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2 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Schedule of events Friday

October 9

Abbott Health & Fitness Expo; Packet pick-up McCormick Place; North Building, Hall B1


October 10


October 11

Abbott Health & Fitness Expo; Packet pick-up McCormick Place; North Building, Hall B1

Grant Park Marathon Wheelchair Start Marathon Handcycle Start Athletes with Disabilities Start (AWD) Wave 1 Start Wave 2 Start Spectator access to Grant Park begins Bank of America Chicago Marathon 27th Mile Post-Race Party Grant Park, Butler Field

9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

7:20 a.m. 7:21 a.m. 7:22 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 8 a.m. 9 a.m. 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 3

Dear Friends, On behalf of the entire Bank of America Chicago Marathon staff, Bank of America, the City of Chicago, our generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers, I am excited to welcome you to the 38th annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon. On Sunday, October 11, you will etch your name in the history books as you travel through 29 dynamic Chicago neighborhoods. Your marathon journey is about more than 26.2 miles: it is about the commitment you made months ago to cross the finish line; it is about the time you heard your alarm buzz before 6 a.m. on the weekend and you laced up your running shoes and put in 20 miles; it is about the family and friends who supported you along the way; and it is about testing your individual will, courage and endurance on race day. Since our inaugural race in 1977, 664,249 runners have crossed the finish line. Whether you are a debut runner, a charity runner, a seasoned runner or a competitive runner, we welcome you and the City of Chicago welcomes you. From the start line in Grant Park to the finish line down Columbus Drive, race day is a celebration among thousands of runners, 1.7 million spectators and 12,000 volunteers. The spirit of the marathon is alive in Chicago. This year’s official program pays homage to two women who have shaped the sport and paved the way for a new generation of runners. Joan Benoit Samuelson and Deena Kastor recorded Chicago victories in 1985 and 2005, respectively. They have stood at the pinnacle of the sport at the same time that they have inspired – and keep inspiring – all of us to put one foot in front of the other. In addition to Samuelson and Kastor, we highlight several runners and non-runners who share a special connection to the Chicago Marathon, and who embolden us to strive for more than just a finish line in life. Good luck to all of you on race day. Make the most of your 26.2-mile odyssey, and we’ll see you at the finish line! Sincerely,

Carey Pinkowski Executive Race Director Bank of America Chicago Marathon

4 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Dear Friends, I am honored to join my fellow Bank of America colleagues in welcoming you to the 38th annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon. At Bank of America, we’re extremely proud to host this world class event every year in one of the world’s great cities. This is just one example of the many ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to our community, work closely with local government and key partners, and strengthen Chicago’s economy. We’re privileged to be able to help the city be economically and culturally vibrant, and to provide a vehicle for runners to support a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Last year’s race generated a remarkable $254 million in economic impact for the city. Over the past decade, the marathon has offered runners the opportunity to raise more than $132 million for charitable causes. In fact, more than 10,000 runners provided an overwhelming $17 million benefitting more than 190 nonprofits last year alone. This year, Chicago’s streets will once again overflow with more than a million and a half cheering people. The winding course weaves 45,000 runners through 29 distinctive neighborhoods highlighting the beauty and diversity of Chicago. Thank you for being part of this incredible day and here’s to a great race.


Tim Maloney Bank of America Illinois President

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 5

Dear Friends: Welcome to the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We are proud to help bring together thousands of racers, volunteers and spectators from all corners of the globe each year. The marathon gives us a great opportunity to support Chicago’s local economy and community. It is one of the many ways that connect Bank of America and Chicago together so closely. Our relationship also includes nearly 6,000 employees who call Chicagoland home, working to meet the needs of our customers and clients as well as $1.4 billion in lending and investing last year to help fuel Chicago’s economy. We also donated more than $10 million to address local needs like housing, job training and hunger, and our employees provided nearly 50,000 volunteer hours to local organizations. Chicago is one of the most diverse and scenic cities in America, and we look forward to an event that showcases all that this great city has to offer. Thank you to everyone who has worked to again make this one of the most popular marathons in the world. Enjoy the race.


Brian T. Moynihan Chief Executive Officer Bank of America

6 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

WE’RE PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE BANK OF AMERICA CHICAGO MARATHON Bringing dedication, insight and a global perspective to the city of Chicago. Deeply understanding your individual needs. Creating a personalized wealth management strategy that’s right for you. All aspects of an approach that connects to your values and goals. One that’s been trusted for over 200 years. To learn more, please contact Amy Hughes, Managing Director, at 312.828.9530 or amy.hughes@ustrust.com. Life’s better when we’re connected®

135 South LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois ustrust.com

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Welcome to the 38th annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Runners from more than 100 countries and all 50 states have made the journey to etch their names in the history books. From the start line in Grant Park to the finish line on

Canada 1,330

Columbus Drive, we welcome you to our great city!

Mexico 1,940



Bahamas 7



Guatemala 166

Jamaica 3

bienvenue vĂ­tejte

welcome aloha

accoglienza bem vido velkommen


8 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Panama 94


Aruba 5

Spain 213

Italy 153

Hungary 13 Moldova 2



Iceland 21

Ireland 86

Albania 1

Russia 56 Israel 6

France 130

India 31

Egypt 4

Chile 114

Hong Kong 106

Turkey 17

Morocco 10

Brazil 444

South Korea 22

Botswana 1

South Africa 21

Indonesia 53

Thailand 8 Nigeria 3 United Arab Emirates 22

Philippines 82

Australia 114 St. Lucia 1

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 9

10 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 11

It’s a big town on a big lake in a big hurry to get where it’s going. One hundred years ago Carl Sandburg famously penned it “stormy, husky, (and) brawling.” Ironic, then, that two of the most celebrated runners to ever capture the big city’s imagination don’t together stack up much higher than a basketball rim. But like Chicago’s 110-story Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and the 100-story John Hancock Center, the two burly skyscrapers that bracket the bristling Chicago skyline, the careers of Joan Benoit Samuelson and Deena Kastor tower over the American women’s distance running landscape. Each has won memorably in Chicago. And though in Chicago that fall for her first marathon since their time at the top has come and gone, both winning the inaugural women’s Olympic Maracontinue to inspire all in their shadow while tak- thon in Los Angeles in the summer of 1984. On ing on new challenges with undimmed desire and that historic August morning in the City of Angels, a largeness of purpose she blew away every that make all who watch great champion she stop and take an apprefaced, setting an OlymTHIS YEAR AMERICA’S TWO MOST DECORATED ciative note. pic record that lasted WOMEN’S MARATHONERS WILL ONCE AGAIN COME until 2000. This year America’s two TO THE BIG CITY ON THE BIG LAKE most decorated womWhen she finally toed en’s marathoners will the line at the Chicago once again come to the Marathon—when the big city on the big lake to compete and celebrate in event was still called “America’s Marathon”— the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. women’s marathoning was on the cusp of breaking 2:20:00 for the first time. That spring Norway’s Joan Benoit Samuelson: Chicago 1985 Ingrid Kristiansen had set a new world record in Now 30 years past, Samuelson’s 1985 performance London, 2:21:15. And with the defending Chicago in Chicago still stands the test of time. She arrived champion Rosa Mota of Portugal having taken

12 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

“Joanie and Deena are the two women in the sport whom I look up to most—both for their positivity and


their resilience. I will never forget when I asked Deena for advice before my first road race, and she told me to ‘take in the positive energy of the crowds’—this sense of drawing strength from within but also from my surroundings is something I carry with me always. I am so grateful for Joanie and Deena, who inspire me to not only run fast but also have a positive impact on our sport.” – Alexi Pappas

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 13

bronze in L.A. ’84, we pundits had our pens poised as the three women met up for a historic run along the shores of Lake Michigan. On October 20, 1985, a raw and overcast day, perfect for hard running, Samuelson attacked early, as she so often did. With split times written on her inner arm, Kristiansen tucked in behind as Samuelson ripped through the first mile in 5:09. Mile two lasted but 5:07. The first 10K flew by in 32:30s. Kristiansen had come to Chicago to break 2:20, but Samuelson had come to Chicago to break Kristiansen. By 19 miles, Samuelson’s punishing, irregular pace had sapped Kristiansen of her strength and will to fight, and by Mile 20 she was done. Though Samuelson would slow in the final miles and miss out on Kristiansen’s London world record by 15 seconds, her win, the eighth in her 13 career marathons to date, produced an American record, 2:21:21. Kristiansen crossed in 2:23:05, the second best of her career, while defending champion Rosa Mota finished a strong third in a PR, 2:23:30. Samuelson’s winning time would stand as the American record for 18 years, until another tiny terror from the other side of the broad American continent, Deena Kastor, took it down by five seconds in London 2003 (2:21:16).

