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Photo: Marjolijn De Groot

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Editors Desk the team

letter from the editor

Editor-in-Chief: Gautam Goswami (Shankha) VP & Publisher: Chris Rojas Fashion Editor: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Fashion Director - Europe: Greg Alexander Fashion Director - So. Cal: Gail Bowman Celebrity Director: Cory Tran Music Editor: Sason Bishop Parry Style Editor: Kelsie Gray Beauty Editor: Aliya Qazi

Being Fashionable! What does it mean to you? To me fashion is a form of expression which speaks without any sound or actions. It speaks through coordination, combinationand situation. It speaks of power, position, mood and character. If there is one single thing about a person that speaks to you before anything else, is their appearance, which is in turn defined a lot through their fashion.

Director of PR: Kelly Jackson Brand Relations Director: Hadi Labarang Social Connections Director: Rada Katz Arts & Romance Writer: Jason Martineau Tech Correspondent: Lesya Pishchevskaya Makeup Director: Emma Lorena Loyola-Sheek Photographic Art Director: Tim Engle Street Fashion Editor: Olya Rostov

The theme of this issue is the Power of Fashion. How your fashion changes with your position in life and how your fashion states your position in life to others even before they have had an introduction.

Writers: Kristen Gray, Karina La-Kramer, Abbey Manaois Sr. Brand Ambassador: Candice Basmajian Brand Ambassador: Ashley Cimellaro Brand Ambassador: Jennifer Sulyman Production Manager: Kelseymarie Furtado Cover Photo: Shankha Cover Model: Elisabeth Thieriot Published by: Klasique Corp. 115, 10th Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94103 PH: (415) 513-5706 Fax: (415) 358-4314

No one speaks that languae betten than Elisabeth Thieriot, one of San Francisco Bay’s most prolific philanthropists and business leader. She is our cover model this month and she is one of those people who mesmerize and awe you with their sheer presence. I am so glad to make her acquaintance through this magazine, because I know that she will be a huge influence on my life for a long time to come. Also in this issue, we present you with some really powerful and edgy fashion editorials, incredible photography and full coverage of San Francisco’s largest fashion event, the BAYFashion CLHS 2013 - Powered by Lamborghini. Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions and critique... Enjoy the issue.

Shankha E-mail the editor at:

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Editors Desk Cover Feature - Elisabeth Thieriot Miss California USA 2013 - Mabelynn Capeluj CEO of the Household - Lori Pryt The Doctor and his Muse - Jordan & Maya Haute Couture Designer in Focus - Serkan Cura Power Dressing - Redefining the office dress code Executive Power Profile - Neil Moffit Executive Power Profile - Alex Wilcox Executive Power Profile - Maurice Kanbar Fashion Icon of the Month - David Heil The Coach - Couture Vs. Muscle Love Etc - 4 Values for success in Love! Runway Showcase - BAYFashion CLHS F/W 2013 Music Beatz - Sason Bishope Parry Fashion Destination - The Resort at Pelican Hill Street Style - Why it Works? The Art of Fashion - Jason Wu Across Town with Claudia Ross - A Fashion Guide Hottest Summer Trends - Fashion Style Guide Say Hello to Fabulous Hair - Beauty Tips Foundation Tips 101 - Do it Like a Pro! Color Splash - Makeup Step by Step Featured Beauty Artist - Brenda Burns Fresh Face of the Bay - Laura O’Brien

The Publication that changes the Rules!

BAYFashion is creating relationships with the strongest brands from San Francisco and around the World and bringing you the most exclusive fashion from all over. DO YOU KNOW? We put together the largest fashion show San Francisco has seen in a time span of 45 days from conception to presentation? . DO YOU KNOW? That we used all the connections we could muster to reach up to the stratosphere of San Francisco to bring you the fashion of the elite citizens of this great city. We experienced first hand, how power defines a persons fashion choices and how your fashion choices speak to others about your power and position in life. DO YOU KNOW? We discovered a jewel in our own backyard? Couture designer CORY TRAN has family in San Jose and spends quite some time here every year. He was featured in our Feb 2013 issue and now he is also on Harpers Bazaar and headlining the biggest fashon show that San Francisco has seen. Next you will see Cory at New York Couture fashion week this September. DO YOU KNOW? that BAYFashion is an approved fashion publication accredited by IMG and the ‘Haute Couture Federation’ in Paris? DO YOU KNOW? that BAYFashion is now officially the largest fashion publication within all of Northern California and we have expanded our distribution down south to LA and San Diego. DO YOU KNOW? that you can find BAYFashion all over Northern California, including WHOLE FOODS MARKETS & BARNES & NOBLE . Go get yours today! DO YOU KNOW? that we have more then 50,000 Facebook Fans... Are you one yet? bayfasionmag Contact us: or dial 415.513.5706

NOTRE DAME DE PIGALLE Photography Greg Alexander ( Art director Sébastien Vienne Hair & make-up Virginie Péria Model Déila Vogur Assistant Valérie Auger

Skirt: Kiriakos Paroutiadis Top: Dolce & Gabbana Jewerly: Dsquared


Power 2013


Jacket & Skirt: Kiriakos Paroutiadis Jewerly: Dsquared


Power 2013

Bow-Tie and Skirt: Kiriakos Paroutiadis Corset: Agent Provocateur Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana Jewerly: Dsquared


Jacket & Ring: Kiriakos Paroutiadis Pants: Hugo Boss Belt: Dsquared Shoes: Gucci


Power 2013

Dress and Jewerly: Kirakos Paroutiadis Shoes: Gucci


/ Cover Feature - Elisabeth Thieriot




Photos/Interview SHANKHA

Elisabeth Thieriot at her San Francisco home office (her sanctuary) in April 2013. She is wearing a custom made gold and brown checkered suit from D&D Collection with Fendi Shoes. Behind her is her antique Mallet (London) desk with her Tiffany Desk set and Handbag on it. In her own words “This is the power room, where it all goes down”.


Elisabeth Thieriot is a prominent San Francisco based philanthropist, business woman and social luminary. Among her many business ventures one of her most prominent roles is being the president of Lions Gate Corporation and Elicosma Productions which produces feature documentaries, two of which will be released this fall “Decoding B’aqtun, and Mayan Revelations and Hollywood Lies”. She is also the CEO of her family skincare company Replete Inc, a. company which defines luxury as having the very best ingredients globally sourced from the natural world. The 12 product line will be launched this coming September. Author of a best-selling book about ageless living called ‘Be Fabulous At Any Age, Creating Ageless Skin Through Seasonal Living©’, the 2nd edition which will be released this May, reveals her secrets about longevity, health and well-being through seasonal living and circadian rhythms. Elisabeth believes very strongly in connecting to nature from the deepest confines of your soul and deriving balance and strength from natural elements around us. Elisabeth was also the executive producer and host of the ‘Elizabeth Huntley’ show in Palm Beach, another of her early productions. She is a Fashion Merchandising graduate from FIT New York and also holds an MA in Broadcast Journalism from NYIT of Old Westbury. She was a co-founder and partner in PhoneCharge Inc (with Ross Perot), which she sold to CheckFree Corp in 2006.

Power 2013

(Above) Elisabeth Thieriot at the front porch of her home in Marin County of San Francisco. She wears a Studio Laperia satin housecoat over a Laperia lingerie set. ( need details of the shoes) (Left) Corridor with Marble Bust Conscientiam by Oscar Plandiura Viera. (Left Bottom) Ocean water swimming pool at the Theiriot estate.

Elizabeth lives in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay Area, at her home that she calls her ‘Sanctuary.’ From the first instance that I shook her hand, I instantly recognized the immense depth that this woman held behind those coral green eyes. She invited us to her expansive home for a weekend of fashion, fun and education from someone who is truly a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. Elisabeth takes a lot of pride in her home which she has created with extreme personal attention to each detail. The estate consists of a tennis court, a spacious pool area with a pool-house/sauna worthy of a princess, a vegetable and fruit garden, a small winery and 80 year old trees. There are flowers planted in different sections that allow her to walk around her estate with her eyes closed or in the dark, and still know where she is. Her home is replete with amazing art and collections from around the world and has one of the most beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. We spent quite some time in front of a marble sculpture called ‘Conscientiam’ by Oscar Plandiura Viera which teaches us the value of speaking only after processing information we are given. Elisabeth grew up in Poland where her father had a dairy processing plant. From the earliest times she grew up in a very fashionable family where her mother and father were always impeccably dressed, and everyone in the home had personal tailors who would create custom outfits for them. Her concept of clothing never changed as her closet is still filled with ensembles created for her by the top fashion designers from around the world. Just like her book on ageless living, where she talks about seasonal cycles, Elisabeth believes that everyone needs to allow themselves the luxury of the type of clothing that brings you closer to nature’s feel of the season.



THIERIOT The way you should approach your closet, every time...

“The clothes that you wear should be an expression of your state of mind, the occasion, the practicality of the purpose, and your position in life. It’s a statement that you make without uttering a word.” she says. “You can tell the intellectual climate and economic state of a country by what their leaders wear. Fashion is a product of our evolution and financial direction.” ET

1. Define the Purpose:

Before you go into your closet to pick a dress, define the purpose of getting dressed. What are you going to do? What message do you want to send?

2. Combine & Compose:

Don’t just pick an outfit, consider the season, the temperature, the texture of the fabric, the accessories that work with it. Its not a dress itself, but the complete ensemble that defines your fashion sense.

3. Own It:

Before leaving your closet, take a critical look in the mirror. Proportion, color and hues should be in perfect balance to allow you to own your look and give yourself added confidence!

(Right) Elisabeth Thieriot standing on the stairs of her home, about to go out for a night out in San Francisco with her friends. She wears a green Christian Dior dress and a Jacket from Spaghetti Couture London. She accessorizes her look with Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany Earrings, a Cartier Watch and Jimmy Choo Heels. The piano next to the stairs is an art Piano from 1878 Steinway & Sons painted by Arthur B. Blackmore (featured at the Chicago World’s Fair in1893 and played by Gershwin). (Opposing Page) Elisabeth Thieriot takes in the afternoon Sun at her pool after a long day of meetings. She is wearing La Perla Swimsuit and Cover-up, protecting her eyes with Thierry Lasry Sunglasses. She accessorizes with a Saks Fifth Avenue necklace and Manolo Blahnik Sandals, The fur throw is from the Fur Salon at Saks.


Elisabeth’s fashion is very personal and many of her jewels and outfit were designed based on her ideas that she shared with her favorite designers and jewelers creating one of a kind pieces that form a formidable closet worthy of any movie star or royal monarch.

The Art of Dressing

Power 2013



Power 2013

Dressing for the Occassion (Below is an excerpt from Elisabeth’s book ‘Be Fabulous At Any Age - Creating Ageless Skin Through Seasonal Living’)

‘ The key to good dressing is wearing appropriate clothes for the occasion. Elisabeth not only uses

fashion to empower her, but to empower those that she encounters. Some good examples of this are outfits worn to the performance arts. The artists spend their entire lives achieving the skill to give a flawless performance for our enjoyment. Arts by definition are a gift to all of us, and very few have the gift to be the very best. I feel that by being well-dressed at cultural events shows support, respect, and gratitude. Putting time into getting ready for an event just may heighten the experience itself.’

