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chicago athlete magazine

PUBLISHER Eliot Wineberg | x201 gorun@mychicagoathlete.com

“So many people played a role in getting me to the start line of my second Bank of America Chicago Marathon.”


o many people played a role in getting me to the start line (and, ultimately, the finish line) of my second Bank of America Chicago Marathon. From the first day of marathon season, I had a strong team behind me supporting me, supporting me in various aspects of my journey. I could not have possibly done this race without them. The Chicago Area Runners Association probably contributed the most to the creation of my marathon support team, at least in terms of people. The 10:30 Awesomes, who I will forever believe are the best pace group in all of CARA’s marathon training program, are the reason I run marathons. Period. Yes, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I feel from completing a marathon, and I certainly enjoy the structure of marathon training. Ultimately, though, the people I run with keep me coming back. Jon Kamp and Jamie Graves are an all-star team, with Jon’s like-clockwork pacing and Jamie’s unparalleled enthusiasm and encouragement. Liz Kreider did an excellent job of holding down the midweek long run fort at Equinox, and Kira Devin carried the entire group on her shoulders on more than one occasion, which I know we all appreciated. I, in particular, have never been more grateful on a run than I was when I struggled during an early-season 10 miler, and, without saying a word, Kira fell in step with my substantially-slower-than-10:30 pace and stuck with me all the way through the end of the run. I owe thanks to Lauren and Erin, who patiently endured my insistence on talking their ears off on several long runs and put up with me stressing about my seemingly endless laundry list of aches and pains. Thank you also to Arlyne and Marissa for running with me during what was hopefully the hottest half marathon I’ll ever endure, and to Jen for running with me both during that race and for going ridiculously out of her way to meet me at 5:15 on a Saturday morning so we could run 5.8 miles to a 10K in order to get in our scheduled 12 miles for the day. If that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is. I owe an extreme and eternal debt of gratitude to my physical therapist, Eric, who I saw more regularly than any of my friends all summer long (I wish I were kidding). Thank you for helping my toes, and my knee, and my heel, and my shoulder (you know, just to keep things interesting) get better, for never telling me I was crazy even though I gave you more than enough reasons to think I’m crazy, for all the IT band decorations (i.e., bruises) and for not making me do cones on my birthday. I absolutely would not have made it to the marathon without you, and you have no idea how much I appreciate the work you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d also like to thank Greg, my personal trainer at Equinox, for being the only reason I strength trained at all during marathon season. Strength training is the first thing I drop while preparing for a marathon, but having a trainer to keep me accountable and create (and constantly adapt) a strength training program to fit what I needed was incredible. It takes a pretty patient individual to put up with me at 6 a.m. on Monday mornings, but Greg did so with far more compassion than I imagine I would be able to muster if I had been in his position, and for that I am very grateful. My family and non-running friends also deserve all of my thanks for listening to me whine, stress and cry over my injuries, for (usually) pretending to not mind that I couldn’t hang out, ever, and of course for trekking all around Chicago on race day to cheer me on. Your support kept me going. And of course, thank you to the entire Chicago Athlete community for motivating me to pick up running in the first place. I would not be a runner if not for this magazine. As a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be an athlete, and though I tried nearly every sport under the sun, I never seemed to find something that clicked. Running, and marathoning in particular, has given me the sense of pride, the sense of accomplishment and the sense of belonging I tried so hard to find in other sports. It may not be for everyone, but I know for me, marathoning has permanently and positively changed my life, and I so look forward to doing it all again.

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Marathon • Half Marathon • Marathon Relay • 10K • 5K Youth Run • Full I-Challenge • Half I-Challenge • Mini i-Challenge

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April 23–25, 2015 • Champaign-Urbana www.illinoismarathon.com Flat, fast Boston qualifier! Six races and three I-Challenge categories Tech shirt for full, half, relay, 10K, and 5K! Commemorative fleece blanket to marathon finishers! Memorial Stadium finish line!

Photo courtesy of MarathonFoto.com


noveMber/deceMber 2014



on the cover 2014 F3 Lake Half Marathon

Photo by: Ali Engin


Photo by Emily Stone

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Marathon recap Kenyans Claim Top Honors at 37th Bank of America Chicago Marathon

november/december 2014


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Sports medicine makes athletes better. Running for the joy of it is hard when pain holds you back. But you can get the help you need to enjoy a run with friends, or keep a competitive edge, and stay in the game for life. Sports medicine at MacNeal is specialized care for the active patient. It requires unique knowledge of conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation. MacNeal distinguishes itself by offering one of the only sports medicine residency fellowships in Chicago. MacNeal treats the whole patient to prevent injury, enhance performance, and improve overall health. If you want to remain physically active throughout your life, learn how MacNeal can help you experience great care for life.

Experience great care for life. Center for Sports & Performance 3249 S. Oak Park Ave., Berwyn, IL 60402 708-783-0007 www.MacNeal.com

You were built to run. What kind of runner are you? Take a quiz to find out. http://bit.ly/macnealsports

start line

Bank of America Chicago Marathon eliud Kipchoge breaks the tape at the 37th Bank of america Chicago Marathon, winning the race in 2:04:11. Photo by emily Stone


november/december 2014



november/december 2014



on the WEB Stay up to date on the Chicago endurance sports scene between issues at mychicagoathlete.com. Haven’t been to the site lately? Here’s a quick look at what you might have missed:

POLL What will you be doing during the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?

Students Run CHI

Students Take on Bank of America Chicago Marathon


t’s 6:30 a.m. on Saturday at Montrose Beach. Runners, primarily in their 20s, 30s or older, mill around in front of the bathrooms, some stretching, others chatting. It’s a standard morning at one of the most popular training locations for the Chicago Area Runners Association’s Marathon Training Program with dozens of participants gearing up for another run on the Lakefront Trail. A few feet away, a group of high schoolers and adults gather at the bottom of a gentle incline. In and of itself, this isn’t entirely out of the ordinary: the CARA Road Scholars meet at that same spot during their season. But the Road Scholars program concludes after the annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, and it’s now September. For these 10 students, though, the Rock ‘n’ Roll fi nish line only represented the halfway point in their training. Students Run CHI, an independent offshoot of the Road Scholars program, was the brainchild of Marco Galvan and Chad Kasler, longtime Road Scholars leaders who started a nonprofit, Chicago Heart Initiative, to help undocumented students afford Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application. DACA allows those who came to the United States as children and meet several guidelines to request consideration of deferred action from U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services. Those approved will not be placed in removal proceedings or removed from the United States for a determined period of time. Though a new nonprofit, Galvan and Kasler have many ideas for the organization, including Students Run CHI. Participants involved in Students Run CHI continued running after the end of the Road Scholars season with the goal of completing the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October. “We fi nished [half ] marathon training and said, ‘Okay, after Road Scholars whoever wants to meet with us, sign these waivers and we’ll see you next Saturday,’” Galvan says. “We’ve been getting good




acceptance. I think all the runners get excited seeing high school kids trying to get into this.” Prior to their involvement fi rst with Road Scholars and then with Students Run CHI, most participants had little to no experience with running of any sort, let alone long distance running. Nevertheless, training has impacted all the students, including Adrian Vasquez, 18, a recent graduate of Benito Juarez Community Academy in Pilsen. “I used to think 12 miles was a ridiculous amount of miles to run, but now it’s like a warm up run before one of the trainings,” Vasquez says. Unlike many of their adult counterparts, the Students Run CHI participants have one extra challenge thrown into the delicate balancing act that makes up marathon training: schoolwork. “During the summer this was fine for them,” Galvan says. “Before school started, things ramp up and they started feeling the heat. We discussed this with all of them, especially during training runs. We made them aware that September was going to be tough for everybody as they got busy with homework and school. [We told them] you’ve got to manage your time wisely and wake up early to go run these runs. If you want us to help you, you’ve got to keep up with these runs.” Even with the difficulties that come with training for a marathon while in school, the program has had a positive impact on its participants. “Th is builds our self-esteem and our mileage,” Alondra Guzman, a 17-year-old senior at Rickover Naval Academy says. “It’s really awesome because our mentors push us. They motivate us, not just in running but in life, too.” To learn more about Students Run CHI and the Chicago Heart Initiative, visit studentsrunchi.org and chicagoheartinitiative.org.

Running, duh: 29% Volunteering/cheering on the runners: 38% Watching at home: 19% When is it again? Haven’t even thought about it: 8% Other: 6%

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HOT CHOCOLATE 15K SERVES AS MARATHON DESSERT Race season doesn’t have to end after the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The Hot Chocolate 15K and 5K races draw runners of all levels to downtown Chicago with the promise of chocolate at the finish line and last year raised about $250,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities across all of its nationwide races.

STAY MENTALLY STRONG THROUGH YOUR MARATHON While marathon running presents an incredible physical challenge, mental strength also plays an important role in making it through the 26.2-mile race. Sports psychologist and co-director of the Chicago Center for Behavioral Medicine and Sports Psychology Sara Buxton provides insight into keeping your head in the game through the whole run.


photos by Hilary Higgins

Delos Wellness Opens New Clinic to Expand pain ManagEMEnt practicE

Delos Wellness, a Chicago pain management clinic, recently opened its second location at 2105 N. Southport. The new clinic, located in the same building as Shred415, expands the practice to Lincoln Park. Co-founders Eric Owens and Mimi Bosika opened Delos Wellness’s original clinic, located at 600 W. Chicago, in 2012 based on a pain management therapy developed by Owens’s father, Kenny, who suffered from long term shoulder pain that stuck around even after surgery, medication and physical therapy. “My dad is a bright engineer and has that problemsolving mind,” Owens says. “He started experimenting with different techniques and one thing he realized was that the tissue in his arm was in a hard, contracted state, while the tissue in his other arm wasn’t like that.” Though testing different techniques, Kenny Owens found that applying direct pressure to hardened tissue would cause it to relax, leading to increased function and range of motion. His method worked, but without a medical background, he lacked credibility. “That was the main driving force for me to go to medical school: to have a better understanding of what 14

november/december 2014


was happening,” Eric Owens says. “Those were the answers I needed to take the therapy to the next level.” With the help of his longtime friend Bosika, who had graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, Owens opened Delos Wellness to bring his therapy to chronic pain sufferers and athletes alike. “The main idea of what we do is to stretch tissue with applied pressure,” Owens says. “It makes sense superficially if you’re stiff, you should stretch. The problem is tight tissue doesn’t stretch effectively. When you apply direct pressure to tissues, it forces a stretch of the tissue.” In addition to helping resolve pain issues, Owens has found that treatment can also help improve athletic performance. “When muscles become hard and tight, those muscle fibers are not available for use,” Owens says. “When you stretch them apart with pressure, the tight fibers go into a relaxed state, and you’re able to increase muscle recruitment and your performance will be better.”

While many of Delos’s patients come in because of current pain, Owens says maintenance and prevention can make a substantial difference. “It’s hard to get people into the clinic with no pain, but it’s a good idea to do that to prevent pain and stiffness,” Owens says. “Once it starts to hurt and is already stiff, it’s not too late, but now we have to get aggressive on the tissue. It’d be like not brushing your teeth until you get a cavity.” Delos’s method works well for athletes looking to deal with pain, but those with lower activity levels have benefitted from the treatment as well, including those working in offices. Because the treatment is fast and done over clothing, patients often come in during their lunch break to seek help with their pain. “Investment bankers, people in advertising, people who do a ton of activities: they all experience similar symptoms we can address,” Bosika says. Delos offers a complimentary 25-minute evaluation to new patients. To learn more about the therapy and clinics, visit delostherapy.com.














WWW.SANTAHUSTLE.COM Email: info@santahustle.com PHONE: 847. 829 .4536


Speedo LauncheS app

for SwimmerS

Swimmers looking to add a mobile component to their workouts have a new option with Speedo Fit, an app Speedo launched in September to help swimmers of all levels set and reach their swim and fitness goals. the app has several different functions encompassing all aspects of swimming. Users can log their swims to track distance, duration and sets and can set goals either by competing with friends on global swim

Northbrook Velodrome

routes through Map goals or by working toward individual goals following one of

announces riders of the Year

the app’s structured plans. the app also

The Northbrook Velodrome concluded its 2014 season in mid September and in October honored its top cyclists at its annual awards banquet. In addition to Rider of the Year awards, presented for cyclists in Category Pro/1/2, Category 3, Category 4, Women Category Pro/1/2/3, Women Category 4, Juniors 10-14 and Juniors 15-18, the Northbrook Cycle Committee also recognized the winner of the Garner Cup, which goes to riders competing in the 40+ age group each Thursday night.

includes a function that allows users to find local pools and pool information, including hours, pool length and contact information along with training videos from elite swimmers, including Natalie Coughlin, Summer Sanders, Ryan lochte, Nathan adrian, Jes-

The top three cyclists in each competitive bracket are as follows:

sica hardy and tyler Clary, to help users

Category Pro/1/2 1. Jason Garner 2. Jeffery Whiteman 3. Tyler George

Women Category Pro/1/2/3 1. Francine Haas 2. Angie Rochester 3. Marie Snyder

Juniors 15-18 1. Daryus Patel 2. Alec Dinerstein 3. John Kuhfahl

Category 3 1. Voytek Glinkowski 2. Alec Dinerstein 3. Jeremy Treister

Women Category 4 1. Kathryn George 2. Courtney O’Neill 3. Sophia Escobar

Garner Cup 1. Jason Garner 2. Brian Haas 3. Robbie Higgins

Category 4 1. Robert Whittier 2. Brandon Scheiner 3. Ryan Romenesko

Juniors 10-14 1. Solomon Treister 2. Jacob Zondlak 3. Ella Neurohr

improve their technique.

check it out New BalaNce Store

opeNS iN Hyde park New Balance opened a new retail outlet in Hyde Park at the end of September, providing South Side residents with easier access to the athletic shoe brand.

Speedo Fit has a partner website, speed-

The 2,100 square foot store expands New Balance’s presence in the city beyond its original Lincoln Park location, which opened in 1995. The new store sells both running shoes and shoes belonging to New Balance’s classic line, including 998s and 574s.

app’s features and will, over time, add

For more information, visit www.newbalancechicago.com. 16

november/december 2014


ousa.com/speedofit, that showcases the new content and features, including new workouts and expert advice. to download the free app, visit the itunes app Store.

FEBRUARY 8, 2015

MARCH 8, 2015



• Climb 31 floors and 680 steps of the suburbs’ tallest building • Climb 62 or 93 floors in the Extreme or Ultimate Challenges • Climb as many times as you can during the Power Hour

experience v e n u e n the a m e climb · c i t of y , your s t a t elife



} healthy lungs and healthy air.



• Individuals and teams climb 45 floors of 1, 2, 3 or all 4 towers— that’s a total of 2,340 steps! — OR — • Create a team for Chicago’s only stairclimb relay NATIONAL CORPORATE TEAM PARTNER

COLORS: PMS 1595, 2945, 7483, AND 7503


Nordic Fox Ski club

club Spotlight

abbott SigNS oN aS title SpoNSor oF world marathoN majorS

Looking for cross country skiing companions? Head to the western suburbs and meet up with the Nordic Fox Ski Club. The group, primarily based around Naperville, Downers Grove and Wheaton, formed in 1981 and boasts about 75 members, making it northern Illinois’ largest cross country ski club.

find the Nordic Fox Ski Club at Camp Sagawau in Lemont; Rock Cut State Park in Rockford; Lapham Peak in Delafield, Wisconsin and the Nordic trail in LaGrange, Wisconsin.

