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Kirkstall Community First Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 4th March 2014 Present: Steve Harris (Chair), Simon Dawson, Stephen Rennie, John Preston, Lucinda Yeadon, Helen Capocci Apologies: Ken Stratford, John Liversedge Minutes of the Previous Meeting The minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2013were agreed as a true record of proceedings. Matters arising The planters placed at the Merry Monk were to be moved to Church Lane, where they would be likely to be better used and would be at less risk of damage. There had been an amended submission from Grassroots, but none from Sensory Leeds nor from Kirkstall Astronomy Club. The allocations sheet was reviewed. Declarations of Interest Declarations of interest were made in respect of applications to this meeting. Stephen Rennie in respect of St Stephen's Well, Simon Dawson in respect of Kirkstall Spring Clean, John Preston in respect of Friends of Hollybush and Helen Capocci in respect of Burley Top. New Applications St Stephen's Well Community Garden had applied for support in respect of machine work on the former vicarage garden plus some material costs towards converting the former garden into a community garden for the neighbourhood. Most local houses were back-to-backs with no garden space at all. The group had in excess of seventy local supporters, nearly half of whom were actively participating in site work. The project was agreed in full £2500. Grassroots Enterprise for Social Inclusion and Poverty Relief had applied for support to run a training programme for volunteers to work with women coming out of the criminal justice system, many of whom faced great difficulty re-integrating into their communities. The Panel agreed the amount of £2500 but asked Lucinda Yeadon to contact the group to agree some corrections to the figures submitted. Kirkstall Spring Clean had applied for litter pickers, bag hoops and personal safety equipment for a rubbish clearance project covering key public spaces in the area. Evidence was provided of public support and volunteer willingness to get involved. This would not be a one off project, but would repeat and the equipment would be made available to other groups. £1050 was agreed for the project. Friends of Hollybush submitted a proposal to improve public access to the gardens at Hollybush to encourage greater use and help recruit volunteers for conservation projects. This was a particularly well written project, with excellent evidence as to feasibility and match funding. £2500 agreed. Burley Top Community Network had applied for support to produce information and educational material to encourage volunteering in their area, which had the problem of a very high turnover of residents as so many were students or young workers on short term contracts. The group had demonstrated good capacity for this work in the past. £250 was agreed.

Community First Reports The Community First grant report was discussed and the newsletters reviewed. Steve Harris had produced a very helpful round by round report on our spending to date. Panel Membership Membership of the Panel was reviewed. Date and Time of Next Meeting In the coming year we would meet early in May, Septermber, December and March. Precise dates for meetings and venues would be circulated.

Panel Minutes 04-Mar-2014  

Kirkstall Community First Panel Minutes of 04-Mar-2014

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