queen nearly losing her crown

January 5th, 2K18

Dear diary,

It’s been forever since she toured, or did any gigs, or at least it feels like it! I mean, Summer tour was... in 2015, right? Wow. Thank God (also known as holy Kylie herself, amen) the new album is coming soon, hopefully that will bring her on the road again? It must, right? There wouldn’t be an album without a tour. And we will finally get back at it, after all these years. Who cares for holidays and visiting cities one hasn’t been to when it’s not for Kylie… it’s just not the same. The speed of the travels with barely anything but merch in the little luggage, ticket stress, lining up, meeting up with different people, nothing can replace that thrill. It’s impossible at one side to even imagine this life again. It’s exhausting and crazy. But it totally sucks you in. You have countdowns set up till THE day, you get away from your routine for some time... let’s say a week - which, in fact, goes so fast, it feels like two hours, and then you come back home, where nothing has changed, but you’re not the same. You feel a million miles away from everyone and everything, almost like you have been gone for a year. People around care, they get excited for you, always ask you “How was it? Tell me everything!” and all you can reply is “Good,” knowing they will never understand. How could they? It’s a Kylie thing, after all. It’s our little secret. Somehow you manage to get through, survive a few days at work, and it’s time to pack again, for another “leg” of your own Kylie tour. You jump onto a flight taking you to sweet somewhere, and it feels like you never even left the road, and you’re never ever going to. The time stops. It doesn’t matter where in the world you end up, the small circle of lovers lining up from the earliest hours is always the same. Your friends. And then there’s the few special ones in each city, it’s people you’ve known forever, but get to see them only at this one rare occasion. It’s not taking over your whole life, it IS your whole life at this point. Even all the shows wouldn’t be enough. You feel so alive, but once you have no gig to count down to, it’s payday you’re extremely excited for. You’ve got to get through months of running on spaghetti with ketchup at the fanciest, not actually fully knowing how you even managed to afford the whole thing. The merchandise you purchased at the shows turns into a thing more treasurable than any designer for this specific time period, mainly because it‘s the only material thing keeping you connected to the best times, something that money can’t buy, and so you basically live in it. The Kangover is real. Not knowing how to cooperate with people who don’t reply to your questions in Kylie lyrics, you just float in time. Eventually, you get back down the ground, and you don’t know how you ever survived all the exhaustion of the travels, and can’t imagine being back on the road again. A little part of you still misses it, though...

That is, my dear diary, the tour life of a fan in a nutshell. Oh my dear Kylie, PLEASE, bring it back…

Oh. My. God!!

February 7th, 2K18

It’s happening! The rumours about a promo tour must have been right! She. is. going. on. the. road!!! I don’t know when or how, but Manchester, London, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin sounds pretty much like a promo tour to me?! If we don’t get to know ASAP I might just as well go crazy, the thrill is killing me!

February 8th, 2K18



February 15th, 2K18

Dear diary...

...what is even life. I’ve missed this so much but I didn’t miss it at all. The STRESS! Literally, my brain is overheated. Everybody had spent days freaking out about the tickets while I thought it was all fun and jokes, until the second I clicked on ticketmaster for Berlin ones and they were all sold out. At 9:55. The sale was not even meant to start until 10! Barely able to breathe, I kept on refreshing the page like a fool. After good fifteen minutes of NOTHING, Laeti, who’s task was to get us in for Barcelona, called me to tell me she had been having about the same amount of luck as me. After a short hysterical talk, she managed to get tickets for Paris somehow. WE DIDN’T EVEN PLAN TO BUY TICKE TS FOR PARIS WTF. I mean, we’d go but we’d most likely get them from our partnerships. Oh, the despair… On the verse of a nervous breakdown, about two hours after the sale has started (and ended, too), two stressful hours wondering about what the actual hell we are going to do, I got another call. LAETI GOT TICKETS FOR BARCELONA. Thank God! There was absolutely no way we’d do just Paris. I mean, no. Just no. There was no way we’d to just Barcelona and Paris either, I already had a german trip planned in my system and neither me nor my partner in crime were willing to give it up yet. Later on, we booked our flights and had a look at the hotels, too. As if destiny wanted it that way, the easiest and cheapest way from Paris back home was through Berlin for me, so hell yes, we did book the flights there with no tickets for the show in our hands. YOLO. Hopefully we’ll manage to buy some second hand ones for reasonable price...

(still) February 15th, 2K18

Dear diary...

...PANICKING A LIT TLE. I literally know just TWO PEOPLE who managed to get the tickets for Berlin and that‘s about IT. Everyone else is looking for them, and we are the last ones in the row because we already have two. If we actually manage to get some, it’ll be a MIRACLE…

March 13th, 2K18

What‘s up diary!

I did put all my energy into not checking out the setlist of the UK gigs, but well, when Laeti forwarded a picture to me, I gave in. She’s singing almost all of the new songs, wow. It’s gonna be so weird standing there not knowing lyrics. What do you even do at a show when you’re not yelling the words at her thinking you sing?...

LOL. We’re in for a brand new experience. How cool will it be to hear the new album live for the first time, though? And can we talk about the fact she’s doing Put Yourself In My Place?! OMG. I’m so excited. SO EXCITED. I’m just so excited I can’t describe it with words.

March 15th, 2K18

HOLA HOLA diary!


Como estas amigo? We are seeing Kylie TOMORROW! After all this time! I threw my luggage and coat (and basically my whole existence) on the airport floor the second I saw Laeti, then I run her way, and jumped on her with my glasses flying off my head and nearly breaking. Everyone around witnessing this situation probably though we were both crazy. Weren’t they right, though? Oh my god. Finally. We got lost pretty much immediately, missed the last train and to the deepest hate of our bank accounts, we ended up taking a cab to our hotel room, but none of it matters,


Hola diary! I’M LIVING

March 16th, 2K18

. We saw Kylie tonight!!! How many times am I gonna say it? Well, certainly once more: WE SAW KYLIE TONIGHT! I’m on a proper high. It was such an awesome day overall, walking through Barcelona, windy, yet covered in warm sun spreading the positive energy all around, as if the city itself knew we were about to have the best time ever. Screaming of happiness every single time I saw a palm tree (and trust me, there are loads of them in Spain), it was more than obvious that I couldn’t and didn’t want to control my excitement. For once, we actually managed to do some sightseeing, or at least if seeing the beach can be classified as a tourist activity. Everything was great. Around 5pm, we went back to our hotel room and sparkled up our looks, added some golden touch, you know, all the typical Kylie stuff… and then went to join the queue. The place, called “Bikini” was pretty overcrowded by the time of our arrival, but we didn’t mind. There had been no point in lining up early, we didn’t have early entry tickets and so we decided to just stay in the back when we’d get in and dance like nobody’s watching. It would be our first Kylie show out of the front row. We were super excited about the size of the venue. Not only it was small, super intimate but also super cute! The tiny stage wasn’t as far as we thought it would be, even though the club got extremely busy and left us thinking they definitely oversold the capacity. We stayed in the last row possible, leaving only VIP section of meet and greets behind us, and people standing in front of me were practically lying on me, which was pretty annoying. However, has weird as it may sounds that the most expensive tickets were the furthest, they actually had their own “dance floor” which was a few steps further up from our level, so their view must have been awesome. Can’t say the same about myself. I am definitely too short for this, but once Kylie got on stage, I found my “gaps” through which I could see, we accepted the fact that we were gonna be squished the whole show, and just enjoyed the time to the fullest. Kylie opened the show with album title song, Golden, which is also rumoured to be the third single, and we all nearly went through the roof! All of the annoying stuff was forgotten, in fact there was nothing in the world we would have minded at the moment. The atmosphere was AWESOME! By Raining Glitter, no one in the room stood still, and it really was raining glitter from the ceiling! When it came to the classics, the whole crowd went from crazy to emotional. Kylie’s voice on Put Yourself In My Place? No words. What a Queen! A song that got me the most must have been The One. She started slowly, sounding like the Abbey Road version, and went into silence after the first verse. People started clapping and cheering, but dedicated fans like us guessed it would not be the end. And we were right! After a second of silence and a cheeky smile of Kylie, the most perfect electro version of the song nearly broke the room. Everyone danced like crazy and me and Laeti looked at each other, both crying like 12 years old fangirls seeing their idol for the first time. QUEEN. Another song that really caught my attention was Radio On. A new BALLAD! And what a beautiful one. It truly was an experience to hear this one live for the first time. Followed by what might be my favourite cover ever, Islands in the

photos by @del1997 and @i_am_gregg on Instagram

Stream, it was

pure perfection. “Laeti, I’m gonna cry again” I turned to my friend when Kylie sung the acoustic version of Hand On Your Heart, right after a new song, A Lifetime To Repair, which, as Kylie said, we all can probably relate to. All these feelings caused by these two in a row! Stop Me From Falling, my personal not-so-much-of-a-fave, surprised me to the maximum, because as I didn’t really love it as much as I wish I had done, the live version completely blew me off. Just WOW. SOMEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…. Another song to follow, after Kylie’s quick run off the stage for us to cheer and get her back, was Sincerely Yours. I actually live streamed this one for you guys, and didn’t pay as much attention to it, but once I played the live stream back, I got absolutely obsessed. The gig ended with the first single, Dancing, and there truly was no one who wasn‘t dancing. Obviously, we ran straight to the merch stand right after the show and bought our Kylie tees, which we are gonna live in during the next weeks, and when we got to our hotel room and I took my outfit off, about ten golden confetti papers fell off it on the carpet. Both me and Laeti started laughing... It was a great night. What a comeback to the tour life. I already hate tomorrow, because guess what ? We are NOT seeing Kylie.

March 1 7th, 2K18

Bonjour diary!

Nous sommes à Paris, un croissant s‘il vous plaît! Let’s not talk about the fact that when we woke up in our hotel room this morning, water was dripping down the lights and before someone got there to fix it, we put on On A Night Like This from Les Folies and pretended it was splash zone. It must be the kangover mixed up with a Kylie high for another show at the same time. Anyway, I’m proud to announce we went to see the Sagrada Familia, so we really DID tourist stuff today. That’s success. I also saw the Eiffel tower for about 0,5 seconds from the train window today, and I’m afraid that’s it for this trip. There simply isn’t enough time! It’s also heavily snowing, we actually landed in the middle of a snow storm. Shock to the system, after nice 20 degrees in Spain. But guess what.

We are seeing Kylie tomorrow!

Bonjour diary!

March 18th, 2K18

WHAT A DAY. If Barcelona was awesome, Paris was SUPER MEGA ULTRA EXTRA DOPE. I don’t even know where to start. Unlike in Barci, we had to go and collect our tickets at the box office before the beginning of the show. It opened at 3pm, and so we woke up, got ready, and went straight there. Last turn to where the venue was and I noticed three of our friends, who, instead of “Hi!” yelled “Shots!” at me. We were definitely in for a funny afternoon. However, it was freezing, and just disgusting, and more importantly the pub was closed. Phew. I kept on persuading everyone attending that our love for Kylie would warm us up from the inside, but even my dedication vanished after a couple of minutes, and so we picked up the tickets and ran into the nearest coffee shop. It was already full of other Kylie fans, warming themselves up. To my excitement, we bumped into Chez, the Timebomb guy, on our way out. We actually literally met at the toilets, but if someone asks, we deny it and pretend it was a place way fancier than that, so shhh. Anyway, I dearly welcomed someone speaking english in our group and along with other friends, we went back to the line, even though there was not much of a point again. About a hundred early entries would be in front of us. “You smell like alcohol, I’m jealous” I told one of my friends, and before I even managed to finish the sentence, Chez took out a bottle of whatever alcohol it was and laughed. A fun afternoon indeed. It took forever before they let us in, and my chin nearly fell on the floor when we got to know why later. People with early entries were arguing with organizators of the event, because a couple of meet and greets got in front of them, and they refused to get in before the front row would be cleared up off the people holding 900e worthy tickets. They turned it into such a big drama, Kylie’s management had to come out and talk to them, explaining that early entry does not guarantee you’d be front row. It guarantees early entry. People, don’t be idiots. Thanks to that, it took only minutes till the show started once we managed to get inside. To my delight, the venue had stairs to go up to the vip section, and we were allowed to stand on these, and so I got onto a level a bit higher than everyone else. In other words, I could actually SEE. This fact became the main reason why I preferred the french show over Barcelona. We had memorised a little of each song by now, and so we were able to sing a little, which made it even more exciting. Knowing the show already, I knew which songs to look out for and pay attention to. This is the greatest thing about seeing it multiple times. You get the whole picture. One night, you go crazy at Golden and don’t really remember much of One Last Kiss, but the next night, you realise One Last Kiss is actually a bomb, and then forget that it would rain glitter soon, and get surprised again, you don’t cry at The One anymore, but silently sob during Breathe, and then go absolutely crazy for Shelby 68 or Sincerely Yours. We still get asked why we do it sometimes, why we go and see the same gig billion times. This is why. Every night is different, and as I’ve already said, you easily get addicted to the thrill of the journey. The question of the night was whether Jack Savoretti would be performing Music’s Too Sad Without You tonight, since he was absent in Barcelona. The crowd welcomed him with the loudest cheer. Yup, it was happening! At the end of the show, we bumped into Kylie’s new stylist, Sascha. While Laeti was business talking with him, trying to get him for an interview in the Kylie times...

...I ran up like “Hey guess, how did you enjoy the show?” He threw this very amused face at me and replied “I worked.” “Makes sense” I replied, while asking myself WHY DO I EVER TALK in my head, knowing what a stupid question it was. “But you’re right, it was awesome anyway. I mean the French audience is just something else” he said to save me from my blondness. Let’s just hope we get the interview soon! We of course met up with our friends again, and went straight to the now opened bar. Five minutes in and four shots down, I absolutely love life. Nothing compares to Kylie adventures.

March 21st, 2K18

HALLO diary!

The time goes so fast, I don’t know where the whole week has gone. We saw her in Berlin yesterday, for the last gig of the promo tour. A miracle indeed did happen and we managed to buy second hand tickets with a little help from our german friend, but it wasn’t even a hundred percent sure until the day of the show, so we literally flew over to Berlin with nothing, extremely stressed. It was worth it, though. I don’t even realise how lucky we were, because the club she was performing in, Berghain, is extremely popular, and well known for their strict rules, such as not letting people in…


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In general, it was something that she was performing there, and it was something to see her there. We were in for quite an extraordinary show with even more unique audience. Even though there were no meet and greets nor early entries this time, we could not have lined up from crazy o’clock again, because it was freezing cold and Laeti was on antibiotics. When we joined the line at about five in the afternoon, we were number 14 and 15 in the line. Oh dear, how I miss the front row… Anyway, we ended up in something like third row, surrounded by a bunch of people from all around the world, who weren’t really coming for Kylie, but lived in Berlin and regularly partied in Berghain, and basically just did not want to miss this special thing. I’m not gonna lie, I was afraid that there would be no fans at all, and that the show would just turn into an alcohol party full of german freaks, but to my biggest surprise, even the guy with bigger earnings than mine, standing next to me and rolling a joint on his friends’ back, spent five good minutes talking about his love for Put Yourself In My Place, while another drunken and very not-Kylie looking guy listened to their conversation, and passionately joined in when they started discussing whether Breathe was better than Confide In Me. One of them later started crying because of the excitement of seeing Kylie. Ok, I was thinking. This too shall be loads of fun. It was all so unexpectable and different. Even the club itself. It’s beautiful. “You, you and you, put your cameras down or leave” Kylie said in between her first and second songs to the few rebels who risked getting kicked out, took the stickers that were covering their phone cameras off, and started recording. “Not even I can break the rules. I’d love to take a picture of you guys, but I can’t, so don’t do it either.” Queen. “It’s a little bit like the 90s” she mentioned a couple of times during the show, once the air was camera-free again. And she was right. It was nothing but the music. I don’t think I will ever get any closer to seeing a gig in the 90s as I was tonight, and I loved it with my whole heart. Some days I want to return to Berghain, to see what it’s like without Kylie... THE BEEEAUTIFUL WEATHER IN BERLIN


I’m on my way home in the bus, while Laeti is waiting for her flight back to Paris. Our adventure is over. There was this funny moment today, when we realised we hadn’t checked our emails for the Spotify gig invitations, and let’s face it, the chances we’d get invited were high since we stream nothing but Kylie. I was already checking our flights to London for the next day wondering how the hell I would afford it, while Laeti was hysterically trying to sort out her email to find out we actually didn’t win. “THANK GOD” Laeti screamed, my boss would KILL ME… And, that is, my dear diary, about it. Until the next time!




Jodie & Kirstie « Just before going in Sean met me at the curtain and said « hi, what’s your name » And as I went in Kylie greeted me with « Kirstie! I know you from twitter.. I’ve seen all your shenanigans » - I instantly felt less nervous and laughed as she gave me a hug and I replied with « I promise we are not drunk all the time ! » To which Kylie said

« that’s fine .. as long as there are no accidents! » We chatted for a bit then we got our picture taken - she was so helpful with me being nervous telling me where to stand etc. I passed her a drawing to which she said « I will look at this later » with a smile then I said « Jodie has the main present! » To my surprise Kylie said « well I think we need to get Jodie in too, because I know you guys I want a picture with the three of us ». I stood to the side of the room for Jodie to get her individual picture as Sean went to get her ». ... « So I was standing outside whilst Kirstie was meeting Kylie, I was trying my best to stay calm as I was ridiculously nervous. I heard Kylie say « Sean, can you get Jodie? », Sean then pulled back the curtain and said « Jodie do you wanna come in? » So I walked in (I was very confused as to why Kirstie never came out and why Kylie and Sean already knew who I was lol) and I walked up to Kylie and said « Hiiiii » she gave me a double

36 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

kiss on the cheek and a hug and said it was lovely to meet me. I handed her over the scrapbook myself and Kirstie made her and said « Now, when you read this you might suspect we‘re both drunk all the time but I swear we‘re not! » She replied « hmmmm so you‘re only drunk 90% of the time then ??! » « Let‘s go with 80% », I replied. She laughed and said she couldn‘t wait to see all our adventures and all our « shenanigans ». After my picture, she got Kirstie back over for a picture with us both (oh my GOD) and said « look at you both you‘re gorgeous with your hair and your outfits I need a picture with both my girls together! » We got the pic and continued to chat for a few minutes with her together she asked us if this was our first

Golden promo show and was looking at our tattoos (she literally stroked our wrists, I can‘t even !!!) We spoke about how we practiced our poses for our pictures with her the night before. « Yeah we had to practice our pictures with you using the wall » Kirstie said. Then I couldn‘t stop myself and said something along the lines of « you were the wall and we were ourselves » she laughed and said « You girls !!! » and held up both her hands for a high 5, then gave us a massive group hug before saying to Steve her security guy « You need to make sure my girls are right at the front of stage for the show ok !!! ». So we said our goodbyes, she thanked us for all the support and Steve took us down to the stage before the show began! Best. Day. Ever ».

« I was nervous throughout the day. When the time came, all my nerves vanished. When it was my time to meet Kylie, she stood there with her hands out, I quickly grabbed both her hands, and she held them to her chest. I told her I was a fan from the start. She said I was very sweet. She was talking and I wasn‘t registering due to shock of meeting her. It was short and sweet but a surreal moment ».


« I never thought that I would be able to meet Kylie in person, so when I had the tickets for the meet and greet in my hands, it was just unbelievable. My heart was pounding so hard, I was excited and nervous, how would Kylie be? What is your name? Sean Fitzpatrick asked me, « Miguel ». « Kylie this is Miguel » he introduced me. And she was just WOW WOW WOW WOW « We are twins » she said as she was dressed in gold and I was we-


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Isa, April 2K18

aring a golden jacket. « Where are you from? » « I’m from Mexico », then she exclaimed « Wow, and that t-shirt is from a previous show that you attended? » I was wearing my I love KM T-shirt from her For You, For Me Tour in the US. She looked stunning, she was radiant and so welcoming and chatty, I really didn’t expect that. We took our picture and then I thanked her for the time wishing her the best on this new Gold ear. Kylie is simply amazing! It was a once in a lifetime experience, that I will never forget. Thank you Kylie!!!!! » « And dreams come true… When I found out that Kylie was going to give mini gigs to present Golden I knew I had to go, and when I saw Meet & Greet tickets were available I knew it was the chance to realize a dream since I had missed out at the last tour. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to meet the one for who my heart beats for 15 years, and was impatient to meet her! I chose to wear an Art/Deco designer shirt reminding me of the Showgirl Tour. After having waiting under the snow and meeting lots of fans coming from very far, we went in and were given our VIP packages which were really complete. After having had a glass of champagne, it was time to go and meet the icon. Someone from her team asked me my name and led me to her behind a black curtain. She was beautiful, adorable and accessible. She welcomed me with open arms et softly held my hand. I told her how much meeting her was important for me and that I was really looking forward to hearing her new songs during the intimate gig. She answered that it was also important for her, to discover the public’s reaction. I asked her when she would announce her next tour dates and if she wished to come to France. After a silence, she answered in French « I hope so » and that it will probably be in Paris. She asked me where I was from, I said « Marseille », and I was really surprised when she said she’d been there

Cédric before and knew the place. She asked to see my shirt from closer, I explain where it comes from and the artistic work done on it, she told me how much she loved the look. Then it’s picture time. She gave me a couple of kisses as we do in France, et said « Enjoy the Show » with a huge smile. The concert was then beautiful, dynamic and intimate. The country side suits her well and I loved the different renditions of her older songs such as « The One ». When the lights came on, the dream ended, but I still think about that night, and am still feeling a lot of emotions, I often find myself smiling when thinking about it. I still can’t believe this happened to me and I hope all fans will live that moment one day ».

38 www.kylie-world.com

« What an amazing evening! The venue was awesome... Got to meet some wonderful people. And to be honest... I still haven‘t landed after meeting the woman that means so much to me... She is so tiny... but so beautiful... And very very nice. She first complimented me on my outfit. Then she checked out my arms and noticed her signature. She asked me : Isa, April 2K18

I didn‘t sign that straight on your arm right?? It looks to good for that... I‘m terrible at signing body parts. She accepted the tulips with a big smile. I then told her how much this Meet & Greet meant to and how she pulled me through a big depression... She replied to me by giving me a huge hug and said she was glad she was able to do that and that music is so important. We then had our picture taken and she said me looked great together. After that we said goodbye. While I was leaving she called out thanks again for the flowers. We received our goodie bag... which contains some very nice items... After I floated back up to the VIP section the show started. And boy o boy, what a show it was! This album is going to be huge! She mixed in some older hits... it was perfect! »


Steve « I’ve met Kylie several times now « through the year » and she has always been extremely lovely. Yet waiting to meet Kylie on Tuesday at Cafe de Paris, I was again nervous but in an excited way. The group of lucky people who had Meet & Greet tickets were all super-friendly and there was a lot of love for Kylie. Prior to meeting Kylie I was waiting with Sean and Kylie’s security guy, both of whom recognised me and chatted away, which was lovely and fun. 

When my time came to come in to meet Kylie behind a private partition, Sean Fitzpatrick introduced me to Kylie to which Kylie replied « Well, here’s someone I really recognise »..... !!!!! I thought my ears were playing tricks on me, so I replied: « Really? » To which Kylie responded « Oh, yes ». That alone was a magical moment. Kylie gave me a hug then I presented her with a gift bag.  She said « Oh, let me see! Let me see! » I explained that I had brought her some local artisan products from my hometown of Belfast and said how excited we were to welcome her back in October for the last show of the UK/Ireland leg of the « Golden » tour. Kylie asked me if I had tickets and for which shows, so I told her I had tickets for 5 shows but was hoping to return to Australia to see her again after seeing her in Melbourne for the Anti-Tour. She said she loved those shows and I said « Can you believe it’s 6 years this week since you performed those shows? » She grabbed my arm and said « No, really?! » I then said how excited I was to hear new music from the Golden album at the show that evening. Kylie said there’d be new songs, some oldies and a few surprises. That alone got me excited - when I later heard Breathe I almost fainted. The Cafe de Paris show was my 57th Kylie show but I had never heard that before in concert.  It’s one of my absolute favourite Kylie songs. We then took our photo, and Kylie said « well, thanks for coming Steve ». I gave her another hug, said « thank-you » and told her to have a fantastic show. It was a really lovely Meet & Greet.  I think my cheesy smile says how happy I was ... and it was even cheesier after seeing the sensational show that evening.  Truly, truly excited for the « Golden » era ».

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Isa, April 2K18

« My first Kylie concert was the showgirl tour together with my grandma when I was 13 years old. So after being a fan (and seeing 26 shows including the kiss me once promo gig during Mardi Gras in Sydney, the Aphrodite promo gig at heaven in London and the Anti-tour in London) for 13 years it was a very exciting day for me. I had to work 3 flights in the morning and then only had 1 hour to catch my flight to Barcelona but thank god I made it! I was quite stressed to finally meet her in person.as I had been looking forward to it for a looooong time. But as soon as I walked into the Meet and Greet and she gave me a hug I was very relaxed. I thanked her for the strength her music gave me in tough times and she was a little bit surprised when she asked me how many shows I had seen and I replied 26. I’m really happy to have finally met her and she really is the sweetest person ever when you meet her! »


« I met Kylie just before her Golden concert in Barcelona. I was so excited and she was just amazing, really beautiful woman and so nice with me. I am a Kylie fan for 16 years and my dream was to meet her, I just wanted to thank her, to say how much I love her and that she is part of every single day in my life. She asked me how I was feeling, where I was from and if I already saw her in concert – all this with her beautiful smile. It was quite short and I was impressed so I didn’t have time and manage to say everything I wanted to. I wanted to ask her if she was happy in her life for example. I love her style her songs, her videos. My favourite song is I believe in you. During the shows she’s really sharing a moment with us and that’s why I really love to see her. The show was very good and I can’t wait for the album! »

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Isa, April 2K18

Poll â&#x20AC;¢ Golden

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Laeti, April 2K18

THOUGHTS ON THE UPCOMING TOUR & WHY WE NEED KYLIECAM IN THE TEAM! Promotion of the new album Golden is at it’s peak right now. Kylie and her team’s schedule is absolutely crazy, taking them from a continent to another in a matter of days, letting us wonder how they all still look so fresh. We unfortunately aren‘t travelling on this speed since the promo tour finished, and being a little kangover and jealous of them, we daydream about the times when we will again - the actual tour, starting in september! A girl can dream, they say, and so I decided to get on in big style. I asked myself one simple question and got really carried away in my thoughts. They led me to a very specific direction, to a person who is going to be my main focus of this article, but before I get to that point, I’ll share with you how I got that far…

What is one thing I want the tour to be like?

My question was very simple:

Kylie has done everything. There is not a thing a pop star has on their cv that Kylie hasn’t done, too. She’s flown in the air on a glittery skull named Nora, rode a golden pegasus, had fountains (that were probably higher than all of my life goals) installed in her stage, spinned around on a circle lined up with dancers winding her up with pink feathers, looked all chilled and sexy on a lip shaped sofa that was actually SO UNCOMFORTABLE, we still don’t know how she never slipped off... but she has also done the complete opposite - having nothing at all, just her, her voice and humour. And we loved it all. So what else is out there that she could po-

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En, April 2K18

Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t think anything up. There simply isn’t a stage installation that I could dream about, because we have had it all. And so I went back to the basic stuff…


to dope it up and get us dancing! As long as he sticks around, music is something we have no reason to worry about. He is one of the main heroes of Kylie Minogue live, and I personally feel like he isn’t appreciated as much as he should be. Don’t take him for granted! He is The One! Talking about taking things for granted, we are slowly reaching the topic of this article. Where on Earth are the tour diaries?! I don’t mean my lousy ones that we publish in the Kylie times after each adventure we have. Believe me when I say I’m about to up my game on the actual tour, but still... I mean the REAL ones. It all started at the For you for me tour with funny vlogs where we could witness things like Kylie dancing with a lamp, screaming out loud that she’s now renamed to Miss Minogly, and they went on into something EXTRAORDINARY. Backstage stuff, acoustic dressing room performances, interviews with the fans before each show… All that thanks to the best(est) tour cam guy that has ever been out there... tamtadadaaaaaaah...

