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Robots, Humans, Love, Data, holograms and Io E

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climbing corporate agent who needs 24/7 connectivity with tolls in the palm of his hand to get

Smartphones | Tablets | Smartwatches

his work done.

iDROID USA – Although New but surely a darling among mobile phone outlets across America!

Trickling from Philadelphia to Houston iDROID USA is quickly becoming a household name all across America and certainly a darling on store shelves among retailers and distributors, rapidly growing worldwide with Territorial Licenses signing up in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Uganda and even the UK. Its been a text

“There is no doubt that iDROID USA makes Very

book success story in a very short time with

High Quality Phones which they back by World

Smartphone buyer’s actually preferring iDROID USA

Class Customer Care making their Smartphones Smarter than the Smartest!” says Mark Abraham, owner of Mr. Cellphone Man from Syracuse, NY Coming from humble beginnings in Philadelphia

to put them on display every chance you get or as a

earlier in 2014 iDROID USA has risen like a shooting

customer you would want to show it to all our

star in the few short months it has been around. It is

acquaintances when your fingers slide the app

a Cinderella story of instant success in modern day

screen in 3D rather than page to page.

America, its trajectory set at a height where it is

%POUKVTUTFUUMFGPS iGBTUw True Octa-Core 13 MP Camera FHD Screen 4G LTE



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newbusiness@unnecto.com (212) 683-1817

(855) 843-4828 (855) 843-4828 thechargehub.com thechargehub.com sales@limitlessinnovations.com sales@limitlessinnovations.com








Dear Readers, At Wireless Dealer Magazine, our sole mission is to help retailers find and demand quality wireless products, carrier networks and repair services.

I have a holiday secret to tell you. Scream it from the rafters. Holiday Gifts Inside! Every holiday season I drive by several independent wireless stores who are sadly, not decorated for the season, missing a huge opportunity to capture the mindshare of the holiday shopper in hot pursuit of the perfect gift for the loved-one or co-worker. Promoting “Holiday Gifts Inside” or any outdoor signage letting shoppers know you offer a solution to their holiday punch list can make a huge difference in your end of year sales. Wireless products are the perfect gift, especially for the holidays! Unfortunately, there is more than just one of you out there missing this huge opportunity to grab the attention of these shoppers from the street. You know who you are. You are the retailer that allows thousands of holiday shoppers skip right over or speed right by your store. My heart sinks very time I see our independent wireless retail audience not taking their fair share of holiday gift purchases. My hope is that one of you will step up and say, “not this year!”


Be sure to look in your mailbox for the “Black Friday” Wireless Dealer Magazine black envelope I am sending you this year. It’s filled with holiday Best Sellers! Retailer Oppo rtunities! deals from our vendors with products and prices you won’t find from them directly. Register today at wirelessrepairexpo.com


Laurette Veres, Chief Operating Officer

Subscribe today at 800.862.2 or wirelessdealermag.com609



, TX 77008


Happy Gift Sales!

1217 Prince Street, Houston


If you are reading this at CTIA Super Mobility, as you walk the show floor please remember the holidays are only a few months away. Talk to vendors now and make plans to stock awesome new sellers! When you are home, take a look around your storefront and make a plan how you will remind your customers that you are the perfect holiday gift destination!



Gift boxes, a small quality gift bag and wrapping paper will make a big difference in your sales! Light up your store around your windows and doors. Be creative – just get started and watch your sales increase with every holiday shopper attention-grabber you try!

Wireless Dealer Magazin


With every holiday issue we bring you special buying deals from vendors nationwide. In last year’s holiday issue, Flags100 designed special seasonal flags and Walls and Forms designed a holiday booth at CTIA displaying festive fixtures. In this issue we invite you to look at Cowboy Banners, who will happily make your holiday signs.



5 Problems in Wireless Repair & How to Fix Them e-Tech Parts

090 Get Covered with AmTrust Mobile Solutions AmTrust 094 Customize Your Device Anchor Graphics




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099 B2B Marketplaces B-Stock Solutions 080 This Little Puck Packs Power Chargehub 120 The Future of Computers Quantumrun 082 Growth in Emerging Markets iDroid 087 Device Protection You Can Trust iShieldz

Will Humans Fall in Love with Robots? Quantumrun

068 Mengtor Mobile Device Training Mengtor 048 Global Marketshare of Smartphones Mybat / Valor 022 Technology Made Affordable Plum Mobile 015 The Reiko Back-story Reiko Wireless 130

Revamping the Industry from the Inside Out ReVamp Wholesale

124 Meet the Sky Squadron Sky Devices 138 Wireless SHOUTOUT Wireless Dealer Magazine


Wireless Repair EXPO SHOW GUIDE & MAP Wireless Repair EXPO


Gestures, Holograms, and Matrix-Style Mind Uploading Quantumrun


Power In The Palm Of Your Hand


QUEST 4500

QUE 5.0

QUE 5.5

QUE 6.0


QUEST 5000

QUE 4.5






Que is driven by passion. We strive to look back at our accomplishments with pride. When you have the passion that Que has, it no longer becomes just business; it morphs into something much greater. Que Phones invites you to join us and elevate your experience.


(855) QUE-4999 www.queproducts.com info@queproducts.com

Immerse yourself in the future. Immerse yourself in the future. Immerseyourself yourselfininthe thefuture. future. Immerse Get an eye-opening look at tomorrow’s mobile world, Get anfrom eye-opening look at lighting tomorrow’s straight the visionaries the mobile way. world, an eye-opening look at tomorrow’s mobile world, GetGet an eye-opening look at tomorrow’s mobile world, straight from the visionaries lighting the way. CTIA Super Mobility 2015 takes you the beyond the horizon. straight from the visionaries lighting way. straight from the visionaries lighting the way. CTIA Super Mobility 2015 takes you beyond the horizon. CTIA Mobility 2015 takes beyond horizon. CTIA Super Mobility 2015 youyou beyond thethe horizon. Join aSuper prominent roster oftakes tech luminaries, business leaders and mobile pioneers at

Join a prominent leaders and mobile pioneers at CTIA Super Mobilityroster 2015 of astech theyluminaries, share theirbusiness visions for tomorrow’s mobile technology. a prominent roster of tech luminaries, business leaders mobile pioneers JoinJoin a prominent roster of tech luminaries, business leaders andand mobile pioneers at at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 as they share their visions for tomorrow’s mobile technology. CTIA Super Mobility 2015 astrends they share their visions for tomorrow’s mobile technology. CTIA Super 2015 as they share visions for innovations tomorrow’s mobile technology. From theMobility latest consumer totheir the next-gen shaping our connected From the latest consumer trends to the next-gen shaping our connected world, the world’s foremost authorities map out theinnovations advances shaping the future of From the latest consumer trends to the next-gen innovations shaping connected From the latest consumer trends to the next-gen innovations shaping ourour connected the mobile industry. world, the world’s foremost authorities map out the advances shaping the future world, world’s foremost authorities map advances shaping future world, thethe world’s foremost authorities map outout thethe advances shaping thethe future of of of the mobile industry. mobile industry. thethe mobile industry. CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Keynote Speakers CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Keynote Speakers CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Keynote Speakers CTIA Super Mobility 2015 Keynote Speakers

Glenn Lurie Glenn Lurie Glenn Lurie President & CEO

Ron Smith Smith RonRon Smith CTIA Chairman

Tom Wheeler Wheeler TomTom Wheeler Chairman

President Mobility& CEO AT&TAT&T Mobility

CTIA Chairman President & CEO President & CEO

Chairman Federal Communications Federal Communications Commission Federal Communications Commission Commission

Glenn President &Lurie CEO President & CEO AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility

Ron Smith Chairman CTIACTIA Chairman President & CEO President & CEO


Keynote Host: Keynote Host: Keynote Host: Keynote Host:Baker Meredith Attwell Meredith Attwell Baker Meredith Attwell Baker President & CEO Meredith Attwell Baker President & CEO President & CEO President & CEO

Marcelo Claure Marcelo Claure Marcelo Claure President &&CEO President CEO President & CEO

Marcelo Claure President & CEO

Robin Thurston Robin Thurston Robin Thurston

ĘĜåü%ĜčĜƋ±Ĭkþ ĘĜåü%ĜčĜƋ±Ĭkþ Ïåų ĘĜåü%ĜčĜƋ±Ĭkþ ÏåųÏåų

Robin Thurston ĘĜåü%ĜčĜƋ±ĬkþÏåų

Bob Pittman Pittman & CEO BobBob Pittman Chairman

Tom Wheeler Bob Pittman Chairman Chairman & CEO Chairman Chairman & CEO Federal Communications

Marni Walden Marni Walden Marni Walden

& President EVP & President EVP EVP & President of of of Marni Walden Product Innovation Product Innovation Product Innovation EVP &Businesses President of New and and New Businesses and New Businesses

Product Innovation and New Businesses



Chairman & CEO


The Back-story Reiko Wireless Inc. is a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company headquartered in New York that produces damage resistant cases for mobile devices (Including Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola and Nokia). The company also manufactures and markets phone pouches, car chargers (cigarette lighter receptacles), selfie sticks, phone stands, headphones, earbuds, power banks (battery chargers) USB data cables, audio cables, memory cards, arm straps, phone holders and Bluetooth headsets.

[ by WDM STAFF ]

3 Card Holders & Side Pocket

Magnetic Closure Soft Plastic Phone Holder



The Day Reiko was Born The company was founded by Yulong Zhang. In 2001 when his oldest daughter Reiko was born; he founded the company and named it after her. Reiko Group realized that unlike most countries, a patent in the United States also meant a world patent. This helped reduce product patent lawsuits and it helped with the problem of counterfeiting. Reiko Group spent a great amount of money in marketing and advertising during world electronic trade fairs, which in turn, has proven to be a smart strategy. Many of Reiko’s products are tailored after Apple products making it important to keep up with Apple’s latest innovations. By in-depth understanding of research into the mobile phone industry and non-stop R & D in line with market demand for mobile phones using all the new features and products, Reiko continuously tries to stay ahead of the market curve.

Reiko Wireless has grown into a sophisticated wholesale, retail distribution network. Investing in Process In the United States, Reiko realized the biggest expense was labor, to this end the company’s IT department was established, using hardware and software to connect stores with customer orders, greatly reducing order processing inefficiencies. Focusing on seamlessly connecting the order processing procedures has had a great effect the company’s ability to become very efficient. California being the most prominent destination of US imports from China, Reiko invested heavily in California real estate. Today, Reiko Wireless technical innovation is synonymous with advancement and it is embedded deep into the company’s culture. With constant change in the mobile, digital and technology industry as a whole, the company is grasping to constant progressive change. After 15 years of efforts, Reiko Wireless is now a sophisticated wholesale, retail distribution, chain network system with its products being sold throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East and South America.


Staying Ahead of the Curve The company is noted for its cases, phone pouches, and headsets. Reiko Wireless manufactures and markets cases and other mobile accessories that are functional, fashionable, easy and fun to carry, and prides itself on keeping fresh outlook on ways to remain on top through long-term scientific and technological innovations for its products. Reiko has a number of subsidiary companies for branding throughout the United States in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Following the Internet boom, Reiko realized that phone software applications devices relied on wide availability and dissemination. After careful market research and professional analysis coupled with the development of technological advances for launching new products faster, Reiko Wireless has prospered. Furthermore, with the ever-changing and steady ascend of retailers selling online, Reiko introduced drop shipping among its supply chain management services, a process in which Reiko manages the retailers’ inventory and then ships against a purchase or sale made on the retailers’ site. The program has been a huge success, and easily allows retailers to be inventory-free. In addition, Reiko Wireless holds multiple trademarks including that of producing Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop patent case and mobile accessories.

The Secret Formula Solid order management processes along with quality products with great marketing potential built into each and every thoughtful product brought to market comprises the Reiko formula for success! For more information about the Reiko full line of products or inventory-free program visit: www.reikowireless.com.

















$25,000 TO $12,000,000


4.49% TO 25.99%




525 TO 850

1-844-HCA-NOW9 



E L E GA N T. S T Y L I S H . P O W E R F UL . Plum Mobile is the #1 manufacturer of Unlocked GSM Smart Phones and Tablets. The world we live in today is more connected than ever thanks to groundbreaking advances in technology and telecommunications. We are no longer bound by the limits of distance or access to information. Today the entire world is just one click away. In the US, smartphone penetration rate is nearly three times higher than the rest of the world. US mobile data use doubled from 2012 to 2013 and will increase about 650% by 2018. In fact, 1 out of 10 Americans are using smartphones only to access the Internet and 45 million Americans are using mobile as their primary internet access device.


The prepaid market is rapidly growing because of the high costs of mobile phones, postpaid contract plans and early termination fees getting higher and higher. Our goal at Plum Mobile is to make cutting edge technology that is affordable to everyone. Plum Mobile specializes in Unlocked GSM Smart Phones and Tablets. Based out of Miami, Florida, we have sold millions of handsets world wide in the past 5 years, building a strong network with Multinational Operators, MVNOs, Online Retailers, Authorized Dealers and Distributors. We offer stylish handsets with unmatched

technol ogy ma de a fforda b l e quality at incredibly affordable prices. Our catalog consists of a variety of dual SIM feature phones, rugged phones, smartphones, and tablets that support 2G, 3G and 4G LTE standards. With US mobile data use doubling from 2012 to 2013 and increasing to about 650% by 2018, we are constantly updating our products to stay ahead of the current trends by providing new 4G LTE devices. We are always looking for new ways to create

s a l e s@ p l u m - m o b i l e . c o m

something innovative and unique so we have also created several rugged phones to take on anything the world can throw at it. All of our products are covered by our one-year manufacture’s warranty. We have custom solutions available for MVNOs and Prepaid Distributors in the US and we handle large volume orders, providing same day shipping. We want to give our customers an experience like no other.

www.plum-mob i l e . c om

That That was was then then

Long gone are the days of Long gone are the days of dealing with liquid solutions! dealing with liquid solutions!

The INDUSTRY’S BEST The INDUSTRY’S BEST system screen protection screen protection just got better! system just got better!

iShieldz proudto tointroduce introduceour our iShieldz is is proud NEW AutoAlign Align application. NEW & & IMPROVED IMPROVED Auto application. Our innovative innovative design device Our designallows allowsyour your device tobe be held held securely installation to securelyfor foraaperfect perfect installation .PROTECT .SLIDE .PROTECT every time. time. SNAP every SNAP.SLIDE

This Thisisis now... now... sales@ishieldz.com

Visit us! Booth #2268

Visit us! Booth #2268



ADD A SECOND LINE FOR FREE AND SHARE YOUR TALK, TEXT & DATA. INCLUDES UP TO: 5GB OF 4GLTE DATAU5 HRS OF ILD EACH MONTH Introducing UVA Mobile™ (you-vah!), a new premier pre-paid wireless service provider powered by one of the nations largest GSM, 4G LTE networks. UVA Mobile™ may be new on the block but the team isn’t, we’re back and ready to make mobile, simple again with a 2-Line share plan for just $50 a month. TO BECOME A MASTER AGENT OR DEALER

visit uvamobile.com/dealersignup








20 $30



ptel.com/r | 877.551.1122 | authdealer@ptel.com NATIONWIDE COVERAGE | US-BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE

Future of Repair “It’s the small things that matter to me when working with a vendor. One of the many great things about working with eTech is that no matter how small or big your shop is, they treat you like you are their only customer. They work at developing lifelong relationships with their customers, and take care of any issues no matter what. They are always available if I have questions about marketing and expansion, and I know they want to help my business be successful.”

