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Gospel singing pg. 26 sept.10 Chamber Luncheon pg.11 sept.13

Chicken pie dinner pg.7 sept.16 Bazaar pg.7 sept. 16 Alpaca day pg.7 sept.23 Heritage Festival pg.22 sept.30 Fried Chicken pg.24 sept.30

Future Dates

Free Haircut Day on Main Street took place Saturday, August 26th from 10am-2pm in downtown Ramseur. Over 100 haircuts and 400 book bags stuffed with school supplies were provided to all K-12 students. It was a wonderful day of celebrating children and families.

Oct.14 School Reunion pg.7

Oct.22 Blood Drive pg.6 Nov. 4th Apple 5k pg. 31 Nov. 4th PGHS Band pg.13 Calendar On Our Website

Next Edition October 6th Deadline September 29th

In Loving Memory Of Cameron Hooker Lewis Grove Church in Liberty provided free back pack with supplies for local school kids. They provided them at the gazebo in downtown Liberty until all the supplies were gone. What a great way to remember a person.

A special thanks to everyone that donated corn stalks for fall decorations through the town of Liberty


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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Unsweetened Iced Tea Is Un-American

Story Time

by Warren Dixon

Liberty Public Library Wednesdays @ 11:00

It’s seldom that I take on a political cause. As a matter of fact, the last one I espoused in this column was the littering problem. The campaign, an attempt to encourage North Carolinians to litter more, was successful, more so than my wildest expectations. You only have to look at our roadsides to tell the impact one movement can make. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling every time I see a pile of trash along side the highway. The campaign resulted in the non-profit organization TRASHIT, Throw Refuse Away Safely on our Highways, Interstates and Thoroughfares. The premise of this organization was that since North Carolinians are not going to stop littering, we might as well make it legal. Besides, the nice people who adopt highways clean it up anyway. And what they don’t get and what the mowers don’t grind up, gets lost in the summer weeds. Some of those weeds are so high there are probably families living by the roadway. So successful was this littering campaign, that it became too much for me to handle and I had to put it on hold during the recent basketball season, during which I might remind you, Carolina won the National Championship. If only I’d had those “no show” courses when I was in college. Now, I am rested and ready to take on another problem, one that has regional implications. This cause may be closer to Southern hearts than anything else dear to the Southland, with the exception of NASCAR racing. I’m talking about sweet tea. Now you’d think the sweet tea tradition would be firmly entrenched in the South and that it would not need anyone to take up its cause. But we were in Charlotte one Saturday night not too long ago. The restaurant in which we wanted to eat had a three hour wait. We’ve usually eaten twice in three hours, so we went to a nearby restaurant with no wait. The reason it wasn’t crowded may have been the fact that it served no sweet tea. The waiter was profusely apologetic, as well he should have been. But the incident left me disturbed. I tried to reason with the waiter, explaining that he wouldn’t serve a beer and ask his customers to add the alcohol themselves. Or he wouldn’t serve Diet Coke to someone who had ordered a Coke and ask them to add the sugar. I explained to him that iced tea is only good if it has been sweetened while hot. The preferable method is to boil the sugar with the tea bags. It is not humanly possible to sweeten tea once it’s cold. Sweet tea has long been a Southern staple. It helps give us our sweet, lovable, hospitable disposition. On the other hand, the lack of it makes our northern neighbors surly and ill tempered. The deeper you get into unsweetened tea country, the more you can tell its effects. By the time you get to Massachusetts, people can hardly stand each other. A small group attempted to introduce sweet tea to northerners before the American Revolution. The group threw unsweetened tea into the Boston Harbor in protest, an act later known as the Boston Tea Party. Sweet tea did not catch on, however, and the people north of Virginia have been a gruff and shorttempered lot ever since. Several years later, Washington surprised Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia and defeated the British to end the war. Cornwallis had discovered sweet tea and was sipping the beverage on the front porch of his headquarters when Washington attacked. “I so loved the drink,” Cornwallis wrote in his memoirs, “that I cared less that we lost the war.” At the Battle of Gettysburg, General Lee wrote home that “the boys are pretty demoralized, having been forced to drink unsweetened tea for weeks…” Now the bitter stuff is slowly working its way southward, brought across the border mainly by uncaring restaurant chains, undetected by our customs officials. Of course, you have to remember that these are the same customs guys who let Japanese beetles, kudzu and killer bees into the Southland. Georgia lawmakers have also recognized the problem several years ago. Representative John Noel, D-Atlanta, became upset when he couldn’t order sweet tea in Chicago. Then he came home and, of all things, couldn’t get it in the Blue Ridge Grill in Atlanta. He was so troubled by the incident that he sponsored a bill in the Georgia Legislature that would make it a misdemeanor “of a high and aggravated nature” not to offer sweet tea in any Georgia restaurant that serves iced tea. The bill proposed, of course, that the tea must be sweetened when it is brewed. and carried a sentence of up to 12 months in jail. This is not enough punishment, but it’s a start. I don’t think there’s a restaurant in Randolph County brazen enough not to serve sweet tea. But if they’re doing it in Charlotte and Atlanta, we could be next. Talk to your representatives, write your senators. Boycott restaurants that don’t serve sweet tea. You don’t have to be able to read the tea leaves to see the handwriting on the wall. If they take our sweet tea away, can our grits be far behind?

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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239 S. Fayetteville St Liberty, NC 336.622.4605

For more programming information, like us on

September 2017 September 6 School’s Cool! September 13 Rainbow Colors September 20 Play and Learn September 27 Messes & Mistakes

Get Creative at the

Liberty Library!

JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY 3:30 PM– 4:30 PM *Ages 12 & Up*

September 2017 Schedule September 7th Menu Chalk Board September 14th: Popsicle Stick BraceSeptember 21st: Mini Sunflower Wreath September 28th: Adult Coloring

Kids Can Create! September 2017

Free programs for School Age Children Join us Thursdays at 3:30 PM

LEGO Free Play and S.T.E.M activities! Thursday Sept 7th, 14th, and 21st: LEGO FREEPLAY Sept 28th: Marshmallow Engineering project

The Liberty Leader Newspaper Concerned About

Volume 15 Issue 9

September 2017

Long-Term Care Costs? Concerned About Long-Term Care Costs? Call today and we’ll Call today and we’ll create a no-obligation create a no-obligation plan for you! plan for you!

Steve Steve Williams Williams

Neil Neil Rabb Rabb

(phone)xxx-xxxx (336) 465-1942 (phone)xxx-xxxx

(phone)xxx-xxxx (336) 906-2422 (phone)xxx-xxxx

Financial Specialist

Financial Specialist

Nationwide Nationwide

(phone) (336) 622-8000 (phone)

Financial Specialist

Financial Specialist


500Location N Greensboro St. Location Location Liberty, NC 27298

The Rose Garden Club

South Eastern Karate Association

Serving Liberty for Nearly 25 Years Starting New Students Any Time Ages 5 to Adult No hidden fees or contracts required $45 per month (family discount available) 114 West Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC (3rd floor)

Keep your eyes on the five “Welcome to Liberty “signs. The ladies of the Rose Garden Club have been busy cleaning up and preparing the planters around the base of the signs for new soil, plants and mulch. Each sign planter will have different native plants, wildflowers, pollinator plants plus evergreens for year-round color. This will be an ongoing maintenance project for the Club. Our goal is to have the planters finished in time to greet visitors coming in for the Antiques Festival. In addition to the new plantings the Club will have five new signs installed at the base of the large Liberty sign with the Garden Club logo and year established. The new signage in a smaller version will be installed at each of the projects around town that are taken care of by the club. As members of the National Garden Clubs and The Garden Club of North Carolina we will be applying for the -Roadside Award offered by the National Garden Club. This award has a monetary value for the Club that would help enable us to sustain our project. We would especially like to thank the Randolph County Tourism Development Authority- for approving our Grant applications to make funds available for this landscaping project and the new signage. Gilmore Plant and Bulb will be providing the plant material and has given recommendations as to what to plant in our planters. New members are always welcome, our meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month September through May at 6:30 pm. Each meeting is held at a different location with programs and guest speakers. If you love gardening come join us.

Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do Call 919-548-5689 for information Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 15 Issue 9

Maid For You Angie Ritter 10+ Years Experience


I would like to say it has been awesome having Angie and Maid For You cleaning my house and home office. It so great to walk in form a day at the office and open your door to your home and see your house all clean and smelling great. If you are looking for some one to clean your home or office, Liberty Leader and Kevin Bowman highly recommend checking them out.

September’s Volunteer At Liberty Senior Center Liberty native Nina Pence has been volunteering at the Liberty Senior Center since February, as a part of her study toward a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at UNCG. Nina has always had a passion for health and nutrition, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue her interest in the nutritional needs of the growing senior population – especially in her hometown. Nina is the daughter of Dee Stout and Jake Pence.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Jack Garner Donates Another Rifle to the Patterson Cottage Jack Garner has donated another muzzle loading percussion rifle to the Patterson Cottage Museum, this one in memory of his wife, Marjorie Johnson Garner, born May 1932, died November 2008. The rifle is the second Jamestown rifle donated to the museum, both donated by the Garner family. The first rifle was made by Henry Wright and donated by the family in memory of Robert M. Garner, Sr. and his wife Maize Kimrey Garner. This rifle, although unsigned, has all the characteristics of a Jamestown rifle and is much more ornate than the Henry Wright gun. It has a three screw barrel tang, double brass dovetailed based front sight and twelve German silver inlays all typical of Jamestown rifles. It’s .38 caliber with a maple stock with original shellac that has turned dark over the years as in common in these rifles. It also has the faint engraving of a pheasant on the lock plate. Jack Garner also donated four 1930’s era Kodak cameras including a Kodak Junior Six-20, Kodak folding Brownie Six-20, Baby Brownie and No. 1 Pocket Kodak, along with an original photo of the signing of the treat ending World War II on the USS Missouri and a giant 1920’s map of Alamance County with hundreds of names of residents and their locations. “We’re probably going to have to build a Jack Garner wing to the museum,” Chairman Warren Dixon said, only half joking. “Jack has become our patron saint over the past year.” Another recent donation was made by Brad Hicks of a rare framed poster including the names of many local men who served with Company K of the 30 Infantry Division in World War I. The poster will be on display in the Library along with other items during the month of September for the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into the war. Dee Martin donated an early 1940’s pay record for Liberty Chair. For two weeks in July, 1940, employees made around .35 cents an hour. For 80 hours of work in two weeks, most made $28.00 with .28 cents being taken out for an “old age benefit and another .50 cents for an unspecified deduction. Johnny and Jean Younts brought a scrapbook from the early ‘40’s with clippings of local brides and soldiers. The scrapbook was created and donated by Ruth Smith of Staley. Come by the Cottage on September 30th and see these and other artifacts from Liberty and the surrounding area when the museum hosts its annual Heritage Festival.

Come to… The Bargain Shop (Thrift store operated by the Liberty Association of Churches)

329 W. Bowman Ave., Liberty 336-622-031 There will be a two week storewide half price sale at Liberty Bargain Thrift Shop beginning on Wednesday August 2. There may be some very limited exclusions. Get your VIP card and start saving! Best Value in Town! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10—5 Saturday 10—2 Your dollars spent here help your neighbors in need Clip and bring this ad for 10% discount

Before and after school and summer camp Pre-K, Kindergarten, School Age 3-13

Open 6am-6pm

Come look us over at our new location Address:


“25+ years of Love and Experience” What Happenings at the Liberty Senior Center Arts & Crafts Classes

Cross Stitching, Monday afternoons 12:00-1:00 pm - Christmas Stockings Crocheting Club, Tuesday afternoons 12:00-1:00 pm – Holiday projects Simple Sewing & Quilting 2nd and 4th Thursday afternoon,1:00-4:00pm Holidays potholders and lap quilts

For more information call (336) 483-5397 New Applicants Welcome!!!!

You Know What Day It Is..

HUMP DAY!!! Hump Day Dinner 2nd Wednesday of each month You Are Invited Bethany United Methodist Church 6151 Bethany Way, Staley FREE DINNER Come One - Come All

All classes are open for adults 55 and older. For more information please call the Liberty Center at 336-622-5844.

Any Donations are forwarded to Bethany UMC and Liberty Assoc. of Churches

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper



Support Group for those who have experienced abuse.

Homecoming Sunday Sept 10th at Macedonia Baptist Church

Asheboro – Meets every Tuesday 6pm – 8pm Archdale – Meets every Tuesday 6pm – 8pm

7881 Old 421 Rd. Liberty,N.C. 27298

Liberty – Meets every Thursday 6pm – 8pm

Sunday morning service with the Lighthouse Trio singing

Lunch to follow

Singing to follow with the Lighthouse Trio

Children’s Group meets same day/time Contact Tammie Johnson at 336-626-5040 for more information.

for information contact Helen Shepherd


American Red Cross Blood Drive Sunday October 22, 2017

1:00pm - 5:30pm Location: Shilo United Methodist Church 7394 Shilo Rd. Liberty NC. 27298 ( Intersection of HWY 421 and Shilo Rd. at the Julian intersection)

Walk-in’s welcome or call and make an appointment Contact: Lori : 336-908-1444 Anna : 336-209-1069

Are You and Your Vehicle Tailgate Ready?


232 N. Greensboro St. Liberty, NC 27298

(336) 622-2248

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

Julian Fire and Rescue Department Auxiliary

4317 Folger Road, Julian

Come out and support your local Fire Department Auxiliary. Get some great finds

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Will be hosting a Yard Sale - Bake Sale and Hot Dog Sale on Saturday Oct. 14th from 8am -1pm. If you would like to reserve a table/spot for $5.00 call 622-4321 or 685-4971.

and enjoy lunch while you are here. $1.50 per hot dog.

Save the Date

Grays Chapel United Methodist Church is hosting their annual Bazaar

CharMar Alpaca Farm 11th Annual Farm Day

September 16th, 2017 9am-1pm

Saturday, September 23, 2017 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Items sold Canned Foods Frozen Casseroles Craft Items Bake sale Also selling tickets for hand made quilt

Featured events

We will also be serving breakfast foods, hotdogs, and desserts durning this time 5056 NC HWY 22 North Franklinville NC. Joann Barker: 336-685-4510

Ruth Hutton – Fiber Artist

will teach spinning, dyeing, felting alpaca fiber •


Free Children’s Crafts/Games Feed the Alpacas ,Ducks, Chickens, Guineas & Turkeys Vendors of all types & Farm Store

• •

• Julian UMC will provide refreshments as a fundraiser for their Food Distribution Program Please bring a canned food or non-perishable food item for the Julian UMC Food Bank For More Information: Contact Charlie or Marion Snider 3846 Randolph Church Road Liberty, NC 27298 336-622-1792

Chicken Pie/BBQ Dinner

Sept 16, 5-8pm Eat in or take Out! $8 a plate or pound of BBQ Dinner includes green beans, potatoes, a roll, slaw, and a dessert. Congratulations to Deputy Chief Pres King on his retirement after 31 years of service to the Town Of Liberty and its residents.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Congratulations to Lieutenant Dennis Hargis on his retirement after 28 years of service to the Town Of Liberty and its residents.

