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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11


Coolest Liberty Halloween Costume

9th Fall Festival Pg.2 9th Craft Fair Pg.21 16th Pancake Breakfast Pg.14

This little man, Jordan that is 4-1/2 year old is the center of this costume. His parents said this was all his idea. He loves water towers but specifically wanted to be the Liberty Water Tower. Great job!!!

17th Community Thanksgiving Service Pg. 24

23rd Bazaar Pg.4 23rd Christmas Open House Pg.27

Future Events December 7th Liberty Parade December 14th Night Of Elegance

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Liberty Leader Phone 336-404-9791 Volume 17 * Issue 11

November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Chandler Smith Kidd Broker/Realtor

The Real Estate Shoppe Cell- 336.215.7444 Office- 336.625.1100 155 A N Brady St Ramseur, NC 27316

Fall Festival Nov. 9 ,Sat. Hickory Grove UMC 10068 Silk-Hope Liberty Rd. Hotdog Supper - 4:30-6:00 Auction - 6:00 Come on out for a good time

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

George D. Cockman Jr. Owner

Licensed Plumber Free Estimates

COCKMAN’S PLUMBING CO. 4894 Starmount Road Liberty, NC 27298 H (336)622-6187 C (919)475-5825

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Back Flow Certified Certified Pump Installer Water Heaters Commercial/ Residential

November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper Services offered-

Septic tank pumping •

Grease trap maintenance On-site mortgage septic Inspections

Sewage/Effluent pump replacement Brian Folwell

Credit cards Accepted. Serving the Triad area.

Phone# 336-524-4288

Remember Local Shop -Dine -Enjoy

Volume 17 Issue 11

322 E. Frazier Ave., 3 bedroom, 3 bath brick ranch with huge den/ fireplace, double attached carport, paved drive, new carpet, paint, new heat pump, and many upgrades, two wired outbuildings, $165,000.00 402 South Asheboro St., 3 bedroom, 2 bath cottage with dining room, fireplace in Living room, double attached carport, recent new roof, replacement windows, large covered front porch, recent new roof and gas pack heat/cool system, large outbuilding, $85,000.00 146 acres, old 421 Rd. North near Liberty city limits, long railroad frontage, 70+ acres clear, $10,000 per acre as a whole. 25 heavily wooded mature hardwood, 1,000 ft. on Liberty Grove Church Rd.,(now reduced price!) $199,900. Property is in an estate and must be sold as a packge. 547 South Fayetteville St., vacant corner lot already has city water and sewer on property, zoned for double wide or site built home. Owner can finance if needed. $17,000.00 Building lots from 1/2 to 3 acres in all areas around Liberty. Some are site built only lots, some modular, some doublewide & single wide lots. $22,000 to 39,900 and some are with owner financing Call us for single family home rentals in the Liberty area!

Meacham Realty, Inc. Tom Meacham

205 E Swannanoa Ave- Liberty Office :622-1998 Fax: 622-5998 Email:

Blue Horseshoe Antiques and Collectibles, LLC 147 King Road - Ramseur, NC. 27316 Phone: 336-964-1499 Check us out on Facebook and Instagram

Hours: Monday - Friday 10am-7pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 1pm-6pm

Liberty Leader Phone 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Liberty Supply Heating and AC Supplies Gas Logs, Heaters, Fireplaces, and Filters Contractors Your One Stop Shop For all Your Supplies PickUp Local Needs

