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The Newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society


THE COMMON GOAL All about what’s happening in Kenmore! 2012, Issue II

Autumn 2012

SOCIETY MEETING DATES General KVIS Meeting 2nd Monday of each Month For Committee Meeting Dates Please see page 5

KVIS TO CELEBRATE 5TH ANNIVERSARY The Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) will be celebrating our fifth anniversary year in 2013. All KVIS Committees are working with extra special care to create a calendar for the year that will reflect the core values and mission of the Society. Over one hundred people attended the first meeting of the KVIS on May 19, 2008. In the subsequent meetings that year, Committees were formed and the work of studying our community and prioritizing our work began. This was truly a grass roots effort by all involved at the time, one founded on a true and heart felt desire to help make our community the best it can be in all ways.

We have held over five hundred and fifty Committee, Society, and other meetings since that first meeting and our membership has grown to nearly 700 residents and friends of Kenmore. We began at a time when social media was still in its adolescence, but since then our reach in that area has grown and this year we have surpassed the ten thousand mark. Each KVIS Committee has an individual mission to examine a particular part of life in Kenmore. They identify problems we may face as a community and work to create thoughtful solutions to those problems through events, campaigns, and initiatives. Since 2008 we have had well over one hundred and fifty campaigns,

events, and initiatives through the planning and work of the KVIS Committees. The Society has come a long way since 2008. Of course none of this would have been possible without volunteers – generous hearted people willing to give of their time and talents to create a better Kenmore for ourselves and for those to come after us. You are invited to join in the efforts of the KVIS, please see the back page for more information. The next edition of this newspaper, available January, will include the calendar and list of all the special and very exciting anniversary events, campaigns, and initiatives planned for the anniversary year.

R E S P E C T Spells Good Neighbor

KVIS Member David Cooper as Paul Revere at the Independence Day Celebration

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The Common Goal is the newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS). Newspapers are delivered to all Village residences by KVIS members. Copies are also available in public spaces throughout Kenmore, Tonawanda, and North Buffalo.

The mission of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is to improve the quality of Village life through consistent communication, engaging education, and thoughtful action.

We’re all familiar with Aretha Franklin singing the spelled out RESPECT song and we’re likely to know that the opposite of this word she sings about is disrespect, or to dis or dissing in the urban form of the word. Most parents strongly discourage their children from being disrespectful and most people would likely say that they try to be respectful to others. But a situation exists in Kenmore that has existed since the Society first started, and it seems that it is becoming a greater problem on almost every street.

causing deliberate damage to cars, gardens, and homes. 2.

The KVIS identified early on that not everyone in our modern community knows how to be a good neighbor so we developed ‘The Good Neighbor Guide.’ The one page brochure describes what it is to be a good neighbor as well as listing some of the major complaints residents may have about those they live near. This year the KVIS has received many more phone calls and emails from residents who are fed up with a neighbor. The incidents fall into three categories: 1.

Poor or aggressive behavior. We have received reports of individuals verbally threatening and abusing their neighbor; repeatedly using foul language within the hearing of children;


Lack of upkeep to the property. There are several bank owned homes that stand neglected throughout Kenmore, and the need for further legislation regarding the upkeep of this type of property is greatly needed. But the majority of the complaints the KVIS receives about property upkeep isn’t about this type of property. Unkempt single family homes and residential rental units –especially those without the landlord living on site are frequently the source of concern. These complaints include not keeping the lawn mown or allowing weeds to grow along driveways, fence rows; allowing gutters to erode a neighbors driveway, lack of consistent clean up of dog waste; lack of consistent and proper snow removal from sidewalks and driveways. Disturbing the peace. Music or televisions played outdoors or indoors loud enough to be disturbing to neighbors is the number one complaint to police across the United States. Motorcycles and cars without proper mufflers revving the engine loudly and barking or whining animals also top

the list of complaints. Screaming arguments is another disruption that is often a cause of irritation. The increase in serious complaints about these situations is a disturbing trend. In order for any group, community, or organized structure to be able to succeed, there must exist two elements: cooperation and respect. In a densely populated community like Kenmore where the houses are placed close to each other, this becomes even more important. To quote another song, this one by The Staple Singers, “If you disrespect anybody that you run in to How in the world do you think anybody's s'posed to respect you?” A Village resident experiencing difficulty with a neighbor was asked what message he would like his neighbor to hear. “First of all, I want to have a good, and maybe even friendly relationship with all my neighbors. But you only think of yourself –you don’t care that the condition of your house and all the weeds in your yard actually lower the value of my house. It’s like you’re reaching into my pocket and stealing money from me and it isn’t fair and it isn’t right.” Continued on page 7

New History of Kenmore Book Progressing The KVIS publication, “A New History of Kenmore” book preparation is going well. We have been collecting memories from people who have now or in the past lived in the Village of Kenmore. We have been hearing fascinating stories and have been getting a sense, through these memories, of the essence of what makes the Village such a special place. Our goal is to present a collective image of what life has been like in Kenmore during the past decades. We hope that this will help

to preserve precious memories that could disappear unless recorded now. We are looking to hear the memories from anyone of any age who has ever lived in Kenmore. We will need your help and the help of those who have lived in the Village of Kenmore in the past to make this book a reality.

