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May 2018

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Gooseberry Jam The music is best described as Rock n Roll, tho it may be better termed as Roots Rock. Sometimes it comes with with an acoustic edge, sometimes it leans towards Americana, and sometimes it's just plain out in your face! It depends on the night, & the mood. The music takes the band for a ride, and the band invites you to come along! For a most excellent Gooseberry Jam, you can start with this simple recipe... First, take Sean Cox on drums & vocals, along with Randy Wagoner on bass guitar...mix well & pour, to form the solid base that this recipe will require.

Volume 16 Issue 5

Meet the bands For Liberty’s July Festival Saturday July 14th Continued On Page 2

Next, add Doyle Hinkle on lead guitar & vocals, & mix until well blended. Now add a little more volume to that guitar, and let the mix rise! 
 Lastly, we'll add some words from singer/ songwriter, Darrell Craig on lead vocals, along with rhythm guitar. 
 Now just mix well, let simmer, and ENJOY! 
 If you like true to the core music. Roots rock, Americana, I mean true grit rock n roll with a southern-fried taste of soul, then we hope you'll come out sometime and get yourself a taste of Gooseberry Jam!

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Free Monthly Newspaper May 2018 Liberty Leader Phone 336-404-9791

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Volume 16 * Issue 5

May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Meet the bands for Liberty july festival ROCK SOLID is a Rock and Blues band that formed in November 2017. Jerry and Aprille Miller, John Lankford, and Keith Slusher, all from Liberty are accomplished musicians with a love of good classic rock and blues music. They like to play a variety of music that challenges their abilities and gives them their distinct sound.

J★LAN In 2005, J LANE founded The J LANE Band, a cover band where he was lead vocalist. A year later, he founded the all original rock band, Fire For Effect. J Lane was lead vocalist and guitarist. In 2007 they released their first self-titled EP, Fire For Effect with Playing to Win, Smile Pretty Angel, and Bulletproof. In 2009, all songs were self-published (ASCAP) and re-released. Current projects include live performances as a solo/acoustic act, writing and recording music.

Liberty Leader Phone 336-404-9791

Vintage And Lace A great band for Country to 80s. We are a Country, Rock and Blues band formed a little over a year ago consisting of 4 talented musicians. Our lead vocalist has the sound of a Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood mix. She is that good. The bassist, drummer and lead guitarist have more than 15 years experience each on their instruments. Yes they are talented. We are looking to rock out 2016 and get our name out there heavy this year. We have played the local bars restaurants and private parties, and looking to expand into other venues in the state. We are clean cut and clean playing. 
 Band Members: 
 Jenny P is our lead vocalist. She sings anything from Tina Turner to Pat Benetar, Miranda Lambert to Carried Underwood and she hits all the high notes. She is an attractive blond mother of 2 and dedicated to her gift. Luke H is our lead guitarist. He has been playing for more than 20 years. His influences have been the Eagles, Guns & Roses and Ricky Skaggs. He plays those in addition to SRV. Tommy T (aka T-Bird) is our bassist and has also been playing for more than 20 years. He also plays guitar and sax. Tommy also sings doing music by the Eagles, SRV and our top country music musicians Roger C is our drummer and has been playing for more than 10 years and our newest addition to the band. He keeps a beat and loves all kinds of music. His energy level is high and loved by our followers. He plays most anything from classic, to country to pop and country. Together they are Vintage and Lace and bring a sound to their played venues that are asked to return. Listen to the PMV on our facebook page. Whats cool about this studio recording is there were no edits, none needed, per Benjy Johnson, something refreshing out of the studio

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper





50 FREE test strips EVERY month if you do not use insulin FREE testing meter Join our Pay only $10 per box Diabetes for extra strips Care Club!* Lancets available at


Volume 16 Issue 5


low cost


*To be eligible for membership in Liberty Family Pharmacy’s Diabetes Care Club you must have all your prescriptions filled at Liberty Family Pharmacy. Call or visit our store for more information.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra®, is now available in a generic 20 mg tablet, and it is MUCH less expensive than Viagra®. Ex: Five tablets of Sildenafil 20 mg has the same amount of active drug as Viagra® 100 mg.

Liberty Family Pharmacy 430 North Greensboro Street

We cannot substitute any prescription or refill for Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Just bring this ad to your doctor and have him electronically send the following prescription to Liberty Family Pharmacy. RX: Sildenafil 20 mg #50 tablets- Take 2-5 as needed

Liberty, NC 27298


Save $ up to

Liberty Family Pharmacy 430 North Greensboro Street Liberty, NC 27298

Get $10 off your next purchase when you bring in a new or transferred prescription. Offer valid up to five prescriptions.

Call in your Rx at 336-795-0052

Smithwood Christian Church Is having our Memorial day service

May 27th at 11:00 With luncheon to follow. This year marks 140 years of holding forth God's word! Come join usour address is 6809 Kimesville Road, Liberty NC.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Sat July 14th Mark Your Calendars

The Liberty Leader Newspaper Music Line Up —————-

Vintage & Lace —————

Gooseberry Jam ————-

Spread The Word Vendor Applications On Line Follow Us

Rock Solid —————-

J Lane ———

See May Issue For More About The Bands

Volume 16 Issue 5

Randolph County Cooperative Extension's ECA (Extension & Community Association) is holding a

“Spring Cleaning Yard Sale” May 18th - 19th

Friday hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday hours are 8:00am-11am The sale will be held indoors at the Randolph Extension Center,

located at 1003 S. Fayetteville Street in Asheboro. All proceeds from this event will go to support community service projects at venues such as Randolph Health, StayWell Senior Care, and the W. G. Hefner VA Medical Center. Donations of gently used items ( NO CLOTHING) can be dropped at the extension center (door 1001) beginning May 14 from 10-2 or by special arrangement. Call 336-953-3143 to arrange a special drop-off time.