Deena Kastor: Chicago 2005 In 2005, Kastor landed in Chicago with the same goal Samuelson and Kristiansen had set 20 years earlier: break 2:20. But instead of contending with the marathon world record holder, the Augora Hills,

14 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

California, native and All-American from the University of Arkansas had the defending Chicago Marathon champion, Constantina Dita of Romania, to battle. Earlier in the year Dita had taken the bronze medal at the IAAF World Championships Marathon, and then a week before the Chicago Marathon she had won gold at the Half Marathon World Championship in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In her final prep race three weeks out, Kastor broke Samuelson’s American half-marathon record in Philadelphia by 41 seconds (Kastor ran 1:07:53). As I wrote in my contemporaneous race report: “If it had been 60 degrees and overcast rather than near 80 and sunny, Deena might have taken the record close to 67-flat. Watch out Chicago!” Like Samuelson before her, once Kastor got the bite in her teeth she was an aggressive front runner. “It has been 30 degrees in Mammoth the last few weeks,” said her coach Terrence Mahon the day before the marathon. “Nothing here will be too cold. We didn’t taper for Philly. She did lots of volume, so just nothing stupid in the early miles.” Race day dawned with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees and winds coming from the northeast at 10 to13 m.p.h. Out of the gate Kastor, Dita and Japanese star Masako Chiba, bronze medalist from the 2003 Paris World Championships Marathon, bolted to a course record pace, averaging 5:14 per mile in the early stages. That was a pretty rich effort for women whose PRs stood at 2:21 and 2:22.

After 15K the pace began to moderate, but Kastor still passed the halfway mark in 1:09:16, the split was 11 seconds slower than Paula Radcliffe in her 2002 course record year (2:17:18), but still faster than Kenyan Catherine Ndereba’s 2001 split when she ran 2:18:47 in Chicago. By this point, Chiba was long gone, but Dita was mere seconds behind as past Chicago Marathon champion, Samuelson, rode alongside aboard the lead women’s TV motorcycle calling the race.

Dita appeared broken once more at Mile 19, seemingly for the final time, as Kastor, the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist in Athens, opened a 50-second gap. But as Kastor turned north for the final few miles, she was met by a headwind that had previously been an ally to her back. In short order she began to pay for her early race speed, losing time at an increasingly alarming rate.

Soon after halfway, Kastor began to build an advantage as Dita drifted back, leaving the whip-lean Californian alone with a group of 10 to 15 male runners, including two designated escorts to help give her room to maneuver. Three times throughout the second half Dita, the great Romanian (who would go on to win the Olympic gold medal in Beijing ’08), was dropped by Kastor’s relentless effort. Three times she managed to grind her way back into contact.

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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 15

Athletes to Watch Jessie Davis (USA) Jessie Davis has raced every distance from the 100 meters to the ultramarathon and he has won the Carmel Marathon four years in a row. With a Marathon PR of 2:18:13, he isn’t vying for the win in Chicago, but he is seeking redemption. Last year, Davis finishd 14 seconds out of the qualifying window for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. Can he erase the 14 seconds needed to get back in 2016?

Takehiro Deki (JPN) Deki started 2015 with an impressive 13th place finish in one of the most competitive Tokyo Marathons in the event’s history. He was the fourth overall man from Japan to cross the finish line in 2:11:14. His PR, 2:10:02, dates back to 2012, but if the beginning of the year is any indication of his potential 2015 fitness, he could threaten the 2:10 mark and finish inside of the top 10 at this year’s race.

Joshua George (USA) A University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign alumnus, George competed in his first Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2002 as an 18-year-old. He has finished in the top six of the race nine times, and he is a four-time Chicago Marathon champion. Most recently, George won the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon. He is a six-time world champion and he has won five Paralympic medals.

Satoshi Yoshii (JPN)

Yoshii started his year with a promising fiſth place finish at the Beppu-Ota Mainichi Marathon (Japan) in 2:12:48. He holds a PR of 2:10:45 (2011). Yoshii is part of a strong contingent of Japanese runners to compete in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Kurt Fearnley (AUS) Fearnley is one of Chicago’s most decorated athletes with four titles. He has captured nine medals at the Paralympic Games, including a pair of gold medals in the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Marathon. He won four consecutive TCS New York City Marathons from 2006 to 2009 and won in a sprint finish in 2014. His 1:29:22 course record in New York still stands. Fearnley is a passionate disability advocate and devotes himself to a number of charitable initiatives.

men 16 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Fionnuala Britton (IRL) Britton is best known for her exploits on the grass: she is a two-time European Cross-Country champion (2011, 2012), and she has finished in the top 16 at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships three times. She represented Ireland on the track in the steeplechase at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the 2012 London Olympics. She made a last minute marathon debut at the 2014 European Championships in Zurich, Switerland, cracking the top 10, in 2:31:46

Tatyana McFadden (USA)

McFadden, a four-time Paralympian, made history in 2013 and 2014 as the only athlete to ever win four Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) in one year: London, Boston, Chicago and New York. In total, she has won 14 AWMM in just seven years of elite marathon racing, and her 2015 campaign is off to a good start: she earned victories in both Boston and London. McFadden returns to Chicago to capture her fiſth consecutive victory and her sixth in the last seven years. McFadden currently holds Chicago’s course record, 1:42:35.

Manuela Schär (SUI)

Schär made her Bank of America Chicago Marathon debut in 2013, finishing second by two seconds behind defending champion Tatyana McFadden. The two met multiple times in 2014, but Schär failed to snap McFadden’s winning streak. Schär competed in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games, racking up three medals—two bronze and one silver—in the 100m and 200m.

Deena Kastor (USA)

Kastor became a household name aſter she ended a 20-year medal drought for U.S. women in the marathon at the 2004 Athens Olympics. That historic moment sparked a string of jaw-dropping performances: Kastor won the 2005 Chicago Marathon, and she became the first American woman to break the 2:20 barrier en route to her 2006 London Marathon victory (2:19:36). She currently holds the American Record in the marathon and half marathon (1:07:34), but she has held records in distances ranging from 5K to the marathon. She has made 19 U.S. teams, won 18 U.S. titles and earned two silver medals at the IAAF World CrossCountry Championships. In 2014, she set five world masters records.

Sarah Attar (USA & KSA)

Attar garnered headlines in 2012 when she became one of the first two female athletes ever to represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympics. Attar, a southern California native with dual citizenship, received an invitation to compete in the London Olympics just six weeks before the Games officially started. Although Attar finished last in her preliminary heat in the 800m, she sent a powerful message to a new generation of women and girls that their participation in sports matters. Attar most recently competed in the 2015 Boston Marathon, and she hopes to represent Saudi Arabia again in 2016.

women 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 17

With only a single escort still alongside, she went from a 5:18 22nd mile to a 5:31, then slipped to 5:41, then 6:02 and finally 7:07. And now Dita was closing like a freight train! With her legs turning to wood, her energy stores depleted, Kastor barely held on, breaking the tape in Grant Park in 2:21:25 to notch her first career major marathon win, but just five seconds up on Dita, who ran a personal best by 1:25. Kastor missed Samuelson’s Chicago record by four seconds.

Two legends return As both Samuelson and Kastor return to Chicago in 2015, the marks they have left behind still stand in bold relief. In 2006 Kastor got her sub2:20 in London. Her 2:19:36 still stands as the American marathon record. But it is not just their times that have remained large in our memory, it is their personalities. Still a competitive firebrand, Samuelson ran this spring’s Boston Marathon where she produced an age-group record, 2:54:03 at age 57, even with

punishing headwinds slowing the entire field. Though she still isn’t a split-based runner, she chews over numbers to motivate herself. Think about it, 2:21:21 thirty years ago? Who wants to bet Samuelson’s going to run within 30 minutes of that time 30 years later? Out in California, Kastor still competes avidly, and after being its co-leading light for so many years (with fellow Olympic Marathon medalist Meb Keflizighi), Kastor and her husband, Andrew, have taken over the Asics Mammoth Track Club in the Sierra Mountains. Together, Samuelson and Kastor have set an example, not only as competitive racers, but also as ambassadors of the sport that has given them both so much. Any sport must be fortunate in those who become its champions, because any sport, but especially running, is a pure meritocracy. Running could not have chosen any better ambassadors if it had tried. Larger than life, you might call them. Chicago does. V

How much has American marathon running evolved since 1980?

Female participants

Median age

Median finish time females

Estimated U.S. marathon finishers 18 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

















2 4 . 4 . 2 0 16

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 19

Profiles The Bank of America Chicago Marathon invites athletes from around the world to tour its city on foot, to hear the thunderous roar of spectators and to feel a sense of community and accomplishment among a group of people who arrived at the start with a story in their soles and a goal in their minds. But the Chicago Marathon tells a much broader story. It tells a story about not only the runners who capture its indomitable spirit and will, but about the people who make it possible: the news anchor who excites

a city with her words, the doctor who treats athletes so they can make it to the start, the brewmaster who ensures runners quench their thirst with a Chicago specialty beer at the finish and the volunteer who cheers runners on as their muscles fatigue and a wall looms. The Marathon is about connection and community. This year, we highlight some of our local runners and community builders who breathe life into the magical story that is the 38th annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon.