So far we only have the United Kingdom, but we all not so secretly hope that European ones are just a matter of time, and the same for Australia. I mean, come on. It’s gonna happen. The question of the year is weather she will tour in the US. That is a thing not so axiomatic, and all we can do is pray for the poor american lovers. I get to be one of them for a couple of months in a year, and let me tell you, their life is extremely tough. They’re like, the stronger ones. When you say « Kylie », ma“Artist, Cinematic Storyteller & jority of the population think you Music Maniac. Filmed in over 70 mean the other one, you know, countries with visionary musicthe one who’s surname we don’t -makers including KYLIE MINOGUE, say out loud, simply because we DEADMAU5, KIMBRA, EMELI SANDE, don’t like her. At all. That itself KREWELLA...“ makes living very unpleasant, but what’s way worse is never having a chance to see the correct holder of the name « Kylie » live, not breathing the same air as her. Like, EVER. Isn’t that toxic? Poisonous? So yeah, we are all praying for you, our lovely american friends! Don’t give up the hope !

MAIN CONCERN #2: Dear God (aka Kylie herself), please include the Garibay collaborations! That is literally the only wish I have, since I know Steve Anderson is >>the shit<< and whatever they put on the setlist, he is going 43 www.kylie-world.com

I mean every word I just said and don’t even dare to think that I‘m exaggerating. If you do, then you’re CLEARLY wrong. Just like every William Baker hater has to admit En, April 2K18

that the whole Aphrodite era wouldn’t have been so much fun without him. Wait. Jimmy Simak has no haters. Everybody loves Jimmy. And we certainly did not appreciate him enough when he was around. Let’s have a look at the better times when he toured with the rest of Kylie’s team. His and Kylie’s collaboration started in 2010 when he filmed the behind the scenes of « Get Outta My Way ». Remember the good old days when we were getting behind the scenes of music videos? Yep. These were the days of Jimmy Simak. All the Lovers behind the scenes? Jimmy Simak. Stylist magazine shoot behind the scenes? Jimmy Simak. Put your hands up lyrics video? Jimmy Simak. All of the tour diaries on Les Folies? And can you actually believe EVERY city got their own? Out of all the continents and places… That is Jimmy Simak for you. Just Add Water? Jimmy Simak. My year as Aphrodite? Ok, you don’t understand. An HOUR long tour doco, even though we had already gotten the DVD backstage bonus AND the separate videos from each show including backstage stuff. Can you actually believe how lucky we were?! Two words: JIMMY SIMAK. Remember when Kylie was having her coffee-coma moment and told him to ask her anything? « What’s the filthiest thing you’ve ever done? » « NOT THAT FAR ». LOL. Jimmy Simmak. We unfortunately got nothing of that kind on the Kiss Me Once tour, and to the biggest shock of all of us, we didn’t get any behind 44 www.kylie-world.com

the scenes in the DVD bonuses… My mind has been made up. If there’s one thing I want from the upcoming tour, it’s for Jimmy to be back! From what we know, he has been working on some amazing projects with people like Emeli Sande, Deadmau5, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman... (check out his webpage), but I’m sure they all could miss him for a while, and he could jump on the road with our Golden girl again.

Shall we riot, lovers? A petition? :)

En, April 2K18

All this recent Kylie-love on Jimmyâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s insta make us wonder whether something is up, however, it REALLY is time for us to start rioting! Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s spread the Kylie world! Share your fave Jimmy-moments on your social media and tag us! 45 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

the GOLDEN photographer:

Simon Emmett Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Allure... this is just a couple of them he‘s shot for. Simon Emmett, London based portrait photographer, editor and dedicated film maker is mostly known for his celebrity, fashion and beauty photography. The list of names he‘s worked with is about the same lenght as an old phonebook. Among ones like Beyoncé, Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly, Kanye, JT, Cameron Diaz.... is also our Kylie.

Simon‘s and Kylie‘s first collaboration happened in 1998. Let‘s have a look at pics they took together through the years... Looks like he loves black and white, blue and red! :)

A pic from the Golden shoot

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En, April 2K18

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En, April 2K18

GOLDEN : FORMATS CD 1 - Dancing 2 - Stop Me From Falling 3 - Golden 4 - A Lifetime To Repair 5 - Sincerely Yours 6 - One Last Kiss 7 - Live A Little 8 - Shelby ‘68 9 - Radio On 10 - Love 11 - Raining Glitter 12 - Music’s Too Sad Without You

Japanese CD 1 - Dancing 2 - Stop Me From Falling 3 - Golden 4 - A Lifetime To Repair 5 - Sincerely Yours 6 - One Last Kiss 7 - Live A Little 8 - Shelby ‘68 9 - Radio On 10 - Love 11 - Raining Glitter 12 - Music’s Too Sad Without You 13 - Dancing (Initial Talk Remix) 14 - Dancing (Anton Power Alternative Remix)

Deluxe CD 1 - Dancing 2 - Stop Me From Falling 3 - Golden 4 - A Lifetime To Repair 5 - Sincerely Yours 6 - One Last Kiss 7 - Live A Little 8 - Shelby ‘68 9 - Radio On 10 - Love 11 - Raining Glitter 12 - Music’s Too Sad Without You 13 - Lost Without You 14 - Every Little Part Of Me 15 - Rollin 16 - Low Blow 48 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Cassette (also in black and yellow) 1 - Dancing 2 - Stop Me From Falling 3 - Golden 4 - A Lifetime To Repair 5 - Sincerely Yours 6 - One Last Kiss 1 - Live A Little 2 - Shelby ‘68 3 - Radio On 4 - Love 5 - Raining Glitter 6 - Music’s Too Sad Without You

Vinyl & Clear Vinyl 1 - Dancing 2 - Stop Me From Falling 3 - Golden 4 - A Lifetime To Repair 5 - Sincerely Yours 6 - One Last Kiss 1 - Live A Little 2 - Shelby ‘68 3 - Radio On 4 - Love 5 - Raining Glitter 6 - Music’s Too Sad Without You

Picture Disc 1 - Dancing 2 - Stop Me From Falling 3 - Golden 4 - A Lifetime To Repair 5 - Sincerely Yours 6 - One Last Kiss 1 - Live A Little 2 - Shelby ‘68 3 - Radio On 4 - Love 5 - Raining Glitter 6 - Music’s Too Sad Without You

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Laeti, April 2K18


We wanted to scan it but when we saw its super simple design and everything, we simply decided weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d re-do it. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s the deluxe booklet version by Kylie World !

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En, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue:

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En, April 2K18

GO LD EN 53 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

#1 DANCING No-one wants to stay at home Nobody wants to be alone When you come knocking I’ll be at your door I don’t ever wanna stop I’m gonna give it all I‘ve got And when they ask me who could ask for more? Can’t stand still I won’t slow down When I go out I wanna go out dancing ahh ahh When I go out I wanna go out dancing ahh ahh I wanna go out dancing This is where I wanna be with you your arms wrapped around me And fireworks reflecting in your eyes This is how I wanna feel The wine the kiss the music reel And getting down riding all the highs Can’t stand still I won’t slow down When I go out I wanna go out dancing ahh ahh When I go out I wanna go out dancing ahh ahh I wanna go out dancing Everybody’s got a story Let it be your blaze of glory Burning bright never fade away And when the final curtain falls We can say we did it all The never ending of a perfect day Can’t stand still I won’t slow down When I go out I wanna go out dancing ahh ahh When I go out I wanna go out dancing ahh ahh I wanna go out dancing 54 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

#2 STOP ME FROM FALLING Somehow We‘ve always been together But never got together I never felt the pressure ‘til now There‘s something in the air I‘m here and you‘re just there I can‘t pretend that I don‘t care Yeah one day I might get it right Am I ready for tonight? Yeah caution caution, amber light Still can‘t get you off my mind Don‘t know how I don‘t know when But we‘re becoming more than friends Getting closer to the edge Stop me from falling Shoulda seen the warning sign Now I‘m running out of time Kinda wanna cross the line Stop me from falling for you One risk From lying on your shoulder When I was feeling colder And now I can‘t get over One kiss A dangerous situation I‘m lost in hesitation My heart‘s a little shaken Yeah one day I might get it right Am I ready for tonight? Yeah caution caution, amber light Still can‘t get you off my mind Don‘t know how I don‘t know when But we‘re becoming more than friends Getting closer to the edge Stop me from falling Shoulda seen the warning sign Now I‘m running out of time Kinda wanna cross the line Stop me from falling for you 55 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18



Your feet move just like a dancer Your soul beats just like a drum Tomorrow has all the answers Today says we‘ve just begun Don‘t you feel the sun on your face Hopeful hearts of the human race Shining down from above

Cupid don‘t love me like he used to do ‘Cause I‘m broken hearted way too soon I let my guard down A devil‘s gone and left me a bruise mmm Rocks at the bottom will I try again? Romeo still lives in my head Thought I would settle down When happy ever after‘d been said mmm

We‘re golden Burn like the stars Stay golden Straight from the heart We‘re the voice thatĺl never give in Getting knocked down back up again We‘re golden golden That‘s who we are

6-5-4-3 Too many times I wish I‘d never cared Been torn and twisted oh I swear Too many nights crying that it‘s not fair If I get hurt again I‘d need a lifetime to repair I‘d need a lifetime to repair I‘d need a lifetime to repair

Live your life like you‘re stealing Every little moment in time Infinity goes on forever Lay your life on the line Don‘t you feel the sun on your face Hopeful hearts of the human race Shining down from above

They told me stories and they got me good Who‘s sayin‘ fairytales aren‘t true? If he saves me from the dragon Well for that lovin‘ I‘d be a fool mmm I‘d overlook the stupid things he does Straight up forgive him when he‘s wrong When he‘s fallen off the wagon We‘ll still dance to our favourite slow song mmm

We‘re golden Burn like the stars Stay golden Straight from the heart We‘re the voice thatĺl never give in Getting knocked down back up again We‘re golden golden That‘s who we are

6-5-4-3 Too many times I wish I‘d never cared Been torn and twisted, oh I swear Too many nights crying that it‘s not fair If I get hurt again I‘d need a lifetime to repair I‘d need a lifetime to repair I‘d need a lifetime to repair

We‘re not young and we‘re not old We‘re the stories not yet told Won‘t be bought and can‘t be sold We are golden

They say that love is everywhere But it‘s a game of truth or dare Gimme that guarantee and I‘ll be there Heaven knows I tried my best Now I‘m swimming in a sea of loneliness Wanna take that chance I wanna say yeah

We‘re golden Burn like the stars Stay golden Straight from the heart We‘re the voice thatĺl never give in Getting knocked down back up again We‘re golden golden That‘s who we are

But too many times I wish I‘d never cared Been torn and twisted oh I swear Too many nights crying that it‘s not fair If I get hurt again I‘d need a lifetime to repair 56 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

57 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

#5 SINCERELY YOURS This isn‘t goodbye I just need a little time to hide We‘re forever you and I And you know it Wouldn‘t give it all away ‘Cause we weathered that storm and the pouring rain When I need a little love You show it And nothing beats that high But coming down from you Well it takes just a little time So I put it in writing This is au revoir I won‘t go that far You‘ll still see me, you‘ll still hear me Love you dearly ahh And this is not the end I‘ll come back again You‘ll still see me, you‘ll still hear me Love you dearly yours sincerely Every little word Every dance I do when I‘m shaking it for you Even when it hurts There‘s nothing on earth I wouldn‘t do for you And nothing beats that high But coming down from you Well it takes just a little time So I put it in writing This is au revoir I won‘t go that far You‘ll still see me, you‘ll still hear me Love you dearly ahh And this is not the end I‘ll come back again You‘ll still see me, you‘ll still hear me Love you dearly yours sincerely Gimme those thrills I won‘t forget ya Put it all down in a love letter Love letter Gimme those thrills I won‘t forget ya Put it all down in a love letter So I put it in writing 58 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

#6 ONE LAST KISS There‘s a light, in the distance I can see it Shining bright if I listen I can hear it But it feels just like my heart oh it‘s breaking in two What can I do? I‘m just trying to keep it together Waiting for you Tell you this I don‘t need anything Save for that one last kiss So baby come to me Oh baby come to me Time with you Well it was gone too soon Oh what I wouldn‘t do So baby come to me For that one last kiss Late at night hold my breath and I can feel it All your touch and your whispers How I need them But it feels just like my heart oh it‘s breaking in two What can I do? I‘m just trying to keep it together Waiting for you Tell you this I don‘t need anything Save for that one last kiss So baby come to me Oh baby come to me Time with you Well it was gone too soon Oh what I wouldn‘t do So baby come to me For that one last kiss Just give me one more Kiss kiss kiss Just give me one more Kiss kiss kiss 59 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18


#8 SHELBY 68

Last night was a fight Couldn‘t get things of my mind Though it felt like I was in the ring Slept by candle light Scared of running out of time I wanna do all those little things

There‘s was nothing on earth that a girl could do The first minute I laid my eyes on you on you Turned sheets to the wind I was all confused Like burning my money nothing left to lose I knew I was doomed

I wanna pack up Set myself a sail New life never gonna fail No matter what stands in my way I wanna find love Make a great escape Get lost get away From everyone who tells me it‘s too late

An attraction I just can‘t explain But I knew I was never gonna be the same I‘d be lying if I said that I always chose what was good So where we‘re gonna go in your Shelby ‘68? I know you‘re gonna break my heart When I get in your car Ooh the trouble I‘m in when we take that spin Yeah I‘m in I know there‘ll be hell to pay Baby I just can‘t wait Ooh I‘m gonna get high when I take that ride In your Shelby ‘68

‘Cause whoa At the end of the day There ain‘t no stopping me now whoa I‘ll do whatever it takes You‘ll never keep it down ‘cause whoa Make another mistake It‘s all in or it‘s all out whoa So get ready to dance And live a little

I was rolling with my very own Steve McQueen When you were hitting that road And I was living the dream So it seemed Like a diamond bullet in the dead of night Yeah I knew it was wrong but it felt so right to me Can‘t you see?

Mom dad don‘t be sad One day we‘ll look back and laugh Crying all the memories we‘ve missed Time‘s like sinking sand Catch it with the other hand Keep it for the moments just like this

But I knew I was never gonna be the same I‘d be lying if I said that I always chose what was good So where we‘re gonna go in your Shelby ‘68?

I wanna pack up Set myself a sail New life never gonna fail No matter what stands in my way I wanna find love Make a great escape Get lost get away From everyone who tells me it‘s too late

I know you‘re gonna break my heart When I get in your car Ooh the trouble I‘m in when we take that spin Yeah I‘m in I know there‘ll be hell to pay Baby I just can‘t wait Ooh I‘m gonna get high when I take that ride In your Shelby ‘68

When friends come and go This family is stone You‘ll always be with me no matter where I go Wherever we are Just look to the stars And know that you‘re forever shining in my heart

Burn rubber baby get on with this show I‘ll take a ride if it‘s your rodeo The horses are wild and I‘ll cry but I‘m ready to go Let‘s go The longest of days and the starriest nights Rocking and rollin‘ and minding those lights No destination we‘re racing baby just drive Drive Take me away in your Shelby ‘68

60 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

61 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

62 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

#9 RADIO ON Oh it‘s Saturday night Or has Sunday started? ‘Cause when morning light comes and You‘re broken hearted We were close to somethin‘ Ended up with nothin‘ All I hear is echoes Of the words we said All the battles they played over in my head We were close to heaven Now it‘s gone to hell And so I roll the windows down And I just fade you out And it rolls like thunder and it hits a lightnin‘ When you are going under it lifts you up again Right now that kick drum feels like a heartbeat And I‘m falling for that long lost melody I put the radio on Saving myself with the song I put the radio on If I keep driving Keep movin‘ forward Cause there‘s nothing worth me turning this around I‘ve been hiding these miles between us So I will keep the volume up to drown you out Forget you were around And it rolls like thunder and it hits a lightnin‘ When you are going under it lifts you up again Right now that kick drum feels like a heartbeat And I‘m falling for that long lost melody I put the radio on Saving myself with the song I put the radio on I really need a love song to rescue me I really need a love song that I‘d believe And I‘ll find who I am supposed to be I put the radio on saving myself with a song I find the strenght to move on There in the moment I‘m strong I put the radio on

63 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

#10 LOVE


Love is a matter of taste Don‘t let it go to waste Love is whoever you wear Put it on or lay it bare Love is whatever you want Wishing on the brightest star Love is the perfect song Dance to it all night long

Every day‘s the same Feeling every shade of grey Playing by the rules when you wanna be led astray Gonna miss that train don‘t take me home I‘ve got all I need right here Soaking up the sound gonna wash it all away

Whatever you feel it will always be real in love Whatever you do it will always be true in love Whatever you need it will be always be free in love Love is a pair of heels Click click and you‘re on the ceiling You‘re great on believing That everything‘s so revealing Love is having nothing to hide Taking a walk on the wild side Love is a disco ball Shining on us all

Raining glitter down on us tonight Covering us all in magic Never even seen them stars so bright As the look in your eyes Raining glitter down on us tonight No more hiding in the shadows Ooh you look like diamonds in the light Everybody put your hands up to the sky And let it rain Whoop Mmm

Whatever you feel it will always be real in love Whatever you do it will always be true in love Whatever you need it will be always be free in love Love love love love love Whatever you need it will always be free in love Love is a day in bed Lying in your lovers‘ t-shirt Lying in your lovers‘ t-shirt In love Whatever you feel it will always be real in love Whatever you do it will always be true in love Whatever you need it will be always be free in love

We can let it rain Let it rain down silver and gold oh We all want the same Yeah we‘re looking for that hand to hold And a stolen kiss that feels so good that it might Just change your world You can call us fools, but these dreams will Never get old Raining glitter down on us tonight Covering us all in magic Never ever seen them stars so bright As the look in your eyes Raining glitter down on us tonight No more hiding in the shadows Ooh, you look like diamonds in the light Everybody put your hands up to the sky And let it rain This is what it‘s about Never stop whoop Say my name hold me tight In the drop whoop ‘Cause we‘re not, no we‘re not giving up on Love

64 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

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En, April 2K18

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En, April 2K18

#12 MUSIC‘S TOO SAD WITHOUT YOU I know what you were feeling When you played me that song Gave every word meaning You showed me a place we belonged And we laughed and we danced and we never looked back Nothing would get in our way And you showed me the meaning of love and romance With every song that you played The music‘s too sad without you The silence is all I can listen to now I can‘t sing along to the songs like I used to The music‘s too sad when you‘re not around ooh I remember that feeling (the songs that you played) You felt like home So why am I leaving? (Memories made) Leaving you all alone ‘Cause we laughed and we danced and we never looked back Nothing would get in our way And you showed me the meaning of love and romance I miss the song that you played Music‘s too sad without you The silence is all I can listen to now I can‘t sing along to the songs like I used to The music‘s too sad when you‘re not around So I listen to the wind in the trees The sound of the air Your voice is lost in the breeze When you‘re not there The song that you played The music‘s too sad without you Music‘s too sad without you Ooh music‘s too sad without you So sad without you The song that you played

#13 LOST WITHOUT YOU Can I be honest with you? Can I tell you the truth? I never did mind the storm Even when my heart was torn Thunder in the night sky I‘m running from a town like this Crashing with a stolen kiss We‘re all glitter and tears in the moonlight And it came to me in a taxi ride Hit me like a blinding light And my heart was beating so alive Wanna find myself all in the wild Oh I oh I I wanna get lost without you In the dark, in the night I wanna get lost without you Get it wrong, make it right Ooooh tell me is that cool? I wanna get lost without you Ain‘t be afraid I fall Gonna let my makeup run See every sunrise Facing up to all my fears Gonna find a way out of here We‘re all glitter and tears in the moonlight I wanna get lost without you In the dark, in the night I wanna get lost without you Get it wrong, make it right Ooooh tell me is that cool? I wanna get lost without you Before the sky was broken I can get in and out oftrouble on my own Just don‘t leave me totally alone Baby the world can see me dance The universe was ours and then it disappeared But the skies are still blue With or without you And now I‘m standing out here in the crowd And I‘m dancing

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#14 EVERY LITTLE PART OF ME When I love I come with scars I come with more enough of those furthest things that you don‘t think you are When I love And know that I‘ve been little broken like a bruises But the truth is I‘m not giving up Every time I tried every tear I cried All the things you never see Everytime I fell, heading down to hell Baby, you discover it

When I love I come with stories Hidden glories that the kind of you‘ve only trapped about When I love, I come with lessons And confessions like that kind that you have never said out loud

Hey now, I‘m better now Better than I was before Hey now, I‘m better now I bet you‘re coming back for more Hey now, I‘m better now Better than I was before Hey now, I‘m better now I bet you‘re coming back

Oh oh why I‘ve been missing all the pieces of my life Been too busy running Stop and let the sun in Oh oh why Oh I try To keep up with the time as if flies by I‘m too busy thinking Stop the ship from sinking But oh I try So maybe I‘ll just sing at the top of my lungs It‘s not the things you wasted but it‘s what you‘ve done You don‘t know right until you‘ve been wrong So keep on rollin‘

And if you wanna love me You gotta love every little part of me If you wanna love me You gotta love every little part of me

You gotta love every little part of me You gotta love every little part of me


Rollin‘ Keep your head up look to the sky Rollin‘ Don‘t you ever ask yourself why Rollin‘ We‘ll live forever you and I Keep on rollin‘ Oh oh my My heart it keeps on searching for a sign It‘s far too busy healing to hold on to a feeling Oh oh my o maybe I‘ll just sing at the top of my lungs It‘s not the things you wasted but it‘s what you‘ve done You don‘t know right until you‘ve been wrong So keep on rollin‘ Rollin‘ Keep your head up look to the sky Rollin‘ Don‘t you ever ask yourself why Rollin‘ We‘ll live forever you and I So take your time To love the people you got by your side Even if they hurt you Love it won‘t desert you Take your time

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En, April 2K18

#16 LOW BOW Tug on my heart With a cheap little string Shots at the bar but I know it‘s a sting Oh darling those puppy dog eyes Are doing that thing I try to resist but I don‘t stand a chance Wrapped round your finger Now I‘m ready to dance Oh darling, the next thing I know is I‘m all in your hands Baby you know how to get to me Yeah we‘ve been here before Just look at the state you got me in Stop and give me some more Uh oh uh oh I can‘t say no Uh oh uh oh I can‘t say no Swinging your lasso at my rodeo You‘re pulling me in with another low blow When I wanna leave you know What song to play A little heartbeat my hips start to sway Oh darling I hate to admit that You blow me away Baby you know how to get to me Yeah we‘ve been here before Just look at the state you got me in Stop and give me some more Uh oh uh oh I can‘t say no Uh oh uh oh I can‘t say no Swinging your lasso at my rodeo You‘re pulling me in with another low blow

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En, April 2K18

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Album Review • Golden Taaadammmm! With a new album we have new album reviews! You could have seen many in the press, and well, here is mine. Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my own feelings. You can totally agree or not, I am neither wrong nor right. I will also be happy to discuss your favorite songs and disappointments (if there are any) on this new album with you, because well, it’s great to have your own head and opinion, isn’t it?

We start with Dancing. First single and first song of the album, Dancing is a perfect transition between the Kylie pop / dance and the country direction that was taken on this record. We go slowly into this new world still foreign to us with verses on the acoustic guitar (or a banjo - to tell the truth I am so musically deaf that I can not recognize the correct instrument) and a pop / electro chorus. The song is very bright and talks about the fact that you should always see the life in positive lights, even when it sometimes gets complicated. Listening to Dancing, I just want to enjoy living to the maximum, and have no regrets because life is too short. Some people have mentioned that it is quite similar to Rita Ora’s song « Anywhere » in acoustic version, and that was not wrong! Second song of the album and second single: Stop Me From Falling. The first highlight is the first few seconds of the song that recall the beginning of Dancing. The verses are very naked musically, even more than for Dancing, but the chorus is much more electro and up-tempo. Again, the lyrics are a little less positive than the music and Kylie confide herself in this song. Some of you didn’t like it at the beginning, but it turned

out to be such a surprisingly catchy song that somehow got stuck in heads of even these who didn’t feel it at first... CAUTION CAUTION! Golden: Well, that’s for sure, we enter western and we see the haystack passing on the dirt road. This introductory idea is a tribute to the theme song of « The Good, the Bad and the Ugly » which was Kylie’s idea. The singer came out of the studio to open the door to someone and she had a flash: she absolutely wanted to start the song like that. It’s true that when you are a pop fan, it’s a little weird first, but believe me you will find it fine quickly. This is also the song she chose as the opening for the Golden Promo Tour, and we believe there couldn’t have been a better intro! « Golden » could be seen as an answer to all these journalists who still ask the question: « What is it to be 50 years in the music industry? ». Kylie uses the lyrics as her answer: « We are not young, we are not old, we are golden ». That’s also why she chose to call her album like that, just to say no matter who you are just accept yourself you are shining. On A Lifetime To Repair, we find ultras country verses, which can be very surprising I 74 www.kylie-world.com

know, and that can make you, a pop fan, not fall for the song. Kylie says that if she get hurts again, she will need a lifetime to get repair, a song that could refer to her relationship that ended last January (but it could also work for all the relationships). When she presented it live, she said that we all would probably relate, because a relationship requires a lot of effort and sacrifice from both people, and that is exactly what the song is about. We love the « 6,5,4,3 TOO MANY TIIMEEEEEES » (yes, it’s now playing in your head, you’re welcome), and the chorus which, even if it remains very country, is mixed rather well with the pop. Again, despite the fun and dancing side of the song, the lyrics are pretty sad (that’s also making us sad for Kylie too). After all these songs rather up-tempo, we go to the first song much quieter, Sincerely Yours, very pop. This is a love letter for all these fans, the first she wrote in her career. The lyrics are just beautiful: « Even when it’s hard, there is nothing in the world that I would not do for you ». OOOOOOOHHHHHH. Actually it’s hard enough to talk about this song, the lyrics are very explicit and the best way to enjoy it is to listen to it! This track puts you back on the quieter side Laeti, April 2K18

while listening to the album. We then go on to One Last Kiss, another happy and mid-tempo song, which once again mixes country with pop, this time with pop verses and a chorus marked by an acoustic guitar (or a banjo - I still do not know) that brings back this country side. The track is pretty good, but does not really have the potential to be a single. Live A Little: AH. Well, unfortunately, I will not be very objective, but this song is just incredible. The production is totally electro and apart from the guitar in the verses, there are no country elements. This song will probably never be a single because I have a doubt that the radios can schedule it, but the quiet mix for the verses / electro for the chorus and ultra modern production makes it incredible. I advise you to listen to it in the morning to have a fresh start, it just makes you want to work a lot for the day that comes and to live without asking yourself too many questions. Since summer is coming, you can also listen to it in a car with the windows open. Best soundtrack for holidays. It’s one of the only songs Kylie did not sing during the promo tour, to my biggest despair. On Shelby 68’, the engine noise you hear at first seconds of the song is the sound of Kylie’s dad’s car, a Shelby 350 gt if we understood/memorized everything correct. It was recorded by Brendan, Kylie’s brother. It’s a bit like a late-night getaway when you get into a boy’s car knowing he’s going to break your heart but you still want to enjoy the moment. You need to know that the live version we had was a little more up-tempo than the album version, which is still very good! The album continues with the ballad Radio On, which seems to be one of the favorite tracks of

the fans. Not much to say about this song, except you have to put yourself in the dark to listen to it and cry… Another song that was not played during the promo tour: Love. Kylie’s voice sounds pretty cool on it, it’s a fairly basic track, which does not bring much new stuff and could have been put in the bonuses rather than the normal version. Here we are ! RAINING GLITTER DOWN ON US TONIGHTTTTT! The third song from the album we got to hear. We find a modern composition, the voice of Kylie is great, we can not stop making the little « whoop » during the song ... In short, this song is magic. If you didn’t attend the promo tour, you need to know that the live version is ten times better...yes it was THE disappointment of the album for me, it lacks bass or energy or something else and I do not know what, but in concert, it’s just madness. We can already see this song as an encore of the tour, can’t you? Music’s Too Sad Without You (with Jack Savoretti) : If you feel like this song is not unknown to you, you’re not crazy, you’ve already heard it in a movie a few months ago: Halal Daddy. This ballad ends the non-deluxe version of the album. It’s a duet with an Italian singer Jack Savoretti, who is signed in the same label as Kylie, BMG. This track makes me very clearly think of « Where The Wild Roses Grow », but in version 2018, more modern. Lost Without You: THE BEST SONG EVER. Ok I’m a little excited, but this track is really great. It seems to have some influences from the EP with Garibay because we find the sound a little similar, it could have been a very great track on the second EP they did! Can we also talk about the break? Ky75 www.kylie-world.com

lie offers us a Madonna-moment (do not insult me ​​for saying that, it’s just THE moment of the song, with hyper-intense lyrics where you really feel that Kylie confides). In short I think you got that I am hyper fan of this track. On the list of small pop / electro candies: Every Little Part Of Me, with a very modern sound, and Rollin... Besides, the beginning of the song reminds us once again Dancing and Stop Me From Falling ... And we end with Low Blow, which bringing us back a few years ago with its X sound. It fits perfectly into this concept and makes us think a little about NuDi-Ty in a sense. Ok, it will never be a single, but it still a great song for fans. Here is my review of Golden, which is probably one of my favorite albums of Kylie at the moment. She simply knew how to mix country with pop and the work done at the production level is fantastic: the voice of Kylie is extremely good and the mix as well. Again and according to me the bonuses remain the best songs (even if the album is incredible). I am also delighted to have been able to listen to them live before hearing the versions on the CD. My only disappointment is the version of Raining Glitter, a little less powerful on the album than live, but I know that in concert the song will be A (cherry) BOMB!