3pm to 10pm

Strawberries U-Pick or Pre-Picked Located between Ramseur and Siler City off Hwy 64

Opening Mid-April Call to Check Picking Conditions (919) 742-5102 Like Us On Facebook 936 Kildee Church Rd Ramseur, NC 27316

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

The Liberty Artisan & Craft Gallery 5546 NC Hwy 49N- Liberty, NC 27298 Phone: (336)622-3720 Tue - Sat 10am-5pm

Find The Perfect Gift At The Gallery

Jewelry, Local Pottery, Wreaths, Baskets, Painted Glasswares, Metal & Glass Garden Decor, Metal Bottle Trees and more. Barn Quilts: You pick your pattern or color and choose from our in house stock, 2’x2’, 3’x3’ or 4’x4’

The Liberty Artisan & Craft Gallery 5546 NC Hwy 49N- Liberty, NC 27298 Phone: (336)622-3720 Tue - Sat 10am-5pm

We Ship via UPS

Volume 16 Issue 5


****FREE FOR 2018 **** MUST REGISTER @ LIBERTY TOWN HALL Visit Liberty web site for the Liberty farmer's market with updated rules and regulations. Spread the word......Hopefully this will help if you have contact with farmers, vendors, etc. This will help them and our citizens. Liberty is a Great Place to Live!

We Accept UPS Drop-Off Packages FREE! We accept: * ARS (Authorized Return Service) * RS (Return Service) * Internet (

Guaranteed Delivery or Your Money Back! Free Package Tracking Free Coverage on Packages with $100 or Less DV

Events for Liberty Farmers Market 2018 Located Across From Food Lion Shopping Center

M a y 1 7th- O r g a n i c Vegetable Pest Control Environmentally friendly gardening is a lot harder than in may seem. Choosing pest control methods is an important step in any vegetable production setup. Come learn the basics for organic vegetable production and how it is different from traditional forms of gardening. We will be discussing cultural and mechanical pest control methods as well as an overview of currently labeled organic chemical pest control methods.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Since 1964


SATURDAY MAY 5 TH 11AM TO 2PM Stop by the Liberty Bargain Shop Thrift Store! Wednesday & Saturday 10am - 2pm Thursday & Friday 10am - 5pm 329 W. Bowman Avenue Liberty, NC 27298 Extra parking in the lot just past the store Items we do not take Exercise equipment, Computers, Old TVs, Large Appliances

Proceeds from the Bargain Shop Thrift Store are used to fund the Emergency Assistance Program sponsored by the Liberty Association of Churches.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Stop by and see why we are Chatham County’s only auto dealership! 54 YEARS AND COUNTING 1701 East 11th Street (Beside McDonald’s)

919-742-4178 Page 6 of 32

May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Love Is In The Air “Love is in the air; Everywhere I look around; Love is in the air; Every sight and every sound” This was a very popular 1970’s song that was performed by John Paul Young. This is the time of year that I notice Mother Nature doing her best to propagate many species. Spring is the time of renewal and reproduction. I have always thought this song more than any other seems to symbolize this pursuit. When I was younger, my upstairs bedroom window faced toward a pond. Without the benefit of air conditioning, there was no way to sleep with the window closed because of the heat. I learned to associate spring and warm weather with a symphony of frog songs. Even the hum of the box fan was not enough to drown out the songs of love (or in this case amphibian attraction, territory and reproduction) arising from this aquatic night club. The sound of all the frogs was almost deafening. Spring is also when many domestic animals start their estrous (reproductive) cycle. There is some terminology that needs to be clarified. The estrous cycle begins with proestrus in which female animals show external signs such as swelling (or bleeding in the case of the dog). Scents associated with the cycle called pheromones spread out on the air and allows males to be gather, fight and establish breeding rights. Estrus (“Standing heat”) follows soon afterwards. This is the only time that the female will stand still to be bred. It can be confusing for us humans to know when an animal is “in heat.” Because of pheromones, a male animal knows how to find a female that is either in heat or coming into heat in a locale. These subtle odors released by animals (including humans) help to attract a mate. If you have ever seen an animal inhale with the upper lip pulled back and inhale quickly, you are watching the Flehmen response. They inhale to pull in scents including pheromones. This allows animals that may be at great distances apart to know If an animal is in heat and to help attract a potential mate. Dogs typically cycle twice yearly. Cats will cycle every 21 days during this time of year until they are bred or have driven their owners crazy and they are spayed. Cats will ovulate if they are bred. This induced or reflex ovulation almost guarantees that the animal will be pregnant if bred. Although it may seem like a good idea to put the cat outside because she is driving you crazy, you may be inadvertently assuring a fresh group of spring kittens. This brings me to Hank. Hank is a good dog. He is intact (not neutered) but he has always been obedient and basically a home body. Hank “ran off” earlier in the day with a group of dogs that were following a female. Hanks’ owner brought him in after he finally came home in the afternoon. The owner was put out with Hank because she had clearly told him to “come.” She could not understand why he stopped, looked at her and then casually turned and went with the other dogs. I tried to explain that this decision was beyond his control. Between the hormones and the pheromones, there was little that he could do but attempt to answer nature’s call. This was little comfort to her as I treated the many cuts on his head and confirmed that the bleeding from his mouth was from broken front teeth. Like so many bar room brawls, Hank had to have follow up dental work to remove the roots of the four broken front teeth he had sustained during his foray. All we could surmise was there must have been a Boxer in the group. So Love is in the air. It makes animals do things that may be beyond their control. Rather than getting angry, have your dog or cat spayed or neutered. It is important to control the pet population and also helps to prevent needless injuries and fights. Besides, it is usually much cheaper than dental work.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

You Know What Day It Is..