Members often ski in areas local to the western suburbs, particularly the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve and the adjacent Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, which grooms its golf course and rents equipment to those who would like to try their hand at cross country skiing. The Nordic Fox Ski Club also uses Arrowhead’s facilities to help introduce others to the sport.

The Nordic Fox Ski Club also takes trips during the season, occasionally in conjunction with the Lakeshore Ski and Sports Club from Chicago. In the past, the club has visited Stokely Creek in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada; Maplelag Resort in western Minnesota, Yellowstone National Park and Methow Valley, Washington. This winter, skiers will travel to Devil’s Thumb Resort in Winter Park, Colorado and Ironwood, Michigan, located in the state’s Upper Peninsula.

“Our ski club in January and February gives lessons at Arrowhead,” Art Kardatzke, club treasurer, says. “It’s very much for beginners. We’ve had good response; when we have snow, we fill up class.”

“The big attraction [in Ironwood] is that they get Lake Superior lake effect snow,” Kardatzke says. “The guy that runs the place teaches grooming classes, and the grooming is beautiful.”

The club offers two classes per morning, with 2015 classes scheduled for January 17, January 24, February 7 and February 14.

In February, the club will head to Wisconsin for one of the biggest events in cross country skiing: the American Birkebeiner in Hayward. The club also organizes a trip up to Hayward in early February, giving members a chance to experience the Birkie Trail before the event.

Club members don’t limit their ski excursions to Wheaton, however. Throughout the year, you can

learN more at: viSit www.NordicFox.org

check it out

abbott, a suburban Chicago-based global healthcare company devoted to improving life through the development of products and technologies that span the breadth of healthcare, and the World Marathon Majors announced a new partnership during Bank of america Chicago Marathon weekend in which abbott will become the series’ first-ever title sponsor. the series, which includes the tokyo Marathon, the Boston Marathon, the Virgin Money london Marathon, the BMW Berlin Marathon, the Bank of america Chicago Marathon and the tCS New york City Marathon, will be renamed the abbott World Marathon Majors beginning in 2015. “as the global leader in elite and mass participation marathons, the World Marathon Majors shows how people— wherever they’re from in the world— are capable of doing amazing things when they’re at their healthiest,” Carey Pinkowski, executive race director of the Bank of america Chicago Marathon, said. “as a company that helps people around the globe achieve their goals through better health, abbott is a natural fit as the first-ever title sponsor of the World Marathon Majors.” abbott’s involvement will include prerace expo presence, dedicated oncourse cheer zones and event and oncourse signage. to learn more about the World Marathon Majors, visit www. worldmarathonmajors.com.

Fleet Feet SportS ChiCago to opeN SuburbaN locatioN Fleet Feet Sports Chicago announced in September that it will open its sixth location by year’s end. The new store, located in the former The Competitive Foot space at 102 North Marion in Oak Park, will double the store’s suburban presence. The 1,800 square foot space will undergo major renovations in advance of opening. Fleet Feet plans to open a 1,000 square foot store at the corner of Southport and Roscoe in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood by the end of 2014 as well. For more information on the franchise’s locations, visit www.fleetfeetchicago.com.


november/december 2014


cycling enthusiAsts

photos by Bryan McVey

Training in Chicago A CyClist’s Guide

By Bryan McVey

While Chicago offers a multitude of training opportunities for a variety of different outdoor sports, navigating the nuances of getting in a good cycling workout can present challenges. While suburban riding has longer uninterrupted stretches of roads and fewer cars, the city of Chicago presents its own stunning beauty you can see while riding amongst towering skyscrapers, along the lakeshore or through the many unique neighborhoods within the city’s limits. Before setting out for a ride in the city, consider these tips about route choice, time selection and bicycle choice to make your workout or ride much more enjoyable and safe. While the Lakefront Trail is a fantastic place to enjoy a bike ride, it is not a place to do a fast bike workout during normal usage hours. If you need to constantly brake or dodge runners and walkers, you’re likely going too fast. During the high trafficked hours, use the path only as a means to get somewhere better to ride or as a reminder to take a forced easy spin day and enjoy the scenery. On the other hand, riding the Lakefront Trail at speed can be out of a dream in the early or late evening hours with the usage of a proper bike light. 20

November/december 2014


The other best times of the week to ride include the morning hours of the weekend. Several great group rides leave from set points at established times that will have you gasping for air before most wake up. The Judson ride leaves at 7:30 a.m. from Evanston’s Judson and Greenleaf streets, which ventures even further north before circling back to towards Evanston. It is a fast paced group ride, catering to experienced riders, and totals over 50 miles of leg burning pedaling. If you want something a bit more relaxed as you get comfortable riding in the city with a group, look out for the XXX Racing-AthletiCo team ride that leaves from the northwest corner of Wicker Park at 8 a.m. during the winter. This ride also heads north towards Highland Park, but its no-drop policy is great for learning the ropes from more experienced city cyclists and catching up with fellow riders. For solo or small group rides, follow the Lakefront Trail south past both Promontory Point and Jackson Parks towards the state border for much less path traffic, unique views of the city, amazing architecture and the balance between the industrial history and beauty of the south side. Of course, just riding on the city streets between stop lights can be an improvised interval workout as you make your way between the more steady stretches of uninterrupted roadways.

Bike choice in the city is a major topic of discussion when purchasing a new ride for both training and racing. While riding on roads typically lends itself to a road specific bike, a cyclocross bike could be your best bet for its versatility. With the geometry similar to that of a road bike, it can accommodate narrow road-specific tires or wider, thicker tires that can be more puncture resistant and ridden at lower pressures. This allows you to continue on your ride without having to dodge every pothole or patch of broken glass. Your riding predictability will also increase since you can ride through minor obstacles, which in turn increases your safety from passing vehicles. The ability to ride on and off roads (not on sidewalks unless you are under the age of 12!) with a treaded tire is also an option. Throughout the many grass covered parks and boulevards, you can ride at slower speeds while getting in the same effort as on the road. As always, wear a helmet, obey the rules of the road and be mindful of pedestrians. Check out www.chicagobikeracing.com/rides for more information on training rides throughout the Chicagoland area, including meeting times, places and general rules for the given rides.



Over the past year, we’ve introduced you to a diverse set of outstanding athletes who have been named Clif Bar Athlete of the Month. They’re all worthy in their own way, but only one man and one woman will be named 2014 Clif Bar Athlete of the Year. The Clif Bar Athlete of the Year winners will receive a fantastic Clif Bar prize package. The announcement will be made in our February 2015 Ultimate Resource Guide. Send in your votes today.


Jeff Purdom Running

Rachel Velarde Running


Dave Caldwell Running


Eric Wallor Running

Maria Lindberg Running

Jennifer Garrison Triathlete

Melissa Stone Cooney Running

Steven Bugarin Running


Jason Ream Running


James Akita Running



Fiona Carlon Triathlon


Peter Mone Triathlon

Emily Jurlina Running

Emil Bojanov Running

Laura Batterink Running


Hailey Krzyston Running

Ryan Giuliano Running

Allie Walters Running

TO VOTE: MAIL THIS FORM TO: Chicago Athlete 7842 N. Lincoln Ave. Skokie, IL 60077

VISIT: www.mychicagoathlete.com


___________________________ One vote per person

Distributed by Clif Bar & Compan y, Emer yville, CA 94608 U.S.A. • 1-800-CLIFBAR M–F 8–5 PST ©2012 Clif Bar & Company • CLIF, BUILDER’S and LUNA are registered trademarks of Clif Bar & Company CB12.998

nm bnmb

post marathon

BlOOD DRIVE 2014 Sunday, November 9th 7:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.


Did you know it is healthy for runners to donate blood? It is like changing the oil in your car. Your body creates fresh new cells. Just make sure you are in good health and it is at least one month since you have run your marathon. Also have a full breakfast without coffee before you donate. LocAtIon: old St. Patrick’s church Adams St. & Des Plaines Ave, FXW’s GYM.....3rd Floor (the 13.25 mile mark of the marathon)

PArkInG: Free & Plentiful oPerAtIonS: conducted by the caring professionals of American red cross APPoIntMentS: can be made in advance at: www.redcrossblood.org Please bring a photo ID QueStIonS: call Mark Buciak


(773) 307-0033 For further info: www.theroadtoboston.info

Free Massages to ALL DonorS

sponsored by:

chicago athlete magazine

Ryan Giuliano has been a regular at the top of race results for years and the last few months have been no different. Since the start of September, the 29 year old won the Oak Brook Half Marathon, finished third at the O’Hare Runway 5K and was the first Illinois finisher at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii, where he passed out momentarily during the run before getting up, refueling and finishing the race. While his times may fluctuate, Giuliano says he is always doing whatever it takes to be in the top group.


Having a close relationship with a running coach can make a big difference in performance, and no one knows that better than the female winner of the Fox Valley Half Marathon, Allie Walters: she’s married to her coach. Walters ran all through school but drifted from the sport until meeting her husband. Now, she regularly competes in marathons and half marathons while training throughout the year and recently joined the Fleet Feet Racing Team, where she hopes to regain the camaraderie she enjoyed while running in school. Walters says she met a number of her current teammates through her father-in-law, who is also a running coach. Both her Fox Valley victory and her PR performance at Grandma’s Half Marathon in Minnesota helped prepare her for this year’s New York City Marathon. Walters has some lofty goals set for the difficult course and wants to break both her current marathon PR of 3:08 and the 3:05 mark.


December 14, 2014


everyday athlete

Staying HealtHy and raiSing money for cHaritieS

Chicago Marathon and capped off his year of running with the Chicago Lakefront 50K on Nov. 2, 2013. He then took a bit of time off running until the end of December, when an influx of holiday treats at work prompted him to pick up running again. That turned into 200 consecutive days of running no less than 3.2 miles, including through January’s polar vortexes, that he concluded in July because of a new opportunity. “I had just finished my daily run,” Blancarte says, “but that day I wasn’t feeling the run and didn’t enjoy it. I got out of the shower and a notification pops up on my computer. I check the email and it says, ‘We want you on Team USA Endurance.’” Team USA Endurance, established by the U.S. Olympic Committee in 2013, raises funds for U.S. Olympians and Paralympians on Team USA. Members of Team USA Endurance, including Blancarte, will run the 2014 New York City Marathon this November. “To me, from never, ever running, never, ever thinking I was going to be able to do anything athletic to having the USOC provide me the privilege of representing my nation and having Team USA across my chest: that’s completely epic,” Blancarte says.

Miguel Blancarte charIty: teaM USa endUranCe

In January 2012, Miguel Blancarte weighed nearly 350 pounds. In November 2013, he became an ultramarathoner. Blancarte had been heavy his entire life, born more than a pound over what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention considers a high birth weight, but made a serious commitment to losing weight after a doctor’s appointment a few years ago. “[My doctor] told me, ‘Miguel, the way you’re going, chances are you’re not going to see past your mid-40s,’” Blancarte says. “To me, that was a bit of a wakeup call, because I felt like I was doing a disservice to myself by essentially having already lived half my life.” Blancarte joined a gym in January 2012 and eight months later had lost more than half his starting body weight. By November of that year, Blancarte lost 196 pounds and decided to take on his first 24

November/december 2014


5K, Carrera de Los Muertos, on Nov. 3, 2012. “I was hooked,” Blancarte says of his first road race experience. “I really had a great time out there and I had only started training for it about two weeks prior to actually going forth with it.” Blancarte’s running career took off after Carrera de los Muertos. In 2013, he ran his first 8K at the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K and continued increasing his race distance throughout the year, starting with the Chicago Spring 10K that May. “That was actually the first race I received a medal for,” Blancarte says. “That medal meant a lot to me because I had never received any sort of plaque or medal of any sort for running or doing anything athletic.” Blancarte went on to run three half marathons, an Olympic-distance triathlon, the Bank of America

Blancarte has often used his running as a means for fundraising, beginning with his first 5K in 2012, which he ran to support both Enlance Chicago and the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Last year, he ran both the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the Chicago Triathlon on behalf of Leave No Veteran Behind. “I always enjoy fundraising money for different nonprofits and charities,” Blancarte says. “As part of Team USA raising funds for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation, it’s been a fantastic journey for me.” Blancarte also likes sharing his love of running with others and has served as a pacer for multiple Chicago Endurance Sports training programs, including its marathon training program this past summer. Though he enjoys pacing, he tries to stay away from competing with friends in order to maintain his passion for the sport. “What I do, I do it for myself, not to compete with friends,” Blancarte says. “I’m always up for a fun run but as soon as I see they’re trying to make it a race, I slow down. I don’t want to get injured and I don’t want to take the love out of running.” To support Blancarte’s fundraising, visit www. crowdrise.com/teamusaendurance2014/fundraiser/miguelblancartejr

photo gallery



november/december 2014




1. Runners, including Donna Malone-Roberts, Kesha Ford and Cheryl Daniel-Dyer, celebrate their accomplishments after Women Rock on Sept. 27. 2. Swimmers braved choppy waters at the Big Shoulders Open Water Swim Classic on Sept. 14. 3. Monica Schoeneck runs north on the Lakefront Trail during Women Rock Chicago on Sept. 27.


4. Erica Keomanikhoth and Keo Homesombath enjoy Women Rock Chicago on Sept. 27. 5. Dawn Reid gets ready to take on the Big Shoulders Open Water Swim Classic on Sept. 14. 6. A swimmer emerges from a chilly Lake Michigan at the Big Shoulders Open Water Swim Classic on Sept. 14.


7. UIC swimmers Katherine Hare and Danel Voorhees smile after the Big Shoulders Open Water Swim Classic on Sept. 14 Photos by: Michael tutino




november/december 2014





Make the Most of Winter What’s better than building snow forts, sledding and launching snowballs at trees? If we adults join our kids in the outdoor activities, we’ll nurture their love for the season. What greater gift can you give to your children than the ability to enjoy a season that dominates a big part of each year? It’s all about a good hat If your child (or you for that matter) doesn’t enjoy the season, start with the hat. Dressing appropriately can make a big difference in winter enjoyment . Make sure that everyone dresses in layers with good boots and insulated mittens. Remove layers if your child starts to perspire. Keep an eye out for cold ears, noses, fingers and toes and warm up inside regularly. Every day challenge Make it a challenge to get outside almost every day, even if just for a family walk around the block. Children and adults need some fresh air every day, and the wintery world can be fascinating to observe. Frequent outside experiences reset the brain from schoolwork, screen time and lack of daylight hours. Polar Adventure Days The Chicago Park District will offer its 10th annual Polar Adventure Days at Northerly Island on Dec. 7, Jan. 25 and Feb. 22. Kids can create winter crafts, see winter wildlife and try winter sports – all free. Planned activities include dog sledding demonstrations, birds of prey and coyote presentations, a toddler zone that offers outdoor “ice fishing,” hot chocolate and free snowshoe rental.

