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T h e N e w sp a p e r of t h e K en m o r e V i l l a g e I m p ro v e m en t S o c i e t y


THE COMMON GOAL All about what’s happening in Kenmore! 2013, Issue I

SOCIETY MEETING DATES The KVIS meets on the 2nd Monday of each Month 7 pm at the Community Center 135 Wilbur Avenue

February - May 2013

EXCITING EVENTS PLANNED FOR 2013! This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) and many exciting events and initiatives, most of them free to attend, are being planned to help celebrate this momentous occasion. The calendar for the year is included in this newspaper for your convenience, just cut it out, fold it, and keep it so that you’ll never miss an event that interests you. The Calendar includes fun events like the Groundhog Day Celebration and Independence Day Celebration; annual events like the Dog Days of Kenmore and the

Children’s Concert Series are included; community participation events like Kenmore in Bloom, The Big Kenmore Clean Up, Green Thumb Helpers, and Kenmore Recycles with Buffalo ReStore can be found on the calendar as well. Ongoing initiatives like our Public Art and Decorations Initiative, Friends of Mang Park, the Good Neighbor Initiative, and book collections for the Friends of the Library are included as well as a discussion on two serious topics, smart meter radiation and is fracking right for New York State. Our two to one and Cooper-

ative Initiative will continue this year while a new initiative, Kenmore Business Ambassadors will begin. This edition of our newspaper has the final request for stories about Kenmore that may be included in our New History of Kenmore book that will be published this year. People of all ages are encouraged to contact the KVIS and share your memory or Kenmore story with us for the book. Also in this edition is an invitation to anyone who moved to Kenmore since January 2011 to attend the New Neighbor Welcome Party in April.

Get Fit Kenmore Year Long Challenge Chris Gallant, Ramona GallaMaria, and son interviewing for the KVIS video ‘Kenmore!’


Look inside for invitations and valuable coupons!

The Common Goal is the newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS). Newspapers are delivered to all Village residences by KVIS members. Copies are also available in public spaces throughout Kenmore, Tonawanda, and North Buffalo.

The mission of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is to improve the quality of Village life through consistent communication, engaging education, and thoughtful action.

As the ten Committees of the KVIS were discussing ways to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Society, it quickly became clear that offering a gift to our community in thanks for years of support was preferred by most members. But what gift? What could we offer to such a diverse group of people that could be utilized and appreciated by everyone? The answer to this question has developed into a year long initiative called Get Fit Kenmore. This is a whole person wellness program and challenge for everyone who lives in Kenmore or chooses to participate residing anywhere. Our goal through the Get Fit Kenmore initiative is to offer people of all ages the ability to embrace wellness in any of its many forms. The Get Fit Kenmore initiative will strive to help everyone become more aware of brain health, emotional well-being, and physical vitality through wellness programs coordinated by KVIS in each category, or by referral to other existing programs. Children and youth, seniors, and people of all ages and abilities are welcome to join in becoming healthier, happier, and more peaceful this year through the Get Fit Kenmore program. Saturday, February 16 is the beginning of the Get Fit Kenmore initiative with an

Informational Open House and sign up from 10 am to 4 pm at the Mang Cultural Center (little brick building in the park.) Please plan to come that day to sign your wellness pledge –each person may choose to have a personal pledge that is done at home with private goals or by choosing to publicly announce wellness goals. Weather permitting, the ice skating rink just outside the Cultural Center will be open for skating at the Get Fit Kenmore Open House and the opportunity to measure weight, blood pressure, etc. will be available; stress evaluations, active brain checklists, and much more will be available free of charge. The Get Fit Kenmore program booklet and materials from many local health and wellness outlets will be available at that time. The booklet describes the many aspects of the initiative, answers questions about the programs included and provides encouragement for those participating in this wellness journey. The KVIS Get Fit Kenmore Committee has been actively creating a program that will make participation meaningful to all ages. Jill O’Malley is the Get Fit Kenmore Youth Coordinator, constructing a program for young people that is varied, creative, and fun with activities throughout the year including parent child sport and play, pajama stories at the Village Green, and possibly including ‘NFL Punt, Kick, Pass’ and

Big Kenmore Clean Up Discovery If you have ever volunteered to help at the KVIS Big Kenmore Clean Up event then you will have discovered this not so well known fact: Marlborough cigarettes are the preferred brand of those who litter, throwing butts on the sidewalks and gardens of the Village. Each year we clean up hundreds of these butts as well as many large bags of trash and weeds at the Big Kenmore Clean Up.

the Municipal Building between the two Delawares.) We will be cleaning Military, Elmwood, Kenmore Ave., the Delaware Rd. and Ave., Mang Park, and the municipal parking lots. We will also be weeding the municipal gardens along Delaware and at the entrances to the parking lots. Please wear gloves and bring garden tools, brooms, gas powered blower if possible with you.

This year the Clean Up will take place on Saturday, April 27. We will meet at 9 am at the Village Green (the area in front of

The Big Kenmore Clean Up takes place rain or shine. Many helpers are needed. Volunteer hours for students are awarded.

