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FA L L / W I N T E R E D I T I O N 2 0 1 9

MISSION King’s Ridge Christian School is a Christian community providing a college preparatory education equipping students to know, to serve, and to believe.

VISION King’s Ridge Christian School will become the number one choice for a Christ-centered, academically excellent college prep school and a place for students to build character, discover their unique purpose and calling and grow to make an impact that extends far beyond the King’s Ridge Christian School campus.

PASSION Our passion is to bring every student into a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ while equipping them to do with excellence all that God has called them to do.

BE STILL is published by the Office of Communications and is free of charge. For additional information, please call 770.754.5738 or visit our website at www.KingsRidgeCS.org. Disclaimer: King’s Ridge Christian School makes every effort to ensure that all names and listings are accurate and complete. If an error has been made, please accept our sincerest apologies. ©2019 King’s Ridge Christian School


NOTE FROM THE EDITOR We all like to feel appreciated from time to time. Each one of us plays different life roles throughout the day, but what is it about being appreciated that affects us so much? When my kids were in their mid-teens, I started to feel like their personal cleaning service. The tug-ofwar to help around the house and clean up after themselves finally reached a breaking point. After a full day of professional development, I returned home to two lounging children. The kitchen trash can resembled Seinfeld’s George Costanza and his overstuffed wallet, the dining room table still bore food and dishes from breakfast, and the recycling bin – well, that’s where I snapped. An empty Stouffer’s Chicken À La King box clung for its dear life on top of the packed recycling bin. Instead of taking a deep breath and remaining calm, my mouth spewed at full volume what has become known in my house as the “Take Initiative” speech. Not a proud parenting moment by any stretch of the imagination, but that was the fastest I have ever seen them take out the trash and put away dirty dishes. Being valued and appreciated deepens a sense of meaning in our lives, and it ultimately connects us to one another. At King’s Ridge Christian School, we are truly blessed with countless parent volunteers who selflessly give their time and talents to serve our community. Every single day their presence is felt at school whether it is decorating for the holidays, setting up the latest book fair in Lower School, working tirelessly at King’s Corner, leading a Bible study, or serving as a member of the board of trustees. Their seamless approach and contributions can easily be absorbed during the action-packed school year, but their impact is vital to the mission of KRCS and its future. Mark Twain once said, “I could live for two months on a good compliment.” So, as we begin the second half of the school year and spiral towards commencement, thank you to each and every parent volunteer at King’s Ridge Christian School. You are valued and appreciated. We simply couldn’t do it without you. Michelle Azzi Director of Communications Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17








“...and a place for students to build character, discover their unique purpose and calling, and make an impact that extends far beyond our campus.�

LETTER FROM HEAD OF SCHOOL We are on a journey to continued excellence and growth. We are working hard to create a vision that is responsive to the rapidly evolving needs of our students, while remaining grounded in our mission, vision, and passion. Our vision represents a distillation of the ways in which we will strive to live out our best institutional self over the next decade, while we work to provide our students an experience that calls on them, in turn, to become their best individual selves. The Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA) conducted our accreditation process in October 2019. Their commendations and recommendations have been most helpful in crafting our vision and direction moving forward. At King’s Ridge Christian School, we strive to help our students develop in mind, body, and character into persons who are ready, able, and willing to make a positive difference in the world around them. We commit to help our students grow into leaders who understand their place in the larger civic whole. We work to equip them with the skills of mind and heart, as well as the personal fortitude and ethical framework, to understand and work through complex situations, to commit themselves to the greater good, and to do the right thing. We are devoted to building a Christian community providing a college preparatory education, and equipping our students to know, to serve, and to believe. We dedicate ourselves to bringing every student into a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ, while equipping them to do at the highest level of excellence exactly what God has called them to do. And we strive to be the number one choice for a Christ-centered, academically excellent college prep school, and a place for students to build character, discover their unique purpose and calling, and make an impact that extends far beyond our campus. We are strategically devoted to focusing on the maturing of our students’ relationship with their creator, God, and to living our passion statement. We are devoted to reviewing our curriculum in order that it remains relevant, dynamic, engaging, and focused. We are also committed to our curriculum promoting our students’ ability to think critically and creatively, to communicate and generate effectively, and to approach life fully in a balanced and healthy way. We are actively committing to rededicate ourselves to the importance of hiring great faculty who endeavor to deliver our mission. In addition, we are strategically devoted to steward current financial resources and generate new ones so our school is as vital as possible in the near and long-term future. And lastly, we are strategically devoted to building a school community defined by Christ, wellness, safety, and life-enriching relationships. Our desire is to grow as a school and live our mission to the fullest. In our ever-changing and complex world, there can be no doubt about the importance of that mission, and its goal of equipping students to know, to serve, and to believe. We dedicate ourselves to this purpose. We commit anew to offering the very best school experience we can envision. We pledge our commitment to the young men and women of King’s Ridge Christian School and the people they will become. To God be the glory! Dr. Jeff D. Williams Head of School LETTER FROM HEAD OF SCHOOL |








Know Where We Have Been This past July, the seven selected Prefects for the 2019-2020 school year traveled to Aspen, Colorado, to spend five days and four nights in the wilderness. The trip challenged the rising seniors to grow as leaders, depend upon the others as a team, and strengthen their faith in the Lord. The Prefects were led by Dr. Jeff D. Williams, Head of School, and accompanied by faculty members Bo Towns, Director of Christian Life; Jeff Pickren, Men’s Athletic Director; and Tiffany Porter, Middle School teacher. Publicity Prefect Abigail Brannon shares her personal journal entries about this life-changing opportunity.

fun to see how fast we bonded and now I’m really excited for the rest of the trip. DAY 3: JULY 16, 2019 Woke up freezing in my ENO to the sound of birds chirping. Dr. Williams fixed us tea and oatmeal to warm us up. We packed up camp to move to our next location. Lifting the heavy backpack I could tell I was going to be exhausted by the end. As we hiked we saw God’s beautiful land, and I was feeling so blessed. We had to cross a freezing river and an avalanche patch. I have a couple of scratches but nothing too bad. We made it safely to the beautiful Snowmass Lake and I was in awe! We explored the area and talked underneath the stars until it was too cold, and we decided it was time for bed. DAY 4: JULY 17, 2019

DAY 1: JULY 14, 2019 We arrived in Aspen, Colorado, on Sunday morning ready for our trip to begin. After checking into the Pocolodi Lodge, we explored the town of Aspen and started to prepare for our hike the next day. DAY 2: JULY 15, 2019 My alarm went off at 7 am. As I rolled out of bed to put on my hiking boots, I became nervous and excited for the next couple of days. We boarded the bus that was taking us to the trail and enjoyed the last bit of air conditioning we would get for the next couple of days. Once we got to the trail, we hiked for about three hours, and we were so happy to see the campsite. After setting up our ENO hammocks and tents, we went down to the lake and pumped water. Even though it took two hours to pump water, those two hours were full of laughter. After dinner, all of us kids went back to the dock and talked for a couple of hours. It was


Again I woke up freezing, but still in awe of the beauty that surrounded me. We had to head back to our first camp site because we could not continue on the trail since it was too snowy. Today was an easier day because it was downhill instead of uphill. We set up camp again and began to cook dinner. Another night of bonding in our ENO’s lasted until we were too cold to move. The group is getting along very well, and I’m super happy I am getting to know these people. DAY 5: JULY 18, 2019 Today we are leaving the mountain to return to the lodge. It was a bittersweet moment because as much as I love sleeping in a bed, I will miss all the memories we made. We hurried down the mountain to catch the bus and were relieved when we felt the air conditioning. Our hiking days aren’t over though, because tomorrow we are doing a day hike in Aspen. Still don’t have our phones back, but it’s okay because I don’t miss it.



DAY 6: JULY 19, 2019

DAY 7: JULY 20, 2019

Waking in a bed was amazing. Dr. Williams said the hike today would take two hours up and two hours down. Instead, it took four hours up and we had to take the gondola down! It was definitely the hardest day. I didn’t think we were going to make it to the top. But once we reached the top, the view was worth it. Words can’t describe the beauty we saw. We celebrated our accomplishment with a pizza party. It was a fun, exhausting day.