By: Chris Palmquist

Cross Country Skiing Camp Sagawau Nordic Center in Lemont (Cook County Forest Preserve) has offered groomed ski trails, family friendly ski rentals and weekend ski lessons for decades. Rentals are $15 for individuals, $10 for seniors and $40 for a family. The trail passes are free and PSIA-certified ski instructors teach lessons for $20. Call 630-257-2045 for up-to-date conditions and hours. The Wheaton Park District offers ski rentals and lessons at the Arrowhead Golf Club. Package rentals that include skis, boots and poles are $15 for adults and $10 for children. Skiing is free on the golf course and the adjacent Herrick Lake Forest Preserve trails. Call 630-653-5800 for snow conditions. Morton Arboretum The Morton Arboretum remains active during winter. Families can rent snowshoes and kids can participate in winter play in the Children’s Garden. See the Illumination display of lights throughout the trees or watch a dog sledding demonstration. Check with your Park District and Forest Preserve Most park districts offer outdoor skating rinks. Forest Preserves offer groomed skiing trails. Go on a wildlife tracking hike. Practice outdoor photography in the winter woods. Enjoy a moonlight snowshoe walk. Get your warm hat and make the most of this wonderful season!


athlete of t he mont h



Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Fourteen year old Juan Carlos Gonzalez has big goals. This freshman at Chicago High School for Agriculture Sciences dedi-

cross country and then focuses on triathlon all spring and summer. Every day after

school, Juan rides his BMX bike and goes to either cross country practice or cyclocross practice. His hard work has paid off. In 2008, Juan was the USA Triathlon national champion for his age group. Recently, he

finished as series leader in the 2012 and 2013 Chicago Cross Cup and had a good


showing at the 2014 USA Cycling CycloCross Nationals. Juan has also won his age


group at regional XTERRA races. In addition to cyclocross and triathlon, he likes football, skateboarding, mountain biking



and traveling and enjoys helping to train young athletes. In the future, Juan hopes to qualify for the XTERRA World Championships, be the Chicago Cross Cup series leader for a third year and finish top 20 at the USAT National Championships.

Check out their Web site, www.tri-masters.org for more info. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014


cates his fall and winter to cyclocross and

Chicago Athlete magazine’s Active Kids section is proud to be the Media Partner for the Tri-Masters Sports Initiative Programs.




running 11/01/14 Cantigny 5K Run/ Walk Wheaton IL www.Cantigny.org

11/01/14 World Vision’s 6K for Water Chicago IL bit.ly/WV6KForWater

11/01/14 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k & Kid’s Run Indianapolis IN www.monumentalmarathon.com

11/02/14 8th Annual Panting for Paws 5K Run/Walk and 1 Mile Fun Run Crystal Lake IL www.pantingforpaws.com

11/02/14 The Biggest Loser RunWalk at Six Flags Great Adventure - New Jersey 5K/10K/Kids Jackson IL biggestloserrunwalk.com/SixFlags_ Great_Adventure_race

11/02/14 Gouldilocks & The Bears 5K Run/Walk Hoffman Estates IL www.gouldentouch.org

11/08/14 Run Home Chicago Chicago IL www.runhomechicago2014.org

11/09/14 Chevy Chase 5K Wheeling IL www.chevychase5k.com

11/09/14 Oswegoland Park District Gobbler Hobbler 10K & Mashed Potato Mile Oswego IL www.oswegolandparkdistrict.org/ Events/Gobbler-Hobbler.htm

11/15/14 Abe’s Trail Trek Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site IL www.triharderpromotions.com

11/15/14 ECHO’s Turkey Trot Janesville WI echojanesville.org/News.htm

11/16/14 District 219’s Dance Marathon Annual 5K Skokie IL www.dm219.org

11/16/14 Run For Kelli Western Springs IL tinyurl.com/RunForKelli

11/22/14 Orland Hills 21st Annual 1M/5K Turkey Trot Race Orland Hills IL 11/22/14 Autobahn 5K Cruise Joliet IL www.autobahn5kcruise.com

11/23/14 Turkey Trot Lincolnwood IL www.lincolnwoodil.org/RecreationTurkeyTrot.cfm

11/27/14 Old St. Pat’s 28th Annual Turkey Trot Chicago IL www.theroadtoboston.info

11/27/14 The Winnetka Turkey Trot 5K Winnetka IL

11/27/14 The Fox and The Turkey Batavia IL www.foxrivertrailrunners.org/foxandturkey

11/27/14 NorthPointe Turkey Trot Roscoe IL www.northpointehealth.org

11/27/14 Edison Park Turkey Trot Chicago IL www.EdisonParkTurkeyTrot.com

11/27/14 Turkey Trot Addison IL www.addisonparks.org

11/27/14 37th Annual Chicago Turkey Day Run Chicago IL www.turkeyday-5k.com

11/27/14 Henry’s Thanksgiving Day Hustle 5K & Kids Dash Algonquin IL

12/06/14 Jingle Bell Run/Walk Wheaton IL www.westernsuburbsjbr.org

12/06/14 Reindeer Run Wheaton IL www.wheatonparkdistrict.com

12/13/14 Jingle Bell Run/Walk Chicago IL www.chicagojbr.org

12/13/14 Jingle Bell Run Indianapolis IN www.indyjinglebellrun.com/index.asp

12/14/14 Jingle Bell Run/Walk Kankakee IL www.rivervalleyjbr.org

XC Skiing 11/02/14 Illinois Roller Ski Race Series McHenry IL www.rollerskiraces.com



of the month Do you know a kid athlete that deserves recognition for all of his or her amazing

accomplishments? Send in your nominations to editor@mychicagoathlete.com for the chance to have him or her featured in


Chicago athlete Magazine!

11/27/14 Belleville Thanksgiving 5K Run Belleville IL bellevillethanksgiving5krun.com

12/06/14 5th Annual Greater LaGrange YMCA Reindeer Run 5K and Kids Dash Brookfield IL www.greaterlagrangeymca.org

12/06/14 Spruce Scoot Bristol IN www.stonesouppromotions.com/event/ show/54815198

send to: editor@mychicagoathlete.com



november/december 2014


quet H-F Rac lub

ss C & Fitne riathlon T Indoor 015

Cross Co untry Skiing

20-21, 2 February


door Ray’s In Bike in Mounta Park


Long Run s

@ the Pett it Nationa l Ice



don Ted Hay

Track Holiday Classic

A November Turkey Trot used to end the race season for Chicago runners, but not anymore. As race organizers add events to the winter scene, runners fill them up.

4 r 20, 201


“We’re finding that you’ve got a lot of serious runners in Chicago who want to keep running and staying active through the winter, and they’ll come out to race,” Polar Dash Director Zach Edmonson says. Gone are the days of shutting it down until the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. Check out some of the best running, riding and skiing opportunities for active Chicagoans to keep your training calendar full and fun through the winter.






our mY k r a W rt 5 Hea

By Myles Dannhausen


ry 2

ua Febr

F^3 Lake

Half Mara thon January 24

, 2015

Chicago Polar D ash January 10

, 2015



on Marath Indoor thon


Mara & Half 015 23-25, 2 January

Fun Run


10, 2015

r ’s New Yea Day 5K January

1, 2015




Activeland Chicago

Ted Haydon Holiday Track Classic When: Dec. 20, 2014 Where: University of Chicago Website: www.uctc.org The Ted Haydon Holiday Classic is a city running tradition. Haydon launched the classic in 1953 as a winter competition for the University of Chicago Track Club and area athletes on holiday. Today it draws 550 individuals to compete on the track once again. Held at the Henry Crown Field House on the University of Chicago campus, the classic has hosted runners age 2 to 70. Put a relay team together, go it alone or bring the family to this unique event.

New Year’s Day 5K

When: Jan. 1, 2015 Where: Lincoln Park, Chicago Website: www.chicagoevents.com/event.cfm?eid=88 Make amends for New Year’s Eve debauchery with a shakeout run to kick off 2015. Now in its 30th year, the New Year’s Day 5K draws 1,500 runners to Lincoln Park to wind along the Lakefront Trail to Diversey and back to the Lincoln Park South Field House. A merciful 11 a.m. horn buys you time to get to the starting line. Get some hair of the dog at the post-race party at O’Briens in Old Town, with raffle prizes and complimentary drinks. At $25 before Dec. 1, the early-bird price makes for an affordable commitment.

S-No-W Fun Run

When: Jan. 10, 2015 Where: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Website: www.lakesarearunningclub.org This race is less about the workout, more about the party… and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Lakes Area Running Club hosts what many call the best party race of the season. It starts with a five-mile run but ends at the Grand Geneva Resort, where shots of schnapps await to start a party inspired by the old Playboy Club. Though known for its party, this race draws competitive runners as well, with medals awarded to the fastest and second fastest male and female of each age year. 32



Chicago Polar Dash

When: Jan. 10, 2015 Where: Lakefront, Chicago Website: www.chicagopolardash.org Organizers have added a 1500-meter race to the event in addition to 5K, 10K, and 15-mile distances. Almost 4,000 registered for the dash in 2014, and race director Zach Edmonson says he hopes to move the starting line to Columbus Drive in 2015.

Icebreaker Indoor Marathon & Half Marathon

When: January 23 - 25, 2015 Where: Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee Website: www.indoormarathon.com Yes, a marathon on a track sounds boring, but give this race a shot. With a 5K, two half marathons, a marathon relay and a full marathon, the Icebreaker offers a distance for everyone on its 445.2 meter track, the largest indoor track in the country. “I’ve never had anyone tell me it’s boring,” Race Director Chris Ponteri says. “The camaraderie is great. You’ve got fans cheering you constantly, and inside the oval there is probably an Olympic speed skater training.” The race features over 800 runners across all events and about 100 in the marathon. Most of us never have the lead pack in our sights for an entire race, but at the Icebreaker you’ll see them all day (as they lap you).

F^3 Lake Half Marathon

When: Jan. 24, 2015 Where: Lakefront, Chicago Website: www.f3running.com Started on a whim in 2009 by a group of running friends, the F^3 Lake Half Marathon quickly grew into something more than founder Kimberley Stedman imagined. More than 100 runners joined her the first year, and by 2012, 1,200 runners took on the icy winds of the lakeshore. The race starts at Soldier Field and ends with a post-race party at the United Club. Great race swag includes a bottle opener medal, beanie hat and running gloves you may just need on race day.



• All runners receive a long sleeve t-shirt • Entry into the best post race food buffet

chicago athlete magazine

Activeland Chicago

Long Runs at the Pettit National Ice Center

When: All winter Where: Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee Website: www.thepettit.com Hate the cold, but hate the treadmill even more? Take the trip to Milwaukee for your long runs at the Pettit Center track.

The center saw a dramatic increase in winter runners in 2014 thanks to the polar vortex, but its new $110,000 track funded in part by the Badgerland Striders running club certainly didn’t hurt matters, either. You can run inside for less than $4 a day at a run-perfect 55 degrees.

Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park

When: All winter Where: Milwaukee Website: www.raysmtb.com This little-known haven for mountain bikers and BMX riders 30 minutes northwest of downtown Milwaukee provides a great break from the norm for cyclists. Instead of going dormant for the winter, take your bike-handling skills up a notch and gain new confidence in your riding. The park offers all terrain, disciplines and challenges for all skill levels. Ray’s bills itself as a welcoming “fun, not attitude park,” so you don’t have to be an X Games aficionado to put your tires down. The 110,000 square-foot park, housed in a former Menards store, offers great deals for first-timers. If you don’t want to haul your bike, it’s just $25 for a day pass and bike rental. If you bring your own bike, a day pass runs you $21 on weekdays, $27 on the weekend.

Cross Country Skiing

When: All winter Where: Forest Preserves of Cook County Website: www.fpdcc.com/recreation/cross-county-skiing Cross-country skiing is a great low-impact off-season workout for runners. There aren’t many places to ski in the city, but all areas of the Forest Preserves of Cook County, excluding golf courses and most nature centers, are open to skiing. 34



The Sagawu Preserve in Lemont hosts a Nordic Ski Program with weekend lessons for adults and children of various levels of four miles of groomed trails. For those in the city, Northerly Island is open to skiing and snowshoeing in January and February, allowing you to ski with the skyline as your backdrop. There’s no admission charge and rentals are available. Finally, if you want to try a suburban trail outside the forest preserves, try the Morton Arboretum, which is open to skiing and offers rentals as well.

H-F Racquet & Fitness Club Indoor Triathlon

When: Feb. 20 – 21 Where: Homewood, IL Website: www.hfracquetandfitness.com/IndoorTriathlon.php If you’ve never done a triathlon, consider testing out the sport with an indoor tri. If you’re a veteran, this is a great way to stay in shape and hone your transitions with far less time and financial commitment than a full triathlon. The sixth annual H-F Indoor Triathlon is capped at 75 participants who race in four-person wave starts. Participants swim 10 minutes in the pool, pedal 20 minutes on the exercise bike, then run 15 minutes on the treadmill, with five minutes allotted for each of the two transitions.

Warm Your Heart 5k

When: February 2015 Where: McCormick Place, Chicago Website: www.warmyourheart5k.com McCormick Place is one of the few places big enough to host an indoor single-loop 5k. Prepare for a lot of turns as you maneuver through the convention center with 3,000 runners raising money for Northwestern Medicine’s Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. Organizers were still finalizing the 2015 date at press time.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

36th Annual



Vegan | Raw | gluten FRee CaFé

Wisconsin AlwAys Fresh AlwAys Pure

Marathon a n d H a l f M a r at H o n the cheesiest

05.02.15 7:00 aM | kenosHa, WI • NEW 5K Race • NEW Team compeTiTion • BeautIful lakefront course • 1 Hour froM cHIcago • 50 MInutes froM MIlWaukee • ranked 10/10 By Past PartIcIPants • gender sPecIfIc Tech T-shiRTs • BIg cHeese fInIsHer Medal • Beer & Brat Post-race Party • affoRdable! MaratHon PrIce Is only $70 Before nov. 30tH!




the price of the Marathon or half Marathon When you register online.

use proMo code: oCTCA2014 for More Info. or to regIster go to:

W i s c o n s i n M a r at h o n . c o M

#PlantPower for endurance Athletes

Juices, Smoothies, elixirs, Raw and Vegan Meals & Desserts, Renowned Juice Cleanse Program, Classes & Seminars 24 S evergreen ave, arlington Heights Il 847-873-0942 | www.purejuicecafe.com

20 14

With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of the best products for the endurance athlete or fitness enthusiast in your life. From gear to accessories, you’re sure to find something that will appeal to those on your list who love to stay moving even through the winter months.