‘Lego Imagine It.’ The Senior adult portion of the Get Fit Kenmore initiative Coordinator is Pat Dowling. Some of the elements of this program include a six week course on dealing effectively with chronic disease, free exercise classes at the Community Center, as well as Remember that Song Sing-along, and much more. Special valuable offers from local businesses - gymnasiums, health food, vitamins, therapeutic massage, exercise classes, places to learn something new, guided meditation, exercise gear, reading supplies, and much more will be available at the Open House and throughout the year in the Get Fit Kenmore booklet. Many local restaurants will also be participating in the program by offering a Get Fit Kenmore healthy choice on their menu throughout the year. One of the goals that some participants will be working toward is the Get Fit Kenmore 5K Race that will take place in the Village on Saturday, September 21. The Race will include a fun walk for people of all ages and a mini Run for children. Training for the Run for those who are interested will begin in March. The Race Director, Patti Pembleton has training sessions planned for beginning runners or those who haven’t run for a while, children, experienced runners, and walkers. Additional details will be available at the Open House on 2/16 or by contacting the KVIS. The Get Fit Kenmore program is FREE. If you would like to reduce stress in your life, improve brain health and memory, lose weight, awake creative thinking, run or walk a race, gain physical strength, flexibility, and endurance, and enhance emotional well being, please consider participating and make sure to tell others you know about this program.


KENMORE NEIGHBORS INVITED TO TWO UPCOMING PARTIES Circle this date on your calendar and reserve the evening to attend the party of the year! Plans are underway for the KVIS 5th Anniversary Celebration Party and all Kenmore residents, friends, and KVIS members are invited! Live entertainment and music, food, dancing, and general merriment will be included in this happy event.

Have you moved to the Village of Kenmore or moved within the Village anytime from January 2011 through April 2013? If so, you’re invited to the New Neighbor Welcome Party! The KVIS Welcoming Committee throws this Party every other year to help new residents learn about the many wonderful resources the Village of Kenmore has to offer and to warmly welcome them here.

5th Anniversary Celebration! Saturday, May 18

Every part of the Village is present at the New Neighbor Welcome Party; almost every business, organization and club are present as are representatives from the Village government, churches, and block clubs! There will be food to sample, demonstrations, information and schedules, coupons and special offers, give-aways, and much more. Please mark your calendar to attend and share this information with those you know. Thank you.

The 5th Anniversary Party is being planned so that families and people of all ages can join in the fun. The group planning the party will need to know if you will be coming or not. The details of the party will be announced in April.

New Neighbor Welcome Party! Saturday, April 13 from 12-3 pm Kenmore Community Center 135 Wilbur Avenue Do you love to plan parties? Help plan these two fun events. Just call the KVIS at (716) 877-0477 or e-mail us at

Some Things Really are Free It’s true that many things in life aren’t free but when KVIS sat down with Kate Howard from our local PUSH Green initiative, we learned that this smart program is easily accessible to almost everyone and some parts are truly free! Read on to find out how all of us and our neighbors can tap into this resource.

KVIS: How would I pay for the work done? Kate: Energy efficiency improvements have traditionally been out of reach for working class families or people with lower to moderate incomes. PUSH Green can help homeowners apply for safe, low-interest financing provided by New York State, including On Bill Recovery, an innovative program which lets homeowners pay off the work in installments on their energy bill. PUSH Green will also identify if a homeowner qualifies for NY State subsidies that can pay for up to 50% of the work, or a 10% cash-back incentive for high efficiency measures.

KVIS: Why should Kenmore residents know about PUSH Green? Kate: We’re improving Kenmore through energy efficiency and we’re doing it by changing the way work is done in the home performance sector. We’re making buildings more comfortable, saving residents money, and leveraging collective customer purchasing power to create local jobs that pay family sustaining wages and benefits.

KVIS: Is there a lot of paper work and will I do this myself? Kate: The difference between working with PUSH Green and making energy efficiency improvements on your own is that PUSH Green Community Energy Advocates are there to support you every step of the way. We begin by pre-screening you and your home for program eligibility and assisting you with the simple one-page application for the free comprehensive home energy assessment. While the paperwork associated with financing can be daunting, your PUSH Green Community Energy Advocate is there to help every step of the way.

Join KVIS at the Golden Age Games

KVIS: Have other people in Kenmore enlisted PG's services for home energy improvements? Kate: Yes, other people in Kenmore have enlisted PUSH Green’s services for home energy improvements. PUSH Green is collaborating with similar organizations across the state to reduce our energy usage and create jobs. Kenmore can be one of the first communities to become a leader in energy efficiency!

The 27th National Veterans Golden Age Games will be held in Buffalo from May 29th to June 4th 2013. The KVIS will be volunteering to help support the efforts of this very special event on Saturday June 1 from 1-5 pm at Nichols School; we will be assisting with the Croquet portion of the games.

Kate Howard

KVIS: How can PG help someone here who owns a residential property? Kate: PUSH Green can connect homeowners to a free comprehensive home energy assessment, performed by a NYSERDA approved contractor. PUSH Green also acts as an expert advocate and ally for the homeowner throughout the process of making energy efficiency improvements. KVIS: What is done in the free energy audit? Kate: The free comprehensive home energy assessment checks your home from top to bottom to target where it’s losing energy and what can be done to stop it. This includes checking the efficiency of your heating system, the level of insulation in your walls and attic, and performing a blower door test to identify the precise areas where air is escaping or entering your house. The auditor will also check for any health and safety issues your heating/cooling system may have, such as carbon monoxide, gas leaks, or moisture problems. KVIS: Who would do the work on my home? Kate: Work on your home would be done by a NYSERDA participating contractor who is also accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a company which sets the standards in whole-house energy efficiency improvements across the nation. PUSH Green does not perform work on your home, but acts as an advocate for the homeowner throughout the process.

