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WestGate Community Newsletter

Westgate Annual Homeowners’ Meeting

This year’s annual homeowner’s meeting will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2011, at Copeland Elementary School. Registration begins at 6:30 PM and the meeting begins at 7:00 PM. Please enter the school through the cafeteria entrance at the back of the school, as that is the only entrance that will be open. There is ample parking in back of the school. The HOA committee will be there to talk about our neighborhood. We always receive copies of the annual budget for next year and an expense list for the current year. Also, this is a great time to sign up for any committees you’re interested in, such as the social committee, the newsletter committee, the pool and parks committee and the deed restrictions committee. We’d also like to try to get a crime watch committee started. There will also be a time for questions. So come and be involved, get informed, show interest in your community - Westgate!

Christmas Decoration Contest

Just wanted to give a heads-up to all the Westgate residents out there who like to show their holiday spirit! We’re having a Christmas Decoration Contest this year! Last year I saw so many homes that had enthusiastically decorated their homes and yards; we’d love to see that again this year! The judges will pick a day to drive around and judge the decorations - most likely it will be Friday, December 16th or Saturday, December 17th - and then they’ll announce the winners. The newsletter won’t have the winner in print until the February edition, but we will have it immediately on Facebook (Westgate Subdivision group) and the Westgate Website ( So check back next month for more details about the contest! And start planning those decorations!

Thanks to the Volunteers of Texas’ National Night Out

Westgate had lots of great food and new neighbors meeting at the Texas Neighbors’ Night Out parties on October 4th! We asked for volunteers in each section to have a section party so you could get to know your immediate neighbors, which is the purpose of National Night Out. Thanks for coming out to participate, sections 1 (Jill Carley and Barbara Sharp), 2 (Jessica Tran), 4 (Trish Haag, Emily Cisneros and Kimberly McGaughy), 6 (Donna Lamy and the gang), 7 (Melinda Linkous, Melissa Brown Vincent, Vangie Jackson and Pat Parks), 9 (Keesha Turner), 10 (Maria Rivera), 16 (Lillian Wanjagi) and 17 (Stephanie Lambert and Shauna Halphen); these are the sections and their lead volunteers who helped organize the different parties, as well as others who assisted them. The social committee provided items such as rotisserie chickens, hot dogs and buns, drinks, cookies, brownies, plates, utensils and ice. One section even asked for lemonade so they could have an old-fashioned lemonade

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November 2011 Westgate email: for articles • for business ads • for classified ads 1

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social! The residents came together and had a potluck to provide anything else. Kroger also helped out by giving us a special discount on the rotisserie chickens as well as a $20 gift card to use. Thank you, Kroger, for supporting your local community! In section 4, one thing we did while socializing is start a section directory to help us be a more close-knit section. We also provided safety tips from the NNO organization to hand out at the parties what makes your home a target, senior safety tips, stopping bullying, fire safety, etc. If you’d like a copy, email me at kbmcgaughy@gmail. com. Thanks to everyone who helped organize all the parties - we wouldn’t have had such great parties without us working together. And a giant THANK YOU to Sheriff’s Deputy Hernandez who went by all the Texas Night Out parties to introduce himself and talk to residents about our neighborhood! Did you know that Westgate has a great reputation among Sheriff’s deputies for not having much crime? And our neighborhood contract with the Sheriff allows our deputies to have much more back-up available in our area than in areas with no contract, making us all a lot safer. He answered many questions for us. We’d like to hear ideas from residents for next year’s National Night Out party at; what would help you meet your section’s neighbors and help create a more close-knit, safe neighborhood atmosphere?


Every year, our annual homeowner’s fees are due January 1st, like clockwork and just as predictable. Why should we pay them? Ask yourself these questions: Do I care about how my neighborhood looks? Do I have any amenities to enjoy? Do I care about being able to sell my house when I need to? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you definitely want to pay your annual homeowners’ dues. Thankfully, our delinquency percentage has improved, but if you want to know what happens when a significant portion of the neighborhood doesn’t pay their dues, just do a little research on communities with financial issues, like Cypressdale in the Spring area.


And while this is NOT our situation, when your homeowners association doesn’t have enough money to pay basic bills, you lose your amenities - like closing the pool, turning off street lights, cancelling security (Sheriff’s patrol) and cutting down of landscaping the green space (of which we have 20 acres) in the neighborhood. Of course, January 1st is just after the holiday season, about the time your Christmas bills come due or when your bank account is suffering because you paid for all that holiday cheer. And you don’t want to pay even that nominal fee for arranging a payment plan to pay your dues? There’s a solution to all of this. It’s a great idea to plan ahead and PREPAY YOUR ANNUAL HOMEOWNERS’ DUES. In this newsletter, I’ve included a payment stub to cut out and send with your payment to VanMor. This way, you can start paying now and avoid crunch time later. Start now and pay a little each month ($50, $75, $100) and you’ll dramatically reduce the payment that’s due on January 1st; you’ll also avoid all the pain of trying to pay all those big bills all at once and this won’t cost you anything in extra fees! Just make sure you make the check out to “Westgate HOA,” put in the memo line “Prepayment for 2012 dues,” make sure your address and name are on the check and send it to the following address: 8711 Highway 6 North, Suite 270 Houston, TX 77095 Attention: Westgate HOA If you like, you can call VanMor Properties to ask for your account number to put on the payment stub. So, while other people are looking into cost-cutting measures, do your part and pay your dues! And make it easy on yourself by PREPAYING.

November 2011


Address: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

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Amount still due: _________________


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Mail to: VanMor Properties 8711 Hwy 6 North, Suite 270 Houston, TX 77095 Attention: Westgate HOA

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While most of our residents clearly show pride in their homes and yards, some residents have noticed that a few have been a bit lax on certain deed restrictions. No one likes to get those deed restriction violations in the mail, but more important, we all want our neighborhood looking great. So show that you care and do your part to avoid these common problems:

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Other items neighbors have noticed that may violate county rules include the following items: 1. Be sure to pick up your dog’s waste when you walk “Fido.” 2. If you’re dogs bark a lot at night, then bring them in so you keep the peace in the neighborhood. 3. Dogs running loose can make others uncomfortable and it’s against county law. And you can be sued if they bite someone. And while VanMor does drive-by inspections, we have a very large neighborhood, so if you do see deed restriction violations that don’t seem to go away, you can report them to the Deed Restriction Committee Chair, Tom Rowley at; be sure to include the address of the offense with a description or picture, if you can. So, let’s all work together to keep Westgate great!

November 2011

n Blv


West Rd. Birkes Elem.

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Some residents have recently complained of out-of-control solicitors in Westgate - namely at very early or late hours (like during dinner or after baby is asleep!). If you are continuously annoyed by solicitors, especially at inappropriate hours, follow these steps:



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Also, remember to check if you need to turn in an Architectural Review Application to the Architectural Review Committee BEFORE you make changes to your home. You don’t want the unpleasant surprise in your mailbox that means you may have to change it back! You can avoid that by finding this and other documents on the volunteer Westgate website under the HOA tab or by getting a copy from VanMor Properties.

Hwy . 29 Quee

Hwy. 6

1. Trashcans must not be stored where they are visible from the street and they should not be left out after trash day. 2. Even if you have dead spots in your lawn because of the drought, grass/weeds must be mowed regularly and curbs and walkways trimmed neatly. Also, beds should be free of weeds. 3. Cars should be parked on paved areas only - no tires on the grass. 4. Cars should not park so they block the sidewalks or overnight on the street. This can impede traffic and endanger children playing in the neighborhood.



Barker Cypress Rd.



Eldridge Rd.

Name: ________________________________________


Prepayment for Westgate Homeowners’ Fee 2012

LSC-CyFair 9191 Barker Cypress Cypress, TX 77433

LSC-Fairbanks Center 14955 Northwest Freeway Houston, TX 77040 affirmative action/eeo college



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1. Westgate has “No Soliciting” signs posted, so ask the solicitor to give you their name, the company’s name, phone number and address; then tell them you will be reporting them as they aren’t supposed to solicit in this neighborhood because of the posted signs and ask them to leave Westgate. 2. Call their company and tell them about the signs and not to solicit in Westgate. 3. You can also report them as trespassers to the Sheriff’s Dept. after you’ve told them to leave and they don’t. Call the Non-Emergency Dispatch number: 713-221-6000. As for loud neighbors, if asking them to please respect the peace in the neighborhood doesn’t work, VanMor suggests that you call the sheriff while the noise is going on. While Harris County doesn’t have a noise ordinance, the state does and 85 decibels is the limit. An easier way of tackling the problem may be to detail to the Sheriff’s dispatch what else is going on along with the noise (as other problems often do) - e.g. excessive or underage drinking; that may lead to further scrutiny by the officers. While these problems are not common in Westgate, when an individual homeowner has them, it can be infuriating and overwhelming. I hope these suggestions are helpful and if you have a success story or a question, please let me know at

Doggy Pooper Scooping

It’s a lovely Saturday morning as you amble out your front door, stretch leisurely and take a few steps toward your morning paper to retrieve it when - ACK! - you step right into a fresh pile of doggy leavings! Some unknown culprit and his owners have left you a notso-lovely gift. Just great, now YOU have a mess to clean up. Or picture this… you’re watching your happy child frolic in the park with some friends. She playfully laughs and comes down the slide when OOPS! - right into a nasty, smelly mess. It’s enough to make you cry. If you walk your pets and don’t carry a bag with you to clean up after them, YOU are the culprit of these types of scenes. Don’t ruin someone’s day or quiet a happy child! It’s disgusting and it spreads disease. Westgate even supplies bag dispensers and trash receptacles in our parks to help. So there’s NO EXCUSE - POOPER SCOOP!


Stay Up to Date with Westgate News

To get the latest information on what’s happening in Westgate, be sure to check our other Westgate sources: 1.) The Westgate website, (you must register) 2.) The Westgate Facebook page (on Facebook, search for “WESTGATE SUBDIVISION” and you must sign up); you can find goodies like pictures of the June 25th BBQ party and pictures of the Yard of the Month. 3.) The Westgate HOA email, (send an email to that address to be added to the contact list). The newsletter only comes out once a month and information is a month old, so the other methods are used when something happens last minute and if you missed the newsletter. Also, I’ve spoken with residents who say they don’t receive a newsletter; if you know a resident who doesn’t get one, please have them email with their name and address and the editor will forward the information to the appropriate person at Krenek Printing.

Recommended Tradespeople List on the Westgate Facebook Page

Have you ever needed to call someone for repairs or to have work done, but you didn’t want to just pick someone out of the yellow pages? Well, we’ve begun a document that is our neighborhood’s personal “Angie’s List.” All people and businesses listed on it are recommended by people in Westgate who have had personal experiences with them. We also will have a list for businesses actually owned by Westgate residents. To submit a name or business, please email Kimberly McGaughy at; you must give your name and address (for proof of Westgate residency only, address will NOT be published), the name and contact information of the business you’re recommending and a description of the experience you had with this person or company (what work they did, maybe a price range, how you felt about their work, etc.). Thanks for helping out your neighbors with this information!

November 2011


If you are a resident who owns a business, follow the same process, but instead of a description of a personal experience, provide a description of your services, price range, history of your business, etc. We’d love to support our neighbors!


To access the document, go to and search for “Westgate Subdivision.” Look on the right side of the page under “Documents” and you’ll see it there! And I started the list off with one recommendation of my own! Add yours to the list!

Additional Recycling Opportunity in Westgate

Donna and her son are on a recycling project; everything they collect goes toward funding the Ronald McDonald house which provides family care and lodging for families of children receiving cancer treatment. They can come by on Thursday mornings before 10 AM to pick up recycling from you. They collect paper items, cardboard boxes, glass and cans. You can leave it at your door or at the end of your driveway. Thanks so much for your participation: contact Plastic needs to be separated in a bag and will only be picked up on the last Thursday of the month. They can also pick up large metal items with an email prior to Thursday - such as washer/dryers, BBQ grills etc.

Personalizing the Newsletter

In addition to the new committees becoming active in our community, our Newsletter Committee would like to make some changes as well. We are trying to tailor our newsletter to our specific residents’ interests. In what groups are our particular residents involved? For instance, please email Krenek Publishing at news@krenekprinting. com with the names of private schools, sports clubs, scout troops, religious organizations, social clubs, arts and theater or any other organizations in which you are involved and would like to see represented in the newsletter, if they aren’t already there. Be sure to tell them you are from Westgate Subdivision. Also, we would really like to hear from residents regarding their lives, so we can start a “Shout Out” column. Did your child achieve something you are proud of recently? Did you have a birthday, anniversary or birth announcement? Are you representing your area in a particular event, such as a conference or national convention? Do you have information that would be interesting to our residents: for instance, you just published a book, reached a milestone or special event of some kind or have knowledge of a particular subject like photography or gardening that you feel might be helpful or interesting? If so, email the Newsletter Editor, Kimberly McGaughy at Another column we’d like to see expanded is the “Westgate Job Seekers List.” This would include teenagers that can provide a service: babysitters, petsitters, lawn care, tutoring, etc. Be sure to have a parent’s permission and you can email Krenek Printing at All of these changes need YOU to help make them happen. Let’s all work to improve our community, in this case, by participating in the newsletter and improving communication between neighbors!

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Neighborhood Watch

KB has been gracious enough to install new equipment at the parks. Now is the time to pay close attention to activities in and around the park and our immediate neighborhoods. Report any suspicious activity by calling the Sheriff Dispatch line 713-221-6000. Our community is a great place to live!! We can keep it that way by working together to keep it safe for our families.

Ron Geyer


15840 FM 529, Suite 280 Houston, Texas 77095 Located in the Chase Bank Building on FM 529

November 2011


Westgate needs volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering your time on any of the committees that are listed in the newsletter please contact Kimberly McGaughy at or email the Adhoc committee on Facebook. We are in need of people to work on the Newsletter.

Streetlight Outages

Report streetlight outages to Center Point Energy at 713-207-2222 or Let’s keep our community safe. You will need the pole number, the black and white numbers listed vertically on the pole, to report the outage. If no pole number is listed, on the website you can use the GIS map listed on the website link above.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Information

Westgate Subdivision falls within District 4 of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. Suspicious behavior should be called in to the Non-Emergency number, general questions should be directed to the Patrol District Office and emergencies should always call 911: NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER: 713-221-6000 (Option 1 for dispatch) PATROL DISTRICT OFFICE: 281-463-2648 (for general information only) 16715 Clay Road Houston, TX 77084 EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 (emergencies only)

Westgate Contact Information Westgate Subdivision is managed by: VanMor Properties 8711 Highway 6 North, Suite 270 Houston, TX 77095 Phone: 832-593-7300; Fax: 832-593-7301 Monday-Friday Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM. Closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 PM. VanMor Properties contacts: Lynette Rink, Property Manager Kourtnie Friedel, Administrative Assistant (Contact for day to day issues):

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Community Events and Activities Committees: Westgate Newsletter Editor: Kimberly McGaughy at kbmcgaughy@ Westgate Garage Sale Chair: Kimberly McGaughy at kbmcgaughy@ Westgate Social Committee Contact: Donna Lamy at lidiacody@ Westgate Parks and Pools Committee Chair: Pat Parks at ringparks@ Westgate Deed Restriction Committee Contact (to report problems): Tom Rowley at

(CWC) COPPERFIELD WOMEN’S CLUB Women Serving the Community

At our October meeting, Decorating Den encouraged us to express our personal style by showing us dramatic before and after pictures of beautiful bedrooms, fun family rooms, elegant dining rooms and spicy kitchens! In November, as we begin our holiday celebrations, our members will attend a wine tasting at Wine Styles, where we will learn about the various types of wines.

November 2011


This year our holiday party promises to bring adventure to our lives! We are celebrating at Tapas Capriccio, where the expected, is the unexpected. We are looking forward to sharing this exciting adventure together! Remember, CWC is a service community, so all funds raised in scholarships for graduating College, Cy-Fair and grants to as well.

organization that gives back to the will go right back to the community high school seniors, at Lone Star other non-profits in our community,

Membership in the CWC is open to all ladies in Northwest Houston neighborhoods. Currently we meet the first Thursday of most months at West Houston Church of Christ at 7:00 PM for social time and refreshments, followed by a program at 7:30 PM. The church is located at Queenston and West Road. If there are any adventurous ladies out there, that love to have fun and would like to participate in giving back to the community, we encourage you to come join us! Our monthly meetings are not only educational and enjoyable, but they develop lasting fellowships. We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions about our club or need directions to the church, please contact Susan McLeroy, Membership Chair at


• The Plymouth Pilgrims were the first to celebrate the Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621. • The drink that the Puritans brought with them in the Mayflower was the beer. • The Wampanoag Indians were the people who taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land. • The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days. • President George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795. • The state of New York officially made Thanksgiving Day an annual custom in 1817. • Sarah Josepha Hale, an editor with a magazine, started a Thanksgiving campaign in 1827 and it was result of her efforts that in 1863 Thanksgiving was observed as a day for national thanksgiving and prayer. • Abraham Lincoln issued a ‘Thanksgiving Proclamation’ on third October 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving. Whereas earlier the presidents used to make an annual proclamation to specify the day when Thanksgiving was to be held.


• President Franklin D. Roosevelt restored Thursday before last of November as Thanksgiving Day in the year 1939. He did so to make the Christmas shopping season longer and thus stimulate the economy of the state. • Congress passed an official proclamation in 1941 and declared that now onwards Thanksgiving will be observed as a legal holiday on the fourth Thursday of November every year. • Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. But it was Thomas Jefferson who opposed him. It is believed that Franklin then named the male turkey as ‘tom’ to spite Jefferson. • The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition began in the 1920’s. • Californians are the largest consumers of turkey in the United States. • When the Pilgrims arrived in North America, the clothing of the Native Americans was made of animal skins (mainly deer skin). • On December 11, 1620 the first Pilgrims (or Puritans, as they were initially known) landed at Plymouth Rock. • By the fall of 1621 only half of the pilgrims, who had sailed on the Mayflower, survived. The survivors, thankful to be alive, decided to give a thanksgiving feast.


• Brown patch will continue to plague St. Augustine lawns as nights get cooler and humidity and rain continue. Discolored circles will appear in low areas almost overnight. Apply a fungicide recommended for brown patch according to label directions. Avoid walking through brown-patched turf. It spreads easily from the bottom of your shoes. If brown patch appears in the same lawn areas every year, add an inch or two of sandy topsoil to eliminate those low spots. • Fertilize St. Augustine turf with a winterizing formula to promote root growth over the winter months. Lower your lawn mover blades now and mow on a schedule that cuts no more than one-third of the grass blade away. • As chrysanthemums and other perennials finish blooming, cut flowering stalks to the ground to permit all strength to be used in making root growth. • Feed roses lightly, but avoid nitrogen fertilizers. Do not prune now. Keep up spraying program and water deeply. • Remove dead foliage and plant debris to help eradicate insects and disease organisms. Thin out and transfer volunteer seedlings. Beds made now will benefit by weathering before being planted. If soil is heavy, dig six inches deep, leave rough, cover with gymsum and strawy manure, water and allow to mellow. • Bananas are more likely to bear fruit if the trunk does not die back

November 2011


in winter. Cut banana stalks back to six feet, wrap with newspaper and burlap. • Continue mulching for winter. Build up a thick top mulch to protect roots from freezing and winter drying. Don’t throw away those pine tree needles; they make great acidic mulch for azaleas, gardenias and next Spring’s impatiens. • Place pansies in beds after weather has cooled. Use a little blood meat mixed in soil under each plant. • Now is the best time to plant trees and shrubs.