Elisabeth has built an empire following her principles of life and we at BAYFashion are true followers! You can order the 2nd edition of her book at:

(Above) Elisabeth Thieriot poses with her new Aston Martin DB9, the latest in her stable of cars. She is wearing a Armani Colleczioni Business Suit with David Webb Earrings, Ring by Prince Dimitri pink spinel Medieval Cross, and Prada Milano Golden Heels. (Opposite Page) Elisabeth Thieriot heads to a gala clad in a vintage Helga for Bullocks Pasadena royal evening ensemble. She accessorizes with Chanel Earrings and Jimmy Choo Heels, and is shown here guarded by her Chinese Ming Dynasty Foo dogs.

“Fashion is Living our Fantasy” ET. 23

/ Beauty Queen

Miss California USA 2013

Power of Beauty

Mabelynn Capeluj

Makeup: Lisa G Fashion Stylist: Dean Hall Fashion Photographer: Gail Bowman (

(Above) Dress: Ava $217

Power 2013

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, this California girl is currently studying broadcast journalism at Chapman University. After she obtains her Master’s degree, Mabelynn’s dream job is to work for E! News as an Entertainment Reporter. Recently, she was named a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation and is the Ambassador for the Walk to Cure Psoriasis in Los Angeles on May 4th and San Francisco on May 18th. She was diagnosed with this chronic autoimmune disease that appears on the skin at the age of sixteen, and is proud to raise awareness and funds for this great cause. Aside from being a student, Mabelynn is a model and has worked on campaigns for several well-known brands. In her spare time, she likes to go to the beach and enjoys outdoor activities such as jet skiing and rock climbing with her friends. Although she won her city and state pageants, the title she is the most proud of is being a big sister to her six younger brothers. True to her Latin heritage, Mabelynn loves to spend time watching soccer games with her family. Follow her on Twitter at @MabelynnCapeluj

(Top) Blouse: Bellatrix $78.00 Pants: Aila Blue $264.00 Sunglasses: Tom Ford $395.00 Bag: Henri Bendel $278.00 (Left) Blouse: Bellatrix $78.00 Skirt: H&M $24.99 Necklace: Henri Bendel $128.00 Shoes: Jimmy Choo $1,495.00


Mabelynn Capeluj wears Blazer: Zara $99.90 Pants: Zara $59.90 Shot by Gail Bowman



Power 2013

CEO of the


Lori PRYT Photos/Interview SHANKHA Fashion Stylist Ylevol Tam Nguyen

Lori Perilli Pryt is one of San Francisco’s popular and well known philanthropists and social activists. She, along with her husband, prominent hedge fund manager Bob Pryt, are heavily involved in a San Francisco inner-city youth program called ‘Seven Tepees’. Seven Tepees positively impacts the lives of young people by preparing them to be leaders in their communities. The program targets inner city youth and works with them for a period of seven years. They provide them with the building blocks that will help them create positive, successful futures. Seven Tepees has received local and national recognition as an innovative youth program and serves as a model to other youth service organizations. After marrying Bob, Lori opted to pursue the path as a wife and mother rather than continuing her business profession. She and her husband Bob support many worthy charities throughout San Francisco in recognition of how these organizations are changing lives. When we approached Lori for a feature in BAYFashion, she immediately turned us down with a “I am not a Socialite. I love to hang out in my Lululemons and do work that most of the time is very unglamorous.” We quickly realized the importance of introducing you to this ‘down to earth’ “CEO of the Household” woman who we believe many of our readers will identify with, and admire her spirit for life. Though she loves her Lululemon attire (see next page) and her dogs, due to her social position and engagements, Lori has a wardrobe most women would die for. We spent a day with this power couple in their ‘penthouse in the sky’ and asked her to open up about her passions and fashion sense. Interview next page....

Lori Pryt is wearing a Stella McCartney Dress as she and Bob plan to go out on date night. She accessorizes with Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Diamond Stack Bracelets, Pave Diamond Earrings by Ada de Maurier and a Pink Sapphire Flower Ring by Union Street Goldsmith. She is carrying a JJ Winters Yellow Croc Clutch. Bob Pryt is wearing a Kiton for Wilkes Bashford Suit, David August custom-made shirt and Gravati Crocodile Black Loafers from Wilkes Bashford. He accessorizes with a White Gold Rolex Daytona Watch.


A tête-à-tête with Lori Pryt... Shankha: Lori we want to start with thanking you for inviting us into your home and agreeing to do this interview with BAYFashion Magazine. We really appreciate your hospitality and support.

is being Lori Pryt like? Lori: I don’t have a routine…every day is different. I am a very hands-­on person, so whatever the task at hand, I give 110%.

We interview a lot of fashionistas and socialites for the magazine but we are extremely pleased to be able to introduce you to our audience, a large segment of whom will identify with your laid back and cool persona that we have already experienced.

Shankha: We know that you and Bob spend a significant amount of your time engaging in philanthropic and social enhancement activities. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you are trying to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate?

To start with, we would like to talk a little bit about your background so our readers get a better idea about our featured socialite of the month. Tell us a little about where you are from, how you and Bob met and how you ended up being the ‘CEO of the Household’ and your family.

Lori: Bob and I have both supported and been involved in an organization that is dedicated to impacting the lives of inner-­city youth in San Francisco called ‘Seven Tepees’ for over 10 years. Bob is a Board Member, and I’ve played a role in the Mentoring Program, as well as planning and executing their annual fundraising dinner. This organization is very near and dear to us, as we recognize so many of these kids are at risk, and could use all the help they can get …. They are our future.

Lori: I am the youngest of 4 children. I grew up in a small town (Mahopac, NY) about 60 miles north of New York City in an Italian/Catholic family with strong family values. I was raised by the most amazing parents who gave everything they had to make the best life possible for their family. After high school I attended a small business school in Manhattan, and studied Marketing. Lived in NYC and worked at a non-­profit hospital in Development until moving to San Francisco in the mid 90’s. After moving to the west coast, I made a career change and transitioned into the Financial Securities business where I met my husband Bob. When I met Bob he had two beautiful young daughters from a prior marriage, and I had two golden retrievers, so when we got married I quickly became not only a wife, but a stepmom as well, so I guess you can say we had an instant family. For me, my role as CEO means meeting the needs of everyone in my household. I always need to be 3 steps ahead of everyone. I am an intensely organized person (with a touch of OCD), which means juggling and coordinating schedules, as well as managing lives. Shankha: Tell us about your everyday routine… what


Shankha: Which stores do you shop in most often? Do you have any favorite go-to brands? Lori: I shop in all types of places from designer boutiques, to online stores, to second hand shops. Shankha: What is your favorite outfit? Something that makes you feel very confident and sexy at the same time? Lori: This is impossible to answer. I’m a woman, and it’s all about my mood & being comfortable… Shankha: Lets talk about jewelry, how important is jewelry in your wardrobe? Do you like to flash your jewels or make an understated impact? Lori: I love accessorizing, and I always try and mix things up… whether a treasured gift from Bob, or a nutty find from the Haight.

We support many other organizations throughout the city, we love this community and feel it’s very important to give back as much as possible.

Shankha: If you had to choose between going to the Opera or a Fashion Show, which one would you choose and why?

Shankha: Now that our readers know a little bit more about you, lets move on to the topic that most interests us… FASHION!! If we asked you to sum up your fashion in one sentence, how would you define it?

Lori: Fashion Show. I find them extremely creative… From the set, to the models, to the music; it’s entertainment, it’s theater.

Lori: There are no rules! I like to combine classic styles and emerging designers. For me it’s all about having fun with my personal style and accessorizing. I love a high-­ low mix. I don’t think anyone should take fashion so seriously, just have fun with it! Shankha: Shoes! They define a woman’s personality like no other item of clothing; tell us about your favorite brands and style of shoes. Lori: I love shoes! They are my guilty pleasure but I don’t have favorite brands, I buy what catches my eye.

Shankha: We know that you claim to be a housewife… but you are obviously much more than that. Tell us about your passions and aspirations, something that you want to do that you haven’t gotten into yet? Lori: Housewife? That’s not a term I use. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, and an individual. I’m not a housewife; I’m ‘CEO of the Household’. I aspire to have a healthy and happy family (including my animals). And to help others when and where I can. Lori, thank you again for giving us a chance to introduce you to our readers, we enjoyed every moment of our time with you and I am sure our readers will enjoy your interview

Power 2013

(This Page) Lori Pryt is wearing a Robert Rodriquez Dress with Alice + Olivia Black and White Polka Dot Shoes. She accessorizes with a Necklace and Gold Bracelets from Neiman Marcus. (Opposite Page) Lori Pryt walking her dogs (Enzo and Luca) wearing Lululemon Pants and Zip-Up Jacket with Asics Gel Kayano 19 Sneakers. She accessorizes with a Chanel J12 ceramic white watch and a Tiffany’s Schlumberger Diamond Ring & Diamond Stud Earrings. She is also wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses, and the dogs are wearing Louis Vuitton Collars and Leashes.



Power 2013

Lori & Bob are headed out to Charity Gala. Lori is wearing a vintage HALSTON Black Dress with Rene Caovilla Rhinestone Shoes. She accessorizes with a Judith Leiber Evening Clutch, White Gold Cartier Watch, Ada de Maurier Black and White Diamond Cuff Bracelet & Ring, and Estate 1820’s Diamond Necklace and Antique Platinum Diamond and Onyx Earrings from PR GALLERY AND GEMS at Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco. Fashion Coordinator: Rada Katz


/ San Francisco’s Social Butterflies

by Ylevol Tam Nguyen

Recently I was introduced to Dr Jordan Deschamps-Braly, a plastic surgeon from San Francisco. Meeting with Jordan and his newly wed wife Maya at their San Francisco downtown apartment made us feel as if we are on the sets of an episode of Grays Anatomy. His handsome chiseled features and disarming smile paints the picture of a confident, smart and fashionable individual who truly seems to ‘have it all’. Jordan’s new bride (they literally tied the knot the week before) , Bulgarian model Maya was by his side completing the picture for this young achiever who obviously does not settle for anything below the superlative. Her tall elegant figure coupled with a million dollar smile compliments his position and social stature with beauty and grace. We wanted to introduce this fashionable power couple to the San Francisco fashion audience with an up close and personal interview... Jordan looking at patient records at his home office. He is wearing a Dior Homme suit with Bespoke JLR Chemisier Paris shirt. He accessorizes with a Rolex watch and some vintage rings


Jordan & Maya The Doctor and his Muse Intreview & Story Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photos Shankha

