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T h e N e w s p a p e r o f t he K e n mo r e V i l l a g e I mp r o v e me n t S o c i e t y

KVIS Kenmore, New York Est. 2008

THE COMMON GOAL All about what’s happening in Kenmore!

2011, Issue III

February through May 2012



Exciting Calendar of Events Planned

2nd Monday of each Month

February 13 March 12 April 16 May 14 June 11 July 9 August (no meeting) September 10 October 8 November 12 December 10

Look inside for invitations to events and chances to win great prizes!

The Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS) is pleased to present our 2012 calendar of exciting events, campaigns, and initiatives. A copy of the calendar is available in this publication for you to cut out, fold, and keep as a handy reference. Most of the events the KVIS presents each year to the public are family friendly events that are free of charge. KVIS Committees plan the work we do each year based on their observations of our community. One of the first observations that we made was the need to provide events that would be well received by busy families that would also be a gift to the children of Kenmore. This inspired the Children’s Concert Series which this summer will be in its fourth year of enter-

taining people of all ages. This year’s Concert Series will take place each Tuesday evening for five weeks from July 10 through August 14 outside on the lawn of Kenmore Middle School. The Village Green is the gathering place for well known figures from our nation’s early days on the morning of Independence Day, July 4. From 10 am to noon characters like George and Martha Washington interact with everyone present, telling them the story of their lives and that of early America. The free Independence Day Celebration includes a bike rodeo and decorating, patriotic music, activities, games, crafts, prizes, contests, and more. The KVIS and ReTree Western New

York are working together to create a fundraising event that will help supply our area with more trees to replace those damaged through the tragic October storm and supply funds for the continuation of the greening of Kenmore through plants, trees, and flowers. The event is called the Green Gala; it will be held Saturday evening, October 13, the anniversary of the storm. Marvelous music, food, décor, auction items, and much more will set the tone for this splendid event. It began with a posting on our Facebook page ( wishing everyone a happy Groundhog Day. The question, ‘If Kenmore had a groundhog, what would we name it?’ was asked. That question began a

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Most Improved Commercial Property Award

The Common Goal is the newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS). Newspapers are delivered to all Village residences by KVIS members. Copies are also available in public spaces throughout Kenmore, Tonawanda, and North Buffalo.

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Each year the KVIS selects one commercial property owner to receive The Most Improved Property Award. The winner of the award for 2011 improvements is Paul Iskalo of Iskalo Development Corporation. Iskalo Development Corporation is the owner of many area distinctive properties including the Buffalo Electric Tower building. The former Kane Doyle Jeep land at 2780 Delaware Avenue was purchased by Iskalo who constructed at 21,000 square foot brick two story mixed-use structure there. The building tenancy now includes physicians offices on the 2nd floor and Benson’s Surgical Supply and a Catholic Health Laboratory Patient Service Center. The skilled use of bricks, traditional signage and lighting on the exterior of the building are further enhanced by the beautiful interior that is spacious and comfortable. Attention to detail in all aspects of the design was clearly a high priority; the plush carpeted open stairwell of the building even includes a stunning oil painting of Delaware Avenue in the Village commissioned by Mr. Iskalo.

decorated in a way that is favorably viewed by most Village residents. When asked what they thought about the new building in the Kenmore Village Businesses Survey (, respondents had this to say: “I think it is an attractively designed building that adds to the landscape of Kenmore.” “Love it! Great addition to the Village.” “Starts a classy new but distinguished look for Kenmore.” “Greatly enhances Delaware Ave., adds much needed ambiance to the Village; truly lovely, wonderful attention to details.” “ I like how it fits appropriately into the village setting and architecture, adding to a village ambiance. Also very clean and doesn't look cheap.” “They turned a burnt out street corner into a hand-

Please see the list of Committee meeting days found on page 6.

The building is constructed using high grade materials and is designed and

The mission of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is to improve the quality of Village life through consistent communication, engaging education, and thoughtful action.

Kenmore Recycles with ReStore

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 1

Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be collecting recyclable materials in Kenmore from May-October. The ReStore truck will be parked in the parking lot behind the Municipal Building on the third Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12:30 PM. Habitat for Humanity Buffalo ReStore collects used household items, furniture,

appliances, building materials, and more. The items collected are then sold through the Amherst Street store. The funds raised there are used to build and restore houses in our area. ReStore also helps the environment by diverting thousands of tons of usable materials away from landfills.

some, safe, well lit space.” “It has great curb appeal and fulfills needs.” The KVIS thanks Paul Iskalo for the vision he has expressed in the development and the quality and care put into the building and design of the structure and tenancy selection. This is the first major commercial development in Kenmore in many years and we are grateful to Mr. Iskalo for pioneering future development here. Iskalo Development is actively seeking quality retail tenants for the space remaining in the new building as well as the vacant lot across the street which they are offering on a build to suit basis.

what items Habitat ReStore accepts, please contact them at 852-6607 or visit their website at: The store located at 501 Amherst Street in Buffalo (near Wegmans.)

Should you have any questions about

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KENMORE’S GOT TALENT Kenmore is filled with people who have many different talents and now there’s a community wide talent show for all ages that will provide a way for people to demonstrate this while others enjoy experiencing it. The event is called ‘Kenmore’s Got Talent’ and it will be held on Saturday, March 31 at 7:00 PM. So often a talent show will just be for one age group, but Kenmore’s Got Talent will have divisions and prizes for each age group. No matter what age you are, you are welcome to audition for the show. If you can sing or play a musical instrument, are in a musical group, dance, tell a good joke, or have any other interesting talent, please apply to be in the show. We are looking for many different qualities, does your talent show skill, is it fun, unusual, new, traditional, quirky, or moving? It doesn’t matter what your talent is, any and all are welcome. The Event Coordinators,

Dog Days of Kenmore The KVIS strives to continually show that the Village of Kenmore is a family friendly place. We hold the free Children’s Concert Series each year and many other events that are designed to be supportive of the whole family. Most people who have animal companions have close relationships with them and consider them to be a valued member of the families. To encourage the close bond between humans and canines and celebrate the dogs as important community members, we are happy to present our second annual Dog Days of Kenmore event. Agility courses, demonstrations, contests, entertainment, food and drink, dog rescues, dog marketplace and more are all a part of the event which will be held this year on June 23 and 24.

Brianna Valenzuela and Stacy Jordan are planning a show that is varied and entertaining. There will be three winners and exciting cash and other prizes awarded for each age division. First place winners will also be featured in post event press releases and on the KVIS website. Judges will include local celebrities, government dignitaries, talent agent, and others. Please register to audition for Kenmore’s Got Talent at the KVIS website: or by calling KVIS at 877-0477. Registration deadline is March 19. Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 24. The audition site and location of the show will be announced soon. Register to audition as soon as possible, share news of this exciting opportunity with those you know and plan to attend the Kenmore’s Got Talent Show.