If you are between 12 and 18 and would like to be added to the teenage job seeker’s list, please fill out the form in the newsletter with your name, age, birthdate (mon. & yr.), phone number, (one only) year you will graduate (or grade presently in) and the name of your subdivision. Check the list of jobs you want on your form. Mail to Krenek Printing, 7102 Glen Chase Ct., Houston, TX 77095 or email to Must have parent(s) permission. (Revised 8/11) If your name was left off the list, it is because you did not return our call to update our records. You will have to resubmit your information to be put back on. Shauna Betancourt - B Tyler Shelton - PP, L Veronica Abutail - B, PP, H, T Catarina Graham - B, H, PP, SS Kelsey Telles - H, PP, L Payton Grizzard - B, SS, PP, H, T Fernando Bocanegra - C, L Amanda Bair - P Desiree Lambert - B


15 16 18 17 16 15 14 15 16

281-225-4019 281-370-3351 281-213-4367 832-482-7836 281-857-0954 281-732-4321 713-514-4739 832-483-8217 832-794-0839



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Please place my name on the Job Seekers List

(Students must be 12 before they can be added to the babysitting list.) Please fill in all information Job(s) _________________________________ q B -Babysitting Name _________________________________ q SS -Safe Sitter

q SL -Swim Lessons

8955 Hwy 6 N Houston, TX 77095

Call Us (281) 859-9073

E-Mail Us

Check Out Our Web Site

Street _________________________________ q CPR -CPR Certified Email _________________________________ Birthdate - Mo/Yr_________________________ Age ______ Yr HS Grad________ or Gr ________ Phone _________________________________ Subd__________________________________

q FAC -First Aid Cert. q RCC -Red Cross Cert. q P -Pet Care (only) q PP -Pet/Plant Sitter q H -Housecare q L -Lawncare q T -Tutor q C -Car Detailing

I give my permission for my child’s name and phone number to be published in the ‘Teenage Job Seekers’ section of our subdivision newsletter. Parent Signature ____________________________________________________ Mail to: Krenek Printing Co. 7102 Glen Chase Ct., Houston, TX 77095 email:


November 2011


school news

becoming a Global Volunteer, please contact Kim Nash at krnash1@ or call the CFISD Partners in Education Office at 281894-3950. And remember: “TEAMWORK IS KEY”

Cy-Fair ISD news

CFISD Receives State Comptroller 2011 Texas Honors Circle Award


Nov. 21 – 25 – Student Holiday (21 & 22 – Inclement Weather Day if needed) Dec. 21st – Student Holiday (Inclement Weather Day if needed) Dec. 22nd – Jan 3rd – Student Holidays st





The Cy-Fair ISD volunteer theme for this year is “Teamwork is Key” in recognition of the combined effort that it takes to ensure student success. Our school district fully understands and appreciates that it takes district administration, teachers, school staff, parents, community partners and volunteers each doing their part to give our children every possible opportunity to reach their full potential. We are looking for community members who want to become Global Volunteers in order to be a part of our “team” and make a difference in the lives of children. If you are not the parent, grandparent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the school at which you volunteer, you would be considered a Global Volunteer. We have many volunteer opportunities available at a school near you. Individuals are needed to perform a full range of activities and we have training available for specific tasks such as vision and hearing screening, tutoring, mentoring, Junior Achievement and other instructional presentations. If you have some free time and would like to learn more about


Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is one of only 46 recipients, among 1,237 public school districts and charter schools statewide, to receive a five-star rating for academic and financial performance from Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller. The Financial Allocation Study for Texas (FAST) assigned every school district in the state a rating from one to five stars, indicating success in combining cost-effective spending with achievement of measurable student academic progress. A five-star rating  reflects the strongest relative academic progress combined with the lowest relative spending. CFISD was one of 23 five-star districts to retain its designation for the second consecutive year. The Comptroller’s office ranked CFISD in the 91st percentile of composite progress, which, combined with a spending index of “Very Low,” amounted to the five-star rating. Recently, the Texas Education Agency released data that ranked CFISD’s administrative cost ratio as the lowest among Houston-area school districts. Administrative costs in the area range from the highest cost ratio (9.12 percent) in North Forest ISD to the lowest (3.67 percent) in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. Ratios are calculated comparing administrative to instructionalrelated costs.  More comparative information is located on the district website. In addition to the district’s recognition for operational efficiency and effectiveness,  33 CFISD schools also received the Texas Comptroller’s 2011 Texas Honors Circle Award for strong academic performance while spending relatively little compared to their peers statewide. Only 313 school campuses statewide received this distinction for high rankings received in the 2011 Financial Allocation Study for Texas (FAST), meaning CFISD accounted for 10.5 percent of all Honors Circle campuses in the state.

November 2011



November 2011


Elementary campuses receiving the award achieved a five-star FAST rating, while middle and high school campuses tapped for the honor achieved at least a 4.5-star FAST rating. The following CFISD schools were recognized in the Texas Honors Circle: Cypress Woods High School, Andre’ Elementary School, Ault Elementary School, Copeland Elementary School, Farney Elementary School, Hairgrove Elementary School, Keith Elementary School, Lamkin Elementary School, Lee Elementary School, Lieder Elementary School, Lowery Elementary School, McFee Elementary School, Owens Elementary School, Postma Elementary School, A. Robison Elementary School, Sheridan Elementary School, Tipps Elementary School, Walker Elementary School and Warner Elementary School.

Langham Creek Project Prom 2012!

Help make this a successful event for our seniors by being a supportive community! You can help in our many fundraisers. We have a Golf Tournament scheduled for November 14th. We have a Cow Plop in December where for a $10 ticket; you stand a chance to win $100 or even $1,000! On November 11th, we will have a King of the Court volleyball game, where junior and senior boys play against our varsity girl’s team. Finally, mark your calendars for January 14th for a Mr. Lobo contest, where we showcase our talented senior boys and then on January 28th we will have a Casino Night, with fun for the adults! Go to for more info or to pay online!

LCHS Results from Region 27 District Auditions

CONGRATULATIONS to our talented singers! These students advanced to Region Auditions on October 22, 2011: Soprano I - Jessica Branas, Ashley Vargas, Dakota Crespo, Jacey Lofton and Brittnee Simone. Soprano II - Maddie Frank, Lauren Salazar, Andrea Ojeda, Jessica Donaldson, Tiana Ita, Ellen Gorman, Jennifer Terlouw, Leah Douglas, Gwen Leonares, Audrey Wang, Ayla Sechrist, Maggie LaPerna and Marissa Thrower. Alto I - Kayla Squire, Kirstie McCallum, Monica Hernandez, Alba Zepeda, Taylor Lofton, Jenna Squire and Tiana Harris. Alto II - Tiffany Lockward, Jordan Williamson, Elena Gomez-Jareno, Kaitlin Sacco, Shane O’Neal, Tavy Svay, Leila Rodriguez, Allison Davis, Rebekah Douglas, Jacqueline Dao and Kaitlin Simmons. Tenor I - Kyle Smith, Brevan Ita, Adam Garcia and Noah Cooley. Tenor II - Royal Smith, Jacob Bogdan, Alexander Regal, Damon Paonessa and Jeffrey Lee. Bass I - Jason Byun and Chris Thompson. Bass II - Scott Feldt, Sean Owens, Brandon Derryberry, Chris Meinke, Ryan Richards, Joshua Langton, Michael Long and Victor Rodriguez.

LCHS Cheerleaders

We’ve Moved! 7825 Hwy 6 N, Ste. 103


You must sign up for our email club to get the special link. Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday


The Langham Creek Cheerleaders hosted over 1,300 beautifully dressed guests at their fabulous Homecoming extravaganza on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The Berry Center came alive with spirited decorations highlighting the “Let It Roll” theme and great music and fun. Thank you to all the cheer parents and LCHS administrators who worked to create this special evening for the students.

The largest outside the loop! National Award Winners DAYSPA Magazine “Rising Star Day Spa” Top Ten Citysearch 2008, 2009, 2010

When the cheerleaders were not working on Homecoming, they could be found on the sidelines of several of the LC volleyball games. LCHS Cheerleading is year round – they represent and support all the best Langham Creek has to offer. Thank you, Cheerleaders, for your tireless efforts!

(Hwy 6 & Longenbaugh)

Next on the agenda is competition season. The cheer squad will be working on a routine that they will take to two different competitions in the spring. In the midst of that, they will be in the gyms supporting our various Lobo basketball teams. Go Lobos!


7825 Hwy 6 North, Ste. 103 832-593-8877 Stress Relief Club - $59 Facials & Massages Full Service Spa & Salon Hair • Face • Body • Acupuncture • Laser • Botox and so much more!

November 2011




Interior/Exterior Painting Sheetrock • Texture Carpentry • Powerwashing Siding • HardiPlank® Refinishing

16+ Years Experience FREE Estimates

713-367-5477 713-240-7653

Back row: Michelle McCullough, Michelle Hoang, Claire Richardson, Maddie Sheedlo and Courtland Klein. Front row: Leila Davila, Mariah De Los Santos, Bianca Rivera and Erin Sheldon.

Bailadora Rummage Sale and Car Wash

You won’t find a bigger garage sale. Over 50 families in one place at one time! There will be a lot of BARGAINS at this once-a-year treasure hunt. Have your car washed with the money that you save by scouting great deals on a wide array of items. These bargains can be found at the Family of Faith Church parking lot (16710 FM 529) on November 12th from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Stallings at 281-859-2976.


November 2011


Private & Pre-Schools

Houston Christian Students Trek the Silk Road across China

A group of seventeen Houston Christian High School (HC) students traveled 2,000 miles to China to follow the Silk Road west, visiting breathtaking landmarks. Students saw the urban giant Beijing and then trekked both eastern and western ends of the Great Wall of China. Navigating the length of the country, students learned about China’s history and culture and how it varies along the Silk Road. On the western end of China, students took a camel caravan across portions of the Gobi Desert - the fifth largest desert in the world, with sand dunes over 1,000 feet high! The trip was led by the Head of School, Dr. Steve Livingston, and is part of HC’s unique Globe Trek program designed to give students an opportunity to directly learn about other countries and cultures.

Rosehill Christian School cheerleader news

Rosehill Christian School cheerleaders recently returned from the National Cheerleaders Association Camp held in Waco, TX where they received numerous awards. They were honored to receive the coveted “Herkie Team Award.” The Herkie Award was given to the RCS Cheerleaders for exemplifying the qualities of leadership, values, teamwork and sportsmanship, which are an integral part of cheerleading and are the ideals on which NCA was founded. Rosehill also received other team awards including Superior ratings, the Motion Award and the SPOT Award. Freshman Jaycee Wright, Sophmores Jessica Froelich and Hannah Crocker and Junior Reagan Johnson were selected as All Americans. Rosehill Christian School cheerleaders are under the leadership of Jason Williams, Spirit Director.


November 2011



Ensemble concert “JazzExpress” Dec. 7th. For tickets and event information, go to In the Bosque Gallery will be the Student Art Show Dec. 1st through Dec. 8th with a reception and awards ceremony set from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Dec. 1st. For gallery information, go to

Community Partners Day, T.I.P. and Job Connection Days Continue

9191 Barker Cypress Rd.

Don’t miss the Holidays on the Lake free family event

Get in the holiday spirit with the free Holidays on the Lake event set Monday, Nov. 28th at the Lone Star College-Cy-Fair amphitheatre. Bring the family to celebrate from 4:30 PM to 7 PM with a variety of free deserts, photos with Santa and friends, games, activities, live entertainment and more. For information, call 281-290-3270 or go to

L.I.F.E. Lessons Continue through December

The Learning, Inspiration, Fellowship and Enrichment (L.I.F.E.) programs are free and held Wednesdays at 10 AM in the Lone Star College-CyFair Branch Library (Room 131.) Programs in November include: “Beads, Glorious Beads” Nov. 2nd, “Flambé et Brûlé” Nov. 9th, “Audio Books at the Library” Nov. 16th and “Vegetable Soup, Russian Style” Nov. 30th. Programs in December are: “The Courageous of Pearl Harbor” Dec. 7th and “Shrinky Dinks with Tracy and Rose” Dec. 14th. Programs will resume Jan. 11, 2012. Call the library at 281-2903214 for L.I.F.E. program information.  

Look What’s in the Center for the Arts

Lone Star College-CyFair hosts several community mid-day events each month in the College Center. On Community Partners Day, from 11 AM - 1 PM, visit with community partners to see what goods and services they have to offer. The next Community Partners Day is Nov. 15th. Watch for Transfer Information Program (T.I.P.) Days when, from 10 AM - 1 PM, representatives from four-year universities are on campus to provide transfer information. The next T.I.P. day is Nov. 8th. At Job Connection Days (mini-job fairs), from 11 AM - 1 PM, bring copies of your resume, wear business attire and meet with area employers recruiting for immediate openings. The next mini-job fair day is Nov. 8th. Check the events calendar at for future dates.

Register Now for Mini-mester and Spring Semester Classes

Catch up or get ahead this holiday season! Take a mini-mester course in December or register early for spring. Registration begins Nov. 9th. Mini-mester classes begin Dec. 19th. Spring semester weekday classes begin Jan. 17, 2012. For information, call 281-290-3200 or 832-782-5000 or go online to

On stage in November is a Symphonic Band concert “MusicMatters” Nov. 3rd and an opera “Amahl and the Night Visitors” Nov. 17th through Nov. 19th. In December are a choral concert featuring the LSC-CyFair Symphonic Band “Carmina Burana” Dec. 2nd and Jazz


November 2011


sports Bear Creek Umc Celebrates our 10th Annual UPWARD Basketball League

We are excited to announce registration for our 2011-2012 Upward basketball and cheerleading season Registration ends November 25, 2011 Evaluations are December 3, 2011 and December 10, 2011 Practices Begin January 2, 2012 First game January 28, 2012 Last game March 24, 2012 Awards Night March 25, 2012 Basketball $75 and Cheerleading $80 For more information visit or call Larry Tyree at 281463-2330, ext.119

Bear Creek Baptist Church Upward Basketball and Cheerleading

Bear Creek Baptist Church is offering Upward Basketball and Cheerleading for K-8th Grade. Cost is $75. They will have one hour of practices a week and on Saturdays they will have a game for an hour. Every practice and game takes place on our Campus. It is a great place where they will learn new skills for the game and cheer. Our first evaluation will be Saturday, November 5th, from 10:30 AM -1:30 PM in our gym on the Sonic side of our Church. The following week, we will have more evaluations, Mon., Tues and Thurs., Nov. 7th, 8th and 10th between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Each child is needed to attend during one of these times. We will kick off the season with a Clinic on Sat., Dec. 3rd and practices will begin the next week starting Dec. 5th. You can register on line at www.bearcreekchurch. tv/sports and click on Upward Sports. For more information, contact Linda Newhouse at or Scott Denton at Bear Creek Baptist Church at 5901 N. Fry Rd. Katy, Tx 77449 - 281-859-9900.

Exciting Changes Ahead for CFSA Basketball Winter 2011 Season

Cy-Fair Sports Association will unveil new enhancements to the Basketball Program for the Winter 2011 season. Similar to the CFSA Baseball program, coaches will now be allowed to form “friendship” teams and play against other friendship teams. The “select” level of play will be expanded to achieve more competitive balance and will include a mid-season tournament with players outside the CFSA program. The traditional “classic” division will remain in place with teams selected based upon where players live and go to school. These changes will create a basketball experience that meets the diverse needs of the Cy-Fair community while continuing to attract new participants into the program. Online registration began October 15th with a pre-season skills clinic scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd. For more information, please visit the league website at

Holy Covenant UMC Soccer

What: Upward Soccer Where: Holy Covenant UMC 22111 Morton Road, Katy TX 77449 When: Evaluations are on January 14th and 21st at 9:00 AM. Who: Children ages 4 thru 5th grade Fee: $75, which includes a uniform Check out for more information or call 281-579-1200.


November 2011






r Sp



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Girl Scouts


Please join us for a different golf outing every Wednesday morning. We are a small, fun group playing mostly around the west Houston area. Please contact or call Nancy at 281-550-2043.

Cy-Fair Sports Association

Cy-Fair Sports Association is having baseball, football, cheerleading, drill team and wrestling sign ups right now. Check out the website for more information

Westside Golf League

Westside Golf League is actively encouraging new members. We invite you to join us every Tuesday morning at Cinco Ranch Golf Club. Our purpose is to allow ladies of all levels to meet new friends and have fun while improving golfing skills. For more information, contact Sue Crookson at 281-392-4913 or Yana Dommert at 281-394-2481

Men’s Drop-In Roller Hockey

Bear Creek Roller Rink is the new home of Men’s Hockey. If you are new to hockey or have played for years, we would love to have you join us. All ages and abilities are welcome. We play every Sunday from 7:30 - 9:30 PM. Come on out and give hockey a try!!! For more information, please call David Bradford at 281-855-2615.

Copper Corners Service Unit

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council Copper Corners Service Unit serves all girls in the residence areas for Lowery, Birkes, Fiest Elementary Schools, Aragon and Labay Middle Schools and corresponding high schools. For more information about joining, becoming a Troop Leader, assisting a troop or inspiring elementary, middle or high school aged girls, call 800-392-4340 or visit www.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 61

Young men between the ages of 11-18 are encouraged to visit Boy Scout Troop 61 at 7:00 PM Wednesday nights at Peace Community Church, 5151 Addicks Satsuma Road, Houston, Texas, 77084. They will get a hands-on experience of what Scouting has to offer and have the opportunity to visit with the Scouts and their adult leaders to learn more about the things the troop has done during meetings and activities. Scouting activities include camping, fishing, archery, rifle/ shotgun shooting, hiking, first aid, wilderness survival, community service, citizenship, swimming, leadership, white-water rafting and much more. Troop 61 camps each month and has a group that goes to High Adventure Camp and to Merit Badge Camps each summer. Boy Scout Troop 61 meets from 7:00 to 8:00 PM every Wednesday in the Activity Room at Peace Community Church. Contact Mike Viator with Troop 61 if your son is interested in joining a local Boy Scout Troop. Cell: 713-409-1934,


November 2011


Boy Scout Troop 10

Boy Scout Troop 10 meets every Tuesday night during the school year at the West Houston Church of Christ on West Road and Queenston. Our meetings begin at 7 PM. We spend our time working on merit badges, planning for our monthly camp outs and having fun!! The boys will be going to spend the night on The Battleship Texas in November and are really looking forward to it! We would like to CONGRATULATE our newest Eagle Scout, Donald Banks Jr. He has worked very hard to earn this amazing accomplishment! Our Troop will be participating in this year’s Troop Fair, to be held Saturday, November 5th from 12-4 PM at the Family of Faith Lutheran Church on FM 529 (near Queenston). It will be in the parking lot. There will be many Scout related activities so come check it out! If you have a son in the 6th grade or higher that would like to join in the fun and adventure please contact us. Our Scout Master is Michael Widaski and his number is 713-376 5166. You can also contact our Committee Chairperson, Joseph Jefferson, at 281-684-5197 or check our website at We hope to hear from you soon so you can come be a part of our family!