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20 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

855 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116 (857) 263-8491 www.bostonrunbase.com

Mon–Wed: Thurs: Fri: Sat: Sun:

10am–7:30pm 10am–8pm 10am–7:30pm 10am–8pm 11am–6pm

#bostonrunbase BostonRunBase unicorntelevision @bostonmarathon

the place to meet, connect, and run.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 21

1.000.000 40.000 80 10 1




22 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 23

24 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Every morning has been leading up to a sunrise you’ll never forget. Let’s all be proud of the sweat and soul that goes into making the Bank of America Chicago Marathon the great event that it is. Learn more at bankofamerica.com/chimarathon or join the conversation at #ChiMarathon

October 11, 2015

Life’s better when we’re connected®

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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 25

2014 Male top performances

Top 10 male finishers – Overall

Eliud Kipchoge Sammy Kitwara Dickson Chumba Kenenisa Bekele Bernard Koech Ghirmay Ghebreslassie Lani Rutto Wesley Korir Bobby Curtis Koji Kobayashi


02:04:11 02:04:28 02:04:32 02:05:51 02:08:30 02:09:08 02:10:42 02:11:09 02:11:20 02:11:43

Joshua George Kurt Fearnley Ernst Van Dyk


Top 3 male finishers – Masters Neil Pearson Peter Lawrence Simon Stewart


Top 3 male finishers – Illinois Matthew Blume Dan Kremske Matthew Marol

26 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

01:32:12 01:32:13 01:32:13

02:27:25 02:34:05 02:35:00

(Chicago) IL 02:20:28 (Woodstock) IL 02:21:17 (Evanston) IL 02:23:51

Right photo by Colin Gazley | © 2014 Fleet Feet Sports Chicago

Top 3 male finishers – Wheelchair

2014 Female top performances

Top 10 female finishers – Overall

Rita Jeptoo* Mare Dibaba Florence Kiplagat Birhane Dibaba Amy Hastings Clara Santucci Sarah Crouch Gelete Burka Melissa White Lauren Jimison


02:24:35 02:25:37 02:25:57 02:27:02 02:27:03 02:32:21 02:32:44 02:34:17 02:34:19 02:34:38

Right photo by Colin Gazley | © 2014 Fleet Feet Sports Chicago

Top 3 female finishers – Wheelchair Tatyana McFadden Manuela Schar Amanda McGrory


01:44:50 01:45:12 01:45:55

Top 3 female finishers – Masters

Theresa Lowry Nina Ytterstad Ingrid Walters


02:50:02 02:53:59 02:54:58

Top 3 female finishers – Illinois Kristen Heckert Emily Kurian Pamela Staton

(Bolingbrook) IL 02:42:32 (Petersburg) IL 02:46:39 (Chicago) IL 02:48:02

*Official results as of August 2015. Result standings are subject to change in accordance with IAAF Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 27

October 11, 2015

28 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Event entertainment

Bank of America Cheer Zones – Miles 12 and 26 Connect with Bank of America to support the participants at the Bank of America on-course Cheer Zones. Cheering supplies will be on hand for you to show your support. Visit the Mile 12 Cheer Zone located near the halfway point between Franklin and Adams streets (one block from CTA Quincy/Wells stop; two blocks from Union Station), and the Mile 26 Cheer Zone near the finish line between Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road (two blocks from CTA Red Line Roosevelt stop) on race day to join Bank of America in sharing our passions with the participants. See you on race day! Connect to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, neighborhoods, and the city at bankofamerica.com/ chimarathon or at #ChiMarathon.

U.S. Trust Cheer Zone

Join Nike Race Weekend

Directly beyond the Bank of America Cheer Zone at Mile 12 is the U.S. Trust Cheer Zone, at the intersection of Adams Street and Wacker Drive. You can support runners at one of the most scenic points of the course, just before they cross the Chicago River and approach the half marathon checkpoint. The energy is certain to be high with the second half of the race on the horizon.

Nike will celebrate race week and race day with activities throughout Chicago, including special events, athlete appearances, raceday course activations and postrace celebrations. Follow Nike on Twitter @NikeChicago and check out nike.com/chicago for all race week information and updates on how to reserve your spot.

Merrill Lynch Cheer Zones Grab a bull bell and ring on runners at the Merrill Lynch Cheer Zones as they make their way through the West Loop. Located at Miles 13.5 (Halsted and Adams streets) and 16.5 (Halsted Street and Jackson Boulevard), just a few blocks from the CTA Blue Line, the Merrill Lynch Cheer Zones feature a DJ and branded bull bells to give runners that extra bit of motivation for the second half of the race.

Charity Block Party Thousands of Bank of America Chicago Marathon participants are running and fundraising on behalf of important local, national and global causes. To celebrate the impact these participants make, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon will host a Charity Block Party near Mile 14. Spectators, family and friends are welcome to cheer on their charity runners at the Charity Block Party located at Adams Street and Loomis Street near Whitney Young High School.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 29

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30 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Š J&JCI 2015


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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 31

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32 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Media Partner

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 33



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10.SEPT.2016 SEPT.2016 SEPT

01.OCT.2016 OCT.2016 OCT






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Elmhurst • Oak Park • South Loop • Old Town • Lakeview • Lincoln Square

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is one of six races that comprise the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM). The global race series includes the following world renowned marathons: Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, Virgin Money London Marathon, BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon. The AWMM provides global leadership in elite and mass participation marathons. The series energizes running enthusiasts everywhere encouraging runners to travel to six culturally diverse and dynamic cities, highlighting the interconnectedness of running and the popularity of the mass marathon.

Runners from Germany: 69

Runners from Massachusetts:


Runners from Japan: 173

Runners from Great Britain: 553 36 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Runners from Illinois: 17,501

Where’s your favorite place to run in your AWMM city?


“My neighborhood where I live, historic Harlem, on the day of the 2013 New York City Marathon, my first. I was closing in on Mile 22 and losing steam after hitting the wall and I crossed over the bridge from the Bronx and into Harlem and instantly got uplifted by the vocal crowds, familiar sites, joyful music, majestic brownstones, hugs from friends and family and supportive Harlemites. I loved running through Harlem because it uplifted me when my tank was at its lowest point on Marathon day!” – Kwame Jackson, New York

Runners from New York:


Kwame Jackson is a United States Department of Commerce (SBA) National Entrepreneur Awardee, professional speaker, strategic consultant and media personality. His Harvard Business School and Goldman Sachs pedigree, civic engagement and affable nature allow him to touch audiences from the Boardroom to the Barrio.


“The park changes its appearance completely with every season. During winter, the paths are covered with snow and are often untouched when I arrive for a morning run. It is full of life during the first glimpses of sunshine in the spring. In the summer, trees provide enough shade for long hours of training. And in the fall, the leaves change to the most beautiful colors.” – Jasmin Sulerz, Germany

Number of runners who have completed all six AWMM: 428

Jasmin Sulerz started running four years ago, at the age of 23, with the goal of one day running the New York City Marathon. She started her marathon journey with the Berlin Marathon and soon after extended her goal to completing all six Abbott World Marathon Majors (by the age of 30!). She uses running as a way to decompress from her work as a Business Analyst, and she absolutely loves that her running shoes easily fit into her suitcase so that she can run no matter where she is in the world.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 37

Bank of America Chicago Marathon has record impact on local economy The Bank of America Chicago Marathon continues to be a key economic driver for the city of Chicago. The Chicago Marathon contributed an estimated $254 million in total business activity to the Chicago economy in 2014, according to the annual University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (R.E.A.L.) report, with tourism accounting for more than 40% of the overall sum.

$254 million

total contributions in business activity to the Chicago economy in 2014



Food and beverages Aid stations:


Gatorade Endurance Formula:

Other materials Official programs:


48,000 gallons

Spectator guides:

77,760 gallons

Street pole banners:


PowerGel (individual packets):


Recovery PowerBars:

134,000 450 Water cups:


1.3 million


1.4 million


38 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Gatorade cups:

Charity Program

Charity dollars raised in 2014: $17.7 million Charity dollars raised since 2002: $132 million


The unique way each runner will leave his/her mark at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Anticipated Expo attendees:

Media credentials:

Race day volunteers:

Estimated on-course spectators:

140,000 12,000+

Medical personnel:


Course marshals:


Massage therapists:


Finishers since 1977


Official Chicago neighborhoods (on course):


1.7 million

International runners:


Charity runners:


Nike+ Pace Team leaders:


Largest Finisher field year:


Countries represented:

Finishers in 2014:


U.S. States represented:

29 100+ 50 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 39

Hillary Gelfman 40, Chicago, IL Marathon PR: 4:37

Carolyn Nugent 34, Chicago, IL Marathon PR: 4:10

Gelfman grew up in Maryland, the oldest of three sisters, and started running 5Ks in college in Virginia. Since college, she has lived in Arlington, Va.; Washington, D.C.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Dallas, Tex.; and in Chicago since 2008. She is a Marketing Director at PepsiCo, and she is a veteran of five marathons, including four Bank of America Chicago Marathons. She is running with Team in Training (as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) in memory of her sister, Vickie. Gelfman recently received the Richard M. Daley and Maggie Daley Award, an award established to recognize the Chicago Marathon participant who raises the most funds for charity; she raised more than $90,000 in 2014.

Nugent is a pediatric physical therapist at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. In 2014 she signed up to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to raise funds for brain tumor research after one of her patients, Andrew Zint, died from a brain tumor. Shortly after training began in June, she was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer at the age of 33. She recently celebrated her first “cancerversary.” She has finished six marathons, including three Chicago Marathons. She currently lives in the city with her boyfriend, Brad, and their two rescued puppies.

When I run, I think about the fact that I am lucky to be healthy enough to run—to have legs that work and that I live in a city that has such great scenery. Running is like life—full of ups and downs, exciting parts and boring parts, and you meet great friends along the way.