New History of Kenmore book Coordinators, Mary Dewey and Phyllis CorleHooper will then arrange to meet with you to record your memories. Or you are welcome to write your memories (please include your contact information) and send them to us. Please also let us know of anyone else you may know whose memories should be included.

To have your memories included in the book, just call the KVIS at 877-0477.

Thank you for your help with this exciting and worthwhile project.


KENMORE GARDEN WEEK & KENMORE IN BLOOM Over four hundred gardens in the Village of Kenmore received a coveted Kenmore in Bloom sign placed in their front yard garden this summer. The sign signifies that the garden has been selected by Kenmore in Bloom Scouts as an outstanding garden that has varied color, form, and is well tended. “Its an honor and delight to have had my garden ‘Bloomed.’ Thank you for awarding me this distinction! Thank you too for recognizing the power of beautiful gardens, they heal and soothe those who pass by. Gardeners will almost always tell you that gardening is a labor of love- they make their caretakers stay fit and mentally healthy. Thank you to all involved for your commitment to Kenmore.” Jeanne Bowman Twelve of the gardens Bloomed were selected as Gardens of Distinction. These gardens represented the best of the best by the Bloom Scouts. The 2012 Bloom Scouts were: Barbara Hanavan; Cyndee & Paul Billoni; Eileen Murphy; Kathryn Finamore & Friend; Lana Michaels Connors; Lori White & Friend; Mary Boblack; Marileh Mirek & Friend: Marilyn Hannah & Friend; Mary McNeil; Pat & Rich Dowling; Phyllis Hooper; Rebecca & Willow Yeoh; Rosemary Sage & Friend; Vicki Weise Miller & Friend. If you would like to volunteer to be a Bloom Scout next year, please contact the KVIS.

KENMORE IN BLOOM 2012GARDENS OF DISTINCTION 135 Keller; 384 Shepard; 80 Tremaine; 96 Tremont; 86 Kinsey; 47 Myron; 31 Warren; 52 McKinley; 29 Nassau; 118 Enola; 103 Hiler; 365 McKinley. Those who were Bloomed and Garden Scouts were all invited to attend the Bloom Breakfast which was held on a beautiful July morning on the lawn of Kenmore United Methodist Church. Fresh coffee, croissant, fruit, and other pastries were served and a brief award ceremony followed. KVIS Kenmore in Bloom Coordinators, Eileen Murphy and Mary McNeil worked throughout the year to attract Bloom Scouts and sponsorship. Kenmore in Bloom would not be possible without the work of these dedicated volunteers and the following generous sponsors:

Event Coordinators, Jessica Ereiz and Jennifer Berryman worked diligently with the KVIS Events Committee to make the event possible. We would not be able to have this human –canine time together without the dedication of those willing to give of their time to help advance the well being of all family members, including dogs. It would also not be possible without the generous support of our event sponsors: Summit Federal Credit Union; Northtown Subaru; Lamar; Kenmore Animal Clinic; Kenmore Mercy Hospital; Gina’s Pet Salon; Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic.

Because of the very dry weather this summer, the KVIS decided not to photograph the gardens that were Bloomed this year but plan to do so next year, pending a season with more rainfall.

Sun Enterprises; Penny’s Hardware & Plumbing; Niagara Aquarium; Nicks Place Express; Kohler Awning; Kenmore Mercy Hospital; Harris Seeds; AAA Dennis Trees. Kenmore Garden Week began with the Bloom Breakfast on Saturday July 14. The following day began very interesting and educational talks by well known garden experts. The talks took place outdoors on the Village Green and when it rained, at Kenmore United Methodist Church. The first speaker was Sally Cunningham speaking about

Dog Days of Kenmore The second annual Dog Days of Kenmore event was a very successful and fun event for two and four legged creatures. Rescue groups, vendors, entertainment, food, demonstrations, blessings, and crafts were all part of the event that attracted thousands to Mang Park on June 23 and 24.

“What‘s Hot in WNY this July". Other speakers and topics included Kerri Bentkowski "Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, and the Wise Use of Water in the Garden"; Joe Manuel "How to Grow Better Roses"; Brittany Rowen "Landscaping with Native Plants"; Solveig Hanson, Harris Seeds “Growing Your Own Delicious Organic Vegetables”. Garden week ended with the Ken-Ton Garden Tour.