Copeland Elementary Pack 435

If you are interested in your First Grade to Fifth Grade son joining in scouting and would like to learn more about Cub Scouts and Pack 435, please contact Rafe Poirrier, 281-858-7298 (Pack 435 Cub Master), join us for a Pack meeting on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM, in the Copeland Cafeteria or check out our website at

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Remember, it’s not too late to join the Pack! If you have a 1st-5th grade boy at Fiest Elementary or in the surrounding area that would like to be a Cub Scout, please visit our website at We hope everyone has a great month and we’ll see ya’ next time!

FM 529



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rk Pa

November looks to be just as fun filled! We have the end of Popcorn celebration Pizza Party, Pushmobile and of course, Thanksgiving!


Done Right Done Fast

Trey Hillert, M.D. Carlotta Hillert, M.D. Board Certified Specialists in Family Medicine

Hwy 6 N

Towards the end of the month the Webelos attended a two night camp out called World of Webelos. They were able to earn several of their pins toward rank and had a lot more responsibility than usual. They had to pitch their own tents, cook their own meals and clean up after themselves. It was a nice treat for the parents!

TOO Small

copperfielD family meDicine

Cub Scout Pack 438 of Rennell Elementary is collecting old cell phones and/or cell phone accessories as part of our annual Cell Phones for Soldiers collection campaign. Bring your old cell phones and accessories (gladly accepted, but not required) to our donation box at PostNet, located at 12321 Barker-Cypress Rd. #600 Cypress, TX 77429 in the Randall’s shopping center. The phones will be shipped to Cell Phones for Soldiers and either be reconditioned and reprogrammed for reuse, the ultimate form of recycling or dismantled and recycled. For every phone recycled, a deployed U.S. soldier will receive a prepaid calling card to stay in touch with loved ones. For more information on the program, visit www.cellphonesforsoldiers. com. Thank you for supporting our soldiers!



Copperfield Resident for 20 years! • Insured

Rennell Elementary – Cub Scout Pack 438 Cell phones for soldiers

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this month’s exciting episode of “The Chronicles of Pack 445!” Well, of course our Pack has been busy yet again! At October’s Pack meeting, we had our Bobcat Ceremony to recognize the first rank earned by all of our new Scouts. The ceremony was a great adventure as the Cub Master and Assistant Cubmaster did face painting and beat on drums in celebration. Afterwards, the kids were able to play games and collect candy and prizes at our Fall Festival!

No Repair is

November 2011


7555 Cherry Park Offering Carotid Artery Scans (CIMT) in the office



BEAR CREEK COMMUNITY CENTER 3055 Bear Creek Drive • 281-859-1566

Please call for more information or to register for any of these classes ASAP. All classes are FREE OF CHARGE and are suited for adults, unless otherwise noted and are open to the public. ONGOING SENIOR DAY - Every Wed. at BCCC, join seniors for a day of fun and games. Bridge, Canasta, Pinochle and 42 are played starting at 9:00 AM. We also have afternoon bridge at 12:00 PM. WALKERCISE - BCCC offers walkercise every day at 8:00 AM. this is an indoor class that’s equivalent to a two-mile walk. Classes are free. STRETCH AND TONE - Stretch and Tone is designed to improve flexibility, strength and endurance. You will see better body composition, improved strength and range of motion. This class is geared for all fitness levels. Bring a mat or towel and join us Tues. and Thurs. from 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM. Classes are free. AEROBICS - Aerobics combines muscle toning exercise and low-impact mid-intensity aerobics. Benefits include increased metabolic rate, which promotes efficient fat loss and improved body composition. Classes are free. Call BCCC for more information. NEEDLEWORK GROUP - The ladies of the BCCC Needlework Group are looking for new members. If you enjoy embroidery, crossstitch or creative sewing, please join us Tues. mornings at 10:00 AM. FUN TIME ART GROUP - Every Thursday morning from 9:00 AM to noon, would like to extend an invitation to adults to visit and join


this no fee art group. Painting is in all mediums of your choice and help is available from all members. Come have fun together! Call for more information. BEAR CREEK GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY & LIBRARY INC. Welcomes all genealogical researchers, novice to expert, to join us. Meetings: second Thursday of each month, september through may from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. Casual attire and pre-meeting lunch at the Omni Hotel. Genealogical research trips, speakers, workshops, special events and genealogy Library. More info: Gary at 281-3980333, email: or Alan at 281-579-0480, email CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH - BCCC offers anyone who has the basic knowledge of the French Language the opportunity to meet with others in a conversational French class held every Wednesday at 11:00 AM. CLASSES BEGINNERS TAI CHI - BCCC is offering a beginners Tai Chi Class Mondays and Fridays which will start on Monday, January 9, 2012. No new participants will be able to attend after the third week is in progress. You must be able to attend both classes each week. The class is not limited at this time, although you must pre-register in order to participate. Registration for this class will begin December 1, 2011. If you are interested go to BCCC to sign up or for more information.

November 2011



16719 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77084, 281-550-0885 Our hours are: Monday - 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Tuesday/Thursday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Wednesday -10:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Friday - 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Saturday - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday - Closed. Holiday Closings (Thanksgiving) - Wed., Nov. 23rd Branches close at 6 PM, closed Thurs., Nov. 24th through Sun., Nov. 27th. Adults • The Bear Creek Book Club - Wednesday, November 2nd, 7:00 PM. Join the Bear Creek Book Club to discuss The Milagro Beanfield War by John Nichols. • The Friends of the Bear Creek Library - Monday, November 7th, 6:00 PM. Planning Meeting: The Friends of the Library, a non-profit organization that raises funds for library programs and materials, is actively seeking new members. Did you enjoy a program at the library? If you did, thank the Friends. Better yet, join the Friends. Come to the meeting and see what it is all about! • New Volunteer Orientations - Monday, November 28th at 6:30 PM. Interested in volunteering at the library? We have periodic orientation sessions to introduce you to our library and what kinds of work you could do. Applications are available at the Information Desks (must be signed by guardian if volunteer is under 18). • The Bear Creek MYSTERY Book Club - Thursday, November 17th, 11:00 AM. The Library is hosting a mystery book club! All sleuths and amateur Sherlocks heed this call! Come to this lively group and share your passion for mysteries! This month we will discuss The 11th Victim by Nancy Grace.

Siding Products

Weekly Programs • Bear Creek Knitting Club - Every Thursday, 4:00 PM. The Bear Creek Knitters Club is a place to share ideas, to learn new knitting techniques or to teach someone else a new knitting skill. Don’t miss out on the weekly fun!! Make sure to bring your needles and yarn. All ages welcome! • Saturday @ the Movies - November 5th & 19th at 2:00 PM. Enjoy an action packed film with big sound and big screen; a deal that can’t be beat!! Check with the library staff regarding title and ratings information. • Beginning Computer Classes - First and Third Tuesday, 10:00 AM. Beginning Computer Classes: These classes are designed for people looking to learn about computers at a very introductory level. All classes are free of charge. The first twelve patrons will be accommodated. • ESL Classes - Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 10:15 AM. Our library is offering ESL classes twice a week! Classes are free and open to the public. Teen Programs • Teen Programs - Every Monday, 4:00 PM. Want to do something fun and interesting after school? The library is hosting weekly Teen events. You can watch an anime, take part in a book or movie critic club and so much more! CHILDREN • Tuesdays, 10:30 AM - Preschool Story Time for children ages 3-5 years. • Tuesdays, 11:15 AM - Infant Story Time for children ages 0-18 months. • Tuesdays, 5:00 PM - Kid’s Korner Story time for school-aged children. • Wednesdays, 10:30 & 11:00 AM - Toddler Story Time for children ages 18 months-3 years. • Wednesdays, 5:00 PM - Tweeners for middle school-aged children. • 1st Thursday of every month, 10:30 AM - Infant Explorers: All materials are furnished. Recommended for children ages 0-36


November 2011


• 2nd Thursday of every month, 10:30 AM - Free play for all. All ages. • 3rd Thursday of every month, 10:30 AM - Preschool Picassos Art Camp: All materials are furnished. Recommended for children ages 3-5 years. • 4th Thursday of every month, 10:30 AM - Build it! Recommended for children ages 3-5 years. All programs are free and open to the public. For more information call 281-550-0885 or log on to


Monday through Thursday, 7 am - 10 pm; Friday, 8 am - 6 pm; Saturday, 8 am - 6 pm; Sunday, 1 pm - 6 pm. Holiday Hours: Wednesday, November 23rd, 7-4:30 pm; Thursday - Sunday, November 24th-27th, closed for Thanksgiving Holiday. • FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY - The Lone Star College-CyFair Branch Library Friends Book Room is now accepting gently used books and offering them to the public for a set donation amount. The store is open six days a week and staffed by volunteers. Proceeds support library programs. Help support our community library. • CyFair Library Branch Blog page at location/cy-fair-college-branch-library, for news and events about the library and college and in the community. Visit us on Facebook at LSC-CyFair Branch Library. ADULTS Book Clubs • 11/9: Sports Page Book Club (2nd Wed. of the month) - 1 pm, room 215 - Carry the Rock: Race, Football, and the Soul of an American City by Jay Jennings. • 11/17: Books without Borders - 1 pm, room 215 - Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera (New Zealand). • 11/18: Student Book Club (LSC) - 12-1 pm, room 215 - Room by Emma Donoghue. • 11/30: Club de Lectura en Español - 4-5 pm, salon 102 Primer libro: El Sol de Texas (Under the Texas Sun). • 11/30: I Love a Mystery Book Club - 1:00 PM, TBA. Computer Workshops, library room 203 Tuesdays: 7-9 pm (various topics, see schedule). Saturdays: Alternating weekends/various times, please contact the library visit the website at for current schedule. Crafts Wednesdays, 8:30 am-10 am, LRNC 215 - Knitting, Crocheting and Needlework Group. ESL Library Outreach Program ESL BOOK CLUB: Tuesdays, LRNC 102, 10-11 am

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Free Talk Time (practice conversation) classes Monday, 9:30 am-10:30 am, 1-2 pm Tuesday, 1-2 pm Wednesday, 1-2 pm  Thursday, 1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, 5-6 pm   Spanish Conversation Club/ Conversación en Español Basic conversational skill in Spanish is required, LRNC 102 Tuesdays, 9-10 am  TEEN Book Clubs 11/6: 2-3 pm, LRNC 215 - Contemporary Book Club for Everyone - Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

November 2011


11/11: 1-2 pm, LRNC 215 - Classic for Home Schooled Teens Book Club - Spartacus by Howard Fast. 12/4: 2-3 pm, LRNC 215 - Contemporary Book Club for Everyone - Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. 12/9: 1-2 pm, LRNC 215 - Classic for Home Schooled Teens Book Club - Emma by Jane Austen.

Wednesdays: Preschool Time (3-6 years) - 10 am, 11 am
 Thursdays: Spanish Time (2-6 years) - 11 am; Craft Time (4-12 years) - 5 pm; Game Night (4+ years) - 6:30 pm. * See website for special activities and programs. All programs are free and open to the public.

SAT Prep 11/6: 4-5:30 pm, TECH 102- Math prep 11/28: 7-8 pm, TBA - English/Writing prep 12/4: 4-5:30 pm, TECH 102 - Math prep 12/12: 7-8 pm, TBA - English/Writing prep Special Needs Programs for Teens 12/14: 6-8 pm, LRNC 131 - 12/14: Pot-luck holiday dinner and soap making. * See website for details CHILDREN Certain children’s programs require registration in person, please contact the Kids Corner at 281-290-3211 for details.
 Please note age requirements for the programs. Limited space is available for each program and tickets are available in person, 1 hour before the program starts.

 Weekly Storytimes and Activities:
 Mondays: Baby Time (6-24 months) - 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am; Pajama Storytime (all ages) - 6:30 pm
 Tuesdays: Toddler Time (2-3 1/2 years) - 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am - Family Storytime (all ages) - 6:30 pm


November 2011


Garage Sales

Wee Wuns 11th Annual Holiday Market

Westcreek Garage Sale November 12th

Westcreek in Copperfield will have its community wide garage sale November 12th, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. The rainy day back up date will be the following Saturday, November 19th. Come and check out all the great bargains!!

Craft Shows/Bazaars West campus of Second Baptist Celebrations Christmas Market

The CELEBRATIONS CHRISTMAS MARKET is one of the most anticipated and highly attended events in the West Houston area. The market will be open a full three days on November 3rd - 9 AM - 7 PM, November 4th - 9 AM - 5 PM and November 5th - 9 AM - 5 PM. CELEBRATIONS attracts vendors from several states. Hand crafted pieces, Christmas collectables, and one-of-a-kind gifts make this event an annual tradition for our community. With more than 100 vendors, on-going entertainment, vendors to purchase lunch from, this holiday shopping is truly an exhilarating experience! The West campus of Second Baptist Church is located between Fry and Greenhouse Roads. You may enter the campus from either Kingsland Drive or the feeder road of the Katy Freeway. For more information, please check our website at or call 713-365-3081.

2011 Deerfield Christmas Bazaar and Market

We’re celebrating our 33rd Deerfield Christmas Bazaar and Market on November 4th and 5th. We are one of the highly selected bazaars in the area, known for our outstanding quality workmanship. Our merchandize includes lots of Thanksgiving and Christmas décor, Christmas ornaments, scenic paintings, sparkling stain glass, wood design pens, designer children’s clothes, scarves, flip flops, purses, gorgeous jewelry and delicious baked goods and jellies. We still have Deerfield Bazaar Cookbooks with all those delicious recipes for sale; they make great gifts.


Bring your friends & family and join us for the 11th Annual Wee Wuns Holiday Market! This year’s event will be held on Saturday, November 5th, from 9 AM - 3 PM, at Cypress United Methodist Church in Cypress, TX. Come enjoy handmade crafts and unique designs from over 50 vendors! While you’re there, enjoy homemade treats from our bake shoppe and stay warm with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee! Proceeds from this event directly benefit Wee Wuns Weekday Ministries and support such causes as teacher education, the purchase of school supplies and more. We appreciate all past and future support of this great school! For questions relating to this event or to register as a vendor, please contact Lindsay Coker at or 281-961-2546.

PINK HOLIDAY SHOPPING MARKET Presented by the Cypress Alumnae Chapter - Zeta Tau Alpha “Shop For The Cause” With your favorite Vendors! November 5, 2011 • 9 AM - 4 PM Cypress Saloon, 12710 Telge Road, Cypress, TX GREAT VENDORS! RAFFLE! HOURLY DOOR PRIZES!

A percentage of all Vendor Sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Education & Research. While shopping, take a break and eat lunch at PO’s Burgers! For every burger purchased, you will get one free entry into the Raffle Drawing!


Friday, Nov. 11th (11 AM - 5 PM), Saturday, Nov. 12th (10 AM - 4 PM) Sunday, Nov. 13th (12 PM - 4 PM). Norwegian Seamen’s Church, 4309 Young Street, Pasadena. Take a trip to Norway in Houston! Unique holiday gifts such as handmade embroideries, Scandinavian crafts, trolls, Nisser, Swedish linens, Norwegian jewelry and dolls. Great Raffle prizes, including 2 round trip tickets on SAS to Norway!! Silent Auction. Demonstrations in Norwegian wood-carving and folk dancing. Visit our bakery selling Norwegian specialty cookies and breads. Wide selection of Scandinavian foods for sale. Take time for lunch in our cafeteria serving “open-faced” sandwiches and cream cakes. For more info., call 281-998-8366.

November 2011


Holy Covenant Umc 22nd Annual Heartwarming Craft Show

Saturday November 12th, 9 am-4 pm 22111 Morton Road, Katy Over 68 artisans featuring a variety of handmade items Sandwich Shoppe and Tea Room with homemade baked items Silent Auction Baskets Proceeds support local missions Free Admission For more information, call 281-579-1200 or

16th Annual Langham Creek Market and Craft Show

November 12, 2011 through November 13, 2011 (Sat. 9 am-5 pm & Sun. 10 am-4 pm) Join us at the Cy-Fair ISD Exhibit Center located at 11206 Telge Rd. just off Hwy. 290. Indoor facility with over 150 vendors selling a wide variety of products. Also concessions, games, free parking and clean restrooms! Fun for the whole family! All proceeds benefit Langham Creek FFA students. For questions or vendor applications regarding available booths, please email or visit us on Facebook (search for “16th Annual Langham Creek Market and Craft Show”).  

Katy Area Parents of Multiples (KAPOM) Holiday Hop

Katy Area Parents of Multiples (KAPOM) will be holding their Holiday Hop vendor night and raffle on Monday, November 14th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The sale will be located at Crosspoint Church, 700 S. Westgreen Blvd. (at the corner of Kingsland and Westgreen). Vendors from all over Houston will provide shoppers with ideas for gift giving with their exceptional selection of merchandise, unique gifts, books, jewelry, fashion accessories and more. You will be able to find items for every member of your family, so make plans to attend this event. You just might be able to finish your holiday shopping in one night!


Newcomers and Neighbors of Greater Houston would like to welcome you to our HOLIDAY BAZAAR on Wednesday, November 16th at the beautiful Lakeside Country Club, 100 Wilcrest off I-10. The Bazaar will be held from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Reserve your place and join us for a buffet lunch and special program honoring women veterans for $25 or just come and shop the Bazaar…there will be Vendors, Raffle and Door prizes galore! Luncheon reservations and checks must be in by Wednesday, November 9th and sent to: Jeanne Fahrenholt, 11805 Meadowglen Lane #1179, Houston, TX 77082 or phone 281-556-0749. So come join the spirit and the fun of the holidays. And check us out on our website -

Home for the Holidays Christmas Gift Market

Katy Merrell Center - Over 175 Booths! November 18-20, 2011 Friday 5-9 PM • Saturday 10 AM-6 PM • Sunday 11 AM-4 PM

PAINTING, ETC. Interior & Exterior Commercial & Residential

First Congregational Church’s 17th Annual Pilgrim Festival

We are currently taking applications for craft vendors of handmade by vendor only crafts. This is our 17th year for our unique festival. The date is Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. No admission fee; crafts, games and food. We have inside and outside space available. If interested in an application or for more information, contact Sue Earl at We are located in the Hunters Creek Village at 10840 Beinhorn Rd. (I-10, exit Bingle/Voss).


20 Years of Experience • Cabinet Painting • Sheetrock Repairs & Texture • Carpentry/Wood Replacement


November 2011

• Pressure Washing • Reliable Services • Free Estimates

281-389-1572 cell


Ladies Night Out

The Shoppes’ at Brookwood 1752 FM 1489, Brookshire, TX 77423 Tuesday, November 29th From 5:00 - 8:00 pm Please join us for a Special Night of Christmas Shopping appetizers, food tastings, door prizes and more!! Revenues will help Brookwood operate independently of government subsidies and to help give innovative, educational and vocational opportunities for close to 200 adults with disabilities.