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Benefits youth ministry Pleasant Union Methodist Church

5929 Coble Church Rd.. Liberty, NC 27298 336-685-0403

September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Liberty Senior Center


Join us for a FUN, FREE, HANDS-ON 6-week class! Do you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, Medicare, and want to learn from others and help others learn? Where:

Liberty Senior Center 128 South Fayetteville St., Liberty, NC 27298


Tuesdays Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 22, Aug 29, Sept 5, Sept 12


2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Change your diabetes, change your life! Call Liberty Senior Center to register today!

Kaffy Kivett-Reynolds 336-622-5844

Back to school special students hair cuts


This material was prepared by GMCF, for Alliant Quality, the Medicare Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization for Georgia and North Carolina, under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents presented do not necessarily reflect CMS policy. Publication No. 11SOW-GMCFQIN-QIO-B2-17-06



Friendly Beauty Shop Susie




STALEY, NC 27298

( (336)451-1954

Free Estimates - Insured References Upon Request

Ph 622-4989

I will always give you an honest days work!

Nathan Adams

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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514 N Greensboro St, Liberty

September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 15 Issue 9

Liberty Chamber of Commerce 
 Newsletter September 2017
 by:Teresa Bruchon
 The Liberty Chamber of Commerce:
 phone: (336) 622-4937
 Liberty Chamber of Commerce Annual Fall Meeting, Business Expo & Taste of the Town Luncheon
 Date: Wednesday September 13, 2017.
 Venue: American Legion Post #81
 Time: 11:30-2:00pm Chamber Members; Opened to the Public 1:00-2:00 pm
 Cost: Free to Current 2017 Liberty Chamber Members; $25.00 non-members
 Fall Chamber Meeting: A report will be given from our Chamber President, the Mayor of Liberty will give a brief community update, and our special guest speaker will be a representative from Randolph Community College Small Business Center. They will discuss the many resources available to us through the RCC SBC to help spur economic growth in our business community
 Taste of the Town. Liberty is well known for its variety of fine eating establishments. To highlight our local restaurants, the Chamber is adding a little, friendly competition to the September Business Expo, this year! Our restaurants graciously donate the food provided for the taste of the town portion of the event. Everyone gets to sample some of the best dishes these restaurants have on their menus. So this year, the Liberty Chamber of Commerce is proud to present The 2017 Taste of the Town Competition at our annual Fall Business Luncheon on September 13th 2017 @ 12 pm. We are asking each participating restaurant to highlight their best dish at this year’s event. Chamber members attending the luncheon that day, will judge food items in the following categories:*Best Entrée *Best Side Dish or Salad and *Best Dessert. The Liberty Chamber has asked all local restaurants to participate by donating an entrée, side, or dessert. Restaurants have a choice to enter in one, or all categories. The Winner in each category will be eligible for the following:
 *A personalized 1st Place Culinary Trophy to be displayed in their restaurant
 *Spotlight with article & picture in the local paper and social media 
 *A free 2018 Chamber Membership! GOOD LUCK to All participating restaurants! 
 Business Expo: The Business Expo is a wonderful opportunity for your business to do some self- promoting. It’s advertising free of charge! People want to know about your businesses. They want more information about your business. Come, set up a table and highlight what your business does, the services it provides, and any special promotions that are available. This is also a great time to publicize sales, promos or your employment needs or career opportunities. This is an awesome opportunity to help “get the word out” about your business! The business expo will be opened to the public from 1-2pm. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact the chamber. (336) 622-4937.
 Business After Hours: The August Business After Hours was Hot, Hot, Hot! 
 The Liberty Chamber held a BAH at Freedom Park on Aug 22nd. We had a hot turn out, on a hot evening and collected an assortment of “hot” Back to School Supplies for the students and teachers of Liberty Elementary School. The supplies were presented to the school on Friday August 25th just in time for the first day of school. The September’s BAH event will be held at BB&T on September 26th.
 Christmas is Coming!
 Liberty Christmas Parade 
 The Liberty Christmas Parade: Saturday December 2, 2017 starting at 2:30.
 Parade entries will once again be $10.00. 
 Floats, classic cars, tractors, pick-ups; we want them all!
 Start planning and preparing your Christmas float now!
 Remember the Chamber awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes for the Best Christmas Floats!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Custom Built House 319 Barber Dr, Liberty 1450 Sq Ft - 3 BD - 2 BA , Open Floor Plan Stamped Concrete, Covered Front Porch, Rear Deck - Vinyl Siding Brick Foundation - 30 Year Roof All Energy Efficient Windows & Doors


Additional Lots Available

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September 2017 Lets Us GetYour House Ready Let us help clean your gutters And get your house ready for holidays

The Liberty Leader Newspaper




336-669-4075 THANK YALL'

Coble's Pressure Washing

Volume 15 Issue 9

K & K Parts

(on corner of Old 421 & Kinro Rd) We are your local Tractor Parts Dealer

We sell new aftermarket parts for most makes and model! Come by or give Joe Kirkman A Call At 336-622-3086

Liberty High School Graduating Class Of 1967 Class Reunion

Informal – No Special Program Also including others who attending High School with class but perhaps did not graduate from Liberty – ALL INVITED

Saturday Oct 14, 2017 At 5:00pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am-5pm Tons of sale items Something for everyone

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

At American Legion Hut, Liberty, NC Cost Per Person $15 (Price Covers catered diner, rental of facility, other expenses) Guest Are Welcomed Also $15 Each ( Spouse, significant other, teachers, children, parents, friends, Liberty Schoolmate, whoever) Cash Bar - Adult Beverages Available RSVP & Payment By Sept 30 (NO LATER THAN) Send RSVP and Payment To: Sharon Isom 6910 Willard Rd, Staley, NC 27355 Phone 336-209-5749 If you have any questions or need more info you may contact: Ruth Brower 336-622-3691, Faye Holt 336-622-3258, Peggy Stuart 336-622-0255

We Hope To See You There! Page 10 of 32

September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Fall Luncheon & Business Expo Will be held at the American Legion Post; 604 S Greensboro St, Liberty

“Taste of the Town” Luncheon 11:30 pm - 1pm

Business Expo (open to the public) 1:00pm - 2pm

Network with other businesses while you enjoy a variety of foods provided by local restaurants.

Expose your business!! Network with other businesses and expose your services and needs to the public

Janet P Hill Broker, GRI

Homes-Land-Rental-Mini Storage Call us For All Your Real Estate Needs 255 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, NC

430 N Greensboro Street Liberty, NC 27298 Phone: 336-795-0052 Open: M-F 9 AM to 6 PM SAT. 9 AM to 1 PM

Members – Free Non Members $25

RSVP by Sept 8th to

Jessica H Foster Broker

$10 in over the counter $10 merchandise Bring in thisor Coupon to with any new transferred. Receive $10 store creditthis on Over the Counter items for each New or Transferred prescription Bring coupon with you to Liberty Family Pharmacy. (not valid with other offers. Other restrictions may apply) (can be used for up to 5 new or transferred prescriptions)

MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT OCTOBER 17 - DECEMBER 7 LET US HELP YOU CHOOSE THE BEST MEDICARE PLAN Medicare Plans Change every year. We can save you over $1,100 a year by helping you choose the Medicare plan that covers your medications the best, giving you a month by month estimate of your medication costs for the whole year (based on current medication list)

Limit of one offer per visit per the coupon. Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Awesome Finds 129 W Swannano Ave Downtown Liberty Ph 336-622-6223

New Hours Starting September 2017: Sun, Mon, Tue -Closed Wed, Thur, Fri - 11-5 Saturday 10-3

Call 336-736-4823 Now offering pressure washing Now Owned & Operated By Alan Perkins

Volume 15 Issue 9

MamaCarol's Party in Liberty Fairy Hair Flare is excited to be coming to Liberty! Here's the scoop: We'll be at Awesome Finds Vintage Thrift and Gift at 129 W Swannanona Ave Liberty, NC 27298 on Sunday Sept 24th from 2:30-6:30 (I can extend hours if spots all fill up)! PLEASE....if you make an appt and don't plan to come, please have the courtesy to cancel your appt in a timely manner or text one of us at (919)381-8781

Boutique style store that offers more than what you will find in your average places. This store is full of beautiful and wonder things for one to shop through.

