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PRO OTOK: FOCUS ON FILM EDITING AND SOUND DESIGN FOCUS is a four-day international training and networking programme that puts a spotlight on emerging film professionals from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) with a special emphasis on the professions that enjoy very few learning and networking opportunities as well as little public visibility. After its successful first edition focused on cinematography and production design, The second edition is extensively dedicated to film editing and sound design. Held during the 14th Kino Otok – Isola Cinema festival, the event offers twelve selected participants, editors and sound designers, a chance to think through their methods and visions with two trainers and other eminent experts in the two fields, and speak about their work to an audience of directors and producers from the region. The overall aim of the event is to facilitate a direct exchange of knowledge and experience among the participants as well as spark cross-border co-production collaboration in the near future.

TRAINERS Dragan von Petrovic (Serbia) Editor and director of award-winning documentary and fiction films, guest lecturer, an editing doctor on documentaries and feature fiction films, and one of the founders of DOKSERBIA documentary association. As an editor, he worked on award-winning feature fiction films, such as Barbarians (Varvari, Ivan Ikić, 2014). The Disobedient (Neposlušni, Mina Djukić, 2014) and Naked Island (Goli, Tiha Gudac, 2014), and short films, such as EFA Best European Short Film Picnic (Jure Pavlović, 2015).

Julij Zornik (Slovenia) Sound designer for over hundred short and animated, live-action and documentary films, recipient of several domestic and international awards, and the president of Slovenian Society of Post Production Artists. Zornik is often sought out by filmmakers of the broader region: his collaborations include Circles (Krugovi, Srdjan Golubović, 2013), The High Sun (Zvizdan, Dalibor Matanić, 2015) and Men Don’t Cry (Muškarci ne plaču, Alen Drljević, 2017).

PUBLIC EVENTS Case Study: Rati Oneli, City of the Sun Filmmaker Rati Oneli will speak about the process of making his documentary feature debut City of the Sun (2017), which went on to receive a number of awards at festivals worldwide, including the Best Documentary award at the Sarajevo FF. Oneli will also discuss his approach to editing and sound design. “My aim was to make a film which seeps through the viewers’ pores and stays with them, a film that is at times intangible like poetry and to which the viewer can come back again and again for more emotion.” (Rati Oneli)

Masterclass Paul Davies: Sound Design for Independent Films Paul Davies is a supervising sound editor and sound designer who works on a wide range of feature films and high-end television dramas. Among the directors he has worked for are Lynne Ramsay, Stephen Frears, Yang Demange, Anton Corbijn and Steve McQueen, on films such as You Were Never Really Here (2017), We Need To Talk About Kevin (2012), Hunger (2008), The American (2010), The Queen (2006) and ’71 (2015). Using these examples, Davies will discuss the work of a sound designer for independent films.

Panel: Film Editing and Sound Design – The Invisible Art? The panel aims to encourage public debate on the key issues concerning the role of editing and sound design in filmmaking: How to treat these two professions in relation to other creative jobs in cinema, how well is their representation promoted in key film festival juries, and why are awards for editing, sound and some other categories given so little attention? Panellists: Paul Davies (sound designer, UK), Olga Toni (editor, Slovenia), Oliver Sertić (producer and director of Liburnia Film Festival, Croatia). Moderator: Dragan von Petrovic (editor, Serbia)

Showcase: 12 Emerging Filmmakers 12 emerging editors and sound designers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, will speak about their vision and work approach for directors, producers and public. Moderator: Marius Hrdy (Diagonale festival, Austria)

Evening Ties Networking dinner for film professionals.

Sponsored by Creative Europe Desk - MEDIA offices from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy (Torino)

PARTICIPANTS Emerging editors: Martina Marafatto (It), Martina Zamolo (It), Dunja Sikirić (Hr), Tomislav Stojanović (Hr), Tina Lagler (Slo), Saša Škulj (Slo)

Emerging sound designers: Massimiliano Borghesi (It), Eric Nardin (It), Luka Gamulin (Hr), Viktor Grabar (Hr), Vincent Laurence (Slo), Dejan Stojčič (Slo)


Tina Lagler “Observe, listen, practice and let your creative side run free. It’ll help you explore the story. Don’t get scared if something is not right and don’t worry if you can’t find the right puzzles. At the end each piece will find its perfect place.”