I’m on the airplane now, heading home from Colorado. This trip and these people are really important to me. I’m sad to leave, but excited for the year to come. I will never forget the memories we made and the new friendships that have begun. I feel very blessed and thankful for this opportunity.




Know Where We Have Been KRCS Convocation and Back to School Social Convocation is a wonderful tradition at King’s Ridge Christian School. It is an opportunity to bring the entire school community together to celebrate the beginning of the school year and to ask for God’s blessings on our students, faculty, parents, and board of trustees.

Tiger Tailgate The KRCS ONE Association introduced the new Tiger Tailgate before each home varsity football game. Tiger fans met on King’s Corner lawn for a catered dinner and fellowship. The KRCS ONE Association provided everything needed for an amazing tailgate - tents, tables, chairs, decor, and free giveaways.

2019 Ladies Tiger Tennis Open or Craft The event our KRCS ladies love was back with a little addition. Participants played competitive tennis (round-robin format) or created a beautiful fall centerpiece followed by a delicious lunch at The Manor Golf & Country Club.

Homecoming Robbie Witt and Gracie Haschak were crowned King and Queen, and Cooper Burns and Sierra Haschak were elected Prince and Princess. Last year’s King and Queen, Evan Dyer and Hayden Danyo, returned to crown the winners. KRCS also held its 2nd Annual Faculty/Alumni Homecoming BBQ on the Kendrick Center lawn. Many alumni attended, representing seven of our thirteen graduating classes, along with ninety-three faculty and staff. At the event, the Class of 2010 announced their plans for a 10th class reunion that will include the 2007-2013 KRCS alumni.




12th Annual Lower School Book Fair and Parade This week-long event was a great success as a community builder and fundraiser for our Media Center. Middle and Upper School students continued the tradition of cheering on our Lower School classes during their book character parade in front of the Barbara Adler Academic Center.

Grandparents and Grandfriends Day This is one of the most beloved annual events at KRCS when we honor our grandparents and grandfriends before the Thanksgiving break.

Christmas at the Ridge The KRCS community celebrated the holiday season at this festive event which featured pictures with Santa, dinner, and a Fine Arts Christmas concert. For the fifth year, the event supported the Empty Bowls Project, an international grassroots effort to raise money and awareness in the fight to end hunger. Meals by Grace, based in Cumming, Georgia, was selected as the recipient of donations. This non-profit plans, prepares, and delivers hot nutritious meals and additional food items to children and families in need who have limited or unreliable transportation.




Know Where We Have Been

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER ‘LIGHTS UP’ KING’S RIDGE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL John O’Leary survives 100% burns as child to fuel message of faith By HATCHER HURD Special to The Herald Sept. 10, 2019

That was the message he brought August 27 to grades 5-12 at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta. O’Leary is charismatic, enthusiastic, and full of positivism about life and about his Christian faith. Speaking to the students, he told them he wanted to talk to them about the “Power of One.” He begins his talk about the fateful day when he decided to mimic what he had seen older boys doing — taking a can of gasoline and lighting it on the sidewalk to watch the pretty flames. Unfortunately, O’Leary decided he would go to the basement of his parents’ home to do so in secret. Flame met gasoline and the can exploded. God was in his life, O’Leary said, because only a series of extraordinary interventions allowed him to survive his burns.

Motivational speaker John O’Leary stands with a few of newest “best friends” at King’s Ridge Christian School. He was there to talk to students and faculty about living “an inspired life.”

ALPHARETTA, GA — As inspirational speakers go, John O’Leary has a unique message of faith, hope, perseverance, and mission. And he gets your attention from word one. His inspiration comes from his experiences as a 9-year-old child who survived receiving burns over 100 percent of his body — 87 percent were third-degree burns. His motto is “Live Inspired,” and that is the message he has brought to 49 states and 18 countries.


First, his 17-year-old brother just happened to be home and rushed to the basement in time to smother the flames on his brother with some old rugs stored down there. Next, an incredible burn unit team at the St. Louis hospital he was taken to gave him the chance to live. Finally, he credits the enormous efforts his parent made to nurse him physically and psychologically. His first day home after weeks in the hospital, he is in his bed, one arm bandaged so that it sticks out at a right angle to his body.



No amount of begging would put her off.

He tells the story of the courtship of his future wife. How he told her he wanted to be more than a friend and have an actual date. “She told me she really liked me, but ‘as a brother.’ That is about the worst thing she could have said,” he told the students.

“I tried to tell her that I might be 100 percent home, but I still had 87 percent third-degree burns,” O’Leary told the rapt students listening to him.

But he persevered, and after four years she finally admitted she now “had feelings too.” Two years later they were married and now have a family.

What O’Leary did not know then was his parents were determined that life for their son would go as normally as possible — it would take more work is all.

His parents wrote a book about their experiences nursing their son back to health, Overwhelming Odds. It became a bestseller with 700,000 copies sold.

And so he had that piano lesson and the ones that followed in the weeks, months and years.

As O’Leary began to tell his story, he said God told him he should keep telling it. That has led to his own bestselling book: ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life.

“My mother appeared at the door and informed me it was time for my piano lesson and that the teacher was downstairs,” he told the students.

Then to cement the story, a piano is rolled out on stage for O’Leary to play. He doesn’t have many fingers left, but he played a melodic version of “Amazing Grace” to show those lessons had not been for naught. O’Leary’s life has been a little short of miraculous. But he credits having God in his life and many wonderful friends, family, and supporters.

He also continues to reach audiences, (more than 80 speaking engagements annually), through his website, johnolearyinspires.com and his podcasts, in addition to his motivational talks as a speaker.

With gratitude to the KRCS Men’s Group for sponsoring this amazing event!




Know What We Have The Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) Master Teacher program is truly unique. Encompassing top-of-the-line educators from all over the state, the program connects these teachers allowing them to dialogue with one another in order to craft meaningful conversations and innovative ideas on everything from the value of homework to proper classroom engagement. As leaders in their field, teachers in the program gather on a regular basis to share their methods, ideas, and skills.

“They want us to go beyond [the award], and collaborate across schools.” This kind of collaboration that includes teachers from all over Georgia, for example, an English teacher, a Spanish teacher, a Bible teacher, and a math teacher can get together to share techniques and tips that improve their classrooms as a whole, not just in their specific subject. Amber Fiddler, another passionate King’s Ridge science teacher, says that the GISA Master Teacher award isn’t, “...just an award. You are accepted into this program, and once you’re in the program you collaborate [with other teachers]. You come up with additional best practices, and you compare across schools.” This year Fiddler became the second King’s Ridge teacher after Mayton to receive the prestigious award. Her acceptance ceremony took place in November 2019.

So, what happens when you take a group of passionate instructors who want to improve school policy and ask them to start mingling? “[GISA] might throw specific topics out there, like classroom management or the value of homework assessments,” says Wade Mayton, a science teacher at King’s Ridge, who was named a GISA Master Teacher in 2016. But the exciting part, according to Mayton, is,


While admittance into the program provides its own prestige, most are not aware of how strenuous the application process is. The process begins with a nomination by the educator’s respective head of school (in this case, Doug Pesce, Head of Middle School) and eventually requires five separate recommendations from fellow teachers, parents, and students. This is followed by a letter from the nominee that details their own teaching methods. A GISA committee then evaluates the nominees based on the materials they’ve provided. Items evaluated include the letters of reference, the nominees own letter, past emails, unedited videos of a typical forty-five minute class, and



completed past projects which collaboration with other teachers.


“It’s a humbling process,” says Fiddler. “It makes you think, how can I be a better teacher?” Needless to say, the application process is extensive, but the application and the award are far from the most important part of the process. “The induction ceremony isn’t the end all be all,” says Fiddler. “It’s just the beginning.”

with the math problem solved or the novel read. What students actually learn in the classroom is about patience and the focus it takes to improve their know-how of a subject in the first place. And then how to take that math or literary knowledge and apply it outside the classroom and in other disciplines. This is what GISA Master Teachers like Fiddler and Mayton understand. It’s also what they want to share with other teachers, in hopes they can carry fresh methods into their classrooms.