Does Your Computer

Have You Tied Up?

We Can Fix it. Bring It To Us Today!

211 West Swannanoa Ave | 336.622.7900 | Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Community Area Ride Service

COMMUNITY AREA RIDE SERVICE (C.A.R.S.) A local non-profit organization based in Liberty. We offer transportation for residents of Liberty or Staley or folks that have a 622-Telephone exchange to medical facilities, social services or nursing homes.

SUPPLY & GROCERY New Summer Hours Effective April 15th, 2017 Mon-Fri 6am-9pm Sat 7am-9pm Sun 12pm- 5pm 4508 NC Hwy 49N, Liberty

Phone 336-622-1531 Visit our new web page @

rn Co r 0 e De $7.0 bag lbs 50

Call Dispatcher At 336-622-5774 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

One Stop Shop Shop Local……. Wildlife check in stations Live Bait year round

CVA Muzzleloader Hunting and Fishing license ** Cashiers and Cook - Quality Mart #7 in Liberty** Quality Mart #7, a local gas station and convenience store located at 4494 Highway 49 North in Liberty, is seeking self-motivated, career oriented, and customer-service focused candidates for the following positions: ]]2nd Shift Cashiers 1st

Shift Cook

Dove Load 12ga., 16ga., and 20ga.

Regular gas, Non-ethanol gas, HWY use diesel, Off road fuel

Local Beef and Pork

Delaney’s Pimento cheese

Homeland Creamery milk and ice-cream

90 day layaway available Muck Boots for the entire family

Positions require excellent customer service skills. Prior cook experience is preferred for cook position. Competitive salary, excellent benefits, 401k and flexible work hours, weekends included. Interested candidates should apply online at

Hoop Cheese, Pinto Beans, Raw Peanuts, Country Ham, Old Fashion Candy, Conrad and Hinkle and Delaney’s Pimento Cheese Homeland Creamery Milk and Ice Cream We Now Offer 90% Octane non Ethanol Gas Gas (reg, non ethanol, off road fuel, diesel)

James Little, MD 1008 NC-62, Climax, NC

Liberty Leader Wishes ….. Hours: Monday - Thursday 9am - 4pm
 Fax: 336-674-8968

Walk-ins are welcomed, we currently are accepting new patients. We will treat anyone, any age, with or without insurance.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

DENTISTRY Edward Scott DDS - Erin Scott DDS Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry “Emergencies Seen Same Day”

Located in the Forest Oaks Community 336-674-2497 or 336-674-6936 5439 Liberty Rd, Greensboro 336-944-4248 - Residence Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

RC Computers

Computer Sales * Service * Upgrades * Networking Residential & Commercial Nothing Too Big Or Too Small 126 W Swannanoa Ave (Downtown Liberty) Ph 336-795-0118

Wade Hardin Landscapes Contact Wade Hardin (336)240-7925

Watch Battery Replacement Repair Smart Phones (Screen Replacement) Buy Gold / Silver/ Coins Copy / Fax / Internet We Now Offer Security Camera Installations

Soldiers of Mercy MM will be having having a Church Building Fundraiser Oct. 14, 2017. from 9am-4pm. We will be having a Motorcycle Ride with registration starting at 9:30 and kickstands up at 11 am.

Virus Removal Custom Built & Used Computer Sales

Laminating Faxing Copying Here

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

We will be having a Silent Auction with all the items that have we have been so blessed with local businesses donations!.

Mowing And Seeding Available Seeding & Fertilizing Pruning & Trimming Irrigation Property Clean Up Tree Removal Bobcat & Dump Truck Pine Needles & Mulch New Installations (and repairs) Insect & Disease Control

We will also be serving hamburger or hot dog meals for 7.00. Other exciting events are still in the planning stage Follow us on facebook for update on auction items as they come in...Soldiers of Mercy Motorcycle Ministry! Contact Terri Barnes (Public Relations) at for any additional info. We are located at "The Mercy Seat" Church 7249 Jordan Rd. (right next door to Subway) in Ramseur.

BBQ CHICKEN Dinner We Now Offer Soldering

Shiloh United Methodist Men 7394 Shiloh Rd Liberty, NC 27298 (Off of Highway 421 & Shiloh Rd at the Julian intersection)

Richard Clapp

October 21, 2017 4:30pm to 7:00pm


Menu: BBQ CHICKEN Dinner, baked beans, slaw, rolls, tea, and dessert

Locally Owned & Operated By A+ Certified Technician 15 + Years Of Service Microsoft Professional

Price $8.00

Same Day Or Next Day Turnaround

Yamaha Clavinova 930 digital piano. Good condition. $500. Call. 336-202-5333.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

ER Hall Of Fame Stories It was August of 1968. The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Steppenwolf, Aretha Franklin and the Doors provided the musical backdrop to a distressed nation. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy had been assassinated earlier in the year. The Vietnam War was raging. It was in this year that a new high school was preparing to open in Randolph County. The communities of Liberty, Ramseur, Franklinville, Grays Chapel and Coleridge would merge their high school populations to form Eastern Randolph. Only Liberty and Ramseur had fielded varsity football teams before, so the numbers of experienced players would be a concern for football. This new school would now play at the 3A level as an independent that first year although the players had always competed in 1A before. There was no gym, football or baseball field available, so they practiced at Ramseur and Liberty. Home football games were also rotated between the two old high school fields as well. Basketball games were played mostly at Liberty or Ramseur, however Grays Chapel and Franklinville hosted an occasional game. It would be many years before baseball would ever move from Craven Field in Ramseur, with o n l y the occasional game played in Liberty. Players in the early years carried their practice gear in their cars, and worked hard through all of the inconvenience and hardships. They were proud to wear the Green and Gold. Prior to the game against Providence Grove on September 22, Eastern Randolph will honor the inaugural Eastern Randolph Athletic Hall of Fame inductees:

Lorraine Owen Basketball In the fall of 1972 Eastern Randolph opened its new gymnasium. That same year, Sophomore Lorraine Owen began her stellar basketball career at ER. During her tenure as a three year starter, Lorraine amassed records that held for over three decades. She had a double- double average in scoring and rebounding every year. She earned All-Conference honors every year, and was awarded the lst Courier Tribune All County Player of the Year. She was Honorable Mention- All State and an East West All Star participant. Lorraine also graduated at the top of her academic class. Lorraine went on to play for Kay Yow at NC State, where she was a 4 year letterer. Her team won the NCAIAW Division 1 State Champions all 4 years of her NC State Career. She was awarded Most Improved Player in 1976, Hustle Award in 1979 and served as CoCaptain in 1979. She competed against the Taiwan National Team in 1976 and the Peoples Republic of China in 1979. Lorraine is the daughter of Betty Owen and the late Howard Owen of Staley, and is married to Jeff Watson. She lives in Cary.