Open To The Public 438 N. Greensboro St. Liberty NC 336-622-4868

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Into Every Life a Leaf Must Fall By Warren Dixon It’s an ill wind that blows no leaves. As if on cue, the leaves began falling last weekend. The Ash tree in the back yard has already dropped most of its leaves in the yard. It’s always the first to sprout leaves in the spring and the first to let go in the fall. The Ash leaves are pretty much homebodies, living in the gutters, on the deck and on the basement steps. They wouldn’t go over to the neighbor’s yard even in a hurricane. And last weekend the rest of the leaves started to get serious. Even the pine tree began to shed its needles. There are leaves lying flat on their backs in the back yard, leaves standing straight up in the high grass in the front, like little tombstones to summer. It was as if the Great Leaf Blower in the sky cranked up and cut loose. Not that I have anything against leaves, mind you. I actually traveled to Vermont once just to look at leaves. You might think that you don’t have to go far to see pretty leaves in the fall and you would be correct. Randolph County sports the prettiest leaves around, with sights that would rival the Blue Ridge Mountains. But to see magnificent leaves, you have to go to Vermont. North Carolina’s leaves might be a religious experience, but Vermont’s are the Holy Land. The trouble with leaves, though, or at least most leaves, is that some won’t leave and others won’t stay put. A leaf, by any other name, will still pile up in your gutters. You have to hand it to leaves. They know when to let go. They don’t hang around past their prime, trying to make a comeback like, say, an aging football player. A leaf knows when it’s time to move on. You won’t catch a leaf hanging around the service station bragging about the good ole days. When it’s a leaf’s time to go, it steps aside gracefully, moving over to make way for the younger generation. God must have loved leaves, He made so many of them. A leaf is an orphan and has no home. You may have a tree-less yard resembling the Mojave Desert but you will still have leaves. It’s an ill wind that blows no leaves. Before autumn is over and winter appears, neighbors’ leaves from blocks away will pile up in your yard like snow drifts. And, if you can hold on long enough and resist the urge to gather these trespassing leaves, they may one day return to their owners. In the leaf business, possession is 9/10’s of the law. We are blessed with leaves that fall in shifts, like dominos, all through autumn into spring. If they’re not falling from our trees, they’re blowing in from out neighbors’. When all the neighborhood trees are bare, eighteen wheelers traveling down Highway 49 bring in leaves from Ramseur and Burlington and points all over North Carolina and scatter them in our yard. The history of leaves in America is a long one. The members of the Lost Colony, certain they were about to be lost and unable to get the men to stop and ask directions, faxed in this memo to their families and friends in England: “We are Knee Deepe in Leafes and Have Not a Rake in the Entire Place. Will be Forced to Move Soon or Suffocate…” The Pilgrims reported that, “We About Loste a Table Full of Foode, Cranberry Sauce and Punkin Pye, So Deepe Were the Leaves…” Later, during the Civil War, Robert E. Lee complained that “so many of the men have deserted this fall, claiming to have gone home to rake leaves…” Pioneers, traveling west by covered wagon, were impressed with the Great Plains, writing back to relatives back east of the “rich soil and lack of leaves,” There were so few leaves, one pioneer wrote, that before crossing the Rockies, “many have discarded their leaf blowers…” There are many modern day methods of handling leaves. Many people prefer to let a sleeping leaf lie. There are at least two benefits to this: (1.) The leaves kill the grass (2.) Considerably less mowing has to be done. If you live in the city where you have leaf pickup in the fall, you may rake or blow your leaves to the curb. This way they will eventually be propelled by passing cars and the elements back into your yard or to the neighbors’. We prefer to compost our leaves. We have a compost pile, but many years the leaves don’t reach the compost pile until spring. By this time they have not only killed the grass in our back yard, but also traveled around the neighborhood like giant drifting sand dunes, killing the neighbors’ grass, too. We use a combination of raking and leaf blowing methods to gather these leaves in piles, then employ the sophisticated sheet procedure to drag them to the compost pile. This way, in no time at all and with only a month’s worth of work, you can soon have $1.98 worth of rich, twig-filled, compost. Just remember: If everyone lit just one little candle, you still couldn’t burn all the leaves.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Cucumbers... I didn't know this...& to think all these years I've only been making salads with the cucumbers... WHAT A LITTLE GEM THE CUCUMBER IS. I WILL LOOK AT IT DIFFERENTLY NOW. 1. Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. 2. Feeling tired in the afternoon, put down the caffeinated soda and pick up a cucumber. Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins and Carbohydrates that can provide that quick pick-me-up that can last for hours. 3. Tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower? Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it will eliminate the fog and provide a soothing, spalike fragrance. 4. Are grubs and slugs ruining your planting beds? Place a few slices in a small pie tin and your garden will be free of pests all season long. The chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to give off a scent undetectable to humans but drive garden pests crazy and make them flee the area. 5. Looking for a fast and easy way to remove cellulite before going out or to the pool? Try rubbing a slice or two of cucumbers along your problem area for a few minutes, the phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing the visibility of cellulite. Works great on wrinkles too!!! 6. Want to avoid a hangover or terrible headache? Eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed and wake up refreshed and headache free. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients the body lost, keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding both a hangover and headache!! 7. Looking to fight off that afternoon or evening snacking binge? Cucumbers have been used for centuries and often used by European trappers, traders and explores for quick meals to thwart off starvation. 8. Have an important meeting or job interview and you realize that you don't have enough time to polish your shoes? Rub a freshly cut cucumber over the shoe, its chemicals will provide a quick and durable shine that not only looks great but also repels water. 9. Out of WD 40 and need to fix a squeaky hinge? Take a cucumber slice and rub it along the problematic hinge, and voila, the squeak is gone! 10.Stressed out and don't have time for massage, facial or visit to the spa? Cut up an entire cucumber and place it in a boiling pot of water, the chemicals and nutrients from the cucumber will react with the boiling water and be released in the steam, creating a soothing, relaxing aroma that has been shown the reduce stress in new mothers and college students during final exams. 11. Just finish a business lunch and realize you don't have gum or mints? Take a slice of cucumber and press it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to eliminate bad breath, the phytochemicals will kill the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath. 12. Looking for a 'green' way to clean your faucets, sinks or stainless steel? Take a slice of cucumber and rub it on the surface you want to clean, not only will it remove years of tarnish and bring back the shine, but is won't leave streaks and won't harm you fingers or fingernails while you clean. 13. Using a pen and made a mistake? Take the outside of the cucumber and slowly use it to erase the pen writing, also works great on crayons and markers that the kids have used to decorate the walls!! Pass this along to everybody you know who is looking for better and safer ways to solve life's everyday problems

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

ROCCA’S BAKERY is better than your ‘old fashioned” bakery! The Bakery features a huge selection of fresh, hand crafted French, Italian and Southern pastries, donuts, cinnamon and sticky buns, apple fritters, croissants, canolli, cream horns, macarons, bars, cookies, baklava, cake-byslice, jumbo cupcakes, cheesecake, muffins, pies breads and more!! In addition we have a full coffee bar offering hot, cold and frozen coffee drinks, frappes and smoothies! We also create custom cakes to your order. Let our design team help you with your next celebration! We also feature a full ice cream bar with HOMELAND CREAMERY ice cream to create desserts, banana splits, floats and milkshakes that will remind you of your childhood!

176 NC Hwy 49 N, Ramseur, NC 27316 336-824-2200

Fall/Winter hours begin September 3, 2019 Mon-Thurs 7:30 am-6:30pm Fri-Sat 7:30 am-7:00pm



336.622.7900 | Modem does not increase your Internet speed. Restrictions estrictions may apply. 50 Mbps or higher requires a comtrend modem. Offer expires 12.31.19. Additional fees may apply. Based on structure of home or business.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Great day for the Free Dental Clinic.

YE OLD COUNTRY KITCHEN 327 Drama Rd, Snow Camp Ph 336-376-6991

New Hours:

Open On Thanksgiving Day 11am-3pm

Thanks to the Dental Group of Dr Chip Butler, Dr Neil Morrison, Renee Brady, Joy Lewis, Sarah Marshall, Kathryn Kidd. You hit a home run Project Chairman Moses Poston and Ray Emerson. We were able to assist 39 clients. We were also able to use the new Baptist Men's Mission Bus, such great mobile technology. Thanks to our wonderful donors for meals and refreshments, United Ministerial Alliance Ministries, Universal Forest Products, and Ed Christenbury. And can't forget the reliable volunteers of the 100 Man Project, Inc. who are always there willing to help.