Power 2013

Interview Tam: Jordan, introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us a little bit about Dr.Deschamps-Braly, your current practice and plans... Jordan: I’m originally from Oklahoma. I’ve always wanted to be a surgeon since childhood. During my medical school years I was exposed to plastic surgery during some elective courses and found that it suited my skill set. As I pursued my training, I had a number of experiences in craniofacial surgery that led me to want to specialize even further in the field of Plastic Surgery. My current practice focuses on aesthetic surgery of the face & body, Craniofacial Surgery (which is usually reconstructive), and Corrective Jaw Surgery. I operate out of California Pacific Medical Center, Oakland Children’s Hospital and San Francisco Surgery Center. My office is in the 450 Sutter building by Union Square. Tam: In the World of Fashion and Glamour, we tend to associate cosmetic surgery with breast implants and face lifts. Tell us about your area of specialty. Jordan: My area of plastic surgery deals with a lot of aesthetic facial surgery, however, I do other things as well. I have a foundation for children with deformities called Happy Skulls and I use that as a vehicle to expand reconstructive surgery options. I enjoy both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. I don’t think I ever thought I would do only one. However, I felt like I should focus on one thing and do it very well. Plastic Surgery is a very large field with many different sub-specialities. That is

why I have chosen to focus on facial surgery. Tam: Enough of medicine already, lets talk about something more fun! So when and where did you meet this beautiful young lady (Maya) and how long have guys been in love? Jordan: We met when I was living and working in Paris. I was there working at an aesthetic surgery clinic near the 16th arrondissement. We met by chance at a dinner that a friend of mine had invited me to by the Jardin Luxembourg. With rare exception, we haven’t really spent any time apart since then. That was two years ago. We were just married 3 weeks ago here in San Francisco. Tam: Lets talk about Fashion... What are your favorite brands? Where do you shop? Jordan: I don’t really shop in San Francisco much. I tend to wait until we are taking a trip back to Europe. I’m a minimalist. I don’t like to have to think about it. I buy well tailored suits and clothes. My shirts are custom made by a shirtmaker in Paris and most of my suits are YSL or Dior Homme. Tam: You are a cosmetic surgeon, so we would like to hear about your concept of beauty of the female form... What kind of enhancing/ corrective surgery do you think REALLY help women look more beautiful? Jordan: Well, I don’t think there is generic one size fits all ideal of beauty. I try to individual-

ize my approach to every patient to determine what we can do to achieve the patient’s goals. It is different for everyone. I ask my patients to bring pictures of what they look like when they were younger so that I have an idea of where we are starting. Based on that starting point, I do a lot of analysis of facial proportions to make sure that there isn’t something other than restoring the tissue that would benefit a patient. Using fillers has become an epidemic with poor results everywhere and I’m very conscious to make sure that we restore volume in a responsible and aesthetic way. Tam: What role do clothes play in your everyday routine. Do you always dress so immaculately ? What’s your everyday style? Jordan: I try to keep it simple. Everything I buy mostly matches with everything else. I don’t have a lot of time to think about it in the mornings so that is by design. That being said, I’m considerate of good tailoring and quality fabric. I wear a suit and tie to work most days, however, my weekends are more relaxed. I love APC denim and wearing layers.

Jordan and Maya pose for pictures next (and on top of) their new dining set which perfectly fits the modern art-deco interior of their apartment. Jordan is wearing a Dior Homme Tuxedo and Maya is wearing a Chanel dress with Wolford Tights and Christian Louboutin Shoes. She accessorizes with a Juste un Clou by Cartier bracelet and Eddie Borgo rings.


Interview Tam: So a boy from Oklahoma City goes on to become a renowned plastic surgeon, marries a European model and lives in one of the ‘power’ high rises in San Francisco...Seems like quite a fairy tale. How did you get here and achieve so much so quickly? Tell us a little about the secret behind your success. Jordan: Life throws everyone curve balls. I never so much would have guessed how my life would be now much less how it will be ten years from now. I’m thankful for my good fortune and for my wife, family and friends. Everything can be lost in the blink of an eye and I never forget that. All that being said, I certainly have goals in life and I try to make the best decisions I have with the available facts in front of me. I work hard, and try to treat the people around me well. I try to be prepared for opportunities that may present themselves, and try to not worry too much about the disappointments. I don’t have a secret. I would gladly share it if I did. “Since this meeting and interview, I have come to know Jordan and Maya more closely as we keep on bumping into them at social events and parties. Maya who is a model (with a lot of experience in Europe) headlined Bacca Da Silva’s line in the BAYFashion CLHS 2013 Runway Fashion Extravaganza. This young couple is fast becoming the toast of the town.“

Tam Nguyen

Jordan and Maya are about to leave for the evening and so are we, but we could not help but snap a parting shot of this delightful couple who have decided to make San Francisco their home.


/ Haute Couture Designer - In Focus

Serkan Cura a designer who flew his fashion flies he is a fashion bird he has feather wings he is the master crafter


Photography : Greg Alexander ( Art director SÊbastien Vienne Hair François Laly Make-up Nathalie Grand Model Elisabeth @ Up Models Paris

by Emmanuelle Colpin

Power 2013

This is a rare bird. Remember this name: Serkan Cura young Belgian designer of Turkish origin. Since summer 2012, Serkan Cura flew and created his own couture house in Paris. His hobby? The pen. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 2007, he perfected during his apprenticeship in the work of luxury materials like skin, leather, fur and feather. Serkan fun discovering no limit to its creation: the absurdity of tone on tone, structured oversized jackets, skirts made from a variety of craft techniques and textures ... After leaving school, he joined the fashion house of Jean Paul Gaultier to handle the creative workshop where as Serkan likes to tell: “I was fulfilling all the wishes of a fashion genius. “


A door to the imagination for the young man who started collecting feather from the age of 13 . He owns a boa of the famous singer Zizi Jeanmaire and the mantle of Marlene Dietrich. He became the sole creator specializing in unique techniques of applied feathers. he finds his feathers at the feather workers,since the business of feather making was scarce he bought stocks that allow him to make all his experiences. With feathers, Serkan has prepared a trompe-l’oeil jacket with silver fox is in fact only made with feathers of heron. The pen becomes fur. To achieve this it was necessary to cut, tear, weave inching these feathers for hours. If you ask, what his wishes are, he answers: “My only dream now is to give pleasure, and arouse the desire to escape on a soft cloud of feathers. What better than wearing a second skin to complete its own natural beauty? “. His last show “Birds of Eden” is a wonderful trip to the countries of the feather. Small, large, cut in skirt in neck, painted black ... the feather is turned from a thousand ways to delight every outfit. He wanted for this collection to pay tribute to the manufacture of the feather: knowledge and ancient techniques. But what does he do when he does not have his head in the feathers? He likes to go to South Africa to relax, walk in the wildlife parks and buy ostrich feathers ...


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Power Dressing Redefining the office dress code! Model: Megan Mohr Makeup: Melina Ruiz Hair: Brenda Barron Fashion Stylist: Julia G. Concept & Photography: Gail Bowman (BAYFashion Southern California Fashion Director)

Power 2013

Shirt: Custom by De Marcus | Hat: Pendleton | Pants: The Loft | Shoes: Models own



Business Suit: Talia Shirt: Custom by De Marcus Tie: Custom by The Gents Closet Pocket Square: Sean Jean

Power 2013

Shirt: Custom by De Marcus Pants: Banana Republic



Hat: Deena & Ozzy Felt Bowler Hat Tie: Custom by The Gents Closet Shirt: Custom by De Marcus Pants: Express Design Studio

Power 2013

Business Suit: Albert Ming Shirt: Custom by De Marcus Pocket Square: Custom by Gents Closet


Bow Tie: Engineered by Remy Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent Leather Gloves: Bebe


/ Executive Power Profile


by Kristen Gray

Neil Moffitt Continues To Be Ahead of the Curve with Hakkasan Las Vegas

Moffitt CEO. Angel Management Group

They say great things always start with small beginnings, which holds true for Neil Moffitt, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Angel Management Group. What started as a passion to ensure everyone around him was having an enjoyable time has turned into the creation of revolutionary brands and establishments such as Hakkasan. The 80 thousand square-foot Cantonese metropolis is not his only great achievement, but it might be his most revolutionary.

Godskitchen, the international superclub brand, was Moffitt’s original concept which set him apart from the rest in his industry. Moffitt and other promoters gathered at a house party one night and noticed most of the group was gathered in the kitchen. The very best parties take place in “God’s Kitchen” (hence the name). He swiftly gained success across the UK with the Godskitchen brand, nightclub sensation Code, and his record-breaking festival GlobalGathering. His next focus was bringing his ideas and fortune to the US. When Moffitt first arrived in the states he was already ahead of the curve. In most big cities there was just one main club doing it big and playing electronic dance music (EDM), while smaller nightclubs or bars were playing a mixed format. Today, he says, “with the digital age there is such easy access to music online. Records decline and artists have more control. Electronic artists are becoming the producers.” He says a gap was bridged when Calvin Harris combined forces with Rihanna. This forced EDM into the main stream. “Now it has no choice but to be played by radio due to the collaboration and acceptance from society,” he says. Moffitt believes the music industry is headed towards more collaborations. “Ferrell doing a track with Daft Punk 5, 6, 7 years ago would have been a joke. It is now a reality. It is the name of the game,” he says. “What hip-hop was to the MTV generation will be what electronic music is to the new generation,” he says. Although now the genre can’t simply be named electronic any longer because it is becoming broader than that with the collaborations. Moffitt supports this new era of music by partnering with the MGM Grand Las Vegas to bring us his food, beverage and entertainment powerhouse Hakkasan. The venue originated in the UK and has locations in San Francisco and New York, but the


new Vegas location is far unlike the rest. “Taking the DNA of Hakkasan we created something from the fundamental foundation of the restaurant and transported it over 80 thousand square feet. No one has ever built anything substantial like this,” he says. This venue does not only appeal to the generic customer, but also the eccentric guest who appreciates the grandiose areas with superstar entertainment. “The challenge was to not only create one environment but three or four,” he says. His creation came from the need for a place that went from a fine dining experience to a nightclub; keeping the guest entertained the whole night without them ever having to leave the venue. Managing his many brands and venues, traveling and attending meetings keep Moffitt pretty busy, so he enjoys spending his down time with his family. “I get more pleasure with that than with anything else because my family is the most important thing to me in the world. Yes, it is important to be successful, but also to be a good father.” He is one to know that success does not come over night, and when it arrives its time to impress. Moffitt’s power suite is a Tom Ford. “I love the James Bond three-piece suit. When I want to push it over the edge that is my suite.” Tom Ford does indeed create a timeless, classic fashion statement. He goes on to say, “When I put on a Tom Ford Suite I go from being 5’11 to 6’2.” It all started with Moffitt’s first booking of DJ Tall Paul at Godskitchen in the UK. Since then he has reinvented the way consumers (whether or not they are diners) and partygoers go out. Out of all of his success, he points out that the greatest achievement is seeing people enjoying themselves in is venues, rather than going out on the town himself. He would rather this than “wake up weary in the morning with a relatively clear head,” he concludes. For more info and to see his latest collection go to

Power 2013


/ Executive Power Profile

by Kristen Gray & Chris Rojas

JetBlue founding executive, Alex Wilcox, lives by one of his favorite quotes, “If you can provide a better product at a lower cost point you will succeed.” With his newest venture, JetSuite, he does just that; offering private airfare to a larger market through lower prices. From JetBlue, Wilcox has carried over his experience and the lessons he learned to create the successful JetSuite brand. With JetBlue, is was revolutionary to have live streaming TV onboard at the time, other airlines like Virgin have since followed suit. With JetSuite Wilcox and his team developed airplanes that are more comfortable and more efficient to fly, and market to premier flyers that would normally fly first class. In 2011 Singapore airlines partnered with JetSuite to offer private jet connections between international flights for its premium passengers. Collaborations with big united based carriers are also in discussion to provide private jet opportunities for premium members. Wilcox has discovered that learning what to say no to is just as important as learning what to say yes to as an entrepreneur in new business. He tweeted, “private jet = time machine not champagne and caviar but why not bring the food on board?” For the first few weeks, JetSuite offered catering on board but ultimately decided