Once they’re in the GISA Master Teacher program, these educators return from collaborative meetings and informative presentations with fresh perspectives they can share with other teachers at their own schools. According to Fiddler and Mayton, King’s Ridge is the perfect place to foster innovative teaching methods which help students be successful. For example, “After having worked at other schools, I then saw how [King’s Ridge] is a unique environment where the administrators thoroughly support a change to the curriculum if it positively affects the students,” says Mayton. “You can’t say you have that type of support everywhere.” It’s clear that GISA’s Master Teacher program expects teachers and their students to know that what they learn in the classroom doesn’t end

If other educators catch on, students receive the most benefits of all: more engaging classes, better organized classroom environments, and a group of passionate teachers ready to make a difference. What more could anyone want in a classroom environment? Or as Solomon Ortiz said, “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” This follows perfectly with the philosophy of the GISA Master Teacher award and the philosophy of the educators at King’s Ridge. Without the educator having the skills, training, and opportunities to collaborate with other educators, they would not be able to make lasting impressions on their students.



Know What We Have Athletics at King’s Ridge Christian School is an integral part of fulfilling our mission to build a Christian community that equips students “to know, to serve, and to believe.” Our athletic program mantra, Do the Work; Work Together, defines our ultimate goal and serves as the foundation for how our coaches and teams prepare and compete. Our athletic program sets the standards by which we desire our athletes to live their lives, both today and into the future. Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent.” – John 6:29

DO THE WORK The work of the Kingdom, as Jesus states, is to believe in Him, to trust Him not only with our eternal future, but also with our daily lives. Our work as coaches and faculty is primarily to keep the gospel message in front of us and to constantly remind ourselves and our athletes to believe in Jesus. In addition, “Do the Work” represents a challenge to our coaches and athletes to be committed to the work of developing athletic skills and competencies. We will pursue athletic excellence for the glory of God. Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. – Colossians 3:17

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit but with humility of mind, regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but for the interests of others. – Philippians 2:3-5

CORE VALUES We believe that athletics should further the mission, vision, and passion of KRCS. We believe that a quality athletic program will strengthen our community and attract mission appropriate families to KRCS. We believe the heart with which we compete is more important than the outcome of a contest. We believe athletes should compete in multiple sports for the development of the athlete and the overall success of our athletic program. We believe our coaches have been called by God to employ their gifts at KRCS. We believe the success of the team is more important than the success of the individual. We believe in the God-given dignity and value of every opponent with whom we compete.

WORK TOGETHER The work we are each called to do is not accomplished in isolation, but as a team - a family in community relationships. We have been called to serve others above ourselves, as we have been so greatly served by Jesus Christ. Therefore, in our pursuit of athletic excellence, we are committed to doing this work together, not for personal glory, but for the fame of Jesus Christ. We will work together to represent our King with excellence.


We believe in year-round strength and conditioning for the health and safety of all KRCS athletes. We believe that each athlete must personally pursue self-leadership or discipline informed by God’s Word and God’s community of believers. We believe KRCS Athletics exist to help athletes discover their God-given talents and gifts.



Athletic Offerings


Football (male)

Cross Country

(male and female)

Softball (female)

Volleyball (female)

Cheerleading (female)


Baseball Basketball

(male and female)


(male and female)




(male and female)


(male and female)


(male and female)

Track & Field

(male and female)


(male and female)

Equestrian TO KNOW



(male and female)

Know What We Have King’s Ridge Christian School is a nationally recognized school for performing and visual arts. The Fine Arts Department and Fine Arts Academy offer students the opportunity to engage in a unique co-curricular program: rigorous, college preparatory academic classes and professionallevel arts training in the context of Christian school culture. Excellence in fine arts is the KRCS student experience through the lens of our mission to know, to serve, and to believe. The KRCS Fine Arts’ vision is to continue to engage young hearts and minds in the arts, resulting in creative and aesthetic thinkers who are educated consumers of the arts and influence the world with their God-given gifts and talents. The school day consists of seven class periods followed by immersion in a student’s chosen art: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Musical Theatre, Acting, Worship, and Visual Arts. The fine arts at King’s Ridge prepares young artists with the skills for academic success, critical thinking, and creative expression.


CURRICULUM Each student is a member of one of the Academy’s seven art departments: Dance, Media Arts, Music, Musical Theater, Acting, Instrumental Worship, or Visual Arts. Each department offers core courses that engage the student in the discipline of their respective area. Faculty members assess students individually in each course each semester. In addition to their regular arts classwork, students participate in over twenty-five productions each year including concerts, plays, musicals, competitions, conferences, and exhibitions. Furthermore, King’s Ridge offers students unparalleled access to and partnerships with renowned arts organizations and professionals. Integrated Fine Arts with Christian Life - Worship Band, Chapel Programming, Mission/Field Trip Experiences, and Spiritual Life Retreats. Exposure to the Arts - Art Exhibits (High Museum, In-House Art Exhibits), Vocal Ensembles Performances, Instrumental Arts (participate in recital), and Enrichment Opportunities/Trips.



CURRICULAR ART STUDIES Providing students academic/curricular core classes with intensive training in their chosen art field, King’s Ridge Christian School offers a fine arts track through Upper School that is scope and sequence beginning in Middle School.

Musical Theater Arts ¥ Musical Theater Studio I & II ¥ Studio I - Freshman ¥ Studio II - Sophomores and Juniors ¥ Studio II - Seniors ¥ Vocal Arts ¥ Chorus and/or Private Voice ¥ Theory and Ear Training ¥ Technical Theater Art – Scenic, Lighting & Sound Design, Stagecraft ¥ Dance ¥ Ballet ¥ Jazz ¥ Tap

Vocal Arts (vocal performance majors) ¥ AP Music Theory ¥ Advanced Choral Ensemble (King’s Ridge Voices) Visual Arts ¥ Design ¥ Drawing ¥ Color Theory ¥ Painting ¥ Sculpture ¥ Printmaking ¥ Goal: AP Art ¥ Goal: Art History ¥ Goal: AP Art History

Instrumental Arts ¥ Theory and Ear Training 1 ¥ AP Music Theory ¥ Piano Lab ¥ Instrumental Methods

Theater Arts ¥ Acting Studio ¥ Acting for Camera ¥ Directing and Technical Theater ¥ Improvisation




Know Where We Are Going We are thrilled to be consolidating the Fine Arts Academy to the former Upper School modular. The Fine Arts Academy, which currently serves over 100 private lessons per week, will house three private instruction Music Studios for piano, guitar, strings, voice, and acting, with expansion of lessons being offered in 2020. One studio will be equipped to offer group piano instruction in Fall 2020. With growing demand for dance at King’s Ridge, three dance studios will provide opportunities for students Pre-K - 12 to train after school in ballet, tap, and musical theater. The Jr. Tigerettes and Varsity Tigerettes Dance Teams will utilize the dance studios to practice and prepare for games and community events. During the curricular day, Kathy Winchell will teach in the multi-purpose Actors Studio. After school she will rehearse for performing arts productions. Annie Dietz will serve as the Academy Dance Coordinator and Jenny Piacente will continue in her role as Private Instruction Coordinator. We are grateful for the support of the administration, faculty, and parents who serve the students in exploring their creativity and appreciation for the arts. The department and

Fine Arts committees’ focus is to prepare each student with expert professional instruction which develops them as artists who glorify Him with their talents given by their Creator…to become future Christian leaders that impact His kingdom in the studio, on stage, or in the boardroom. Our vision is to continue to engage young minds and hearts in the arts; resulting in creative and aesthetic thinkers who are educated consumers of the arts and influence the world with their gifts and talents. The Fine Arts Academy was a dream realized by Brent Davis, former Director of Fine Arts, for King’s Ridge to one day offer private on campus after school instruction for its students and the community. Holly Krig-Smith Director of Fine Arts

Registration, instructor bios, and schedules can be found at www.KingsRidgeCS.org




KING’S RIDGE CUTS RIBBON ON EXPANSION By JOE PARKER joe@appenmediagroup.com Dec. 10, 2019

Williams thanked the King’s Ridge families for their support, saying the expansion would not have been possible without them. “We have had families, we have had foundations, different organizations that believe in what our mission is, believe in us, and they have been incredibly generous and grateful to come along beside us and say, ‘How can we help you get what you need to equip the next generation?’” It’s been an amazing blessing, really, from our families and those who have come along and helped us along too,” Williams stated.