Dog Days of Kenmore website:

kinds and their human companions. The event takes place in Mang Park which is located at Mang and Wilbur Avenues in Kenmore. If you feel passionately about dogs or are concerned for their welfare, please offer to lend your support and help to the Dog Days of Kenmore Event Coordinators, Jessica Eriez and Jennifer Berryman. Planning for this years Dog Days has already begun but more help is needed to ensure its success. Please contact KVIS if you are willing to help and make sure to visit our Dog Days of Kenmore website at:

Check out our web site at:

Win Prizes Through the Trolley Stop-In Campaign Winter slush and ice: the cold wet reality of winter in Kenmore. There are times when the snow sparkles, turns Disney blue, and is beautiful, but the appreciation for this particular type of weather can leave quickly when ones earnings are negatively affected. Imagine for a moment that you are a person who owns a business located on any of our Village business streets -Delaware, Kenmore, Elmwood, Military Avenue. Once you put yourself into that scenario, it’s easy to see that cold, wet weather spells trouble for your business; people just don’t go to quite as much effort to venture out then unless there is a good and compelling reason to do so. Queue the Trolley Stop-In campaign created by the KVIS Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee: this campaign has been designed to be fun and educational while helping bring customers into Village businesses. The campaign centers around our Village identity as a Trolley Suburb; without the trolley, Kenmore’s founder Louis Eberhardt most likely wouldn’t have purchased the land to start the Village. Kenmore has all the classic characteristics and design of a Trolley Suburb. Participating businesses will display a trolley in their window. Residents and friends of Kenmore and anyone who cares to visit those businesses may have their Trolley Card (available at the businesses) stamped by that business. When the person has collected stamps from all the participating businesses, they may enter to win one of six valuable and exciting prizes. The campaign will be fun for children to try and spot which businesses are showing a Trolley; some businesses may even have a special gift or offer for those getting their cards stamped. Please consider joining in the adventure of the Trolley Stop-In Campaign knowing that you will be giving help and support to our local businesses as you do. The Campaign will begin February 19 and end March 31.

The Dog Days will begin Saturday June 23 with a dog related movie shown outdoors with munchie treats for canines and people. The following day, Sunday June 24 will find Mang Park filled with hundreds of dogs of all

Become a KVIS Volunteer Today “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ~Dr. Seuss

The KVIS believes that hearty and vibrant business streets are imperative to the well-being of our community. When we give our custom to a local business instead of one elsewhere, we help ourselves by keeping our taxes lowered, we increase the value of our property, and are made able to live responsibly, leaving a lower carbon footprint while experiencing the many convenient benefits of not needing to go a distance for our household and other needs.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

...AND THEY’RE ALWAYS GLAD YOU CAME For many years it had been known as Johnny’s Old Timer, after that the name was Plant 6; yet for much of the past 30 years the restaurant/bar at 3020 Delaware Avenue (next to the post office) has been Malone’s. Owner David Niemann’s goal these many years has been to create a neighborhood pub where people of all ages go for good food, good drink, and good times. David and Manager, Kristen Kimmerle have created an American version of a classic Irish pub right here in Kenmore. Malone’s is a place –like its Irish counterparts – where families and friends can be together and feel relaxed and comfortable. The drink and food menu at Malone’s is extensive with many beers on tap and classic pub fare available. Malone’s burgers are award winners and their fried potatoes and onion rings come hot, crisp, and delicious.

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 2

Most meals are eight dollars and under. Try Malone’s early bird specials, kids menu, fish fry, and happy hour wings (only 25 cents each on Mondays.) Late night and happy hour specials are available throughout the week.

Manager, Kristen Kimmerle

Malone’s softball league is a summer tradition here where teams can still celebrate a win with a

$5 pitcher of Pabst beer. Malone’s is available for private parties and can help make your next party or event an easy success with their catering services. Much like the fictional pub owned by Sam of the same name, our Kenmore Malone’s is a place where everybody knows your name, and they really are always glad you came. Stop in anytime with friends and family, or by yourself –you’re bound to meet folks you know at Malone’s.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~Anne Frank

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Village Resident Opens Business in Kenmore Did you know that the majority of Kenmore Village businesses are owned by people who do not live here? This is not the case with long time resident, John Hulley. John has purchased the former Penny’s Hardware building at 2498 Elmwood Avenue as the new home for Hulley Woodworking, Inc.

styles, free standing or built in, as well as space planning, design, restoration work and repair. John and his company are the chosen craftsmen for the Darwin Martin house restoration wood work.

It was invisible ink that started John on his journey to be a master wood craftsman. To see a hidden message written on paper in invisible ink, the then eleven year old John held a match behind it. As he was reading the message the match burned too low and he flicked it from his burning finger. The match fell underneath his bedroom dresser which quickly caught fire. John then ran from the bathroom to his bedroom with dixie cups filled with water to douse the flames; he succeeded in putting out the fire but damage to the bottom of his dresser had been done. Soon afterward John asked his parents (who were unaware of the dresser fire) “May I refinish my bedroom set?” Surprised but happy for his interest in such a project, his parents consented and a passion for working with wood was born in John. Soon he began an apprenticeship in a cabinet shop where he learned about the many details and skills involved in fine woodworking and carpentry. After obtaining a college business degree, John spent several years working with wellknown furniture manufacturing companies then opened Hulley Woodworking in 1994. Hulley Woodworking can literally build anything from custom offices, kitchens, furniture of all sizes and

Advertise Your Business in The Common Goal • • • • •

When asked why he chose Kenmore as his new business location, John explained that his real estate broker, Michael Foster of Foster Real Estate, called him one day and said “I have something to show you. Keep an open mind.” The size and layout of the property were perfect and it’s only a moment or two from John’s home. “All of that, combined with the great services we have in the Village, made it the best choice.”

There are no dues or fees or obligations associated with the group; we do have a Conduct Statement that we strive to adhere to. We meet at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Community Center located on the corner of Mang and Wilbur Avenues. The meeting lasts an hour followed by great refreshments and interesting conversation; you’re welcome to attend. Please see the list of general meeting dates on the front page. KVIS is open to all people of any race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Please use this form to join or use our online membership form at our website: The information you provide to us when joining KVIS is not shared and is used for KVIS purposes only.


KVIS Membership Form

Record Baron Buy & Sell CD’s, Vinyl, Tapes, 45’s


Phone: E-Mail Address:

I’m interested in: (Please check all that apply) Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee

Kenmore Creative Public Properties Committee

Block Club Committee

Publications & Marketing Committee

Children’s Concerts Committee

New Residents & Welcoming Committee

Events Committee Keep Kenmore Committee

Residential Properties Committee

Just general membership for now.