When I run, I think about all of the kids I work with who cannot run, and those who never will. And I keep going for them. The best advice I ever received was it’s not always about crossing the finish line. Enjoy every moment.

Zoraida Sambolin Chicago, IL NBC News Reporter for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Sambolin is a popular morning news anchor with Chicago’s NBC 5 News Today. She is also a former CNN News Anchor. She is a wife, mother, breast cancer survivor and occasional runner. She joined thousands of local runners in March to officially kick off the spring racing season at the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K. I support the Bank of America Chicago Marathon because there is no place I would rather be than cheering on the people who are pushing the limits of their bodies and also supporting some great charitable causes. I think marathon runners are super human and a little crazy! The Chicago community comes out to cheer runners on because we are a passionate people who support each other and our city and it is the place to be.

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The long lasting energy bar you can trust to add some goodness to your day. g 2g 10 PROTEIN FIBER



2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 41

42 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon



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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 43

44 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

2015 Broadcast Coverage of the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon can be found on TV, radio, Web and in print.

NBC 5 Chicago NBC 5 Chicago and nbcchicago.com will provide complete live TV coverage and live streaming of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on race day from 7 – 11 a.m.

670 The Score 670 The Score will provide complete live radio coverage of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on race day from 6 – 10 a.m.

Photos by Colin Gazley | © 2014 Fleet Feet Sports Chicago

Chicago Tribune Look to the Chicago Tribune on Monday, October 12 for race coverage and results listings in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Commemorative Results Section.


Visit chicagomarathon.com for race information, photos and results.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 45

46 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

qíPĤIJįıîįqíPĤIJ your race all season

2015/2016 SEASON Denver, Chicago•November 8, Columbus, Scottsdale, St. Louis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, Philadelphia, Minneapolis

REGISTER NOW I #HC15K hotchocolate15k.com

Among Chicago’s many nicknames, it has been referred to—most notably by former Mayor Richard J. Daley—as “The City that Works.” However, it could just as easily be referred to as “The City that Runs.” From the first glimmer of spring to the frost-kissed days of late fall, the city’s lakefront path, suburban rail trails, forest preserve paths and new gems like the city’s first elevated trail, The 606, are less a pitter-patter of running diehards and more a roaring mass of movers and shakers. Chicago is devoted to its beloved sports teams— including the 2015 Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks!—as well as its deep dish pizza and Chicagostyle dogs, but it also impresses as a running city. “Chicago has its own unique running culture,” says Carey Pinkowski, Executive Race Director of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. “It’s very inclusive. Must Run: Bank of America Events like the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Chicago Marathon and outlets like the Lakefront Trail have a way of It’s no coincidence that the Bank of America bringing everyone together. Runners are well sup- Chicago Marathon is one of the largest marathons ported by the different training groups and running in the world and one of the six Abbott World Maraspecialty stores. Plus, the thon Majors. Renowned city has done a wonderChicago architect and ful job of creating exciturban designer Daniel ing new recreational outBurnham—who famousTHE LAKE FRONT TRAIL IS THE lets like The 606.” ly said, “Make no little plans; they have no magLIFEBLOOD OF RUNNING IN CHICAGO If you’re a runner who ic to stir men’s blood”— wants to feel a part of would have been proud. something much bigger When it comes to the than yourself; if you’re Chicago Marathon, the an early riser who wants to know what it’s like to event has stirred the blood of the entire city and the watch a city of nearly three million people wake up; worldwide running community. if you’re someone who contemplates your place in the world, not among the majesty of Mother Nature’s At its founding in 1977, the Chicago Marathon was mountains but among the wonder of manmade urban billed as the largest in the world with 4,200 runners. trails and skyscrapers; then lace up your shoes and Fast forward 38 years and you have an event that still get moving in our great city: the Windy City. has the freak factor of being among the biggest in

48 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

THE CITY THAT RUNS by Jeremy Borling

“Chicago welcomes everyone with open arms. There are so many groups to train with and opportunities to connect. It just feels so good to be part of something so much bigger, and you see that when you run on the lakefront trail.”

Photos - © Choose Chicago

– Tera Moody

historic/futuristic Soldier Field. If you’re lucky, you may even hear the roar of a big cat at Lincoln Park Zoo. On any given morning, the trail serves as Chicago’s recreation hub, an artery for bike and run commuters, and on weekends it’s Grand Central for groups and individuals training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and other events.

Must Run: The 606

The Chicago Marathon is a sports exhibit of strength and hope and unity; it is something worth celebrating, especially in the heart of a global and culture-rich city. The course starts and finishes downtown in Burnham’s very own Grant Park, and spans the north, west and south sides of the city. Along the way runners brush shoulders with towering icons like the Willis Tower, historic landmarks like Jane Addams’ Hull House and a host of culturally vibrant neighborhoods (29 of them, in fact). The best part? Runners are spurred on the entire way by 1.7 million fans going full tilt. The end result is an event that represents the city itself: it’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s historic and it’s the people—the runners, fans and residents—who make it great.

Must Run: Lakefront Trail

The Lakefront Trail is the lifeblood of running in Chicago. Whether you live in the city or are in town for a visit; whether you

prefer the view of placid blue water as far as the eye can see or the halting tidal wave of buildings opposite it; or whether you favor the soft crunch of crushed limestone or the rhythmic clip-clop of pavement; the Lakefront Trail is the place to run. “Chicago welcomes everyone with open arms,” says Olympic Trials qualifier and local elite Tera Moody. “There are so many groups to train with and opportunities to connect. It just feels so good to be part of something so much bigger, and you see that when you run on the lakefront trail. Yes, we might have different paces, but it all pretty much boils down to the same thing. We respect running’s diversity and celebrate it. Together.” The path stretches (mostly) uninterrupted for 18 miles from Edgewater Beach on the city’s north side to Jackson Park on the south side. Along the way, runners are privy to a broad array of Chicago’s sights, sounds and history, including: lush, sandy beaches and rocking boat houses; picturesque harbors bobbing with sail boats and cabin cruisers; woodsy alcoves like the Montrose Bird Sanctuary and Promontory Point; and the stately Museum Campus and

The roots of the trail can be traced back to the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire when, in an effort to rebuild the city, a railroad was constructed down the center of Bloomingdale Avenue to transport goods from factories on the northwest side to industrial ports on the Chicago River. The Bloomingdale Line served as a bustling manufacturing corridor for about 100 years until a gradual reduction in freight traffic led to its closure in the mid 1990s. The tracks lay dormant for the better part of 20 years until an ambitious plan was hatched in 2013 to convert the tracks into an urban trail. The 606 opened this past spring as a much-needed recreational outlet and an alternative transportation option for local residents. But more than that, it’s the spirit of connecting neighbors and neighborhoods that rings true to anyone who has been part of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon experience. V

Photo - © Choose Chicago

the world with more than 40,000 annual finishers, from world-class pros clocking mindboggling times to middle-of-the-pack runners just dreaming of a cold beer at the finish line.

The newest addition to Chicago’s arsenal of running hotspots is The 606 (a.k.a. the Bloomingdale Trail), a converted elevated rail trail that connects four northwest side neighborhoods: Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humboldt Park and Logan Square.

Dr. Philip Skiba 40, Highland Park, IL Director of Sports Medicine for the Advocate Medical Group

Randy Burt 67, Antioch, IL Marathon PR: 3:05 Alumni Runner

Dr. Skiba has trained a large number of professional athletes, including several world champions. Olympic athletes all over the world have used his research on sports performance and training techniques. He works with athletes by not only helping them with their injuries and medical issues, but by educating them about the smartest ways to achieve their goals. His doctors support the Bank of America Chicago Marathon by working in several medical tents on race day.

Burt is a veteran of 83 marathons (yes, 83!), including all 37 Bank of America Chicago Marathons. He has been actively racing for 53 years. He is a retired safety professional with 35 years of experience, and he was an Army Ranger in Vietnam with a bronze star. He has been married for 42 years, and he is a father of three and a grandfather of five.

I support the Bank of America Chicago Marathon because exercise is medicine. Exercise is more effective than any drug in reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes, among other things. The Chicago Marathon both inspires people and gives them the opportunity to be part of a world-class sports event. I think Marathon runners are dedicated, focused and driven. They aren’t afraid to suffer in the pursuit of great things. The Chicago community comes out to cheer runners on because this is the City of Big Shoulders.

My favorite place to run in Chicago is the lakefront. The best part of the course is the spectators. We have nearly two million spectators cheering wildly for all of the runners; it really helps pick up a runner when the race gets tough. Life is like a marathon because there are times when the race and life are easy. Other times life and the marathon are extremely difficult. In both the marathon and life you never lose hope and continue to drive on to success. Running is like a balancing act between fine tuning for a race and injury prevention.

Kevin Havel 25, Chicago, IL Marathon PR: 2:20 Havel began running in middle school and went to Hershey High School in Illinois where he was all-state nine times. He ran for Stanford University in college before returning home to Illinois. He recently finished seventh in the Indy-Mini Half Marathon in 1:05 and first in the North Shore Classic Half Marathon in 1:05. Unlike some professional athletes, Havel works full time as an operations consultant in manufacturing and supply chain. He has run four marathons, including two Bank of America Chicago Marathons. I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon because it’s a great race! It’s fun to race at home in front of family and friends, it is great to race in a city where I recognize the landmarks, and the course is fast and the spectators engaged. The thing I love most about running is the time to myself. It’s the only time of the day where I have time to clear my head and lose myself. It’s a great way to detox after a stressful day. The best advice I ever received was from my parents —run fast and have fun!