STRAIGHT UP WINES & LIQUORS 20% off Wines 10% off Spirits (Sale items excluded. Valid until 3/31/13)

2534 Elmwood Ave. 871-1000

KVIS: Who do I contact to begin or to learn more about PG? Kate: Call our office at 886-1780. Our three knowledgeable Community Energy Advocates are always eager to talk about the program and set up an appointment if it sounds like it might be right for you! You can also check us out online at KVIS: Does PG have any similar program for those who own commercial property? Kate: PUSH Green helps small commercial or nonprofit buildings access free comprehensive energy assessments courtesy of NYSERDA, as well as state financing that can cut the interest rate of local lenders by 50%. In addition, PUSH Green is rolling out a pre-retrofit incentive program that can help commercial property owners who make a commitment to energy efficiency improvements also take care of other commonly needed repairs to the building, such as roofing, siding, structural problems, or environmental abatement.

The N.V. Golden Age Games is the premier senior adaptive rehabilitation program in the United States. It is the only national multi-event sports and recreational seniors competition program designed to improve the quality of life for all older veterans, including those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. There are 14 different sports and recreational activities included in the Games which have compared to the Olympics for Senior Veterans. The games will 3,000 volunteers to make this event a success. Please consider joining the KVIS in supporting this terrific event by joining us on June 1st. Individuals and other groups are needed to volunteer to assist in helping make the 27th Games successful. Please contact the KVIS at 877-0477 to volunteer. Thank you.

Over 25 New Block Clubs Starting Many new Block Clubs are starting this year in Kenmore and over two dozen people have signed up to be a Block Representative on their block. Each Representative is starting a Block Club with those neighbors who are interested in helping make their block become or remain everything they hope it could be. Neighbors are meeting with their Block Representative to discuss their block; they’re identifying the problems that exist there as well as the positive points and they’re developing interesting, effective, and creative ways to strengthen their block. Some blocks have discussed joining together to have their sidewalks shoveled in winter, some are talking about beautification projects. One

block has identified a home with an elderly owner who could use some help maintaining their front garden and they have decided to help out with that. Some block clubs are working on more difficult situations. The Block Club Committee meets the third Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Community Center at 135 Wilbur Avenue. The Group shares ideas, plans, and learns through various expert speakers and training how to best manage the different situations that can be present on any residential street. There are many blocks that still do not have a Block Representative. If you, or you and a neighbor would like to begin a Block Club on your street, come to a meeting or contact the KVIS.


2 0 13 , ISSU E I

Homemade at Restaurant


Have you ever pined for a meal of a turkey sandwich made with quality turkey (that isn’t pressed and formed to look like mystery meat) smothered with gravy and served with homemade mashed potatoes –from real potatoes mashed with butter and cream? Or have you thought of how difficult it is to find a place where you can have a really fresh piece of pie and coffee that’s just the right strength of brew? In other words, are you looking for a place to get mom’s home cooking without putting her to the bother? You won’t need to look very far because the Kenmore Village Restaurant at 827 Military Road has just what you’re craving.

Barbara Skaros is known throughout the area as “The Pie Lady” because her pies are of such a high quality. No boxed pre-made crusts for her, each is made by scratch by her at the restaurant into fruit and cream pies that are crisp, creamy, and full of flavor. When asked why they take such care with the quality of the food they serve their customers, Barbara and Manny answer, “Because we believe in serving our customers like we’re serving our family.” But quality doesn’t mean high price at the Kenmore Village Restaurant, the prices are kept low with a big breakfast starting at just $3.40. Bring the family to visit this fine Village eatery today and make sure to say hello to Manny at the grill on your way in. The restaurant is open MondaySaturday 6 am- 9 pm Sunday 6 am3 pm. Crème Brulee French Toast

FORUM TO EXAMINE IMPORTANT TOPICS Sunday March 3 the KVIS will host a Forum discussion on two topics, Smart Reader Radiation and Fracking in New York State. The Forum is free and open to the public. Representatives from the many points of view of both topics will be present to share information with the audience. The Forum will be moderated to ensure fair discussion practices. The Forum will begin at 1:30 pm and end at 3:00 pm. Please help us spread the word about this event by sharing this information with others you know. Thank you.

Getting Wreathes Ready to Hang for the Holidays

Manny Skaros opened the restaurant fourteen years ago. A professional restaurateur, Manny had owned several restaurants before opening the Kenmore Village Restaurant and this wealth of experience shows in every aspect of the food and service there. Classic American style diner fare with ethic selections included –some Italian, Mexican, and Greek choices as well featuring Manny Skaros Manny’s mothers recipes. Comfort food and health food are available while the number and creativity of the specials is remarkable. There are at least ten specials every day with fifteen additional breakfast specials, of which Crème Brulee French Toast, and Eggs Benedict with gently poached eggs and real homemade hollandaise sauce are just two.


Pat Dowling, Barbara Hanavan, Cindy Mang, Pat Christian, Dee Diliberto, Terry Mang, Michael Foster

Oscar Hammerstein penned the words, “Do I love you because you’re beautiful Or are you beautiful because I love you?” What we care for is often perceived as any number of adjectives that pertain to beauty and fondness, it is the wonderful power of our mind and heart collaboration to create this response. This response is important to us as a community, we care for Kenmore so it is lovely to us in many ways. The KVIS strives to look at the Village this way yet we also work to see our community in a realistic light as it helps us to clearly view the strengths and weaknesses of Kenmore. One of the issues we continually address is the evolving visual appeal of the Village. We developed the ongoing public decorating scheme to address this issue - we place seasonal decorations throughout Kenmore to help create a sense of joyful expectation as we celebrate the passing of time in this way. These decorations also help draw attention to our business streets and public municipal areas. We continue our public decorating scheme each season this year . We are in need of the assistance of people who work with wood as well as decorative painters. Please call KVIS at 877-0477 if you are able to help in this way or would like to help us decorate Kenmore.