4 PM to 9 PM Wednesday & Thursday 11 AM - 9 PM Friday 7 AM- 9 PM on Saturday (Breakfast Buet on Saturday Mornings) 11 AM-8:30 PM on Sundays

Millstone Catering Snow Camp, NC Private Parties Welcome Full Catering Service

Check Out Millstone Catering Facebook Here For Your Parties & Catering

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Stuff for soldiers all boxed up and ready to ship out. Thanks to all those who gave and helped

Volume 17 Issue 11


November 9 
 Cane Creek Friends Meeting Fellowship Hall 719 West Greensboro-Chapel Hill Road, Snow Camp, NC

Breakfast 7AM – 10 AM Sausage/Ham Biscuits - $2.00; Fried Apple Pies - $2.00; Drinks - $1.00 Lunch 11 AM – 2 PM BBQ Sandwiches - $3.00; Hot Dogs - $2.00; Drinks - $1.00 Brunswick Stew Pick-up 2 PM – 4 PM Brunswick Stew - $8.00 per quart

Place Advance Stew Orders by calling (336) 376-6880 or (336) 376-1136

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper


Volume 17 Issue 11



Rebate form must be postmarked by January 9, 2020

Awesome Finds 129 W. Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC 27298 336-622-6223



100 $ 50



with a purchase of 4 new General Tire brand passenger or light truck tires*


with any tire or service purchase of $499 or more made on your Tire Pros Credit Card*

*See store associate for complete offer details. Mail-in rebates are in the form of a Tire Pros Visa Prepaid Card. Offer valid only with qualified purchases made at participating Tire Pros locations in the forty-eight (48) contiguous continental U.S. and D.C. between November 4, 2019 and December 9, 2019. Void where prohibited by law. No rain checks. Consumer receives up to $100 Prepaid Card for the purchase of four (4) new qualifying General Tire passenger or light truck tires. Consumer receives an additional $50 rebate on the Visa Prepaid Card when the qualifying tire or service purchase of $499 or more is made using a Tire Pros Credit Card (subject to credit approval). Valid with the original, dated, paid receipt from a participating Tire Pros retailer and a completed redemption form. Offer may not be combined with any other offer, discount, rebate, or promotion. Tires must be purchased in a single transaction. Offer not valid on purchases by wholesalers, dealers, fleets, OEM customers, or other commercial entities. Rebate form must be submitted online or postmarked by January 9, 2020. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your Visa Prepaid Card. If Visa Prepaid Card is not received, you must inquire no later than April 30, 2020 or all rights therein will expire. Requests from those with an invalid or undeliverable mailing address will be denied. Limit two (2) per household. Fraudulent submission and/or multiple requests could result in Federal prosecution under the U.S. Mail Fraud Statutes (18 USC. Section 1341 and 1342). The Visa Prepaid Cards are issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. No cash access or recurring payments. Can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Card valid for up to 6 months; unused funds will be forfeited at midnight EST the last day of the month of the valid thru date. Card terms and conditions apply, see MetaBank does not sponsor or endorse the optional Tire Pros Credit Card. Visit for redemption form and complete offer conditions and restrictions. Warning: Tampering with, altering or falsifying purchase information constitutes fraud and could result in State and Federal prosecution.


Get an early start on Christmas with awesome unique gifts, we also have layaway !!!!


232 N Greensboro St | Liberty 336-622-2248

Liberty Event Center 123 S. Greensboro St, Liberty Restaurant Open Thur & Fri 5pm to 8pm 1 Meat 2 Veg $8 2 Meat 2 Veg $10 Bread-Drink

November 8th Pete Everett (Old Rhythm & Blues) November 15th The Fabulous Flashbacks (Classic Rock & Oldies) starts @ 7:30pm November 30th Womens expo (Christmas Shopping) 30+ Vendors 1pm-5pm

Dessert $2 Water $1

Catering Available

The United Ministerial Of Liberty Presents “ A Night Of Elegance” Dinner, Live Entreatment, Door Prizes Liberty Event Center 123 S. Greensboro St. Liberty Nc Dec.14th 2019 5-9pm Tickets 20.00 After 5 Attire For More Info Call 336-340-5715

For More Info Contact Frankie Matthews 919-799-9647 Frante’ Matthes 919-799-7108

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

What We Found in the Pumpkin Patch When my wife and I came up with the crazy idea of creating a children’s area at the Ramseur fall festival we had no idea what we were getting into. You see our original idea was to give away 50 pumpkins and about the same number of candy bags. Maybe a booth for the children to visit and get a treat and a pumpkin. Until we ran out anyways, in the past few years ourfall festival was a small event and 50 pumpkins would have been plenty. The reality was a very busy day of fun and games that allowed us to give away 300 bags filled with over 15,000pcs of candytotal, and 325 pumpkins in less than 2 hours. We also gave the children 1,500 carnival prizes that they won playing the carnival style games that were designed and built by us. We had 2 bounce houses and an obstacle course. How did this happen? We reached out to several business and personal contacts and found ourselves surprised with a resounding “if its for the kids we will help”. And before we knew it our little idea became a well-funded big idea that would require a lot more work to put together. So how do you put together a large children’s event in little more than a month? With the help and support of so many local citizens. People that went above and beyond either with their labor or their wallet to make this vision a reality. This is the moral of this story is not the success of the event, but the love and effort our community put into this event to make it a success. Over half of our donors were private local citizens that just wanted a chance to show our children they love and appreciate them. And it did not stop there either as throughout the entire process those same people provided ideas, encouragement, supplies, and labor. They seen a chance to change the fall festival into a family centric event and they made many personal donations of time and money to make this happen. People like David Overman that not only donated but also funded half of the bounce houses, let us use power and storage at the lodge, plusspent countless hours helping us haul and assemble everything. There are so many more to mention but I think this are great example of what our local’s will do when called upon for our community. So what did we find in the Pumpkin Patch? Proof that Ramseur is more than the petty politics that we are so often known for, more then “that place between Asheboro and Siler City”. We are a community that goes above and beyond for our neighbors, our children and our elderly. We are a community with strong ties and bonds to our c h u r c h e s and our civic responsibilities. We are “the little town with a big heart”. And we are proud to call Ramseur home. James & Cheryl Rank

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Volume 17 Issue 11


to the new GWG champion Andrew Vial, 341.5lb. Awesome melon, and a heck of a great year. The “Trophy of Hope” lands back in North Carolina. congratulations Champ!