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Don’t just run the city, relax and explore the city! Chicago prides itself on being a city of culture, architecture, culinary surprises, sports, parks, music and so much more. While your 26.2 mile tour of the city will take you through 29 dynamic neighborhoods, the rest of the city remains ripe for exploration. Check out the following happenings around town race week:

Chicago Artists Month (CAM) October 1, 2015 November 15, 2015

chicagoartistsmonth.org Chicago Artists Month (CAM) is a program of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) that showcases the work of Chicago artists and arts organizations through independently produced events taking place throughout Chicago.

The Shedd Aquarium

sheddaquarium.org Part of the Museum Campus in Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium opened its doors in 1930, and it remains one of Chicago’s most popular cultural attractions. Today it houses more than 32,500 fish, has 5 million U.S. gallons of water and welcomes more than two million annual visitors. Plan your visit today!

Architectural Biennial State of the Art of Architecture chicagoarchitecturebiennial.org

The inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial stands out as North America’s largest international survey of contemporary architecture. Through its “constellation of exhibitions, full-scale installations, and program of events, the Chicago Architecture Biennial will invite the public to engage with and think about architecture in new and unexpected ways, and to take part in a global discussion about the future of the field.”

52 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) – River Cruise

architecture.org Voted “Chicago’s Best Tour” by Chicago Reader, the CAF River Cruise is a “must” for out-oftowners and Chicagoans alike. CAF-certified volunteer tour guides—called docents—interpret more than 50 buildings along the Chicago River, revealing how the city grew from a small backcountry outpost into one of the world’s most important crossroads.

The Museum of Science and Industry

msichicago.org Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, one of the largest science museums in the world, is home to more than 35,000 artifacts and 400,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity.

Photos - © Choose Chicago

October 3, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Fuel your run and recover at these Chicago restaurants

You won’t have a problem fueling in a city that offers everything from hot dogs to highly esteemed culinary cuisines. The Marathon offers 26.2 miles of diverse Chicago neighborhoods but the city’s restuarants offer more than 26.2 flavors to energize your race and kick start your recovery. Bon appetit!

The Chicago Diner 2333 N. Milwaukee Avenue & 3411 N. Halsted Street veggiediner.com

Luxbar 18. E. Bellevue Place luxbar.com

Giordano’s 130 E. Randolph Street giordanos.com

Michael Jordon’s Steakhouse 505 N. Michigan Avenue mjshchicago.com

Goose Island Taproom (beer only!) 1800 W. Fulton Street gooseisland.com

Park Grill 11 N. Michigan Avenue parkgrillchicago.com

Tuscany On Taylor Street 1014 W. Taylor Street tuscanychicago.com

The Scout 1301 S. Wabash Street thescoutchicago.com

Dia De Los Tamales 939 W. 18th Street diadelostamales.com

Phoenix Restaurant 2131 S. Archer Avenue phoenixchinatownchicago.com

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 53

Below the glistening Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, the gateway to the Chicago experience welcomes you.

54 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

For over 30 years we’ve opened our kitchen to cater events, bringing people together for their life’s biggest moments. Achievements like this are worth celebrating.

meet us in the kitchen. Blue Plate Catering is a proud sponsor of The Bank of America Chicago Marathon. 1061 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60607 | 312.421.6666 | blueplatechicago.com

2013 2015 Bank Bank of of America America Chicago Chicago Marathon Marathon 55 55

Jae Rockwell 35, Chicago, IL Founder, Women RUN the World

Rockwell founded Women RUN the World in 2013 when she wanted to create an environment where all women, regardless of fitness level, felt empowered and encouraged. What started off as a small Facebook page has grown to 2,000 members with chapters in Chicago, Milwaukee, Quad Cities and Fayetteville. Women RUN the World not only encourages physical activity at every level, but giving back to the community. Rockwell has brought a group of volunteers to help at the Abbott Health & Fitness Expo every year since the inception of Women RUN the World. “We all enjoy helping while encouraging each and every runner that comes by,” shares Rockwell. “It is very exciting!” The Bank of America Chicago Marathon energizes the city because it brings folks together of different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds for one reason: the love of running! The best advice I have for runners is to enjoy the run and breathe in the experience! Enjoy every minute of it! Feed off the crowd and the cheers; high five everyone you can, and take plenty of pictures of our beautiful city!

56 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Brett Porter 52, Park Ridge, IL Brewmaster, Goose Island Beer Company If you are a runner who enjoys a cold, crisp beer after 26.2 miles, then Brett Porter is your man. As Goose Island’s popular Brewmaster, Porter enthused running industry fans this summer as the welcome speaker at Goose Island Beer Company’s new Fulton Street Taproom (1800 W. Fulton Street). He helps make the 312 Urban Wheat Ale that greets runners at the finish line of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. He is also the proud husband and supporter of a Chicago Marathon runner, his wife, Amy. I think marathon runners are typically thinner than I am. The best thing about Chicago is beautiful Lake Michigan water for brewing beer. The best advice I have for runners is wear a big name tag so everyone will cheer for you. My favorite thing (outside of cheering runners on race week!) to do in Chicago is basking in the beauty and genius at The Art Institute, then heading to Argyle Street for Vietnamese food.

Amy Porter 49, Park Ridge, IL Marathon PR: 4:50 Porter (wife of Goose Island Brewmaster Brett Porter), made her marathon debut at the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This year she is not only running for herself, but for a great cause: the Alzheimer’s Association. Porter and her husband moved to Chicago five years ago with their three children. She says that moving to the Windy City has been “a life-broadening experience for all of us.” The Bank of America Chicago Marathon energizes the city because almost everyone you meet has a connection to it in one way or another. The course runs through so many neighborhoods that it is almost impossible to miss! I think marathon runners are optimists (with a little crazy on the side…)! The Chicago community comes out to cheer runners on because Chicagoans appreciate hard work and a fun celebration!!! Life is like a marathon because you can only run one mile at a time! V



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58 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon



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60 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


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Runner’s World Top 10 Marathon for 2015

Top 25 Finisher’s Medal for 5 consecutive years!


Your every waking moment is consumed with moving forward. So is ours. As a leading provider of technology that connects the world, we’re all about making strides. And, as a sponsor of the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, we are inspired by your energy. Your perseverance. Your commitment. Because in you, we see more than a runner. We see a kindred spirit. Here’s to moving forward, together.





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64 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 65

66 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

H E R E ’ S TO A G O O D R ACE A N D A H E A LTH Y L I FE . The human spirit is unstoppable. It thrives on an unquenchable curiosity to find our limit—and then push past it. We train to reach peak form and discover our toughest, strongest, healthiest self.

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 67

Connect with us 68 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Are you Inspired to Run? We run to make a difference, to help women with breast cancer, to put a smile on a child’s face and for families who need a helping hand. Guarantee your 2016 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K and Bank of America Chicago Marathon entry through the Advocate Health Care Inspired to Run charity team and consider running for the people in your community.

Are you inspired? Find out more at advocatehealth.com/inspiredtorun

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 69

70 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon



2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 71

74 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

BANK OF AMERICA CHICAGO MARATHON Gatorade Endurance is proud to be an Official Sponsor of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon fueling runners throughout the race. Grounded in years of hydration and sports nutrition research conducted by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, the Gatorade Endurance line of products help deliver fluids and nutrients endurance athletes need for a training session or race.


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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 77

YOU CAN ALWAYS NAP LATER. Warm up your Thanksgiving appetite by burning some calories at the 39th annual Turkey Day Run Chicago. This holiday tradition offers distances for all ages and fitness levels, including the 5K, 8K or CLIF Kid Plymouth Rock Ramble. Stick around for the post-race Turkey Day Tailgate with warm apple cider, turkey bowling and a variety of games for kids and adults. Gather your whole flock and join thousands of runners, joggers and walkers for some lighthearted fun!



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82 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


Canada’s Biggest Marathon Boston Qualifier Beautiful, Fast and Fun!

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28 - 29

2016 runottawa.ca

84 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

All city of Chicago photos - © Choose Chicago

Middle photo by Colin Gazley | © 2014 Fleet Feet Sports Chicago


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Chicago Park District

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 85

NIKE+ PACE TEAM The people behind the large, red “lollipop” signs in Grant Park pace thousands of runners across the finish line each year. Instead of running 26.2 miles with their own, personal goals in mind, they run with your goals in mind. They commit their race to helping people they have never met —runners from around the world—finish the marathon somewhere between 3:00 and 5:45.

Kenny Miller

Rick Ganzi

George Nietert

Kay Drew

Tricia Ruby

OVERALL CHAMPION 40,659 runners recorded an official finish time at the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. The following shows a breakdown of how they finished:

86 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Eluid Kipchoge


Kenny Miller: 3:10 Nike+ Pace Team Leader

George Nietert: 4:00 Nike+ Pace Team Leader

Miller began running in high school, competing in both cross-

Nietert has run 60 marathons and has completed the Bank of

country and track (as an alternative to playing football) and

America Chicago Marathon 16 times. He believes that running

has been a runner ever since. He has run more than 170 races

is a great way to connect with other fantastic people who are

to date, including 34 marathons (PR of 2:52), and over 75 half

also in search of a healthy lifestyle. Being part of the Nike+

marathons (PR of 1:20). Through his high energy and motiva-

Pace Team helps him stay connected to running, and he is mo-

tion, Miller is confident he can help his group achieve their

tivated by the fact that he is helping others to achieve their

goal time.

goals and enjoy the results of running.