Volume 15 Issue 9

Coach Burton Cates Coach Cates can to Eastern Randolph in 1981 as a defensive coordinator and became the head coach in 1984 to 2008. He amassed many conference titles; Coach of the Year Awards; Coach at the East/West All-star game; Shrine Bowl Game. During his tenure, he and the Wildcats won two state titles. Coach Cates credits his success to his players, assistant coaches, and loyal community supporters. He feels his biggest success comes from his faith and family. Just recently he and the Lee County players gave him his 300th win. Although his 300th came as the Lee Coach leader, he is quick to recognize his unforgettable tenure at Eastern Randolph (as most of the wins were at Eastern) while serving in some veins of the school as educator, athletic director, and head coach.

Nina Foust Basketball

Andy Headen Football

Alan Hooker Football

While Nina Foust was actually a great basketball player in the 1970’s, she is being honored as an ER Hall of Fame recipient for her contributions to Golf. Nina had a stellar high school career at Eastern Randolph, which took her to Appalachian State, where she is a Hall of Fame recipient for both basketball and golf. At Appalachian State, she won the NCAIA W Championship. During her amateur career, she claimed low regional qualifying honors at the U.S. Women’s Open in 1980. She joined the LPGA tour in 1985 and had a impressive 10 year career, where she posted a career-low score of 67 during the final round of the 1989 Kyocera Classic. Nina is the daughter of the late John Foust and Ruth Foust of Ramseur.

Eastern Randolph finally had a home stadium in 1975 and within a few years, a giant of an athlete would thrill the fans. Andy Headen stared as a quarterback at Eastern Randolph under three coaches, Charlie Noell, Howard Johnshon, and finally Sal Gero. He earned All Conference and All State honors. Andy had a commanding presence as a high school quarterback, which earned him national recruiting recognition. Headen was recruited by a multitude of teams, including every ACC program, but wisely chose Clemson, where he was recruited as a quarterback, but soon found his niche as linebacker. He earned lst team All ACC honors, and helped Clemson clinch the National Championship in 1981. He was drafted by the NY Giants in 1983. During his career with the Giants, he compiled 19.5 sacks, 6 interceptions and 1 TD. Along with his six year tenure with the Giant he was on the Super Bowl Championship in 1986. Andy Headen is a member of an elite group of football players, having won both a college championship ring as well as a super bowl ring.

Alan Hooker, a 1998 graduate, was an allconference and AllAmerican football player at A&T. During his four years on the team, Hooker broke 15 school passing records and was named National Black College Offensive Player of the Year. He also was named A&T Athlete of the Year twice and was the football team's MVP for four consecutive years. After graduation, Hooker played briefly for the Dallas Cowboys. He was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in 1998. Alan’s career began at Eastern Randolph where 4 sports...played football, basketball, baseball and track...Conf. MVP in basketball & football Co-County in football & track --County MVP in basketball...ER Athlete of the year AP All-State first team football. He led the Wildcats to its first State Championship in 1983. He has served as part of the Randolph Community College faculty, as an A&T admissions counselor and as A&T's director of alumni affairs. He now works as an executive recruiter. Hooker recently earned a master's degree in adult education from A&T. Hooker and his wife, Wendy, have two children (QB at VA. Tech, Hendon and QB Dudley HS, Alston).

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September 2017 Rodney Wilson

Volume 15 Issue 9

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Matt Brown Baseball

Brian Wright Baseball

Mickey Burgess Football & Baseball

Scott Riddle Football

Dunks excite home crowds and fill gyms, and thunderous dunks excite both home and visitor crowds and overwhelmingly fill gyms. So much was the case with Hall of Fame recipient, Rodney Wilson. A four year starter, Wilson averaged 16.9 points per game over his career and double digit rebounds for three years. But by far, it is his dunks that fans will never forget, as well as the huge crowds that came to witness Wildcat basketball during his career. Rodney was the Courier Tribune Player of the Year during his Senior Year and was awarded All County all 4 years. He also earned All-Conference and was an East West All Star participant. During the All Star Game, Rodney dunked the ball on his first 6 possessions. He scored 22 points in that game, with 10 rebounds, earning MVP honors. Rodney went on to Pfeiffer University, where he was a 4 year starter. He was Coach Bobby Lutz lst recruit, and his Freshman year, the team only won 6 games. However, Lutz focused his recruiting on building a team around Rodney, and his team made the NAIA Elite 8 in 89 , and then the Final four in 1990, losing only 4 games his senior y e a r. Rodney earned AllConference and All District honors, and is the 4th leading scorer in Pfeiffer history with 1618 points. He received his undergraduate degree from Pfeiffer and returned several years later to obtain a Masters Degree in Hospital Administration. Rodney is the son of the late Robert and Brenda Wilson of Liberty. He lives with his wife in Whitsett.

Matt was a two sport athlete in football and baseball. He was a 3 time All-County; 3-time All-Conference; County and Conference Player of the Yr.; Honorable Mention All-State; Team MVP; and 1 time All-Region. In baseball, All-State.; 2 time All Conference; 3 time All County; Team MVP; Conference and County Player of the Ye a r ; L o u i s v i l l e Slugger All American; Won a Gold Medal in the 1999 Senior State Games; Player on the 1998 State Championship Team; Batted (.554) with 15 homeruns as a senior; 6 th in the state for RBI’s in a season with (54) tied with teammate Brian Wright. Matt received a scholarship and signed with NC State, however, opted delay when he was drafted by the Montreal Expos where he played 4 seasons. He left the game with back injury. He later was a recruited walk-on for UNC-Chapel Hill and played one season before the back injury shortened his career.

Brian possesses so many records here at Eastern Randolph and North Carolina State University. 2 time All-State; 1998 2-A State Championship MVP; Pitched a no-hitter in the 1998 State Championship; 4 time All-County; 3 time All Conference; County and Conference MVP; 2time All-American for North Carolina State University; 3-time 1st ACC team; 1st in NC State history for doubles (78); 2nd in NC State history for career batting avg. (. 373); 3rd in NC State h i s t o r y f o r R B I ’s (222) and base hits (341); 4th in NC State history for runs scored (225); 4th in NC State history for homeruns (42). Drafted in the 7 th round by the Cleveland Indians and played for 2 seasons.

Mickey Burgess, 2001 graduate played four years of football and baseball, where he was selected allcounty and all-conference four straight years • Named team MVP as a Jr. and Sr. Conference Player of the Year; 2 time All-State; Member of the 1998 State Champion team and played in the Inaugural NC vs. SC All-Star Game. Named one of the top high school players in North Carolina by Baseball America • A running back and strong safety for the football team • Named all-conference, allregion and all-county in football as a senior • A member of the Beta C l u b . Summer 2001: Played American Legion baseball for Post 125. Mickey was recruited by UNC-Chapel and received a scholarship to play for the Tar Heels. He was known as a tough, hard-nosed player. Played SS and was a two-time allstate pick in baseball. Mickey and his wife Ery have two boys, Ian and Max . Mickey is the son of Phil and Debbie Burgess.

Four-year starter… Passed for over 7,500 career yards, powering Eastern Randolph to a 2003 3AA state runner-up finish and a 2006 3AA state crown… Four-time allcounty and three-time allconference pick… Two-time league player of the year… Selected as the 2005 and 2006 Courier Tribune County Player of the Year as well as the News & Record Regional Player of the Year… Was a 2006 Wendy’s High School Heisman candidate… Picked for the 2006 Prep Star AllRegion Team and the 2006 Shrine Bowl All-Star. Scott went on to great success at Elon University, where he became the all time leading passer in Southern Conference History, passing for 13,264 yards – which is also the fifth highest total ever amassed by a quarterback at the FCS level. He earned National Freshmen of the Year honors. He is also the only quarterback in the Southern Conference to lead the league in passing for four consecutive seasons. Over the course of his career with the Phoenix, Riddle posted three 400-plus yard passing games, including a SoCon-record 534-yard performance at Furman in 2007. Among the other league records the strong-armed Riddle holds are most completions in a season (346 in 2007), most consecutive games with a touchdown pass (22) and most consecutive pass attempts without an interception (218). Scott is the son of Jimmy and Cathy Riddle of Ramseur.