Epiphany of the Lord Frostyfest Craft Show

Epiphany of the Lord’s 17th Annual Frostyfest will be held December 3, 2011 from 9 AM until 3 PM at 1530 Norwalk Dr., Katy (South of I-10 off of Highland Knolls between Fry Road and Westgreen Blvd.). This show offers handmade merchandise from craftsman and artisans; no resale venders. In addition to the more than 80 venders, there will be a quilt raffle, silent auction, bake sale and photos with Santa.

Christmas & Holiday

Make Plans to Visit the Cornerstone UMC Live Nativity

The Cornerstone United Methodist Church (CUMC) will be hosting a Live Nativity on Saturday, December 3rd from 6-8 PM, as we transform the front area of the church into scenes that will depict the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. There will be shepherds with their sheep, the Three Wise Men and a camel, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus in a manger and an angel portraying this holy event. You will be able to visually embrace this event as you drive through, read scriptures and listen to music that tell of the wondrous night.


In the past, we have had several hundred cars that drive through to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ. We are located at 18081 West Road at Barker Cypress, behind the CVS. For directions or more information, please call the church at 281-859-4141 or go to our website at

First Christian Church of Katy 5th Annual “Living Nativity”

Join us on Saturday, December 10, 2011, from 6:30-8:00 PM. There will be three (3) live representations of the Nativity Scene lasting approximately 30 minutes each. Refreshments will also be provided in the fellowship hall throughout the evening. First Christian Church is located at 22101 Morton Ranch Road, Katy, Texas 77449. For more details, call the church office at 281-4922693 or visit our website:

What is Christmas without Handel’s “Messiah?”

To many people, Christmas is just not Christmas without singing or hearing Handel’s Messiah. The Chancel Choir of St. Peter’s United Methodist Church in Katy will host the fifth annual “Messiah Sing Along,” with full orchestra, again this year. The event will be held in the Sanctuary of the church (located at the corner of Shillington & Kingsland) Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7:00 pm. For information, call 281-492-8031 or go to www. Please join us as either a singer or a listener. Loaner scores will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis; however, given the limitations of available scores, you are encouraged to bring your own music. There will also be scores for sale.

November 2011


Operation Christmas Child Operation Christmas Child is a ministry project devoted to reaching underprivileged children all over the world with the true meaning of Christmas. The project accomplishes this goal by collecting simple gifts complied into shoeboxes from people all over the U.S.A. These gifts consist of hygiene items, small toys, candy, school supplies, etc. The items are packed into shoeboxes along with the story of the Nativity, printed in their native language. The gift is so simple but the impact is huge. Last year, Epiphany Lutheran Church participated in the project and the response was amazing. The church collected over 80 full boxes to ship overseas from the congregation alone. “We felt such a strong connection to this cause. It was truly moving,” remarks one Epiphany member. This year, Epiphany has decided to take advantage of its new, more visible location on West Rd. and Jackrabbit, to become a collection center for OCC. This means that during collection week, anyone who wishes to participate in OCC can drop of his or her donations to Epiphany Lutheran Church. The church will transport the collected items to the nearest distribution center. Collection week is November 14th - 21st. For more information on Operation Christmas Child and directions to the nearest drop off location, go to php/OCC/index.

Golf Tournaments

Birdies for the Brave golf tournament Supporting Wounded Veterans and Their Families

For the fourth straight year the Katy Community is privileged to host the Birdies for the Brave Golf Tournament at Meadowbrook Farms and the Gala at Safari Texas. The Gala will be Saturday evening, Nov. 5th and the golf tournament is Sunday, Nov. 6th. All proceeds go to a variety of charities that serve veterans and their families. There are many opportunities for Katy residents and businesses to contribute and participate in the many inspiring activities of the event. For further information, contact Dayna Gurley at Meadowbrook Farms 281-693-4653, x218 or

Fundraisers (Avenue CDC) Announces 15th Annual Art on the Avenue Fundraiser

Art on the Avenue, features the work of more than 250 Texas artists, who graciously donate a portion of silent auction proceeds from their work back to the nonprofit organization. Houston community leaders decorated mailboxes for the auction. Thursday, November 10th, 6 pm to 9 pm - first chance to view and purchase art! Preview Party - $100 - includes admission to Saturday night event. (Admission is limited to 300 people and is expected to sell out!) Winter Street Studios - 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX 77007. Food provided by: Beavers, Broken Spoke, Dharma Café and Smither Kitchen. Entertainment: Two Star Symphony and a special tribute to the Village People by Red Door Productions ** Honoring Knobbie Award Recipients: Mayor Annise Parker and Dean Ruck Saturday, November 12th, 6 pm to 10 pm Art on the Avenue - $20 in advance and $25 at the door Winter Street Studios - 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX 77007 Food provided by: El Patio and Georgia’s Market Downtown Entertainment: Texas Johnny Boy


November 2011


TICKETS: For ticket or sponsor information, call 713-864-8099, ext. 228, or visit RAFFLE: Roy Lichtenstein “As I Opened Fire”, Triptych, 1966; Sheet: 25” x 20 5/8” (634 x 523 mm.), Image: 24” x 19 5/8” (609 x 498 mm.) Three offset lithographs printed in colors, 1966 (printed later), on three sheets of wove paper, with full margins, from one of several editions of more than 3,000 printed since 1966. Museum Quality Framed by Sarah Balinskas Fine Framing. Printed by Drikkerj Luii & Co., Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tickets are $20 or 6 for $100, 1,000 total to be sold, no presence needed to win. To purchase raffle tickets, 713-864-8099, ext. 228 or Avenue CDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Houston’s Washington Avenue and Near Northside communities by developing affordable housing and economic opportunities, while preserving the area’s economic, cultural and historical diversity. For more information: 713-864-8099, ext. 228 or

The Cy-Fair Holiday & Health Festival/Layla Grace 5K

The Cy-Fair Holiday & Health Festival and Layla Grace 5K will be held at the Berry Center on Dec. 3rd. This family-friendly, community event is free to the public and will feature over 100 exhibitors to help Cypress residents get into the holiday spirit and help raise money for a good cause. Attendees can shop for holiday gifts as they get professional pictures with Santa, sample food and drinks, enjoy shows by local dance troupes and children’s choirs, have health screenings and beauty procedures done on-site, bring the kids to play in the Best Buy Mobile/Gaming area and win prizes and raffles throughout the day. 

The Cy-Fair Holiday & Health Festival is held in conjunction with the Layla Grace 5K. Layla Grace Marsh lost her battle with Neuroblastoma at age 2. Her parents, Cypress residents, formed the Layla Grace Children’s Cancer Research Foundation to fund research into highrisk pediatric cancers and to empower parents who have children diagnosed with cancer. The Layla Grace 5K Run/Walk and Kids One Mile Fun Run begins and ends at the Berry Center. Entry fee for the 5K Run/Walk is $25 and for the Kid’s 1 Mile Fun Run, only $15. For more information about the festival, visit www.holidayhealthfest. com. Show hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. To register for the Layla Grace 5K, visit The race will begin at 9:15 am. 



Join us for Fashion with Passion a Dinner, Silent Auction and Fashion Show benefitting Jordan Merecka Thursday, January 26, 2012 • 6:30 to 10:00 PM Enchanted Cypress Ballroom 12603 Louetta Road, Cypress, Texas For sponsorship, volunteer, and ticket information contact: Teri Quance at Susie Pipkin at Terri Cesnik at Julie Saunders at Cynthis Gill at Visit our Facebook page - “Fashion with Passion Fundraiser.” Tickets can be purchased at Quane Design Studio. Jordan Merecka was born with multiple congenital heart defects, including Dextrocardia (his heart was on the wrong side of his chest). As a child, he experienced two open chest surgeries, several surgical revisions and an implantable defibrillator. For many years after his early surgeries, Jordan was able to live an active childhood. As a teen, he enjoyed hunting and fishing with his father and at school, he participated in FFA (Future Farmers of America). But, in September 2010, Jordan’s heart began to fail and he was placed on a waiting list for a heart transplant. With medical treatment, he was able to attend school as he waited. At the start of 2011, the senior at Cypress Woods High School was looking forward to three major milestones in his life: his prom on May 27th, his eighteenth birthday on May 29th and his graduation on June 5th. In April 2011, his health took a turn for the worse and he was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital with heart failure symptoms and kidney insufficiency. He critically needed a heart transplant. Over the weekend of May 21st, all of his organs began to fail acutely and he could not breath on his own because his heart was so weak. On May 22nd, Jordan received the Total Artificial Heart that saved his life. Jordan missed his prom, but thanks to a diligent heart-failure team and the availability of the artificial heart, he celebrated his birthday at Texas Children’s on May 29th - a week after his surgery. On June 5th, Jordan watched his graduation ceremony online while his 16-year-old sister walked across the stage to accept his diploma on his behalf. His class rose to their feet for a standing ovation. Jordan has been accepted at Texas A&M University Galveston and looks forward to studying marine biology. But for now, Jordan’s focus is on gaining his strength and being ready for his new heart.

November 2011


Theater/Fine Arts Houston Family Arts Center

Performances are at Houston Family Arts Center Garza Main Stage, 10760 Grant Road, Houston, TX 77070. Still playing the 2010-2011 Season: 2011-2012 Mainstage Season: The Sound of Music (Nov. 25 - Dec 18, 2011 on the Garza Main Stage) A Lesson Before Dying (Jan. 20 - Feb. 5, 2012 on the Garza Main Stage) Seussical the Musical (Feb. 24 - Mar. 11, 2012 at the Berry Center) The 39 Steps (Apr. 13-29, 2012 on the Garza Main Stage) The Fantasticks (Through - June 10, 2012 on the Garza Main Stage Guys and Dolls (July 13-29, 2012 TAG production at the Berry Center) Season tickets are now on sale. For the best seating and lowest prices become a season ticket holder. The HFAC season package is arranged so that any six or more shows constitute a package and patrons get to pick which 6, 7 or 8! Patrons can select their seats online at or call the HFAC box office at 281685-6374. GO TO for more information or to request an audition appointment.

JOHNNY’S HANDYMAN SERVICE Free Estimates • Carpentry • Tile • Fencing • Decks / Arbors

The Cypress Creek FACE 2011-2012 Season


• Kitchen & Bathrooms • Home Fixtures • Pressure Washing • Siding / Repairs

• Plumbing • Painting • Electrical • Odd Jobs

“HONEY DO LIST” Let Me Repair What You Or Your Honey Can’t, Won’t Or Did Fix!


Trout Fishing in America 
6 PM, Saturday, November 12, 2011
 Trout Fishing in America is the long-standing musical partnership of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. The name, taken from a Richard Brautigan novel, seems almost as incongruous as a picture of this musical duo: Ezra Idlet (guitar) stands six feet nine inches and Keith Grimwood (bass), five feet five and one half inches. After three decades of writing, recording and performing together, Trout Fishing in America can look back at a body of work that is impressive and know they are just hitting their stride.
 Tickets: $8-15. Ars Lyrica presents “Musical Alchemy” 7:30 PM, Monday, November 14, 2011 Ars Lyrica, which means “lyric art,” specializes in music from the golden age of the 17th and 18th centuries, when all music aspired toward beautiful song. Based in Houston, this critically acclaimed ensemble of voices and instruments has delighted audiences and critics around the world with its superb performances and recordings. Tickets: $6 - $12. All performances are at The Centrum, 6823 Cypresswood Dr. Spring, TX 77379, 281-440-4850; Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company Museum of Dysfunction IV

Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company and Obsidian Art Space present Museum of Dysfunction IV: a SHOWCASE OF SHORTS written by new writers from all over the world and directed and produced by the talented members of Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company! This year’s shorts focus on the agony of love and the roller coaster that is the human relationship. We have chosen the best of the best from over 200 submissions this year!

Playwrights include writers from Milwaukee, Oregon, Texas, New York, California, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan. There are two alternating


November 2011


groups of plays, so you can come twice and see two different shows! Some adult situations and language, PG 13. WHO: Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company and Obsidian Art Space WHAT: Museum of Dysfunction IV WHEN: Dec. 1st, 3rd & 9th (Group 1) and Dec. 2nd, 8th & 10th (Group 2) with a mixture of both groups on Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. All shows at 8 pm. WHERE: Obsidian Art Space 3522 White Oak Drive, 77009 (in the Heights) COST: Pay as you can! INFORMATION: or RESERVATIONS: or 832-463-0409


Enjoy the outdoors with your child, age 2 1/2 to 5, at Audubon nature programs (called the “Titmouse Club”) offered every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, 10:00 to 11:00 AM, through mid-May at the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary, 440 Wilchester Boulevard. The programs feature fun nature talks, stories, crafts, hands-on activities and walks in the woods. The cost is $5 per child or a 5-session card can be purchased for $20. The child must be accompanied by an adult during the program. For more information, please visit www. or contact or 713-464-4900. Upcoming programs include: November 1st & 2nd: Gardening for Kids November 8th & 9th: Terrific Trees November 15th & 16th: American Indians November 22nd & 23rd: no program - Thanksgiving break November 29th & 30th: Animal Homes December 6th & 7th: Geology Rocks! December 13th & 14th: Christmas in the Woods December 20th & 21st: no program - Winter break December 27th & 28th: no program - Winter break


Nov. 12, 2011 Dance on the River - 8 PM - midnight at Riverside Inn, 17433 River Rd., Channelview, Texas 77530. Contact: Eddy Rawlings, 281-5534509. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Channelview/Sheldon Subcommittee                        Cowboy Dance - 7 - 11 PM, Sam Houston Race Park, 7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway W., Houston, Texas 77064. Contact: Michelle Schilds, 281-667-8985. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Spring Branch/Memorial Subcommittee   Rhinestone Roundup Fashion Show - 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Weston Lakes Country Club. 32611 FM 1093, Fulshear, Texas 77441. Contact: Brian Graeber, 281-413-0807. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Lamar/Needville Subcommittee Saltwater Rodeo - 5 AM - 6 PM. Top Water Grill, 815 Avenue O. San Leon, Texas 77539. Contact: Michelle Cochran, 832-5947712. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Galveston Mainland Subcommittee


November 2011


Nov. 13, 2011 3rd Annual Junior Commercial Steer Shrimp Boil - 1:30 - 5:30 PM. Hideaway on Dunvale, 3122 Dunvale Rd., Houston, Texas 77063. Contact: Berry Summerour, 281-752-5562. Junior Commercial Steer Feeding and Management Nov. 19, 2011 Fried Turkey Sale - 10 AM - 5 PM. Crosby Fair and Rodeo Grounds, 14920 FM 2100, Crosby, Texas 77532. Contact: Clayton Bourque, 281-543-2206. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Crosby/Huffman Subcommittee Palomino “The Mane Event” Fundraiser - 6 PM - midnight. Reliant Center, 600 Series, Houston, Texas. Contact: Rhonda Freytag, 713569-7728. Palomino Horse Show Committee Tamale Sale - 10 AM - 12:30 PM, Outback Western Wear, 30405 Dobbin Hufsmith Rd., Magnolia, Texas 77354. Contact: Shelley Krusleski, 281-731-6848. Houston Metro Go Texan Committee Tomball/Magnolia/Montgomery Subcommittee

Church Events

St. Cuthbert Episcopal Coffee House

On Friday, November 11th from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church will host their 2nd Coffee House. Come and hear Brothers and Sisters of Soul; the Semalee Bilbrey Band and the Cuthbert Coffee Houserockers. Admission is $3 with proceeds going towards St. Cuthbert’s ministries. Coffee, sodas and snacks with be available for a nominal charge. St. Cuthbert is located at 17020 West Road in Houston (77095). For more information, call 281-463-7330 or visit our website at

Covenant Lutheran Church Holiday Kids Night Out

Chili Cook Off - 7 AM - 5 PM. Traders Village, 7979 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, Texas 77041 Contact: Curtis Refrow, 713-824-9844. Houston General Go Texan • Visit for a full listing of all upcoming Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo events.

Need time for Christmas shopping, want a date night or just need a break? Covenant Lutheran Church (3785 Barker Cypress Rd.) is offering another Kids Night Out on Saturday, November 26th from 3:00 - 9:00 pm for children ages of 3 through 10 (must be potty trained). Kids will enjoy dinner, games, crafts, movies and music while Mom and Dad have an evening out! Children will be supervised by trained high school students and adults. Cost is $25 for the first child, $15 for the second child, $10 for each additional child in the same family. Space is limited! See (What’s Happening) for registration forms or call the church office (281-5788799) for more information.

• For questions about the events above, please feel free to contact the individuals listed for each event.


• For general information about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, please contact Sarah Poole via email (poole@rodeohouston. com) or phone 832-667-1200. • The 2012 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo runs Feb. 28 through March 18, 2012. Visit for more information.


Every Tuesday, 10:00 AM • Limited Seating CAC is dedicated to helping, networking, educating and empowering those who still believe in the American dream. We believe that God has a job for you somewhere and it will take networking power to get the job. Information is power. It is all about job networking and helping one another. Come and network with others between jobs. Located at 5930 Hwy. 6 N., Suite F-1, Houston, TX 77084, 281-8042520, Fax 281-741-1686.

November 2011


St. Peter’s Umc

Job Search Assistance. Meets Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in room S209. The focus is on the job search process. You will receive information on how, when and where to search, what benefits to expect and how to make the most of job fairs. This group is for those who are looking for their first job as well as those who have work experience. Prayer Quilt Ministry - We meet the second Wednesday of the month in room S201 from 9 AM to noon and invite you to be a part of this important ministry that provides comfort to so many. If you have a sewing machine, please bring it; if you don’t have one, there are many other ways to help. Grace Notes Women’s Ensemble. - Come join the Grace Notes, St. Peter’s women’s singing and instrumental group that shares music with the Katy area. The Grace Notes perform in retirement, Alzheimer’s and nursing facilities as well as at many community events. Once a month we provide special music during St. Peter’s traditional worship services. Rehearsals are Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM in room E106. Childcare is provided. We welcome singers and instrumentalists. Men’s Life - Meets Tuesdays at 6 AM in the Church Office Conference Room. This is a discipleship group for men to connect early before the day begins. Please join us and see how God will transform you into the godly man He created you to be. We are studying “Rich in the Things That Count the Most” by James Moore. Student Bible Studies and Worship - High school guys meet Mondays at 6 PM High school girls meet Sundays at 5 PM, Tuesdays at 7 PM and Wednesdays at 4 PM. Junior high students meet for “Rooted” on Wednesdays at 6 PM. Meet in the Wesley Student Center. Information on these and all programs at St. Peter’s is available at or 281-492-8031.