GU Brew $1.50 PER STICK $20 FOR A 24-SERVING CANISTER Why you want it: Designed as a counterpoint to GU’s ultra endurance Roctane line of drinks, GU Brew puts electrolytes before carbs, focusing primarily on hydration rather than carbohydrate delivery. At 70 calories per serving, this three percent carbohydrate solution will help keep you going with flavors such as blueberry pomegranate, lemon tea, watermelon and more. Where you can find it: Most Chicagoland specialty retailers. For a full list of retailers, visit guenergy.com




Balega Blister Resist Socks $13 (NO-SHOW) $14 (QUARTER) $15 (CREW) Why you want it: Keep blisters at bay with Balega’s Blister Resist socks. Available in crew, quarter and no-show lengths, these socks feature a Drynamix mohair footbed designed to keep your feet cool, dry, and blister free. Where you can find it: Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Running Excels, Universal Sole

RockMyRun FREE FOR A STANDARD MEMBERSHIP PAID PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR $4.99 PER MONTH $12.99 PER QUARTER | $35.99 PER YEAR Why you want it: Imagine taking a DJ along with you on your run who changes your music to fit your workout and pace. RockMyRun offers mixes for tempo runs, intervals, 5Ks, 10K, half marathons and marathons, and premium memberships employ myBeat™ Body Driven Music Technology that alters the music’s tempo to biometric data such as steps. Where you can find it: Google play, the App Store

ArmPocket Racer $24.95 Why you want it: Keep your phone secure while you run with Armpocket. The armband fits phones up to 5.3” in length and features moisture-resistant fabric and three additional storage compartments to hold other loose items you may bring with you on your run. Where you can find it: The Runner’s Soul (La Grange), Urban Tri Gear, Runner’s High ’n Tri

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle $33.99 Why you want it: This bottle keeps your beverages at the optimal temperature without sweating all over your gym bag. Cold beverages stay chilled for up to 24 hours, while hot beverages stay warm for up to 12 hours. The bottle is BPA-free, 100 percent recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Where you can find it: Uncle Dan’s, Athleta, Title Nine, Erehwon, REI, Golfsmith, Kemper Sports, select CorePower Yoga locations, Bikram Yoga North Shore Chicago, Bikram Yoga Rolling Meadows




Craft Hybrid Weather Glove $34.99 Why you want it: With just about everything you could hope for in a pair of gloves, these will keep your hands warm and dry whether you’re on the run or commuting through the winter. The gloves convert into mittens to keep your fingers extra toasty, and the palms feature a silicone print for enhanced gripping. Where you can find it: Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Dick Pond Athletics, Naperville Running Company, Running Away Multisport, Barrington Running Company, Runner’s Soul, Trek Highland Park

Pearl Izumi ELITE Thermal Arm Warmers $35 Why you want it: If you have yet to experience the excellence of arm warmers, consider putting this on your holiday list and be ready to enjoy spring and fall running in an entirely different way. Arm warmers keep you comfortable and are easy to remove when you heat up, making them a nice alternative to wearing a full extra layer. These Pearl Izumi ELITE Thermal Arm Warmers have wide grippers to keep the warmers in place with less pressure. Where you can find it: Element Multisport, Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Geneva Running Outfitters, Naperville Running Company, Roll: Clybourn, Run Chicago, Runner’s High ‘n Tri

SKLZ AccuRoller $39.99 Why you want it: This massage roller has durable straps to help reach your back if you find yourself unable to lie on the floor. Unlike other stick rollers, you can adjust the individual massagers to hit different trigger points. We would probably suggest using this one as a complement to other tools, such as a foam roller and lacrosse ball, rather than a replacement. Where you can find it: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority

Trigger Point Grid X $49.99 Why you want it: If you like intense compression, this is the foam roller for you. With its plastic cylinder center, there’s no way this will lose its shape. It’s big enough to roll out all of those large muscle groups, yet compact enough to pack in a bag if you’re traveling. Where you can find it: Most Chicagoland specialty retailers. For a full list of retailers, visit www.tptherapy.com 38



180s Strobe Earwarmers, Foundation LED Gloves and CRG LED Gloves $50 (Strobe Earwarmers) $55 (Foundation LED Gloves), $60 (CRG LED Gloves) Why you want them: Stay visible during your winter workout with 180s’ LED products. The Strobe earwarmers have a row of red LED lights along the back that can shine steadily or flash, while the gloves include integrated LED lights along the knuckles. The CRG glove also features a water-resistant hood to turn the gloves into mittens for extra cold days. Where you can find it: Uncle Dan’s

ThermXRoller $59.99 Why you want it: This unique foam roller, created by a Chicago-based business, combines the powers of heat, cold and foam rolling all in one device. The center of the roller features an “X” design to provide targeted pressure, while the cotton cover surrounding the X can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to provide additional recovery benefits. Where you can find it: Fitness Experts, Urban Tri Gear, www.korefit.com

Swiftwick RECOVERY+ $69 Why you want it: Jumpstart your post-workout recovery with Swiftwick’s newest sock, the RECOVERY+. This knee-high compression sock has embedded antimicrobial elements to fight odor and bacteria and wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry. Where you can find it: Roll: Clybourn, Kozy’s Cyclery, Element Multisport, Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Universal Sole, Trek Highland Park, Urban Tri Gear, Get a Grip Cycles, Runners High ‘n Tri

Zoot ETHERwind Jacket $75 Why you want it: Stay warm and dry without feeling weighed down with this ultra lightweight jacket. With zippered hand warmer pockets and a back cape ventilation, this jacket will help keep you comfortable throughout the winter. Where you can find it: Urban Tri Gear, Running Away Multisport, Amphibian Multisport MYCHICAGOATHLETE.COM



2XU Active Cycle Jersey $79.95 Why you want it: This entry-level jersey has 2XU’s High Fil Mesh on the shoulder and side panels to keep you comfortable on your rides, along with High Fil Cool for moisture management. The jersey also features reflective trim to help increase your visibility while out on the bike. Where you can find it: Running Away Multisport, Element Multisport

PoCampo Logan Trunk $85 Why you want it: Commute in style with PoCampo’s Logan Bike Trunk Bag, now available in a new Emerald Bike Ride print. The bag easily attaches to a rear bicycle rack and features side bottle pockets, a back patch pocket, an interior document pocket, three gathered interior pockets, reflective accents and a waterproof coating for rainy rides. Where you can find it: BFF Bikes, Roll: Clybourn

Ibex Women’s Woolies 150 Stripe Zip-T or Men’s Shak Spire $90 (Woolies 150 Stripe Zip-T), $175 (Shak Spire) Why you want it: Both the Woolies 150 Stripe Zip-T and Shak Spire are made from 100 percent Merino wool to keep you warm and comfortable during your outdoor winter adventures. Merino wool is naturally odor resistant, allowing you to work out longer without worrying about stink. Where you can find it: Uncle Dan’s

Patagonia Wind Shield Hybrid Soft Shell Pants and Jacket $99 (pants), $139 (jacket) Why you want it: Enjoy lightweight protection on the trails with Patagonia’s Wind Shield line. Both the pants and jacket feature zippered pockets to stash your fuel or keys, and the jacket has thumbholes and fold-over mittens in the sleeves. Where you can find it: Patagonia

Blackburn Tech Mag 1 Trainer $119.99 Why you want it: Winter weather got you down? Bring your bike inside and set it up on the Blackburn Tech Mag 1 Trainer to keep your endurance up for when the snow melts. The trainer features a compact and foldable design and works with wheel sizes between 26”x1” and 29”x2.3” Where you can find it: Most local bike stores. Visit www.blackburndesign.com for a full list. 40



Craft Elite Run Wind Jersey $119.99 Why you want it: Stay comfortable in a variety of conditions with this pullover. The arms feature integrated gloves that you can either fold over your hands or back into the sleeves when you warm up, and a diagonal zipper across the front opens for added ventilation. No need to worry about the jacket flapping around if you unzip it: the collar includes a small magnet that holds it in place when unzipped. Where you can find it: Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Dick Pond Athletics, Naperville Running Company, Running Away Multisport, Barrington Running Company, Runner’s Soul, Trek Highland Park

Karhu Fast5 $139.99 Why you want it: Neutral shoe wearers looking to experience Karhu’s fulcrum technology can consider the Fast5, one of the brand’s newest offerings. The shoe promises Karhu’s most cushioned ride and works well as a training shoe. Where you can find it: Running Away Multisport

Chrome WARM Work Shirt $180 Why you want it: Stay warm and visible through the winter with one of Chrome’s newest items of clothing, the WARM Work Shirt. This reversible jacket features a quilted black side and a high visibility orange side to keep you comfortable and safe while out on your bike during the winter months. Where you can find it: Chrome Chicago

Polar M400 $199.95 Why you want it: Tired of crowding your wrist with different devices that all serve only one function? The Polar M400 combines GPS and activity-tracking capabilities all in one water-resistant watch. Available in white or black, the watch tracks speed, pace, distance and altitude, and also tracks intensity when paired with a Polar H7 heart rate sensor, sold separately. As an activity tracker, the M400 also monitors your daily movement, including steps and sleep. The watch has several other options, including Polar Running Programs based on your personal fitness level and goals, an end time estimator and Back to Start, which will give you directions back to your starting point using the shortest distance possible, and syncs up with the Polar Flow web service and app. Where you can find it: Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Running Away Multisport MYCHICAGOATHLETE.COM







Kenyans Claim Top Honors At 37th Bank of America Chicago Marathon On a nearly perfect day for a race, Eliud Kipchoge and Rita Jeptoo broke the tape at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, leading the way for 40,802 total finishers. Kipchoge ran with Sammy Kitwara and Dickson Chumba, both also of Kenya, until mile 25 where he broke away to cross the finish line in 2:04:11, six seconds off his personal record of 2:04:05, which he set in Berlin in 2013. The victory was Kipchoge’s third in a marathon and first at a World Marathon Major. “They say if you have a will, then you will be successful,” Kipchoge said after the race. “I had a will to transition to the marathon and that is why I have been able to win so well.” Kitwara and Chumba finished second and third in the men’s race in 2:04:28 and 2:04:32, respectively, to complete the Kenyan sweep of the men’s podium. Jeptoo continued to assert her dominance in women’s marathoning, claiming her third consecutive marathon win in 2:24:35, more than a minute before second place finisher Mare Dibaba of Ethiopia, who finished in 2:25:37. Florence Kiplagat of Kenya, the current half marathon world record holder, finished in 2:25:57. Jeptoo and Kiplagat took the lead between the 10K and 15K marks, but Jeptoo’s 16:37 5K between the 35K and 40K marks sealed her victory. With the win, Jeptoo assured herself a championship in the 20132014 World Marathon Majors series. Bobby Curtis and Amy Hastings were the first two Americans across the finish line, taking ninth and fifth in the men’s and women’s races, respectively.

Photos by Emily Stone

In the wheelchair race, Tatyana McFadden once again proved herself to be indomitable, winning her fourth consecutive Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 1:44:50. McFadden’s win was her 11th World Marathon Majors victory and put her in position to attempt another grand slam attempt at the TCS New York City Marathon. 2006 Bank of America Chicago Marathon champion Joshua George won the men’s wheelchair race, edging out Australian Kurt Fearnley by a mere second to take the win in 1:32:12. The 40,802 total finishers far surpasses last year’s record-setting race, which saw 38,870 runners cross the finish line. MYCHICAGOATHLETE.COM



BANK OF AMERICA CHICAGO MARATHON ILLINOIS MENS RESULTS NAME Blume, Matthew (USA) Kremske, Dan (USA) Marol, Matthew (USA) Glaz, Daniel (USA) Hendrix, Austin (USA) Jonaitis, Jeff (USA) Wallor, Eric (USA) Favela, Emisael (MEX) Weisenberger, Curtis (USA) Akita, James (USA) Troester, Nathan (USA) Bareikis, Arturs (LAT) Montenegro, Lionel (USA) Derks, Andy (USA) Mascote, Yonatan (USA) Ramirez, Pablo (USA) Kittaka, Daniel (USA) McDonnell, Declan (USA) Burdick, Brett (USA) Huded, Chetan (USA) Yitref, Gedion (USA) Kaehr, Andrew (USA) Woldesilassie, Daniel (USA) Mahakian, Jason (USA) Rieger, Cameron (USA) Sanchez, Ian (USA) Schmidt, Christopher (USA) Palumbo, Adam (USA) Nielsen, Fredric (USA) Jaskiewicz, Ryan (USA) Root, Thomas (USA) Syring, Brian (USA) Mangum, Scott (USA) Hojnacki, Jeff (USA) Parekh, Anand (USA) Dolgin, Mark (USA) Lustgarten, Brett (USA) Dockemeyer, Kevin (USA) Wilson, Zachary (USA) Labelle, Ian (USA) Reynolds, Jared (USA) White, Jim (USA) McCabe, Matthew (USA) Krusell, Brian (USA) Moore, Drew (USA) Sprieser, Steve (USA) Chenoweth, Rob (USA) Cooper, Robert (USA) Hiatt, Jon (USA) Shaw, Scott (USA) Castady, Greg (USA) Kopelow, Dan (USA) Mere Prado, Javier (MEX) Raab, Lyazid (USA) Lavine, Matthew (USA) Benitez, Braulio (MEX) Larson, Kyle (USA) Gittelman, Brandon (USA) Willemin, Cyril (FRA) Paff, Brian (USA) Alfaro, Marco (MEX) Zeisler, David (USA) Gilbert, Mitchell (USA) Hernandez, Juan (MEX) Nugent, Jack (USA) Vankerkhoff, Todd (USA) Ranti, Daniel (USA) 44

CITY Chicago, IL Woodstock, IL Evanston, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Tinley Park, IL Palatine, IL Berwyn, IL Mchenry, IL Elmhurst, IL Mokena, IL Crestwood, IL Chicago, IL Sugar Grove, IL Naperville, IL Schaumburg, IL Chicago, IL Palos Park, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Wheaton, IL Wheaton, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Richmond, IL Evanston, IL Chicago, IL Orland Park, IL North Riverside, IL Barrington Hills, IL Woodridge, IL Barrington, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Carol Stream, IL Wilmington, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Vernon Hills, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Homewood, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Elgin, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Naperville, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Oak Park, IL Gurnee, IL Naperville, IL Mundelein, IL Wheaton, IL Glendale Heights, IL Evanston, IL


AGE 33 25 23 31 25 33 31 37 25 34 24 28 26 34 25 23 26 25 23 29 24 24 22 25 23 22 40 32 37 30 28 27 39 40 42 32 24 28 37 26 23 47 27 25 31 22 45 25 36 33 41 30 30 43 40 32 24 24 40 34 27 41 22 35 19 24 21

TIME 2:20:28 2:21:17 2:23:51 2:25:17 2:25:26 2:25:39 2:28:04 2:28:47 2:30:17 2:30:36 2:31:59 2:32:42 2:33:05 2:33:06 2:33:12 2:33:13 2:33:41 2:35:47 2:36:03 2:36:26 2:36:58 2:37:01 2:37:28 2:37:58 2:38:01 2:38:04 2:38:05 2:38:11 2:39:43 2:39:44 2:39:45 2:39:54 2:40:00 2:40:05 2:40:06 2:41:21 2:41:26 2:41:30 2:41:37 2:41:47 2:41:48 2:41:56 2:42:02 2:42:07 2:42:26 2:42:26 2:42:27 2:42:28 2:42:44 2:42:46 2:42:58 2:43:00 2:43:11 2:43:16 2:43:45 2:43:48 2:44:00 2:44:02 2:44:07 2:44:17 2:44:27 2:44:28 2:44:51 2:44:57 2:45:10 2:45:17 2:45:36