Kellie Smith Kelly Smith, a former top 160 recruit, has signed a scholarship to West Virginia and later signed a scholarship at ECU. The 5'11" guard spent the past two seasons at West Virginia University and was a redshirt freshman for the 2006-2007 season. Kelly was recruited very heavily out of high school when she was one of the top players in the state of North Carolina. She had the ability to play either the 3 or 4 positions and she was a great shooter. Smith finished her freshman campaign playing in 25 of the Mountaineer's 33 games, including both of WVU's NCAA Tournament games. Kelly had a stellar high school career while playing for Eastern Randolph High School. She averaged 18.3 ppg., 11.0 rpg., and 6.0 apg. as a senior. She scored 1,647 career points finishing her career as Eastern Randolph's all-time leading scorer. Smith was a four-time all Randolph County selection, a three-time Randolph County Player-of-theYear, as well as an All-State Selection and Mid-Piedmont Conference Player-of-theYear her senior year. She was also an Honorable Mention McDonald's All-American and a participant in both the North Carolina/South Carolina All-Star Game and the East/ West All-Star Game.

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Grady Lawson Grady has served many roles in the Eastern Randolph Community. Well known for the annual Christmas Trees sale to raise money for the community. He has served on many boards throughout his tenure: 40 yrs. Randolph Co. Bd. of Ed.; 28 yrs. on the Randolph Community College Bd. of Trustees; 4 yrs. Randolph Co. Senior Adult Association Bd. of Trustees; 28 yrs. First Citizens Bd. of Trustees; also served on the Bd. of Trustees of the North Carolina School Board Association. In 1983 inducted to the American Legion Hall of Fame; Recipient of the Order of the Long Leaf Pine Society; 1993 the Baseball field was named the “Grady Lawson Field.” He has sponsored and directed many programs in the Eastern Randolph area such Bath Ruth Baseball; Little League Baseball; Little Basketball; and Ramseur Shell semi pro basketball.

September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper


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Specific Massage

R a n d o l p h C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e ’s Wo r k f o r c e Development and Continuing Education Division will offer a new course to assist human resources professionals who are new to their field to prepare for the Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) exam offered by the HR Certification Institute. The “aPHR Certification Exam Prep” course will include topics such as HR operations, employee relations, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, HR development and retention, and health, safety and security. The cost for the course is $70, plus a textbook ($308.66 including tax) that must be preordered in the RCC Campus Store by Sept. 12, 2017. The class will meet from 6-9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Sept. 19 through Nov. 7 in Room 102 of the Continuing Education and Industrial Center on the Asheboro Campus. Call 336-633-0268 for more information or to preregister.

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Thurs And Friday Special

September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

China House


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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Patterson Cottage and Liberty Library to Host Heritage Festival The Patterson Cottage Museum will again host its Heritage Festival Saturday, September 30 at the cottage from 10-3:00. This year the Liberty Library will join the museum by hosting a quilt and art show in the adjacent Liberty Town Hall courtroom. The Heritage Festival celebrates arts, crafts and skills used by our forefathers. Many skilled artisans will demonstrate their expertise in the yard around the cottage and some vendors will have their wares for sale. This year’s featured artists are Randy Stoltz and Tom Watkins (shown with North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler at the N.C. State Fair), blacksmiths from Cary. Other crafts and skills scheduled to be on display include, but are not limited to, weaving, spinning, wood turning and carving, mandolin making, pottery, chair caning, basket weaving and quilting. Also on hand will be a Civil War camp with musket demonstrations and firing scheduled for noon and 1:00. Several historic quilts will be on display in the courtroom along with locally made quilts and art work from local artists. The Patterson Cottage Museum will be open to the public. The Patterson Cottage is the oldest remaining residential building in Liberty and was moved to its present location in 1975 and turned into a community museum. It houses artifacts from the town and Liberty area including tools, furniture, weapons, items from Liberty’s early industries and daily life and a collection of early photographs, many of them rare, one of a kind pictures. The museum also owns a collection of 1920-30’s cameras and two Jamestown rifles. The Heritage Festival is free and the public is invited to learn more about the skills that our forefathers considered essential for their everyday survival. The Patterson Cottage is located across from the Liberty Library at 239 S. Fayetteville St. For more information, or to demonstrate one of these skills, please contact Warren Dixon at 336-622-2731.

Heritage Festival Saturday, September 30 at the Cottage from 10-3:00

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 15 Issue 9


The Patterson Cottage Museum is seeking vendors for its Heritage Festival Saturday, September 30 at the cottage. The festival celebrates skills, arts and crafts of our forefathers. We need weavers, carvers, tatters, spinners, blacksmiths, wood workers, gourd artists, soap and candle makers, etc.

516 N Greensboro St

Spaces are free. For more info call Warren Dixon 336-622-2731.

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September 2017

Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

As school begins, we would like for community members to consider how they can partner with our school. We would love to have volunteers as lunch buddies, reading buddies or mentors for students. It's a great chance to make a difference in the life of a young person. One of our fundraisers this year will be selling Liberty Bulldog discount cards. See one of our students or stop by the school if you are interested in one of the cards. A huge THANKS to all our sponsors...See the great discounts below.

7:30-7:50 – Breakfast 7:50 – Students to Class/Tardy at 8:00 2:45 - Dismissal We offer a daycare program called Bulldog Buddies located on campus. This must be applied for and approved before enrolling. Cost and times listed below. Afternoon: $35.00 per week 2:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Morning: $10.00 per week 6:30 a.m. - 7:50 a.m.


September 7 September 21 October 3 October 6 October 19

PTO Fundraiser Begins PTO/Open House/Title I Annual Public Meeting – 6 pm Fall Pictures Fall Festival!! Reading Night/Read to Achieve Information – 6 pm

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

RCC Student Leadership Academy Application Deadline Sept. 15

Applications are being accepted for Randolph Community College’s 11th annual Fountain-Luria Student Leadership Academy. The SLA has been revamped this year, with new selection criteria and some new segments. Applicants are now required to have completed 24 credit hours with RCC as either a Randolph Early College High School student or a regular RCC student, according to Kelly Heath, chair of the SLA Standing Committee. “Programmatically, we have made some changes to eliminate topics that did not seem to be connecting with Academy members,” said Heath. “We have added a tools of leadership session (focused on business etiquette, listening skills, professional dress, etc.) as well as sessions on giving back to the community and how to bounce back from mistakes or failure.” The majority of the Student Leadership Academy sessions will be held on Thursday evenings from 5:30-8 p.m. with two Saturday sessions. The 2017-2018 Academy begins with a lunch session on Saturday, Oct. 7. Additional dates for 2017-18 are Oct. 19, Nov. 9, Jan. 25, Jan. 27, Feb. 15, and a graduation ceremony on Tuesday, March 20. Participants are required to attend all sessions. Students are selected to attend the Student Leadership Academy through a competitive application process. Interested students must fill out an electronic application form and ask an RCC faculty member to submit a reference form. In addition, applicants will have a brief interview with SLA Committee members. Any curriculum (college credit) student who has completed 24 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is eligible to apply. The Academy is named after local leaders Dr. Stuart Fountain and Dr. Alan Luria, who have supported the Student Leadership Academy since its inception in 2008. Students may obtain detailed information on dates, topics and requirements, plus links to the application and reference forms, at studentleadershipacademy. Applications and reference forms must be received by 3 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 15.