John Nguyen: 3:35 Nike+ Pace Team Leader

Kay Drew: 4:40 Nike+ Pace Team Leader

Nguyen has run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon four

Drew has finished a marathon in every state, running the last

times and completed 15 marathons. Nguyen’s father passed

marathon a few weeks before her 50th birthday. She still

away two days after watching him finish his first half Ironman.

needs a marathon in Africa and Australia to finish the conti-

At the finish line of the race, Nguyen had the volunteers place

nents. The 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be

his finisher’s medal on his father. A lesson his father taught

her 116th marathon. Her advice to first-time marathoners:

him was to chase his dream while helping people accomplish

“the crowd, the music and the atmosphere at the Chicago

their dreams.

Marathon starting line get your heart racing and make it very difficult not to start too fast. Stay with your pacers, and you

Rick Ganzi: 3:50 Nike+ Pace Team Leader

will be smiling at the finish line!”

Dr. Ganzi ran has run 104 marathons—including the last 14 Boston Marathons. Over the years he has figured out that with proper training, pacing and smart race day decisions, Mile 26 can actually be a very pleasant experience. This will be his ninth consecutive year leading the 3:50 pace team in Chicago.

Tricia Ruby: 3:55 Nike+ Pace Team Leader This will be Ruby’s eighth year pacing, and her 32nd marathon. Chicago’s energy and excitement gives her the chills every time she’s here. She was a “one and done” marathoner in 2004, but after crossing the finish line with nothing left to give, she knew she’d be back. The little part





in her head that didn’t ache after the race felt the accomplishment and success of completing 26.2 miles and she says it was a feeling like none other.





SUB 3:00 3:00 - 3:29: 3,729 3:30 - 3:59: 7,778 4:00 - 4:29: 8,515 4:30 – 4:59: 7,807 5:00 – 5:29: 5,233

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 87




fitness.basspro.com The Granddaddy of Outdoor Adventures, Bass Pro Shops, brings you beautiful race courses, a Boston-qualifier in our Conservation Marathon, great local support, an exciting fitness/wellness expo, and some of the best finish line food available.

RUN SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI Bass Pro Shops | 1935 S Campbell Ave, | Springfield, MO 65807 | fitness@basspro.com

We believe each little bit is as important as the whole. Like the six different grains that go into every delicious bowl of Organic Promise Sprouted Grains.

Ž TM,Š 2015 Kashi Company

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 89

When the race is over, everyone qualifies for a weekend filled with live music, theater, dining and nightlife. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Kenosha offers all the excitement you need to keep the adrenaline flowing. Go to visitkenosha.com/sports to learn more.


E4570_KVB_ChicagoAthlete_JUNE_FA.indd 1

6/5/15 10:19 AM

6K Run/walK o 10.25.15

Sunday, October 25, 2015 | Evanston, Il | 6k 9:45 a.m. | Kids Run 9:00 a.m.


• Chip-timed certified 6K course • Tech teeshirt and goodie bag • Course water stations finish line refreshments

Trick orTreat

trot6K Evan

title sponsor:


presented by:

• Costumes encouraged • Awards to top 3 overall M/F top 3 in five year age divisions

Trick orTreat



To register: www.Evanston Trick or Treat Trot.com sponsored by:

chicago athlete magazine

races for all paces Join us for one (or 3.1, or 10, or 13.1, or 26.2)! We’re Minnesota Nice at any distance.

TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run February 6

TC 10K October 8

Valentine’s Day TC 5K Presented by Marathon Sports February 13

TC 5K Presented by Fredrikson & Byron October 8

Hot Dash 5K & 10 Mile Presented by Marathon Sports March 19

Medtronic TC 1 Mile May TBD

TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run May 21

Medtronic TC Family Events October 8

Medtronic TC 10 Mile October 9

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon October 9 Medtronic TC Kids Marathon

Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon and Relay July 4

Year-round training programs for for TC Kids events

Visit tcmevents.org for details and registration.

©2015 Twin Cities In Motion

12 Oaks Foundation A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure A Special Wish Chicago Access Living Achilles International Action for Healthy Kids Adoption-Link Advocate Health Care Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation ALS Association Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Illinois Chapter American Brain Tumor Association American Cancer Society Team DetermiNation American Diabetes Association American Foundation For Suicide Prevention American Heart Association American Institute for Cancer Research American Liver Foundation American Red Cross AmeriCares Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Apna Ghar, Inc. (Our Home) Asha For Education Autism Speaks Back on My Feet Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation Best Buddies

92 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago Big Shoulders Fund Boomer Esiason Foundation Bright Pink Cal’s Angels Camp Sunshine at Sebago Lake CARA Road Scholars Casa de los Angeles CASA of Cook County CATC CdLS Foundation Center for Independent Futures Chicago Diabetes Project Chicago Fair Trade Chicago Fire Foundation Chicago HOPES for Kids Chicago Lights Chicago Parks Foundation Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Chicago Rowing Foundation Chicago Run Chicago Women’s Health Center Chicago Youth Centers Children’s Oncology Services, Inc Children’s Tumor Foundation Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Common Threads Cornerstone Community Outreach Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

Crossroads Runners CureSearch for Children’s Cancer Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Danny Did Foundation Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation Dreams for Kids Easter Seals Central Illinois Endure to Cure Pediatric Cancer Foundation Equine Dreams - equine assisted activities Erika’s Lighthouse: A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression Esperanza Health Centers Franciscan Outreach Gilda’s Club Chicago Girls in the Game Girls on the Run-Chicago Golden Apple Foundation Goldie’s Place Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association Greater Chicago Food Depository GRIP Outreach For Youth Harley Helping Hands Have Dreams Holiday Heroes Homes for Our Troops Human Rights Campaign Foundation Illinois Spina Bifida Association

All city of Chicago photos - © Choose Chicago


2015 Imerman Angels Infant Welfare Society of Chicago Inheritance of Hope International Medical Corps IWMF Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund JDRF Illinois Jewelers for Children Jewish United Fund Joslin Diabetes Center La Casa Norte Latinos Progresando Launch U Lawrence Hall Youth Services Les Turner ALS Foundation Lincoln Park Zoo Loyola University Health System LUNGevity Foundation Lupus Society of Illinois LYDIA Home Association Make-A-Wish Illinois Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Marklund Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue Mercy Home for Boys & Girls Misericordia Mission of Our Lady of the Angels MMRF MS Society Muscular Dystrophy Association

Museum of Science and Industry National Psoriasis Foundation New York Road Runners NPH USA Oasis One Tail at a Time Open Heart Magic Organization for Autism Research Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Pat Tillman Foundation Pav YMCA PAWS Chicago PCRF Phil’s Friends PKD Foundation Playworks Prayers from Maria Foundation Project Purple Pulmonary Hypertension Association REACT Thyroid Foundation Recovery on Water Research Down Syndrome Respiratory Health Association Restoration Ministries RISE International Ronald McDonald House Charities Run Domestic Violence Out of Town SALUTE, INC. Save the Children Shriners Hospitals for Children - Chicago

Smile Train Special Olympics Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Susan F. Lasky Cancer Foundation Susan G. Komen - Chicago TEAM TO END AIDS Team World Vision The Anti-Cruelty Society The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation The Cure It Foundation The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society The Little Things for Cancer The Michael J. Fox Foundation - Team Fox The Sergeant Sullivan Center The Service Club of Chicago Tree House Humane Society Triple Threat Mentoring U2FP United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation United Parent Support for Down Syndrome United Way of Metropolitan Chicago Uniting Against Lung Cancer University of Iowa Dance Marathon Urban Initiatives VanderCook College of Music Will-Cure Wounded Warrior Project Wright-Way Rescue ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 93

I N TH E N E W S Black Girls RUN! highlights a growing trend among black Americans and distance running

Abbott World Marathon Majors introduces new wheelchair championship series

Earlier this year, USA Today cited a running boom among black Americans, highlighting growing membership numbers in organizations like the National Black Marathoners Association, Black Girls RUN! and Black Men Run. While the number of African-Americans who run is growing, predominantly black and/or diverse running clubs are not new—many clubs emerged in major cities in the 1980s.

For the first time, a male and female winner will be determined over a 12-month period based on scoring earned via results from six iconic global races, and each will be awarded $50,000 for the championships.

Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks created Black Girls RUN! In 2009 in an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community (according to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of African-American women are overweight), and to provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners. Black Girls RUN! Chicago launched in 2012. Currently, there are more than 1,900 members in Chicago, and more than 160,000 members nationally (Black Girls RUN! started with 15-20 women in Atlanta in 2011). Sabrina Pitts-Johnson, a Black Girls RUN! Chicago Ambassador, says that Black Girls RUN! has the ability to impact on several levels. “Volunteering at local races is just one way we are giving back,” she says. “We also mentor young girls with our partner, Girls on the Run, and support local running events as our way of giving back to the broader running community.” Pitts-Johnson believes that groups like Black Girls RUN! have contributed to a growing trend of black runners because the presence of diverse running groups have made people more curious about the sport. “Seeing people like you inspires others and lets them know that someone like them can run in a race or a marathon, too,” she shares.