NAME Wilk, Russell (USA) Hammond, John (USA) Duchi, Angel (ECU) Yelsey, Josh (USA) Kurian, Joe (USA) Gill, Sean (USA) Carver, Brian (USA) Christiansen, Jakeniah (USA) Quaranto, Michael (USA) Leonard, Dan (USA) Payne, Timothy (USA) Walters, Dave (USA) Calvario, Rich (USA) Vickrey, Clifford (USA) Harrington, James (USA) Peterson, Brian (USA) Waterman, James (USA) Agafonov, Alex (USA) Glaubke, Eric (USA) Butcher, John (USA) Apfelbaum, Sean (USA) Murakami, Koji (JPN) Callans, Adam (USA) Wood, Samuel (USA) Lopez, Felipe (MEX) Niska, Bobby (USA) Kennedy, Sean (USA) Galvez, Daniel (USA) Chelak, Kevin (USA) Prieboy, John (USA) Martino, Thomas (USA) Begich, Mike (USA) Yost, Gardner (USA) Shunk, Alec (USA) Knudsen, Andreas (DEN) Smith, Collin (USA) Dorgan, Patrick (USA) German, Aaron (USA) Bashioum, Josh (USA) Harrison, Jeff (USA) Abitbol, Matthew (USA) Aaronson, Matt (USA) Bigda, Michael (USA) Sather, Evan (USA) Jorgensen, Adam (USA) Dannegger, Timothy (USA) Arnold, James (USA) Hernandez, Daniel (USA) Pawlowski, David (USA) Speltz, Timothy (USA) Taylor, Peter (USA) Geraghty, Timothy (USA) Zewdie, Sirak (USA) Harris, Chris (USA) McClure, Cj (USA) Chwalek, Sam (USA) Ruel, Conor (USA) Richard, Peter (USA) Spagnulo, Francesco (USA) Curry, Ryan (USA) Murphy, Tim (USA) Smith, Mark (USA) Merriweather, Aaron (USA) Stein, Joshua (USA) Donovan, Colin (USA) Piefer, Kevin (USA) Nichols, Matthew (USA)

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AGE 25 39 34 31 35 31 30 25 37 28 29 59 31 20 38 24 23 23 21 21 26 33 30 24 38 21 36 41 25 25 28 31 24 24 32 34 33 34 26 48 31 38 33 29 30 37 44 36 37 41 41 20 51 39 27 28 37 24 43 38 33 43 36 24 41 43 23

TIME 2:46:04 2:46:09 2:46:25 2:46:34 2:46:39 2:47:11 2:47:38 2:47:40 2:47:54 2:48:28 2:48:29 2:48:39 2:48:42 2:49:01 2:49:03 2:49:21 2:49:41 2:50:02 2:50:05 2:50:24 2:50:48 2:50:50 2:50:56 2:51:07 2:51:10 2:51:15 2:51:25 2:51:38 2:51:43 2:51:45 2:51:45 2:51:46 2:51:47 2:51:59 2:52:21 2:52:34 2:52:36 2:52:57 2:53:06 2:53:26 2:53:33 2:53:37 2:54:12 2:54:14 2:54:31 2:54:33 2:54:35 2:54:42 2:54:48 2:54:49 2:55:00 2:55:00 2:55:01 2:55:07 2:55:30 2:55:33 2:55:33 2:55:37 2:55:52 2:55:57 2:56:01 2:56:03 2:56:04 2:56:04 2:56:08 2:56:09 2:56:17

NAME Bailey, Rob (USA) McPherson, Nate (USA) Manker, Stephen (USA) Clark, Steven (USA) Thomas, John (USA) Donini, Michael (USA) Coons, Larry (USA) DʼAmico, Joseph (USA) Chen, Xiao (CHN) Reynolds, Drew (USA) Verdiel, Marc (CAN) Friedlander, Scott (USA) OʼKeeffe, David (USA) Manaois, Alexander (USA) Ramirez, Jeffrey (USA) Lyman, Kyle (USA) Weems, Alex (USA) Arenas, Ivan (USA) Daubert, Rich (USA) Cunningham, Brendan (USA) Hartmann, John (USA) Telford, Jason (USA) Exline, Kyle (USA) Gallegos, Arthur (USA) Comstock, Thomas (USA) Jerva, Mark (USA) Shannon, Matt (USA) Cahill, Ryan (USA) Platten, Peter (USA) Shearer, Russell (USA) Workman, Rob (USA) Monllor, Javier (USA) Shanabruch, Thomas (USA) Martino, Phillip (USA) Kane, Steven (USA) Novitsky, Max (USA) Gula, Mateusz (POL) Chaput, Derek (USA) Hein, Jansen (USA) Moats, Brad (USA) Kushnick, Drew (USA) Slingerland, Justin (USA) Herrera, Daniel (MEX) Zarling, Zac (USA) Davison, David (USA) Wilson, Donald (USA) Lifson, Michael (USA) Jakstas, Eggis (LTU) Reifenberg, Benjamin (USA) Anderson, Jakob (USA) Krueger, Adam (USA) McKenney, Doug (USA) Lang, Sam (USA) Norton, Andrew (USA) Malloy, Kevin (USA) Becker, Eric (USA) Lagucik, James (USA) Harrell, Kevin (USA) Ban, Stephen (USA) Irk, Chris (USA) Field, Eric (USA) Sullivan, John (USA) Barr, David (USA) Weener, Seth (USA) Shannon, Connor (USA) Rodriguez, Rick (USA) Ramirez, Jose (USA)

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TIME 2:56:18 2:56:21 2:56:35 2:56:37 2:56:42 2:56:45 2:56:57 2:57:09 2:57:11 2:57:12 2:57:15 2:57:19 2:57:21 2:57:24 2:57:28 2:57:31 2:57:35 2:57:47 2:57:47 2:57:56 2:57:59 2:58:05 2:58:10 2:58:11 2:58:11 2:58:11 2:58:12 2:58:13 2:58:13 2:58:14 2:58:18 2:58:21 2:58:24 2:58:25 2:58:28 2:58:31 2:58:31 2:58:31 2:58:32 2:58:35 2:58:35 2:58:39 2:58:40 2:58:41 2:58:41 2:58:41 2:58:42 2:58:48 2:58:54 2:59:01 02:59:02 02:59:04 02:59:07 02:59:08 02:59:08 02:59:12 02:59:14 02:59:18 02:59:20 02:59:20 02:59:28 02:59:31 02:59:36 02:59:41 02:59:41 02:59:45 02:59:47

BANK OF AMERICA CHICAGO MARATHON ILLINOIS WOMENS RESULTS NAME Heckert, Kristen (USA) Kurian, Emily (USA) Staton, Pamela (USA) Manley, Pamela (USA) Keating, Sheila (USA) Baliga, Sr. Stephanie (USA) Montes, Columba (MEX) Burgess, Kristine (USA) Kostka, Kristen (USA) Schuham, Marti (USA) Lederer, Krista (USA) Snyder, Kati (USA) Link, Laura (USA) Esche, Molly (USA) Guertin, Valere (USA) Panke, Elizabeth (USA) Wall, Cassidy (USA) Phillips-Cook, Lisa (USA) Carlon, Fiona (AUS) Barker, Lindsey (USA) Park, Sarah (USA) Draths, Katelyn (USA) Huml, Colleen (USA) Crowe, Heather (USA) Parker, Allison (USA) Flynn, Meghan (USA) Njeim, Chirine (LIB) Campbell, Amy (USA) Czarnik, Jill (USA) Pulaski-Wood, Sarah (USA) Bird, Jessica (USA) Chenoweth, Elizabeth (USA) Reshoft, Meredith (USA) Weisman, Jill (USA) Homorozan, Mariacristi (USA) Hufstader, Susannah (USA) Watson, Danielle (USA) Cruickshank, Tiffany (USA) Graham, Maggie (USA) Majors, Rachel (USA) Allen, Riki (USA) Likhite, April (USA) Schwarz, Jolanda (USA) Kirkham-Iteld, Samantha (GBR) Sykora, Lauren (USA) Thomas, Kate (USA) McCardel, Morgan (USA) Mikulec, Kailey (USA) Mitchell, Michelle (USA) Chandler, Kate (USA) Gore, Shelly (USA) Kalmas, Shelly (USA) Prohaska, Meghan (USA) Petry, Kati (USA) Koren, Katie (USA) Bothe, Carly (USA) Hefferin, Denise (USA) Garcia, Alejandra (ASA) Eynon, Adrienne (USA) Leene, Nesrine (NED) Gaffney, Molly (USA) Duteau, Susan (USA) Newell, Jaclyn (USA) Devitt, Kerry (USA) Montag, Julia (USA) Roe, Katie (USA) Powell, Kimberly (USA)

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TIME 03:16:21 03:16:21 03:16:22 03:16:41 03:17:03 03:17:10 03:17:11 03:17:13 03:17:21 03:17:26 03:17:36 03:17:51 03:18:38 03:18:42 03:18:55 03:18:57 03:19:00 03:19:11 03:19:17 03:19:27 03:19:31 03:20:02 03:20:04 03:20:11 03:20:12 03:20:12 03:20:41 03:20:45 03:20:45 03:20:49 03:20:58 03:21:22 03:21:24 03:21:26 03:21:28 03:21:34 03:21:42 03:21:49 03:22:07 03:22:10 03:22:33 03:22:50 03:22:52 03:22:52 03:22:59 03:23:15 03:23:15 03:23:26 03:23:29 03:23:32 03:23:32 03:23:37 03:23:46 03:23:51 03:23:53 03:24:20 03:24:37 03:24:38 03:24:42 03:24:46 03:24:53 03:24:54 03:25:01 03:25:04 03:25:12 03:25:19 03:25:38

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CITY Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Vernon Hills, IL Chicago, IL Peoria, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Berwyn, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Downers Grove, IL Chicago, IL Mokena, IL Chicago, IL Evanston, IL Chicago, IL West Dundee, IL Hawthorn Woods, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Plainfield, IL Chicago, IL Oswego, IL Round Lake, IL Glenview, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Glen Ellyn, IL Belvidere, IL Chicago, IL South Barrington, IL Wheaton, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Cicero, IL Burr Ridge, IL Chicago, IL Hinsdale, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Glen Ellyn, IL Chicago, IL Hoffman Estates, IL Chicago, IL Arlington Heights, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Deerfield, IL Chicago, IL Chatham, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Orland Park, IL Chicago, IL Bloomingdale, IL Chicago, IL


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Oak Brook Half Marathon

The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s Half Marathon & 5K Au g u s t 3 1 | C hi CA g o

With a new date and course, the Labor Day race received plenty of attention. Olympic hopeful Lauren Fleshman paced the race and brought out some of the fastest women in the Chicagoland area. “Participants loved running through red lights right down North Michigan Avenue with not a car in sight,” race director and Fleet Feet Sports Chicago owner Dave Zimmer says. “We’ve already met with the Magnificent Mile Association planning on what we can do to make it more magnificent next year.” Women’s Half Marathon Results Emily Shertzer 34 Jonestown, Pa. Pamela Manley 36 Chicago Emily Savas 34 Chicago, Valere Guertin 21 Chicago Lindsey Barker 27 Chicago Stacey Kincaid 37 Palmyra, Wis. Kate Chandler 34 Chicago Chirine Njeim 29 Chicago Lisa Cary 30 Eureka, Mo. Elissa Ballas 34 Chicago Women’s 5K Results Pamela Staton Jill Czarnik Emily Ryan Name


27 26 30 Age

november/deCember 2014

Chicago Chicago Chicago City

1:24:44 1:26:04 1:26:14 1:26:39 1:27:14 1:27:18 1:27:29 1:27:41 1:27:47 1:28:20

17:59 18:45 19:47 Time


Kate Middleton Stacy Roberts Linda Mueller Jolanda Schwarz Niamh McGuigan Kate Pezalla Brooke Lord

30 39 47 47 34 33 53


La Grange Chicago Chicago Chicago

20:31 20:54 21:51 22:33 22:41 22:51 23:09

Oak Brook Half Marathon se p te m b e r 1 | o Ak b ro o k

The popular western suburbs half marathon had a deep field filled with former first place finishers. Both 2014 champions held off the past winners and took their first titles for the race. “Ryan Giuliano and Alyssa Poremba won decisive victories under some muggy race day conditions,” race director Tom Hepperle says. Men’s Results Ryan Giuliano David Williams Jakeniah Christiansen Steve Krauss James Akita John Collet Emery Pitcel Jeff Hojnacki Nate McPherson Michael Lifson


29 42 25 22 34 47 23 40 29 24


Oakwood Hills Milwaukee, Wis. Oak Lawn Roselle Elmhurst Verona Glen Ellyn Chicago Elmhurst Downers Grove


1:13:49 1:15:41 1:16:07 1:17:09 1:18:02 1:20:32 1:21:38 1:21:39 1:21:54 1:22:30


Women’s Results Alyssa Poremba Jacqui Giuliano Stephanie Baliga Kim Weiss Tiffany Cruickshank Kimberly Castner Meghan Prohaska Felicia Chen Victoria Dirkes Christine Caron

23 28 26 36 44 51 26 38 38 25

Elmhurst Oakwood Hills Chicago Westfield, Ind. Burr Ridge Naperville Mokena Oak Brook Milwaukee, Wis. Elmhurst

1:22:42 1:25:03 1:25:32 1:29:22 1:31:24 1:33:20 1:34:12 1:36:03 1:36:07 1:38:00

Big Shoulders Open Water Swim

se p te m b e r 6 | Ch iC Ago

Swimmers fought through choppy water and farfrom-ideal conditions following a late summer storm to compete in this open water swim event on Lake Michigan. Battling weeds and strong winds, the competitors completed the first half of the 5K event before using those same waves to push them back to shore. In all, 770 swimmers took to the lake, undeterred by the unusually cool temperatures. Men’s 5K Results Adam Dawkins Justin Chiles Aaron Gabriel Jim Barber David Sims Name

39 31 48 54 51 Age

1:04:32 1:05:13 1:05:49 1:06:28 1:06:33 City


Timothy Carlson Tony Stewart Bob Lewis Jonathan Kearney Billy Cordero

34 40 48 28 47

1:06:36 1:06:45 1:06:45 1:07:30 1:08:08

Women’s 5K Results Adrienne Bicek Danielle Schumacher Mallory Mead Audra Burtch Susie Shuck Carly Jackson Carolina Neri Kathleen Daly Kline Amara Rivera Victoria Rian

23 23 28 21 48 19 34 47 27 48

1:05:17 1:05:57 1:06:28 1:07:28 1:10:17 1:10:29 1:10:36 1:10:38 1:10:42 1:12:09

Chicago Half Marathon Sep t em b er 7 | c hi c a g o

The final race in the inaugural Chicagoland Half Marathon Series featured thousands of runners coming in from not only around the United States, but representing 34 different countries. After finishing the Chicago Half Marathon, roughly 3,000 runners completed either their 26.2- or 39.3-mile challenge in the Half Marathon Series. Men’s Results Keith Bechtol Jeff Jonaitis Eric Wallor Matt Hillard Jake Benton Alexander Townsend Matt Marol Curtis Weisenberger Emisael Favela Jeff Bailey

Chicago Tinley Park Palatine Brookline, Mass. Webb City, Mo.