Utility companies across the country and here in Kenmore have been installing what are called smart meters. There is controversy surrounding this move. Opponents of the meters claim that the meters violate already high limits on human exposure to microwave radiation. There are reports of smart meter interference with pacemakers and other implants while there is some emerging evidence that this form of non-ionizing radiation harms wildlife, trees, bees. The power companies claim that the meters are safe. Come listen to the discussion, ask questions, and decide for yourself if you want this meter on your home. Fracking, also called hydraulic fracturing, and fracture stimulation is a way of extracting shale gas from the earth. Deep holes are drilled vertically into the earth then horizontally, chemicals are them pumped into the underground spaces and some of it is removed as well as the gas. Proponents of fracking say it is a no harm way to reach the gas, opponents list many reasons why it is lethally harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. There are several known sources of shale gas in New York State and this is potentially one of the most important topics we can explore when considering the future inhabitants of our state.


Please recycle this paper by sharing it ...thanks!

Last Chance to Share Memory for Book This edition of The Common Goal newspaper will be the last time that we request memories and stories for the New History of Kenmore book. The book will be going to the printer this Spring and will be available starting this summer. Do you or someone you know have a memory of the Village of Kenmore that you would like to share? We are looking for memories from people of all ages –from school age children to those well into retirement. It

needn’t be a fancy account, a simple trip down memory lane is all that is required. Historic Kenmore Committee members, Mary Dewey and Phyllis Hooper will meet you at your convenience to record your memories which will then be transcribed for the book. Please don’t let that memory slip away! Call the KVIS today at 877-0477 and let us know you have a memory to share and we will help preserve it for many years to come. Thank you.



GROUNDHOG DAY CELEBRATION At last years KVIS Groundhog Day Celebration, we named our groundhog Kenmore Kate. We had decided then that we wanted to honor the concept of allowing wild creatures to be wild, so we chose to not have a wild or domesticated groundhog for our celebration but rather to have a life sized animated groundhog. A special habitat was made for Kenmore Kate by master woodworker, John Hulley and it was brought to the steps of the Municipal Building for the early morning fun. Many children and adults gathered to discover if Kenmore Kate’s prognostication would mean more winter or an early spring. This year Kenmore Kate will once more be awakened by a tap on her door by Mayor Mang. There will also be groundhog poetry read by area elementary school students, music, and prizes for those present. Photos of those wishing to pose with Kenmore Kate will be taken at no charge by Kenwood Photography following the celebration. New this year is a special breakfast offer from two area restaurants. The Kenmore Village Res-

taurant and Plaka Restaurant are both offering $2.00 hot breakfasts from 9 –11:30 am to anyone attending the Groundhog Day Celebration. Since February 2nd falls on a Saturday this year, children will not need to rush to school and can enjoy a tasty breakfast. Coupons will be given to those attending the Celebration and must be presented to receive the breakfast special price. The Ken-Ton Bee Newspaper is a sponsor of the event. The Bee is having a Color Kenmore Kate Contest with the winner receiving a prize and mention in their newspaper. Groundhog Day Celebration Saturday, February 2 8:00 am The Village Green and steps of the Municipal Building Photo: Kenwood Photography

Become a Kenmore Business Ambassador Kenmore Business Ambassadors is a new initiative of the KVIS Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee. For several years now the Committee has been sending letters to certain Western New York businesses asking them to open another location in the Village. The businesses asked to come have met the criteria discovered in the two Business surveys generated by the Committee. After discussing the results of the letter

Best of Health

Once each quarter of the year, KVIS members will go to a local community as Business Ambassadors. They will visit the businesses there that appear to fit the criteria, offer information and a small gift to the owner, and with as much charm and persuasion as possible, ask if the business will consider opening another location in Kenmore. Of course there will be lunch and discussion involved in the Ambassadors outing as well.

Kevin’s Catering team specializes in personalized customer service –small or large, they will work to make sure your event will be filled with meaningful memories. There are times in our lives when it makes sense to enlist the aid of a skilled caterer to help relieve the stress often accompanied with feeding and hosting others: Confirmations, Weddings, First Communions, Wakes, Family Reunions, Anniversary, Engagement Parties, Retirement and Birthday Parties. Call Kevin’s Catering today at 874-4464 to learn more about their services or visit the website at Kevin's Catering, 2692 Elmwood Ave. in Kenmore.

If you are interested in becoming a Kenmore Business Ambassador, please contact the KVIS at 877-077 or

Discounted Vitamins, Minerals, Celebrating 27 Years!

writing, it was decided that a more direct and enthusiastically welcoming approach may be more effective in bringing interesting businesses here.

Kevin Lester’s family operated business, Kevin’s Catering is well known in the WNY area for providing excellent catering services highlighting simple and delicious menus, exceptional service, and experienced, creative, and well-organized event planning. All dishes prepared by Kevin’s Catering are made by scratch using fresh, high quality ingredients. The catering service staff is professional and friendly while attention to detail is of the utmost importance.

2840 Delaware Ave. 874-6422 Health Related Services By Appointment Nutritional Consultation; Therapeutic Massage; Foot Reflexology, and more Marcia Honesberger, R.N., B.S., C.N.C.

Open Daily 10 am-6 pm, Closed Sundays

Did you know? Both of the KVIS Kenmore Businesses Surveys when completed reported that the number one business desired by Village residents was a quality bakery. Mia Dolcezza is a bakery that has recently opened on Delaware Avenue. They are offering baked goods of all kinds including cakes, cookies, pastries, and breads. They are now serving lunches of soups, sandwiches, and panini as well. Stop in a welcome owners Jennifer and Tim to the Village of Kenmore.