Volume 15 Issue 9


212 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty

Ph 336-622-2256 Office Ph 336-622-2258 Obit Line

Tyson Nixon, Manager And Staff

LIBERTY GUEST COTTAGE “Short Stay Accommodations”

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Liberty Guest Cottage 5528 NC Hwy 49 N, Liberty, NC 27298

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Also see our listing on

September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Liberty Elementary

was selected for a second year to go to the NCDPI Student Leadership Institute at Pfeiffer University. The institute focuses on student leadership through service. Kaylan Currin, Amelia Lackey, Madison Hicks, Zoey Pugh, and Kaylee Shepherd were selected to go this summer. They are rising 5th graders and members of the Liberty Service Learning Club. Last year, the club focused on poverty by creating a clothing closet and community garden. This summer while walking around the University, the students were inspired to beautify their school and community through the focus of recycling and picking up litter this year.

Volume 15 Issue 9

By: Julie Powers Cub Master This School year 2017 – 2018 the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is introducing a pilot program and we’re opening up our Ranks to include Kindergarten age boys! Our “Lion’s Den” will only meet 2 times a month and we will have just as much fun as the older Cub Scouts. Reach out to us to find out more or come join us on Tuesdays. The law of the Scout is to be: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent Our Moto is to : Be Prepared Our Oath: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to GOD and my country to help other people at all times and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. We hope that our Cubs thrive and grow with these values and prove to be pillars in their community. As it is often said, it takes a community to raise a child, and our Pack is an outstanding community whom are all looking to shape our children into upstanding adults! I am a proud Cub Master of Pack 502! Last year we decided that we would complete a community service project and Liberty Elementary School was the perfect project with their new #beautifyliberty kindness rocks campaign. The idea is to create a rock garden with all Alumni and current students who attend(ed) Liberty at any point of it’s existence. Our Cub Scouts decided to branch off on this idea to “Beautify Liberty” and our project became designing a garden revive for the area in front of the current 2nd and 3rd grade hall. We came up with a theme and then created the space. A few of our Scouts were able to paint kindness rocks for the #beautifyliberty project and those rocks were added to our project. If you haven’t gone out to see the garden, please do, we’re so very proud of the space. Our Scouts now have a special pride in their school and they have a responsibility to keeping it a clean space. They also have true ownership in the garden and ALL of this is what we strive to teach the boys. We welcome you to join us on Tuesday, August 29th at 7pm at the FUMC Fellowship hall across the street from the school. We will be having our Ice Cream Social and introduction to Scouting in Liberty. We look forward to meeting you!

If you are interested in becoming a scout Liberty Cub Scouts are recruiting again. Contact: Julie Powers Cub Master 336-880-0573

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Volume 15 Issue 9

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

10213 Old Liberty Rd., 3 bedroom/2 bath, detached garage, replacement windows, gas pac, on 8 plus acres in Liberty city limits, $175,000 711 N. Fayetteville St., 3 bedroom, 3 full baths, brick ranch, +- 2,200 Sq. Ft. plus huge conditioned sunroom, double garage, on three large city lots, $172,000. 1101 Williams St., Ramseur; 3 bedroom/2 bath, brick ranch w/ double garage, custom built home. Owner can finance at$ 149,000. 526 Edgewood Dr., 3 bedroom/2 bath brick ranch w/ carport, fenced yard, with all appliances. Owner can finance at $119,000 4420 Alamance Church Rd., 25+ acres, wooded and open with bold running creek, 2 bedroom/1 bath,home , central heat&air, outbldgs.,new price! $159,000.00 513 So. Asheboro St.,3 bedroom/1 ½ bath, new heat pump, outbldg., $65,000.00 #44 Santek Rd., Staley, 119 acres, may subdivide, across from proposed Chatham County Economic Development 1,800 acre site, call our office. Office building (carpet and floor vinyl store), currently used as a 3 bedroom, one bath single family dwelling in main town of Liberty. REDUCED to $65,000. 1.45 acre lot on liberty Grove Church Rd. Site built home only, $22,500.00 Building lots from 1/2 to 3 acres in all areas around Liberty. Some are site built only lots, some modular, some doublewide & single wide lots. $22,000 to 39,900 and some are with owner financing Two large, wooded city lots in Fogleman Acres area, $19,000 and $20,000. Call us for single family home rentals in the Liberty area!

Taking Care Of All Your Service Needs Full service shop oil change new tires (East coast tires) all repairs any maintenance needs 185 S Greensboro St, Liberty Email Owner/Operator Brian Minnich

Ph/Fx 336-622-2366 Find Us On Facebook

Ph/Fx 336-622-2366

Meacham Realty, Inc.

Cross Road Vending Liberty, NC 27298 336-339-5146

Tom Meacham

205 E Swannanoa Ave- Liberty Office :622-1998 Fax: 622-5998

Scholarship Recipients 2017 It is with great pleasure that we announce the recipients of our Turn to Education scholarship. Each year we try to convey our gratitude to all of the businesses and clubs that allow us to place our machines in their locations.

On Sunday, September 10

Thank You!

First United Church of Christ in Liberty and White's Chapel United Methodist Church are combining for a Community Gospel Sing at 11 a.m. Recording Artist Mitch Snow will share a number of songs and he will lead us in some good old-fashioned gospel hymns.

Chatham Jordan-Matthews Northwood

It's being hosted by First UCC {right next to Loflin's Funeral Home in Liberty).

Hannah Stackhouse Natalie Huggins

Lee County

Lee Tamia Jackson

Orange County

Nala Watson


$200 $200 $200



We hope many others will join us for a time of revival at the community gospel sing!

Asheboro Ruby Delgado Providence Grove Alyssa Brower Randleman Sequoia Cheek Southwestern Hannah Lyndon

$200 $200 $200 $200

Note: All of the scholarship proceeds gathered from my machines stay in the LOCAL AREA and go to LOCAL STUDENTS.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Volume 15 Issue 9 September 2017 Liberty Leader Newspaper Kegs, Air Compressors, HondaThe Generator, R/R Jack, Cast Iron Wash Pot, Chicken Coop, Tillers, Pressure Washer, Edger, JD Gun Safe, Wind Mill, Dinner Bell, Hay Rake, Silver Coin, Traps, .22 Remington, Misc. Pottery, Scaffolding, Wood Splitter, Wrought Iron Fence, Drill Press, Lathe, Corn Planter, Horse Buggy, Backpack Blower, John Boat, Chain Saws, Mower, Fire Box, Household Items, Log Chains, Misc. Advertisement (Signs, Thermometers, Traffic, Tins, & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! (at the intersection of Hwy 421 & Hwy 64) Furniture: 919-742-2013 Hoosier Cabinet, Oak Ice Box, Oak Server, Step Back Cupboard, Farm Table, Pierced Tin Cabinet Wood ~ Over 175 + Vendors Cook Stove, Wood File Cabinet, Corner Cabinets Cedar Chest, Refrigerator, Quilt Cabinet, Rockers, ~ 30,000 sq. ft. Chest of Drawers, Hutch, Desk, Porch Table, Buffet, Chairs, Swing, Coffee Table, End Tables, Misc. ~ Plenty of Parking Cabinets, Wood Benches, Display Cabinets, 2 Leather Chairs, 2 Leather Stools & MUCH, OPEN 7MUCH Days MORE!!! Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 1 pm-6 pm

Countryside Collectibles Antique Mall

219 Chatham Square Siler City, NC 27344

See Website For Vendor TermsShowcases & Conditions! are only $25 & $35 monthly w/10% commission and Booth Space are only $1.00 per sq. ft. monthly w/10% commission

MANY ITEMS NOT LISTED.... Give us a call for all your Auction needs 919-663-2034 Mall Auction times & dates are updated weekly our website Other Items May Be Added! Check Website ForonUpdates! Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017


The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Shaw Accounting Service

Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll, General Business Services


Shaw Accounting is open to help businesses and individuals with their tax and accounting needs, including payroll, bookkeeping, sales taxes, corporate and individual income taxes.

