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T h e N e w s p a p e r o f t he K e n mo r e V i l l a g e I mp r o v e me n t S o c i e t y

KVIS Kenmore, New York Est. 2008

THE COMMON GOAL All about what’s happening in Kenmore!

2011, Issue III

Autumn/Early Winter 2011

Come to The Great Kenmore Auction

DECORATE THE VILLAGE! You are invited to help decorate the Village! Meet at 9:00 am at the Village Green on the dates below Autumn: September 24 Christmas/Holidays: November 19

Autumn Decorating Contest! Autumn Decorating Contest for Residents: contact KVIS to enter your home to win one of six great prizes. See our web site for more

information. 2011

SOCIETY MEETING DATES 2nd Monday of each Month

October 10 November 14 December 12

Thank You Thank you to the 2011 Children’s Concert Series Corporate Sponsors for their generous support: Hofert Jewelers Lamar Univera Healthcare

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The mission of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is to improve the quality of Village life through consistent communication, engaging education, and thoughtful action.

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Mid November in Kenmore: People arrive at the vacant commercial building at 2818 Delaware Avenue to see that the place has been transformed into a dream nightclub; the sound of live jazz music floats from the building while fantastic auction items come to view. The venue staged and styled by Nest Interiors, looks as good as the guests arriving –dressed to impress and feeling fine! The savory aroma of delicious catered treats to eat and the delicate scent of fine wine and beers complete the scene of a rare Kenmore event not to be missed. What is this fabulous occasion? It’s The Great Kenmore Auction which will take place on Saturday, November 12th beginning at 7:00 pm.

The event will feature three different kinds of auction: basket auction, silent auction, and live auction. Certificates from restaurants including LeMetro, Betty’s, Buffalo Chophouse, Salvatore’s Brodo, Ristorante Lombardo, Shango, and more will be available for auction. Quality items from Hofert Jewelers, Theatre of Youth and other tickets, spa treatments, original artwork, antiques and collectibles, and so much more! Basket auction items winning tickets will be drawn first followed by the silent auction; the evening will end with a rousing live auction as bidders vie for magnificent items. The tickets are $20.00 per person presale; the at door cost the evening of the event is $25.00 per person or $45.00 per

couple. The ticket entitles one to entrance, food, beverage, and 25 basket auction tickets. Tickets are limited, so get yours as soon as possible by sending your name, address, phone number, how many tickets you’d like and a check to: KVIS Auction, c/o Edward Jones, 2954 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217. Your tickets will be mailed to you. You may also purchase tickets at the location above Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. The Great Kenmore Auction promises to be the event of the season –timed perfectly to win gifts for holiday giving. Proceeds from the Auction benefit the KVIS, supporting the many events, campaigns, and thoughtful initiatives we accomplish each year for the Kenmore community.

Personality Profiles for Business Streets Developed A person can be described in many ways; “She’s a bubbly dynamic person who loves dogs.” or “He’s a kind hearted gentleman who does woodworking.” There are any number of ways for us to describe ourselves, but it can sometimes be a challenge to describe our personality, especially in one sentence. Yet this is exactly the task that the KVIS Businesses and Commercial Properties Committee took on several years ago. The group of Village residents and friends making up the Committee had studied our Kenmore business streets, noting the strengths and weaknesses of each, and decided that a clear vision for each street was needed to be able to easily articulate a unified vision of improvement and development here. They worked diligently for three years, through many hours of study and discussion, to create an integrated vision of Delaware Avenue, Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore Avenue, and Military Road which could ultimately be described in just one sentence.

The Committee has developed a personality profile for each street; the profile is a way to easily describe in one sentence and in further detail, the future nature of each of these important streets. The Committee studied the Village’s Comprehensive Plan and has organized the personality profiles to complement the Plan while considering every detail of how the streets are used by all involved. The profiles were designed to have the ability to attract quality businesses and insightful development of the streets while being mindful of the fact that no matter where one goes in the Village, one is close to a home - compatibility of the profiles with residential living was foremost on the list of absolute qualifiers for inclusion in the profile of each street. Other qualifiers used to create the Personality Profile were: • Compatibility with existing primary businesses and commercial properties that are presently well utilized • Visually pleasing and cohesive • Environmentally sound

• • • •

Attractive to new Businesses Attractive to Commercial Property Buyers Ease of use Auto, pedestrian, cyclist compatible

Local business areas consistent with the above goals were used as examples of possibilities of some of the positive, cohesive, and vibrant look proposed in the profiles; these communities are: Lewiston, Village of East Aurora, Ellicottville, Elmwood Village, Village of Orchard Park. Delaware Avenue: The one sentence personality profile description of the street, or the General Impression is that Delaware is: A Miniature Christmas/Holiday Village come full size! This sentence doesn’t give particular details but does form an image in the mind of many people; it implies well tended, active places with each building having individual characteristics and continued on page 6

Slippery Sidewalks The television series, “The Twilight Zone” had a memorable episode that was created many years ago called ‘Slippery Shoes.’ Paul Simon sings of “Slip Slidin’ Away”; both the tv episode and the song are excellent portrayals of instability, of something almost beyond our control. We’ve all taken a tumble from time to time; certainly children fall as they develop control of their bodies and environment, but falling on a sidewalk in a close, walkable community like Kenmore, isn’t natural and can be the cause of grief and discomfort. As the cold weather months begin, it’s important to remember that it is

the obligation of each business or residential property owner to keep the sidewalks clear of leaves, snow, and ice. Not keeping the sidewalks clear is a violation of Village ordinance which can result in fines being imposed on those who do not keep them clear. Section 19-3a of the Village code states: Every

owner and occupant of land abutting on a highway and/or sidewalk within the Village shall keep all sidewalks abutting on, in front of or passing over such land and/or all curb cuts, aprons, ramps, driveways, and/or motor vehicle ways lying between such sidewalk and the street nearest thereto, free and clear of all snow, ice, wastepaper, garbage, rubbish, and/or other obstructions to pedestrians and/or traffic. (b) Failure to clear snow and/or ice from the side-

walks and/or all curb cuts, aprons, ramps, driveways, and/or motor vehicle ways within a period of twelve (12) hours, not including the period 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., after the snow ceases to fall and/or the ice to form shall be deemed a violation.