1:06:52 1:07:42 1:07:54 1:09:11 1:09:26 Farmington, Mich. 1:09:26 Evanston 1:10:00 McHenry 1:10:03 Berwyn 1:10:06 Villa Park 1:11:07

Women’s Results Kristen Heckert Pamela Staton Columba Montes Pamela Manley Amanda Mirochna Cassidy Wall Liz Bailey Marne Smiley Katie Hochberg Heather Prekop

Bolingbrook Chicago Chicago Duxbury, Mass. Naperville Palos Heights Villa Park Chicago Chicago Chicago

1:17:35 1:20:45 1:22:14 1:23:23 1:23:32 1:23:34 1:23:43 1:23:46 1:24:17 1:24:20

North Shore Triathlon

Sep t em b er 1 4 | W i lm e tte

Just shy of 600 athletes took on the cold weather and competed in the second annual North Shore Triathlon. A sprint distance with a 500-meter swim, the North Shore Triathlon has become a late-season hit with triathletes of all levels. This year Chicagoan Kevin Hughes and Sanya Syrstad from Glen Ellyn took the top spots. Name




Men’s Results Kevin Hughes Brian Condron Sean Lovelace Michael Rubin David Patent Jeff Knupp Mark Kolar Brock Edwards Charles Bickers Patrick Boyle Women’s Results Sanya Syrstad Karen Grabowski Jamie Fleming Cassady Chiarelli Michelle Gupta Tracey Roberts Catherine Anderson Amy Shelly Mary Mulcrone Debra Wagner

44 44 38 40 48 46 44 26 47 26

49 39 37 40 38 46 35 45 59 37

Chicago Chicago Roselle Evanston Chicago Winnetka Northbrook Lombard Winnetka Lisle

Glen Ellyn Chicago Milwaukee, Wis. Wilmette South Barrington Kildeer Milwaukee, Wis. Evanston Western Springs Downers Grove

57:37 1:02:07 1:03:25 1:03:43 1:04:13 1:05:01 1:05:49 1:06:21 1:07:12 1:07:17

1:08:57 1:09:44 1:10:17 1:10:23 1:13:21 1:14:01 1:16:23 1:16:55 1:17:35 1:17:51

Women Rock Chicago Half Marathon & 10K Se p te m b e r 2 7 , ch ic ago

Women Rock Chicago knew how to help its runners celebrate following their race. Each finisher received a post-race sterling silver and gemstone pendant and plenty of bubbly for everyone. The best performance of the day came from Monica Schoeneck who beat her closest half marathon finisher by more than 10 minutes. Women’s 10K Results Kristie Hawkins Rebe Sckrabulis Heather Weirath Emily Soley-Johnson Ericka Bollinger Kari Schwartz Jeni Martin Lindsay McKenney Katherine Arbeen Allysen Arbelaez,

34 46 42 33 38 29 37 31 44 26

40:41 41:57 42:37 43:43 44:56 44:57 44:59 45:39 45:52 47:22

Midtown 5K

S e p te m b e r 2 7 | pal ati n e

Supporting the Chicago Bears charity branch Bears Care, the Midtown 5K featured plenty of speedy runners. The first nine runners all finished within the 22-minute mark, with first place finisher Luis Lopez barely edging Bosco Sitati by a slim five seconds. Molly Kiefer took the women’s championship in just 20:12. Men’s Results Luis Lopez Bosco Sitati Derek Allen Fidel Alanis John Zientko Jim Mazik Brent Hendon Paul Becker Sergio Flores Brian Terwilliger

21 40 25 38 16 40 41 48 36 50

Women’s Results Molly Kiefer

41 Maria Philomena Goheen 13 Samantha Dejulio 14 Stephanie Olson 30 Serena Escalona 13 Audrey Birk 14 Madeline Birk 14 Michelle Santucci 33 Amy Muller 37 Allison Richter 22



Carpentersville Highland Park Kildeer Buffalo Grove Mundelein Palatine Barrington Vernon Hills Palatine Lincolnshire

18:12 18:17 19:24 19:30 19:30 19:34 19:34 19:44 19:47 20:02

Palatine Aurora Palatine Lake Zurich Palatine Palatine Palatine Elgin Palatine Palatine

20:12 21:18 22:30 22:58 23:02 23:06 23:32 23:37 23:42 24:07



Women Rock Chicago Half Marathon and 10K photo by: Michael Tutino

Women’s Half Marathon Results Monica Schoeneck 35 Sarah Doughty 31 Synthia Sampson 43 Megan Lombardo 48 Sasha Villagrana-Frost 27 Dina Jones 25 Colleen Lill 34 Julie Schoeneck 27 Amanda Hoerr 27 Michelle Trampel 26 Name




1:25:46 1:36:05 1:38:29 1:38:29 1:38:59 1:39:01 1:40:15 1:40:44 1:40:44 1:40:50 Time

november/december 2014



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Big Shoulders Open Water Swim photo by: Michael Tutino

Itasca Oktoberfast 5K

Fall Color 5K Run & Walk

IRONMAN World Championship

Beer and brats mixed well with running for the annual German party and suburban 5K. The race also featured a team challenge where teams of three combined their individual 5K times, with the team with the fastest time winning the overall challenge.

For more than a decade runners have been enjoying the fall colors in the Morton Arboretum for the Fall Color 5K. This year at least 1,500 runners took in the scenery of the west suburban attraction. Top finishers didn’t have much time to enjoy the course as the fastest times for men were all under 20 minutes and women under 23.

Twenty-two triathletes made the trip from Illinois to Hawaii to compete against the best in the world at the IRONMAN World Championships. While the mere feat of completing the grueling competition is impressive, Clif Bar Athlete of the Month Ryan Giuliano put up one of the best performances of any American. Giuliano was the 25th American to finish and 114th overall including professionals. The top four Illinois athletes finished under 10 hours.

Oc t O b er 4 , I tas c a

Men’s Results Brett Lustgarten Damian Bednorz Stephen Ellenbecker Chris Desilva Ricardo Martinez Alexander Manaois Patrick Fritsch John McCown Bart Worwa Eric Becker

24 35 43 24 39 25 26 24 42 27

15:59 16:56 17:06 17:07 17:19 17:22 17:30 17:58 18:02 18:13

Men’s Results Damian Bednorz Eric Erspamer Matthew Lindgren Daniel Bulster James Robertson Erick Waldchen Michael Fitch Wes Schoenfeldt Ryan Fitch Andrew Chico

35 25 26 24 40 37 17 29 17 15

Bensenville Lisle Naperville Berwyn Woodridge Geneva River Forest Naperville River Forest Lockport

Women’s Results Anastasia Netzel Veronka Tylova Julie Bruns Angie Dudman Jen Leskis Angie Davis Krista Kubielewicz Tina Pater Tiffany Mrkvicka Grace Wasielewski

27 30 44 52 39 41 26 34 29 61

20:28 20:34 20:42 21:18 21:31 21:52 22:06 22:10 22:12 22:12

Women’s Results Kate Lueders Sarah Barcelona Amy Burns Denise Parejko Katie Roth Amber Miller Melissa Garlough Katie Scherer Natalie Critchley Sandra Barcelona

24 13 27 30 35 30 34 44 37 44

Naperville La Grange Hanover Park Clarendon Hills



O ctO b e r 5 , L IsL e


nOvember/december 2014






17:03 17:28 17:41 17:47 18:04 18:36 18:45 19:06 19:17 19:31

19:36 20:08 20:56 21:05 La Grange Highlands 21:17 Westchester 21:22 Naperville 21:30 Glen Ellyn 22:03 Northbrook 22:18 La Grange 22:20



O ctO b e r 1 1 , K aILua-KOna, H awaII

Top Illinois Finishers Ryan Giuliano Adam Zucco Dana Riederer Tim Perkin Rick Lapinski Nicholas Vasdekas Mark Beckwith Jacqui Giuliano Aaron Acuna Jessica Brannigan Patty Carrel Mary Tobiason Miriam Cole Daniel Dungan Kirsten Hock Yamandu Perez Kathleen Weisman Richard Rodgers Michael Rusin Bruce Thompson David Pietig Martin Bukacek Name

Oakwood Hills Geneva Palos Hills Chicago Westmont Chicago Chicago Oakwood Hills Chicago Chicago Winnetka Naperville Highland Park Springfield Palos Park Chicago Naperville Sterling Chicago Vernon Hills Highland Park Chicago Age


9:26:59 9:30:49 9:38:12 9:51:29 10:12:30 10:16:20 10:19:48 10:38:58 11:05:22 11:40:57 11:57:31 12:04:08 12:15:24 12:23:14 12:43:08 12:52:01 13:16:04 13:28:19 13:33:28 13:46:25 14:21:21 15:23:30 Time

Prairie State Marathon and Half Marathon oc t o b er 1 1 , L i b erty v i LLe

Runners gathered in mid-October for a suburban marathon and half marathon that started and ended in the Independence Grove Forest Preserve. Participants enjoyed a scenic course that took them past rivers and lakes and through several other forest preserves.

Nicole Negowetti Lorraine Ciofani Diane Vilimek Kristin Smith Lauren Matricardi Marina Bashneva Erica Agran Lori Jo Thomas

33 50 47 34 28 30 42 36

1:33:49 1:35:02 1:35:10 1:35:32 1:36:31 1:36:51 1:37:19 1:37:40

St. Eugene Trot ‘n Treat 5K

Men’s Marathon Results Keir Ketel 28 Christopher Travis 42 Gerald Cameron 42 Paul Hagberg 52 Christopher Foley 35 Michael Stehling 34 Todd Henderson 47 Shane Olson 39 Arthur Miles 40 Cade Remsburg 41

3:00:03 3:11:07 3:13:15 3:13:21 3:14:20 3:14:23 3:14:55 3:14:56 3:16:25 3:18:41

Women’s Marathon Results Laura Gillette 29 Alea Olson 22 Sharon Venturi 39 Jessie Kratz 37 Michelle Gerlinger 43 Alexandra Lichtor 25 Julie Pfeffer 46 Sarah Weidman 34 Michelle Stien 37 Erin Gates 28

3:08:43 3:24:41 3:25:24 3:30:45 3:31:26 3:32:36 3:33:53 3:34:16 3:34:24 3:37:09

o cto b e r 1 8 , chi cago

Halloween came early at the St. Eugene Trot ‘n Treat on Chicago’s northwest side. The course took runners through neighborhood streets of Norwood Park, and kids had the chance to get in on the fun as well with the Monster Dash for those under 10. Men’s Results Bo Muzilewski Maxwell Crawford Siluestre Montes David Stevenson Tonatiuh Chavez David Mellor Ismael Rubiano Angel Saenz Jeff Giffin Joseph Potaczek

23 16 40 50 12 43 38 46 45 41

Frank Lloyd Wright Races o cto b e r 1 9 , oak Park

Now in its 38th year, the Frank Lloyd Wright Races treated runners to a flat and scenic course that produced fast times across the board. All of the top five men in the 5K finished in under 19 minutes, while the top five women in the same race all turned in sub-22 times. Men’s 5K Results Ernesto Ramirez Bob Cisler Jeff Bayers Ted Hartman Marcus Thomas

26 45 28 30 26

Carol Stream Darien Chicago Oak Park Oak Park

16:42 17:29 17:45 17:49 18:27

18:26 18:28 19:16 19:19 19:30 19:40 20:06 20:11 20:34 21:02

St. Eugene Trot ‘n Treat 5K photo by: Dr Carolyn Edwards

Oak Brook Half Marathon

St. Eugene Trot ‘n Treat 5K photo by: Dr Carolyn Edwards

Men’s Half Marathon Results Scott Majewski 39 Fred Miller III 38 Christopher Johanneson 37 Matthew Toth 32 Ross Perry 25 Paul Gavin 36 Michael Marty 38 Ryan Condon 41 Jason Hageman 36 Bill Akins 46

1:17:11 1:18:36 1:21:09 1:21:21 1:22:08 1:23:11 1:23:11 1:23:40 1:24:13 1:24:37

Women’s Half Marathon Results Kelly Thielbar 30 Marlene Patterson 31

1:30:06 1:33:29





Women’s Results Jennifer Brandon Colleen Corliss Columba Montes Casey O’Brien Rachel Pearson Nicole Butterfield Dani Schurman Dottie Kilian Amanda Jacobs Ashley Stern Name

37 36 35 42 27 33 37 51 36 31 Age

18:33 18:41 18:47 20:30 20:37 22:28 23:12 23:16 23:27 24:33 City


Women’s 5K Results Rachel Pearson Violet Harper Gillian Lundgren Wendy Negron Katie Ashton

27 14 12 41 42

Forest Park Oak Park Oak Park Oak Park Oak Park

20:00 20:14 20:19 20:21 21:25

Men’s 10K Results Damian Bednorz Michael Wehrley Matthew Jeromin Matt Gill Nick Willhoit

35 32 34 41 31

Chicago Oak Park Schaumburg Downers Grove Cary

34:45 35:25 35:52 36:12 36:58

Women’s 10K Results Vanessa Righeimer Megan Vaccaro Melissa Cooney Alyssa Getta Kelly O’Neill

22 36 35 26 30

Park Ridge Oswego

38:57 39:39 40:16 40:48 41:01




Naperville Chicago City


november/december 2014



For More Calendar liStingS: www.MyChiCagathlete.CoM

Adventure 11/01/14 Zombie Survival Terre Haute IN cross-roads-events.com/zombie

11/02/14 tri-County Barnstormers 5K/10K races Romeoville IL www.tri-countybarnstormersraces.com

11/23/14 Color Bomb 5K Encore IL www.colorbombrun.com

11/02/14 8th Annual Panting for Paws 5K run/ Walk and 1 Mile Fun run Crystal Lake IL www.pantingforpaws.com

run/WAlK 11/01/14 Cantigny 5K run/Walk Wheaton IL www.Cantigny.org 11/01/14 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Kids run Indianapolis IN www.monumentalmarathon.com 11/01/14 uno 5K - Carrera de los Muertos Chicago IL raceofthedead.com

11/08/14 St. Francis Xavier Falcon 5k run/Walk La Grange Park IL

11/01/14 All Saints’ day run Villa Park IL www.stalexanderschool.org

11/08/14 Chicago’s Perfect 10, benefitting the Gateway for Cancer research Chicago IL

11/01/14 Galena lead rush Half Marathon Galena IL www.galena.org/leadrush 11/01/14 World vision’s 6K for Water Chicago IL bit.ly/WV6KForWater 11/01/14 Chicago lakefront 50/50 ultramarathons Chicago IL www.chicagoultra.org november/december 2014

11/02/14 Pure Pikermi Half & Full Marathon relay Sugar Grove IL www.runtoachieve.com 11/02/14 Gouldilocks & the Bears 5K run/Walk Hoffman Estates IL www.gouldentouch.org

11/01/14 Hot Cider Hustle 8 Mile run/Walk Wheaton IL allcommunityevents.com/hotcocoa/ hot_cider_hustle.html


11/02/14 the Biggest loser runWalk at Six Flags Great Adventure new Jersey 5K/10K/ Kids Jackson IL biggestloserrunwalk.com/SixFlags_ Great_Adventure_race

Santa Hustle 5K ChiCago, il | Saturday, deCeMber 6

get into the holiday spirit with the Santa hustle 5K. runners receive a Santa hat, beard and a dri-fit hoodie on this Christmas-themed run, which includes cookies and candy on the course. 11/09/14 Chevy Chase 5K Wheeling IL www.chevychase5k.com 11/09/14 turkey trot 5K Tinley Park IL www.tinleyparkdistrict.org 11/09/14 Oswegoland Park district Gobbler Hobbler 10K & Mashed Potato Mile Oswego IL www.oswegolandparkdistrict.org/ Events/Gobbler-Hobbler.htm 11/09/14 Krispy Kreme 5K Evanston IL northwesterntriathlon.com

11/08/14 run Home Chicago Chicago IL www.runhomechicago2014.org

11/09/14 iCrush 5K Big Rapids MI www.icrush.org

11/09/14 valparaiso Half Marathon Valparaiso IN www.unitedwaypc.org/valpo-half

11/09/14 5th Annual northwest trail run Crystal Lake IL healthbridgefitness.com


11/09/14 Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Chicago IL www.hotchocolate15k.com/chicago 11/09/14 naperville Marathon and Half Marathon Naperville IL www.naperville26.com 11/15/14 Abe’s trail trek lincoln’s new Salem State Historic Site IL www.triharderpromotions.com 11/15/14 Paleozoic trail runs devonian Fall 50Km, 25-Km Willow Springs IL runrace.net/paleozoic 11/15/14 Cortland turkey trot Cortland IL cortlandlionsturkeytrot.com 11/15/14 Strides for Hunger 5K 10K Genoa IL register.itsracetime.com/ Register/?event=26172