If you feel passionately about dogs or are concerned for their welfare, please offer to lend your support and help to this heart warming event. The Committee planning the Dog Days of Kenmore, the KVIS Events Committee, meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Please call 877-077 or send an email to if you are willing to lend a hand and a grey cell or two to help make the 2013 Dog Days possible. More information is available at the Dog Days of Kenmore website at:

Photo: Mike Ham, Kenwood Photography

THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT 827 Military Road Kenmore NY, 14217 871-1092

Hair Artistry & Quality Service at Kenmore Salon Louis Anthony Salon at Colvin and Highland in Kenmore has been owned by the same family for over 35 years. The salon owner, Louis Capizzi, who has been awarded the title Master of the Craft from the Arts & Fashion Group, is a consummate hair artist for women and men. Louis believes that a varied and thoughtful approach to hair styling is important; training, experience, consistency, and the highest quality customer service is what makes Louis Anthony Salon a great success. “Each client has their own personal style; it’s very important to me to be able to fulfill my clients wishes in the style they desire. It’s also vital to me to be able to offer suggestions or other assistance to those who are seeking a different style.” Louis, who was raised in the Kenmore area, didn’t have much of an interest in following in his father’s footsteps at the salon, but then one day he picked up the comb and scissors and now it is his passion. Louis has pursued that passion by seeking out advanced training experiences and has worked and learned from some of the best including the famous Toni and Guy Academy in London, England; Rusk in New York City, and Martin Parsons in Toronto. As a National Platform Artist and Educator with Bennie Pollard, BennieFactor/Gage For Men, Louis is in great demand, traveling to share his knowledge and skills with stylists and salon owners around the country. Louis and the staff of 13 dedicated stylists at the Louis Anthony Salon work to ensure that all customer experience is of the highest quality at all times. The salon also offers nails and pedicure service. The salon is located at 221 Highland Pkwy. (716) 873-6999. On facebook at: /louisanthonysalon

See more at

Photos: Kenwood Photography

Louis Capizzi


20 12, ISS UE II


BROKERS DAY A trolley was the transportation that carried the Western New York area Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents to Kenmore locations for this year’s Brokers Day event. This was the fourth KVIS Brokers Day event and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of Plaza Group; Tranzon Auction Properties; Sinatra & Company Realty; Montante Development; Foster Real Estate; Iskalo Development; Lake Shore Savings Bank; and O’Connell’s Bistro. The purpose of the Brokers Day events is to show available properties for sale or lease to those professionals who can most easily actively seek tenancy for them. The Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee works to make the events fun, festive, and productive. The 2013 Brokers Day featured small adventures at several of the available properties toured. At one location the Real Estate professionals were invited to play ‘The Kenmore Game.’ Questions about Kenmore were asked and prizes given for the correct answers. It was surprising to hear just how much the Brokers and Agents knew about Kenmore. The questions they were asked are listed below; how many questions can you answer? Look for the answers on page 5.

Some Brokers Day participants. Almost every local firm was represented at the event.


15,000 copies printed and distributed

Home delivery to all Village residents

1. Who was the Founder of Kenmore?

Great exposure

2. What was his occupation?

Low rates

3. Where did he live?

Helps support the mission of the KVIS

4. According to the 2010 Census, approximately how many people live in the 1.44 square miles of the Village of Kenmore? 5. What is the most densely populated Village in New York state?

Kenmore Trendspotting

6. What major element caused the Founder of Kenmore to begin building here? (Hint: it wasn’t cheap land.)

What’s in and what’s out in the Village of Kenmore

7. What are the three types of businesses that Kenmore residents do not want to see open here?

Out: Not enjoying the passing of time and each season. In: Stopping to enjoy the Autumn and Holiday decorating done throughout the Village by the KVIS.

8. Who did the architectural design for our Municipal Building? 9. Approximately how many Delaware Avenue businesses have been successful in the Village for over ten years?

Record Baron Buy & Sell CD’s, Vinyl, Tapes, 45’s

3048 Delaware Ave.


Brokers Day participants Steve Blake, Sandra Lister, Michael Licata, Chris Bettinger

by Kenmore’s coolest, Pete R. Moss

Out: Only listening to downloaded music. In: Spending some time listening to LP’s (think Record Baron) through big comfy earphones. Out: Waiting for someone else to become your Block Representative. In: Calling KVIS right away and saying “Yes! I’ll be our blocks representative!” Out: Only sending e-mail thank you’s or birthday cards. In: Going postal...sending a paper card or letter through the United States Postal Service.