Laeti, April 2K18

All the haters: Importance of the words we‘re using

„I love Dancing so much.“ „The first single is crap.“ „I already hate this era.“ „SMFF is the worst pick for the second single.“ „Wow, SMFF is a billion times better than Dancing, why didn’t they release it first...“ „Kylie is the queen.“ „It’s all gonna flop“

...We all have all seen

all of this everywhere...To cut a long story short, I want to talk about how some of us in the Kylie fanbase have been behaving lately, about all the hate that has been floating around and about the importance of our opinions and the presentation we put them out in. Let’s start with myself and my own thoughts through the little bits of the new era we have so far been through.

country place imaginable? That didn’t make much of a sense to me, but well, was there an album of Kylie I wouldn’t like? No. So i trusted the pop diva I had known. Excitingly awaiting the first single at the beginning of the year, no one was really sure about what to expect. When Dancing was released, I liked it. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. It « Kylie is recording in the was on replay for quite some states! » time, I didn’t think it was too country, the little Nashville I heard last year. vibe felt great but it also contained loads of Kylie in it. That Yassss queen, slay, lemme I enjoyed, but I wasn’t obsehave this LAish and New Yor- ssed. Not falling for the first kish style, electro pop and single was a little bit of a disadisco, wiggggg. ppointment for me, but so what, the whole album was in near future and of course « ...in Nashville ». there would be songs I’d love more than others. I was just What the....??? I mean.... glad that she hadn’t gone all ???? Dolly Paton (whom I love, I was confused. Kylie? Our don’t get me wrong, but the golden girl is recording in world already has one). 76 www.kylie-world.com


The music video had way more than just a touch of country, but it was still super fun. Later on, with the first live performance and new merch, my heart slowly started shaking. While the gays were ordering golden cowboy hats and boots to match their new Kylie sheriff badges, I was crying to my Kylie at home pillows. Definitely too country for me. So what now? Do I have to enter Kylie shows on a horse, with lasso in my hand yelling YEEHOOO or something? I‘d miss the biggest disco in town… The second single left the same feelings in me. My worst fear, long before the album talks even started, was simple: Kylie not writing any songs herself, En, April 2K18

and just doing whatever her management would push her into with the purpose to sell more records. It was by this time when she started claiming the opposite in all her interviews - she has put her heart into the songs, it‘s going to be very personal… And so not being obsessed with yet another single, I trusted her and was excited for what was to come next… My trust was put on the edge once more: the tour dates release. Without any explanation about the golden circle being « splash zone style », they put up the prices and I nearly fainted. Up to 200 for that Minogue girl?!!! Do I look like a cash machine? Later that afternoon, when a plan of the stage was released, I finally understood and had to admit it was reasonable. Some people had to re-sell their tickets to get the ones they actually wanted, which I still find sad but hilarious at the same time, but that’s life.

All these « steps » I have taken in silence, because I had absolutely zero nerves for everything that was going on in the Kylie bubble, all the pointless fights and rude comments. The amount of shade being thrown all around was making me blind. We had these you-shou It was at the promo ld-love-everything-kylie-doBEIN tour shows when I fell in love G es-or-you-are-a-fake-fan SHAD WON with the era completely. ‘T M kind of fans, the i-can-inAKE Y YOU sult-whoever-i-want ones, SHIN E! the i-am-the-headmaster-of-the-whole-universe-and-i-know-everything-so-dont-try-to-disagree ones… Every. Single. Thing. was wrong. People. PLEASE…Is it so hard to stay in the polite lines, not insult Kylie, her team, other fans, and simply accept the fact that other people have their own brains full of their own opinions? If you don’t like something, I get it, after all I’ve written above you know that neither do I, but can’t you all put it out in a constructive way instead of all the swearing? Do we have to behave like some Belieber community full of 15 years olds? 77 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

l, a m i n a t i r i p s t n e rr u c s ‘ Kylie „The way

mINSPIRATION • Dolly Parton

n o t r a P y l l o D

I see it, if you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain“

It‘s been quite a long time since we got « minspired » but with the new album a new wave of influences is coming, and your fave part of the Kylie Times is back. Who else could we talk about than DOLLY! Icon, country music singer and an actress Dolly Rebecca Parton was born in Tennessee, on January 19th 1946 (she’s 72yo if you’re lazy to do the math like we tend to be). She was the 4th out of 12th kids in the family, and so it’s easy to imagine money was a concern in her big family. Poor money wise they maybe were, but definitely not talent-wise! It was her mother who became her first music influencer, she played the guitar and sang, and so when Dolly got her first guitar as a present from a relative, she also took up both. Performing in church and writing her own songs at the age of 8, it was obvious she was set on this

- Dolly business. Two years later, she started doing it professionally by appearing on local television and radios. One of the main points of the beginning of her career was hosting in Johnny Cash’s show on the stage of Grand Ole Opry in 1959. After she finished high school, she moved to Nashville determined to continue with her music industry life. She signed up to a label called Monument and partnered with Porter Wagoner on The Porter Wagoner show. They soon became a popular duo with several charting duets, and it ended helped her grow. The collaboration lasted six years. After their professional split, she created her own record company with the help of her strong business sense, and managed to follow up to the previous success with hits 78 www.kylie-world.com

such as « Jolene » , « Love Is Like a Butterfly » or « I Will Always Love You » . At the top of her career in the 80s, she starred in a movie called « 9 to 5 », along with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomil. Not only the film turned out to be a success with an Oscar nomination, it was also the movie track that became extremely popular, and even got Dolly a Grammy. Thanks to her unique look, charisma and humour, she became an utimate country icon, but it definitely didn’t get straight into her head. She’s regular spending thousands on charity, and even though most of her contributions are anonymous, we know that she’s been providing scholarships for children, supplying classrooms with new technology, donating thousands to hospitals. En, April 2K18

She also established her own so called « Dollywood Foundation » with the goal of improving literacy among children, and that got her the nickname « Book Lady ». Her strong but natural voice has been rewarded by Grammy three times, Country Music Association award seven times, and got four golden and two platinum discs. She’s been married to Carl Dean since 1966. She’s also a godmother of now famous Miley Cyrus.

„You‘d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap“ - Dolly 79 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

News • April 2018

Behind the scenes Golden Photoshoot On April 2nd, a five-minute behind the scenes video of the « Golden » photoshoot was posted. The shoot took place in the Boro Bethnal Green Working Mens Club in London. The photos were taken by Simon Emmett. Kylie explains that this place has a great history and that she is delighted to be able to have her photos taken there. We see her posing in different outfits and we also get a quick look at a few pictures we haven’t got to see yet! There is also a short interview with Sascha Lilic, her stylist, who explains how he picked the clothes based on Kylie’s mood during the recording of the album. He also went to vintage shops to get the perfect clothes and shoes for our little Australian! Kylie says that the green dress she wore for the photoshoot was over 20 years old and barely survived the photoshoot. She describes it as glamorous but also grunge. Let’s go watch the video on Youtube!

The Queen’s 92nd birthday After singing for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 and for her 90th birthday in 2016, our pop princess will perform again for her 92nd birthday on April 21st. The BBC has chosen to do a special concert at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate this event, with many live acts including Tom Jones, Sting, Shawn Mendes, Craig David and Shaggy (who also released a duet with Sting a few days ago). Kylie will be singing a few tracks (maybe Dancing or Stop Me From Falling?) and the show will be broadcast on BBC. Lewis Carnie, head of the BBC Radio 2 said that the show «promises to be a spectacular evening of entertainment destined to bring the whole nation together ». It was also confirmed that the Queen would be present, along with other members of the Royal Family. The public could buy tickets to attend the event on the Royal Albert Hall website, but they are all sold-out ... Make sure to check next Kylie Times’ issue for a complete review of Kylie’s performance !

It’s raining glitter !!! Kylie Minogue released the song « Raining Glitter », new extract from « Golden », on March 31rd to tease her album, after the success of this track during the Golden Promo Tour… And the least we can say is that all the lovers - us included - seem to really love this song! EVERYBODY PUT YOUR HANDS UP TO THE SKY AND LET IT RAIIIIIIN ! 80 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, Avril 2K18

And here we are, at the bad news section of the month, or at least for the Australians ... Kylie was supposed to spend a few days in her homeland to promote Golden to the local media and throw a concert of the same kind that she did for Spofity. In partnership with Nova Radio, she was meant to sing in the Red Room, where artists perform in front of their fans in a rather intimate setting. A few hundred people can access these kinds of events, by winning their tickets listening to the radio. After the promo tour and many interviews, plus the fact that she stopped for two concerts in Asia and was probably

BMG confident about the sales Kylie’s new record company, BMG, has been very confident about sales before the release of the album and even thinks « Golden » could be her biggest album ever. BMG UK president, Alistair Norbury said: « It’s going to be a defining moment for this label. We have taken our time and I feel proud that we’ve given her [Kylie] the space to make the record she wanted to make ». Then he added : « We believe this is going to be the biggest ship of a BMG record in the UK that we’ve ever had. We anticipate that it will be the biggest-selling week one record we’ve ever had on BMG UK ». And it seems that the label was not wrong, the singer has sold more than 34,000 albums of « Golden » in three days and ranking directly in first place on the UK charts, she made this album her sixth number one in the UK. Congratulations Kylie and BMG !


jet lagged, tiredness unfortunately took over and Kylie caught a throat infection, as she announced in a tweet: « Hey Nova’s Red Room fans. I’m so sorry to have to let you know that I can’t make the Red Room show this week. I have a throat infection and have been advised by my Doctor to rest. I have tried my best to get better in time but alas, Mother Nature needs some time to get me better. I’m so sorry. I’ll reschedule as soon as I can and I promise we’ll make up for it. Xx ».

No promo in Australia... Kylie paid another visit to the Voice UK, this time only for two weeks, as a co-coach in Tom Jones’s team. We were thrilled to see her again on tv, especially since she was back to the show in which we all loved her so much! It’s been four years since she was a mentor for one season, in both Australia and England. For these two episodes, Kylie’s parts were very short and

Kylie feels much better now, and we can not wait to see her heading down-under soon !

we saw the singer for about four minutes per broadcast. She was by the side of Tom Jones, to give her opinion on each contestant, on the songs they had chosen, and to give them some advice. Kylie was, as usual, very happy and excited to see Tom Jones. We also saw her dancing with the members of the team ... One thing we know for sure is that you can always count on Kylie to bring a good atmosphere with her wherever she goes!

Back in The Voice !

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Facebook Live

A Golden signing at HMV in London For the launch of « Golden », the singer chose to do things in a big way ! The event was held at the HMV on Oxford Street and 300 people who bought the album were randomly selected and invited into the shop to get their Golden albums signed at midnight, the day of the release! A great moment for fans who could exchange a few words with the singer or even get to dance with her! Special mention to the security guy who was on the side and who made photos and videos for almost all the fans, taking his role very seriously (when he was doing the videos he was doing it like if he was Spielberg).

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Kylie Minogue is trying new technologies! After doing Insta-stories and Insta-lives, she did a Facebook Live with the help of her tour manager, Sean, to answer to some fans’ questions, in full promotion for her album in Berlin. It was so cute, Sean had prepared the questions on small cards with the cover of the album on the back ... What an organization! The singer came back on many points she had already mentioned in interviews. Kylie also mentioned that her favorite bonus song of the album was «Lost Without You », but it was hard enough for her to answer because she loves them all. She also announced that she would do a little promo at the end of the month in the US, talked about her favorite stage costume and even about the fact that even though some sessions and songs have not made it on the album, it is also thanks to those songs that Kylie was able to work on the final direction of Golden. The singer also read some live fan comments, it was pretty cool! Someone asked her if she was going to redo a duet with Dannii soon, and seeing Kylie’s reaction, it looks like they are up to something ! She said that anyway, the two sisters do it always unexpectedly ... We are following this subject for you ! We loved this moment, and the Kylie - Sean duet works perfectly for this kind of thing! We hope that Kylie will do it again soon!

Laeti, April 2K18

Dance with Kylie ! To promote the EP of « Dancing » remixes released on iTunes, Kylie organized a contest: if you have bought or will buy the EP including the different remixes, you will be added to a contest. The prize for lucky winners? A dance session with Kylie! ... You will learn the choreography to one of the album songs and you will have the chance to perform it alongside Kylie! Participation is only open to people living in UK. Don’t hesitate to buy the EP, it only costs 99P. Knowing how difficult it has been for Kylie to learn country steps, we believe the lesson will be pretty funny! (And it is clearly not for us, we never manage to coordinate our arms and our legs and all that stuff...)

A new show in London Surprise! Due to the sales success of the new album « Golden », Kylie Minogue has decided to add another tour date in England, more specifically in London, on Friday, September 28th. Tickets are already on sale, so if you have not booked your tickets yet, now is your time!

A release of the song with Sigala soon ? It all started on 21st March, magazines were all going on about how Sigala was hoping that Kylie would release the pop banger they both worked on. The 24-year-old producer made a track for her last year. He told the Daily Star newspaper: « I wrote the songs with a few other people and the guys I wrote it with were working with her already. I started doing stuff for her album but she decided to go off in a slightly different angle, a more country vibe, so it didn’t really fit. The song we’ve done I’ve always loved and she sounds amazing on it so I really don’t want that to go to waste. It’s classic Kylie. When she sang on it, it was like this huge 90s sound, very up her street, big piano sounds ». Sigala was overwhelmed when he found out that Kylie fell in love with the song and was considering releasing it as her comeback single (but that was before Dancing was actually released). « They showed her the song and she went crazy for it, apparently, hopefully, she wants it to be her single » he said at the time. Asked if he thinks Kylie, 49, picked the track because it relates to how she was feeling after their break-up, Sigala said: « Yeah maybe. Maybe without thinking about it. The song isn’t a break-up song really. It is just a ‘tell me what you are feeling’ kind of song. So it has a happy vibe to the lyrics as well. I guess it can be related to a few different situations and she related it to hers ». He also said: « It was a bit of a weird one. It kind of doesn’t feel real because I haven’t met her yet ». And a day later, the Daily Star wrote an article called « CLASSIC glitterball Kylie Minogue WILL make a pop comeback thanks to Sigala », stating that the as-yet untitled collaboration should be with us later this year, after Kylie’s 50th birthday party. Some recent tweets make us think it might just happen too. Guess we have to wait and see Lovers… 83 www.kylie-world.com

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Swinging Safari on DVD ? YAS. It’s a good surprise, right? The movie in which Kylie starred was on the big screens in January, and it’ll be released on DVD very soon, to be specific, April 25th! If you want a copy, you can buy it on Sanity’s website, which already has it up it in their «coming soon» section.

A new t-shirt in the shop Kylie Minogue Eyewear Kylie’s new eyewear collection is out! There are 9 new pairs of glasses named with the singer’s songs. We also got a superb photoshoot for the campaign, which you can admire right here. Regarding prices, we are more or less on the same range as the last collection with prices ranging from £ 99 up to £ 124 for the most expensive glasses, which contain Swarovski crystals. Count on us for a complete debriefing in the next edition of the Kylie Times!

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Yaaay! Here’s another good surprise of this month. Kylie has added a new t-shirt to the merchandising section on Kylie.com. This is a black « Golden » t-shirt, which is available either as a part of the album bundle with the tee-shirt or the album bundle with the cassette and the tee-shirt. It is also possible to buy separately for 29 euros. Laeti, April 2K18

Stop Me From Falling

After releasing « Stop Me From Falling » last month, Kylie released its promotional video, shot during the Golden promo show in Paris. We can see some images of fans (hello, we’re in there too!) outside the arena where it was snowing the whole afternoon, as well as images of Kylie alongside her team. There are also some shots of the concert. You should know that when we were filmed, we were just told to « do something » We asked if it was meant to be for the insta videos she was posting, and they replied « No, probably for her new music video »... We were just like « Wait this is not Gente De Zona? »... So now it looks like will have to two music videos, the second one should be more in a Latin spirit, ideal for the summer. We look forward to seeing it!

Celebrity And The Big C From March 23rd to April 6th, the « Celebrity And The Big C » exhibition was held in London at the Zebra One Gallery. The exhibition featured powerful photos of stars including David Bowie, Angelina Jolie, Dennis Hopper and Steve McQueen, as well as previously unseen pictures of Kylie Minogue and Motorhead legend Ian « Lemmy » Kilminster. To support Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal, the exhibition CELEBRITY & THE BIG C donated a percentage of profits raised, and they also passed on information about the different signs to look out for. 85 www.kylie-world.com

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Live Performances • April 2018


ylie travelled to Macau on March 25th as part of the celebrations for the opening of the MGM Cotai, a luxury hotel which contains approximately 1,400 hotel rooms and suites, meeting space, high end spa, retail offerings and food and beverage outlets as well as the first international Mansion at MGM for the ultimate luxury experience. MGM COTAI will offer Asia’s first dynamic theater and a show to wow every guest who steps foot in the resort. In short, Kylie sang in a luxury hotel where everything must be crazy and for people that are probably very rich.

KYLIE AT THE OPENING OF THE MGM COTAI IN MACAU The singer was invited on stage with a very long in- motional tour seemed really small on this giant scene! troduction on a giant screen, recalling the fact that Small disappointment (but hey it’s because I’m a fan) : on she had won a Grammy and had sold more than 80 giant screens, the animations were the ones of the Kiss Me million albums in the world, all mixed with images Once Tour and the choreography almost the same as the of Kiss Me Once, Aphrodite or Golden. last tour on the classics. Since they are from four The scene was a little odd and realyears ago, we necessarily want some new and ly huge, thank god Kylie had some fresh stuff, but this kind of show is not made dancers to accompany her. This perfor fans, so we completely understand they Spinning Around formance was not really made for use things already seen and more traditioCGYOOMY fans, Kylie interpreted her greatest nal, we’re just pointing the fact out. After Wow classics as well as her new single. all, it would be such a waste to put up new Dancing The decor has also travelled and stuff for rich people who won’t even noLove At First Sight the heart we saw on the entire protice anyway :)



s she often does, Kylie participated to one of the amfAR galas which is one of the most important foundations for funding prevention and medical research against AIDS. The organization’s goal is to find a cure against HIV by 2020. The event was held in Hong Kong but Australia was still represented by the presence of Kylie, ac-

tor Liam Hemsworth and model Shanina Shaik. The night’s auction lots included a fish-shaped art piece by Oscar winner Adrien Brody and time with Monaco’s Prince Albert II, among others, but it was an artwork by Kaws that had the distinction of raising the highest amount, leaping from $50,000 to $500,000 in a frenzied minute before the hammer was brought down. It was Swedish singer Tove Lo who opened the performances of the evening by singing some of her songs (she also posted a picture with Kylie backstage and she looked very happy to meet her!) before the performance of our Australian. Kylie was introduced by Liam Hemsworth: « I have been having dreams about her since I was a young, young boy ». She was dressed in a red jumpsuit and performed five songs, the same ones as the day before for the Macau concert.

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Kylie went back to Manchester on March 23rd, to be part of Sport Relief. It is a biennial charity event from Comic Relief, in association with BBC Sport, which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money and to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries. The event lasted a week, from March 17th to 23rd, and Kylie was there on the last day. We saw her at the switchboard, where she took calls from people wishing to donate. Every year celebrities are doing that in order to collect as much money as possible and this year, the count came to £ 38,195,278.

Kylie also performed her song « Dancing ». Some people criticized the performance but remember that a few days before, the singer was ill so obviously we can still hear it a bit in her voice, but nothing catastrophic, Kylie rocked the song and choreography and seemed very happy !

Kylie was invited to the Graham Norton Show in London. She talked on the legal battle with Kylie Jenner, stating that each must now specify her last name on their products so that it is not confusing for the consumer. Graham Norton then said that Kylie Jenner owned the United States and Kylie Minogue the rest of the world... It’s not wrong! They also showed some pictures of Kylie when she was filming the Street Fighter movie and talked a bit about it before speaking about her album and its composition plus the fact that she was promoted by Mushroom Records in Australia. She was amused by a few people in the audience, dancing to her tracks (including one doing… a chicken dying/fighting (we know right)) and performed her second single « Stop Me From Falling »!

GRAham norton - APRIL 6th, 2018 UNITED KINGDOM

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Golden Raining Glitter 9 To 5 All The Lovers Stop Me From Falling Dancing


A legend at a legendary place. On April 6th, Kylie sang at the G-A-,Y for the 25th anniversary party of the famous London club. The concert - about 30 to 40 minutes long - was free for people who had a wristband that they had to go and get earlier at the bar. This time, no K in a bright heart : the singer went for a saloon-shaped decor, with a KM engraved on chair on which she sat at the beginning of her set and where she began singing the song « Golden ». To accompany her, good-looking and muscular dancers were at her side (there were also female dancers but apparently the boys were much more successful!). Kylie wore a silver body-

suit with a transparent dress that had golden details. The singer told the audience that her first time performing at G-A-Y was in 1993, the year of its opening. Kylie sang four tracks from her new album : « Golden », « Raining Glitter », « Stop Me From Falling » and « Dancing ». She also sang All The Lovers and another cover of Dolly Parton : the song « 9 To 5 ». Kylie also performed a little bit of « Better The Devil You Know » in an acoustic version and thanked the audience for supporting her throughout the years and especially now for the new album. At the end of the performance, Kylie received some flowers and took an on-stage photo with Jeremy Joseph, the famous owner of the club, with the audience in the background.


Some more promo in England… Kylie was the guest of the One Show on the BBC in London. She gave a short interview, talking about the fact that learning the choreography for « Dancing » was very complicated, that she recorded the album in Nashville and that the country was a suggestion from her label and also talked about her admiration for Dolly Parton. They also showed the small cassette of Golden, which impressed everyone on the set, and even Kylie herself was very happy when she got a walkman and walked around with it! She also mentioned that if she was offered to sing for the wedding of Meghan and Harry, she would say yes! (Hint hint) Then she went outside to perform her second single : « Stop Me From Falling » (for the second time on a TV show) and as usual for this new era, Kylie was in great mood and very happy to sing!

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As one of Echo awards’ «live acts», Kylie performed her first single Dancing in Berlin. The singer went on this trip to Germany with her team and also the so far most iconic object of this era: the K in the bright heart. We’d say the performance was one of the best she has so far done for this song, but the atmosphere in the room was very different. The stage was very big and all around, there were VIP tables for people working in the music industry and some artists, much like the Brit Awards. They seemed super cold and it must have been annoying to sing in front of an audience sitting in their chairs, minding their own business, without any special face expression. Kylie did her best to set the audience in the mood, and public who paid for their seats loved the performance and danced in the arena. Fortunately, it was not the « business people » who were targeted by this performance and we can say that Kylie did great, because she reached 6th place of sales with « Dancing » in Germany.

Let’s dance APRIL 13TH 2018 GERMANY

Another performance in Germany: Let’s Dance. Kylie appeared behind a large door that opened for her, and we could see that she was also accompanied by her dancers. Once again, she delivered a superb performance of her song! This time we think her performance happiness had a lot to do with the fact that she had officially become #1 album in the UK a few hours before the show. That is a reason to celebrate! At the end of her performance, Kylie was interviewed about her new album. 89 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

KYLIE MINOGUE’s SHOW for SPOTIFY As part of the promotion of her new album « Golden », Kylie teamed up with Spotify and did a concert for most loyal subscribers in London on March 22nd. It was an intimate show similar to the Golden Promo Tour, kind of an extension of her mini-tour.


his is one of the surprise events of March. After playing London, Manchester, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Berlin, the Australian singer returned to the English capital for a surprise concert only reserved for the Spotify subscribers. If you’re wondering why you have not been warned in advance, you need to know that the winners of the special invitations were only sent to people who streamed Kylie the most on the online music platform. A geolocation process was also applied, since most of the fans (well probably all of them) came from England and did not seem to live far away from London. And indeed we didn’t hear nor see that anyone outside of UK got to win any invitations. The winners were contacted by e-mail to confirm their attendance for the concert, which was held on March 22nd.

In order to access the event, fans had to pick up their wristbands the day before, on Wednesday afternoon. The concert was held at Porchester Hall, a concert hall that can accommodate between 300 and 400 people. After opening the doors at 7pm, the reception on the spot was pretty cool, there was an open bar and everyone could go to drink as much as they wanted (we know where some of you spent the whole evening). Kylie came on stage around 8pm to present « Golden », and the setlist was almost the same as the promo tour one. Amongst the changes and facts to note for this concert : • Kylie changed her outfit after five shows! Goodbye double denim. The singer was wearing jeans, but she went for a small seethrough black blouse and a few touches of gold. We still had the return of the double denim a little later with a denim jacket marked with a golden K that Kylie had already worn, but it was nice and refreshing to see her wear a different outfit than the one she was wearing on the five other shows.

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• Kylie sang a little bit of « Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi » in an acappella version, as a fans’ request. • The setlist was a bit reduced for this concert that lasted a little over an hour and 15 minutes. Kylie sang 14 tracks instead of 16 to 17 during the promotional tour. « Put Yourself In My Place » was replaced by « Wow » which was still sung as a bonus on previous concerts and « Music’s Too Sad Without You » was excluded because Jack Savoretti was not around anymore. In the end, the fans got to see a show that was almost identical to the ones that other fans saw during the promo tour. Kylie seemed delighted to present these songs again and to perform them live. This kind of event from Spotify is not uncommon, a similar concert was organized with Justin Timberlake last year. It allows to build a big relationship between fans and the streaming platform, and we can also see a real strong partnerships between Kylie and Spotify, as they added the singles into many of their playlists.