King’s Ridge Christian School faculty, students, and members of the community cut the ribbon on the new Upper School expansion Dec. 5. The three-level wing will include classrooms, workrooms and lockers.

MILTON, GA — King’s Ridge Christian School faculty, students, and community members gathered at the campus on November 5th to cut the ribbon on the new expansion to its Upper School. The wing includes three floors that will house classrooms, offices, conference and collaborative rooms, and lockers for 128 students. King’s Ridge broke ground on the expansion last November; students will begin attending classes in the new wing in January. “This is a monumental privilege for us to be able to provide such an incredible space to fulfill our mission, number one; and number two, prepare the next generation of leaders, not just for this area, or the state, but the world,” Headmaster Jeff Williams said.


The new wing is the third expansion for the school. King’s Ridge opened its doors in 2001 on its 70-acre campus with the 65,000 square foot Barbara Adler Academic Center and a lighted athletic field. In 2008, the school added a 37,000 square foot Student Center, which includes a meeting area, gym, performance stage, and strength and conditioning training rooms. The school added another building in 2013 with the first phase of construction on the 45,000 square foot Upper School and the Kendrick Center for Life Impact. “We’ve been so blessed,” Williams said. “We’ve built a Lower School facility, and we need to build a Middle School facility. This (expansion) is a wing we’ve added on because we’ve experienced a tremendous blessing with growth. For us, I think we’re taking it one thing at a time, as God creates opportunities for us and blesses us so that we can expand - we would love to do it.”



Know Where We Are Going Whether it is through academics or servant leadership, our students strive to be their best, while traveling their journey with a dedicated faculty who cares about the results. KRCS admitted 105 new students for the 2019-2020 school year, of which thirty-three were siblings of current students. Since the start of the school year, we have welcomed seventeen new students and their families. God continues to shine His favor on KRCS. There is no greater joy than to see our new students engaged with new friends and displaying a sense of peace gained from learning in a Christian community. Their academic success prepares them for the journey that lies ahead. When students are accepted to KRCS, there are several factors that are considered: ¥ Are they a missionally aligned family? ¥ Can they be successful academically, spiritually, and personally at KRCS? ¥ How can they become plugged in to make a difference in the school? We consider these three factors crucial in determining which students and their families


will be successful and thrive at KRCS. Obviously, we want our students to be happy, do well academically, and grow spiritually. In addition, we want our school to continue to prosper and to be able to serve all families who wish for their children to attend KRCS. We could not grow as we have without the help of our families, faculty, and board of trustees. Many of our new students are the result of a referral from you. As the senior class continues to expand, the Admissions team is charged with finding and admitting missionally aligned families that will offset the graduation rate. This year we will graduate our largest class to date; eighty students. With re-enrollment around the corner, we hope to attain the same 89.5% retention rate that we had last year. We also hope that as parents and staff, you will continue to promote KRCS when among friends. You are our best source of referrals and we are all in this together. Let’s keep King’s Ridge the attractive, viable, Christian school it was intended to be. Our growth rate has been astounding, and we pray that it continues on this trajectory. KRCS withdrew its membership from Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS) in early fall. This allowed us to offer open enrollment to interested families. Thus, if a family moved to our area in the fall and was trying to decide on a place to live, we could give them an answer right away as to whether or not their child was accepted, versus waiting until the first week of April to let them know. We were always able to do this with our Pre-K families, and we saw how successful that program was. Now we can do so



with all grade levels. With our area being such a transient area, this feature has proven to be invaluable to our prospective families. Nothing warms our hearts more than when a student decides to return to KRCS after having left for one reason or another. This year, we were blessed with two such students. We asked Emily Coachys, returning 4th grade student, to share her experience with us (see below).

May God bless you and your family, and may He form a hedge of protection over our precious school. Thank you for being such an integral part in His plan. As stated from one of our new families this year, “We are swimming in His glory.” Shuntel Beach

Director of Admissions

Emily’s Journey My name is Emily Coachys. My close friends and family call me Emmy. I have been at King’s Ridge Christian School since 2014 when my family moved here from Colorado. I am in fourth grade. Because of an athletic commitment in my thirdgrade year, I decided I needed to try a new school. Besides the demands of my schedule, King’s Ridge was all I had known and the idea of trying something new seemed exciting to me. At first, I loved the change. I enjoyed meeting new people, new scenery, and wearing my own clothes. At the end of the first month I enjoyed it less, and by the end of the second month I began to talk with my parents about how I was feeling. We kept talking and began to pray for a feeling of peace, or for an answer as to what I needed to do. I discussed my options with my parents and decided that if I left this new school, I needed to go back to what I knew as that would feel most comfortable. So, we decided to make a list of pros and cons of each school.


After starting my lists, it quickly became clear what I needed to do. I missed my friends, the loving community I now realize I was a big part of, my teachers (who have known me since I was five and would each call me by name and give me hugs), Christian Education which gave me so much peace in my day, PE class where we played fun games, the food (which I thought wasn’t very good and now I realize it’s pretty great), and yes, I missed my uniform and the feeling of being part of the same team - that’s actually really special. Most of all, I missed the peacefulness I felt during the day, the calm of the light coming through the windows, and the beautiful Christian songs we sang that brought me joy. I am thankful I have a choice of schools, and I am grateful that when my parents called King’s Ridge to say I really missed it, they welcomed me back with open arms. It’s like I never left. I am happy, and I have a feeling that I am HOME.









To Serve Others Our mission statement begins with an emphatic declaration of who we are: “King’s Ridge Christian School is a Christian community…”. Our school’s founders were intentional in establishing as a priority, above every other, that we be defined distinctly as a, “Christian community.” What great foundational foresight, wisdom, and values to pass on, not only to us, but to future generations to come. What is a Christian community? What does it mean? What does it look like? We follow God in how He has and continues to love us. We give ourselves fully to Him by giving ourselves fully to each other. We serve each other sacrificially in this community, with honor and respect. And then we share how we love here with others who visit our campus, and with the world around us. We devote ourselves to knowing the truth and living out the truth of Scripture. We trust God together in prayer, rather than relying solely on our own abilities and strength. We commit ourselves to representing God in everything we do and say. At KRCS, we strive to do life differently than most communities, because we are citizens and children of God, members of His out-of-this-world kingdom community. This is who we are. Examples of this from the 2019-2020 first semester include: Prefect Colorado Trip (prepare seven rising seniors for leadership roles at KRCS) Freshman and Senior Retreats (get away to build community) Weekly Chapel (Lower, Middle and Upper Schools) Middle School Mission Trip (Montgomery, AL) Upper School Day of Service Athletic Devotionals Conflict Resolution Community Praise & Worship (with other local area schools) Christmas at the Ridge (community event to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ)




Because we are a Christian community intent on serving God and following His word, we are strategically planning discussion-oriented Bible classes focused on relational discipleship, centered on the gospel, and based on the authoritative word of God. The goal is to develop habits that form the heart as we call every student into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The best is yet to come, as we see the power of Jesus transform our hearts, our lives, and our community. Bo Towns Director of Christian Life