Out: Being apathetic about voting in every election. In: Exercising your right of citizenship and voting every election! Out: Driving to buy your stuff In: Shopping at your really local store (think Kenmore first.) Out: Sitting watching TV or playing video games, every evening. In: Joining a KVIS Committee –hey, you meet cool people and get to do some cool stuff….good feelings. Out: Putting items to the curb for trash that could be reused or restored. In: Calling Buffalo ReStore to come and get those items 852-6607 x 203 or you can drop them off at 501 Amherst St. or you can take them to another charity like Goodwill, Buffalo ReUse, AmVets, etc.



TRADER JOE’S CAMPAIGN A PARTIAL SUCCESS The journey to creating our Trader Joe’s for WNY Campaign began with a discussion at the KVIS Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee meeting. After studying the way people purchase grocery items here, and taking into account other notable Village features and statistics, the Committee members concluded that the Kenmore Village would benefit greatly if there was a quality food market here. The Committee set qualifiers for what would be most desired in a new Kenmore grocery store. They then began seeking a store that would require less square footage than a big box supermarket because a smaller footprint would be in keeping with the scale of the Village streetscape. They also looked for a store that would offer excellent products at reasonable to low prices, preferable a store that would sell organic products as well. They determined that a store that already is well known and would be a destination location, would also benefit the Kenmore community. It quickly became clear that Trader Joe’s fit these qualifications

the best. Trader Joe’s has a very large and passionate following throughout the United States; there are thousands of communities asking (almost begging) Trader Joe’s to open in their community. The Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee knew this and determined that if we were to begin a campaign to ask them to come here we would need to be creative, original, persistent, and committed. We created Kenmore Joe, a six feet tall stuffed life-sized figure on the table of one of our members homes. We dressed him in a Trader Joe’s-looking tropical shirt, then asked people to adopt him for a week and take him to various locations in Kenmore and Western New York. At one point, Kenmore Joe’s schedule became so full that a KVIS volunteer, Nanci DeMeo became his manager, scheduling his appearances etc. At each location Kenmore Joe traveled to, photos and video were taken then posted on our Trader Joe’s for WNY facebook page. The photos were sent to Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters and posted other places as well.

We added a letter writing element to the campaign, asking people to send letters, cards, even children’s drawings to Trader Joe’s asking them to come to Kenmore, the Western New York area. In September we learned that our campaign was a partial success, Trader Joe’s will indeed be opening in the greater Buffalo area but unfortunately, it will not be opening in Kenmore. It will, however be located within a fifteen minute drive of the Village. The KVIS has a good sense of satisfaction in helping to bring Trader Joe’s to our area. The KVIS is confident that our campaign helped to encourage enthusiastic dialogue and awareness of the store and that this was a contributing factor in locating a store in our area. As for Kenmore Joe... he plans on being the first ‘person’ in line to enter the new store when it opens.

Teal Village Funds Donated Thanks to the generosity of Kenmore area residents, the Teal Village initiative raised $1,500 for cancer research and care; the KVIS raised $500, Hofert Jewelers raised $1,000. The initiative was prompted by the ovarian cancer death of long time Hofert Jewelers employee and Kenmore friend, Anne Vacanti.

those passing by as the teal decorating took place on May 5th. Many thanks to everyone who helped with this important initiative. The funds raised by the KVIS were donated to Gilda’s Club and the funds raised by Hofert Jewelers were donated to Roswell Park Alliance Foundation.

The Village was ‘frosted’ with teal colored ribbons for the initiative and residents donated funds by purchasing a Hofert Jewelers. Members of Kenmore United Methodist Church joined the KVIS to collect funds from

“On behalf of Gilda’s Club WNY, I would like to thank you for your donation. With support like yours, we will continue to fulfill Gilda Radner’s dream that no one will ever have to face cancer alone. “ Judith Skretny



EVENTS: 3rd Wednesday HISTORIC KENMORE: 4th Wednesday

Tablecloths, Shirt Laundry, Linens, Suede, Bedspreads, Casual Wear, Leather, Wedding Gowns, Coats & Furs, Area Rugs, Comforters, Drapery & Blinds Cleaning (take down/rehang service), Complete Tailoring Department


2375 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217


(716) 873-2952



Kenmore! ...the video The Kenmore Village Improvement Society is very pleased to announce that the Canisius College Video Institute has selected KVIS as a 2012 video recipient. “It is a great honor to have the Video Institute choose to do KVIS project –we’re thrilled to have this opportunity!” said Melissa Foster, KVIS President. The aim of the video is to present Kenmore and all of the Village’s positive attributes to those who may not be aware of them. Not only will it act as a visual ‘Come to Kenmore’ campaign, finding a place at local visitors centers, etc., but it will also act as inspiration to developing communities that will be enticed to purposefully

CHECK DONATED FOR CANCER RESEARCH Mary Beth Bartlett, Dominic Hofert, Sam Granelli Kenwood Photography