Some Village neighbors utilize the low cost way of keeping snow clear by contracting together for sidewalk snow removal while others make sure to assist the elderly and those in need. By keeping our sidewalks clear of leaves and snow we may keep ourselves from injury and litigation –all while helping to retain Kenmore’s identity as a safe, walkable community of caring people.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27


INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION KVIS members dressed in original costume and assumed the role of each esteemed character from our nations past. George Washington was portrayed by Tom Camio, Martha Washington was portrayed by Nanci DeMeo. Betsy Ross was portrayed by Patricia Christian and Abraham Lincoln by Dean Pavlakis. Events Committee Coordinators, Kathryn Finamore and Lori Wright were judges for the contests. The Committee plans to include this pleasant family event as a free annual part of the KVIS calendar.

Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, George and Martha Washington were all present in the Village of Kenmore on the fourth of July this year. These distinguished guests of the KVIS were here to help celebrate our national day. The Independence Day Celebration, which was held on the Village Green from 10 am – 12 noon, featured a bike rodeo on Delaware Road, bike decorating, crafts, contests, Sousa marches playing, and more!

TOUR OF KENMORE HOMES FILM PREMIER In 2010 Keanu Reeves filmed some scenes for a movie here in Kenmore and throughout 2011 another film has been being filmed and created here. The video, called ‘Tour of Kenmore Homes’, which was filmed on location at the homes of Village residents features the interiors of many different styles of area homes along with scenes of Kenmore events and interesting locations. The KVIS will be rolling out the red carpet for the Premier of the video on Saturday, October 22 at 8:00 pm. Area residents and others are welcome to attend the film premier free of charge. Delicious food and drink will be available as well as a media theme raffle, and more. The film, developed by the KVIS Residential Properties Committee, will show the many positive features of living here. The fine quality and affordability of homes here, high level of kind neighborliness, superior services, entertaining events, and strong sense of commu-

of home owners, sometimes through scenes that visually prove the point. The variation of decorating style, colors, patterns, and layout of rooms in featured homes is great and exciting to see –much like looking through a quality architecture and decorating magazine at one time. The Tour of Kenmore homes is a virtual tour that will be used in many ways to help promote Kenmore. DVD copies of the film will be sent to area residential real estate agents and brokers for them to use to entice buyers to consider purchasing a home here. A short of the film will be placed on the KVIS web site, and both the full film version and short will be shown at various special events like bridal shows, festivals throughout Western New York, home shows, KVIS events. The film will be a powerful tool in helping to show that the Village of Kenmore is a very fine place to live with accommodations that allow one to live responsibly by leaving a lower carbon footprint while living well in a pleasing

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KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 2

Photo by Kenwood Photography

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2375 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 (716) 873-2952 Monday - Friday 7am to 8pm Saturday: 8am to 6pm Sunday: 11am - 4pm

and convenient place. The sophistication and consumer maturity of those who choose to live here are clearly shown in the film, revealing the reason why living here and not in East Amherst for many residents is a matter of sound reasoning, consciousness, and thoughtful resolve.


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Review your withdrawal strategy. During your retirement, the amount you choose to withdraw from your investments each year will depend on several factors, including the size of your portfolio and the amount of

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A Good Read Should Be Shared That copy of “Pat the Bunny” doesn’t interest your son now that he’s thirteen years old, the book of jokes for business people have all been told, and that who-done-it that was so gripping to read out on your porch this summer is just collecting dust now. Why not join the growing movement (temporarily, at least) to simplify living spaces by getting those books out of your house? The KVIS has been collecting books for The Friends of the Library for some years now; we do this to help provide our Library with much needed funds through the annual book sale and to help supply our residents with locations all year long where they may recycle books that have been read and are no longer wanted. Thank you to all the area residents who donated books to the KVIS this year, we were able to collect thousands of hard covers and paper backs to help support our Library.

The Friends of the Library president, Laura Glass wrote, “Many thanks to the Kenmore Village Improve-

ment Society for the help you gave in collecting donated books for the Friends of the Library sale and for putting notices about the sale and collections on your web site. The amount of books you collected was amazing and will help a great deal! The books collected will help to provide some financial aid to the library that can be counted on in these tight times.” You may drop off your books to Edward Jones Investments located at 2954 Delaware Avenue (open 9-5 Monday through Friday), bring them to any KVIS meeting (there are at least ten a month), or look for the collection boxes we will be placing in businesses throughout Ken-Ton beginning in January 2012. Should you

Children’s Concerts The 2011 Children’s Concert Series was a great success with hundreds of people attending each concert and thousands attending the Series. The free concerts, held annually on the lawn of Kenmore Middle School, have become a well-loved part of summer entertainment for families from the Kenmore and Tonawanda area and even as far as Lockport and Hamburg. The Children’s Concert Committee strives to create a balanced Series that highlights many varied musical styles and eras from all over the world. We do this to help parents expose their children to the wide variety of musical sounds available while providing a fun, safe, and entertaining environment for experiencing them. The musicians chosen to perform the Children’s concerts must provide the materials below to be considered to be included in the Series; only those who have previous experience performing for children are considered. 1. List of where/who you've performed for in the past including three references; please only include performances for children. 2. A description of the type of music you perform. 3. The number of people and instruments in your group. 4. The cost of a one hour performance. 5. A link to someplace (you tube or web site) where we can see an example of your performance. E-mail information to: If this isn't available, please send a DVD of the same to: KVIS c/o Edward Jones, 2954 Delaware Ave, Kenmore 14217 New Committee members are needed to help make the 2012 Children’s Concert Series a reality. Many of the excellent members (all busy mothers) of this years Concerts Committee including Rachel Roberts, Coordinator, Heather Gianni, Jessica Miller, and Joan Mauro are unable to continue as Committee members do to work and education demands, etc. New Committee members are needed to help the Children’s Concert Series continue. If you are willing to consider joining the

have a very large number of books to donate, please call us to make other arrangements. Thank you; together we will help ensure that our Library is able to be of service to our community.