HUMP DAY!!! Hump Day Dinner 2nd Wednesday of each month You Are Invited Bethany United Methodist Church 6151 Bethany Way, Staley FREE DINNER Come One - Come All Any Donations are forwarded to Bethany UMC and Liberty Assoc. of Churches

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

House For sale

303 East. Luther Ave. Liberty, NC Beautiful yard with large trees. Corner 1.02 acre lot. 3,364sf Brick house 4BD 3.5BA Large screened in porch. $239,900.00

Offer Valid May 1st - May 31st, 2018

when you buy any set of 4 new Michelin® passenger or light truck tires

*See associate for complete offer details on $70 mail-in rebate and $50 instant rebate that is subject to credit approval. Offer valid 5.1.1 –5.31.18.

232 N. Greensboro St. • Liberty, NC 27298 (336) 622-2248 • For more information please contact Billy Hardin, Hardin LLC 919-799-7739 336-202-9855



Restrictions may apply. Offer expires 6.30.18.

211 West Swannanoa Avenue Liberty, NC | 336.622.7900 | Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

South Eastern Karate Association

Serving Liberty for Nearly 25 Years Starting New Students Any Time Ages 5 to Adult No hidden fees or contracts required $45 per month (family discount available) 114 West Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC (3rd floor)

YE OLD COUNTRY KITCHEN 327 Drama Rd, Snow Camp Ph 336-376-6991

new hours:

Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do Call 919-548-5689 for information

11 AM to 9 PM Wednesday through Friday 7 AM- 9 PM on Saturday (Breakfast Buffet on Saturday Mornings) 11 AM-8:30 PM on Sundays

Millstone Catering Snow Camp, NC Private Parties Welcome Full Catering Service

Liberty Kettle Corn Shop

Check Out Millstone Catering Facebook Here For Your Parties & Catering

Flavors - Hand Popped

Fundraisers Owners:

Becky & Joey Sutphin

Cell: 336-207-4470


118 W. Swannanoa Avenue Liberty, NC. 27298 Store Hours: Thur.-Fri. 4:00pm-8:00pm; Sat.: 9:30am-1:00pm

Jade and Paige Boutique Visit us at: OR Find us on Facebook at Jade and Paige Boutique

Sherry Allen Owner 919-799-1583

Services include vinyl monogramming and custom designs for shirts, decals, baby gifts, jewelry and more! Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Patterson Cottage Announces Summer Openings The Patterson Cottage Museum will open from 11-2:00 on the third Saturday of each month starting May 19 and going through October and other times on request. The Patterson Cottage is Liberty’s oldest remaining residence, built in 1884 by Dr. A.J. Patterson for his aging parents George and Sophia Patterson. George was a Civil War veteran; Sophia was the first person buried in Fairview Cemetery. The cottage first stood near where the old post office building is now across from the present-day Reitzel Center. Later it was moved around the corner to the lot where the B.P. Station now stands on East Swannanoa. When the Pantry purchased the lot in the mid-1970’s, the house was scheduled to be moved to a farm and used for storage until concerned Liberty citizens discovered its age and history. A group, led by Bobbie Haynes and many others, raised money to have the house moved and got permission from the Liberty Town Council to place the cottage on Town property. At the time, Councilman Johnny Younts made a motion which passed unanimously that the Town would have no expense from the cottage and that it would operate on donations only. Townspeople donated items from Liberty’s past and turned the cottage into a museum and now it is packed with artifacts from the town’s heritage. Recent donations are a great spinning wheel from Wade Shelton, Jamestown rifles from Jack Garner and the lifetime Indian artifact collection of the late Frank York, donated by his wife Harris Wylie York. The collection includes Hardaway points, 9,000 to 10,000 years old, all the way to Randolph points which were made as late as 1715. All artifacts were found by York in local Randolph County fields. The Patterson Cottage Committee hopes the public will take advantage of the openings this summer and visit the town’s oldest remaining residence. Anyone requesting a tour can call Warren Dixon at 336-622-2731. The Patterson Cottage particularly welcomes school age children.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Hello Eastern Randolph Community, We have been so blessed over 49 years of having great athletes and athletic programs. Well last year we commenced the first class to be recognized as “Hall of Famers.� We had a wonderful night when we inducted these 12 awesome people that have served or continue to serve the Eastern Randolph community. We are now preparing to induct the second class and we are requesting nominations. Using the web site, please nominate your candidate. The directions of the requirements are within. Please print and/or download and send your nominee to the committee. The nomination is due by June 14, 2018, for the Class of 2018.

Present and Past Fire Chiefs OF Liberty Fire Department Matt Talbott, JR Beard, Jerry Light, and Filmore York

Email to: Mail to: Eastern Randolph High School Hall of Fame Committee 390 Eastern Randolph Rd. Ramseur, NC 27316

CGT Photography Contact us for your photo needs $50 For Hour Session 336-404-9791 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre P.O. Box 353 301 Drama Rd Snow Camp, NC 27349

May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Tropica Tan Tanning / Lotions / Swimwear Spray Tan !!!!! ( NEW) Tues. - Fri. 11am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 2pm Check us out on facebook! 112 W. Swannanoa Ave.

ies y Part



You th

Gro Tues.-Wed.-Thur. da h t ups r i B 4pm-8pm Arca Fri.-Sat. Sports Parties de G 1pm-9pm ame (Trophy) s

Congratulations to the Liberty Ice Cream Parlor and Arcade on their grand opening; held March 23rd 2018! We are so grateful that you have become part of our Liberty Business Community! Best of luck, Will & Kelly Raymond! Ice Cream Parlor Located: Greensboro St Liberty

436 N Greensboro St. Liberty, NC. 27298 (336)795-0003

Shrub trimming. Debris removal. Tree trimming and removal. Mulch. Gravel. Etc. Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Liberty Parks And Recreation Announces Sign Up For Soccer Youth Soccer is now going to be apart of the Randleman Soccer League! Ages 4-12 Age Division: 3-4 year olds 5-6 year olds 7-8 year olds 9-10 year olds 11-15 year olds Registration Fee: $25 (includes soccer jersey top) Registration Deadline: Friday, June 1st, 2018 Practices will begin the 2nd week of June! Practices will be held in Liberty in the evening starting no earlier than 6:00 PM. Games will start the week after July 4th and games will be played one of the days listed (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday). Games will be either in Liberty or in Randleman - this will all be determined by how many teams in each age division we have.