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper




Liberty Hardware 130 W. Swannanoa Ave. Liberty, NC. Fresh Shelled Pecans Get Em’ While They Last !

Volume 17 Issue 11

Christmas Craft Show The American Legion, Liberty, N.C.

November 30th, 2019 9:00am to 2:00pm Variety of vendors so far: Sunflower Soap, Skilled Saw Woodwork, Jewelry, Hempwork, Embroidery, wreaths, soap, handbags, relish, Christmas Items, Baked Goods, Flapper Hats, Survival Bracelets, Baskets, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Rada Cutlery, and more to come…… If interested in setting up please call Jewel Sawyer at 336-685-9152 or Kay McClintock at 336-430-8468…. $20.00 set up fee (you have to bring your own tables) Setup time is 7:30am to 8:30am Hotdog Lunch 2 Hotdogs, chips, drink —$5.00 1 Hotdog — $2.00 Drinks — $1.00 Free Admission Come and check us out, buy your Christmas gifts, or get items to decorate for Christmas…. Half and Half Auction

Fidelity Bank is a drop off location for Toys for Tots Nov 1 - December 1

Happy Thanksgiving

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

258 W Swannanoa Ave. Liberty, NC.

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11


212 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty

Ph 336-622-2256 Office Tyson Nixon, Manager And Staff Serving The Local Community

Shrub trimming. Debris removal. Tree trimming and removal. Mulch. Gravel. Etc.

You Know What Day It Is..



Hump Day Dinner 6pm - 8pm 2nd Wednesday of each month You Are Invited Bethany United Methodist Church 6151 Bethany Way, Staley FREE DINNER Come One - Come All

A local non-profit organization based in Liberty. We offer transportation for residents of Liberty or Staley or folks that have a 622-Telephone exchange to medical facilities, social services or nursing homes.

Any Donations are forwarded to Bethany UMC and Liberty Assoc. of Churches

Call Dispatcher At 336-622-5774 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Community Area Ride Service

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

South Eastern Karate Assoc. Serving Liberty for Nearly 25 Years Starting New Students Any Time Ages 5 to Adult No hidden fees or contracts required $45 per month (family discount available) 114 West Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC (3rd floor) Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do Call 919-548-5689 for information

Volume 17 Issue 11

Friendly Beauty Shop Ph 622-4989

514 N Greensboro St, Liberty





Pancake Breakfast

Sponsored By: Liberty Lions Club Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019 Time: 7:00 – 10:00 AM Place: Liberty American Legion Post 81 604 S. Greensboro St, Liberty, NC

Cost: $7 – Eat-In or Take-Out Children Under 5 Eat Free Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, Neese’s Country Sausage, Juice, Coffee

Camp Dogwood tickets: $1.00 each or 12 for $10.00

Grand Prize: your choice of a new: Buick Encore, GMC Terrain, or GMC Canyon Truck 2nd prize: $1000 cash; 3rd prize: $500 cash 4th &5th prize Vacation package Outerbanks/Asheville Camp Dogwood for the Blind and Visually impaired serves about 800 campers each summer. The weekly summer sessions at this retreat center offer a variety of activities. Campers are asked to pay $225 for a week, actual expenses are about $1300 per week. Every ticket sold helps support this project.

Bring used eyeglasses and hearing aids to donate Brooms for sale

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper


Sausage and Herb Stuffing

1. 2.

Ingredients 16 cups 1-inch bread cubes, white or sourdough (1 1/2 pound loaf) 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter


2 cups medium-diced yellow onion (2 onions) 1 cup medium-diced celery (2 stalks)


2 Granny Smith apples, unpeeled, cored and large-diced 2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley 1 tablespoon kosher salt

Volume 17 Issue 11


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Place the bread cubes in a single layer on a sheet pan and bake for 7 minutes. Raise the oven temperature to 350 degrees F. Remove the bread cubes to a very large bowl. Meanwhile, in a large saute pan, melt the butter and add the onions, celery, apples, parsley, salt and pepper. Saute over medium heat for 10 minutes, until the vegetables are softened. Add to the bread cubes. In the same saute pan, cook the sausage over medium heat for about 10 minutes, until browned and cooked through, breaking up the sausage with a fork while cooking. Add to the bread cubes and vegetables. Add the chicken stock and cranberries to the mixture, mix well, and pour into a 9 by 12-inch baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes, until browned on top and hot in the middle. Serve warm.

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 3/4 pound sweet or spicy Italian sausage, casings removed 1 cup chicken stock 1 cup dried cranberries

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Mrs. Betty Ruth Headen Hooker was married to the late John Hooker, Sr. Of this union, five children were born. She is also a grandmother of five grandchildren, three great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren. God, church, and her church family has been an integral part of her life for many years. She is most recognized for her fashionable style, sweet demeanor, and her cakes and pies that are always in high demand. She has worn numerous hats such as being a faithful member of the Usher Board, raised many children other than her own, a caretaker, a hairdresser, and a mentor. Her faith never waivers and has always been present when others need her. She comes from a family of Native Americans with longevity and has obviously inherited the same gene. She is the granddaughter of the late Frettie Coltrane who lived to be 104 years old. On October 22, 2019, we had the pleasure of celebrating her 90th birthday. She has been blessed to see 2-five generations! She grew up in Alamance county and moved to Liberty. She worked at Liberty Chair Company until it closed. She was recently honored at St. Stephens AME Church in Liberty as one of the “Daughter’s of the King “ women’s day service where her pastor is the Rev. Kevin Odom. We are so blessed to have had her for 90 years! High praises and all the glory belongs to God!