94 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The new series is set to begin at the April 2016 Boston Marathon, which in 1975 became the first major U.S. road race to recognize wheelchair participation. Including each of the AWMM qualifying races, Tokyo, Boston, Virgin Money London, BMW Berlin, the Bank of America Chicago and the TCS New York marathons, AWMM Wheelchair Series X will begin at the April 2016 Boston Marathon and end upon completion of the April 2017 Boston Marathon. Each subsequent series will begin and end at the next AWMM race on the calendar.

“These athletes compete at the highest levels, and it’s time for us to formally recognize the achievements of wheelchair athletes,” said Tim Hadzima, AWMM general manager. “Our objective, and that of our title sponsor, Abbott, is to elevate marathoning across the globe by advancing and promoting all aspects of our great sport.” Paralympic Games and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics World Championships races, when scheduled, will also count as part of the series “This is a key milestone for all athletes and for the global sport,” said Tatyana McFadden, 11time Paralympic medalist and multiple wheelchair champion of the Chicago, New York, London and Boston marathons. “It’s thrilling to be able to race on the best courses across the world, and a formalized AWMM series adds more honor and weight to any finish.” Adapted from press release, worldmarathonmajors.com


The Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon unveil a one-time professional wheelchair challenge between the two races As a precursor to the 2016 Abbott World Marathon Majors Wheelchair Series, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the TCS New York City Marathon are staging a one-time 2015 ChicagoNew York Challenge, similar to the already successful wheelchair challenge between the Boston and London marathons. The male and female winner of the Chicago-New York Challenge will take home $10,000 each. To be eligible for prize money, athletes must compete in both races. Athletes will score points based on their overall place in each marathon.

The Chicago-New York Challenge highlights the growth of professional wheelchair racing among the six Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM). The AWMM has been at the forefront of creating a cultural and generational shift in the way professional wheelchair athletes are perceived by giving them a global, mainstream stage to showcase their abilities and share their stories. The Virgin Money London Marathon, B.A.A. Boston Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon have collectively promoted and raised the profile of professional wheelchair racing for more than three decades. The Tokyo and Berlin Marathons have also increased the profile of their professional wheelchair races. “What athletes and past Chicago Marathon champions like Kurt Fearnley and Tatyana McFadden are doing is just incredible. They are world-class athletes,” says Carey Pinkowski, Executive Race Director of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. “We have been fortunate in Chicago to have one of the best wheelchair programs in the United States, headed by Adam Bleakney at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, in our backyard. Adam sends a strong team of athletes to Chicago every year. The Challenge between Chicago and New York is one way we can acknowledge the value, strength and excitement our professional wheelchair athletes bring to our races.” The heightened interest in the 2012 London Paralympics, coupled with the AWMM, has sparked an explosive growth of athletes with disabilities programs at both the elite and recreational levels. V

REA D ON 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 95

I N TH E N E W S Five-time Bank of America Chicago Marathon professional wheelchair champion and winner of 14 major marathons, Tatyana McFadden, writing children’s book series Tatyana McFadden made headlines in 2013 when she became the first athlete to ever win four Abbott World Marathon Majors in one year, a feat she repeated in 2014. McFadden, a passionate advocate for people with disabilities, is writing a book for 8-12 year-old children titled, Ya Sama! The Story of Tatyana McFadden. “Ya Sama” means “I can do it” in Russian. The story will include colorful illustrations and details about McFadden’s journey from an orphanage, to America, to the sports arena and back to Russia for the 2014 Sochi winter Paralympics where she won a medal. McFadden’s book series will include two stories about her life (one for 8-12 year-olds and one for 5-8 year-olds) and an activity book for 5-8 year-olds.

expected to live, and she was placed in an orphanage. In spite of the huge obstacles facing her, McFadden pressed on, and, at the age of six, an American family adopted her. Over the next decade, McFadden proved that she could do it. By the age of 15, she earned her first Paralympic medal in Athens. Now the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign alumna is regarded as one of the best athletes in the world. To learn more about McFadden’s journey and advocacy, visit tatyanamcfadden.com V

Mary Wittenberg steps down as CEO of the New York Road Runners aſter a decade of service and leadership Mary Wittenberg stepped down as CEO of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) in May to launch Virgin Sport as Global CEO of the new lifestyle company focused on participatory fitness events and programs. Under Wittenberg’s leadership, NYRR elevated its prominence and impact by making running more accessible to a broader audience. More than 400,000 people of all ages are engaged annually in NYRR activities, including 200,000 students locally and nationally through NYRR’s free youth running programs, events, and resources, of which more than 120,000 are in New York City’s five boroughs.

McFadden was born in 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia with spina bifida, a condition that left her spine only partially developed. She was not

Wittenberg joined NYRR in 1998 and became its first Chief Operating Officer in 2000. In 2005, she became the first woman to lead NYRR as President and CEO and also became the Race Director of the New York City Marathon. Wittenberg has been an influential figure in the running world and a prominent leader of the Abbott World Marathon

REA D ON 96 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 97

I N TH E N E W S Majors, which she helped found in 2006. “My days at NYRR have been fueled by the inspiration all around me and it has been an immense privilege to serve our runners and community while working side by side with so many amazing partners and talented and deeply committed staff, volunteers and Board of Directors,” said Wittenberg. Adapted from press release, nyrr.org V

Filmmaker behind Spirit of the Marathon making new documentary on Boston Marathon Jon Dunham, the director behind the cult classics, Spirit of the Marathon and Spirit of the Marathon II, is making the first-ever documentary film endorsed by the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), about the Boston Marathon, simply titled, “BOSTON.” The film will be released in 2016.

On the heels of the success of his first two films, Dunham set out to make a film about one of the most historic, iconic and highly esteemed races in the world: the Boston Marathon. Production was almost halted after the 2013 Boston bombings, but after witnessing the strength of the Boston community and the resiliency of runners around the world, the producers knew that the story of the Boston Marathon had to be told. BOSTON tells the rich history of the oldest annually run marathon in the world. The film features interviews with champions from across the globe, rare archival material from the vaults of the B.A.A. and captures the Boston Marathon’s impact and legacy on the sport. V

The latest Running USA annual report highlights running’s popularity in the U.S. Running USA, a nonprofit organization that advances the growth and success of the running industry, reports that the state of the sport is healthy and thriving, and that the running boom remains strong as it enters its third decade. 2014 saw a record number of marathon finishers in the United States, 550,637, up from 541,000 in 2013. Women continue to keep the Boom alive; they made up 57% of the runners finishing races, and they are driving the popularity of the half marathon distance. 1.96 million people completed a half marathon in the U.S. in 2013. Sixty-one percent of all half marathon finishers were women. The 5K, with 8.3 million finishers, remains the most popular race distance. Non-traditional events like mud runs, obstacle runs and color-themed runs have also grown exponentially in the last few years. An estimated four million runners participated in an adventuretype race last year.

98 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The power to KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER is in your hands Because sometimes it takes a team to get you to the finish line. Because our team means so much to the children and families of RMHC.®

Because healing happens together. That’s why I chose to run for Ronald McDonald House Charities.®

Join our team.

www.RMHC.org/teamrmhc ©2015 RMHC

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 99

Pack it. Keep it. Store it. Move it. There’s no better way for Bank of America Chicago Marathon Fans to move and store. PODS® combines moving and storage into one, and makes both easier than ever. With PODS, you can pack at your pace, on your schedule. Just give us a call, and we’ll deliver a weather-resistant container right to your door. When you’re done packing, we’ll pick up your container and deliver it across town or across the country. You can also choose to store your container in one of our secure Storage Centers. PODS makes one of life’s biggest hassles a lot less stressful – and a lot more convenient.

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100 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

It’s nice to have friends in the peloton. We are a proud sponsor of Amateur Cycling.

North Shore’s finest supper club

The pony shop


EJ’s Place is sponsor to all Cyclocross and Track Junior Race Champions.


Vision Quest

10027 N. Skokie Blvd. Skokie, il 847-933-9800 • www.ejsplaceskokie.com


1222 N. Wells Street Across from Plum Market (312) 642-ENVY (3689)


1845 N. Clybourn Ave Across from Buffalo Wild (773) 904-1100



Open 7 Days: M-F 8am-10pm, Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-10pm

Recover, refocus and reach your fitness goals with our introductory offer on Sports Massage. Stay on track by scheduling today. Streeterville 345 E. Ohio Street • 312-222-0808 Between Fairbanks & McClurg Court

old town/Gold coaSt (Across from Plum Market) 1222 n. Wells Street • 312-642-EnVy

lincoln Park - ClybOurn COrridOr 1845 n. Clybourn Ave • 773-904-1100 Across from Trader Joe’s

Over 1.6 Million Members Open 7 days a Week: 8am - 10pm





Chicago’s #1 provider of massage therapy services


1-hour Sports Massage Session*

cara members receive a discount on memberships

* One-hour session conists of a 50-minute massage and time for consultation and dressing. Prices subject to change. Rates and services may vary by location and session. Not all Massage Envy Spa locations offer facial and other services. For a specific list of services availabel, check with specific location or see MassageEnvy.com. Additional local taxes and fees may apply. Each location is independently owned and operated. © 2013 Massage Envy Franchising LLC.