Biography Tina Lagler (1987) is an aspiring filmmaker, though she doesn’t come from a film background. She had started her professional career in journalism, but soon after graduation, she decided to make her dreams come true and started working on her first music documentary. During the production she met a young DoP, Blaž Miklič, with whom she started creating short documentaries and promotional films under the name “OSM films”. Tina has edited all the 53 short films of their project ‘OSM minutes of 2015’, and one of them got her the opportunity to create some cycling documentaries and behind the scenes stories for animation series Koyaa. At the moment she is working on a series of short documentary portraits, while running a small video production company. Though she is interested in all aspects of filmmaking, in the future she wants to dedicate more time to editing. She would love to challenge herself with another project that will hopefully become “a dream come true” - editing a feature film. Selected filmography Kolektiv 22, Coffee Roasters – Documentary (2018) Peace. Please. (2017) All I want for Christmas (2016) OSM minutes of 2015 (2015) Torino-Nice Rally 2016 (2016) Contact

Martina Marafatto

“Like a lady who has lost weight and is just getting to that point where she can fit into that favourite dress, you get the film down to just about the right cut. You can feel it when it happens.”

Biography Martina Marafatto began her studies in cinematography at the Centro Sperimentale Televisivo in Rome, with a course for Television operators. Then she studied at DAMS in Udine, and entered a student association started by Giordano Bianchi. There Bianchi and Marafatto began working together. In 2014, after 8 years of collaborations, they decided to found Border Studio. Marafatto believes that working as an editor requires not only technical skills, but also the ability to "listen". "Working on film material requires being, in a way, a psychologist. A good editor is able to broaden the sight of the director." In 2014, she attended the editing course "Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro" and "Craft Editing" at the National Film and Television School in London, with financial support from the FVG Audiovisual Fund. Selected filmography 2015 - Editor - "La Cura" - a short film produced by Border Studio, Reef Comunication Srl, Andrea Andolina, Raffaele Moratto -

Purchased by NBC Universal Italia.. Previewing at the 2016 David di Donatello Award 2015 - Director and editor - “Not in Italy” - a documentary produced by Border Studio - Honourable mention at the 2015

Omovies Festival in Naples 2014 - Author and editor - "UGO. La storia negli occhi" - a documentary produced by Border Studio-in progress 2013 - Author and editor - “I have to tell you a story” with the participation of Oscar winner István Szabó - Produced by Giordano Bianchi and Martina Marafatto - Presented at Los Angeles Cinefest 2015, official selection 2010 - Author and editor - "Con gli occhi dell'altro" - a documentary produced by Cultural Association Spaesati e Bonawentura S.C. Purchased by RAI Contact

Dunja Sikirić

"Simplicity never fails."

Biography Dunja Sikirić was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, and holds a Master's degree in Editing. In her work she mostly focuses on television, working on documentary series and reality television, but her ambition is to expand in the field of film. Selected filmography That's the was it is – documentary short – 2018. (dir. Arsen Oremović) Hassan – documentary short – 2017. (dir. Arsen Oremović) Days – short film – 2016. (dir. Zoran Stojkovski) Cile – documentary short - 2015. (dir. Katarina Radetić)


Tomislav Stojanović

Biography Born in Slavonski Brod (Croatia) in 1991, Tomislav Stojanović is an editor and colorist. After finishing high school, he enrolled in Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb (ADU). At ADU he earned a BA in Editing and a MA in Sound design (2014), and was awarded Dean's award. During his student years he started editing and color grading both films and commercials. He has edited and color graded many short films, many of which screened and were awarded in international film festivals, earning him three "best editing" awards. In 2017. he edited feature documentary "Srbenka" directed by Nebojša Slijepčević, which won Doc Alliance Selection Award and Buyens-Chagoll Award at Visions du Reel festival. In 2015. he founded a production and postproduction company – Eclectica, together with two partners-producers, Rea Rajčić and Ivan Kelava. Currently he works as freelance film editor, manages postproduction at Eclectica and works on development of new film projects. Tomislav is very interested in working on international co-productions, both fiction and documentary films. Selected filmography SRBENKA (72 min, 2018.), feature documentary directed by Nebojša Slijepčević Buyens-Chagoll Award at Visions du Reel Doc Alliance Selection Award FLOWERS (19 min, 2015), short fiction directed by Judita Gamulin Travelled to more than 20 international festivals Nominated for Student Academy Award (Student Oscar) Contact