Do you have any specific skills, talents, abilities you’re willing to lend? Any Comments?

(716) 510-6721 Creative production facility offering a digital photo studio, full range of computer graphic design & support, digital printing in small & wide format, mounting and laminating.

View our samples & services at:

Big Kenmore Clean Up

Public Help for Public Spaces Mounds of litter, dried dead weeds, and dirt that have accumulated in the cold months are revealed along our business streets and public areas come Spring. People of all ages are encouraged to join in helping weed, sweep, and tidy all the public spaces around the business corridors this day. Meet at 9:00 am at the Village Green. Please bring gloves, broom, garden tools. Refreshments and bags will be provided. Volunteer hours are available for students; we will sign your forms or have letters available for you. Get the Stuff Out We are arranging for recyclers to be present in Kenmore for The Clean Up. The following items will be accepted at Wilbur Avenue in front of the Community Center and the Elmwood Public Parking lot (look for direction signs.) Electronics, Books, Cell Phones, Household items, Clothing, Eye Glasses. Please plan ahead and have your items ready for April 28th.

Mail to: KVIS, c/o Edward Jones, 2954 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore 14217 or use our on-line form at: Welcome New Member! Thanks for joining!




2840 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore (716) 874-6422

3048 Delaware Ave. 871-8722


Tuesday-Friday 11-7 Saturday 11-6

Also Available: Massage Therapy, Reiki, Refexology

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 3


The second annual Big Kenmore Clean Up will be held Saturday, April 28 from 9 am to noon. You may participate in the Clean-Up in two ways: By properly disposing of unwanted items from your house and garage, and in helping clean up trash, weeds from Village public spaces and business streets.



15,000 copies printed and distributed Home delivery to all Village residents Great exposure Low rates Helps support the mission of the KVIS

Hulley Woodworking is open to the public by appoint-

Become a KVIS Member KVIS membership is open to all friends and residents of the Village of Kenmore. You’re warmly invited to join. When you become a member, you get to learn about information like what’s included here and much more; you get to put your thoughts and ideas for Kenmore into action; you get to know really neat people; and you add to your personal legacy by helping create a better community for us today and for those to come.

ment. Should you have need of furniture restoration or are interested in quality workmanship for your home, church, or office, please contact Hulley Woodworking at Please also visit the website at



Volunteers gather to Spring Clean the Village

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KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 4

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TRADER JOE’S CAMPAIGN CONTINUES Last year the KVIS began a campaign to bring a Trader Joe’s store here to the Village of Kenmore. First we created a mascot, a 6’ tall homemade stuffed character called Kenmore Joe who sports the traditional Trader Joe’s Hawaiian shirt wherever he goes. We notified the press and Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters about our campaign, created a Facebook page, and had Joe go to many area locations where he had his photo taken. We started a letter writing campaign and asked people to send notes, a child’s drawing, a photo, or anything visually appropriate saying Kenmore loves Trader Joe’s, or a phrase like it. It became clear early in the year that Kenmore Joe was going to be a busy fellow so we secured a manager for him, KVIS member, Nanci DeMeo. On January 24th of this year we held a Trader Joe’s for WNY meeting for everyone, including our almost 400 interested Facebook fans. The meeting began by recalling the classic Charlie Brown Halloween special where Linus and Sally are sitting in the pumpkin patch. Linus tells Sally that the Great Pumpkin will come if only they are sincere enough. 2012 is dedicated to showing Trader Joe’s just how sincere we are in our desire to have one of their stores here while compelling others to join us in the pumpkin patch.

Discussion, brainstorming, and evaluation at that meeting produced the following plan for our 2012 Trader Joe’s campaign. I. Continue all the 2011 campaign components II. Goals: A. Attract Campaign Supporters 1. Inform: Work to inform the community about Trader Joe’s and the Campaign 2. Marketing: Create marketing materials that tell people how they can help bring TJ’s here. 3. Petition: Create and market a petition to present to TJ’s. B. Positively Attract, Sway, and Convince Trader Joe’s Corporate Decision Makers 1. Create interesting events (e.g. Creating a photo of TJ’s local fans lying in the summer grass spelling out Kenmore (or WNY) Loves Trader Joe’s! 2. Develop other ways that utilize varied ideas and materials to make creative presentations. The benefits to having a Trader Joe’s in Kenmore are many. If we were to succeed we would then have a des-

tination store right here in the Village; Trader Joe’s has a tremendously large following of people who will come to Kenmore to shop for their name brand products. This will help to support Village businesses while encouraging other businesses to move here. A Trader Joe’s store here would help us interest people in purchasing a home here while strengthening our tax base. It will also provide convenience, and reasonably priced, quality products to the almost 16,000 residents living in our 1.44 square mile Village. If we are to bring Trader Joe’s store here we will need the whole community’s help. Please consider contacting the KVIS and offering to help in any way with the campaign. Perhaps you will adopt Kenmore Joe for a week, help distribute posters or petitions, or perhaps you’ll commit to sending a snail mail note to Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters each week. Any and all offers of help will be warmly welcome; together we may be able to make the Village of Kenmore another great Trader Joe’s destination location!! East coast corporate address: Trader Joe’s 117 Kendrick Street, Suite 700 Needham, MA 02494

Photos from upper left: Joe with members of the Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department; Getting his hair done at Altera Wynwood; Snuggling after decorating the Village for Autumn; A misunderstanding with one of Kenmore’s finest; Losing at cards with Village resident; Boating on a hot summer day.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” ~Elizabeth Andrew

Best Prize to KVIS The KVIS has been awarded the distinction of having ‘The Best Refreshments’ of any community group in Western New York. That designation has been bestowed by KVIS members who have attended Society meetings. The refreshments, which are based on a monthly seasonal theme, are provided and served by member, Jeff Rogers. Jeff is a Co-Coordinator of the Welcoming/New Residents Committee. Jeff not only creates special treats and drinks for the meetings but also dons the tables with linen cloths and creative displays. Members say they are spoiled for all other meetings.

two years. This is indeed a labor of love for Jeff, a person who shows genuine care for his community in a way that utilizes his talent and skill to the delight of so many. Come experience the best refreshments at the next KVIS meeting on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM at the Community Center on Mang and Wilbur Avenues. You may also join Jeff in offering welcome and hospitality to our community; contact the KVIS to offer to help.

FOMP members contribute individual talents, gifts, and ideas toward improving the Park; they actively show they care for our primary Village green space; they help realize and articulate a short and long term vision for the Park; they engage in positive activities that will encourage sustainable and creative use of the Park; and they encourage others to become a Friend of the Park.