JAM Special Fabrics, Gifts, and More

Happy 90th Birthday

Judy Merrill Nicki Merrill 1309 NC Hwy 62 Climax, NC 27233 https:// jamspecial/ 336-617-4628

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

BitterSweet Destiny A True story of Love Lost, then Found and with an unforgettable Ending. My wildest dreams or imagination could not have prepared me for the change that was about to take place in my life as I dialed the phone that Saturday afternoon January 22, 1994. Sixty Seven years old, divorced, and still single for more than thirty years, I was positively the last woman on earth anyone would expect to be interested in the adventures that would follow that phone call. But I had already dialed the number; the phone was ringing and soon I would hear a voice that I had not heard in almost fifty years! It all began Friday afternoon at work when the office chit chat had suddenly turned into a discussion of romance and marriage proposals. Each of the close knit group I worked with shared their proposal experience, and finally it was my turn. Strangely though, I didn’t tell of the proposal from the man I married because suddenly I was remembering the proposal from my first true love. We were teenaged sweethearts and I knew I loved Bob, even on our very first date. We met at a party on Saturday night July 10, 1943 and hit it off together at once. The following Wednesday evening, on our first date, we went to an amusement park and it happened as we were waiting in line to ride the ferris wheel. I remember looking at him and suddenly my heart was saying “I love you, I love you!” But of course I couldn’t share this revelation with him! Not then! After all, we had just met a few days ago and I was only sixteen! I was much too young to listen to what my heart was saying. How was I to know that once a seed of love is sown in your heart, it can lay dormant, abandoned and seemingly forgotten for years, but the heart never forgets; the heart will always remember where real love has been. The destiny of our love would wait………… Although we both dated others, we agreed that it seemed most right only when we were together. His proposal came on Christmas Day, 1944. It was a total surprise, and in my confusion I never gave him an answer because I was only 17 and had dated a ‘soldier boy’ a time or two. Then, because he

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

The Liberty Leader Newspaper knew I had seen the ‘soldier boy’, he took my silence to mean ‘no’ and he never asked again. A few months later he walked me to work one night and told me he was getting married the next day. He would marry a girl he had recently met and would be moving out of state. I congratulated him, we said goodbye and then walked out of each others’ lives. From that day on I never saw him, heard from him or heard anything about him again. I eventually married an acquaintance of that ‘soldier boy’. This marriage ended in divorce, three children and seventeen years later. As my story unfolded all my listeners had the same question, “Why didn’t you say yes?”. I had my own questions too. I told them I had never forgotten my true love and I would still like to know what had happened to him. Even now as I was telling my story, I wondered aloud why I never said to him, “I love you”. I told them I would still like for him to know how I felt about him back then; but I had no way of knowing what had become of that 18 year old boy who had sweetly asked me to be his wife on that faraway Christmas Day. When leaving the lunch room that day, I happened to pick up the newspaper. In it was an article about an elderly lady with the same last name as my Bob. My curiosity was stirred and with Bob still on my mind the next day, I called her. I learned that she had a stepson named Robert Grey Fox. He lived in Belleville, New Jersey and had been a widower for three years. What I did next was completely out of character for me but I was following my heart. This time I would make sure to have no regrets! The voice that answered the phone that Saturday afternoon was different than I remembered, since he no longer spoke with that definite Southern ‘drawl’. Later we would laugh as I teased him about his Yankee accent. I did not identify myself but instead mentioned the small community where we grew up and immediately he spoke my name. After that he often boasted of how it only took him one hint to recognize me. I didn’t use much diplomacy during the next forty five minutes that we talked. We were both up front about our intentions to never re-marry. After all, the things we were remembering

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Volume 17 Issue 11 now had happened fifty years ago, so I just plowed right in. I asked him if he remembered proposing to me. Without hesitation, he said he not only remembered proposing to me but he remembered where we were and what I was wearing, “A pink sweater with flowers down the front”. Before we hung up we had promised to write each other and send photos. It was decided that we would see each other in June when he would make the long trip back to Winston Salem, North Carolina to visit his family. I reasoned with myself that there was absolutely no hidden meaning as we ended that call with both of us saying ‘I love you”. I had finally gotten to say it to him! Just softly spoken words, I kept reminding myself as I waited for his letter. We would both learn the power of the heart to remember! I couldn’t wait to get back to work on Monday and share, with my Proctor and Gamble coworkers, all that had happened. The previous Friday, Bob was just a long lost memory, a story to be shared, and now I had actually talked to him. Everyone was excited but also very awed by what had happened. None of us could believe how it happened that the story I chose to share happened just moments before picking up the very newspaper with the article that led to my phone call. After that, it seemed as though each day was another chapter in a love story that began a long time ago, and we enjoyed musing among ourselves as to what would happen next and how all of this would unfold. Others at Proctor and Gamble would take note and have a part in the unfolding of the real-life story! We did not know the final chapter was being written, even as we pondered what turn the events would be taking next. End of Part 1 to be continued… Copyright August 26, 1996 Used by Permission

November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Bits’n’Pieces Hey everybody. Aren’t you glad that you live in a small town, where folks see you, know you, call you by name? You can sit at breakfast for as long as you like, with friends and neighbors rotating in and out of the seats. Breakfast, yes, and sharing the good news of the day! What if you had a voice to Shout Out to everyone in Liberty at once? But wait; there are many Liberty folks who have moved away! We have family living in other parts of the world, who read the Liberty Leader so that they can keep in touch with their small town happenings. Now you may have a voice as in social media. Bits’n’Pieces, is small town social media in print. If you are a person who may not always enjoy the vastness of the internet, Bits’n’Pieces is just for you. You will find the email address at the end of this article. You may use it to give a compliment to a neighbor who has helped you or a business in town that went beyond the norm to serve your needs. Here is a place where good news happens. Here is a place where you can share tips that you have learned from ‘somewhere’. Here is a tip that you may carry away today! When done cleaning the toilet, put the now-clean toilet seat down onto the handle of the toilet brush. Now it can drip dry right into the toilet. Be sure to remove the brush and stow it away, before someone is in a rush to use the toilet! Use the email below to share an idea, ask a question, or leave a warm comment, which will be shared in this space. That’s right! You will see it right here! This is a place of support and encouragement for our community. This is not an editorial page, or a place to rant and rave about politics or heated issues of the day. There are plenty of spaces where that information is covered in the media. However, if you feel like ranting and raving about something really delightful and great, then this is your spot. It may be a simple comment from a stranger that really stuck with you and encouraged you. It may be a kindness you saw or heard about, anytime (could have been when you were a child), or anyplace (perhaps when you were on a vacation, or business trip), or at work, at home or at a family reunion! Is there something you would like to know more about? Would you like to share a wonderful thought from your journal, or a poem you wrote in honor of Loved One’s passing? Do you have a happy memory of times gone by? Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a home-grown solution, or an old time remedy that has always worked for you? Why keep those wonderful gems to yourself which could help at least one other person along the way? And remember to come and visit Bits’n’Pieces if YOU would like a little help along the way. You are welcome anytime! Just use the email below if you feel like dropping a line to share the good times and good things that life has taught you! It is your time to shine! Email:

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

Volume 17 Issue 11



STALEY, NC 27298


Free Estimates Insured References Upon Request

I will always give you an honest days work!

