JSSA 2020 Annual Report—Resilience and Renewal in Extraordinary Times

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2020 Annual Report


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JSSA empowers individuals and families to achieve well-being across their lifespan.


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

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s you read this annual report, many in our community and around the country have been vaccinated and are beginning to venture out again. We are starting to feel a quickening sense of hope and renewal after a year of tremendous loss, economic challenges, and a series of national events resulting in a strengthened resolve to fight racial inequities and injustice. As we reflect on the past year and look to the year ahead, we share our FY2020 annual report titled, “Resilience and Renewal in Extraordinary Times.” The theme of this year’s report reflects the resilience of the children, adolescents, adults, seniors and our staff, who have weathered the pandemic simultaneously. Stories on the following pages – from the youth served through our Wraparound program to 96-year-old Gregoriy, illustrate this year’s theme and our mission of empowering individuals and families to achieve well-being across their lifetime. While we were addressing our clients’ immediate challenges, we also identified emerging needs in our community and responded with innovative solutions. When clients told us they felt isolated because of the pandemic, they were having a hard time with virtual learning or furloughed from their jobs, JSSA was ready with existing and new strategies to help them navigate life’s consequential moments. Overnight, telehealth became the primary way to provide therapy. In the future, we anticipate combining the best of in-person visits with this new way of interacting through video. We expanded our online offerings for both Holocaust Survivors and older adults. Post-pandemic, we will continue to grow this programming to allow frail clients to connect to the world from their homes. The pandemic has seen more partnerships and greater coordination among agencies, with better outcomes for our clients – another approach that will extend beyond the pandemic.


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

A new strategic plan will be completed in 2021, incorporating the past year’s lessons but daring to imagine how we can better serve our region and expand our impact. This includes a broader vision of our role in addressing disparities in health and well-being as well as promoting equity and inclusion as we reach to serve the needs of our diverse community. Together, in the shadow of the pandemic, we will chart a path that builds on our rich history, expertise, agility, and commitment to improving what needs repair in our community. If there’s one thing we learned in 2020, it is that YOU recognize the importance of our mission – especially during the most challenging moments. Because of YOU, JSSA is poised to tackle the coming year’s challenges from a place of strength, a sense of the possibilities, and a trajectory of growth and accelerated innovation. Thank you for making this work possible.

Candace Kaplan JSSA Board President

Todd Schenk Chief Executive Officer

Together, in the shadow of the pandemic, we continue to chart a path that builds on our rich history, expertise, agility, and passion for this work.

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is a nonprofit nonsectarian 501(c)(3) health and social wellness organization that serves the Washington DC Metropolitan area. JSSA helps children, adolescents, adults and seniors surmount life’s many challenges, including mental health concerns, obstacles to employment, and aging-related issues. Our doors are open to people who are racially, ethnically, religiously, and culturally diverse—reflective of the Washington region. MENTAL HEALTH • Individual, group, and family therapy • Psychological evaluation • Care Coordination • Workshops and therapy groups • Psychiatric assessment and medication management

HOSPICE • Emotional support and counseling • Pain management and symptom control • Medications, medical supplies, and durable medical equipment • Spiritual support and guidance • Visits with trained volunteers providing massage therapy, pet visits, and music therapy • Bereavement support

PREMIER HOMECARE • Nursing assessments • Medication management • Home safety checks • In-home personal care • Homemaker services


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

JSSA provides essential services to the most vulnerable in our community. During the COVID public health crisis, our clients confronted new risks and challenges and many more in our community sought help. We responded with innovative care that comprehensively addressed our neighbor’s challenges – including social isolation, food insecurity, and transportation needs – and focused on improving physical and emotional health and overall well-being.

SENIOR SERVICES • Care Coordination • Kosher meal delivery • Escorted door-through-door transportation • Friendly-visitor and personal shopper program • Social and recreational programs • Legal services and financial assistance

HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR PROGRAM • Culturally appropriate care coordination • Socialization activities • Advance Care Planning • Pro bono dental, vision, and hearing services • In-home personal care

SPECIALIZED EMPLOYMENT SERVICES • Career assessment • Job training and development • Job coaching and retention • Socialization and social support • Work with employers to hire for hard-to-fill positions

TRAINING INSTITUTE • Professional development training opportunities • Access to Continuing Education credits for licensure • Internship/field placement program for highly qualified high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students

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This Family Found Comfort in Knowing There was Always Someone in Their Corner

“JSSA has seen me through job losses and job gains, relationship losses and relationship gains,” says Jeremy.