When asked why he goes to such trouble for KVIS meetings Jeff replied, “I want people to know that their presence is important, that the work they do in KVIS is important; I want them to feel valued and appreciated while encouraging them to come to the meeting every month.” Jeff purchases the refreshments from his own money and has done this for almost

Jeff Rogers, Welcoming Committee Coordinator

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 5

Friends of Mang Park (FOMP) meets throughout the year. Kenmore residents and friends of the Village are encouraged to consider joining the group to help care, advocate and form a vision for this important part of our community. FOMP meetings are lively with discussion about the Parks green spaces, trees and plants, sporting areas, community buildings, paths, pools, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about Friends of Mang Park, please contact KVIS member and FOMP Coordinator, Pat Dowling at: mail@villageofkenmore. com or by calling KVIS at 877-0477. More information is also available on our website at

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High Bids for Young Auctioneer

GREAT KENMORE AUCTION A SUCCESS Thanks to the generosity of so many, the Great Kenmore Auction was very successful! The fun evening was redolent with delicious food and drink, wonderful entertainment, hearty bidding on quality items, and Kenmore friends enjoying each others company. The Auction would not have been possible without the amazing gifts donated to the KVIS from area businesses and individuals. The many people who attended the event and those who helped plan it, especially Janet Utz and Mindy Isch, are to be thanked whole heartedly as well. We also wish to thank Montante Development Corp. for allowing us to use their stylish building at 2818 Delaware Avenue for the event.

Ladies Night Out at the Auction Marilyn Twardowski and friend 

The Auction raised much needed funds for the KVIS; funds that will be used right here in the Village to help make Kenmore the best community possible. We plan to hold the Great Kenmore Auction every other year.

Willow Yeoh (with Michael Foster) preparing to

auction a valuable gift certificate

Mount St. Mary’s freshman, Willow Yeoh was an auctioneer for the live auction part of the Great Kenmore Auction. Willow persuaded those present to bid high and often and succeeded in charming them to do just that; she was able to raise hundreds of dollars for the KVIS. When asked what she thought about the experience of being in front of so many people and encouraging them to purchase the item presented, she replied “It did make me a nervous, but I just kept thinking about how much good the money will do here in Kenmore if I could get people to bid.” Other auctioneers that evening were Barbara Hanavan, Michael Foster, Denis Uminski, Melissa Foster.

KVIS Member, Patrick Hooper Prepares the bar Cyndee & Paul Billoni getting ready to bid

Photos: Mike Ham, Kenwood Photography

KVIS Leadership


Film Gets Thumbs Up at Premier

Monday: 25¢ Chicken Wings (dine in only) Friday: All day Fish Fry –Before 6 pm only $7.95! Monday-Friday: Happy Hour and Late Night Specials at the Bar

3020 Delaware Avenue in the Village 875-2020 Available Sunday’s for functions. Ask about our catering!

The Tour of Kenmore Homes film premier received many thumbs up from those who attended the October event held at Kenmore United Methodist Church. The film shows several Kenmore Village homes, revealing the different styles of the homes while describing, in the words of the owners, what makes them appealing. The film was prepared by members of the Residential Properties Committee who are in the process of ’tweeking’ the production. The film was recorded and edited by Keith Barker, who along with KVIS members, Shelly Martin and Mary Jane Uminski deserve special thanks for their work in preparing the film. Upon completion, the film will be distributed widely by the KVIS Publications and Marketing Committee. The purpose of the film is to inform those who don’t know Kenmore about the fine housing we have here while attracting young families and people of all ages to the Village. Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS)

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 6

LIAISONS Liaison to Banks: Gay Tanner; Liaison to Churches: Ellen Bumbar; Liaison to the Department of Public Works: Cindy Mang; Liaison to Erie County Legislator: Mary Schieder; Liaison to the Superintendent of Schools: Patricia Christian; Liaison to Post Office: Theresa Mang; Liaison to Kenmore Library: Sheila Ginnane COMMITTEE COORDINATORS Block Club Committee: Andy Ross, Linda Hale; Businesses & Commercial Properties Committee: Michael Foster; Children’s Concerts Committee: Events Committee: New Residents & Welcoming Committee: Jeff Rogers, Lana Michaels Connor, Chris Bettinger; Publications & Marketing Committee: Ivan Ereiz, Nicole Milley; Public Properties Committee: Fred Frank; Patricia Christian Residential Properties Committee: Mary Uminski. ADDITIONAL LEADERSHIP Webmaster: Ivan Ereiz; Publicity Coordinators: Janet Utz; Olmstead Parks Conservancy Advisor to Friends of Mang Park: Brian Dold; Friends of Mang Park Coordinator: Pat Dowling; Photographer: Mike Ham FINANCIAL/LEGAL BOARD Joseph Manna; Audrey Moorhead; Dean Pavlakis; President: Melissa Foster; Treasurer: Mindy Isch; Secretary: Ellen Bumbar

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2011, ISSUE 1I

Events Calendar


Continued from page 1

hilarious discussion about the possibility. The thought of a Kenmore Groundhog Day Celebration tickled the mind of some KVIS members and the editor of the KenTon Bee newspaper, Darlene Donohue. The event did not find its way onto our preliminary 2012 calendar however but we were convinced to reconsider and the rest is now history. Our first Kenmore Groundhog Day Celebration was held early on the morning of February 2 at the Village Green.

Members pause to give a thumbs up to the Christmas/

holiday decorating they did.

The Groundhog home was made by John Hulley (see article, pg. 3) and Michael Foster. The habitat is an almost seven feet tall structure of a tree stump that amazed all who attended while providing a very comfortable dwelling for our groundhog. The Ken-Ton Bee newspaper and KVIS held a “Name the Kenmore Groundhog” contest; participants were instructed that the name they suggested could be male or female. The winner of the contest was Kenmore resident Donna Kavanaugh who suggested the name Kenmore Kate.

to show everyone who works for Kenmore that they are remembered and appreciated. The Valentine Skating Party event is held at the Kenmore Cultural Center building and Mang Park. We have the former basketball area flooded for the event then we decorate the ice rink with colored fairy lights. Seasonal music is played while everyone skates. Hot chocolate and treats are available inside as well as crafts and more for families to enjoy as they warm themselves before going out for more cold fun. The weather may make it impossible to have the skating party this year, but if it is cold enough for a few days before the event scheduled for Saturday, February 11, then it will take place. Please check our website and Facebook page for updates and notices about this event.

Kenmore Kate sniffed the air, looked high into the sky and low to the ground then showed Mayor Mang the scroll indicated her prognostication. “At the Village Green I see no shadow today. I predict an early Spring is on the way!” The Kenmore Groundhog Day Celebration will be an annual event which we hope will become a source of winter fun for the community that shows that the Village is a place that isn’t afraid to get silly sometimes. Our thanks to the Ken-Ton Bee for sponsoring this event with the KVIS. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by the KVIS in two ways through Valentine Appreciation Gifts and the Valentine Skating Party. We select sweet gifts, wrap them nicely and deliver them to each Village department; our goal is

New Song in Town

KVIS decorations make for great photo opportunities.