Nathan Adams

Shouldn’t financial guidance be about


not sales?

I can give you trusted, understandable – and FREE* – financial guidance to help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s talk – I can help you plan for life. Modern Woodmen of America

JB Griffith, 3rd, FIC, LUTCF, ChFC®, CLU® 147 S. Fayetteville Street P.O. Box 699 Liberty, NC 27298 B 336-622-6020 C 336-908-1748


Wade Hardin Landscapes Contact Wade Hardin (336)240-7925

"Time to PLANT trees and shrubs" Seeding & Fertilizing Pruning & Trimming Irrigation Property Clean Up Tree Removal Bobcat & Dump Truck Pine Needles & Mulch New Installations (and repairs) Insect & Disease Control


Therapeutic Massage — Medical Massage Novella Kennedy, LMBT NC Lic 4586 National Certification

Phone 336-622-1844

5264 York Martin Rd, Liberty, NC

If you always follow in the footsteps of others, you leave no footprints of your own. Anonymous *There is no obligation to buy.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

DENTISTRY Edward Scott DDS - Erin Scott DDS

Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry “Emergencies Seen Same Day” Located in the Forest Oaks Community

336-674-2497 or 336-674-6936 5439 Liberty Rd, Greensboro 336-944-4248 Residence Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791 Page 20 of 32

November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper




Volume 17 Issue 11



516 N Greensboro St Ph 622-4208 CLAY / POTTERY


Over 90 Vendors * Food Trucks * Door Prizes

Saturday, November 9, 2019 8am-3pm FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

M-Th 11am-9pm F-Sat 11am-9pm

Whole Ham BBQ

*The Holiday Craft Fair is part of our annual Fall Community Day ‘Putting the Y in Community’ where we open the Y to the Community and help give back! Visit our website or Facebook Page for more info and other scheduled activities and events. HAND PAINTED ITEMS

CALLING ALL CRAFTERS! Reserve your space for $20 Proceeds go to ‘Invest in People’ Scholarship Campaign.





Cooked Fresh Never Frozen Daily Hot Bar Specials FREE WIFI

RANDOLPH-ASHEBORO YMCA 343 NC Hwy 42 N Asheboro, NC 27203 * 336.625.1976 *


in community

Call Us For All Your Catering Needs Beaver Creek Also Have A Mobile Kitchen Home made desserts, Homestyle cooking, 30 item salad bar

Call To Reserve


Join us for a FREE DAY of activities for the whole family & help us give back to the community! Please visit for a complete schedule of activities. YMCA Open to the Community (8am-4pm) Fitness, Group Exercise Classes, Swimming, Senior/Teen Center, Nursery, Racquetball, & more! Canned Food Drive (November 8-10)

To benefit Christians United Outreach Center *Bring 5 canned food items and we’ll waive your joining fee to join the Y! Save $50-$100!

HONORING OUR VETERANS’ *Free Toy Soldiers to take home *Place a dot on our world map where you or a loved one have served in duty *Write a thank you card to be given to Randolph County veterans

Holiday Craft Fair (8am-3pm) Indoor Fair with over 90 vendors spaces! Group Fitness Classes (8am-4pm)

Try out any of our Group Fitness Classes, including Les Mills Virtual, our Yoga Wall, & Visual Scenery Cycle, and BeastMode!


FREE Chair & Table Massages (10am-3pm) Thank you to Kneaded Movements Massage!


Community Expo (throughout the day) Community Businesses, Organizations, vendors, & more!

when you bring

November 8-10

non-perishable food donations benefit CUOC


Food Trucks, Membership Specials, Door Prizes, Music & More!

343 NC Hwy 42 N Asheboro, NC 27203 * 336.625.1976 *

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Sunday's for Lunch. Hours:

Lunch: 11am -3pm Seafood served Thursday, Friday, & Saturdays 4:30pm - 9pm Sundays 11am - 2pm

November 2019

Shimmer Hair By Amanda

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Call Today to schedule your appointment for Shimmer Hair only $1 per strand !

Volume 17 Issue 11

Al l r Fo es Ag Earth Visions oers:

Group Exercise Programs Group Outdoor Education

Personal Coaching

Total Body Awareness

Call EARTH VISIONS to Learn More: 622-1844

Movement, Balance and Strength It's more than just Exercise M W F: 6am or 8am T Th 6pm

Earth Visions

5264 York Martin Rd,Liberty Where Fitness, Fun & Fellowship Become One!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

BIKES FOR KIDS! Bikes for Kids Foundation and Petty Family Foundation teamed up to award free bicycles to every third-grader at the following elementary schools: Coleridge, Liberty, Ramseur, Randleman, and Tabernacle. Earlier in the school year, the third graders participated in a contest in which they were asked to write an essay on "My Big Dream Is..." The students attended a celebration at Randleman Elementary School on 10/15/19 expecting that one student from each of the five schools would be awarded a bike for the best essay. Little did the students know what awaited. At the end of the event, EVERY student was surprised with a new bike!

Liberty Elementary Media Center Storybook Pumpkin Patch Students were invited to design a pumpkin to look like their favorite storybook character. There were 99 pumpkins in our patch! Each child that brought a pumpkin received a book for participation. It was a great success that is sure to be a new tradition at Liberty!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Pre Kindergarten Classes Celebrate Fire Safety Week Liberty’s Pre Kindergarten classes have been learning all about fire safety. They talked about 911 and staying low if there is smoke. To cap off great Fire Safety lessons students were placed in small groups where they iced and decorated fire truck cakes. They added decorations for ladders, lights, and wheels. They made 4 fire truck cakes in all.

The seniors at the Liberty Center participated in the Treats for Troops Care Packages. The care packages will be going out to the B co 2/505 Paratroopers deployed in Afghanistan.