Founder. Jetblue | CEO. Jetsuite Authority on luxury time travel


Alex Wilcox

Power 2013

against it, and for a good reason too. One of their clients who was in fact a Laker’s fan happened to be attending a game. Dessert was served and presented with green frosting rather than purple. The upset client decided that is was JetSuite’s fault the Lakers lost that night; due to the frosting choice. This resulted in a loss in business. Extreme example, but none the less noted. After that JetSuite decided to forgo the catering because they “could not justify losing 10k of business for 38 cents worth of frosting,” says Wilcox. No questions asked here. Flights usually remain under two hours but in the case that they are longer, JetSuite suggests that the client pick up food along the way or hire their own caterer. Working out the initial kinks has left JetSuite in a successful position; however, the proposed $100 flight tax is an impending issue that needs to be addressed. This does not bode well with Wilcox, in fact he says its “regressive and punishes the most efficient operators like Jetsuite and does nothing to proportionate the change of the operators of the big jets that don’t fly very often and that take up more services and require more runway.” No matter the distance of the flight each jet is issued the same $100 tax. Wilcox remains positive in that this proposal will not be passed. Jetsuite is currently the only private aviation company that does not force its clients to buy a fraction in order to access their fleet, they charge you one trip at a time.This convenience has a huge sway in the market. Not only that but they offer service to over 2,000 airports across the US, Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico. They also are working on adding lower fares to lower markets because currently they are only priced to fly where traffic is high,

up and down the coasts. We can already see how JetSuite is a much more viable option as opposed to other jet carriers but they also draw clientele that normally would fly first class. Their services are also perfect for a group of travelers that would like to make a few trips in a day, for example, realtors looking at different properties, or maybe a couple looking for a destination wedding spot. Plus, going the jet route saves you so much time at the airport with avoiding security and lines. Wilcox wouldn’t be a true jet ambassador if he wasn’t able to fly himself. So, when he is not busy with work he flies recreationally in just his shorts and sandals. Living in Del Mar gives him the option to “ski in Mammoth or have a picnic on an island somewhere,” he says. He also adds that “flying gives him access to the entire planet where he feels invincible.” When he is not casually dressed in beachwear, Wilcox always falls back on his Brooks Brother’s blue pinstripe suit with either an Armani or Hermes tie. Why? Because its classic and distills a sense of trust when he meets with bankers, which are most of his meetings. He also is fond of wearing John Varvatos’ line. As with his fashion, Wilcox sticks to what he knows works and has been successful for him in the past. JetSuite is redefining the way we travel, giving more clients access to luxury travel because of their lower price points. It worked with JetBlue and is appearing to work just as well with JetSuite. Below: Jetsuite Edition CJ3 Phenom 100 Air-50


/ Executive Power Profile

Maurice Founder of SKYY and Blue Angel Vodka

by Kristen Gray

The man with a mind that never stops creating


One standing theme throughout all of Kanbar’s many inventions is being able to “look at a situation, find a problem and correct it.” Through this, we notice that all of his creations are results of a need in Kanbar’s own personal life. His first invention was the D-Fuzz-It comb that removes unsightly balls that form on sweaters. Kanbar explains he was wearing a sweater while leaning up against a building (trying to look cool for the girls, naturally). As he walked away he noticed pills from his sweater had gathered on the wall. His attention was immediately focused on creating a tool that would act as the wall had in removing sweater pills. This product was wildly successful and made him $220k within the first month, which is equivalent to $2m today. Take in mind he was 21 at the time. Kanbar settles into the topic of booze and one of his biggest achievements, Skyy Vodka. “Alcohol was man’s first tranquilizer,” he proclaims. Although not a heavy drinker, he does like a drink with lunch or dinner, despite being plagued with a due hangover the following AM. “A dull headache was the price I paid for the booze,” he says. He had always been fond of cognac and voiced his concerns about the impending headaches to his physician. The doctor then suggested that he try vodka because the high levels of congener in darker liquors are the issue. So, martinis and vodka straights became his new go-to drink. He says that a martini “gives you the biggest bang for your buck.”The dreadful headaches were reduced to merely 1 out of 5 times, but he insisted to himself that there must be a way around this. A “dependably pure vodka would be the only vodka I’d drink,” he says. It was then that Skyy Vodka was born. There were a few hurdles, but determination kept Kanbar on track. But now what to call it? “How about Prince Romanoff Vodka? No, didn’t sound right. Zar Nicolai’s Vodka? No, that didn’t sound right either.” He goes on to say that a month went by then “one day I was looking out my window and we had an incredible blue sky; I said, look at that sky. Sky Vodka that’s it!” However, his patent attorney explained that simply Sky Vodka was too generic so he decided on the extra “y,” leaving it more visually appealing as well. With a name like Skyy Vodka a blue bottle was necessary, except no one in the entire U.S. would supply that. A man in Germany was found and solved that problem, but there was still the issue of purity. In order to leave the consumer hangover free, four distillations were necessary. This in turn “substantially reduces the chances of a headache even if you have four shots,” he says. The success of Skyy Vodka taught Kanbar the ropes of the alcohol business and distribution. “My whole focus is on my favorite drink,” he says: the martini. Marketing is everything when it comes to a business soaring or sinking. “Marketing is a problem you can either succeed at or fail at. Take a good item and if you don’t market it properly you will fail,” he says. Taking what he had learned with Skyy Vodka, he produces the first non-hangover vodka, Blue Angel Vodka, which is even purer than Skyy. Ideally, Kanbar wants a customer to be able to walk into a bar


and request a BAM (Blue Angel Martini) and not have the bar tender look upon him with a questioning look. This is heavily dependent on marketing. Kanbar is still on the hunt for a marketing guru, as the last three he hired failed to produce these results. “I am having lunch at Perry’s today. When My whole focus is on I ask for a Cran BAM my favorite drink t h e y know what it is, (a Blue Angel martini with a splash of cranberry juice) but I want ever bar in the city to know what it is,” he says. Along with his claim to fame, Skyy Vodka, Kanbar also has at least 36 other patents, including his D-Fuzz-It comb mentioned above. Others are Zip Notes, a LED traffic light, and the Safety Glide hypodermic needle protector. Kanbar’s other works are in film production. His favorite production was the animated film Hoodwinked. For artistic guidance he looks up to famous producer Billy Wilder and his ten commandments. “The first nine are though shall not bore and the last is thou shall have final cut,” he says. The key for movie success is where I come out and say “wow that was interesting and I loved it. The content of the film is very important.” This also brings to light his invention of the first theater multiplex quad cinema in 1972. When Kanbar is not busy finding ways to improve his and other lives in general, he likes to take the occasional “lady friend” to dinner or a movie. He also adds that he is a “voracious” reader and loves gaining knowledge about the world and people around him. When asked about his go-to designer he explains that he has everything custom fit and is unable to purchase anything off the rack. When he finds a material he likes, he has a jacket made. “Key is the blue blazer. It’s the uniform,” he says. Also adding that “men are more fortunate than women; (when it comes to fashion) they can get away with a lot.” However, men have far fewer choices than women do in fashion. They all wear tuxes to an event while women cannot be seen in the same dress twice. Before we wrap the conversation up Kanbar offers to show us an experiment: obviously we are intrigued. “Would you like to watch me convert vodka into cognac by adding congener?” he says. “Yes!” we all state, eyes gleaming. He never stops learning, so why should we?

More infor

Power 2013


/ Fashion Icon

by Kristen Gray

Defining Power with Fashion

David Heil

David Heil is the lead designer and CEO of David August Inc and a captain of the clothing industry, who understands the impact of being impeccably dressed for the men who are in a position of significant power. David August has the distinction of being the personal outfitters for some of Hollywood biggest stars and power players like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Robert Downey Jr. and Aaron Sorkin to name a few. David August is the official formal clothing brand used in the Iron Man movies. Davie Heil’s list of fashion accomplishments are long and limitless, but he likes to sum it up in a short quote by Matthew Boulton “We sell here, Sir, what the world desires to have - Power”. David presented his first ever runway show to a housefull San Francisco VIP audience on the 3rd of May 2013 at the Palace hotel at the BAYFashion F/W 2013 CLHS fashion show. We had a chance to sit down with this amazing designer and get to know a little more about him and his design inspirations.

The Interview Shankha: Your website proclaims “We sell here Sir, what the world desires to have, Power.” Seems like quite a statement. Was David August conceived to be what it is today? Or did it evolve to its current position? David: I’ve always been a huge fan of Quality over Quantity. Timeless Classic over Short Lived or Slick in any way. Over-dressing for occasions rather than can always remove your tie or your jacket if you are feeling over-dressed. Being dressed properly, appropriately and elegantly at any level screams success and in turn bestows a comforting level of power & confidence in the person wearing the clothing. In turn this confidence is projected to those around them. This has been and remains our Mantra at David August since day one..

the number system of matching up shirts, jackets, suits, and ties? David: The numbering system was conceived for many reasons but two in particular were the main, as a way to make my clients’ already hectic lives easier. And two, the system gives our clients 24/7 access to my personal combination choices using their actual physical clothing, without having me standing in their closets. Our state of the art wardrobe management system allows you to reference complete outfits head to toe and the response and feedback from our clients has been extremely positive. Shankha: Do you design and produce all the items that you supply your clients or is it partly sourced from other suppliers to make your line a head to toe collection for men? David: I love to shop and explore what other designers are creating. If you keep an open mind and an open eye there is so much talent to be discovered. We design 95% of the clothing & accessories we supply to our clientele, but select & coordinate 100% of our client’s outfits in-house. I don’t think it is actually physically possible, and may not always be the best choice for the client, to try and squeeze every look out of one designer.

Shankha: When did you get started with designing clothes? How did you decide to be a men’s designer? David: I always had an affinity for menswear and tailored clothing, but upon graduating college and accepting a sales position in a different industry, I realized that I needed true passion for my product. This undoubtedly led me to begin David August-Lifestyle Outfitters. Shankha: The system of numbers matching up shirts, suits, jackets, ties. It allows someone who has no idea about Fashion to be fashion appropriate in all seasons. Did you invent


Shankha: Can you name a few of your high profile clients? David: We have a very diverse clientele and have been fortunate to work with many of the Superstars from almost every industry. A few of the David August family of clients include motivational guru Tony Robbins, actors Robert Downey Jr ,Will Smith, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone & Clint Eastwood; UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta & UFC President Dana White, as well as many Professional Sports

Power 2013

franchise owners and top Athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL. Business luminaries Steve Wynn, Ron Perelman, Ron Burkle, Warren Buffet & Sheldon Adelson. Movie, Television and Radio network executives and personalities Ryan Seacrest, Donny Deutsch. Les Moonves, Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw Norm Pattiz, Jim Rome, Michael Ovitz & Ron Meyer. World renowned celebrity Chefs, Daniel Boulud, Thomas Kellar, Wolfgang Puck & Scott Conant. A current Supreme Court Justice as well as two previous Presidents of the United States. Shankha: How did you get involved with the Iron Man franchise? Did it help you push David August to new heights? David: The Iron Man partnership came about due to my friendships with Marvel executives who are current clients and recommended me for the job. It absolutely pushed our brand to new heights and we continue to get inquiries from clients who would like replicas of the suits and clothing we made for the Iron Man franchise! Shankha: What is your opinion about San Francisco? Being one of the most expensive cities in the world, San Francisco is still lagging behind in commercial fashion presence (underlined by the lack of a IMG Fashion Week here). Do you have any suggestions for San Francisco fashion community to help us lift the fashion fog that shrouds our beautiful city? David: BayFashion is on the right track by helping to keep the community fashionably current through print, web and live fashion venues! Attack Attack Attack! Great job! All my very best to you guys!