Seeking items for a Spanish church

“Primera Iglesia Apostolica” is a Christian church that is growing and it is looking for the following items: new or used chairs, tables, good size organizers, items for the children’s ministry (children bibles, notebooks, crayons, etc). If you have these items and would like to donate for a good cause. You can call at 281-861-6708 or email


Did you know that on the second Friday of each month Bear Creek United Methodist Church provides a caring, Christian atmosphere for your loved one? The program, scheduled from 10 AM to 1:30 PM. This gathering provides free time for caregivers and includes crafts, chair exercises, word games, entertainment, lunch and more. Caregivers are also welcome to stay and join the fun. For more information or to register, please call the church office at 281-463-2330. Bear Creek United Methodist Church is located at 16000 Rippling Water Drive, near North Highway 6 and Kieth Harrow.

Power for Today Bible Study and Prayer

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt 6:34 Held every 3rd Tuesday - 6:30-7:30 pm Omni Hotel Westside - Café on the Lake 13210 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079 • 281-558-8338


November 2011



Customer service is my top priority... I pledge to provide my clients with a high level of service, integrity, and professionalism.

I am a full time Realtor® with 17 years of sales experience and a degree in Finance from Sam Houston State University. Contact me today for a free market analysis.

Jill Smith, Broker Associate ABR, GRI, SFR, ASP, CNE Certified Relocation Specialist

281 704 3749 Phone

WALKING GROUP (aka Holy Strollers) - 8:30 am - 9:30 am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

LIFEPATH CHURCH Escuela Dominical en Español Domingos a las 10 de la manaña Te invitamos a estudiar la biblia. Ven con tu familia. Estamos en la escuela Watkins Middle School, 4800 Cairnvillage, Houston, TX 77084.

West Houston Aglow Lighthouse

West Houston Aglow Lighthouse, part of Aglow International, a network of caring women, meets the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 am for worship, prayer Bible study and fellowship. Meetings are held at Deerfield Village Recreation Center, 4045 Deerfield Village Drive, at the intersection of Clay Road and Barker Cypress. For more information, email  


Please join us for an informal devotional gathering, where we share music, prayers and inspirational readings taken from the major religions of the world, in an environment of unity and harmony. The Word of God, say the Baha’i Writings, provides inspiration, rejuvenates souls, gladdens hearts and renews one’s sense of purpose. The devotional is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, from 4-5 PM and will be followed by a sharing of thoughts, ideas and ways to apply spiritual principles to one’s day-to-day affairs. Refreshments will be served. For details on the location or for answers to any other questions you may have, please call the Baha’i Faith of Fort Bend County at 281-395-9026.


We are a group of women from non-denominational backgrounds and various nationalities. We fellowship once a week by reading the Bible and praying for our needs in English and Spanish. Please feel free to join us every Thursday, from noon to 1:30 PM and together we can learn and grow in His word. For more information, contact Paula at 281-703-0670.


GAME DAY - The first Friday of the month - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm BIBLE STUDY - Wednesday - 9:30 am - 11:00 am DAY TRIPS - Monthly - Schedule differs. For more info., www. or call 281-856-2273.



Come, join our group! We are an active, fun-loving bunch. Once you come for a visit and get to know us, you’ll want to be a part of our Senior Adult Group. You do not have to be a member of Copperfield Church to be a part of our Senior Adult Group.


Epiphany Bingo has been conducting bingo games on the west side since February 14, 1986. Epiphany conducts their bingo games every Friday night except holidays. There Is No Smoking Allowed During All Bingo Games. They have a jackpot game of $750. Maximum prize giveaways of $2,500, allowed by law, are given away every Bingo Night! They have security, lighted parking, big screen color monitor, computerized bingo equipment, snack bar, and large cash prizes. Profits are used for charitable outreach programs, building expansion, and payment towards debt. Epiphany Catholic Church conducts its bingo games at the Church Community Center, 1530 Norwalk Dr. (between Fry and Mason Roads, south of I-10 behind Nottingham Subdivision) off Highland Knolls every Friday night. Early bird games begin at 7:30 PM and regular games at 8:00 PM. For more information, call the bingo hall number 281-5783905. During Bingo nights, you may also call the Community Center number, 281-578-5078. Come, have some fun, bring your friends and neighbors, win some money and make some new friends.

St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church BINGO

At St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church in downtown Katy, “BINGO” is being played in our Parish Hall every Friday evening except Holidays. Doors open at 7:00 PM, games start at 7:15 PM with four Early Bird games. Regular games start at 7:30 PM. Maximum Prizes given away every evening of $2,500. Governed by the state of Texas. They have the most modern computerized BINGO equipment for verifying winnings, along with TV monitors for your viewing pleasure. The snack bar is maintained by the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS 6950, with a variety of food and snacks with soft drinks. All profits will benefit community outreach and Religious Education programs, to better serve the community. The Church is located in downtown Katy at 5356 Eleventh St. You can get to the church if traveling west on Hwy. 90 to Katyland Rd. Turn right at the light, go to the second stop sign (at the stadium) Eleventh St., turn left and the Church Hall will be on your right one block down. Please call for more details to 281-391-4758. Please come play and win. We can accommodate large groups such as social and family groups.

November 2011



Cypress Assistance Ministries (CAM), located at 11202 Huffmeister, Houston, TX 77065, exists to provide a safe place for individuals or families to tell their story and be offered some measure of hope during difficult times. For a description of all our services and volunteer opportunities, please visit our website If you need further information, please give us a call at 281-955-7684. Donations to Cypress Assistance Ministries can be made Monday through Wednesday, from 10 AM-6 PM and Thursday through Saturday, from 10 AM-3 PM.


Deborah A. Carey D.D.S., P.C.

Family, Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry Do You Grind or Clench ? We Can Help Protect Your Teeth!


16100 CAIRNWAY, Suite 285 (On the Post Office Street)

JAY CONSTRUCTION - Home Repair & Remodeling • Stair Remodeling • Siding • Custom Cabinets • Roofing

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If you want to drink, that’s your business; if you want to stop, that’s ours. To find a meeting near you or for other information call: 713686-6300 or go to


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The Bear Creek Al-Anon meetings are open to anyone who has been affected by someone else’s drinking. Meetings are held: Monday 8:00 PM, West Houston Church of Christ, Room 207, 17100 West Road. Wednesday - 8:00 PM, Bear Creek Community Center, Hwy. 6 & Patterson Rd. behind Farm & Ranch Pavilion. Saturday morning - 9:00 AM, Heritage Presbyterian Church, 7934 Hwy. 6 N. For more information, call the Al-Anon Intergroup office at 713-6837227 or visit`alanonpx.

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Our group is a support group for the Down syndrome community. We will meet on the last Saturday of each month, at 10:00 AM, at the new Down Syndrome Resource Center located at 7015 W. Tidwell, Suite 108, Building C, Houston 77092. Specific topics of interest will be discussed and each meeting will include a presentation by a professional, knowledgeable on the subject. For more information, please call 713-682-7237 or visit our website at


The Support group is for Lyme Disease. We offer support to patients, family members and children with Lyme. We also try to educate the public on this fast growing epidemic.   Date - Second Saturday of each month. Time - 3:00-5:00 PM. Location - Kindred Hospital cafeteria. Address - 11297 Fallbrook. Teresa Lucher - Contact person:

The Houston Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness Meetup Group

We are dedicated to helping people with Lyme Disease, CFS, Fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, Autism or any of the neurological diseases and we provide the latest nutritional research to fight these illnesses. This group is for those who are affected with any of these type of illnesses or for those who have loved ones that are affected. For information on meetings, call 713-581-8108 or visit www.meetup. com/Lyme-Chronic-Illness-Meetup-Group.


PDAP is the only free outpatient substance abuse program for young people and parents in the greater Houston area. PDAP is spiritually based and is housed in churches. PDAP’s methodology is based upon the “Twelve Steps” of Alcoholics Anonymous. For ages 12 to 17, call 281-870-9311 or for ages 17 to 25 call 713-647-8858.


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- West

Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, P.A.

“Clean Sweep” The Housecleaning The Housecleaning Specialists Specialists

Nichole F. Cole, MD • Jennifer Huebner, MD • Amina Sayeed, MD • Obstetrics • Gynecology • Comprehensive Care For Women • Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery For an appointment call

832-553-5450 23920 Katy Freeway , Ste. 480 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza One


If you even think you or someone you care about may have a compulsive gambling problem, call the Houston Gamblers Anonymous hotline at 713-684-6654 for information. The meetings are Wednesdays, 7:30 PM, at the Bear Creek Community Center,


Stop the diet/binge cycle! Join a 12-step support group. We meet on Mondays (year-round, including holidays), at 6:00 PM, at Bear Creek United Methodist Church, 16000 Rippling Water 77084, ROOM Coke #1. Contact Judy Russell at 281-345-8319 for further information.

What TOPS Can Do For You! Take Off Pounds Sensibly

• Affordable - Annual Membership is $26, Chapter fees, average of $5 per month. • Friendly environment - Join the journey to better health. • Accountability - Confidential weigh-in • Informational Programs • Support, suggestions and awards for your losses • Weekly meetings - Monday, 9:30 AM-11:00 AM. For more information, please call 832-771-0499. • Weekly meetings - Friday, 9:30 AM-10:30 AM. For more information, please call 281-550-1772 or 832-288-3980. Please visit us at Bear Creek Community Center.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA)

Are you having trouble controlling the way you eat? Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a free Twelve Step recovery program for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating and bulimia. There are no dues or fees or weigh-ins at FA meetings. The second Houston meeting is every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, at the Memorial Drive UMC, located at 12955 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77079. Our original Houston meeting takes places every


• • Same Same Crew Crew • Affordable • Affordable • • References References • • Bonded Bonded

Sherrill Sherrill @ @ 281-855-8357 281-855-8357 Linda @ 713-856-0544

week on Sunday at 4:00 PM, at the same location. Call FA at 781-932-6300 or locally 281-392-8914. Visit our website at www.

Alzheimer’s Support Group

The Alzheimer’s Support Group meets at Cypress UMC on the fourth Thursday of each month, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, in room W201. Family members and friends of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia are invited to attend. For more information, contact Marianne Johnson at 281-469-2818. Visit our website at for other exciting programs and activities going on at the church. Cypress UMC is located at 13403 Cypress N. Houston Road in Cypress 77429. Call us at 281469-0730 for more information.

Cancer Center at North Cypress Medical Center

The Cancer Center at North Cypress Medical Center and the American Cancer Society are proud to sponsor the following free community support groups: Coping with Breast Cancer: This group is for women coping with breast cancer and offers an uplifting, safe place for women to come and share their common experiences, problems and solutions, as well as obtain information regarding community resources. Monthly meetings every 2nd Tuesday, 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Man to Man - Prostate Support Group: This group is for men and their families coping with prostate cancer. It is designed to promote education and emotional encouragement in a safe, uplifting, and supportive environment. Monthly meeting every 3rd Tuesday, 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Dialogue - Cancer Support Group: This group is for individuals coping with various kinds of cancer, including patients, their families and friends. It provides an opportunity for those touched with cancer to share their experiences and assists them in learning how to live with cancer, monthly meetings every 1st Tuesday.

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All Support Group meetings will be held in the lobby of The Cancer Center at North Cypress Medical Center at 21216 Northwest Freeway, Suite 110, Cypress, TX, 1st floor of the Professional Building. For questions regarding any of these support groups, call Janet Kantenberger, LCSW, at 832-912-3658. Visit us online at www.


Bearcreek MS support group meets monthly on the Third Saturday, 1 PM - 3 PM, at The Church Without Walls, 5725 Queenston Blvd, Houston, Texas 77083. For more information, contact Paula 281530-3857 or Alicia 713-394-2971. Please join us for an encouraging and informative meeting!

Northwest Houston Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

The Northwest Houston Multiple Sclerosis Support Group meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM, at Cy-Fair Professional Building, 11302 Fallbrook near FM1960. Please contact Connie Crocker at 281-373-5860 for information.

Bear Creek Baptist Church divorce Support Group

Heal the Hurt, Mend the Heart, Restore the Joy - help and healing for the hurt of separation and divorce. DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. DivorceCare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable DivorceCare resources to help you deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. DivorceCare groups meet for 12 weeks and discuss topics such as loneliness, anger, depression, finances, new relationships and forgiveness. Are your children angry, hurt and confused about your divorce? Finding help for your children can be frustrating. DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids aged Kindergarten through Grade 6) and DC4T (DivorceCare for Teens Seventh Grade and up), provides a safe, fun place where your children will: • Learn to understand their feelings • Express their emotions appropriately • Feel better about themselves • Develop coping skills • Be introduced to non-denominational biblical based concepts that will bring comfort On Sundays, Bear Creek Baptist Church will hold Church Initiative’s divorce care family recovery ministry for adults, children, and teens. The sessions will run from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, at the church campus located at 5901 N. Fry Road @ West Little York. Pre-register by calling Erin Wilkins at 281-859-9900. Childcare will be provided for those registered.

Hope Alive Ministries Counseling Services

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We have moved from the Bear Creek Assistance Ministries (BCAM) Impact for Life building. We are back at our old location at 16151 Cairnway, Suite 206, Houston, Texas 77084. We provide Counseling Service for Children (Play Therapy), Adolescents, Women, Marriage and Family. For more information, please call 281-656-2548.

FREE ESTIMATES • SAME DAY SERVICE Warranty All Work e We Licensed & Insured


Peace Community Church Recovery support group

Peace Community Church 5151 Addicks Satsuma, Houston, TX, 281-859-6843 presents: In the early days of the Recovery Movement the Bible was the primary text

November 2011


and the God of the Bible was the source of power that made all things possible. Interested in connecting with your historical roots in a modern setting? Looking to “go deeper,” and know more about the Higher Power named Father, Son, Spirit? Come join us every Saturday evening at 7 PM and see where this experience fits into your recovery. (Not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous)

Cypress Calling Ministries Bunco for Babies

How about a fun night with some girls for a good cause? Cypress Calling Ministries (a non-profit corporation that helps mothers in need) is hosting Bunco for Babies in your neighborhood. Instead of entrance fee, bring a new $10 baby item (such as a pack of sleepers or blankets). Each month will have a new baby item theme. Even though there will be no collection of money, awesome prizes will still be given. Don’t know how to play Bunco? No problem! It is a simple and easy to learn game that you will become addicted to! To find out more please email CCM at or come check out our website for more info. If you are already part of a Bunco group and would consider playing twice a year for Bunco for Babies, we would love to talk to you about how this works. It is a great way for your group to give back to the community.


Provides Free Counseling to Troops and Families Since September 11, 2001, 1.8 million troops have been deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Persian Gulf, with 17 percent of returning troops suffering traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder. Given the military culture’s emphasis on confidence, strength and bravery, many service members are reluctant to expose


personal vulnerabilities to professional counselors. Give an Hour™ provides services that are separate from the military establishment, offering options to service members who might otherwise fail to seek or receive appropriate care. Give an Hour™ is a nonpartisan, nonprofit national network of mental health professionals providing free counseling services to returning troops and their families. Give an Hour™ offers services to veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and their family members. Family members are loosely defined to include married or unmarried partners, parents, siblings, aunts/uncles—anyone connected to the veteran who is suffering a psychological effect related to the veteran’s service.

Banyan Counseling Network has an office located near the North Cypress Medical Center and is trained to provide individual and family counseling. Family support groups are also currently forming. People interested in receiving services through Give an Hour™ are encouraged to call 281-855-1982 or log on to www.banyancounseling. com, (click Military Families link) or to determine availability or to locate another provider in your area.

Bereavement Support Group

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Community church at 6646 Addicks Satsuma Road, Houston, Texas 77084-1599, has a Bereavement support Group. The group meets twice monthly, on the first and third Thursdays of the month, in Room 11 in the Family Life Center from 7:00 - 8:00 PM. If you need help through the difficult time following the death of a loved one, come join us for support. For more information, you can contact Deborah Jackson (281-550-3027) or Gini Buehler (281-861-6306).

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713-269-4089 Good Shepherd UMC support Groups

DIVORCECARE: Sundays, 4:30-6:30 PM. DivorceCare for Adults will be offered in conjunction with DivorceCare for Kids, This is a special weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. Email to register. There is a $14 charge for workbooks and they can be purchased at the first meeting. GRIEFSHARE: Tuesdays, 6:15-8 PM. This group will offer support and resources for those grieving the loss of a loved one through weekly videos and discussion. $14 includes a resource book. Childcare available if preregistered. Register by emailing Robyn Bishop at

Celebrate Recovery at Houston First Church of the Nazarene

Celebrate Recovery meets every Wednesday at 7:00 PM at Houston First Church of the Nazarene. Dinner is served at 6:30 PM. Celebrate Recovery is there for you if you are ready to be free from the hurts, habits or hang-ups that are holding you back. Make the choice to recover today. 10001 West Sam Houston Parkway, North Houston, TX, 77064; 281-897-0300.

Lifeline Group for Widows & Widowers

When one has lost a spouse by death, the initial feeling is shock followed a by merciful numbness. It is when this numbness recedes that the pain becomes so intense and the loneliness begins. At this stage Lifeline can be helpful. We provide companionship of people who have experienced the same emotional upheaval and trauma. Lifeline provides a place to belong and help for building a life without a partner because we understand the world doesn’t stop for your grief, no matter how bad your heart is broken. Lifeline Support Group for Widows and Widowers meets on the first Thursday of each month for a general meeting and has activities throughout the month. We are a mutual support group, call for details and come check us out. Contact Louise Sprawls at 713-467-5834 or Jackie at 281-497-2663.


Volunteer Opportunities Cypress Assistance Ministries Volunteers Needed

When you volunteer you are giving to your community, but did you realize volunteering also benefits you as an individual? CAM volunteers often let us know the fun they are having, the friends they have made and the fulfillment they receive from helping others. The services provided at CAM, are made possible by many dedicated volunteers. If you enjoy working with the public, decorating or merchandising, then serving in CAM’s resale shop, Angels’ Attic, is the place for you. Our busy community donation area, the Cellar, is looking for people willing to serve by processing donations and restocking Angels’ Attic. Please plan to attend a volunteer tour and orientation by calling Tara Rauch 281-955-7683 or email at tarar@ For a description of the services provided at Cypress Assistance Ministries, Food Pantry requests, and a detailed description of volunteer opportunities, please see our web site, www.

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, Inc

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FOR WILDLIFE ADVOCATES Enjoy a rewarding volunteer experience with wildlife. Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which serves as an emergency care and rehabilitation facility for orphaned, ill, and injured native Texas wildlife. Volunteers are welcome in the areas of assisting in the daily functions of the center, assisting with public education programs, and wildlife rehabilitation. Located at 10801 Hammerly, Suite 200, the facility is open seven days a week to help wildlife in need. TWRC has a mentor program in place to assist volunteers with “hands on” training for those interested in becoming permitted rehabilitators. We invite you to join our organization in saving Texas wildlife – one animal at a time. Call the center at 713-468-8972 x158 for more information or visit us at

November 2011


Houston Area Project Linus

Houston Area Project Linus, a nonprofit organization that provides new, handmade blankets for children who are seriously ill or traumatized, can use the following items you might be discarding: • Fabric - cotton, cotton blends, flannel and fleece • Yarn • Crochet thread • Narrow ribbon If you have any of these items to donate or for information about Project Linus, please call Karen Hagin, Cinco Ranch resident and Project Linus blanketeer, at 281-693-7150 or Sally Burns, Houston Area Project Linus Coordinator, at 281-492-2679. More information about Project Linus can be found at

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary, 10655 Steepletop Drive, is in need of additional volunteers. They have a great need for volunteers to work in the gift shop and information desk. If interested, please contact the hospital at 281897-3186 and ask for the volunteer desk.