The Liberty Association of Churches Community Thanksgiving Service will be held on Sunday, 11/17/2019, at 6:30pm, at Rocky River Friends Meeting House, 1795 Staley-Snow camp Road, Siler City, NC. Food (canned goods, especially soups, and dry staple goods, satin crackers) and financial offerings will be received in support of the Emergency Assistance Office and Food Pantry ministries of the L,A,C.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

Volume 17 Issue 11


Swaim Electric Heat & A/C

3743 New Salem Rd , Climax 336-685-9722

60 MONTHS 0% APR.* Heat Now, Pay Later. Imagine coming home every day to an environment that’s as fresh, clean and healthy as it is comfortable. Now is the perfect time to make that a reality, with a Trane high performance heating and cooling system. And with 0% APR Financing with equal payments for 36 Months on a qualifying Trane systems, it’s never been so easy to own one. Maximum comfort, lower heating and cooling costs, clean indoor air, and affordable payment options -- that’s the Trane difference. Hurry! Must Purchase by February 29, 2012

Call now for a free home comfort consultation. Swaim Electric Heat & A/C Inc.

Fresh, made from scratch desserts are the perfect complement to any holiday gathering. Stop by and see what we’re cooking up, or place your custom order today!

China House 3743 New Salem Rd Climax, NC


*Special financing offers valid on qualifying systems only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. The Home Projects Visa card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases charged with approved credit at participating merchants. The special terms APR will continue to apply until all qualifying purchases are paid in full. 0% APR/60 Months: The minimum monthly payment will be the amount that will pay for the purchase in full in equal payments during the special terms period. For newly opened accounts, the regular APR is 27.99%. The APR will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. The regular APR is given as of 1/10/2012. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. The regular APR will apply to certain fees such as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Monthly payment if shown based on $7,100 purchase.

Chinese Restaurant

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE We Use The Finest Ingredients- Fresh & Healthy Hours Ph 336-622-1518 Mon Closed

252 W Swannanoa Food Lion Plaza Liberty, NC

Tue-Thu 10:30am -9pm Fri-Sat 10:30am-10pm Sun 10:30am-9pm

Y’all Come Back Cafe 119 S Fayetteville St, Liberty

Location: 1518 Main Street | Ramseur North Carolina | 27316 @veesplacebakery

Contact: (336) 737-4257

Ph 622-2984

Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-2pm Sat 6am-11am Sun 7am - 11am

Liberty Chiropractic Center 104 N Greensboro St, Liberty Phone (336)622-1600 ———————————————————

“Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Family Wellness Care, Ear Infections, Allergies, Asthma, Scoliosis, Healthier Children, Bed Wetting, Pregnancy, Depression & Anxiety”

NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Like Us On Facebook @ LibertyChiropracticCenter

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

Volume 17 Issue 11

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Liberty Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter

If you would like to enter a float or participate in the Christmas Parade,

Written by: Executive Director Amanda Pabst

please contact the Liberty Chamber.

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! Which means the Annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Festival is shortly approaching! Join us Saturday December 7th from 2:30-6. Fun for the whole family, make sure you save the date to come out and watch as marching bands, dancers, classic cars, floats, police vehicles, fire trucks, and so many more participate in the parade. Don’t forget Santa’s helpers give all your little one’s candy during the parade! Immediately following the parade come out and join us to kick off the Holiday season! Get your FREE pictures with Santa sponsored by Dr. Chip Butler DDS of liberty;” Creating Christmas Smiles”. Every child that gets their picture taken with Santa will have the chance to put their ticket into a drawing for one of four bike giveaways, graciously sponsored by Doug Clark CPA and High Tech Collision. Take a stroll through our Holiday Market and start your Christmas shopping! Grab a free hotdog, warm up at the fire pit and roast free s’mores, and sip on free hot cocoa all while listening to live Christmas performances on stage. To end the nights festivities, watch as the beautiful Christmas Tree is lit for the first time of this Christmas Season!

Don’t forget that the best homemade floats will receive a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize!!
 We are still accepting vendors for our holiday market! Please contact the Liberty Chamber for an application! Thank you for your continued involvement, investment, and dedication to The Liberty Chamber of Commerce
 PO Box 986 Liberty, NC 27298

NEW THIS YEAR: KIDZONE sponsored by The Liberty Rotary Club & The Roast at Butler Farm! During the festival this year, there will be even more fun for the kids to enjoy! Let your kids have a great time jumping in the bounce houses, making Christmas crafts, playing yard games, and getting their pictures taken with their favorite Disney Characters!
 336- 622- 4937

Thank you to our generous Sponsors! This annual Tradition would not be possible without your loyal support!

GOLD SPONSORS Dr Andy Sykes DDS Express Mulch Pallet Express Randolph Communications

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Liberty Tire & Auto Ultra Craft

David Allen -Randolph County Commissioner Kimesville Community Fire Department

Picture with Santa Sponsor Dr. Chip Butler, DDS

Liberty Trailers / Talbot Manufacturing Meacham Realty & Auctions Sharpless Inc, DBA Subway Supertex, Inc Williams Flowe, Attorney at Law Bike Giveaway Sponsors Douglas Clark CPA High Tech Collision

Kidzone Sponsors Liberty Rotary Club The Roast at Butler Farm

Gwen Taylor - Owner / Preparer 728 S Greensboro St, Liberty Ph 336-622-5722 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Ginger Crafts & Treasures Invites you to our…

Christmas OPEN HOUSE

Saturday, November 23rd 10:00AM to 4:00PM We have antiques, crafts, vintage and one-of-a-kind handcrafted items!

7851 Snow Camp Road Snow Camp ~ North Carolina We will have popcorn, cookies, and a raffle! Best of all…Santa Claus will be there too!