The commercial buildings that house businesses like Edward Jones Investments, Michael’s Florist, Mike’s Subs, and quite a few others including several that have been vacant for some time, are now owned by Sinatra & Company Real Estate. For many years the properties in the blocks near the businesses listed were owned by Katz Realty, Donald Katz, Broker. Mr. Katz has decided to retire and has found a Nick Sinatra buyer for his portfolio of properties in Nick Sinatra. The KVIS would like to thank Mr. Katz for his years of ownership of these very visible and well-known properties and wish him well in his retirement. Mr. Sinatra, who was raised in Kenmore, has created extensive plans for renovating the properties in a way that is well suited to the quaint qualities of the Village. He has also developed a marketing plan to attract quality tenants for his newly acquired commercial spaces. The KVIS welcomes Nick to commercial property ownership in Kenmore and will work to support his efforts here. For more on Sinatra & Company, please visit their website at: or call them at 2208468.

The D.E.N. Consignment 3147 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore (716) 908-6354

D. LAWRENCE GINNANE FUNERAL HOME Complete Funeral: Cremation/Burial Pre-need Arrangements

3215 Delaware Avenue Kenmore, NY


FUN FACTS ABOUT KENMORE When the Village was young, land lots were sold for only $250.00 each. The Village was incorporated on September 5, 1899 but was being developed as a community a decade before. The Village Police Department was established in 1919 and the Fire Department in 1903. The founder of Kenmore, Louis Eberhardt, was a real estate broker and developer. Kenmore had a Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle around 1900; the group was referred to as ‘little Chautauqua’. This photo: Mike Ham, Kenwood Photography

The Common Goal – The newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 7

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2011, ISSUE 1I


KENMORE GARDEN WEEK Kenmore in Bloom will take place again this year only we will award even more places in the Village; 400 locations will have their gardens ‘bloomed’ this year. To add to the excitement of Kenmore in Bloom, this year we have added a whole week of garden education, experiences, and fun. Village gardens will begin to be bloomed June 24 through July 9. Everyone who has been bloomed will be asked to come to the Village Green for the Bloom Party, a special presentation and picture taking on Saturday, July 14 where those who have been selected as 2012 Gardens of Distinction will be awarded as well.

The mission of Kenmore in Bloom is to help promote gardening in the front of homes in Kenmore by recognizing and celebrating the efforts of residents, institutions, and businesses that beautify their streetscape with gardens. When Bloomed, each garden receives a lawn sign to let everyone know of the honor, a certificate, and an invitation to the Bloom Party where they can meet others who have been bloomed, share ideas, and enjoy the honor of being selected. Twelve of those who have been selected as having outstanding bloomed gardens will receive a special award and a proclamation from the Village.

Sunday, July 15 begins Kenmore Garden Week. Garden week will feature talks and demonstrations every evening about gardening in its many forms. There will be topics of interest to everyone as well as great and inspirational information, tips, prizes, and much more. The week will end with the Ken-Ton Garden Tour.

Each Village home and business is automatically entered to be bloomed; nothing is required to receive this award other than using plants to beautify the front area of your home, apartment, or business. The Village has been divided into Bloom Zones; each Zone has Zone Scouts. Scouts will be looking at gardens and making their decisions from June 24 to July 9, so if at all possible, make sure your front garden space is looking good then. Bloom Scouts Needed Kenmore in Bloom Scouts are needed for each Village garden zone; Bloom Scouts decide who is bloomed each year. If you are willing to help make the decisions about who should be bloomed, and if you are willing to attend a Bllom Scout training session, please contact the KVIS. Kenmore in Bloom Coordinators, Eileen Murphy and Mary McNeil will be leading the training session on Tuesday evening, May 8.

Window Stories The Window Stories initiative is a way for KVIS to enhance the visual appeal and interest of the Village while helping Kenmore commercial property owners. Those who have commercial spaces available for sale or lease in the Village are given the opportunity to have KVIS place graphic art in the windows of these spaces. The purpose of window stories is: 1. To help enhance vacant spaces. 2. To highlight the potential for good use of the spaces. 3. To help create excitement and a sense of expecting the unexpected in the Village. 4. To encourage walking, browsing, and looking along our business areas. 5. To demonstrate the transformative effects of art displayed for the public. We will be using many different types of art from pictures made by disabled children to professional painters and sculptors. If you, or someone you know are interested in having your work displayed and/or would like to participate in this unique initiative, please contact the KVIS.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

The Teal Village to Benefit Cancer Research Ann Vacanti was a person not easily forgotten. Kenmore area residents would know her as the tall stylish woman behind the counter for many years at Hofert Jewelers. Though still a young woman, Ann lost her battle with ovarian cancer last year. Ann is missed and will be remembered for many years to come. Ovarian cancer is often called a silent killer because of its lack of overt symptoms. Some symptoms do exist and when they are present they tend to be persistent and worsen with time. Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer may include abdominal pressure, fullness, swelling or bloating; pelvic discomfort or pain; persistent indigestion, gas or nausea; changes in bowel habits, such as

constipation; changes in bladder habits, including a frequent need to urinate; loss of appetite or quickly feeling full; increased abdominal girth or clothes fitting tighter around your waist; a persistent lack of energy; low back pain.

During that time the Village will be decorated ‘from head to toe’ in teal. Lamp posts will sport teal bows, the gazebo will be decorated, and everywhere there will be a visual reminder of the great need for continued cancer research.

To celebrate Ann’s life and to raise funds for cancer research, the Kenmore Village Improvement Society and Hofert Jewelers are having a Teal Village fundraiser event (pink is the color for breast cancer and teal is the designated color for ovarian cancer.) The event will take place around the time of Mothers Day beginning May 5 and ending May 19.

Area residents are encouraged to go to Hofert Jewelers, located at 2876 Delaware Avenue to make a donation for cancer research. Once there, you are invited to enter to win a piece of fine jewelry that will be on display in the store. Together we will help ourselves, those we love, and all in our community to lead long lives by finding the cause and best treatments for cancer.

Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS)

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KVIS Est. 2008

Kenmore, New York



Village Businesses at KVIS Windows Stories Initiative

2012 TJ’s Campaign Begins

Winter Decorating of the Gazebo Trader Joe’s Meeting: 7:00 PM (CC)

JANUARY 7 23 -

FEBRUARY 2 11 13 14 18 20

Groundhog Day Celebration Valentine’s Ice Skating Event (MP) 11 am – 7 PM SOCIETY MEETING: 7:00 PM at the Community Center Valentine’s Appreciation Gifts Distributed Trolley Stop-In Campaign Begins Street Meeting: East Hazeltine, Parkwood 7:00 PM (CC)

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center Big Kenmore Clean-Up, 9-12 (VG), (MP) Kenmore Recycles with Habitat for Humanity ReStore Initiative Begins (MB) Green Thumb Helpers Begin

Keep Kenmore Hawaiian Bash: 7-10 PM (Knights of Columbus) SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center Most improved Commercial Property Award 7:00 PM (CC) Kenmore’s Got Talent Contest & Show Trolley Stop-In Campaign Ends

MARCH 3 12 12 31 31

APRIL 16 28 28


MAY 5 14

16 21

26 27 28 -

JUNE 11 23/24 23 24

JULY 4 9 10


The Teal Village Fundraising Campaign Begins SOCIETY MEETING and 4th Anniversary Party 7:00 PM at the Community Center Commercial Brokers Day Street Meeting: Northend, Somerton, Palmer, West Girard (Elmwood to Delaware) 7:00 PM (CC) Decorate the Village for Memorial Day/ Independence Day, 9:00 am (VG) Decorate KVIS Parade Float KVIS in the Memorial Day Parade Block Club Street Parties Begin

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center Dog Days of Kenmore (MP) KVIS at the Farmers Market Begins (8:00 am every Saturday through Sept.) Kenmore in Bloom Begins

Independence Day Celebration 10 am-12 PM, (VG) SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center Children’s Concert Series Begins 6:15 pm every Tuesday through August 9, (KMS) Kenmore Garden Week

Kenmore Night Out Event at Children’s Concert, 6:00 PM (KMSL) Final 2011 Children’s Concert


The Mission of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society is to improve the quality of Village life through consistent communication, engaging education, and thoughtful action.

SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center Autumn Decorating Contest for Businesses Begins Decorate the Village for Autumn 9:00 am (VG) Kenmore Community Care Day, 9-12






SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center Decorating Contests Award Ceremonies Green Gala



13 13



SOCIETY MEETING, 7:00 PM at the Community Center: Review of the

proposed 2012 Calendar


Decorate the Village for Christmas/ holidays, 9:00 am (VG) Street Meeting: Euclid, Warren 7:00 PM, (CC)


Community Center, Mang and Wilbur Mang Park Village Green Municipal Building, Delaware Ave & Rd Kenmore Middle School Kenmore Middle School Lawn

Event Location Key

SOCIETY MEETING and Christmas/Holiday Party, 7:00 PM at the Community Center




This calendar is a living document. Please check the web site or call the KVIS for updates and changes.

Criminal Defense Personal Injury 2982 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 Phone (716) 362-0470 Fax (716) 362-0480


(716) 877-0477




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This is the KVIS 2011 Calendar of meetings, events, campaigns, initiatives. Please cut along the lines indicated, fold and use as a reference.

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 10

Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS)


Lana Michaels Connors

Santa’s Arrival Treats

Mary Scheider

Street Meeting

Phyllis Hooper

Christmas/holiday Decorating

Jackie James Creedon & Cara Matteliano

Green Ball

Cindy Mang

Autumn Decorating

Denis Uminski

Kenmore Day of Caring

Sue Kelley

Kenmore Night Out

Eileen Murphy & Mary McNeil

Kenmore in Bloom & Kenmore Garden Week

Rebecca & Willow Yeoh

Independence Day Celebration

Jessica Ereiz & Jennifer Berryman

Dog Days of Kenmore

Mary Boblak

Patriotic Decorating

Andy Ross

Street Meeting

Barbara Hanavan

Green Thumb Helpers

Pat Christian & Bryan Gorney

Big Kenmore Clean Up

Brianna Valenzuela & Stacy Jordan

Kenmore’s Got Talent

Pat Bannister & Pat Bogdan

Keep Kenmore Hawaiian Bash

Linda Hale

Street Meeting

Judy & Fred Frank

VD Skating Party

Marilyn Twardowski & Chris Bettinger

Valentine’s Day Appreciation Gifts

Willow Yeoh

Winter Decorating of the Gazebo



Re-Tree WNY Plantings in the Village New History of Kenmore Book Good Neighbor Initiative E. B. Green Village Green Design Two to One Initiative Green Infrastructure Initiative Personality Profiles Decorations Initiative Trolley Suburb Initiative

Ivan Ereiz & Kara Sweet

Book Collecting for the Friends of the Library Sale Cindy Mang Friends of Mang Park Pat Dowling Faces & Places Publication

Nathan Montague & Lucas Reigstad Window Stories Gay & Lloyd Tanner Businesses to KVIS Mark Tramont Keep Kenmore Initiative Pat Bannister

Kenmore History Curriculum Historic Kenmore Audit

Business & Commercial Properties Committee: This Committee works to help Village businesses, creating relationships and dialogue between businesses and residents by creating continued awareness and concern for the business. The Committee also communicates and works with Kenmore commercial property owners to help fill commercial spaces for lease or for sale in the village. The Committee identifies strengths and weaknesses of village commercial properties in relation to the needs of business owners and residents, then creates and proposes interesting and effective solutions to support the goal of healthy Kenmore commercial properties.

which interests you.

The Committees of the KVIS determine, plan and implement the work of the Society. Each Committee has a set of Guidelines that provide the overall parameters of the group. You are warmly welcome to join any Committee

• • • • • • • • •

• •

• • • •

• •



New Residents & Welcoming Committee: Helping to introduce new residents to Kenmore is some of the work of this Committee. The Committee prepares and distributes folders of helpful information about the village along with special offers from area businesses. The Committee works to hold a new residents event each year and endeavors to help new residents feel connected in a positive way to the community while encouraging them to become involved and invested in enjoying Kenmore. The Committee also works to create an inviting atmosphere at KVIS meetings, supplying helpful information and guidance to those new to the KVIS. The Committee creates thank you care packages, cards, etc. to KVIS supporters and helps strengthen the strong sense of camaraderie present in the KVIS membership through other creative and interesting initiatives. The Welcoming Committee also arranges for refreshments to be served at the monthly Society meeting.

Block Club materials today!

Kenmore Block Club Committee: This Committee works to help Village neighborhoods to be safer and more connected by helping residents to know and understand each other through block clubs, street meetings and other initiatives. The Committee prepares and distributes helpful informational folders to enable block clubs to organize and run successfully. Contact us to receive your

Kenmore Creative Committee: The purpose of this Committee is to support, enhance, and create awareness for Village theatre, graphic art, written word, dance, music, and the arts in all forms.