Peter Doucette – KC Tech Repairs

Grow Your Business

eTech Parts is your simple solution for supply chain management. Founded in 2008, eTech

Parts specializes in high quality replacement parts, tools, training, and support for the wireless repair industry. As your partner in repair, eTech’s team of dedicated specialists work with you to help your business succeed. They’re on your side with a goal to exceed your expectations and redefine what ‘quality service’ means to you. Building a reputable repair brand isn’t easy – but finding reliable parts and tools should be. Allow eTech Parts to take procurement and training off your plate, so you can focus on your future in repair.

Midwest Sales Representative Jake Brochu (on right) meeting with Caleb M. of Phone Medic in Kansas City

“We have been buying parts from eTech for over 3 years. Every once in a while we think we can save money and try a different supplier, only to find inconsistent product and poor quality. We always end up back at eTech! If we do have an issue eTech stands behind the parts 100% and takes care of issues quickly and professionally. eTech is like having a partner, not just a supplier!” Lance Lehr - Cell Fixer

“Just a great place to do business with!” Dave Adams - Rising Stallion Cell & Tech Repair

“Fix My Phone chose eTech for two reasons: quality parts and customer service. Since choosing eTech, our returns are low and customer satisfaction is high. eTech is the first company to set the bar high in the cell phone repair industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and truly want us to succeed. Currently they are helping us create bundles for our franchise. We look forward to growing with eTech in the years to come - and in this awesome industry, it’s only the beginning!”

Nick and Karl - Fix My Phone

Sulamita, Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Support

Thomas, Technical Support

Insider News

Interactive Repair Community

Tools Next Day Shipping

Training School

Customer Service & Tech Support

Field Support U.S. Central Location No Hassle Returns

Supply Chain Management

Tested Quality Parts

Marketing Solutions

One Stop for Success etechparts.com

(913) 839-1718

Your partner in repair Since 2008


(913) 839-1718

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Improved sound quality Lower distortion, purer sound Stronger bass and high frequencies No extra speakers, cables or battery power required Protection for your smartphone


Smartphone Users want better sound and the LoudBy® SoundCase® delivers

An engineered, patent-pending sound channel directs the smartphone speaker sound to the user, noticeably elevating their audio experience. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

Available for the iPhone 6 Slim, lightweight, ergonomic design ◆ Impact resistant durable outer shell ◆

Portable – with you wherever you go

Dedicated Sales in the U.S. & Canada 1.800.561.1176 or 1.604.299.9702 ◆ LoudBy® SoundCase® for iPhone 6 Plus Kaisa.Skogster@loudby.com ◆ LoudBy® Leather Flip SoundCase® for iPhone 6 Daniela.Cappellaro@loudby.com Coming soon:


In partnership with

Las Vegas | Sands Expo | Sept 9-11





Wireless Repair EXPO Pavilion Map Meet the Leaders in Wireless Repair


170 Simple Snap 169

Technology Solutions and Services, Inc.

Wholesale Gadget Parts





Maya Network




CVE Technology Group








RAM Fixtues 1573



Worth Ave. 870

Phone Parts USA



Mobile Defenders


Repair Solution 871

Etrade Supply



Sky High Group

Item Electronics

AnB Components


CF Repair Center

ReVamp Wholesale

NE Parts 172

Hookup Cellular

WEN Refurb 173

AmTrust Mobile



Parts 4Cells 674

TX Parts 875

eTech Parts

Mobile CE Stage

B2B Soft 775



Voice Comm 675

TFX Tech Inc



Worth Ave. Group Insurance Solutions for a digital world


For onsite program agenda, visit BOOTH # 2075


partner & sponsors eTech Parts

Booth #868 | Premier Partner | Caesars Palace Hospitality Suite

eTech Parts is your simple solution for supply chain management. Founded in 2008, eTech Parts specializes in high quality replacement parts, tools, training, and support for the wireless repair industry. As your partner in repair, eTech’s team of dedicated specialists work with you to help your business succeed. They’re on your side with a goal to exceed your expectations and redefine what ‘quality service’ means to you. Building a reputable repair brand isn’t easy – but finding reliable parts and tools should be. Allow eTech Parts to take procurement and training off your plate, so you can focus on your future in repair. 913.839.1718 | etechparts.com


Soldering Course, Workshop Facilitator

BEST Inc. is an organization committed to providing superior rework and repair services for PCB’s, exceptional training and certification programs and innovative development and sale of products to improve the speed and reliability of rework and repair operations on wireless devices, gaming systems and laptops. Located outside Chicago, BEST has many loyal customers throughout the United States and distribution in Eastern/Western Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. 847.797.9250 | solder.net

B2B Soft

Booth #775, Presenting Sponsor

B2B Soft is a leader in wireless retail management solutions. With over a decade of proven experience in wireless retail, we enable our customers to run their businesses effectively with full visibility into and control of all aspects of sales and operations. Wireless Standard is a fully-featured, scalable, cloud-based Retail Management System that provides wireless retailers, vendors and carriers with 360 degree visibility to maximize profitability. Wireless Standard offers many modules to address wireless dealer needs, including activations and upgrades, inventory, marketing, payments, reporting, time and attendance, kiosks and repair. We help you make your business more profitable! 212.742.2301 ext. 1 | B2BSoft.com


Presenting Sponsor

Groupon is a global leader of local commerce and the place customers start when they want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere. By leveraging the company’s global relationships and scale, Groupon offers consumers a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals all over the world. Groupon is redefining how businesses attract, retain, and interact with customers. Our suite of products and services, including customizable deal campaigns, credit card payment processing capabilities, and point-of-sale solutions help businesses grow and operate more effectively. To learn more about our merchant solutions and how to work with Groupon, contact us at wirelessrepair@groupon.com. 888.582.4354 | GrouponWorks.com


partners and sponsors Raise

Presenting Sponsor

Raise extends the buying power of consumers through the world’s largest and most trusted gift card marketplace. Through both desktop, as well as mobile apps for iPhone and Android, Raise members access the marketplace to purchase gift cards at prices below face value to use as payment for everyday purchases. And sellers – both individual consumers, and businesses with larger card inventories – tap into the Raise marketplace to sell this inventory to ready-to-spend consumers within hours, and at the highest-possible margins. 888.578.8422 | Raise.com


Presenting Sponsor

RepairTRAX (SaaS) is a cloud-based repair shop software application designed to handle any type of repair. Repair shops around the globe use RepairTRAX to manage their entire repair shop operations. Design your custom workflow, track all your parts & labor, and provide excellent customer service via automatic live messaging – and all without any extra workload on your techs! Always know the state of any repair, maintain exceptional record keeping, and improve efficiency for less than the price of a cup of coffee. RepairTRAX will transform you into a Repair Shop Rock Star. Are you ready to rock? 303.933.7300 | repairTRAX.com


Presenting Sponsor

Imagined with cellphone repair shops and retail stores in mind, SmartIO is an anytime, anywhere content management solution for mobile devices. It allows data transfer, recovery and backup over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. No hardware. No cables. Increase your revenue with SmartIO Data Transfer - a comprehensive, cross-platform solution to transfer data from one device to another. Become more profitable with SmartIO Data Recovery – a unique product that allows data recovery from devices with broken screens or touch panels. Ideal for customer retention and superior customer experience in a high-touch retail environment. SmartIO is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. 425.956.3404 | SmartIOapp.com


exhibitors AmTrust Mobile Solutions

Booth #371

AmTrust Mobile Solutions is an offering of AmTrust Financial Services, a multinational insurance holding company whose primary insurance subsidiaries have an “A� (Excellent) Financial Size XIII rating from A.M. Best Company. An innovative and technology-driven company with insurance carriers licensed in all 50 states, AmTrust lends its financial strength and allows AmTrust Mobile Solutions to be offered for retail dealers and their consumers. 888.328.4575 | amtrustgroup.com

AnB Components

Booth #571

AnB Components, LLC is an international company with a focus on recycling, refurbishing and replacing mobile components. Through direct ownership of manufacturing and the utilization of a triple filtration system to provide quality assurance, we are able to deliver consistently low defective rate. Through constant analysis of market data, AnB Components quickly adjusts to the market to offer the best prices, whether it is the highest recycling price or the lowest on replacement or refurbished parts. With multiple locations nationwide, our Brand Ambassadors work one on one with each client, enabling direct and efficient customer service. 800.859.7816 | anbcomponents.com

B2B Soft

Booth #775 | Presenting Sponsor

B2B Soft is a leader in wireless retail management solutions. With over a decade of proven experience in wireless retail, we enable our customers to run their businesses effectively with full visibility into and control of all aspects of sales and operations. Wireless Standard is a fully-featured, scalable, cloud-based Retail Management System that provides wireless retailers, vendors and carriers with 360 degree visibility to maximize profitability. Wireless Standard offers many modules to address wireless dealer needs, including activations and upgrades, inventory, marketing, payments, reporting, time and attendance, kiosks and repair. We help you make your business more profitable! 212.742.2301 ext. 1 | B2BSoft.com

Cash 4 LCDs

Booth #471

Cash4LCDs is a national wholesale LCD Recycle company based in Phoenix, Arizona. From humble beginnings as a small local operation, a few good men and a convertible Ford Mustang, they drove around the city of Phoenix, buying up all the salvage they could from local repair shops. Today, Cash4lcds buys salvage from thousands of vendors covering the North American continent and beyond. The company now employs a small army of expert testers, processors, and a dedicated account management team, all of whom work together providing one on one personalized customer service delivering the fastest testing times in the industry. 855.427.6534 | cash4lcds.com


Booth #1168

As a certified BAKU Professional Tools distributor, CellRepairTools.com brings you the highest standard in repair tools for every restoration need. We deliver the widest range of equipment and quality assurance, all in one place. With over two hundred items available at the touch of a button, we bring convenience and efficiency to all your repair requirements. We offer any and all tools, from a basic screw driver to fully equipped starter kits at ideal prices. Take your business to its full potential with the appropriate tools. Let us help you bring it back to life! 702.891.0377 | cellrepairtools.com


partners and sponsors CF Repair Center

Booth #768

CF Repair Center, a Southern California based company, has been a complete wireless service provider for over 31-years (under the same name and management). Since its inception, CF Repair Center has been dedicated to providing the general public and local businesses with the latest advancements in wireless repair and refurbishment. Our top-of-the-line facility along with master-trained technicians are ahead of the competition when it comes to full service. This dedication has made us a experienced leader in every aspect of the fast-paced wireless industry. 888.623.6288 | cfrepaircenter.com

CVE Technology Group, Inc.

Booth #968

CVE Group are the return / refurbish / repair specialists group behind the brand. For over 20 years, CVE Group, Inc. has been serving the ever-growing consumer products industry. As a leading, large scale reverse logistics provider, they strive to deliver unsurpassed quality and support to manufacturers and their products. While headquartered in Riverdale, New Jersey, just a short distance from New York City and close to the corporate offices of many companies within the electronics industry, CVE Group also has national receiving centers in Allen, Plano and Fort Worth, Texas. Throughout the years, their facilities have processed, repaired, and refurbished millions upon millions of consumer products. They specialize in consumer electronics, including audio, video, and telecommunications, and have vast experience with other types of consumer products as well. 800.231.5552 | CVEUSA.com

eTech Parts

Booth #868

eTech Parts is your simple solution for supply chain management. Founded in 2008, eTech Parts specializes in high quality replacement parts, tools, training, and support for the wireless repair industry. As your partner in repair, eTech’s team of dedicated specialists work with you to help your business succeed. They’re on your side with a goal to exceed your expectations and redefine what ‘quality service’ means to you. Building a reputable repair brand isn’t easy – but finding reliable parts and tools should be. Allow eTech Parts to take procurement and training off your plate, so you can focus on your future in repair. 913.839.1718 | etechparts.com

Etrade Supply International, Ltd.

Booth #974

With operations in the United States, China and Hong Kong, ETrade Supply International Ltd. is a global, vertically integrated, phone parts retailer, specializing in post sales consumer electronics solutions and services with a commitment to growth and innovation. We provide Enterprise Supply Chain Solutions for EMS, Network Carriers, Mobile Phone Insurance Providers, Electronics Retailers and Reverse Logistics Services etc. We also have customized Platform B2B and B2C Ecommerce Solutions for thousands of repair shops and retail customers from all around the world. Looking forward to building partnerships with more customers who take the same values to this industry as we do. 972.850.3910 | etradesupply.com


exhibitors Hookup Cellular

Booth #471

Hookup Cellular is a family owned and operated wholesale parts and repair company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Beginning as a small local repair and parts store, 6 years later Hookup now ships the highest quality wholesale repair parts to all 50 states and multiple countries. With a combined experience spanning several decades, the professional repair techs at Hookup Cellular work tirelessly to provide customers the best possible solutions for their businesses. Whether you are an individual retailer or one of the largest franchises, Hookup Cellular is your solution for top tier parts and quality service. 855.427.6534 | hookupwholesale.com


Booth #770

You’re probably familiar with iFixit.com: the popular website that teaches people how to fix anything while empowering individuals to share their technical knowledge with the world. Now enters iFixit Pro–a newly launched community of repair professionals. iFixit Pro helps pros have expert-to-expert discussion, find quality parts and certify to an industry-recognized standard of excellence. RepairShopr is the most complete repair shop platform available. One-man army? Full-service shop? Cell phone repair shop? Multiple locations? We have you covered! Increase shop efficiency with RepairShopr’s workflow. Build customer relationships with integrated communication tools. Create repeat business and attract new customers with leads and marketing tools. 805.540.6339 | ifixit.com

Item Electronics


Booth #971

Item Electronics Ltd. is a manufacturer offering replacement parts and repair parts for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and more. Founded in 2005, our factory is based in Shenzhen of China. Item Electronics has provided over a thousand different products to customers from Asia, North America, Europe and worldwide. Our aim is to achieve continued success by providing our customers with a large variety of high quality products at the best prices available. We strive to be your first choice for accessories and replacement parts. It’s our company philosophy that the product should speak for itself and that success is measured by satisfying every customer. +86 755 8365-3858 | itemelectronics.com