Volume 16 Issue 5

Liberty Elementary Service Club Plants Community Garden The Liberty Elementary Service Learning Club has planted a community garden for the second year in a row. The Service Club is a group of Liberty Elementary students dedicated to learning leadership and serving their community. Past projects the club has participated in include clothing drives and raising money for hurricane victims. Last year the group planted vegetables in two beds at the school to be used by the community. This year, with support from Liberty’s 100-Man Project, the Service Club was able to more than double their garden. Teachers Jennifer Hernandez and Shannon Staley serve as advisors for the club. They, the students and students’ families, recently built the beds and planted vegetables. The 100-Man Project supplied most of the lumber, top soil and seed for the gardens. The gardens are behind what many will remember as the old Ag Building, now the Fifth Grade building, near the parking lot on E. Highfill St. Vegetables from the garden will be donated to the Liberty Association of Churches.


212 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty

Ph 336-622-2256 Office Ph 336-622-2258 Obit Line

Tyson Nixon, Manager And Staff Serving The Local Community

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Join Us (Wed.) May 23rd for a Pot Luck Dinner at the cabin and the Host Band - Sideline Skip Cherry Holmes - Corn Hole Tournament Saturday May 26th (1st & @nd place prizes) Teams must Register

Moonshiners Meet and Greet Friday and Saturday! (Must have armband to enter the grounds) Professional affordable Yard Care •

Cutting/weedeating/blowing services

Gardening packages available - will weed and maintain beds

Renovate existing beds – edge, weed, prune, straw

Background check available

Testimonies/recommendations on site

Free estimate

336-684-0052 // Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Meals-On-Wheels Volunteers Needed Reitzel Senior Center

The Meals-On-Wheels Program, at the Reitzel Senior Center, needs volunteers to deliver meals. The center needs one volunteer on Thursdays and one back-up volunteer on Tuesdays. Please contact Kaffy Reynolds at 622-5844, for additional information or to volunteer. Volunteers are not paid - because they are priceless.


STALEY, NC 27298



Wade Hardin Landscapes Contact Wade Hardin (336)240-7925

"Time to PLANT trees and shrubs"

Free Estimates Insured References Upon Request

I will always give you an honest days work!

Nathan Adams

Seeding & Fertilizing Pruning & Trimming Irrigation Property Clean Up Tree Removal Bobcat & Dump Truck Pine Needles & Mulch New Installations (and repairs) Insect & Disease Control

EARTH VISIONS Therapeutic Massage - Medical Massage

Specific Massage It is your turn to be pain free. Get Your Life Back Phone 336-622-1844 Novella Kennedy, LMBT NC Lic 4586 National Certification You could be HERE right now!

Shouldn’t financial guidance be about


not sales?

Feel well again! Call for your appointment.

5264 York Martin Rd, Liberty, NC www,

I can give you trusted, understandable – and FREE* – financial guidance to help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s talk – I can help you plan for life. Modern Woodmen of America

JB Griffith, 3rd, FIC, LUTCF, ChFC®, CLU® 147 S. Fayetteville Street P.O. Box 699 Liberty, NC 27298 B 336-622-6020 C 336-908-1748


*There is no obligation to buy.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper Community Area Ride Service


516 N Greensboro St Ph 622-4208 M-Th 11am-9pm F-Sat 11am-9pm

Whole Ham BBQ

Cooked Fresh Never Frozen Daily Hot Bar Specials FREE WIFI

A local non-profit organization based in Liberty. We offer transportation for residents of Liberty or Staley or folks that have a 622-Telephone exchange to medical facilities, social services or nursing homes.

Call Dispatcher At 336-622-5774 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

SUPPLY & GROCERY New Summer Hours Effective April 15th, 2017 Mon-Fri 6am-8pm Sat 7am-8pm Sun 1pm- 5pm 4508 NC Hwy 49N, Liberty

Phone 336-622-1531 Visit our new web page @

Live Bait sold all year (minnows, crickets, and worms) Fishing Tackle And Hunting Supplies

Conceal weapon class June 10 Starts @1pm and lunch will be provided Cost $100 Please call 336-622-1531 to register

Now Serving

Flounder & Shrimp Thur,Fri & Sat Call Us For All Your Catering Needs Beaver Creek Also Have A Mobile Kitchen Home made desserts, Homestyle cooking, 30 item salad bar

New Lews Rods and Reals New Gloks Handguns Come See All Items

Call To Reserve

Fourth Saturday Each Month Is Date Night Here 2 For Specials

Now open on Sunday's for Breakfast & Lunch. Hours: Breakfast 7am-11am Lunch 11am -2pm

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Hoop Cheese, Pinto Beans, Raw Peanuts, Country Ham, Old Fashion Candy, Conrad and Hinkle and Delaney’s Pimento Cheese, Local beef and pork Homeland Creamery Milk and Ice Cream We Now Offer 90% Octane non Ethanol Gas Gas (reg, non ethanol, off road fuel, diesel)

Help Grow Our Town Shop Dine Enjoy Local Page 16 of 32

May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

DENTISTRY Edward Scott DDS - Erin Scott DDS

Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry “Emergencies Seen Same Day” Located in the Forest Oaks Community

336-674-2497 or 336-674-6936 5439 Liberty Rd, Greensboro 336-944-4248 - Residence Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

RC Computers

Computer Sales * Service * Upgrades * Networking Residential & Commercial Nothing Too Big Or Too Small 126 W Swannanoa Ave (Downtown Liberty) Ph 336-795-0118

Virus Removal Custom Built & Used Computer Sales

Watch Battery Replacement

Southern Comfort Home Care “Home is where the heart is“ That’s where we want you to stay!!