On Friday, December 6, 2019, KRCS Upper School students participated in a Day of Service which is to become an annual tradition as part of the School’s mission, “to know, to serve, and to believe.” When originally brainstorming service projects for this year, a Day of Service was not what I originally had in mind. However, with so many different service project ideas, one thing led to the next and then Dr. Chadwick, Head of Upper School, gave us an entire school day dedicated to service! During this Day of Service, students helped facilities, tutored Middle School students, assisted Lower School teachers in their classrooms, baked holiday treats for our dining and facility workers who serve us every day, and created artwork for an International Justice Mission (IJM) fundraiser. Our largest on-campus project was the “Christmas Shop” for Lower School students. At the Christmas Shop, Upper School students hosted Lower School students who were able to purchase presents for their parents and siblings. With over 1,200 items to choose from, students were able to save their pennies to buy special gifts for those they love. Around 300 of the items were handmade by art students with the wonderful help and leadership of Mrs. Zeitz, Upper School art teacher, and classmate Alyson Miller. In addition to these on-campus service projects, students and parents were able to donate a toy to our Toy Drive supporting the Live a YES Foundation, which gives toys to hospitalized children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in honor of Lily Anderson. We also hosted an all-school canned food drive after which students delivered the goods to North Fulton Community Charities. With these collections, we were able to incorporate giving and service into this special week. At Meals by Grace, students visited the aquaponic greenhouse and helped harvest a lettuce crop. Once back on campus, the same group of students helped organize canned food and cleaned up the side of the road near King’s Ridge which is part of the Adopt-a-Road program. Serving at the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) packing facility, students helped Samaritan’s Purse organize and pack gift boxes to be sent to children across the world. In addition to serving at the packing facility, Middle and Upper School students packed and delivered over 500 boxes for OCC in late November.




At Vision Warriors, students helped with tasks around the facility, such as painting and cleaning. The KRCS chorus visited Chestnut Ridge, a local nursing home, to sing carols and engage with their residents. Through their acts of service, our students were able to spread God’s love throughout our local community. Planning the Day of Service required a lot of work: meetings, phone calls, and spreadsheets, but it was all worth it on December 6th, when all of the planning was put into action. There were so many people who gave their time, energy, and ideas to make this Day of Service possible, and I cannot thank them enough. A very special thank you to Class Dean and English and World Language Department Chair, Mrs. Volz, who put her whole heart into helping me plan this day. It is incredible to be a part of students engaging in service, in our school and community, to glorify the Lord. McKenzie Callaway Upper School Service Prefect




To Serve KRCS Did you know that the campus store, King’s Corner: Is 100% parent volunteer run? All revenue generated has a direct impact on all of our students, faculty, and staff? Sells all of the required KRCS uniform apparel, nearly new uniforms, and spirit wear? You can customize your own spirit wear on the new Tiger Sideline Store?

Location - On the KRCS campus across from the football field. Store Hours - Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Tiger Sideline Store - Visit www.KRCSOne.com to order. Follow King’s Corner on Instagram - www.instagram.com/krcs_kingscorner/




FACTS ABOUT KING’S CORNER FROM 7/1/19 - 12/31/19 Gross Revenue Generated


Pieces of Apparel (Uniforms and Spirit Wear) Ordered, Received, Sorted, and Distributed


Transactions Processed


Additional Volunteer Hours Worked Outside of Regular Store Hours


Volunteer Hours Worked During Store Hours


Percent Volunteer Run


Shifts Fulfilled


Store Volunteers











To Believe Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me ERIC SWEGMAN Lower School Health and Physical Education Teacher, Varsity and JV Baseball Pitching Coach, Middle School Softball Coach 1. I worked in sports television production for four years before I became a teacher. 2. To my students shock and awe, I’ve never been to Disney World. 3. My first job was making sandwiches at Quiznos. It only lasted two months and that might have been because of the number of subs I ate while on the clock (Oops!). 4. I have never broken a bone even though I’ve had my fair share of trips to the hospital. 5. I’m a firm believer that hot sauce is the greatest condiment known to man. 6. My first car was a 2000 Silver Oldsmobile Alero. I named it the Silver Bullet even though it only topped out at 70 mph. 7. I’m a Cincinnati sports fan, which means the only time I have hope for my teams is during their off-seasons. 8. If I had to do anything other than be a teacher, it would be coffees equivalent of a sommelier. 9. From the age of ten until the age of fifteen, my shoe size and age were the exact same. Let’s just say I wasn’t the most coordinated kid during that time span. 10. One of the coolest sporting events I’ve ever been to was a rugby match between France and New Zealand.






5th & 6th Grade Christian Education Teacher, Middle School Golf Coach

9th Grade Dean of Math, Math Teacher

1. I have a Masters in Divinity from Beeson Divinity School.

1. You may love The Varsity restaurant, but my go-to spot is Heid’s.

2. I worked at Apple for 5.5 years and did Apple Consulting for two years.

2. I grew up in my family’s road construction business and am a pretty good roller operator.

3. I was the lead singer of a band, Speed Limit 40, while in high school.

3. Soft ice cream is so much better than hard ice cream. My favorite is chocolate peanut butter swirl.

4. I had many nicknames growing up: Squarehead, AO, Wayo, Brother AO, Wayz. I answer to just about all of them, especially if you say the name in song. Let me hear you say, WAY-O. 5. I have met and had my coffee paid for by the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. When I say that he was one of the most down-to-earth men I have ever met, I’m not just being punny. 6. Growing up people told me I was either going to be a pastor or a politician. 7. At home I am known for making up my own lyrics to songs, and I believe my skills are sadly underappreciated by my family. 8. My wife, Sara, and I were married the same day we graduated from college. We walked the graduation aisle in the morning and the church aisle that evening. BEST. DAY. EVER.

4. I was a baton twirler until I was ten, and I was in several parades. 5. Don’t ever ask me to sing. I’m never on key, can’t hold a note, and was never chosen for my school choir. 6. I’ve been to “Punkin Chunkin.” Everyone should go at least once to see the creativity and ingenuity people bring to this event. 7. One of my favorite games to play is Cribbage. My dad taught me how to play when I was ten. 8. The radio on my first car would only work if I hit the dashboard with the side of my hand just above the left knob! 9. I love to go to an amusement park and ride the roller coasters. The higher and faster, the better! 10. I’m an Earth Science geek. Fossils, rocks, and minerals are my thing. (l to r)

9. I share a birthday with Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Alan Oliver, Michelle Procopio,

10. I can tell you that if you search, “Hey Alan, Alan, Alan,” on YouTube, you will find a video that has followed me throughout my career in Apple and beyond. It is a video played regularly by my wife and kids even today.


and Eric Swegman



To Believe Celebrating Milestones In this edition of BE STILL, we are celebrating our beloved faculty and staff who reached service milestones during the 2018-2019 school year at King’s Ridge Christian School. Thank you for your dedicated service to KRCS! (l to r)

Rex Bowman,


Upper School Science Teacher

Brenda Bowman, Sixth Grade Math & Science Teacher

Pam Fedas, Science Department Chair

Carolyn Weathersbee, International Students Support Services


Jessica Kvam, Physical Education Teacher

Bob Rumble,

Upper School History Teacher Not featured: Julie Wells, Third Grade Teacher

(l to r)

Stefanie Gammage, Head of Lower School

Karen Mulvey,

Lower School Reading Specialist

Jade Reardon,

Kindergarten Teacher Not featured: Doug Pesce, Head of Middle School

15 years

(l to r)