The Scouting Life

TJ’s Confirms

Cub Scouting is a year-round, family-oriented part of the Boy Scouts of America program designed for boys who are in first through fifth grades (or are 7, 8, 9, and 10 years of age). The program aims to develop a boy’s character, train him in good citizenship, and encourage him to become more fit: physically, mentally, morally.

The wait is over! Trader Joe’s confirmed that they are opening a much sought after store here this year. The location will be the Benderson Development site on Niagara Falls Blvd. near Barnes and Noble Book Store. The store is scheduled to open in the third quarter.

Pack 529 in Kenmore has learned about their community by visiting the fire hall, police station, and Municipal Building. They've also worked with the KVIS in delivering newspapers and assisting with Village clean-up efforts. This past fall, a group of the boys helped clean up the yard of a resident who needed assistance.

GREEN CLEANING FOR THESE & MORE! Tablecloths, Shirt Laundry, Linens, Suede, Bedspreads, Casual Wear, Leather, Wedding Gowns, Coats & Furs, Area Rugs, Comforters, Drapery & Blinds Cleaning (take down/rehang service), Complete Tailoring Department

The Pittsford store near Rochester opened in 2012 KVIS members visited the store and stocked up on their store brand products for holiday baking, gift giving, and entertaining.

2375 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 (716) 873-2952

2429 Elmwood Ave. (at Victoria Blvd.) Kenmore


On Sunday, February 2 the Scouts will participate in Scout Sunday at St. Paul's Church, and then hold their annual Pinewood Derby: a race in which the boys carve their cars out of a piece of wood and race them down a long track. Pack 529 always welcomes new boys to check out the Cub Scout program and see if it's something they'd like to join. Cub Scout Pack 529 is based out of St. Paul's in Kenmore, and meets Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. For more information, please visit Other Boy Scout Groups meet at Kenmore Presbyterian Church and Kenmore Baptist Church.


Take $5.00 off a CUT! Take $10.00 off a COLOR! Just present this ad at time of service!

As for Kenmore Joe, our Trader Joe’s for WNY campaign mascot, he plans to be the first ‘person’ in line to enter the new store when it opens. After that KJ is thinking of going on tour to all the Trader Joe’s stores across the US, collecting symbolic trinkets from each location as he goes.


Valid on Wednesdays by appointment only with stylist Jamilynn. Offer expires March 31, 2013

(716) 877-0477





Winter Decorating SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center KVIS Winter Newspaper Edition

(Through September)

Green Thumb Helpers Begins

(9 am at the Village Green; bring broom, garden tools, gloves if possible.)

Big Kenmore Clean Up

(Everyone who has moved into Kenmore from 2011 to the date of the party is invited!)

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center New Neighbor Welcome Party

Forum: Smart Meter Radiation & Is Fracking right for New York? SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center Spring Decorating

(10 am –4 pm, Cultural Center in Mang Park)

Groundhog Day Celebration SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center Appreciation Packages Distributed Get Fit Kenmore Initiative Begins

The Mission of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is to improve the quality of Village life through consistent communication, engaging education, and thoughtful action.










12 16

2 11



12 14


Celebrating 5 years of service to the community!


Kenmore Night Out Celebration at the Children’s Concert

(Every Tuesday 6:15 through August 13.)

Independence Day Celebration SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center Summer Decorating Bloom Breakfast Children’s Concert Series Begins

(Blooming will take place until July 8th.)

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center KVIS Summer Newspaper Edition Dog Days of Kenmore Kenmore in Bloom Begins

Patriotic Decorating KVIS in the Memorial Day Parade

9-12, Municipal Building parking lot.)

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center KVIS 5th Anniversary Party Chris Sachs Memorial Scholarships Awarded Kenmore Recycles with Buffalo ReStore (Every 3rd Saturday May-October,

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center Get Fit Kenmore 5K Race & Walk Autumn Decorating

KVIS Newspaper Autumn Edition SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center This calendar is a living document. Please check our website, twitter and facebook pages for updates and changes.

11 14


21 28





10 13 16

4 8


14 23 24



25 31


18 18



SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center Christmas/Holiday Decorating Small Business Saturday

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 pm at the Community Center

Please see reverse page for additional information about the KVIS

Contact KVIS Website: E-mail: Phone: (716) 877-0477 Mail: 16 Warren Avenue, Kenmore 14217 Facebook:!/ KenmoreVillage Twitter:

KVIS COMMITTEES Block Club Businesses & Commercial Properties Children’s Concerts Events Get Fit Kenmore Historic Kenmore Kenmore Creative Publications & Marketing Public Properties Welcoming

ONGOING INIVITIAVES Public Art & Decorations Initiative Book Collections for Friends of the Library Friends of Mang Park New History of Kenmore Book Business Streets Personality Profiles Kenmore Green Initiative Kenmore History Curriculum 2 to 1 & Cooperative/Condo Initiative Businesses at KVIS Meetings Good Neighbor Initiative Kenmore Business Ambassadors



23 30



Criminal Defense  Personal Injury  2982 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 Phone (716) 362-0470 Fax (716) 362-0480




KVIS 2013 Calendar

Please cut out the calendar along the dotted lines below. Fold in the middle then fold back.


Block Club Committee Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee Children’s Concerts Committee Events Committee Get Fit Kenmore Committee Kenmore Creative Committee

Historic Kenmore Committee Publications & Marketing Committee Public Properties Committee Welcoming Committee Just general membership for now.

Do you have any specific skills, talents, abilities you’re willing to lend? Any Comments?

Please mail this form to: KVIS, 16 Warren Avenue, Kenmore 14217 Call us at 877-0477, or use our on-line form at: The information you provide to us when joining KVIS is not shared and is used for KVIS purposes only.