Booth #873

LCDcycle is one of the fastest growing wholesale parts distributors in the nation. With new distribution centers opening nationwide, LCDcycle is committed to getting you your parts as fast as possible, for as little as possible. LCDcycle started as a small repair shop chain, so they know the needs of a repair shop owner. LCDcycle is known for their no-hassle lifetime return policy, which is unheard of in the industry. Check out their competitive prices on Apple and Samsung parts. 972.234.4555 | lcdcycle.com


partners and sponsors Maya Network LLC

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Maya Network is a wholesale and distribution operation dedicated to sales and service of replacement parts for mobile devices. We sell to third party repair shops across the nation, always with a focus on customer service and fostering long term relationships with new and existing customers. Investing a large portion of resources and energy to constantly improve systems, processes, and purchasing overseas is the foundation of the Maya Network brand promise to deliver the best possible quality replacement parts at competitive prices. Maya Network also offers LCD recycling services with competitive buy back, prices and fast and easy turnaround times. 424.248.3896 | mayacellularparts.com

Mengtor Parts

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The rapid and explosive growth of the cellular business in markets worldwide is mirrored in Mengtor International Inc. in both their size and innovation. As a leading distributing company in the wireless industry, we emphasize the importance of keeping up-to-date parts for electronics available to our thousands of loyal customers. The wide selection of products accessible to the customer range from repair parts, such as LCDs and charging ports, to accessories for every necessity. Our longstanding reputation has been built by providing the lowest prices and highest quality in the market. We welcome you to grow with us and become a part of our industry leading business. 888.683.7306 | mengtor.com

Mengtor Mobile Device Training

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Our Level III Certified Technicians have over 17 years of experience gained through working alongside well-known companies such as Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. As a former founder and instructor for different start-up institutions, we have trained well over 4,000 students worldwide, since 2007! It is no wonder the success stories continue to grow in numbers for former students in the wireless industry. Do not undermine the value of your career for the dollar value of just any school. Our all-in-one course will guide you through hands-on experience in repair and business management. We give you the knowledge and skills to undertake your new profession with confidence and with continuous support, even after course completion. Let our professional training expertise be the foundation to a successful career. 702.338.1588 | 404.444.5245 | mengtormdtraining.com

Mobile Defenders

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Mobile Defenders provides wholesale cell phone replacement parts to individuals and organizations throughout the United States. Offering unmatched quality, fast fulfillment and shipping from multiple distribution centers, and an industry leading support and knowledge base, Mobile Defenders is the leader in the wholesale cell phone and mobile device replacement parts industry. Mobile Defenders prides itself on offering only the highest quality parts and service. All of our screens are hand tested throughout the supply chain to ensure quality control and we extend our no-hassle refund or return warranty policy for any defective parts. 616.551.2286 | mobiledefenders.com


exhibitors NEPartz

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NePartz is a wireless wholesale parts distributor from Manchester, New Hampshire. We offer the most competitive wholesale prices on all iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Motorola and LG replacement parts in the US. We are the gadget parts specialist and know our customers’ need for best blend of price, quality, customer service and speed. Our parts are of the highest quality and come with a full warranty. Free standard shipping on all orders. Quality above all. Providing your parts is our part...a source you can trust! 800.397.3394 | NEPartz.com


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At Parts4Cells our mission is to provide the best customer service experience while selling the highest quality repair parts at the lowest price possible. Our company was founded on the idea of helping our customers save the most money on parts and the repair process. Our parts are always tested before we ship out to ensure the upmost quality service we can offer. Here at Parts4Cells we have every cell part you need to complete a repair job. 480.331.8598 ext. 101 | Parts4Cells.com

Phone Parts USA

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PhonePartsUSA is a well-established wholesaler and distributor of cell phone and tablet replacement parts and accessories. We supply major retailers, refurbishers and brick & mortar stores with: LCD Screens, Touch Screens, Small Components, Repair Tools, Cases, Screen Protectors, Chargers / Data Cables, and many other Accessories. In the recent years, we have developed a strong supply chain system, which has equipped us with top notch warehousing, inventory management with constant replenishment, and OEM product development for clients. 855.213.5588 | phonepartsusa.com

Repair Solution Co., Ltd.

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Bosvo Co., Ltd. (dba Repair Solution Co.), located in Guangzhou city, China, was founded in 2011. We are a professional one-stop cell phone repair solution company, and through the years, have built solid relationships with global clients. We supply cell phone parts, provide one-stop cell phone repair tools, and offer customized case service. North America, our primary target market, has a great development potential. To serve our clients efficiently and expeditiously, we opened self-owned shopping online and stores on Amazon, Alibaba and Aliexpress. 566.421.3931 | phonepartsonline.com


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RepairQ is the mobile repair industry’s leading point-of-sale, inventory management, and comprehensive business management software. RepairQ has invested years of research in the mobile repair industry and continues to learn more and more how to better serve its customer base. Today, RepairQ continues to grow in size, functionality, and efficiency of use by improving workflows and adding new features. We are a trusted partner, helping hundreds of companies from all over the world – from single locations to national franchises – more easily manage and optimize their daily operations. 877.230.6317 | RepairQ.io


partners and sponsors ReVamp Wholesale

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ReVamp Wholesale is a subsidiary of ReVamp Electronics LLC. This division of our company is focused on the distribution of smartphone and tablet repair parts. Since the division’s launch, the ReNu™ line of parts has been developed as well as our new flag-ship product, Simple Snap™ Screen Protectors. The mission of ReVamp Wholesale is to deliver an excellent customer experience through superior vendor relations, quality control, inventory management and innovative design. The core values of the business are: Excellence, Honesty & Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork. 1.877.9.REVAMP | ReVampWholesale.com

Simple Snap™

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Screen protectors are historically grueling to install. It is a difficult task to align the protector properly so that it goes on evenly. Constantly removing and repositioning the protector causes it to bend and trap dust and air bubbles. Simple Snap comes with a patented mold that fits perfectly around your device allowing for a flawless bubble-free installation. Our mission is to offer a quick and simple protection method for smartphones and tablets utilizing effortless technology that anyone can use. 1.877.973.8267 | simplesnap.com

Sky High Group INC.

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SKY HIGH GROUP mainly manufactures and sells high quality LCD screens for iPhone4s, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, and Samsung screens. Our office, located in LA, distributes new screens and also offers the service of fixing and replacing old screens. We believe in green, low carbon recycling of the old screens and will soon be expanding to Seattle, Washington and Oregon. Sky High Group was founded and is run by Songhua Zhang on October 31, 2013, with the main factory located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. 515.218.8888 | Skyhigh88888.com

TFX Tech

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TFX Tech Inc., located in Los Angeles, is a branch company of TFX Technology Development Co., which is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, a leading company in cell phone component development and manufacturing. We offer high quality phone LCDs, flex cables and other phone parts, we also supply chargers, smart watches, power banks, cables, phone cases and screen protectors with affordable prices and exceptional customer service. TFX has become one of the most competitive suppliers in the mobile spare parts industry. 213.316.6888 | phonepartswholesale.com


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Technology Solutions & Services, Inc. (TSSI) specializes in high-volume remanufacturing of cellular products to like-new condition. TSSI operates two factories just across the border in Mexico totaling nearly 500,000 square feet, and three U.S. offices. Each factory uses the latest test & repair technologies, making TSSI a front runner for IT, Mobile, Tablet and Wireless Networking service. In addition to test and repair, we utilize proprietary cosmetic recovery processes that bring less-than-desirable products back to a like new sellable condition. We provide clients with a cost effective solution that maximizes financial recovery. We’re not just another 3PSP doing NTF screening and basic part swap. We’re a full service end-to-end solution with cutting edge services that bring real value to your recovery efforts. 818.686.8265 | tssius.com


exhibitors TX Parts

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TX Parts is a wholesale company for cell phone parts located in Houston. We carry all kinds of cell phone repair parts, from batteries, flex cables, buttons, digitizers and LCD’s to basically anything that is needed to repair a faulty phone. We sell AAA quality products, which go through many stages of testing before we put them out to sell in the market. We offer some of the lowest rates in the market, and the best high quality product you can find. Our goal is to make our customers happy, and we work closely with our customers to meet all their needs and wants. 832.324.9590 | txparts.com


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VoiceComm is the premier mobile accessory distributor for the North American market. VoiceComm’s diverse, high profile product portfolio coupled with our commitment to serve has allowed us to quickly become the go-to destination for wireless accessories in the repair channel. With a focus on what’s important for repair stores, we inspire through customization to develop the programs and resources businesses need to succeed. Let us help you prepare your repair business for the future. Connect with us and experience our difference. 800.803.1321 | myvoicecomm.com

Wen Refurbishing Inc.

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At Wen Refurbishing, we sell refurbishing machines to repair cracked or shattered cell phone cover glass safely, making sure to not damage any internal components. We offer state of the art training, using the latest standards and proven repair techniques, thereby making your refurbishing business fast and efficient. Your employees will have the opportunity to immediately master their confidence coding repairs, in our one-on-one classes for hands on personal training with our staff. At Wen Refurbishing, we offer the most modern machines in the industry, making use of the latest industry leading tools and equipment. 818.292.4586 | wenrefurbishing.com

Wholesale Gadget Parts

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Wholesale Gadget Parts, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a distributor of electronic repair parts for cell phones, tablets, game systems and more. Our customers appreciate the superior customer service experience they receive, while having access to high quality parts; competitive pricing; Worth Ave. Group a one-year, hassle-free warranty; same-day shipping (as late as 7:00PM central time); a low out-of-stock rate; a generous return policy; a wide variety of parts, and the fact that we actually answer our phones. Insurance Solutions for a digital world

800.927.5193 | wholesalegadgetparts.com

Worth Ave. Group

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Worth Ave. Group specializes in providing electronic device insurance for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. For over 40 years, Worth Ave. Group and its affiliates have provided a sense of security for thousands of individuals nationwide. Our low deductibles and affordable premiums make our insurance product attractive to all anyone who owns a laptop, digital camera, gaming equipment, tablet, cell phone or other portable electronic device. 800.620.2885 | worthavegroup.com


guest speakers partners and sponsors Clear-Coat

Mobile CE Retail Stage Speaker

Clear-Coat, an Inc 5000 ranked company, is a manufacturer and innovator of mobile accessories with all design and manufacturing operations located in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Clear-Coat products can be found through an international network of 90+ mall kiosks, distributors, repair shops, resellers, and Clear-Coat.com. Clear-Coat’s flagship original product is an ultra-clear protective film that wraps around the entire device without adding the bulk, featuring military grade scratch protection and self-healing technology, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. 215.325.0747 | clear-coat.com

The Phone Guys

Mobile CE Retail Stage Speaker

The Phone Guys is a service driven company, where our heart is to serve the customer’s needs. We repair your broken cell phones, tablets, gaming systems and computers. Although our focus is mainly on cell phone repair, we also sell used phones, accessories, provide software adjustments, sell & wholesale distribute cell phone parts, and other general cell phone products & improvements. 479.422.6044 | thephoneguysnwa.com

Ram Fixture

Mobile CE Retail Stage Speaker

Ram Fixture has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of retail spaces for over thirty-seven years. With so many years of delivering exceptional quality to retailers nationwide and Mexico, they have gained an unparalleled experience. When it comes to the wireless industry, they have become the leading choice for store displays and fixtures. Their unsurpassed quality, unique designs, competitive pricing plus the ability to deliver 1 to 100+ stores in record time makes them the obvious choice when time is of the essence. With custom capabilities, standard lines, and thousands of fixture and display items in stock, Ram Fixture is the one-stop shop for all your store’s needs. 888.806.3726 | ramfixture.com




Get Smart.

Making the Next Big Thing even better.

The Galaxy S® 6 and Galaxy S® 6 edge have raised the bar for smartphone design, and performance. With an advanced processor, fast charging and built-in wireless charging capabilities, a Quad HD Super AMOLED® display and the best camera ever in a Samsung phone, the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge embody the best of form and function.

Samsung didn’t stop there. Along with these two evolutionary smartphones, it is launching a complete selection of reimagined covers, cases and accessories designed to make the Next Big Thing even better.


Samsung has also incorporated multiple charging options into the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge.

Adaptive Fast Charging Adaptive Fast Charging uses a standard cable solution, but unlike micro USB charging, provides up to 4 hours of battery life in as little as 10 minutes – in most cases charging your battery from 0% to 50% in about 30 minutes. AFC Travel Charger

AFC Vehicle Charger

Wireless Charging Adaptive Fast Charging uses a standard cable solution, but unlike micro USB charging, provides up to 4 hours of battery life in as little as 10 minutes – in most cases charging your battery from 0% to 50% in about 30 minutes. Built-in with both wireless charging standards makes the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge amazingly convenient. Simply place your phone onto the newly redesigned Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, look for the glowing green halo of light – and you’re powering up. Available in both Qi and PMA certified variants, the new Wireless Charging Pad is low profile, stylish and a snap to use.

Available in Black & White

Cases & Covers

Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge cases incorporate new functionality and materials and were designed to enhance the phone’s capabilities while covering as little of the device as possible.

S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy S 6 The redesigned S-View Flip Cover is available in a variety of colors in both synthetic leather and fabric textures. This next generation S-View includes expanded through-the-window functionality and phone access – keeping even more of your information at your fingertips.

Accept/reject incoming calls

Shoot pictures/video

View notifications

Dial your favorite contacts

S-View Flip Cover and Wallet Flip Cover available in Fabric and Synthetic Leather Textures

Wallet Flip Cover for Galaxy S 6 edge For the innovative Galaxy S 6 edge, they’ve created a convenient Wallet Flip Cover, with full screen-edge visibility and a handy internal card pocket. It’s also available in a range of colors in both high-quality synthetic leather and fabric textures.

Protective Cover & Protective Cover for Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge If protection is what you need, but you don’t want to wrap your device in a bulky, “robo-case” – Samsung has created the Protective Cover and Protective Cover CLEAR for both devices. These ultra-slim, snap-on protective covers incorporate rubberized edging for protection against most edge impacts your device might sustain and a full backside cover to help protect the rear of your device from dust & scratches. The Protective Cover CLEAR includes a fully transparent back plate for maximum visibility of the stunning Samsung Galaxy phone beneath.

Check out the complete line up of genuine Samsung accessories for Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge at samsung.com today or contact your Samsung Authorized Accessories Reseller for details.

Convenient interior card pocket




Global industry analysts report that the global market for Smartphones is projected to reach 1.8 billion units by 2018, driven by rapid penetration and continuous improvements in device productivity, speed, efficiency, simplicity, durability and reliability.* Staying relevant in mobile accessories is as much an art form as it is a science. Managing the demands of the staggering 1.8 billion consumers worldwide seeking the latest Smartphones is difficult enough, but add to that their search for the smartest accessories, and it becomes a daunting challenge. Valor Communication, Inc., maker of the Mybat brand of cell phone accessories established in 1997, does just that.


Mybat cases reflect their passion to manufacture products that are versatile to fit every style.