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Golden One Last Kiss Raining Glitter Breathe Wow Shelby ’68 Radio On Islands In The Stream The One A Lifetime To Repair Hand On Your Heart All The Lovers Stop Me From Falling Sincerely Yours Dancing Laeti, April 2K18

Interviews • April 2018


ylie was invited to Antoine Baduel’s show on FG Radio, an electro radio station dedicated to LGBT cultures. There were two or three little lies coming from the radio moderators. The host announced to be the first radio to interview Kylie in Europe (wrong, it was the BBC, a month before) or the first to play Dancing (same, it was an exclusivity for the BBC), but it still a no surprise in french radios, everyone is always saying they are the best at everything and blah blah... The interview begun with the universe that Kylie chose to explore for this album: « I wanted something all based on emotions. Of course, it’s always pop, always dance and then as often in my songs I talk about love, like lost love etc. But above all, I wanted it to be very personal, I wanted to tell real stories let’s say. So I’m not very sure of the color. I would say that this album is also about acceptance. What has been my life, how I feel right now and what I expect from the future ». The host then asked her why she chose to integrate country sounds, to which she replied that it was her artistic director who had suggested the idea. He bounced back on country music asking if there was an equivalent in Australia: « Yes there is a big country scene in Australia but as it’s new to me I will not be the one who can give you

more info (laughs). To be honest with you, my interest in country music has come from people like Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson. When I was in Nashville, that was something I was living in. I did not need to know the names of all the artists. This influence was done almost by osmosis I’d say...». They then played Dancing. Antoine Baduel also asked her if succeeding in having catchy melodies and lyrics was a mainstay of her work: « I think the start of my career, working with Stock Waterman Aitken who are really masters of pop music, that allowed me to learn a lot about this music. When I was between 8 and 9 years old until I was 14-15, I was obsessed with pop music. So I think you learn early enough that there is something catchy, something that must captivate the audience. It is very anchored in me so it’s hard to put it into words, to describe it ».

FG Radio - March 19th 2018 France

She then explained that it’s hard enough to find the trigger to make a new album and that she asks herself a lot of questions and wonders if she can still do some things, but making a new album takes courage, determination, time and knowing how to surround yourself with the right people. She told us about her work on the video for the music video of Dancing and explained that she had gone on a promo tour to present the tracks without any artifice and to have reactions of the audience.


A rather short interview appeared in OK Magazine on March 26th where Kylie talked about her writing process for the album, her breakup and the fact that it was made very public, the recording of « Golden » in Nashville and her plans to celebrate her 50th birthday, everything you’ve already read! 92 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Le bonbon - MARCH 27TH 2018 france

Another interview was published on a French site and magazine, both being considered as rather « hipster » : it’s called ‘Le Bonbon’. Literally translated, the title means « Candy ». You will find below a short summary of this meeting, because the questions asked were similar to what you have already read before. They were interested in Kylie’s feelings before the release of the new album, why she called it « Golden » or why she chose to record a part of it in Nashville. Here are some interesting questions about the album and her evolution in the music industry. In A Lifetime Of Repair, you mention a heartache, but the music is ultra pop and happy. Is not it contradictory to talk about a painful subject while keeping a hyper rhythmic melody? I love these songs where there is some emotion, but it’s disguised as a cheerful track. The lyrics of A Lifetime Of Repair are hilarious, and this song tells a very true story. I could not have written it at the beginning of the album because I felt very fragile, I was really at a stage of my life where I was wondering : « so what now? ». Making this album really helped me tp regain my strength, a better self-esteem, and to move on.

self better, even though there are days when I tell myself that I am just starting to understand how and who I am. I still feel like I’m more aware of the world, I have more experience. For me the experience is the main difference, because I’m still the same girl, I always have hope, I am not jaded ... what is the part of dream, what is the part of destiny, I don’t know, but even if it’s the destiny, you always have to work, make sacrifices and be passionate.

Does the fact that this album is so cheerful and rhythmic come from a desire on your part to reboost us in these difficult times or is it just your musical personality? Both. I always feel that this is what is expected of me, and it doesn’t bother me because it is part of my job, of my music and my concerts. The joy. It is a responsibility of which I am aware. Sometimes it’s a pressure obviously, because I’m not always happy, and even if everything is not right, the show must go on as they say.

des-Prés for a while, so I have my little habits in the neighborhood; where to have a coffee, where to buy croissants, fruits and vegetables. I loved to live there! I loved going to the Café De Flore, I even sang there 14 years ago, for the 50th birthday of the brand Chloe. I decided to do a jazz concert while I had never done jazz in my life, and it was amazing. So every time I go, I have this memory of me in the corner of this Parisian institution, singing!

She was also asked what she thought of the #MeToo movement, her longevity in the music industry, or even her 50th birthday. At the end the interview, Kylie spoke about her favourite spot in Paris : I lived in Saint-Germain-

To stick to the magazine’s name, Kylie had to choose which candy she would be: Chocolate is not a candy, is it? But

my thing is dark chocolate, I would like to be a beauWhat is the difference between Kylie today and the tiful dark chocolate truffle! It could be wrapped with pink and golden candy paper, so we would not know one from the beginning? Wow, it’s not an easy question! (laughs) I know my- what it is! 93 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

M6 - LE 19.45 - APRIL 1ST & 2ND 2018 FRANCE

A short documentary was broadcast on the news of TV channel M6 on April 1st and 2nd. It was mentioned that Kylie was in a good shape and more blossomed than ever, our golden girl confirmed herself. The album is described as happy, colorful and shows that the singer knows how to party, to which Kylie replied: « It’s a classic when I’m partying, I always say ok just 20 minutes more and then when I say let’s go back home it is already three in the morning and I’m still dancing ! » Some excerpts of her debut song were also shown, before recalling the date of the release of the album.


Kylie appeared in a short documentary for BFM TV in the Culture section, broadcast at fairly regular frequencies throughout the day on the channel. The introduction started on a rather great note: « It’s one of the pop icons that people under 20 years of age say they have never heard of, this morning it happened, someone said, but who is Kylie Minogue? » Here we are, thank you to the intern of BFM for this moment, we hope someone explained it to him and he at least learnt something truly important in the time of his internship... The interview was titled « Kylie Minogue goes country », and started with excerpts from the « Dancing » music video. Not much for us to to say about this report of less than a minute as the journalists came back to the fact that she had spent two weeks in Nashville to record the album. Kylie obviously answered the same thing as usual, said that she wasn’t very sure of anything at the beginning and prayed for at least one song, two would be great but having one would be good to find the DNA of her album. They then said that even though Kylie added some country and folk touches to this album, the majority of the tracks remained very pop. Kylie talked about her meeting with Nathan Chapman, who also produced Taylor Swift’s music: « Nathan was the only guy native from Nashville I worked with. And this city is really inspiring for artists and musicians ». The interview concludes with her longevity in the music industry and secret to reinvent herself: « I am very open to new ideas, so sometimes I come out of my comfort zone to try a lot of things, sometimes it works, sometimes no. But I think you should always persevere ». 94 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

50 MINUTES INSIDE APRIL 8 TH 2018 france

We will also mention a short Kylie-bit on the 50 Minutes Inside’s show. The reporter informed her that she had sold more than 100 million albums, had a Grammy Award, a Brit Award, an MTV Award, a NRJ Music Award and asked her what she would like to have now. Kylie took the vase with the flowers next to her and said « This award» (Ok Kylie, we’ll bring it to you soon for real) before adding: « It’s not so much a story of success, in fact I always want to do more, try to do better, create new songs for my shows. It’s kind

of endless ». The journalist added that when he told his friends that he was interviewing Kylie, they were jealous, so he asked the singer what kind of advice she could give him so he could boast to his friends « Kylie gave me that advice ». Kylie replied, «When you sing, sometimes it does not work. You have a cold or you are tired, you are on tour and you have to deal with it. Well, when nothing seems to work, you just have to sing. If you want to do a musical career, do not listen to others, sing, that’s all ».

GRAZIA - APRIL 6th 2018 france

Artists you have loved meeting the most? I met a lot of artists, but I would say Prince ... It was during the Diamonds And Pearls’ tour, in London. After the show, which was amazing, it took all my courage for me to told him I was working on an album. We saw each other a lot of times after, in Minneapolis. At home, in his studio ... It was nothing romantic! (Laughts). He was one of the most interesting people in the world. And we had the same size, which is not negligible (Laughts).

even Farrah. Some more successful than others … The fictional character with whom you would like to have a conversation? The green fairy « Absinthe » in Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann. Which makes sense cause it was me who interpreted it. I have lots of questions to ask her… (So do we Kylie, so do we. The only thing is - we never managed to see her even after LOADS of Absint...)

The song you listened to most? A funny movie that does not make you laugh? Rather the song I will never get tired of: the theme of But I laugh at everything! You know what ? I will cheat the film Cinema Paradiso. and tell you the one that makes me laugh the most: Blades of Glory, with Will Ferrell. Irresistible. The record that everyone should listen to? Off The Wall by Michael Jackson. A reply you would dream to use? Julia Roberts in Notting Hill: « I’m just a girl … ». Where do you prefer to dance? At home. But, in fact, I would say: any place where People your looks got inspired by? there is furniture to push. Just for fun. A lot. The big ones, especially: Marilyn, Brigitte, Liza, 95 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

ELLE - APril 8 th 2018 FRANCE

Another interview that we all noticed, especially thanks to the new photos taken by Christian Vermaak: the French version of Elle. Kylie came back on the inspiration for the album and how she did the whole thing, but also talked about her heartbreak: « I really thought I had met the man of my life [British actor Joshua Sasse, 30, who reporte-dly cheated on her with a Spanish actress, ed] and that we were going to get married », she confesses sincerely. « And then, we broke up, and I felt broken. I left for Thailand a few days with friends to try to get better. I listened to a lot of sad songs, as

it has always been the best medicine to help me heal after heartbreaks ». Kylie also admitted to having had only one big love in her life: Michael Hutchence, the singer of INXS, who committed suicide in 1997 and with whom she had a relationship between 1989 and 1991. « I still wear the ring he gave me » she said, with a lot emotion, extending her hand gracefully. She also added that she is still continuing to play a sex symbol even at the age of 49. « I think it’s a part of me. In the 1990s, I tried to cut my hair like Björk and wear male costumes. But it was a mistake, I was not comfortable, and the public felt it and did not follow ».

dAILY MAIL & YOu - april 8th 2018 united kingdom Another interview came out on the same day in the Daily Mail and YOU Magazine, also containing Christian Vermaak’s pics. Kylie again commented on her break-up with Joshua, her opinion on marriage, the fact that the album was recorded in Nashville, her age and cancer, and the fact that she is a gay icon. The singer also explained that her body naturally wakes up around 5 or 6 o’clock, but she always tries to go back to sleep and it is at that moment that she sleeps the best, until about 9:30. Kylie also mentions that she always removes her make-up before going to bed.

Kylie’s Kicks : TV - Feud, the TV drama about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. FILM - Baby Driver and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. LISTENING TO - I like mellow stuff. I love Nick Mulvey. And Dua Lipa. MOST ANNOYING HABIT - Probably being indecisive. I do a lot of panic-ordering in res96 www.kylie-world.com

taurants. It’s a pressure to have to choose. BIGGEST FEAR - Loneliness and the fact that I might have to get a cat one day – but I don’t want to upset my friends with cats. DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS Caring, indecisive, a clown. IF YOU WERE A POLITICIAN : I’d say, let’s all sit down with a cup of tea and work it out. Laeti, April 2K18

Markus Lanz Show - april 10th, 2018 germany

During her German promo, Kylie was invited into a looong TV show where she talked about her album and her career in general. Unfortunately, we can not give you a detailed summary of this television since they speak German and we did not understand anything. From other fans, we got to know that there wasn’t anything too insane or new, except for one thing: Kylie did not confirm or deny rumors of touring in Germany... We will try to figure everything out for the next issue!

ABC NEWS - april 11th, 2018 AUSTRALIa

Another live interview from Berlin broadcasted in Australia: ABC News. Kylie talked about the fact that she loved the atmosphere in Nashville and that she often went to bars to see people perform. She was the only one to applaud before the end of the songs and the bands were giving her looks each time saying it was not over (embarrassing enough, but it all happened to us Kylie). She added that even if the album has a little country vibe, its DNA is pop dance and when they produced the songs, they paid attention to what suits her and made sure it would stays in her universe. For Kylie, her longevity in the world of music is explained

by finding the right time to make an album. She adds that it’s a bit like being a surfer, you have to oar at the beginning and then you have to wait for the good wave, and if you catch it, it’ll be fantastic. She explained that she was sick with questions about her age, talked a bit about the #MeToo movement and the fact that she was embarrassed that same-sex marriage was not legalized when she was doing international interviews and was pleased that it has finally been approved now! The presenter explained that she had her 6-year-old son who wanted Kylie to sing, and the singer sang a little bit of « Dancing » acappella!

97 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

ENTRÉE LIBRE APRIL 11th, 2018 france

Another short excerpt from a French interview for France 5: Entrée Libre. Kylie started by speaking French, saying that in France, people always called her Kilie. They have shown some excerpts from her music video, saying that she had always reinvented herself by changing her image and style. Kylie talked about how Dolly influenced her for this album and said that when she was 16 and started in soaps, she used the little money she was having to take singing lessons and hoped that it could help her to realize her dream of becoming a singer. She came back to the fact that at first it was a bit difficult

because she was very successful with her songs but was told that she could not be an actress and singer at the same time, which made her furious. Kylie said there were a lot of things that inspired her in French cinema and said she would like to go back in the past and work with Jacques Demy. She also said that she was interested in French musicals, including Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, and had studied this a bit, which helped her in Leos Carax’s Holy Motors movie. She would love to act again in a French film and ended the interview by singing a little bit of France Gall - « Poupée de Cire Poupée de Son» ’s song.

STUDIO 10 - APril 11th, 2018 AUSTRALIa

Little news report in Australia where we did not get to know anything new but Kylie was looking beautiful in it so we decided to talk about it. The singer said that life was great at the moment, to which the reporter replied : yes it is golden! (Oh oh oh). They played an excerpt from « Dancing» and Kylie said that sometimes they went a little too far in the country and had to go back a bit. She was asked if she had

been invited to the wedding of Meghan and Harry but apparently the postman had not yet brought her the invitation card. To finish the interview, she was asked if she would return to the Neighbours to which she replied that she did not really imagine her going back to it for the moment - but yet again, we had heard that before.

98 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18


Still in Berlin, still in the same outfit with the same decor, Kylie gave another interview for a show « The Project », with Courtney Act, a drag queen and Australian singer. She explained that she started with the country last year, that she adored Dolly Parton and put her leg up to show us her boots (how flexible, we would have been stuck ...). She said she was totally unknown in Nashville, which she liked a lot, except that Lindsay Rimes, who wrote songs for the album

is Australian, so he knew Kylie! She came back to the fact that the album was released on cassette and that it was too good to find that nostalgia again, to open the walkman, to put the cassette inside and to press the play button. She also talked about her birthday party and then she had to do a little quiz to know if she was a real Australian, a short test Kylie found very funny!

On the occasion of Kylie’s arrival at the BBC Breakfast show, TVs on the set were decorated in the theme of the album « Golden », with red glitter everywhere and the famous K in a bright heart. The interview had been recorded a few days earlier. Kylie (again) explained that the choreography of « Dancing » had been complicated to learn, talked about her country album, about its composition and her breakup. She said, « It’s not a break-up album but an acceptance album » from where she’s at this point in her life, thanks to her previous experiences she had and what she did or did not achieve. It’s an album based on emotions. There was also a small throwback of her best songs, the number of albums sold and the fact that she had many number 1 albums or songs in the top 10 singles. Some celebrities don’t like to go back over past facts of their career, but our Kylie does not care. She says she has done embarrassing things (or weirdos) but she can not hide them! They talked about her age and asked her if it was more complicated in the music industry now or years before, especially as a woman, to which Kylie replied that she always had to fight as a person rather than a woman. 99 www.kylie-world.com

BBC BREAKfast APRIL 12th, 2018 UNited kingdom

Laeti, April 2K18

SAT 1 - april 12TH, 2018 germany

Very short passage in the German news with another nothing-new interview was in Sat 1. Kylie said she loved Germany and especially Berlin and explained that on this album, she just wanted to be herself and express where she was in life.


In this interview, Kylie came back to the fact that no one was expecting a country album from her, nor anything of that nature, and she spoke again about Nashville and the inspiration she had after her breakup. She also talked about her 50th b-day coming soon and the party she is planning, that she felt particularly good right now and talked a bit about her concerts and her career, as well as the effect that the songs have in the life of her fans. She said that she would be back in Australia very soon after she had to cancel her promotion because of a throat infection.

ALCALINE april 12th, 2018 FRANCE

And we end this session with the interview of Kylie with Alcaline. The excerpt was very short and Kylie said that if she had been told at 19yo that she would travel the world and still sing at that time, be in luxury hotels and lived in Paris, she would not have

believed. They also called the « Australian Madonna » and said that she owes her longevity to the fact that she’s never been too far away, Kylie said some young people in music do stuff which are a little too much but whatever, they do what they want, she said.

100 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Get The Look â&#x20AC;¢ April 2018

Scarf Etam

Bra Better when you are wearing something transparent

Blouse No brand, you can buy it in every shop !

Jeans Alice Mccall

Boots Kurt Geiger 'Ride'

101 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue : « I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO BE AN ACTRESS » At the age of nearly 50, the Australian pop icon is celebrating 3 decades of career with « Golden », a new album, in which she sings about celebrating, music and love. Exclusive interview. Interview by Tanneguy de Kerpoisson, pictures by Audoin Desforges

103 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18


ur meeting took place in south-east London, in a 1930s warehouse converted into a photo studio. The ageless Australian singer Kylie Minogue - 80 million records sold around the world and having done a dozen of international tours - chose this place to talk to us about her 14th studio album, Golden, full of pop songs with country notes, which will be released on April 6th. We meet her on the ground floor, sitting around a big wooden able. Covered in a blanket, eating a brownie, the petite singer sometimes looks like a teenager. However, the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and Spinning Around singer will celebrate her 50th birthday on May 28th.

getting older, that most of my life is behind me. I look over my shoulder and say to myself, « Oh yes! I’ve been around for quite some time now ! »

Getting straight to the point, she accepted to talk about her incredible 30-year career. She remembered her joys, her sorrows and regrets and even mentioned her long battle again a breast cancer which was diagnosed in 2005. From the height of her experience, she also gives us her thoughts about today’s music world and current music stars.

Have you ever felt you had gone too far ?

Do you still play with your sex-symbol image ? I’m still sexually active, so yes, of course I do. I realized that it’s a part of me, of my character. In the middle of 1990s, I had tried « to desexualize » by dressing like a man, by cutting my hair... My look was inspired by both the Björk singer and the rock band Garbage. It was a big mistake. I didn’t feel comfortable, and the public felt that. So, yes, without going as far as I used to go in the past, I still try to be sexy.

Not often. Maybe once, when, at the age of 33 I did the advert for the Agent Provocateur Lingerie Brand in a transparent underwear. The kind of video that a father should not see! When mine saw it I said to him « Just pretend that never happened (laughs) ! ».

Your new album, Golden, talks a lot about love, Today, would you wear the famous gold hotcelebrating, about the need to escape etc… It pants that you were wearing in your Spinning seems like you’re still 20 years old in your head ! Around video in 2000 ? Do you really think so ? That’s nice to hear! I also find that the album sounds « fresh ». You know, even if the years go by, some things never change. I’m 49 today and I still have the same dreams, I always make the same stupid mistakes. The famous « mature album » ? Maybe I’ll do it someday, but not now.

I don’t think so. I don’t have enough self-confidence today to wear that anymore. And I am not sure that the world really wants to see that. But at that time, it was cool.

Is it necessary to shock people to succeed in music? Miley Cyrus hit hard when she got naked On Dancing, the first single, you basically sing in her Wrecking Ball video in 2013... « I wanna be in a nightclub with you ». Do you still go to clubs ? I don’t think it’s necessary. But Miley Cyrus is a beauI went there two weeks ago. I can still dance four hours in a row without non-stop, but I go out much less than when I was 20 years old. At the time, the only question that my friends and I asked ourselves was: « Where are we going tonight? » Even during the week ! Today, I admit that I prefer to go to dinners, have quiet conversations, without having to scream to cover the sound of big bass.

You’ll be 50 in May and… Yes I know ! When I was 48 and people were telling me that I was approaching 50, I used to reply: « Stop it, I’m not there yet ! » But in the last few weeks, it’s true that I’ve spoken a lot about it. I realize that I’m

tiful, strong and young woman, so why should she hide her body ? And what people tend to forget is that singers getting nude have existed for some time now. For example, I got undressed in the music video Put Yourself in My Place in 1994.

Is it harder to succeed today in the music industry ? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, it’s easier because amateur singers make themselves known by sharing their videos on YouTube. On the other hand, it is complicated because they are many of them! Many talented people stay hidden in the mass.

104 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Does the new generation of singers inspire you ? cer, that’s great. If not, then so be it ». One thing I I really like the work of Sia, of British singer Dua Lipa and of Sweden’s Tove Lo. I find their sound is modern and well produced. But my favorite is Lady Gaga - even if she’s not really a newbie. That woman really impresses me. When she sits alone at her piano, and she ignites the scene, it’s incredible. I would like to be able to do that. Unfortunately, I don’t play any instrument, I need to be accompanied.

Looking back, do you have any regrets ? I do, like everyone else. I stayed far too long in romantic relationships that were not worth it, for example. I am also frustrate about not having really pursued my acting career (Kylie played in Australian soap opera in the 1980s). If I look back, I tell myself that I should have listened more to my instinct. When I started, I was barely 20 years old. My first single, The Locomotion, in 1987, was a hit, and I left everyone decide for me without thinking. I would have loved to meet the person I am today so I could have said to myself « Trust yourself, Kylie ! »

Do you still dream about finding love ? To be honest, yes. I mean, why not ? But finding love is not, according to me, the outcome of a lifetime. I hate this idea. It is not because one has never come across the ideal partner that one is condemned to be unhappy. In any case, I do not want to bring myself to be unhappy. I don’t do my head in with that kind of thing.

was sure of was that if I ever got through it, I’d go back to music. I never considered becoming like in the classic story of the businessman who, after an attack, decides to change his life by becoming a gardener. I wanted to come back. I hadn’t finished.

Are you referring to your « Showgirl » tour, interrupted because of your illness ? Yes. At a time when I didn’t know what was in store for me during the next few months, it helped me a lot to imagine I was going to continue the tour (which she did in November 2006). It was a beautiful goal, a beautiful challenge. It gave me even more strength to resist.

Since all these years, have you never felt the need to take a break from your career and to take time for yourself ? If you had asked me that question about 20 years ago, I would have immediately answered: « Are you crazy ?! I’d rather go on tour and live the adventure fully ! » Today it’s different. The 50 year-old that I’m about to become would rather dream of going to the beach for several weeks, and do absolutely nothing all day long.

For you, what is a « pop star » ? I’ve never tried to define this term. But let’s say that a pop star, in my opinion, has to inject a dose of ener-

Do you regret not having started a family ? Yes, of course, but it just wasn’t meant to be for me. My health didn’t allow it.

You won the battle against a breast cancer, diagnosed in 2005. Did it make you stronger ? I can’t say it gave me more determination. I’ve always been a strong person, and cancer didn’t change that. At the time I was saying to myself: « If I can beat can107 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

gy and joy into his/her music. For me, it’s impossible to imagine a sad and depressing song. However, I don’t mind listening to them! If I feel like I need a good cry, I watch the Italian film Cinema Paradiso, released in 1988. The soundtrack, composed by Ennio Morricone, makes me cry every time.

If you don’t mind us asking, what does Kylie Minogue look like when she is not under the spotlights ?

And Madonna ? I worship her! Madonna has always been a model for me. I must have been about 14 years old when I discovered her. In the suburb of Melbourne where I lived then, I also listened to Prince. Both embodied something sexy, almost animal. And since my hormones were boiling at the time, well it did something to me !

The last few months have been marked by the For a photo session like today, I try to be at my best. Weinstein story. Is sexual harassment also preI spend time getting my make-up and my hairstyle sent in the music industry ? done, I pay attention to the clothes I’m going to wear. It is a part of my work to make people dream. But when I’m at my home, it’s the strict opposite. I am another much simpler person. If I had to choose between both ? I would probably choose the natural Kylie.

Should a pop star carry a message to his/her audience ? It’s hard to say. As far as I’m concerned, I think I conveyed messages of tolerance and open-mindedness as of the beginning of my career. When you think about it, I was the first woman to play the role of a mechanic in a TV series (from 1986 to 1988, in the Australian soap opera Neighbours) ! What I want to represent is freedom. The freedom of being whoever you want to be.

We mostly hear about Hollywood, it’s true, but sexual harassment also exists in the music industry. Remember the Kesha story in 2014 (the American singer had lodged a complaint for sexual assault and moral harassment against her producer, Dr. Luke). It never happened to me, I’ve been lucky. But even though no one has ever opened up to me directly about it, I’ve heard stories like this before.

What do you think of the #MeToo hashtag, launched in October 2017 on Twitter to encourage women to share their experiences on the subject ?

We women have been silenced for too long. I fully support women who have the courage to tell their story. We need more kindness in this world, people should be treated with respect. I hope that all this Do you think this explains your huge success with will lead society to reflect on the notion of equality the gay community ? between men and women. If there was more equality to start with, there would be less harassment. People have been asking me that question for 25 years to be honest, and I’ve never known what to answer. The gays have adopted me, I don’t know why. But I love it !

What do you think of Beyonce ? Do you consider her to be a feminist icon ? She has a huge talent, that’s for sure. Honestly, this girl is an alien, she is like in a level above. But I mean, it didn’t fall from the sky right, it must have taken a lot of sacrifices to get to where she is. She is a feminist icon, yes, a strong and indomitable woman. That said, wore leather pants in the 1980s and shouted out how proud they were to be women. Le Parisien Week-End - March 16th, 2018 109 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

LE POINT - FRANCE Interview by Anne-Sophie Jahn Four years after Kiss Me Once lukewarm welcomed, the Australian singer comes back with Golden, an album recorded in Nashville.


t 49 years old, Kylie Minogue still looks absolutely fabulous. From the top of her 1.53m, her smile is huge. Barefoot on the thick carpet of her Ritz’ suite (where even the towels are pink), the superstar with 80 million of albums sold in the world graciously sits down in an embroidered armchair. After living in Paris for several years (she was even a DJ in the « Respect » parties at the Queen), the Australian singer speaks French very well. Gay icon, loved by trendy people as much as by the general public, she has remained in the radios for 30 years, thanks to her sparkling and sweet hits such as « The Locomotion », « Can’t Get You Out of My Head » or « Spinning Around ». Discovered at the age of 18, playing mechanics in the Neighbours series, she survived cancer, heartache, renunciation of motherhood, but still believes in Prince Charming, as we can see in her fourteenth album that echoes her recent breakup. How do you work on your songs ? I’m not really a musician and I don’t write songs, so I can’t do it alone. In general, I arrive in the studio with ideas, and we create the songs with my team. For this album, I had this sentence in my head : « We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden », because I’m always asked what it’s like to be a woman of my age in the music industry ... which is understandable: it’s a sexist environment where women, unlike men, are all the time judged by their looks. This year, I’m going to be 50 years old. So to avoid questions about my age, I talked about this subject myself! That brought up the song « Golden », and the title of the album. The golden age is when we are ourselves. And who are you ? As Julia Roberts says in Notting Hill : « I am just a girl » ! (laughs) I work a lot, because it’s an honor to do this work, I can get into people’s lives.

The rest of the time, I’m clowning. And I try to find myself on the way. Behind the perfect pictures on Instagram, I have the same problems as everyone else. And if you could be someone else… I would be Jane Fonda ! She is so beautiful, so funny. I’m a huge fan. Gender relations are being redefined. Where do you stand? The problem is the grey area. I was at a preview in Australia the other day, and I noticed a man acting nervous when taking a pic with another woman, not knowing where to put his hands... I chatted about it to my choreographer and I was saying « Are we going to have to get all our dancers to sign legal papers about this ? I mean, they are in physical contact all the time... » You come to Paris a lot. What are your favorite places ? I lived in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and I often go to the Café de Flore. In 2003, I did a jazz concert for the 50th anniversary of the Chloé brand. I was accompanied by a contrabassist and a percussionist. I had never done jazz in my life so it was a challenge! Do you listen to French music ? Christine and The Queens ! I loved her performances on the british television. What are the books that have changed you? One of my favorite books is Perfume by Patrick Süskind. I read it in the south of France in the early 1990s. At 14 years old, I was very marked by Puberty Blues, the Australian novel by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey. It’s a book about sexuality during teenage years, I read everything hidden under my bed.