KVIS Leadership LIAISONS Liaison to Banks: Gay Tanner; Liaison to Churches: Ellen Bumbar; Liaison to the Department of Public Works: position open; Liaison to the Merchants Association: Cyndee Billoni; Liaison to our Erie County Legislator: Mary Scheider; Liaison to the Superintendent of Schools: Pat Christian; Library Liaison: Sheila Ginnane. COMMITTEE COORDINATORS Block Club: Andy Ross, Linda Hale; Businesses & Commercial Properties: Michael Foster; Children’s Concerts: Erin Pawlak, Jessica Lawrence; Events: position open; Historic Kenmore: position open; Kenmore Creative: position open; New Residents & Welcoming Committee: Jeff Rogers, Lana Michaels Connor, Chris Bettinger; Publications & Marketing Committee: Ivan Ereiz; Public Properties Committee: Pat Christian. ADDITIONAL LEADERSHIP Webmaster: Ivan Ereiz; Publicity Coordinator: Janet Utz; Olmstead Parks Conservancy Advisor to Friends of Mang Park: Brian Dold; Friends of Mang Park Coordinator: Pat Dowling; President/Founder: Melissa Foster; Photographer: Mike Ham

Videographers Kyle Kuli, Molly Rutter, TJ Schmidt recreate many of the Kenmore qualities shown. Three Video Institute participants, Molly Rutter, Kyle Kuli, and TJ Schmidt will be working to create the video. When asked what attracted him to want to work on the Kenmore video project, TJ Schmidt responded “The size of the Village and the scope of the project gave a lot of variation to this video.” Filming for the video has already begun. This video, along with our Tour of Kenmore Homes video, will create a package of factual and inspiration information about the Village the will help the KVIS to continually be able to easily convey the message to those near and far that Kenmore is a special place.

BOARD of DIRECTORS Joseph Manna; Audrey Moorhead; Dean Pavlakis; President: Melissa Foster; Secretary: Ellen Bumbar; Treasurer: Cindy Mang Brokers Day Answers to questions: 1. Louis Eberhardt 2. Real estate Broker 3. Mansion that is now Jack Hunt Coin Broker 4. Over 15,000 people 5. Kenmore 6. The trolley line 7. Hair/nail salons, pizza parlors, convenience stores 8. E. B. Green 9. Over 50.



BLOCK REPRESENTATIVES URGENTLY NEEDED No matter where one lives anywhere in the world, as humans we are interested in the situation that is most close to us. Kenmore residents usually concerned the most with our homes and the homes around us; this is followed by concern for our block, then our street, then the Village, and so on.

basic requirements to become a Block Representative are willingness to: 1.

The KVIS has set a goal to establish a Block Representative for each block in the Village of Kenmore. The area we are defining as a block is a part of street divided into its smallest increments or the area of the street between two side streets. For example, Block 1 of Hoover Avenue would include the area on both sides of the street from Military to the horse path or Melrose Ave. Block 2 of Hoover is from Melrose to Wilbur Ave. A Block Representative is a person who lives on a block who is willing to act as the point person for that block. There can be more than one Block Representative on each block who work together. Being a Block Representative is easy and you are invited to sign up to be your block’s Representative today or talk to a neighbor and sign up together. Each block in the Village is different so the needs of each block will vary but some of general requirements to be a Block Representative are the same. The three

Discover any problems or areas that need improvement on your block.


Occasionally have a gathering of at least a few neighbors to discuss various aspects of living on your block.


Contact the KVIS or various Village officials when needed. Sign Up to be the Block Representative for Your Block TODAY!

As Block Representative you will be able to simply and effectively –using very little of your valuable time– to help make your block the best it can be. You will be able to make your block safer and more appealing and if needed, easily deal with issues like cars speeding or ignoring stop signs on your block, damaged trees or street lights, non owner occupied problem properties, etc. If you haven’t ever considered being a bit more involved in making your block to be a really terrific place (or keeping it that way) you needn’t worry. Being a Block Representative is not something that will be a burden to you;

Party for Block Representatives Many prizes, tasty refreshment, and useful information await Kenmore Block Representatives at a party held in their honor by the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) and PUSH Green. All Block Representatives are encouraged to attend to receive the Block Club folder of handy materials, ask questions, learn of available money savings for your block, and much more!

We expect to have at least one prize for each Village block, so you won’t want to miss this fun and rewarding time. All Block Representatives are invited to attend.