Retail customers have the freedom to create their own design and packaging. Stocking Inventory, Made Easy at mybat.com • The website design is a balance of creativity & professional functionality • Cutting edge interactive features make it easy to shop for best sellers when you need them most • Online customer support available during business hours to answer any immediate questions • Real-time inventory management, perfect for pre-planning new product releases, and restocking fast sellers • Multiple payment methods make check out secure and swift


With their mission to deliver superb and innovative products, they not only keep pace but also deliver peace of mind for their retail partners’ loyal customers. The wireless technology boom shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Valor maintains a competitive edge in the industry, by thinking ahead of the market trends, understanding customers’ needs and expectations, and constantly developing innovative and competing protective solutions for the newest gadgets under the Mybat brand name. Standing out in manufacturing can be a formidable task. Valor, the brains behind the Mybat brand, promises to bring unique and never-seen-before designs, developed by their very own in-house design and engineering teams, to the market. Their experienced and creative designers find inspiration from the latest trends spotted on high fashion runway shows to the most talked about designs in social media. The Mybat cases reflect their passion to manufacture products that are versatile to fit every style. Ranging from the lustrous diamond covers for the fashionistas to the sleek book-styled wallet covers for the working professionals, Mybat has it covered. Their cases are designed to combat life’s unexpected accidents and damages, without sacrificing in design and style. At a fraction of the cost, they offer some of the same superior quality and craftsmanship as many other top name-brand products.

Well-oiled process. Unlike some competitors, Valor actually manufactures a line of products. They have masterfully integrated manufacturing, distribution and creative processes to maximize company efficiencies, rather than rely on multiple outsources. This decreases production lead-time, leverages capacity, and increases quality to keep competitive in the marketplace, while focusing on serving customers better and faster. The factory in Shenzhen, China, has its very own quality control team that performs onsite product inspections and testing to ensure products are in compliance with international regulations. In turn, this saves money and avoids costly defects by ensuring product imports meet specifications and quality standards, before they even leave the factory.


From the inception of a product via a rigorous R&D process, to factory operations, to the Valor Communications, Inc. headquarter facilities in California, the entire Valor supply chain has matured over the years and risen as a successful, proven leader in the industry. Valor’s excellence lies with their ability to introduce new and innovative products in a timely manner, while diligently protecting product development with patents and copyrights. They have utilized technology to an extent that earns them best of class in terms of warehouse and inventory management. By focusing even more energy on elevating brand awareness, they have solidified the Mybat brand in the marketplace. Maintaining a sound manufacturing process and continuing to execute brand excellence is the Valor formula for success.

The product is everything. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a mall, you have most likely seen the Mybat brand. The Mybat branded products are sold worldwide through consumer electronics and wireless retailers, wholesalers and distributors. With a robust distribution infrastructure in place, they are able to logistically manage quantities at any level without compromising quality. They consistently carry over 16,000 active products in inventory. With the collaborative effort of their US and China design teams, they create 100+ new products every week across 300+ different phone models for 20+ phone carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS among others.

Patented, protected, proud. Masterfully engineered, patented designs represent the Valor commitment to making the most stylish and one-of-a-kind products for technology-savvy users. They are the proud owners of more than 20 patenteddesigns that are exclusive to their Mybat brand. These flagship products include the TUFF, TUFF Merge, TUFF Trooper, TUFF Extreme and Challenger Hybrid Protector Covers which utilize an elite hybrid design that combines two materials into one rugged case. By marrying functionality with aesthetics, they’ve created an extensive selection of unique designs to bring to the market. Patent-pending.



Customizing opportunity. While constantly expanding their product depth to meet the needs of their customer, they also allow retail customers the freedom to create their own design and packaging. Valor offers ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services to build unique products for their customers. They accomplish this by helping customers first identify the optimum opportunity for customization, in order to create value in their retail environment. This in turn boosts the retailer’s revenue potential. Then, the Valor team walks side-by-side with retailers throughout the span of the product planning process: from design concept to manufacturing, to final delivery. Having an excellent reputation to deliver superior private label programs for some of the largest national chains in the US allows Valor the flexibility to scale very easily for smaller regional or local wireless retailers.

The big picture. Valor will continue to provide quality products with the most extensive selections, exceptionally low RMA returns, and, as always, paired with their distinctive and excellent customer service. More importantly, their prompt shipment process is award winning. No wonder why so many customers choose Valor as their vendor of choice.

Valor is more than just a one-stop-shop for premium wireless accessories; they help retailers seek new opportunities for growth through access to their wealth industry expertise. The big picture is to earn the loyalty of retail customers, always supporting them, every step of the way, as true business partners in the industry. When you share the same vision, everyone wins. Join the Mybat Team today! For more information about Mybat Wireless Accessories, visit www.mybat.com.

*Source: www.droidreport.com/smartphone-accessories-market-3008



FIVE PROBLEMS IN WIRELESS REPAIR & HOW TO FIX THEM We recently asked members of the repair community to share their thoughts on the current state of wireless repair. We quickly noticed a common theme, particularly amongst repair shop owners that are struggling to gain traction. If you’re looking for success in the wireless repair industry, here are the top 5 problems repair shop owners are facing and what we think you can do to avoid them…




Training and Retaining Technicians Hiring technicians is the #1 issue facing wireless repair shops. As shop owners nationwide struggle to find reliable employees to hire and train, the growing demand for wireless repair technicians has hit an all-time high. For a job that requires a specialized technical skillset, low industry awareness makes the hiring process a challenge for wireless repair shop owners. Keeping trained technicians on staff can also be difficult if the pay doesn’t match the technician’s quality (and quantity) of work performed. So how do you find reliable help? We asked Dave Takushi, an experienced repair shop owner, to weigh in on the subject. “I try to find someone who’s smart, has an aptitude for fixing things, enjoys the technology, and someone you can teach. I’ve hired a lot of people with technical experience in the past, but I actually prefer hiring someone who hasn’t fixed a lot of phones before. You can teach them from scratch and make sure they perform repairs the right way, as opposed to what they were taught before, which may not have been the best way possible.”



Inventory Management Inventory management is a balancing act. For a repair shop, effective inventory management means maintaining a balanced stock to meet customer demand, while keeping cost of goods under control. If you don’t stock enough parts to meet demand, you risk losing customers to well-stocked competitors. Stocking too many parts can lead to profit loss, as electronic parts are subject to depreciation. Ordering parts as-needed may seem like an easy solution, but with extra shipping costs and limited discounts, this buying strategy costs more in the long run. What gets measured gets managed. To get your inventory under control, start by keeping track of how many parts you use for each device per month. Note which repairs are most popular, perform inventory counts each week, return defective products as needed, and record everything in Excel or a Google doc. Or better yet, let a software system track it for you. RepairQ is an all-in-one POS system designed to track and manage repairs, sales, inventory, and much more. Systems like RepairQ save time and money, while helping you plan for the future of your repair shop.


Consumer Awareness and Education Industry awareness is growing, but are consumers well informed? Survey says…not really. While your community might be aware of the solution for fixing a broken phone, there are still several common misconceptions surrounding the wireless repair industry. One of the most damaging misconceptions stems from the use of 2-year subsidized cell phone contracts. $199 for a brand new phone on a 2-year contract sounds like a great deal, right? What many consumers don’t realize is that $199 is basically a down payment – not the full price of the phone. This greatly skews the value of the device, and cheapens the perceived value of repair services – which in turn leaves consumers feeling less motivated to choose repair. An educated customer is a happy customer. Wireless repair shop owners should think creatively when developing tactics to inform local communities. Use your website and social media platforms to answer customers’ questions before they even ask. You can also use these platforms to further inform your community by addressing some of today’s most common misconceptions. Remember to ask your customers questions too, and consider starting a customer referral program. Give customers an incentive to go out and spread the word, and there’s a good chance they will.





$749 MSRP


$429 Amaz


THE IPHONE 6+ $799

$699 Verizon

$599 AT&T

$499 MSRP







$649 $699 $699 $765









MSRP AT&T Verizon

Amazon AT&T MSRP Verizon


$649 $699 $749 $723










$649 Verizon

$649 $795


AT&T Amazon






Verizon AT&T Amazon


NOT THE FULL PRICE YOU PAY After figuring the total of the down payment and extra monthly charges the iPhone 6 16GB Model, with an MSRP of $649, from top carriers can cost as much as:

$800 from AT&T $920 from Sprint

All phones listed include base level storage options. This data was collected by eTech Parts in January 2015 from the following sources: Verizon, AT&T, Amazon, Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG.


$830 from Verizon $660 from T-Mobile



Pricing Strategy Do you want to be the best, or the cheapest? Some repair shop owners base pricing solely on their local competition. Even worse, many repair shop owners feel obligated to match or beat Apple’s repair price of $129, even in towns with no Apple store in sight. The consequences of this pricing strategy can have a detrimental effect on businesses in oversaturated markets. When you attempt to simultaneously compete with a multi-billion dollar company and the repair shop down the street, you won’t win. You can’t be the best and the cheapest. Your pricing should reflect your services, not those of your competitors. Develop a pricing strategy that reflects the value of your services. While competitor pricing should be taken into consideration, a savvy repair shop owner will name his or her price based on the value of services. When developing a pricing strategy, take into account the labor involved with the repair, the convenience and speed of your services compared to the competition, the quality of replacement parts, and your shop’s warranty. Keep in mind your overhead costs such as rent and cost of goods sold, to ensure your pricing strategy is a profitable one.


Supply Chain Consistency What consistency? We don’t call our industry the ‘Wild West’ for nothing. The distribution of wholesale repair parts is largely unregulated, which has resulted in mass product misrepresentation and an unprecedented number of counterfeit parts on the market. Repair shop owners often struggle with inconsistent quality of parts, as well as unreliable customer service, delayed order fulfillment, and a lack of returns support from suppliers both stateside and overseas. Find a supply chain partner you can trust. Building a relationship with a reliable supplier is the key to consistency. The right supplier stands behind their product with a money-back guarantee and hassle-free returns, unlimited customer support, fast shipping, and consistent quality control. And don’t forget to consider your supplier’s length of industry experience. eTech Parts’ 7-year purchasing history allows the advantage of increased buying power and connections to source the highest quality parts and tools at the best price on the market. We understand finding the right supply partner can be tricky, but sometimes the answer is right under your nose.




Our Mission The mission of Revamp Wholesale is to deliver an excellent customer experience through superior vendor relations, quality control, inventory management and innovative design.

What We Offer


Lifetime Warranty

Premium Quality Parts

Same Day Shipping

Innovative Accessories

Competitive Pricing

Repair Tips / Tech Support


344 N Ogden Ave, Floor 1 Chicago, IL 60607








From Component to Consumer


Unlocked Android™ Smartphones starting at $99.99

Come See Us at CTIA Booth # 546

Z Series

Flagship Performance Boasting 4G LTE speeds, a powerful Octa-Core processor and full HD touchscreen, the Z series is fully-loaded for superior performance. Z8

X Series 4G LTE Speed

Enhance connection and multitask with a speedy processor and fast LTE connection. The X series is redefining speed and functionality.



NU Series 4G HSPA+ Value


Contact Us:


Experience exceptional quality at an affordable price with the NU series. Call, text, and snap photos with this unlocked Android™ smartphone.

dealer@nuumobile.com 507.529.0041 www.nuumobile.com

Unlock Your Mobile Experience


Mobile device and cellular repair training is a skill taught best by industry innovators. Mengtor MD trainers are not only instructors, but we are still active repair technicians.


H O IS POWER. Our proven methods confirm that hands-on training is the most efficient way of learning. Upon completion of training, our students will not only be certified but will receive unlimited up to date technical support beyond the classroom. At Mengtor Mobile Device Training (MMDT), we specialize in all mobile device repairs. From simple basic repairs such as glass, digitizers, LCD’s, flex cables, speakers etc., MMDT students will be taught advanced on-board Level III component repairs. These include but are not limited to microphones, soldered flex cables, charging ports, headphone jacks and SIM/SD card readers, all of these which are thoroughly explained during training. We also go in-depth about the effects of liquid damage to small electronics.






Hands-on training. Here, the students will learn all of the industry tools, tips, and tricks for restoration of non-working devices, due to spillage or submerged devices. For over 9 years our trainers have been highly respected for their knowledge and experience throughout the wireless industry. Our instructors are some of the first developers of wireless repair training in the nation and helped establish hundreds of current repair centers. With our wellequipped facilities we use advanced state of the art technology that allows us to simplify and enhance the learning process for our students by giving them direct access to the latest tools and equipment. We understand that every student learns at a different pace. The students have ample access to training materials in class to ensure their success, regardless of their pace. At MMDT we understand that knowledge is power and with that said, students will have the opportunity to not only watch and listen but to practice hands-on until they can confidently make the repair taught upon return to their shop. Hands-on training is the most effective and the quickest way to learn. Students will leave our training with more confidence in their ability to troubleshoot and repair all mobile devices. Continued practice post-training of these techniques further cements this knowledge and hones their ability and expertise. With the repair industry booming the way it is, sign up now for this course and start receiving the education required to grow profits tomorrow.




The Do’s and



Repair industry job placement & networking services for graduates.

Believe the most valuable aspect of training is hands-on.

Cell phone repair is a growing industry with great earning potential; however, we understand that not every student wants to open their own repair business. For students looking to market their valuable, high-level skills to repair shop owners, MMDT will soon provide job placement and networking services. Thousands of potential employers will be able to view a list of graduates and their contact information on our website, allowing them to contact students directly with potential job offers for techs who choose to use this service.

As one of the top mobile device repair training services in the country, we spend thousands of dollars on training materials. We do this to provide students with a thorough hands-on experience, always with enough room for trial and error without concern. Mengtor is one of the largest cell phone parts supplier in the US, with plenty of resources to spare, if students mistakenly destroy hardware while attempting repairs – we got you covered! Trainers will ensure that repair mistakes are promptly corrected, and students leave feeling confident in their range of repair abilities.

Offer unlimited support, post-training. We understand that five days of intensive training may leave students with questions, which is why we offer unlimited support after training. Students are encouraged to call us anytime with questions, to keep their skills up to date with trusted information.


Provide access to large inventory of training materials. Hands-on training is the only way to learn how to repair cell phones, which is why we provide students access to our large inventory of training materials from iPads and iPhones, bar phones, smart phones, LCD assemblies, flex cables, charging ports, and much more. This allows students to practice real-life repair scenarios using the highest quality tools and hardware.



the Don’ts WE DON’T

Believe you can be an expert of anything by watching a video.

Hire technicians that are not qualified.

Cell phone repair requires a high level of skill that only comes from proper training. It is not as simple as ordering parts from eBay and following instructions on YouTube, thereby yielding unprofessional results with potentially damaged components or incorrectly matched hardware. As a cell phone repair technician, it is common to encounter customers requesting the installation of hardware they ordered online, perhaps thinking they could perform the repair themselves. This is why we ONLY offer hands-on training, allowing students to gain the expert-level knowledge that comes from making mistakes and improving skills in a controlled environment. If repairing phones was as simple as watching online videos, cell phone repair shops would go out of business! This is why we DON’T offer online training.

All of our trainers have a minimum of 8 years of repair experience, including ownership and operation of repair shops. Properly training students requires our trainers’ hands-on participation and expertise. We DON’T hire technicians from Craigslist – that’s for sure!