11/15/14 eCHO’s turkey trot Janesville WI echojanesville.org/News.htm 11/15/14 Swan-a-thon 5K walk/run Chicago IL 11/16/14 district 219’s dance Marathon Annual 5K Skokie IL www.dm219.org 11/16/14 St James Farm Allee 5K Warrenville IL 11/16/14 run For Kelli Western Springs IL tinyurl.com/RunForKelli 11/16/14 red eye run 8k Joliet IL www.jpdrun3.com 11/22/14 Jingle Bell run/Walk Loves Park IL www.jinglebellrockford.kintera.org

October 11, 2015

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11/22/14 Orland Hills 21st Annual 1M/5K Turkey Trot Race Orland Hills IL

11/23/14 Lisle Chamber Turkey Trot Tune-up 5K Lisle IL www.lislechamber.com

11/27/14 The Winnetka Turkey Trot 5K Winnetka IL www.winnetkaturkeytrot.com

11/27/14 37th Annual Chicago Turkey Day Run Chicago IL www.turkeyday-5k.com

11/22/14 8th Annual Waterman Lions Club Gobbler Gallop 5K Walk/Run Waterman IL www.gobblergallop5K.com

11/23/14 Turkey Trot Lincolnwood IL www.lincolnwoodil.org/RecreationTurkeyTrot.cfm

11/27/14 The Fox and The Turkey Batavia IL www.foxrivertrailrunners.org/foxandturkey

11/23/14 Cold Turkey Trot Nicasa 5K Run/Walk Libertyville IL www.nicasa.org/5k

11/27/14 Evanston Flying Turkey 5K presented by NorthShore University HealthSystem Evanston IL www.evanstonflying5k.com

11/27/14 Naperville Noon Lions 5k Turkey Trot Race Naperville IL napervilleturkeytrot.com

11/22/14 Autobahn 5K Cruise Joliet IL www.autobahn5kcruise.com 11/22/14 Gobble, Gobble, Run or Wobble 5K Turkey Trot Oak Lawn, IL www.stlinusoaklawn.org/gobblegobblerunorwobble5k

11/27/14 Old St. Pat’s 28th Annual Turkey Trot Chicago IL www.theroadtoboston.info

11/27/14 McHenry Turkey Trot for Hospice McHenry IL www.mchenryturkeytrot.com 11/27/14 NorthPointe Turkey Trot Roscoe IL www.northpointehealth.org 11/27/14 Bonfield Express 5K Run/Walk Downers Grove IL www.bonfieldexpress.com/Home.html 11/27/14 Edison Park Turkey Trot Chicago IL www.EdisonParkTurkeyTrot.com 11/27/14 Turkey Trot Addison IL www.addisonparks.org 11/27/14 Riis Park Striders Thanksgiving RacesCross Country 1 mile +/or 5000 meters Chicago IL www.rpstriders.org

CARA Runners Choice Circuit red eye 8K Joliet | noveMber 16


november/december 2014


11/27/14 Beat The Bird Oakbrook IL www.endureitsports.com/home/ index.php 11/27/14 Roselle Exploding Turkey Trot Roselle IL www.roselle5k.com 11/27/14 North Shore Turkey Trot 5K and 10K Highland Park IL www.northshoreturkeytrot.com 11/27/14 Drumstick Dash Milwaukee WI www.visioneventmanagement.com/ pages/drumstick-dash.php 11/27/14 Henry’s Thanksgiving Day Hustle 5K & Kids Dash Algonquin IL www.kopfrunning.com 11/27/14 Long Grove Turkey Trot Long Grove IL allcommunityevents.com/long_ grove_turkey_trot/lgtthome.html 11/27/14 Turkey Stampede Elkhart IN www.stonesouppromotions.com 11/27/14 Village of Orland Park Turkey Trot Orland Park IL www.orlandpark.org

11/27/14 Rotary Run 3.14 Pie La Grange IL www.run314pie.com 11/27/14 Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Ann Arbor MI www.theturkeytrot.com 11/27/14 Belleville Thanksgiving 5K Run Belleville IL bellevillethanksgiving5krun.com 11/27/14 NH GivingThanks 5K Run DeKalb IL www.NeighborsHouse.org 11/29/14 Stuff the Sleigh 5K Racine WI www.stuffthesleigh5k.org 11/29/14 Schaumburg Half Marathon & 5K Turkey Trot Schaumburg IL allcommunityevents.com/half_marathon_trot/shmtt_home.html 11/29/14 Grant Park Turkey Trot Chicago IL allcommunityevents.com/turkey_ trot_Chicago/grant_park_turkey%20 Trot_home.html 11/30/14 Chicago Gaelic Park Carraig Challenge Cross Country 5k Run /1.5m walk Oak Forest IL chicagogaelicpark.org/carraigchallenge 11/30/14 Life Fitness: Fitness in Motion 8k Rosemont IL www.lesturnerals.org




9:00 A.M.









provided by Just Turkey Evanston


presented by Chip-timed certified 5K course | Goodie bag | Beautiful Lakefront course | Course water stations and finish line refreshments

Please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Harvest Food Pantry


For More Calendar listings: www.MyChiCagathlete.CoM

12/06/14 5th Annual Greater LaGrange YMCA Reindeer Run 5K and Kids Dash Brookfield IL www.greaterlagrangeymca.org 12/06/14 Boston 2015: Kick Off Run Lisle IL www.theroadtoboston.info 12/06/14 TriCity Family Services 6th Annual Snowflake Shuffle 5K Geneva IL www.tricityfamilyservices.org/2015_ Snowflake_Shuffle.html 12/06/14 Spruce Scoot Bristol IN www.stonesouppromotions.com/ event/show/54815198

12/06/14 Santa Hustle 5K Chicago IL www.santahustle.com 12/06/14 Santa Hustle Milwaukee 5K Milwaukee WI www.santahustle.com/milwaukee 12/06/14 Reindeer Run Wheaton IL www.wheatonparkdistrict.com 12/06/14 Coaler Plunge/5K Fun Run Coal City IL

12/07/14 Kiwanis Santa Run for Kids Crystal Lake IL www.kiwanissantarunforkids.org 12/13/14 Jingle Bell Run/Walk Chicago IL www.chicagojbr.org 12/13/14 Holiday Hustle Dexter MI runholiday5k.com 12/13/14 Jingle Bell Run Indianapolis IN www.indyjinglebellrun.com/index.asp

12/06/14 Jingle Bell Run/Walk Wheaton IL www.westernsuburbsjbr.org 12/06/14 Chilly Chili 5k Schaumburg IL www.parkfun.com/events

12/07/14 Cross Country Challenge Gilberts IL www.crosscountrychallenge.net

12/14/14 Jingle Bell Run/Walk Kankakee IL www.rivervalleyjbr.org 12/14/14 Rudolph Ramble 8K & Donner Dash Chicago IL www.fleetfeetchicago.com/rudolphramble-8k-event-18.php

Thanksgiving Races Corland Turkey Trot | Cortland | november 15 Orland Hills 21st annual 1 mile/5K Turkey Trot race orland hills | november 22 8th annual Waterman lions Club Gobbler Gallop 5K waterman | november 22 Cold Turkey Trot – nicasa 5K | libertyville | november 23 lincolnwood Turkey Trot | lincolnwood | november 23 evanston Flying Turkey 5K presented by northShore University HealthSystem | evanston | november 27 riis Park Striders Thanksgiving races | Chicago | november 27 addison Turkey Trot | addison | november 27 Henry’s Thanksgiving day Hustle 5K and Kids dash algonquin | november 27 The Fox and the Turkey | Batavia | november 27 Belleville Thanksgiving 5K run | Belleville | november 27

12/16/14 Door County Holiday Lights Fun Run Sturgeon Bay WI

37th annual Chicago Turkey day run | Chicago | november 27

1/01/15 New Year’s Day 5K Run/Walk Chicago IL www.chicagoevents.com/event. cfm?eid=88

north Shore Turkey Trot 5K and 10K | highland Park | november 27

TRiATHLON 12/06/14 Pinnacle indoor Triathlon #2 Fitchburg WI racedayeventsllc.com

Old St. Pat’s 28th annual Turkey Trot | Chicago | november 27 Bonfield express 5K | downers grove | november 27

rotary run 3.14 Pie | la grange | november 27 long Grove Turkey Trot | long grove | november 27 naperville noon lions 5K Turkey Trot | naperville | november 27 Beat the Bird | oakbrook | november 27 northPointe Turkey Trot | roscoe | november 27 roselle exploding Turkey Trot | roselle | november 27 Winnetka Turkey Trot | winnetka | november 27 Grant Park Turkey Trot | Chicago | november 29 Schaumburg Half Marathon & 5K Turkey Trot schaumburg | november 29


november/december 2014


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Our Certified Sports Physicians (CCSP) are also Certified Power-Taping Practioners (CPTP), Our clinics provide care for patients ranging from professional athletes to soccer moms. As avid hockey players/athletes themselves, Dr. Clendenin, Dr. Bocci, Dr. Hover, Dr. Danielson all know first hand the need for chiropractic specialty techniques and physical therapy for any athlete. Our practices specialize in the correction of biomechanical disorders rather than treating just the pain symptoms. We provide comprehensive treatment programs for, but not limited to: Ligament/Muscle Injury & Tendonitis | Spinal Decompression | Podiatry Acupuncture | Therapeutic Sports Massage | Rolfing | Kinesio-Taping Naturopathy | Sciatica/Disc Problems | Physical Therapy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Rehabilitation | Back/Neck Pain | Headaches Custom Foot Orthotics | Rotator Cuff Syndrome | Knee/Hip Pain Foot/Ankle Pain | Extremity Conditions

C.A.R.E. Physical Therapy’s mission is to provide the highest quality physical therapy services. We are individually owned and operated, and feature one on one treatment sessions lasting 45 minutes to one hour exclusively with a physical therapist. Having personal experience participating in marathons and triathlons, we specialize in running injuries, but treat all orthopedic, neck, back and sports related injuries. Our services include a comprehensive biomechanical analysis of gait and running form as well as posture, strength and flexibility assessments. We emphasize manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release and joint mobilization techniques) and individualized exercise instruction, but also utilize therapeutic modalities (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc.) Call us today for a free consultation or gait video analysis. Now offering Massage Therapy.

Dr. MiChael p. Davenport dr.michael@dcwellness.org www.dcwellness.org

3350 Salt Creek Lane Suite 109 Arlington Heights, IL 60005 847-368-3200 DC Wellness Center is a comprehensive family health facility that offers gentle chiropractic adjustments, adjunctive physiotherapy, functional nutrition with lab studies, structural postural care, exercise reabilitation, performance care with Active Release Technique (ART). Dr. Michael Davenport has been involved in the Chicago area running community for over 20 years. He presently still competes in endurance events such as Ironman Triathlons, marathons and ultramarathons. He has been a member of several local organizations which promote healthy lifestyles through training and competition. Dr. Davenport has run over 20 100 mile races including the Western States 100 mile endurance race 8 times and the Leadville Trail 100 4 times. He has also completed 6 Ironman Triathlons and hopes to complete his 7th this year in Lake Tahoe. Additionally, he has run 85 marathons. He hopes to break 3 hours again at this years Chicago Marathon, his 23rd Chicago Marathon. Dr. Davenport has treated many local athletes. He stresses living healthy with the synergy of quality nutrition, proper core muscle balance, adequate rest, and correct structual biomechanics. He incorporates specific stretching, strengthening and stabilty exercises for successful and injury free sport performances.

Sports Chiropractors for several professional teams



He also offers gait analysis, postural care as a Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP), coaching, radiology, lab studies, body compositioning and acupuncture. Experience a safe and natural approach to whole body health without the use of medication or surgery!

tiMothy t. jantz, DpM, faCfo, poDiatriSt

388 W. Terra Cotta Ave., Crystal Lake, IL 60014 815.459.FOOT (3668) Board certified in Podiatric Orthopedics and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Jantz is also a marathoner, ultramarathoner and duathlete. Providing comprehensive treatment for sports-related foot and ankle problems. Biomechanical examination, gait and stance evaluation and custom, sport specific, prescription orthotics. Conservative care of heel pain, tendonitis, pinched nerves, stress fractures, sprains, bunions, hammertoes. Surgical treatment as a last resort. Treadmill gait analysis, x-ray on site. On staff at Northern Illinois Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center. Evening hours are available.

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traCy at:

847.675.0200 x203 56

november/december 2014


Dr. Lisa M. Schoene GURNEE PODIATRY & SPORTS MEDICINE ASSOCIATES: 351 S. GREENLEAF ST. #C PARK CITY, IL 60085 847-263-6073 401 W. ONTARIO ST. #240 CHICAGO IL 60654 312-642-6020 Dr. Lisa Schoene is a sports medicine specialist who is triple board certified in Surgery, Orthopedics, and Primary Podiatric medicine, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgery and the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine. She is also a licensed certified Athletic Trainer as well. She has been practicing Podiatric Sports medicine for over 22 years. She has treated and worked with numerous Olympic, Professional, Semi-professional, and Elite athletes of many sports, including runners, triathletes, and dancers. Dr. Schoene has supervised and covered numerous sporting events and races, and lectures nationally and internationally on many sports medicine topics. Dr. Schoene trains Medical and Podiatry students, residents and fellows. She was one of 17 Podiatrist’s to work at the Olympic Games in 1996 and has worked at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and with the World Cup Games. She has been a Podiatric consultant for the DePaul University athletic department for over 20 years, and has worked with many professional dance companies in the Chicagoland area, including the Joffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance, Ballet Chicago, Inaside Chicago Dance as well as many others. Dr. Schoene will thoroughly evaluate overall posture, and functional abilities, she will examine the complete lower extremity, for strength, flexibility, biomechanical alignment, functional capacity and shoe gear. Emphasis will be placed on quick recovery from the current injury, and proactive preventative treatments for the future. This may include physical therapy treatments, strength, and flexibility work, orthotics for biomechanical control, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and alternative therapies including acupuncture, homeopathic, or magnetic therapy.