Jennifer McCarty Owner/ Director

2435 Jay Shambley Rd Pittsboro, N.C. 27312

Repair Smart Phones (Screen Replacement) Buy Gold / Silver/ Coins Copy / Fax / Internet

We Now Offer Soldering

Locally Owned & Operated By

Richard Clapp

A+ Certified Technician 15 + Years Of Service Microsoft Professional


Same Day Or Next Day Turnaround

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

$9 Shampoo sets on Thursdays for seniors

We Now Offer Security Camera Installations Laminating Faxing Copying Here


Operation Gratitude The Reitzel Senior Center’s crocheting club, in downtown Liberty, is crocheting hats and scarves for our military troops. This project is sponsored by “Operation Gratitude”, whose mission is to thank every American who serves their country. Each hat and scarf will be labeled for a fellow or lady, fiber content and name of the person who made it into care packages. These care packages will also contain hygiene items, handmade items, nonperishable snacks, entertainment items, and personal letters. This project is our way of showing appreciation to men and women stationed all over the world, wounded heroes and veterans. Please join us in saying “thank you” for their service and dedication by calling the Reitzel Senior Center at 336-622-5844; emailing or stopping by the center at 128 South Fayetteville Street in Liberty to get involved in “Operation Gratitude”.

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Teague’s Farm And Garden

It’s great how farming brings people together.

8912 Pleasant Hill Church Rd. Snow Camp, NC. 27349 (336)376-6660

Nationwide is the Nation’s #1 insurer of Farms and Ranches and we would love the opportunity to discuss your coverages with you.

"good clean pine needles, generic roundup, and new shipment of vegetable plants"

Kids ‘R’ Us Daycare

304 West Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC. 27298 336-622-3033 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper


Volume 16 Issue 5

we are

to help, to serve, to love, to bring hope. First United Methodist Church 123 N. Fayettevil e St., Liberty NC 27298 Rev. Lisa Tanico 336.253.8672 (cell) 336.622.4682 (office)

Friendly Beauty Shop Mother’s Day Special

514 N Greensboro St, Liberty

Ph 622-4989

20 % Off Complete Vehicle Detail During the Month of May! Mandy

Gift Certificates Available!

HIGH TECH COLLISION 437 Frances Dr. Liberty


Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791




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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Come Visit With Jane And The Twisters Pork Chop Sandwich Chicken Dumplings Tues Potato Soup - Wed Chili Beans Daily Phone 336-622-5007 161 S Greensboro St, Liberty NC

Numerous Other Great Deals

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:30am – 9pm CLOSED Sunday

A P a r e nt s F e a r i s l o s i n g a ch i l d , b u t t h o s e w h o h a v e l o s t a ch i l d f e a r t h e t h o u g h t o f n e v e r s e e i n g t h e m a g ai n .

B e re av e me n t P a re n t s Su p p or t G r ou p E v er y 1 s t T h u r sd ay @ 7 : 0 0p m L ib e r t y F ir s t U n it e d M e th od i st C h u rc h J u st C o m e si t w it h u s

Image is of Stephanie Gee (right) & Kady Browne (left) of Randolph Communications with President of the Liberty Chamber, Shirley Pabst (middle)


K & K Parts

(on corner of Old 421 & Kinro Rd) We are your local Tractor Parts Dealer

We sell new aftermarket parts for most makes and model! Come by or give Joe Kirkman A Call At 336-622-3086

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

China House


Chinese Restaurant

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE We Use The Finest Ingredients- Fresh & Healthy Hours Ph 336-622-1518

Swaim Electric Heat & A/C

3743 New Salem Rd , Climax 336-685-9722

Mon Closed

252 W Swannanoa Food Lion Plaza Liberty, NC 60 MONTHS 0% APR.* Heat Now, Pay Later.

Tue-Thu 10:30am -9pm Fri-Sat 10:30am-10pm Sun 10:30am-9pm

Y’all Come Back Cafe

Imagine coming home every day to an environment that’s as fresh, clean and healthy as it is comfortable. Now is the perfect time to make that a reality, with a Trane high performance heating and cooling system. And with 0% APR Financing with equal payments for 36 Months on a qualifying Trane systems, it’s never been so easy to own one.

119 S Fayetteville St, Liberty

Hurry! Must Purchase by February 29, 2012

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*Special financing offers valid on qualifying systems only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. The Home Projects Visa card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases charged with approved credit at participating merchants. The special terms APR will continue to apply until all qualifying purchases are paid in full. 0% APR/60 Months: The minimum monthly payment will be the amount that will pay for the purchase in full in equal payments during the special terms period. For newly opened accounts, the regular APR is 27.99%. The APR will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. The regular APR is given as of 1/10/2012. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. The regular APR will apply to certain fees such as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Monthly payment if shown based on $7,100 purchase.

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Maximum comfort, lower heating and cooling costs, clean indoor air, and affordable payment options -- that’s the Trane difference.









Here to protect what’s most important. SERVING LIBERTY FOR 60 YEARS. #


At The Shattuck-Lawver Agency, we have a long history of doing what’s right. That includes a tradition of personal attention, and being right here in Liberty to help you protect what’s most important. CAYLEA CRAVEN STRICKLAND The Shattuck-Lawver Agency (336) 622-8000

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Liberty Chiropractic Center 104 N Greensboro St, Liberty Phone (336)622-1600 ———————————————————

“Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Family Wellness Care, Ear Infections, Allergies, Asthma, Scoliosis, Healthier Children, Bed Wetting, Pregnancy, Depression & Anxiety”

NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Like Us On Facebook @ LibertyChiropracticCenter Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

100 Man Project Tuesday, April 24th was the night of the 2018 Annual 100 Man Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. About fifty volunteers from all phases of the organization came and enjoyed a delicious dinner and fellowship. All projects are going well so far. The Liberty Elementary School Service Club has just planted their community garden and looking forward to a great crop of vegetables to share with the community. The Liberty Elementary School Reading Program will be coming to an end in May with awards to the reader of the most books being presented with a tablet in each grade. The Library Reading Program is going well. Remember all a child has to do is to go to the library, check out a book and register to win a tablet there. The drawing for the winner will be held at the end of the school year. The Dental Clinic will be held on October 5th of this year in hopes to reach new clients of all ages. If you have a few hours a month to spare, contact us as there is always a need for volunteers. Our president, Tom Meacham will be happy to talk with you about our opportunities available. 336-622-1998. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND HARD WORK OVER THE YEARS SINCE 2010.