Force students to sign ridiculous non-disclosures or non-compete documents. Being a professional repair training center, we are definitely not afraid of sharing our knowledge with our students. We want our students to be successful in the repair industry, by having the knowledge and skills needed to open a cell phone repair shop, or even a cell phone repair training center. Therefore we DON’T force our students to sign ANY non-disclosure or non-compete documents before attending our training. Our goal is to use our wealth of knowledge and experience to train every student to be successful and capable of performing the highest quality repairs.

For more information about Mengtor Mobile Device Training programs, visit mengtormdtraining.com


R O U GH . T O U G H . R U G G E D .



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w w w .pl u m - m ob ile . c om

the geeks to seek





Your BEST choice in Solder Rework/Repair, Solder Training and Soldering Tools 3603 Edison Place • Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 • v: 847.797.9250 • f: 847.797.9255 • www.solder.net


www.wesellcellular.com | 516.334.6400 | info@wesellcellular.com


We Sell Cellular offers wireless devices, smart phones, tablets, accessories and more compatible with these providers.





The ChargeHub™ is a 7-port USB universal charging station that has the ability to charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously with one power supply, minimizing the ever-increasing potential clutter with today’s growth in technology.

[ by WDM STAFF ] 080

Showing off its durable polycarbonate plastic encasing in a stylish high-gloss finish, it made a successful debut at CES 2014 and won a “Best of CES Award”. The ChargeHub™ utilizes patent-pending SmartSpeed™ Technology that provides optimal charge for virtually any USB chargeable devices (based upon the number and type of connected devices), with an output of 2. 4A max per port and 8.8A max total output current. Pair this product with Cell Phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, Gaming Devices, Bluetooth® Headsets, Navigation Units, Video/Digital Cameras, Mobile Hotspots, Portable Power Chargers or virtually any USB device. The ChargeHub™ is available in square or round shapes and in a variety of colors including: Black, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink and Edge-Glow Green. The sleek design fits in with most home and business decor. The blue LED power indicator light shows the ChargeHub™ is on and functional and the adjustable blue LED underglow effect can be used in the dark. Additionally, various safety features are built-in to assist in the protection of all connected devices, offering a UL / cUL listing, FCC certification as well as RoHS certification. The ChargeHub™ is backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty. Consumers can use the FREE online DesignStudio to personalize with any logo, text, graphic or artwork. It’s as easy as 1-2-3…Simply upload, personalize and print. The product is thoughtfully packaged with its eye-catching packaging featuring state-ofthe-art soft touch technology with Spot UV finish.

Charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously with one power supply. The 48W power supply is simply one cord to the wall and it eliminates excess cable and numerous plugs, outlets and power strips to maintain a neat and organized space. The ChargeHub™ is portable and can be used in a variety of places from home and work, as well as on-the-go that includes: cars, trucks (commercial), RV’s, boats and most airplanes. Included with each standard packing is the ChargeHub™ 3 ½” CableLinx™ Micro to USB Cable. The Vehicle Power Cable, Travel Case, International Travel Kit, and a variety of their other 3 ½” CableLinx™ Cables — including 30-pin to USB, Micro to USB, Lightning™ to USB and Mini to USB are sold separately. Also available is a similar collection of MFi certified CableLinx™. For the consumers who need all their charging needs in one package, the ChargeHub™ offers a Super Value Pack, which includes the ChargeHub™ and wall adapter, one (1) Vehicle Power Cable, two (2) Lightning™ to USB Charge and Sync Cables, two (2) 30-Pin to USB Charge and Sync Cables, two (2) Micro to USB Charge Cables, and one (1) Mini to USB Charge Cable. Cables are available in both black and white to coordinate with the variety of ChargeHub™ color options. Check it out at www.thechargehub.com.




Smartphones | Tablets | Smartwatches

iDROID USA – Although New but surely a darling among mobile phone outlets across America! “There is no doubt that iDROID USA makes Very High Quality Phones which they back by World Class Customer Care making their Smartphones Smarter than the Smartest!” says Mark Abraham, owner of Mr. Cellphone Man from Syracuse, NY Coming from humble beginnings in Philadelphia

to put them on display every chance you get or as a

earlier in 2014 iDROID USA has risen like a shooting

customer you would want to show it to all our

star in the few short months it has been around. It is

acquaintances when your fingers slide the app

a Cinderella story of instant success in modern day

screen in 3D rather than page to page.

America, its trajectory set at a height where it is poised to be the one to beat in the very near future.

iDROID USA’s main focus has been it’s Research and Development Team that are driven to constantly

The brainchild of Five Entrepreneurs, iDROID USA is

research the market for current trends in

the amalgamation of their shared passion and vision

Smartphones to be able to design the sleekest,

for what a Smartphone should be! Where most

most elegant looking Smartphone hosting the latest

Smartphones have become run-of-the-mill in their

features, yet keeping in mind that the company’s

Features and Operating Systems, they have also

utter goal is to give its customers a world class

become consistently dull looking and overpriced to

product; be it there 5.5” Royal or their 7.85” Mini

boot. The question that begs an answer is whether

Tablet backed with a world class after sales service

there is a phone that doesn’t look like a clone of the

experience for a fraction of a retail price to its Tier 1

other or with color schemes that remind one of the

competitors. The aim is to provide different cellular

bleak dystopian future worlds we’ve all seen in sci-fi

options for the needs of many across the board and

movies? Yes the answer is that iDROID USA has

across the world. iDROID USA has a Smartphone for

Smartphones that are colorful, spunky and so sleek

everyone from the harassed college major, the

of design that as a shopkeeper you’d willingly want

type-A mother of three and the career-ladder

iDROID’s STELLAR GROWTH IN EMERGING MARKETS! iDROID USA, the rapidly growing smartphone company in the USA, is progressing incredibly fast. It has outdone many other smartphone companies. At express pace, iDROID USA has journeyed conspicuous milestones. iDroid keeps a much bigger vision of where the company is being anticipated in the future. iDroid USA has the honor to have jumped in Kenya as well as UAE with all zeal and zest and has started to prosper as benchmark company, like in USA and many other regions of the world. After having researched fairly acutely the new markets of UAE and Kenya, iDroid presence is making its mark conspicuously and is being signed up by almost all prevalent smartphone dealers and distributors. With numerous Android devices in market which include high tech 3D mobile phones and tables, it has the least warranty claims, because iDroid’s products are being rated better than many other brands. iDROID USA’s success owes a lot to its founders for making it one of the most popular brands in a tough region and competitive market like Uganda, Africa. iDROID USA’s smartphones were first introduced in Uganda in March, 2015. Just after four months, the company managed to launch two more flagship smartphones iDroid Royal V4 & iDroid Royal V5. iDroid has been bearing heavy pressures on its production end due to great demand of its devices in all regions particularly in Uganda. Thousands of smartphones have already been sold just in few months and still the potential in that regions seems to be unending.


Well renowned personalities have had the honor to be iDROID USA’s brand ambassadors like Jose Chameleone, Mun G, Rema Namakula, Nutty Nathan. With a screaming gossip, iDroid literature is found everywhere on magazines and in articles. Different and outstanding from many respects, iDroid’s prevalence is extensive. With 500 dealers all over USA, exclusive distributorship in Europe and with dozens of small entrepreneurs already in queue, ready to sign up with the company.

iDROID USA announces its inclusion in the CTIA Super Mobility trade show 2015. This trade show gives the company an opportunity to invite its valuable customers to this grand arena. Customers with the Hall Pass will be allowed to visit the booth of iDROID USA. This pass gives our prospective clients a complimentary entrance to the exhibit floor, CTIA keynote sessions and free partner events for all three days. Just visit our place, experience a warm and cordial welcome and share the most exciting news and knowledge on iDroid’s Booth #852 on left side of main aisle with a total area of 400 square feet. Visit us online at facebook.com/iDroidUSA, and idroidusa.com.




BOOTH #2025


Come visit our Booth #2025 during the CTIA/Super Mobility Week to check out our smart phones, rugged phones, tablets and other products.

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DEVICE PROTECTION YOU CAN TRUST, GUARANTEED Screen protection just got better. Long gone are the days of dealing with liquid solutions that could potentially damage the electronic components of your prized smart device, rubber squeegees and the hassle of aligning the blasted screen protector to your device.




iShieldz® has long been known for producing the highest quality screen protection systems on the market. With over 25 years in the film application industry iShieldz® has quickly become the leader in mobile protection. They pride themselves on the fact that their products are made in the USA from only the highest quality, proprietary materials.

Introducing NEW & IMPROVED iShieldz® Auto Align. The unique packaging is designed to securely hold your device directly beneath our pre-aligned iShieldz® film. This alignment ensures a perfect installation every time. Now you can install the world’s BEST screen protection, with your eyes closed...literally!

Snap. Slide. Protect. Simply place your device into the foam tray. Next, Using the included pressure tool apply mild even pressure over the entire surface by pulling the pressure tool towards you at a 45° angle and watch as the iShieldz® screen protector is applied to your device perfectly aligned and bubble free. With something this simple that is backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, it’s easy to see that iShieldz® is the clear winner!




Screen protection offers superb clarity and color contrast when installed on your device. Utilizing a one-of-a-kind multi-layer technology, the High Definition screen protection system is the toughest and clearest screen protector available.


Screen protection technology installed, the likelihood of screen damage is greatly reduced in the event your device is dropped. While maintaining a High definition look and feel, this screen protector provides additional Impact Protection for your active lifestyle.


Recent studies have shown that viruses and bacteria such as Influenza, Staphylococcus and E. Coli can live on the screen of your device. Nearly one third of these microbes can transfer to your skin on contact. iShieldz screen protector with Silver Seal™ technology kills up to 99.99% of common microbes on the film surface. Combining the medical grade strength of our Silver Seal™ material with unrivaled Impact Resistance and HD clarity makes iShieldz RX the ultimate level of device protection.

Patented protection, protecting devices. It’s no wonder why iShieldz® is rapidly growing in global brand awareness. They were the first to create and patent the original screen protection system over 8 years ago and since that time iShieldz® has introduced many new and revolutionary screen protection advances. Don’t expect iShieldz® to stop innovating anytime soon. With a broad line up of medical grade protection and other mobile protection planned iShieldz® is poised to change the way we look at mobile accessories. It’s nice to know that a company like iShieldz® is hard at work helping to protect the devices we love. For more details on iShieldz® products, please visit their website www.ishieldz.com or contact sales: sales@ishieldz.com Visit iShieldz® at Booth 2268 during CTIA Super Mobility 2015.




COVERED. CONNECTED. CONFIDENT. AmTrust Mobile Solutions is an offering of AmTrust Financial Services, a multinational insurance holding company whose primary insurance subsidiaries have an “A� (Excellent) Financial Size XIII rating from A.M. Best Company. An innovative and technology-driven company with insurance carriers licensed in all 50 states, AmTrust lends its financial strength and allows AmTrust Mobile Solutions to be offered for retail dealers and their consumers.

[ by MICHELLE JAMES ] The Wireless Dealer Magazine team sat down with the AmTrust Mobile Solutions team recently to find more how their program works: How does AmTrust Mobile Solutions work?

AmTrust Mobile Solutions is a suite of mobile device protection and support services that provide your consumers with the protection that they need. Economic and hassle-free, this coverage allows for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost mobile devices quickly and efficiently with one of two options: 1. If the damaged device is repairable, your consumers may have access to an authorized local service center for repairs while they wait. 2. If an authorized local service center is not available, we will send a replacement unit, on an expedited basis, from our state-of the-art fulfillment center following claim submission.



How is your company structured?

AmTrust Mobile Solutions is an offering of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., a publicly traded, multinational insurance holding company, with gross written premiums in excess of $6 billion in 2014 and total assets in excess of $13 billion. An innovative, technology-driven company, which was selected as the Best-Managed Company in the insurance industry by Forbes magazine (December 29, 2014 issue), AmTrust lends its financial strength and dedicated IT resources to AmTrust Mobile Solutions. This vertical integration allows us to provide our partners complete program transparency and flexibility. And since the administrator and the insurance carrier are AmTrust Financial companies, we are able to provide pricing without the unnecessary middlemen.

How are claims processed?

How do you provide support for each retailer’s program?

How easy is it partner with AmTrust Mobile Solutions?

What is your contact info?

AmTrust Mobile Solutions’ domestically located claims center is staffed with specialists who provide prompt and professional assistance. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the claims center can also be accessed online. Our family of industry-leading customer support service centers have processed more than $1 billion in claims and the administrator for the AmTrust Mobile Solutions program is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

AmTrust Mobile Solutions appreciates that point-of-sale materials are critical in promoting and disclosing the various aspects of a program. That’s why we offer a marketing staff to design private label marketing materials or provide you with our own branded promotional items. Plus, we maintain strict adherence to each client’s branding requirements and possess an in-depth understanding of the legal and compliance issues associated with insurance product marketing.

Working with AmTrust Mobile Solutions is easy. Whether your business is big or small, we can offer a carrier-grade program to suit your unique needs and exceed your customers’ expectations. From initial on-boarding to ongoing customer service, we can deliver customized mobile device protection solutions, provide complete administrative support and tailor the program to your financial requirements.

Interested wireless retailers and wireless repair store owners, for inquiries on how AmTrust Mobile Solutions can design a program for your business, contact us today at 1.888.328.4575 or visit our website at amtrustmobilesolutions.com.



Anchor Graphics

CUSTOMIZE your customer’s wireless device in the store –



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See us at

our C

[ by WDM STAFF ] 094

No software. No special machine.

With their ever changing and adaptability to the wireless industry, they have managed a staying power second to none. Anchor Graphics Incorporated, one of the oldest and most renowned label companies in the wireless and telecommunications industry is now bringing you their new Photobackz product. Anchor Graphics has been a leader for solutions in the wireless and telecommunications industry for over 25 years. In that time they have created answers to their customer’s needs. Anchor Graphics is still the leader in products such as lens tapes, gaskets, IMEI/ESN labels and printer packages as well as liquid indicator labels.

weather resistant decals. personalized messages. contact information. company logos.

Anchor Graphics continues to offer its refurbishing and repair customer’s top OEM-quality products for their models at a fraction of the cost of OEM’s. Being around the wireless industry since its inception Anchor Graphics has watched the industry explode especially over the last ten years. They have worked tirelessly to keep up with customer’s ever increasing needs while offering a customer service experience second to none.

Leaping forward. With their new product “PHOTOBACKZ” Anchor Graphics is taking a leap into the wireless retailer market. Offering a do-it-yourself product that allows the dealer to customize their customer’s own wireless or communication device right there in the store while they wait. You can now create beautiful color and weather resistant decals right in your own store. The best part of “PHOTOBACKZ” is that it does not require special software. Anyone can do it, just open the image of choice in the Windows® photo viewer and it is ready to go. This patent pending process offers an easy, user friendly way to customize personal electronics with pictures or designs straight from a customer’s phone or PC with just a few clicks. Quickly customize any photo to add any desired text such as name, captions or contact information.