STORY ABOUT MARE (15 min, 2013.), short fiction directed by Igor Šeregi SUNDAY MORNING, SATURDAY EVENING (5x 28min, 2012), TV series directed by Predrag Ličina Produced by Kinorama for Croatian National Television

Saša Škulj

“When something is bothering me or I feel emotional pain, I do art. It's the greatest way to express yourself and the best medicine for your soul. You need to create beyond your comfort zone and outside the frames, because this is where the magic happens.”

Biography Born in Ljubljana in 1996. She first became interested in photography and film in ninth grade, so she decided to study photography at the Secondary School of Design and Photography. Her creativity was never limited to school projects alone; she also worked on things that fascinated her or with people who commissioned her as a photographer. For her graduation project she made her first short film. To pursue her desire to create films, she decided to study film editing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. In the three years at the academy, she made some short films, wrote some scripts, edited a short documentary, some short presentation films for other productions and theatres, participated on short film sets as a D.I. T and Continuity. In addition to film, she enjoys painting, traveling and dancing (swing and tango). Selected filmography AQUA (WATER), short landscape film (2018) – director, camera operator, editor SESTRELJENI, short feature film (2017)- Second Camera, set photographer, film editor DOTIK (TOUCH), short feature film (2017) – director, camera operator, editor MAŠKARADA (MASQUERADE), short feature film (2016) – editor, script CLEARLY TO ALMOST NOTHING, first short feature film (2015)- director, camera operator, editor Contact

Martina Zamolo

Biography Martina Zamolo was born in Udine. She studied in Padua and Milan. In 2010 she moved to London, where she started her career as an Assistant Editor thanks to a grant sponsored by the FVG Film Found. In London she had the honour to work on quite a few big British productions, working with talents such as Stephen Frears, Steve Knight and Ricky Gervais. In 2014 she moved back to Italy to work with Paolo Sorrentino. Selected filmography 2018 The Miracle Niccolò Ammaniti, Francesco Munzi, Lucio Pellegrini Italy/France Series Mania Festival–Sky Europe / Fremantle First Assistant Editor

2015 Youth / La Giovinezza Paolo Sorrentino Italy / Uk / France / Switzerland Festival Di Cannes First Assistant Editor

2016 The Young Pope Paolo Sorrentino Italy / Uk / France / Spain / Usa Festival Di Venezia – Sky Europe / Hbo First Assistant Editor

2015 The Program Stephen Frears Uk / France Toronto International Film Festival First Assistant Editor 2014 Philomena Stephen Frears Uk / Usa / France Second Assistant Editor



Massimiliano ‘’Max’’ Borghesi

"Sound goes where the camera cannot. When the camera shows, sound makes you feel."

Biography Massimiliano "Max" Borghesi is a sound designer and sound recordist with an interest in immersive media and spatial audio. Max has recently graduated from the Leeds Beckett University with a Master of Arts degree in Sound Design. He has previously worked professionally in theatre and radio productions, both behind and on stage, in technical and artistic roles for more than 10 years. He believes that the key for an effective sound design lies halfway between technical expertise and creative mindset. He has worked as a sound recordist, sound editor, sound designer and re-recording mixer for films, animations, documentaries, 360 videos and VR. He loves taking his equipment out for a field recording trip and always brings with him a couple of binaural microphones and a recorder to be ready to capture any interesting sounds. Selected filmography Book of Monsters (2018) - sound editing, sound design 7 Planets (2018) - sound editing, sound design, sound mixing Trashbag (2018) - sound recording, sound editing, ADR recording, sound design Impression (2017) - sound design, sound mixing Apples (2017) - sound design, sound mixing Contact