Jeremy Mendelson recalls an employer who gave him a seemingly simple assignment: organize a messy storage area. “You wouldn’t think I could make it any worse,” says Jeremy. “But I did.” The 50-year-old smiles as he thinks about how far he’s come thanks to the highly personalized support he’s received from JSSA for nearly two decades. Reflecting on Jeremy’s journey, his mother Cathy recalls a childhood assessment in which she was told her son “would never live a normal life and would probably have to live in a facility.” That was before Jeremy went to college, spent a year studying in Israel, and earned a master’s degree in educational leadership. It’s before a professional assessment confirmed he was on the autism spectrum. And it was before he began working with JSSA clinical social worker Ellen Pskowski and others who have helped him navigate life’s ups and downs since the family connected with JSSA 18 years ago. That’s when they discovered JSSA’s team of specially trained clinicians and other professionals who provide a wide range of mental health, care coordination, and employment and support services for children, adolescents, and adults with special needs. “JSSA has seen me through job losses, job gains, relationship losses and relationship gains,” says Jeremy. He and his parents credit Ellen with helping Jeremy achieve many milestones such as living independently and succeeding in his job as Museum Services Lead Representative at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum where he has worked for the last 13 years. In that time, he has been promoted twice, maintained long-term personal relationships and managed his finances. He is thriving in every aspect of his life – even during the pandemic, with all its challenges and changes to his routine.


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

His parents, Cathy and Tilden, both 79, used to worry about what would become of their only child when they are gone. Today, they marvel at how far he has come and credit JSSA’s therapists with helping Jeremy develop the tools he needs to tackle any challenge. “For the first time, I don’t have to worry about Jeremy’s future,” said Tilden. “Everyone needs help at some time in their life,” adds Cathy. “For those with special needs, that help may be more intensive and more specialized.” With gratitude for all that JSSA has done for Jeremy, the family recently established the Mendelson Family Fund for Individuals with Special Needs in Honor of Ellen Pskowski. The fund will support training opportunities for staff who work with special needs clients and underwrite mental health services for people who cannot pay the full cost of care. “When I think of Ellen, the word that comes to mind is ‘trust,’” says Cathy. Quoting a favorite philosophy of life – “learn it, earn it, return it” – Tilden says the Mendelson Family Fund “is our way of giving back to an organization that has enabled Jeremy to achieve an independent, productive, fulfilling, and happy life.”





of clients who were surveyed felt they made progress towards their goals.

of clients were satisfied with the service they received.

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For Holocaust Survivors, Inventive Technology Helps Combat Isolation “JSSA cares for him physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” says Natalya. “It’s everything – the programs, the phone calls, the connection to the outside world.”

Five years ago, Gregoriy moved to Maryland from California to be near his daughter Natalya after his wife passed away. JSSA has been a consistent presence in his life ever since. “JSSA cares for him physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” says Natalya. “It’s everything – the programs, the phone calls, the connection to the outside world.” Natalya is incredibly grateful that JSSA pivoted to virtual services and has continued to support its clients without interruption throughout the past year. “The global pandemic caused our survivor clients to change their routines quickly and dramatically,” said Deborah Adler, JSSA’s Holocaust Survivor Program Manager. Gone were the rich and varied programs that help survivors stay active and engaged, in-person visits from care managers (note: care manager phone and video conference visits did continue during COVID). And gone were appointments with optometrists, audiologists, and dentists, who provided pro-bono services to improve survivors’ health and quality of life. Concerned about the effects of social isolation on survivor well-being, JSSA participated in a grant-funded program that offered a new technology created by Israeli-based Uniper-Care Technologies. Uniper is designed to combat social isolation by connecting older adults to customized live and interactive health and wellness content through television. Programming ranges from seated Zumba and yoga to discussions about politics and culture, all offered in multiple languages. “Since having Uniper installed, my life has became a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling,” said Gregoriy. “I can watch interesting programs that are not available through cable TV and get in touch with people on Zoom, which helps to feel less lonely.”


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

“Uniper stimulates his mind and has brought dignity back to his life,” says care manager Sophia. Gregoriy is one of 470 participants in JSSA’s Holocaust Survivor Program, which provides comprehensive essential services to frail, low-income survivors living independently in the community. Funding comes from grants from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, assistance from The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and donations from individuals, foundations, state and local government. “I can’t stress enough what JSSA means to me,” says Gregoriy. “JSSA made such an impact for me, making my life more meaningful and of better quality.”





of JSSA’s Holocaust survivor clients remained safely in their homes with JSSA case managers’ help.

Holocaust Survivors are using the Uniper program to connect to wellness programming to combat social isolation.

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Landing or Keeping a Job in the Past Year with Help from Our Employment Experts “This [SES] program gave me an opportunity when I felt like my opportunity would never come,” says Celia, who calls it her “big breakthrough moment.”

The coronavirus pandemic created the worst unemployment crisis in recent history. In June 2020, the unemployment rate stood at 11.1 percent, higher than at any time in the last 70 years. Against this backdrop, JSSA’s Specialized Employment Services (SES) staff continued to place new clients in jobs and support those who faced new challenges of working from home, being furloughed, or being laid off. In response, SES staff developed new expertise in navigating unemployment benefits. They have coached clients in adjusting to new realities, such as presentation skills in video job interviews and safely commuting to their jobs during the pandemic. Finding solutions to challenging situations is at the core of SES’s work. “Our clients – teens and adults with disabilities – come to us with enormous potential and ability but may be lacking the confidence and social skills needed to succeed in the work world,” says SES Director Tom Liniak. Celia is one of many success stories. As a recent college graduate with limited work experience, Celia came to JSSA hoping to land her dream job at CVS. “The prospect of communicating all that she had to offer in a short interview was daunting,” said Tom. “The interview format can be even more challenging for a person on the autism spectrum, like Celia.” Initially, she landed an interview with CVS, but not a job. Undeterred, JSSA suggested that Celia participate in its supported externship training partnership with CVS, which gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a real work environment rather than just in an interview. Within a few short weeks, she was offered a paid job. Over the next year, she was promoted to a full-time


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

position, overnight shift manager and then daytime shift manager in one of its high-volume stores. Celia has been named Employee of the Month on multiple occasions and received awards for her attendance record and outstanding guest services. “This [SES] program gave me an opportunity when I felt like my opportunity would never come,” says Celia, who calls it her “big breakthrough moment.” While JSSA may have placed fewer new clients in jobs during the pandemic than in the previous year, “the people we have placed are staying in their jobs and continue to be valued by their employers,” said Tom. “JSSA is an organization that understands, are committed, and great champions for the clients they serve,” said Stacey Butler, Senior Advisor, Worforce Initiatives at CVS. Celia is one of many JSSA clients who have landed jobs at CVS over the years. JSSA has partnered with more than 200 organizations in various sectors such as retail, hospitality, custodial, food service, and IT. CVS chose JSSA as a partner in developing a new virtual training program, an innovation that grew out of the pandemic. Starbucks is pursuing a similar partnership with JSSA. “Hiring people with disabilities should be a part of every company’s everyday culture,” says Stacey Butler.



Clients achieved a 6-month retention rate of nearly



men and women with disabilities were placed in positions in FY20.

far exceeding the national average of 50% retention in disability employment.

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Innovative Model Leads to Better Outcomes for Seniors and Disabled Adults

JSSA staff and volunteers bring warmth, companionship, convenience, and a sense of dignity into their lives.

Many older adults find it challenging to keep track of their medicine and to coordinate vital services from multiple providers such as mental health therapists, homemaker services, and transportation to doctors appointments. For Homecrest House residents, an independent and assisted living facility in Aspen Hill, JSSA has embedded professional care managers to help coordinate care for residents. The result: better overall health and quality of life for residents, including fewer falls and emergency room visits, and better access to mental health and other services. Building on this initiative’s success, JSSA launched a similar effort at Silver Spring’s Springvale Terrace senior living community in the past year. Faythe’s experience at Homecrest House demonstrates that the innovative Partners in Care model works and could also be replicated to benefit Springvale Terrace residents. Both Homecrest House and Springvale Terrace provide affordable housing and quality services to low-income seniors and qualified disabled adults. A resident of Homecrest House for five years, Faythe, 77, receives services from multiple providers. For instance, she is getting case management and mental health support from JSSA, personal care from Premier Homecare, physical and occupational therapy from Fox Rehabilitation, and primary care from Capital Coordinated Medicine. Ari Baronofsky, a clinical social worker and project coordinator with JSSA’s Senior Services, oversees the program, which features regular meetings with partner agencies to discuss mutual clients, coordinate care, and track results. “It is validating to see that ongoing evaluation of our program reflects positive outcomes for our participants,” said Ari. “These include increased levels of socialization, a decrease in falls, and high levels of participation in advance care planning.”


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

“Ari has a remarkable ability to go the extra yard to get things done,” says Faythe. She lists numerous examples: he identified a grant that covered the cost of personal products she was unable to afford, connected her with someone to help with her taxes, arranged for new eyeglasses to replace a 10-yearold prescription, and connected her to a social worker who provides her with regular therapy sessions which have been especially valuable during the pandemic. “It’s one thing if you don’t go out because you don’t want to,” says Faythe. “It’s another thing if you don’t go out because you can’t. It’s not good for people to be locked up as we have been for the past year.” Mindful that many older adults feel isolated, Ari keeps in close contact with Faythe and other clients – even if it means meeting outside and at a distance because of the pandemic. While Faythe feels that Ari would do anything for her, she also appreciates that he treats her with respect and encourages her to do things for herself. Before, professionals and even family members “would talk about me as if my mind was gone, as if I wasn’t even in the room.” JSSA, she says, is the opposite. Other Homecrest House and Springvale Terrace residents echo her sentiment, acknowledging that JSSA staff and volunteers bring warmth, companionship, convenience, and a sense of dignity into their lives.





of Care Coordination clients remained in their homes.

of clients stayed out of the ER.

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In an Unprecedented Year, Wraparound Services Prove Invaluable to Families “COVID made us pause and evaluate how we can best support families with intensive needs in a way that is both effective and safe” Kayma Freeman is a care coordinator in JSSA’s Wraparound Montgomery program, a unique program that tailors special support services to children and teens experiencing serious mental health or behavioral challenges. Each child and family participating in Wraparound Montgomery works with a care coordinator and a personal “team,” including professionals from the child’s school and health care providers. The team serves as the child and family’s “support village.” Even when services went virtual after the onset of COVID, Wraparound Montgomery continued to maintain a high level of engagement with kids and their families. One of the many lessons Kayma learned in 2020 was the value of patience. “I want my family to feel supported... resolved,” she said. “That takes time.” Especially during a pandemic, when students are going to school virtually, not seeing their friends, and not interacting in person with their JSSA care coordinators. “COVID made us pause and evaluate how we can best support families with intensive needs in a way that is both effective and safe,” said Tera German, JSSA’s Director of Behavioral Health Support Services.


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

This Child-Family Team helps in many different ways. Depending on a child’s needs, these could include: • Educational testing, tutoring, and extra-curricular activities (e.g., music, art). • Access to mental health treatment and, if needed, medication management. • In some instances, a child is matched with a mentor or professional who helps promote healthy behaviors, social skills, and family relationships. • A peer support professional who has “lived experience” with mental health challenges and thus is a relatable, trustworthy link to other providers. • For parents of participants, regular contact with a mentor to learn parenting skills. • For the entire family, if needed – housing, food, and employment assistance.

Making the transition to virtual visits was hard for many families because they preferred interacting in person, and they lacked the technology to communicate effectively in some cases. “The last thing we wanted was to create additional barriers,” Tera said. The Wraparound team identified new ways to break down barriers and support families. Along with frequent phone check-ins and occasional outdoor meetings with families, the team distributed customized “wellness bags” that helped families cope during stressful times. Strong evidence suggests that the comprehensive support provided through Wraparound helps young people with complex needs stay in their homes and communities—and tap into their natural strengths to grow and thrive!




of youth engaged for a minimum of six months launched successfully from the program, having met some or all their goals.

hours of mentoring were provided to youth and parents.

Child & Family Team Meetings were facilitated by Care Coordinators.




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JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

Financials for Program Operations

















$36,378,513 HOSPICE




$8,528,927 Note: The COVID-19 pandemic beginning in the 4th Quarter of FY 2020 resulted in extraordinary, unbudgeted expenses, including significant costs for purchases of PPE (personal protective equipment), technology equipment and licenses to support a newly remote workforce, “hero pay” for frontline personnel, and program revenue losses. Prior to the onset of the pandemic, JSSA was operating on a break-even basis.

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Time and again, you asked how you could help. You came through for us because you knew we would come through for our community and our neighbors. Because this is what we do. We support individuals and families through life’s most consequential moments.

Thank you to our generous donors


ur generous donors play an essential role in sustaining services that empower individuals and families in our community to improve their quality of life. Your support helps us provide the highest quality of care to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors facing challenges to their

health and well-being. We are grateful for our partnership with The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and their ongoing commitment to helping us serve the community. We recognize the philanthropic support of The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) that enables us to provide vital social services and care to the men and women in our community who survived the Holocaust. JSSA’s Holocaust Survivor program is also supported by a grant from The Jewish Federation of North America’s Center for Aging and Trauma and the Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies. JSSA is deeply grateful for every contribution. We regret being unable to list all donors due to space limitations. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of these acknowledgments, but if an error or omission was made, please contact our Development department at 301-610-8370 to correct our mistake.


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

Organization and Government Partners Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany State of Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development State of Maryland Department of Aging Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Montgomery County Government Nexus Montgomery VA Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Jewish Federation of North America Cornerstone Montgomery (SAMSA Grant) Aging Care Connection Fairfax County, VA Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies

$500,000+ Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Estate of Allan Bruce Gordon


Wagner-Braunsberg Family Foundation

$100,000+ Bender Foundation, Inc. Paul & Annetta Himmelfarb Foundation, Inc. Katz Family Fund




Anonymous (3)

Norman and Debi Dreyfuss

William S. Abell Foundation

Estate of Samuel Einfrank

Martin Auerbach*

Lois and Richard England Family Foundation

Barron Family Foundation

Robert M. Fisher Memorial Foundation

Gary and Carol Berman

Jerome A. and Deena L. Kaplan Family Foundation The Kay Family Foundation, Inc. Deborah and Roger Lebbin Alan and Amy Meltzer Lewis Priven

Leslie Goldberg*

Diane and Norman Bernstein Foundation

Steven and Shirley Kaufman

Michael and Janet Cornfeld

Ruth and Jonathan Ruskin

Tilden, Cathy, and Jeremy Mendelson

Jack and Miriam Dubit Caring Partners Endowment

The Abe & Kathryn Selsky Foundation, Inc.

The Morningstar Foundation Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation

Renee Reiner

Helene Hendricks Harris Family Foundation

Robert I. Schattner Foundation

Candace Kaplan and Ronald Lipsman

Charles E. Smith Family Foundation**

Edward and Irene Kaplan

Estate of Samuel Titelman Wolpoff Family Foundation, Inc.

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Sapat and Sandra Mitrani

Michael and Elinor Flyer

Marcia Nusgart

Barry and Carole Forman

Grant and Ellen Ottenstein

William and Bethany Frick

Barry and Linda Perlis

Robert Gerber and Veronique Rynn

Arnold and Susan Quint

Margie Glancz

Rose Sachs Daniels Trust

Leonard Goldman and Lisa DeMarco

Todd Schenk and Pamela Levine

Patricia and Michael Goldman

Lewis and Sandra Schneider

Ted and Ellen Goldman

E & B Family Trust

Edwin and Sondra Schonfeld

David Good and Jane Weiman

The Elno Family Foundation

Judy Feldman

Alfred and Lynne Groff

Family and Nursing Care Foundation

Sandra and David Sellers

Nick Groves and Sarah Kaplan

Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation

Shaare Torah Men’s Club

Daniel Hirsch and Brenda Gruss

Steven and Heather Freidkin

Jeffrey Snyder and Lynn Shapiro Snyder

Gary and Jan Guttman

Leslie and Samuel Kaplan Family Foundation

Gloria and Richard Sterling

Jonathan Harris

Robert and Arlene Kogod Family Foundation

Summit Orthopedics, LLC/ Michael and Dayna Goldsmith

Alan and Shawn Hausman

Anonymous (2) Borten Family Charitable Fund Lyn and Barry Chasen Cora and John H. Davis Foundation Joan de Pontet Yvonne Schlafstein Distenfeld and Jeffrey Distenfeld

The Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation Daniel Levin The Mayberg Foundation Robert and Laurel Mendelsohn Morris Rodman Philanthropic Fund Annette Moshman Ruskin-Zafren Foundation Michele Snyder Starbucks Foundation The David S. Stone Foundation George Wasserman Family Foundation, Inc. Marvin Weissberg

$5,000+ Anonymous Wendi and Daniel Abramowitz Steven and Marjorie Alloy Lawrence Banker and Amy Schmidt Sarah C. Bennett Charitable Trust Kevin and Devorah Berman Helen Blumen Faith and Philip Bobrow Barbara Caplan William E. Cross Foundation, Inc. The Elsie and Marvin Dekelboum Family Foundation, Inc.


Twinbrook Baptist Church

$1,800+ Anonymous (2) Jack and Meryl Abel John Accettola Estate of Clement and Sandra Alpert Amity Club of Washington Cherie and William Artz David and Deborah Astrove Jerome Bauman Kenneth and Arlene Becker Sharon Bell Howard Berger and Linda Goldsmith BFK Foundation, Inc. Yonina Blech-Hermoni Wolf and Lynn Blitzer Barbara Brown and Robert Berish Lawrence and Susan Bruser Gloria Buckberg Martin Buzas James Cafritz Phyllis Cela and Gary Sidell Paul and Gail Chod Irving Cohen

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Katzman Family Foundation

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Michael and Lois Fingerhut

JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

Judith Herr Estate of Jane and Harold Hirsh Lois Hollander Charles Huggins Gary and Barbara Isen Richard and Linda Isen Robert and Susie Isen Ernest Isenstadt Johnson & Johnson Allen and Ellen Joseph S. Kann Sons Company Foundation, Inc. Nancy Kaplan Daniel Khodorkovsky Kids After Hours Lawrence and Leslie Kline Estate of Rose and Harold Kramer Harold and Joan Krauthamer Jay and Connie Krupin Heidi Lamar Stuart and Ellen Lessans Marion and Leonard Levine Marcia Levinsohn Mark Levitt and Kay Klass Solomon and Suzy Levy Randall and Pat Lewis William and Diane Liebman Martin Libicki and Denise Mazorow Harold Luskin David and Stephanie Lynn Michael and Judith Mael Barry and Helene Mankowitz Philip Margolius Paul Massell Allen and Cara Mattison Meals On Wheels America Ira and Becky Mendelson Louis Messer and Helen Messer Charitable Foundation

Richard and Nancy Millstein James and Ellen Myerberg National Lutheran Communities and Services Esther and Stuart Newman Catherine O’Bryant Victor Palmer Manny Panar Geraldine Pilzer Estate of Lucille Raphael Bevin Ratner Bert and Barbara Rein Joseph Rosenberg and Ellen Gerecht Miriam Rosenthal and Michael Phillips Bruce and Paula Robinson June and Marvin Rogul The Abner Rosen Foundation Joseph and Dorene Rosenthal Alvin and Ellen Ross Marvin Roth and Harriet Steinhorn-Roth Frances Rutt Michael and Diane Sapir William Schneider Rabbi Jonathan and Beverly Schnitzer Gail Maidenbaum and Philip Schreiber Ann Schwartz Ellen Shapiro Stanley and Linda Sher Elaine Feidelman and Irwin Shuman Lois and Howard Silberberg Richard and Frances Silbert Leslie and Joel Silver Patricia Silver and Jeffrey Trauberman Barry Slevin Elaine Snider Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, Inc. Robin Thomashauer and David Florin Seth and Jan Tievsky Marjorie Tommer

$1,000+ Anonymous Estate of Leonard and Helen Abel Rachel Abraham Samuel K. Abrams Memorial Fund AMC Networks Leigh Anderson and Constance Seniff Howard April Andrew and Karen Auerbach Arnold Auerhan Barry and Leslie Axler Vivian and Raymond Bass Beatrice Baum* Samuel Belkin and Ann Hellerstein The Bench Trail Fund David and Sandy Berler Darren and Amy Bernhard George and Caryl Bernstein Blajwas Family Fund David and Karen Blass B’nai B’rith Chesapeake Bay Region Marta Bohorquez Dean Brenner and Robin Shaffert Larry and Roberta Briskin James and Marian Brodsky Janice Broner Mark and Lisa Bronfman Maureen Carr Linda Cohen Steven and Linda Cohen Monica Davies Patricia Dinndorf Michael and Beth Don The Drescher Foundation Steve and Miriam Dubin Seymour Dussman EFO Capital Management

Alan and Esther Fleder Foundation David and Laurie Flyer Francis O. Day Co., Inc. Jonathan and Sharon Franklin Brian and Marcy Frosh Andrew Gavil and Judith Veis Amy Gilbert Lisa Gill Allan Glass Stephen and Diana Goldberg The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation Jerald and Deborah Greenspan Martha Hallowell Leo and Lorraine Halpert Alice Harris John and Nancy Harris Clifford Hendler and Deborah Neipris Harry and Fran Hertz David Himelberg Foundation Richard Hoffman and Deborah Levy Elinor Horwitz Kenneth and Deborah Jaffe Jay Josephs Alexander Jutkowitz Marvin and Madeleine Kalb David and Donna Kanin Estate of Louis and Sally Kaplan Roger and Luanne Karr Tony Kempf Martin and Marlene Kirsch Cal Klausner Bruce and Irene Klores Charles Koppelman Jeremy and Regina Krasner Sandra Kursban and Stephen Sawmelle Pearl and Gary Lake Richard and Ilona Landfield Donald and Sheila Leiss

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JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

Richard and Diana England Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective Kim Farrow Andrea Feirstein Bruce Feldman and Wendy Engelson Joan and Warren Fishbein Rabbi Lyle Fishman and Debra Rosenman Walter and Candace Fleischer Jo Fogel Jeffrey and Jean Forman Jacob Forstater and Sarah Blumenthal John Fox Arthur and Carol Freeman Edward Friedman Richard Friedman and Erica Raphael Roberto and Maritza Friedman Daniel Gainsburg and Phyllis Chovitz Lorraine Gallard and Richard Levy William and Miriam Galston Neil Gamson Gilbert and Marjorie Geldon Michael and Susan Gerecht Gerecht Charitable Giving Fund William and Miriam Gilbert Phyllis Gittleson Sol and Nina Glasner Kenneth Glasser Leonard and Cynthia Glassman Glassman Family Foundation Alan Gober Michael and Judy Goldberg Irwin and Margaret Goldbloom

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Brian Bushwick and Nancy Bushwick-Malloy

Robert Goldman

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William and Linda Goldman

Kenneth Cantor

Michael Goldstein and Linda Engel

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Sherri and Sheldon Gottlieb

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Daniel Schwartz

Raziel and Frances Hakim

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Jerry and Linda Herman

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Richard and Phyllis Sharlin

Linda Hirsch

Aaron and Lindsay Miller

Stanley Siegel

Sheldon and Roberta Hochberg

Charles Miller

David Sieradzki and Emily Novick

James and Jean Hochron

Joseph Miller and Susan Wise Miller

Susan Simon

Douglas and Susan Hoff

Stephen Miller

Harold and Carrie Singer

Avi Hofman

Jennifer and Victor Mizrahi

Jeffrey and Stacy Sklaver

Edward Hopkins

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC

Marc and Vicki Smith

Andrew and Harriet Horvitz

Howard and Betsy Moss

Stephen and Linda Smith

Donald Kaplan

Joel Moss

Richard and Irene Spero

Karen Kaplan

Walter and Edith Mossberg

Elisabeth Stahl

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David Narrow and Carol Schechter

Mathy Stanislaus

Adam Klein and Hannah Cooper

Mark Nash

Pauline Steinhorn

Andrew and Jill Klein

Sheldon and Roslyn Needle

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Louis and Iris Stein Korman

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Evan and Jodi Krame

Oliner Charitable Fund

Helen Sunshine

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Carl and Gwendolyn Oppenheim

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Harvey Kupferberg and Barbara Sonies

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Gary and Freda Temple

Sheldon and Sandra Kusselson

Joseph and Aubrey Ottenstein

Steven and Ronnie Tepp

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Mark and Linda Packman

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The Pargament Family Charitable Gift Trust

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Eileen Lorber*


Marc and Roni Wertheimer

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* Of Blessed Memory

Benjamin & Olya Margolin Memorial Fund

Richard and Lilo Schifter

Matthew Mariani and Meredith Josephs

John Schmelzer and Naomi Licker

**Includes payments on previous year pledge

www.jssa.org 25

JSSA Board of Directors FY2020

Ambassador’s Council FY2020


The JSSA Ambassador’s Council is a leadership group supporting the organization’s mission and programs to advocate for JSSA in the community.

Candace G. Kaplan

Vice President Robin Thomashauer

Co-chair Michael Flyer

Vice President Ruth Ruskin Secretary

Grant Ottenstein


Michael Mael

Rita Corwin

Scott Green

Norman Eule

Deborah Lebbin

Elaine O. Feidelman

Barry Perlis

Michael Fingerhut

Lewis Priven

Jeffrey Abramson

Michael Goldsmith

John Schmelzer

Cherie B. Artz

Sherri Gottlieb

Rabbi Jonathan Schnitzer

Co-chair Judy Oppenheim Esther Newman

Rhonda Brandes

Jonathan Harris

Marcia Nusgart

Faith Bobrow

Larrie Greenberg

Yvonne Distenfeld

Roberta Hochberg

Susan (Sue) Plotnick

Phyllis Cela

Linda Hartman

David Flyer

Harold Krauthamer

Joe Rosenberg

Irving P. Cohen

Connie Heller

Charles W. (Bill) Frick Capt. Solomon Levy

Pat Silver

Joan DePontet

Leslie Kaplan

Patti Goldman

Jeff Yentis

Suzanne Levy

Larry Kline

Elaine Snider Harriett Tritell Susie Turnbull Marilyn Yentis

Thank You, JSSA Volunteers Even during COVID, JSSA volunteers continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of our clients. Volunteers have lined up PPE for our frontline staff, continued to connect (virtually) with at-risk older adults, and delivered Meals on Wheels to our most vulnerable clients. Our work would not be possible without our volunteers. To you, we offer you our heartfelt appreciation.

Get Involved BE A FRIEND, LEND A HAND, SHARE A TALENT You can make a lasting difference in someone’s life and have a mutually rewarding experience by volunteering at JSSA. We welcome involvement from all denominations. For information about JSSA’s volunteer opportunities, please email volunteers@jssa.org.


JSSA’s 2020 Annual Report

www.jssa.org 27

ABOUT JSSA Rooted in a commitment to healing our corner of the world, JSSA is a health and social wellness agency that provides expert caring to our neighbors across suburban Maryland, northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Since 1894, JSSA has helped people age independently in their own homes, supported children in taking confident steps forward, and guided our neighbors through a broad range of life’s consequential moments.

MISSION JSSA empowers individuals and families to achieve well-being across their lifespan.

CONNECT jssa.org Connect with us on:

JSSA OFFICES ROCKVILLE FALLSGROVE The Ina Kay Building 200 Wood Hill Road Rockville, MD 20850 301-838-4200

ROCKVILLE MONTROSE The Elsie and Marvin Dekelboum Building 6123 Montrose Road Rockville, MD 20852 301-881-3700

SILVER SPRING 9900 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20902 301-587-9666

NORTHERN VIRGINIA 3025 Hamaker Court Suite 450 Fairfax, VA 22031 703-204-9100

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