Block Representative Party Monday, November 19 at 7:00 pm Community Center or Wilbur and Mang Avenues As the cold weather months begin, it’s important to remember that it is the obligation of each business or residential property owner to keep the sidewalks clear of leaves, snow, and ice. Not keeping the sidewalks clear is a violation of Village ordinance which can result in fines being imposed on those who do not keep them clear. Let’s Keep Kenmore Walkable & Safe!

rather, it will become a source of inspiration and pride in your life as the area around your home becomes everything hoped for. To become a Block Representative just find your block then contact the KVIS at 877-077 or We will need to know your name and contact information and your block name/number. Please make sure to see the article below for the invitation for all Block Representatives to attend a special Block Club event! This is the list of abbreviations used to identify all Village streets on the map below; notice that some blocks have the street initial and a number after it. KA: Kenmore Avenue

WH: West Hazeltine

TM: Tremaine

HV: Hoover

KL: Keller

MG: Mang

VC: Victoria

WG: Westgate

WS: Wabash

TR: Tremont

WT: Washington

KN: Kinsey

SH: Shepard

LS: LaSalle

LN: Lincoln

PM: Palmer

GR: West Girard

SM: Somerton

NE: North End

EH: East Hazeltine

PK: Parkwood

EU: Euclid

WR: Warren

KW: Knowlton

WM: Wardman

AR: Argonne

MK: McKinley

CY: Crosby

NS: Nassau

ST: Stillwell

Not listed on map but also in need of Block Representatives: Delaware Road (DR) DR1: Wardman to Crosby DR2: Nassau to Stilwell/Kenwood DR: Dellwood to Kenton Colvin Boulevard (CV) CV1: Stillwell to McKinley CV2: Argonne to Wardman CV3: Euclid to Kenmore Ave.



20 12, ISS UE II

Marking the Seasons Corn stalks, scarecrows, and ribbons –oh my! The KVIS Public Properties Committee has once again decorated the Village for Autumn. Decorations are hung for the Patriotic season, Autumn, and Christmas/the holidays. The Committee does this to make the passing of the seasons visually appealing for residents and those visiting Kenmore as well as drawing positive attention to the areas that are decorated. Unfortunately, the cost of so many decorating materials keeps going up and some items we use, after being exposed to the elements so long, are not able to be reused. Should you wish to donate time or funds to help continue what has become a welcome seasonal presence in Kenmore, please contact the KVIS. Thank you.

CHRISTMAS/THE HOLIDAYS DECORATING Saturday, November 17, 9 am Meet at the Village Green…..Everyone is welcome. Photos clockwise from upper left: 1. Look, Corn! 2. Barbara Hanaven 3. Phyllis, Patrick Hooper 4. Terry Mang, Mary Boblak

A Tuesday Evening in Summer A warm Tuesday evening in July at the lawn of Kenmore Middle School. Bright tents have been positioned for performers and concessions, colorful streamers and pinnies have been placed along the sidewalk, the trees shed some dappled shade and everything looks welcoming. At about 5:45 pm the stroller parade begins; from every direction around the Middle School, families with children of all ages head for the lawn and begin to set the lawn space they choose with their wagons, blankets, and chairs. At 6:00 pm more families and people of all ages continue to arrive and the lawn begins to look like a sparkling Christmas tree decked with bright and colorful ornaments. The musicians are there now and have started to warm up while those who have arrived stride to the concession area for pizza, beverage, fruit cup, or sundae; of course the prices are kept very low to make this a treat that everyone can afford. Sometimes a restaurant truck adds other choices to the menu too. One mother says, “I just love this! I can come right from work, pick up the kids, and not have to worry about getting dinner –and it’s so much fun!” At 6:15 pm the music begins and right away some children and parents begin to dance on the large center sidewalk. Other people are listening to the various sounds made by the instruments and voices, and almost everyone is smiling, The concert ends an hour later, some people linger while KVIS volunteers and Youth Engaged in Service (YES) kids work to clean up and put away the tents and tables. This is what it is like, our Kenmore Children’s Concert Series. Of course there are many people who don’t have children who attend because the quality and variation of the music is so high. But most likely all would agree that the Series is a wonderful gift to our commu-



Become a Friend of the Park Today! Contact the KVIS for more information or to join.

nity. Some children have now been attending the five concerts each summer for four years –for many it’s become a welcome and expected part of growing up in the Kenmore area. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to create the Children’s Concert Series. Volunteers are greatly needed to join the Concert Committee which works to secure sponsorship funding, selects the genre of music to be included and the five musical groups that will perform. If you, or someone you know, are willing to volunteer and help ensure that the 2013 Children’s Concert Series takes place, please contact the KVIS right away at 877-077 or Many thanks to the 2012 Concert Series Committee members including Coordinators Erin Pawlak and Jessica Lawrence; Jennifer Stamm, Tom Pawlak, and concert day manager, Bianca Leone. Quality performers are expensive so attracting sponsors who understand the viability of the Children’s Concert Series is very important. Our Corporate Sponsors this year were very proactive in their participation and they deserve our deep, heartfelt thanks: Hofert Jewelers; Kenmore Lions Club; Kenmore Town of Tonawanda School System; Lamar; Summit Federal Credit Union. Many thanks as well to these fine community sponsors: Anderson’s Frozen Custard; Franco’s Pizza; Hodgson Russ; Ivy Lea Pharmacy; Kenmore Mercy Hospital; Northwest Savings Bank; Watson’s Chocolates. Please visit, join, support, or give your custom to the Children’s Concert Series sponsors and when you do, please thank them for their generosity in supporting the efforts of the KVIS.