Volunteers are the Heart of Hospice, they are a vital part of the hospice team. What volunteers can do to show that they care is everything from providing caregiver relief, being the friendly visitor with the smile, holding someone’s hand, providing that extra loving care and being a good listener. Volunteering can include music or pet therapy and much much more. All those interested in volunteering, please contact Adrienne Harris at or 281463-3697 (VistaCare).


How would you feel if you saved a kid’s life? StandUp For Kids is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving the lives of at-risk and homeless kids through volunteer outreach efforts. Our volunteers search the streets in order to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives. Every day throughout the US thirteen kids die on the streets from abuse, disease and suicide. According to recent statistics Houston has up to 2,500 kids living on the streets at any given time. Texas has the highest rate of homeless youth in the U.S. StandUp For Kids needs supplies for our Houston program, which provides food, clothing, counseling and a safe environment for the homeless youth of Houston. If you or your organization would like to hold a food or clothing drive for StandUp For Kids please contact me at to learn more about StandUp For Kids or how you can help visit our website at The single greatest need, for homeless and street kids is our continuous caring and real support. We must convince them that we care, we want them back and we want to help them get off the streets.

Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department provides fire, rescue and EMS services to 156 square miles of Northwest Harris County for the residents of Harris County Emergency Service District #9. By operating from 12 community based volunteer fire stations we are able to quickly and efficiently respond to help our neighbors in times of emergency. For more information on the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department or on how you can join the other 350 volunteers of our Department and be one of Cy-Fair’s bravest, call us at 281-656-3840 or visit us on the web at


November 2011


Adopt A US Soldier

Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers and donors to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will not go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed soldiers and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to those serving in the United States Armed Forces. Adopt A US Soldier is sustained by its volunteer workforce located across the United States. After a supporter asked a soldier what they needed, his response was as follows: “No requests, just don’t want to be forgotten.” - LCPL O.J.T. III When registering for Adopt A US Soldier your involvement can range from writing letters and sending postcards, to mailing care packages full of items a soldier may need or want. Handwritten letters are most important and meaningful to soldiers. Adopt A US Soldier encourages civilians to adopt a soldier to show your support for those that are making sacrifices for our country. If interested, please go to www. to register.

Junior Achievement of se Texas

Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization devoted to inspiring and preparing young students to succeed in a global economy. In partnership with businesses and educators, Junior Achievement brings the real world to schools, opening student minds to their true potential. Junior Achievement programs, taught by local business professionals, community volunteers and parents, build a bridge between school learning and young people’s future success in their work world and real lives by offering hands-on activities that further explore the topics of free enterprise, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement volunteers inspire young people to succeed and volunteers can see the difference they are making right away from the students excitement and understanding of the concepts. It is the only organization that makes it simple for volunteers to experience the immediate benefits of their involvement and the impact of success on the young people in the community. Junior Achievement is always recruiting new volunteers, for only with the support of schools, parents and community is it possible to bring these extraordinary programs to the students. Contact the Junior


Achievement of Southeast Texas office today, 713-682-4500, to find out about opportunities near you. With trainings for the fall semester beginning as early as September, start making a difference today. Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas 2115 E Governors Circle Houston TX 77092 713 682 4500


Interested in volunteering your time, talents and energy to a most worthwhile local cause? Consider joining the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts Volunteer Guild! The mission of the Pearl’s Volunteer Guild is to: • Promote volunteerism in the Northwest Houston area by providing vital, on-going volunteer support for the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts educational programs. • Develop leadership potential and knowledge within its membership • Further perpetuate the appreciation of fine art and the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts in the community. Several important committees need volunteers: • Day Trips • Hospitality • Membership • Student Art Contest Information about the Volunteer Guild can also be found on the Pearl’s website at under the Guild page. Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts Where Art is Just the Start! 6815 Cypresswood Spring, TX 77379 281-376-6322 The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit organization that is solely supported through Grants and private donations from community residents, businesses and friends of the museum.

November 2011


The Thomas A. Glazier Senior Education Center Has VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE

STAY ACTIVE. STAY ENGAGED. A new place for seniors to learn, located at 16600 Pine Forest Lane, near Texas 6 and Clay Road. Free classes available to Harris County residents 55 and older on subjects ranging from basic computer skills to digital photography to astronomy, photo editing and memory enhancement. We need you in our classrooms! Get free volunteer training. Teach your own computer class. Contact us now at 713-274-3250 or email us: Operated by Harris County Precinct Three Commissioner Steve Radack.


La Leche League is an international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is a simple and natural process, but you may need support and information on the correct positioning of the baby at the breast, working and breastfeeding, avoiding problems and overcoming any difficulties that may occur. Knowing other women who have breastfed their babies can be helpful and reassuring. Having accurate, up-to-date information is also important. Attending La Leche League meetings can help you learn about breastfeeding from other nursing mothers. At these monthly meetings, mothers share not only their questions and concerns but also the benefits and joys of breastfeeding. Being in touch with La Leche League can give you the network of support you need. There are numerous meeting locations all over the Houston area. The Cy-Fair group meets on the second Tuesday of the month, at 10:00 AM, in the Berkshire Community Meeting Room, 15607 Berkshire Manor Ln. Babies are welcome! The Group offers an extensive lending library of books, free information and materials for sale. For more info about this meeting or any of the meetings in the Houston area, call the Helpline at 713-383-2819. See also www.

Bear Creek Baptist MOPS

Can’t remember the last time you ate an uninterrupted meal or had a moment to yourself? We at Bear Creek Baptist MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers ages birth - five) know how you feel. Join us the second and fourth Friday of each month, from 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, for some quality mom-time, which will include parenting tips, food, door prizes, crafts, new friendships and fun. Childcare is provided. Being the mother of a preschooler is one adventure you don’t have to go on alone. Please contact Kristi Brock at or 281-858-4202.



Visit us @


CY-FAIR PLUMBING Quality Repairs at a Reasonable Price Specializing in Residential Repairs! Licensed & Insured for your Protection All Repairs Performed by a Licensed Plumber MPL #36937 • FREE ESTIMATES


MOPS at Good Shepherd

You are invited to a place designed specifically for you, a mother of preschoolers. You’ll experience authentic community, mothering support, personal growth and spiritual hope, all to help you be the best mom possible. Good Shepherd is accepting registration for the 2009-2010 session of MOPS with the theme “Together on Planet Mom.” Contact Renate Wheeler at renateqw@yahoo.comfor more information, or visit the MOPS link under the “ministries” tab on our church website at for registration information and enrollment forms.



November 2011


Certain restrictions apply.

CLEANING SERVICES Housecleaning / Office Cleaning European woman seeking a few good homes / offices to clean. If you are looking for an honest, dependable & trustworthy maid who will customize the cleaning of your premises, then call me...


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Bear Creek United Methodist Church Mothers of PreSchoolers

MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! If I have your attention, you may be looking for us. We are Mothers of Preschoolers, a group of moms with kids from birth through kindergarten. Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, 9:30-11:30 AM. Located at 16000 Rippling Water Dr., Houston, TX 77084. We are a nondenominational group of women from our 20s to our 40s who realize that we have, in our presence, one of this country’s most valuable treasures... our children. So if you are looking for some grown up conversation with women who know where you are coming from, please consider coming visit us. Our children participate in their own Christian program, MOPPETS, with wonderful loving teachers. So come, relax and get the fellowship you are seeking. Send Amy an email if you have any questions or give the church a call for directions 281-463-2330.

MOPS Second Baptist – West Campus

Are you a mother of a preschooler? Are you looking for a fun time of fellowship with other mommies? Then MOPS is for you! Join us for monthly meetings with great speakers, crafts, demonstrations, small group discussion and of course delicious food. Free childcare is provided and this is a great night out for working moms and stay at home moms. This the only MOPS group in Katy that meets at night! For more information, please call Faye in the nursery office at 713465-3408, x1007.

Wake up to METMOPS on Friday Mornings!

Do you think Spaghetti is a finger food? Do you think 4 hours is a good night sleep? Are you a mom of a newborn through kindergarten? Then METMOPS is for you!


METMOPS, Mother’s of Preschoolers, offers 2 dynamic groups that meet either the 1st and 3rd Friday mornings or the 2nd and 4th Friday mornings, from 9:15 - 11:45 AM. Childcare is provided with registration. Join us for scrumptious food, awesome door prizes, new friendships, encouragement, wonderful speakers and a creative activity that even the most craft challenged gal can do! Register now for MOPS at

Moms - Commit to Pray for Your Children!

Moms In Touch International is looking for moms who want to pray for their children and the school they attend. Moms in Touch consists of a group of two or more moms who meet for one hour each week to pray for their children, their school and their teachers and administrators. Anyone who is willing to pray for a specific child and school is welcome. We believe that prayer makes a difference! Our children face many pressures at school and to stand in the gap for them through prayer is our highest calling. For more information or to find out when and where a group is meeting for your child’s school, visit or contact Dana Grindal at 281-374-0892; email

Moms in Motion

Moms in Motion is a non-denominational organization for expectant parents and parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We offer a full range of activities, including monthly meetings, year-round kid’s activities, social functions, seasonal parties, service projects and playgroups. We meet the third Thursday of each month, at 7:30 PM, at Heritage Presbyterian Church, 7934 North Hwy. 6. For more information about Moms in Motion, go to www.mimhouston. org or contact Trisha at

November 2011


 EARLY CHILDHOOD INTERVENTION When it comes to your child’s development, getting help early is best! Texas Early Childhood Intervention, ECI, provides early intervention and therapy services for children birth to 36 months. If you have questions about how your baby or toddler is developing-ask ECI! Programs are in every Texas County. Questions or concerns? Call ECI of MHMRA Harris County at 713-970-4900 or visit to find out more about ECI and to find your local program. ECI developmental screenings and evaluations are at no cost to families!


Are You a single Parent? Need an activity to share with the kids? Do you need a new group of single friends? Do you need support of friends that are in the same boat as you? Members and their children frequently enjoy camping, picnics, the Zoo, theater, dances, swimming, museums, house parties, movies and many other activities together. For more information about Parents Without Partners International, check out our website at www.parentswithoutpartners. org or Parent without Partners Greater Houston Chapter #63 at www. or contact Barbara 281-469-5646.

ROOK’S AC & Heating 281-861-8052


w. Houston Home Educators, Inc.


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Childcare Professionals of Houston is a group of Registered Family Home Childcare Providers. CCPH meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at the Bear Creek Community Center. For more information, please call 832-593-6656.


1 Yr. Warranty On Parts Changed We Value Your Business All Brands Serviced Local Neighborhood Company Free 2nd Opinions Fast Personalized Service


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West Houston Home Educators, Inc. is a support group of home schooling families that meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, at Cypress Family Fellowship Church, 17330 W. Little York, at 7:00 PM. For more information, call us at 281-500-6089, email us at info@ or see our website at

MOMS Club of Far nw Houston

Ever feel like you are the only one staying at home? Would you like to meet more moms who have made the choice to stay home with their children? MOMS Club of Far Northwest Houston is a support network for stay at home moms who are ready to get out of the house and play! We offer park days, field trips, mom’s night out, playgroups and more! Newborns through preschoolers... there is fun for everyone! We would like to invite you to join us and find out more at our next monthly meeting! For more information, please email us at or log on to

Luna Moms Club of NW Houston

The Luna Moms Club, powered by Stroller Strides, inspires healthy living while offering a unique outlet for mothers to reach out to their communities. LMC offers FREE weekly playgroups for children; monthly social nights for moms; and “Mommies with a Mission� where moms and families come together for quarterly community projects and fundraisers. Projects include everything from community clean-up days to health fares, food drives and fundraising events such as March for Babies and Susan G Komen. We also get to enjoy free product samples from Luna! This is a great group for moms and children to learn, grow and play together, while making new friends! There is no age limit. For more information, please contact Ami Almquist at 713-705-3514 or


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Mocha Moms, Inc

Mocha Moms, Inc. is a not-for-profit support group for mothers who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities. Mocha Moms serves as an advocate for those mothers and encourages the spirit of community activism within it’s membership. Visit our website or email us at For further information on our bi-weekly meetings and monthly Moms Night Out and community service projects, call 281-852-2795.




November 2011


MOMS Club of Cypress - n. Texas

Are you an at-home mom looking for some fun distractions during the day? Why not try out MOMS Club of Cypress-North! We are a chapter of the International MOMS Club, which is a national, nonprofit organization that gives at-home mothers the opportunity to share activities and discussions with other mothers and their children. Activities are held during the day, when at-home mothers need support and interaction the most. Children are always welcome. We also organize community service projects throughout the year. Our members are moms of various ages and backgrounds with kids of all ages (newborn to high school age). Our business meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month. If you are interested or would like more information, please visit our web site at www.momsclub. org or contact Stephanie Hvezdos, President, at or 713-444-0697 for location, directions or any questions. We are happily welcoming new moms at each meeting. Hope to see you there!

MOMS Group at Cornerstone UMC

The monthly Cornerstone United Methodist Church MOMS group meets from 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM in Room 220. We are located at 15919 Ridge Park Drive across from Lowery Elementary. The nursery will be open for all who need it. Please email Heather Finney at for meeting dates, to RSVP or with any questions. Cornerstone membership or preschool enrollment is not required, so bring all of your friends that would like fellowship time with other Christian moms.



• Exterior & Interior Paint • Faux Finish/Color Assessment • Hardiplank Installation • Wood Replacement • Siding Replacement & Repair • Sheetrock Repair & Retexturing

281-492-1200 Cell


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25 Years Experience • Work Guaranteed • Free Estimates


Wood • Ornamental Iron • Chain Link


• Privacy and Security Fences Free Estimates! • Breezeway & Pool Fences 281-815-2024 • Driveway Gates & Operators • Custom Designs w e y


The moment a newborn baby wraps their tiny hand around a parent’s finger is a pivotal moment in the life of any parent. The baby not only tugs on the finger, but on the parent’s heart as well. It is in that awesome moment that the parent begins to understand the unconditional and abounding love that God has for each of us. But soon after the little miracle arrives so do all the questions and sometimes, without any clear answers. The Mothers of Young Children (MYC) group was organized by St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church to minister to families with young children throughout the Northwest Houston community. Both stay at home and working parents are invited to participate in the group. The group supports and prays for one another, shares information and ideas on child rearing and builds lasting friendships. Most importantly, MYC’s focus is on God and God’s presence in families. The MYC ministry includes: • Friday morning Bible study at 9:30 AM (childcare provided!) • Monthly Kids Night In • Mom’s Night Out • Playgroups throughout the year • Service ministries • Online discussion forum The MYC group is an exciting ministry filled with open hearts and lots of energy (and that isn’t including the kids) with a desire to grow in Christ. St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church is located at 17020 West Road, at the corner of West and Queenston. For more information, check out our web site at or contact Tanya Avery at

nw Houston Mothers of Multiples

Northwest Houston Mothers of Multiples (NWHMOM) meets at 7 PM, the third Thursday of every month, at the Coles Crossing subdivision clubhouse, 13050 Barker Cypress in Cypress. NWHMOM assists mothers of multiple birth children by lending them support; sharing information and relating experiences raising multiples. Welcoming all expectant, newly delivered and seasoned (veteran) multiple mothers. For more information, visit

November 2011


Your local Maid Service for 20 Years



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Tammy Smith, Owner-Operated

New customer only on regular schedule. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid for one time or empty cleans.


Muslim Mommies of nw Houston

Muslim Mommies of Northwest Houston is a faith-based playgroup for infants through preschoolers. We meet every Thursday at 10:30 AM at the Bear Creek Mosque for toddlers/preschool storytime and crafts. Feel free to come by any Thursday to get a feel for what we do. Please email before coming. Email: The purpose of the playgroup is to provide an Islamic environment for mothers and children to learn, play and socialize. The playgroup plans various activities every week like story-time, nasheed time, arts and crafts time and even free play time. We are always open to more ideas and encourage members’ input. If interested, please email us at Also, we are compiling a list of Muslim babysitters in the NW/Katy/ Copperfield/Cypress area. If you would like to be added on the list, please email us at with ‘Muslim Mommies’ in the subject line.

PARENTING CLASSES AT West Houston Medical Center

Community Groups Cy-Fair Republican Women

Cy-Fair Republican Women meet every second Tuesday of the month at Carraba’s Copperfield. Social begins at 10:30 AM, speaker and meeting begin at 11:00 AM. For more information and to RSVP to meetings, visit our website at

Cy-Fair Area Democratic Club

West Houston Medical Center offers prenatal classes on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The following is a list of classes that are presently offered. To inquire or register, please call 281-588-8065. • Childbirth Preparation/Lamaze Class (Weeknight and Weekend classes available) • Infant Care Class • Breastfeeding Class • Infant CPR Class • Infant/Child CPR Class • Community CPR Class (Infant/Child/Adult) • Sibling Adjustment Class West Houston Medical Center also offers a FREE Mother and Child Play and Informational Support Group. • Mothers with babies birth to six months meets every Wednesday from 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM in suite 201 of the Doctor’s Center. • Mothers with babies six to twelve months meets every Wednesday from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in suite 201 of the Doctor’s Center.


The program features a weekly topic that mothers with babies are eager to learn as well as a time for questions and answers. It is a time to get to know other new mothers and for your babies to have interaction with other babies. The group is moderated by the Perinatal Coordinator who has over 20 years of experience in the field. Should you have additional questions you may call 281588-8065. The Doctor’s Center is located at 12121 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77082.

Cy-Fair Area Democrats always have something interesting to discuss. The club meets the first Thursday of every month, at the Bear Creek Community Center, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, with a meet & greet from 6:45 to 7:00 PM. We love to see new faces and meet new friends, so please join us at the next meeting! Go to for more information. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, email cyfairdems@gmail. com and put ADD in the subject line.

Cypress - Tomball Democrats

The Cypress-Tomball Democrats will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 16th, at Luigi’s Restaurant, 12779 Jones Rd., Houston, 77070. A meet and greet will begin at 6:30 PM, followed by the general meeting at 7:00 PM. November’s guest speaker will be Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. All are welcome to join this growing club. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month. For more information, contact Olga Moya at

November 2011


Houston Cy-Fair Lions Club

Houston Cy-Fair Lions Club meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, at 7 PM, at the Lions Den inside Bane Park, at West Little York near Gessner. Our building is at the back of the parking lot, large tan brick building by the baseball fields. Wonderful catered meal each meeting. Our Lions Club does community service projects, such as providing eye exams and eyeglasses for needy children in the CyFair School District, provide full Christmas food baskets at Christmas for families in need, send handicapped and diabetic children to the Texas Lions Camp and other services. Come visit us and help make your community a better place to live. Please contact Sandy Martin 281-550-2798 or Bud Casey 281-469-5555 for further information.