Julie Hornsby,

Kindergarten Teacher

Debora Daniels,

Lower School Christian Education Teacher

Mary Williams,

Tiger TV Coordinator




10 years

Believe Beyond The Ridge Spotlight on Daniel Phelan ‘07 Almost from the moment April and I wed three years ago, we had a desire to live financially independent. Coupled with our longing for adventure, we rested on the idea of building an “off grid” tiny home. After constructing our first home in the Deep South with HGTV along for the ride, we moved our precious “Tiny” north to Ringgold, Georgia, on a farm nestled in a valley in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains. With a true desire to host and love on others, we always dreamed of a resort amongst the trees that we hoped would serve as a place of tranquility to many. It wasn’t long before we found a property nearby that radiated the natural beauty of the Georgia Mountains. Replete with the fragrant air of towering pines, wildflowers and craggy rocks, is a foundation for stunning, ridgetop views across six valleys. We named our newly found gem, Selah Ridge. This time, with Discovery Channel and DIY Network following our journey, we began the build of the first tree house in our “tree-resort.” It has been a year in the making and we are now officially open for business with our first treehouse listing available on Airbnb. We will continue to


build out the rest of the property, including the remodel of an abandoned rock house that we will soon call home. We have learned much over the last two years of designing and building. Along with our Selah Ridge Project, we also tour the country with Toyota, highlighting their brand, vehicles, and new concepts at auto shows and sponsored events. We also run our own staffing agency, The Missing Element, in which we staff and produce events and tradeshows for brands such as Audi, Home Depot, SiriusXM, Reiser, and more. We eagerly look forward to the arrival of our first baby in February. It is our prayer that we will continue to be good stewards with the gifts that we’ve been given. As we continue to seek God every step of the way, we ask with open hands, “What’s next, Father?” We fervently wait to see where He carries us. Daniel Phelan Class of 2007 Airbnb link: https://abnb.me/y6E39MYkC1



Believe Beyond The Ridge WEDDINGS Meredith (Worley) ‘15 and Josh Carter ‘14 were married on June 29, 2019, at Druid Hills Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. (1) Alexa Pierre and Marc Whitley ‘10 were married on September 28, 2019, in Sonoma County, CA. The bride and groom are pictured here with King’s Ridge friends Connor Beecham ‘10, Rory Park ‘11, Hillary McManus ‘10, Vaughn Elkourie ‘10 and Miles Marshall ‘12. (2)

REUNIONS Hillary McManus ‘10 and Miles Marshall ‘12 stopped by the Faculty/Alumni BBQ on Homecoming to announce that the Class of 2010 will hold its 10th class reunion in June of 2020. The tentative date is June 6, 2020. Due to the small size of the classes between 2007 and 2013, members of those classes will also be invited to join the celebration. (3)

UPDATES Four of the six members of ‘07 and one member of ‘09 enjoyed time together catching up this fall. Pictured are Travis Williams ‘07, Andrew Marshall ‘09, Clayton French ‘07, Michelle Rafferty ‘07, and Stephen Elkourie ‘07. (4) Olivia McClure ‘09 graduated from Samford University in 2013 with a BA in Acting & Directing and continued at Samford for her M.S.E. in Secondary English Education. She is a teacher at Bridgeway Christian Academy in Alpharetta. Meredith Barnes ‘10 is a 2014 graduate of Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC, where she majored in Business Administration. She is employed by US Duct where she is a Marketing Specialist. Meredith resides in Winston-Salem. Connor Beecham ‘10 attended Samford University where he was a football preferred walk-on for three


seasons under Coach Pat Sullivan. He transferred to the University of Georgia in 2013 and graduated from the Terry College of Business with a degree in Management in 2015. While at UGA, Connor affiliated with Sigma Nu Fraternity and co-founded the Classic City Bowl, a high school-style football game to raise money for charity. After graduation, he started Charity Bash, an annual concert to promote and raise money for multiple Atlanta-based charities. Connor is a Loan Officer for Home Town Mortgage in Alpharetta and lives in Atlanta. (5) Lindsay McClure ‘11 graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law in May 2019, and has been admitted to officially practice law in Georgia. She is employed by Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP in Atlanta and is engaged to Tim Barrett. (6) Ron Jones ‘13 is a Senior iOS Developer for KPMG. He also owns Collective Minds, Inc., which has released its sixth digital magazine. The current issue is dedicated to mental health awareness and print copies are now available. Ron’s app, “Are They Hooping”, helps people locate basketball courts and pick-up games near them. The app now has well over 1,000 downloads. He plans to open his own office and hire a small part-time team next year. Ron is engaged to Di’Nasia Berry. (7) Elyse Beecham ‘14 is an Advanced EMT and Pre-Med major at Georgia State University. She currently works at a pediatric practice in north Fulton specializing in treating patients with special needs. In her spare time, Elyse enjoys working with local charities on child wellbeing initiatives. Upon graduation from Georgia State, Elyse plans to attend Physician Assistant school. Grace (Cagle) Smith ‘14 graduated from the University of Georgia in 2018 with a degree in Psychology with Neuroscience. She is currently a doctoral student at Mercer University in Atlanta. Grace and her husband, Thomas, live in Atlanta.













Believe Beyond The Ridge In November 2019, Janelle George ‘14 took advantage of an opportunity to go to Thailand in her first experience as a solo traveler. She was there for ten days, traveling from Phuket to the Island of Koh Phi Phi and Krabi, learning about Thai culture and meeting other travelers from all over the world. Janelle says, “I’ve always wanted to travel internationally and when the opportunity presented itself to go alone, I was hesitant; but making the decision to go is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Thailand is a beautiful country and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to return!” (8) Taylor Hartman ‘14 recently graduated from Samford University with a Master of Accountancy and passed all four sections of the CPA exam. Prior to this, she graduated from Samford with an undergraduate degree in Accounting in May 2018. She now works full-time for KPMG Atlanta as an audit associate. Additionally, she serves as a member of the Samford University Young Alumni Board. (9) Madelyn Livingston ‘14 graduated from the University of Georgia in December of 2018 with a BFA in Photography and a Certificate in Historic Preservation. In her time at UGA, she was a photographer for the Pandora Yearbook, a small group leader, discipler, photographer for the Wesley Foundation, and worked for several years in UGA’s Recreational Sports marketing office. After graduating, Madelyn worked as the lead intern for Historic Athens where she was in charge of office management, event planning, and community engagement. In July of 2019, she began the Master of Heritage Preservation program with a concentration in Historic Preservation at Georgia State University. She is currently a Graduate Research Assistant for the department, working to revitalize the program’s media presence and heading up a group of students in the detailed documentation of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro, GA, which in June 2020, will be submitted for consideration for the Peterson Prize through the Historic American Buildings Survey program. Madelyn still works in Atlanta and Athens as a freelance photographer. (10)


Anna Byrnes ‘15 graduated from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN, in 2019 and is currently working on her M.Ed. at the University of Georgia. When she is not in class in Athens, she is back home as a substitute teacher at King’s Ridge. (11) Breann Prophete ‘15 is currently studying Pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Suwanee, GA, and is employed as a Student/Pharmacy Technician at Northside Hospital. Breann received her undergraduate degree in Biology in 2019 from Mercer University. (12) Brynn Askew ‘16 has always had a strong passion for music, so being selected as Auburn’s Station Manager for WEGL 91.1 FM was “absolutely huge” for her. “I had been a part of radio for several years, as an on-air DJ and in lower staff positions like rock and program director,” Brynn says, “but never saw myself as a stand-out leader. It took awhile for me to find myself in college, but once I got involved with radio, I knew it was where I belonged. I have learned so much about what it means to lead, motivate, and work with people through this position, which I would have never done otherwise.” (13) Carly Smoltz ‘16 graduated from Lee University in December 2019, with a degree in Digital Media and a Studio Production emphasis. While at Lee, she played soccer for the Lady Flames who have made five straight D2 National Tournament appearances. Carly is a Content Producer for RVRB Agency in Chattanooga, TN. (14) Parker Lefton ‘18 just completed his second season of football at Columbia University where he saw action and played in all ten games as the Lions’ long and short snapper. He snapped all of Columbia’s punts (53), field goal attempts (14), and point after attempts (24) in the 2019 season. Parker is currently interviewing for a summer internship with a financial firm in San Diego, CA. (15)














Believe Beyond The Ridge Spotlight on Ben Reardon ‘18 Ben Reardon’s last three semesters at Samford University have been 18 credit-hour ones, with nine-hour days (not including rehearsals) every week. Even so, he reports that he’s “never enjoyed working so much and so hard!” Freshman year, Ben was cast in the spring musical Freaky Friday as an understudy for a male lead and ensemble. At the end of the second semester, he received the “Best Male Newcomer” award, voted on by both peers and faculty members. Ben says, “I was humbled to receive the award, and it reinforced further my faith that the Lord is always ordering my steps at Samford in order to achieve success for Him.”