For more info and to see his latest collection go to

d appropriately annd in y, rl e p ro p d e ss a “Being dre screams succeosswer & l e v le y n a t a y tl p elegan mforting level ogfthe clothing. o c a s w o st e b rn tu e person wearincted to those confidence in th dence is proje remains our fi n o c is th rn tu In has been and around them.Tvhidis August since day one.. Mantra at Da David with Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Sherlock Holmes


/ Pushing The Haute Couture Envelope

The Coach

Photography & Concept : Greg Alexander (BAYFashion European Fashion Director) ( Art director : Sébastien Vienne Make-up for Déila : François Laly Make-up for the boys : Virginie Péria Hair : Yumiko Hikage Models : Déila @ Up Models , Jeremy Fondanèche, Etther Zag, Jeremy Parisi, Sebastien Theurel Assistant : Valérie Auger Special thanks to : Battling Club Paris

Couture Vs. Muscle Delia is wearing Tony Yaacoub Couture Gown


Power 2013



Delia is wearing a Tony Yaacoub Couture Mermaid Tail Gown

Power 2013

Delia is wearing a Black/Sheer Red Carpet Gown by Zuhair Murad



Delia is wearing a Black Couture Gown by Zuhair Murad

Power 2013

Delia is wearing a Satin Ball Gown by Dina JSR


Couture Power!

Dress: Jean-Paul Benielli Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Bag: Jasmine


/ Love etc...

4 Values

for success in Love! by Jason Martineau

Those of you who follow my articles know that I stress mutuality and try to steer

clear of excessive opinions about lifestyle choices. Every relationship has its own quirks and nuances, needs, demands, and strong points. The notion of success in love perhaps evokes ideas of being a great seducer, but I thought it would be valuable to look at some of the traits and qualities people tend to anecdotally report as being important to the success of their varied and multifaceted relationships. What are the “must-haves” in Loveland?

Trust – this one seems to be indispensable. Almost every person I have spoken with states this quality as priority Number One. While some people trust readily at first and then try to prevent it from being chipped away, others take time to build trust, based upon the actions of their partner. It has the unique distinction of being the only quality that, once lost, is very difficult to regain. It seems therefore imperative to take care of this essential ingredient. However, frequently it is assigned solely to the person who should be giving it; that is, each person is expected to trust the other. Ironically, less thought is given to the cultivation of a trusting atmosphere, and in this way, being trustworthy. You might say, “Hey, wait a minute, I AM a trustworthy person!” What I am driving at is that trust is really a collaborative venture, and just as much as we would expect or demand it, we might also be sure and look at whether we are supporting it and warranting it to be given to us. Ambiguity, hostility, impatience, contempt, annoyance, inconsistency, dishonesty, and contentiousness, all damage the ease with which our partner might otherwise find us trustable. We would not then want to turn to them and lash out at their seeming trouble with trusting us. We would in fact be making it even harder! Sometimes it is our very own selves who are not tending the garden, so it is valuable to look not only at our partner’s nature, if they tend to be a paranoid, non-trusting type, or if in fact we ourselves are perhaps doing something that might make it harder for them to do what they really do want to do. Either way, this element cannot be disregarded, and both sides of the equation need to be addressed. Communication – this is not only a quality or act, but also a skill. Active listening involves not only avoiding interruptions and quick reactions and defenses, but also taking our time to relay back to the person what they say, paraphrasing at each step, to let them know that we really do understand their words. This not only helps us to comprehend better when there are misunderstandings or conflicts, but also helps our partner to feel cared about and held in positive esteem. We all want to feel understood and valued, and our words to be heard and received, even when they are uncomfortable sometimes. Acknowledgement, patience, and reflecting back what we hear, all help to let the beloved know that we are there, and we are listening. Here also it is best to avoid the two communication killers:

eye-rolling, and the dreaded exclamation of indifference: “whatever.” These are sure to destroy any hope of connection when negotiating feelings and thoughts.


– probably this goes without mention, but nevertheless it is critical. It goes farther than just respecting each other’s need for space, boundaries, or whatever their requests may be. It goes even beyond etiquette and politeness, although I am sure many of you may find yourselves less respectful toward your partner at times than you would be toward a friend. But isn’t your lover more than a friend? The trouble here can show up with intimacy, we might sometimes treat the partner as though they were extensions of ourselves. If we are hard on ourselves, we might be hard on them, too, and sometimes without good cause. Respect therefore requires attention to the fact that there really is another person over there, with their own hopes and fears and attitudes, and respect will help us to see them in the moment, as they are, and not as our image of them might grow to become. Also it helps to nurture a supportive environment for communication and trust, naturally. In fact, all three of those work together to maximize interactive success.

Friendship – over time, lovers may come to expect certain things from each other, duties around the house, caretaking of children, sexual gratification, and so on. In these cases (and similar ones), our lovers may begin to take on the quality of a utility or tool, an object for our personal service. This is a condition that may breed resentment, and if communication is also suffering, then those resentments will be unspoken, and will accumulate. That is a time bomb waiting to explode, and when it does, neither of them even knows what happened or why they fight so much. With friends, we usually make decisions together easily, respect each others needs, and are able to have good times together often, without much argument or fuss. With our lovers, this can be even more possible, but it requires attention to how we treat them, what we ask of them, and if there is a clear attitude of shared fairness. It is common to hear that our lover is our best friend, and while no relationship can be without conflict entirely (and sometimes it can even strengthen a bond), nevertheless a loving connection need not be more fragile than a friendship. These are four of the top values that men and women of various ages list most often when speaking of relationship success. Of course there are others, and they all have some effect on each other. The question to ask ourselves sometimes is not “Why is my partner not more respectful or trusting or communicating?”, but rather, “Am I providing the best possible conditions to receive the same qualities I offer?” Two people, after all, are involved…

Sublime ceviche headlines the menu of world‐class Peruvian plates at  celeb  chef  Gastón  Acurio’s  very  popular  South  American  seafooder  where  knowledgeable  servers  navigate  an  enchanting  Embarcadero  setting; whether you drink sophisticated cocktails in the gorgeous bar  or snag outdoor seating (the best for killer Bay views), it’s so much fun,  as  long  as  money  is  no  object  and  you’re  prepared  to  embrace  the  loud, high‐energy scene. ‐ Zagat 

You can't  go  wrong  with  any  ceviche,  especially  the  cebiche  classico,  with  California  halibut  in  a  classic  tigre  de  leche  sauce  kicked  up  with  citrus  and  habanero.  It's  cooled  by  large  hominy‐like  kernels  of  corn  and  slices  of  sweet  yams. The halibut has a great texture, and its flavor is lightly infused with spices.  – The Chronicle, Michael Bauer 05/2012  La Mar Cebicheria Peruana • Pier 1 ½, (Embarcadero) • San Francisco • CA • 94111 • Reservations : (415) 397‐8880 •


Bacca Da Silva


Photos: Herm Pugay

Chirstophe Guillarme Photos: Michael Moore

Power 2013

Maisha bahati S a l i e n t Po i n t s o f CLHS 2013 F/W * 3 Massive Ballrooms (50,000 sqft) * 8 International Designers * 140 feet total runway length * 500 Elite guests * 50+ Lamborghini’s Valet Parked * 100 Models on the floor * Biggest Runway Show Eve * Cover Article on SF Chronicle Style

The CLHS 2013 Runway Fashion Event presented by BAYFashion Magazine and sponsored by Lamborghini, Place Hotel & Becks Sapphire was the first event of its scale and standard presented in San Francisco. The International Designer Lineup included designers from all over the world. Listed below in runway order: * Bacca Da Silva Sao Paulo

* Felix Rodionov Ukraine

* Maisha Bahati Peurto Rico

* Christophe Guillarme Paris

* David August Los Angeles

* Citizen by Azin New York

* Marc Jacobs New York

* Cory Couture Vietnam

Photo: Herm Pugay

The Event was co-sponsored by Define Wines, Vita Water & Ministry of Tomorrow. Photos: Michael Moore

Photos: Michael Moore


Photos: Igor Kandrya

Cityzen by Azin

Photos: Michael Moore

Bacca Da Silva, considered by many as the top San Francisco based (originally from Sao Paulo) fashion designer opened the show with this Fall/ Winter 2013 collection. The diverse collection consisted of couture dresses, exquisitely constructed pant suits and red carpet statement pieces. Felix Rodionov, the master crafter of leather and fur form Ukraine used CLHS 2013 to launch his collection in San Francisco.This time Felix showed off a collection with defined styles from the rockchic genre to the extreme couture statement pieces. He also created a male and female version of Lamborghini branded red and black leather jackets which were an instant hit with the sponsors and VIP guests. You can see more and get purchase info from Next on the runway was the line of sexy and colorful evening wear and jumpsuits from Maisha Bahati. Maisha whose design philosophy revolves around the terms ‘elegant’, ‘sexy’, ‘stunning’ , did not dissapoint with a collection that had the audience mesmerized as her models walked down the runway. A long and resounding ovation followed when the designer took the stage to take a bow. Photo: Igor Kondrya

Photos: Michael Moore


Felix Rodionov

Photos: Igor Kandrya

Power 2013 Christophe Guillarme is the first couture designer from Paris to show his collection (just shown at Paris Fashion Week) in San Francisco. The F/W 2013 collection which is aimed at Cannes 2013 clearly stood out as the red-carpet collection of the evening. Each outfit was a limited production couture piece in a predominantly black, white and mergenta color palette. David August (suit designer for all Iron Man movies) Couture, the upscale custom outfitters for some of the worlds most influential men showed his lineup of ‘Power Suits’ for the first time ever. Davids line conists of custom created shirts, ties, suits and accessories for men. He showed off suits which would take over a boardroom or fit you in at a Hollywood premiere. Citizen by Azin, a line inspired by the sattelite pictures of major cities of the world by Architect-Designer Azin Valy was next on the runway. She showed off 12 dresses each named after a capital city of the world and crafter with prints and lines from the city’s sattelite image. Our favorite was the New York satin duchess stretch dress. Azin also creates purses and scarfs defined by the same theme, which were on the runway.

marc Jocobs

Next up on the runway were current in-store looks from legendary american fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs who is one of the most prolific designers in the world and the

Photos: Herm Pugay

Photos: Igor Kondrya

David August

Photos: Dahl Photography

Photo: Herm Pugay


Photo: Tim Engle creative head of the fashion house of Louis Vuitton has one of the most distinct collections in the world today. We want to specially thank the Marc Jacobs San Francisco team of Joanna Calonico and Luis Cortes for helping us secure this line for the CLHS runway. Our ‘FINALE’ designer Cory Tran is a personal favorite of our fashion editor and San Francisco realized that they are witnessing the emergence of a designer who is going to have a prominent place among the couture houses of the World. Cory who originally hails from Vietnam lives in San Francisco and New York (his two homes) and creates amazing outfits for some of the most fashionable celebrities in the world today. His lineup stunned the audience into a hushed silence and completel attention

as soon as the his first look hit the runway. 12 looks later the audience was on its feet in thunderous ovation for this young designer who is about to the world of couture by storm.. BAYFashion CLHS is an attempt by BAYFashion Media to bring a world class international fashion event to San Francisco. San Francisco, one of the most fashionable cities in the world, sorely misses having an international fashion week like New York and Miami and we want to thank everyone who purchased a ticket to come see this event and supported us. We will be producing CLHS (Coolest Looks and Hottest Styles) bi-annually and it will get bigger and better with every iteration. Our heartfelt thanks goes to the VIP guests who honored us with their presence and supported our vision. Photo: Herm Pugay


Cory Couture Photos: Igor Kandrya


CLHS F/W 2013

Photos: Igor Kondrya

Photo: Michael Moore

Photos: Dahl Photography

The VIP pre-event party hosted by the BAYFashion, Palace Hotel and Lamborghini at the Pied Piper Bar and Grill was one of the most powerful congregations in San Francisco in recent years. Attendees included the Hon’ble Willie Brown, Bob Pryt, Jim Steele, Claudia Ross (our host for the evening), Vinod Kripalani and many more VIP’s from Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Lamborghini of San Francisco invited over 50 of their most recent clients to this event adding to the list of power personalities attending this event. The incredible support for this event by the elite citizens of San Francisco is a clear indication of the resurgence of San Francisco as a fashion capital of the world.