The mission of Rotary International, a worldwide association of Rotary Clubs, is to provide service to others, promote high ethical standards, advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. Bear Creek-Copperfield Rotary Club meets every Thursday, at noon, at Carrabbas located at 7540 Highway 6 North. For more information, call Paula Allen at 281-855-9664.

Bear Creek-Copperfield Rotary flag project

Would you like to have a flag in your front yard showing your patriotism six times a year? Too much hassle you say? Let the Rotary Club handle it for you. We will deliver, set up, take down and store this large quality American Flag on a sturdy pole for minimal cost. All proceeds go to worthy charities. The holidays are: Independence Day, 9/11 (at your discretion), Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day. Please call Darlene at 281-463-4296.


The Rotary Club of West Houston meets each Tuesday, at 12:15 PM, at the West Houston Omni, North Eldridge at Katy Freeway. For more information, call Van Penrod at 713-937-4835.


Joel Muller 281-304-9488

11740 Barker Cypress Hablamos Español State Farm Insurance

Providing Insurance and Financial Services Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois 61710

The Cy-Fair Rotary Club meets each Monday, at 12:00 noon, at Carl’s Bar-B-Que located at 21920 Highway 290 West, in Cypress, Texas. For further information, contact Justin Lindstrom at 281-4931141.


The 2011-2012 Board of directors and officers were installed at the October 4th meeting by Gwen Branch, Texas-Oklahoma District Lt. Governor. New officers are Andrew Lawrence, President; Louis Iselin, Vice-president; George Crowl, secretary; James Meadows, treasurer; immediate Past President, Steve Gleinser; and members of the Board: Paula Hoffman, Mike Larivee, Peggy Presnell, Tasmina Quddus and Jeff Savois. The Cy-Fair Kiwanis Club meets at Hearthstone Country Club on the first, second and third Tuesday of each month at 12:15 PM for lunch and informative programs. For more information, call John Carroll at 281-463-0373, George Crowl at 832-467-1998 or Peggy Presnell at 281-304-7127. We invite you to be our guest at one of the meetings and enjoy the fellowship of Kiwanians from your community as you learn about our organization. CHILDREN PRIORITY ONE is the motto of Kiwanis Clubs worldwide. The Cy-Fair Kiwanis Club sponsors nine Key Clubs and one Builders’ Club in the Cy-Fair School District; sponsors the Kids Triathlon; Girl Scout, Boy Scout and Sea Scout troops and activities; awards scholarships to outstanding Key Club members in our district; provides assistance to Cypress Assistance Ministries and Bear Creek Ministries; the Houston Food Bank and many other nonprofit organizations.


November 2011



FAMILY PRACTICE Comprehensive quality patient care to all ages

We look forward to treating you!!!

Diversified Health Care Services including: • Physicals • Well Woman Exams • Diabetes Management • Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder • Immunizations

• Board Certified Family Practice Physicians & Nurse Practitioner • Bilingual...fluent in Spanish • Accept most major insurance plans. • 20 years experience in the Copperfield Area

New Patient’s welcome! Same day appointments available.

Flu Shots

9511 Huffmeister Rd.. #100 Houston, TX. 77095

Are Now Available!

Office hours Monday - Friday 8 AM to 12 PM then 1:30 to 5 PM Saturday call



Tongue-tied when asked to speak at the spur of the moment in a crowd? Toastmasters can help! Talk of the Town Toastmasters meet every Tuesday, 6.30 pm, at DeVry University (Room 1160), 11125 Equity Drive, Houston TX, 77041. Use Clay Road exit off West Beltway 8. For more information, contact Eddie at 713-408-6751 or or Thilippe Letellier at 713-857-8595.

Foundry Toastmasters FEAR WORSE THAN DEATH!

Have you always wanted to be a better speaker? Would you like to be a better listener? Would you like to be able to communicate to your kids, spouse or boss more easily and with confidence? Then join Foundry Toastmasters, which meets every Thursday, from 7:15 to 8:30 PM, at Foundry United Methodist Church, 8350 Jones Road, Rm. 207, just north of the main Church building. Toastmasters is not just for “public speaking” but helps to improve your everyday communication skills. This is done in a friendly, supportive atmosphere at the Foundry Club. Come give us a try and visit one of our meetings.

Park 10 Talkers Toastmasters

Need speaking skills? Improve your communication skills; lose your fears of public speaking; and learn skills that will help you be more successful in whatever path you’ve chosen in life. You are invited to visit the Park 10 Talkers Toastmasters Club every Thursday each month, at 11:45 AM, at NACE, 1440 South Creek Dr, Houston, 77084; telephone 281-228-6287. For more information on Toastmasters, go to


Do you live in west Houston and work in downtown Houston? If you would like to improve your communication and leadership skills, please contact Ed Young at for more information. We meet every Tuesday, at 7 AM and we’ve been serving the downtown area for 30 years!


Cy-Fair Superspeakers

Have you ever wanted to improve your communication skills? Would you like to have more confidence during that big job interview? Just like anything else, speaking is a skill and to get better you need to practice! Come to our meetings every Monday at 6:45 to 8:00 PM at the MET Family Life Center, 11403 Regency Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77429, in order to hone your speaking and listening skills in a safe and supportive environment! Take Jones Road north from 1960 and turn left on Regency Green Drive; the community center is about a half mile down the road on the left. See our website for more information, or call 832-523-4808.

Phoenix Risers Toastmasters

The Phoenix Risers Toastmasters meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month at the University of Phoenix building between Kirkwood and Wilcrest on Katy Freeway. Please contact us for further info at Phoenix


West Houston Chapter, International Association of Administrative Professionals meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Hilton Garden Inn (south side of I-10 at Dairy Ashford), 12245 Katy Freeway, Houston 77079. Networking begins at 5:30 PM. Dinner is served at 6:00 PM followed by a speaker and business meeting. Reservations are required for dinner by emailing the Hospitality Committee at Check out our website at www. Office professionals employed or residing in West Houston, Katy and surrounding areas are invited to attend. For more information about West Houston Chapter IAAP, please contact Caroline Champness CPS/CAP at

Business Networking Group

A new professional business networking association is meeting at 7:00 AM on Tuesdays, at the Holiday Inn located at Hwy. 6 and I-10. Please contact Chris if you have any questions at 713-515-2998.

November 2011



Join us the second Tuesday of every month, from 7:30-9:00 AM, for a great networking opportunity. Area small business owners are invited to attend and build relationships with businesses in the area. Free Continental Breakfast and Door Prizes! The location is: Sterling Bank, 6985 Highway 6 North. Please visit for more information.

BNI - Business Networking International

Business Professionals join us for our at Northwest Forest Conference Center, 12715 Telge Rd., Cypress TX 77429, to find out how you can grow your business and your bottom line by being a part of a strong referral group of businessmen and women. Cost: $10 cash or check (First Time Visitor’s Free!) Visitors need to RSVP to

ABWA Cy-Fair Express Network

Cy-Fair Express Network (CYFEN) invites you to their monthly networking luncheon on November 17, 2011, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, at Houston National Golf Club, 16500 Houston National Blvd. Sandler Training will present “Networking for the Faint at Heart.” Bring plenty of business cards for networking. Please make reservations online by November 11, 2011 at or contact Jill Manty at 832-497-1610. Our mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.

290 Cypress Business Networking Group

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Free Estimates

Meets every Thursday, at Cypress Station Grill (located at 26010 Hempstead Road - on the corner of Hempstead Road and Spring Cypress) at 7:30 AM. Business owners, managers or anyone wanting to build business in the Cypress area is welcome to join us. We get together to recommend and support businesses in our community.


Would you like the opportunity to network, listen to guest speakers and enjoy a wonderful lunch? Please mark your calendar to attend the North Highway 6/Bear Creek Houston Association of Realtors luncheon, held the 2nd Wednesday of every month, at the National Country Club, at 11:30 AM, located at 16500 Houston National Golf Club, in Stonegate subdivision. Contact Gayla Skates for additional information


The Fifty Plus group is sponsoring a weekly Community Activities Program for Seniors (C.A.P.S.) every Thursday at 9:30 AM. The program is open to all senior citizens in the community and features a wide variety of activities, such as music, crafts and exercise. For more information on C.A.P.S. or other Fifty-Plus activities, contact the church office at Cypress UMC at 281-469-0730.

AARP Bear Creek Chapter 4540

Our AARP Chapter cordially invite you to join us at the Bear Creek Community Center (3055 Bear Creek Dr.) every third Thursday at noon (12:00 PM). We bring a covered dish for our social gathering followed by a speaker and/or entertainment. There is a short meeting and drawings for door prizes. We have monthly tours, which entails places of culture, history, festivals and so much more. Annual membership dues are only $5. We donate to non-profit organizations, we perform volunteer work in our community, and also, can goods are brought in by our members to feed the needy. If you have any questions, feel free to call President Patricia Ali at 281-550-6359.


November 2011


• Warm & friendly atmosphere • One appointment Crowns

• State of the art equipment • Digital x-rays

Movies & music available for your enjoyment The latest in cosmetic crowns, bridges, veneers & whitening Most dental insurance accepted

Kerry Johnson, D.D.S. Sandra DeLeon Johnson, D.D.S. 18046 FM 529 (Kroger Center @ FM 529 & Barker Cypress)


New Patients Welcome!


The AARP Cy-Fair Chapter meets the 3 Tuesday of each month, at the Village on the Park Ice Cream Parlor, 12012 Steepleway Blvd. Our meeting starts at 10:00 AM with refreshments starting at 9:30 AM. Each month we have speakers who address our group on various subjects. For further information, call Mr. Paul Morgan, President, at 281-807-9118. rd

METRO free ride-matching service

Gasoline prices are heading up again, and you may be wondering how you can find a carpool, which will save you fuel costs, wear & tear on your vehicle and allow you to save time by accessing HOV lanes. METRO operates a free ride-matching service for carpools and vanpools. It is located at Click on the Register button and create an account, which will allow you to enter your home address, your work address, your schedule and your contact information (don’t worry, your exact home address is hidden).   You may be able to find a carpool and start enjoying the benefits of not driving to work alone.  

Commute Solutions - Are you looking for an easier commute?

High Gas Prices Making You Crazy? Commute Solutions can help you get some sanity back in your life! With gas prices soaring and commute times getting longer, more and more commuters in the Houston-Galveston region are turning to the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Commute Solutions Program for relief. And Commute Solutions is providing that relief by offering two vanpool programs METROVan and miniPOOL. While vanpooling will save you money, METROVan, for 7-15 riders in large vans, and miniPOOL, for 5-8 riders in minivans, help commuters reduce the cost of their commute even more by offering a monthly incentive of between $35 and $50.    To learn more about Commute Solutions’ vanpooling programs, and their other commute alternative programs, please visit www.vanpool. org or call METROVan at 888-606-RIDE or miniPOOL at 866-474mini. Commute Solutions offers information and assistance on a


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variety of commute alternatives to make your life more sane, including vanpooling, carpooling, riding the bus and train, walking, biking, and teleworking. For more information, go to

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about 220 million tons of old computers and other technology hardware are trashed in the U.S. every year. At the same time, 43% of US households do not have a computer at home. This huge disparity is commonly referred to as the Digital Divide. in partnership with community organizations throughout Texas, is trying to bridge the gap by placing donated computers in the hands of those who do not have access to technology. collects donated computers that once refurbished, upgraded and loaded with legal copies of Windows are provided to organizations like The Women’s Home of Houston, churches, community centers or directly to Public School Children who do not have a home computer in partnership with Public Schools such as Houston’s Hamilton Middle School. Recycling your old computer or other electronic equipment is a great way to help those who cannot afford access to technology, but it can also help keep the environment free from dangerous pollutants and can even mean a few extra dollars in your pocket at tax time. Next time you upgrade your computer, your cell phone, etc, consider donating your old equipment to is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Nonprofit Foundation based in Texas and Florida whose mission is to provide Technology and Education to those being left behind by the Information Age. For more information, call 713-460-5544, write to or visit our web page at

BP Partners

BP Partners is a local organization that fosters friendship and support for the spouses and partners of BP employees. Monthly activities include Book Club, Coffees, Lunch Bunch, Bowling, Crafts and Day Trips. For membership information, contact Phyllis Crouch at or check out our website at www.

November 2011


Craft/Hobby Groups Harris County Master Gardener

Upcoming events (all events are free and at 3033 Bear Creek Dr. unless specified elsewhere): Call for information on events. Call 281-855-5600 or access for more information. Join us on Facebook – Harris County Master Gardeners.


The Spring Branch African Violet Club meets the second Saturday of each month, (January through November), at 10:30 AM at the Copperfield Baptist Church, 8350 Highway 6 North, Houston, Texas 77095. Please call 713-462-4257 prior to attending to confirm meeting date and time. Affiliated with

Cypress Creek Lakes Garden Club

Knife Sharpening

Blake’s Blades Full Set, Individual and Specialty Blade Sharpening and Restoration Period Weaponry Reconditioning

832-693-6036 48

The Cypress Creek Lakes Garden Club, a nonprofit group, meets the second Monday (September-May), from 7-9 PM. This club is open to all Cypress Creek Lakes residents. We include experience and novice gardeners who are “growing” our community with varied fun, interactive programs and speakers. For more information, check out our blog spot at or email us at


References Available

The Bluebonnet Stencilers of Texas, a non-profit group serving all of Houston, meet each first Monday of the month, from 6:30 - 9 PM, at the Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter (One block east of Sam Houston Toll Road west). This chapter is actively seeking new members in the Houston area. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in stenciling and the related arts of faux finishing and decorative painting. For more information concerning meetings, call 281-370-2005.

November 2011



The Pride of Texas Decorative Artists (a division of National Tole Society) would like to invite all decorative artists to our monthly meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM. We meet at Bear Creek Community Center off Patterson Rd. in Bear Creek Park. Our monthly “make it & take it” programs are taught by local artists. Please join us for fun and new ideas. For more information, call 281-492-0246.


The West Houston Quilter’s Guild would like to invite all quilters and quilt lovers to our monthly meetings. The meetings are held at 6:30 to 9 PM, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at the Farm and Ranch Club, Salt Grass Building (Abercrombie Rd) off Patterson Rd in Bear Creek Park. We have many good programs lined up this year for both the beginner and the more experienced quilter. Everyone goes home with new tips. For hands on experience, join one of our ongoing “bees.” Guests are welcome! For more information check our website at

The Tri-County Quilt Guild

Serves the various quilting communities located in the northwest suburbs of Houston, Texas, primarily those in Harris, Montgomery and Waller Counties. Some of our activities include Show & Tell, BOM’s, Fabric Exchanges, Charity Quilts, Bees, Special Programs, Guest Speakers and more, with Door Prizes at every meeting! We are a very friendly group and welcome quilters of all levels of expertise, from the Just Love Quilts and never sewn to the experienced and published. Visitors (men and/or women) welcome. We meet the 1st Tuesday of every month, at 7 PM till 9 PM, at Fairfield Baptist Church off 290 and Muescke Rd. Check out the website for more information


Do you enjoy sewing for a child or grandchild? Smocking is a unique and inexpensive way to personalize or embellish your work. It is appropriate for boy’s and girl’s clothing. If you are interested in learning about smocking and its many wonderful applications, please join us for our monthly meetings of the Mockingbird Chapter of SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America). We meet the second Tuesday of every month, at JoAnn’s Fabrics - Willowbrook from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. We will teach you to smock, call for more information, Judy at 281-859-6031.

40 Something

40 Something is a social group for people over fifty. The group meets the 2nd Saturday each month for socializing, cards and dominos. The meetings are held at Denny’s, which is located at Kieth Harrow and Highway 6. The time is 6:30 PM. The club offers one bus trip a month and several dining outs throughout the year. If you would like further information, please call Sandy at 281-858-7833 or JoAnn at 281-550-8162.

Sounds of Cypress Band

WANTED! A FEW GOOD MUSICIANS! The Sounds of Cypress Band, formerly known as the Cy-Fair Community Band, is producing beautiful sounds, having fun as a group and seeking new members who just love to play music. So dust off your musical instrument and come out for practice on Tuesday nights at 7 PM at the Lone Star College College-CyFair campus in the Fine Arts Building. The Cy-Fair Community Band was initiated about three years ago, with approximately five or six musicians coming together to explore their common interest in music and their enjoyment of playing





281-550-9797 w e r y


November 2011


together. They have grown to 33 members who just love to play music and share their talents for the enjoyment they get from playing. They have evolved into an accomplished group of band members and have recently changed their name to Sounds of Cypress. DeeDee Flores is director of group. By day she is a band director at Plummer Middle School. Her ability has led the group to develop polished performances, which they are anxious to share. This accomplished group is ready to perform for group events. They have a great program of musical selections. Also, they can tailor their selections to the interests age of your group. Children, teens and adults will enjoy the music of the Sounds of Cypress Band. For more information, email the director, DeeDee Flores at or call her at 713-410-8051.


Looking for players to formulate a Bunco Club. If you don’t know how to play Bunco, that would not be a problem – it is just a roll of the dice. The best benefit is meeting lots of people just like yourselves, who want to enjoy an evening out, to enjoy the camaraderie of the other women, to get away from all the everyday stress. We would usually play about 2 hours an evening and another hour for eating and mingling, etc. It would be once a month, I am hoping to get at least 12 women who can play Saturday night. If Saturday night doesn’t work out, we could always select some other night. When you commit to this game, if you can’t make it on any particular night, it is your responsibility to get a sub to sit in for you. So if you can’t be a regular member, you may be interested in becoming a sub. If you’re interested, please call 281-682-1750 or send an email to: Please state your name, contact information (please include an email address) and what night of the week you would be able to play.


Experienced players or new players welcome! We love to play days, evenings or weekends (western version with card). Contact me for details:


Looking for folks interested in playing pinochle once a month. Would like to get together 8 to 12 people who would like to meet at various houses and play once a month. If you’re interested, please call Lillian @ 281-682-1750 or email me at Thanks for your interest.


Looking for single women 45+ for a singles group. Single women that like to have fun: playing cards or bunko, progressive dinners, hot air balloon rides, baseball games, camping, cruises or just getting together for a good time. I have done event planning and was social director at my church. I love to plan social get togethers and would like to meet other singles that like to have fun. If you are interested please email me at

• Commercial • Residential • Landscaping • Maintenance • Irrigation • Irrigation Repairs ( Lic#8242)

281-345-7700 50

November 2011



The West Houston Italian Club is a social, charitable and Italian Cultural organization that was formed in June 1990. We are located on the west side (off Hwy. 6). The club is also a member of the Italian Federation. Our monthly meetings are held the third Friday of every month, 7:00 PM, at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Addicks-Satsuma. If you would like further information about the club, call Marie & Sam Ricca at 281-373-5517.

Bear Creek Brits

If you are British or married to a Brit, would you like to join the Bear Creek Brits? We meet regularly for coffee mornings, dinners and movies. If interested, please phone Cath at 281-395-6701.