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15,000 copies printed and distributed Home delivery to all Village residents Great exposure Low rates Helps support the mission of the KVIS

Contact us today to advertise your business in the next issue coming out in January 2012


Children’s Concert Committee, please contact the KVIS for more information about what is involved or come to the next Children’s Concert Series meeting. Meetings for this Committee take place on the first Monday of each month. The next meeting will be held Monday, October 3, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

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2982 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 (716) 362-0470 Fax (716) 362-0480

Tell your Kenmore Story

Little feet dancing at the Children’s Concerts Photo by

The KVIS is writing and publishing a book that will be different from the history books about the Village that are presently available. The goal of the book is to capture memories of Kenmore from present and former residents who are living today. This new history of Kenmore will include photos with interesting, fun, and moving stories that will help capture the sometimes intangible essence of what makes Kenmore special. We believe that it is important to preserve these precious memories before they disappear or are forgotten. We will need your help and the help of those who have lived in the Village of Kenmore in the past to make this book a reality. No matter how long you’ve lived in Kenmore, you probably have a story to tell. Will you please consider recommending yourself and anyone else we should hear from? Call us at 877-0477 to share your memory with us or to recommend someone whose memory of Kenmore should be included in the book. We’ll make arrangements to meet and record the story. Thank you for your help with this exciting and worthwhile project.

Sabretooth at a Children’s Concert with fans

Thanks to the Green Thumb Helpers The gazebo garden, the gardens at the point of the Village Green at the two Delaware’s, the Post Office garden, Corner Store garden, and garden between Jazzing and Best of Health. These are gardens that have been maintained by KVIS members this year, some of them have been maintained by members for several years. The gardens are maintained by KVIS Green Thumb Helpers; these are people who are willing to pull weeds, pick up trash, plant flowers and tend the gardens throughout the growing season because they believe that well tended gardens help the Village look more visually appealing and cared for. Our gratitude and thanks to Nancy Burkhart for planting flowers and maintaining the Post Office garden; Barbara Hanaven and Gay Tanner for tending the gazebo garden, and Mary Boblak and Jackie Lonski for tending

KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 3

the Corner Store garden. The Village Green point gardens have been planted and maintained by David Brennon for the past three years. Dave has planted the areas with an astounding mixture perennials that keep this Village focal point popping with color and form all year long. The plants in these gardens, annuals and perennials, have been donated to Kenmore by Dave for the enjoyment of residents and visitors here. Thank you to Dave for his generosity and care of the point gardens; and thank you to all Green Thumb Helpers, working from The Big Kenmore Clean Up in spring right through the end of the growing season. The Village is bettered by your individual efforts for the benefit of all. If you are willing to help make Kenmore look as appealing as possible, please consider becoming a Green Thumb Helper; there are many other small gardens

available to be adopted by you as your place to assist in keeping the Village verdant and lovely. Please contact the KVIS for more information on becoming a Green Thumb Helper.

KVIS Green Thumb Helper, Barbara Hanaven

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27


KVIS Contact Information Please feel free to contact us with any questions, insights, or comments you may have about the Kenmore Village Improvement Society events, campaigns, or initiatives found on our web site or in this edition of the ‘Common Goal.’ Thank you. PHONE: (716) 877-0477 MAILING ADDRESS: 2954 Delaware Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217 WEB SITE: ELECTRONIC MAIL: “The Common Goal was the best paper left on my door step in 60 years. More information in 8 pages than any other local paper. Hope to attend a meeting soon.” -Don

Kayla & Eric Hutcheson planting before being Bloomed


GINNANE FUNERAL HOME 3215 Delaware Avenue Kenmore, NY

873-4774 Kenmore Family Owned Complete Funeral: Burial Cremation Preneed Arrangements

KENMORE IN BLOOM “It’s an honor and delight to have had my garden “Bloomed.” To have it named a 2011 Garden fo Distinction is an unexpected treat! Thank you for awarding me this distinction –and thank you for the gifts. My photo is on display in my living room. Thank you, too for recognizing the power of beautiful gardens. They heal and soothe those who pass by. Gardeners will almost always tell you that gardening is a labor of love and they make their caretakers stay fit and mentally healthy! Bless you for your commitment to Kenmore.” The note above was sent to the KVIS by Jeanne Bowman. Jeanne’s home was one of over 360 places Bloomed by the KVIS this year and was one of only 12 places to receive the recognition of Kenmore Garden of Distinction. The names of the others who received this recognition are: Michelle Sobieski, Angel and Richard Panowicz, Dave Brennon, Jeffrey Rogers, Vicky Miller, Amy Fusani, Kellie Long, Rosa Dabat, Daniel Attard, Kathleen and Dennis Higgns, Gay Potter, Teresa and Jim Greene, Patricia and Richard Dowling. These people were awarded gifts and a photograph of their garden as well as a certificate of appreciation from Mayor Mang. Some other places beside homes that were Bloomed were Pilgrim Lutheran Church, the center avenue of Columbia Boulevard, Kenmore United Methodist Church. Our thanks to these people and to everyone in Kenmore whose efforts made their property more gracious, tended, and colorful. The purpose of Kenmore in Bloom is to help promote gardening and beautification in the front of homes in Kenmore by recognizing and celebrating the efforts of residents, institutions, and businesses that beautify their streetscape with gardens. When the front of a home or business looks well cared for, then everyone benefits

through higher property values and better quality of life. When Bloomed, each garden received a lawn sign to let everyone know of the honor, a certificate, and an invitation to the Good Neighbor Picnic. Each Village location is automatically entered to be bloomed; nothing is required to receive this award other than using plants to beautify the front area of your home, apartment, or business. The sponsors for Kenmore in Bloom this year were -Harris Seeds, or 800-544-7938 -AAA Dennis’ Trees owned by Dennis Hayes,

Kenmore’s own fully insured tree man with over ten years experience, 716-875-5701 -Sun Enterprises sheds and barns, 2656 Transit Road, 716-432-4748. -Lincoln Park Nursery investments that grow 147 Niagara Falls Boulevard, -Nature’s Lawn & Garden organic lawn care, 716-6817796, Members of the Kenmore Garden Club were the the Scouts for this innaguaral year of Kenmore in Bloom; many thanks to them for the effort and care they put into carefully choosing the places that would be Bloomed and for also selecting those that receive the Garden of Distinction award. Eileen Murphy and Mary McNeil or KVIS and the Garden Club were the Coordinators for Kenmore in Bloom. The KVIS has posted photographs of the Gardens of Distinction on our website. The Publications and Marketing Committee is working to create an exciting art poster featuring all homes and places that were Bloomed (and gave permission to be photographed). Look for it to be available through our web store to be launched later this year.