Photos: Dahl Photography


Photos: Rada Katz

A FAIRYTALE IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT A PALACE From the elegantly intimate to the stunningly extravagant, we will create the wedding of your dreams. Luxuriate on your special day in the glamorous style and personalized service that you have come to expect from the legendary Palace Hotel. HISTORIC SETTING CUSTOMIZABLE WEDDING PACKAGES UNIQUE AND REFINED MENU OPTIONS STARWOOD PERFERRED GUEST速 BENEFITS

For wedding inquiries, please contact Samantha Woods at 415 546 5060 or e-mail

Palace Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel 2 New Montgomery Street San Francsico, CA 94105 USA

CLHS F/W 2013


Photo: Igor Kondrya

Photo: Johanna Aquino Makeup and Hair Sponsored by:

Urban Hair Lounge

Photo: Imee Flores Photo: Herm Pugay

Photo: Herm Pugay

Photo: Imee Flores Photo: Imee Flores

Photo: Michael Moore Photo: Herm Pugay ,Photo: Tim Engle

,Photo: Igor Kondrya


,Photo: Tim Engle


CLHS F/W 2013

Photos: Igor Kondrya

Photos: Rich Greenwood

Photos: Michael Moore

Music Beatz




“Sugar Man”

Very excited to see this amazing artist, who until now at age 70, was robbed of any real fame & fortune in the US. Like many, I barely knew of him, until watching his recent film, Searching for Sugar Man, which won an academy award. This title track says it all, amazing singer, songwriter and just an overall humble musical genius, who’s finally getting his claim to fame!


M83 featuring Suzanne Sundfor


M83 always delivers epic and beautiful electronic music that is lush in synths and has always been perfect for the big screen. It has been a dream for mastermind,Anthony Rodriguez and he finally got his wish as this new track, with an amazing vocal by Norwegian singer Suzanne Sundfor is featured in Tom Cruises new Sci-Fi thriller “Oblivion” – Rodriguez also scored the entire movie.


Dido featuring Kendrick Lamar

“Let Us Move On”

UK singer Dido returns with a new album and this 1st single showcases her amazing angelic vocal over a nice driving beat. Like her breakthrough 2000 track, “Thank You”, which was featured on Eminem’s Stan, she enlists another Dr. Dre Protégé; Kendrick Lamar and he brings the heat.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Sacrilege” Music Video

Loving the vibe of New York’s coolest indie rock band’s newest release, where lead singer Karen O sings about falling for an angel who falls from the sky over a bang’n snare and guitar riffs, with a cool vocoder answer back. The video starring British model Lily Cole is really creepy, but its visual shock art at its best – enjoy.


Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera “Feel This Moment” – Music Video

The Cuban rap superstar teams up with one of the best female vocalists of all time and she sounds amazing over a bang’n electro dance beat that also features a sample from modern rock band Aha’s, “Take On Me”. Like him or not, Pitbull always brings his signature swag to every track and the video says it all

by Sason Bishope Parry


Click or Scan to Play


“Alive” – Music Video

This new American electronic dance act, consisting of Middle Eastern singer songwriter sisters, Jahan and Jasmine Yousef and producer Kris “Rainman” Trindl exploded onto to the club scene with this hot dance track. The video looks like a big post Armageddon party and from the looks of it, they play hard!


Snoop Lion Featuring Drake, Cori B

“No Guns Allowed” – Music Video

Snoop Dogg has definitely changed his vibe and I love it. This song reminds me of Bob Marley’s, “No Woman No Cry” track, but with an antigun message. The video is a tribute to the kids killed in the Sandy Hook massacre and to anyone who has lost someone to gun violence - nice job Snoop!


Kendrick Lamar featuring Jay Z

“Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe ”

Raps newest hero gets a boost from his mentor as Jay Z drops the fire over a sick beat, proving once again why he’s the greatest living rapper of all time. Kendrick also adds a new verse and just kills it, holding his own.



“Gentleman” – Music Video

Korea’s biggest music import has done it again and already racked up over 70M views for his newest electro K Pop banger & Gangnum Style is now over 1.5B! Like it or not, the beat is a banger and Psy is a riot in the new video that is just pure fun with lots of eye-candy.


One Republic “If I lose Myself” – Alesso Remix

One Republic writes great tunes and this new single is no exception as they sign on, superstar DJ Alesso for a remix and the result is dance floor magic with beautiful synths that carry Ryan Tedders voice and a huge buildup that drop’s into Alesso’s massive Progressive house style that will have fist pumping all summer!

Blockbuster Event Calendar Dada Life – May 17, 2013 – Craneway Pavillion – Richmond, Ca. LIVE 105’s BFD – May 19, 2013 – Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, Ca. Bjork – May 22, 25, 28, 2013 – Craneway Pavillion – Richmond, Ca. Sting – June 2, 2013 – America’s Cup Pavillion – San Francisco Justin Timberlake & Jay Z – July 26, 2013 – Candlestick Park – San Francisco

Hello Everyone, Hope your all well – Summer is almost here and with that comes lots of amazing music releases, summer events and more. Breakout Indie Hip Hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis continue to dominate radio and the Billboard’s hot 100 charts with their smash hit, “Thrift Shop” and Justin Timberlake rules the album charts with his amazing new release, “The 20/20 Experience”. This year’s Billboard Music Awards will be airing live again at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 19, with performances by Prince, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Grammy breakout performer Miguel – my only question is where are the Electronic Dance Acts? Check out new releases out now by; Snoop Lion, Pheonix, Major Lazer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Paramore, The Flaming Lips, Kid Cudi, Will.I.Am, HIM and many more. Well some of us thought it was just a hoax, but sure enough, Hip Hops original G has gone from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion and he’s got everyone’s attention now, with awesome performances at SXSW and Ultra Music Festival. In event news, Ultra Music Festival ends on a high note with two weekends of Electronic Dance Music which included awesome performances by; The Weekend, Snoop Dogg, Swedish House Mafia, Bassnectar and San Francisco’s very own Bishopemagnetic to name a few. Lollapalooza US announces one of its best line-ups to date with headlining performances by Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, The Killers and more stretched over three days at Chicago’s Grant Park and taking place August 2-4, 2013. Coachella enjoyed 2 soldout weekends and has closed a venue deal with the city of Indio, which guarantees the festival will have a home for years to come. Outsidelands Music Festival, now in its 6th year, will take place once again at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on August 9-11, 2013 and will feature performances by Paul McCartney, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kaskade, Phoenix and many more. I hope you enjoy this new issue of MusicBeatz, share it with your friends – we are now in all the Wholefoods and Barnes & Noble book stores. Remember to stay inspired & breathe some music into your soul daily! Sason Bishope Parry

Power 2013

Talent Finder Emerging Artist

“Music is what I need to keep my sanity.”

Presented by Mediaboxx

For most artists aspiring to be good at one thing is a challenge, but then there’s a few who can do it all - meet Chris Marsol, a San Francisco bay area raised singer-songwriter, who not only is a great singer and stage performer, but he is also a good actor and more importantly he’s got a relentless hustle that is required these days to make it. His love for music started early on, honing his chops in the church choir and creating homemade demos. By the age of 17 he was already writing songs and before long he discovered a love for rock music prompting him to learn the guitar and start his own band. This lead to lots of live shows and his debut release, Rocket Science, which took him on the road sharing the stage with big artists like The Roots and Lyrics Born. Inspired by his success, Chris headed back in the studio and the result was a more diverse offering, Butterflies, Lipstick and Hand Grenades released in 2009 on Clear Label, an Independent label headed by Tajai Massey of the acclaimed group Souls Of Mischief. Several singles enjoyed heavy rotation and video play. Chris then began to shift his focus to his second love acting and in 2012 he landed a successful six-week run at San Francisco’s Gough Street Playhouse as the co-lead in the Tony Award winning stage play, Superior Donuts. Chris continued music as well and in his spare time was cultivating his chops to be at the helm of his new musical project – an 8-track EP, In These Uncertain Times, crossing musical genres and The EP is available now on I-Tunes. Chris Marsol has a lot of hot irons in the fire and it’s just a matter of time before one of them catches fire with the world.

Chris Marsol

Listen to “In These Uncertain Times” now

Center Stage: TOM WINDISH

Founder of The Windish Agency

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with game changing super music agent, Tom Windish and speak about music and why his company is one of the best independent music agencies. SBP: How has life been treating you my man? TW: I have few reasons to complain. Our company is stronger than ever before. Our artists are developing and awareness of them is growing. Each of our 20 agents, have rosters that are maturing and artists that are becoming more and more popular. SBP: You are the founder of one of the biggest indie music agencies in the World - The Windish Agency, how did it all start? TW: My family played and taught classical music and I was raised with music in my life every day. In college (SUNY Binghamton) I became a college radio DJ and produced concerts for the station. Soon after I was asked to be head of all concerts for the college because of the quality of the shows I booked. I then interned at William Morris Agency in New York and started booking tours for small known bands. I booked more and more bands (and DJ’s). My company was called Bug Booking, because I had to call clubs so many times to book my acts. I joined a larger agency in Chicago called The Billions Corp and worked there for 7 years. I left 9 years ago to start my own agency - I never dreamed it would become what it is now. SBP:Windish represents lots of different genres of music, but didn’t always have a big EDM roster, but now it’s huge, with artists like Diplo & Justice to name a few. Were you instrumental in signing a lot of the acts? TW: I started listening to house and techno in Chicago about 15 years ago. I liked an artist named Herbert and another u-Ziq and I started pursuing those acts on Ninja Tune and Warp Records. After a few years my electronic acts were a huge part of my roster. I was booking Autechre, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Royksopp, St Germain, Squarepusher and more. I did bring in Justice and Diplo. After The Windish Agency started, I began bringing in other people to help me book the acts. I found a young guy in Chicago named Sam Hunt who was a jack of all trades at a Chicago indie label called Thrill Jockey. Sam started issuing contracts but quickly started handling some booking duties and has gone on to discover and build artists like Girl Talk. He also now books Diplo, plus A-Trak, Chromeo and more. I also had an old friend, Brad who was booking Smart Bar, one of the best bars in Chicago and I brought him in to book DJ’s specifically so I could focus on live acts. I then opened