Luka Gamulin

“I aspire to create sound tracks that complement the material while giving it a distinctive and unique angle.�

Biography Luka Gamulin is a sound designer and editor, currently just before graduation from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. His experience includes creating soundscapes and mixes for several film, theatre, dance and game projects. Through them he has had the pleasure to explore various parts of audio production. He is currently working with friends on establishing and organizing a small post-production studio. In the future he would like to experiment more with music, and improve his piano skills. Selected filmography Saint Mary's Black Sheep, 2018, documentary feature film Marica, 2017, short film Trip, 2017, short film Transmania, 2016, feature/experimental film Contact

Viktor Grabar

“Shaping the sound to gain a deeper perspective into the story.”

Biography Viktor Grabar graduated in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After his return to Zagreb, he started recording and producing music freelance for various recording studios. When he started volunteering at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, his interests shifted towards film and television sound recording, and later to post-production and sound design. Viktor has been professionally involved with production sound recording and sound design for many years. He has worked on projects which include television commercials, documentary films, short films, feature films and television shows. He has worked with various production and television companies such as Studio Dim, Motion and Sekvenca. He often works with Kinoteka produkcija, Adriatic film, Švenk, Fremantle media, ADU, RTL televizija, Croatian Radiotelevision, Croatia Records, etc. Selected filmography Mouth of Truth Dir: Barbara Vekarić, prod: Motion, 2018 On The Water Dir: Filip Lozić, prod: Mohikanac produkcija 2018 Safe Flight Dir: Aldo Tardozzi, prod: U svom filmu, 2017 Deep Fried Dir: Ivan Mokrović, prod: Missart 2017 Escape Dir: Ivana Marinić Kragić, prod: Marinis Media 2015 Contact

Vincent Laurence

“Sound has all this subtility, complexity and subjectivity that makes it so exciting to work with.”

Biography Vincent Laurence (39) was born in Paris, where he lived and studied until his young adulthood. There he first started working as an audio maintenance technician in the main film post -production facilities in France, Technicolor Paris. By spending a lot of time in studios and being around notorious mixers, he got to learn many aspects of sound reproduction and soon got the opportunity to operate on the other side of the console , working as a sound recordist. After travelling for a year, he settled down in Slovenia with his wife. Since 2009 he is based in Ljubljana. Here he added location recording to his skills, while still collaborating on various l evels of sound postproduction. Today he has his own studio and works both on sound production and post-production. Selected filmography The Miner (Hanna Slak, 2017) Život je Truba (Antonio Nuić, 2015) Kruha in Iger (Klemen Dvornik, 2011) Apple Stand (Nikolina Mudronja, 2010) Life is a Miracle (Emir Kusturica, 2004) Contact

Eric Nardin

“Gradisca recording is an independent studio of audio post production inspired by the Fellinian character of Gradisca.”

Biography Eric Guerrino Nardin was born in 1984 to a Friulian father and a French mother. He lives and works between Udine and Rome as a sound designer, composer, sound engineer. Selected filmography Il Più Grande Sogno (supervising sound edit), feature film by Michele Vannucci, 2016 Kino Prod. L’ultima foglia (sound & music edit), feature film by Leonardo Frosina, 2013 Josei. Alberi (ass. sound design), documentary by Michelangelo Frammartino, 2012 Vivo Film. Michele nella terra (sound design), documentary by Grazia Tricarico, 2012 C.S.C. Prod. Cloro (sound design), short film by Laura Plebani, 2012 C.S.C. Prod. Contact

Dean Stojčič

“Sound creates space where everything manifests.“

Biography Dean Stojčič (25) was born in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. A few years ago, he started making music – hip-hop beats. He became very interested in sound in general, so he picked up sound design as well. He has worked as a sound designer and mixer for a few student short films and a short documentary. As he had always loved music and sound, he figured out that this was what he wanted to do in life. He likes the idea of creating new values and trying to express his experience through sound. Selected filmography NaturNatur (2018) / short documentary / sound design, mix: Dean Stojčič / direction: Fabris Šulin Canine dreams (2017) / short fiction / AGRFT rehearsal / sound design, mix: Dean Stojčič / direction: Fabris Šulin Life in a megabit (2017) / short fiction / sound design, mix: Dean Stojčič / direction: Anne Tassel Brothers (2017) / short fiction / sound design, mix: Dean Stojčič / direction: Fabris Šulin Contact