110 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

111 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

THE CONFIDENCES OF KYLIE MINOGUE ON HER NEW POP-COUNTRY MUSIC ALBUM Popstar with 100 million records sold, dancing queen, actress, regular visitor at fashion weeks, breast cancer survivor, muse of Nick Cave and Michael Hutchence, Kylie Minogue has gone through 3 decades without ever stopping to reinvent herself and to inspire people. Between a live in Berghain and a new pop-country record, Golden, the 49-year-old Australian exiled in London has revealed that even cowgirls have feelings of melancholy. We meet in a place that is as sparkling as she it: Le Ritz Interview by Violaine SchĂźtz, pictures by Simon Emmett

113 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Why did you add country elements for the It’s incredible that you noticed that… My voice was broken when I started the record. I had first time into your music ? I had already recorded some songs in London and my A&R manager said, « What about going to Nashville to find inspiration? » I didn’t really know why he was suggesting that nor what he had in mind. It was an intuition he had. But I was very excited about the trip. I spent two weeks there to meet composers. Over there, people are obsessed with moods, things that come from the heart, melodies and stories told through songs. And they don’t mess around with that. If they make a sad song, then it will sound heartbreaking. There is also a big music industry, which is really good. London has a music scene, Manchester even more, but in Nashville, there are studios everywhere, songwriters in all bars, plenty of concert halls. Locals and tourists live for music. I brought back from Tennessee the titles that are the most story-telling, with more guitars and there is even a banjo in one of them.

gone through a tragedy, a heartbreak and I wasn’t being very nice to myself at that time. I was fragile, and when I went to the studio to sing, I realized that I was struggling to reach the highest notes. My voice refused to work like it usually does. It took time for me to understand that my whole body had been affected by this story. My main instrument had suffered because of a difficult year. I was frustrated because I don’t like doing things by half. When I sing a song, I have to 100% believe in what I’m singing. I tried to hide this fragility at first and then I thought it would be refreshing to accept that my voice was a little broken. On Golden, there are more lyrics than on any other of my records and they are very personal like Radio On or A lifetime to Repair that are all about my vulnerability.

My voice was broken when I started the record. I had gone through a tragedy, a heartbreak.

You have something in your songs that is like a feeling of joy mixed with a certain sadness, a bit like New Order, a band with whom you had done a mashup on Can’t Get You Out of My Head ?

Do you admire certain stars who have spent time in Nashville ? Yes, I am a very big fan of Dolly Parton. I saw her play for the first time at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in 2016 and wondered why I had not seen her before. The songs are incredible but also her voice and her look. She really moved me. And that’s why she talks to people: she touches them to the heart. I even bought a t-shirt in Nashville with « What Would Dolly Do? » written on it. It seems like a good life catchphrase to wonder what Dolly Parton would do in a particular situation. I also bought glitter cowboy boots to go with it.

Your voice sounds different on this record, it’s deeper…

Yeah, the « happy sad », that’s me indeed (laughs). I like the concept of « Tears on the dancefloor ». If you listen carefully, even I Should Be So Lucky is quite sad. I Believe In You, written with the Scissor Sisters is too. But even if life isn’t easy, I always try to inject some hope in my songs. I feel it’s my duty (laughs). And also, I love dancing. I can dance for hours. And actually, even if I wasn’t on top form, I went dancing in Nashville. I moved so much and screamed so loud when the band was playing that I disturbed the rest of the public. They were all looking at me like « is she gonna leave the musicians finish their song or... ». Sometimes, I’m a little too enthusiastic.

114 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

I have never been assaulted but I wish I had known that such things existed when I started. What kind of music do you Many singers and actresses raised their voices with listen to ? the hashtag #metoo. Have I really like Dua Lipa, she per- you been dealing with fectly represents our current dirty stories on this side era. I like her look, her voice, ? her videos, her attitude. I also like Englishman Nick Mulvey, a pop multi-instrumentalist and certain songs from Niall Horan, a former member of the band One Direction. And I’m quite fond of what Tove Lo and Lady Gaga do, they have something really special and strong.

I have never been assaulted but I wish I had known that such things existed when I started. I started my career very early, playing a garage mechanic in the soap opera Neighbours in the 80’s, I had no experience and would have needed advice from other women, 115 www.kylie-world.com

they could have warned me. I’m very happy that today’s women are tackling this problem and proving that no one is above the law of good and evil. Their message speaks mainly to women but it must also concern men.

Numéro - March 20th, 2018 Available on internet : http://www.numero.com/fr/ musique/interview-kylieminogue-golden-the-voicedancing

Isa, April 2K18

Photographer : TODD BARRY Style : KELLY AHUME Interview : CAMERON ADAMS

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When Kylie Minogue turns 50 this year, she will be celebrating 30 years of a record-breaking career. On the eve of the milestone, she talks to Stellar about going country on her new album, heartbreak and picking up the pieces.


ike many who have found themselves staring into the void after a devastating break-up, Kylie Minogue dealt with the heartbreak by diving headfirst into work. For the Australian pop icon, her day job is writing songs to eventually perform when she clocks on at night. When Minogue started to plan her 14th album, Golden, the very public split with her ex-fiancé, British actor Joshua Sasse, was still fresh in her mind as she looked for lyrical inspiration. « The really bad part was late in 2016, when I was still in it ». Minogue tells Stellar of writing through - and about - the pain of her relationship ending. « I wrote songs that were very literal - like, really literal, » she says. « It was too much and they weren’t very good songs. I don’t mind that, because it’s out of my system. Once it was done, things got easier. I don’t want an album full of songs about my last relationship. I just don’t ». One break-up post-mortem survived: ‘A Lifetime To Repair’. In keeping with Golden’s theme, it is a countrytinged heartbreak song. And in keeping with Minogue’s MO, there’s a sense of humour shining through the sadness. « I’d really moved on when I did that song. It was more about, ‘What’s my story with love ? Where have I been going wrong? What do I need? What do I want ? How did that happen? What was I thinking?’ Not so much, ‘This happened with this guy ». Minogue is acutely aware that her love life is the subject of international fascination. It’s been that way since she kept her offscreen relationship with Neighbours love interest Jason Donovan a strategic secret for years. She’d eventually leave him for Michael Hutchence, who opened a portal to a whole new world - and career - for the budding superstar. Tellingly, only one of her exes has ever sold a story about Minogue. Equally, she’s never been the type to gush too much about her boyfriends. Until Sasse. The pair met in 2015 when she filmed a guest role in the actor’s US musical fantasy TV show Galavant. Despite claims that he hadn’t quite left the home he shared with his wife Francesca Cini (the couple have a son), he and Minogue quickly started a relationship. Dates at the rugby were posted on Instagram - a very un-Kylie move. Media outlets frothed about the near 20-year age difference; Minogue noted he was an « old soul », more interested in poetry than pop music. When the pair announced their engagement in February 2016 (in the old-school manner of a notice in a British paper’s classifieds) there was a rush

of excitement from the public, who had been willing Minogue to find « The One » for decades. The usual stories about whether she’d start a family surfaced again, with Minogue trotting out the line she has had on standby for years: if it happens, it happens. Literally hours after they confirmed their split (via the more modern vehicle of social media) in February 2017, the hoary old « unlucky in love » story was updated by sections of the media, and Sasse was promptly added to Minogue’s well-documented roll call of exes. « I tried to be like other people, » Minogue now admits of her engagement. « That’s what people do, they get engaged. I thought maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong... I don’t know that marriage is for me ». Minogue pauses she’s done this long enough to know when she’s uttered a headline. « Of course I want love. Of course I do. You want love in all its forms, in friends and family and your partner. Let’s just say I’m not looking for it right now. I’m not. I’ve spent a year rebuilding myself. It was pretty much nervous breakdown time at the end of 2016 ». There’s another headline. « Well, I don’t want to over-dramatise it, but it actually was nervous breakdown time », she continues. « It ended up being not so much about heartbreak and more about stress. It was a stressful time. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t good for either of us, but I’m not in his head. My head and my body were saying, and friends and family were saying... » She takes a long pause. « You know, when you are in something like that you’re not thinking straight; you can’t see clearly. It’s really weird to look back and see that everyone else was going, ‘Oh, what are you doing ?’» Minogue took a short break in Thailand to recalibrate after the split. Sources say some in Camp Minogue were a little suspicious of Sasse. Last month, in what some may view as karma, Sasse was reportedly dumped by his latest whirlwind romance, actor Harriet Collings, just days before their wedding. Minogue is too polite to address her former fiancé’s rumoured failings, and does not even mention him by name. At one point she notes: « I’m trying to be diplomatic ». So what did go wrong? « It was a great beginning. And it just went too fast, too soon » Minogue explains. « Eventually we realised that we were cut from different clothes. It wasn’t right. But in the period of trying to figure that bit out, that wasn’t easy. By the time 2017 really got going and I was back in the studio, I was so relieved to regain my sense of self and meet exciting, new people and make new music; the future looked bright, that’s all I can say. Once I was out of the dangerous waters and back on terra firma, I was already thinking, ‘OK, that was another experience in life.’ If you’d asked me if I wanted to go through it before it happened, maybe not. But it was over in a flash. It was intense, but it was over in a flash ». It was an unusually public relationship for Minogue. Sasse read an erotic poem (written by his father) on a radio show that Minogue was a guest on; he also used Minogue’s publicist to launch a campaign for marriage equality in Australia - amid criticism he was promoting himself as well as the

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Of course I want love. Of course I do… But I’m not looking for it right now. I’ve spent a year rebuilding myself. cause. « I’m not usually that public », she admits. « It was partly him as well, it wasn’t just my decision. I went along with it. It was slightly out of character. But I give most things a go... »

There’s another line in ‘A Lifetime To Repair’ about « swimming in a sea of loneliness ». Minogue says that was poetic licence, rubbing off by osmosis from time spent writing the album in Nashville, Tennessee, and those vintage country songs about love gone wrong. « It’s exaggerated. I’m not sitting at home crying. I’m single, but not lonely » Minogue says. « I never thought I would get married. Then I did a swerve. Who knows what is around the corner? Anything could happen... To use the way we’re destroying the English language: I have mega lolz. I have laughed a lot this past year. I really, really have. Something changed in me. I don’t know what. I think it was after a dramatic end to the previous year, so partly it was relief - learning more about myself and the people who really are there for you and support you through thick and thin. I’ve got a few more laugh lines, but that’s OK ». There were some royal lolz, too: last year the pop princess was linked to Prince Andrew. « That was an amazing rumour » she tells Stellar. « It’s also one of the most phantom rumours. It wasn’t even like I was photographed with him at an event; it just literally came from nowhere. I would rather it be one about nothing, though ! »

ing’, is her biggest Australian radio hit in years - a pay-off for the risk she took in moving out of her electro-disco comfort zone and heading to Nashville. But it’s not Minogue’s first rodeo. « If you think about ‘Spinning Around’, that was a move into a different direction at the time, that R&B-pop-disco flamboyant sound » she says. « ‘Confide In Me’ was a totally different sound for me when I made it. ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ was electro. ‘Aphrodite’ was the rush of synth feels. I couldn’t argue with that point of trying something new. When I’ve spoken to friends and family and said, ‘It’s got a bit of a country feel,’ they’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s got some banjos and fiddles, but it still sounds like Kylie music.’ I don’t think people should be frightened or think, ‘Oh god, Kylie’s gone country!’ I’m by no means a hellraiser; I don’t feel I take wild risks, but maybe in my own way I do. I’m definitely a curious person and I wanted to try something different ». The title track, ‘Golden’, takes its cue from the fact that Minogue has been asked about her age for as long as she can remember. She turns 50 on May 28. « I had this line in my head: ‘We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden.’ It was my response to being constantly asked, ‘How does it feel to be your age in this industry?’ You


nother story that surfaced: Minogue’s successful legal action against Kylie Jenner trying to trademark the name Kylie. Legal documents called the Kardashian clan member a « secondary reality-television personality ». Minogue clarifies that it was actually lawyer-speak, and not her words. She was merely protecting her name, which has been famous around the globe since she first appeared in Neighbours in 1986. « I

wasn’t suing her. It was totally not a personal thing at all; I admire them as a business, they’re amazing, » she says of the Jenner and Kardashian clan. « But I’ve trademarked that name for years and years, the same way people trademark soft drink names or coffee brand names ». On Golden, the Kylie brand is expanding into new musical horizons. The first single released, ‘Dan-

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This will be a milestone year for Minogue. Along with turning 50, she will reach the 30th anniversary of the release of her debut album, Kylie - which included hit single ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ - and also of her 1988 Gold Logie win. « It’s a golden year! » she cheers. « I’m embracing turning 50 so far. I might have a big party in London, which isn’t very me, but why not give it a try? The party might be the most stressful part of it - everyone’s asking what I’m doing. I’ll have a quiet family do, as well. » « I feel good this year. I feel excited about everything. I’ve become more aware of time. If you want to do it, you better do it. Don’t faff around. Of course, I’m not 25 with no cares in the world. Life throws you curve balls, you always have to navigate them. It’s like a game of Frogger: even when you’re resting you still have to navigate your way from here to there. There are different challenges in life now - we can’t go forwards or backwards. That’s the message of Golden. A 10-year-old kid will say, ‘I’m not a baby, but I’m not a grown-up.’ How do I fit in the world of pop at 50? I know I’m not young, but I’m not old. A kid will think that I’m old. An older person will think I am young. It’s all relative ».

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Minogue’s looming career anniversaries demonstrate a longevity that many never anticipated (herself included), and which seems alien in a modern-pop landscape where even superstars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are slammed when a single misses the Top 40. « I didn’t plan any of this » Minogue says. « Maybe some people think that they’ll be a megastar. I didn’t. I find it weird when people say, ‘I knew when I was seven that I wanted to be famous.’ I don’t quite know how it’s happened, but I keep doing what I’m doing. I feel very grateful - but it will probably remain a mystery to me why this is the path, [and why] this is my life ».

could have asked me at 18 what it was like to be an 18-year-old in the music industry. I don’t know - I feel the way I feel ». In 2015, Minogue inducted Tina Arena into the ARIA Hall of Fame and watched her long-time friend call out the music industry, face-to-face, for putting women over 40 out to pasture. It’s an issue Minogue has faced, as commercial pop radio gets younger and younger — Sia is the only woman over 40 regularly played on chart stations, while even Madonna was pensioned off years ago. « Tina nailed it » Minogue says. « My Hall of Fame speech [in 2011] I scribbled in the back of the car; I’m so bad at those things. So I was listening to Tina and thinking, ‘I really should have thought about mine a bit more.’ But that’s my way, I guess. Tina did a great speech about the useby-date issue for women. This morning, I saw a magazine with Julia Roberts on the cover — I look at that and think, ‘Yes you’re older than you were in…., but you’re kind of ageless to me.’ Or Jennifer Aniston. Or Jennifer Lopez. They’re all around my age ». 120 www.kylie-world.com

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« What’s my story with love ? Where have I been going wrong ? What do I want ? How did that happen ? What was I thinking ? »




ylie finds interview situations a little unnatural. « It’s kind of weird, let’s face it » she says with a shrug. The princess of pop is sitting beside me in the royal suite at The Ritz in London, an opulent room with a view overlooking Green Park. I’m relieved to discover we’re both thinking the same thing: this certainly isn’t my regular Tuesday afternoon experience. « If you and I were having a chat over a drink, we’d talk very differently » she says. So how does she rate her « talk » now? « Dull » she replies, and I try not to take offence. She smiles, acknowledging the fact of the matter: she’s here to promote a new album, and I’m here to get as much out of one of pop’s most guarded artists as I can. As popular with the tabloids today as she ever was, Kylie, who turns 50 in May, is accustomed to dealing with the media’s sometimes loose grasp on the facts. « A lot of the time you haven’t said anything and there’s a quote attributed to you. Sometimes it’s a great one, or it’s something that is just so wrong. It doesn’t happen very often but once in a while I’ve seen something that I don’t know I said » she explains. Kylie shakes this kind of thing off now, but it hasn’t made her any less wary. It was something that made her feel particularly helpless early on in her career. « I remember on a few occasions thinking, ‘I just want to put the record straight’, but couldn’t. What’s the avenue unless you go and make another load of noise about it, which is putting you in a position of having to defend yourself ». During our hour together Miss Minogue is frequently reflective, drawing comparisons between the entertainment industry she finds herself in today and the world of 1988, when she released her first single. I guess it’s difficult not to be when interviewers still love to discuss how she came to fame through Aussie soap Neighbours. Interestingly, while I never raise the subject, it’s Kylie who volunteers to reflect on her past.And as she points out, there’s a marked difference between the entertainment industry in which she first found fame and that of today. In the « old days », celebrities were more distant, their lives only revealed in magazine or TV interviews. Today they are also reality TV stars who re-

lease uncensored thoughts on social media. You just can’t imagine Kylie putting herself out there in a Keeping Up with the Kardashians-style show. (Even though I think we’d all dearly love that.) Maintaining a comfortable space between her celebrity and private identity feels natural to Kylie. In respect of her break-up with actor Joshua Sasse last year, she’s discrete about the details. « I’ve been doing this a long time and I would love to have a good old gossip right now, but then it becomes public and that’s not the place to put all of that. That’s never seemed right to me. I don’t want to go on about my last relationship. A, it’s private. B, there’s another person involved, and C, I’ve moved beyond that ». Avoiding the kind of kiss-and-tell stories that other celebrities gravitate towards, Kylie has often poured her emotions into her music. « I can truly say it’s in the songs - not every song; there are certain songs such as Shelby ’68 that are not related to my relationships » she says of Golden, her first studio album in four years. (Christmas albums don’t really count, do they?) For a person who’s spent the majority of her life in the public eye, Kylie still says it’s peculiar to watch her personal life play out in headlines. « It remains odd » she says. « I mean everything’s got more layers than what you know, especially when you’re still trying to figure it out. I don’t know if you ever get used to it, you just have to manage it ». From her effervescent, and sometimes left-field, pop songs to front-row seats at fashion week, there are many things that have become synonymous with the Kylie Minogue brand. But where does « celebrity Kylie » end and « regular Kylie » begin? « When the stilettos come off » she laughs, flashing me her white and gold cowboy boots. Home is Kylie’s sanctuary, away from the flashing lights of the paparazzi. « Cast your mind back to before mobile phones, you’d know if someone was taking a picture of you because they’d have to have a camera. I mean who carries a camera around [now]? More than ever, to feel really safe and not have to have your eyes darting around, home is great ». She’s quick to add that she’d hate to be home all the time: « I could do three days, then I’d max out ». The Kylie sitting across from me is a 124 www.kylie-world.com

lot more relaxed and informal than the one I expected to meet. She asks about my relationship status and we even record a video for my boyfriend, who lives in Berlin. Even though she’s guarded, she tells me that she sees little separation between her public and private personality. « I’m not too far removed from this. If I think of me at home or me with my friends, the one thing that probably would be a surprise is I’m more of a clown, I swear a lot more ». She’s also incredibly close to her family and tells me that her brother is a rock who she and her sister Dannii will almost always go to with any personal problems. In the UK, she’s also reconnected with an old clubbing friend from the early Nineties, who helped her through the recent break-up. « She was just a little angel for me. And my team know I can’t hide stuff; I’m like a book, you can read me pretty clearly. I might be trying to fool myself but I’m not fooling them ».

HAVING TO DEAL with the pres-

sures of a personal life that is magnified through the media’s lens, coupled with being a music artist who still sells out arenas, Kylie is surprisingly honest when she reveals how much care she has to take with her mental health - and that she struggles with anxiety. « There are a lot of voices in my head. I guess part of that is our brains, they’re problem solvers, tick tick tick tick tick » she says. When it comes to having to conquer the anxiety, she admits she’s still be searching for a solution but says she begins by taking a simple step. « I put the kettle on and make a cup of tea that’ll solve everything » she reveals. « But if I knew the answer I would do it and I would have no anxiety ». Distraction, she finds, is one of the greatest antidotes. « I was talking about touring with someone earlier and I said that those two hours you’re on stage, you’re in the moment because it’s just that collision of energy and all of this other stuff that leads to those beautiful moments. But one of the added beauties of it is that you can’t think about your problems, or be mad at yourself because you’re thinking about little problems when some people have got really big problems. All that stuff that we’re juggling, well they say that the fast track to happiness is gratitude and Isa, April 2K18

it’s true. Just think that thought ». One of the ways Kylie’s anxiety has manifested itself is through her dreams, or nightmares to be more precise. « It was awful » she says of one recent experience. « Maybe it was because I was in Paris at fashion week, but I dreamt that I was meant to walk in a show. I can’t really explain the dream because of course it was dream-like, but someone said, ‘Right, you’ll be walking in 10 seconds,’ and I didn’t have the clothes on that I was supposed to wear, so I screamed - I never scream at anyone. But in my dream I was screaming but no one heard me. You’re asking me what would tip me over, that’s probably it because I’m at the start of this campaign and I know the next year of my life is on this, which I’m looking forward to, but it does come with some trepidation. I wish I could find a better word, but there’s some ‘anxiety’. You want the best for it and I want to be healthy, I had a nerve or a disc thing the other day and I just felt utterly glum for a few days, and you panic and you think, ‘Is this it ? How am I going to do all the things that I’m supposed to do, and that I take for granted ?’ So that would tip me into some anxiety ». Despite those feelings, Kylie is not seeking any counselling or therapy. « There’s enough discussion in my head. I probably would benefit from it but I don’t really like it » she admits. However, she has sought some advice – not from a professional but from somebody she respects and who comes with considerable experience. « My 98-year-old grandma said years ago: ‘What you need to do is just lie flat, put your arms up and lie like that for 10 minutes’. And she’s so right, so I will. On a video day, during lunch I’ll go, ‘Right, phone off, dim the lights,’ and try to just be still ».

THIS YEAR, Kylie is back on the pro-

mo trail for the Nashville-influenced country sound of Golden, her 14th studio album. It sees her taking a bold cowgirl-sized stride away from the dance/pop that’s defined her 21st-century musical output. It’s been 18 years since she kicked off the new century in those iconic gold hot pants with Spinning Around, and more than three decades since she first conquered the charts with I Should Be So Lucky and her cover of The Locomotion.

Since then, her music has danced from wistful ballads (Especially For You) to indie (Did It Again) via edgy pop (Can’t Get You Out of My Head), with the occasional flash of the unexpected (Where the Wild Roses Grow). Of her mighty back catalogue, Kylie cites All the Lovers (« a gorgeous moment »), Love at First Sight and I Believe in You (« I love the lyrics in that ») as her favourite songs to perform. But it is perhaps the move into country that will surprise her fans most.

« IF YOU DON’T TAKE A CHANCE, YOU’RE REALLY NOT GOING TO GET ANYWHERE » When her A&R first suggested she experiment with a Nashville sound, Kylie’s interest was piqued. « As a curious being I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Let’s face it, pop itself changes. And I have changed, going from PWL to Deconstruction, to Parlophone ». Nervous to let go of songs that were more traditionally Kylie, the idea of discovering something fresh appealed to her desire not to repeat herself. « You have Taylor Swift going into pop, other people going into country. It is a different kind of fusion of genres, or a new balance of them ». Although curious, she admits that she needed some reassurance about the new sound. « But I wasn’t scared » she clarifies. « The old template would have been 80 per cent this type of song, 10 per cent something left-field, 10 per cent something emotional, whatever, and as we got deeper into the album and we felt like we had the foundations and the kind of DNA of what it could be, my A&R’s words rung true to me, and he said, ‘You know what, I’d hate to get to the end of it and we look back and wish we’d gone for it’. That changed it for me, I went, ‘Let’s do this’ ». Besides, Kylie asserts that she isn’t abandoning her history, just reinventing her future. « I’ve got a whole back catalogue of songs and I can go back to that, but the whole project sounds and feels fresh to me. I think you can hear that. I know it’s been a bit of a shock for your community, I mean that was a bit of a ‘What?’ moment » she laughs. As she approaches her 50th birthday – the inspiration for the album title - the 127 www.kylie-world.com

biggest incentive for change was marking this year with a new adventure. « If you don’t take a chance, you’re really not going to get anywhere. It’s a different lane on the same highway ». There’s a degree of intimacy to the lyrics this time around that many critics cite as having been previously missing on Kylie albums. On its surface, the chorus of lead single Dancing (« When I go out, I wanna go out dancing ») is a sparkling ode to Saturday-night clubbing, but when Kylie closes the third verse, singing: « When the final curtain falls, we could say we did it all » the track becomes an introspective reflection on life. One of Kylie’s favourite songs on Golden is A Lifetime to Repair. It’s also one of the most personal. It was co-written with Danny Shah on a day that started with him telling Kylie how he liked to begin a writing session by taking 10 minutes to allow a stream of consciousness to flow from where each writer feels they are in their life. « I’d never met this guy before in my life » she giggles, recalling the episode. « He’s since told me he was a bit nervous saying that. He said, ‘Better songs are written when they come from a truer place’. You all want to reach the same end point, to have something that’s meaningful and, particularly with this album, lyrics were really important ». Perhaps appropriately, Kylie describes the song as a snapshot of that moment in her life. « I think: ‘OK, will I fall in love again?’ I mean it’s all in the lyrics, ‘Will I? If I? What will happen…’ because we’re all kind of making it up as we go along ». She admits she was in a bad place at the start of last year, when, following her breakup, she experienced a nervous breakdown and escaped to Thailand to recuperate. But by the time it came around to working on the music she really had moved on. She says that creating a distance from those feelings allowed her to access her emotions without feeling drowned by them. « I’m not writing from a place of heartbreak. I was a bit broken, I wasn’t feeling very strong at a certain point, and we’ve all been there, we know what that’s like. But I tend to bounce back pretty quickly, I’m pragmatic about stuff. It’s looking rationally, with heart, with humour, to where I’m at. » Isa, April 2K18

The overriding message on the album for Kylie is one of acceptance. « I hope you can feel on the album there’s no blame, I’m not hanging on to anything. I’m just taking a really good look at where I think I am in my life », she muses. One thing she tells me she’s sure of is that heartbreak offers more material for introspection. Although she’s keen to point out that her feelings at the time weren’t so much about sadness, but more about being in a « fragile » place when the relationship ended. « I realised I’d done a lot of that to myself and put myself in a situation that wasn’t right. I think the first flourish of romance is the most wonderful thing; it’s not quite real life though.Everyone says, ‘Oh enjoy it!’ But, we’ll see what’s down the road ». Fragile as she may have felt, the experience led to Golden, an album that takes great strides away from her past music into a brave new territory that she’s embracing. « I kind of felt saved by song. Not that I’ve not been honest in songs before, but I’ve been through the mill a bit and you just go, ‘I want to be honest with myself’. If you are honest with yourself then you are honest with everyone ».

AFTER KYLIE returned to number one

with Spinning Around in 2000, her follow-up albums and singles topped the charts. But a lot can change in almost two decades. While her star power continues to blaze, the reality is that the divisive nature of radio means that playlists favour newer acts over established artists. Even if you’re as legendary as Cher or Madonna, the likes of Stelflon Don and Camila Cabello are given priority on the bigger stations. « It’s tough » Kylie says when asked how it feels to no longer be dominating the charts. « I did go through a weird period where I kind of had a foot in both camps, I wasn’t Radio One and I wasn’t Radio Two. I mean I’m segueing slightly but there’s one line that I wanted to get into the album, which is, ‘We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden’ ». Following the recent spotlight on women’s equality and the conversations around sexism, Kylie hopes that the questions about her age, which she faced when putting out her previous album, won’t be a factor this time

around. « Weirdly enough, I don’t think I’m going to be asked about that so much now. I found it quite difficult that they’re not asking guys how they feel about it, they’re asking me. I kind of understood the question because they’re asking about sexism in the industry, but you’re part of it because you’re asking me about it, so all I wanted to say was, in general, we can’t make ourselves younger ».