Funding for Elmwood and Kenmore Funding for Elmwood Avenue from Kenmore Avenue to Sheridan Drive has been secured by the Greater BuffaloNiagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC), the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Erie and Niagara Counties. The metropolitan planning process allows for the allocation of millions of dollars in federal funding annually to improve transportation of all modes of travel. The process of improving the street, including the possibility of burying the unsightly wood power poles, is scheduled to begin next year. At this time 4.8 million dollars will be used for a possible mill and overlay of Elmwood, street scape work, and more to improve the appearance and safety of the street. A public meeting will be held before the plans for the street are brought to fruition. Please make sure to check our web site often and look for flyers announcing this meeting when the date is known to us. Elmwood Avenue is one of the main arteries of the Village and is of great importance to

residents, especially those living on the West side central area of the Village. The 6.7 million dollars earmarked by the GBNRTC for Kenmore Avenue is not enough for the project to include the Village end of the street. Phase 1 of the project is expected to end at Starin Avenue, Phase 2 will end at Military Road. At this time, the GBNRTC has the ability to request funding of new projects like Phase 2 of Kenmore Avenue but does not expect those funds to come because as one official put it “the funding well is dry.” New York State and federal coffers are at their lowest in many years; even though this may be so, KVIS has requested that the GBNRTC show the intent of continuing with the Kenmore Avenue Phase 2 project by submitting the application for funding. KVIS will continue to keep you up to date on the developing situations with these important Village streets.

In Memoriam George Schieder Much beloved KVIS member George Schieder was a person who was a living embodiment of the term semper fidelis, or always faithful. A retired Marine, George gave his all to his wife Mary, his family, and his community. Phrases like “adapt and overcome” and “I can do the possible – the impossible may take a bit longer!” weren’t just platitudes for George, he actually lived them every day; he was a man of convictions and used his easy smile, twinkling eyes, and winning personality to entice others to believe in possibilities founded on dedication and perseverance. Love of the United States, the Marine Corps, and Kenmore were some of what George believed in and he showed this in his thoughts and actions, even in his final days. George was quite ill in the last weeks of his life,

KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 4

he was receiving oxygen treatment and was required to carry the tank with him at all times. He had committed to two KVIS activities before he became so ill; one was to take Kenmore Joe to local military memorials to have his photo taken. George took him to many sights because he was convinced that Kenmore needs a quality grocery store. He also had agreed to be a DR –a KVIS Distribution Representative, which is someone who delivers copies of each edition of our newspaper; George struggled, but delivered the newspaper to the residents on his street. He did both of these things because of who he was in the very fabric of his being; noble, brave, caring, compassionate, and strong. George had all the best characteristics of a warrior clearly present in all he did and said. George is greatly missed but continues to offer inspiration now and for years to come through the fond memories we have of him. Requiem aeternam, friend.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27




More Kenmore KVIS Web Store The KVIS will be launching our web store soon through our website. Kenmore products and products of Kenmore will be available at: beginning in late October. Greeting cards, t shirts, books, and more will be available to purchase just in time for holiday gift giving. Longfellow Playground Longfellow playground near Crosby Field has long been a source of concern for parents of young children. KVIS Liaison, Pat Christian met with Ken-Ton School Superintendent of Schools, Mark Mondanaro about the playground. Pat showed him disturbing photos of the area and discussed the safety and condition of the playground with him. We thank Superintendent Mondanaro for taking these concern seriously and working with us to promote a better play area there. ReUse Kenmore! Buffalo ReUse will continue to collect recyclable materials in Kenmore through October. The truck will be parked in the parking lot behind the Municipal Building on the third Saturday of each month from 9 am –12 noon. Should you have any questions about what items ReUse accepts, please call them at 882-2800. T-Shirt Design Contest The KVIS invites you to enter our Kenmore T-Shirt Design Contest. The winning design must use the phrase, 42.965N. x 78.87W. You are here...Kenmore, New York (or NY). Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the top three winning designs. To enter, send a pdf

Celebrating 25 Years in WNY

BEST OF HEALTH 2840 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore (716) 874-6422

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Herbs Marcia Honsberger, R.N., B.S., Certified Nutritional Counselor Individual Consultations By Appointment

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of your design to: All entries will receive confirmation that KVIS has received your submission and you will be notified if your design is a winner. Submission deadline is January 15, 2012. Keep Kenmore Some people believe that the person heading up efforts to dissolve Villages may be focusing on other topics at this time. KVIS and our Keep Kenmore Committee remain wary and ready to defend the Village of Kenmore from dissolution; our plan is thorough and enables us to be flexible yet vigilant in our preparedness.

approximately 56% are non-rental single family homes. Your Vote Please November 8, 2011 is election day in Western New York. This is a day when all citizens should exercise our right to choose leadership. Women especially should be conscious of the fact that their gender only received the right to vote and run for election in the US in 1920 –not so long ago in many ways. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, please complete the easy new voter form which the KVIS has available for you at Edward Jones Investments on Delaware and Westgate. Thank you.