Sason Bishope Parry

The Disc Jockey to Watch

Presented by the Winter Music Conference ( From International DJ, ranked as high as number 21, in DJ Magazines top 100 DJ’s poll, to producer with an unprecedented 500 releases to his name, as well as a radio show and label with his brand - Magic Island, its safe to say, Roger Shah is serious about music. He has inspired audiences to dance for over 20 years, with amazing DJ sets and live performances that showcase him not only DJing, but also playing live. He was part of Armin Van Buuren’s Armada imprint and behind some of the labels biggest tracks including, Going Wrong. His tracks have also been released through Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner, as well as leading EDM labels such as Black Hole, Ministry Of Sound and Ultra Records. As a producer he has worked with some big names including; Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold and Sarah Maclachlan and is set to score the trailer for the new Avatar movie, as well as scores for Disney and many other Hollywood films. He was recently nominated 2x for ‘Best Trance & Progressive DJ’ and ‘Best Radio Show’ in Mexico and has celebrated great success as a solo artist and under many monikers including his most prominent Alias, The Sunlounger Project, which has charted on almost every continent and has more then 80 million views on youtube. His latest single “Sunlounger & Rocking J- Finca” is hitting the global EDM charts and is getting support by countless EDM artists including Arming Van Buuren and Above & Beyond. The next chapter of Sunlounger has a release date set for Summer 2013 and will feature many exciting collaborations. He also has high hopes for a new live project that will have a blend of rock fused with an epic dance music sound. Roger Shah has spent most of his life playing & creating music worldwide and now with his eyes set on the US, we can’t wait to hear what’s next. Listen to “Find My Way” from the forthcoming Sunlounger CD an office in New York City with one of the legends of the DJ business, agent Steve Goodgold. Steve brought Steve Angelo and Thomas Gold to the agency. SBP: What do you look for when you sign an act or DJ? TW: Primarily that I like the music. Also, that the artist and team share a common vision on how to develop the career. SBP:You’re pretty fashion savvy, do you see a direct link between music and fashion? TW: I wouldn’t say I’m that fashion savvy. I wear many of the same things I wore 20 years ago, but I don’t however discount the power of a great suit or shirt. If you’re on stage, fashion could or could not play a part in the image the artist wants to project. SBP:What do you think about the amazing festival growth in the US? Do you think festivals are the new touring model? TW: If you compare the USA to many other countries, we are really in the beginning of cultivating festival culture. The UK alone has over 1000 festivals and some of them have been happening successfully for 40 years. The USA has a long way to go to catch up. That’s not to say that all festivals will be successful. Some people will decide to throw one because they see dollar signs but they don’t have a vision on how to create a culture around the fest. But there is definitely room for more festivals and it starts with great lineups and treating the fans to a great experience. SBP: You look amazing, how do you always look so fit and young in such a high stress job? TW: I’ve done Cross-fit for 5 years - I love it. I also eat healthy most of the time, keep my alcohol intake low and try to sleep a lot. SBP: What’s next for Tom Windish? TW: The answer to that would be extremely long. I’m looking to how I can provide more and better services to artists so they can have bigger, better and more profitable careers.

Guitar Tribute

Presented by Magneta Picks musical genius and Prince the guitar strings of the This month we salute

multi-talented artist known as, Prince. His music has spanned for more then 3 decades with countless number one hits and when he picks up the guitar, its pure magic on and off stage – check out his amazing guitar solo on, “Lets Go Crazy”.


/ A Summer Fashion Destination

The Resort at Pelican Hill

Those craving a luxurious vacation, Southern California style, need look no further than the critically acclaimed The Resort at Pelican Hill. Luscious golf greens, serene spa treatments and decadent cuisine draw travelers from all over the world, and has landed Pelican Hill a spot on Forbes’ Five-Star Award list in 2013 (joining The Spa at Pelican Hill, which has held the title for four consecutive years).

Luscious golf greens, serene spa treatments and decadent cuisine draw travelers from all over the world, and has landed Pelican Hill a spot on Forbes’ Five-Star Award list in 2013 (joining The Spa at Pelican Hill, which has held the title for four consecutive years). The resort boasts a myriad of pools (editor’s pick: The Coliseum Pool is stunning, with over one million hand-laid glass mosaic tiles). Also available is The Villa Club Pool, a Children’s Pool and various cabana amenities (pool-side flat screen TVs, Bose audio systems and mini bars, to name a few). Those working on their fitness will be floored with healthy activity options. From outdoor yoga to group classes to state-of-the-art fitness centers, there is something for everyone. Hoping to hit the green? This is the spot to be! Rated “#1 Golf Resort in the World” in 2012 by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, the Pelican Hill greens are absolutely spectacular. Enjoy an ocean-view round with 54 holes, including 36 champion holes on Ocean North and Ocean South Courses, and 18 holes at nearby Oak Creek Golf Club. After a rousing game of golf, unwind in the unprecedented Spa at Pelican Hill. Winning award after award, the experience of this heavenly spa will leave you relaxed beyond your wildest dreams. En route to your treatment, walk alongside century-old olive trees, fresh lavender and an astounding panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Massages, facials and nail treatments abound in this incredible atmosphere. After a full day of golf and pampering, spend the evening dining in one of many eateries located at Pelican Hill. Whether you crave a casual experience, authentic Italian or fresh Californian cuisine, there is something for every palate. Got kiddos? No problem! Besides the fabulous Children’s Pool, there are a variety of activities for youngsters of all ages. Ages 4-12 can join Camp Pelican, while teenage guests have Teen Adventure Program, both of which are age-appropriate groups catering to under-18 guests. No matter your age, style or taste, everyone will discover relaxation and delight at Pelican Hill.

Photos: Courtesy of Pelican Hill

Address: 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd Newport Coast, CA 92657 | Telephone: (949) 467-6800 | Website:

Make Your Escape At Burke Williams, you’ll discover an elegant sanctuary far away from every day life. Enjoy a relaxing massage, rejuvenating facial, pampering nail care and our signature wetroom treatments, all in the luxurious atmosphere of a world-class European Day Spa. Plan your escape today!

1-866-Beyond-5 ~ San Francisco: Westfield Shopping Centre, 5th floor ~ San Jose: 355 Santana Row, Suite 2010

/ Street Style

by Abbey Manaois Photos: Johanna Aquino Michale Moore


A little rain doesn’t stop San Francisco from shedding some layers, bringing in the pops of color or finally showing some skin. But for now, San Francisco seems to be giving a preview of whats to come in the months ahead. We are so ready to shed our Winter gear and give Spring a run for its money!

ZOE MENG Zoe Meng is keeping it edgy by wearing a bold red top from Mango, a jacket with gold zipper detailing from Zara and shoes with gold stud detailing also from Zara. It’s the bold red top that really screams “I’m ready for Spring!”

GIANNA CIAPPONI It is all about color block when it comes to Giana’s outfit! She is wearing a bright yellow cutout dress from Forever 21 and a green peacoat from Target to keep her warm. She keeps her accessories and shoes simple so that it doesn’t distract from what she is wearing.

ALBERT RIO At first glance, Albert may see like he is just wearing a simple suit, but the leather fingerless gloves by Armani Exchange and the accesorry pinned to his collor instead of a tie say otherwise.

BETTY CHENG She caught our attention with the simple details of her accessories and a soft sweater in a burgundy colot by Vince. Her outfit is elevated by the delicate details of her accessories especially the wooden frames of her round lens sunglasses by Shwood showing us that sometimes the right accessories can really make your outfit more interesting.


ALINE PAMPANI She shows off a bit of adge with chain detaling on her lether quilted jacket from zara and gold studded booties from Forever 21. She keeps the colors of her out strictly black and white, allowing her carry Kate Spade pop of color on her arm.

Power 2013

Albert’s Armani Exchange fingerless gloves!

Zoe’s gold stud deatailing from Zara!


Vintage lepard print coat is her statement detail for her outfit.


n fra woode hwood nies! S ’s y tt Be sun

a pop of color!

Zoe’s To

ry Burch c baraceltlutch & Cartier e!

Aline’s gold studded booties from Forever 21!

A ZATheKhIN JANIN as a tell that s

Janina’s fingerless gloves!


e sunglasses

Heart shap

You can ugh her onality thro quirky pers e is seen wearing outfit. As she sunnies, fingerheart shap and polka dot skirt , less gloves Forever 21. by


Coverage: Maria Serquen

Photos: Courtney Munna & Drew Altizer


The Art of Fashion:


Fall 2013 Collection Runway Show—March 21, San Francisco City Hall

Fashion aficionados from around the world watch the newest styles and trending fashions from fashion hubs such as Paris and Milan. In the United States, New York is the dominant player in this field, with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week drawing the greatest designers around the world in an event without equal in this country. In fact, New York has been so successful at creating a culture of fashion that big-name designers have tended to overlook the many other energetic and fastpaced communities in the U.S. Thankfully, all of that is changing, with one important step happening only a few weeks ago right here in the Bay Area. Renowned designer Jason Wu, an already stellar designer who reached new heights of fame after designing both of Michelle Obama’s dresses for the Inauguration Balls, presented one of his newest collections for The Art of Fashion: Jason Wu Visually, walking up the steps to the beautiful San Francisco City Hall already set the stage for the elegant event. It made it more exciting, like taking a little journey to the place you needed to go. When people made their way to the Rotunda, the first view was the grand staircase while waiting in this opening area made an excellent opportunity have one’s picture taken or enjoy some of the delectable appetizers. Cocktail dresses were the clear favorite at this event, with attendees donning exquisite dresses from a variety of designers.


After this introductory period the main event started, and although it may have been the shortest part of the night, it was certainly the

most exciting. The event was a full house as Jason Wu debuted one of his newest collections, It was exciting that this was the first time the renowned designer had presented in the Bay Area, making that night a part of San Francisco fashion history. The collection itself did not disappoint, with each new design seemingly more beautiful and more innovating than the one before, an awe-inspiring mixture of daywear and evening wear. Directly after the show, a charity auction was held to benefit local music programs for aspiring young musicians. While at first prizes such as tickets to Jason Wu’s New York Fashion Week show were up for grabs, the event eventually turned to a “donation auction”, with participants enthusiastically “outbidding” each other for the chance to donate money to specific schools or programs. The final phase of this event was divided into two parts. Most of the guests stayed in the Rotunda area, where they could enjoy a night of festive dancing and delicious food catered by professional chefs. However, a small group of attendees who purchased “Benefactor”level tickets to the event were able to mingle with Jason Wu at an exclusive after-party held in the Mayor’s Balcony. Wherever they chose to mingle, all participants had a wonderful time celebrating a truly successful fashion show, hopefully the first of many more to come in this city.

/ Who, What, Where?


by Claudia Castillo Ross

Where To Go Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica “ Outfit by The Pool” Dress: Missoni Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples Sandels: Zara Bag: C.Wonder

Claudia Castillo Ross is a Media Maven that has her hand on the pulse of what is happening now. As an aCross Town expert, she is at the forefront of trends, building brands and an expert on where to go, what to do and very much what to wear. As an event planner and style trendsetter with a blackbelt in fashion, Ross doesn’t see trends, she sets them.

What To Wear SF Symphony Gala

Who To See Artists at the Sorokko Gallery

Jewelry: Wellendoff (at Shreve & Co.) Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gown: Roland Mouret

Dress: Victoria Beckham Shoes: Gucci Necklace: Zara



moments are what define you • seek happiness in every moment • celebrate the moments that bring us together • define the moments • define yourself

… D E F I N E W I N E S V. 1 1 S Y / G R - R O S É Define Wine’s Exotic Rosé of whole cluster pressed Napa Valley Syrah & mountain top Red Hills Grenache. Call or text: 978 . 886 . 7447

/ Style Guide


by Ylevol Tam Nguyen and Abbey Manaois


v Zaitze Slava


eiland Timo W




n laure Ralph

They are bold!