Self Storage Units Available!

107 W. Bowman Ave. 5,000sf, fenced in lot Â

Apartments for rent

Mobile Storage


Gwen Taylor - Owner / Preparer 728 S Greensboro St, Liberty Ph 336-622-5722 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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NCDOT Converting Intersection to All-Way Stop Near Saxapahaw in Alamance County SAXAPAHAW – On Tuesday, April 17, the N.C. Department of Transportation will construct an all-way stop at the intersection of West Greensboro Chapel Hill Road and Pleasant Hill Church Road southwest of Saxapahaw. Currently the intersections of West Greensboro Chapel Hill Road and Pleasant Hill Road have stop signs, and there is freeflowing traffic on Sylvan School Road. This intersection is being converted to an all-way stop following an NCDOT investigation that found safety concerns.

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

s s e n i s u JVJ B C L L Center

! n e p O w o N

“To help alert drivers of the signal change, we are also installing flashing warning signs along West Greensboro Chapel Hill Road,” said NCDOT Engineer Mike Mills.

336-795-0170 Print-Scan-Copy-Fax-InternetSweepstakes-Fish Games

To allow crews to install the additional stop signs and pavement markings, various lanes on both roads will be closed intermittently between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

264 Liberty Plaza, Liberty , NC

As drivers approach the intersection, they are advised to follow these right-of-way rules: The first vehicle to the intersection • has the right of way ahead of any vehicle that has not yet arrived; When two or more vehicles reach an • intersection at the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right of way; The vehicle with the right of way may • move straight ahead or, if legal and after signaling, turn left or right; When two facing vehicles approach • an intersection at the same time, both drivers can move straight ahead or turn right. If one driver is going straight while the other wants to turn left, the driver who wants to turn left must wait. The driver who is traveling straight ahead has the right of way; and Even with the right of way, remember • to use the appropriate turn signals and be careful to avoid hitting other vehicles and pedestrians.

COBLES PRESSURE WASHING Lets Us Get Your House Ready And get your house ready for holidays



Movement, Balance and Strength It's more than just Exercise M W F: 6am or 8am T Th 6pm

Earth Visions

5264 York Martin Rd,Liberty Where Fitness, Fun & Fellowship Become One!

NCDOT reminds motorists to watch signs for construction information, stay alert and obey the posted speed limit.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Earth Visions offers:

Group Exercise Programs Group Outdoor Education

Personal Coaching

Total Body Awareness

Call EARTH VISIONS to Learn More: 622-1844

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For All Ages

May 2018

May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Liberty Chamber of Commerce Newsletter MAY 2018
 by: Teresa Bruchon Spring Appreciation Lunch: Liberty Chamber Members….Don’t Miss It! May 9th. Liberty Chamber Spring Appreciation Luncheon at First United Methodist Church.
 As a gesture of thanks and in appreciation for all of our Chamber Business Members, The Liberty Chamber will host a Spring Luncheon on Wednesday May 9th. This will be an informational lunch with a community update, a special guest, and a message from our chamber president. This event is FREE to all current 2018 Liberty Chamber Members. Members will also receive their 2018 Liberty Chamber Membership Plaques. Membership Dues: Your 2018 Liberty Chamber Membership Dues are currently due. Please be aware that all currently paid business members will be listed on the Liberty Chamber website; however all unpaid businesses will be removed. The Membership request letters were sent out in January, and with our Banquet having taken place in February this year, it could have easily been overlooked. If you have already paid you membership dues; THANK YOU! Those funds help the Liberty Chamber continue to organize events that encourage business in Liberty. Join the Liberty Chamber: If your business is not already a member, please consider the benefits of joining: Free Business Referrals, Web Exposure, Networking Opportunities, Advocacy, Business Expo, Marketing, Promotional Material, Sponsorship Opportunities, Ribbon Cuttings, Social Events, Annual Banquet, Informational and Appreciation Luncheons, Committee Input, and Community Involvement. 
 The Liberty Chamber of Commerce strives to support and promote Liberty and its Businesses. We encourage positive relations, increase business contacts and generate business opportunities. We work in conjunction with the Town of Liberty, our chamber members and loyal citizens to make Liberty a great place to live. 
 Ways you can help support the Chamber: 1) Become a member; you’re investing in your community
 2) If you are already a member; inquire about running for a chamber board seat. 3) Encourage other businesses to join; we're stronger together. 4) Volunteer to help with Chamber events; we can do so much more with your involvement. 5) Attend a chamber meeting; you will learn something new 6) Support and patronize chamber businesses; shop local stay local. 7) Link the Chamber's website ( to your website. 8) Network with other chamber businesses: We're in this together. 9) Take your concerns about the chamber directly to the chamber director; issues will get resolved more efficiently by going through proper channels. 10) Attend a Chamber event: we have them for your benefit. Ribbon Cutting: The Liberty Chamber hosted a Ribbon Cutting for the Liberty Ice Cream Parlor and Arcade, during their grand opening on March 24th. Owners Will and Kelly Raymond, have succeeded in providing a family friendly place to “hang out” in Liberty, all while “dishing out” some delicious ice cream flavors. Chamber Banquet: We had a great time at our Banquet this year! Please make plans to attend the Chamber Banquet next year, as we will be celebrating the Liberty Chamber’s 50th Anniversary. We are already planning an outstanding event as we make preparations to highlight the Golden Anniversary of the Liberty Chamber of Commerce. Stay tuned for details. Business After (or Before) Hours: The Liberty Chamber is currently seeking businesses to host the Summer Business After Hours Events. If your business is interested in hosting a networking event, either before or after regular business hours, please contact the Chamber. The Chamber will coordinate with the hosting business, to help promote and advertise this event. For more information please contact (336)622-4937. As always….Thank you for your involvement, commitment, and investment in the Liberty Chamber!!!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