Buffalo State College and Kenmore Decorations The KVIS has a five year plan for continuing our efforts in adding seasonal interest to the business streets in the Village. We have partnered with Buffalo State College textile studio to create decorations for Delaware and Elmwood. We will need to raise approximately $2,000 for the materials needed for the many lamp posts that will receive decorations for winter, spring, summer, autumn. Donations for this effort are welcome. Post Office Update & 14217 The Post Office has requested Village businesses to no longer write Kenmore as their business location, but instead to write Buffalo. Those living and having a business in the 1.44 miles of the Village wish for those receiving their correspondences to know that they are located in Kenmore, not in Buffalo. It can be difficult for Buffalo police to respond to crime in a way that is nearly as effective as the Kenmore police whose response time is under two minutes. The post office has begun to mark Kenmore Village outgoing mail as being posted in Buffalo as well. The KVIS protests this attempt by the post office to eradicate our identity; we are 14217, we are Kenmore, we do not wish to be Buffalo. We understand their budget constraints but will not accept this manipulation of our mail services. More to come on this topic

Coming in the next issue of The Common Goal

in the next Common Goal. Village Statistics Kenmore has almost as many residential rental units, or apartments, as it has non rental single family homes. There are 7400 Total Village Residences; 3,218 rental units and 4,182 single family residences. Approximately 44% of residences are two and multi unit rentals and

2012 KVIS Calendar

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Hundreds of Dogs Attend Event Over 700 people and almost as many dogs attended the first annual Dog Days of Kenmore event that was held this August in Mang Park. Canines of all sizes, shapes, and breeds participated in contests like “Best Costume”, “Best Trick”, and a look alike contest. Hundreds of dogs received a blessing from Reverend Ben Eder, Pastor of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in the Village of Kenmore. Rev. Eder not only blessed all the dog collectively, but also offered individual blessings, placing his hand on each dogs head, bending down to them and gently allowing his hand to follow them if they moved. The Dog Days began with a free Saturday evening viewing of ‘Homeward Bound’. This story of two cats and a dog finding their way across the Siera Nevada Mountains to their home was a perfect beginning to the weekend event. At dusk people gathered with their dogs on the lawn of the Community Center; there was popcorn for the humans and biscuits for the dogs to munch. As a full moon rose behind the Village water tower, the movie turned to the part where the family is in their mountain wilderness-like yard when the small boy says, “Listen, did you hear that?” In the movie script there is silence at this point, but in our Kenmore Dog Days version, three individual dogs just happened to bark at that moment –seconds before the movie dogs are seen returning home! Who says dogs don’t have good timing? Although the weather was perfect for the movie, the

KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 5

The event would not have been possible without the generous support of donors; many thanks to Lamar, Kenmore Animal Hospital, Kingdom of Animals, Squeeky Wheel, Brighton Eggert Animal Clinic, Bark Magazine.

Contest Judges from left: Bruce Andriatch, Geoffrey Gatza, Jessica Ereiz (event Coordinator), Joseph Manna

same couldn’t be said for the main event on Sunday; just as KVIS members had finished setting up, strong winds, pounding rain, and lightning started. Fortunately, the weather did clear up enough for many of the over fifty vendors registered to attend to set up their areas. Some of the vendors present were: Canine Sports Complex, SPCA Whisker Wag'n, Canine Splash, Black Dog Second Chance Rescue, The BarkYard, Town of Tonawanda Town Clerk, Camp Bow Wow, WNY Citizens Against Puppy Mills, Animal Behavior Center, Pet Emergency Fund GRROWLS - Golden Retriever Rescue, Laura's Critter Care, K9 Krunchers, Dog Scouts of WNY, and many more. There were also many dog rescue groups present at the event including Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, the Buffalo Animal Shelter, Big Dogs, Big Hearts Rescue, Second Chance Boxer Rescue, Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Silver Lining for Pit Bulls, ABC Rescue Group, Black Dog Rescue.

If you would like to join in helping to make next years Dog Days of Kenmore event a success, please contact the KVIS or come to an Events Committee meeting. Additional helpers are greatly needed and warmly welcome.

Rev. Ben blesses Brittany Spaniel, Kiera

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27


Become a KVIS Member KVIS membership is open to all friends and residents of the Village of Kenmore. You’re warmly invited to join. When you become a member, you get to learn about information like what’s included here and much more; you get to put your thoughts and ideas for Kenmore into action; you get to know really neat people; and you add to your personal legacy by helping create a better community for us today and for those to come. There are no dues or fees or obligations associated with the group; we do have a Conduct Statement that we strive to adhere to. We meet at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Community Center located on the corner of Mang and Wilbur Avenues. The meeting lasts an hour followed by great refreshments and interesting conversation; you’re welcome to attend. Please see the list of general meeting dates on the front page. KVIS is open to all people of any race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Please use this form to join or use our online membership form at our website: The information you provide to us when joining KVIS is not shared and is used for KVIS purposes only.

Check out our web site at:


KVIS Membership Form

Living in a small community like Kenmore is a real delight! It is walkable, neighborly and tree filled everywhere. Even though I have only lived here 8 years, I am happy to volunteer with KVIS to keep this special community strong and vibrant for many years to come. There are always many projects that need assistance big and small and as a volunteer, everyone is always welcomed and appreciated no matter what your assignment. Join Us!!!!!!!! -Pat Bogdan I lived in Buffalo for a number of years in areas of the city with a strong sense of community. Being more of a "city" person, when we moved to the Village of Kenmore in 2005, I didn't feel much draw to Kenmore, but then I read about KVIS. KVIS gives you so many ways to connect with the local community, just by participating in KVIS events you are involved! I volunteer with KVIS in both small (attending meetings/collecting coffee cans) and larger ways (spokesperson for Keep Kenmore) and I feel the community spirit. KVIS helps me "bloom where I'm planted". -Ramona SantaMaria

Name Address

Phone: E-Mail Address:

I’m interested in: (Please check all that apply) Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee Block Club Committee

Kenmore Creative Public Properties Committee Publications & Marketing Committee

Children’s Concerts Committee

New Residents & Welcoming Committee

Events Committee Keep Kenmore Committee

Residential Properties Committee

Just general membership for now.