This fall he was cast as ensemble in Ella Enchanted, and fellow KRCS Class of 2018 alumni Alex Charleston made the drive from Auburn to see the show. Ben was then cast as the lead in a 10-Minute Play for Samford’s annual Ten-Minute Play Festival and was awarded for excellence in acting during the festival awards. He is currently working on Samford’s upcoming production of Into the Woods which opens in April and will be seeking summer-stock opportunities with a variety of theatre companies this summer. Ben Reardon Class of 2018



STAY CONNECTED Alumni and Public Relations Coordinator, Mary Beecham, oversees alumni relations at KRCS. Please contact Mary at MBeecham@KingsRidgeCS.org with contact information, updates, or any questions about our alumni programs. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingsridgealumni/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingsridgealumni Make plans to attend the next KRCS alumni event: Alumni Legacy Luncheon Thursday, February 27, 2020, at Noon South City Kitchen Avalon

Annual Alumni Panel Event




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Mr. and Mrs. Daniel White

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Piacente

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Whittaker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pickren

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Smith III

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Widener

Ms. Shelby Pope

Mr. and Mrs. William Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Porter

Ms. Macita St. Germain-Regnier

Dr. Sonya Windham-Wilder and Mr. Kirk Wilder

Mrs. Carey Price

Mr. and Mrs. William Stampfl

Mr. and Mrs. David Wilkinson

Mr. Guy D. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Stansberry

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Williams

Mrs. Laura Priede

Ms. Emily Stearns

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Williams

Ms. Michelle Procopio

Mr. and Mrs. David Stefanowicz

Mrs. Kathryn Winchell

Mr. and Mrs. James Reardon

Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wise

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strain

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Reedy

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sullivan

Mr. Laurent Yang and Mrs. Zoe Zhang

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Rhoads

Mr. Eric Swegman

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rich

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Taglienti

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ritchie

Mr. and Mrs. Bret Tanner

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rumble

Dr. and Mrs. Brent Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rutter

Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Sacca

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Taylor III

Ms. Tara Salihbasic

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Salvatierra

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Thomason

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sammons

Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Schiltz

Mrs. Lana Toler

Ms. Sarah Schneeberg

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Towns

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schoenberger

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Trottier

Ms. Denise Sencen

Mr. and Mrs. RC Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Seoane

Ms. Susan Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Ronak Shah

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Volz

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Shane

Mr. and Mrs. Trenton Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sheets

Mr. James F. Waters, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Shell

Mrs. Christina Watkins

Mrs. Lauren Valentino




Mrs. Amy Zacha Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zachok Mr. and Mrs. John Zeitz KRCS families who gave anonymously

CORPORATIONS/FOUNDATIONS Casa Nuova, LLC Equifax Foundation Georgia Community Foundation, Inc. Smart Lighting Solutions State Farm Companies Foundation The Outdoor Lights, Inc. Wesley Harper Real Estate

Every. Gift. Matters. What is the KRCS Annual Fund? The Annual Fund is the foundation of all fundraising efforts at King’s Ridge Christian School. As a united community, support is created through the Annual Fund to provide program enhancements and fund new and existing initiatives not covered by tuition.

Each and every gift we receive truly makes a difference to the life of the School. To make a gift to the 2019-2020 KRCS Annual Fund, please visit www.kingsridgecs.org/giving/annual-fund




With Gratitude

Why contribute to the KRCS Annual Fund? The Annual Fund consists primarily of unrestricted, tax-deductible gifts that are used wherever the educational need or opportunity is greatest. Our goal is 100% participation and it is our desire that all families make the Annual Fund their first priority in supporting KRCS and its mission.

With Gratitude



The Bowling Family

The Kaminski Family

The Daniel Family

The Kittredge Family

The Gregory Family

The Moccia Family

The Hene Family

The Penkoski Family

The Hickman Family

The W. Smith Family

The Holliger Family

The Staley Family

The Jansen Family

KRCS families who gave anonymously

EXCELLENCE LEVEL The Ackerman Family

The Drye Family

The McMeekin Family

The Adkin Family

The Galbreath Family

The Perry Family

The Branch Family

The Gorman Family

The Peyroux Family

The Buchanan Family

The Harris Family

The R. Smith Family

The Bye Family

The Jenkins Family

The Stewart Family

The Dearth Family

The Joseph Family

The Sullivan Family

The Dickey Family

The J. Lewis Family

The Taglienti Family

The Dorsett Family

The K. Lewis Family

The Westememeier Family

The Drescher Family

The Littlefield Family

The Yarbrough Family


The Gawley Family

The Neville Family

The Cockrel Family

The Harrell Family

The Reid Family

The Curtis Family

The Harris Family

The Salvatierra Family

The Decker Family

The Hunter Family

The Stampfl Family

The Doyle Family

The Jurgens Family

The Thomas Family

The Farrar Family

The McGruder Family

The French Family

The McNeese Family




TIGER LEVEL The Ares Family

The Hewlett Family

The Munoz Family

The Bibby Family

The Hudson Family

The Muscott Family

The Campbell Family

The Jacobi Family

The Noel Family

The Deitrich Family

The Kohrman Family

The Van Sant Family

The Efferth Family

The Letchworth Family

The Vaughn Family

The Erbick Family

The Maddux Family

The Williams Family

The Garabadian Family

The Meyer Family

The Zachok Family

The Harris Family

The Miller Family

The Beach Family

The Guthrie Family

The Quigley Family

The Block Family

The Hermann Family

The Reeves Family

The Boyer Family

The Hill Family

The Rhoads Family

The Callaway Family

The Hollingsworth Family

The Sammons Family

The Capps Family

The Holt Family

The Segars Family

The Castano Family

The Kiser Family

The Shane Family

The Clement Family

The Loftin Family

The Stefanowicz Family

The Colich Family

The Michaelis Family

The Strain Family

The Colino Family

The Miller Family

The Tucker Family

The Cuzdey Family

The Moraes Family

The Walker Family

The Eanes Family

The Morgan Family

The Ward Family

The Fiorillo Family

The Morris Family

The Weldon Family

The Gardiner Family

The Noll Family

The Wise Family

The Godfrey Family

The Pickren Family




With Gratitude


With Gratitude







With Gratitude


Alpharetta Windward AGalpharetta.com | 678-679-3773




PROUD PARTNERSHIP Synovus Bank, the bank of here, is honored to be a key partner with King’s Ridge Christian School. We look forward to a long relationship of support for the students, families, and administration of such an exceptional institution. We are proud to be the bank of choice for King’s Ridge Christian School, as Synovus has and will continue to be a bank focused on supporting local communities and institutions that work to build foundations for the betterment of all involved. Myself, along with the employees of Synovus, are excited about building a strong future with King’s Ridge Christian School as we serve as a partner and resource to the administration and board. Allen Barker Synovus Division CEO










The King’s Ridge college prep program prepares students for more than the college level work they will experience after Upper School. Graduates stand out amongst their peers in their preparation for writing skills, time management, the ability to get along with a variety of personalities, effective verbal communication skills, and self-advocacy to seek help when needed.
















Public Speaking




Fine Arts


Social Science




Foreign Language


Physical Education


Christian Education


Service Hours

A = 90-110 B = 80-89

Mastery of course material Good understanding of course material

C = 70-79

Meets basic requirements of course material

F = 0-69

Does not meet minimum course requirements


Numerical grades are calculated in the student’s cumulative average. AP and Honors points are added to KRCS grades shown on transcript: AP = 10 and Honors = 8. Points are not added to transfer grades.





Completed Applications:


Average Application per Student: Number of Schools Applied to:



218 26



States Represented: Out of State:


In State:





76% 33

AP Scholars:


AP Scholars with Honors:


AP Scholars with Distinction:


















• • • •

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) Cognia Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)


• • • • • •

National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC) Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS) Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA) College Board

hey tion tive

are sfer


The Upper School faculty consists of 33 women and men; 34% of whom hold advanced degrees.