…RESPECT Continued from page 1

In many ways being a good neighbor by showing consistent respect for those living near us is ‘a no-brainer’ and it benefits us as much as it benefits our neighbors. It really isn’t difficult to do either: we just need to keep our property looking cared for, keep the noise down and be polite. This doesn’t seem like it should be very difficult for those of us who rent or who own our homes. Hermann Hesse wrote a book some years ago about a man named Siddhartha’s life journey. In the beginning of the book he describes the discipline practiced by some monks in earnestly seeking to identify with and understand all living creatures. With the number of complaints the KVIS has received about various negative situations existing between neighbors this year, it seems that perhaps we could all use a bit of Siddhartha’s wisdom. This is not to say that optimistic thinking will suddenly create an always peaceful community; many of the problems we have as a community are truly capable of seriously lowering our quality of life here. This is one of the reasons why we would like for each block in the Village to have a Block Representative. The communication that will take place with such a system in place will help us react thoughtfully and consistently when faced with something easily remedied like a broken street light or with something more complex like rats or troubled properties. Of course if the block is interested, it could also help create beautification projects, block parties, and more. Should we choose to actively work together to avoid creating an increasingly hostile environment on each and every block in Kenmore by simply being a good neighbor, we will all benefit; the value of our housing will stay strong, we will be safer, and our level of satisfaction in living here will be high.

Dancing and listening at a Children’s Concert Fine Jewelry, Gifts for Women & Men, Graduation Gifts, Gifts for Newborns, Charms Bracelets, Wedding Gifts

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POST OFFICE FEELING THE CRUNCH When the words ‘hazard abatement’ are heard, one may first think of ground contamination, or an area with asbestos or lead particles. But Kenmore residents (and all area residents) are being asked by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to remedy possible hazards at our homes. In August of 2012 the USPS posted a 5.2 billion dollar quarterly loss –wow. There are reasons for this, especially the controversial advanced funding of pensions within the Service. But no matter what the reason, it is clear that we all must do our part to help and support this vital service or service will be seriously curtailed. The USPS delivers our books from Amazon, clothes from LandsEnd, and medicine; it is often contracted out by other mail services to deliver their smaller packages to businesses and residences. In the past year 76 postal carriers serving ZIP Codes beginning with 142 were injured on the job from slips, trips, falls, or other accidents and two carriers were seri-

ously injured from dog attacks. This costs the USPS some serious money and the property owner could be liable for compensation for the damages and harm. It makes sense then for all residents to assist our postal carriers in delivering the mail by making sure our post boxes are positioned well –not behind a fence etc. Make sure the path to your postbox is clear of leaves, snow, and debris, and if you have steps that they are sturdy. At times you could have a problem with your mail delivery; if you do, please contact the PO’s national consumer line at 1-800-275-8777. You may also contact your local branch manager (remember that Kenmore mail is delivered from Northside branch on Hertel Ave.) The branch manager there is Justin Parisi; the phone number is 874-7008. The KVIS recently worked with Mr. Parisi and the staff at Northside to successfully resolve an issue a Kenmore resident was having with her mail delivery.


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More Kenmore... Holiday Pies The Village Restaurant is well known for their homemade pies. Because the price is reasonable but the quality of the pies so high, you can save the trouble of making them yourself. There are over two dozen varieties of pie available –a veritable pie heaven! The fruit pies have flaky crust and the cream pies are high and light; they make great hostess gifts. You must order the pies in advance. Stop by the Village Restaurant for the list of what is available. The restaurant is located at 827 Military Road in the Village. 871-1092.

and initiatives and we’re happy to sign student volunteer forms. We also have Internship opportunities available; contact us for more information.

Please Donate Used Books KVIS will continue to collect books for the Friends of the Library annual book sale. With your help, last year we were able to collect thousands of books and those books helped supply much needed funds to our library. Please contact us (see pg. 5 for contact information) if you have books to donate or use one of the convenient donation boxes we’ll be placing throughout the Village soon.