Physicians Plus -Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation 1700 W. Diversey Pkwy. Chicago, IL. 60614 www.TheSportDocs.com • 773-FIT-0033 Dr. Paul A. Marando D.C., C.C.S.P. (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) Dr. Tim P. Marando D.C., N.D. Physicians Plus is a progressive physical medicine and sports rehabilitation center that treats musculoskeletal injuries from the feet to the head. Dr. Paul Marando and Dr. Tim Marando emphasize thorough, comprehensive evaluations to provide individualized rapid treatment programs that keep our patients doing what they love. When combining detailed patient education, our patients learn to take care of themselves and see us less often. No therapist referrals will be necessary as we are your doctors and rehabilitative therapists in one. Our goal in working with you is to quickly eliminate pain and provide you with quick, easy access to care. For years, Physicians Plus has enjoyed treating professional and Olympic athletes, as well as providing the same standard of care to all our patients. Physicians Plus provides performance care to athletes looking to get an edge on the competition. We are part of the ART Ironman Performance Care Team and can be found on the Ironman Provider Network. Performance care is a system of treatment which helps lengthen and strengthen muscles before they become injured which results in improved athletic performance. Therapies: • Active Release Techniques® (ART®) • McKenzie Method® • Functional Rehabilitation • Naturopathic Medicine

• Graston Technique® • Kinesio Taping® • Custom Foot Orthotics • Massage

Commonly Treated Conditions: Back/Neck Pain • Headaches • Disc herniations • Shoulder pain • Lateral epicondylitis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Bursitis • Hip/knee pain • Tendon injuries • Ankle Sprains • Plantar fasciitis • Foot/ankle pain

Massage Envy Spa - Streeterville 345 E. Ohio Street (between McClurg Court & Fairbanks) Chicago, IL 60611 • 312-222-0808 Validated discounted parking up to 3 hours Massage Envy Spa - Lincoln Park South 1845 N. Clybourn (across from Buffalo Wild Wings) Chicago, IL 60614 • 773-904-1100 Free 90 minute parking available with validation BOTH LOCATIONS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 8am-10pm COMING NOVEMBER 2014: Old Town/Gold Coast 1222 North Wells Street (Across from Plum Market) 312-642-ENVY ADD MASSAGE THERAPY TO YOUR MARATHON OR TRIATHLON TRAINING PROGRAM AND ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE. ABOUT MASSAGE ENVY SPA Massage Envy Spa offers convenience, affordability, and professionalism. With convenient locations in the Streeterville and Lincoln Park neighborhoods, Massage Envy is the perfect place to go for your therapeutic massage therapy & Murad Facial services. Our licensed massage therapists & estheticians are trained to provide each of our guests with a customized experience. With our focus on wellness, we offer the following services: • Deep tissue massage • Relaxation / Swedish massage • Pre-natal massage • Reflexology • Sports massage • Hot Stone Therapy • Enhancements include AromaTherapy & Deep Muscle Therapy & Sugar Foot Scrubs • Murad Healthy Skin Facials • On-site chair massage at your office or event For first time guests, book your 1-hour (50 minute hands on) massage today at the member rate of $49.99 or book a 1 ½-hour massage session (80 minutes hands on) at the $74.99 member rate. That’s a 50% savings off the regular rates. We also offer first time guests a $59.99 Murad Healthy Skin Facial. ABOUT OUR MEMBERSHIP Join over 1,500,000 members nationwide! If you seek the benefits of therapeutic massage & Murad Healthy Skin facials on a regular basis, our membership program is a great value! Chicago Area Runner’s Association members receive a discount when they enroll in our 12-month program (see clinic for details): Here’s how the membership works: • $59.99 monthly dues includes a 1-hour customized massage each month • All additional services at the discounted member rates ($49.99 one hour/$59.99 Murad facial) • Monthly member massages can be rolled over to the next month, gifted to others, or used in 30 minute increments • Ask about our Corporate Wellness discounts for companies who enroll 5 or more employees • Valid at over 1,000 locations in 49 states. WE ARE PARTNERS IN THE CHICAGO COMMUNITY We are actively involved with the following organizations: • TEAM PAWS and the Run For Their Lives 8K • Sponsor of CARA Summer Marathon Training Program • Arthritis Foundation • Bright Pink’s Fab Fest Massage Envy Spa is the official sponsor of: *See clinic for full details, restrictions and member rules apply. MYCHICAGOATHLETE.COM





SAUGANASH WELLNESS CENTER 6160 N. Cicero Avenue Suite 214 Chicago, IL 60646

Dr. Joshua Akin, Dr. Jon Sebby, Dr. Sunil Pullukat, Erin Bretts, LMT, Sam Gao, LMT

Locations: 1847 Oak St, Northfield (located in Chicago Sports Institute) 1325 W. Randolph St, Chicago

Sauganash Wellness Center provides quality chiropractic care and massage therapy — treatments that reduce pain and enhance your health. Whether you are an athlete in training or looking to maintain optimum performance, our non-invasive treatments will fit you and your family’s active lifestyle and individual needs. Conditions we treat at Sauganash Wellness Center include arthritis, back or neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc herniations, headaches, muscular pain or injury, sciatica, sports-related injuries, whiplash and more. The Sauganash Wellness Center has been recognized as a Corporate Citizen of the Year by the Lincolnwood Chamber of Commerce because they exemplify what the chamber represents – business, service and community. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Deanna Minkler and Rachel Shaffer, the center has become an important part of the community. Minkler and Shaffer have participated in and donated their services to Lincolnwood’s Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing, Turkey Trot and annual summer Fest, as well as many other events in Greater Chicago including the WTTW Family Walk and Fun Run, the Edison Park Turkey Trot and the Chicago Police Memorial Fund Run to Remember 5K Walk/Run. A licensed Chiropractic for more than 10 years, Dr. Deanna Minkler, D.C., CHt, specializes in sports rehabilitation and pediatric chiropractic. To assist athletes recover from injuries at a quicker pace, Minkler has become certified in Kinesiotaping, the treatment of muscular disorders and lymphedema reduction, and the Graston Technique, which treats acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. “Becoming a successful chiropractor has been my ambition since I was nine years old,” Dr. Minkler shares. “Being a part of a person’s transition from discomfort and impaired movement to pain free mobility is my greatest reward. My profession is challenging and stimulating and it inspires me every day!” Rachel Shaffer is a licensed and certified massage therapist who has been in practice for more than 9 years. Specializing in assisting professional athletes, Shaffer has become an expert in deep tissue and sports massage. She also excels at prenatal and geriatric therapy.

Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine specializes in helping athletes and active individuals achieve optimal performance in sports, as well as body balance for every day activities. Our board certified doctors work with you to design an individualized and comprehensive treatment program – combining body-work, education and exercise – that accelerates your performance and recovery. Services Offered: • Chiropractic Care • Active Release Technique (ART) • Massage Therapy • Functional Rehabilitation • Trigger Point Needling • Kinesio Taping • Cupping Therapy • Graston Technique • Instrument Adhesion Release • Nutritional IV Therapy • Orthotics • Oxygen Therapy

Dr. Akin is the Chiropractic Physician for the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs. Contact us to find out how Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine can help you with your recovery from an injury, treatments to manage your acute or chronic pain or a program to improve your performance and prevent injuries. CHICAGO SPORTS INSTITUTE 847-881-2861 | chicagosportsinstitute.com 1847 Oak St. Northfield, IL Chicago Sports Institute, www.chicagosportsinstitute.com, is Chicagoland’s premier sports training facility, dedicated to providing the ultimate in performance training, sports medicine and integrative health. With a passion for helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals, the experts at Chicago Sports Institute have an ongoing commitment to assist athletes at any level in achieving optimal performance in their sports and activities.

Enhance your current health... and your future health with care from our certified and licensed doctors and practitioners. Sauganash Wellness Center is conveniently located at 6160 N. Cicero Avenue, just one block east of the Eden’s Expressway (I-94) and one block north of Peterson Avenue on Chicago’s North Side. Many insurance plans accepted. Now accepting new patients.

SERVICES OFFERED: - Performance Training • One-On-One • Athlete Development • Youth • Program Design • Strongwoman & Strongman - Sports Medicine (Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine) - Integrative Health

For more information, visit the center’s web site at www.sauganashwellness.com.

chicagosportsinstitute.com info@chicagosportsinstitute.com


Phone: 773-227-5914 | Fax: 773-227-8247 www.ChicagoHerniaInstitute.com 2222 W. Division (Suite 110) Chicago, Il 60622 2800 N. Sheridan (Suite 108) Chicago, Il 60657

847-881-2861 | Chicagochirosports.com

773.283.4470 773.283.4473, fax info@sauganashwellness.com www.sauganashwellness.com




GROIN PAIN? Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair: Groin/inguinal and belly button hernias. Get back to sports sooner and with less pain. Athletic Pubaglia (Sport’s Hernia): Groin and rectus muscle tears, chronic pain despite resting. Non-surgical treatments: Physical therapy/trigger point injections. Surgical Repair: Laparoscopic Surgical Repair

136 W Vallette Street, Ste #2, Elmhurst, IL Phone: 630-834-3668 | ElmhurstFootDoc.com RUNNERS TREATING RUNNERS Our docs run, bike, and swim. Marathoners. Triathletes. Weekend Warriors. Foot hurt? Can’t Run? That’s an emergency to us! Use the secret code “Walking on Air” to get preferred scheduling.

Request Dr. McNeill’s FREE running book at www.elmhurstfootdoc.com

chicago athlete magazine

is the turn-to source for your local endurance fix. Our content is local, fresh and supportive of Chicago’s endurance community. We bring athletes breaking news, race results, events guides and listings, training tips, local athlete profiles and so much more. Whether you run, bike, swim or do all three, we’ve had you covered since 1987.







training Dedicated to Women offering


Learn More at ChicagoEnduranceSports.com

Triathlon Training Esprit De She Triathlon Chicago Triathlon Iron Girl Triathlon Muncie/Racine Half IM Triathlon

Group Run Training Marathon Training Half Marathon Training Track/Speed Workouts Hot Cider Training

Also providing one on one personalized coaching, coaching assesments, computrainer cycling, group camps and much more.

MaxiMize Your Potential

www.maxmultisport.com email: info@maxmultisport.com 773.832.1335

Discover the Midwest’s First USAT Certified Performance Center


Triathlon Training Swim Technique Classes Cycling Programs Performance Testing wellfitinc.com

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Group or Private Coaching Personal Training Marathon Program Conditioning Classes 312.846.1222

Get it Right From the Start. Get Started Today with a Free Consultation. www.TriRightCoaching.com | 708.466.2379



www.thunderdomerunning.com 414.708.6285

Personalized training plans for runners of all abilities - Monthly running plans are created just for you - no two plans are the same - Achieve your goals as a beginner, high school, veteran or elite runner - Experience better results than ever before & have more fun doing it - Training plans are designed around your busy schedule 60



Swim Training Swim Classes Team Swimming Group Swim Swim Video Analysis

• Triathlon training program for all levels • 55,000 sq. ft. facility at FFC Lincoln Park • 16-seat CompuTrainer™ cycling studio • VO2 max and blood lactate testing • Multi-lane lap swimming pool • USAT Certified Coaches • Underwater swim video analysis • NEW! (HIIT) high intensity interval training • NEW! IronMonster Tri Club Contact endurance@ffc.com for a free trial workout or visit ffc.com/usat to learn more!

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phone: 847-563-8304

1611 Simpson St | Evanston, IL

Personal CoaChing and Personal Training Tr iaThlon | s wim m ing | running | C yCl ing • Personal Training

• Conditioning Classes

• One-On-One Skills Coaching

• Yoga

• Mental Training

• Group Training

• Team Attended Events

• CompuTrainer rides

www. precisionmultisport.com | info@precisionmultisport.com

Small group = Big benefit

Get updates on all the latest news and events in the Chicagoland area.

Our small group programs help you achieve your training goals — in the pool, on the course, in life. CAC Masters Swim, Boot Camp and Triathlon Club are just a few. We also offer KORR Metabolic Testing. Visit any one of our seven locations and get started today!

Running • Cycling



Swimming •

Classes for all levels One Week of Unlimited Yoga for $20 (new students only)

Triathlon we OffeR

hot yOga

Sun and Moon Yoga 2026 Oakton St. Park Ridge, IL 60068 www.sunandmoonpr.com sunandmoonparkridge@gmail.com

www.facebook.com/pages/ Chicago-Athlete-Magazine/113924471956067

seCOnd GlAnCe

photo by: Chad Riley Photography

Dean Karnazes

OCCupATiOn: UltrarUnner, action for HealtHy Kids - team HealtHy Kids rUnner in tHe BanK of america cHicago maratHon

Q When did you get involved with Team Healthy Kids, and how did that involvement come about? A We initially joined forces when I ran across America from Los Angeles to New York City in 2011 as part of the then LIVE! with Regis & Kelly show (which is now the LIVE! with Kelly & Michael show). Having two kids of my own and long advocating healthy active living in our youth, partnering with Team Healthy Kids seemed like a logical fit. During the run across the country I stopped at 15 schools along the way and spoke about the importance of eating right and exercising. We raised nearly $200,000 during the run and have kept the partnership strong ever since. Q What do you do as a member of Team Healthy Kids? A I serve primarily as an ambassador and spokesperson. I’m also involved with our fundraising efforts 62

november/december 2014


and supporting the Team Healthy Kids runners that sign up for the various marathons. We have an awards and recognition event before the race where I address the group and then we all run the marathon together. It’s a great honor for me to be affiliated with Team Healthy Kids and all the good the organization does for the youth of America. Q What did you enjoy the most about this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon? A I first ran the [LaSalle Bank] Chicago Marathon back in 2006 as part of a 50 marathon, 50 states, 50 straight days endeavor I was attempting. Chicago was my 36th marathon of the 50 and I finished that year in 3:37. Since then, I’ve run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon many times, including once doing a double marathon as a promotion for Volkswagen (I finished the first “official” marathon and then ran a second loop). This year I particularly liked stopping for a fresh piece of baklava when passing through Greektown.

Q How did this year’s race go for you? A The race went fine. I just returned from Eu-

rope competing in a 153-mile footrace called the Spartathlon. My legs were still pretty tired from that long ultramarathon so I didn’t have any specific time goal for Chicago this year, just to finish. Which I did (and enjoyed ever step of the way!).

Q When you’re not racing in Chicago, where do you like to spend your time? A Chicago is one of my favorite cities. You can usually find me running along the lakefront and swimming during the summertime. I’ve also run the Hustle Up the Hancock, which was a pretty outrageous experience. Of course, all of this exercise is just an excuse so that I can head over to Greektown and indulge. I’m 100 percent Greek and there are some of the greatest Greek restaurants in the world in Chicago’s Greektown. Opa!


Rockford | Nov. 22


Wheaton | Dec. 6

Chicago | Dec. 13


Kankakee | Dec. 14

Nationally Sponsored By


register with promo code: JINGLEBE11

Long sleeve cotton shirt

Be there with Bells on! Jingle bell neck lace

Finisher medal! Doubles as an ornament!

For more info or to register go to: WWW.ARTHRITIS.ORG/JBR


Lake County | April 25

South Suburbs | May 30

Chicago | June 6

For more information on Walk to Cure Arthritis please visit: www.WalktoCureArthritis.org


Our doctors take care of the pros.

You'll find them on the field at every Chicago Bears game. So if a sports injury is slowing you down, let the doctors who take care of the home team help you. At NorthShore, our team works with you to identify the source of your pain and explore every option, including the latest breakthroughs in nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Make us part of your game plan. We’ll create a customized treatment plan, including physical therapy, to get you back in top form. At NorthShore University HealthSystem, excellence is all around you.

Let our starting lineup take care of you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (847) 6-SPORTS, or visit northshore.org/bears today. NorthShore physicians in action at Soldier Field, left to right: Mark K. Bowen, MD, Patrick M. Birmingham, MD and Howard M. Katz, MD

Official Healthcare Partner of the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Athlete Magazine November/December 2014 Issue  

Chicago Athlete Magazine November/December 2014 Issue Swim, Bike, Run and Tri.

Chicago Athlete Magazine November/December 2014 Issue  

Chicago Athlete Magazine November/December 2014 Issue Swim, Bike, Run and Tri.

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