Fine Jewelry Gifts for Women & Men Graduation Gifts

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HOFERT JEWELERS Fine Jewelers Since 1929

2876 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore (716) 873-5694 Your brilliant source for diamonds!

Business Streets Personality Profiles continued from pg. 1 The personality traits or features for the future of Delaware Avenue include: Restored store fronts with faux fronts removed to reveal the original brick work, etc. An enhanced Village Green focal point, greater use of seasonal plants, upgraded retail windows displays and interior window lighting, pole signs removed, trash cans with recycling features, bike racks. Emphasis on charming, creative, upscale design that reflects a growing lease/sale rate and attracts quality businesses with the ability to stay in business. Delaware Avenue will be the primary retail commercial street including a high rate of quality non-food creative retail businesses like clothing/shoe shops, gift/collectible/antique shops, book store, etc. Delaware Avenue Presently includes: Some original buildings that have been restored to their original facades, many that still have faux fronts. Freestanding and grouped banks, gas station, retail stores, buildings with rear parking, some with side or front lots. Some single, some mixed use buildings, grouped and ungrouped, professional offices, restaurants/bars, church. The number of actual retail, non-food businesses is very low. Elmwood Avenue: General Impression: Arts & Crafts Garden walk! Features: Restored green spaces, addition of lower street lamps, benches, garden avenues, trash cans with recycling features, utility poles underground. Arts & Crafts style architecture in future development. Retail, professional office, trades, restaurant. Elmwood is the suburban environment with ample parking that creates the ability for all kinds of retail, trade, and professional businesses. Presently includes: A hodge podge of building styles and variations with no unifying element; some buildings are in poor condition. Many of the avenues

KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 6

Do you have any specific skills, talents, abilities you’re willing to lend? Any Comments?

Mail to: KVIS, c/o Edward Jones, 2954 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore 14217 or use our on-line form at: Welcome New Member! Thanks for joining!

Oh Rats

have been paved over, and some used for parking including over the sidewalk parking. Properties include multi-unit apartment buildings, retail buildings, gas station, auto repair, mixed use buildings, DPW, Park, one single family home, church. Many Elmwood businesses are trade oriented (three printers, music recording studio, etc.) or other services oriented (dry cleaners, etc.)

Charlie Brown used to mention them when things weren’t going well for him and now so are some Kenmore residents mentioning them often...rats. The situation we are facing in Kenmore with rodents is found throughout the United States wherever there is a human population supplying food, drink, and shelter to wild animals.

Military Avenue: General Impression: Monumental/Art Deco ‘green’ buildings with pocket gardens. Features: Development zone for office/light industrial. Addition of lower street lamps, some designated pocket green spaces with benches, trash cans with recycling features, bike path, etc. Monumental/Art Deco style architecture in future developments. Development to include ’green’ design principals and elements. Office, light industrial, trades, restaurant/bar. Military is well situated for future development of non retail type businesses that could help create a fully profitable tax base for the street. Presently includes: Varied commercial non retail spaces, gas station, auto repair, restaurants/bars/event location, some vacant parcels. Military has no identifying features or characteristics that let one know that one has entered the Village.

What is the most effective way for us to decrease the number of rats now and keep their numbers low in the future? The first thing we must do is to stop considering poisoning rats as the solution to the problem. We must become more conscious about the welcome mat we inadvertently place out for the rats in the form of easy shelter, food and drink. Rats will not stay in an area that is not hospitable to them in these ways.

Kenmore Avenue: General Impression: Stylish, well kept entryway to the Village Features: Whole street redone with the traditional look already decided on by residents, TVGA Consultants, County and City, utility poles underground. Commercial and residential buildings updated to reflect a Village sensibility. Presently includes: Badly eroded avenues, almost no continued on page 8

If we observe the following simple guides, we can reduce our rodent population significantly by this time next year. Please trim and keep weeds, etc. short, especially near the base of a structure that would supply a comfortable rat shelter; seal any exterior holes or gaps in your garage and home foundation; use bird feeders that have a rat guard; clean up pet droppings, place water sources high off the ground or remove entirely; store trash in the totes. Without shelter and sustenance, these unwelcome guests will not e able to reproduce well and their numbers will dwindle. As Jethro from the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ would say, “Let’s tell them little critters to pack their bags and skidattle!”

The D.E.N. Consignment 3147 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore (716) 908-6354

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27




Good Neighbor Picnic Thanks to event sponsors, HSBC Bank and Ginnane Funeral Home, over 75 people were able to attend and enjoy the Good Neighbor Picnic held in Mang Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September. Hot dogs cooked on a charcoal grill, many delicious salads, deserts, and live fiddle music played by Willow Yeoh created the perfect setting to acknowledge those who had been nominated to receive a Good Neighbor Award. Those receiving award this year include Nominated by Carol Weigand: Nanci DeMeo, Barbara Kocinski, Theresa Lizauckas Nominated by Jessica Miller: Kim & Mike Fields Nominated by Marilyn Twardowski: Steve Kendall Nominated by Andrea DiPaula: Colleen Lokken Nominated by Nancy Harrington: John Rauk Nominated by Mackenzie Hassan: Rachel Roberts Nominated by Sophie & Ross Musso: John Salatino Nominated by Diane & Judith Wickham: Jennifer & James Tronolone. Congratulations to all nominees above; they were presented with a Good Neighbor Award at the picnic. These individuals have clearly demonstrated what it means to be a caring neighbor, making their

2934 Delaware Avenue Kenmore, NY 716-844-8334 Spray Tanning Salon – The Healthy Way to Tan! Discover the New Tan Craze! The Secret of the Celebrities!