Liberty Senior Center California King Blocked Quilt Raffle Drawing: December 20, 2019


Rock “n” Rhyme @ Story Time, Thursdays @ 10:30 AM Theme: In November Nov. 7- I’m a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Nov. 11- Library Closed: Veterans’ Day Nov. 14- Turkey Trouble Nov. 21- The Night Before Thanksgiving Nov. 28-29- Library Closed : Happy Thanksgiving

Tickets: 1 for $1, 6 for $5 and 24 for $20

Ramseur Public Library

Proceeds go toward Seniors’ Programs and Activities Call the center at 336-622-5844 for more information

1512 Main Street, Ramseur, NC 27316 336-824-2232

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Volume 17 Issue 11 November 2019 Liberty Leader Newspaper Kegs, Air Compressors, HondaThe Generator, R/R Jack, Cast Iron Wash Pot, Chicken Coop, Tillers, Pressure Washer, Edger, JD Gun Safe, Wind Mill, Dinner Bell, Hay Rake, Silver Coin, Traps, .22 Remington, Misc. Pottery, Scaffolding, Wood Splitter, Wrought Iron Fence, Drill Press, Lathe, Corn Planter, Horse Buggy, Backpack Blower, John Boat, Chain Saws, Mower, Fire Box, Household Items, Log Chains, Misc. Advertisement (Signs, Thermometers, Traffic, Tins, & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! (at the intersection of Hwy 421 & Hwy 64) Furniture: 919-742-2013 Hoosier Cabinet, Oak Ice Box, Oak Server, Step Back Cupboard, Farm Table, Pierced Tin Cabinet Wood ~ Over 175 + Vendors Cook Stove, Wood File Cabinet, Corner Cabinets Cedar Chest, Refrigerator, Quilt Cabinet, Rockers, ~ 30,000 sq. ft. Chest of Drawers, Hutch, Desk, Porch Table, Buffet, Chairs, Swing, Coffee Table, End Tables, Misc. ~ Plenty of Parking Cabinets, Wood Benches, Display Cabinets, 2 Leather Chairs, 2 Leather Stools & MUCH, OPEN 7MUCH Days MORE!!! Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 1 pm-6 pm

Countryside Collectibles Antique Mall

219 Chatham Square Siler City, NC 27344

See Website For Vendor TermsShowcases & Conditions! $25 & $35 monthly commission and Vendors are andonly showcase boothw/10% spaces available

Booth Space are only $1.00 per sq. ft. monthly w/10% commission

MANY ITEMS NOT LISTED.... Give us a call for all your Auction needs 919-663-2034 Mall Auction times & dates are updated weekly our website Other Items May Be Added! Check Website ForonUpdates!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

Volume 17 Issue 11

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Shaw Accounting Service

Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll, General Business Services Shaw Accounting is open to help businesses and individuals with their tax and accounting needs, including payroll, bookkeeping, sales taxes, corporate and individual income taxes.

Coble’s Cruise In

Monday-Friday from 9-5 . Other times by appointment. We look forward to helping you!

Call Beverly at 336-312-8757 Beverly Meredith (CPA,MBA)

128 W. Swannanoa Avenue P.O. Box 1490 Liberty, NC. 27298

Be Part Of The First Show November 17th

Phone: 336-622-2910 Fax: 866-889-6947

Shopping Center With Liberty Family Pharmacy Old 421 n N (Fayetteville 400 N GreensboroST. St) Liberty , NC 27298 100 block Phone 336-669-4075

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Anything

Every 3rd

Sunday Of Each Month

2pm to 6pm

Shaw Accounting welcomes you to visit our new office at 139 west Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC. (It’s right across the street from our old office) Please come by for refreshments anytime between 3-5pm right after the Christmas parade December 7th We look forward to seeing you and wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Special Performance By Local Band “OLDSKOOL BAND”

Also Food Truck By Mike & Pat Whitley For “Nailed 4 U Outreach Ministry”

Vendors Welcomed—Bring your tent and chairs Enjoy A Great Afternoon—Cornhole to Music Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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November 2019

iors n e S Off! % 10

Volume 17 Issue 11

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Tree Works Professional Tree Service Fully Insured, $1,000,000 Coverage !

100% Free Written Estimates!

10% Off with this ad

• Stump Grinding Tree Removal Topping Trimming Lift Ups Storm Damage Insurance Claims • And More! • • • • •

Guaranteed Lowest Rates

Call Bobby at: 336-807-0811 Today! “We help protect your family!”

*Reminder: NOW is the time ti prepare for the upcoming storm season

e Fre 0% 10 ritten e w mat ti Es

No deposit required, no money paid until work is performed and customer is completely

Colleen Downey Mitchell, AAMS® Financial Advisor RiverRock Wealth Management We’re a professional cleaning service working out of Liberty. 
 Call today for your free quote. 10% off initial cleaning service with presentation of this flyer.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 1029 Sunset Ave Asheboro, NC 27203 336.610.6200 colleen.mitchell

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Helping generations achieve their dreams. Call me today at 336.610.6200 to get started. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2016 Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11


118 W. Swannanoa Ave. for rent $300.00 month The second floor has offices available starting at $100.00 per month.

Apartments starting at $375.00 per month.

Mobile Storage


Locally Owned & Operated


Ramseur, NC

Richard Jones

(Phone) 336-824-2386 (Obituary Desk) 336-318-3535
 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Bill Craven

Service Since 1904 Page 31 of 32

November 2019

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 17 Issue 11

Hurricane Janes Maid For You Angie Ritter 10+ Years Experience

*Free delivery to local businesses *Daily Lunch Specials Live Music every Friday Night November 8th Triphammer 14th Dexter Jackson 22nd Piedmont Four 29th Karaoke December 14th South Of Southern

Mon Tues. Weds Thur Fri.


-Flounder -Chicken N Dumplings -Chicken Pie / Pintos -Baked Spaghetti -Chicken Pie / Green Beans Peach Cobbler

Monday - Thursday 10:30am - 8:30pm Friday - Saturday 10:30 - 10pm

Great Food, Friendly People, Cold Beer Now Serving Homeland Creamery Ice Cream !!

336-622-5007 161 S Greensboro ST. Liberty, NC. 27298

Ramseur Pharmacy Fast & Friendly Service! Prescriptions filled in 10 minutes or less

Ph 824-8247

6215-B Highway 64 E , Ramseur Most Insurance Plans Accepted/ Medicare Part D & NC Medicaid

From The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Open M-F 9a-6p Sat 9a-1p Drive - Thru Available Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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