Please contact the KVIS to request a scholarship application form. Completed applications must be returned to KVIS by April 15. The KVIS Board will select those who will receive the scholarships from those who apply based on application responses.

Events Committee: This Committee proposes, plans and implements interesting events

Meeting: 1st Monday of each month, please call for time & location information.

Children’s Concerts: This group works to create an interesting and varied summer concert series for children and families.

Meeting: 1st Wednesday of each month, please call for time & location information.

Businesses & Commercial Properties: This Committee works to help Village businesses, creating relationships and dialogue between businesses and residents. The Committee communicates and works with Kenmore commercial property owners to help create awareness of commercial spaces for lease or for sale in the village. The Committee identifies strengths and weaknesses of village commercial properties in relation to the needs of business owners and residents, then strives to create interesting and effective solutions to these situations.

Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month, 7 pm at the Community Center.

Block Club: The goal of the Block Club Committee is to have each block in the Village of Kenmore be able to advocate for and improve their block. Each block has someone who lives on their block act as the Block Representative. This person, along with his/ her neighbors work to address any problems on their block and strive to make their block the best it can be.

Each KVIS Committee has an individual mission to examine a particular part of life in Kenmore. They identify problems we may face as a community and work to create thoughtful solutions to those problems through events, campaigns, and initiatives. Since 2008 we have held well over 150 events and initiatives through the planning and work of these Committees.

Chris Sachs was a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Financial Services here in Kenmore and was the much loved Treasurer to the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS). Chris was an important part of the beginning days of the KVIS. Though he was almost seven feet tall, Chris would sit at the end of the front row at those beginning meetings; his enthusiasm for the group and his winning smile helped everyone to believe that what we were starting was important, fun, and meaningful. Chris was only 36 years old when he died of leukemia.

KVIS Membership Form

Scholarship funds are available from the KVIS for four local students planning to study finances or teaching. The Chris Sachs Scholarships will be awarded this year at the KVIS 5th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 18.

I’m interested in: (Please check all that apply)

E-Mail Address:




Scholarship Funds Available Apply by 4/15 DID YOU KNOW? That volunteers are greatly needed by the KVIS –and are very welcome! It takes many people, many hours of volunteer work, and quite a bit of money to continually support our community through the quality events and initiatives offered each year. Won’t you please consider giving one to three hours of your time each month to help make Kenmore the best it can be in every way? Thank you!

Publications/Marketing Committee: The important task of getting the word out about KVIS in the most effective and appealing way is the responsibility of this Committee. The Committee also works developing, maintaining, and distributing KVIS publications including infor-

Meeting: 2nd Monday, 6 pm at the Community Center

Welcoming Committee: Addressing the needs of New Residents and creating a welcoming atmosphere for KVIS events is the work of this group.

Meeting: 4th Wednesday of each month, please call for time & location information.

Historic Kenmore: This Committee works to create awareness for the history of Kenmore, from the founding of the Village through present day. It also strives to show how important and pertinent Kenmore’s past is to today and works to help preserve recent Village history.

Meeting: 4th Monday of each month, please call for time & location information.

Kenmore Creative: The purpose of this group is to support, enhance, promote, and create awareness for Kenmore theatre, graphic art, written word, dance, music, and the arts in all forms.

Meeting: Please call for meeting information.

Get Fit Kenmore: All types of fitness and wellness for all age groups comprise the year long program being offered by this Committee.

Meeting: 3rd Wednesday, please call for time & location information.

which will, where possible, support and not compete with activities already present in the Village. The quality events planned meet the goals of the KVIS mission statement, add to a positive sense of community and are enriching, with some events raising necessary funds.

Should you wish to contribute to the Chris Sachs Scholarship Fund, please send a check payable to the Kenmore Village Improvement Society to 16 Warren Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 or call us to discuss other giving options.

15,000 copies printed and distributed to Kenmore, North Buffalo, Town of Tonawanda

Home delivery to all Village residents

Great exposure

Low rates

Helps support the mission of the KVIS

Celebrating 5 Years of Service to the Kenmore Community

KVIS is open to all people of any race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

There are no dues or fees or obligations associated with the group; we do have a Conduct Statement that we strive to adhere to. We meet at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Community Center located on the corner of Mang and Wilbur Avenues. The meeting lasts an hour followed by tasty refreshments and interesting conversation; you’re welcome to attend.

KVIS Membership is open to all friends and residents of the Village of Kenmore. You’re warmly invited to join! When you become a member, you get to put your thoughts and ideas for Kenmore into action; you get to know really neat people; and you add to your personal legacy of giving by helping create a better community for us today and for those to come.

Meeting: 3rd Thursday, 7 pm, please call for location information.

Public Properties Committee: All Public and Municipal spaces like parks, gardens, buildings, sidewalks, etc. are the concern of this Committee. The Committee works to enrich the visual and functional appeal of public spaces while endeavoring to retain vital Village public institutions.

Meeting: 4th Thursday, 7 pm, please call for location information.

mational and appealing flyers, brochures, newsletters, and the KVIS web-site.

Advertise in The Common Goal


2 0 13 , ISSU E I

Summer Dreaming Save the Dates It could almost be considered therapeutic to think about the warm weather during these cold months, and the time is here in these early months when the seed catalogues begin to arrive. The pages of the catalogues like Harris Seeds come with pages filled with so many colors, even the shade of blue that stretches across the lake on a summer day, and shapes and textures of all kinds the variation is astounding! If it isn’t too early for the seed catalogues, then it isn’t too early to mark our calendars to save the dates of these unique summer events and to think of them with fond anticipation as we do so. Perhaps you will enjoy thinking of the day when you are awarded a Kenmore in Bloom sign in your front garden, or when you take your canine friend to the Dog Days of Kenmore event and he wins the Look-alike Contest. Or perhaps you’ll revel in the thought of the patriotic spirit of the Independence Day Celebration or find yourself dancing as you think of the fine musical variation of the Children’s Concert Series. Maybe your smile will deepen as you remember that all of these

Fine Jewelry, Graduation Gifts, Gifts for Women & Men

amazing quality events are free. Thank you for saving the dates and for sharing them with others. Dog Days of Kenmore: Sunday June 23, 12-4 pm in Mang Park Kenmore in Bloom: Blooming begins June 24 and continues until July 8th. Bloom Breakfast is July 13.