Events Committee: This Committee proposes, plans and implements interesting events which will, where possible, support and not compete with activities already present in the Village. The events planned add to a positive sense of community, are enriching and fun with some events raising necessary funds for the KVIS.

Children’s Concerts Committee: Creating an interesting and varied summer concert series for children and families is the work of this Committee. Formerly the Junior KVIS, this Committee’s primary focus for now is the Children’s Concert Series, although additional work concerned with the well-being of Kenmore children and youth continues.

are available, please contact us for additional information.

The Committee also works to encourages businesses to join in the common goal of Village improvement in its many forms. More Business Relations Liaison positions




MAILING ADDRESS: KVIS, 16 Warren Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217


PHONE : (716) 877-0477


3. Call us at (716) 877-0477 and we’ll happily take your membership information over the phone.

2. Send your name, address, phone, e-mail address to:

There are three ways to become a member: 1. Complete the membership form found on our website at:

Membership is FREE & open to everyone who is a Resident or non-resident Friend of the Village of Kenmore.

Become a KVIS Member!

Residential Properties Committee: The purpose of the Residential Properties Committee is to promote the value and desirability of home ownership in the Village of Kenmore by initiating and supporting programs and projects which encourage responsible ownership.

Public Properties Committee: All Public and Municipal spaces like parks, gardens, buildings, sidewalks, etc. are the concern of this Committee. The Committee works to enrich the visual and functional appeal of public spaces while endeavoring to retain vital Village public institutions.

Publications & Marketing Committee: The important task of getting the word out about KVIS in the most effective and appealing way is the responsibility of this Committee. The Committee also works developing, maintaining, and distributing KVIS publications including informational and appealing flyers, brochures, newsletters, and the KVIS web-site.



What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pike Chris Sachs was a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Financial Services here in Kenmore and was the much loved Treasurer to the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (KVIS). He was a giant of a man, literally tall in body with a large and generous spirit. Chris died at a time of beginnings in his life; he had opened the Edward Jones business and was about to begin married life with his bride and stepson. Chris was an Army veteran of Desert Storm, having been wounded in action and exposed to environmental hazards that may have contributed to his death. Chris died from a very aggressive form of Leukemia only six weeks after his diagnosis and three years after returning from service. Chris was 36 years old.

This young man who loved Kenmore should be remembered and not forgotten. To honor Chris, the KVIS has created the Chris Sachs Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a High School student intent on becoming a teacher; for although Chris had a keen sense of finances, he also held education and teaching in high esteem. The goal for the scholarship is to raise $5,000. Edward Jones has graciously offered to donate half the amount but it is up to those who wish to honor this fine American to donate the other $2,500.

Please, will you donate any amount to honor him today? You may send your check payable the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (please write Chris Sachs Memorial Scholarship Fund in the memo) to Edward Jones, 2954 Delaware Avenue, or call us to discuss other giving options.


Quality Alterations, Restylings, Repairs

3108 Delaware Ave. 875-3278

Your lovely purchase is a bit loose – no problem, just bring it to Golden Fleece and we’ll fit it just for you!

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Elmwood Poles Should Go Thanks to modern technology, it’s easy to see from the before and after photos below, the vast difference it would make if the power lines on Elmwood Avenue in the Village were removed. Elmwood has the potential to be a major commercial area, attractive and bustling with businesses appealing to area residents. It’s difficult to image poles like the ones now present on Elmwood if they were on Delaware Avenue or the Elmwood Village, yet we don’t need to imagine them here. The benefits of removing them are many: it is safer without the poles impeding visibility, businesses are more clearly visible, and it would bring us closer to embracing the Personality Profile for the street. That profile is of an Arts & Crafts Garden walk including features like restored green spaces, addition of lower street lamps, benches, garden avenues, trash cans with recycling features, and Arts & Crafts style architecture in future development. Elmwood possesses elements of a suburban environment with ample parking, etc. that creates the highly desirable quality of being

able to attract all kinds of retail, trade, and professional businesses. Removing the poles and burying the wires has been done in many locations and is a relatively straight forward process that could be incorporated into the proposed roadwork on Elmwood. There was a day long ago when Kenmore residents had to accept the reality of the poles because no other option was available. But today in the third millennium, we have viable options that can help create a garden way that is a joy for pedestrians and accommodates cars while helping businesses to prosper.

A Kenmore Village resident, KVIS member Jackie James Creedon, was experiencing health problems in 2002. Searching for positive ways to improve her health, she began to take a look at possible environmental contributors to illness. What she discovered then would forevermore alter the perception of all Western new Yorkers to the actual cleanliness and safety of the air we breathe. In 2005 Jackie and the group she had founded called the Clean Air Coalition of WNY, began a collaboration with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Through this successful collaboration, a hard-won grant was obtained to collect and

Do You Have a Green Thumb? Each year the KVIS tends to the gazebo garden, the gardens at the point of the Village Green at the two Delaware’s, the Post Office garden, Corner Store garden, and other little gardens along Delaware Avenue. The people who tend them are called Green Thumb Helpers; they plant, weed, and keep it free from debris throughout the growing season. These people do so as a gift to our community and because they believe that well tended gardens help the Village look more visually appealing and cared for. If you have a love of growing things, please consider becoming a Green Thumb Helper; there are many other small gardens available to be adopted by you to maintain this year. With your help, we’ll keep the Village verdant and lovely looking throughout the warm months. Contact Green Thumb Coordinator, Barbara Hanavan for more information on adopting a Delaware garden, she may be reached through the KVIS at 877-0477 or

MEET JACKIE One of the ways the KVIS chooses what we do each year by identifying problems in our community. Although we are strong advocates for repeatedly saying what is great about Kenmore, we also realize that we can’t improve what we don’t see and acknowledge – even if it is negative. One such negative situation exists for us here in Kenmore (and throughout the Niagara River area) that should be taken seriously. The quality of the air we breathe has a much higher pollution level (10-50% higher) than New York State acceptable guidelines. Kenmore is close to facilities that are now or have been releasing toxins into our air, some for decades; these poisonous vapors can cause serious health problems.


test area air samples. The testing was performed by the NYSDEC for one year and the findings of the air quality testings were presented to the public in June of 2009. The tests clearly showed high levels of many toxic substances in our air including especially high levels of benzene. The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) classifies benzene as a human carcinogen. Jackie James Creedon strongly believes that it is imperative to the health of all area people that air quality testing continue in the Kenmore Tonawanda area. To help accomplish this she has started the Tonawanda Community Fund (TCF). Though she no longer participates in the day to day running of the Clean Air Coalition as Executive Director, she continues to share her extensive knowledge and passion for safe air through the Community Fund which is dedicated to that goal for Kenmore and the Tonawandas. The Fund will be used to continue testing, and monitoring of the carcinogens and toxins in our air while advocating for the reduction in as little time as possible. The Fund will also offer some relief to those who have suffered from the debilitating effects of benzene exposure. Donations to the Tonawanda Community Fund are gratefully accepted.