streets better while helping to improve Kenmore; we applaud them and thank them for their efforts. Many thanks as well to those who took a moment of their time to nominate their neighbors to receive the award. One of the nominees was given the Good Neighbor of the Year Award and prize at the picnic. Colleen Lokken was the reward recipient based on the nomination letter that was sent to KVIS by her neighbor, Andrea DiPaula. “Colleen pulls our little block into a community. There is never a situation that she does not help out with. Recently, a neighbor's daughter had a fire and Colleen immediately donated food for her. As a neighbor on the corner grew older, Colleen befriended her and would take her meals, books to read and even painted the rooms in her home. When this woman, who really had no family, passed away, Colleen made all the arrangements for her funeral, including music sung by another neighbor and readings. Colleen does the yard work for our neighbor, who has some health issues. This is not just mowing, but planting bulbs, perennials and trimming -she does it beautifully. Recently this neighbor broke her arm and Colleen visited her and took care of her every day that she was in the rehab and when she returned home. Several times a year Colleen hosts a dinner for the women on the street because, you guessed it, she is a gourmet cook. The meal is always extravagant, but that would not matter as it is all done with such love. Many times during the warm weather at 4:00 p.m. the women gather at Colleens to share stories, drink wine and eat cheese. In the winter Colleen snow blows all around the block, yes, the whole block, so that the dog walkers will have a good path for their pets. When I wanted a rack to hang hats on, the next day Colleen came over with a five pegged one that she had made and painted for me. When the door on my downstairs bathroom was sticking, and had been for years, I came home one day to it being repaired. She had taken it off the hinges, brought it home, planed it and painted it and hung it back up! All this and Colleen cuts my hair too. She would do it at 10:00 p.m. if

I asked. Colleen volunteers for habitat for humanity. She is never too busy to help others. I know that there are many other things that Colleen does for others that I may not be aware of, and that would be because she does all of her good works never looking for praise. I know that you would love to have Colleen on your block, but FORGET IT! She is our Warren Avenue Steel Magnolia, I and nominate her for good neighbor of the year. You will not have a more deserving candidate.”

Nominate Your Neighbor for Award The Village Improvement Society wants to recognize your Good Neighbor. Perhaps your neighbor has helped out with snow removal, shared or watered plants, took your mail in, or even been there for you during a difficult time; whatever it is that makes your neighbor special, please tell us about it by using the form located on our web site at: or call us and we’ll be happy to get a form to you or take your nomination information over the phone.

Meet Ivan

DIVERSIFIED HEARING When Dr. Salvatore Gruttadauria, CEO of Diversified Services was still a medical student, he experienced an event that helped lead him to his calling. Dr. Sal was practicing ear examinations by looking into his young son’s ear; he noticed an abnormal growth within the ear that required surgery but was, fortunately a benign tumor -the tumor was caught before it could cause too much damage to his son’s hearing. Diversified Services for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology location at 2900 Delaware Avenue in the Village of Kenmore is the home office of seven located in various communities throughout Western New York. Diversified Services specializes in offering their patients and clients the highest level of service and care; from newborn babies to the elderly, Dr. Sal and the 120 employees of the company work to ensure the health and proper functioning of our hearing sense and coordination. Much like our vision, our hearing changes every year. We live in a world of noise from cell phones, airplanes, traffic noise, the vacuum cleaner, and so much more; it is easy to see why sociocusis, or hearing loss associated with living with noise, is on the rise. So if living in our modern society is a passive way to hearing loss, what are we to do? Dr. Sal recommends obtaining a baseline of your hearing. Many of us haven’t had our hearing checked since we were in grade school, if our hearing changes every year, one can imagine the changes that could occur in a decade or two or three. Hearing loss can happen at any time although it is most common as we age; often high frequencies of sound become more difficult to hear first. Sometimes hearing loss can be the result of a virus or tumor.

It is important at any age to remember to protect our hearing. First, be sure to be conscious of how many loud sounds you are experiencing on a regular basis and try to limit exposure as much as possible. Second, get a baseline hearing test by a well qualified professional like those at Diversified Services so that you will know in years to come if your hearing is suffering from environmental or other exposure. If you experience dizziness or poor balance, please see your medical professional and Diversified –often these problems can be ear related. Diversified Services has been offering their services for 27 years, 18 of those in Kenmore; in that time they have put genuine care first for those they help through hearing amplification, therapy and rehabilitation services, and more. Dr. Sal and Diversified Services Director of Operations, AnnMarie Valle invite area residents to stop into the Delaware Avenue office anytime; they are open from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and open evenings and weekends by appointment. Their phone number is (716)871-9883 or find them on the web at

Ivan Ereiz is a Kenmore resident who has given thousands of hours of community service here through KVIS. Ivan is the Co-Coordinator of the Publications and Marketing Committee as well as being our webmaster and chief graphic designer. Logo’s like the Children’s Concert Series, Kenmore in Bloom, and Dog Days of Kenmore are all Ivan’s creations for the KVIS. Ivan’s talent, skill, and creativity are evident; a Canisius College Digital Media Arts graduate, Ivan professionally designs branding and identities, collateral materials, ads, billboards, websites, and other marketing tools for businesses, individuals, and institutions. To view his portfolio samples, please visit What is unseen, unless you’ve met Ivan, is the extraordinary presence of this gifted and giving person. The slight accent of his speaking from childhood years spent in Croatia and Germany, the quick mind, compassionate viewpoint, regard for Kenmore, and the creative energy present in him are truly remarkable.

Dr. Salvatore Gruttadauria, AnnMarie Valle Diversified Services

It has been said that in the same degree as one is helpful, one will be happy; should this be so, then Ivan Ereiz has already won several lifetimes of happiness through his work for the KVIS. We hold him in high regard and thank him while inviting you to meet this creative, insightful person at a P & M Committee meeting held on the 4th Thursday of each month.

The Common Goal – The newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society

KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 7

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27




All Aboard the Trader Joe’s Express If we can’t have Trader Joe’s come to us –yet, then Kenmore will go to it! You are invited to hop aboard the Trader Joe’s express for this special, fun, and timely journey to the Cleveland Ohio Trader Joe’s store. The day trip will begin in Kenmore on a luxury bus. From here we’ll travel to Trader Joe’s, have lunch, and stock up on Trader Joe’s products. The cost of the trip is only $30 (price does not include lunch). Those going are welcome to bring shopping sacks and a cooler to conveniently transport products. Trader Joe’s is well known for their low cost, very high quality dried fruit, nuts, and many more products that are great for holiday baking and entertaining. The store is also known for its “Two Buck Chuck” wine and other beverages. The trip is a part of our initiative to bring a Trader Joe’s store to the Village of Kenmore. Seats are limited so make your reservations today by calling KVIS at 877-0477. The initiative to bring a Trader Joe’s store to Kenmore is progressing well. The initiative has many parts including: • The adventures of Kenmore Joe including the upcoming “Where in WNY is Kenmore Joe?” • A letter writing campaign encouraging all local residents to send cards, letters, kids crayon drawings, etc. to Trader Joe’s corporate office, requesting that they place one of their terrific stores in the Village of Kenmore.