766 S. Greensboro Street Liberty, NC. 27298 Taco Salads Now available everyday , Sunday, Chicken Pie and Sunday Vegetable, Cooked Carrots, Cabbage, Baby Lima beans

Hours Tuesday - Thursday 7am-2:30pm Friday- Saturday 7am- 8pm Sunday 8am- 2:30pm

Home Style Cooking Dine In / Out Plus we offer catering!!!

Phone # 336-795-1035 • • • • • • • • • •

146 acres, old 421 Rd. North near Liberty city limits, long railroad frontage, 70+ acres clear, $10,000 per acre as a whole 10+ acres, with 3 bed, 2 bath double wide, large shop, lots of paved road frontage at 5549 Sandy Creek Church Rd., $99,500.00 547 So. Fayetteville St. building lot, already has city water and sewer on property, $15,000.00 10 acres on old 421 South between Staley and Siler City, 4 acres open and 6 acres wooded, new three bedroom septic permit, $100,000.00 Near 4144 Old Julian Rd, Julian…25 wooded acres with creek on North side, older farm buildings, 127,500.00 4420 Alamance Church Rd., 25+ acres, wooded and open with bold running creek, 2 bedroom/1 bath,home , central heat&air, outbldgs.,new price! $159,000.00 #44 Santek Rd., Staley, 119 acres, may subdivide, across from proposed Chatham County Economic Development 1,800 acre site, call our office. 1.45 acre lot on liberty Grove Church Rd. Site built home only, $22,500.00 Building lots from 1/2 to 3 acres in all areas around Liberty. Some are site built only lots, some modular, some doublewide & single wide lots. $22,000 to 39,900 and some are with owner financing Call us for single family home rentals in the Liberty area! •

Now offering 8 oz. Prime Black Angus Sirloin Steak Dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only"

Business delivery available with in a 4 mile radius $12 minimum $1.50 delivery fee

Shaw Accounting Service

Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll, General Business Services Shaw Accounting is open to help businesses and individuals with their tax and accounting needs, including payroll, bookkeeping, sales taxes, corporate and individual income taxes. Open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5. Other times by appointment. We look forward to helping you!

Meacham Realty, Inc.

Beverly Meredith (CPA,MBA)

Kelly Raymond

(Tax Specialist, Corporate and individual )

Tommy Hyatt (Enrolled Agent )

128 W. Swannanoa Avenue P.O. Box 1490 Liberty, NC. 27298

Tom Meacham

205 E Swannanoa Ave- Liberty Office :622-1998 Fax: 622-5998

Phone: 336-622-2910 Fax: 866-889-6947


Gwen Taylor - Owner / Preparer 728 S Greensboro St, Liberty Ph 336-622-5722 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Volume 16 Issue 5 May 2018 Liberty Leader Newspaper Kegs, Air Compressors, HondaThe Generator, R/R Jack, Cast Iron Wash Pot, Chicken Coop, Tillers, Pressure Washer, Edger, JD Gun Safe, Wind Mill, Dinner Bell, Hay Rake, Silver Coin, Traps, .22 Remington, Misc. Pottery, Scaffolding, Wood Splitter, Wrought Iron Fence, Drill Press, Lathe, Corn Planter, Horse Buggy, Backpack Blower, John Boat, Chain Saws, Mower, Fire Box, Household Items, Log Chains, Misc. Advertisement (Signs, Thermometers, Traffic, Tins, & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! (at the intersection of Hwy 421 & Hwy 64) Furniture: 919-742-2013 Hoosier Cabinet, Oak Ice Box, Oak Server, Step Back Cupboard, Farm Table, Pierced Tin Cabinet Wood ~ Over 175 + Vendors Cook Stove, Wood File Cabinet, Corner Cabinets Cedar Chest, Refrigerator, Quilt Cabinet, Rockers, ~ 30,000 sq. ft. Chest of Drawers, Hutch, Desk, Porch Table, Buffet, Chairs, Swing, Coffee Table, End Tables, Misc. ~ Plenty of Parking Cabinets, Wood Benches, Display Cabinets, 2 Leather Chairs, 2 Leather Stools & MUCH, OPEN 7MUCH Days MORE!!! Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 1 pm-6 pm

Countryside Collectibles Antique Mall

219 Chatham Square Siler City, NC 27344

See Website For Vendor TermsShowcases & Conditions! are only $25 & $35 monthly w/10% commission and Booth Space are only $1.00 per sq. ft. monthly w/10% commission

MANY ITEMS NOT LISTED.... Give us a call for all your Auction needs 919-663-2034 Mall Auction times & dates are updated weekly our website Other Items May Be Added! Check Website ForonUpdates! Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Gift Certificates always available at Awesome Finds Or on Saturday May 12th 10:00 - 3:00 Available for 5 Ultimate washes @ $50 ($60 value)

Give your mom the gift of a clean car this Mother’s Day with a Splash Carwash Gift Certificate

or 10 Ultimate washes for $100 ($120 value)

405 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, NC 27298 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Ramseur Community Ramseur Public Library,