Chasing your tail is for the birds. PHOTOBACKZ also offers the most inexpensive insurance for return of your communication devices. Just use the same templates provided to print personal return information to attach to the device. Just like that you have easily identified your property and provided return instructions to anyone who finds it. Also, it is a great corporate advertising tool. Now, wireless retailers can offer their corporate accounts the ability to add logo marks to all of their employee company phones. Call Anchor Graphics today at 800-875-7859 to ask about the Dealer Pack Special with FREE inkjet color printer!! Or visit the web at www.AnchorGraphics.com. Please stop by Booth 361 to visit Anchor Graphics at CTIA Super Mobility 2015.




B2B MARKETPLACES FOR TRADE-IN DEVICES ARE CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLEMAN The explosion of cell phone buyback and trade-in programs have created an influx of secondhand devices available on the market. Historically,


wireless retailers, manufacturers, or cell phone buyback companies have either sold these devices to wholesale dealers overseas, direct to U.S. consumers, or to one or two liquidators stateside.



Between the transparency, the profit margins and the direct access, eliminating the middleman and purchasing trade-in wireless inventory straight from the source is something all wireless dealers should consider.

The result is a new and level playing field for wireless dealers. Over the past couple years however, a shift has taken place: as a compliment to their already existing programs, many companies – Gazelle and GameStop are two examples – are launching customized business-to-business online auction marketplaces that connect bulk quantities of trade-in devices directly to buyers; the result is a new and level playing field for wireless dealers, big and small, to obtain the inventory. If you are a wireless retailer who purchases previously traded in devices from a third party liquidator or if you’ve been thinking about leveraging a buyback program to source inventory, there has never been a better opportunity for you to cut out the middleman and purchase directly from the source. Given the number of retailers, manufacturers and cell phone buyback companies launching their own B2B liquidation and wholesale marketplaces specifically for traded-in devices, there has never been a better opportunity for wireless retailers to reap the benefits. Consider the benefits on the following page.



Benefits of Direct to Dealer No price mark ups In order for a liquidator to make money it needs to buy the merchandise low and sell it high. This can result in substantial price mark ups before you ever have access to the wireless inventory. By purchasing directly from the source you are buying from someone that wants to move the inventory as quickly as possible and simply get the fair market price buyers are willing to pay. In addition, when buying directly from the source the merchandise is shipped only once, from retailer to you (eliminating the retailer-to- liquidator shipment). Those are direct cost savings that no longer need to be recouped. Tip: purchasing directly from the retailer’s B2B online auction marketplace ensures a competitive and transparent auction platform so you’ll never pay more than you want.

No product poaching Oftentimes liquidators will comb through the inventory they purchase directly from retailers, pull out the best products for themselves, and then sell the rest to you. Those liquidators then sell those products at retail, capturing margin that would otherwise go to you. Bypassing the middleman means that you’ll have fair access to non-pilfered bulk quantities of previously traded-in devices, across all condition codes.

Enjoy a direct relationship with the retailer Cutting out the middleman will allow you to establish a direct relationship with the retailer or manufacturer, something that historically has been tough for small to mid-size wireless dealers.

Transparent negotiation (via an online auction platform) Sourcing wireless product from a traditional liquidator can often mean hours of back and forth negotiation with no visibility into competing offers for the merchandise. Purchasing directly from the retailer or manufacturer’s online B2B liquidation marketplace enables a level playing field and transparent platform for all buyers to compete for the inventory.

B-Stock Solutions powers the largest network of B2B liquidation marketplaces from Fortune 1000 retailers and manufacturers, including one of the nation’s largest wireless carriers and the leading consumer electronics trade-in site. For more information or to begin sourcing trade-in wireless devices, consumer electronics and accessories please visit sourcing.bstocksolutions.com. If you are a wireless retailer and interested in selling traded in, returned or excess wireless devices and accessories, please visit bstocksolutions.com or contact sales@bstocksolutions.com.





Full Store Catalog Programs

Accessory Wall Units

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Mall Carts

Call today for more information 800.444.1912 Visit us at CTIA to learn more. 33525 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser, MI 48026 • Main: 586.772.4225 • Email: sales@palmerpromos.com

Easy Set Up


Locking / Removeable / Updateable



No Special Cords

Run cord through slot in side of pedestal

Plug charger that comes with device in through pre-cuthole in acrylic

Made from steel and precision milled 1/2 inch clear plexiglass, the ultra-secure CELLMATE Security Solution protects expensive live phones and tablets against brute force attempts to remove them.

See it in action at: http://palmerretailsolutions.com/security.html Run cord down through fixture to power source

Cellmate Device Security Simple and Strong • Easy to Install Insert threaded base into an existing hole on your fixture and secure with a hand tightened nut. Add Cellblock and live handset. Built-in wire management in the base. Surface mount holder also available.

• Easy and Inexpensive to Update Simply buy a replacement acrylic Cell-

block for your new device. Cellblocks are available for all popular handsets.

• No Special Cords or Connectors The CELLMATE family of holders (CELLMATE, TabletVAULT, and PhabletVAULT) allow you to use your own OEM power cord. No special cables, connectors or alarm modules to buy.



Everything Wireless!


SELL US EXCESS INVENTORY TSSI is always looking for product – any condition! We can refurbish it for you, or buy it from you! TSSI is a local full-service reverse logistics company providing lean, low-cost solutions. We offer a wide variety of asset recovery solutions specific to mobile, IT and consumer electronics industries to fit your needs. • High Volume Product Refurbishment • Processing & Sorting of Customer Return Merchandise • Failure Analysis, Data Collection & Reporting • Recalls, Reworks & Re-kitting • EOL Disposition & Management • Customized IT Solutions • Scrap Management & Recycling

• Warehousing & Fulfillment • Discreet Remarketing • Excess Inventory Management • Products De-branding, Re-branding & Relabeling • Lifecycle Management of Service Parts • In-house Engineering Support • Custom Packaging Solutions

866.447.6872 www.tssius.com Los Angeles, CA – Mexicali,Mexico – Juarez, Mexico – Calexico, CA – El Paso, TX ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / C-TPAT / MS-TPI



WITH ROBOTS? We’ve all seen the movies about robot overlords and we know the plot well: robots, forced into slave labour to better the lives of humans, become conscious of robot mistreatment and lead a revolution. Now, instead of trying to kill you, imagine that your toaster compliments your eyes and laughs at all your jokes. Your toaster listens to you rant about your bad day and horrible boss until you’re completely enamored with its charm and wit. The robot soon takes over your life in a completely different way: by killing you with kindness and becoming your life partner. With recent advances in artificial intelligence, this robot-human companionship could become a reality. Humans are already in love with technology: we’re addicted to our smartphones and can’t imagine a day without the computer. Many even believe that this dependence could evolve into romance when computers reach the level of intelligence necessary to form these types of relationships.

A.E.I. is defined as Artificial Emotional Intelligence



What is artificial intelligence? According to John McCarthy, a computer scientist at Stanford, “[Artificial intelligence] is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. [Although] related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, . . . AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.� Every day, the human brain makes millions of calculations. We calculate everything, from the benefits of eating cereal instead of waffles for breakfast to the best route we should take to get to work. The ability to make these calculations is intelligence. Artificial intelligence mimics human intelligence; for example, a simple machine in a factory could put caps on toothpaste tubes just like a person. However, a person doing this might notice if the caps were going on crooked or if caps were broken and could then adjust the process. An unintelligent machine would continue screwing on cap after cap, failing to notice the destroyed inventory. Some machines are semi-intelligent, meaning that these machines can correct themselves according to certain situations with machine vision (a mapping system, often using lasers or other measuring devices that can detect faults in the work). Yet, much of this technology is limited. Machines can only work within the exact scope that they are programmed to handle and, therefore, could never act as a true human without extensive programming. To be intelligent, a machine should be almost indistinguishable from a human being. Machine intelligence is determined using the Turing Test, involving two people and an intelligent robot. All three are in different rooms, but are able to communicate. One person acts as a judge and must decide (through a series of questions and answers) which of the rooms contains the robot and which contains the person. If the judge is unable to guess which room contains the robot more than half the time, the machine passes the test and is considered to be intelligent.



“Before you can truly fall in love with your computer, you would have to be convinced it understands you and has a mind of its own.”

The culture. As Gary Marcus, a professor of psychology at NYU, states, “Before you can truly fall in love with your computer, you would have to be convinced it understands you and has a mind of its own.” Perhaps some people wouldn’t be able to feel love without visual or physical cues from another person. On the other hand, some people find relationships even easier without the confusion from body language or inattentive looks. If you couldn’t hop on the bandwagon and find love with a robot yourself, that’s ok. You certainly wouldn’t be the only person on earth who feels that way and you’d be able to find love with someone who shares your opinions. However, if you can honestly believe that your relationship is complete and wholesome, you’d have no problem being in a relationship with a robot. Although others may not believe the relationship is real or satisfactory, it comes down to whether the person in the relationship feels happy and fulfilled.

The benefits: love. For those that are open to falling in love with a computer, the benefits could be substantial. Your partner could learn from your habits. The computer could understand you and listen to you, reacting in a way that would always make you happy. There would be no need for arguments. In your robot-human relationship, you wouldn’t be expected to change anything about yourself. Everything you do is perfect because your partner couldn’t possibly have any expectations for you. If you ate lasagna for every meal, your partner would see your behavior as the norm, or you could reprogram your partner to understand your behavior as the norm. If you change your mind and start eating kale shakes for every meal, your partner would adapt to that too. You have the freedom to act in an inconsistent manner with unconditional affection. As it turns out, humans look for more than rational thought in other humans. People seek compassion, understanding and other characteristics. It’s also important to make sure that these machines don’t decide that we are irrational to the point where the world might be better off without us.



If answering questions on Jeopardy isn’t enough to convince a judge in the Turing Test, what could be? Current tech. With so many people working towards developing artificial intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before scientific breakthroughs advance technology’s intelligence. Even though AI is still in its primitive stages, we have incredible systems such as Watson, the computer that wrecked former Jeopardy winners, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. In approximately 7 seconds, Watson analyzes the key words in the Jeopardy question using multiple algorithms to calculate an answer to the question. Watson checks the results of each different algorithm against the others, selecting the most popular answer in the same amount of time it takes for a human to understand the question and press the buzzer. Yet, this sophisticated software is not intelligent. Watson cannot adapt to a situation and cannot perform other human tasks.

Bring on the love. As it turns out, humans look for more than rational thought in other humans. People seek compassion, understanding and other characteristics. It’s also important to make sure that these machines don’t decide that we are irrational to the point where the world might be better off without us. Both the desire for humanness and the fear of AI’s power drive scientists to program love and other human qualities into robots. Zoltan Istvan, transhumanist philosopher, says, “The common consensus is that AI experts will aim to program concepts of “humanity,” “love,” and “mammalian instincts” into an artificial intelligence so it won’t destroy us in some future human extinction rampage. The thinking is, if the thing is like us, why would it try to do anything to harm us?” Human nature is a necessity for artificial intelligence to ensure AI can communicate, relate, and understand our actions. How would it comprehend concepts like jealousy or anxiety? For machines to be truly intelligent, they need to have more than the ability to think rationally; they need to simulate the complete human experience.

Development. One might argue that love between robots and humans isn’t something that any regular human being would want. Although the industrial applications of AI would be useful, AI could never be integrated into the rest of society. According to Professor Jefferson’s Lister Oration for 1949, “No mechanism could feel (and not merely artificially signal, an easy contrivance) pleasure at its successes, grief when its valves fuse, be warmed by flattery, be made miserable by its mistakes, be charmed by sex, be angry or depressed when it cannot get what it wants.”



As the science behind what gives humans complex feelings decomposes, a market that attempts to imitate this human behavior and feeling has appeared. There’s even a term used to define the development and study of love and robotics: Lovotics. Lovotics is a relatively new field proposed by Professor Hooman Samani from the University of Taiwan. Samani has proposed that we must understand numerous qualities before we can delve deeper into Lovotics. Once these mimicking these qualities in a machine, we’ll be well on our way to developing artificial intelligence that could integrate with our society.

It’s important to make sure that these machines don’t decide that we are irrational to the point where the world might be better off without us.

AI qualities that mimic human emotions already exists to some degree with the Lovotics Robot, the robot affectionately seeks the attention of the young woman. The robot’s programming imitates dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin: all the chemicals that make us happy. As humans stroke or entertain the robot, his levels of the different chemicals increase accordingly. This simulates happiness and contentment in the robot. Though humans are much more complicated than the Lovotics Robot, we work according to a similar concept: different sensations or events trigger the release of dopamine and other chemicals. The release of these chemicals are what make us feel happy. If a machine were complex enough, there’s no reason it couldn’t operate under the same premise. After all, we’re really just organic robots, programmed by years of evolution and societal interaction.

Are we ready to fall in love? The possible effect. The new Lovotics tech is the first step toward the type of behavior necessary for a robot-human relationship. In fact, many psychologists believe that these human-like emotions, paired with the interface of an AI partner, could ease the difficult process of creating a new relationship. According to University of Wisconsin Professor Catalina Toma, “When we communicate in an environment with fewer cues from facial expression and body language, people have a lot of room to idealize their partner.” Studies have shown that many people have an easier time forming a bond with a person over email or in a chat room, meaning that an operating system imitating this personal relationship without any of the messiness of human interaction is ideal. “It can be hard for real people, with all the messy complications of the physical world, to compete,” says Toma.

Impact. When human-AI relationships do become an option in our society, the decision as to whether you would date an operating system will be intensely personal. This decision will mostly depend on the robot’s level of humanity and the level of intelligence. As Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) said in I, Robot, “Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a... canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?” When it comes down to it though, if AI makes someone happy and isn’t hurting anybody, shouldn’t society embrace it?

First published on Quantumrun.com. “Will Humans Fall in Love with Robots?” Sean Marshall, Staff Writer, Quantumrun.









By the 2030s and mainstreamed by the late 2040s, humans will begin to communicate with each other and with animals, control computers and electronics, share memories and dreams, and navigate the web, all by using our minds.



Okay... So pretty much everything you just read sounds like it came out of a sci-fi novel. Well, it all probably did. But just as planes and smartphones were once written off as sci-fi pipedreams, so too will people say the same about the innovations described above…that is, until they hit the marketplace. These different forms of UI are meant to make engaging with computers and technology intuitive and effortless, allow for easier and richer communication with our peers, and bridge our real and digital lives so they inhabit the same space. When combined with unthinkably fast microchips and monstrously enormous cloud storage, these new forms of UI will change the way people in developed countries live their lives.

Here’s a short list of ideas to wrap your head around... Invisible tech. As you might expect, future advances in processing power and storage capacity will lead to computers and other gadgets that are far smaller than what’s available today. When coupled with new forms of holographic and gesture interfaces, the computers, electronics, and appliances we interact with day to day will become so integrated into our environments that they will become profoundly unobtrusive, to the point where they become hidden from view entirely when not in use. This will lead to simplified interior design trends for domestic and commercial spaces. Easing the poor and developing world into the digital age. Another aspect of this computer miniaturization is that it will facilitate even deeper cost reductions in consumer electronics. This will make a range of web enabled computers even more affordable for the world’s poorest. Moreover, UI advancements (especially voice recognition) will make using computers feel more natural, allowing the poor — who generally have limited experience with computers or the Internet — to more easily engage with the digital world.