Prefects are student leaders selected from the incoming senior class who possess a high degree of commitment to the School’s values and ideals. Their influence within the school community is based on their character demonstrated through service to KRCS. All Prefects are responsible for forming a committee of students from each grade to assist in the management of their office.


This one-week term offers a variety of elective courses to afford students opportunities for academic courses beyond the regular curriculum, including domestic and foreign travel, service projects, cultural programs, and internships.


Students in grades 9-12 are given access to Office 360, which can be used on the device of their choice. Office 360 includes programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel SharePoint, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive, which are integrated across all educational content areas. This creates an interactive and engaging classroom experience.






Literary Genres



Algebra 1

Geometry Algebra 2







American Literature



British Literature










Algebra 3 & Trigonometry













Algebra 3 & Trigonometry









Physical Science

1.0 1.0

Algebra 2




Calculus AB

Environmental Science








Conceptual Physical Science



Anatomy & Physiology



Computer Science



US History












Spanish 3











Chemistry Physics



World History



US History



CP/H/AP 1.0

US Government & Politics US Government Economics



Spanish 1

Spanish 2 French 2

Chinese 2









Computer Science CP/AP 1.0 Digital Savvy


2.5 1.0 .5 .5 1 1.5

Web Design 9th Bible

Varies/See Below Health/Nutrition

Varies/See Below Public Speaking

0.5 1.0 1.0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

Varies/See Below





Engineering Principles I


Engineering Principles II Music Theory AP

Dance/Barre Team Sports

Spanish 2 Spanish 3 French 3

Chinese 3

Computer Science Digital Savvy Web Design

Called to Know

Varies/See Below Health/Nutrition

Varies/See Below Public Speaking









CP/AP 1.0 0.5 1.0 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

Varies/See Below


Musical Theatre



Technical Theatre TV & Film

Vocal Art Studio

0.5 0.5

Spanish 4 French 4

Chinese 4

Computer Science Digital Savvy Web Design

0.5 0.5 0.5

Senior English/Literature







Algebra 1








Algebra 2

Calculus AB




Calculus BC



Environmental Science











CP/H/AP 1.0


Conceptual Physical Science



*8th Grade Physical

Anatomy & Physiology



Science Qualifies

Computer Science



US History



World History



US History













Comparative Government



Spanish Language & Culture



French Language & Culture



Chinese Language & Culture



Computer Science


Algebra 3 & Trigonometry

Chemistry Physics

US Government & Politics US Government Economics

Digital Savvy

1.0 0.5

Web Design


Faith & Culture



Called to Serve

Varies/See Below Health/Nutrition

Varies/See Below Public Speaking

0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

Varies/See Below




Introduction to Art Ceramics

0.5 0.5

Drawing & Painting Sculpture & Design

CARRER PLANNING College Preparation




Acting Studio




0.5 0.5

Varies/See Below Health/Nutrition


*Course can have

intermittent offering


Varies/See Below Public Speaking

0.5 0.5

Varies/See Below




21 18 Disclosure of Conduct Records

As a NACAC member, KRCS will, when requested on the institution’s

application, report student conduct records to colleges; including, but not


limited to, serious disciplinary violations, suspensions, and dismissal.




COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES: 2014–2019 Agnes Scott College

Dean College

Lafayette College

Alabama State University

Denison University

Lake Erie College

Allegheny College

Dordt University

Lawrence University

American University

Eckerd College

Lee University

Appalachian State University

Elon University

Liberty University

Arizona State University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Lindenwood University

Auburn University

Emerson College

Lipscomb University

Auburn University at Montgomery

Emmanuel College

Louisiana State University

Emory University

Loyola Marymount University

Augusta University

Erskine College

Lynn University

Austin Peay State University

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at the New School

Marist College

Ave Maria University Baldwin Wallace University

Fisher College

Baylor University

Flagler College

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Belmont University

Florida Institute of Technology

McDaniel College

Bentley University

Florida International University

Mercer University

Berry College

Florida State University

Methodist University

Birmingham-Southern College

Foothill College

Miami University

Boston College

Fordham University

Bucknell University

Francis Marion University

Middle Tennessee State University

Butler University

Furman University

Millikin University

California State University, Fullerton

Gardner-Webb University

Minnesota State University

George Mason University

Mississippi State University

California State University, Los Angeles

George Washington University

Mount St. Joseph University

Campbell University

Georgia College Georgia Gwinnett College

North Carolina Central University

Carson-Newman University Castleton University Centre College Champlain College Chapman University Clark University Clemson University Coastal Carolina University Colgate University College of Charleston College of William & Mary Colorado State University

Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Perimeter College Georgia Southern University Georgia State University

North Carolina State University Northeastern University Northern Illinois University North Georgia College Northwestern University

Grove City College

Nova Southeastern University

Hampton University Hobart & Williams Smith College Hofstra University Hope College Indiana University Bloomington Iowa State University

Columbia University

John Jay College of Criminal Justice - CUNY

Cornell University

Kennesaw State University


Marymount University


Oglethorpe University Oxford College of Emory University Pace University Pennsylvania State University Pfeiffer University Piedmont College Pratt Institute Presbyterian College


Purdue University

The University of Alabama

Queens University of Charlotte Quincy University

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Randolph College

The University of Arizona

University of Massachusetts Boston

Randolph-Macon College

The University of Iowa

University of Miami

Reinhardt University

The University of Mississippi

University of Missouri

Rensselaer Polytech Institute

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Montevallo

The University of Tampa

University of North Carolina, Asheville

Rhodes College Ringling College of Art and Design Roanoke College Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

University of New Haven

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

The University of Texas at Arlington

University of North Georgia

Rollins College

The University of the South

University of Notre Dame

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The University of Utah

University of Oregon

The University of West Alabama

University of Pittsburgh

Rutgers University

Tiffin University

University of South Carolina

Saint Michael’s College

Toccoa Falls College

University of Virginia

Samford University

Troy University

San Diego State University

Truett-McConnell University

University of Virginia School of Nursing

Santa Barbara City College

Tufts University

University of Washington

Savannah College of Art and Design

Tulane University

University of West Georgia University of Wisconsin-Madison

Scripps College

United States Air Force Academy

Seton Hall University

University at Buffalo - SUNY

Villanova University

Shorter University

University of Arkansas

Virginia Commonwealth University

Southern Methodist University

University of California, Davis

Virginia Military Institute

Southern Union State Community College Southern University and A&M College Spelman College St. John’s University St. Lawrence University St. Mary’s College St. Mary’s College of Maryland Stetson University Susquehanna University Syracuse University Temple University Texas A&M University Texas Christian University The Citadel The Ohio State University

Valdosta State University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

University of California, San Diego

Utah State University

University of California, Santa Barbara

Wake Forest University

University of California, Santa Cruz

Washington & Lee University

Washington College Western Carolina University

University of Central Florida

Western Kentucky University

University of Cincinnati

Wheaton College

University of Colorado, Boulder

Wingate University Wofford College

University of Denver

Young Harris College

University of Florida University of Georgia University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Kentucky




Our Canine Assistants Service Dog





AUGUST 2020 – MAY 2021

January 7 Classes Resume

August 12 First Day of School

January 20 Holiday/Break

September 7 Holiday/Break

February 17–21 Winter Break

October 12 Holiday/Break

March 9 No School for Students Professional Development for Faculty/Staff

October 21 All School Conference Day

March 20 All School Conference Day

November 9 No School for Students Professional Development for Faculty/Staff

March 27 TigerFest

November 23–27 Thanksgiving Break

April 6–10 Spring Break

December 21–January 1 Christmas Break

April 13 Make Up Day/Possible Holiday

January 4 No School for Students Professional Development for Faculty/Staff

May 15 Baccalaureate May 16 Commencement

January 5 Classes Resume January 18 Holiday/Break

King’s Ridge Christian School is a Christian community providing a college preparatory education equipping students to know, to serve, and to believe.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

2765 Bethany Bend Alpharetta, GA 30004 770.754.5738 www.KingsRidgeCS.org

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BE STILL - King's Ridge Christian School Fall/Winter 2019 Magazine