WANT TO LEARN SOME MORE? • School of Sound (UK) The School of Sound was founded to explore the creative use of sound in all the arts and media. Through workshops, talks and our biennial International Symposium, they are raising the awareness of how to communicate through sound for a new generation of artists, practitioners and teachers. Their last event in 2017 covered film, theatre, radio, Jamaican Bass culture, sound art, audio hallucination and the human voice - a very eclectic programme! Speakers have included Walter Murch, Hans Peter Kuhn, Mychael Danna, Ann Kroeber, Peter Sellars, Randy Thom, Paul Davies and Lynne Ramsay. The next School of Sound will be held in London in April 2019 with dates yet to be finalised. To learn more about the School of Sound visit their website where you can see their past programmes, listen to some of the presentations and join their mailing list.

 The National Film and Television School: Introduction to Sound for Narrative Filmmaking (UK) sound#introduction_to_sound_design_for_narrative_filmmaking Next workshop: 17 -20 September 2018, Beaconsfield, UK Taught by Larry Sider (School of Sound) In this 4-day practical workshop, they deconstruct the soundtrack exploring how each component of sound expresses character, place and story, and how the practical application of these concepts positions the audience in relation to the screen and the narrative. In effect, the soundtrack allows the filmmaker - and the story - to ‘speak’ to the audience. The talks and exercises will help you become aware of how the soundtrack should be part of an organic collaboration of all aspects of a film production.

• Innsbruck Film Campus (Austria) The INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS is Austria’s first talent campus and takes place for the sixth time in 2018. It is a well-established platform for young filmmakers, offering several masterclasses with international film professionals. Next edition: 10-16 September 2018

 Fest Film Lab (Portugal) FEST FILM LAB is a structure of excellence in the teaching in the area of cinema and audiovisual. It is not just another institute for education and workshops, but an institute that presents regular workshops throughout the year, and give the best worldwide professionals in this area. Some of their experts are David Macmillan (3 times Oscar Winner in the area of Sound), Alex Rodriguez (Oscar nominated editor of Children of Men and Y Tu Mamá También) , Colin Arthur (special effects guru from films such as 2001 A Space odyssey, or Neverending Story)

• Short Sounds Film Festival (UK) Short Sound Film Festival is the world's first dedicated celebration of cinematic sound and music. Next edition: 25-27 October 2018

• EditFest London (UK) EditFest was created by ACE in 2008 in Los Angeles, as their industry’s top editors desire to start a conversation among editors and postproduction professionals. By popular demand, EditFest London was added to the schedule in 2013. This highly anticipated annual event may expand to additional cities in the future. Next edition: 30 June 2018

• European Editing Masterclass (different countries) This educational workshop is aimed at training future film editors - 25 students of bachelor and master study programs of film editing departments of five prestigious European Art Universities: FAMU-CZ, ADU-HR, PWSFTviT-PL, VŠMU-SK, HFF-DE. The teachers from aforementioned universities are joining the workshop since 2011 and they are among the most awarded editors.

PRO OTOK: FOCUS TEAM FESTIVAL DIRECTOR Tanja Hladnik PROGRAMME MANAGER Ana Cerar PROGRAMME ASSISTANT Anja Prusnik PROGRAMME ADVISORS Alessandro Gropplero, Sabina Briški, Julij Zornik, Olga Toni, selection committee, Martin Semenčič, Ivan Zelić, Tomislav Pavlic PUBLIC RELATIONS Nadina Štefančič, head Anamarija Krassnig, assistant Darinka Mujkanović, Nika Gregorin, Maruša Kuret, Eva Žgajner TECHNICAL CREW AND PROJECTIONISTS Marko Reberšek, Marko Makuc, Marko Turkuš HOSPITALITY Mateja Koren VOLUNTEERS Maja Alibegović, Iva Kordić, Giovanna Martinez, Matej Drobež PRODUCER



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