« THE FIRST FLUSH OF ROMANCE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING BUT IT’S NOT QUITE REAL LIFE » « We can try to look our best but we can’t make ourselves younger and we can’t make ourselves older. You are who you are in this minute, so you can only be who are you and the best version of yourself, or the worst, whatever you choose. But you are just you, and I thought: ‘How am I going to go into the next campaign of interviews when asked about that?’ And as it happens this whole movement happened in the interim and I really don’t think I’ll be asked much about it ». As we discuss the treatment of women in the entertainment industry, Kylie reminds me how her introduction to the public consciousness was in a role that challenged female stereotypes and was ahead of its time for the soaps in the late Eighties. « Charlene was a tomboy mechanic, perhaps not a feminist but she was going against the norm » she says of her character in Neighbours. « I remember that girls would tell me at the time, ‘I just love it that she’s in a man’s world and she’s doing her thing and covered in dirt and got her overalls on and all of that’. In that first scene, she punched Jason Donovan trying to break into the house ». When it comes to her male fans, few artists can rely on as loyal a fanbase as Kylie has within the gay community. And the question of why so many gay men have such a love for her music is one she admits she still doesn’t quite have an answer to. « I will always be asked this question and I’ll never give you a great answer because I don’t want to know. It was so natural and it was almost like magic. It just is and I don’t feel the need to break it down. It’s a mystery, it just is ». As we begin to reflect more general128 www.kylie-world.com

ly on why gay men love their divas, she laughs. « We need a science to break it down! ». One aspect of the subject that appears to apply to Kylie is she’s someone who’s always survived life’s challenges and come out stronger. From her highly publicized relationship woes, to battling cancer, she stood tall and never let her struggles dim her spirit. When asked if she considers herself a survivor, she says, « I feel as if I’m very sensitive and compassionate for others, and at the same time I’ll surprise myself by having strength, so there’s a bit of both there. I wish I could just go, ‘Yeah I am a survivor,’ and that’s it, but I don’t know. I can’t make it a blanket statement like that. I think you do your best and I’m determined when I need to be or want to be ». While the reasons behind her status as a gay icon may elude her, one question she has pondered is how life would have turned out if her career hadn’t diverted from acting and into music. « There are more out-of-work actors than working actors - that’s where I thought it was heading. So it’s not a regret, it’s more a musing on what would have happened. Where would it have led me ? ». As for regrets, she doesn’t so much think about past mistakes but sometimes reflects on what she might have done differently. Even so, these are just passing thoughts that she prefers not to dwell on. « I think if you got stuck on all of those you’ll never get anywhere. You’ve got to just dust yourself off and move on and learn from your mistakes. I think I’m saying that on the album ».

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Kylie Minogue, the queen of resilience and reinvention, returns this month with a new album, a ‘big’ birthday and a new philosophy on love (and marriage). By Charlotte Edwardes Photography : PAUL BELLAART Styling : OONAGH BRENNAN


here’s something familiar, almost nostalgic about Kylie Minogue - ‘Kylie’ - the corn-blondeness, the coy warmth, the pure oozing Aussiness. You’d think years of being waxed and polished would’ve hardened her, but no, she’s still giggling, self-deprecating, worrying about me (that I’m comfortable, that I have a drink), worrying that, ‘it’s close to awful’ how colour co-ordinated her outfit is with the hotel décor at Blake’s, where we’ve met, round the corner from her house in South Ken. And so when she tells me that she has arctic moods that can make the room temperature drop, I assume she’s joking. She’s not. Surfaces freeze over, she explains. « I go deathly quiet. I don’t yell, I never yell, but the silence is loud ». Those who know her « run for cover ». And then there’s a second weapon in this dark arsenal. « It’s called The Look », she says. « No one wants The Look. I don’t even want The Look ». What happens when you get The Look? « The Look is like being laser-sliced », she says. Give me The Look, I dare her. « You don’t want The Look », says Kylie. « Honestly, you won’t recover. It’s like death. You don’t want it. You’re not having it ». She’s laughing while she says this, that broad toothy grin, which makes it all the harder to believe she has a killer instinct. But then something has helped her survive so long in show business. Right now, she has a new album, Golden, released to coincide with her 50th birthday in May, and over three decades she has released 13 albums, selling more than 80 million records. She has starred in seven films, and had a TV career that included about a million episodes of the soap Neighbours plus appearances in Doctor Who and The Vicar Of Dibley. And then there’s all the fashion shoots and magazine covers. She was as ubiquitous as wallpaper in the 1980s: Neighbours was on whenever the telly was on (it seemed), and teenage bedrooms covered in posters of her were pre-social media shrines to popular culture. As Charlene Mitchell, she was an unlikely child mechanic in improbably clean dungarees, a character who couldn’t in fact be less like Minogue, in that the highlight of her life was marrying the boy next door (Scott Robinson, played by Jason Donovan). Fresh from Neighbours, she was transformed into a tiny, tinny pop star, a product of the derided Stock Aitken Waterman schlocky jingle-factory (even seeing the words I Should Be So Lucky triggers the catchy lyrics). The first of her dramatic reinventions was her unveiling, cropped and coruscating, as the girlfriend of rock star Michael Hutchence, the late lead singer of INXS. The famous gold hotpants from Spinning Around were bought for 50p in Portobello Market and are now housed at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. « I can shapeshift really easily », she says. « I love to do it, actually, it’s part of my job. But when that goes into my private life, that’s not always good ». She clarifies: « What I mean is, with a boyfriend, I go all-out. If you have a personality like mine where you like to give and a lot of that is outward, energy going out, it takes a bit of thought and time and work to say, « Wait a second, I need to get back to base camp »». Base camp for the last year has been the recording studio. After breaking up with her 30-year-old fiancé, the actor Joshua Sasse, in January 2017, she recorded the hell out of her feelings for her album Golden. It’s another reinvention of sorts, she says. « I put everything in. It’s about me in my life at this point in time: what I’ve been through, where I am, where I am going ». Certainly, she’s been through a lot – not least a cancer scare midway through her Showgirl tour in in 2005, when she was 37. She went for a mammogram after finding a lump and was shattered to be told it was breast cancer. She was treated in Paris, where she was living with then boyfriend Olivier Martinez, and had a partial mastectomy followed by punishing rounds of chemotherapy that left her « with no hair, no eyelashes, no nothing ». More recently, she has talked about her sadness at not having children, all the more poignant after she’d said on Desert Island Discs that it would be ‘incredible’ to start a family with Sasse, who she met in 2015 on the set of the American TV show Galavant. Despite being romantic – « I can get into all sorts of trouble » – Minogue never saw herself as « traditional » : « I never thought I would get married. Just going through « being engaged » seems like an experiment, because I’d never as a girl or in all my life had a vision of getting married. It’s not something I needed or wanted. My parents never brought me up with the idea of « the big marriage ». I never had it as a goal ». She says she became caught up with the notion that marriage suddenly wasn’t so bad. « I thought, « Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and I should go for it. Maybe I should do what most of the world


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do. It works for them » ». With a smirk, she adds: « Now I’m going tostick to my previous view. I don’t think marriage is for me ». Romance, on the other hand, falling in love, these are something else: « Love may be the strongest drug on earth if you think about it », she says. « The first flush of discovering someone new. That feeling that you kind of like each other: then you really like each other ». She thumps her palm to her chest. « It’s what most paintings, songs, books are written about – the search for love, the loss of love, it’s everywhere you look. One half of me is a total realist, the other will definitely merrily skip down that lane again ». Even the heartache is worth it, she says, because « there’s no show without Punch ». She has admitted being « broken » by the break-up with Sasse for reasons she describes to me as « a bit murky » (there were rumours he was unfaithful). Earlier this year she said that her whole physical being was « compromised. I think it’s called a nervous breakdown ». But after escaping to Thailand with two girlfriends for six days, she returned and knuckled down to work. Gosh, 2017 sounds like a nightmare, I say. She looks at me astonished. « But it was a great year ». What about the agony, the breakdown? « Unless two people are completely on the same page going, « This is how I’m feeling today, how are you feeling today? » You can’t negotiate the downfall of your relationship carefully. No, once we’d fully determined that we’d gone our separate ways, life kind of… » She pauses. Went on? « Well, I did have to rebuild myself, physically and mentally a bit. But no, 2017 was a great year. I loved it. I actually loved it. Because I knew where I stood. I knew what work I had to do and I did it ». She doesn’t say that the 20-year age gap between them was a problem exactly, but embracing 50 has been a big step. « I can’t change, I can’t become 35. I am this age, I’m accepting of it, I’m trying to be more loving of myself ». Her 40th birthday was in Paris in the George V hotel and she celebrated with family, grateful because « not long before that I’d been ill ». Friends have insisted she have a big party for her 50th and she sounds reticent. « Obviously, they can’t stand me », she jokes. I whine: « Can’t the three of us just go out and do something together? ». Actually, she’s quite looking forward to it. « I’m going to try to be a grown-up and book it in advance and everything. I’m sure that’s going to happen, and I might even turn up! Ha! ». Her friends have clearly inspired her: « My girlfriends who’ve turned 50 care more about what is important and care less about other things; they seem to inhabit themselves more, in a way I feel is happening to me. It’s pretty cool. If you can’t fight it, feel it. It takes some work to do that, but feels good ». Suddenly she smiles. « This is the thought I just had: Comedy is tragedy plus time. I already look at that time, we [she and Sasse] were together for just over a year, so it was quite a succinct journey, and I’m appreciative. Honestly, I am. I know I turned a corner and learnt a lot about myself. Sometimes it takes something like stepping out of your comfort zone, some drama like that, to shake things up. Now being on my own again and reclaiming myself and just asking myself harder questions, like: « What do you really want, how did you get here, how do you feel, how are you going to move on? » ». She sets her hands in her lap. « Now I have enough drama in my life ». The drama in her life is perhaps part of the reason why the world loves Kylie. She inspires protectiveness in us while providing almost a role model for dealing with the ‘crap’ (in her words) life throws, dusting herself of and getting on with it. She’s an engaged conversationalist and a perfectionist, judging by the effort she takes to answer every question properly (« Am I taking the questions too seriously? »). But she’s funny, too, saying, for instance, that if she could change one thing in the world it would be the high-resolution digital cameras used by the paparazzi. « Don’t get me wrong, you can do a lot with it. It’s great if you want to study the wings of a Christmas beetle. Go for it. Zoom in, get closer. But actually, that’s my face. That’s my body on that screen. I don’t need to see that detail. I can’t unsee it. Thanks ».

« i’d never had a vision of getting married. it’s noT something i wanted»

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She doesn’t cook – « No ». But she is fairly good at looking after her body after her cancer battle. « I’ve always been pretty careful. I was ahead of the curve with all the low GI stuff because, although I haven’t been told by a doctor, I know I am hypoglycemic. Sugar is not my friend. I don’t crave it. I’d rather have slow-burning fuel ». She also knows the importance of breaks, of not cramming it all in, and so when she is sent a back-to-back work schedule that doesn’t include downtime, she calls them up and tells them straight: « No. Debunk time has to be factored in ». « Debunk time » entails showering of hair make-up, body make-up and normal make-up before a soak in the bath. Then further decompressing is done on the phone to Australia to her parents, Ron and Carol, or sister Dannii, 46, or brother Brendan, 47. « I love to call home. I can easily chat to them for 30-40 minutes. I like to hear about their day ». Her family sound rather wonderful, I say, to have instilled such confidence in her and her sister (Dannii is also a successful singer). Minogue demurs. « Um… yessah ». She is keen to impress that they were not « showbiz parents ». « It wasn’t that story of pushing the kids into anything, although we’ve all ended up in the business. My brother was a cameraman ». Her abiding memories of childhood are sweetly suburban, almost disappointingly normal. « We had a house with an above-ground pool in the back yard – like Neighbours. I had a bike and roller skates. Every second house had two or three kids. You’d all be in the street cycling around or playing cricket, or playing hopscotch. My girlfriend across the street, her dad had a CB radio. We’d say: « Breaker, breaker, come in. This is Big Baby ». And then some voice would appear. If I could teleport myself back to a point in childhood, it would be summer in that house in Wantirna South ». In some respects, she was sad to be separated from that life – but ultimately she feels she hasn’t changed that much from the girl growing up in a Melbourne suburb. « I’m just an older version of who I was. The main difference is experience. Wisdom and experience. I am still a total clown half the time, which most people don’t see, but my friends and family see the whole time and say, « Oh God ». And I still have drive and determination and guts to try different things ».

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Kylie Minogue A PERFORMER FOR THREE DECADES, Minogue has been exercising in front of an audience much of her life: “The most high-impact workouts I’ve done are my shows,” she says. “I mean, I stomp about in crazy stupid heels, and a lot of the outfits weigh a ton, so [I’m] basically weight-training. Even when you’re doing nothing on a riser or balancing on some tiny disc...it’s not a cardiovascular workout, but it’s work.” Off tour, her favorite exercises are “low-impact or no-impact,” but a traveling lifestyle helps keep her in shape. Minogue, a breast-cancer survivor, also knows the value of a daily time-out. “I’ll do as my 98-year-old grandmother says: Lie flat on your back, put your palms up, and take 10 minutes. She wouldn’t have called it meditation, but it is meditation.” A kind of “fancy power nap,” Minogue says, “is one of life’s greatest healers.” Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Instant Look in a Palette, $75; charlottetilbury .com. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, $38; rms beauty.com.

BABY YOUR SKIN “I try to incorporate as much natural skin care as possible,” Minogue says. “This rose cream is rich. When you have it on, people will not only comment on your nice skin, but they’ll say, ‘Someone smells amazing!’” The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream, $88; theorganic pharmacy.com. Eve Lom Muslin Cloth, $22; spacenk.com.

SHINE ON Minogue has channeled everyone from Brigitte Bardot to Marilyn Monroe for her looks. And now she just keeps glowing. “I like the brand RMS. Their Living Luminizer is really lovely. And Charlotte Tilbury’s face palette with [shades for] eyes and cheeks has been a quick go-to recently.”

Minogue’s 14 Golden, dr th album, ops April 6.

SCRUB AWAY “I love exfoliation. This eucalyptus gel has a consistency that’s very particular—it’s a little hard to get used to— but it’s my [pick]. For my body, I’ll use this with a little mitt. It’s like dry-brushing. You feel soft, and whatever you put on your body afterward is going to absorb better.” Berber’s Treat Black Eucalyptus Gel, $22; berberstreat.com.


I n S T Y L E M AY 2 0 1 8

“I actually really like matcha tea. And a cup of good English tea at 3 or 4 P.M. can literally transform your life.”

GO OUT DANCING True to its name, the video for her new country-inspired single, “Dancing,” is full of challenging moves. “I lived to tell the tale!”

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Kylie Minogue

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hen I first learnt that Kylie’s new album Golden was a country fusion, I was a little reticent ... but actually it is mesmerising. Sumptuous pop riffs and the discovery that Kylie has the perfect country voice. It’s an extraordinary blend of classic Kylie pop, yet soul-baring countrystyle lyrics. It’s personal. It’s deep. Her most raw thoughts set to music ever, yet somehow with their catchy, sunny melodies those thoughts are made beautiful. And that has always been Kylie’s style. To see good rather than bad. To create ease rather than stress. I’ve known Kylie for some time now and I’m glad to say we have an emotional shorthand. Kylie is and always was extraordinary and special, yet down to earth real. We meet in The Ritz, Piccadilly. She has The Royal Suite which is several rooms vast. Lots of brocade, candelabra, chandelier and swirly gold frames on 19th century oil paintings. Kylie herself is wearing gold snakeskin stiletto boots, an off-white floaty chiffon skirt that has golden embroidery and alabaster chiffon-y top, hair longer and more golden than ever. She pours me tea and agrees that the making of Golden has been a cathartic experience. « I’m actually sad not to be going into the studio because creating is very rewarding. It’s a weird time to have to let it go ».

« In the beginning it was very much like a ‘Dear Diary’ sort of thing. I don’t think the songs were very good. Now I’ve moved on, the songs have, too. But I was glad to reach a point where I thought I’ve got to be honest with myself more than anything. I wrote about relationships and love and the usual culprits. I was writing about heartbreak. I sing, ‘I’m broken hearted ». « Actually, I think I was a bit more broken than just heartbroken because for a long time I was in a relationship that we both knew was ending. I think it came out in the press a different way [it came out that Joshua Sasse, the 30-year-old actor to whom she was engaged, had an on-set romance with a costar] but towards the end of any relationship it takes its toll on you. I knew I wasn’t strong in myself so going into the studio and getting all that stuff out of my system was a way of dealing with it. My A&R [artists and repertoire] guy Jamie Nelson had the idea that we would give it a country feel so it was a reinvention ». Kylie always seems to manage reinvention seamlessly. « I didn’t know what he meant at the time when he was talking about a little country edge but then we found it. I realise you can get away with putting more of a story in the song and you can be humorous with those stories ». The most beautiful thing about the really sad songs is that

they manage to be hauntingly sad and at the same time cleverly upbeat – a bit like the woman herself. You would never see Kylie as sad but this album is about getting over a relationship with the man that she was supposed to marry. They met in September 2015 on the set of the TV musical comedy Galavant when Kylie made a guest appearance, and six months later they were engaged. By the end of 2016, things had started to fall apart. Joshua is a British actor 20 years her junior and the son of poet Dominic Sasse, who was killed in a plane crash when he was five. They were pictured together often and looked happy and thrilled with each other, but the love went wrong and it became the basis of the album. « We started in the UK and then we went to Nashville. There’s such a different feeling about the place. It’s not like London, LA, Melbourne, Sydney. Even the shopping is different, although I didn’t have much time for that », she tells me as I try and press on her a list of vintage cowboy boot « must do » shopping experiences. Unlike her not to be excited by shoes. « It’s that people seem so emotionally connected there. I don’t want to take things away from any other thing that I’ve done but this was just different. I went to The Bluebird Cafe [music club]. I loved being in a room and seeing an audience of all ages listening. It was just beautiful with actual Stetsons

ear is loneliness As she gears up to release her 14th studio album, Kylie Minogue talks to Chrissy Iley about healing her broken heart with her new country-inspired music, turning 50 and going through menopause ... twice! 139 www.kylie-world.com

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and cowboy boots. I felt I could fall in love a million times. That’s the feeling there. That’s the energy and when you go to the performance rooms there, you see the songwriters talk about the song, how it came about. Not necessarily the best performers but you were there listening to it. I would love to perform at The Bluebird Cafe. Can you imagine how nervous I would be? But I’m going to try and do it. I’m already thinking of the stories I’m going to tell ». This is already the new Kylie. Previous Kylie would rather listen to stories than tell them. She would rather deflect the conversation away from herself. « I’d love to go back to Nashville. I feel I just scraped the surface. It had a profound effect on me and I really want to get to the next level. Everybody seems emotionally connected – as I said – so maybe it happens by osmosis. It really helped me believe in the song at the moment. It made me feel if you’re not going to give it everything, you may as well not be there ». « Although there was definitely a moment where I said, this is cool, but when we get back to my real world how is it going to translate? I worried that it would seem disingenuous to have gone all country. I didn’t want to be disrespectful to the genre but at the same time it’s so fun to sing ». This is not to say Golden is pure country. It’s Kylie-fied country and it is after all called Golden, a homage perhaps to her golden hot pants heritage and everything else glittery that encapsulates Kylie. « I didn’t know this album would be called Golden. I felt I was sifting and chipping away for long enough and I was like, I need a nugget, give me a nugget. So that was the album. Not so much a style, but the style of my healing ». As we talk about this healing she’s not specific about what she’s healing from, but she looks at me with an implicit understanding. She knows that I know she’s talking about Joshua Sasse. Was she really going to get married to him? « Well I had the ring

on the finger, didn’t I? » Had they planned a wedding? « No, we’d not gone that far ». Did she know which country it was going to be in? « No, no, no. It was a hasty move. It was the moment. It was a beautiful moment and I loved it and there was obviously a honeymoon period, just without that exact wording. And then you know as time goes on »… What happened? Did they fall out of love with each other? There is a long pause and a quizzical expression. « I think we did, yes. It’s complicated. And to try to put it in a nutshell would not only be too difficult but unfair ». Was it true that he went off to do a movie and fell in love with a co-star? « These things are known to happen but I wouldn’t want to comment on it. For me, and this is going to sound selfish, but this album is about me. It’s about my relationship, where I am in my life and some songs talk about that point.

« I never thought I was the marrying kind... I was swept up in the moment » In A Lifetime to Repair I say, « thought I’d settle down, a happy ever after princess »... But actually, I never thought I was the marrying kind. I know for a lot of people it’s an important goal. That’s where they want to end up but for me it never was. I guess the thought was - that’s what people do. Maybe I’ll give it a try. But either it isn’t for me or it was the wrong person. I was swept up in the moment and not afraid to admit that. To go back to the lyrics of A Lifetime to Repair I say, I’m not giving up on it’ and I’ll probably do foolish things again in the future. Otherwise I might as well stay at home and get lots of cats ». There’s a long pause. « I’ve got lots of cats », I say. « Have you »? she shrieks incredulously and we both burst into laughter. « But you don’t just stay home. I mean no offence to 140 www.kylie-world.com

multiple cat loving people who stay home, but I think my greatest fear is loneliness, even though sometimes I crave to be alone. Maybe more so as I get older. I just want some quiet. I think the end of being in the relationship was the hardest part. The decision making. Afterwards people were going, « I hope you’re okay after this break-up » and I thought, you know, I am okay. Once it was done it was a relief to both of us, because it’s hard. You hang on to what is good and it’s hard to let go and you feel strangely embarrassed thinking oh, are we supposed to try and make this work? ». She nods, knowing it’s a situation that most people have been in. Do I stay or do I go? It’s also come at a particular time of life. Kylie turns 50 in May. « Golden, not old, not young but golden. I know it sounds a little fantastical but it’s true. You can’t make yourself younger. You are who you are and it makes sense to me in a realistic and slightly existential manner ». By this she means, I think, she is not going to be daunted at the prospect of reaching 50, and that milestone doesn’t mean she won’t have fun or excitement or love in her life. « I’m always asked how do I feel about being my age in this industry and I think by asking me that you’re perpetuating the cycle, the myth that you can’t be older. By the same token they also asked me how it feels to be 18 and in this industry when I was starting out. I don’t know because I had nothing to compare it to ». On Golden there’s a sense of the passage of time, an urgent need to live in the moment, which is perhaps a result of her cancer diagnosis and survival. Is that how cancer changed her? Needing to live in the moment? « No. I think it’s just where I am right now. I don’t think I would have sung those things 10 or 15 years ago. I want everything I’m singing to be authentic. Every story to come from a real feeling ». That is an interesting circle. In Kylie’s beginning she was dismissed as a manufactured pop star and now she’s describing herself as a woman who craves truth, authenticity. She is Isa, April 2K18

allowing herself to be open. All the songs have a truth in them. « For instance, Radio On, I didn’t take a specific drive, put the radio on and cry but we’ve all been there and I just feel strengthened that I’m at a point in my life where I can look at things realistically ». Does she feel anxious about getting older? « I’d be lying if I said I never think about it. Sure. High heels and walking down the stairs, my knees make sure I know about it. They’re going, how much longer are we going to be doing this? The heels come off as soon as I get home. But I do feel better within myself. A lot of people I know are turning 50 or have turned 50 recently and one thing that seems to ring true for all of us is to think, this is me. Not a number but this is me. I’m turning another corner of who I am. And a lot of things start to make sense. Things that you can’t have known when you were younger ». When women approach 50 they fear the unknown, menopause, but Kylie had that in her 30s as a result of her treatment for breast

cancer. « Oh yes, I know about those things already », she nods with a grimace. In fact, she told me everything about it at the time when I questioned why she was carrying a fan around with her. She told me I would soon be carrying that fan and she was right. « You are flummoxed, you are hot and you forget what you’re saying ». So at least she doesn’t have to worry about that as she’s already had it. « I don’t have it now but I know what to expect ». What? You’re going to get it again? « Probably I will, yes, because the first one was medically induced. So, when the time comes at least I know what it will be like ». That’s really unfair, I tell her. « I know! They didn’t remove my ovaries or anything like that. They just suppressed my oestrogen and once you stop the medication, once you’re past a certain period, it comes back. So, I’ll be back in the fridge. I remember a friend of mine a bit older than me used to go to the fridge, open it and stand in front of it. I’m ahead of the game with that experience. I’m under 141 www.kylie-world.com

no illusion as to what’s in store ». Of course, cancer affected her life in so many ways but does she feel that there was one overriding thing that changed her? « Whaaat? That question is so hard. I don’t think I’m cut out for interviews. I mean this is my life, but the interview bit ... whoa. Okay, this is what happened ... I wish I had a sound bite but the truth is a lot of things happened. You’re in that moment trying to get through ... I felt a lot of guilt with my family because they felt helpless. They weren’t, because their strength was important to me. It was tough to see them hurting so much and putting on a brave face. I don’t know how much they cried or how much they hurt out of my sight because they just couldn’t show that to me then ». But this is the Minogue household. This is jazz hands, smiles. Did she feel she couldn’t show her pain? « Oh, there were times, more than a couple of times that I really did. Now I’m just going to say cliched things but perhaps that’s alright. You take a look at the bigger picture, what’s important to you, who is important to you, what you want to do differently, although I didn’t want to do anything differently. I just wanted to get better and get on with it. But I did realise that I like what I do, love what I do even and sometimes the good points come from beautiful moments of connection. I’ve got pretty good fans. They’re kind. I had a cabby the other day - I had an appointment but I really wanted to get a good coffee and there’s a place just near my house. I thought do I have time to go there or maybe I can get the cab driver to divert for the coffee. It’s only three blocks away but the weather was sideways so I asked him. He said, ‘Hey, of course. I want to thank you. You sent my daughter a picture. I remembered I’d been in that cab before and he’d said it would be such a thrill for his daughter to have something, so I took his name and address and I said don’t promise her in case it goes missing or something. But he said we got it, we framed it and wrapped it up and she opened it on her birthday and burst into tears. It was a beautiful Isa, April 2K18

moment. So that’s why I say if you’re not going to give it everything, you may as well not be here ». Menopause, break-ups, taking off heels, cancer. Miserable subjects yet we were laughing. Laughter, friends, music, family - that’s how she dealt with everything. I ask, is she dating now? « No », she says, semi-firmly. Does she want to? « Some days I think yes and other days I think I just don’t want a boyfriend right now. It sounds a cliché but I’m not looking for cats either ». We have more tea. I notice there’s not a line on her face. Her complexion is gorgeous. Would she ever have work done? « One of my absolute idols is Jane Fonda and the way she has handled it is admirable. I remember her saying something like it’s 80 per cent genetics, 10 per cent taking care of yourself and 10 per cent a good surgeon, so if and when the time comes I’ll be taking a leaf out of Jane Fonda’s book. I’m not pro or against anything. It’s not the 1980s where there weren’t options. I’m a bit lazy, to be honest. Just today I was looking in a magnifying mirror putting on mascara and I said to the guy doing my make-up, I think I need to do something, which of course I won’t get round to doing, and in a flurry it may happen. I think you can do minimal stuff when you’re golden ». « But I do love to cleanse my face. I have to get everything off. And I love a good sunblock. I’m hilarious. I love to be by the beach but I reapply all the time, under the tree with a hat, fully covered, swatting mosquitoes. But I love the vibes of the sea and I get myself a bit of vitamin D. In Australia you really can’t manage staying out of the sun that much ». Of course, this album will come with a tour, a world tour and she will be back in Australia for that.

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Short Interview on Kylie’s firsts and Lasts for Amazon Music below.

What was the first and last gig you went to ?

The first gig I went to was Culture Club in Melbourne in the 80’s and what’s more I did go pretty much dressed as Boy George, I had all these ribbons in my hair and everything. The last gig I went to was The Foo Fighters at the O2 in London. The first song I wrote, I probably was about eight and was mimiquing some song of the day and I can’t really remember but it had like days of the week and, I was singing something about Monday, Monday till the Thursday, I never got to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I don’t know what it was called but I do remember writing a song at eight.The last song I think was Stop Me From Falling from my new album.

What was the first and last song you wrote ?

What was the first and last film you saw ?

The first film I saw at the cinema I think was probably Starwars or Grease? Maybe it was Starwars. The last film I saw Baby Driver which is incredible.

What was the first and last boxet you binged on ?

The first boxet I binged on, the one where I was very proud of myself that I could say I watched from beginning to end was Breaking Bad. The last one was Big Little Lies.

What was the first and last song you wrote that you heart on the radio ?

The first song that I wrote and heard on the radio, that I was really involved with was « Love At First Sight ». That was amazing. There were ones that were earlier but this one was a big one for me because that was a hit. And the last one was Dancing.

What was the first and last thought of the day ?

My first thought of the day is coffee (laughs) And my last thought is trying to stop all the other thoughts, and then thinking it’s alright when I wake up in the morning I’ll have a coffee (laughs again).

143 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Billboard Kylie Minogue on Her Nashville-Influenced « Golden » LP « I Didn't Want a Breakup Album »


Interview by Joe Lynch

hirty years after a novelty remake of Little Eva's « The Loco-Motion » turned an Australian soap actress into a pop singer with an international spotlight, Kylie Minogue is eying the release of her fourteenth album, Golden, from a vantage point afforded to few of her '80s contemporaries. While most veterans of the era's dance-pop boom bubble up in pop culture when their signature hit gets new life in a movie trailer, Kylie Minogue has – for the better part of the 21st century – released music that her modest-but-dedicated American fanbase still deeply cares about. Her last visit to the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 was in 2002 with the thudding electro banger « Can't Get You Out Of My Head », but her consistency as an album artist in a singles genre has afforded her a level of cultish adoration and critical seriousness bestowed upon few singers who seemed destined for one-hit-wondership when they first appeared. On Friday (April 6), 12 years after beating breast cancer and a little over a year after a difficult breakup, Minogue unveils Golden. As tipped to with mortality-minded lead single « Dancing », Golden is an organic stylistic detour that finds the Aussie pop goddess smack in the middle of a « Dolly Parton/Disco » Venn diagram. Oh yes, there will be sequins. Ahead of the release, Minogue took a break from signing cassette copies of Golden that she insisted her team create (« I don't know how many people have cassette players anymore, but it's just a beautiful little throwback moment ») to discuss why she turned to Nashville for new sounds, doing her best to avoid writing a breakup album after a breakup, and why she still gets nervous about fans hearing her new music.

When I first heard « Dancing » I was curious how the whole album was going to maintain that strangely effective line between country and your more familiar dance-pop sound. How did... How did we find the balance? We just kept trying! It took six months to find the DNA of what it was we were looking for. It was such a concept at first, no one could describe the sound. First I went to a studio and was working with more dance producers, trying to inject a country element into that, and find some inspiration through that. Then I went to Nashville in July (2017) and everything made sense from then on. I had two weeks there and when I came back, we knew where we were heading. And I knew I had three songs (« Dancing », « Golden » and « Sincerely Yours ») that were keepers from the numerous songs I'd done there. That made the homestretch easier. You still gotta write the song, find the song, do the song, but after that we knew where we were headed. And it was a case of balance. Sometimes we’d listen to the mix and some of us in the studio or Jamie [Nelson], my A&R guy, would say « oh no, you’ve gone too far », or « no it’s not country enough ». At one point one of my producers, Sky Adams, was throwing his hands up in the air saying, « Not country! Too country! Not

country enough! Too dance! Not enough dance! » (laughs) Getting the balance was key. One thing that helped me was thinking back to (2010’s) Aphrodite  and « All the Lovers ». Incredible song. Great song! At that time, Stuart Price produced that for me, I don’t know how we started, but we were singing a country version of it, but really over the top. We were trying to be Dolly and Kenny basically and that became our names for each other for a long time. At the time I said, « It’s a Dolly Parton litmus test: if you can sing the song just strumming on guitar and get enjoyment from it, just let it stand up as a song ». Then I thought no further of it, but once we got into making this album, that little thought was in my head. It isn’t as far-fetched as it seems to have that influence, because it’s about storytelling, and that’s where I was at and how I wanted this album to work lyrically. So yeah, it’s about balance and experimentation. What about the Nashville songs you wrote that didn’t make the cut. Were they too country? They just weren’t as good songs. With « Dancing » for example, I arrived on a Sunday in Nashville and Monday I started

144 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

work. And I was in with a writer, Steve McEwan, we had a week together, and then a week with Amy Wadge, we were co-writing with various producers. So (Steve and I) grabbed a coffee first, then he said, « come to the apartment, I've got my piano and guitar and stuff there ». Then he played me the idea of « Dancing » on a guitar. It wasn't fully formed, but the songs I did with him that week, it was just about the song, knowing it could be produced any way. If you heard the demo vs. the produced version of « Dancing », that's where the dance came in. That's where the synths and electro dance elements were put in by Sky Adams, the producer. So why didn't the others make it? Probably because they weren't as good. Being in Nashville is like being at the altar of song. Going to the Bluebird Café and the Listening Room, I didn't know who these writers and performers were, but they were great nights. You're there to hear someone tell their story and sing their song. That was all new to me and it was crazily inspiring. It is a songwriters' Mecca – was your experience with Nashville writers different than with writers you've worked with before? That is a difficult question to answer, because in some ways, not at all. You're still just a few people in a room trying to find a song, but I would say, it's the vibe there. Like, I clasped my hands together on the Sunday before I started writing on Monday, with a couple friends on a rooftop bar, talking about, « God I'm so excited to be here in Nashville, da da da », and I literally looked up to the heavens and said, « Please please just give me one song. Two or three would be really nice, but one is what I need. I need that song, and I want to get it from here ». And that's what happened. I was very focused, I had no distractions there. And it was just incredible. Certain places give way to certain things, and one of them in Nashville is music. Before I went I started asking around, and the response was so enthusiastic, more than saying you're going to L.A. or New York or London or whatever. A couple producers I worked with couldn't write the email fast enough saying « you're going to love it, this is where to get the coffee, go to these restaurants, go to these bars ». It was an outpouring of desire for me to have a good time. Not only a successful songwriting time, but to enjoy the city. I'm curious about « Raining Glitter ». That song isn't exactly country, but it has an acoustic riff that links it to the other songs. How did that come about? Interesting you picked that one. That was done back in London with three British writers and producers. I'd worked with this guy Eg White before and Eg said, « I really feel like something disco » and I said « whoa whoa, you know the brief, if it doesn't fit into the space we've created, it's a waste of our time, it's not going to make it ». And because we got on that subject, I think I said, « That's party of my raison d'etre, my job or my being is spreading joy and emotions and the feelings that you hope a pop song can potentially do ». And I said it made me think of that Jacksons video where they're sprinkling glitter, I think it's « Can You Feel It », and they're epic and huge and standing above a skyline and sprinkling glitter on everyone, and that's where that came from. But you hit the nail on the head because then we had to get the guitar element in there, which is what it starts with. That was a good hybrid because

it's taking the main area of the album and linking it to more of my dance sound. Taking it to the disco, let's say. Lyrically, this album seems a little more personal, with songs like « Music's Too Sad Without You » (with Jack Savoretti) and « A Lifetime to Repair ». Was that a conscious decision to open up more? Yeah definitely. It's probably going to take me a few more years to be able to talk succinctly about that time. You need a bit of distance to clearly say what happened. But already I can see it was an incredible turning point in my life. Yes, it was linked to a breakup, but for me it was more than that. That was more a result of choices. Anyway, to cut a long story short and not get too deep into it, I was not brokenhearted but a bit broken. And it takes that sometimes to have a good hard look at yourself and where you fit into the world and where you want to go and what changes you want to make. And that's exactly the time I went into the studio. And of course I wanted to get to all the dramatic breakup stuff, questioning « how did I get into this in the first place? » All the questions you ask yourself -- we all know that. I was so, I just come back to using the word 'broken.' I hadn't been kind to myself. I probably deep down knew it, but it took me a while to confess that to myself. A lot of the lyrics I wrote initially, it was getting it off my chest and out of my system. So the songs weren't that great, and I'm so thankful for that now, it's like « get it out of your system ». And I didn't want a breakup album that's the last thing I wanted. And there's elements of that of course (in the final album) and I know it's an easy press bite, but it's more about being honest with yourself and saying, « Okay, I'd like to express these emotions ». Some are fairly recent, others are – well, a song like « Raining Glitter », that theme has been with me a long time. « Shelby '68 » is a made-up storyline. And « A Lifetime to Repair », that is a snapshot of me throwing my hands up in the air and going, « well I don't know what now! » And by the way, whoever does know? The songs that were not necessarily about something in my life at that minute, what ties them together is I'm singing from a knowledge of whatever that feeling is, whether it's joy, sadness or loneliness or questioning. I know that I believe in the feeling I'm singing about. Does it help knowing that you have fans who love you and are always curious to see what you're up to next? Yeah, it's a beautiful thing, but I would be lying if I said I didn't feel any pressure. I want fans to love it and take it to heart and add it to whatever our journey is together. But it's the same with every album – you get so nervous before release. I even had a week of being sad I wasn't in the studio anymore. It can be the most frustrating place in the world, but it's an amazing place and my experience of writing on this album was so different. It felt like a penny had dropped: maybe Nashville, maybe nearly being 50, but I really enjoyed it. So I had a week of being a little sad, and then, okay, « these are the songs that made the album, what visuals do we put with this? » Every step of the way is a challenge. I would say yeah, the fans are there (in my mind), but around the corner. You know that's the end result: This album will go out into the world, and of course you hope people like it.

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Isa, April 2K18

herald sun Especially for you: Kylie Minogue answers questions from fans are in the Kylie on Stage exhibition (on regional tour) and the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head  white hooded jumpsuit is coming to the Australian Music Vault later this year. Will we ever see a Kylie jukebox musical? @JordanLloyd39 Yes, you will! It has already been a few years in development. One thing I was told at the start of this venture was that a musical takes a long time. They weren’t wrong! An autobiography is something I’d love you to do. Do you think you would ever write one? @xLucyfx This has not felt right to me yet. I have enjoyed telling parts of my story through photographs or videos.

Sick of reading about Kylie being « unlucky in love » and turning 50 in interviews to promote her new album Golden? Here we let her fans ask the burning questions they’ve always wanted to get her to answer. What is the favourite music video you have shot — and have you kept any of the outfits? (I loved the purple and gold dress from the I Believe in You video!) @ charley_pop It’s difficult to choose a favourite video as I love many of them for different reasons. Two that come

to mind are Slow and Come Into My World. Slow was a two day shoot which turned into a three day shoot due to rain on location in Barcelona. I loved the ‘anti-choreography’ in that video. Come Into My World was filmed in Paris and took quite some concentration as the entire video is one shot. I have donated most of my costumes to the Australian Performing Arts Collection at Arts Centre Melbourne-in my hometown of Melbourne. The gold (Spinning Around) hot pants and Charlene’s (Neighbours) overalls are in the Performing Arts Collection, the showgirl costumes 146 www.kylie-world.com

I’ve read in interviews for Golden that your original compositions for this album were lyrically more personal, which you then refined to be less autobiographical. Do you find it easy to be open wi th your lyrics, or do you prefer to sing less obviously personal? @scrubberSteve I wanted all the songs to be authentic. So, they are either based on real stories or are a story based on emotions I have felt and know. With a new album and a new tour, when Cowgirl Kylie meets Showgirl Kylie, will we see a few classics get a country reimagining for the tour? @adampaulgiles Yes, we just did that on the  Golden album launch tour and it worked really well. I’m super excited about this and based on the reacIsa, April 2K18

tion of fans so far, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.

remember all the lyrics? Is there anything you do to help you? @ ElizaDay5 If you were buying yourself a bir- Sometimes I don’t remember them thday gift this year what would it all! I can be momentarily distracbe? @MarkArmario ted be something or just so lost in A long holiday! the moment that the lyrics go out the window. Hah! What is Golden era Kylie’s mantra? @merboy82 Will there ever be a collaboration Good question! Let me think, between the two queens of pop well, it’s a really good time in my — Kylie and Madonna? (Or even life and throughout the making a photo together to get us long of  Golden, I wanted to be as au- standing fans by) @benjaminothentic as possible. So, I would say rams that’s my  Golden  era mantra: Be Maybe one day, that would be true to yourself. amazing.

I love being able to connect with people and have a positive impact through song or performance. This feeling has got stronger over the years and I guess it’s the main reason I carry on even when the less desirable aspects of fame appear. If the balance was ever tipped too far, I might feel differently.

Kylie, do you ever get tired of answering questions about your age and love life? @foxyfunkadelic Yes, both!

How about doing carpool with James Corden? @nm6917 I saw James in London not long ago as we were on the same radio show. Yes, I would love to do carpool karaoke. Which songs do you think we should sing?

Who is on your dream list for Kylie kollaborations? I envisage a Dolly duet with that Islands In the Stream number at the Golden events. @merboy82 There are so many artists I would Looking back at your career, love to duet with. Where do I bewhich non single album track gin? Every time I perform with would you have wanted to be a someone, it’s different. I think single? @IP_1984 there’s an unspoken respect and I would have loved (2007’s)  The a ‘knowing’ between you and the One to have a full scale release. other performer and certainly from my point of view, I always What is your favourite song by feel like I’ve gained something your little sis @DanniMinogue — from the experience. if you were to cover one of her songs, which would you choose? What do you like and dislike the @poplandtv most about fame? @rhonda029 All I Wanna Do and Put The Needle On It. Definitely!

Have you ever seen a Kylie Drag Tribute Act? If so, what did you think? Sashay away? Or, chantay you stay? @LeighLoopeth Yes, I have and it was fantastic. The surprise was that I was the least ‘Kylie’ of all the Kylies!

Would you consider smaller, more intimate gigs like Anti Tour going forward? @adam_jordan The Golden  album launch shows were all in small venues and I loved every second of it. I would love to do more gigs like that but, at the same time, I’m super excited about planning the arena tour.

When you’re 80 and you’re sitting sipping tea and looking back over your life, what do you think will be the one thing that you go, ‘Wow I did that, that was me, all me’? @rickstersxtour I already have that thought occasionally. I don’t spend much time looking back but sometimes when it comes up in conversation I will already think, wow, did I do that? With such a huge repertoire of songs to choose from, how do you 147 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

60 MINUTES AUSTRALIA Producer : Eliza Berkery Host : Karl Stefanovic

Introduction: Although it seems as if she’s been around for as long as anyone can remember, surely it cannot be true that Kylie Minogue is about to turn 50. For most of us, this showbiz idol is ageless, or at least perpetually twenty-something. And even more enviably, her career – in TV, movies and song -continues to flourish. It’s little wonder Kylie’s new album is called Golden. But in an exclusive interview with Karl Stefanovic, on assignment for 60 MINUTES, Kylie, one of ‘Australia’s favourite daughter’, reveals the pain of her recent broken engagement and talks about reports that it led to a nervous breakdown. It’s not just an interview, we get a glimpse of Kylie rehearsing for her London intimate Golden Promo tour date, snippets of the time her and Karl met already in 2014 and what they did then.

Karl: We always look at you and we always think you always look so together (Kylie laughs). There’s been some real challenges for you. Kylie: Yeah, there’s always one [challenge], or a couple. Sometimes

it feels like they’re all coming at the same time. Does it? Yeah. Hum, it’s well documented, I’m on my own which is just … fantastic. Do you feel comfortable? Yes, I feel like I’ve got another chance. Do you feel like you again, do you feel like Kylie’s back? I do, I really do and I guess that’s coming through in the work as well. I think this is the most personal stuff I’ve seen from you, very open with the lyrics. Was it a bit decision to make that leap? Hum there’s two sides of that: Yes it was easy in a… I’d just been through a bit of a rotten time and I just thought ‘pffff, I want to be truthful to myself’. Secondly yes that’s great to share with my audience but I just want to be authentic so the first few months of writing was therapeutic just getting stuff off my chest. You’ve talked about how you went to a pretty dark place, I know it’s a cliché but how else can you explain it? I guess I could also explain it just saying that you’ve lost yourself a bit. 148 www.kylie-world.com

I really did lose myself a little bit… Perhaps more than a little bit

(For some reason, these last 2 sentences were cut from the final interview, but could be seen during a sneak peek video before the 60 min interview was broadcast, and Kylie was crying...).

There were reports that you had some kind of a nervous breakdown. Did that happen or? I wasn’t so much heartbroken but just a bit broken. Can you explain that to me? ‘cause you’re a person who has loved, you look like you loved hard, and for you to go through heartbreak. How does that manifest itself in you? You’re not very present, I didn’t feel very present. You have your tail between your legs, thinking ‘oh rats’, you know? We then see pics of Kylie with her ex boyfriends, and Karl talks about the fact that Kylie’s love life is almost as famous as her music. He says that if we want to feel sorry for her, we should stop right there, then we hear Kylie’s voice saying :

I’m thankful, I don’t want to go through it again but there’s some lesIsa, April 2K18

sons that I take a little while to learn. Is it because I’m 49 and 11/12th that I may be becoming a little bit wiser? I don’t know. But I do feel like I kind of shed a skin that I perhaps needed to. That’s why I say about you that you’re incredibly tough. You’re resilient and you’re a survivor. I think I am, yeah but there’s definitely a fragile side and I don’t think that’s a bad thing either. A softer side? A vulnerable side? Yeah The side that’s able to be hurt? Yeah! Otherwise what’s the point? So I do tend to go for things. On the subject of going for things, can you stop going for incredibly good-looking dickheads? Kylie laughs a lot and says « Yes » ! Then we see short videos of Kylie rehearsing at the Gorilla whilst Karl talks about her trip to Nashville.

I’d been looking forward to going to Nashville for months and I remember just kind of putting my hands together going ‘Please just give me one song. Two or three would be really nice but I just need THE song’ and I got it! In the 2 weeks that I was there. A short snippet of the Dancing video comes on. Of course there are songs about heartbreak, there are songs about falling in love, looking for love, lost love, and thinking about love, that’s the basis, unless it’s about dancing it’s normally about something like that. Did this album pump life back into Kylie Minogue? Yes! I was reading the other day, 30 years since I Should Be So Lucky. That’s unbelievable. Do you still remember how that song came about? ‘Cause you’re getting older now (laughs) ? Then they explain how I Should Be So Lucky nearly never saw the day as SAW had forgotten all about her.

I think Pete Waterman said to Mike and Matt ‘Oh yeah that girl from Neighbours. I forgot she needs a song’ and I think someone said ‘She Should Be So Lucky!’ and that’s how that came about.

Could you? (They both laugh) You know on behalf of all of Australia, I have something for you, can I go and get it? Should I be nervous? Don’t worry it’s not expensive.

They then explain how the song made Kylie famous around the world, they show the queue outside Café de Paris and interview two Aussie girls then a guy fan, asking them what they love about her.

He takes ages to go and get something, Kylie sings some waiting music, joking that at this rate, she will be 51 in a minute. Then he shows up with a birthday cake and sings Happy Birthday to you with the rest of his team in the room. Then he hands her the cake and asks for a speech.

Kylie laughs out loud - looking slightly surprised by what he just said - and answers

After this interview was broadcast, Karl Stefanovic got slammed by viewers for calling Kylie a ‘hot-fifty year old’ and because he told her to stop dating ‘goodlooking dickheads’. The press called it a bizarre interview.

Is that true? Apparently.

I’ve a lot of friends, obviously, I’m in the 50 zone so they’ve either turned 50 or they’re about to turn 50… One of the beautiful things is that I feel from my friends is they just go ‘d’you know what, I’m just going to try to enjoy myself, do the best I can, love the people I love, understand as best as possible where I am in the world, where I may have stuffed it up or where I feel like I am at the moment’. Well you’re doing very well, I mean, it helps obviously that you’re a hot fifty year old. “well thanks, hmm, yeah we try, we try. I mean I don’t know what to say to that”. And they laugh together. How are you going to celebrate your fiftieth birthday? I have agreed to have a party which I’m not very good at. My poor girlfriends, they always think what d’you wanna do? And I’ll say ‘Oh I don’t know, let’s just go to the local for dinner’ but as it’s a big one, I’m gonna have a party here in London. That’s sweet. Yeah, d’you wanna come? Yeah ! (puts his thumbs up with a huge smile).

D’you want me to jump out of a cake? 149 www.kylie-world.com

To be on planet earth for 50 years is kind of amazing in itself and it feels like you didn’t draw the short straw. And you get to go through life and deal with all of the things that life throws in front of us, with some good people around you, that’s about as good as it gets.

Viewers who were less than impressed called for someone more professional to take the helm. He was branded ‘creepy’. « Poor Kylie, what a rubbish interview » was one of the tweets we could read on Twitter after the interview. As a Frenchie, I’ve never heard of Karl to be honest, and OK, there were a couple of awkward moments during the interview but it looks like most of the time, Kylie was genuinely having fun, so I enjoyed watching it. 60 Minutes - 9 Now - March 25th, 2018 Isa, April 2K18

TÉLÉMATIN - FRANCE 2 Interview by Alex Jaffray Before the interview starts, we see the beginning of the Dancing video as an introduction, when Kylie turns on the television. We then see the reporter and Kylie in a hotel room.

Kylie ... Actually, do we say Kilie or Kylie, because in France we say Kilie Minogue! As you wish (in french). Kylie is in front of a launchpad where she has to choose one of the boxes and press it to hear music.

This is a sampler interview, you choose what you want. Ok I’m very excited it’s a first for me! Can I start ? Yes, yes, go ahead ! She presses Little Eva - Locomotion.

Ooooh! This cover was my first record in Australia, it worked well and it was even the single of the decade ! The blue, if you want ? She hears Physical by Olivia Newton John.

OLIVIIIIIA !!!! You don’t understand, I wanted to be Olivia Newton John. When I was 8 or 9 years old, Grease came out and it was a real phenomenon, what a success! And Olivia Newton John is also Australian, I’m so grateful! When I think that at 8 years old I was dancing and signing to Grease with my brother and my sister in the living room ... And my dream came true, so thank you! Kylie presses on a new button and Madonna’s Like A Virgin starts.

I read that you are a big fan of Madonna... That’s true, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston ... For me they are like goddesses, Whitney I don’t understand how she could be so beautiful, have so much talent and all these hits ... It was amazing for me.

nie And Clyde, by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot that starts. Kylie says she was lucky enough to be able to use the sample of the song for her track called «Sensitized» : In another life, imagine if I could have re-

corded with Serge Gainsbourg. It would have been amazing. I think you have a sensitivity for French culture… Yes it’s true especially when you’re an artist ... I don’t know what it is but there is something. Then the journalist presses the launchpad, and it’s the original soundtrack of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly that starts...

You know why I put this on... Because on your album it’s the same beginning on the Golden’s song ... It’s a tribute ? It’s totally a tribute. We had written the song Golden and someone was at the door of the studio and I went out to open it and I had a flash, I ran back to the studio and I said: we must do this thing! It reminded me of a saloon, like in westerns. So your new album, it is rather folk, pop, electro ? It’s still pop and dance but there’s a little country vibe. I went to Nashville for two weeks ... It was so much fun to learn how to write songs in a different way and include that into my music. It would be really dishonest to say that I am a country singer. It is not the case. But I can take a few small things of it, yes. I can’t wait to play all these songs live. We will really have fun. At the end of the interview, Kylie presses all the buttons saying they are great producers !

150 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

FUN RADIO Interview by Bruno Guillon

On March 20th at 8:30 am, before leaving Paris for the last concert of her promo tour in Berlin, the singer went to the studios of Fun Radio, in Paris, to talk about her new album. From the beginning of the interview, Kylie danced everywhere in the studio and immediately spoke in French: « Je suis heureuse d’être avec vous ! » (I’m happy to be with you)

Paris. What is the first thing you like to do when you come here? Paris is beautiful you can just do nothing and walk around and discover incredible things. I like to come to Paris to see my friends and to have a good coffee..

dancer. They played the song « Dancing ». The host twerked and Kylie noted that he was dancing very well indeed.

Kylie explains that it is a little early and it was a little complicated to be beautiful and look glamorous at that time but she told the host that he looked good for someone who gets up early.

You can be a bad dancer and a good lover.

Kylie, you lived in France a few years ago... Yes a few years ago, maybe like ten, but I come back really ofWhat is a typical Kylie Minogue ten. day? Do you speak French ? I speak a little but I am shy. (in There is no typical day. Today, for example, we have a concert french) in Berlin so we’ll get on the The host says she does not have plane, we’ll do a little promo, to be shy as he speaks only a little do the concert... Tomorrow I’m English. Kylie said she spoke Aus- going to London, after I leave for Manchester and then I go to tralian/English. Hong Kong then in to Australia. It’s different every day.. How do we speak Australian? We speak with a very strong acKylie asked the host to dance cent! You know France well but also saying she was sure he was a good 152 www.kylie-world.com

Tell me if you agree with me: good dancers make good lovers. Do you agree? Kylie was pretty embarrassed and she said :

Then they go through some music excerpts and Kylie had to say whether she would be dancing on it or not. The first song is David Guetta’s « Sexy Bitch ». She dances. The second excerpt is « Gangnam Style » by Psy. She dances. Kylie even did the choreography. Then they played a French artist, called Jul. She said she did not know him so she didn’t dare to dance to it. Good news for us because it is real s***... . They also played Claude François « Alexandria Alexandra ». Kylie said she would dance, especially because she thought it was a bit retro (of course, it is from the 70’s). She then dances on Madonna «Hung Up», and also sang a bit of the song. Isa, April 2K18

I saw in an interview where you said you were a fan of Madonna since the beginning, is that true? Yes I must have been 13/14 maybe 15yo when she started to be known in Australia. She is huge. Kylie sang a little bit of Lady Gaga’s « Born This Way » before saying that there are many women in the industry who are really good but that Gaga is at the top.

Do you take a bit of inspiration from all of these women for your own style? Regarding the new generation I can’t wait to see what they will do, for example Tove Lo, Dua Lipa ... I think it’s the new era and I love it. Then they played some excerpts of her biggest hits. Kylie didn’t stop dancing and said there were very good memories. They asked Kylie why she chose to go «country» on her new album, to which she replied that it was her artistic director who had advised her. She explained that at first she did not know what it meant and it took her about six months to find the DNA of the album. Then it took her another six months to record the album which she describes as always pop and dance but there is this little country flavour in it. This also taught her to write and work with her voice differently and it was really fun.

or so it never get to me and someone from my team stopped it before The host says to his colleague : So

you can keep your underwear. « Ah, I never had your gift » Kylie answers.

What is your current fave app on your phone ? I downloaded an app to calm and de-stress me. Then they put relaxing music on. Kylie starts talking on it and doing a meditation class. She also said she should do a meditation album. Then the singer was asked to present her song on the radio, which she did in French. One member of the radio dressed up into the Can’t get you out of my

head» costume (basically it was just a white sheet) to mimic the Kylie in her music video. They danced together but unfortunately the sheet wouldn’t stop falling and the host ended up in his underwear. Kylie tried to get him dressed again.

Is there a French DJ with whom you would like to work? Daft Punk. I listened to their CD over and over when I was younger. The perfect place to dance is Ibiza. Have you ever been there? Oh yes ! I have experienced this place through the years. At the end of the show Mico C, a French DJ, did a mega mix for Kylie, who got up and went to dance a little next to him before leaving.

A listener is on the phone and asks Kylie what is the most awkward gift a fan has given her. I get a lot of gifts, some of them which are homemade and the fact that people spend a lot of time making them really touches me. I have never received anything very strange 153 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

The Dan Wootton Interview ÂŤ Kylie Minogue on life after Charlene Âť

The interview took place backstage before the Spotify Gig.

154 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Dan: We are here to talk Golden which has been such a long time in the making! A bit of a break between albums for true Kylie fans like myself … Kylie: It didn’t feel like that to me but yeah I guess so. Well it’s been 4 years, which in today’s music terms is a relatively long break Actually once I’d signed with my new label we got the album done quickly, we got it done within just less than a year actually - and there was one of those points where it felt right, I felt like I was with the right team, the right influences. And there was the Christmas album to like keep us entertained Yeah, and for people who went to it, the Kylie Christmas at Royal Albert Hall… I was at both shows both years and both were amazing It’s a crackers night. I mean you Brits go crazy at Christmas time, you go totally ‘loco’. It was incredible, I mean literally it snowed inside the RAH. Anyway, this album is very different because 1, it’s packed with emotion and 2, you’re experimenting with a new sound. So it’s still very Kylie, very pop but with a Nashville influence, which I think has poured out a bit more of emotion from you? Absolutely! And the intention was to write what I needed to or wanted to write and try to really touch people and to move them. And with that country influence and Nashville influence it’s incredible how much scope it gave me to do that, to write with humour - of all crazy things - to really set stories and set scenes and just really use the emotion, it was just great. Not that previous songs weren’t being truthful but perhaps not a whole album like that. It’s very much a package from start to finish isn’t it? That took my A&R, Jamie Nelson, who’s fabulous, it was his idea. I wish I could take credit for this kind of country influence, but it was Jamie who said to me at the beginning ‘hey when you’re in the studio just try and think of a kind of country flavour to put in there it would be good’, I said « Yeah sure! What do you mean »? I just did not know what. « Do you mean a sample, a cover, a sound? » Anyway, it took 6 months and a trip to Nashville to find that. Once we really got the guts of the album, Jamie called me about a week out from finishing recording and said - because I was still holding on to these other songs that just didn’t live in the same world, and I was trying to figure out different ways to make them fit - « I think we should really just stay on this path and stay true to it », and you could feel me on the phone going “hum that means I’m going to lose this

song and that song » then he said « I’d hate us to get to the end of the project » and look back and say « I wish we’d really gone for it » and that’s all I needed to hear so I said « right, ok bye bye songs that I’ve been attached to, just make it as complete a work as possible », and I think we got 3 album tracks in that last week as well, including A Lifetime To Repair. It’s the song I want to talk about with you; I think it’s the one that’s probably going to shock the most people in a way because there’s a true country influence, real emotion at heart, and also as you say, humour as part of it as well, and you’ve experimented a little with your voice… Yes there’s also the big ‘Kylie’ choruses but for a lot of the verses, we didn’t even do that many takes! We tried to keep the imperfections, we tried to have that first delivery and tried just to tell a story. And lyrically it’s probably one of your most honest songs, because it’s inspired by a break up. Well, break-upS. Let’s not call them all break-ups, just relationships. Yes it’s looking at the whole area of love and your relationship with love, and that’s so fascinating for people. Tell me about what is was like sharing that and talk to me a little bit of the lyrics on those songs, because you talk about thinking that you’d settled down and really letting your guard down… It’s exactly what I said! I let my guard down: « The devil’s gone and left me a bruise ». I love singing those lyrics. I probably could not have sung them at the beginning of the year but once I was feeling great I was so happy to sing them. It’s taking a very honest look at where I am in my life. I’m getting so much feedback about that song where I’m definitely not alone, people understand and say « yeah that’s part of life ». I feel like overall the album is not so much about because people really want to simplify and say it’s a heartbreak album but it’s actually not - ok there are some songs around that but it’s more about acceptance of yourself. That’s to me what the strongest emotion is. I said to you earlier, to me one of the most powerful messages that I took from the album and the lyrics of the album, is that it’s actually OK to be single. And it’s OK to be in love, it’s OK to get it wrong, and it’s OK to wish and dream for things… Don’t you feel like now, that we live in a society where if you are not married with kids by a certain age, especially as a woman and also even as a gay man to be totally honest these days, there is a certain judgment that can come with that? Yeah well I don’t think I’ve ever fitted into that anyway. I’ve just learned that that didn’t work for me

155 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

when I kind of tried to make it work. But it was never going to work, and I fully understand that now. I hope that for all of my trials and tribulations, people and particularly women can be inspired like don’t feel sorry for me, I’m good.

THE « SHUFFLE, DELETE, REPEAT » Dan gave Kylie 3 of her classic hits and asked her to choose which she would shuffle, which she would delete and which she would put on repeat. Choices were: I Should Be So Lucky, Can’t Get You Out Of my Head and All The Lovers. Kylie: OK so All The Lovers: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. And after a lot of thinking - and saying that this game is a nightmare - and because she had to play the game, Kylie chose to shuffle Can’t Get You Out Of my Head and to delete I Should Be So Lucky. I read an interview that you did the other day, and one of the lines said ‘Kylie’s love life is an international fascination’. I imagine for you that it must feel incredibly weird. You can see on my face that that’s really weird. That’s like a separate entity to me in my life. But I get it from a distance, of course I get that kind of fascination but yeah it’s still weird. And when you go through one of the worst moments of your life because you were engaged and then had to deal so publicly with the fallout from that, how did you cope? Honestly, once I was on my own it was better, because I knew that that was right. And there’s no fault or blame with anyone, but we were just not meant to be together. And I think that I talk about that on the album as well. You try to do your best, even if somehow

you kind of know you’re lying to yourself and you’re lying to other people because you’re trying to make something work because it’s supposed to work… But it definitely helps to have good friends around and family that can look you in the eye and go « we’re glad we’ve got you back ». Did you feel the pressure ‘I should get married one day, because that’s what I am meant to do’? No, not really. I can just assume other people think this way, because that’s what we’re sold, but I wasn’t dreaming about walking down the aisle in a wedding dress. I really was not. Who knows if that’s part of my story, but I think I’m maybe a bit unconventional. And I love that! But I mean are you ready for love now? Are you dating, are you looking or do you wait for it to come to you. I mean I presume Kylie Minogue cannot go on tinder for example (laughs) No, I’m not on any of those things. I’m not in a rush. But that’s how people meet these days, so I imagine for you, it is quite a bit harder? Oh I just think it’s hard full stop really to meet someone, where you both have the feelings for each other, yeah it’s a minefield but it’s definitely worth it. But right now? Anyone special? Right now I’m just fine let’s say. There’s nothing at all.

THE « FIRSTS » Dan asks Kylie to say whatever comes first in her head when he asks his questions. • The first album you bought : I think it was The Jacksons • The first person you were star struck by: I met Dolly Parton not that long ago and somehow my hands ended up around her waist. I think there was a hug, and I don’t know what I said I don’t know what she said, I said something like ‘Australia loves you’, I was star struck! • The first concert you saw: Culture Club • The first thing you do in the morning: Think about a coffee. One thing that you’re always asked about, and I wonder if it’s something that upsets you, is the idea of ‘will you start a family one day’? You’ve seen popstars who are now older than you, Janet Jackson for example, decide to go down that path because early on they were focusing on their career.

156 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Recently you said it’s something you’ve now ruled out altogether, is that a tough thing for you? Well because when I was ill a number of years ago now, it was something that I had to acknowledge and come face to face with and definitely think about, which was not in the brochure, that was not part of the plan but yeah, it’s a concept that I’ve, it’s not just crept up on me now. I’ve been very aware of it, and I had to come to terms with, again, if that’s not my path, it’s not my path. On a totally different note, but also something going back into your past. ‘Plain Jane Superbrain’, have you heard about this? What’s Plaine Jane Superbrain/Annie Jones done? Annie Jones is going back to Neighbours, 30 years after she left! Stop it! That’s the best thing I’ve heard in ages. Oh my god! Did anyone else know about this ? (asks people around the room) This is breaking news, are you sure ?

that means Kylie Minogue and certainly not teenager Kylie Jenner. She tried to stop you releasing products as Kylie! I probably can’t say too much, but there was some legal back and forth and it was all dealt with really well, and as nice as can be. I just don’t know that they’d really thought about it. I mean in America, if you say Kylie of course you’re going to think of Kylie Jenner but here it’s a totally different story. So we came to an agreement and it’s all fine. Bet you can be Kylie? You can be Kylie if you want! It’s a name! Well I probably will be tonight, just a little bit later on (laughs). But it’s so funny. I’ve probably only met a couple of people older than me called Kylie, so it must have been pretty new at the time. If I knew I was going to be famous, I would not have called myself Kylie Minogue, that’s a weird bunch of letters in a row. “Karli, Kelly, Kyle? Minouge, Minogou, Minog-ewe?” We take it for granted now that you can pronounce my name but it wasn’t like that when I was a kid. I do wonder if Chris Jenner was a fan of Kylie. I don’t know, maybe I’ll meet her one day and ask her.


Yeah! She was Charlene’s bridesmaid, your stories on Neighbours are intertwined, can you see where I’m going with this? I can see, but I don’t think we’re gonna get there. I don’t even know how I would be Charlene anymore. Would you ever consider one final trip back to Ramsay Street? I don’t know that I could! I mean, I just don’t know. But god, never say never about anything but, I just think it would be a letdown. Charlene is so imprinted and she just lives in that time and lives in people’s memories. I mean it hasn’t stopped me being incredibly excited that Jane is about to make a return to Neighbours, but no it’s not happening at this point. On a totally different note again, also making a lot of showbiz headlines over the last couple of years was your legal battle with the Kardashian clan. You know what annoys me, if you say Kylie to me and to everyone in the UK, Australia and New-Zealand

• What is the last meal you had ? Pasta • The last time you googled yourself ? Oh that must have been a long time ago, I don’t know • The last song you listened to ? Hum during sound check: Golden • The last person you spoke to on the phone ? My video commissioner. That is so boring! The whole industry - for the last 9 months - has been going through a big wave of change because of the ‘metoo’ and ‘timesup’ movements which came from Hollywood but has spread around the entertainment industry. I haven’t heard your views on this, but I imagine as such an empowered woman in this industry, you think a lot of this thing is really positive. Of course it’s positive, you only hope that common sense will prevail and we can all still use our brains, to know right from wrong. Of course when you think about just equality, it’s unbelievable that there is still inequality between men and women. I’ve thought about it a lot since the movement began and I thought well I’ve been fine over the years, which is

157 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

great, but if I hadn’t been, I’d feel really galvanized and empowered to say what you need to say. It’s really important and really positive. In your career, especially in the early days in the 80s, you never experienced someone who potentially was trying to take advantage of you? No, Charlene must have given them a look and said ‘I work as a mechanic.’ (laughs). And of course the other big talking point in the UK is Ant McPartlin, who you performed with very recently. He was in a drink-driving accident, now in rehab and I guess it’s raised the whole issue of how people cope in this industry with drink & drugs. It’s something that you have somehow always managed to avoid and I just wonder 1. what your thought is about what’s going on with Ant and secondly how you managed to always avoid that temptation in some really difficult times in your life? For the first part, I don’t really know much about this story. But I think there’s such affection for him that people feel so sorry for him. It does make you stop and think: I think people take those kind of characters, Ant & Dec, they’re just always there, so dependable, and that’s got a way on them in some form. And yes this business does have a lot of pressure, but so does banking, so does heart surgery, so does truck driving, but the biggest story of how do we cope with pressure, that’s an interesting one. I just try to chat with friends really, have a sensible glass of wine and don’t go driving! You said recently that when you were going through some tough times for example, you got on a plane and went to Thailand. Is it sometimes removing yourself from a situation? Oh yes, I mean a change can be as good as a holiday, but that didn’t make so much sense, cause I went on a holiday which made a big change. But yes to take yourself out of your normal routine, just to step away and get some perspective, it’s great to be able to get away but not everyone can do that. I was just lucky that at that point and time, I was travelling to Australia, and said right that’s it! I’m stopping halfway and I did it 3 times that year, each trip to OZ stopped in Thailand. I don’t know, it’s just good to me that place. Do you think it also helps that Dannii also understands the industry? I think it’s something where you guys are lucky because you’re really close as sisters, and there aren’t many big celebrities can turn to a member of their own family, who basically pretty

much knows some of those very unique pressures that come with being in the public eye. That’s really helpful, and also our brother who’s between the 2 of us, we both idealize him and he’s lived through this, so he can appreciate it and he can have, not, I mean he’s very sensitive as well, for both of us as to how we’re feeling and how we’re coping.

Bless him for putting up with a lot over the years Yes he does deserve a medal, as do our parents! But you’re very close a family Yeah, so that’s great. Dannii and I can have that little grizzle or moan, or have that kind of moment where she gets it, I get it and it’s really helpful, but our brother does as well. Now, along with Madonna, you are one of pop’s great survivors. Being able to release a big pop album on a major record label when you’re approaching 50 is something that in this industry these days is virtually unheard of. So I’m fascinated by what you think? Well you’re making me nervous now (laughs). You shouldn’t be nervous because the album is absolutely incredible and also, just like Madonna you have your fanbase who now will stick by you through thick and thin and love what you do. But do you still feel that pressure of how do I stay relevant in this industry which is now all about streaming, or a different type of dance music, or rap? I feel a pressure at every album. This album, I just I believe in it so much I don’t feel, of course I still get nervous, when it’s getting to release time, I don’t understand the charts to be perfectly honest, I don’t get it. So all I can do is you know set the ship off to sail and see what happens. I really get my response from doing shows, from people in the street, from actual feedback. But if someone had said to you 30 years ago, when you released ‘Kylie’ that you would still be producing big albums 3 decades on, nearly about to turn

158 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

50, probably you wouldn’t have believed them because the pop career is usually so much shorter than that. I would have said FIFTY?! I remember being 20, 50 was just ancient. So I guess it’s different when it’s you who is 50, but I think, I mean when I look at people, I don’t know how old anyone is, I kind of say « oh they’re around something ». 50 now is very different from 50 to when I was 13 or 14, even 30 seemed ancient when I was 14. I mean your auntie would come over, « she’s so old, she doesn’t understand anything about, you know, what music I’m listening to, what I wanna wear, all that stuff »… But no, I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend that because I was probably meant to be a one-hit wonder in many people’s eyes. I think so much of it is destiny, a lot of it is hard work, taking the chance and opportunity. Grab it if it’s there, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And make some amazing music. That’s the bottom line so when people ask me about the change for streaming and this and that and how different is it. What you hope to send out to the world is the same, you’ve got to be in the studio writing a song. Because, you know what I think, you have never released a bad album and Impossible Princess… (Laughs) Well I may have released some that were better than others. See I think there hasn’t been a bad album and even Impossible Princess now stands the history of time. So I think it is down to the music fundamentally. Same with Madonna. And obviously there may be some that you like more than others but you get the point. I do, and thank you!

« IS THIS YOUR LIFE ? » Are these facts true or false? • You like to collect antique coat hangers: False. Actually according to an interview with our magazine, you tend to have a phobia of coat hangers? I just don’t like wire hangers. But it can really wind me up actually because so much of my life is clothing.

Baz Lurhman film Moulin Rouge: Maybe I did I’m not sure about that fact (wrong, the voice and acting of the the fairy is Kylie, Ozzy is only the scream).

• You have the most waxworks in Madame Tussaud: I think after the Queen? (correct). Yeah!? That’s insane! I went to Madame Tussaud when I came here as a tourist! • You once punched Jason Donovan in the face: I did. Accidentally. You know when you do like a stunt punch but I actually decked him (correct). • You were the first person to receive 4 Logie awards in one year: Yeah? (correct) • Your first 13 singles went straight to the top in the UK: Did they? Check this out, something that not even Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elton John or Abba could achieve. Wow! • You’ve had less than 30 songs in the Top 19 of the UK Charts: True? (False you’ve had 34!) • You made your acting debut in Neighbours at the age of 18: False. It was in the Australian soap Skyways, I was 11 and Jason Donovan played my brother. Yeah that’s weird. • And the hotpants you wore in the music video for Spinning Around cost 50p: True, my girlfriend found them like in a second hand store, I think they’re from the 70’s, I don’t know where she got them but they cost 50p. And how much are they worth now? Now they’re in a museum, I’ve donated just about all of my costumes to the Performing Arts Museum in Melbourne: They’ve got Charlene’s overalls, which I probably nicked from set, or took as a momentum when I left, the hotpants, showgirl outfits, all the tour costumes, video costumes. So you can’t touch anything without white gloves which is really weird to me.

• You had your famous behind insured for nearly 3 million pounds : Not true (correct) • You replaced first choice Ozzie Ozbourne in the The Dan Wooton Interview - March, 29th, 2018 159 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

music week

« Kylie is going to be a defining moment for this label » : BMG’s Alistair Norbury on Kylie’s big comeback Interview by Mark Sutherland


oday (April 6), Kylie Minogue releases her brand new album Golden, her first record in four years, and first for BMG. The album was first unveiled back in January with comeback single Dancing and Kylie has since performed special sets across Europe – including an intimate gig at Café De Paris in London. Every song on Golden is co-written by Minogue, and also includes writing collaborations with Steve McEwan and Amy Wadge. BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch already used a recent Music Week cover story to stress the importance of the release - plus the upcoming album from A Perfect Circle - to the company. Here BMG’s president, repertoire & marketing, Alistair Norbury - who replaced Alexi Cory-Smith, who left in December - gives us his thoughts on what is at stake with Kylie’s 14th album…

The Kylie album is a big test for the new BMG, isn’t it?

with an artist who’s absolutely seen it all and has a and has a clear vision and a creative direction, is involved with all the marketing decisions with Alli [Main] and Polly [Bhowmik], her managers. She is in this building [regularly], attends meetings and is very connected with the team here. So all eyes are on us.

« Kylie is a fabulous example and is going to be a defining moment for this label. The A&R job that’s been done by Jamie Nelson with Kylie on this record is absolutely fantastic. Kylie coming to BMG was a big signal from us. We have taken our time and I « We have taken our time We believe this is going to feel proud that we’ve given be the biggest ship of a BMG and I feel proud that we’ve her the space to make the record in the UK that we’ve record she wanted to make. given her the space to make ever had. We anticipate that We were going to put this it will be the biggest-selthe record she wanted to ling week one record we’ve record out last year but Jamie and Kylie decided that ever had on BMG UK. What make » the record could be better. is very exciting is there are Alistair Norbury Bertelsmann as a business four to five radio records on has a long-term view and the album, the campaign will we’re very fortunate that we’re not subject to run for 18 months, there is a lot of excitement Q4 demands. So a record that was going to come all around the world, there’s a very good US plan out in October last year and would have been a which is very exciting. Everything about this prohealthy contributor to our 2017 numbers, we de- ject to date has been absolutely top quality from cided to do more work on the record. Jamie and the record to the video, the artwork and the team Kylie worked incredibly hard to spend a lot of time are doing an absolutely brilliant job in partnership in Nashville working, amongst others, with BMG with our colleagues at ADA. Retail reaction is terwriters to deliver a greater record than the one we rific, support from media is very heartening and would have released. So we sit here now working we’re in a very good position ». 160 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Why did she choose BMG? « She chose to come to BMG for a variety of reasons. It would be remiss not to say Jamie Nelson was a big factor. There are benefits of having A&Rs such as Jamie, Thomas Haimovici and Korda Marshall; people who’ve had many hit records working in a business that’s focused on established talent is a great conduit to artists. Our A&R meetings are absolutely fantastic because we’re talking to artists of this level and this team has made these records before and can make them again. She liked the BMG deal model, it’s very attractive. The young small dynamic team here and the people she met in continental Europe were very important. And she was maybe influenced by the very first meetings which were during the great success of Rick Astley. Seeing that we’d sold 300,000 Rick Astley albums was a significant marker that we’d taken an artist who’d been away for a few years and put them back where they should be. The fact we’d proven it very successfully was important. She took her time and I liked the fact that she was willing to make the move. I’d also say our historical relationship with Michael Gudinksi in Australia was very important, he’s a big fan of BMG and Korda and was very happy to support her decision and he’s our partner for this record in Australia. And we have the PWL and Deconstruction catalogue and she likes the way we look after those records and how we can plan the next phase of her career both as a frontline, current artist and treat the catalogue simultaneously with the same care and attention. That’s very important for an artist to feel those two key parts of their career are being looked after. The relationship is absolutely fantastic and very much driven by Jamie’s historic relationship ».

Has the game changed for Kylie? We think of her as a singles artist but Dancing hasn’t cracked the Top 40 yet… Does that matter? «Interestingly, Dancing has beaten the chart position of her last records so, even in a changing climate and in a world where streaming is becoming more important, she’s done better than on the last record. So we’re not worried about that particular metric. We would love it to be higher and we’ll continue to work to get it higher. The streaming is actually going very well. The last few campaigns she’s had, she hasn’t got on Heart and now we’re added to the playlist. We’ve got that huge Radio 2 support but having more commercial radio support is going to be a big factor. And she’s an albums artist. This record is an album, it has been made as an album. The most important thing for her is that it’s treated thus and she’s very involved in the campaign and the daily updates. I still think this can be a very significant big album. For us it’s important because a lot of these artists still sell substantial physical numbers. Rick Astley was 95% physical. And when you’re playing different formats and doing deluxe editions and vinyl and cassette, it’s a significant revenue stream. The support the team have procured from both Spotify and Apple for her is huge. [Initially, this was] driven by D2C and a pre-awareness campaign. The next phase of the set up involves huge support from Apple and Spotify, who definitely see her as a significant artist. They’ve heard the record and they know what’s coming. If we review this in six months’ time we may find that the singles streaming is very successful ».

161 www.kylie-world.com

Isa, April 2K18

Kylie’s Career • Golden Moments

Kylie’s career : golden moments Charts (UK)

5 albums number 1 15 albums in the Top 10 22 albums in the Top 40 25 albums in the Top 75 11 weeks number 1 94 weeks in the Top 10

7 singles number 1 34 songs in the Top 10 50 songs in the Top 40 55 songs in the Top 75 16 weeks number 1 55 weeks in the Top 10 Best songs

• Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi • I Should Be So Lucky • Got To Be Certain • The Loco-Motion

• Hand On Your Heart • Never Too Late • Tears On My Pillow

• Better The Devil You Know • Step Back In Time • Shocked 162 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, April 2K18

• Confide In Me • Put Yourself In My Place

• Too Far • Did It Again • Breathe

• Spinning Aroud • On A Night Like This • Kids • Your Disco Needs You

• Can’t Get You Out Of My Head • In Your Eyes • Love At First Sight • Come Into My World

• Slow • Red Blooded Woman • Chocolate

• 2 Hearts • Wow • In My Arms • The One

• All The Lovers • Get Outta My Way • Better Than Today

• Into The Blue • Sexercize • Kiss Me Once

163 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, April 2K18

We also got that...

Kylie on Youtube

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Mélanie, April 2K18

Let’s have a look at Kylie’s most iconic tours...

Showgirl 37 shows Top 100 Worldwide Tour Homecoming 34 shows

Aphrodite 77 shows 600 000 attendants X Tour 80 shows

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Mélanie, April 2K18

50 shades of

You’re golden, Burn like the stars, STAY GOLDEN

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Mélanie, April 2K18

To finish this article, here are some looks in which Kylie looked radiant !

Oh you look like diamonds in the light

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MĂŠlanie, April 2K18

DIY • Golden Denim Jacket

Be Fashion, Be Golden Kylie has started a new era, and many of her stage costumes are personalized by Sascha Lilic and herself. We decided to do make a little tutorial to explain how to customize your old denim jacket (that you wanted to sell at the next flea market) in an ultra fashion object that’ll make you shine!

#1 The material You will need a denim jacket, a transparent glue for textiles, a pot of gold glitter, and a black marker.


Let’s create a nice K

Second step, make a nice K. For this, we chose to do it ourselves than buying some formats at the store, it’s easier. So you just have to print it on a good paper, or maybe draw it yourself?


#3 Let’s start tinkering

Once this is done, cut it out and put it on the back of your jacket. It’s time for the black marker to come into action, make the outline of your K with this. Make sure not to color out of the lines!

Glue and glitter

To preserve your fingers, we recommend to use a brush for this step. So put some glue inside the outline you made, and put the glitter over it. Do it fast, before the glue dries! For your information, there are some glue pots with glitter inside already, perhaps more practical.

#5 Wear your jacket proudly! After letting your jacket dry long enough for the glitter to get stuck on the glue, you can put on your new jacket with a pretty golden K and hit the streets (or the concerts!) Do not hesitate to tweet us a pic if you do it!

168 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

K 169 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Manchester Train Station - March 14th, 2018 - United Kingdom Top : Gucci Coat : Karl Donoghue 170 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Fun Radio - March 20th, 2018 - France Dress : Coco Fennell 171 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Spotifyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concert - March 22nd, 2018 - United Kingdom Jeans : Alice McCall 172 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - G-A-Y - April 7th, 2018 - United Kingdom Dress : Maria Lucia Hohan 173 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Red Magazine Dress : Alice McCall 174 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Echo Awards - April 12th, 2018 - Germany Dress : Maria Lucia Hohan 175 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Echo Awards - April 12th, 2018 - Germany Dress : Maria Lucia Hohan 176 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

Kylie Minogue - Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dance - April 13th, 2018 - Germany Dress : Dolce & Gabbana 177 www.kylie-world.com

Laeti, April 2K18

you ? re a » en ld o G « f o g n o s Which Q1 • As a teenager, you had a tendency to : × Stay in your corner × Pretending to be someone you were not to « fit in » × Be inseparable from your friends × The bullied one (if it was the case, we send you a billion kisses)

Q2 • What impression do you think people have from you after a first meeting? × Very sociable, always joking around × Shy, reserved × Not sure of yourself × Strong, independant Q3 • According to you, what is your biggest weakness ? × Attaching yourself to others way too fast × Your jealousy × Comparing yourself to others × Underestimating yourself Q4 • What are you most sensitive to ? × The mood × The charm × The willingness × The intelligence

Q5 • You just had a big argument with your boyfriend / girlfriend, how do you react? × You do everything you can to be forgiven × Anyway it’s always the same, never his/her fault, always mine × You leave him without any news for at least a week × You lock yourself out of the world for some time Q6 • Unfortunately you’ve just been broken up with your boy or girl-friend.... Which feeling do you have ? × Sadness × Anger × You try to see the good side of things × You don’t understand Q7 • Would you like to be someone else ? × No, I have my own personality, what would I do with some other? × Yes I thought of that a few times × No, I’ve never thought about it × Rarely Q8 • How do you see your future? × I hope it will be better than the past and the present × It worries me a little × I hope things stay about the same × My future will be bright

178 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, April 2K18

How many times is the word « Golden » written below ? Send us your answer to contact@kylie-world.com to enter a contest for a little Kylie present !

179 www.kylie-world.com

Jérôme, April 2K18

Results Now you’ve picked your answers, count how many pink, green, purple and blue crosses you got, to see which colour you got the most, and find out below which song you are from « Golden ».


Raining Glitter

Love, love, love wherever you are, wherever you go, love will be always here for you. Love is your strength, it helps you to move forward. Kylie says it so well: « love is a disco ball shining on us all. Whatever you feel it will always be real in love. Whatever you do it will always be true in love. Whatever you need it will always be free in love ».

You feel different from others. You are not exactly what today’s society wants you to be. You are looking to create your own universe but the way people look at you is not easy to bear. Do not panic, Kylie would tell you « No more hiding in the shadows, ooh you look like diamond in the light ».

Radio On

A Lifetime To Repair

Right now, glitter is missing from your life. You need to forget all the things that get you sad. Recent heartbreak ? Like Kylie you really need a love song to rescue you, you really need a love song that you’d believe. We hope that Raining Glitter is already in your playlist as it’s guaranteed to bring some sparkle into your life.

Maybe a little naive, you believe in fairy tales when life is good with you and then when everything collapses you realise how foolish you were.s. All those nights where you cried. Despite everything, you’re optimistic and you choose to see only the good side of things. Like Kylie, if you get hurt again, you’d need a lifetime to repair.

180 www.kylie-world.com

Mélanie, April 2K18

Kylie Reactions • April 2018 Me: I don‘t like country Kylie: *goes country* Me:

The closest I will ever get to having a boyfriend

Friend: Your crush is coming, act natural Me:

Me: I won‘t do shots What I see 30 minutes later:

Me: I‘m on a diet Also me:

Me checking out how many articles for Kylie Times I still have to edit 5 hours before the release:

181 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18

Me in the gay clubs:

Ordering pizza like:

My face when the Kylie Jenner roast is good:

Me: I‘m really coming just for one drink Me after 6th drink:

When someone says they don‘t like Golden:

Me turning up at work on monday morning:

Me getting in the car after work on a friday afternoon:

« Sorry I can‘t hang out with you, I already have plans ».

182 www.kylie-world.com

En, April 2K18


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The Kylie Times #28 • April 2018  

Check out the Golden Issue about the promo tour, the album, Kylie's interviews and everything else that happened last month.

The Kylie Times #28 • April 2018  

Check out the Golden Issue about the promo tour, the album, Kylie's interviews and everything else that happened last month.