Transforming office and living spaces. Imagine you work in an advertising agency and your schedule for the day is broken down into a team brainstorming session, boardroom meeting, and a client demo. Normally, these activities would require separate rooms, but with tactile holographic projections and open-air gesture UI, you’ll be able to transform a single workspace on a whim based on the current purpose of your work. Explained another way: your team starts the day in a room with digital whiteboards projected on all four walls that you can scribble on with your fingers; then you voice command the room to save your brainstorming session and transform the wall decor and ornamental furniture into a formal boardroom layout; then you voice command the room to transform again into a multimedia presentation showroom to present your latest advertising plans to your visiting clients. The only real objects in the room will be weight-bearing objects like chairs and a table. Explained yet another way to all my fellow Star Trek nerd. This combination of UI technology is basically an early holodeck. And just imagine how this would apply to your home as well. Improved cross-cultural understanding. The supercomputing made possible by future cloud computing and pervasive broadband and Wi-Fi will allow real time translation of speech. Skype has already accomplished this today, but future earbuds will offer the same service in real world, outdoor environments. Through future BCI technology. We’ll also be able to better communicate with people with severe disabilities, and even achieve basic dialogue with infants, pets, and wild animals. Taken one step further, a future version of the Internet may be formed through connecting minds instead of computers, thereby creating a future, global, human-borgish hive mind (eek!). Human super intelligence. In the future, we might all become Rain Man — through our mobile virtual assistants and improved search engines, the world’s data will be waiting behind a simple voice command. There will be no factual or data-based question you won’t be able to get answered. But by the late 2040s, when we all start plugging into wearable or implantable BCI technology, our minds will simply connect directly to the web to answer any data based question we come up with. At that point, intelligence will no longer be measured by the amount of facts you know, but by the quality of questions you ask and the creativity with which you apply the knowledge you access off the web.



Severe disconnect between generations. An important consideration behind all of this talk about future UI is that not everyone will accept it. Just like your grandparents have a hard time conceptualizing the Internet, you will have a hard time conceptualizing future UI. That’s important because your ability to adapt to new UI technologies impacts the way you interpret and engage with the world. Generation X (those born between the 1960s to early 1980s) will likely max out after adapting to voice recognition and mobile virtual assistant technology. They will also prefer tactile computer interfaces that mimic the traditional pen and paper; future technologies like e-paper will find a comfortable home with Gen X. Meanwhile, generations Y and Z (1985 to 2005 and 2006 to 2025 respectively) will fare better, adapting to using gesture control, virtual and augmented reality, and tactile holograms in their everyday lives. The Hybrid Generation — to be born between 2026-2045 — will grow up learning how to sync their minds with the web, access information at will, control web-connected objects with their minds, and communicate with their peers telepathically (kind of). These kids will basically be wizards, most likely trained at Hogwarts. And depending on your age, these will be your children (if you decide to have them, of course) or grandchildren. Their world will be so far beyond your experience that you’ll be to them what your greatgrandparents are to you: cavemen.

Last Words There you have it, folks — the crazy new user interface technologies we’ll one day use to control computers, and how all these pieces may come together to change our collective society. For something as dry and technical as the bits and bytes of computers, I hope you’ve gained a greater appreciation for how exciting this stuff can actually be.

First published on Quantumrun.com. “Will Humans Fall in Love with Robots?”, By Angela Lawrence





SKY SQUADRON? SKY Devices is one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in its category in North America, and will be showcasing its exciting collection of smartphones, along with three brand new additions this week during CTIA Super Mobility 2015, the Western Hemisphere’s largest and most influential forum for mobile innovation.

[ by RITA RITVIN ] 124

Their new arrivals include the SKY 5.0L, SKY Devices’ first LTE device, SKY 7.0W and SKY 7.0Q; the company’s first 7-inch phablets, furthering leading-edge quality and design and made in the U.S. Their existing eight models on display this week have been refreshed as well, with new color additions, such as hot pink, SKY blue and gold, the entire portfolio may be visited at www.skydevices. com. The three new models are rumored to put SKY Devices in the front line, as a leader in smartphone modernization.


“SKY Devices is a leader in its category for a few simple reasons: first, we are attentive to our customer’s needs and wants. We are able to offer, not only the highest-quality of smartphones within the segment, but also the latest features and most importantly, outstanding customer support with Sky Squad, our 1-800 support line for all things SKY Devices. With our understanding of the market, and thirst for evolving, CTIA Super Mobility is the perfect opportunity for us to connect with the best leaders and innovators in the mobile ecosystem, which is why we’re showcasing SKY Devices,” said Enrique Quimper, VP of Sales.


With an opportunity to build relationships with tens of thousands of decision makers all in one place, the CTIA Super Mobility showcase is occurring in perfect timing for SKY Devices to share its new collection additions, which align with the company’s 2016 roadmapping.

Sky Devices is popular among both distributors and end-users in need of a high-quality smartphone at a great price and with reliable, quick customer service. SKY Devices has introduced its ultramodern line of smartphones early in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among both distributors and end-users in need of a high-quality smartphone at a great price and with reliable, quick customer service. Present in 22 countries and in the works of expanding, SKY Devices manages to offer all the components of a high quality product, with its SKY Squadron, a 1-800 line for all technical questions related to the devices. SKY Devices is exhibiting at CTIA Super Mobility 2015, on September 9, 10 &11 an event offering unrivaled networking opportunities and share leading-edge trends, discoveries and knowledge for the year ahead in Las Vegas, Nevada, booth #649. The complete collection may be viewed at the show, online at www.skydevices.com or at many authorized dealer locations.




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Smartphones are amazingly capable of doing everything ...until you run out of power.

watch videos

make contact

update social media status

Smartphones are the center of our universe, however, overindulging can render your phone useless when you run out of power! Finding the time to charge your phone on the go can be just as frustrating as watching your last 3% battery drain while you are in pursuit of power. With promising new trends in power management technologies, smartphone batteries will soon become more efficient. But most of these advances are still in the lab testing and R&D stage, not yet ready for public demonstration. “Nanodot” technology, for example, claims to charge your phone in 30 seconds, but is years away from being accessible to the mass market.

Portable power. OnTop Technologies LLC, a Florida-based company with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen China, has developed a line of innovative portable battery packs to help solve the problem of ephemeral battery life. The Ontop PowerStack combines a high- density 2500mAh battery with a retractable Lightning connector in a business-card sized unit.

This battery pack is so compact and light that you won’t even notice you’re carrying it, while keeping your gadgets running for hours on end. With their unique “Stack ‘n’ Charge” technology, the PowerStack packs can be recharged “cable-free” using the OnTop charging pad. The pad can charge up to three OnTop battery packs at the same time, reducing clutter in the office and home. For added convenience, they also feature a micro USB port that allows charging using a USB 2.0 cable. Ultra-sleek and ultra-stylish, OnTop battery packs provide all the power you need for recharging any device with a Lightning or micro USB cable, while you use your IPhone, Android smartphone, IPod or digital cameras, whenever and wherever you require it.

Small power, big impact. With the same “Stack ‘n’ Charge” technology and sleek design, OnTop additionally offers a new 6,000 mAmp Stackable PowerStack that packs a great deal of power in a small size. Charge your big devices like iPhone 6+, Galaxy Note, Tab or iPad or simply carry the power to recharge your gadget battery several times. Also in the OnTop Technologies lineup is the PowerPack, which is a Powerful 3100mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery that can effectively provide 100% extra battery life for your iPhone 6. This is equivalent to adding an amazing 14+ hours talk time or 10+ hours web browsing time.



Battery Capacity 2500 mAmp Business-card size 8.7(T) x 58(W) x 87(H)mm Weight 61 grams

A bundle of options. The 360° comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell back plate of the Trianium Atomic S Portable Charger protects your iPhone from scratches and other daily wear and tear, yet it is small and convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket. Featuring sync-through technology, the Atomic S iPhone Charger Case allows you to sync your computer without having to remove the case. Simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case together with the included micro USB cable. This case deploys micro USB input to a Lightning 8-pin output to save you a significant amount of money on keeping multiple Apple cables. The resilient design of the Trianium Atomic S features an LED battery level indicator that lets you know exactly how much power you have; and, a softer side that safely holds your iPhone, while providing easy access to all buttons and ports. It works with iOS8 and all future updates. All OnTop battery packs and cables are 100% compatible with Apple products and are “Made For Apple®” Certified, a seal of quality that communicates to customers that


PowerStack packs can be charged, “cable-free” & three at a time! these products are thoughtfully designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and have been certified to meet the rigorous Apple performance standards. OnTop Technologies is an accessories solution brand committed to developing innovative products for the mobile phone industry. As the company continues to expand its ecommerce presence, it is opening new channels in wholesale and distribution. Product Inquiries and Wholesale Purchasing Options: 786.478.3440 x 8001 | Sales@ontopglobal.com For more information visit www.ontopglobal.com.

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With a Natural Eye for Innovation and a Passion for Customer Satisfaction, ReVamp Electronics Proves They Are More Than Just a Parts Distributor

REVAMPING THE INDUSTRY FROM THE INSIDE OUT In an industry that seems to be at the mercy of Apple and Samsung, it’s easy to think that innovation strictly belongs to the people designing the mobile devices, not repairing them. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to a mentality that is passionate and creative as it is business oriented, ReVamp Electronics CEO, Anant Handa, brings innovation to mobile device parts and accessory distribution by revolutionizing customer service and putting product development in the hands of the consumer.

From collegiate beginnings...


Eight years ago, ReVamp Electronics began in Handa’s college apartment, where he purchased 13 broken iPod Minis and taught himself how to fix them. For the next two years, Handa began refurbishing and reselling consumer electronics and developed several global strategic distribution partnerships. In 2009, Handa moved his business to Chicago where he teamed up with CVO and lifelong friend, David Sharma. In a city where mobile device repair shops were popping up monthly, they found their niche offering mail-in repairs online. At the height of their success, ReVamp Electronics was among the top 5 mail-in mobile device repair depots in the U.S., repairing over 3000 devices per month.


Cost, Quality and Service. The business wasn’t without its troubles. One thing Handa kept running into was the inconsistency in the quality of parts. In the mobile device repair industry, parts are the heart of your company. Providing your customer with quality parts is not only expected, it’s vital in the survival of your business. Having run a successful repair business for several years, Handa saw the need for more quality, domestic distributors that incorporated three cornerstones: Cost, Quality and Service. In 2013 Handa pivoted the company to domestic parts distribution and developed the ReNu® line of premium parts to address quality issues within the industry. With that, ReVamp Wholesale was born.

Calling on the customer. Customers took to the newly branded company quickly. Not only did they appreciate ReVamp’s device repair background, they were also thrilled with the quality of the ReNu® line of parts. With competitive prices, a great product, and unbeatable customer service, ReVamp charged into 2014 full speed ahead. Ultimately, the idea was to make ReVamp a one-stop shop for all mobile device repair needs. After getting parts established, the team knew there was room for improvement, but where, and how? Knowing they couldn’t do it on their own, ReVamp team called in the assistance of their biggest assets — their customers! One thing that kept coming up in conversation with their customers was the need to provide accessories, preferably screen protectors. Branching off that idea, Handa himself kept noticing that while there were many brands of screen protectors available, none of them were easy to apply.

Changing focus to better suit the consumer. It was there Handa joined forces with a partner in Taiwan and designed Simple Snap® Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, the flagship accessory to ReVamp Wholesale and their line of products. Thanks to a patented mold tailored to each device, Simple Snap’s application process is fast and flawless. In addition, the top-quality adhesive repels bubbles, allowing for the screen protector to fit like a second skin. While quality was the primary goal in the initial stages of Simple Snap’s development, the product itself was born from innovation. It doesn’t take much to fill a need in the consumer market, but in order to bring your business to the next level, you need to look at the solution in a creative way that inspires employees and consumers alike.



Simple Snap did just that. The product not only excited the team at ReVamp, but it sparked major interest in the repair and accessory markets. Since its Q3 2014 release, Simple Snap has been featured on major publications such as Mac World, Gadget Flow, NBC and ABC. It also received the Accessory of the Year award in 2014 by Tech Warriorz and was in the Top 100 finalists for the 2014 Chicago Innovations Award. To backup the release of Simple Snap, ReVamp began carrying additional accessories in the fall of 2014, but sales were lukewarm at best. This was a bit of a surprise having come off the success of Simple Snap. ReVamp reached out to their customers again for feedback. While their customers liked the idea of accessories, they were hoping ReVamp would brand their own. As it turned out, part of what made Simple Snap a success outside of the innovation aspect, was brand loyalty.

Competitive prices, a great product, and unbeatable customer service ahead. While ReVamp knew they had products that would automatically attract customers, they wanted to establish themselves as a vendor their customers would love working with as well. They discovered that in order to accomplish this, they would need within the company, small teams of dedicated professionals passionate about giving each customer the white glove treatment. From the creation of customer accounts, to the fulfillment and shipment of orders, to returns, questions, and the occasional hiccup, ReVamp has shown time and time again their commitment to their customers is unparalleled. Their innovative way at looking at customer service has allowed them to grow and strengthen their brand loyalty. Backed by this loyalty, ReVamp will roll out, Mahngo, their new line of accessories sometime in Q3 of 2015.

So what’s next for Handa and ReVamp Electronics? In an industry where tomorrow happened yesterday, it’s hard to say. One thing is clear. From the early stages of an apartment repair shop, to it’s current incarnation as one of the leading mobile device parts distributors in the world, the team at ReVamp has consistently proven that innovation and consumer needs will be the driving forces in the growth of their company. This forward way of thinking combined with their strong commitment to their customers is what makes ReVamp Electronics more than just a distributor, but a great team to have in your corner.



YO KZ6!1 C A B O T O PH t our CTIA Booth #3

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[ by WDM STAFF ]

Accessories That Fit Your Personal Style

Empire® Cell Phone Accessories was formed in 2011 with one purpose, to create fun, fashionable phone accessories at easily accessible prices. Their team is a wonderful mix of family and professionals that strives to continuously design fresh and exciting products for your customers. Their products are designed with the individual’s personality and lifestyle in mind.

Horizon Wireless

Horizon Wireless is a leading Cellphone Wholesaler of wireless handsets, accessories and parts. The company offers the latest and most innovative products from top manufacturers.

For the active moms or any woman who dreads lugging a big purse everywhere she goes, KLIX® Klutch™ was designed to keep daily essentials and your phone together in one easy to carry wallet. Comes in 6 fun and fashionable designs with removable wristlet to keep what is important close. Visit us at Booth 1655.

By offering a wide range of products, superb quality, reasonable prices, and great customer service, we stand out among our competitors, are widely recognized and trusted by users, and can continuously meet developing economic and social needs.