• • • •

Support for the initiative through the Trader Joe’s for Western New York FaceBook page and media coverage of the initiative. Special local presentations Special presentation for Trader Joe’s corporate Well known personalities support for the initiative

Our life-size promotional figure, Kenmore Joe, has been having many adventures throughout the summer, some of them have been posted online and others are being compiled into a special presentation that will be sent to Trader Joe’s corporate office. We have knowledgeable people working on promoting this initiative including well known Buffalo Business First columnist, Dick Carr.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend any KVIS meeting; some of our youngest members have been attending since before they were born!

by Kenmore’s coolest, Pete R. Moss

Out: Being a home coach spud on November 12th In: Putting on some spiffy duds and going to The Great Kenmore Auction

REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE Please consider recycling this newspaper by sharing it –thank you. If everyone you know has a copy, please recycle it on your garbage day or: • Use it as a weed barrier in your garden • Clean your windows • Line your garage storage containers • Wrap your figurines • Make a paper hat

Business Streets Personality Profiles continued from pg. 6 curbs, poor sewer drainage, hazardous driving and walking conditions. The west end of the street is more commercial than the east end which has more residential spaces. Gas stations: The gas stations on our commercial streets presently look like any other gas station anywhere. Gas stations in other communities of distinction have developed designs that complement a smaller setting like the Village; the designs feature use of natural, flame resistant materials, proper scale of design, and elements that are charming, not institutional. Street Corners: When the Village was born and new streets were installed, each street had a special entrance

KVIS Newspaper 0911 page 8

The KVIS is in need of your help to let us know your thoughts on Kenmore Businesses and Mang Park. Each survey has only ten easy questions for you to answer and will take approximately three minutes to complete. The Businesses survey will be used to help investors, business owners, real estate professionals, and others know just what sort of business residents and friends of the Village will support with their custom here. The Mang Park survey will assist the Friends of Mang Park in developing a short and long term plan proposal based upon the preferences and priorities of residents.

Mang Park Survey:

Out: Staying in on October 22nd In: Going to the premier of the Virtual Tour of Kenmore Homes video

Out: Not building your personal legacy of giving In: Joining KVIS


Kenmore Businesses Survey:

Out: Losing one’s sense of adventure In: Hopping on the Trader Joe’s express

Out: A Village that always looks the same In: Decorating the community for Autumn and Christmas/Holidays

Creative production facility offering a digital photo studio, full range of computer graphic design & support, digital printing in small & wide format, mounting and laminating.

Each survey may be taken on line or on paper. Paper copies are available at Edward Jones Investments located at 2954 Delaware Avenue (corner of Westgate).

What’s In and what’s Out in the Village of Kenmore

Out: Hoarding books that have already been read In: Donating books to the KVIS for the Library sale

(716) 510-6721

View our samples & services at: We are still in need of people to adopt Trader Joe for a week; if you would like to join the fun just e-mail or call us. With the help of the community, we may be able to make the Village of Kenmore another great Trader Joe’s destination location!! Please contact the KVIS if you’d like additional information about any of the elements of this campaign and the work of the Businesses & Commercial Properties.

Kenmore Trendspotting

Out: Thinking sidewalk maintenance doesn’t matter In: Making sure one’s sidewalk is clear of leaves and snow


to it; each design of the entrances was different, from a low flowing capped brick to a taller stone like what’s found at the entrance of Deerhurst. The entrances to our Village (especially the Buffalo facing streets) would benefit greatly in having creative, distinctive corner posts installed that would truly act as the entryway to Kenmore. This could be accomplished in keeping with modern recommendations of traffic and pedestrian safety regarding set back, etc. Bus Stops: Many communities have bus stops that are distinctive. The bus stops we have presently are generic and don’t fit well into our streetscapes. Bus stops that have good style and reflect the historic nature of the Village would complement the personalities of each street.

KVIS Leadership LIAISONS Liaison to Banks: Gay Tanner; Liaison to Churches: Ellen Bumbar; Liaison to the Department of Public Works: Cindy Mang; Liaison to the Fire Department: Roger Walker; Liaison to Erie County Legislator: Mary Schieder; Liaison to the Superintendent of Schools: Patricia Christian COMMITTEE COORDINATORS Block Club Committee: Sue Kelley; Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee: Michael Foster; Children’s Concerts Committee: Events Committee: Kathryn Finamore; Lori White; New Residents & Welcoming Committee: Jeff Rogers, Lana Michaels Connor, Chris Bettinger; Publications & Marketing Committee: Ivan Ereiz, Nicole Milley; Public Properties Committee: Fred Frank; Patricia Christian Residential Properties Committee: Mary Uminski. ADDITIONAL LEADERSHIP Webmaster: Ivan Ereiz; Publicity Coordinators: Mark and Nicole Milley; Olmstead Parks Conservancy Advisor to Friends of Mang Park: Brian Dold; Friends of Mang Park Coordinators: Pat Dowling; Founder/Advisory Committee Coordinator: Melissa Foster; Photographer: Mike Ham FINANCIAL/LEGAL BOARD Joseph Manna; Audrey Moorhead; Dean Pavlakis; President: Melissa Foster; Secretary: Ellen Bumbar; Treasurer: Mindy Isch

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 14:27

Profile for Ivan Ereiz

Fall 2011 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Fall 2011 The Common Goal Newspaper

Fall 2011 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Fall 2011 The Common Goal Newspaper

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