Green Thumb Helpers A big thank you to all the KVIS Green Thumb Helpers who so diligently worked this year to maintain many of the little Delaware Avenue Gardens, the Gazebo and Village Green point Gardens. Special thanks to Coordinator and Gazebo area gardener, Barbara Hanavan and point garden gurus, Dave Brenon and Jeff Rogers. Claire Berns, Mary Boblak maintained the Corner Store Garden and the good folks from Kenmore United Methodist Church created and maintained the beautiful garden at the post office.

Chocolate & Santa KVIS elves will be decorating the Village for Christmas/the holidays toward the end of November and we’ll be serving free hot chocolate to everyone standing in line for the arrival of Santa Clause to the Village on Saturday, November 24 at 1 pm. Children Welcome Children of all ages are welcome to attend any KVIS meeting; some of our youngest members have been attending since before they were born!

Help the Hospital The Kenmore Mercy Hospital Auxiliary is an organization dedicated to offering support to the health facility. New members are welcome. Please contact the KVIS if you would like information about joining the Auxilary; give us a call and we'll supply you with the information of the membership chairperson.

KVIS T Shirts Available A high quality t shirt with the KVIS logo is available for sale. The shift will make a perfect gift priced at a just $12 each and they are available in all sizes. Buy one for yourself and a friend to show your fondness for Kenmore. Call or email KVIS to get yours today.


Voter Registration The KVIS has voter registration forms available to anyone who is not currently registered to vote. The form is easy to complete; get yours by contacting the KVIS.

ATTORNEY at LAW Personal Injury

Criminal Defense

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Volunteer Hours & Internships If you are aware of a student or individual in need of volunteer hours, please direct them to the KVIS. We are always in need of help with our events, campaigns,

(716) 362-0470

Fax (716) 362-0480

There are no dues or fees or obligations associated with the group; we do have a Conduct Statement that we strive to adhere to. We meet at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Community Center located on the corner of Mang and Wilbur Avenues. The meeting lasts an hour followed by great refreshments and interesting conversation; you’re welcome to attend. KVIS is open to all people of any race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Please use this form to join, call us at 877-0477, or use our online membership form at our website: The information you provide to us when joining KVIS is not shared and is used for KVIS purposes only.


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Nominate Your Neighbor The KVIS wants to recognize your Good Neighbor. Perhaps your neighbor has helped out with snow removal, shared or watered plants, took your mail in, or even been there for you during a difficult time; whatever it is that makes your neighbor special, please tell us about it by using the form located on our web site at: or call us and we’ll be happy to get a form to you or take your nomination information over the phone. Your neighbor will receive a certificate and acknowledgement from the KVIS and may even win the Good Neighbor of the Year Award and Prize.

Phone: E-Mail Address:

I’m interested in: (Please check all that apply) Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee Block Club Committee Children’s Concerts Committee

Kenmore Creative Public Properties Committee Publications & Marketing Committee

Events Committee

New Residents & Welcoming Committee

Historic Kenmore Committee

Just general membership for now.

Do you have any specific skills, talents, abilities you’re willing to lend? Any Comments?

(716) 510-6721 Creative production facility offering a digital photo studio, full range of computer graphic design & support, digital printing in small & wide format, mounting and laminating.


More ...More Kenmore

Become a KVIS Member KVIS membership is open to all friends and residents of the Village of Kenmore. You’re warmly invited to join! When you become a member, you get to learn about information like what’s included here and much more; you get to put your thoughts and ideas for Kenmore into action; you get to know really neat people; and you add to your personal legacy by helping create a better community for us today and for those to come.

Photos from upper left hand corner: 1. Paul Billoni as John Adams 2. Cyndee Billoni as Abigail Adams, Chris Bettinger as Sybil Ludington 3. Bike Rodeo . David Cooper as Paul Revere & friends 4. Crafts table fun

Catering Kenmore Time can be in such demand and there’s only so much of it. When doing the cooking is just too much, call in the experts at Kevin’s Catering and Village Square Events. Kevin’s Catering (think sumptuous chicken parmesan, perfectly roasted vegetables) has been serving delicious cuisine to area residents for family meals, baptisms, anniversaries, and events of all kinds for several years now. With the holidays close at hand, order some pans of Kevin’s food for the freezer or have Kevin’s Catering create your perfect menu for any event or location. New to Kenmore is the attractive Delaware Avenue space that is the home to Village Square Events. The location will offer gracious ambiance for wedding receptions, luncheons, cocktail parties, and more; food created by Sinatra’s Restaurant makes it tasty too. Village Square Events: 2878 Delaware Ave; 621-2100 Kevin’s Catering: 2692 Elmwood Ave; 874-4464

Please mail this form to: KVIS, 16 Warren Avenue, Kenmore 14217 or use our on-line form at: Kenmore West Rugby Team help with the KVIS Big Kenmore Clean Up

Fall 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Fall 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper

Fall 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Fall 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper