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16th Issue April 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier

in San Francisco

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Featured Designer - Ines Di Santo Sweeter than Honey - Imani Cupe by Teo Jean Paul Gaultier in San Francisco The Girl with the 'Pink Shoes' Jeans for Spring 2012 Top Dress Styles for Summer 2012 Melange presents Bossini S/S 2012 Decades - A Laly Designs fashion presentation Lombardi Urban Fashion Trunk Show Mission at Tenth - Book Launch BAYFashion Music Beatz - Sason Bishope Parry A Fashionite - Petite Fashionista Vampire Disc- Outfits Hotter than L.A.? Is Chivalry Dead - Love Column Beauty and Health Benefits of Vitamin C Flower Power - Awaken your mind Talent Corner - Rochelle Dingman The Fresh Face - Shaunta Lee Editors Desk

Featured Designer Photographer: Gail Bowman Model: Naduah Rugely Hair Stylist and MUA - Lisa G. Simon Wardrobe Stylist - Steffani Symons


BAYFashion April 2012

Ines Di



Sapphire blue one shoulder gown $8,400 USD Style Name: Adrienne Available at: Toll free 866 899 INES Fuchsia zip up heels with bow tie on side ankle strapDesigner: Luichiny Style Name: MISTÂ TEE Price: $89.95 Available at:


BAYFashion April 2012

Necklace: Labradorite & Quartz set in sterling silver.with metallic green and blue stones-Designer: Charles Albert Style Name: Sprectrolite Price: $2,750 Available at:   Ring (Left) clear -   Ring (Right)-Gold ring with 3 black hexagon stones gems Designer: Blue Candy Jewelry Style Name: Triple Black Onyx Gemstone Hexagon Ring Price: $365 Available at:


Dark royal blue one shoulder chiffon gown with beaded waist broachDesigner: Ines Di Santo Style Name: Midnight Price: $4,200 USD Available at: Toll free 866 899 INES  Gold chain bib necklace with clear gemsDesigner: Charles Albert Style Name: Alchemia Clear Quartz Necklace Price: $1,000 Available at:   Gold ring with thick red ruby circle gemDesigner: Charles Albert Style Name: Red CZ Ring Price: $180 Available at:


BAYFashion April 2012

Ines Di Santo Born in Italy and educated all over Europe and South America, Ines Di Santo is recognized as a leading designer of evening and bridal couture. Her love of glamour and high fashion inspires collections of sophisticated, vibrant femininity, marked by superb fit, originality and inimitable construction. A signature touch of unrestrained luxury reflects her Italian and Spanish heritage. Despite leading an ever-expanding, international business, Ines personally oversees the production of every gown, ensuring the highest standard of quality. Gowns are manufactured in Canada, at her atelier in Toronto. Our San Francisco Style Editor - Stephanie Symons met with Ines for a quick inside look into the inspiration of her amazing bridal and evening couture pieces. Here are some excerpts from their conversation: SS: To start with tell us a little bit about your background and inspirations for fashion IDS: I was born in Italy and was studies fashion in Europe and South America. I draw inspiration from all walks of life. Art, culture, people, architecture, music and natural wonders.

SS: When did you start designing clothes, who is the target demographic for your line? IDS: I made by first gown when I was 16 years old. From that point on people started asking me to make them clothes. I design for fashion forward women who have attention to detail and love the drama of a couture gown. SS: Are you currently in stores, where can our readers buy your line? I know a few already who have become a fan of your work. IDS: Yes my collection is sold at select stores in the US such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and high end boutiques in various cities.   SS: What makes Ines Di Santo tick? IDS: Art, passion and soulful humanity. Without these things my world is dark.   SS: Tell us a little bit about your experience with the fashion industry? IDS: I started making couture bridal gowns and a friend in the industry coaxed me to go to NYC and show my collection. From that moment I created the brand that is known as Ines Di Santo today. That was a great experience for me.   SS: Give us an idea about the immediate future plans of your line? IDS: My plan is to create a couture evening collection that would be available to a wider audience.



BAYFashion April 2012 Cream/ivory strapless gown with silver beaded trimming and mermaid ruffle bottom Designer: Ines Di Santo Style Name: Houston Price: $12,900 USDAvailable at: Toll free 866 899 INES Necklace - Vintage pearl and rose broach necklace, MICHA DESIGN www.michadesign. com Earrings - Oxidized gold and crystal drop earrings (#17), GYPSY GLOBAL CHIC www. White satin cuff with pearl heart Designer: Cuffs Couture Style Name: Renee Cuff Price: $69 Available at:   White satin closed toe heels with flowersDesigner: Luichiny Style Name: APRIL LOU Price: $79.95 Available at:



BAYFashion April 2012

Cream/ivory strapless gown with silver beaded trimming and mermaid ruffle bottomDesigner: Ines Di Santo Style Name: Houston Price: $12,900 USDAvailable at: Toll free 866 899 INES Necklace - Vintage pearl and rose broach necklace, MICHA DESIGN Earrings - Oxidized gold and crystal drop earrings (#17), GYPSY GLOBAL CHIC White satin cuff with pearl heart Designer: Cuffs Couture Style Name: Renee Cuff Price: $69 Available at: www.   White satinwith closed heels Red gown meshtoe back andwith crystal flowersdetailing on back Designer:Ines Luichiny Designer: Di Santo Style Name: StyleAPRIL Name:LOU Colette Price: $79.95 Price: $4,200 Available at: www. Available at: Toll free 866 899 INES   Oxidized gold and crystal drop earrings, GYPSY GLOBAL CHIC www.   Ring -    Black headband with silver sequin designs/ USED AS NECKLACE Designer: POParazzi Style Name: Silver Beaded Head Jewel Price: $75 Available at:



BAYFashion April 2012

Dark charcoal sequin gownDesigner: Ines Di Santo Style Name: Emmy Price: $5,200 USD Available at: Toll free 866 899 INES   Gold chain necklace with clear and black stonesDesigner: Charles Albert Style Name: Tourmalinated Quartz Collar Price: $3,000 Available at:   Ring (Left)- Gold ring with 3 black circles Designer: Blue Candy Jewelry Style Name: Triple Black Spinel Oval Gemstone Ring Price: $365 Available at:   Ring (Right)- Gold ring with 3 black hexagon stones gems Designer: Blue Candy Jewelry Style Name: Triple Black Onyx Gemstone Hexagon Ring Price: $365 Available at:   Gold Shoes - Gold strappy heels with glitter Designer: Luichiny Style Name: BOP SEE Price: $89.95 Available at:


Out of the box

BAYFashion April 2012

Sweeter Than Honey I m a n i C u p ĂŠ b y Te o S p e r a n z a



BAYFashion April 2012



BAYFashion April 2012


Jean Paul

@the de Young Museum

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BAYFashion April 2012

in San Francisco

Photos by Yuri Shiller & Shankha

by Joan Currie


Cover Story


BAYFashion April 2012

“To be honest,

I don't think my work is art.

I never imagined that there would be an exhibition about me... during my life time!

to givexhibition However, Gaultier: From the de Young has set the bar follow. This magnifithirty-fifth anniversary Montreal and will have Madrid before conclud-

At best, I think it can be a testament to the artisan work of our seamstresses”

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco have be congratulated for ing the city one amazing after another, year after year. The Fashion World of Jean Paul the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, at Museum until August 19, 2012 especially high for all exhibitions to cent international show honoring the of the Jean Paul Gaultier label began in traveled to Dallas, San Francisco, and ing in Rotterdam.

The exhibition was the brainchild of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) in collaboration with the Maison Jean Paul Gaultier. Nathalie Bondil, Director and Chief Curator of the MMFA said, "I wanted to create an exhibition on Jean Paul Gaultier more than any other couturier because of his great humanity," and, "he offers an open-minded vision of society, a crazy, sensitive, funny, sassy world in which everyone can assert his or her own identity, a world without discrimination, a unique fusion couture." The stunning show includes some 140 ensembles, many of which have never been exhibited before, colorful sketches, celebrity photographs, and iconic stage, film, runway, and dance costumes. It is proof positive that Jean Paul Gaultier is indeed one of the most important designers of our time. Our first introduction to Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion world is not what we have come to expect from past art museum designer retrospectives. Thanks to Denis Marleau and Stephanie Jasmin of the Quebec theater company UBU/ Compagnie de Création, our first glimpse of the show is a memorable one. In the spirit of trompe l’oeil, animated mannequins, including one of Jean Paul Gaultier himself dressed in his signature Popeye-inspired striped sailor top, introduce us to the show. The characters are so eerily lifelike in their facial appearance, movements, and vocalizations that we are taken aback completely. In a way, this challenges our perceptions about reality, art, and even society from the very beginning and opens our minds up to the artful fashion that follows in the next rooms. The exhibit is arranged according to themes from the designer's eclectic haute couture and preta-porter work life from 1970 to 2010; The Odyssey of Jean Paul Gaultier, The Boudoir, Skin Deep, Punk Cancan, Urban Jungle, and Metropolis. Favorite pieces included: two of Madonna's corsets from her 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour, Jean Paul Gaultier's childhood teddy bear named Nana, his first conical bra model, the highly embellished Native American Indian wedding gown and extravagant whitefeathered headdress, the trash bag dress accessorized with a necklace and bracelets fashioned from tin cans, and the anatomically-correct muscles and vessels body suit and corset.


"It's crazy, a very difficult installation... We could not just select clothes because what we wanted to show is this dimension of the couturier, the ballet, the cinema, the rock star, interpreted by many photographers. You don't say I'll do an exhibition of painting with Rodin. It's not interesting to do just a painting - it's a universe, whether it's Otto Dix or Jean Paul Gaultier, they have something to say to bring to our times and society. This is what the exhibition is about. Gaultier wouldn’t want to be reduced to that anyway - he's more a complete multimedia universe created, like a Tim Burton or a Julian Schnabel"


Nathalie Bondil, MMFA's Chief Curator

BAYFashion April 2012

"Fashion is more the reflection of social change, not the change itself. That's the difference between fashion and art. We're reflecting the creativity, the needs of the people -- that's what we're supposed to do as designers. It is all interconnected. My first purpose in producing these pieces is to create something people would love to wear and secondly to say something through them. I want to send them a little message"



BAYFashion April 2012

“The real-life mannequins... well, not real ... were very important to me. I was always inspired by my muses... musicians and actors ... so it was necessary to create mannequins that actually spoke and represented that. The concept of movement and life is a part of my clothes.�


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BAYFashion April 2012

"My work is to try to feel what is happening in the essence of the moment" Jean Paul Gaultier. San Francisco March 2012

Treat yourself to some special moments surrounded by Jean Paul Gaultier's beautiful collection while you still have the chance!


Makeup & Hair - Lauren Warner Concept & Photos - Shankha

Out of the box


Pink Shoes with the

BAYFashion April 2012



Enticing & Elegant

BAYFashion April 2012


Graceful & Balanced


BAYFashion April 2012



Fluid & Fierce

BAYFashion April 2012



Jamie Safran

BAYFashion April 2012


Style Guide

Jeans for Spring A pair of Jeans are the most comfortable and fashionable item you can wear to make a real fashion statement effortlessly. Check out our picks for the top 5 Denim styles that we believe will make an impact in SF for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. get it now

Printed – Joyful – Sexy

get it now

Skinny printed jeans will look terrific on a slim girl with long perfect legs. We believe that floral printed jeans will dominate the rinse wash dual tone floral printed jeans this season. Floral jeans were a trend set off by H&M in Winter 2011 and we expect the trend to continue in S/S 2012 with brighter shades.


Slim – Flared – Fashionable For the fashionista who thinks skinny is for kids, the sexy professional woman and even cool moms… can look super fashionable this season with the half and half style of this seasons Slim Flares. Show off your shape without going back to school.

BAYFashion April 2012

Tight – Pastel – Fun

get it now

Alternative - Printed - Rinsewash

For the less adventurous or for an occasion which demands more sophistication, a dark dual shaded pair of printed rinse wash jeans will give you an air of high-fashion exoticness paired with the comfort of hi waisted jeans. Find these at

One of the surefire jeans trend for this season is super-skinny jeans in very bold hues like Orange, Red, Electric Blue & Bright Yellow

Short - Sexy - Fashionable

Form fitting pastel hued Jeans are a must have this season if you want to be considered as the fun and fashionable lass. Look for cream, mint, salmon, and lemon jeans to wear with flowing blouses, summer hats and some sexy wedges or even colorful thong slippers (if you are near sand or grass). The right way to wear these is to fold the bottom into 1 or 2 folds to show off your sexy ankles and bring the extra casual feel to it.

Bright – Bold – Skinny

get it now

Sexy, bleached dark wash, cutoff blue jeans will certainly make a significant impact on the streets and beaches of the bay. Make sure you get more than one pair of these read to show off your toned legs and fruits of the gym! get it now


Style Guide


Top Dress Styles


Chic Gloss | Dresses, jackets, blouses, trouWhite Out | Amazing white dresses is a sers, shoes.. all articles of clothing in glossy colperfect item for warm seasons which explains ors are a great hit in Summer 2012 season. Silwhy it will be a huge trend of the season sumver, gold, emerald, electric blue and other colors mer 2012.These dresses come in different shades come glitzy.Want to be in the center of attention? from of white from snowy white to creamy white and a variety of styles from girlie and playful to elegant ad A chic gloss trend for summer? Why not!! demure. Most of the white dresses come in mini lengths for young girls with slender legs, and demure but still sexy midi versions.

Runway pictures courtesy of 46

BAYFashion April 2012

for Summer 2012



Lace Dresses | Lace was hot for the winter Peplum | The style is an extension of lady2011 season, and is still VERY hot and BIG for like looks reminiscent of ‘50s and ‘60s styles that Summer 2012. Designers are adding lace to not swept through fall 2011 and spring 2012 colleconly sporty shoes and handbags, but to everyday tions. Peplums look lovely but there is a problem wear such as blouses, skirts, and dresses. Its trendy with them as well. They add volume to your hips. girls, but enjoy it while it lasts as you can brng in some of It is all right if you are slim and don’t mind a little extra puff your winter purchases and make it work this summer in that part of your body.


Style Guide



Floral Prints | Dresses, jackets, blouses, Asymmetrical Hemlines| The days trousers, shoes.. all articles of clothing in glossy of asymmetrical hemlines being seen only on the colors are a great hit in Summer 2012 season. red carpet are gone, and now it is popping up Silver, gold, emerald, electric blue and other colors on the streets and particularly popular among come glitzy.Want to be in the center of attention? the college fashionistas crowd. Designers have offered a lot of new interesting ideas for us to try dur- A chic gloss trend for summer? Why not!! ing Spring/ Summer 2012 season. They allow you to show some leg and showcase your shoes while still maintaining the floor-length look.

Runway pictures courtesy of 48

BAYFashion April 2012



Animal Prints | Whether it’s reptile, alligaSheer | As a fashionista, naked isn’t really my tor, cheetah or zebra, fashionistas are wild about thing, but sheer is sweet, feminine, glamorous, and animal prints. Animal print can be interpreted sexy all at once. In addition, sheer isn’t as daring as in many classifications of fashion, from shoes to it was in this SS 2012 collection. Sheer slinky fabpurses to jackets, just remember that it’s a bold rics, lace trimming, ruffles and revealing necklines statement piece. It’s a touch of exotic that’s chic and elegant. and splits will be really trendy.



BOSSINI Presented by Mélange



BAYFashion April 2012

Guests traveled from as far as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and more to attend the Bossini Fashion Show at the Regency Center in San Francisco on March 31, 2012. This historic fashion event was a sold out show with 400+ guests including prominent CEOs, celebrities, leaders in the fashion community, and Silicon Valley’s elite. The Bossini Fashion Show featured some of the world’s most elite designers, including Versace Collection, Mugler, and other top designers that are retailed at Bossini’s luxury boutique in Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara, Ca.

The Bossini Fashion Show was produced by Mélange Productions, a fashion entertainment company based in the Bay Area, and partners for the event included Phyto, Sephora, Donald J Pliner, and more. All profits from ticket sales for the event benefit Breast Cancer Action ( Bossini and Mélange are proud to be supporting this charity that empowers healthy lifestyle choices and consumer awareness about breast cancer. Bossini has maintained a seventeen-year relationship with Versace, and this fashion show marks the store’s premiere launch of the Versace Spring/Summer 2012

Womens wear collection. The Bossini principals, Mr Anjum Sandhu, and Mr.Fazel Mojadidi said “We are very excited to be hosting this exclusive event. Versace and Mügler are two of the fashion worlds premiere design houses. Hopefully, this will be first of many more shows to come” In addition to the milestone evening fashion show at the Regency Center, Bossini hosted top executives from Versace at a vignette style fashion show from 12 to 3 PM at their store, in Santa Clara.


This vignette style fashion show was open to the public with a live photo shoot set up along with a performance by DJ River and Ella Cooley from the award winning band, The Sea People. Bernice Johnson from Melange Productions hosted the event, as Bernice is the official model choreographer for both the vignette and evening fashion show. Melange has played the lead producing agent in both of these fashion events, and the Board of Advisors of Melange includes Oscar-winning movie producer, Bill Guttentag, and Jean Paul Gaultier’s Creative Director, Guila Kessous. Melange was founded in January of 2011 with the mission of celebrating diversity in the fashion world, and since then, the company has worked with many top brands.

March 31, 2012 @ The Regency Ballroom San Farancisco, California Photos: Stephen Sun, Yuri Shiller & Wayne Serrano


BAYFashion April 2012

BAYFashion Runway Report Nick Navarro the Managing Director of Melange is a dynamic young entreprenuer with an Ivy League education. Nick is determined to bring hi-end fashion designers to Bay Area runways and BAYFashion supports his passion with all our hearts. and there will make this team unbeatable. This show was put togther in a 3 week period and considering the very short period to produce and promote the show, Melange did a very good job in producing the show. The venue selected was an excellent choice and the guest list consisted of the who’s who of the San Francisco fashion industry. We would have loved to see a white shiny runway which would have showcased the clothes better, and the choreography left a lot of time for people to just talk and lose focus on the show. Melange will be well served taking pointers on choreography and runway from international shows as they are the group who can bring the top labels to San Francisco and a few tweaks here and there will make this team unbeatable.




BAYFashion April 2012



Runway 56

LALY d e s i g n s Thursday March 8th 2012 - Blue Sky Studios - San Francisco

Photos: Rich Cirminello

BAYFashion April 2012


LALY d e s i g n s


The purpose of DECADES was to bring to SF much more than just a fashion show, we were determined to show how naturally different artists can collaborate together. From several months back, the LALY team and myself had the vision to make this show very different. Our first priority was to bring our cutting edge designs right to the runway. Secondly, we were willing to do whatever we could to make this event aesthetically gorgeous in every way possible. DECADES was an inspiration of life! Throughout the night we celebrated the collaboration and union of music, dance, technology, art, entertainment with fashion while six of our seven designers showcased their work down the runway

by Hedieh Haghighi

Designers Presenting At the Show: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. & 6.


DCL Street Wear Shawnell O Shea Black Iris Creations Victor Tung Deefind Shoes LALY Designs

Photos: Lexi Kee

BAYFashion April 2012

Photo: Rich Cirminello

Photos: Lexi Kee

Photo: Damien Miller



Lombardi Sp Urban Fashion Trunk Show At BAYFashion magazine we love fashion with a purpose! it’s on a rainy morning that the show kicked off. Roughly two dozen models volunteered to strut the runway, to show case a wide variety of sportswear and raise funds for the blind Vietnamese children association. in collaboration with Royal Management, Lombardi Sports was able to rally models and makeup artists to serve a generous cause. with sponsors such a Toms, Olukai, Billabong, Rvca, True Religion, to only name a few. Once again, it was our pleasure to witness San Francisco’s Fashion community’s engagement. SHOW CREDITS: Hair Styles: Lead: Hilario Hufana with Bobbie DeBoe - Chavarria & Elisa Aguilera Makeup: Lead: Sonja Tam Wong with April Foster , Thazzia Falek, Amy Galibut & Sidney Le Production Team: Backstage Manager: Minh Tran Makeup Coordinator: Arlene Coleman With Milana Ray, Heather Werk, Linda Gavette, Renata Gar & Christy Mac Photography by: Studio 14


Hadi Leila Labarang is a French Fashionista and BAYFashion's Designer Scout


BAYFashion April 2012

by Hadi Labarang




The Launch Party

by Joan Currie The California Institute of Integral Studies launched volume 3 of "Mission at Tenth," an inter-arts journal, on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at its San Francisco campus. Editor Randall Babtkis and student editors in the MFA Writing, Consciousness and Creative Inquiry Department did an outstanding job of compiling work for the "Double Helix" issue by celebrated artists such as "the evil Knievel of modern dance" Elizabeth Streb, Robopocalypse author, Daniel H. Wilson, the Exploratorium's "Visions" prize-winner Meeson Pae Yang, and celebrated bay area poet, Jane Hirshfield. "Also featured in this issue," says Babtkis, "is a wry, flash-essay on the overlap between science and art by 'BAYFashion' magazine's own Joan Currie." Last year’s "Hieroglyph" issue, featured work by Alonzo King, Diane Di Prima, Quincy Troupe, and Cindy Shearer, among others. The highlight of this year’s launch was a four person panel of contributors including performance artist Joanna Poethig, video artist Zig Gron, science writer Terry Johnson, and photographer Barbara Parmet, whose mesmerizing solar plate etching adorns the front cover. Students Manza Gills and Christine Falcone facilitated a doublehelix-y discussion on the intersection of art and science. Art Director, Neil Freese gave a quick demo of an ongoing feature of the journal: QR codes.These two-dimensional codes, appearing on some magazine pages, provide readers with instant links – via smart phone – to media, and they allow further engagement with featured artists. The launch was a great success! We look forward to Volume 4, the "East/West" issue, in 2013!


Book cover photo use permitted by Randall Babtkis

at Tenth

BAYFashion April 2012

Joan Currie is a Bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at


Sason Bishope Parry


Our Favorite Songs, Videos & Artists..NOW!

1. Calvin Harris “Feel So Close” – Music Video

I love this song - from Scotland’s superstar DJ Calvin Harris! It was released late last year, but is a 2012 club anthem with his awesome vocal & bang’n electro pop groove & bassline. The video shows teens having fun, an old cowboy & Harris trying to get close to a love or maybe he’s a stalker, either way, it’s an instant club classic!

2. Gossip “Perfect World”

I can’t stop listening to this song, by this eclectic dance punk trio, fronted by the fearless Beth Ditto & produced by super-genius Amy Whinehouse producer Mark Ronson & dancepop magnate Brian Higgins. It’s a blend of rock guitars & dark, dance 80’s style grooves with Ditto’s powerful dark vocals.

4. Fun“Wefeaturing Janelle Monae Are Young” – Music Video

This jam by Fun featuring soulful songbird Janelle Monae is Fun (no pun intended) & the video is nuts & when you think you get it, they hit you with a left-turn, about crazy relationships. It’s a catchy dance track that has topped the Billboard 100 & is sure to please new & old fans with a massive chorus that stays in your head!



Madonna “Girl Gone Wild” LIVE at Ultra Music Festival - Avicci Remix

Madonna is like a chameleon, always reinventing herself. This new remix got a huge spark by superstar DJ Avicci & was debuted at the Ultra Music Festival- Miami live! The crowd of 80K went crazy & rightfully so, as it’s an infectious groove with Avicci’s signature sound & Madonna’s catchy hook.

5. Skrillex featuring Sirah “Bangarang” – Music Video

Skrillex has been quoted as being the nirvana of dance music, but whatever you say, he is definitely infecting millions with his energetic dubstep tracks. I hung out with him at UltraMiami & he is a cool dude. Video kicks off with 3 masked kids robbing a fat ice cream man need I say more.

Hey Everyone, welcome to the April edition of my Music.Beatz column. 2012 rolls on to be a big year in music. Soundtracks continue to be a huge way to get music to fans, as hot new movie “Hunger Games” (which is awesome!) proves, with its soundtrack debuting at no. 1 on the Billboard top 200 and packing an all-star lineup including Kid Cudi, Arcade Fire, Maroon 5, Civil War and many more. Also, check out new releases by Mars Volta, DJ Paul Van Dyk, Neon Trees, Nikki Minaj & American Idol star Adam Lambert, and many other great artists. In other news, Madonna made a special appearance at the Ultra Music Festival to debut a new remix with superstar DJ Avicci, which was amazing, what wasn’t, was that she made a reference to the Drug Ecstasy & got recently bashed by DJ’s Deadmau5, Pete Tong and many others – what was she thinking? The Winter Music Conference in Miami enjoyed one of its biggest years, as Electronic music continues to mainstream. Ultra Music Festival was a huge success, taking over Bayfront Park & downtown Miami, with over 170K electronic music fans attending from all over the world and closing out the WMC on a high note. UMF festival plans have been announced for Poland, Argentina, Korea, Spain & Brazil. Other highlights at the WMC included Go Big’s sold out pool parties at the surfcomber hotel, UMF official afterparties at Mia Nightclub, Swedish House Mafia’s Masquerade Motel & lots of other amazing parties. Festivals around the world continue to grow, as Lollapalooza Brazil’s 1st edition soldout & Electric Daisy Carnival’s New York edition also celebrated a 1st year sell-out selling 60K tickets in 3 hours. Electro duo, LMFAO continue their global domination by headlining their own massive arena festival tour with special guests Far East Movement, Natalia Kills and more. - Sason Bishope Parry

BAYFashion April 2012

6. Garbage

“Blood For Poppies”

7. FloRida Featuring Sia

“Wild One” – Music Video

Flo has done it again with another track that gets elevated by Australian singer-songwriter, Sia’s amazing vocal contribution, that makes us believe. This is another song that will dominate the clubs & charts & continue the Floridian Rappers amazing hit streak & the video shows off his wild side!


8. Adele VS. Daft Punk

“Something About the Fire”

I love both of these artists & this awesome mash up by DJ Carlos Serrano is great. Both songs individually, Adele’s, “Set Fire to The Rain” and Daft Punk’s 2001 groove “Something About Us” are undeniable, but pairing them together breathes new life and a new smash hit is born!

9. DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora

“Hot Right Now” – Music Video

This single by UK dub-step & Drum & Bass DJ/ Producer is from his upcoming 3rd album & features vocals by Jay Z’s Roc Nation dance pop artist from Albania, Rita Ora. It peaked on the UK’s I-tunes chart at number one & both artists are breaking ground. The video shows Ora rolling through an urban hood & a cool break dance battle.

10. Blood Orange

SBP Music Column

Electronic grunge band Garbage is back! Poppies is the 1st single from their 1st album in almost a decade & shows lead singer Shirley Manson hasn’t lost her vocal edge. The track is full of fuzzy guitars, electronic sounds & their signature dynamics & style. Can’t wait to hear the whole album – Due May 15th!

“Bad Girls”

Just discovered this new act from the independent label Domino Records, home to Franz Ferdinand & Arctic Monkeys. You might remember the multitalented British musician Dev Hynes whose previous projects include, Test Icicles & Lightspeed Champion. This new project could be his ticket to mass appeal, with his sultry vocals over layered synthpop.

Model: Lola Burlitz, Makeup & Hair: Shiva Zandi, Photo Shankha


Presented by the Winter Music Conference (


This San Francisco DJ & radio personality, known as St. John, has been one of the most recognized voices of top 40 Radio and has been the voice of over 30 stations in the United States & throughout the world. His afternoon drive-show “Playhouse” is one of the most listened to radio shows. He is also the host & creator of San Francisco’s longest running syndicated global dance radio show, “HouseNation”, and the show has been nominated at WMC’s International dance Music Awards. The Housenation show also includes Ross.FM, DJ’s Frank Nitty, Trevor Simpson, Lenny Ruckus, Scuba Steve as well as weekly, featured DJs & electronic music acts. From the airwaves to the dance floors of the hottest clubs and undergrounds, St. John’s energetic DJ style has made him a staple internationally from Brazil to Canada and nation-wide from New York’s Limelight to San Francisco’s Ruby Skye. His multiple CD releases have sold over a quarter- million albums and he continues to work on exciting new music projects for radio & the dance floors. You can catch St. John Monday through Friday from 2pm-7pm on CBS Radio station 99.7NOW & Saturday nights from 1am to 4am on 99.7NOW “HouseNation”.

Presented by Magneta Picks (

Artist Tribute


Guitar Genius!

This month we celebrate Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen. He’s a guitar impresario that lead Van Halen to superstardom with massive memorable riffs that, at times were more recognizable then the chorus. He will go down as one of Rock N Roll’s all time best players!

SBP’s Music Quote of the Month

Artist.Spot.Light Video Review

Sason Bishope Parry

DJ Of the Month

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” - Bob Marley

BAYFashion April 2012



Some people refuse to be pinned down, keeping their creativity always innovative – meet JES. This chart topping and award winning New York native has been the voice behind countless Superstar DJ’s. Propelling hit songs with Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and BT among many others to mass appeal. Since her early days fronting the dance rock band, Motorcycle, she has continued to make huge strides as a solo artist. She recently received awards from WMC’s IDMA Music Awards, topped the Billboard most played dance songs of the decade chart (2000-2010) & her solo tours have touched the shores of 6 continents – wow, that’s amazing considering its only been 5 short years. She also was the only Coca Cola WE8 artist to be invited to perform at the Beijing Olympics. Her latest album “Unleash The Beat”, has recently topped the UK’s Music Week Club Chart & continues to gain appeal with current radio hits, “Awaken & “Every Other Way” (with DJ/producer BT). Music is her connection, so catch this amazing talent at a city near you soon & connect with her vibe, her spirit & her amazing songs* Catch BLACK BALOON - LIVE for an exclusive & special set at Backstage Pass Sat. March 10 at Fuel Nightclub- 1108 Market Street - San Francisco – 10pm. Listen to: Awaken For more info on JES check out:

SBP Music Video Spotlight

Here is what’s coming up for me this month. My Indie electro DJ project Bishopemagnetic just finished up a new remix video to Afrobeta song, “Playhouse”, which was directed by Clubben TV’s LA. Hernandez and filmed at SF’s Picky Studios and will be released soon. BM is playing a series of upcoming shows from LA to Mexico City to Brazil. My Electronica Rock Hip Hop act Planet B is remixing 3 original songs for the clubs & plans to drop them this summer. “End Of The World”, Planet B’s long awaited music video & song is now public, featured in this issue. More things in the works, but you’ll have to wait until next month!


““End Of The World”” - Music Video

This very cool music video & song, by Planet B, was shot several years back, but was never released publicly due. The song is a driving Rock track fused with electronica & a hip hop flow about a party at the end of the world produced & written by Planet B. Video was directed by Ian Levasseur, filmed by Kamissi Norwood, produced by Nina Joseph & Sason Bishope Parry, edited by Ben Somkin & casting by Cat, Angela Hernandez, Roberta Shong & Bridget Millet. It was shot at DJ Paul Hemming’s San Francisco nightclub -Temple, with a huge cast of hipsters including model Lija Kukle, actress Satine Phoenix & Playboy playmate turned DJ Diamond. The video shows Lija Kukle in a 5th element style role walking through a new dimension, which places her in the future party world of Planet B. From there it’s a non-stop musical thrill ride with lots of eye-candy, future-punks & vivid scenes.


Sason Bishope Parry

WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE & ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL MADNESS The WMC once again took over Miami’s South beach and downtown areas for 2 weeks of Music, Conference Seminars, wild pool parties, clubs, & the sold-out Ultra Music Festival with over 200K Electronic Dance Music lovers, artists/DJ’s & industry coming together from all over the world to party & network in paradise - Here are pics of the madness, taken by Photographers Don Yount, Steve Han & Eventvibes Johnny Antezana.

Bishope-Magnetic at UMF Miami

Dancers for Bishope-Magnetic

NEON HITCH at the WMC IDMA awards show Jes at UMF Miami


BAYFashion April 2012

Kraftwerk playing at UMF

Carl Cox & Kryoman

Steve Aoki at UMF Miami

Kerli & Chris Willis at WMC

Avicii at UMF Miami 2012



BAYFashion April 2012


Photographer: Leah Watanabe Model: Aundria Jolivette Hair Stylist: Robby Kiwan MUA: Esther Kim Wardrobe Stylist: Celine Wang Art Director/Producer: Adrienne Glenn Photo Asst: James Elledge


ashionite by

drienne lenn




BAYFashion April 2012

The fashionably petite, or fashionite as I like to refer to them, are yet another group of models and women that the world of fashion so regularly pushes to the sidelines and doesn't always give the devoted attention they deserve. A low height digit by no means deserves a low rating in the score of beauty, and it should have very little bearing on how a woman is seen. A tall confidence can be so much more than merely a tall stance. Unfortunately, this concept doesn't always ring true in the world of fashion models. Many of our smaller ladies are forced to focus on the world of glamour or swimsuit modeling, and don't get the opportunity to don the high fashion wardrobe that so many models ache for. Why does the need for a shorter hem make you less worthy of wearing a stunning ensemble? In the world of two dimension and fashion photography... height is truly just an illusion. Throughout the years designers have edged toward a taller woman to wear their dresses, but one of the most iconic fashion models and shortest runway models in history is Twiggy, who stands at a mere 5'4". We also have the supermodel Kate Moss whose 5'6" frame has worn most of the top designers in the world. While Kate's height isn't exactly petite, it is an example that short doesn't necessarily mean you can't make it all the way to the top. Now, saying a woman who stands at 5'6" is petite is like saying a size 8 is plus size.

Adrienne Glenn is the Alternative Fashion Editor at BAYFashion Magazine and strives to bring you the 'different' and awesome vareity from the world of fashion 'outside the norm' in her colum, in every issue of the magazine Photo: Edwin Rivas



BAYFashion April 2012

In my opinion, that height is more like above average in the real world; which was why we here at Bay Fashion Magazine decided to photograph the truly petite, our bay area beauty Aundria Jolivette who stands at the gorgeous height of 5'2", and show that you don't have to be a towering amazon to be an outstanding and stunning model. So, all you delicious miniatures who stand under 5'5", don't let yourself be intimidated by those ladies nearing the 6" marker and the designers and photographers who flock to them. You are just as beautiful and capable of all that is fashion, so strap on those stilettos, grab your comp card and get out there and get it!




BAYFashion April 2012

ampire Disco


extreme club-wear label Mua & Hair:  Emma Lorena Sheek, Thazzia Falek Models: Summer Alexis,Ylevol Tam Nguyen, Jacqueline Tang & Jade Gsxr Photos: Shankha & Yuri Shiller


Its Sexier than L.A.!!! San Francisco Designers bring it on with Started just under a year ago in 2011 in San Francisco, by the San Francisco Publisher of 944 Magazine and a sexy socialite in San Francisco, Vampire Disco is growing faster than the line at the Apple Store on the first day the new IPAD was released.

Seeing a need for sexier Halloween costumes in the Bay area, the couple decided to research other affordable options that just buying from large mother ship Halloween stores Halloween costumes are no an affordable price. Starting o Nob Hill, they sold out of pro cuts and high quality materials a low prices. Halloween costume rates, sexy army ladies (over 40 popular “fuzzy costumes� -anim can look sexy and stay warm o

Their corsets are silk and satin making them an instant hit on metal chains, ruffles and rouche dollars per set.

They endorse some of the hott now have been hand selected hottest women on earth at th the infamous Playboy Mansion f Starting at $1000 dollars per t Royce, this huge coup for the n

Why is Vampire Disco such a su of Silicon Valley and marketing e media drives their site traffic an such as Supperclub add pizzazz prices make thier costumes a h staying power.

2012 is starting off with bang a Disco move and shake and take San Francisco is sexy!!


BAYFashion April 2012

e s. Boutique ot common especially for off at pop-up stores in the Marina and oducts immediately due to their flattering at es include the typical sexy sailors, sexy pi00 styles and options) and also the newly mals with hats skirts and boot covers. You on Halloween.

n, cover the hips and add to the bustline their newly launched website. Bikinis with ed butts are very popular all for under fifty

test celebrity female DJ’s in the world, and for a task like none other. Dollingup the he sexiest place on earth. The models at for the infamous Kandy Masquerade Party. ticket and hosting sponsors such as Rolls newly launched San Francisco Company

uccess? Because they use the technology edge of San Francisco to work. Social nd fun fashion shows at popular clubs z to their face to face image. Affordable hit, cool accents and high quality add

at the Playboy Mansion, watch Vampire e a huge bite out of the fashion scene.



BAYFashion April 2012


Love...etc T

Is Chivalry

he origins of chivalry (from the French chevalier, horseman) are from the Medieval era of knights and knighthood. The legends of the Knights of the Round Table come to mind. Each man at the table has an equal voice with the King, participating in decisions and ideas together. On the battlefield this involved a code of conduct, honor, and nobility, qualities that the West would later equate with being a gentleman. In modern understanding, this is usually associated with courtly love, and how men were to treat ladies. Although women did not always enjoy appropriate status during the Middle Ages, the Virgin Mary appeared increasingly in religious thought, and values of reverence and respect soon followed, not just for her, but for all women. A proper knight was measured by how he treated a lady.

Fast-forward to the last two hundred years. Courtship became prominent. Arranged marriage, while still practiced in much of the world, and not without its advantages, started to wane in Europe. A man had to woo his potential mate, to serenade her, like the troubadours from earlier times. Poetry, gifts, expressions of ardor, courage, generosity, and desire, became increasingly present. Like much of the warm-blooded animal kingdom, displays of strength, prowess, virility, anything that demonstrates why this fellow is the good catch and not that one, are necessary to win the heart (and mating opportunity) of a special lady. At times this is achieved by dominance, as with so-called Alpha Male behavior. Other times the male demonstrates something special, such as his humor, his fabulous dancing ability, displays of visual beauty, to prove himself. That sounds rather familiar to us. Men have employed the same basic strategies to show their stuff, through alpha-type behaviors, their ability to secure material needs or wealth, their reliability, and so on...yet it is often expressed by women that there increasingly seems to be something missing today in how they are treated. Courtships are replaced by “hanging out” and gradual exclusivity, people are more independent, distracted, and it is seemingly harder to establish the kind of deeper connection and long-term bond that the ritual of courtship customarily supported. In the United States, there have been numerous social movements that have contributed to this trend. The 60s and 70s altered traditional gender roles, as did some feminist movements. In addition, not everyone is interested in monogamous engagement, and polyamory and other orientations of love and sharing have become more visible. Likewise, same-sex relationships are increasingly becoming publicly accepted, yet even in those cases, one or the other person might take the role of the courter, and the other of the courted You know the usual hallmarks of this behavior: a man opens doors for the lady, pays for a meal or movie, takes the bulk of the initiative and risk in expressing intentions and moving things along, offers genuine compliments (as opposed to mere flattery), help, and a thoughtful ear when she wishes to share. Perhaps this seems “old fashioned”, and in a sense it is. Of course, there are men who will do or say whatever necessary to achieve a particular goal, just


In the Middle Ages, a proper knight was measured by ‘how he treated a lady’!

Court ‘h an

BAYFashion April 2012


by Jason Martineau

In the modern age, People are like commodities, to be browsed on Amazon or

! tships have been replaced by ‘hanging out’ nd gradual exclusivity

as there are women who will use this choreography to achieve their goals. In those cases, unspoken contracts or “arrangements” might evolve. Nevertheless, courtship is an important part of the love opera. It helps two people learn about each other. A woman wants to know if she can trust the man, if he will treat her well when she is vulnerable or in a bad mood. If she is thinking of the long-term, or the prospect of a child, then the qualities that best demonstrate commitment and longevity will be important.

Thanks to the modern era, the internet, online dating, female empowerment, collisions of “conservative “and “progressive” values, it seems chivalry has taken a back seat. People are like com-

modities – you can browse on as you might on or, and by the magic of a click, you’re on to the next product. Email and texts now serve where before only phone calls and face-to-face conversations prevailed. For some men, paying for dinner might be followed by the expectation for a reward, so the altruistic expression of admiration and appreciation transforms into a dubious exchange. Some women are even insulted by a man’s offering to pay, as though he is supporting the patriarchal subjugation of females by seducing her into a gradual state of financial dependence. And the list goes on… What happened? It certainly looks like a lot of mismatching and distrust, not to mention short attention spans, distraction on a massive scale, devaluation, and a little dose of capitalistic narcissism and individualism. Wow. Is chivalry and the dance of courtship truly dead? Think about farming – at one point in history, human beings lived primarily in this way. Before machines and mass production, we were agrarian. Now of course we have technology and the means to grow and distribute food, to the point where we can focus on other things. Does that mean farming is oldfashioned? A thing of the past? Despite these changes, we can make one important observation: activities that before were elemental to our behavior and survival, don’t get jettisoned completely, instead they are included in future stages. We grow beyond them, but we take them with us, too. We may miss this fact when we are caught up in the present. In essence, chivalry is a well-intentioned expression of a man’s best qualities, and through it he reveals those qualities to the lady who has caught his attention. After all, he wants to catch her attention, too. Just like any expression between people, it can be used honestly or dishonestly. The essence of chivalry lives on, in traditional and new forms. Gentlemen, if you want to show her your character, and she will see it anyway, consider the legacy of courtship that has brought the majority of us here in the first place. Ladies, if he is not opening a door for you on a date, or surprising you with expressions of his appreciation, and you wish he would, then consider holding out for the gentleman who does those things freely and unconditionally. The fairy tales of our youth may not turn out to be real in life, but without a doubt, there are plenty of knights out there…



n this article we will talk aboutVitamin C (ascorbic acid) an antioxidant, important not only to keep us healthy but also to make us look youthful and glowing. Antioxidants prevent damage to the body caused by free radicals. Free radicals are substances, which if left uncontrolled may seriously harm DNA. Free radicals also have a role to play in accelerating the aging process.

Beauty and Health Vitamin C has the ability to turn back the skin’s clock by helping the body to produce and maintain collagen. Collagen is the main protein used in the formation of skin. When we are young our face has plenty of collagen, which makes it flexible and full of volume but with time we start losing it and skin starts to sag and form wrinkles. Free radicals are considered to be a threat to collagen and here vitamin C along with other antioxidants comes to our rescue. Vitamin C also protects skin against sun damage, age spots and dull complexion. While using vitamin c always wear sun block. A balanced diet should have vitamin C in it on daily basis because the body cannot store it. Important sources include citrus fruits, lemon, broccoli, tomato, lime and green pepper etc.Vitamin C when mixed with green tea boosts its toxins fighting power. Smokers are at a risk of vitamin C deficiency.There are many topical Vitamin C products available.The Body Shop has an en tire range con taining Vitamin C.Vitamin C Skin Boost, Vitamin C Facial


Aliya Qazi is Beauty Editor at BAYFashion Magazine. She is mother of two who loves makeup and exels in it.

BAYFashion April 2012

Cleansing Polish and Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo, are few to name. I love Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules, packed in a jar. This product claims to smooth and revive skin by encouraging collagen production, improving elasticity and protecting against environmental damage. Use one capsule before night cream to hydrate and protect skin. For topical use only. One of my other favorite Vitamin C products is Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate by Kiehls. According to the product description it erases lines with 10.5 % of Vitamin C and is as potent as Retinol without the sensitivity. I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin texture after using this product. You can wear it day and night under you favorite moisturizer. La Roche-Posay also carries Vitamin C products. La Roche-Posay Active C facial moisturizer is available both for normal to combination as well as dry skin. This daily use moisturizer helps decrease

Benefits of There are many topical Vitamin C products available. The Body Shop has an en tire range containing Vitamin C. Vitamin Alpha H vitamin C ‘20’ with Olive Leave Extract is another good product with high concentration of Vitamin C for building up Collagen, toning and firming skin. It also protects against sun damage and lightens up skin pigmentation. Although we do not have Wonka-Vite to make us 20 years younger with one magic pill but we can look radiant and feel fresh by using the right products and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Do not waste your money on buying random stuff. Before buying any product read about its ingredients and their benefits. Try to find out whether you are the right candidate for using it or not, depending on your skin type, condition and desired result. Above were some of my favorite products, now you discover yours after knowing about your skin and its demands first. I brought this article to you after consulting various sources; hope you find it useful.


You can see more of her work at


by Aliya Qazi


“Spring is upon us and the merry month of May is right around the corner� If you are still stuck in the doldrums of winter... here are some ways to help you embrace the new season:

1. Be a Horticulturalist. Bring beautiful flowers into your home. Learn to grow annuals from seeds.


by Joan Currie


Joan Currie is a Bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at

BAYFashion April 2012

2. Be a Fashionista. Dress in the vibrant colors of

the season - tangerine orange, citrus yellow, and hot pink. 3. Be a Suncatcher. Bring more light into your life space. Open windows, pull back drapes, and go outside for a walk. 4. Be a Diarist. Keep a gratitude journal to acknowledge how many wonderful things happen in your life on a daily basis. 5. Be a Pollyanna. Every time you find yourself in a negative situation, try to think of positive outcome. 6. Be an Artist. Doodle, draw, or paint with different mediums and textures. 7 Be a Friend. Connect with others by phone, social media, sports activities, social gatherings, and family celebrations. 8. Be a Volunteer. Be it serving at a soup kitchen, walking for a cure, or caring for an animal, there are so many ways you can make a difference in the lives of others. 9. Be a Photographer. Learn about all the new camera phone features.Take a new set of photos of your loved ones and share them with family and friends. 10. Be a Dancer. Twist, turn, and twirl around the room. Salsa, swing, and samba. Cut some rug! 11. Be a Musician. You rock! Sing, hum, play a musical instrument (air guitar counts), rediscover old bands on YouTube, and update your playlist. 12. Be a Lover. Have a crazy passionate love affair with your life and embrace those dearest to you. 13. Be a Cheerleader. Lend your support to help others achieve their dreams, too!

Y12 Power

Please note: If you are suffering from depression consult your doctor.


other Ways to Elevate Your Mood!




Aliya Qazi is Beauty Editor at BAYFashion Magazine. She is mother of two who loves makeup and exels in it.

BAYFashion April 2012


get inspired by the everyday woman�

Rochelle Dingman

by Aliya Qazi

Aliya:Tell us a little about Rochelle the Artist Rochelle: I am a makeup artist and a salon owner, which is known as Shear Fashion Salon, located in San Jose. We specialize in styling hair and state-of-the art makeup solutions for weddings, proms, formal gatherings, high fashion, runway, and photo shoots. We also offer Spa treatments, acrylic & gel nails. Please check out our services on our website:

Featured Beauty Artist

Aliya:Your definition of makeup is... Rochelle: Makeup is an art having many types: beauty, retro, runway, body painting and FX to name a few. Aliya:To you beauty is defined as... Rochelle:To be able to embrace your own personal beauty, love who you are today and every day. Aliya:Your source of inspiration? Rochelle: I get inspiration from everyday woman. I like to do makeup on someone not so confident about her looks. I love to see her reaction when I am done. It makes me feel great that I can help a woman feel beautiful on the outside as she is from the inside. Aliya:Your Favorite Facial Feature? Rochelle: Eyes - It is often said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Beautify your eyes in a way to get compliments on the magic of your eyes, not your eye makeup. Aliya: Favorite product and product line? Rochelle: I do not really have one favorite product line. I use all kinds of products from different cosmetic brands. I have several professional discount cards from most of the high-end manufactures. I use high-end as well as drug store products, depending on the look I am trying to achieve. Aliya: Favorite tool? Rochelle: The precision-detailed eyelash curler is my favorite tool.This eyelash curler works like a crimp curler but it makes it easier to get right to the root. It works great for someone with extremely short lashes. Aliya: Share a Beauty tip for our readers Rochelle: When applying foundation the goal should be to look as natural as if you are not wearing any. Aliya: Plans for the immediate future? Rochelle: We are putting together a hair and makeup team that is currently working on different collections to participate in NAHA -North American Hair styling Awards.

Talent Corner 89

the fresh face With Shaun Lee & Tim Engle Beauty Team: Stacey Barton & Jenifer Haupt Styled by: Simone Vianna 90

Shaunta Lee

The BAYFashion ‘Talent Search’ team Presents

BAYFashion April 2012

‘The Fresh Face’ discovered by Melissa Lewis



the fresh face

BAYFashion April 2012

Melissa:What's your name? Shaun: Shaunta "Shaun" Lee

How old are you and where do you reside?

I'm 20 years old and I live in Sacramento, California

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling last year my first thing I've ever did was Sacramento Fashion Week.

What inspired you to model in the first place?

My mom she always told me I was tall and beautiful and that I should model. Plus there really arent a lot of african american models in the industry. And I think it would be great to be one who is.

Who is your favorite model and why?

Danielle "Dani" Evans, though she was on Americas Next Top Model, I still follow her since then I think she's naturally beautiful, and I love that she's still following her dream and is pursuing modeling.

What do you do to keep fit?

My hobbies are reading, dancing, skating, hanging with my family. Im really family

oriented I like to go camping with myfamily. We used to go every year. I love hiking and anything adventurous. To stay fit I’ve recently been doing yoga and weight lifting

What do you do in your spare time? Have any hobbies?

I'm in school right. But in my spare time I dance and read. I love to dance in been dancing on and off since I was four.

What kind of model do you see yourself being? (eg. Commercial, Edi-

torial, High Fashion etc.) I can see my self doing a lot of different types of modeling. Commercial, editorial, high fashion, and run way, I would love to do all, do as much modeling I can because all aspects of modeling are so unique it would be great to show off my many talents.

How was your experience shooting for BayFashion's New Face production? If you could, would you do it again?

I loved shooting for the New Face production, it was such a great opportunity. I would defiantly do it again everyone I worked with was wonderful and would love to work with them and Bay Fashion magazine again.

Shaunta “Shaun” Lee

BAYFashion Magazine


April 2012


Editors Desk... a letter from Shankha Thanks to all of you, for reading the April 2012 issue of BAYFashion Magazine. BAYFashion had the unique chance to meet, shoot and talk to Jean Paul Gaultier the morning of the press preview day for his landmark San Francisco exhibition. We have to thank the de Young Museum for bringing such an unique exhibit to us. Special thanks to Wendy Norris for giving us this opportunity to bring this amazing exhibition to all of you.

the team Editor-in-Chief: Gautam Goswami (Shankha) Fashion Editor: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Creative Editor Yuri Shiller Writing Director: Joan Currie Makeup Director: Arlene Coleman PR Director: Khrystyna Kazakova Alternative Fashion Editor: Adrienne Glenn Beauty Editor: Aliya Qazi Photographic Art Director: Tim Engle Production Director: Yefim Remarenko S.California Style Director: Steffani Symons COO & Vice President Sales: Chris Rojas Writer: Jason Martineau Designer Scout & Writer: Hadi Labarang Writer & Blogger: Zoya Singh Beauty Photographer: Rummy Makmur Cover Photo: Yuri Shiller Back Cover Photo: Gail Bowman Published by: Klasique Corp.

BAYFashion is your magazine, and we want to make it the force that lifts the indie fashion industry of San Francisco into a thriving commercial ecosystem. We are the #1 Fashion Publication in San Francisco in terms of popularity, reach and we bring true value to our readers and advertisers alike. Designers, register on the BAYFashion website and start selling your creations on the BAYFashion Mall. Think commercial, come up with a marketing plan and we will help you reach your intended audience... by the time this magazine goes to print, we have over 25,000 facebook fans and the last issue has had over 250,000 views from over 15,000 unique readers from the bay area and about 10000 more from other parts of the world. This month we welcome Chris Rojas who was the publisher for 944 SF one of the largest magazines of SF to the BAYFashion Fold. Chris is going to be the new COO and move BAYFashion towards a brighter future. Expect great things!! And my friends and fans, email us or post on our facebook page with any comments, critique, ideas and suggestions you have for BAYFashion to become a better magazine. Enjoy the issue,


Email the editor at:

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BAYFashion April 2012 - Celebration of Fashion Issue  

We believe that San Francisco is one of the most fashionable cities in the world with an unique style which is so 'San Franciscan' that it c...

BAYFashion April 2012 - Celebration of Fashion Issue  

We believe that San Francisco is one of the most fashionable cities in the world with an unique style which is so 'San Franciscan' that it c...