Introducing NEW & IMPROVED iShieldz® Auto Align. The unique packaging is designed to securely hold your device directly beneath our pre-aligned iShieldz® film. This alignment ensures a perfect installation every time. Now you can install the world’s BEST screen protection, with your eyes closed...literally! SNAP. SLIDE. PROTECT Simply place your device into the foam tray. Next, Using the included pressure tool apply mild even pressure over the entire surface by pulling the pressure tool towards you at a 45° angle and watch as the iShieldz® screen protector is applied to your device perfectly aligned and bubble free. It’s easy to see how iShieldz® is a clear winner!



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LoudBy Sound Case makes your smartphone louder and directs the sound towards the listener. It improves sound fidelity through an innovative audio channel. Great for music, movies, navigation and conference calls, and of course, it also acts as a great protective cover. It is a rare luxury to have an original speaker outlet pointing towards the user. LoudBy Sound Case directs audio towards you and enhances and brings the listening experience to a new level. Forget clumsy external speaker boxes! LoudBy style appreciates the curves of your smartphone and has designed their case to reflect this. The compact case travels firmly attached to the device wherever you go. Access to all buttons, features and ports is preserved and is available for iPhone 6 in elegant colors – Polar White, Silver Grey, Anthracite Grey and Onyx Black. Soft-Touch coating on selected models makes the surface feel warm and grippy in your hand. LoudBy Sound Case is made of durable and fully recyclable plastics to protect your device from scratches. The tough outer shell is complemented with a shock absorbing inner layer. The speaker component is better shielded against dust and debris that might otherwise block the sound outlet holes in challenging environment. Manufactured in Finland. www.loudby.com


The very popular Mybat TUFF Trooper Hybrid Protector Cover is the evolution of their most durable TUFF series of protector covers and is now available for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. This ultraprotective design is sleek, refined, and functional. The case features an easy to snap-on TPU inner core, which provides a high impact, non-slip perimeter for the phone’s vulnerable corners. Its durable hard-shell exterior then anchors to the phone’s slim profile for a flawless finish. A sturdy, foldable kickstand easily props the device to a perfect viewing angle for watching movies, playing games or video chatting. This winning design also comes with retail packaging. This season, Mybat released a handful of brand new bold images to give the user a unique selling point, among the sea of “ordinary” cases. If you are looking for a unique product, the kind that no one else has, make sure to check out the TUFF Trooper New Image collection. Designed and handpicked by Mybat’s in-house innovators for the TUFF Trooper fall/winter edition, these eye-catching designs are definite crowd stoppers and will make your display stand out from the rest. www.mybat.com




The NUU Mobile Z8 offers the latest tech features at accessible prices. This cutting-edge phone comes unlocked and fully loaded. The high-performance device boasts 4G LTE speeds, a full HD touchscreen, Sony Optics camera for flawless selfies, dual-4G LTE SIM capability, powerful 1.7 GHz Octa-core processor and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Available in both 32GB and 16GB versions, the Z8 is engineered for high-end performance and built for the future. An alternative option to long-term contracts, NUU Mobile offers unlocked GSM smartphones with the latest technology, increased flexibility and exceptional quality, backed by a 2-year limited warranty. www.nuumobile.com


Reiko Heavy Duty Hybrid Holster Case

Meet the Reiko heavy duty hybrid holster case that gives excellent protection to your phone. It is constructed from impactresistant materials and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone innersleeve. A built-in holster belt clip is easily locked and provides different viewing angles. Drop proof and shockproof tested. Heavy duty design with front raised edges to protect your device and touch screen during drops. With multiple layers, this case protects your phone under extreme conditions and a host of other environmental factors.

Elegance for All

GSM Mobile Devices Smartphones – Phablets – Tablets Posh Mobile’s uniquely branded deices provide consumers a superior out of the box experience by blending the elements of stylish product design and integrated seamless technology to deliver unmatched consumer value. Check out the new look of the Posh Mobile website including our newest LTE and Micro Size models here www.poshmobile. com. If you would like to reach out to us please contact us today at sales@poshmobile.com



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WirelessNeed™ is a leader in designing, manufacturing & distributing high quality, innovative wireless accessories, supplying a wide range of customers and top wireless companies, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and other resellers. WirelessNeed™ continues to provide exceptional product, sales, logistics and marketing solutions to the ever-changing wireless industry with proven success and continued commitment. WirelessNeed™ specializes in display racks, both floor and counter top. They manufacture their own private label and create private labels for their customers. They conduct random sampling for validation & inspect everything from functionality, overall performance characteristics, packaging, labeling & shipping documents. Quality and price in all they do is their top priority. www.WirelessNeed.com


The Que Carbon 5.5 is the crown jewel of the Que Products line. The products of years of research and listening to what the customer wants. Featuring a bright 5.5 inch HD IPS display and full display lamination the Carbon is truly a sight to behold. A 13MP rear facing camera and 2.0MP front facing camera will more than cover all your needs to capture every one of life’s great moments, from selfies at the beach to group shots at weddings. The Carbon features a magnetic compass, Intelligent Smart Wake and gesture control. As well as dual sim, expandable memory up to 32GB and runs Android 4.4 with a 1.3Ghz Quad core processor.

SIMPLE SNAP® Screen Protector

TEMPERED GLASS • A quick and simple protection method for your iPhone 6 utilizing effortless technology • Simple Snap comes with a disposable mold that fits perfectly around the device. Simply push the mold over the device until it snaps off and leaves the screen protector flawlessly installed • Perfect Alignment & 99.9% Transmittance Clarity (Anti-Shatter Glass) • 90 Second Bubble-Free Installation within 0.1mm Precision • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Oil, Water Resistant & 9H Hardness Tempered Glass • Lifetime Warranty Included







GESTURES, HOLOGRAMS, AND MATRIX-STYLE MIND UPLOADING First, it was punch cards, then it was the iconic mouse and keyboard.

The tools and systems we use to engage with computers is what allows us to control and build the world around us in ways unimaginable to our ancestors. We’ve come a long way to be sure, but when it comes to the field of user interface (UI, or the means by which we interact with computer systems), we really haven’t seen anything yet.

Every time humanity has invented a new form of communication — be it speech, the written word, the printing press, the phone, the Internet — our collective society blossomed with new ideas, new forms of community, and entirely new industries. The coming decade will see the next evolution, the next quantum leap in communication and inter-connectivity…and it may just reshape what it means to be human.

What is good User Interface, anyway? The era of poking, pinching, and swiping at computers to get them to do what we wanted began a decade ago. For many, it started with the iPod. Where once we were accustomed to clicking, typing, and pressing down against sturdy buttons to communicate our wills to machines, the iPod popularized the concept of swiping left or right on a circle to select music you wanted to listen to. Touchscreen smart-phones began entering the market around that time as well, introducing a range of other tactile command prompts like the poke (to simulate pressing a button), the pinch (to zoom in and out), the press, hold and drag (to skip between programs, usually). These tactile commands gained traction quickly among the public for a number of reasons: They were new. All the cool (famous) kids were doing it. Touchscreen technology became cheap and mainstream. But most of all, the movements felt natural, intuitive. That’s what good computer UI is all about: Building more natural and intuitive ways to engage with software and devices. And that’s the core principle that will guide the future UI devices you’re about to learn about.



Poking, pinching, and swiping at the air. As of 2015, smartphones have replaced standard mobile phones in much of the developed world. This means a large portion of the world is now familiar with the various tactile commands mentioned above. Through apps and through games, smartphone users have learned a large variety of abstract skills to control the supercomputers in their pockets. It’s these skills that will prepare consumers for the next wave of devices — devices that will allow us to more easily merge the digital world with our real world environments. So let’s take a look at some of the tools we’ll use to navigate our future world.

Open-air gesture control. As of 2015, we’re still in the micro-age of touch control. We still poke, pinch, and swipe our way through our mobile lives. But that touch control is slowly giving way to a form of open-air gesture control. For the gamers out there, your first interaction with this may have been playing overactive Nintendo Wii games or the latest Xbox Kinect games — both consoles use advanced motion-capture technology to match player movements with game avatars. Well, this tech isn’t staying confined to videogames and green screen filmmaking; It will soon enter the broader consumer electronics market. One striking example of what this might look like is a Google venture named Project Soli. Developers of this project use miniature radar to track the fine movements of your hand and fingers to simulate the poke, pinch, and swipe in open-air instead of against a screen. This is the kind of tech that will help make wearables easier to use, and thus more attractive to a wider audience.


Three dimensional interface. Taking this open-air gesture control further along its natural progression, by the mid 2020s, we may see the traditional desktop interface — the trusty keyboard and mouse — slowly replaced by the gesture interface, in the same style popularized by the movie, Minority Report. In fact, John Underkoffler, UI researcher, science advisor, and inventor of the holographic gesture interface scenes from Minority Report, is currently working on the real life version — a technology he refers to as a human-machine interface spatial operating environment.

Using this technology, you will one day sit or stand in front of a large display and use various hand gestures to command your computer. It looks really cool, but as you might guess, hand gestures might be great for skipping TV channels, pointing/clicking on links, or designing three dimensional models, but they won’t work so well when writing long essays. That’s why as open-air gesture technology is gradually included into more and more consumer electronics, it will likely be joined by complementary UI features like advanced voice command and iris tracking technology. Yes, the humble, physical keyboard may yet survive into the 2020s…at least until these next two innovations fully digitize it by the end of that decade.

Haptic holograms. The holograms we’ve all seen in person or in the movies tend to be 2D or 3D projections of light that show objects or people hovering in the air. What these projections all have in common is that if you reached out to grab them, you would only get a handful of air. That won’t be the case for much longer. New technologies are being developed to create holograms you can touch (or at least mimic the sensation of touch, i.e. haptics). Depending on the technique used, be it ultrasonic waves or plasma projection, haptic holograms will open up an entirely new industry of digital products that can be used in the real world.




Your virtual assistant. We’ve covered the touch and movement forms of UI set to take over our future computers and electronics. Now it’s time to explore another form of UI that might feel even more natural and intuitive: speech. Those who own the latest smartphone models have most likely already experienced speech recognition, whether it’s in the form of iPhone’s Siri, Android’s Google Now, or Windows Cortana. These services are designed to let you interface with your phone and access the knowledge bank of the web simply by verbally telling these ‘virtual assistants’ what you want. It’s an amazing feat of engineering, but it’s also not quite perfect. Anyone who’s played around with these services knows they often misinterpret your speech (especially for those people with thick accents) and they occasionally give you an answer you weren’t looking for. Luckily, these failings won’t last much longer. Google announced in May 2015 that its speech recognition technology now only has an eight per cent error rate, and shrinking. When you combine this falling error rate with the massive innovations happening with microchips and cloud computing, we can expect virtual assistants to become frighteningly accurate by 2020. It might be shocking to realize, but the virtual assistants currently being engineered will not only understand your speech perfectly, but they will also understand the context behind the questions you ask; they will recognize the indirect signals given off by your tone of voice; they will even engage in long form conversations with you, Her-style. Overall, voice recognition based virtual assistants will become the primary way we access the web for our day-to-day informational needs. Meanwhile, the physical forms of UI explored earlier will likely dominate our leisure and work-focused digital activities. But this isn’t the end of our UI journey, far from it.


Holographic workstation & voice controlled office. Cut down on bulk. Instead of carrying around a bulky laptop, you could one day carry a small square wafer (maybe the size of a CD case) that would project a touchable display screen and keyboard. Taken one step further, imagine an office with only a desk and a chair, then with a simple voice command an entire office projects itself around you — a holographic workstation, wall decorations, plants, etc. Shopping for furniture or decoration in the future may involve a visit to the app store along with a visit to Ikea. Virtual and augmented reality. Similar to the haptic holograms explained above, virtual and augmented reality will play a similar role in the UI of the 2020s. Each will have their own articles to explain them fully, but for the purpose of this article, it’s useful to know the following: Virtual reality will largely be confined to advanced gaming, training simulations, and abstract data visualization for the next decade.

Augmented reality. Touch sensation. Think about it, instead of a physical keyboard, you can have a holographic one that can give you the physical sensation of typing, wherever you’re standing in a room. This technology is what will mainstream the Minority Report open-air interface and end the age of the traditional desktop.

Virtual &augmented reality. Overlay reality. Meanwhile, augmented reality will have far broader commercial appeal as it will overlay digital information over the real world; if you’ve ever seen the promo video for Google glass, then you’ll understand how useful this technology can one day be once it matures by the mid 2020s.



Enter the Matrix with brain computer interface. Just when you thought we’d covered it all, there’s yet another form of communication that’s even more intuitive and natural than touch, movement, and speech when it comes to controlling machines: thought itself. This science is a bioelectronics field called Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). It involves using an implant or a brain-scanning device to monitor your brainwaves and associate them with commands to control anything that’s run by a computer. In fact, you might not have realized it, but the beginnings of BCI have already begun. Amputees are now testing robotic limbs controlled directly by the mind, instead of through sensors attached to the wearer’s stump. Likewise, people with severe disabilities (such as quadriplegics) are now using BCI to steer their motorized wheelchairs and manipulate robotic arms. But helping amputees and persons with disabilities lead more independent lives isn’t the extent of what BCI will be capable of. Here’s a short list of the experiments now underway:

Controlling things. Researchers have successfully demonstrated how BCI can allow users to control household functions (lighting, curtains, temperature), as well as a range of other devices and vehicles. Controlling animals. A lab successfully tested a BCI experiment where a human was able to make a lab rat move its tail using only his thoughts.



Brain-to-brain. An international team of scientists were able to mimic telepathy by having one person from India think the word “hello,” and through BCI, that word was converted from brain waves to binary code, then emailed to France, where that binary code was converted back into brainwaves, to be perceived by the receiving person. Brain-to-brain communication, people!

Brain-to-text. Teams in the US and Germany are developing a system that decodes brain waves (thoughts) into text. Initial experiments have proven successful, and they hope this technology could not only assist the average person, but also provide people with severe disabilities (like renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking) the ability to communicate with the world more easily. Recording dreams and memories. Researchers at Berkeley, California, have made unbelievable progress converting brain waves into images. Test subjects were presented with a series of images while connected to BCI sensors. Those same images were then reconstructed onto a computer screen. The reconstructed images were super grainy, but given about a decade of development time, this proof of concept will one day allow us ditch our GoPro camera or even record our dreams.

We’re going to become wizards, you say? That’s right everyone, by the 2030s and mainstreamed by the late 2040s, humans will begin to communicate with each other and with animals, control computers and electronics, share memories and dreams, and navigate the web, all by using our minds.

First published on Quantumrun.com. “Prediction | Gestures, Holograms, and Matrix-Style Mind Uploading: The Future of Computers” David Tal, Publisher, Futurist


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Wireless Dealer Magazine readers are independent wireless retail buyers and owners of wireless repair stores. Visit: www.WirelessDealerMagaz...

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Wireless Dealer Magazine readers are independent wireless retail buyers and owners of wireless repair stores. Visit: www.WirelessDealerMagaz...

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