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Step by step instructions on how to sign up with and download our publications. If you are already signed up with issuu and want to know how to download the publication, please go to page 9

This is for new users who do not have an account with Go to

Go to the top right hand corner and click on “create account�



Please fill out all of the 3 fields then click the checkbox to accept the terms. Then click on “submit” to proceed.

Issue will set up your profile name and URL. It will notify you if your profile name is already in use. If so, you will have to create a new profile name. Click in the checkbox that you are not a robot and it will ask you to select images of a specific item. Then click “verify”. 4

Once it’s successful, click on “create my account”.

At the bottom of the screen, click on “start reading on issuu. It’s free” 5

On the top of your screen, type “kona bay fabrics” in the search box and press “return” on your keyboard.


On the top left hand corner, click on “publishers”. You’ll see Kona Bay Fabrics come up and click on the magazine image.


Click on the “follow” button.


Select any one of our issues to start reading our publications.


At the bottom of the issue, click on “share”


Below the share link, you’ll see the word “download” difficult to see. Click on it to start downloading the publication to your computer.

You should see a file being downloaded to your computer. Once it’s done, open the PDF document and you can print as needed.

Enjoy 


How to download & print our issuu publications