Tell your Kenmore Story The KVIS is writing and publishing a book that will be different from the history books about the Village that are presently available. The goal of the book is to capture memories of Kenmore from present and former residents who are living today. This new history of Kenmore will include photos with interesting, fun, and moving stories that will help capture the sometimes intangible essence of what makes Kenmore special. We believe that it is important to preserve these precious memories before they disappear or are forgotten. We will need your help and the help of those who have lived in the Village of Kenmore in the past to make this book a reality. No matter how long you’ve lived in Kenmore, you probably have a story to tell. Will you please consider recommending yourself and anyone else we should hear from? Call us at 877-0477 to share your memory with us or to recommend someone whose memory of Kenmore should be included in the book. We’ll make arrangements to meet and record the story. Thank you for your help with this exciting and worthwhile project.

A debt of gratitude is owed to Jackie for the dedication, commitment, and leadership she has shown in her desire to one day have air for our area to breathe that is clean, pure, and free of any harmful substance. Village residents are encouraged to join Jackie in helping to improve the air quality of Kenmore. To help in her effort to make the quality of our air the best it can be, to donate to the Community Fund, or to request that Jackie speak at your club or organization, please contact her at or call KVIS at 877-0477 and we will supply you with Jackie’s phone contact information.

2375 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 (716) 873-2952 Monday - Friday 7am to 8 PM Saturday: 8am to 6pm Sunday: 11am - 4pm

The Common Goal – The newspaper of the Kenmore Village Improvement Society

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More Kenmore Street Meetings Scheduled February 20: East Hazeltine and Parkwood May 21: Northend, Somerton, Palmer, West Girard November 19th: Euclid and Warren Everyone who lives on these streets is invited to attend. The meetings take place at 7:00 PM at the Community Center on Mang and Wilbur Avenues. T-Shirt Design Contest The KVIS invites you to enter our Kenmore T-Shirt Design Contest. The winning design must use the phrase, 42.965N. x 78.87W. You are here...Kenmore, New York (or NY). Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the top three winning designs. To enter, send a pdf of your design to All entries will receive confirmation that KVIS has received your submission and you will be notified if your design is a winner. Submission deadline is April 30, 2012. Survey Please The KVIS is in need of your help to let us know your thoughts on Kenmore Businesses and Mang Park. Each survey has only ten easy questions for you to answer and will take approximately three minutes to complete. The Businesses survey will be used to help investors, business owners, real estate professionals, and others know just what sort of business residents and friends of the Village will support with their custom here. The Mang Park survey will assist the Friends of Mang Park in developing a short and long term plan proposal based upon the preferences and priorities of residents. Each survey may be taken on line or on paper. Paper

Brokers Coming to Kenmore Western New York’s Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents will once again be coming to the Village for the KVIS Brokers Day event that will be held May 16. They will be treated to an adventure this year as they tour Village properties for sale or lease; each stop on the tour will bring a pleasant surprise.

copies are available at Edward Jones Investments located at 2954 Delaware Avenue (corner of Westgate). Kenmore Businesses Survey: Mang Park Survey: Please Donate Used Books KVIS will continue to collect books for the Friends of the Library annual book sale. With your help, last year we were able to collect thousands of books and those books helped supply much needed funds to our library. Please contact us if you have books to donate or use one of the convenient donation boxes we’ll be placing throughout the Village soon. Keep Kenmore KVIS and our Keep Kenmore Committee remain wary and ready to defend the Village of Kenmore from dissolution; our plan is thorough and enables us to be flexible yet vigilant in our preparedness. Children Welcome Children of all ages are welcome to attend any KVIS meeting; some of our youngest members have been attending since before they were born! Voter Registration The KVIS has voter registration forms available to anyone who is not currently registered to vote. The form is easy to complete and may be obtained by contacting the KVIS.

Volunteer Hours & Internships If you are aware of a student or individual in need of volunteer hours, please direct them to the KVIS. We are always in need of help with our events, campaigns, and initiatives and we’re happy to sign student volunteer forms. We also have Internship opportunities available; contact us for more information. More Clean Air Read more about Jackie James Creedon and the fight for clean air. On NPR: tonawanda-provides-lessons-for-fight On WBFO: Nominate Your Neighbor for Award The KVIS wants to recognize your Good Neighbor. Perhaps your neighbor has helped out with snow removal, shared or watered plants, took your mail in, or even been there for you during a difficult time; whatever it is that makes your neighbor special, please tell us about it by using the form located on our web site at: or call us and we’ll be happy to get a form to you or take your nomination information over the phone. Your neighbor will receive a certificate and acknowledgement from the KVIS and may even win the Good Neighbor of the Year Award and Prize.

KVIS SEASONAL DECORATIONS Red, white, and blue fan bunting hung on the gazebo, corn stalks, scarecrows, hay and leaves on lamp posts, wreathes and ribbons in the Village Green; these are some of the ways that KVIS works to show everyone who visits Kenmore or lives here, that we care about our community. This past Christmas/holiday season we were able to add

candy canes to our display, much to the delight of children and people of all ages. Many thanks to KVIS members, Kate and Vincent Paluch for making the candy canes and to all who work diligently each season to continue to grow our efforts to dress the Village to celebrate time as we observe each season. If you would like to join us in these rewarding decorating efforts, please contact KVIS.

KVIS holds the Brokers Day events to help enlist the aid of those who may directly help in bringing quality businesses and commercial property owners here to Kenmore.

Keep Kenmore Bash The second annual Keep Kenmore Bash will be held on Saturday, March 3rd from 7-10 PM at the Knights of Columbus located at 1530 Kenmore Avenue. Warm up those cold early March days by bringing your friends and family to the Bash which this year is going Hawaiian! There will be a great band, beer and soda pop, pizza, wings, and other food, contests, prizes, raffles, auction, and more! You won’t want to miss this popular winter gathering. Open to all ages; people under the age of 21 must be

KVIS Newspaper 0212 page 12


accompanied by an adult. Tickets available at the door that evening (no advance sale.) Cost is $20 per person or $35 per couple. Hawaiian dress is optional but those who wear it will receive a free prize. All funds raised will be used to help Keep Kenmore through KVIS events, campaigns, and initiatives.



REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE Please recycle this paper by sharing it ...thanks! If everyone you know has a copy, please recycle it on your garbage day or: • Use it as a weed barrier in your garden • Clean your windows • Line your garage storage containers • Wrap your figurines • Make a paper hat

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Profile for Ivan Ereiz

Winter 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Winter 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper

Winter 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper  

Winter 2012 The Common Goal Newspaper

Profile for kvis