Located in the Village at 2320 Elmwood Avenue, Custom Tee is the leader in screen printing, embroidered apparel, promotional items and design. Patti and her talented team of artists mission is to provide high quali-


FUNERAL HOME Complete Funeral: Cremation/Burial Pre-need Arrangements

2876 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore

Just in time for Valentine’s...

Get Fit Kenmore 5K Race: Saturday, September 21 in the Village of Kenmore

40% off any store item

Did you know? The D.E.N. Consignment has another location for quality consigned Furniture and Home Décor. The store is located at 2851 Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda. 7681802 or

ty merchandise at competitive pricing with a quick turn around and high customer satisfaction. All the work at Custom Tee and Identity Ink is done at the Kenmore location - from design to printing to sales. Custom Tee does retail and wholesale for sports teams, events, fundraising items, and can color match any item. “The Village is safe, clean, and friendly –a great place to have a business,” said Patti. Custom Tee is open to the public and has a wide range of local interest t-shirts, jackets, bags, caps, Patti Pembleton and more that make cherished gifts. Custom Tee is open regular business hours.

Expires 3/1/13

Hofert Jewelers -Your brilliant source for diamonds!


3147 Delaware Avenue 876-1627 Mon. 12-4 pm, Tues. & Wed. 11-5 pm, Thurs. 12-7 pm, Fri. & Sat. 11-5 pm *Gift Certificates Available for that Someone Special *

“Straight Up Wines & Liquors is excited and proud to open in Kenmore. We promise to serve the community, be good neighbors, and provide our customers with an excellent selection of wine and spirits at a reasonable cost.” -Dan & Brenda

Question: Who wrote Buffalo Jock Wrap, had a radio show, and give food, movie, and sports reviews? Answer: Dan & Brenda. Stop in to Straight Up Liquors to learn more!


Photo: Mike Ham, Kenwood Photography

Fine Jewelers Since 1929

Children’s Concert Series: Tuesday July 16, 6:15 pm Every Tuesday evening through August 13.

KVIS is looking to help fill the needs of seniors, young professionals, and other people wishing to have home ownership in Kenmore but who do not wish to have the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance. We are working with New York State to possibly offer future conversions of Kenmore doubles to condominium/ cooperative units. This will enable a senior to remain living in Kenmore without the burden of upkeep and will enable young people to build equity that can be used for single family home ownership if so desired. We are also working to provide a model of a conversion of a two family apartment unit to a large single family home. This will help those who wish to have more square footage and amenities not need to move to gain the space they require.

HOFERT JEWELERS (716) 873-5694

3215 Delaware Avenue Kenmore, NY


Gifts for Newborns, Charms Bracelets, Wedding Gifts

Independence Day Celebration: Thursday July 4, 10 am –12 pm at the Village Green.

Where to Shop...Custom Tee on Elmwood Over twenty years ago Patti Pembleton went to nine banks to try to secure a loan to start her business, Custom Tee Activewear - the tenth bank saw her vision and she has been a strong presence in custom apparel ever since. If you have belonged to a team, gone to a concert, run a race or been in a golf tournament, been a part of a not for profit, or been an employee of a company of any size, then you have probably worn a Custom Tee t -shirt.


Malone’s new owner Jim Cottane has been transforming the bar into a stylish Celtic pub and family eatery that feels comfortable, well cared for, and welcoming. The kitchen has been expanded and offers fresh seasonal entrees, Friday fish fry, and kids menu. Drink specials, a dart league and more make Malone’s everyone’s ‘local’ for twenty five years. Valuable Coupon!

MAD PANDA STUDIO (716) 510-6721 Creative production facility offering a digital photo studio, full range of computer graphic design & support, digital printing in small & wide format, mounting and laminating. View our samples & services at:

To Inform & Empower Parents

3020 Delaware Avenue 875-2020

Buy one menu item receive the second menu item $6.00 off with the purchase of two beverages. Expires 3/01/13

Jill O’Malley founded the Ken-Ton Parent Association (KTPA) in 2012. The group is a volunteer organization with the mission to inform and empower parents to advocate for the needs of their children. The next meeting of the group will take place on 1/31 at 7 pm at Kenmore West High School faculty cafeteria. The KTPA Ken-Ton Closet program, youth activities for the KVIS Get Fit Kenmore initiative, and District consolidation facts and advocacy issues will be discussed. Anyone interested in learning more about any of these topics is welcome to attend! For additional information about the KTPA visit