Beverly Meredith

Open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5. Other times by appointment. We look forward to helping you!


Rent Based On Income. Full Rental Assistance. Limited Handicapped Units. Smoke Free Units 1 or 2 Bedroom apartments featuring carpet, central air, range, refrigerator, washer/dryer hook-ups, wired for cable.

Kelly Raymond

241W. W.Butler Butler Ave. Office M-F 10-3 241 OfficeHrs: Hrs: M-F 11-4 622-2163 622-2163

(Tax Specialist, Corporate and individual )

Tommy Hyatt (Enrolled Agent )

128 W. Swannanoa Avenue P.O. Box 1490 Liberty, NC. 27298

Phone: 336-622-2910 Fax: 866-889-6947

Hours Tuesday - Thursday 7am-2:30pm Friday- Saturday 7am- 8pm Sunday 8am- 2:30pm

766 S. Greensboro Street Liberty, NC. 27298 Fresh fruit bowls daily, Saturday Taco Salads/Taco Bake, Sunday, Chicken Pie and Sunday Vegetable, Cooked Carrots. Home Style Cooking Dine In / Out Plus we offer catering!!!

Business delivery available

Phone # 336-795-1035

with in a 4 mile radius $12 minimum

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Hospice of Randolph Seeking Auction Donations Hospice of Randolph County’s signature “Auction & Barbecue” event is still going strong. This year’s fundraiser will take place on November 4th at Southwestern Randolph High School. In preparation for the event, Hospice of Randolph County is asking the community for donations for sale in the auction. Examples of items needed for the auction include: fine art, gift certificates & products from local businesses, furniture such as dining room sets, bedroom & living room suits, antiques, collectibles, new electronics, floral arrangements & wreaths, jewelry and more. All goods are welcome, but the organization requests that items be in “new” or gently-used condition. A silent auction will take place during the BBQ dinner from 3:30pm-6:00pm. The live auction will begin at 6:45pm in the gymnasium with FOX-8 Morning News Anchor Cindy Farmer serving as celebrity guest auctioneer to kick off the auction. Also assisting as announcer of the live auction again this year will be WKXR’s Larry Reid. 2017 marks the 34th Anniversary for Hospice of Randolph County’s specialized and compassionate care that it has provided to thousands of people across Randolph County. Donations of desserts are also needed for the BBQ dinner. Those wishing to donate dessert items such as cakes, pies, etc., are asked to contact Lisa Huffman by October 10th, by calling (336)672-9300. To help streamline the program, there will be no baked goods sold during the live auction. Instead, there will be a special “Sweet Shoppe Bakery” bake sale set up to showcase and sell these delicious items. People donating items for this booth are asked to pre-register their baked goods with Lisa Huffman. This year’s attendees will once again enjoy BBQ prepared by the Randolph County Livestock & Poultry Association. Tickets are $10 a plate, which includes barbecue, sides, drink and a dessert. All money raised from the event will go to benefit in the care and support programs for Hospice of Randolph patients, families and caregivers. All donations of auction items are tax-deductible and donors will be acknowledged in publications and media. If you would like to donate items or purchase tickets, please contact Hospice of Randolph County by visiting or by calling (336) 672-9300

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 15 Issue 9

New beds now open


White's Chapel United Methodist Church is hosting a local missions fund-raising dinner on Saturday, September 23 from 4 p.m. until The menu includes delicious Roast Beef, creamed potatoes, beans, slaw, rolls, dessert and tea.

260 Village Lake Rd. • Siler City NC 27344 Contact: Dustin Elledge • 919-742-4052

*** NOW ACCEPTING NEW RESIDENTS *** Ask About Our New Year Special Pricing! Coventry House your locally owned and operated Assisted Living Community. NOW SPECIALIZING in the unique needs of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and related Dementia’s at Coventry House of Siler City, you will find: • FLAT MONTHLY RATES .... no hidden charges or upselling • 24 hour personal care assistance • On Call Physician Services • Professionally directed medication management • Specialized care plans for all residents • Private & companion rooms featuring private bathrooms • In room cable TV, internet access & telephone service • Security systems for resident safety • Specialized activities for assisted living & memory care unit • Three prepared meals per day plus afternoon & evening snacks • Local transportation to shopping & medical appointments • Medicaid, private insurance & private payment accepted


Price per meal is just $10 for delicious home cooking. Money raised will help White's Chapel UMC as we support Hospice, school ministries and more.

White's Chapel UMC is at the corner of White's Chapel Road and Ramseur-Julian Road. 1843 Low Bridge Road, Liberty.


“Short Stay Accommodations”

Need a little extra space? Short Stay Accommodations now available in Liberty. Fully remodeled, completely furnished (2) Bedroom – (1 Full Size Bed, 2 Twin Sleigh Beds) - (1) Bath Cottage - Quaint and Cozy - Electric Fireplace - Central Heat & Air - Flat Screen TV - Wi-Fi - Wood Floors - Ceramic in Bathroom - Complete Laundry Room - Deck with Sitting Area - Privacy Fencing - Approx 1 Acre Lot. Fully Equipped Eat In Kitchen; Coffee Maker, Full Size Refrig, Electric Range,Microwave,Security System.

Give us a call for pricing and availability: 336-622-3720 Gail & Joe Morgan – Owners-Hosts

Liberty Guest Cottage 5528 NC Hwy 49 N, Liberty, NC 27298

Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for photos, amenities and guest reviews.

Also see our listing on and Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 15 Issue 9

Ramseur Community Locally Owned & Operated


Ramseur, NC

Richard Jones

(Phone) 336-824-2386 (Obituary Desk) 336-318-3535

Bill Craven

Service Since 1904

The Liberty Artisan & Craft Gallery 5546 NC Hwy 49, Liberty

New line of metal garden art & wind chimes just in PH 622-3720 Wild Bird Supplies, Candles, Soaps, Wooden Cutting Boards and Much More.Custom Made Barn Quilts Bee Keeping Supplies - Local Hone

m Ne et w al lin ga e rd of en ar t

Hours: Tues-Sat 10-5 Closed Sun & Mon

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 15 Issue 9

Ramseur Community

Helping generations achieve their dreams. Since 1894, we have been committed to putting clients first. Helping generations through tough times and good times. Never taking a bailout. Call me today at 336.858.5548. Colleen Downey Mitchell, AAMSÂŽ Financial Advisor Sullivan Wealth Management A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 1029 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC 27203 336.858.5548 colleen.mitchell

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Š 2016 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (8/16)

Ramseur Pharmacy Fast & Friendly Service! Prescriptions filled in 10 minutes or less

Ph 824-8247

6215-B Highway 64 E , Ramseur Next To Five Points Medical

Most Insurance Plans Accepted/ Medicare Part D & NC Medicaid

Open M-F 9a-6p Sat 9a-1p Drive - Thru Available Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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September 2017

The Liberty Leader Newspaper



Volume 15 Issue 9

Online Only



735 Silk Hope Road • Siler City, NC PUBLIC PREVIEWS: Friday 9/1: 12-2 pm,

Saturday 9/2: 2-4 pm, Sunday 9/3: 3-5 pm (919) 545-0412 • NCFL#7360

“National Marketing...Local Expertise.” ® Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Rogers Auctioneers

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