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Catalog • January 2015 3 Easy Ways to Order 1. Online at or email 2. Call 1-800-531-7913 3. Contact your sales rep

MIDN-01 red

SHAD-22 ruby

JETS-01 red

EXOT-06 scarlet

EXOT-06 red

BUBB-01 red

SHAD-12 red

BCAR-06 red

EMPR-17 scarlet

MOVE-01 ruby

LAIR-05 red

MUMM-01 red

EMPR-17 rouge

ROSE-11 pink

BUBB-01 magenta

RFOR-01 magenta

BCAR-06 magenta

Kona Bay has been putting art on fabric since 1990. We understand quilters and sewists. Browse our current in-stock selections from our Tone-itUp program to see what your shop needs. Don’t forget you can download complimentary patterns at


BCAR-06 orange

MIKO-03 apricot

SHAD-12 orange

MOVE-01 amber


BUBB-01 orange

Yellows EMPR-17 gold

MOVE-01 orange

EXOT-06 gold

SHAD-12 sunshine

ROSE-11 yellow

JETS-01 gold

SHAD-12 gold

SNOW-01 gold

SHAD-26 yellow

RFOR-01 harvest

RFOR-01 gold

BCAR-06 yellow

MOVE-01 sunshine

MOVE-01 yellow

MOVE-01 citirine

MOVE-01 green

SHAD-26 grass

BUBB-01 green

LAIR-04 hunter

EXOT-06 green

JETS-01 green

SHAD-12 grass

MUMM-01 green

MOVE-01 peridot

SHAD-12 green

MOVE-01 hunter

SHAD-12 emerald

BCAR-06 green

EMPR-17 green

JETS-01 forest

BCAR-06 apple

RFOE-01 green

EMPR-17 yellow

MOVE-01 gold


SHAD-24 forest

JETS-01 teal

SHAD-12 teal

MOVE-01 teal

SHAD-12 topaz

EXOT-06 teal

LAIR-04 teal

BCAR-06 teal

Blues MIKO-03 blue

MOVE-01 topaz

LAIR-03 blue

BUBB-01 blue

LAIR-05 blue

MIDN-01 blue

MUMM-01 indigo

MOVE-01 sapphire

EXOT-06 blue

EXOT-06 indigo

MOVE-01 lapis

BCAR-06 blue

RFOR-01 blue

Purples EMPR-17 blue

SNOW-01 purple

MOVE-01 peri

SHAD-12 magic

LAIR-04 purple

BCAR-06 purple

EXOT-06 purple

MOVE-01 amethyst

SHAD-12 magenta

MIDN-01 purple

MOVE-01 garnet

JETS-01 burgundy

MUMM-01 burgundy

Neutrals EMPR-17 chocolate

MOVE-01 chocolate

EMPR-17 eggplant

SHAD-24 brown

BRAN-01 brown

POND-04 brown

SHAD-22 brass

SHAD-22 taupe

SHAD-12 greige

MIKO-03 taupe

EMPR-17 sand

EMPR-17 cream

LAIR-05 cream

BCAR-06 cream

EXOT-06 tan

EXOT-06 white

MOVE-01 ivory

MOVE-01 white

BUBB-01 white

RFOR-01 cream

JETS-01 cream

Blacks MOVE-01 taupe

MUMM-01 cream

SHAD-12 white

MUMM-01 beige

BCAR-06 white

BUBB-01 black

MOVE-01 black

RFOR-01 black

BCAR-06 black

EMPR-17 onyx

EXOT-06 black

EMPR-17 charcoal

JETS-01 gray

LAIR-05 black

EXOT-06 dark gray

MUMM-01 black

RFOR-01 gray

SHAD-12 gray

15812 NE 83rd St Redmond, WA 98052

MOVE-01 ash

RFOR-01 multi

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