2 0 13 , ISSU E I



More Kenmore... Nominate Your Neighbor The KVIS wants to recognize your Good Neighbor. Perhaps your neighbor has helped out with snow removal, shared or watered plants, or even been there for you during a difficult time; whatever it is that makes your neighbor special, please tell us about it by using the form located on our web site at: or call us and we’ll be happy to get a form to you or take your nomination information over the phone. Your neighbor will receive a certificate and acknowledgement from the KVIS and may even win the Good Neighbor of the Year Award and Prize. DPW & Police Changes The Kenmore Department of Public Works (DPW) has a new Superintendent. Andrew Mang, a long time veteran of the Department, is the new head of the DPW. Peter Breitnauer has been confirmed as our new Chief of Police. With growing demand for services and growing costs, Andy and Pete have difficult jobs but will work diligently to ensure that Kenmore is a safe, clean, and a pleasing place to enjoy. Many thanks to both of them for accepting the demanding responsibilities of their jobs. Please Donate Used Books KVIS will continue to collect books for the Friends of the Library annual book sale. With your help, last year we were able to collect thousands of books and those books helped supply much needed funds to our library. Please use one of the convenient donation boxes placed at various businesses throughout the Village or contact the KVIS (see pg. 1 for contact information) for additional information or assistance. Personal Attention & Expertise at Best of Health Best of Health is a health nutrition store and health services center. Owner Marcia Honsberger is a certified nutritional consultant offering one-on-one consultations to assess nutritional deficiencies. She develops specific individualized programs for optimum health with vitamins, herbs, enzymes or homeopathics. See ad page 4.

Volunteer Hours & Internships If you are aware of a student or individual in need of volunteer hours, please direct them to the KVIS. We are always in need of help with our events, campaigns, and initiatives and we’re happy to sign student volunteer forms. We also have Internship opportunities available; contact us for more information. KVIS T Shirts Available A high quality t shirt with the KVIS logo is available for sale. The shift will make a perfect gift priced at a just $12 each and they are available in all sizes. Buy one for yourself and a friend to show your fondness for Kenmore. Call or email KVIS to get yours today. Pancakes for a Cause Did you know that PTA’s must pay for any field trips etc. that school children have each year? Help the Kenmore Middle School PTA raise some much needed funds at their Pancake Breakfast. 2/17, 8-10 am at Applebees on Delaware. Cost is $6.50 per person. New Advisor at Edward Jones Investments Mark Hemme is the new Financial Advisor at Edward Jones Investments at 2954 Delaware Avenue in the Village. Mark worked for many years at Morgan Stanley/ Merrill Lynch and also at HSBC Bank in international finance. Mark believes in a personal approach to financial planning for each individual. Financial health is an important part of life and a smart goal for everyone. Mark can help us achieve our individual goals through savvy planning. Give him a call at 4470830; he will arrange a time to meet with you at the Edward Jones office or at your home. Mark Hemme

Cookies Breads Pastries Cakes Now serving Heaven is just a bite away

LUNCH! 2872 Delaware Ave. Kenmore 768-4080

Tuesday-Friday: 10-6, Saturday: 10-4

Over 100 Kids Will Perform in Musical at Lindbergh Lindbergh Elementary School will be performing a fullscale production of Disney’s Aristocats Kids February 13 and 14 at 7:00 pm at the School. Tickets are $5 each. Approximately one hundred fourth and fifth grade students will be participating in the production. Get Fit Kenmore Seniors You’re invited to join other Kenmore Seniors at ‘the Club’ each Tuesday! The Club 99 Exercise Program involves light, mainly chair based exercise to maintain range of motion, strength, improve cardiovascular health and balance; it’s also a great way to have fun and meet people. The small group meets every Tuesday at 11:00 A.M. for approximately 45 minutes at the Kenmore Community Center at 135 Wilbur Avenue. Following the class you may stay for a reasonably priced hot lunch and enjoy the friendly companionship of a great group of people. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes please.

Children Welcome Children of all ages are welcome to attend any KVIS meeting; some of our youngest members have been attending since before they were born!

Become a KVIS Member KVIS membership is open to all friends and residents of the Village of Kenmore. You’re warmly invited to join! When you become a member, you get to learn about information like what’s included here and much more; you get to put your thoughts and ideas for Kenmore into action; you get to know really neat people; and you add to your personal legacy by helping create a better community for us today and for those to come. There are no dues or fees or obligations associated with the group; we do have a Conduct Statement that we strive to adhere to. We meet at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Community Center located on the corner of Mang and Wilbur Avenues. The meeting lasts an hour followed by great refreshments and interesting conversation; you’re welcome to attend. KVIS is open to all people of any race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Please use this form to join, call us at 877-0477, or use our online membership form at our website: The information you provide to us when joining KVIS is not shared and is used for KVIS purposes only.

KVIS Membership Form Kyle Kull, Molly Rutter, Timothy Schmidt,


Canisius College Video Institute has completed the KVIS “Kenmore!” video. The short promotional video will be shown for the first time here at the KVIS February meeting on 2/11 at 7 pm at the Community Center at 135 Wilbur Avenue. This video along with our ’Tour of Kenmore Homes” video will be used extensively throughout the region to assist people in learning about the Village.


Phone: E-Mail Address:

I’m interested in: (Please check all that apply) Block Club Committee Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee Children’s Concerts Committee

Historic Kenmore Committee Publications & Marketing Committee Public Properties Committee

Events Committee

Welcoming Committee

Get Fit Kenmore Committee

Just general membership for now.

Kenmore Creative Committee

The “Kenmore!” video was filmed and directed by Canisius College students, Molly Rutter, Timothy Schmidt, and Kyle Kull. The Video Institute is directed by the Chair of Communication Studies, Barbara J. Irwin, Ph.D. Our gratitude to Canisius for creating the video for us.

Do you have any specific skills, talents, abilities you’re willing to lend? Any Comments?

Nail Trimming Shampoo, Cut, & Dry

Please mail this form to: KVIS, 16 Warren Avenue, Kenmore 14217 Call us at 877-0477, or use our on-line form at:

9 Euclid Avenue, Kenmore (716) 472-1606

Winter/Spring 2013 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Winter/Spring 2013 The Common Goal Newspaper