National Council of Jewish Women

The National Council of Jewish Women is a volunteer organization that has been at the forefront of social change for over a century - championing the needs of women, children and families. The Career Branch of NCJW has their monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM. For information, call Leda 713-572-9924 or

Sam Houston Chapter Sons of the Republic of Texas

The Sam Houston Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas was chartered in Katy, Texas in 1987. The Sons of the Republic of Texas is a fraternal organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved the independence of Texas. Members are descendants of people who lived in the Republic of Texas from independence in 1836 until statehood in 1846. The


Sam Houston Chapter meets on the third Saturday of each month except April. Lunch meetings are held at The Briar Club located at 2603 Timmons Lane beginning at 12 Noon. Visit us on the Web at


Do you have an ancestor who fought for the Union during the American Civil War? If so, the Edward Lea Camp invites you to attend one of our meetings. The group meets the second Tuesday of each month (except January & August) at The Spaghetti Warehouse in Downtown Houston (901 Commerce at Travis). The meetings begin with dinner at 7:00 PM. A business meeting immediately follows. For more information, contact Scott Shuster at 281-859-7125 or email at dshuster@ix.netcom. com or visit our website at


Become a part of America’s fastest growing hobby. The First Texas Infantry Regiment, a part of the Nineteenth Century Living History Association Inc., a non-profit corporation, is looking for recruits. Though the primary impression is of the First Texas, a Confederate unit, the association is a non-political organization and often attends events as Federal troops. The mission of reenacting is to educate about the history of that time, and the lifestyle of the Civil War soldier. Come join us for monthly adventure, camaraderie, travel, fresh air and loads of fun. Enlist with “The Palmer Guards,” of the First Texas, visit Select 1st Texas and then Co. C.

Civil War Fife and Drum Corp

The current musicians of the First Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment are looking for new recruits to form a Civil War era fife and drum corp. We are an organization within the First Texas and devoted to recreating the history of John Bell Hood’s Texas Brigade. If you

November 2011


have previous playing experience on either the flute or piccolo/fife, then you are greatly needed. We are also looking for experienced drummers. If you are interested, please contact Mus. C.C. Lyman at 281-797-1275. New recruits are warmly welcomed.

We provide the following services to help you keep your pets happy while your away:

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Elisha Roberts Chapter, NSDAR

Ladies: Do you know your family genealogy? Are you curious about your family genealogy? Do you feel it is important for your children to know their family history? The Daughters of the American Revolution and The Children of the American Revolution members have all verified their Ancestry to the American Revolution. We would like to invite you to explore your family history and see what history can bring to you. The Elisha Roberts Chapter, NSDAR of Cypress, Texas and the Wings of Freedom Society, NSCAR of Cypress, Texas would like to invite prospective members to our upcoming meetings. Please contact: Laura Neal – Regent, Elisha Roberts Chapter at 281-256-3545, lizardsareicky@ or Melinda Sims – Registrar, Elisha Roberts Chapter and Senior Society President, Wings of Freedom Society at 281-856-2536, for more information.

Dog Walking Pet Sitting Overnight Pet Sitting

Visit us online for details or to schedule your free consultation. 281-650-5740

American Legion Post 324 Attention All War Time Veteran’s

Insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

The American Legion wants you. Come and join our post that meets in Jersey Village Texas. We meet every second Sunday of the month. Year Dues are $30 a year. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, Jimmy Baughman I am the commander of the post and I live in the Villages of Cypress Lakes, Lakeside. My phone Number is 281-256-6824, please leave message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Local Veteran Groups Meet

If you are an honorably discharged War Time Veteran or currently serving on active duty and want to associate yourself with fellow Veterans, please consider joining one of the following groups. (Each organization has its own requirements for membership.) American Legion: The Jonathan D. Rozier Post 164 of Katy Texas meets the fourth Wednesday of each month, at 7 PM at the Katy Elks Lodge #2628, at 1050 Katy-Ft. Bend Road, Katy TX. Meetings start promptly at 7:30 PM. The American Legion is the largest war time Veteran’s organization in the nation and invites all eligible Veterans to join. Proud sponsor of the American Legion Boy’s State Program. Will Miller, Post Commander. Visit us at www. for more information. VFW: The Floyd E. Breedlove Post 9182 of Katy Texas meets the first Monday of each month at the VFW Hall on George Bush Dr. in “Old Town Katy.” Meetings begin with a covered dish dinner at 6:30 PM, followed by the business meetings of the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary at 7:30 PM. Peyton Lumpkin, Commander. Ladies Auxiliary President, Karon Cramer.

Happy Maid Service More Than Just A Cleaning Service



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Military Order of the Purple Heart: Tri-County Chapter 723 of the MOPH meets the third Thursday of each month at the VFW Hall on George Bush Dr. in Old Town Katy. David Lemak, Commander Additional information is available through the Veterans Memorial Museum at: 281-391-VETS.

Bear Creek Genealogical Society & Library Inc.

Bear Creek Genealogical Society & Library Inc. welcomes ALL genealogical researchers, novice to expert, to join us. Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month, September-May, 1:00-3:00 PM. Bear Creek Park Community Center, 3055 Bear Creek Dr. Houston, TX 77084. Casual attire & pre-meeting lunch at the Omni Hotel. Genealogical research trips, speakers, workshops, special events & BCGSL Gen. Library. More Info: Tom at 281-807-0233 or Gary at 281-398-0333.

November 2011


ZTA Houston West Alumnae Group

Are you looking to reconnect with your ZTA sisters? ZTA Houston West Alumnae group meets every month. For more information, please contact us at


Laureate Theta Pi is a women’s group, a non-academic, international sorority with no university affiliations. “Life, learning and friendship” is the motto, as it is for all chapters of Beta Sigma Phi, a non-profit organization with international friendship networking. We meet twice a month (Monday evenings) in members’ homes in this area. Because we are a social, cultural and service organization, our meetings are interesting and varied. If you are interested in joining or rejoining, please contact Pinky Stromek at 281-395-6766 or Alice White at 281-599-8347.

Attention NW Harris County Tri Delta Alumnae

Mark your calendars to join your Tri Delta sisters for our annual “Founder’s Day” celebration on Tuesday, November 8th at 7:00 PM. Our group meets on the second Tuesday of every month September - April. We have a diverse group of women of all ages from a variety of colleges. For more information, please contact Patsy at 281-370-8516 or Karen at

Kappa Alpha Theta

All NW Harris County alumnae are invited to join your Theta sisters for our 2011/2012 activities. Our group meets throughout the year for evening gatherings, lunch, museums and founders day. For more information or a calendar of events, please email thetadonna@ or call Kim at 281-370-2224.



Harris County Aggie Moms Deck the Halls Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Come “Deck the Halls” with the NWHC Aggie Moms’ Club at 7 PM, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 to gather and celebrate a great Aggie Christmas season. The NWHC Aggie Moms’ Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Houston Distributing Company, Inc. conveniently located at 7100 High Life Drive and Cutten Road near Willowbrook Mall. The Aggie Moms’ Club provides a great place for Aggie Moms to connect and learn important information about Texas A&M University and student activities. The December meeting begins with great holiday food and fun fellowship where Aggie Moms can catch up with each other before the holidays. Aggie Moms will also participate in an Aggie Mom ornament exchange. The Aggie Moms’ Boutique will be selling great “last minute” Aggie Christmas gifts for students and fans in the family. Aggie ornaments and other awesome gifts are available for purchase during the November meeting as well. The Aggie Moms’ will be distributing their awesome Aggie student Care Packages on Monday, December 5th at Texas A&M University from 10:00 AM–3:30 PM at the Koldus Building. Care Packages are still available for purchase for $20 until November 10th. The Care Packages provide great snacks and fun items that Aggie students will need during fall finals week. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to show how much you care! Forms are available on our website at The NWHC Aggie Moms’ Club also provides scholarships for NWHC area students. Last year the Aggie Moms’ Club awarded more than $11,000 in scholarships to future and current Aggies. Applications and eligibility requirements are available at and the forms must be postmarked no later than Monday, February 7, 2012. References are required, so have your students get started now! For more information, contact NWHC Aggie Moms’ president Judy Thompson at 281-798-4312 or visit our website at

November 2011


The Original Since 1986

(281) 550-2919

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FM 529

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Hwy. 6 N

Barker - Cypress

West Rd

QUALITY INTEGRITY SAFETY Mon. - Fri. 7am - 6:30pm

Cherry Park

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MRF Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors 832.492.0112 If you pay less than I charge, you’re not getting it done right! Quality so good you will tell your neighbors!

Mike Farris, Owner

Complete Auto Repair Facility State Inspection & Emission Testing Certified Emission Repair Facility Front End Alignments

TDLR Lic # TACLB27396E

Animal Information LOST YOUR PET? Veterinary Public Health DIVISION (Formerly called Harris County Animal Control)

The Veterinary Public Health Division posts photos of all animals found on their website and updates it twice daily. If you have lost your pet, please check this website.

Special Pals Food & Supply Drive

At Special Pals, we are dedicated to using our resources to improve the lives of those homeless companion animals in our local shelters by giving them a nutritious meal and health care. Help make a difference and join Special Pals in the fight against hunger. FOOD ITEMS NEEDED: 
Pedigree (small bites) dry & wet dog food
, Pedigree puppy dry & wet food
, Purinia dry & wet dog food, 
Friskies dry & wet cat food (not shredded or chunks), 
Purina dry & wet cat food (not shredded or chunks)
. Financial assistance for medical expenses, 
Kitchen trash bags 13 gal., 
Liquid bleach, 
Clay cat litter (non-scoopable) and 
Angled Kitchen brooms are also needed.   Checks may also be sent to: Special Pals 3830 Greenhouse Road Houston, TX 77084 Special Pals is a no-kill, limited intake animal shelter located west of Houston in Katy, TX. Special Pals provides medical care and temporary homes for up to 100 dogs and cats at a time. The shelter holds regular discounted shot clinics and events designed to educate the public on proper pet care. For donation and adoption information, visit www.SpecialPalsShelter. org or call 281-579-PETS (7387).


In 2007, Harris County moved to ban sales of animals along public roads and parking lots in unincorporated areas. A violation is a Class C misdemeanor which can mean a $500 fine.


November 2011



November 2011


classified ads FOR SALE

Floral sofa set, $175; swirl chair, $15; clear storage box $7; big flower planters, $5 each; Coleman steel cooler, $15. Please call 281-8569621. 29-gallon aquarium and cherry stand with ample storage space, gravels included, good condition, $140. Call 281-290-0808. Hoveround chair; Kawai piano, walnut contemporary style, full keyboard, excellent condition. Call 281-256-0619. Kenmore 27” gas dryer, 800 series white, $300; Whirpool Gold washer Ultimate Care II, white, $200. Both excellent working condition. 281513-5612. Scrapbooking supplies for sale! Must go. Like new embellishments, stamps and tools. Julie 989-709-0932. Convertible crib/toddler bed and matching chest of drawers, Child Craft, all wood, excellent condition. Email for pictures jenduharte@ Rolex watch. Call for details. 281-414-3597. Piano: Kohler & Campbell upright, excellent condition, includes piano bench with cushion, $1,100. 281-684-1821. Kenmore, apx. 26 C. Ft., s/b/s refrigerator, best offer; gold rim dishes for 12, all serving pieces, $50. 281-256-3480. Beautiful solid oak 3-piece entertainment center. It has 2 piers and a floating bridge. Each pier has many shelves with glass doors and many other compartments for all your electronics. The floating bridge can expand to fit up to 63” TV. It is priced at $400 for quick sell. Must see to appreciate the quality. 281-394-5640. Office Setup: Full size dark cherry executive desk, rear section & hutch; dark cherry solid bookshelf; roll-up dark cherry floor mat (for carpet or tile); brush nickel / cherry floor lamp. Total Value $1,700. Selling for $500. Very good condition 832-510-6489. Memorial Oaks Cemetery companion crypt, perpetual care included, $8,700. 713-854-1994. Scrapbooking Supplies! Bear Creek area, new, name brand, paper, embellishments, tools, and more! I no longer have time! Call Julie 989709-0932. Omega Pro II Racquetball Racket with zip case, never used, $35; 8” animal gold trim/porcelain (some) plates, $15 - $20 each; Emmot Kelly clown, numbered/framed lithographs, $75 - $100 each. Cheryl 281-543-2409.

• Residential • Small Offices • Bonded

$ (No Place is Too Far)


832-282-6055 56



Sliding mirror doors (one pair) for a wardrobe or closet, each door is 39 “W x 79”H, together the doors will be good for a 78”W X 79”H wardrobe or closet, comes with upper and bottom alum guide rails, the doors are similar to IKEA PAX MALM ward robe article # 900745-72, picture available, asking $205. Contact


Rare 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible, re-built, under warranty, 400 Pontiac motor-not matching no., less than 400 miles, totally restored, yellow with black interior, new paint, new disk brakes, new suspension,

November 2011


new interior & new black top with cover, new custom sound system, $24,000. Firm. 281-455-5543. 1996 Buick Roadmaster Ltd: White, leather seats, 76K miles, good condition, $4,500. Call Richie Anderson 281-463-1712.

maintenance in the Cypress and Northwest Houston area. Experience required and must have dependable truck with 2” receiver towing hitch. English speaking, have cell phone, and capable of lifting and carrying 100 pounds. If you meet these requirements please call 281785-5939.

89 Toyota pick up, 4 cylinders, very clean and in great running condition, $2,800. 281-744-2779.

Lease space available, upscale salon in Copperfield. Contact Leticia 713-898-4484 or Craig 832-483-0114.

1998 Suzuki 1500 Intruder, $3,550. Call for details 281-726-4305 Pat.

Seamstress needed to sew woman’s pant suits. Call 713-466-7890.

17” Dodge Ram 1500 wheels and tires, 265/70/17, $650 OBO. Call 713-898-0912.

Salon Professionals - Experience hairstylist wanted for trendy salon in Copperfield. Lease space starting at $125 per week. Massage / facial suite also available. Call Dana 832-434-3644.


About Hair Salon and Day Spa is seeking experienced stylists. Apply in person 15422 FM 529, Houston, TX 77095.

Wanted: To buy Rolex watches. 281-414-3597.


Mature female to live in and care for elderly female in Settlers Village. Duties include light cleaning and detailed personal care. 832-4708045. Quadriplegic lady needs caregiver, will require lifting, will be trained, evenings and some weekends. 713-466-7890.

Sandy’s Hair Studio is now hiring an experienced hair stylist; facialist and massage therapist. We offer great commission. Call 281-2562279. LL Hair Studio Salon is hiring experienced stylists! Visit our website at to learn more, or call us today at 281-5505302.

Experienced groomer, with minimum of 2-3 years of hair cutting experience (not your own dogs). Fill out application at 18310 FM 529. No calls.

Now hiring Security Officers. Part time/full time on the job training. No experience necessary. Professional & reliable retired welcome. Must provide TDL, Soc. Sec. card, (clear criminal history). Excellent benefits, all shift available. Call today & set up interview. 281-759-1010. 1035 Dairy Ashford, Suite 225, Houston TX, 77079.

Swimming Pool Tech: Looking for a highly motivated individual with the ability to work on their own providing swimming pool cleaning and

Housekeepers needed. Great hours for mom’s with school age children. 281-861-0394.



November 2011



Enter for a chance to win a


Fill out this form, mail, fax, or drop it by the address below. Winner notified November 16th. Dinner delivered to the winning entry on Wednesday, November 23rd. Roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, praline sweet potato casserole, vegetable casseroles, cranberry relish, rolls, pumpkin and pecan pies. The feast is prepared by the Junior League of Houston, Courtesy of Heritage Texas Properties

Thirteen Offices Strong To Better Serve You

NAME: ________________________________________ ADDRESS: _________________________________________________ CITY: __________________________________________STATE:___________________________ ZIP: _____________________ PHONE: ____________________________ EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________

25250 NW FREEWAY, SUITE 200 • CYPRESS, TEXAS 77429 • 281.463.4131 • FAX: 281.855.8204 Now Hiring! Do you love children? Small private preschool is now accepting applications. Must be dependable and energetic. Will train. Must have copy of High School Diploma or GED and copy of Social Security Card. Apply in person to 16618 Clay Road, Suite 400. 281656-2273. Michelle’s Salon is looking for good experienced hairstylist, massage therapist, nail tech and esthetician, lease or commission. 832-8781052. The Pediatric Dentist of Katy is looking for a highly motivated Registered Dental Assistant. Our Pediatric Dental practice is located at 24022 Cinco Village Center Blvd., Suite 210 in Katy. Our office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM, with lunch from 12-1 PM. On Fridays we are open from 7:30 AM to 3 PM. Please bring by your resume in person. Dental Hygienist needed part-time, minimum 3 years experience, 2 days a week, 7 AM-4 PM, 9 AM-6 PM, days flexible, San Felipe/Voss. Fax Resume to 713-974-4760. Position available for an experienced hair stylist with a great attitude and good clientele. Benefits available. Call Images Hair Studio at 281256-2286. Dental Assistant needed, at least 2 years of experience, must be state licensed. 281-550-0900. A growing residential construction co. locally owned & operated looking for advancement minded English speaking individual w/truck & tools. Call for more information 713-591-7825 or 713-446-6989. Dental assistant position available. F/T, nonsmoker, experienced


preferred, knowledge of Dentrix software and bilingual a plus. Must be state licensed; Front desk receptionist, bilingual preferred. Fax resume to: 281-861-7174. Or call 281-861-7500. Stylist position available at Salon Picasso Studios. Lease/commission. 281-861-9911. Paralegal - Katy area law firm looking for candidate with 5+ years experience. Ideal candidate should be proficient in Word and WordPerfect, be a self-starter, possess excellent communication skills, strong attention to detail and the ability to work in a fast paced environment. Send resume & salary requirements to 281-398-1380. Residential Electrician(s): Journeyman or helper/apprentice. Have experience, references & contact info. ready, beginners last employment info. 281-646-9928.


Bay House in Sargent, waterfront property with boat access to house, built in 2003. 2 BR’s, 2 car garage, vaulted ceilings, central AC/heat, storage shed attached to house, carport, enclosed stairway, water & sewer system. Call Bill at 979-429-6853.


3-2 spacious home in Katy, $1,200 monthly. Call Fred or Nataly 281347-2494 for info.


Las Vegas Timeshare - On the Strip near the airport, sleeps 4, full kitchen, dining & living; jacuzzi in room, 2 TV’s/2 Phones, 2 pools outside building, fitness room, washer/dryer/safe in room, 4 days $355 - 7 days $500. No added fees. Cheryl 281-543-2409.

November 2011


Vacation home for rent: Hill country vacation home, Cedar Creek Cabin, new 2/2 with loft, fully furnished, huge front porch, satellite TV, beautiful views, abundant wildlife, Frio River at Concan near Garner State Park, sleeps 8. Call 866-7CON-CAN or go to for more information.


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude help of the hopeless, pray for us. Say Novena 9 times a day for 9 days. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Thank you St. Jude – JRM.C, PR, HM. Due to the amount of space involved and the response of those wishing to publish a Novena to St. Jude, a Novena to St. Jude will be published along with a list of initials of those wishing to publish one. We are sorry, but we cannot make exceptions. $5 Charge for each Novena per area. Please specify which area you would your Novena to appear in. - Krenek Printing

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November 2011



Tammy Smith, Owner-Operated

10.00 OFF

New customer only on regular schedule. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid for one time or empty cleans.


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