Confident and strong.

Pretty bold statement.

Style guide: Repeating floral patterns, dream-like floral, and flowers made to look like dripping paint. Whatever it is, is all flower power this summer. Wear this trend with similar solid colored pieces to offset the boldness of the floral because it doesn’t mix too well with other prints. That way, you won’t look like a walking dandelion. Wear it as pants, a dress or even as accessories, whatever the piece may be, this bold trend looks good on anyone.

Style guide: There are some pros and cons to it such as selecting the right colors, styles and fits. A skinny cropped leg pant with a structured jacket in a matching color is a good way to start on this trend. Once that is conquered, different variations can be tried such as a bold print for both pants and jacket or even a jacket/ shorts suit can be tried. Avoid looking like a lost member of the Blues Brothers by keeping accessories to a minimum (no fedoras!) and a pair of pumps can make you look oh-so powerful.

Style guide: Right now, this trend is for the fearless and let’s face it, you either look good in ruffles or you don’t. I believe ruffles look best on a smaller frame because the frills give off the appearance of fullness. So find pieces where there are frills around the chest area or waist/hip area to fake fullness. And the more dramatic the ruffle and trendier you may seem.

Herve Leger

BLACK & One of the biggest trends this season Style guide: We are bringing it back to basics with the Black and White trend which at first seems odd because when we think of summer we think color, color, color. It’s not as simple as just wearing black skinnies and a white top; it takes a bit more

Photos: 2012 & 2013 Getty Images


& WHITE creativity than that. You have to play with textures, lengths and definitely accessorize! Look for items that are jet black and bright white in interesting fabrics or textures like chiffon, summer leather or simple detailing like cutouts to elevate simple black and white to a different level.

Son Jun g Wan


Concep t Korea



Let’s face it, summer is finally here and we are all just itching to try the next big thing for summer 2013. But what are the trends for summer 2013? That is what BAYFashion is here for... to guide you into the next trend and how to wear it. Read on for seven easy trends to try.

Jill Stu art

Getting cultural.

Looks good on any skin tone .

Baring some skin!

Style guide: It’s all about playing with ethnic prints with this trend and the more cultural the better. You will look like you stepped off the plane from a different country, but in a good way. Wear cultural prints in floaty materials, leather sandals and your sun hat and you will look ready to travel to the islands this Summer.

Style Guide: Daffodil reminds me of sunshine, or the coming of Summer and it is definitely a happy color. This bright yellow color compliments well with other colors such as navy, ivory, and even burnt orange. Try it by wearing a daffodil colored top with some navy toned statement jewelry or a daffodil colored skinny belt to add a pop of color to an ivory dress.

Style guide: Showing some skin is sexy when done right. Opt for fluid pieces when wearing this trend such as a flowing maxi skirt or dress. Pieces that give movement when moving are more eye-catching. If wearing a more fitted piece, sheer panels look best on the back, on the hem of a skirt, shoulders or even a deep plunging neck-line. This light material is the perfect trend for Summer.

/ Beauty Tips


by Aliya Qazi

Hair plays an important role in enhancing our overall appearance and therefore deserves to be treated accordingly. Let us help you start a hair care routine in order to get more manageable and vibrant hair.

to Fabulous Hair



Olive oil is great for hair. Take a small amount of warm olive oil and massage your scalp in circular motion. This process will not only moisturize your scalp but also increase blood circulation. After you have applied oil, wrap a hot towel around your hair so that the oil absorbs completely into the roots. You can wash your hair in an hour or so. This treatment will stimulate your scalp resulting in shinier and healthier hair.



Your shampoo should always be gentle, sulphate free and without any other harsh chemicals. Use Aveda Shampure shampoo and conditioner together for maximum benefit. Morikue proteins cleanse and strengthen all hair types by protecting them from environmental stress and damage. The combo contains a soothing mix of 25 pure flower and plant essences for comforting experience. It is suitable for all hair types.


Photographer: Puhh



Besides daily conditioner, hair also needs deep conditioning at least once or twice a week. Nexxus Humectress Hydrating Treatment Deep Hair Conditioner Cream invigorates hair with its honey extract, avocado, Vitamin C, soybean, Vitamin E and many other nourishing ingredients. Evenly apply a small amount to damp hair, leave in for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Your hair will be noticeably soft and silky just after one application.




Always prep your hair before heat styling by using a heat protectant. Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray by TRESemm’e provides a protective layer against heat and friction caused by the styling tools. Its moisture-locking vitamin complex hydrates and improves the look of all hair types.



Refreshing Sun Protection Spray for Body & Hair Broad Spectrum SPF 16 by Shiseido is a summer must-have. It shields your body as well as your hair and scalp from UV damage. Apply this lightweight and water-resistant spray every time you go out in the sun.

Foundation Tips 101 Do it Like a Pro!

by Emma Loyola

Have you ever walked down the street and seen someone who’s face doesn’t match their neck? Or maybe it looks like they put too much foundation on? Skin tones vary in shades and have different undertones. It is essetial to understand color theory to execute a flawless foundation.

WHY? “It is important to analyze your skin . If the wrong foundation is chosen, it can leave you looking powdery, cause the foundation to crease, or even worse work against your skin type, clog pores and provoke breakoputs. If the wrong foundation shade is chosen, you can look like you are wearing a mask. ” FOUNDATION OPTIONS “Different skin types require different types of foundation. Foundation options include: tinted moisturizers, liquid foundation, mineral foundation, cream foundation, powder foundation, concealer, and cake make-up. Each foundation varies in level of coverage. Determine the level of the coverage desired and choose the right product for yourself. Makeup sponges, a foundation brush or clean finger tips can be used to apply and blend foundation. .” IDENTIFY YOUR SKIN TYPE “When choosing your foundation, it is important to identify your skin type. Are you oily, dry or combination? Does the foundation chosen work with or against your skin type? Once you choose the ideal fomula for your skin. The correct foundation shade must be chosen. Match the foundation shade on your neck is best, so there is a smooth transition from neck to face.” PLAY WITH FOUNDATION, CORRECTOR & CONSEALER

Photographer:David Lantrip Model: Lola Burlitz Makup: Barbie Mercedes


“To cancel dark circle with a blush or purple tone use a warm corrector with yellow, and warm orange use for darker skin color. (Yellow cancles purple color, peach or orange cancles blue tones.) by using color theory you are able to conceal unwanted dark circles without applying and excessive amount of makeup under your eyes.”

RN74 is a San Francisco urban wine bar and restaurant by Michael Mina, Rajat Parr and Jason Berthold featuring modern interpretations of refined American and regional French cuisine with an extensive wine list highlighting the Burgundy region of France. RN74 is short for “Route Nationale 74,� the main highway that runs through the Burgundy wine region of France.

301 Mission Street (Fremont & Beale) San Francisco, CA 94105 Reservations

415.543.7474 Hours Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Dinner: Sunday-Thursday 5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Wine Bar: Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m.-close Saturday & Sunday 5:00 p.m.-close Twitter: #chefmichaelmina


/ Beauty Tips Makeup & Hair:Emma Loyola Photo: Shankha Model: Alexa Gill WATCH THE VIDEO Click or Scan the QR Code


.StartsPRE MAKEUP by applying your favorite pre make-up products such as: moisturizer, primer or correctors.

.BeginEYE SHADOW the eyes with a medium shadow applied to the

crease with a eye shadow brush. Slowly build the darker shade with a finer brush. Using the same fine brush apply eyeshadow to the under area of the eyes (build the darkness gradually for control.) Once all the eyeshadow has been applied clear any eyeshadow debris that may have fallen.

1. Josie Maran $ 22.00 “Argan Love Your Lips” 2. Dior $60.00 “ 5-Colour Eyeshadow

! H S A L P S R O COL 1

3. Nars $ 44.00 “Sheer Glow Foundation“


Showcasing a strong bright lip color along with your smokey eye can be a fun way to pop your make-up. 2


Foundation application can start. Method of application is up to you a sponge, foundation brush or clean fingertips can be used. By using two foundation colors a more natural contour can be achieved. On the model a golden toned foundation which matches her neck was used to make her base and a more fair toned foundation to high light her bone structure. (mostly in the center of the face) Once foundation is completed use concealer for additional coverage. Use as needed. Tip: When applying a dark or dramatic eye make up try doing the eyes first, before foundation is done. This way if you have to clean up the under eye area you don’t risk smudging the foundation or leaving dark circles.


Apply eye liner and false lashes.While waiting for the lashes to dry apply the blush and lip color.Once the lashes have dried make sure all the lash glue is covered by refreshing the eyeliner and apply a light coat of mascara to blend natural lashes into the falsies. Apply eyeliner to the upper and lower water line and you are finished.




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/ Beauty Spot - Featured Artist

by Aliya Qazi


BRENDA BURNS Phone: 510-828-4039 @brendaburnsprohairstylist

Tell us something about Brenda Burns the hairstylist:

Brenda: I have been styling hair for approximately five years. Got interested in hair styling at a young age; practiced on my friends and myself. Became a licensed cosmetologist; specializing in wedding up-dos, high-fashion hair styling and haircuts and coloring.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Brenda: I love enhancing beauty and seeing the joy my creativity brings to my clients. The beauty industry is always evolving and I look forward to the daily challenges.

Favorite product and product line:

Brenda: Redken products have never let me down. My favorite Redken product is the color extending shampoo and conditioner. Redkin treatments provide deep conditioning to the hair necessary for styling.

Source of inspiration:

Brenda: Fashion magazines have been a major source of inspiration to me. I have a natural talent to style hair and to recreate the sophisticated styles worn by the models and celebrities. I always wanted to work with hair and here I am, living my dream.

Hair care tips for the brides and Brides-to-be:

Brenda: Take care of your hair to ensure your hair is as healthy as can be for your special day. Keep your hair clean and conditioned.

Hairstyle/cut Do’s and Don’ts for the brides and brides-tobe:

Brenda: • Book your wedding hair stylist up to a year in advance. You may need several appointments to discuss different hairstyling options for your special day. • Do not try to do your own hairstyle for your wedding. • Now is not the time for a drastic change in cut or color.

Wedding hairstyles trends:

Brenda: The 2013 trend is wearing jewels flowers and lace/ fabric designed pieces in wedding hair with updos that are braided in many different options. Hair pieces are also very popular and easy to incorporate into the wedding veil.

Future plans as a hairstylist:

Brenda: I want to continue to build my client base and enhance my portfolio. I would like to be known worldwide as the most amazing stylist.

I always wanted to work with hair and here I am, living my dream.

Photo: Yesenia Bocanegra


Photo: Yesenia Bocanegra

/ New Face

by Melissa Hunter

Photos: Tim Engle Makeup: Cesar Rivera Hair: Renne Alejandro Stylist: Simone Vianna

Laura O’Brien Height:










Dress Size:



“I’ve been obsessed with fashion for as long as I can remember. One of my latest hobbies is my fashion blog I recently launched, called “Betty Styles”.The rest of my free time, I like to spend with my friends, family and my yellow lab puppy, Riley. Some of my favorite models that I look up to are Kate Moss (she’s my height, yay!), Erin Wasson and Amanda Booth. They’re all three stunning, and, for lack of a better word, badasses. Plus they all have killer personal style.”

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