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Chinese American Service League

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Chicago Bulls College Prep

GEMS Gives Back

Chicago Carolina Alumni Club

Geneva Viking XC

102 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


Lake Forest College Cross Country Latino Association of Business Students (LABS) Lincoln-Way Central Track & Cross Country Maharlika Chicago Basketball

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Alpha Phi Omega Loyola

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Run to the Pub


Morgan Park High School JROTC

Runners Helpers

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Nettelhorst School

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World Bicycle Relief Course Marshals

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The Chicago School of

Purdue Timmy Global Health

Professional Psychology

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UIC Business Scholars

Rotary International Staff

UIC Kinesiology Club

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 103

City Agencies

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Alderman Brian Hopkins, 2nd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell, 3rd Ward Alderman Will Burns, 4th Ward Alderman Patrick Thompson, 11th Ward Alderman Daniel Solis, 25th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin, 28th Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward Alderman Michele Smith, 43rd Ward Alderman Thomas M. Tunney, 44th Ward Alderman James Cappleman, 46th Ward

104 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

2015 Ms. Ginger Evans, Commissioner Department of Aviation

Dr. Julie Morita, M.D., Commissioner Department of Public Health

Ms. Michelle Boone, Commissioner Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Mr. Charles L. Williams, Commissioner Department of Streets and Sanitation

Mr. Gary Schenkel, Executive Director Office of Emergency Management and Communications

Ms. Rebekah Scheinfeld, Commissioner Department of Transportation

Mr. JosĂŠ A. Santiago, Fire Commissioner Chicago Fire Department

Mr. Michael P. Kelly, General Superintendent & CEO Chicago Park District

Mrs. Karen M. Tamley, Commissioner Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities

Mr. Dorval Carter, President Chicago Transit Authority

Mr. Garry F. McCarthy, Police Superintendent Chicago Police Department

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 105

register early!




USE CODE: CMPROGRAM15 register online for full & Half marathon





n and 5K o h t a r a M f hal BE YOUR INNER CHEESY SUPERHERO.




6 1 0 2 y Ma Kenosha, WI



Run Michigan’s Most Memorable Marathon

Find out more about running two marathons (or half marathons) in one weekend, at...

108 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 109

June 26, 2016

Marathon ~ 1/2 Marathon Marathon Relay ~ 5K www.marathon2marathon.com

Marathon 1/2 Marathon ~ 5K

Join us in the Land of A l o h a


Only a 2.5 hour drive separates Storm Lake IA and Viborg SD. 2 races and 2 states with one plane ticket! Both are Boston Qualifiers and offer home cooked meals.

Waikoloa Village速


Making an impact, one step at a time Deloitte is proud to support the thousands of inspirational runners who choose to run the marathon on behalf of a charity. With every step they take, they are taking strides to improve the lives of others, and their communities.


As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Please see www.deloitte.com/us/about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Copyright © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 111

112 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Post-Race Party

27th Mile Post-Race Party

City Scents flowers for sale

Upon exiting the finish area, celebrate your accomplishment at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 27th Mile Post-Race Party in Butler Field, near the start line at Columbus Drive and Jackson Drive. The outdoor celebration will feature live music, food and beverages available for purchase. Participants age 21 and over (photo ID required) can redeem the tear-off portion of their bib number for one free 312 Urban Wheat Ale.

City Scents is offering “good luck” and “congratulations” floral arrangements and bouquets for purchase online and on race day. For delivery to a hotel, home or office, go to the Marathon store at chicagomarathon.com or call 312.836.0211 or 800.886.1050; or stop by their 209 E. Ohio Street location. City Scents also offers floral bouquets for sale on race day in Grant Park at four locations near the start/finish area.

The 27th Mile Post-Race Party is open to the public from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., with live music beginning at 10:30 a.m. and beer ticket redemption and sales from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Information presented by Molex

Race day runner results Look up your finisher results at the Race Day Runner Results Tent within the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 27th Mile Post-Race Party. Volunteers will be on-hand to help participants and spectators look up unofficial race day results.

An Information Tent will be located within the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 27th Mile Post-Race Party. Volunteers will assist participants and spectators with general inquiries as well as lost & found items.

p.m. The Massage Tent will be located within the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 27th Mile PostRace Party at the southwest corner, adjacent to the Petrillo Band Shell.

Mobile application, powered by Tata Consultancy Services The Bank of America Chicago Marathon mobile application, Powered by Tata Consultancy Services is the perfect on the go guide for Chicago Marathon participants and spectators. The free mobile application features important information for the 2015 event including runner tracking, race weekend schedules, real time weather, interactive maps, event photos and much more. The mobile application will be available for download starting race week. Visit chicagomarathon.com for more information.

Post-race massage More than 200 students, faculty and alumni from Chicago’s Cortiva Institute will offer complimentary post-race massage treatments for participants from 10 a.m. – 3:30

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 113

Abbott Health & Fitness Expo

2XU 94.3 K-LOVE Radio Abbott Active Sol Eyewear Addaday Adventure Marathon Advocate Health Care AIR FORCE MARATHON ALS ASSOCIATION GREATER CHICAGO CHAPTER ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Illinois Chapter American Airlines American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) American Cancer Society Team DetermiNation Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Another Mother Runner ASICS ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC Athletico Physical Therapy AURIA Autism Speaks Balega Bank of America

114 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

BANDI BaySix BeeCause Sneaker Charms BN Sports Bondi Band Brooks Sports California International Marathon Cellmates on the Run Chicago Diabetes Project CEP SPORTS Chicago Area Runners Association Chicago Athlete Magazine Chicago Diabetes Project Cellmates on The Run Chicago Fire Foundation Chicago Park District Chicago Run Chicago Transit Authority Chicago Tribune Chicago-Hamburg Sister City Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. Children’s Tumor Foundation Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon CLIF Bar & Company Compeed Compressport CorreContento.com CW-X Divvy: Chicago’s Bike Share System

DoctorInsole® Elite Sport Optics Fellow Flowers Fellowship of Christian Athletes | FCA Endurance Fitletic Fleet Feet Sports FlipBelt Food for Life Baking Company Garmin USA Gasparilla Distance Classic Association Gatorade Generation UCAN GNC God’s Amazing Gifts Goose Island Beer Company Grandma’s Marathon GU Harvest Snaps Hawaiian Moon Hippie Runner Hoka One One Huma/Bonk Breaker Imerman Angels/Team Imerman Angels It Works! Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund JBL Jelly Belly Sport Beans Kashi

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List as of 8/25/15

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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 115

Blister Cushions

Instant Blister Relief ✔ Protects & cushions blisters for instant relief

✔ Stays in place all day Protects and cushions blisters. Stays in place. Provides optimum cushioning from rubbing and pressure.

✔ Acts like a second skin



Fits like a second skin

Stays in place

5 Cushions

4.2 x 6.8 cm 1.6 x 2.6 in

Find it in the foot care aisle. Only at Use as directed.

116 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

© J&JCI 2015



2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon 117


H A LF - M









- Oak Brook Half-Marathon BOR DA Y

September 5, 2016 Chicagoland’s Labor Day Tradition


chicago athlete magazine

n & hygiene& hygien






ASANTE SANA CHICAGO (That’s how you say thank you in Kenya)


RUNNERS Team World Vision athletes have been running the Chicago Marathon for 10 incredible years, and this year they are providing lasting clean water, sanitation & hygiene to over 30,000

run for water | run for life

30,000 LIVES people in communities in Africa.That’s about half the size of this entire race. Way to go runners. Thank you for your endurance. You are making a lasting impact.

join us at teamworldvision.org

Beautiful courses over the Gulf of Mexico Great bling, fun post-race pasta party Affordable entry fees & refund policy

Race vacation destination



Newest race iN the Northwest burbs!


fall 5 Mile and 5k run



noveMber 22, 2015

Just $25 for 5k & $30 for 5 Mile (until nov. 7th)

flat, fast course

November 22 5 Mile & 5k run Mt. ProsPect

tech shirt for 1st 500 registrants











ton Subar Evans u

5 y K e k r Tu

g n i 2015 Fly presented by

Chip-timed certified 5K course | Goodie bag Beautiful Lakefront course | Course water stations and finish line refreshments Please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Harvest Food Pantry SPONSORED BY:

chicago athlete magazine


MARCH 20, 2016

CROSS THE FINISH LINE AT ATLANTA’S ONLY MARATHON THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT FEATURES A Start and Finish in Beautiful Centennial Olympic Park One of the top urban courses in the country 7 food stations on the course 10th Anniversary Celebration Activities throughout race weekend

REGISTER NOW GEORGIAMARATHON.COM SAVE $10 on your registration when you enter promo code 16PGMCM at checkout.

©2015 LIFE TIME FITNESS, INC. All rights reserved. EVMG51182

forgettable. un . d le va ri un . d le le al ar p un

November 12-15

MARATHON | 1/2 MARATHON | 10K | 5K register today at RunRocknRoll.com

128 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon


grow Chicago Learn how connecting with us in Chicago can help you grow anywhere. bofaml.com/chicago

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2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Program  

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Program

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Program  

2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Program

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