1512 Main Street, Ramseur, NC 27316 336-824-2232

Join us on Thursdays @ 10:30 AM! Rock ‘n’ Rhyme @ Story Time May 03- When a Dad Says “I Love You” May 10- Mama Love May 17- What Sisters Do Beat/What Brothers Do Best May 24- What Pet Should I Get? May 31- Shake Rattle ‘n’ Read: Sing Me a Story

Ramseur Pharmacy Fast & Friendly Service! Prescriptions filled in 10 minutes or less

Ph 824-8247

6215-B Highway 64 E , Ramseur Most Insurance Plans Accepted/ Medicare Part D & NC Medicaid

Open M-F 9a-6p Sat 9a-1p Drive - Thru Available

260 Village Lake Rd. • Siler City NC 27344 Contact: Dustin Elledge • 919-742-4052

*** NOW ACCEPTING NEW RESIDENTS *** Ask About Our New Year Special Pricing! Coventry House your locally owned and operated Assisted Living Community. NOW SPECIALIZING in the unique needs of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and related Dementia’s at Coventry House of Siler City, you will find: • FLAT MONTHLY RATES .... no hidden charges or upselling • 24 hour personal care assistance • On Call Physician Services • Professionally directed medication management • Specialized care plans for all residents • Private & companion rooms featuring private bathrooms • In room cable TV, internet access & telephone service • Security systems for resident safety • Specialized activities for assisted living & memory care unit • Three prepared meals per day plus afternoon & evening snacks • Local transportation to shopping & medical appointments • Medicaid, private insurance & private payment accepted


Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue5

Ramseur Community The band playing

80’s Unplugged

Being held on Liberty Street (Downtown Ramseur)

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

May 4 – 80’s Unplugged May 26 – Levi and Mark June 2 – Big Time Party Band June 23 – 421 Band

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May 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 5

Ramseur Community Locally Owned & Operated


Ramseur, NC

Richard Jones

(Phone) 336-824-2386 (Obituary Desk) 336-318-3535

Bill Craven

Service Since 1904

“Pastor’s Porch” with Pastor Don Hey everybody! Pastor Don sitting on the front porch again. Enjoying the beautiful weather that God has blessed us with lately. Sun is shining and its finally starting to warm up! Thank you Jesus! Today we are talking about some of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience as human beings, and how sometimes those things can be misunderstood and cause us problems. What I mean by that is to say sometimes we experience thoughts, feelings, emotions that we think are wrong and we shouldn’t be having. I use myself as an example and anger being the focus. I spent most of my life dealing with anger problems. I would get so angry, about so many things, and I would think to myself this is not normal, I shouldn’t be getting angry like this. I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought that I was damaged and would have to live with this curse forever. Believing in that gave me a victim mentally. Because of that I felt defeated and gave into my anger which caused a lot of destruction in my life. I figured why fight it. I am messed up and this is just who I am. That was before God got a hold of me and helped me to have a proper perspective of my anger issues. The first thing that He helped me realize was that it was ok to get angry. What I was getting angry about and what I did while I was angry was a different story. In His word it says, “If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and do not stay angry all day.” Ephesians 4:26. Basically this says its ok to get angry, but dont make bad choices and decisions while you are angry, and don’t stay angry, get it under control! I am so thankful that God shared these truth with me. It literally helped me to get my anger in check and so many others thoughts, feeling, emotions I was struggling with. To know that I had problems that were normal problems for a human being and that God could help me with them was a wonderful revelation. He shared with me 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-control.” God gave us His son so our sins could be forgiven and we could have eternal life, but He also gave us His son so that the same spirit that was in Him can also be in us. The Holy Spirt! With His spirit all that we need to understand can be understood, and with His spirit all things are possible! All this is possible when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Best decision I ever made. Praying that you have too or you are heading in that direction! Love you and God bless, Pastor Don

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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May 2018

Volume 16 Issue 5

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Ramseur Area Civitans Awareness

Helping generations achieve their dreams. Since 1894, we have been committed to putting clients first. Helping generations through tough times and good times. Never taking a bailout. Call me today at 336.858.5548. Colleen Downey Mitchell, AAMS® Financial Advisor Sullivan Wealth Management A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 1029 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC 27203 336.858.5548 colleen.mitchell

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC.

If you have a desire to volunteer for community service, meet new people for fellowship and friendship, check out Ramseur Area Civitans. Ramseur Civitan is one of those clubs. Its members help where the needs arise, from collecting food for Ramseur Food Pantry, to volunteering at local community events, supporting area schools special needs classes, school reading incentive program, Boys and Girl Home of NC, and Special Olympics. The club welcomes new people that have a talent for fund-raising or a heart for community service. The Ramseur Area Civitan Club was chartered on July 27, 2010 and the club is going on its eighth year of serving the community. The club meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Civitan is an organization of volunteer service clubs around the world and places a special emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities. Civitan is one of the major supporters of Special Olympics on the local and state levels. Civitan clubs also fund and organize special camps, such as Victory Junction Camp in Randleman, and events for people with developmental disabilities. Ramseur Area is part of Area 5 East of North Carolina District West, visit District West Website at: Membership in Civitan is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old and who wants to make a difference in the lives of those around them. To learn more about Civitan, visit If interested in learning more about the club, contact Club President Deidre Kraft at (561) 543-9889 or contact Club Secretary Merita Wall at or check out the Facebook page “Ramseur Area Civitans.”

© 2016 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (8/16)



1) Call Me Today

( I can take care of the other 9) 5616 Julian Airport Rd, Liberty, NC 27298 • 10.89+/- acres • approx. 3000sf Garage/workshop for the Mechanic who needs the space to work • 2700-3000sf 3br/3.5 ba Open Concept Home with a Playroom/Gameroom • Each Bedroom has a dedicated bathroom • Spacious Upgraded Kitchen with Walk-in Pantry • View this home in 3D - scan the QR now!


Julie D Powers

Liberty & the Triad!

Merry CHRISTmas From The Liberty Leader Newspaper NC License since 2004

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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